Double Threat (2022) Movie Script

(uplifting music)
(upbeat music)
(radio changing)
Calm down
- I felt-
- Tell him to turn it down, man.
[Woman] Karma like...
(upbeat music)
You're makin' too much noise
You're makin' too much
noise for a little boy
We're gonna cut
off your hands
We're gonna cut
off your head
And pull out your mind
unless you go to bed
So, whatcha think about that
Hey, hey, hey
So, whatcha think about that
Whatcha think 'bout that
Looks like a helluva
lunch you got there.
You should see the dips
I have to go with it.
You know that's fake, right?
You got too much to say
They make it look
like it's healthy,
but really they just replace
the fat with sugar
to keep you hooked.
We're gonna shut your mouth
Well, in ignorance there's
bliss, I guess (chuckles).
Your mind so you
do what you do
You know, you're not going
to win employee of the month
with that sales pitch.
So, whatcha think about that
Hey, music isn't
too loud, is it?
No, I love this song.
What you think 'bout that?
You listen to gutter punk?
Everyone has a dark side.
(David's throat clears)
Baby, just like that,
can't hear what you say
Yeah, I'm gonna
On top of the box
Watch me on the box
Live a little.
On top of the box
[David] Hey.
[Natasha] The usual?
The usual.
(grunts) You want
regular or smooth today?
Uh, regular.
So whatcha think about that
Hey, hey, hey
You know, uh, I'm
sorry, Natasha,
I think I'm gonna go
with the blue today.
But can you get
one from the back?
I like those better,
they're softer.
So, whatcha think about that
[David] Up in the back.
They're all the same, David.
Whatcha think about,
whatcha think about that
Oh, yeah (chuckles).
Thank you.
This is it?
[David] That's gonna do it.
[Natasha] Mm hm.
[David] What are
you doin' tonight?
(chuckles) Workin'.
[David] Really?
Mm-hm, as always...
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
(gun cocks)
Get down!
(shots firing)
(men grunting)
(music continues)
(shop bell dings)
(soft music)
(door slams)
(engine rumbling)
(Jimmy panting)
Do the right thing, Jimmy.
You gotta do the right thing.
You gotta go back,
gotta go back.
Whatcha need to
do is keep your foot
on that gas pedal, Jimmy.
(dramatic music)
Come on, go, go, go.
You got glass
coverage on this baby?
Uh, I-
Works for me. (gun cocks)
(shot firing) (glass shatters)
Jeez, God!
(tires squealing)
Whoa, would you call
out the road ahead?
Uh, uh, yeah.
Muchas gracias.
(shot firing)
(tires squealing)
Would you be so kind?
(shots firing)
(gun cocks)
(shots firing)
(Jimmy groans)
(tires squealing)
(Natasha sighs)
You're sitting on
my, I need my...
I need the bag.
Are ya done?
Are you?
(tires squealing)
(car crashing)
Oop, yes, I am.
Well done.
(chuckles) They are now.
(Jimmy panting)
(suspenseful music)
You okay?
Uh, no.
You know what? I'm not okay.
Okay, I'm gonna just
take that from ya.
Thank you.
It's just, you
know, I was tryin'
to get a snack and then
these guys come in,
and a sword, and
a creepy old man.
He's dead.
And then suddenly
there's a girl in my car
and she's firing at a
truck and it explodes.
Oh, God!
Okay, um, why don't ya
take a few deep breaths,
you know, in, out.
I'm not breathing (panting).
Maybe take your foot off the
gas pedal just a little bit.
There ya go.
Look, you're crashing, okay?
We need to get your
blood sugar up.
There's a diner up
there on the right.
Why don't ya pull
in and we'll, uh,
we'll lay low for a little bit.
Yeah, that's what we should do.
Whatever you, whatever
you say (panting).
Yeah (pants).
(coin clinks) (sirens wailing)
If I had a single penny
For every tear I shed
I'd build a million dollar
Can I get you two anything else?
Can I get a milkshake, please?
We've got vanilla or strawberry.
Can you do have halvsies?
50/50, comin' right up.
My cigarette,
forgot I don't smile
I'm Nat by the way.
Jimmy, but you
already knew that.
Look, I need to go back.
We need to go back. I mean,
you definitely should.
You killed at least two people.
Okay, um, let's maybe keep
the whole killing thing
just at this table.
And that was in
self-defense, right?
Okay, I'm not going back there.
You saw those guys, right?
I mean, those are some bad guys.
Violent crimes these days.
All that just to rob
a convenience store.
Wait a minute.
Nobody sends a death
squad to rob a cashier.
What was in the till,
500, a grand, tops?
You're not telling me the truth.
Okay, fine, fine.
The store was a cover,
a cover for a crime family
who I was working for.
But not like
working, working for.
I was just keeping
up appearances
and helping you know,
distribute money.
And maybe skimming
some off the top.
You were stealing
from those guys?
That's why they're after you.
Yeah, why do ya think
I had an inch bag ready?
Oh, so, that makes
you a fugitive.
And you have kidnapped me.
(chuckles) Okay, let's not
be overdramatic about it.
I had to get out
of there somehow.
And I'm heading straight back.
See, because I'm a
witness, all right?
So, it's the right thing to do.
I'll just, I'll say I was, uh,
I was scared and I needed
to leave and, and calm down.
It's very plausible.
What's in the bag, Jimmy?
Nothing, it's just a bag.
I have a bag, big deal.
I'm just a guy with a bag, wow.
I'm not askin'
what's in your bag.
You're holdin' onto it
so tight I'm kinda startin'
to think it's a
dialysis machine.
Okay, fine.
My brother's ashes.
I'm take...
I was taking them to
the beach to scatter
'cause that's what
he wanted me to do.
I'm sorry.
Drunk driver, took
out the whole family
just like that.
(fingers snapping)
I need to do this, okay?
'Cause a promise
is, it's a promise.
Then you ditch your truck.
You get a rental, a skateboard.
The longest Uber
ride, who cares?
And you go to the coast.
You'll avoid bad guys.
You'll avoid the cops and you
can do what ya need to do.
Appreciated, okay?
But, uh, the truck,
it's my brother's truck.
And all I keep thinking is
that if he'd taken that tank
the night of the accident
instead of the sedan,
the entire family would
probably still be alive.
Besides, it's kinda sentimental
to me now, you know?
And you shot out
the rear window.
Oh, I did, didn't I?
Mm hm.
Sorry about that.
I'm a straight
shooter, all right?
Guys like me don't
go out and run.
I gotta go back to the
cops, end of story.
Well, um, that's your choice.
But I am gonna pay
for that window.
I just need a minute.
You don't need to do that.
Oh my God.
