Down the Rabbit Hole (2024) Movie Script

- [film projector starting up]
- [somber mariachi trumpet music playing]
[music becomes playful]
["El Nio Perdido" by Banda El Recodo
de Cruz Lizrraga playing]
[music intensifies]
[music ends]
[woman] What you doing, Tochtli?
Looking at my sombreros.
Well, pick one!
The food is getting cold, eh?
- [Tochtli] Everybody came?
- Yes!
I'll be right there.
["El Nio Perdido" reprises]
[music accelerates]
[music fades out]
[pony nickers]
[mariachi music playing in distance]
[pony nickers, blows]
[goat bleats]
- [Tochtli] Will you help me, Chichilkuali?
- Yeah, of course.
- [Tochtli] Why are you so quiet?
- [man 1] We followed your wish list, son.
"Each one of you
sitting in your usual place."
"Forbidden to sing 'Happy Birthday.'"
"I want songs 6, 9, 11
from Ramn Ayala's album
that Itzpapalotl listens to."
But you can have fun!
This is a birthday party.
Have a very happy birthday, handsome.
Eh, happy birthday, bonehead!
[man 2] Damn, Tochtli,
you're old now, huh?
[man 3] He-he! Happy birthday, bonehead!
- The tigers and monkeys say hi!
- Here.
[man 1] Today, we will grant
all your wishes, mijo.
- [Chichilkuali] Just today.
- [man 1] Like we always do.
Here. With onion and hot sauce.
Just like you like it, right?
[man 2] Ay, ay, ay, ay.
[Tochtli grunts]
All right? Finish up those quesadillas.
No presents till you eat breakfast, okay?
- Let's put this!
- Turn up the music. It's a party. C'mon!
- [woman] Yes!
- Of course, boss.
Gimme your plate.
["Bonita Finca De Adobe" playing]
You know how much I love her
Don't let another man
Win her over with money
- Ay!
- [others] Ay!
- [woman] Who wants pozole?
- [man 2] Can I get the tostadas, boss?
- Tochtli. Happy birthday, mijo.
- [Tochtli] Thank you!
[music continues]
- Bon apptit.
- [woman] Bon apptit! Gimme the party hat.
- [man 2] This tastes good!
- No onions for me.
- [man 2] Want some, boss?
- [boss] Put more. I'm starving.
[woman] It's good, huh?
[Chichilkuali] This is from me.
- [boss] Oh! Let's see! Let's see!
- Let's see.
[man 2] It's pretty awesome.
[Chichilkuali chuckling]
What do you think, chingon?
[man 2] What's that?
[Chichilkuali] Night vision glasses.
To see in the dark.
But to see in the dark,
you can turn the lights on.
Damn it, Chichilkuali. I told you
to stick to the list, motherfucker.
Next time, you pay it yourself.
- Open mine next.
- [Tochtli] Wow, what's this?
- [man 2] Let's see! Let's see
- [Chichilkuali] It seems classy!
- [man 2] Open it. It's huge.
- [man 3] Finally, a proper present.
[woman] Just like the one
my grandfather wore.
- It's very nice, huh?
- [woman] Try it on.
Agree, mijo. [tuts] It's backwards.
- [Chichilkuali] It's very nice.
- [man 2] Exactly.
- [man 3] Fits perfectly.
- [woman] Handsome!
- [boss] Let me see.
- [man 3] You look pretty good!
- Let me fix this.
- Okay. Why don't you open mine.
[Tochtli] Let's see.
- What is it?
- [Chichilkuali] How cool!
- [Tochtli] What's this?
- It's a lot of presents.
What's that?
What the fuck is that now?
Another sombrero.
- That's a hat. Not a sombrero.
- I know what it is.
But look, I can wear it
like I'd wear a sombrero. Huh?
Plus it's the original.
They use it on the field.
- [boss] And it cost you 2,000 new pesos?
- [Miztli sighs]
- I'm giving it to you, Miztli.
- [phone rings]
- You look good.
- [boss] Never giving you money again.
- Hey, it arrived.
- [gasps] I gotta go.
[men chuckle]
And what the fuck did you buy him?
What? A book on the human body!
It was on the list, right?
- Yeah.
- [woman] Yes.
- Ready.
- Chichilkuali, what's arrived?
- My present for you. Come.
- Let's see it, son.
- Let's go!
- [Tochtli] Eh?
[boss] Let's go.
[Chichilkuali chuckles]
- [boss] Come on, boy.
- [Tochtli] What is it, Dad?
- [boss] Ready?
- [woman] You guys, hurry up.
- [Chichilkuali] Coming.
- [woman] Always chatting.
[quirky brass music playing]
[boss] Happy birthday, mijo.
[Miztli] What's that?
What the hell is that?
- [Tochtli] It's a pica-pau.
- A what?
[Tochtli] An exotic woodpecker
from Brazil.
- [Miztli] Ah.
- There are only 250 left in the world.
[boss] Just those, Tochtli?
But it's one of the 15 animals
in danger of extinction.
[boss] So we have to take care of it.
Hello. You're not a hippopotamus,
but welcome, bird friend.
[Chichilkuali] Where would we put
a hippopotamus around here, eh, Tochtli?
[woman] That bird is so beautiful.
Do you have a name for him already?
No, I don't.
You have to repeat a name a hundred times.
If you still like it, that's the one.
[boss] Should've given that advice
to my mom, Tochtli.
[adults laugh]
- [music fades out]
- [Miztli whistling tunefully]
[rhythmic knocking at door]
[door opens]
[boss] I thought
you were already asleep, son.
- No.
- What word did you learn today?
[sighs] You're a fuckin' genius, bonehead.
You don't have to be a genius
to learn big words like this.
