Down In Paris (2021) Movie Script

Do it again, you need to speak now.
And action.
Don't forget, Patricia, otherwise
I've just gotten back,
it was beautiful.
A lovely cemetery
by the sea,
such peace
and quiet
Trees too.
(Down in Paris)
It suits him.
He'll be fine...
You'll go when you're up to it
No, just twenty of us,
those closest
A very simple ceremony
they played Debussy.
Everyone spoke about him
it's not your fault.
No good?
It does not work?
Not what you wanted?
It's not you...
Something's not working.
- How many takes?
- That was the 15th.
No, it's not that!
Back in position!
Shall we try again?
Wasn't I any good?
- You can tell me.
- You were just fine.
We change nothing, then?
I don't know.
- Which mirror do we use?
- The baroque. I told you!
I can't go on. Let's take 5.
Richard? Are you OK?
I'm too hot... Suffocating...
Take a break. It'll help.
The day's nearly over.
What's wrong with the scene?
It doesn't work.
Find out why. I know you will!
Excuse me.
When you're ready.
Can you take over?
- I really need some air.
- What?
Can you shoot the scene?
You sure?
It's a key scene, I don't know if
I can't go on.
What's all this?
I can't. Find someone else.
What's are you saying?
You chose wrongly.
Simon will do a better job.
You kidding?
You're just tired.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
I'm serious.
You're not, you've lost it.
What's left to do today?
Inserts. Patricia doesn't have to stay.
Can we do the scene tomorrow?
Yes... I'll make space for it.
We'll do the scene tomorrow.
Go home and rest.
- Tomorrow won't change anything!
- Tomorrow's another day!
Take a break
and Simon will finish today.
You reckon?
I'm the producer, I decide.
Simon, I'm counting on you.
No problem!
Change of program everyone!
Get going! See you tomorrow!
- Good night, sir.
- Good night.
What can I get you?
A whisky.
- A whisky?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Oh, god.
Ugh, so bloody clumsy.
Are you English?
I'm from London.
Can I offer you a drink?
No, I actually have a drink.
So, you know I'd actually like just to be
on my own if that's OK.
I'm so sorry.
- Sure.
- It's ok.
Here's to our last night in Paris.
I love Paris.
I love Paris, don't you just love Paris...
Excuse me, do you know how many
British tourists come to Paris?
If I'd stop to speak to
every one of them...
Excuse me, no need to be so rude,
I only offered you a drink...
Well can you stop speaking
to me then please?
God's sake.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to be so rude.
It's OK, it's fine.
I've just had a bad day.
I'm Richard.
I'm Elizabeth.
So, where'd you live
in London then, Elizabeth?
- Brixton.
- Nice.
How about you? Where do you live in Paris?
It's near the Bois de Vincennes, the forest,
so I go there quite a lot to be honest.
I don't really know that.
What, is it like Hyde Park?
Oh no, no, it's less tamed,
a bit more wild, you know?
Yeah, like Hamstead Heath.
Yeah, yeah, kind of like Hamstead Heath.
I'm originally from Manchester.
Yeah, I left after uni.
- Oh you went to Manchester University?
- Yeah.
- I went to Manchester University.
- No!
Which campus?
Oh, I was at Northenton.
I went to the Met at Didsbury.
You're joking!
No, so what year were you then?
Well listen, I left in 1999,
so I was there in 1996...?
I left in '95!
- Did you? Small world!
- Oh god!
So you're not... are you an artist?
Yeah! Well...
I'm a director.
Wow, amazing!
It's not that glamorous.
What do you do?
I work for the NHS in health research.
- OK.
- Boring.
What you do sounds so glamorous
though, my god.
Well, I try to make films that...
say something, you know?
It just ain't that easy.
Can I not just get you a drink?
No, to be honest I've got to go,
so thank you.
Not even just a little toast
for Manchester University?
Go on then, just a little.
- Excuse me?
- Madam?
One gin and tonic,
and the same again, please.
Thank you.
Why don't you join me?
Go on then, five minutes.
- I love Paris.
- Hmm.
Such a romantic city.
So what have you been up to then?
- Oh, I've been up the Eiffel tower.
- Mmm.
I love the Shans-Eleeze.
Champs-lyses, they say Champs-lyses.
- Oh, Champs-lyses.
- Very good.
Been to the Notre Dame.