(pensive music)
(engine rumbling)
(door closes) (crow cawing)
I was told 15 minutes tops.
The cops have come and gone.
Had to pay them off myself.
(Ask sighs)
Do you know who I am?
I know you're late.
They call me Ask.
Do you know why
they call me that?
Because everybody
in the syndicate knows
if they want anything,
and I do mean anything,
they come to me
first and they ask.
Well, Ask, I'm the boss's
son, so I don't care.
(pensive music)
She owes us a nine millimeter.
You can add it to your tab.
Being that I'm the top
fixer in this operation
and I say that with
remarkable modesty,
I would rather be doing
just about anything
besides babysitting you.
Yo, maybe if your guys
hadn't messed up the hit
you wouldn't have to.
(chuckles) You think
these are my goons?
No, sweetheart, these
are your father's goons.
These are the
goons that he hired
to whack 100 pound girl
behind the cash register.
It's Ellis, right?
- Yes.
Well, Ellis, I'm
gonna tell you right now
what you should be
concerning yourself with.
Legacy, family dynasty,
your birthright.
Except for it's not really
a birthright now, is it?
Because you know and I
know that to clear up
this little trouble
you've got going on,
with, uh, what's her name again?
(sword tapping)
To clear up this trouble
that you've got going
on with Natasha,
and to do it with
any honor at all,
you're gonna have to hunt her
down and kill her yourself.
[Waitress] You enjoy your meal?
More than I did the company.
Aw, having a bad day?
[Man] Thank you for your money.
I'm just trying not to get shot.
(TV chattering)
[Woman] So, then I'm
seeing a lot of violence.
I can afford it,
I can afford it.
(energetic music)
James Randolph.
I prefer Jimmy.
I prefer Rudolph.
Just a second
You're in a sticky
situation, Rudolph.
Let's be honest about it.
If you go on the road, you're
an accessory to murder.
If you go back to the cops,
well, you're a snitch.
Accessory to murder?
You're dropping the
whole self-defense thing?
A nice clean-cut guy like you?
Honey, this ain't your world.
I mean, you saw how out of
depth you were back there,
how you handled it.
Here's how it's gonna
go with you and me.
You can't ditch the truck.
I get that.
But I can offer you
protection on the road.
In exchange, you give me a ride.
You get to pay your respects,
I catch the slow boat
over the horizon.
That's the deal I'm offering.
Take it or leave it.
So, we'd go all the way?
All the way to the coast?
Until you're sippin' saltwater.
Sorry I'm a junkie
just like you
You certainly seem like
you can handle yourself.
I was raised by a sheriff
in a small town in Utah.
You could say I learned
a few things growin' up.
I could use the protection.
Oh, I insist you use protection.
I'm just here for a ride
If you insist.
Hm, nice to ride
with you, Rudolph.
Call me Tasha.
I'm just here for a ride
I'm just here for a ride
Look, I still think we
should check the local area.
[Ask] Ah ha.
The Hawaiian Islands.
She's gone to Hawaii.
Wait, you think just
because she has a postcard
of Hawaii that that's
where she's going?
It's that simple?
- Yeah, it is that simple.
She's not Jason Bourne.
She's a grifter
from the Midwest.
She probably struggles
to spell her own name.
Okay, so how does that help us?
It's not like we
can check every car
on the way to the coast.
(pensive music) (bag rustling)
I thought we didn't
have CCTV here?
Be incriminating.
We have no official CCTV.
This is a little somethin'
we have as a backup
in case of a
situation like this.
Why is this news to me?
Oh, now you're talkin'
like a mob boss (chuckles).
Ah! Oo, right there.
Whew (chuckles).
She's done that before.
Mm, like it's routine.
(keyboard keys clacking)
Here we go.
Mm hm.
Okay, here we go.
(Ask's tongue clicking)
(sighs) Okay.
There you go, dark green,
late '90s 'Burb headed west
with a feisty little brat,
and a guy that
looks like he still
has to sleep with
the bedroom light on.
Oh, well, pack your
lunch box, kiddo.
This is gonna be a
walk in the park.
We'll send some goods ahead.
(Ask inhales)
(exhales) Animal cracker?
(mellow music)
So, Einstein's general
theory of relativity
is based off of classic
physics framework.
But you can't use
that understanding
of gravity within
quantum physics.
You have to use quantum gravity
in order to encompass the
non-gravitational forces.
Yeah, would you be careful
of that near the interior?
Yeah, I am being careful.
So, that brings us
to string theory.
Well, actually to
superstring theory
which just brings us to
straight M theory anyway,
which gives us the
flat dimensions.
You're gonna spill it.
Do I look like a five-year-old?
The point that
I'm trying to make
is that space and time coexist
and intertwine at the same
time, which means right now,
like literally, right now,
we could be sharing
the space we're in
with dinosaurs who are
alive and roaming the world
and we wouldn't even know it.
See? Tasha!
(sighs) Please call me Nat.
Nat, are you on drugs?
Because you are run hot and cold
more than a cheap motel shower.
So, you've noticed?
If you're on
drugs, I'm out, okay?
There's a line I will not cross.
No, I'm not on drugs.
I have dissociative
identity disorder.
A split personality.
Oh, so you're schizophrenic?
No, it's different.
My brain is wired with two
different personalities,
each with their own skills,
mannerisms, et cetera,
except for shared memories.
Minus the short-term stuff.
I mean, that can
get a little sketchy
but it does all come
back eventually.
So, you're Nat?
And sometimes you're Tasha?
How do you even
begin to fix that?
Well, maybe you
don't fix it at all.
Just because somebody
is wired differently
doesn't necessarily
mean they're broken.
Sorry, I didn't mean
to sound insensitive.
Oh, no, don't be.
It's a weird thing to
wrap your head around.
It only happens when I
get extremely stressed.
Well, Nat, I'm pleased to know
I don't stress you out too much.
So, what are you
gonna do when you get
to the coast and
catch that boat?
I don't know.
I guess I'll see where
the universe takes me.
What about you?
What do you go back to after
you scatter your
brother's ashes?
Oh my God, the car's on fire!
No, it's not on
fire, it's overheating.
- How is that any better?
- Oh, I don't know.
(groans) Okay, all right.
I gotta handle this.
[Natasha] It doesn't like you.
(sighs) No, it doesn't.
(engine knocking)
(hood pops)
(doors slamming)
Yeah, it's just great.
Just great.
Car chase really pushed
it right over the edge.
My brother had this
truck for 15 years.
I've had it for two
weeks and I break it.
I'll get some water.
No, no, don't waste it.
(door slams)
(chuckles) Helps if you...
That was our last
bottle, wasn't it?
Because you drank all
the other ones, didn't ya?
Also, yes.
