Down in the Valley (2005) Movie Script

Hey Tobe!
- What?
- Where are you going?
- Nowhere.
- Can I come?
I kinda rather be alone.
Let me come!
- You don't even know where I'm going.
- i dont care.
Just don't bother me.
You cant even spit!
Cigarette helps.
But don't inhale it,
just hold the smoke in your mouth.
Hold it...
Hold it...
okay, blow it out.
he picks up his bolt,
it's like pretty big
- walks over to where i am, and he stick his hand off the fence
- Wade's here!
Hang on a sec.
Anyway, the fool sticks his hand out
and drops it down, can you imagine?
He smashed the windshield
of a passing car!
- Anyone home?
- Hold on.
- did anyone ever teach you to knock?
- I'll start knocking when you start working.
I'll see you later.
I need you to Get dinner for you and Lonnie tonight,
I'm going out.
I can't, April's coming, and in 15 minutes
I have to get ready!
She can wait.
I've been with Lonnie all day,
I just wanna go out.
15 minutes wont kill you.
get chicken for him
and you can have the rest.
- will you be okay on your own?
- Yeah.
Can I?
I told you i dont want you sleeping in Tobe's room,
can't you just
sleep in your own room
with the light on?
I thought i saw someone outside my window.
well if there really is someone outside your window, then come and get me?
You told me not to bother you.
well don't if it's just a shadow.
- I'll be right there!
- You're a knockout!
- You're going to school like that?
- It's spring break.
all you kids ever get is breaks,
no wonder you have no idea about anything.
- Where are you going?
- To the beach.
Hold on!
- What ?
- Don't stay out so late again.
put a shirt on!
She's 18, who gets fake tits at 18?
- That's fucking disgusting.
- No, I think she looks better.
- She feels better too.
- Right, all the guys looking at her now.
I say she's such a bitch.
Yeah, she's a skank!
- Does he work here?
- oh my god What a weirdo!
Be quiet!
- Howdy.
- Howdy!
What can i do for you'll?
you can fill it up with unleaded, Tex.
Will do.
- He said "howdy"...
- Oh my gosh, he's pathetic.
Knock it off, Jeremy.
Tex, can you check the oil?
I'm gonna do your windows too.
- Great, a real cowboy.
We promise you guys full service,
so we got to give full service.
- Are you for real?
- What?
Are you for real?
I think so.
Wanna get a squeeze?
He's real!
- Can you believe it!
- In the flesh...
- You touched the cowboy.
- How cool!
How's the oil?
all right.
The belt's a bit ragged up.
how far you are going?
- Just going to the beach.
- Really?
that's nice, I've never been to the beach.
How long have you lived here?
Not too long.
you can drive there,
In like less than an hour.
I can't, I don't have a car.
How come?
How come I don't have a car?
I don't like 'em...
they make you lazy.
pretty funny place to work if you don't like cars.
aint that the truth, you gotta make a living
So what about this fanbelt?
It should get you there.
Have a good time.
do you Wanna come?
with you To the beach ?
kind of .
you actually got to work that.
you know what,let me see about that.
hold on.
Can we go?
I invited Tex to the beach
- I can't believe it!
- Are you nuts?
- What are you thinking?
- Maybe he's a psychopath.
- Is he coming or not?
- I'm waiting for my change still.
Get lost!
Is that offer for real?
did you get off work?
- Sort of...
- sort of?
He said i could go,
but if i go, don't comeback.
why would you wanna do that?
I wanna see the beach with you.
Come on.
- So, what's your name?
- Harlan.
Just Harlan?
My full name
is Harlan Fairfax Carruthers...
that's Very full...
- What's your name?
- Tobe.
Tobe short for, what Toby?
October, Really?
it's pretty.
- It's nice to meet you all.
- Likewise, do you smoke?
is that weed?
I don't touch any of that stuff.
Where are you from?
- South Dakota.
- Really?
I knew some dudes from South dakota,
but they weren't anything like you!
that's okay too
tell you what, when i woke up this morning i didn't think i would end up looking at the ocean.