And the Pompidou center.
Wow, all the cliches basically.
I'm an English tourist
at the end of the day.
Yeah, it's fine I suppose.
You actually don't look English.
Oh no I'm not,
I'm half English half Persian.
- Oh, is that Iran?
- Yeah.
Nice. People can never work out
where I'm from.
Oh, don't people think you're Parisian?
No, they can hear I've got an accent
when I speak French.
I wouldn't want to be French anyway,
they're so moody.
I noticed.
- No, it is just a joke.
- Sorry.
It's okay.
But what do you mean?
The French go from normal to angry
in the space of a second, you know?
I think it must be the Latin
thing, you know what I mean?
You're right though.
I just love the French.
Here's to Manchester.
I did a DNA test recently.
It's really trendy at the moment.
Everyone's doing it.
Yeah, I'd love to do that,
God knows what I'd find.
Well, I was gutted, absolutely gutted.
I don't have a drop of French blood in me.
I would've loved to have
a bit of French in me.
You might do later with
that cleavage if you're lucky.
Cunt! Cheeky!
Thank you.
You're going to think
I'm a right one, but...
I was hoping, that while I was in Paris...
I would have a little romance
with some gorgeous French guy.
Oh okay.
Don't look at me.
Oh, you're English!
Have you got a partner?
No, I'm single.
You don't know any nice sexy French
bachelors you could introduce me to, do you?
No I do not!
- All my friends prefer men anyway.
- You too?
- Yeah.
- I knew!
Why? Is it that obvious?
No, I've got my own little gaydar.
I've got loads of gay friends in London.
Oh, cool.
Do you want one more drink before you go?
No, no, I've actually got to be somewhere.
Oh, uhh... one sex on the beach please.
Thank you.
Sex on the beach!
Thank you.
Let's go out and find ourselves
a man, what do you think?
No, no, I've got to be somewhere,
I told you.
Well, here's to French passion.
To passion.
Hey, if you don't look in the eyes
when you cheers in France
it's seven years bad sex.
Oh God, that explains it all!
Here's to passion... and friendship.
So tell me all about you,
so what's it like being a film director?
What's the matter? You look like
you've got the world on your shoulders.
To be honest, I was...
in the middle of a shoot today...
I just... left.
And you know what...
I don't think I'm gonna go back?
I think that's it for me.
Well, if it's any consolation, I really
don't want to go back to London either.
I've got to pick some test results up
from the hospital tomorrow.
Oh, nothing serious I hope?
Well yes.
Look, maybe you need to
give yourself some time.
Things will look better in the morning.
Oh, it's not that simple to be honest.
You're probably just being
too self critical.
You've taken one small thing,
you've blown it all out of...
Excuse me, you don't know anything about
me, you don't know anything about my life.
You're absolutely right.
I'm sorry.
It's me.
I'm being French, aren't I?
- Yeah.
- Look,
I've really gotta go.
Aww, OK, as you wish.
It was a pleasure to meet you,
it really was.
Me too. It was a pleasure.
I've got a good feeling, everything's going
to be OK with those results, you know.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Give me a hug.
Go on then.
You're gonna find that bloke.
- The night is young.
- Thank you.
See you later.
You're going to work it all out.
Yeah, thanks.
Richard! Richard!
You good?
Yes, and you?
- Yeah.
- Great.
We're trying the new bar,
Pink something...
Mister Pink.
Great name.
Who cares? If it's good.
Want to join us?
Are you kidding?
You off somewhere?
Yes, I am.
So, what's new?
Working on a new film?
Yes. In the middle of a shoot.
How's it going?
It's going very well.
Great news!
I must go.
Wait a bit...
Two minutes!
It's cool to see each other, eh?
Not really.
Are you with someone else?
Do you care?
Have a good night.
Hang on Let me say goodbye!
On our way!
is the shoot going well?
I'm under pressure.
More than usual?
Different this time.
You OK?
You look tired.
Yes, but...
Sometimes I wonder why I do it.
We all do sometimes, eh?
And you?
You OK?
Pretty good actually.
I thought about you recently.
Just got back from India!
You liked it?
Call me sometime,
let's talk about it...
You can call me too, you know...
Yes But with Frederic,
it's not easy.
Have you heard from Mathias?
No, have you?
- What were you talking about?
- Mathias.
He pissed everyone off,
no one wants to see him!
Don't speak about him, please.
I liked him.
He was Richard's best mate, not mine!
Always round the flat...
About the flat, I want my keys.
What? Still on about that?
I want them back.
Ok. If I find them.
- Have you lost them?
- No.
I don't give a fuck about them.
- Of course...
- Of course, what?
You don't give a fuck.
None of your dramas.
- Always the same old shit.
- What?
Dramas, like in your films!
- Don't talk about my films!
- Don't worry, I won't!
Well, you're an artist...
And what are you?
- At least I've got a life!
- But living off who, eh?
You're touchy because you're single!
Now you're really fucking me off!
Stop it!
Fuck off! Fuck off!
Calm down!
You OK?
I can't bear arguments.
Can't stand them.
I've got an Uber coming.
Drop you off?
That's kind.
I'm sorry.
Here it is.
I don't know the background obviously,
but you seemed in danger.
Thank you.
When I saw him, I
I was everything to him.
His nurse, his shrink,
his cook.
It was never enough.
He bled me dry.
Was it recent?
Ended 5 months ago.
It was like nothing had changed.
Like going back in time.
I once fought in the street with my ex.
Nobody lifted a finger,
luckily I got away.
He gave up.
He always found a reason to argue.
It was always my fault.
Finally, I had enough,
I said I was leaving him.
He lost it
and tried to hit me.
I got away
and he followed me down the street.
First time you've seen him since?
We ran into each other by chance.
It's still raw.
Fighting doesn't help.
I need to turn over a new leaf.
But I'm not succeeding.
It took me a while too.
What about changing the book?
You know, new leaf, change the book...
I find it hard to get rid of old books.
Just drop me here.
- Sorry, I wasn't trying to...
- No, no, it's fine.
Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.
It's Maurice.
You didn't call.
You must be home now.
Have a drink and relax.
We're counting on you tomorrow.
Simon noticed you'd left
your script and notes.
Just so you know.
He's got them. See you tomorrow!
- Good evening.
- Richard! Come in.
Sit down.
Let's have a drink first.
Thank you.
It really is urgent.
Yes. Thanks for accepting.
You know how much I like you, Richard.
I know.
When people are worried,
they come to see me.
I'd like to reassure them
but I can't always,
I can't lie.
But they come for your truth.
They may think so,
but they're not always ready to hear
what I have to say.
Let's speak about you.
How long has it been?
- At least 6 months.
- Yes, probably.
Let's see what we've got.
Some good news:
you left that man.
I did warn you about him.
I ran into him in the street.
Just now?
Just before coming here...
we fought.
Everything is circular.
Think of a dog.
He doesn't walk straight,
he sniffs, he snuffles about,
he retraces his steps.
Then suddenly he barks at a bird.
It takes flight.
the bird stays out of reach.
But it gives the dog something to follow.
Gets him moving on.
He's changed places.
You're not barking yet, but you will.
- I'll continue.
- Ok.
You've lost someone recently,
someone close,
the bond of filiation.
My father...
Shh! You know the rules.
You're on the cliff edge
where your father just jumped.
He wasn't immortal.
You're holding your mother's hand.
Next time, it's her,
then it's you.
I know!
You've just understood
your mortality.
You don't yet know
that your father is within you.
With you.
You see him?
No. I don't know how to do that.
That's not my domain.
Let's continue?
I see a meeting,
it's meant to be.
A man,
a handsome man.
An artist perhaps.
A prince,
a king amongst men.
It's good news.
I'm happy for you, Richard.
The session is over,
I've seen what I had to see.
Another glass?
Thank you.
I've just walked off set.
You've dropped everything?
I don't know.
I don't know what to do next.
Look within.
The answer's inside you.
You've shut the door too quickly.
Reopen it.
Close others.
Let some air in.
Take a step back, if necessary.
Look to the horizon.
Come back and see me soon.
You'll have things to tell me.
Thank you so much, Samantha.
I know my way out.
Good evening.
Good evening.
(Sorry Maurice, I fell asleep.)
(See you tomorrow.)
Are you here for the night of remembrance?
I'm sorry?
God never sleeps!
Join us!
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
There's nobody here yet
but the church is open all night.
Thank you.
Are you praying?
Are you praying?
I don't know. Perhaps.
I saw you and wondered why...
a handsome man would be in church at night.
I'm here by chance.
Chance can work wonders.
I'm not here by chance.
- I'm always in church.
- At night?
There's no one about.
It's calm.
I watch.
I listen.
I hear souls speak.
Lost souls mostly.
Then I saw you.
You walk with grace.
There's a sort of naivety about you.
A fragility.
So, I watched you.
I observed you.
I sought to pierce your mystery.
Every man has a mystery.
This place lends itself to spirituality.
Spirituality can give us answers.
I'm not asking the question.
I imagine not.
I merely came...
to contemplate. That's all.
You came in,
you had a little walk round,
looked at the statues,
the lights, the decoration...
even lit a candle.
Attracted by the picturesque,
the atmosphere,
a dose of mysticism. Own up!
No one's fooled.
Least of all God.
I'm not looking for God.
But God sees you.
God is a king.
You came as a tourist!
Christ chased the merchants
from the temple. Sounds familiar?
It's a parable.
They're facts!
You only see statues, decorations, candles.
Yet it all has meaning.
I'm not really religious.
That says it all.
You're a fake.
- A blasphemer.
- Will you stop!
The church is open to all.
I've the right to be here.
But only to the worthy.
I'm not unworthy.
Because you're anartist?
Yes. Because I'm an artist.
It's normal to doubt.
You don't doubt, you know.
Artistically, you've done
nothing good for ages.
Your love life's dead.
Your films are worthless.
You don't need a church,
you need a shrink.
Who are you?
What does being an artist mean?
You're not an artist
just because you say you are.
That's too easy.
An artist has a mission,
a need to transmit his world view,
- to interpret that world.
- Yes, of course.
Art must open one to the sacred.
You're just a pretentious poser.
You call yourself an artist
because it feels good.
It's all talk.
You want success, eh?
That's your motivation.
To be admired,
for your brilliance.
Red carpets and limousines.
No. That's not it.
It's so childish.
You just want to be loved,
like a child.
It's in a child's nature to love.
To get love, you must give it.
That goes for your private life too.
You're just an egotistical buffoon.
You know that.
It's nothing new.
You just needed to hear it said.
Sisters! Sisters!
Come, sisters!
This is Mathias' voicemail.
Leave a message and I'll call you.
What do you want?
- Hello Mathias.
- Have you seen the time?
I need to talk.
Not now.
It's important.
I'm waiting for someone.
For sex.
Oh... sorry.
I'll come back.
- I need to talk.
- I'm not interested.
It's really important.
Not for me.
I'm sorry.
Good night!
Good evening.
I'll take...
A falafel?
- Is it vegetarian?
- Yes.
I'll take that.
Sit down.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Eat in or take out?
- Take away.
The usual.
- Sir?
- Thanks.
Two Greek specials.
- Sauce?
- White sauce.
Look at him!
The tramp?
You've seen his eyes?
Look how he's eating!
Any good?
I'm gonna ask him.
Are the fries any good?
You like that
Arab food, eh?
No answer?
That's rude, isn't it?
Where are your manners?
He must be deaf and dumb.
Speak up!
Are the fries any good?
You think they're good?
Let's see
You're not hungry now?
Will you stop that, please.
Who asked you?
He's done nothing to you.
You know this guy?
Eat if you're hungry.
I don't want your shitty food!
Keep your eyes down when I'm talking.
Answer or keep your head down.
You think it's funny?
You best watch yourself!
Your shitty food!
That's enough!
Leave him alone.
He's done nothing to you.
Who the fuck are you?
Don't fucking speak to me like that!
He's done nothing to you.
Watch your back!
Pathetic boy.
Thank you.
No problem.
Do you want to sit down?
Excuse me,
The same again for him.
It's on me.
That's kind of you.
- Are you ok?
- Yes.
- You left your scarf.
- Thank you.
It's coming.
Thank you, young man.
For the wrap and the fries.
I said "young man".
I could be your father.
France is in a bad way, you know.
Yet, it's the country of French fries.
Fries are typically French.
The English call them French fries.
Here you go!
We didn't eat fries when I was a kid.
We ate potatoes,
and that's all.
My social class, anyway.
The upper class ate fries.
With red meat.
When you're young,
you always think "I'll do this and that".
Never give up your dreams.
Be yourself.
Now, for example,
I eat fries.
As many as I want. When I want!
You come here often, then?
I've seen you before.
I know you.
It'll come to me.
Perhaps it's the beard.
Like some kind of saint
or Jesus.
Are you a believer?
I believe what I see.
It's just...
Something odd happened to me earlier...
a sort of miracle.
There are no miracles.
I found myself
in mid-air,
above the ground,
like flying.
I fly too.
Everyone does.
It's no big deal.
That's it!
I've placed you!
My neighbour's son.
What's her name?
What's your mother's name?
Let me just say,
I've never trusted you.
I don't like your face.
Are you a foreigner?
Yes. Like him.
The Turks are different,
they work hard.
Not like council workers.
All communists,
all shirkers,
they look after each other.
You Jewish?
I'm watching you.
I watch everyone.
I see everyone! I know everything!
Sorry, I must go.
Don't take me for a fool.
Don't misjudge me!
Piece of trash.
I can't believe you!You're back?
- Sorry.
- I'm going. See you.
Did I ask you to? Remind me.
No. I wasn't going to
but I changed my mind.
Come in.
I was useless.
I wasn't up to it.
I didn't behave like a true friend.
I'm sorry.
You can't just turn up.
I'm not here for you.
Let's not stay angry forever.
There's no anger.
You didn't exist before tonight.
I was a coward.
And there was Frederic too...
It's his fault, is it?
but he did everything to separate us.
He said it was your fault...
Because I had it coming to me?
Leaving a club, drunk,
so I had it coming to me?
I spent a week in hospital!
Where were you?
You still with him?
I left him.
Good news.
Please forgive me.
Want one?
May I?
How are you?
I'm OK.
I've seen a shrink.
I've stopped seeing some friends.
A lot can happen in a year.
A year already...
Tell me...
What made you turn up here
in the middle of the night?
It's a strange night.
Things have happened.
Yes. Something unreal,
I wanted to tell you.
What happened?
In fact...
I had to come.
I couldn't wait.
How did you think I'd react?
I just needed to talk to you.
I just needed to see you.
I don't know if I should thank you.
Perhaps you did the right thing,
perhaps not.
We'll see.
When's your fifth film for?
I'm shooting it.
At the moment?
Yes. It's hard.
I'm asking a lot of questions...
Freaking out as usual!
It's different.
I think I've been too ambitious.
You have to be. Why continue otherwise?
You reckon?
I need to sleep.
I'm knackered.
I'll leave you in peace.
By the way...
I heard about your father.
I'm sorry.
The cancer had spread everywhere.
I'll be off.
Good night.
Safe journey.
Thank you.
What are you up to?
- Here?
- Yes, here!
What do you like?
All depends...
Relax, man.
Shall we go inside?
- Don't you kiss?
- All depends.
All depends...
Is that all you can say?
You're not hard.
Give me some time.
You think too much, eh?
All depends.
Suck me.
That's good.
Fuck me!
I've got no condom.
I'm on PrEP.
Yes, but...
Are you clean?
Yes, I am.
It's odd without protection.
You know what PrEP's for, then?
Try to get hard first.
You don't fancy me?
I'm just not used to it.
There are other STDs too.
You're freaked out.
Stay at home!
No, it's not that.
Stop, forget it!
I don't need your problems!
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah. See you.
Go on, get lost!
I'm nice really...
You ok?
Come in.
I'm here with my man, that ok?
What happened with the other guy?
Nothing. A tosser.
What's your accent?
I'd have guessed Spanish or Portuguese...
I'm half Indian...
Hmm... Exotic!
I don't know why I said thanks
You want it?
Any lube?
Don't worry.
Why, you don't need it?
Hey, Maurice.
Hey gorgeous.
Want a bit of fun?
No thanks.
You can't say no to fun!
I'm gay.
No problem.
I'm not a homophobe, I love all men!
Have you got a cigarette?
I have.
I'd stopped but I fancy one.
- Have you got a light?
- Yes.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
What are you doing out at this time?
I like walking at night.
You're right, it's another world.
Much calmer.
I don't like smoking standing up,
it's like work!
Do you get clients at this time?
They're less excitable than earlier on.
More relaxing.
Are you local?
Here to see a friend.
A long lost friend.
I needed to talk to him.
What about?
You live alone?
Why do you ask?
Why not?
Do you live alone?
Currently, yes.
I've been married
and divorced.
I have a son.
Are you married?
No, I'm single.
Have to get used to saying it!
Is it recent?
Were you together for long?
Five years.
I see!
Being alone is good too.
You're free to do what you want.
Was the divorcedifficult?
How long did it take you to move on?
It took...
two years.
To be honest, I wouldn't change a thing.
I got to know myself better.
And there's my son.
What's his name?
That's nice.
Is it French?
No, Italian.
You look...
I'm tired, I'm heading home.
Thanks for the fag.
Mind if I walk with you?
I'm shutting up shop. Going to bed.
Is it free?
Extremely expensive!
I'm going this way.
It was good to meet you.
- Good night.
- You too.
What are you doing?
I'm watching the fish.
In the middle of the night?
No one bothers me here.
Have you seen any?
Yes, have a look, there...
Don't you see?
Won't your parents worry?
Did you argue with them?
A bit.
I don't want to go home.
My dad was very tough with me
when I was young,
but he loved me.
I'm sure yours loves you too.
I lost my dad, you know.
- Really?
- Yes.
I can't see him
or hear his voice any more.
He was very sick, in hospital, in Spain.
It was hard.
I had to wash him, like washing a child.
One shouldn't have to wash one's dad.
But I realised
how much I loved him.
I miss him so much.
I know,
but you'll be alright.
You're big now.
Will you tell me a story?
Do you like stories?
When I'm older, I'll tell them!
Really? I like stories too.
Was your dad proud of you?
I think so.
Will you tell me a story then?
Yes I will.
A little boy was walking by the canal.
He was looking for fish.
There were lots and lots
of fish down there.
All different colours;
yellow, red, green,
one was orange, black too.
But they didn't like being watched,
they thought he would eat them.
So, they leapt from the water
and hit the boy on the nose
with their noses...
Fish don't have noses.
They do! And they tickle!
And I'm going to throw you in!
- Where do you live?
- That way.
- Let me take you home.
- Ok.
I'll take you to your parents.
I told you there were lots of fish.
Not that many.
- This way.
- Yes.
Let's go.
I'll tell your dad
You ok?
Can you hear me?
Can you speak?
I'm OK.
Are you hurt?
No, thanks.
I'll take you to hospital.
No, it's not necessary.
I'm not convinced.
Someone's coming to pick me up.
You OK?
Let's sit down a moment.
Everything's fine?
Nothing broken?
My arms and legs seem to be working!
It hurts a bit but I'm OK.
You scared me.
I wasn't scared,
I didn't see it coming.
Were you daydreaming?
Just thinking...
listening to music...
Luckily, I wasn't driving fast.
Can I ask you something?
What were you listening to?
"This is my life"...
Shirley Bassey?
You know it?
It's super camp!
I'm ok.
You English?
Yes I am.
You sure someone's coming for you?
You're not just trying to get rid of me?
I don't want to get rid of you.
My assistant's due to pick me up.
You have an assistant?
I'm a film director. I'm shooting a film.
I'll leave you my card.
Call me for any insurance issues...
Or just call me.
I'm off then...
In my car!
- Sorry to leave you.
- No, it's OK!
- So, call me.
- Alright, Claude.
And you...
What's your name?
My name is Richard.
Bye, Richard.
It was strange, like an electric shock.
I imagineit was! The bloke left?
- You made out an accident report?
- No need, I've got his number.
Got you!
Did you get some rest?
Yes. A bit.
Shall we go on set?
Or do you need a chemist?
No, go straight there.
Can you stop a moment?
- Here? Right now?
- Please.
Put on the warning lights.
Richard! Hi.
Are you okay?
I shagged the barman!
I've gotta go!
Bon voyage!
- Bye.
- Bye.
What was all that about?
Life is beautiful!
Your script is in the glove box.
I worked it out!
Need to get out of the studio
and onto the street.
Walking along the canal,
light on the water.
The camera pans right to a block of flats,
only one room is lit up.
Rose is inside, on the phone.
The camera takes us through
the window, Antonioni-style.
Then we begin!
Sounds really good!
Maurice will love it!
Speaking of Maurice,
did you know he was gay?
Of course! Everyone does!
- You knew?
- You didn't?
No one tells me anything.
I saw him in "Le Depot" last night.
- Really?
- Yeah!
What did you do last night?
No comment!
Let's get to the studio.
(To my father)