It's fine because we're
in the countryside,
so there's, you know,
natural sources everywhere.
Or we could just find someone
and ask for some help, you know?
No, no, no.
Remember the whole like
being on the run, thing?
Because I shot someone?
You're right, right.
Okay, so just make sure
we get enough water
so if it happens again,
we're not screwed.
You know what?
There's a container in the back.
Would you grab it?
It's all the way in the back.
(Jimmy sighs)
(upbeat music)
Yeah, that's it.
Why do you even have this?
It's my pee bottle.
It's clean. I
didn't ever use this.
It's brand new.
Bet ya tried it on for size.
(Natasha gags)
(music continues)
Maybe I did.
It's the perfect size actually.
So, you never really told
me what you did for work.
I'm a forensic accountant.
Whoa, you never said
anything about forensics.
I don't like getting
involved in that stuff,
and it never really
goes in my favor.
What are you, like CIA, FBI?
Family law.
I sit in a small office all day
combing through spreadsheets
to assess the assets of couples
in the process of a divorce.
So, that's what all the
paperwork in your car is for?
I mean, like you
care about it enough
to actually take it
on the road with you?
It's very important
work, all right?
I was lucky to get
this time off at all.
Anyway, can be interesting
from time to time.
Wait a minute.
(soft music)
(water splashing)
(Jimmy grunts)
So, what's like,
the most important case
you've ever solved?
There's this
couple in California.
They owned a real estate
business together.
Millions of dollars was
going into their business.
Anyway, she caught him, you
know, bangin' the secretary.
Files for divorce,
yada, yada, yada.
Nothing unusual until she
checks the business account
and the balance
is less than $100.
Where'd all the money go?
Well, the husband managed
to open up a business
with the exact same name
but just in Arizona.
[Natasha] Oh, no.
Yeah, you know, a few
changes here and there
in the paperwork and
she never noticed.
And she wouldn't have either
if it wasn't for yours
truly combing through
the past 10 years
of public records,
every sale that
man had ever made.
But it doesn't end there.
When she confronts him about it,
he's complaining of a migraine
so bad he checks
himself in the ER.
They think he's just
another you know,
stressed out businessman
dealing with a divorce.
Give him a pain killer,
send him on his way.
Well, while he was out in front
of the hospital
waiting for the car,
he gets an aneurysm, drops
dead on the sidewalk.
So, you killed
him with paperwork?
That's the best murder ever.
No, no, I didn't kill
him with paperwork.
Karma killed that guy.
Let's go.
(upbeat music)
There's my girl
Can't think
about anyone else
'Cause she's my world
I can't contain
These thoughts that always
swim through my brain
No matter how I try
I just can't deny how I feel
There's my girl
Can't think
about anyone else
She's my world
(hood pops)
I can't believe
this is happening.
I can't believe it!
Oh, damn.
Come on!
I have no idea.
I don't even know what
we're lookin' at here.
I think we're screwed, honestly.
(energetic music)
Oo, it's gettin' a little
steamy over here, Rudolph.
Don't ya think?
Oh, I see Nat
got you up to speed
on the whole schizo deal.
You know, it's not as
complicated as she makes it seem.
Ah, you have a Vortec L-31.
It'll keep on truckin' but only
if you remember to leave the
cooling system after a refill.
The thing's just overstressed.
Allow me.
(metal clanging)
Three years in the Army
Corps of Engineers.
No biggie.
It's just a quick
hose job, Rudolph.
Plenty more where
that came from.
- That's it?
- That's it.
(Jimmy grunts)
(Jimmy's throat clears)
Nice work.
(engine rumbling)
(upbeat music)
You know, I just don't get
why we have to
kill her, you know?
Doesn't that seem a
bit strong to you?
Couldn't we just punish
her for disobedience?
Killing's over the
top, you know it.
No, no, no, no, no, no,
there is an order to
this world, Ellis.
And I don't mean
the outside world.
I'm talkin' about our
world, the criminal world.
We have a duty to
maintain that order
or the whole thing falls apart.
You went every single grunt
in the syndicate taking
a little bit off
your bottom line?
- No.
- No, of course not.
It's about sending a message
so everybody knows
who's in power.
It's about never having
any unfinished business
so that everybody knows
whether it's a few cents
or it's a stack of papers.
You will stop at nothing,
and I do mean nothing, even
if it's your own grandma,
to get your pound of
flesh and restore balance.
Okay, well, maybe
that's not my style.
Maybe as a leader, I don't
want to waste my valuable time
on things that I
couldn't care less about.
Oh, you care.
You care too much.
It's written all over that
pretty little face of yours.
You just care for
the wrong reasons.
You think I can't see that?
I've been doin'
this for 20 years.
What are you talking about?
What I'm saying is
that whatever you feel
for this Natasha girl has
gotta take a backseat to honor.
(scoffs) Whatever.
She's nothing special.
Do you have any idea
the kind of access
to women that a guy
in my position has,
and what those women will do
to live my kind of lifestyle?
No, I, uh, I don't.
Yeah, it's ladies'
night at Ellis Island
and I'm beatin' 'em
off with a stick.
You have an island?
That's nice, discreet.
Then what do you guys do
when you're on that island?
I don't know, use
your imagination.
Okay, like Ellis
Island, Ellis Island?
Or is this a club that
we're making an analogy to?
Or how, so I know
exactly what you mean.
I'm Ellis, there's an island.
Ellis Island, ladies
getting on it.
- Women there, right.
- That's right.
- That's right, okay.
- Boom.
The, oh, okay.
So, Ellis Island is like,
it's like a joke on your name.
Like, you are Ellis and you are
an island unto
yourself kinda thing?
Yes, if I had an island, it
would be called Ellis Island.
That already exists.
You couldn't probably
name it that.
- What do you mean it already exists?
- Oo.
I didn't buy an island.
- Okay.
- God.
Are these seat
warmers not working?
(buttons clicking)
(Natasha sighs)
Half a mile up the
highway in the middle
of nowhere and you
still can't go?
You're not helping.
So, you're an accountant, right?
Well, I have some money that
I've acquired over some time
and I think it would
be good if I could-
Make it look like it came
from a legitimate source?
Yeah, seems like you'd know how.
Got a little saved up
in your piggy bank there,
mighty might, hm?
Mighty might?
Lookin' to start a new
Roth IRA, invest a few funds?
How much we talkin' about here?
Like, 650.
Yeah, nobody cares where
you got $650 from, Nat.
650 grand.
Are you serious?
That's over half
a million dollars.
Wow, you really
are an accountant.
Oh, shit.
No, nope, nope, sorry.
I can't get involved
in anything like that.
I'll lose my job.
Lose my...
I'd go to jail.
