Dough (2015) Movie Script

(alarm beep sound)
(light switch sound)
(water tap sound)
Get a move on.
I wanna be home...
...for Downton Abbey .
- All rlght.
What about you, Ayyash?
You buying?
No, I told you, I need work.
No, no, not now.
5l", BIIII
(door open and close)
(door 0P9")
Go on. Go on.
- Nathlng. All right?
- Okay.
(door knock)
Open this door!
Open this door now!
- Open It!
- Pull me up.
- Get him-
-Fucld Let me go.
Get hhn.
(door ope")
(light switch on)
(light switch an and off)
They were a gift
from my mother.
A gm!
Oh, mate. Could be worse, mate.
Could be naked.
- Why would I not have pants on?
- You got good legs.
I don't know, just-u.
It could be worse.
What's he...?
Don't bend down.
Fucking hell.
Don't... What are you...?
What are you doing?
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
That ls so much better, bruv.
Look at you.
- Look at...
- Get off, man.
(laugh lily)
(cardboard tearing sound)
- Oh, shit.
That's mlne.
That's my home.
That's my home there.
Victor gets good stuff
you know.
Yeah, man.
Man, where do you
get that, man?
Where's my phone?
Let me see that.
This must belong to
Vista you know. I',
Not anymore.
Oh, my God.
- What's up with you, bruv?
- Shut It.
Who you telling
to shut up, bmv?
There's a shitload.
(lift door closed)
(staircase sound)
(door 0P9")
(door open and close)
(door open and close)
- Good momlng, Nat.
-ls It?
- Mom.
- You thlnk I'm bllnd?
I can't sea you
running like an ldicvl:
with your bottom hanging out?
- What If I was naked?
- Where are your trousers?
- I lost them.
- How can you lose trousers?
You up to no good
with no trousers?
No, I was just
out with friends.
I work two jobs, day and night,
and you joke around,
clay and night.
How will you find
work like that?
Mom, we've been here two years.
No one wants someone like mo.
When your father gets here,
I19 will...
No, he'll never get here.
Don't say that.
Ha will come-
I promise.
- I'm moving.
I said to Edith,
"What about my arthritis?
She said, It won't matter
when 'you starve."
- Where to?
Jlanchester. Near the boys.
Always raining In Manchester.
Not good for the bones.
Well, thanks for your custom.
(door open) (wind chimes sound)
- Thank you. Goodbye.
(door closed)(wlnd chimes sound)
Another regular gone.
That reminds ma,
you hear Cyril Green died?
Oh, no.
I didn't know you were friends.
All my customers are either
leaving or dying.
Mrs. Sllverman,
nice of you to pop by-.
Nat, darling. I've told
you before, It's Joanna.
Yeah. What can I do for you?
Nothing, darling.
Just passing.
Nat, do you think
you could come around
to my place a blt later?
- Today?
- I won't take no for an answer.
(door open)
(wind chimes sound)
(door closed)
(wind chimes sound)
Gonna have to buy some owers.
You take your landlady owers?
Only since her Maurice dled.
- That's even worse.
- Hey, no. It's not llke that.
I gotta keep her sweet.
What you gut there? mum's:?
I told you, Edith said If I-.-...
I don't want that In my shop.
It's a bag.
It's a dagger In my heart.
(vehicles passing)
Get a real job.
(coin sound)
Can I have a word?
Look, Nat, I've really
enjoyed working here...
...and you've taught me
everything I know about baking.
(Wlllq sound)
Are you dying. Danny?
Not as far as I know.
Then I'll see you tomorrow.
Maybe I should
just give you this.
D real! Y like you to read It-.
For goodness sake.
You're giving notice.
I'm grateful for the
opportunity, but...
Oh, I can't lose you now, Danny.
I'm really sony, Nat.
What, you're not happy here?
No, no, It's not that.
It's lust...
Michelle ls expecting,
and we need a bigger place.
- Cotton's have sald that...
- Cotton's?
You bloody traitor.
- Gel out of my...
You've no need to hand
In your notice.
You're fired.
(door open and close)
Yeah, hallo.
(vehicles sound)
Get In. Come on.
(Police siren)
You set me up.
That stuff you put In my pocket.
- If the police had caught ma...
-Look, where's my stuff?
I haven't got It.
Stay where you are.
(running sound)
Don't be stupid,
I know where 'you live.
(dog barking)
Come on.
So. Come here, come here. So?
I hld It. Just In case.
Well, good.
That's good thlnklng.
I knew you were a smart boy.
You didn't get caught.
You kept your mouth shut.
I just had to test you,
that's all.
Look at this place, eh?
Nothing changes.
You need to get out
and make something of yourself,
-llk9 I dld.
- What, with this?
I want to work for you.
Wall, that's why
I had to test you.
-so, I passed?
- Get yourself a cover lob.
- What?
- My employees earn good money.
People who earn
good money spend It.
People with no jobs
spending money draws attention.
I don't llke attention.
Get yourself a cover job,
and then come see me.
And bring my stuff back.
If I could get a cover job,
I wouldn't need this one.
(car engine start)
(number dlallng sound)
- Ayyash?
- I'm afrald It's not...
- Who ls this?
- Where have you been?
- Have you got It?
- Got what?
- I need It back.
- Okay, okay.
Where ls the rest?
IS this all Of It?
-lt's most of It.
(door ope")
(door closed)
Get In here.
Hello, Ayyash.
I belleve these belong to you.