Wanna go in?
- In there?
- Yes.
I like looking at it, i aint planning on drowning.
I'll protect you.
I don't got the right clothes for an ocean swim.
just go in your underwear,
like the Mexicans do.
I don't know about that.
Then just go in your pants.
These jeans could use a wash, you know.
- You sure about this?
- yeah, it'll be fun, i promise.
Gimme your hand.
Here it comes!
Are we too far out?
You okay?
We aint gonna drift out to sea, are we?
don't worry, I won't let you drown.
it's about as close to forever as i could imagine.
Don't look out there,
just look at me.
holy smoke.
should have gone to the beach sooner?
What time is it?
Dunno, it's late.
It's early almost .
I'd better go
My dad is gonna kill me.
Well i hope not,
then I couldn't take you out.
You wanna take me out?
Yes, sure I mean, this was fine,
but this isn't the proper way to meet.
You're so funny.
Hey, how do you do?
I'm Harlan, what's your name?
glad to meet you.
Hell, i didn't mess that up, did i?
No, you just got to crank it up.
oh yeah.
look at that.
That's classic, isn't it?
I never seen one of those that work.
- Are you my dad's friend?
- Huh? No...
I'm here to take your sister...
go out.
We're going downtown.
Is that all right with you?
You're Tobe's little brother, yeah?
- what are you like, 11 or 12?
- 13.
are you 13, Really?
- I'll get bigger.
- Yeah!
I don't mean...
I was smaller than you, when i was your age.
i had an uncle who said i was like a tree Twig,
said i was gonna get blown away in a strong wind.
I was real small!
Till I grew up.
- Where's Tobe?
- She's getting...
How do I look?
Oh man!
Look at you!
- it fits you out.
- It's perfect.
- Do i look pretty in it?
- Yes.
You're so pretty.
You wanna get a bite to eat?
We'll take your little brother ,
before we go dancing.
wanna go get a burger with us, or something?
all right,
let's do it!
Hey dad.
- This is Harlan.
- Nice to meet you sir.
- Where'd you get that dress?
- Harlan got it for me.
- What?
- It's Nothing.
I haven't seen you in a dress
since you were 13.
That's a shame isn't it, a girl as beautiful as your daughter.
What's your line harlan?
I'm in the middle of figuring that out right now.
- but i have a background in ranching.
- Not much ranching around here.
Not that much anymore, but anyway you would be surprised
how those skills apply on alot of other areas.
you're right, i would be.
We're gonna go take Lonnie out for a burger
then we're gonna go out.
As long as that's okay with you, sir.
I guess.
Sir, I wanna tell you
I got real admiration your daughter.
She's got a great spirit...
I hope to earn your trust.
let's go.
Who is that guy?
- I met him at the beach.
- you met him at the beach?
- I gotta go.
- No, hold on.
- You worked on a ranch?
- Yeah, sure did.
In South Dakota?
yeah back There a little.
out here more.
There are still ranches out here?
They got a few.
Most of them
were cut out or sold off, but...
- You like animals?
- Yes.
Well, if you're interested...
we can go and check out one of these big farms in the north valley.
I don't mean
one of those tourist traps,
I mean a real working place,
what do you say?
- Can I ask you something?
- Sure.
Is that kid okay?
- Who, Lonnie?
- Yes.
Yes, why?
Dunno, he seems like...
he needs some fresh air, or...
like he needs...
He's still really scared of the dark.
He has to sleep with the light on.
I could barely sleep with the lights off!
he's okay.
Plus, I look after him.
You're a good girl.
I mean it!
You have a good heart.
Look who's here!
I wanna do this with you,
it'll make us happy.
I'm already happy with you.
Not like this.
Let's go!
Hold on, be right there.
Window's open, what are you all doing?
Where's the cowboy?
What are you doing John Wayne?
you gotta love people, not cars.
I'm serious!
What'll we do?
You don't belong in there,
you belong out here.
We'got places to go.
- Everyone out!
- The hell with cars!
- Hug me!
- No, you do it.
- Preach it, Texan!
- Yeah, I'll preach!
Preach it, brother.
See, I'm preaching!
- Stop that.
- What?
- Are you crazy?
- No, I'm the sanest of all.
- Yeah, right.
- It's true, look.
They're sitting
in their boxes driving.
Look how many boxes,
an endless line!
how long does this last?
for a while.
You wont feel it tomorrow.
What are you thinking?
there are lots of things
I'd wanna do, but...
I'll never get to do them.
You can do anything you want to do.
You can even be anybody you wanna be if you just...
Decide and...
do it.
It's like waiting
for life to start .
A new start, you know?
most days I just wanna
step outside of my heart.
Go walk under a sky full of stars.
And hear nothing but the wind.
And when i do speak i want it to be with my true voice.
- Do you think you talk with your real voice?
- Dunno.
how do i know it?
cause you don't hear other voices
in your head while talking.
Till things you really wanna be saying,
you don't say things
that dont matter to you.
Are you true with yourself?
Not very often.
But I do right now.
Me too.
- Hi.
- Where the fuck have you been?
I slept at April's.
Wait a goddamn minute!
what happened to the guy?
I was up all night
worried sick about you.
- I am sure your friend kept your mind out of it ?
- Come here!
- I'm not done talking.
- Leave me alone.
Come out!
- Open the door.
- No fucking way!
Open the damn door.
We're gonna talk about this tonight,
and you be here when i get home.
- Hear me?
- Yes.
- What?
- Yes!
You got something in there that is mine,
I ain't gonna give it up cheap!
If I come in, I'm coming in hot!
You got some nerve shooting at me.
Half that is mine,
there's plenty for everyone!
Knock it off, will you!
keep it down yourself!
You think i like listening to your game shows all day.
You have something wrong with you!
it's greed that it's gonna be the death of you,
'cause you...
You are greedy little pig
and you'll squeal like a pig
when I come through that door!
All over for a few lumps of ore.
I guess this is just the human falling.
Almost there.
- these the ones?
- them all right.
You Like 'em?
which one you want.
Hey there.
Good boy.
Come on.
What do you think?
It's beautiful.
Yeah, it still is.
Do you think things have a purpose?
what do you mean?
Do you think everything's has something it's supposed to do
or be?
Kind of a nice thought.
I sat here a lot of times.
I looked at this tree and
i wondered if that branch had a purpose.
Maybe it's here...
to provide shade.
Or maybe...
it'll get cut down to make somebody a nice piece of furniture someday.
Maybe it's supposed to have a swing on it.
Maybe it's just here
so the tree can balance itself.
I'd lean towards the swing .
It seems like hopeful to me.
And now i see sitting up there,
I know I'm right.
Can I watch?
Where's your sister?
Are you still mad at her?
Look I love your sister, she just
she gets under my skin sometimes, okay.
What do you love about her?
i don't know, what do you love about her ?
I dunno
just the whole package huh
Yeah i guess.
she got grumption.
what's that.
It means...
she has spirit,
she won't take shit.
This drives me crazy but i know it's good for her.
America's tough on the meek.
But they'll inherit the earth.
- What?
- They'll inherit the earth.
where did you get that crap.
I heard it on TV.
The meek may inherit
fortune from relatives that dies,
but not the earth.
The only good thing about the meek
is they make...
life easier for those with grumption.
Can you learn grumption?
No, You either got it or you don't.
Hold it!
Hey Charlie,
you've kept him in great shape.
We've been running all day.
Get off him.
- What?
- Get off my horse.
Get off the horse, you speak english ?
Quit fooling around Charlie, You're scaring my girl.
You're on my property,
you're on my horse,
if I shot you
i would be well within the law.
- I ain't sure that's technically correct.
- Get off the horse.
It's okay sweetheart, we're having some kind of miscommunication, we'll work it out.
I don't know
what's wrong with your friend head there mam
but you'd better talk him down off that horse as fast as you can!
Harlan Get down.
All right.
Not getting off cause of you or your gun,
but 'cause my girl here wants me to,
and I'd do anything for her.
Unlike you Charlie, I got my priorities straight.
I don't give a rats ass
about your priorities.
And stop calling me Charlie.
You know what, you really dissapoint me,
after all our nice conversations we had, now you embarrass
me in front of my girl like this?
I should kick your ass just for that.
come on sweet pea let's get out of here.
- You're not going anywhere.
- Put the rifle down!
- Put the firearm down.
- They're the thieves.
Thank you, officer.
have you lost your mind, charlie?
- Pointing a gun at your friends?
- Easy.
they're the thieves.
What's going on her?
- He stole my horse.
- we didn't steal anything.
The horse is rigt there!
They came on my property,
and they stole a horse
and that guy with the cowboy hat just threatened me.
- Don't you start!
- take it easy.
- Where's the horse?
- There.
The white one,
was stolen by them without my permission.
- off my property.
- Wait, officer!
i borrow the horse all the time, Charlie says it's fine as long as i bring my own gear .
He wasn't here when we happen to show up so we borrowed the horse,
we come back and now he's flipped on me.
You think this is the Old West?
- This is the goddamn valley.
- You're holding the one with the gun !
I don't even know the guy for christ sake
He takes alot of medication,
Sometimes he get off it, so he gets like this
- I don't take medication!
- You gotta take those pills.
- My name isn't Charlie!
- get them in the car right now.
have you really met Charlie?
of course i told you i did?
You can tell me,
it's all ok.
He says
his name wasn't Charlie.
that? I don't know
if he has another name or something,
I've always called him Charlie.
You mad at me?
I take better care of critters
a whole lot better than you take care of your children.
Tell me exactly what happened.
Sir, I just want to say that...
I understand if you're upset but...
Tobe had nothing to do with it.
if there was any fault at all it was definitaly mine.
You don't have to apologize.
I think it's important to take
responsability for your actions.
Nothing's more you can ask a person than take responsability
how about not breaking the law with a minor?
well yeah sure
But that dont apply cause that wasn't the case
It was a misunderstanding.
Tobe, tell your friend here...
It'll take a little bit more honesty
to win m over.
- I don't give a shit if he wins you over!
- Hey!
See you, Lonnie.
Thanks alot.
- Stop!
- Let me go!
You sit down and talk to me!
I don't want to talk to you.
- Let me go!
- calm down!
Fuck you!
you want me to fuck off, I'm your fucking goddamn father.
I'm her fucking father.
If I catch you near that nutcase,
I'll break his fucking ass!
Wait, go back in.
- Stop it, dammit!
- Let go!
Get the hell back in
Tobe, i am Sorry.
- Get the fuck away from me.
- You all right?
Get the fuck away!
- What are you doing?
- Knocking on your window.
- What were you doing?
- Sleeping.
how did your window get broke?
It was just an accident.
- did he get rough with you?
- No.
- You swear?
- Yes.
did he say anything about me?
He just said he didnt want me
to see you anymore.
- You're not gonna listen to him, are you?
- No way.
Will you come take a walk with me?
I can't.
There's a religious parade down the road.
Spanish Lutherans,
you've never seen spirit like that.
I can't, just not tonight.
- I'll see you tomorrow?
- I'm not gonna be here.
I got to go with april and her parents to San Diego for the week-end.
- Can I see you Monday morning?
- Yes, but not here.
'Cause of my dad...
- I'll come to see you.
- Okay, what time?
How about 10:02.
- Why so late?
- 10:01?
that'll do.
Crazy cowboy!
You love me?
Yes, now go!
Dear Joe,
I am sorry to notice how many days have come and gone since you have heard word from me.
Did you think your old cowboy can take himself off the edge of the earth?
gone but not forgotten i hope.
I've meant to write you from some time,
but it just been to darn busy
well with working so hard and trying to have fun every now and then.
I know you worry
about me being lonely out here on my own
but you'll be pleased to know
I am going with a super gal,
her name is October.
There are 8 million folks in this town,
but she's the one for me.
She brought me to her Family,
and they had made me their own,
we're stuck together.
Hey, it's the twig man
- What's up, buddy?
- Nothing.
- You having a good vacation?
- Yes.
- Is Tobe around ?
- No.
- She's not back from her trip ?
- Dunno.
Wanna wait for her?
I was waiting for her,
she was...
supposed to come by but...
I am gonna be at my spread, when she gets home just tell her to come and see me okay.
See you.
Wanna see something?
Holy cow, what a collection!
Know what this is?
- A 1921 Colt Peacemaker.
- Yep, it's his favorite.
- Ever go shooting with him?
- No.
- He says i have to be 16 to touch a gun.
- 16?
- Was your dad in the war?
- I guess.
do you have anything today?
So who is your real father,
if it aint wade?
- I never met him.
- So Wade's it huh?
Yeah, he pays for our food and everything.
It takes more than that
to be a father.
Where's your dad?
He left me and my mom
when I was your age.
This right here, is a single action Colt 45.
They have been making that gun since 1873.
they havent made a single change to it
Because that's the way it is.
everyone you ever heard of: Wyatt Earp,
Billy the Kid, all of them they had a gun just like this.
Now, Single action
what that means means you can pull that trigger
all day and it doesnt do nothing.
You have to thumb that hammer back to fire
You have to do it every time,
that makes it a little tricky.
Great gunfighters had to draw
cock and shoot all in one motion.
You get used to it after a while.
You want the last two ?
Stand here.
When you're ready,just thumb it back
let it roll nice and easy.
be ready it's gonna kick a little the first time.
Don't even aim,
point as if it were your finger,
as if it were an extension
of you okay
look at that!
that's good stuff!
That's my favorite song.
we can sound allright with a little more practise.
Tobe's not here.
I don't want her
spending time with you.
I'd have to hear that from her, before it's okay with me.
anyway i wasnt spending time with Tobe I was here with Lonnie.
the point is, I don't want you around here,
I know the circumstances of the other night, probably don't fit too right with you
I'm sure you think i am a bad influence.
But I aint.
I have nothing but good intentions.
Would you accept my apology?
You're the dad, I wouldn't
try to take that from you.
- Okay, it's Harlan right?
- Yes.
Harlan Fairfax Carruthers.
okay Harlan, I know you,
i aint buying what you're saying.
How do you know so much about me?
It's my job,
I see your kind every day.
- my kind?
- Yes.
- my kind, what is that?
- Want me to spell it out for you?
- i think you should
- what you are?
a piece of trailer trash, a nobody
who wishes he was a somebody.
what makes you different, is you're willing to do something stupid
to reach your goal
that makes you a menace.
That's why
I don't want you around my kids.
- Tell me the truth does that sounds like me ?
- No
- Shut up and go inside.
- that boy has a right to his opinion.
- Go inside.
- He's my friend, he knows me!
Go inside!
- You can say what's on your mind.
- Shut the fuck up!
- Hey.
- Get the fuck inside!
you better talk to me mister,
cause i am here,
I ain't a nobody, I'm a person.
And I won't leave just 'cause
a son of a bitch tells me to.
I know I'm not important, but i know how to stand my ground
for love.
I'm sorry, really.
You should go.
I can't.
No more.
He's getting his gun!
you don't got to go here.
we don't have to do this at all
go away.
You're setting a bad example
for that boy.
am i getting through to you?
Yes, you are getting through.
getting through Loud and clear.
- you want a bullet or want me to get out of here?
- Get the fuck out.
Okay, put it down,
I'll leave.
You're a real solid kid,
don't let anybody tell you different.
You can't threaten my friends
with a gun!
what right do you have to do that ?
how do i know if he's some kind of pervert?
- You're a fucking bastard.
- watch your fucking mouth!
- cause you're a fucking one too.
- Really!
Fuck you.
- Let go!
- No, stop it!
Stop it.
Knock it off, I said enough!
All right.
I love him!
Why can't you just let me love him?
Where you've been? I was worried.
Come sit down.
I'm okay.
I'm sorry for what he did to you.
it's all right.
things like this makes it whole lot clearer.
He said some bullshit,
like you tried to kidnap Lonnie!
I didn't believe him, he got so crazy.
I brought Lonnie home before the sun was even down.
Want a donut or some hot chocolate?
Did you really take Lonnie out?
I came to look for you
because I was worried when you didnt show up.
Lonnie was at home alone
doing nothing.
I felt bad for him
so I took him to the wash and popped a few cans.
You took him shooting?
Why would you do that?
He was all alone, you should've seen his face
I felt bad for him.
that's not the point, You know that would piss my dad off!
I thought we'd get back
before he got home
You can't just do things like that.
Now it'll be even harder
for me to see you.
are you happy living in that house with Wade?
I have to get you out of there.
I gotta get you and Lonnie
out of there.
- We'll go somewhere else.
- Stop this.
- Why?
- Just be cool okay!
I am cool as it could be.
let's just not see each other for a while.
- No!
- Until things cool off.
- How long will that take?
- I don't know.
Where are you going? Don't go!
I have to go home.
everything will be fine, okay?
I'll figure something out, I promise.
What's your line ?
I have a background
in the...
automautive service and I'm a fucking cowboy.
what's your line?
Fuck, why ranches.
For real, I'm an indian.
Yes, an Indian.
The last of the Mohicans.
Why, what's your line?
What's your line,
Corrections ?
So you're a screwhead ?
Yes, you're a screwhead,
that's what we called you.
Do you come
from a long line of screwheads?
I'm from a long line...
of warrior kings
You think i am fooling ?
See that, It's how it's gonna look coming at you
yeah, who's a nobody now?
I am coming in Harlan?
Harlan You in here?
- What'up Rene?
- Just tell me that's not a bullet hole in my window.
- Why I guess it is.
- Have you lost your fucking mind?
- You don't shoot windows out here!
- Go to your room.
- Why does he have a gun anyway?
- Go to your room!
- Are you fucking crazy?
- I'm sorry, it was an accident.
I don't care what it was.
Harlan you know i like you
but you never give me any respect,
so you gotta go.
Don't think about it, don't ponder in that brain of yours
just pack your stuff and go!
- I'm serious Harlan.
- I'm getting my fucking shit rene, all right?
Last stop.
Dear Joe,
isn't it funny how life goes?
We all struggle so mildly,
I don't even think we know what secret we're looking for.
People will tell you all kinds of things out here designed to make you feel better
I've never heard so many remedies.
I've tried living down in the valley again.
Really tried this time.
Walked up and down it looking for one open face,
but most people I've met
hardly seems like human beings to me anymore.
I often felt
something mysterious was keeping itself hidden from me.
I spent years trying to guess at it.
Now life has revealed my purpose to me all at once.
Everything else just seems like an illusion,
like a painted wooden horse.
- Can I help you?
- Maybe, I'm looking for someone.
Who are you looking for ?
A friend of mine
You're disturbing prayers, you must leave.
okay, but...
- Leave, you're disturbing our prayers
- okay, get your hands off.
Don't push me, big fellow.
Hands off!
cut it out! come on
come on!
Is this the way you treat a person?
It's been a long time, Joe.
You'd be surprised
to hear from me.
If we passed each other on the street we may not recognise each other to say hello.
Maybe that's happened without us even sensing it.
I used to wonder why you did what you did,
what made you leave.
I think I see now, what you're looking for.
I hope you see, that in my own way,
I'm after the same things.
I hope this letter finds you well,
though I would've liked to look at you in the face one more time
The winter rain have cleared the smog,
for the first time
i can really see the trail in front of me.
I'm off to a greener pasture.
If you think of me now and then,
wish me luck.
your loving son.
Hi sweetie.
- What are you doing here?
- How are you?
- oh gosh!
- Where have you been?
Around, I didn't...
I had a few things i had to do.
I was really worried about you, didn't know where you were.
I thought you didn't want
to see me for a while, so I...
thought i'd leave you alone.
You didn't have to disappear.
I was upset when I said those things.
You sure?
You're not mad at me now ?
Thank God.
That's all that matters.
long as we're sticking together.
Are you okay?
Yes, I...
I know you wouldn't want me coming around here
I needed to see you,
talk to you about things.
- How did you get in?
- I thought i heard you around the side.
so i wandered around and the door was open.
I didn't see your dad's truck,
so I thought i could surprise you.
- Let's go for a walk.
- No, come here.
Come here, we ain't got time.
What's going on Harlan?
What do you mean?
Why's my bag out?
Because we're gonna get out of here.
What are you talking about?
I told you I'd figure something out,
It took time but I got some dough,
This will take us a long way, then we could get set up
take Lonnie in,
or whatever you wanna do, we can do it now.
I packed a few things.
Didn't know exactly what you'd want, I was so
excited I got 7 of everything.
I didn't find 7 of your bras .
But I put your dress in.
I'm sure there's stuff you're gonna want.
little things i don't know about.
sweetheart, what Do you say?
My dad will be here any second,
just go right now.
Wait, we got time.
Get your stuff, we could never get a chance.
- Put this back please.
- Wait, what are you doing?
- My dad sees this he's gonna kill me.
- Wait, stop!
We're gonna be a long way away before he figures this out.
I told you the other day that
I didn't want to go away!
That wasn't you talking, I know.
- Then who was it?
- That was someone elses voice talking through you.
That was your fear.
I don't know what the hell you're talking about,
so i think you need to go.
October, listen! sweetheart
I know you're scared
but we aint gonna get another chance.
Look inside you
and listen to your true heart, listen to what is it telling you.
You know what, This is my true heart, this is my true voice,
I want you to go!
- Don't holler at me!
- Well you're not listening to me!
You need to get out of her,
what's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you!
Sweetpea, I didn't...
Do you hear me, honey?
Can you hear me?
Keep breathing.
Please keep breathing.
911, can I help you?
Hello? 911 here, hello?
Anyone home?
Somebody help my daughter!
Somebody help my daughter!
- Do you own other firearms in the house?
- Yes, but i keep them all under a lock and a key.
Was that one?
He must to broken in at it.
But the case wasn't broken in into.
Listen, he got it some how!
Did she say anything?
She was already...
- And your son?
- No.
He wasn't there.
- Does he have access to the guns?
- No way!
- His fingerprints were on the gun.
- What!
- could have been an accident.
- No, it wasn't an accident!
Nobody's ever seen
that cowboy person Wade.
Hey, Twig!
Tobe got shot.
Yeah, I know.
- I had a hit too.
- Who did it?
She didn't say nothing to nobody
She's in a coma.
It was Wade.
- it was ?
- Yes.
I came to see her and say goodbye.
I was going away,
for a while.
She wanted to come with me.
We were talking
and didn't hear him come home.
He shot at me but Tobe
got in the way so it shot her.
She was trying to protect me
and he shot her!
What kind of a son of a bitch would do that ?
He shot at me too but I jumped off the window.
Where did it hit you?
- Does it hurt?
- No, it's just went through the skin.
I'm allright.
My fingerprints were on the gun.
I have to talk
to the Police tomorrow morning.
I want you to listen to me.
It's best if you grab your things
and come with me now right now.
- I can't.
- yes you can.
Sooner or later
the cops will figure out
that it was your dad who has done this thing.
When they do, they are gonna lock him away.
Then they'll take you
and put you with another family.
- No they won't.
- Yes, They will.
If you get lucky, you'll get a good one.
they will be nice to you and keep you around for a long time
But i think the chances for that are slim
those people don't want to have a half grown kid
They want a little baby they can raise up from scratch
they would even get one from china if they have to
That's the truth, you're gonna end up in a worthless state house.
do you know what that means?
It's the worst thing
that could happen to a kid.
I don't want that to happen to you.
If you want to come with me,
I'll take you out of here.
We'll hide out for a while.
When Tobe's better
we'll come back to get her too.
then the 3 of us can take off, and leave this whole shitty place
What do you say, pal?
Wanna go with me?
All right.
Then pack a bag
and get me a blanket,
we'll meet in the back alley, okay.
C'mon champ.
This is about as high as you can get around here.
Are you crying, buddy?
Don't say sorry for crying,
it's nothing to be ashamed of.
i try not to cry
is in front
of people I consider enemies.
is Tobe gonna be okay?
Is that what you're worried about?
You know what, come with me.
i think we should say a prayer
Send a message to Tobe, and these antennas here can carry it down to her
She will hear us communicate with her when she wakes up
Let's close our eyes
Tobe i love you, and twig here loves you
And god and all angels here are pulling for you along with us.
you are gonna be fine.
Mr. Sommers, she is up!
What happened?
You have passed out.
I feel...
really weird.
Where's Lonnie?
- He's not here.
Remember me
Oh yeah, you're the dad that cant keep control of his own kid
lets her hanging around with a liar
well that liar shot my daughter
And ran off with my little boy
what we'd like to know is if you have seen him, since we met
No, sir but i had a horse stolen, the same one
have you tried to look for the horse
of course i looked for him, i found him up about half mile over that green hill over there
saddled him up but then lost him
- Can you show us where ?
- do you ride ?
did you hear that ?
see that rock, up there
- You ever eaten a rabbit before ?
- No
Hey bud, come on let's take a walk i wanna show you something
What ?
Come on just trust me.
You hold on that for a while
Where are you going ?
I am right here, Not going anywhere
- You there ?
- Yeah, i am right with you
Now you're okay, just work your way back to that fire
What was that ?
That was just another scared creature like us.
Don't run.
Move, but don't move like a feared moose
Move like a panther, move confident
Then you will be
- There he is
- grab the boy
he's back there
I am sure they are not gonna find us, cause i don't even know where we are
where are we ?
Hisl name is Martin Lassen,
he's a local from Receda.
He did a year in chino for robbery.
it says he was in some Juvi hall over in Ventura county
Isn't that where you work ?
- Nope
it sure would be a funny coincidence though
Would you take a turn with me?
I don't reckon I'm worthy
to dance with a lady such as yourself.
well i am asking you!
- All right.
- Good, let's dance.
see you in a second.
- I believe this is yours.
- Thanks.
let's make room for our new marshall
and his lady
- Duty calls, i'll catch you later.
- Sure thing.
- don't take another step.
- Take it easy
You take it easy.
come on twig, come down untie that horse.
Lonnie, get out of there.
Wade, yout take another step towards that boy, and i put the next one in your head.
Look, nobody is gonna shoot anybody.
- Let's put the guns down and talk.
- Put your gun down, now!
Easy, with a thumb and a finger, real slow.
You too, drop that belt.
Go on drop it!
Come on Lonnie, untie the horse.
- He shot Tobe!
- Shut your fucking mouth!
The girl's not dead.
you can tell the police all the lies you want,
but you and me both know you killed her.
- You're out of your fucking mind!
- Lonnie knows the truth too!
- Nutcase, you lied to my son!
- Harlan!
Come on Lonnie!
Let's go.
- You okay?
- Yes, take that
and press it right there.
C'mon, keep pressing.
We have to get out
We've gotta get out of here, help me get on my feet.
And Lightning?
Stay down.
Will you be all right?
Hope so.
Don't wanna die in a place like this.
I don't like it in here.
stand up and see who's outside.
- It's Lightning.
- What's he doing?
- Nothing, just standing there.
- He'll give us away.
Bring him around back,
put him in the garage.
Wait, look at me.
You can do it, go on!
Go, you can do it!
He was scared, but he's ok now.
Stay here.
Listen, he shot your sister.
Lonnie, he's the one who shot Tobe.
- You're lying!
- She'll tell you .
She'll tell you.
What should we do?
perhaps scatter them in the wind
- but why did he ?
- i don't know
what do we say?
don't say anything
just sink in