I can't go to jail, okay?
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
That's okay, I understand.
(urine splashing)
(sighs) All right, you know,
I can give you a
few tips, though.
You know, I'll help
you out a little.
But just a little.
And if anybody asked,
I didn't help you.
What's going on?
You trying to start a
flash flood or what?
[Natasha] Chill out, I'm done.
Oh, you know, for someone
who offers protection,
you sure are a liability.
(Natasha scoffs)
You okay?
(Natasha grunts)
You gotta go that way.
Yeah, up the bank.
- It's this way.
- You got it.
(pensive music)
Bad guys.
Bad guys.
Hurry, come on, get up the bank!
Let's go.
(engine revving)
(dramatic music)
(men grunting)
[Man] Oh, shit.
[Man] There she is.
(men grunting)
(Natasha grunting)
[Man] Come on, come on.
(all grunting)
(elbow thudding)
[Man] Hold her.
(men grunting)
How does this work?
(men grunting)
Don't move.
Oh, shit!
Damn it!
All right.
Here's what's gonna...
(man grunting)
Oh, God. (gun clicks)
(men grunting)
(gun cocks)
(foot thuds) (man groans)
(gun thudding)
(all grunting)
(gun cocking)
(stick thudding)
(gun cocking)
(grunting continues)
(music continues)
(gun cocks)
(energetic music)
Let go!
(man thuds)
(man grunting)
(gun clicks)
I'm gonna kill you, bitch.
You can try.
(gun clicks)
Damn it.
(man grunting)
(music continues)
(elbow thudding)
(Natasha grunting)
(foot thudding) (man grunting)
(fist thudding) (man grunting)
(flesh squelching)
(man groaning)
You got him!
(man grunting)
I killed you, bitch.
You holding back
on the firepower
there to make me sweat, Rudolph?
(shot firing)
Where the hell did you
learn to fight like that?
I trained rigorously
under the tutelage
of a samurai master when I was
traveling through East Asia.
I can strangle a man to
death with my bare thighs.
That's a helluva way to go.
Mm. (dramatic music)
- Okay.
Hey, Tasha.
Hello, baby.
Take the shot, Ellis.
I can't be the one that does it.
Take the shot, Ellis!
(air hissing)
I thought you loved me!
(engine rumbling)
(music continues)
(Ellis exhales)
You idiot!
What do you think this
is, a Hallmark movie?
Ow, jeez, my elbow.
Ugh, and my hip.
Yeah, you got pretty
rowdy back there.
I didn't do anything.
So, uh, who were they?
Seemed like they were way
more serious this time.
It was Ellis.
Probably one of his cleaners.
Not quite the boss but
as high up the food chain
as you're gonna get.
And, um, a relationship
seems to exist?
You could say that.
I was engaged to Ellis.
So, he probably feels a
little jilted right now.
I can't imagine why.
Look, it's what I do.
I get close to criminals, I
screw 'em over and I move on.
It's my own personal way
of dishing out karma.
You know, in that regard, you
and I aren't so different.
So, were you gonna
go through with it
and actually marry that guy?
I'm sorry.
It's none of my business.
Truth is, I don't know.
I never know what kinda
trouble I'm gonna get into
because I turn into
another person, remember?
I mean, Tasha doesn't
just fix problems,
she also creates them, too.
Yet, she doesn't have to
deal with the consequences.
I'm the one that gets to wake up
with a tattoo of a
sword on my wrist,
or an engagement
ring on my finger.
She does seem pretty
unfazed by everything.
- Doesn't she just?
- Yeah.
Yeah, it's fun to be me.
Hey, you know, I think I
saw a medical kit in here.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
It's very kind.
And for the record, I have
no feelings for Ellis.
Oh, hey, it's, uh, it's
got nothing to do with me.
I know, I just want you
to know the situation
Yeah, logistically.
(soft music)
(Jimmy chuckles)
[Ask] Please tell me
you found some keys.
No, she must've swiped 'em.
We can't take the truck.
(Ask sighs)
I can't believe you had
the shot and you bailed.
I didn't bail, all right?
I was just checking to
see if she was running
from the situation
or running from me.
Oh my God, can you
be any more pathetic?
She's the worst.
She's literally the worst
choice you can make.
You're never gonna
know what she wants
because that kinda girl, she
doesn't know what she wants.
(scoffs) It's the mystery
combined with the hedonism,
that's the allure.
You need somebody more mature,
like a woman that makes
you appear smarter
and more confident
than you actually are,
like a doctor or a chemist.
You know what? You
don't even know her.
Besides, I'm not into
chicks who wear glasses.
(Ask sighs)
Your entire future
hinges on this right now,
and you are willing to let it
trickle through your fingers.
Why? Have you
thought about that?
Because you found
some tiny little human
and you think she's cool because
she's playing hard to get?
This is where you take
control of your mind.
She is showing you
zero loyalty right now.
Your loyalty is
with your family.
Oh, yeah?
Do you know how hard it
is to get over somebody?
You probably don't because
you're clearly unlovable.
Maybe I'm trying to be unlovable
because maybe this
right here attracts
way too much attention,
so I have to weed
out the weak offers.
I just let the strong swimmers
through, if you catch my drift.
Wow. That's classy.
Look, you don't need
to prove anything to me
and I don't need to
prove anything to you.
But you know what
you do need to do?
You need to prove
something to yourself.
You need to prove that you
can get over this
Natasha whatever,
move on and do the right thing,
which is shoot her in the head.
Have you seen what
she's capable of?
Now imagine that in the bedroom.
You try getting over it.
She just kicks a lot.
Just get a little blowup
doll or something.
They're much easier
to deal with.
Just change the tire.
I don't, I don't...
I've stopped listening to you.
Lefty, Lucy.
I'm sorry, are you
talking to me like that?
Yes, just change
the tire already.
Are you kidding me?
- I'm done.
Get in the truck.
I will shoot you
right in the balls.
I don't care.
Okay, fix the tire.
Righty tighty, okay?
I don't think your dad will mind
if I bring him home a
girl instead of a boy.
(sullen music)
(engine rumbling)
What was his name?
I don't really like
referring to him as the box.
Uh, Bobby.
Well, Robert, but you know,
they used to call
us Bobby and Jimmy.
We used to do a lotta
fun stuff together.
(chuckles) Yeah?
Like what?
Well, we got our
pilots license together.
We were actually thinking about
buying a plane at one point.
You can fly?
Get out of here.
(Natasha chuckles)
I should do that again.
Guess it might bring
me closer to him.
(anticipatory music)
What the heck?
(upbeat music)
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Try something new
Will you try something new
Will you try something new
Will you try something new
Life's precious,
but playing it safe all
the time isn't living.