- You just have to learn them.
- [laughs]
I don't remember what I learned in school.
- Not even cross multiplication?
- Not even cross multiplication.
- Did you have fun on your birthday?
- I did.
- Did you already name the bird?
- No, not yet.
I know it wasn't the first present
on your list, mijo.
But, it was quite expensive too.
I do like the bird, Dad.
I'll keep looking for the hippopotamus.
"He who seeks shall find," says Azcatl.
[tuts] Azcatl!
The only things that one finds are weeds.
All right, go to sleep. It's late.
- Dad?
- Hmm?
Mazatzin says life isn't always fair
because you don't always get
what you want.
What's the purpose, then?
Life is like the lottery, mijo.
At least for us,
we got a lotta lucky numbers.
Go to sleep. Come on. [clears throat]
Close the dictionary now.
[door shuts]
[somber Mexican music playing]
[man] She had one of her episodes
as I was leaving to come here.
You know how it is.
Yelitza's sensitive to that treatment.
[Tochtli] Yolcaut asked about you
several times.
I sent a message to Chichilkuali.
I gave my apologies for not being there.
Happy birthday!
Who's this pansy?
You read it, and then
we'll talk about who he is. But look...
This is a replica
of the crown of Louis XV.
The only one that survived
the French Revolution?
- Exactly.
- Thanks!
It's nothing.
- But it doesn't fit.
- No way. Let's see.
Really? I don't believe it.
Listen, stay still.
I'll measure your head later
and have it fixed for you.
Did they measure the French's heads too
before getting them cut off?
No way, Tochtli. The guillotine cut
all kinds of heads in an equal way.
- [crowd gasps]
- Whatever size they were.
- With no suffering.
- Exactly! Very good.
Did you read the study notes?
Created by Guillotine in the 18th century.
- [marker pen squeaking]
- Joseph... Ignace... Guillotine.
What was his objective?
To end the existent methods of torture.
Like getting dismembered by horses.
That wasn't in the notes, Tochtli.
But, well, yeah.
The idea was that the guillotine
would make death equal for everyone,
regardless of status or social class.
With that in mind,
humanism and mercy could also be offered
to those condemned to death.
What does "mercy" mean?
Well, "mercy" means, uh,
to show compassion, for the people.
Even for your enemies.
But what is "compassion"?
"Compassion" is to feel pain
for those who commit atrocities.
- And what about--
-"Atrocities" are acts of great cruelty.
[Tochtli] Hmm.
Anyway, how's your grammar, kid?
Did you do the exercises?
No, I read the history notes.
Tochtli! Grammar is as important
as history. Even more!
If you know your language,
you can defend yourself against the world.
Do you know why
I always wanted to be a writer?
- No.
- [somber brass music playing]
Well, because... I think it's the best way
of getting to know yourself.
Yolcaut says that
literature is just bullshit.
[scoffs softly] Not everything
your father says has to be true.
All right. Get your grammar notebook out.
[eraser cleaning board]
[chorus of animal noises]
[music fades out]
[Tochtli] Are you full? Eat some more.
I'll keep the secret.
You don't have a language,
but your life is good.
Since you don't know how to talk, Gnter,
Azcatl can't make you confess that
I'm already giving you tonight's portion.
[Gnter snarls]
Hey! You're not giving them
tonight's portion, are you?
[Tochtli] No.
If they eat too much, they'll get fat,
and then they can't do nothin'.
[Tochtli] And... what are they doing now?
[Azcatl chuckles] Uh...
- You better help me. Come on.
- With what?
Put on the gloves.
Let's collect the shit.
[chuckles] It's good exercise
for the soul.
And it keeps us humble, Tochtli. Hmm?
[Tochtli] It's gross.
Gross? It's the same as yours, bonehead.
With everything they eat.
[Tochtli retches, coughs]
- [Tochtli] Hi, bird friend.
- [bird] Hello.
[Tochtli] After saying it, like, a hundred
times, I decided to name you Hippopotamus.
[bird] Hello.
[Tochtli] Not because
I don't like that you're a bird
but because what I want most
in the world is an African pygmy hippo.
Anyway, you have to be happy
because you're a species in extinction
and that makes you special.
It's good that things become extinct,
because if not,
then no one would be unique.
[footsteps approaching]
See you later, Hippopotamus.
[quirky brass music playing]
- You're the kid.
- What?
You're the kiddo.
What kiddo?
Yolcaut doesn't like
having strangers in the house.
- Who's Yolcaut?
- My dad.
- Why didn't you call him Dad?
- His name is Yolcaut.
- And your mom, what do you call her?
- I don't have a mom.
- What type of sombrero is that?
- A French tricorn.
Who gave it to you?
Yolcaut got it in a museum in France.
Do you like smoking?
Cigarettes are used to get the truth
out of people who are lying.
- [woman] There you are, pinche Yolanda.
- I'm coming, Auntie.
I told you not to speak to anyone.
Huh? What the hell's that?!
Hurry up! You're not on vacation.
You have to clean the TV room
and the toy room.
- You go find something to do.
- [Tochtli] Yes.
- I met someone new today.
- [Yolcaut] Who?
A girl who came with Itzpapalotl.
[Yolcaut] Oh, she's her niece, Yolanda.
She came to help Itzpapalotl
clean the house.
She's getting old. Poor woman.
- You'll meet someone else today.
- Who?
The gov, son. He'll come to dinner.
- With me?
- [chuckles] No, with me.
- But I want you to be there as well.
- Why?
Because it's important
for important people
to know we are a family.
- Let them see it with their own eyes.
- But why?
'Cause the gov also has a family.
Two daughters.
And people with families
feel more comfortable doing business
with people who also have families.
- That's pathetic.