(door open) (bird chlrplq)
Nat, how good of you to come.
You told me to.
(mm cum-m
Come In. Come In.
Thank you.
There was a lot
of drugs oating around
In that club last night.
I told you, my son wasn't
Involved. He's a good boy.
You often go out the window,
do you?
There was a Int of noise.
I just followed my friends.
- Your friends got
something to hlde? -No.
- You got something to hlde?
- No.
Humanitarian protection and
discretionary leave to remain.
Stern, I don't want to sea
your face again, all right?
It will mean trouble.
You got it?
Thank you.
(door open and close)
Are you In trouble?
It's nothing.
I: were you doing
In a nightclub?
It's where my friends were.
You don't want me
to have friends?
I don't like being your
mother and your father...
- I don't want you to...
- But that's what Allah wanted...
wand ha has his reasons-.
I called- The police answered.
There's a job where I work.
We don't see you at the
Friendship Club tea
dances anymore.
And you were always
such a good dancer.
Wall, there's no one to
dance with, really, ls there?
Time ls a great healer, Hat.
But your lblaurioo
only died six weeks ago.
And only now am I
beginning to move on.
Mrs. Sllverlnan. Joanna.
ls this about the shop?
You're as bad as Maurice.
There's more to llfo, Nat.
Joanna, please?
Oh, If you lnslst.
- I'm selling up.
- What?
The freehold on the shop.
Wall, Maurice Is gone,
and it was his thing, really-.
Yeah, but If someone
buys the building,
they could force me out.
Oh, I'm sure he
wouldn't do that.
The community needs you.
- He? He who?
- The man who wants to buy It.
He thinks he can charm
an old woman...
but I Ilka my men
a little blt more mature.
The deal for the chemist
went through this evening.
We're just waiting
on the bakery.
Tom, I need this deal.
Tie up the bakery
from the old dear soon.
And It's an even
older tenant?
The Jaw will know
he's beaten soon enough.
Once you own the whole parade,
we can demolish it and
you can build your car park.
Should be smooth sailing
from here on In.
(alarm beep sound)
(water sound)
(oven switch on)
(bee!) Sound)
Good morning. This ls
the BBC Nears at 5 a.m-.
(sway sound)
(oven 0P9")
(oven closed)
(mixer on)
Why do you wanna
work In a bakery?
- Come again?
- I love doughnuts.
(been sound)
Oh, God.
Why do you want to
work In a bakery?
Yes, please.
Bloody hell...
ls he all right?
- What's he dolng?
- I don't know.
Why do you wanna work
In a bakery?
Because I love my grandpa,
and I love falry cakes.
In that order.
IJVVY, my little darling.
- Where's your mother?
- She's shopping next door.
Come here.
I've come about the job.
- How do you know about the job?
- I can road.
So you know what
"apprentice" means, do you?
Like the show- You're fired-.
Ho, It means you're hired.
Oh, I only wish I could.
Why can't you?
We, Ii you worked here,
I... I couldn't give
you free fairy cakes.
What If you pald me
In fairy cakes?
- Here?
- Yes.
You work for a Jew?
(slap sound)
I heard they bake with blood.
(slap sound)
Stupid boy.
(door open)
(wind chimes sound)
Have you been robbed?
Yeah, In a manner of speaking.
Fat lot of use this was-.
Are we too late?
No, no. Spot on, as usual.
No, for the job.
Job? What, this job?
Has he got any
baking experience?
I made toast this morning.
No, son, this Isn't for you.
Please, Mr. Dayan.
He's a good boy, mostly.
And a fast learner.
Maybe a trial?
- For mlnlmum wage?
- Mom.
All right. All right, a trial.
But he does what I say,
when I say. Deal?
He starts first thing
In the morning, 5 a-m., right?
(door open) (wind chimes sound)
(door closed)
(wind chimes sound)
(alann sound)
(alarm beep sound)
(alann sound)
"Dont be late on
your first day."
What the hell are you doing?
You're Muslim?
What, your mother too?
You never said.
You never asked.
I thought you were lust African.
We are African. Stupid Jew.
Oh, this ls true.
Well, can't you
do that at home?
Not untll sunrise.
Wall, do It somewhere
will you?
Do It In the back.
Somebody might see you.
Don'! want Ml5 knocklng
the door down.
- Is that the lot?
- Why can't I bake?
Just get on with It, will you?
Just get on with It.
- I heard Danny left.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Who's that?
-lt's the cleanefs boy.
- Hello.
- He's deaf.
And mute.
Oh, bloody hell.
Clean it up, will you?
He lip-reads.
(door knock)
- Yeah?
- I got a cover job.
No, no, pestering motorists
ls not a lob, mate.
Not that one. Another one.
- Dolng what?
- In a shop. Nothing much.
Right, come In.
(door 0P9")
Oi, no skimming, no smoking,
no dealing for anyone else-.
You work for me and me alone.
No coke, no crack. no smack,
no E, no LSD.
That stuffs poison.
You get me?
Keep that.
Cash drop In one week.
How are you going
to buy It yourself'?
Man, this ls crazy.
I'll talk to Mrs- Sliver-man-.
Maybe I could
mortgage the house.
You could buy It, Dad.
Please, eat up, young lady.
I'm saving myself for dessert.
It's not one of Grandpa's.
Thanks, Grandpa.
(door ope")
(door closed)
I dld not hear you come In.
How was your first day?
Fine- Good-.
I'm so proud of you.