When you try to hold on too
long, it just passes you by.
You've gotta engage.
(archers chattering)
You telling me I should
take up archery or something?
(smirks) No, I want
you to do something else.
Strip down.
Is this a mugging?
No, silly.
I want you to feel
the air on your skin.
Now, come out of your cocoon
and take off your shirt.
(gentle music)
(sighs) All right.
Mm hm.
Now the other one.
Look, I, uh-
Jimmy, you need to do this.
(Jimmy sighs)
You need to rediscover
that getting wild
from time to time is fun.
That is living.
I know, okay.
I want to be fun.
I want to let loose
to be wild at times.
I just,
I don't know.
I just always play it safe.
Maybe I'm scared.
Look, it's easy.
Your turn.
Look, I...
(Jimmy sighs)
(Natasha chuckles)
There we go.
[Natasha] How does that feel?
Oh, yeah, yeah, feeling good.
Feeling good.
- All right.
Let's try something.
- Good.
I want you to yell
as loud as you can,
"I'm not gonna be
pushed around anymore."
I'm not gonna be
pushed around anymore.
That was pathetic.
Louder. Come on.
I'm not gonna get
pushed around anymore!
(soft music)
I'm not gonna get
pushed around anymore.
Oh, that was weak.
I'm not gonna get
pushed around anymore!
I'm not gonna smile
just because people tell
me I need to look happy!
And I'm not gonna put
my personal checking account
information under $10
on my tax returns anymore!
And I'm not gonna deal
with any more of
Tasha's hang overs.
Yeah, and I'm not stoppin'
for yellow lights anymore.
That's it.
You know what I'm not doin'?
I'm not playin' fantasy
football anymore.
I'm not goin' on
social media anymore.
I'm not countin' my
daily steps anymore.
I'm not gonna go to the gym
two times a day anymore.
That's it!
And I'm not gonna deny that
I freaking love Nickelback.
That's a great band.
- Yeah, it is.
- Great band.
And you know what?
I'm not gonna rotate my tires
every six months anymore.
I'm not gonna care what
people think anymore.
I'm not gonna live inside
a little bubble anymore.
I'm takin' my pants off.
This feels great.
Do you see this?
I'm not gonna take
life's shit anymore!
And if anybody has
any problem with it,
you can just kiss my ass!
(Natasha chuckles)
(upbeat music)
(chuckles) Now,
that is engaging.
Yeah, I'm gonna pull
my pants back up now.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
[Radio DJ] Hey, it's 155
for your afternoon drive.
You got Sugar Shade
right here 102.7.
This is Shock-A-Delic - Not.
[Radio DJ] with
their latest release,
"Baby Be Mine."
- Yeah.
Yeah, but...
No, I got it.
I got it, I got it.
- You do it.
Yeah, I'll just, uh...
I got it, I got it.
Anytime you put your
arms around me baby
I just wish I'll
Oh no.
Yeah, yeah, yeah
(energetic music)
Well, well, well, boys.
Just when I get
cooled down you get me
all hot and bothered again.
I'm gonna need you to
run a blocker, Rudolph.
They're here to catch me
but they won't kill you.
Two in here, three
in the Beretta.
Oh, I left the Beretta
at the last fight.
Well, then, you
better make it count.
Where you going?
To play Cowboys and Indians.
- One question.
- What?
What does running blocker mean?
You're a decoy.
In every way
Oh my God!
Betray me every day
(pensive music)
I thought you were my
friend but you sold me out
Sold me out, sold me out
You're not about
(pensive music)
(Natasha's tongue
clicks) (horse whinnies)
(dramatic music)
(engines rumbling)
(air whooshing)
(man grunts)
(gravel crunching)
(horse whinnies)
(sighs) Sorry it took so long.
Nice driving skills, Rudolph.
Horseback riding, archery?
Anything else you
wanna tell me about?
Yeah, three years helping
a Native American tribe fight
against an illegal pipeline.
They called me Ahotamik.
Yeah, it means restless beaver.
(Natasha's hand patting)
Uh, we really should go.
We gotta get goin', come on.
(mellow techno music)
(horse whinnies)
(tailgate thuds)
Whoever said romance was dead?
Now, I hate to be the
one to say I told you so
but I hope this is all the
closure that you're gonna need.
You know what?
I don't get it.
Why do you care so much about
me going through with this?
Yes, honestly.
All the pressure that
you're putting on me.
What comes my dad paying you
some sort of a
bonus or something?
What's the deal?
Listen to me right now.
My father mentored your father.
Your dad wasn't always
such a big shot, Ellis.
He had a little bit of help.
So, this is it just a
rite of passage for you.
This is the rite of
passage for both of us.
(Ask sighs) (gentle music)
Okay, well, it doesn't matter
because I'm done with Natasha.
- Oh.
- She had her chance
and she blew it.
We're gonna finish
this for good.
Your dad's gonna
be proud of you.
Yeah, well, thank you
for this sentiment, really,
but my dad is dead.
I have a trick up my sleeve.
It's gonna raise our game
and then we're gonna catch up
to that cat piss, Evergreen.
I'm sorry I called
you unlovable.
It was out of order.
Thank you so much
for that apology.
It did hurt my
feelings a little bit.
You, uh, you wanna hug it out?
No, Ellis.
I never wanna hug it out.
Get in the truck.
(anticipatory music)
(car beeps)
(door slams)
What are you doing?
I'm taking control
is what I'm doin'.
Last time you were in control,
you took us right
into the lion's den.
I know.
I'm sorry.
(papers rustling)
Got it.
(trunk slams)
Hey, this might be a bad time,
and I'm almost too afraid to ask
but what happened to my butt?
Feels like I rode a cinder
block down a staircase.
Yeah, this is a bad time.
(engine rumbling)
(car alarm blaring)
(music continues)
What is this place?
It's a client of mine.
She caught her husband
cheating at the beach house
when she herself went
there to get frisky
with the yoga instructor.
Real nice couple.
Anyway, this is a transcript
of the deposition we took.
"The f'ing key's
by the f'ing door
under the stupid
f'ing raccoon statue,
you self-righteous piece of..."
Well, that's not very Christian.
Let's see here.
Bam, still there.
(wreath bells jingling)
Yeah, this'll do for the night.
Hey, don't beat
yourself up, all right?
You protected us in ways
I can't even imagine.
(sighs) Yeah,
well, the truth is,
we only got caught in the
first place because of me.
You were trying to do
the right thing, all right?
That's all that matters.
(sighs) All right.
When you feel,
do you compromise
Do you whisper cliches
I'm gonna say
something right now
that you most likely will
never hear me say again,
so just listen.
Are you feeling sad
You were right and I was wrong.
(Ellis laughs)
Go for it, go for it.