- [chuckles]
- [Tochtli] Hey.
- Hmm?
And do I call you Dad in front of the gov?
Call me whatever you want, mijo.
- What does "gov" mean?
- [tuts] Governor!
- Of what?
- Of pure bullshit.
- [laughs]
- Come on. Go to the shower.
[Tochtli] Don't smack me.
[water running]
[thunder rumbling]
It's not what we had hoped for,
I understand. But, uh, it's what it is.
That's the problem with you, Gov.
You got used to hoping.
- Sometimes, there's no other way.
- We don't hope. We accomplish.
The citizens elect
whom they wanna elect, Yolcaut.
My deal isn't with the citizens.
It's with you guys.
You just make sure that
things stay the same.
And, of course, they will.
Of course they will.
Usually, when some of
the important pieces change up there,
there'll be changes
in the middle and below.
Oh, wait up.
Who said you're an important piece?
[thunder rumbles]
[Itzpapalotl] Dinner is served
whenever you're ready.
[Yolcaut] Be my guest, gov.
[Gov clears throat]
Mmm, these enchiladas are amazing.
- [Itzpapalotl] Thank you.
- [Gov] Do you go to school?
[Tochtli] No. Mazatzin is my teacher.
[Yolcaut] By the way, the fuckin' gringos
are very annoying lately.
Well, I can talk to them
and assure them that--
- No, no, no, no.
- No--
You talk to the people. You talk to--
I'll take care of the gringos.
They say you're a politician.
- How are they useful?
- Who?
The politicians.
[thunder rumbles]
Tell 'im.
[Gov] We're in charge
of governing the people.
Giving people what they need,
hmm, to live happily.
I need an African pygmy hippopotamus.
[Yolcaut laughs] Bonehead.
[Gov chuckles]
For that, you'll have to talk
with the gov of Africa.
Is there a gov in Africa?
[Yolcaut] Unfortunately, there is.
There are govs everywhere.
What's this?
[Gov] I'm going to need a little help.
You know, new president,
new apostles,
new pieces to put in place.
Wouldn't it be better
if the boy went to play in his room?
What did you say?
- That maybe it's best if he...
- [Yolcaut] No.
The kid stays
until he finishes his quesadilla.
- How are your girls, Gov?
- [somber music playing]
There's no better lesson in life
than bringing a fuckin' child
into the world, huh?
A father would...
do all kinda horrible things
to defend his children. Wouldn't you?
[thunder rumbles]
- [exhales] This is not necessary.
- What isn't?
We all understand very well
how our business works, Yolcaut.
Fine, Gov.
And consequently,
in order to keep it running as usual,
I'm going to need extra help,
don't you agree?
Hmm. You'll get it, Gov. You'll get it.
Yolcaut always makes it. Right, son?
- Itzpapalotl.
- Yes, sir?
Take the gentleman's plate.
He's done eating.
[Itzpapalotl] Yes, as you wish.
[softly] Excuse me.
- Go with him.
- Yes, boss.
- Come with me.
- [Gov] Thanks for dinner.
[Chichilkuali] This way.
- [Tochtli] Yolcaut always makes it.
- [chuckles softly]
[torrential rain falling]
[Tochtli sighs]
[thunder rumbling]
[farts quietly]
[sighs, farts]
[coughs, belching]
- [Itzpapalotl sleepily] Who is it?
- It's me. Tochtli.
What's the matter?
Do you have a tummy ache?
Go sit. I'll be right there.
[tuts, sighs softly]
- Can I turn on the light?
- No.
[Itzpapalotl sighs softly] It's very late.
[gas lights]
If your eyes hurt, it's your liver, huh?
[moans softly]
Okay, give me your hand.
Does it hurt?
Well, a kid your age can't only live off
quesadillas and ice cream, mijo.
You have to eat some other things.
Like fruit, 'kay?
Promise me tomorrow
you'll eat at least a mango.
Marie Antoinette of Austria
never tasted a mango.
Who's Marie Antoinette of Austria?
They cut her head off,
and she never enjoyed a mango.
Promise me, you'll eat a mango tomorrow.
And besides, it has to be a fresh one.
Not a mango popsicle.
Give me your other hand.
[Tochtli farts]
[Itzpapalotl sniggers]
It was you, right?
It was you, you nasty boy.
I'll bring a tea, son.
You'll feel much better.
- I hope so.
- Of course you will.
My mom would give me a chamomile tea
for the stomachache.
['Mi Gusto Es" by Antonio Aguilar playing]
[Itzpapalotl sighs]
[Yolcaut sings along]
But, little girl, I'll still love you
- [Tochtli] A shot in the heart.
- Cadaver.
[Tochtli] Thirty shots
to the pinky's toenail on your left foot.
- [Tochtli] Three shots to the pancreas.
- Guarded prognosis.
Maybe. Now you ask me, Yolcaut.
- Three gunshots to the knee.
- Alive.
- Two gunshots to the right butt cheek.
- Alive.
- A gunshot to the neck.
- Cadaver.
- Well, it depends.
- On what?
If the bullet doesn't hit the artery that
carries a lot of blood, he can survive.
- Guarded prognosis!
- Uh-huh.
- A gunshot... to the eye.
- There's a problem, boss.
[Tochtli] What happened?
- Be right back, mijo.
- [Chichilkuali] What's up, bonehead?
Stay here. We'll keep playing later.
- [Tochtli] Hi.
- Hey.
- See you later.
- [Yolcaut] What the fuck happened?
- Well...
- [Yolcaut] Huh?
[Chichilkuali] It's all over the news.
It said someone betrayed us...
[indistinct dialogue]
[music ends]
We also have confirmation
that the new Mexican government...
- We're in deep fuckin' shit, man.