You work hard for Mr. Dayan,
and we'll be able to
get a better place soon.
I'm going to walk.
Okay, I'm just gonna go to bed.
Dad, look, we've been talking.
Makes a change.
You run the shop.
You're alone In that big house.
You should be taking It easy.
I'll take It easy
when I'm dead.
- I don't want Grandpa to die.
-Thanks, Dad.
It's all right, sweetheart.
Grandpa's not gonna dle.
Just your mother and
father want hlm to.
The shop has been
loslng money for years.
I mean, how much
longer can It go on?
The shop has been In the family
for over a century.
And If anyone cared,
It'd be there for
another century.
I $31-.
It's lust a shop.
Dad, please.
We've got dessert.
Yeah, looks lovely-
Good night, kids.
What are you staring at?
What the hell are you doing?
You've got food dye
all around your mouth.
Oh, I was pretending
to be a vampire.
Have you seen the
Twlllght movies?
Lucas has them all.
Stop playing sllly buggers,
wlll you?
Wipe your mouth.
You are Mr. Dayan, yes?
Your mother was rlght.
She said you were
a fast learner.
And this ls Dayan and Son?
No fooling you, ls there?
So where ls the son?
I am a son.
I had hoped one day
that my son would be the son."
But apparently the
world can't have
too many Jewish lawyers.
Just mind your awn business,
will you?
Get back to It.
Always Slngln'
In the Damn Raln .
- It's my turn to choose.
- But every time?
Her favorite film
won't bring her back.
We gonna talk,
or we gonna watch?
Is It true that boy
you've got ls an Arab?
African. Muslim.
Same difference.
Do you let hlm bake yet?
F You're quite safe.
Might as well.
Taking over the area anyways.
Yeah, well,
what choice have I got?
My good-for-nothlng
famlly are no help.
Well, look at all thls stuff.
Yeah, wall, they're good at
buying me stuff I don't need.
'Wanna ditch the film
and look for sortie porn?
- No.
-It's a lake.
Do you even know
how to turn It on?
(birds chirping)
We get everything frozen
from our factories once a week.
Bake them up a treat.
This ls my father's first shop.
A bakery, as It happens.
Before them lot from next door
crawled out the East End.
After that, Dad branched out.
Best thing he ever did.
We've got shops all
over the country now.
But you never forget your roots.
Now, you know the people,
the area.
I want you to head up
a new kosher section.
Quality stuff,
bring the customers In-.
What are you playing at, Cotton?
Oh, God. You're dead to me.
Nat, good tlmlng.
Say hello to your new neighbor.
- Yeah, we've met.
- Not hlm, me.
What are you talking about?
I just bought the
old chemist next to ya...
- Got ll for a song.
- God.
That old dear Mrs. Sllverman
Is after a bit more than a
sell If you know what I mean-.
You can buy the bricks
but I'm not going anywhere.
I've got five years
left on my lease.
I know you're feeling the plnch,
and It'll get worse
with the squeeze.
Is that what all
of this ls about?
All what?
What's he talking about?
Can't stand In the way
of progress, Nat.
Oh, God.
My customers are loyal to me.
What customers?
Sorry, sorry. Cheap joke.
No, you know
what's a cheap joke?
You and this place-.
- You smoke the whole time.
-That's my business.
But I ain't no drug dealer.
- Nelther are you.
- I am now.
Then you're a fool.
Please, our at is tiny.
- She will find It soon.
Mate, my mom cleans like crazy,
she'll nd It In a day.
Push, push.
Come on, push. Push, push.
Ijust need to make enough money
so I can move out of this dump.
You don't get It, do you?
Are you gonna help
me out or not?
Guys. .-.
Are you okay?
Oh, shit, I think
I lost the spli'.
Hay, that was our last one.
Hay, stay away
from Victor, yeah'?
You don't need
that kind of trouble.
You sticking around?
Not tonight. Early start.
This was so important you
had to Interrupt my Pllates?
Do you think you can afford It?
I'll need a bit of time
to get the money together.
I heard that Danny left
and you got some:
Muslim boy Instead.
Yeah, yeah, Danny had to go.
One too many foresklns.
This class ls far workers,
not for talkers.
Jeln In, or please leave.
Everybody grab their balls,
She's a blt strict, Isn't she?
- Wa're gonna be reaching out..-
-I'm leaving, Nat.
- Where you gonna go?
- Where old Jews go to dle.
- Israel?
- Florlda.
That shop's my nest egg.
There's nothing here for me.
- There's nothing left for me.
- One more time.
When you called,
I thought it might be
for more social reasons.
- How long untll you go?
- Well, that depends.
Listen, If I can get
the money together,
will you sell It to me Instead?
Look, Nat, why don't you
come around to my place
and we can discuss
It together?
Well... All right,
but" It won't be tomorrow.
-l'm lonely, Natl
I haven't been on
my own for 40 years.
I'm lonely.
Can't you get that
Into your thlck head?
Okay, class. So we're gonna
be reaching out to the sky...
...and than hunch over.
There we go.
(door knock)
- Get a move on.
Okay, okay, won't be long.
(door ope")
(door closed)
There you are. Today you bake.
No, no, don't add more our.
Just keep kneading It.
Hey, hey, hey, don't bash It.
Don't be rough,
just rm but gentle.
Then fold It over,
that's It. Look.
Like this. Now press. That's It.
Baklng's an art.
You've gotta learn the feel,
the touch, the smell.
Go on, go on.
That's It, keep going.
Can't see how you're dolng.
- Here?
- Yep.
What do I do at the end?
That's It,
just scrunch It together.
- All right?
- And that's there?
Your first challah. Say It.
- My first challah.
Man, I'm stuck In that bakery so
long, I don't have time to deal.
How about you just
stick to baking?
Yeah, but baking doesn't
get me out of here.
Why don't you just do both?
Like from the bakery?
No, that's the dumbest
thlng he's ever said,
and that's golng some.
- No, no, you're a genlus.
- That's It.
- Oh, man.
(door open) (wind chimes sound j
- Chocolate mufn, right.
- Don't worry, I'll get It.
How may I help you, gentlemen?
Can we lust get a couple
of bacon samles, please, yeah?
I mean, smoked salmon, yeah?
- WIth extra poppy seeds.
- Yeah.
One pound fifty, please.
You see how easy that was?
Now go and tell the word.
- Tell...
- Spread.
He means spread the word.
Okay, spread It. Quietly.
(door open and close)
(wind chimes sound)
Yeah, what can I get you?
Sorry, sorry.
- Bruv?
- No deal.
I go for lunch now.
Is there a problem?
- I want the special ones.
-I beg your pardon?
Well, you know,
with extra poppy seeds.
We don'! count the seeds
on every bagel, slr.
We haven't got the time.
- Look, look, I'll serve hlm-
-Ho, no, It's all right.
No, I Ilka to get to
know new customers.
- So can I get some
jolly green or what?
- We don't do green ones, sh.
- Well, whatever
you've got ls fine.
- Look, look,
I gave you your order.
But I want the
special poppy seeds.
Yeah, I know, yeah.
Yeah, special poppy seeds.
Are you some kind of
poppy seed connoisseur'?
Oh, connoisseur? Cool.
Is that the new Mexican stuff?
I think you'd batter
deal with him, eh, son?
(door open)
(wind chimes sound)
(door open)
(wind chimes sound)
(door open) (wind chimes sound)
Bloody bank, nightmare.
- Hello, boys. Usual?
- Yeah, please, Nat.
Do you often leave
the place unattended?
What? No, no, of course not.
- Where's that boy? Hello?
- Fuck.
L-low you been anyway? All right?
Oh, you know, it's just waiting
In the departure lounge of llfe.
Rubbish. You're as fresh
as those bagels.
I told him this was ready to go.
Yeah, wall, it's
just a bit stressful
at the moment, you know.
What with Danny gone.
Here you are, lads.
Enjoy them-
-Lovely. Thank you.
-see you In a few days?
- WIII do. Take care, Nat.
- All the best. See you later.
(door open and close)
(wlnd chimes sound)
What's that? Looks like
you're doing the breaststroke.
Oh, It's an old technique
from back home.
Makes bread light as a feather.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Where you wine?
I'm galng to throw It away.
It's no good.
No, no, no. Come back.
No, It looks fine.
Come on, come on.
Just knead it a bit more,
that's all.
All right? There you go.
I can'! belleve It.
- They haven't told you?
- No.
I heard It from my wife,
who heard It from $ldney's wife
who heard It from Sidney,
who was at the board meeting.
- Dld they say why?
- Falllng membership.
Can't afford a
klddush every week.
Not even cake and biscuits?
It's my biggest account,
for God's sake.
Shabbat Shalom , Nat.
I hope you're checking your
Icing sugar for anthrax now.
- Nat, you hoard the news?
-Not from you, Rabbi-.
Listen, maybe we can do
a breakfast once a month.
-some challah, some cakes.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry, Nat.
It's tough. It's tough times-.
Dld you replace Danny
with a Muslim kid?
- Tough tlmas.
And he's black, I heard.
Great challah, Dad.
- Dellclous. Who wants some more?
- Me!
Three men, three men had gene
to see the doctor.
One sitting there
outside the room, he says
"Oh, lwlsh I could pee.
The other old man says
Oh, I wish I could
have a bowel movement."
The other man says
Oh, every morning I pee at 9
I have a bowel
movement at 10.
I only wish I gut up before 11."
(laugh lily)
I got one, I got one.
This man really
wants to be an actor.
He gets a small part In a play,
but only has one llne:
"Captain, I can hear the cannons
In the distance.
He practices all the time.
Finally, It's opening night.
He comes on to do his line,
and suddenly 50 cannons gco off.
And the man says, "Jesus Christ,
what the hell was that?
(laugh III-H)
Oh, Rebecca.
- Is this new wine?
Let's use this from now on.
I don't understand It,
I felt fine yesterday.
Today the arthritis Is back.
Took me seven minutes
to get to the plsher.
- I-Iare you are, Rabbi.
Smashing challah last week.
- Thlrd one today.
- You let Mohammad bake yet?
- Yeah, he dld last week's batch.
- Yeah?
Perhaps he has a gift.
Maybe black magic.
Keep your voice down-.
- You must be Ollvla.
- What's your name?
- Your grandpa didn't tell you?
-He just calls you the boy."
- Is that a magic carport?
-Yes, in a way. It's holy.
- Hasn't got any holes In It.
- No, thls ls true.
- Does It y?
- No, sorry.
- What does It do, than?
-II: helps ma talk ta Allah.
- Who's Allah?
- Allah, God.
God's name is Allah?
-He has many names.
Do you talk to God
because you're lonely?
For many reasons.
And are you? Are you lonely?
Daddy never plays with ma.
He's always busy working.
You know, you have a
nice family, Olivia.
They care about you,
they ]ust...
They don'! always
know how to show It.
Wages. And there's plenty more
where that came from.
You send Phlllp In
on your way out, please.
He wants you.
And close the door.
(door closed)
D0 you think I don't know
you've been thieving, son?
(raining 5011011')
(door ope")
Where the bloody hell
have you been?
I've got customers waiting-.
They don't care about us,
you know.
Poor Africans.
We mean nothing to them.
- Ayyash.
- If Father was here...
...he would not allow
this to happen.
- Ho will be hora, soon.
-He should be hare now.
Is there anyone who can help?
We den! knew many people
In this country.
I think there ls someone
from our village In Birmingham-.
Maybe we can slay there.
Birmingham'? That's miles away.
Anyway, you can't leave,
I need you.
A cleaner and an assistant?
Pass the toast.
Thank you.
You could...
You could stay here.
No, thank you, Mr. Dayan,
we've troubled you
too much already.
- Trouble?
- We cannot.
It wouldn't be right.
Why not?
What are we watching tonight,
- Agaln?
- Agaln? You're one to talk.
Do you know how to
use the computer yet?
Butch and Sundance, then.
You were saying?
Yeah, well, what could I do?
I mean, I couldn't
let hlm leave.
People wlll talk.
Yeah, but my takings
have doubled.
I mean, you said It yourself.
What If he's gifted?
I mean, he does this thing,
you known...
You know. Whatever.
Anyway, as long as he keeps
doing what he's doing...
...they can stay
as long as they want.
Oh, God.
The plumber': coming
in the morning.
I think It's for the best-.
Are you sure that's not
how you ooded your place?
Not that It matters anyway.
Unless we have a week
as good as last week's,
we'll all be homeless.
Unless you know any rich Shelks.
- I told you, African, not Arab.
- Whalever.
(door closed)
So how much do you
wan! this time?
All of It.
It's worth a thousand pounds.
- What ls this?
- Hash.
How much ls It?
We don! make brownies.
We've been making the same
things for over 30 years.
Look, just try one.
How do you know how to make
chocolate brownies, anyway?
It's an old family recipe,
from back home. Very good.
You have chocolate brownies
where you come from?
Of course.
- It's all right, yeah.
-You'll see.
Go on.
That's nice.
- You havlng one?
- No.
I could get to like these.
$0 I said, Gene Kelly?
Jumping In puddles?
I can do that."
"Yeah, prove It," she said-.
Yeah. Next nlght
we went dancing.
After that, we were never apart-.
Do you know, I can't belleve
we've never made these.
- Hey, do you want this cne?
- No, they were for you.
They're very special.
New recipe, lots of poppy seeds.
- Nonnal price. Only 1.99 each.
-l'll take three.
Thank you.
Five ninety-seven, please.
There you go.
Your first croissant.
- Say It.
- Crolssant.
Images, lust up here.
Snub], acme to bed.
I'm In the mood
for an early night.
You see them queues out there?
None of this strikes
you as a little strange?
Nat ls a great baker.
He just needed to move
with the tlmes.
Oh, ls that It?
ls that all you gdtta say?
Some Ilttle black boy helps Nat
shufe Into the 21st century...
wand suddenly
the shop's a goldmine?
No, no, no, there's something
wrong here. I'm done with thls.
It's Illce Fiddler on the Roof
meets West Side Story out there.
Look out for your rings,
I'm Impressed. I mean It.
I thought you was
on your way out,
and now look,
stronger than ever.
- What do you want? -To buy
you out, falr and square.
- Not for sale.
- Hear me out.
I'll be your landlord soon,
and my lawyers will be all
over your precious lease.
We could do this
dance for months,
but I'll get what I want
In the end, so why bother?
You tell me the secret
of your success,
put yourself under
the Cotton's banner.-.
...l'll create one blg shop
with a dedicated
Dayan bakery brand.
Picture It,
"The Kosher Klpllng."
And you get the best
of both worlds.
A share of the profits,
none of the hassle.
- And your legacy secured.
- Not Interested.
You could retire In luxury.
What, you think I wanna buy my
retirement by selling my soul?
Nat, you've done It.
You've achieved the
Immigrant dream.
You've get your own Business-
Your son's a big-time lawyer.
How long can you and some
Ethiopian kid keep It up?
My grandfather
was born In Stepney,
my father was born
In Walthamstow...
...and I was born In llfond,
you stupid, Ignorant barrow boy.
You don't wanna do this,
old man.
Do you know how long the
Jews have been around?
And how many times
people have come for us?
No one cares about this place.
It dies with you.
Hey, mister, I'm not from
Ethiopia, I'm from Darfur,
and I care.
- I don't like bullies.
- Ho'll be knocking on your door.
- Yeah, especially If we wln.
I'm nut doing It.
It's Important.
Our future depends on It.
I thought you sald
you were good at this.
Well, It's been a while-.
It's Inappropriate
employer-employee relations.
What do you know about It?
You've been In the
lob ve minutes,
and you're living
with me already.
Come on, don't be a baby.
All right? Right.
Just... Look, put your... Put
that foot... Put your foot back.
You need to practice this?
We're barely even moving.
All right, all right.
That's It, that's It.
Come on, come on.
I think I broke something.
- What, you or the equipment?
- Mel
- Oh, that's all right, than.
See? That's why we
need to practice.
I don't want to kill her, do I?
- You've stlll got It, Nat.
- So ls that a "yes"?
I know men llke you.
You keep trying to butter me up
and sweep me off my feet...
-...lust to get what you want
- You got me.
I'd like to help, Nat,
but Cotton ls threatening
to pull out.
Gotton's blufng.
Everythlng's gonna be fine.
I just naecl a little more time,
trust ma.
All right.
You dld what?
Hold her she should sell
to me and not to Cotton.
I can ralse the money.
Besides, I think Mrs. Silverlnan
ls sweet on me.
This Is crazy.
I mean, the turnaround at
the shop has been marvelous.
But It won't last.
Think about It.
Take a break.
Ollvla would love
you to take her
on holiday during
Maybe the seaside.
- She'll understand.
This ls your retirement
you're gambling with.
Your Inheritance, you mean.
Dad, you didn't send
me to Cambridge
so I could become a baker.
I'm partner In one of the
country's biggest law firms.
I don't even know what
the shop ls worth.
- Thls ls famlly business.
- So is the shop.
Who the hell are you, anyway?
You turn up out of the blue
and all of a sudden you're
living with my dad?
- Hls mother is too-
-Is this your plan?
Worm your way In and get
It all for yourself?
- Work my father Into hls grave?
- Stephen, enough.
Because: I can tell you what
definitely Isn't family. You.
(glass broken)
You talk about family?
This ls a family business,
and he ls the only
one who cares.
You know, Mom was
really proud of me.
Why can't you be?
(phone ringing)
Just go, will you?
- Dad.
- Go. Now.
Bloody mu.
Yeah, It's all right,
It's all right.
Gd a brush, will you?
Looks like you're an old pro,
It's been a long time
since I've done this.
You were a great boxer?
Yeah, the next Kid Berg.
Never mind.
You know, the community's
getting smaller.
We cannat rely on Jews.
- There's nothing new there.
- And your polnt ls?
If we Increase our range,
we'll attract more
new customers.
Ara you getting
this from a book?
No, the Internet-.
Will you still be able to bake?
Oh, yeah.
I'll always be able to bake.
My father trusted me with It.
Next time I see hlm,
I don't wanna tell hlm
I let It all go kaput.
He must have loved you very much
to leave you something
so special.
- Dld your father give you that?
- Yeah, In a way.
Ha hld It on ma In case we
needed to bribe someone.
Ahat happened?
-The Janjaweed .
Always the Janjaweed.
- Who?
Men on horses with guns.
They rode into our village
and did terrible things.
Yeah, attacking Muslims.
Where's your father new, Awash?
My mother and I made It
to the Red Cross.
Yeah, we waited,
but It was too dangerous.
We had to make It
across the border.
We waited again for many months,
but he never came.
Is he dead?
My mother likes to
pretend he's not.
You know, no one cared about us,
My father was a hero
In our village.
You know, he saved lives,
but we lost everything.
You know, we were a real family.
Ifs better he ran
and came with us.
Yeah, but If he'd run, would
you still be wearing his ring?
Well, If he does come for It,
I don't want It
covered In dough.
Give h here.
There you go.
I don't want you losing It.
Thank you.
(door ope")
- Hey, It looks good.
- Yeah?
- Lord, I look old.
- You didn't know?
You have mirrors-.
Cheeky bugger.
(laugh lily)
- Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Yeah, we don't shave,
after your wlfe dies.
It's a slgn of mourning-.
- How long for?
- Thlrty days, normally.
How long since she died?
Well, It'll be two years
on the 28th.
I mean, why would he take her
and not me?
She only ever done good
In the World.
If you were God, who would you
rather spend time with?
What do you lhlnk?
(phone W195)
- Hello?
- Where have you been?
- Busy, working for you.
- Why did you miss the drop?
- And why ls your place
all cleared out?
- It got ooded.
- Llsten.
- I'm nearly sold out.
You'll have your money soon,
I swear.
Awash you don't want
me to come to you.
You don't want that, trust me.
- Look, I've got to go.
- Don't you...
...hang up.
It's nearly prayer time.
Don't you think God, Allah,
gets a bit fed up of listening
to you five times a day?
He hasn't told me to shut up.
I think my Esther would approve.
She always dressed nice.
Yeah, I think It's time
to start living again.
Maybe you can start by taking
that holiday. Make Olivia happy.
Yeah, who'd look after the shop?
- Why not?
- The blg man.
You've been a baker
for five minutes.
Feels longer.
Oh, my, look at you.
Very distinguished.
- Thls ls Mrs. Sllvennan?
- And you must be "the boy."
Ayyash. Pleased to meet you.
I heard you worked wonders
with the shop.
I stlll have a lot to learn,
but Mr. Dayan Is a
very good teacher.
Is he, now?
I certainly hope so.
Well, maybe you'll find out
at the next tea dance.
I look forward to It.
- What was that?
-l've no Idea.
- Tomorrow, okay?
- What?
Look after the shop.
You know, just for the day.
See how It goes.
(door open) (wind chimes sound)
Mr. Dawn's not here.
Look, I don't want any trouble.
Give me 'Irwo bagels,
five muffins.
Keep the change.
(door open and closed)
(wlnd chimes sound)
Yeah .
(door knock)
(door ope")
- Hello, boys.
- Hello, Nat.
Everything all right?
-lt's about the shop.
What? Is there a problem?
ls Ayyash all right?
That's what we wanted
to talk to you about.
- All right?
At are you doing'?
What Is It? Oh, shit.
- It's In the dough.
- I can explain.
- It's In all the dough.
-l'm sorry, I...
Why are you doing this?
-I did It for us.
I'm sorry. I'ln sorry. I'm sorry-.
Get out.
They told ma about you.
The police.
They came to my house.
I didn't wanna believe them.
I didn't want to.
I should never have trusted
one of you people.
Get out.
(door ope")
That's ridiculous.
I'm a blt peeved I didn't
think of It first, really.
Do you think
the old man knows?
And you're sure about this?
I'll have them tasted
first thing In the morning.
And when I do, he's finished.
(phone rings)
Hold on, I've got
another call. Yeah?
Someone to see you,
Mr. Cotton.
What, now?
- I'm ready to do a deal.
- I bet you are.
- What?
- No, great great.
Keep a few kosher Items for
the community after I've gone.
- That's my only condition.
Sure, sure. You have my word.
I want It In writing.
Oh, is that the time?
Look, I'll get the
contracts drawn up tomorrow.
About lunchtime, that okay?
- Okay.
- Yeah, all right?
Well, I'll see you then, then.
Yeah .
You behave llke a Jew...
wand I'll treat you like one.
Where's my money?
You know, I always read
the local newspaper...
"because I Ilka to know what's
golng on In my neighborhood.
Usually fuck all.
Then all of a sudden
I look at this.
Struggling local business
does good, eh?
A lit-tie old Yid and a stinking
Muzzle working In harmony.
It's touching, that ls.
Now tall me you're
as clever as I think,
you took your cut off the top.
Well, If that's
where my money went,
that's where I'm gonna get It.
(glass shatter sound)
Step away from It.
I mean l
I'm not gonna tell you again.
You really wanna do this?
You wanna go up against me
to protect some old Jew?
Look at this place.
Someone should put
It out of Its misery.
Stop, don't! Stop, stop!
Stop It, stop!
Thank you, Freda.
Come on, then. Come on.
Get that there.
- Get that down there.
- Okay.
Please, don't say anything.
Bloody hell, Nat, I didn't think
It was Hanukkah time already.
Let me through, please.
Excuse me. This ls my place.
Oh, my God.
Joanna, you'll catch
your death of cold.
I had a phone call to come
down here Immediately.
What the hell happened?
- Was It a terrorist attack?
- Don't worry.
Don't worry? Don't worry?
You blew up my nest egg.
I trusted you. You said
everything would be fine.
Mrs. Sllverman, I have
to ask you to calm down.
You can ask all you like, sonny,
but don't you bet on
anything happening...
...not untll I get
some bloody answers.
I never meant for any
of this to happen.
You bloody Idiot.
- Nat.
-You bloody Idiot.
- After all I've done for you.
- You dld It for yourself.
- What?
- I heard you.
You thought It was me,
my baking.
We could stay
as long as we want.
You pretend we're family, but
you only care about your shop-.
I don't want you In my house.
I don't want you near my family.
You're nothing to me-.
Never trust a Jew.
We had nothlng.
What also was I to do?
Oh, Awash.
Come back. Come here.
What am I gonna
tell your mother?
Siren How about A for arson,
B for burglary,
C for cannabis,
and D for dealing?
Yeah, because I'm nlcklng you
for the lot. Now move.
- For the paln.
- Allah forbids.
What about puffing
on your magic dragon?
I don't. It's just a job.
You can stay here
for your mother's sake,
but we're nlshed.
- I'm selling up.
- You're what?
You can't just...
(phone rings)
Oh, yeah.
Oh, thanks, ofcer.
Yeah, no, I understand.
That's ridiculous.
Who'd believe such a thing?
Yeah. Yeah, all right,
I'll tell hlm.
- Rlght, thanks for calling.
- No problem.
They managed to gal: him
before he cleared out.
He'll be going clown.
They said they won't
press charges against you...
"because of your
ongoing cooperation.
- Then It's over.
- Well...
...Vlctor's telling stories
about the bakery and cannabis.
Pollce don't belleve hlm.
In any case, he torched
the evidence, didn't he?
I saw Cotton tonight.
We do the deal tomorrow,
then we'll go our separate ways.
Look, Nat, please,
don't do this.
No, It's a done deal.
Cotton came In today.
I dropped some of the
stuff on the oor.
I think he saw it. Ha knows-.
What are you talking about?
He bought goods. He suspects.
He bought g...
Oh, God, that's why
he was acting so strange.
He knows, doesn't he?
He's gonna screw me
for everything I've got.
Of course, he'll need proof.
Yeah, he'll have them tested,
wen'! he?
I'll have to get them back.
Nat, what are you doing?
You know this is crazy-.
- Nobody's asking you to come.
-lt's stealing, Nat.
It's exchanging.
I'll be In and out
before he's any the wiser.
You know you can't do this,
Listen, If he finds cannabis
In my stuff,
t'Il back up
everything Victor said.
Never mind a deal-.
The pallca will have no option
but to Investigate.
So, I've got two choices.
Either I retire in luxury,
or I retire in jail.
- I'm coming with you.
- I don't need your help.
It's my neck on the line tan.
Do you even know what he bought?
- No.
-Two bagels and ve muffins-.
Bagels and muffins, right.
All right, get baking.
Are you gonna help or not? Here.
Are you sure about this?
My mother cleans places
like this all the time.
I know how they work.
Yeah, but they're bound to know
the regulars, aren't they?
How long was It until you
knew my mother's name?
Fair enough.
Excuse ma. Excuse me.
- Where are the regular cleaners?
- Slck with rabbit u.
Rabbit u? Never heard of It.
Yes, It's worse than pig-
Very contagious.
You'd better get started, then.
Oh, God.
Hls office ls this way. Come on-.
(door ope")
(door close)
All right, come on.
Let's get started.
- Here.
- What?
No bagels and only two muffins.
Greedy INQ-
- I thought you said
they came later.
- How do I know?
- All right, come on.
- Look out.
Oh, God. I don't believe It.
Eenle, meenlo, mlnle, mo...
Oh, go on, your turn.
- That's It, close the top.
- Okay.
Right, come on,
let's get out off here.
- Come on, Nat.
-l'm coming, I'm coming.
Hey, stop.
Corrie here!
- What now?
- Flre escape.
-It wlll be alarmed.
- Hardly matters now.
No, wall, wall. Here.
We can get out this way.
- You'ro joking.
- No, no, no.
Don't worry,
I've done this before.
- Come on, come on.
-l cant
Here, let me try.
S'!!! tool.
- Come on. Up you come.
- Thanks.
What now?
.1. " $3 inn-p-?
Come on.
- Just like Butch and Enundanoe.
What are you doing?
- Dad.
- Yeah?
- You're doing the right thing.
I think you'd
better wait outside.
Nat, Steven.
So sony to hear about the fire,
but I just want you to know
It don't change a thing.
Joanna, didn't
know you'd be here.
Hello, Nat.
Mr. Cotton told me you
were selling up today.
I thought I'd do the same.
- No point In massing about.
-Yeah. Slt down, Stephen.
Are you gonna do that, or we
gonna get on with the deal?
- What's the rush?
- Bad smell In here.
Well, maybe It's
that you know...
...that I know.
Know what?
- You know.
- What are you talking about?
Nat': been loading his goods
with marijuana.
I saw It with my own eyes.
It was nothing.
It was only a...
Prove It.
- Dld you know about this?
- No.
Best Bridge Club ever.
Bought some off Abdul
here yesterday.
Got the munchies a blt later,
I can tell you.
But I saved some
for the lab boys...
...and I've got the
results rlght here.
Haw, we don't have to
go to the police
but what you have to do is walk
away from the shop with nothing.
You haven't got anything.
If you had, I wouldn't
be sat here, would I?
They'd have me down the station.
I know what you dld,
I bloody know It.
You can't prove It,
though, can you?
Hell. fill right.
Sign the contract.
Let's get this over with-.
- Oi, leave that alone-
Nilhafs that? What-u?
At are you hiding?
A lot of fuss about nothing.
It's just something
we've been working on.
It's nothing, nothing. Sit down.
You're nut expanding, are you?
You'ra building
this monstrosity.
Th Is Is my worst store
In London.
The shopping centers are
breathing down my neck.
They want another car park.
I can make more money from cars
than from customers.
Sign the contract,
and so could you.
The area's gone to the dogs,
Just ask Mr. Halal over there.
- What?
- All rlght, easy, son.
You didn't care about Danny,
dld you? You just wanted me out.
What do you care? He came
to me for a few extra quld.
Danny did what he thought
was rlght for his family.
Hay, I think It's time
for that holiday.
- Why don't you just... 7
Joanna... business here ls done.
Now, you can do what you like,
it's your life,
but the bakery ls staying.
And so am I. So lf...
If you wanna talk
about the future at all...
mperhaps we could do It
over dinner sometime.
Al right. Stephen?
Come on, son.
Oh, and...
myou won't be needing this,
will you?
This Isn't finished.
I'm raising your rent.
You're going under.
Well, if Hat's not going
anywhere, neither am I-.
You're gonna let some old git
and a black towelhead terrorist
take you down with them?
Race and religion
is Irrelevant, Mr. Gotten.
If you're a dlckhead,
you're a dlckhead. Bye-bye.
I almost forgot.
- There you are.
- Thank you.
I didn't Inean what I said,
you know, about you people.
Yeah, and I don't think
you really bake with blood.
- What?
- Nothlng.
Hey, Nat.
Do you think I'll still be able
to bake without"? You know.
What you made In my kitchen
without any help was superb.
- Nat.
Questions, questions.
You're starting
to sound Ilka a Jew.
All'! I Still OI'! trial?
A priest. a rabbl,
and an Imam go Into a pub.
The priest says,
"Have a drink with ma.
The rabbl says,
"I don't mlnd lfl do.
The Imam says,
"I'd rather commit adultery...
...than allow alcohol
to pass my llps".
And the rabbi says, "OI, I
didn't know I had the chaice.
- Batter stlck to baking, Nat.
- Yeah.
Halal, In here?
We won't stand for It, Nat.
Your father will be
turning In his grave.
It's lust business.
Besides, It's his Idea-.
He's tripled my
profits overnight.
Yeah, If you don't like It here,
you can go elsewhere.
He's In charge while I'm away.
Can we get a couple of them...
mmaglc muffins as well?
- They don't do them anymore.
- Oh, yeah.
Come on, Grandpa,
we're going to miss our train.
Don't worry, lllr. Dayan.
I'll keep Ayyash out of trouble.
Yeah. Yeah.
Come on, Llvvy. Here you go.
- Let's go, Grandpa.
-Come on.
Come on,
we're gonna miss our train.
Come on.
Look at your trousers.