- Mm hm.
I underestimated
this Natasha girl,
and whoever she's
teamed up with.
I don't know what it is,
it's like they're some sort
of power couple or something.
They're not a power couple.
It's all her, I guarantee you.
That's good, use
that petty frustration.
Feel some anger.
This is good.
I'm gonna put in a
call to a friend.
He's a powerful friend.
Works for one of those
three letter organizations
that we do our best
to try to avoid.
Well, if they're
a friend of yours,
then they're a friend of mine.
Look, I wanna start
being looped in
on all this stuff from now on.
You need to start
treating me like a boss.
Oh, yes, Sir, sounds good to me.
Well, our friend will
red-flag their license plate
and then enter it into
the Amfer database.
If they drive past any
traffic camera in the state,
we'll get notified
immediately when and where.
Why weren't we
doing that already?
Because I didn't want
to use one of my asks.
Hey listen, this
isn't just simply
a rite of passage
for me anymore, okay?
And it's not even about revenge.
This, this is about making sure
that nobody else can have her.
It's not too long
Great, I love that one, Boss.
- I'm being serious.
- I know, me too.
This is my serious face.
(upbeat music) (wine sloshing)
I think this is the most
beautiful place I've ever stayed.
I mean, technically we
broke in but I love it.
Found this moment
Even enough to
make you settle down?
(sighs) No, never.
It's just not in my
being to put roots down.
We all do eventually.
It's in our nature.
No, I don't think that's true.
I've been running from one
thing or another my entire life.
I don't think there's anything
that could get me
to settle down.
Of mine
(Jimmy sighs)
So, that's it?
That's how you wanna
live your life forever?
Wolves at the door, no
idea what's comin' next?
Whoa, where's this coming from?
Oh, now I feel
Come on, tell me.
These photos lying face
In my mind
Wanna talk about you and me?
Let's talk about you and me.
Those troubles
I'm fallin' for you, okay?
I'm fallin' for you hard,
and I have no idea
what to do about it.
A little more
I mean, you're incredible.
You're confident and
capable, wild and witty,
and you are not
scared of anything.
Her (scoffs).
Did you feel my lonely
You're falling head
over heels for her.
That's just perfect.
Really, Jimmy?
You're the one that told me
I need to loosen up
and live a little,
and then when I do, you turn
around and shut me down?
Besides, why do
you even care? Huh?
You're the one that
so openly admits
you don't want a commitment.
I don't wanna argue with you.
I'm tired. I'm
going to my room.
Yeah, walk away.
All I hold now are
these photos lying face
(upbeat country rock music)
(alcohol sloshing)
[Bartender] Hey, how
ya doin' my friend?
What can I get for ya?
- Just a beer.
- Beer?
Hey, no, wait.
I'll have whatever he's havin'.
Scotch neat?
That's too high
a price to pay
For the life of liberty
There ya go.
You made need a
different space
I'll be on my way
Chicks are crazy, man.
See your smile when
I see your love like
Believe me, you don't
know the half of it.
Oh, yeah?
I'll take the Pepsi
challenge against anybody
when it comes to the girl
that I'm talkin' about.
She's insane.
Actually, insane.
The life we live today
Is yours the same?
Well, she's complicated,
I'll give her that.
I wouldn't exactly
call her mine.
Yeah, the wild ones
can never be tamed.
That's the
frustration, you know?
You love 'em for it,
and you hate 'em for it.
Life's a bitch.
Whether they're wild or not,
you wouldn't wanna break
their spirit either way.
(laughs) Yeah.
Yeah, there's no breakin'
this one's spirit, bro.
She'll break you first.
You know, the thing is, I
just, I can't get enough.
She's so damn... Addictive.
That's the conundrum.
Hey, that's it.
Couldn't have said
it better myself.
I may not see your smile
Hey, yo, you goin'?
Yeah, I gotta go.
You sure?
I'm gonna get some
food, you can join me.
Nah, I should be headed home.
Just keep the change.
Oo, yeah, yeah, yeah
[Bartender] Hey,
hey, thanks a lot.
End of the line
(gentle music)
[Natasha] You sure know
how to keep a girl waiting.
Well, you sure know how
to make it worth the wait.
Look, I don't want
to hurt anybody.
Haven't you been told to take
what's yours for the taking?
- Yeah, I have.
- Yeah?
(cue stick clattering)
(music continues)
(Jimmy panting)
(unsettling music)
(Natasha gasps softly)
(energetic music)
(ball clacks)
Yes, Sir. Yeah.
This'll be good for him.
I agree.
He's here, speakerphone?
(Ellis sighs)
Eli, my boy, how ya doin', Son?
Please tell me you're okay.
He called me.
Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm doin' okay, Dad.
I was just out, uh, checking
the, uh, the perimeter.
Good, good, I'm
glad you're safe.
I was gettin' worried about you.
So, you wanna tell me why
I did bodies everywhere
and a trail of
destruction headin'
all the way to the God
damn Pacific coastline?
Yeah, I've been trying
to warn people, Dad.
This girl is easy to
underestimate, all right?
But they wouldn't listen to me.
They wouldn't take me seriously.
Plus, she's working
with this guy
who's clearly some
kind of a badass.
Eli, I need you to take
that big stick that's up
your rear end and put
it in drive, okay?
I need you to get
your ass in gear
and I need you to
get this job done.
I am getting it done, Dad!
I need you to
find that tough guy
that's buried deep
down within yourself.
I am a tough guy!
Eli, Eli, Eli, I
need you to understand
that I'm not gonna
be around forever.
I need to know that my
precious little boy is safe.
For that, he must become
a man on his own terms.
This is your badass.
(anticipatory music)
Yeah, I know, Dad.
I appreciate it.
Look, I have this under control.
Pretty sure I know where she is.
That's great to hear.
Now, I'm gonna send
you some more resources
to help ensure you got
everything you need.
If you can finish this
without getting pretty much
every member of our syndicate
killed in the process,
and leading every authority
in California right
to our doorstep,
that would be doin'
me a huge favor.
I will have it
done tomorrow, Dad.
You have my word.
I'm confident it will be.
Good chat, Son.
Take care and be safe.
And your mother sends her love.
(pensive music)
(Ellis whispering faintly)
(receiver slams)
(gentle music)
(birds chirping)
(dishes clattering)
(Jimmy grunts)
I made some tea.
We should get moving soon.
Wow, thank you.
Look, I'm sorry I
got upset last night.
It's not you.
It's her.
You just, you need to
understand what Tasha really is.
And what is she exactly?
Well, for starters,
she's a superficial bitch.
All she has to offer is shooting
and hitting things because,
no offense, that's what
guys think strength is.