- [Yolcaut] Turn up the volume.
...for the extradition
of several drug trafficking criminals
to a maximum security prison
in the state of Arizona.
The agreement has been reached
during the president of Mexico's visit
to the United States,
when the US president
expressed his concern
about the lack of control the Mexican
government has over these criminals.
This is finding opposition
- by humanitarian associations...
- Go back to the office, mijo.
- Take him, Miztli.
- ...violations of human rights.
Let's go, boy. Wanna play? Andale!
- Early this morning, a special ops team...
- [Tochtli] What's happening?
...national army launched
a surprise operation
with the objective
of locating the big drug lords,
such as the head of the Sinaloa Cartel,
Yolcaut Rodrguez.
He is one of the targets
of the new government.
[fading out] So far, they haven't found
any clues as to where he may be hiding.
[solemn classical music playing]
[music becomes mischievous]
[music intensifies]
- [music fades out]
- [chorus of insects]
[Tochtli breathing deeply]
[solemn percussive music playing]
- [Yolcaut] Did they mention any names?
- [woman] Right now, we don't know.
[Yolcaut] Hmm.
You have someone inside, no?
Who can find out?
[woman] Those were the someones
we had inside.
No, no. Not from the DEA, Paula.
Inside the FBI.
I'll see what they're saying.
Do they know something?
No. No, not yet. Not at the moment.
Okay, then we stop distribution.
See who they go after.
- I don't think that's an option.
- Why?
Because people expect our product.
You know, competition has grown
in the past few years, and--
- Yeah, tell me something I don't know.
- Yolcaut, life goes on, okay?
You know, we're no strangers
to taking a few risks.
- Yep, life goes on 'til it stops goin' on.
- [rustling]
- What?
- There's someone there.
Who the fuck is there?
Oh. [chuckles] My son.
Come here, mijo. Come. He's a good kid.
- Don't worry about him.
- Okay.
Son, this is Paula Smith.
A friend from America.
Hello! What's your name?
- Tochtli.
- Nice to meet you, Tochtli.
I love it. You're a detective. Wow!
He looks great.
- Why did her hair move?
- [Paula] Wait, what did he say?
It's cool, right?
It's like a sombrero made of hair.
[Paula chuckles]
Mijo, I gotta have an important talk
with this lady, okay?
[Tochtli] Louis XIII of France
made men wear hair sombreros.
In order to avoid head diseases.
Such as head lice.
That's why I don't have hair.
I just wear sombreros.
All very well.
Now I'm going to talk to her.
- Go play there, eh? I'll see you later.
- Oh, okay.
- [Yolcaut] Go on.
- [Gnter roars]
- [Gnter snorts, snarls]
- [cage rattles]
- [Yolcaut] That's beautiful, huh?
- Wow.
- You want tequila?
- Yes.
[tense music playing]
[Miztli] We gotta stay alert.
They say that outside
there was a real mess.
[trunk slams]
- [Chichilkuali] Who says that?
- That's what people said.
- Who told you that?
- I don't know. That's what people said.
- Yeah, but who?
- Stop fucking around.
[Chichilkuali] Did you close the door?
- [Miztli] No.
- [sighs]
[Miztli] I closed it, man!
[apes Miztli]
"I closed it, man!" Fuckin' moron.
[Miztli chuckling]
- [Miztli] You're an idiot.
- Asshole.
[Miztli] Let's go.
[engine starts]
[music intensifies]
[Tochtli breathing]
[music intensifies]
[music stops]
[Yolcaut] Quecholli!
[playful music playing]
[Yolcaut] Quecholli!
Where are you?
Where have you been?
Get in bed, quickly. My feet are cold.
[Tochtli] ...T-I-O-N-A-L-I-T-Y.
- Perfect!
- Tell me a longer one.
- No, that's not longer.
- All right.
Then, um,
- What does it mean?
- Fear of big words such as this one.
[Tochtli chuckles]
- Hi-ppo-po-ta-mus-pyg-my-from-A-fri-ca.
- [chuckles]
- You're just messin' around.
- [chuckles] You're right.
- Tell me.
- I was thinking that...
why don't you come with me
next week to town?
We can have ice cream. Visit Yelitza.
Yolcaut doesn't like me to go out.
Tell him you wanna go to town.
You're coming with me.
Once I went to town with Miztli,
and I found it nefarious.
Yelitza is looking forward to seeing you.
Yolcaut as well.
What about Yolcaut?
He wants to see you
and asked me to invite you for breakfast.
Come on!
[mariachi music playing indistinctly]
[Mazatzin] No! You have to...
know what's popular
in the time in which you are writing.
Otherwise, a lot of time is wasted,
and you circle around
just to prove your point.
And in this time, what's popular?
- Oh, well...
- [Itzpapalotl] There you go.
- I don't know that. [chuckles]
- And how can we find out?
Oh, well, when I was younger,
I always went against the grain, you know?
- [Itzpapalotl] Do you want one?
- So I never got published.
Mazatzin wasn't published
because his tales are boring.
Ah, you read them!
Yeah, when he applied
to be Tochtli's tutor.
- [Mazatzin] I was a bit presumptuous.
- [Quecholli] And so?
[Yolcaut] Now he's just
a fuckin' school teacher.
The best paid teacher in Mexico.
So it happens.
The writers that can't make it
end up being teachers.
But at least my failure wasn't in vain.
It brought me here to take care of
our dear Tochtli. Right, Tochtli?
[Yolcaut] And you, mijo?
- You like your classes with Mazatzin?
- Yes.
Have you asked him
why he missed your birthday?
What did he say?
- I had some problems, right?
- What kind of problems, hmm?
- Just some small problems. With my family.
- We pay you to be here. Not to miss work.
