Dough for the Do-Do (1949) Movie Script

It can happen here.
Hello, brother.
Oh, boy!
Let me out of here!
You can't keep me in here!
He says his mother was scared
by a pawnbroker's sign.
"Information about the Dodo."
Quick, tell me, where does he live?
What's he like? Where'd he go?
Which way?
That way!
in person:
The Dodo!
Are you really the last of the Dodos?
Yes, I'm really the last of the Dodos.
Hocus pocus, presto!
Going up!
Who are you?
I'm the last Dodo and I'm worth $6 trillion.
$6 trillion?
I'm rich! I got the last Dodo!
No, you haven't. I'm rich.
I've got the last Dodo.
Yes, sir! He's got the last Dodo!