And you know, she's not even
into all the badass things
that guys typically like
because she likes them.
No, it's because guys like them
and she desperately
wants to be adored.
She's a Barbie doll with
a G.I. Joe attitude,
and a total liar.
I mean, don't even
get me started
on all of her
embellished back stories.
Wait, you were never raised
by a small-town sheriff in Utah?
We had a temporary foster
parent who was a security guard.
And the Army course?
Basic reserve training.
And a summer job in Jiffy Lube.
And no, we didn't help protect
Native American
reservations either.
We rode horses for a summer
and went through a
major hippie phase.
So, you never
traveled through Asia
and studied with the
legendary samurai warrior?
Oh, no, that's 100% true.
We can rip a man's heart out
of his chest still beating.
Oh, that's good to know.
I get why you guys fall for
her sexy femme fatale act.
Yeah, look, Natasha said-
You're an average guy and
you want to live a normal life,
so, what is she to you?
She's chaos.
She's what you think you want.
And I don't blame people
for being tempted,
but please don't fall for it
without knowing what it is.
Tasha's a part of me,
Jimmy, and she's dangerous.
That makes me dangerous, too.
Yeah, I think you got it all-
(object thuds)
(anticipatory music)
(engine rumbling)
What was that?
I don't know.
The truck, it's gone!
No, no (panting)!
Where's Bobby's ashes?
I left them in the truck.
(sighs) What are we gonna do?
(plane engine whirring)
Are you thinkin'
what I'm thinkin'?
I fixed that truck, now
I'm gonna get it back.
Let's do this. (hand patting)
(upbeat music)
(plane engines whirring)
(Jimmy grunting)
Oh, yeah.
Oh, no, no keys.
There's no keys.
(keys jingling)
(panting) Unbelievable.
Here we go.
Preflight inspection completed.
Seats adjusted, secured.
Seat belts fastened.
Cabin door closed.
What are you doing?
I can't remember
unless I do it in order.
Okay, well, if you could
remember a little faster,
that would be great.
Listen, I gotta reach
out to traffic control.
It's for our own safety.
Big Bear 2-4-
This is why the other reindeer
won't fly with you, Rudolph.
(engine whirring)
(upbeat music)
(dramatic music)
[Jimmy] We're doin' this.
[Natasha] Woo!
[Jimmy] We are doin' this.
Welcome to Escape Airlines.
I'm your pilot, Jimmy.
(Natasha laughs)
We've got clear
skies all the way.
(plane engine whirring)
(music continues)
This is pointless.
We're never gonna find it.
Oh, ye of little faith.
There she is.
Right, I see a weak point.
Shouldn't we be
coming up with a plan?
That's what
they'll be expecting.
So, just more chaos then?
(laughs) Oh, you
know me too well.
(plane engine whirring)
(dramatic music)
(engine rumbling)
(anticipatory music)
[Man On Radio] Hey, Dave,
you comin' over for lunch?
Hey, that's what
I've been waitin' for.
(Dave grunts) (dramatic music)
(Natasha grunting)
Nice to see you, sweetheart.
(Dave grunting)
(music intensifies)
Is he dead?
(shot firing)
Yeah, good shot.
- Ya done?
- Yeah. My shoe lace.
I'm sorry, I nearly tripped.
(music continues)
I think they know we're here.
(music continues)
(shots firing)
(door bangs)
(man grunts)
(shot firing)
(music intensifies)
What the hell are you doing?
Is aggression the
only solution for you?
- Yeah.
- You know we hooked up, right?
Rudolph, I wouldn't
hook up with you
if you were the last
man on the planet.
Did she...
Damn, Nat.
Get in the car.
- All right.
(mellow music)
Where are the keys?
(Jimmy whistles)
(gun thuds) (pensive music)
(Jimmy panting)
(Jimmy grunting)
(bucket thudding)
Hey, look at me.
You okay?
What happened?
They got us.
(rope creaking)
(Ask speaking faintly)
[Ask] In stilettos.
What do ya think they're
talkin' about out there?
They're gathering
witnesses for an execution.
Oh (exhales).
Look, I don't want to
state the obvious here,
but now would be a
really great time
if you could do the
whole Wonder Woman thing.
Look, Jimmy, it's
not like I can just go
into a phone booth
and change, okay?
Okay (panting).
(rope creaking)
(music continues)
Look, there's something
I haven't told you.
It's about how Tasha came to be.
I was an orphan.
But in the beginning,
it wasn't just me.
I had a twin sister.
And we got passed around a lot.
We were all each other had.
And then one day,
she was just gone.
They took her from me.
You know, it's really hard
going through something
like that by yourself.
You know, I needed someone.
So, I created an
imaginary friend, Tasha.
The kids would tease me
about not having parents.
Tasha told me everything
was gonna be okay.
She was always in
my corner, you know?
And as I got older and the
world got more dangerous,
Tasha helped me survive.
She always did the things
that I was too afraid to do.
But with you, I have
been more myself
these past few days than I have
been in a really long time.
You don't make me feel like
I have to act a certain way,
or that I have to
choose one side
of my personality
over the other.
You just make me feel
wanted as a whole.
That's what I've been
tryin' to tell you, Nat.
I know you got two personalities,
but your one person to me.
And when I told you
that I fell for you,
I fell for all of you, okay?
(pensive music)
Look at, there's no you
and her to me, okay?
There's just you.
I love you, Nat, okay?
Don't you ever doubt that.
Execution time.
Oh, I do love the setting,
dark, moody, ominous,
this lingering atmosphere
of complete dread.
Mwah! Perfection.
You know what?
I couldn't figure out why it was
that you went back for
that piece of crap truck,
so I took a peek inside.
So sorry for your loss.
Oh, I would also like to add
that I am so happy that this
nightmare is almost over.
But if anything, the
length that we went through
to catch this problem
child only added
to the greatness of
the rite of passage
for our future
heir to the throne.
I have a special request.
I want all of you to
put down your weapons.
I want there to be no doubt
that I did this on my own terms.
I don't want anybody thinking
that Ellis Lombardo needs
anybody to do his dirty work.
Oo, it's a nice touch.
You heard him, boys.
Guns on the ground.
(anticipatory music)
(knee thuds) (Jimmy grunts)
(Natasha gasps)
(Jimmy groaning)
(pensive music)
Okay, final chance.
You say you're sorry,
we pretend this never
happened and you come with me.
I'm not going with you.
There you go, she
doesn't love you.
Shoot her.
I'm just checking
my options, all right?
(music continues)
All right, what if
it's between him dying
and you comin' with me?
Don't do it, Nat.
Don't you do it.
Okay, okay.
I'll go with you.
If you let him go,
I'll go with you.
It's a deal.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
There is no deal.
There is no deal.
We have an agreement.
She's obviously lying to you.
Raise the gun and shoot her!
Why don't you get off my back?
I don't answer to you, I
don't answer to my father,
I don't answer to anybody.
What is your problem?
I'm just trying
to be a good mentor.
Well, you suck.
(music builds)
You know what?
Screw you and your legacy.
I'm gonna do this myself.
Oh, no you don't.
You're not gonna use that.
Keep your hands off your weapons
or she gets it between the eyes.
This is what you awakened
inside of yourself?
A sniveling traitor?
Oh my God, Ellis, it's tragic.
Maybe it's my rite of passage.
(laughs) I'm so sick of you.
(shots firing)
(men exclaiming)
(shell casings clattering)
(pensive music)
(Ellis panting)
Taking this as an
insurance policy.
(knife clatters)
Get over here.
(Jimmy grunting)
Get stuffed.
(music continues)
(Jimmy grunts)
Take this.
Get over here.
Don't try anything.
- Jesus.
- Stop it.
- Okay.
Get in the car.
Get in.
[Natasha] Ow.
(doors slamming)
(engine rumbling)
(energetic music)
(Ask coughing)
(Ask gasping)
You, uh, you okay?
(laughs) Do I look okay?
Oh, he shot me (laughs).
(Ask gasping)
Hey, look, I think we can
work together here, okay?
You know, my enemy's the
enemy kinda thing, right?
What do ya say?
Am I the only one that
stays in my frickin' lane?
Yeah, see, I know
where they're goin'.
- Oh, yeah?
- I do.
Where would that be?
Vegas, baby.
Oh, Vegas?
Wow, that is, of course...
(panting) They're
gonna hitch that wagon.
He loves her.
(gasps) Oh, love.
(dramatic music)
(Jimmy grunts)
(shots firing) (Ask gasps)
Holy shit.
It worked.
It worked (panting).
(dramatic music)
(engine rumbling)
You didn't let him go.
That was the deal.
Shut up!
Tasha will be fine with this.
You're the one that's
messing things up.
Tasha wants to be with me.
You were always just
her play toy, Ellis.
I said shut up!
(music continues)
(tires squealing)
Get outta the car!
Get the box.
What are we doin' here?
Shut up!
- Hey!
- Shut up!
Take your hands off her, man.
Hey, look, let's just
talk about this, okay?
You're not havin' her, bro.
Come on, man,
what are you doin'?
Come on!
- Shut up!
What's goin' on?
Where's Tasha?
- I don't know.
She hasn't been around as much
anymore, now that he's here.
You killed off Tasha?
What are you talkin' about?
Right, but she's gone,
you're worth nothin' to me.
Get down there.
- Hey!
- Get back!
- Okay, all right.
- Just shut up.
Gimme the box.
- No.
- Gimme the box!
- No.
- Come on, man.
- Gimme it!
- No.
- Gimme the box!
- No.
- Give it to me.
No, don't!
Stop it!
Put the box down.
- I'm sorry about it.
Put the box down.
It's your choice.
Her, or your brother.
Come on, man.
(suspenseful music)
(panting) Looks like
you made your choice.
[Jimmy and Natasha] No!
[Natasha] No, don't.
[Ellis] Get back!
I swear to God, I
swear to God, man.
Ellis, please, don't-
I cannot believe you
chose that loser over me.
(panting) On your knees!
- Look at me.
- Shut up!
Get down.
- All right, fine, fine.
Look, I'm down on
my knees, all right?
This what you want?
(panting) Sucks to be you, bro.
Come on, man.
Don't do that.
Don't-(gun cocks)
Just, come on, man.
Come on!
You're a dick, Ellis.
(fist thuds) (Ellis grunts)
(Ellis yells)
(water splashing)
Oh my God.
How does she do that?
I don't know.
I think I broke my hand.
Oh my God, it really...
(Jimmy panting)
(Natasha panting)
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
(Jimmy panting)
What now?
(Jimmy panting)
We're gonna finish
this, you and me.
That's what we're doin'.
I'm gonna get you to that boat.
(sullen music)
(water splashing)
I'm sorry, brother (panting).
I tried, man.
I tried.
Let's go.
(music continues)
(doors slamming)
(engine rumbling)
(singer vocalizing)
(waves splashing)
I can see why Bobby
picked this place.
It's beautiful.
Yeah, we used to come down
here all the time his kids.
See those rocks over there?
The wind comes blowin' through,
so we would run full
speed side-by-side,
arms back, towel outstretched,
seeing if we could catch
just enough lift to take off.
So, where is the universe
gonna take you this time?
The same place
it always takes me.
The Molokai Islands in Hawaii.
Locals refer to it
as the Twin Islands.
So, was Ellis right,
what he said back there?
You finally killed off Tasha?
Honestly, I don't know.
I have a feeling she's
only going to show up
if I really need her.
When she does, that girl is
gonna be wilder than ever.
(gentle music)
I'm gonna clean
that money for you.
You don't have to worry
where it came from.
You know, I'm startin' to think
that two and half thousand miles
is a long way to be
on a boat by yourself.
Thinkin' about puttin'
down some roots?
Are you ready for a
helluva lotta baggage?
I can handle it.
- Can you?
- Yeah.
(gentle music)
[Natasha] You did your
brother justice, Jimmy.
He's in the water now.
And eventually, he'll
visit every beach there is.
[Jimmy] You know what?
I love the way you think.
(Natasha laughs)
(waves splashing)
(pensive music)
Over two dozen men,
multiple vehicles,
countless weapons,
my top fixer, all lost.
Give me one good reason
why you should ever inherit
a single thing from me.
Because I found that person
you wanted me to
find inside myself.
And I wanna get back out there
and finish this
once and for all.
(dramatic suspenseful music)
(upbeat music)
Put your finger
In the pie
Make you calm,
make you wanna cry
I might stay
Might hang around
I might be gone before
the truth is found
Oh, I'm a deadender
I'm on a bender, a
bender, a bender for you
I'm a deadender
I'm on a bender, a
bender, a bender for you
Now, now, now
Do you like it
Want some more
My life is never a bore
I never wonder
I never stop
I never spill,
never get too hot
No, no, no
Oh, I'm a deadender
I'm on a bender, a
bender, a bender for you
Oh, I'm a deadender
I'm on a bender, a
bender, a bender for you
Do you like it
Want some more
My life is never a bore
Oh, I'm a deadender
I'm on a bender, a
bender, a bender for you
Oh, I'm a deadender
I'm on a bender, a
bender, a bender for you
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm a deadender
I'm on a bender, a
bender, a bender for you
Oh, I'm a deadender
I'm on a bender, a
bender, a bender for you