What are you doing?
The smaller you make the portion,
the better it digests.
[Yolcaut scoffs] That's not true, son.
Quecholli's a pansy. She only eats fruits.
Mmm. Fruits and vegetables.
And cheese, occasionally.
Hey, Dad,
but "pansies" also apply to women?
[Yolcaut] Absolutely, mijo.
The world is full of pansies.
Men and women and children.
But we are machos and can take advantage.
But being a pansy is not bad, Tochtli.
- Pass me the sauce.
- Yeah.
Some pansies have a lot more balls
than Pancho Villa. You'll see.
Teachers know a lot about books, mijo.
But nothing about life.
- You're not listening to me--
- I'm listening to you, and you're wrong.
Look, mijo. When I mention pansies,
I don't mean pansies, pansies.
I'm referring to people
who act like pansies.
[chuckles] I'm not a pansy.
I'm all macho, and you know it.
- [Yolcaut] Really?
- Mm-hmm!
[Yolcaut] Paplototl, pass me a tortilla.
Very macho?
[Chichilkuali chuckles]
- Prove me wrong. Taquito de carnitas.
- No, that's disgusting!
- Get it away from me!
- [Yolcaut] Eat it, eh?
[Yolcaut] You were saying?
He scared you. [chuckles]
[Mazatzin] Oh shit,
I'm gonna throw up after so many tamales.
[Tochtli chuckles, sighs]
- [Mazatzin] D'you like Itzpapalotl's food?
- Yes.
[Mazatzin] Hey.
- Tell Yolcaut thanks for breakfast.
- Yes.
- But do it!
- Yes!
What are you gonna study tomorrow?
- From the Spanish book, chapter six.
- Mazatzin! Your money.
- Count it.
- No way. I trust you guys.
[Chichilkuali grunts]
- Crows in mourning. Is it good?
- It's very good.
Is it gory?
It has death, but it's not gory.
[Tochtli] What did you sell him?
I didn't sell him anything.
I gave him some novels.
- [Tochtli] Ah!
- To start reading.
[Tochtli] See you tomorrow!
- Goodbye.
- [Chichilkuali] All right.
- See you later.
- Okay.
[gate locking]
[robotic male voice indistinctly]
I have the power!
[boy] He-Man attacks
and everything explodes!
I have the power!
[boy] Mmm, here it comes!
- It crashes and gets smashed!
- Hey!
I have the power!
[poignant classical music playing]
- Hi.
- Hi.
- [boy] Do you live here?
- Yes.
- Where do you live?
- That way.
- And... what's over there?
- My house.
- Yeah, but what else?
- This whole palace is just for you?
No, there's more people here.
- How many?
- Five, but I know a few more.
Do you know a lot of people?
More or less.
Just in school there's around, um, 32.
- People say you have a zoo.
- Yes.
What animals do you have?
- Mmm... a tiger, monkeys, one zebra...
- Hey, and, um... can you invite me?
I don't know.
Yolcaut decides who goes in and out.
- And who's Yolcaut?
- My dad.
- Do you have a dad?
- Yeah.
- And a mom?
- Yeah. She's waiting for me.
I gotta go.
She gets worried when I'm late.
Yolcaut doesn't worry
because I'm always here.
- You never go out?
- No.
- I have the power!
- Hey, man. You keep it.
Thank you!
- I have the power!
- Goodbye!
[music ends]
[comical brass music playing]
I have the power!
[Tochtli] Hermanos Mexicanos,
it's time to take back what was ours.
[soldiers] Yes, sir!
If, in this battalion,
there are any pansies, raise your hand.
- [gunshot]
- [man groans]
- [gunshot]
- [man screeches]
Very well. Two pansies down.
Does anybody else have something to say?
[soldiers] No, sir!
- [man 1] Keep walking!
- [man 2] No!
- Who said that?
- [man 1] No, what, asshole?
[man 2] Let me go!
- [Miztli] Just walk!
- [man 2] I swear it wasn't me.
- [Miztli] Yeah, right!
- [man 2] I'm loyal!
- [Miztli] I don't fuckin' care! Move!
- [Yolcaut] Did anybody see you?
[Miztli] No. No one.
Ah, keep walkin'!
- [Yolcaut] Where's Tochtli?
- [Miztli] Playing in his room.
- [Yolcaut] Take him to my office.
- [Chichilkuali] Move, dumbass!
[Miztli] Hurry up! Get in there!
- [music intensifies]
- [Miztli] Go inside, bitch!
[Yolcaut] That was a stupid move, asshole.
You're dead.
What did you think was going to happen
when we found out?
[mariachi music playing]
[man 2] Don't kill me, please!
Please! [sobbing]
[Yolcaut] What is your nickname, Antonio?
- [softly] Antuco.
- [Yolcaut] What?
- My friends call me Antuco.
- [Yolcaut] Let's use common sense, Antuco.
- Yolcaut, I swear I didn't do anything!
- [Yolcaut] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Stop that.
- How many cars do you have, Antuco?
- What?
[Yolcaut] It's a simple question.
How many cars do you have?
- Three.
- [Yolcaut] Three. How many houses?
Did you finish elementary?
- [Chichilkuali] Answer, motherfucker!
- [Antuco coughs, splutters]
[Chichilkuali laughs]
No, I didn't finish it!
I didn't finish it!
[Yolcaut] And do you think
people who don't finish elementary
usually have three cars and two houses?
What?! [sobbing]
Come on! I have four kids,
and the youngest is just a baby!
- Please!
- [Chichilkuali] Aw!
[Yolcaut] Ay, Antuco. Because of people
like you, this world went to hell.
The only way of avoiding
these situations in the future
is to use you as an example, Antuco.
- No. Please don't. Pl-- Please. No.
- Look at this...
- No! No, no, no, no, no!
- Come 'ere, you fucker!
No, no! No, no! No, no, no! [screaming]
[chaotic noise, loud static]
[noise climaxes, ends]
[Chichilkuali] Wow, this pico de gallo.
- [anchor talks on TV]
- [Miztli] Damn it! [gasps]
- Ah, it's really spicy!
- Your quesadilla, my love.
[Azcatl] It's spicy?
Well, it had a lot of peppers in it. Hmm?
- Can you bring me water?
- [Itzpapalotl] I'm coming.
- [Azcatl] Eat the red one.
- No way! I can't even talk.
- [Azcatl] That's only for men.
- [Itzpapalotl] Then, why put so much in?
[Miztli groaning] Ah, fuck it.
[Tochtli] You got dirty.
...until the investigation is complete.
In other news...
- Turn up the volume.
- [Azcatl] Huh?
Turn up the volume!
...just informed police found a dead
female employee at the Hermosillo Zoo.
The security forces that arrived
at the zoo have detained three suspects...
- May she rest in peace.
- [Tochtli] Now she's in a lion's stomach.
- She'll be lion's poop.
- [Azcatl] Hmm.
Only a leg will rest in peace.
[Azcatl and Miztli laugh]
- Good lord.
- [Azcatl] Bonehead!
Do you think in Hermosillo Zoo
there's African pygmy hippos?
No. They will never have one.
The president of the republic
announced new security measures
to fight this new wave
of violence in the nation.
[man] The national army
will temporarily take control...
What's the gov doing there?
I ask all citizens of Mexico
not to perceive this as a threat,
but as a reinforcement that will allow us
to continue living in peace.
[engine rumbling]
[shouting] Goodnight, mijo!
[Tochtli] Goodnight!
["Llorar Llorar"
by Carlos Y Jos playing quietly]
[big cats snarling]
Come, mijo. Come closer.
[Tochtli] Itzpapalotl saved you
some tampiquea.
She told me she was tired.
And she went to sleep.
But she said that if you're hungry,
you can go and wake her up.
Look at them, son.
Beauty in a cage.
Give that title to Mazatzin
for one of his fuckin' stories.
A lion ate a woman
in the zoo in Hermosillo.
That woman got killed.
What do you mean?
Imagine the worst,
and you'll be right, mijo.
The meat we give the tigers,
is it from corpses?
How many Mexicans do you think
have these animals in their houses?
If they got out of their cages,
would they eat us?
They probably would, mijo.
The hippopotamuses don't eat people.
It's a good idea, you know?
Going on a trip a few days.
Are you going on a trip?
We are going on a trip. You and me.
But why?
Well, they... they recommend me
that I go on vacation.
And where?
I think you know where.
No, I don't know.
If you could travel anywhere in the world,
where would you go?
[big cats eating]
[Yolcaut chuckles softly]
[music ends]
[wind howling]
["Tristes Recuerdos" by Ramn Ayala
y los Bravos del Norte playing over radio]
[Yolcaut] Your first time on a plane, son.
Are you excited?
Mazatzin says it's important to be excited
when you're about to do something
you've never done before.
Oh, hey. Gimme that.
- But why?
- No! You can't take this hat on a trip.
When we get to Africa,
I'll buy one at the safari.
[Miztli] Hey! I wanted to go too, boss!
[Yolcaut] I told you, you're too dark.
If they can mistake you for an African,
they won't let you leave.
[all laughing]
- [Chichilkuali] Stop crying, Miztli!
- Leave me alone, asshole.
[Yolcaut] Not yet, mijo.
- I want to see the street.
- Yes, but the street also wants to see us.
Boss, this is what the gov gave us.
- Honduras?
- [Chichilkuali] Mm-hmm.
"Winston Lpez." Pinche name is that, eh?
The idea was to go unnoticed. Come on!
- Well, in Honduras, every name is bizarre.
- [Yolcaut] How do you know?
Look, here are
Honduras' national soccer team players.
- Aanor Gonzlez...
- [Tochtli chuckles]
...William Murillo, and Rudy Caballero.
- [Yolcaut] I don't even know the capital.
Fuckin' tongue twister.
I am "Franklin Gmez."
Here's yours. "Junior Lpez."
[Tochtli grunts]
[Yolcaut] Okay, what's my name?
- Yolc--
- No, no. My name in Honduras.
- Ah, Winston Lpez.
- Very well. And yours?
"Junior Lpez."
It's important to remember these names.
How about Chichilkuali's?
Yeah, but Franklin what?
- [Tochtli] I don't remember.
- Gmez.
Ah, Franklin Gmez.
These new names are our real names,
do you understand?
It's easy, mijo, it's...
Just imagine that
you were born in Honduras.
Your family's from Honduras,
and all your life happened in Honduras.
Then imagine that what you imagine
is real, that's all.
- Do I have siblings?
- No.
- Mom?
- Nope.
You see? I'm not telling any lies.
Open the curtain, Junior, if you want.
We're almost on the highway.
[music intensifies]
- [Yolcaut] You ready?
- [man] How you going?
- [Yolcaut] Let's go.
- [man] Hello. Welcome, sir.
[plane engine roaring]
[music fades out]
[Yolcaut grunts]
[Tochtli] What time is it?
What time is it?
[Chichilkuali] 2:15.
My watch says 6:15.
In Mexico, it's eight hours earlier.
The sun is just rising over there.
- But it's the same sun.
- Yeah. It's the same fuckin' sun, Tochtli.
[baby screaming]
[man 1] Here are three passports.
One is a kid and the other two adults.
Everything is fine. Thank you very much.
- What do you think about Africans?
- [Tochtli] I don't know.
They're normal people. But black.
- And in Mexico, are there black people?
- No.
In Mexico, there are dark people.
Like our dear Miztli.
- Do the Lpezes know Miztli?
- Ooh, better not!
- Boss. It's done.
- [Yolcaut] Let's go.
- Let's go.
- [Yolcaut] Come on.
[sprightly music playing]
Hi, Mr. Lpez! I'm your guide.
John Kennedy Johnson.
- Hi.
- [John] Pleased to meet you.
Nice to meet you, John.
- Is it, uh, "John"?
- [John] Hello. How you doin'?
- Or "John Kennedy"?
- No, "John" is fine.
This is my cousin, Franklin Gmez,
and my son, Junior.
[John] Okay. Let's go.
- Let's go.
- [Chichilkuali] Let's go.
[Yolcaut] Come on.
Hey, you go in the front.
- [Chichilkuali] Yes.
- Thank you.
Goddammit! It's opposite?!
[John] Have you been
in Namibia, Mr. Lpez?
[Yolcaut] No.
[John] Welcome to Bwabwata National Park.
This is the biggest national park
we got within our region.
South, we do border with Botswana.
And north, we do border with Angola.
So all the animals move freely
from one country to another.
It's not like Etosha.
That one has a fence.
With us here, it is more open.
- Whereby animals, they are freely--
- [Yolcaut] John. N-- No offense, John.
But we're just here to rest
and see the hippos.
- [John] Oh. Sorry.
- [Yolcaut] No, no problem.
Well, what do you think
about Namibia, Junior?
[music intensifies]
[Tochtli] Hello!
[music fades out]
[music reprises]
Junior! What do you think?
- Huh? Ready to hunt hippos?
- Ready.
- Let's go. Chichilkuali!
- What?
- [Yolcaut] Let's go.
- [Chichilkuali] Let's go.
[John] The behavior of the pygmy hippo
differs from the common hippo.
The pygmy hippo lives in small groups,
hidden in the rivers.
And that's why the hunters,
they prefer to track them at night.
[Tochtli] Is that right?
[Chichilkuali] Yes.
Better to hunt them at night,
because during the day,
they hide in the river.
[Tochtli] We already know that.
[Yolcaut] Yes, but John here
loves to talk like a parrot.
Look, John. We...
We're not hunters. We love animals.
[John] That's the good thing
about money, Mr. Lpez.
You love any animal you want
at any time of the day.
[Yolcaut] Look at them.
They came this far
just to take fuckin' pictures.
[Chichilkuali] Taking pictures
doesn't cause animal extinction!
[Yolcaut] Fucking pansies.
Hey, John. I wanna see the hippos.
[John] Okay, we are entering
the comfort zone of the wild animals.
Whereby, please,
let's try to minimize our voices.
Otherwise, if we talk loudly,
we might scare them away,
or they might get aggressive.
[Tochtli] Look that way! Look!
- [Chichilkuali] Oh, fuck! What are those?
- [Yolcaut laughing] Look how they jump!
- [Tochtli] Look! A zebra!
- [Yolcaut] Where?
- [Tochtli] A herd of zebras!
- [Chichilkuali] It's the fuckin' pack!
[Tochtli] That's Miztli! And Chichilkuali!
[Chichilkuali] Hey, cool down, kid!
[Tochtli] Look over there! It's a giraffe!
- [Yolcaut] Where?
- There!
[Yolcaut] I see it!
Can you see it, Chichilkuali?
- Yeah! [laughing]
- [Yolcaut] Look! She looks like Paula!
[Tochtli] It's missing the wig!
It's Paula Wig!
- [Yolcaut] With little horns!
- [Tochtli] There's Itzpapalotl.
[Yolcaut] I'm going to tell her.
She's going to kick your ass.
- Holy shit!
- [Tochtli] Oh, wow! They're so big!
[elephant roars]
- [Tochtli] That's Mazatzin!
- [Yolcaut] All stiff.
- Oh look! There are more giraffes!
- It's the same one, Dad!
[music fades out]
[Yolcaut] Hey, John.
Do you think this is the hippo zone?
[John] It's not guaranteed.
They normally change spots.
[Tochtli] When are we going
to see hippopotamus?
[Yolcaut] I don't know. This pinche cabrn
is just driving in circles.
- How far are we, Chichilkuali?
- [Chichilkuali] We're almost there?
- [John] Yeah.
- [Chichilkuali] We're close.
You said that three hours ago.
[Chichilkuali] Hey, Johnson.
If we pay you more... alot more...
[John] No!
Hey! There, there, there!
- [Chichilkuali] What's that?
- [John] Dogs.
If I wanted to see dogs,
I would've stayed in Mexico.
[Tochtli] What are you doing?
Mijo, these animals exist
just for someone more macho to kill them.
- [gunshot]
- What the fuck?!
Where did you get that?
Give it to me, bonehead. Huh?
- Who gave it to you?
- Nobody.
- Where did you get it?
- I found it in our house.
- Do you know anything?
- No.
I found it in the secret room.
- Why didn't you tell me what was in there?
- You keep it.
- Yes, boss.
- [solemn music playing]
Mijo, next time, just let me know, okay?
People in gangs
don't hide things from each other.
They always see the truth.
You taught me that.
Yes, but not all truths
are good to see, mijo.
If I don't tell you something, it's not
'cause I don't want you to know. Get it?
[exhales] Tochtli, there are truths
that are better not to be known.
Come here.
Ah, let's go, John. Come on.
[engine revs]
[Yolcaut] It's all good.
[Chichilkuali] No hippos!
[Yolcaut] Goddammit!
[John] I don't think
we are going to find them today.
[Yolcaut] What are we waiting for?
Let's go home.
[Tochtli] Yes, come on. Let's go home.
[elephants trumpeting]
[Chichilkuali chuckling] And I win!
[Yolcaut] If I wanted to play dominoes,
I would've stayed home.
- [Chichilkuali laughs]
- [Yolcaut] Fuckin' shitty country.
- Tochtli, d'you wanna go to sleep?
- [Tochtli] I'm not tired.
[Yolcaut] For fuck's sake.
Is there booze in this fuckin' country?
- Amarula.
- What?
Amarula! But I saw some rum.
- Okay, bring a bottle. Come on.
- Yes.
- What's rum?
- Rum is like tequila.
But... made of sugarcane.
Can I taste it?
Do you want some?
Okay, come.
Raise your arms.
[poignant music playing]
No! Not yet, mijo!
When you get armpit hair, Tochtli,
I'll give you a little taste.
- Okay?
- [both giggling]
[Tochtli] Look. Monkeys.
We'll find them, son. I promise, huh?
[Tochtli] I hope so.
- What do you mean? Who can always make it?
- Yolcaut.
[Yolcaut] That's right.
- You look like that one. [chuckles]
- You look like that one.
With the hippos,
I'll complete my birthday list!
[sighs] For fuck's sake!
- Listen, Chichilkuali.
- Huh?
Enough of this. I'm done with this guy.
He's just messing with us.
We ain't seen shit.
[Chichilkuali] Yes, boss. Hey, Johnson.
- We traveled very far to see the hippos.
- Know what?
- What, Dad?
- [Yolcaut] Something's going to happen.
- Something like what?
- Something good.
That's called a premonition.
Yeah, exactly, my boy.
I have a good premonition.
Nothing happens in this fuckin' forest.
[Tochtli] A lot is happening,
but we can't see it.
That's nature.
It hides until it kills you.
[animals grunting]
- [Yolcaut] Why's he stopping?
- [John] There are the hippos.
- Hey, hey, hey! Come!
- [Yolcaut] What?
Look! There they are!
[Chichilkuali] Are those hippos?
[Tochtli] Those are not pygmy!
[Yolcaut] No, no.
The ones on the bank. Look!
- There they are. You see them over there?
- Tell him not to kill it.
He won't kill it. He'll put it to sleep
so we can take it to Mexico.
[celebratory brass music playing]
- [Chichilkuali] Yeah! Yeah!
- [Yolcaut] I told you! I told you!
[Chichilkuali] We did it! Yeah!
Yes, we found 'em! We did it!
[all whooping, laughing]
[Tochtli] Yeah!
[Chichilkuali] This is amazing! Yes! Yes!
["Mxico Lindo y Querido"
by Jorge Negrete playing]
My beloved and beautiful Mexico
If I die far from you
Let them say I'm asleep
And bring me here
Let them say I'm asleep
And bring me here
My beloved and beautiful Mexico
If I die far away
From you
[John] Is Mexican music
famous in... Honduras?
Oh, yeah. Yeah, John.
Very famous. Very famous.
Centuries of culture,
and the world sees us
as a mix of Cantinflas
and Speedy Gonzlez.
Cantinflas has to be the gov.
They must be taking the hippos
to the port by now, hmm?
- How long will the trip be in the boat?
- [Yolcaut] Mmm, many days.
- [John] Thank you, thank you.
- We have to feed them.
With a lot of alfalfa.
- Alfalfa?
- Yes.
- [Yolcaut] What's alfalfa in Namibian?
- Don't know.
Find out and tell John to take care of it.
[John] Oh, we were very lucky!
One of these hippos...
One is a male, and one is a female.
[Chichilkuali] Oh, yeah! Yeah, Tochtli.
That way you could have some baby hippos.
What name are you going to give them?
I won't know
until I repeat the name a hundred times.
Cantinflas. Cantinflas. Cantinflas.
Cantinflas. Cantinflas.
Cantinflas. Cantinflas.
Can-tin-flas! Can-tin-flas! Can-tin-flas!
Can-tin-flas! Can-tin-flas!
Can-tin-flas! Can-tin-flas!
[chanting continues]
[whooping, laughter]
Hey, take a look at this amazing sky, son.
[percussive music playing]
Who would imagine this?
Tochtli in an African night.
- [groaning] I'm really full now, Dad.
- Pinche Junior!
I love you so much, mijo.
Huh? I really love you.
I adore that little bald head of yours.
Like I told you, Yolcaut always makes it.
- Winston.
- What?
Your name is Winston.
Really? But the one who makes it
is Yolcaut, remember? Come here.
Hop on. Let's go.
- Hey!
- [Tochtli] Hey!
- Chichilkuali! Ay!
- [laughing] He won't remember his name.
[Yolcaut gives a mariachi shriek]
- [Tochtli gives a mariachi shriek]
- [Yolcaut laughs]
[Yolcaut] Your hippopotamus
are going to Mexico!
[Tochtli] Ay!
[music fades out]
[Tochtli] I'll name the male Louis XVI
and the female
Marie Antoinette of Austria.
[Mazatzin] Leave "of Austria" out, no?
I like Marie Antoinette of Austria.
Would you like me to call you...
Junior Lpez of Tegucigalpa?
- No.
- Oh, you see?
[video game music in background]
- When are you back?
- Soon.
- [knocking at door]
- Yeah, but tell me when. C'mon.
- I asked Winston, and he said very soon.
- We're almost leaving, okay?
- [John] They called from the boat.
- We miss you here, Tochtli.
Me too.
- [John] We need to go there.
- [Yolcaut] Where?
- [John] To the boat.
- Who's that?
- John Kennedy.
- [Yolcaut] Why?
- Who?
- [John] