Down and Dangerous (2013) Movie Script

- I'll head south, you with?
- Yes, I am.
Rainbow Maxi Promotions?
Will you read the number for me?
Are you sitting down? They just won a
free cruise to Mexico.
- With America's best cruise company.
A little more. Perfect.
The cap is on.
Call me when you get back home.
It's gifts to you.
Is it true? Thank you.
Pair of sixes.
- Relax.
- Maybe she was caught in customs.
Customs officers are fools.
She calls. Sixes.
You should have seen the load.
It was really prof.
- Three threes.
- Out of terms.
Can I see?
- Rainbow Maxi Promotions.
- I would call when I got home.
- A broad smile.
- You're funny.
- Did you have fun?
- Great.
Can you beat your hair back? Super.
If you want to have lunch with me,
so I live in the Hollywood Hills.
- I'm married.
- You're not going to ring.
I'm still married.
What is your problem? Married?
- You must learn to have fun, Paulie.
- You can not be too careful.
By the way...
Who says I do not have fun?
It's Gavin,
leave a message.
Gavin, I have not heard from you.
Call me back.
- Who was that?
- My dealer. If you delete it?
Clear. Stupid.
- Here's your part.
- Have a customer. Working from a motel.
- And the price?
- 150.
- Elliot, you 're a thief.
- It's a good price.
- It is much too high. You get problems.
- You should meet him.
- He'll probably have a lot more.
- The price is too high. Has he earring?
- I have not met him yet.
- Narkodealere has always earring.
No clue. Let me do my,
then devises an ingenious plan for us.
This was just a one-time thing.
I work alone. No partners
or liabilities. I can not hesitate.
Do not look at me.
It's nothing personal.
Moreover, it constantly harder.
In the past it has been as
I chasing my own tail.
Eventually I end up
in my own ass.
If you say so. The day you say
your real name stop you enough -
- So I assume that you are ready
for another round.
- Does a name matter?
- No, but you know my name.
"Paul" is all I know.
The hell with it.
Here's to go to the limit
Good job.
Grease. Police.
- DEA. Does he work for you?
- No work for me.
Gavin Ap'Morrygan, a paltry dealer. We
found him like a few days ago.
Assuming that your honeymoon
is over now.
Young people should be more careful.
I knew him barely.
- How ugly said.
- Who are you?
This is Joe. It is a message.
Rafael Garza is a dangerous type, right?
- Are you recording this?
- Would you believe me if I said no?
It is Paul now, right?
What happened to Addison Brock llI
or Barry Green before it?
I get tired of names.
Why not work for us? We ship
you south. You give us some mexer.
I do not work with sanctimonious.
You're a nice guy and we let you be,
you will not hurt you any...
...but I need your help to
nail the bastard who killed your friend.
- No.
- You get 12 percent of everything we make.
- Then you can start over somewhere else.
- Okay... I see.
- Are you?
- Arturo.
I mean it in a good way,
but slip to hell.
Think about it. I try
to appeal to your good side.
Tell when you have changed your mind,
I'll get used to your new name.
It's a bad time.
I'll call you right back.
- Elliot, look.
- When Beverly and Fairfax.
Wait. Shit!
Gavin is dead. Who are you meeting?
- Are you too nervous?
- Come here.
Did you know?
Where is she?
- You left her?
- She's dead.
Do not move, damn it!
Let me remember our conversation.
I paid you to scare people,
but you killed them.
Should I be happy about it?
I asked you to send a message
to scare them, right?
Well... they looked pretty scared.
You're not going. I came here because
I used all my chances of Sinaloa.
I can not have this attention.
Do not talk to me,
like I'm one of your guys.
If you want to hire me for a job
do you know where to find me.
And the price has just been doubled.
Holy shit.
150, if that's okay with you.
I do not recognize him.
The experiment worth. The police believe
that a intermediary is about to take over.
- His name is Rafael Garza.
- Have a friend draw you into this?
- I have no friends.
- Partner so?
- You know me better than that.
- The slut came fairly close.
And I finished it.
- You must find out why.
- I understand.
- But what should I do?
- What saved me...
...was to rid people. Most are for
slow and dragging down with them.
I worked alone for seven years and forgot
it once. See where I am.
It gets better.
Drugs The police gave me a quote.
- A share of the spoils if I help them.
- Do you work for the police now?
- What do you think?
- Have a healthy disrespect for the law.
Find Bobby " Bad Breaks"
and show him the video.
He's a fucking rat. He says nothing,
but he knows him...
...will he use it himself.
- And what about the rest?
They do not know, but to paint yourself into
a corner, did you dangerous.
Is it a wise move?
- Paul.
- That's not true, but you are polite.
Fine place. A little dark maybe.
- So... let's talk straight.
- Fat, not what I expected.
- Has anyone told stories about me?
- Yes, but how you confirm them?
I have a product to be moved
here from Mexico.
- When?
- Most we lose 30% of the load.
An acceptable cost,
but now it is 60%.
- We will move it right away.
- It's too early. I have to plan ahead.
- What do I get?
- How do I know you're good?
I must have been a fine recommendation
since you've tracked down me.
You could not get better.
Now you see who is really
run things here.
Were you come,
if you knew that she was here?
I came here to avoid more deaths.
It puts us in a bad light.
Tell me if I'm wasting my time here.
Gabrio, what are you doing?
- What does that tell you?
- Was it the tone?
These people depend on me.
My family.
Fabio is my cousin.
Junior is my sister's son.
Gabrio... I do not know who he is,
but you see why I like him.
And you. I have a responsibility to them.
You work alone, you do not know what it
means. Therefore, you must answer me.
You've lost 60% of your load. If he
shoot me there is not white anymore.
But the main thing is that there's a reason
for me to come.
To do that you can not. Shoot him
me, no one gets some money.
Next time you hear from me, I am
U.S. again and mention the time and place.
I understand...
I wanted to see what kind of a person.
Would you see if you've earned your
reputation, but I do not like your face.
I do not like the way
you look at me.
Okay, we'll call you or perhaps
no. So you can piss of to-
- Wherever you come from.
This is not a game.
It's a great game.
I know what I'm doing.
Yes, when things do not go your
head, you can just escape.
I did not want to expose you to something.
It will take some time
to get used to "Paul".
- You look more like a Ringo.
- Ringo?
I thought that at least I was
John or George.
Be careful with Rafael.
Be on your guard.
Although you still have my back.
- Good to see you again.
- Yes...
- One ticket, please.
- It started 20 minutes ago.
- I have to pass the time.
- Ten dollars. It is Bobby.
- Bad Breaks.
- Do not call me that.
There was a guy who was looking for you
here. You'll probably want to know?
- Where are you?
- In the cinema, where else?
- Meet me at Rascals... profile.
- See you there.
- Are you a cop?
- Do you know who this is?
- Tell.
- Fuck off!
- Tell who it is.
- What do I get out of it, piksluger?
Okay, okay... No! No!
He shot my friend down.
Should it out on him or you?
- He asked me to meet him there.
- Where?
- At a bar called Rascals.
- Holy crap.
It's true.
- Paul.
- Green light, mr. Boxer.
- I want to see you.
- You'll get to.
- I let you never make my calls.
- I was never allowed anything.
- It stopped you did not before.
- I have no details right now.
- He's there, right?
- It is likely.
- I need at least a week.
- We look at the details tomorrow.
- Hang up.
- Quiet, Rafa.
- I need more time.
- Good that you are open to it.
- You're not listening.
- Seven? Even better. I take coffee with.
Well done.
I do not want it.
Me neither, but if we are to
protect what's important...
...we must sacrifice ourselves a little.
If you do not want, I can send Junior.
It is safer.
- He trusts me. It is an advantage.
- There is other than him.
You will always fit me,
but no one makes me something -
- As long as they know that I am with you.
Hey. You look great.
- Do you travel often with so much?
- It's cathartic for children.
Perfect to practice on.
- Do you have everything you need?
- I'm not convinced...
...I have to tell you something.
My only share is that I want
you must do a good job.
I assume that Rafael will know how
I work. Do you want to report?
I've heard stories about a smuggler
which puts people before products.
He goes a long way with his numbers
and cross the border unnoticed.
Although the names did not vote, it was easy
to understand who they were talking about.
It sounds like a fairy tale.
You do not speculate with me. I know
you have talent and that you provide.
I want you to do it your way
and if I learn a little along the way...
...the better.
Why did he tell you?
And no one from tskeholdet?
Because they are unpredictable.
He wants that it goes smoothly.
- It's not a life for you.
- It's not your choice.
Did you think you could go and
I would just keep me in your skin?
You're not the only one
who like a little excitement.
Say what you do, Paul.
Phone Numbers? Scouting?
Want to play a new game?
Then I'm your girl.
- Rafael said you were his girl.
- I belong to myself...
...and decide what to
do and when... just like you.
I need a toy.
Maybe two.
They help me to sleep.
I know better ways
To get a good sleep.
It's the best.
- Can you get methamphetamine?
- You're not serious shit?
- No, I'm just looking for a buyer.
- Jas? What a surprise.
- There is no money in it.
- Okay.
What about cocaine?
God, it's so beautiful.
It makes me feel... animals.
You should place an ad in
newspaper. Two for a blowjob...
...and cocaine.
- And with you... can make us millionaires.
Fuck you! Just cocaine.
I thought you had a plan.
You are so clever.
- I really love you.
- You too.
You are superior and have sex appeal.
And damn good drugs.
You know what really turns me on?
When I look into your eyes...
...I see my future.
How embarrassing.
I'm in love with you.
You have good taste.
Are you waiting for someone?
Shit, I'm arrested now?
What are you doing?
You're wasting your life and your career.
To rob some dealers are okay,
but running around with a whore...
and get... God knows what?
- Fuck you. I mean it.
- We are in love.
- I beg your forgiveness.
Listen. Do you know what it does to me,
to see you like that?
You've always been crazy,
but now it's gone off the rails.
Do you understand that?
- Will you reveal to me?
- Do I need it?
- You can not fuck with me.
- Why not?
I've busted, beaten and shot
more beast than you or anyone else.
They gave me an award for it.
I'm fucking hero.
Good. Sit down.
I do not appreciate,
having your cock in her face.
Not yet.
That's it, baby.
You can walk around and shoot
All you know -
- But soon you realize
how little cord you have.
Or get it together and get it
reputable person you can be.
I like him.
- We should share our cocaine with him.
- Yes, we should.
You know what you're looking for?
Chemical cocaine becomes clear.
Other cocaine.
- Retains some alkaloids
of the coca plant.
Will also clear,
but leaves reddish-brown residue.
Is it roughly mixed it just becomes
black, leaving clumps.
- What did I tell you?
- Clean cocaine crystals...
...on the bottom is dissolved.
This is excellence.
Maybe 80-85 percent pure.
- What does it cost?
- 15,000 per kilo. 10 kilos.
You are beautiful and it is an honor
that you will come here in person -
so... 12010
- Agreement.
- It's more than the last.
- The cost increases.
- Coca Growers transport, rain itself out.
- I have done.
You buy direct from growers who
dryer sheets for $ 1.5 per kilo -
- And treats it with potassium carbonate
for $ 300.
Then it is drained and supplied
to you as a thick brown paste.
The cost for those eight and
they sell a kilo for 1000 to you.
So treat the mass as it gets
cocaine hydrochloride, also known as -
- Kola, snow, Charlie and oki - doke.
- She's dope.
- Required 2.5 kg mass... produce a kilo of powder.
So your investment is approximate
- 25,000 or $ 30,000 for all
here. 90,000 for it all.
How long have you been working with Rafael?
Long enough to know that it is too
long. You know that all about, right?
Then go.
It felt good when Rafa took me into.
I felt that I was part of something.
I have not felt that way for long.
I'm not saying
he is a good person...
...but he's good to me.
- I do not know how the good looks.
I will.
Rafa is scared now and that makes him
dangerous and unpredictable.
One day he buys weapons of Junior
and Javi, and now people are killed.
- I can not live like that.
- If you need money...
I do not need money,
only possibilities.
The men Rafael is under...
you go not just to disappear.
You used to be good
- How to do it again?
- My career will be over.
It's no career.
Man survives only by luck.
You said it yourself.
I do what I do.
- How long you avoid the bullets?
- You ask a lot of questions.
I offer a lot.
Can you help? I have a question,
as you probably can answer.
- What?
- My passport has expired.
If I'm going back to the U.S.,
I have problems, right?
- Do you have U.S. driver's license?
- Yeah, hold on.
- Yes, I have.
- Show it just when you go back.
Oh god, I was so worried.
One more thing. It is possible to obtain
a stamp in the passport anyway?
- Probably not, unfortunately.
- Bummer.
Watch. Here I Italy
France and here in Buenos Aires.
- Look what I found.
- It is beautiful! Where did you find it?
- I think that someone forgot it.
- Do you have children?
- No, do you want it?
- No thanks.
Sorry, I have a daughter, seor.
A little girl.
Give it to him.
- What's her name?
- Isabel.
- Hope she likes white.
- Gracias, seor.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you, you have been very helpful.
He wants his share
increased to 17 percent.
- Absolutely not.
- He's worth it.
- Are you learning his tricks?
- He is very secretive.
But you have been close to him.
What have you been doing all this time?
- I do not like that.
- Have never doubted your love.
17 percent.
Yes, just say a number,
that will make him happy.
- You can not fool him.
- Why not?
Rafa, look. I know you do not
like him, but your future...
No, our future.
Our future depends on
that you support him all the way.
If you do not respect a number
no one else will trust us.
We always have each other.
What are you doing?
Are you lying to me?
Why would I need it?
I am nervous,
that you are thinking of leaving me.
My goodness. Am I right?
Have you been to Mexico?
Just tell me where he is.
I took the rabbit through customs,
as he said.
They asked me to let the candle
and asked what was in it.
I said nothing. They detained me and
opened the rabbit and all the cocaine...
...fell over the table.
- But what about the dogs?
They smelled nothing.
He wrapped it up.
Is he a crook?
Junior, I'll tell you something.
A dog smells as we see, okay?
If you make menudo you see the ingredients,
but it smells just like menudo.
A dog does not look so good
but he smells everything is in.
You can not hide cocaine with anything.
The dog smells everything.
- Maybe he wanted me here.
- Yes, but why are not you in jail?
An officer who saw me in the park,
said I got it as a gift.
Oh god.
They gave all my cocaine on duty.
No, they said that it was not cocaine.
What do you mean?
It was cathartic for children.
What do you think?
Where the hell is my coke?
- You 're almost home. Be there in ten.
- Shall we say five.
Sorry, asshole.
Some have just earned it.
You seem to have had it better.
What should I say. I can use 14
hours to get you across the border -
- But twelve percent of zero is still zero.
I can not do anything without the cocaine.
- I get it back.
- How?
What are you doing here?
Waiting... on you.
- Did you get through?
- Did you think I was followed?
- Where is it?
- Answer the question.
- I think that Rafael knows about us.
- Reply.
- Think you would lie to me.
- I did not lie to you.
I hid it for you.
Being unaware of any
is never good for anyone.
Rafael is a stray missile. He
love me, but I'm not sure.
- How do we solve it?
- Start over with your name.
- Not now. Did you know I was shadowed?
- What's your name?
Told you where to find me?
If you get busted
it is someone else's fault...
...because you will not make
that mistake yourself. - Exactly.
I work alone,
so I have no one else to blame.
I was on your side.
You share his life... and his bed.
And you're afraid of him.
I have no reason to
to believe anything you say.
Even if you speak the truth,
does not tell you everything.
Would you even believe you?
How long do you
to have it ready?
When he has my money?
I can help you to get away.
But I can not go with
where you are going.
So it is pointless.
I am surprised that they jumped on
the. Must have been that caper.
How deny that it is one's own,
when actually it upon themselves?
- Is she mad?
- I understand her.
That's not good.
- You seem to have it better.
- I'm super, thanks.
When you are completely fresh again?
Do you know where he is?
I found the motel where he lives.
What's his name?
If you meet the pigs, say
I'm coming after him.
I'm sorry it ended like this.
- Where is she?
- You can not go into.
Where is Olivia?
You have your drugs, where's my share?
Hold his hands.
You stole my cocaine. How dare you
come and ask for money.
- And my Olivia? You will certainly have
everything. Would like to smash the skull now.
Okay, I still have your drugs.
Would you tell where it is?
- Motherfucker!
- Where is my coke?
Where is my coke?
Where is my cocaine!?
- In security. Far away from here.
- So show me to it.
Do I look like an idiot?
- Keys.
- I do not have them. The second took them.
Come Olivia never be here again?
- How?
- Yes, tight just to.
What do we do now?
What do we do now?
- Can you take care of her?
- Yes.
- Do I get a gun?
- Yes.
It is too large.
- I trust you, okay?
- We do, baby.
- I've never busted a cartel before.
- I have to go.
- Want to be a high first?
- Absolutely.
What the hell...
- Where are you going?
- Do not close any price.
Pajamas Party.
What have you done? And do not lie!
Otherwise, I'll blow your brains out.
Out with it.
Why arrested he tell you?
I want to know what you're a scumbag.
- Is he a cop?
- Henry is a decorated...
...Special Agent.
We go. You get the video.
- How many copies did you do?
- Not so many.
It looks like your service weapon.
If you fire it,
you must account for it.
- Fuck you. Stand still.
- Come on.
You know I deserve it.
You have it in you.
Thought so.
- Paul. No, stop.
- Where's the cocaine?
- The girl took it.
- Where?
Maybe I took it. Maybe I called
to the police or Rafael.
The possibilities are endless.
It does not matter what I say,
for you can not trust me.
No, I said you do not know better.
It's even worse.
Paul, I need you.
I can not do it without you.
Keep the car.
Stop here. Down on your knees.
It's noisy enough little.
Listen. I have a message
Arturo Rezendes.
He says that your contribution has been
valuable and will be rewarded.
So keep a low profile and let us handle
the rest. The job is done.
- Are you in narcotics police?
- LAPD. I was hired just like you.
- Drink your water now.
- What?
You taught me to work alone.
On your own. Not committed.
I know and I've met
many fine people.
But no one has come here
and visited me, except you.
You are the closest I come
to have a friend.
Come on. You have a woman
who loves you and who you love.
Be smart and use your energy on something
which has a real value.
- Hope you are long gone.
- We need to meet with me for an hour.
You really have balls,
If you are still in...
- Dickhead.
- Do you remember our favorite building?
Meet me in the parking garage. Bring my
cocaine, or you will be Internet celebrity.
Fuck you!
- Hola.
- Do you know who this is?
I have what you want. Delivers I
Should I get safely away.
- Yes. You provide and go.
- I want Olivia.
Son of a bitch!
- What is this shit?
- Paul sent me instead.
I'm his partner.
I do not know what you have planned...
...but if you go slowly, promises
I blow your head off quickly.
No one will miss a lousy drug dealer.
Quiet. Give me the bag.
- Damn...
- Henry!
I deserved it.
Olivia, baby?
Olivia? Baby?
- What are you doing?
- Leave me alone.
- Stop.
- Where are you going?
- Back to Mexico.
- Jas? This is insane.
- This is your home.
- No, I'm gone.
Fucking hell!
All this is for you.
This house
and all the money goes to us.
So we can have a life.
Come on.
- Is it my cocaine?
- All ten kilos.
- How do I know this?
- Trust me.
- Open it.
- Let her go.
She is a free woman.
She decide.
Rafael... you have to let me go.
He will not be there for you.
- You'll never first.
- You gotta let me go.
I'm terrified of you.
Point it at me. I got your drug,
Let's close the deal.
- You do not get a single peso.
- I just want her.
Precious words from a man
threatening to shoot me.
Sorry, but it is not for you.
- What do you do?
- Are you out of here.
- What the hell are you doing?
- I know what you're thinking.
Maybe it's not your drugs.
- Was it a part of your plan?
- Is not yours?
- Thank you for coming.
- Yes.
You're free now.
You can go wherever you want.
The world is mine.
If we are to be together,
there's something you should know.
Can I bring her in?
Let them go.
- Do you have a girl's name?
- Yes, I have.
- I think I prefer Paul.
- Think I told it.
Late yesterday succeeded special agents
the seizure of 10 kilograms of cocaine.
- With a value of $ 1,200,000.
We also seized a number of firearms
which always warms my heart.
Special Agent Henry Langlois
was killed in the service...
...his dkarbejde laid the foundation
for the successful operation.
His heroic self-sacrifice
will never be forgotten -
- Of his brothers and sisters
in narcotics police.
Or so it seemed almost three years ago.
Today I have the old...
...cocaine dealer Paul Boxer.
- Bootlegger.
Bootlegger, yes. He just
written a new book called: -
- " Why did you write my name in the snow?"
Times hails the
as rarely gifted -
- And relentlessly insightful.
Paul, I assume
that it is not your real name...
- No, it is not.
- I will not ask.
Something that many probably will ask about
is why they feed on -
- Something as dangerous
as drug trafficking.
I have a healthy disrespect
the law -
- But the cocaine trade is like any other
business. Import, pack -
- Quality control. It ensures that
the entering fresh and clean.
The best I've ever had
was 87 percent.
So well that it was stolen from me.
Then you meet some pretty
Staplers humans.
- It sounds like a crazy industry.
- A smuggler bleed like everyone else.
We just get more chances
to prove it.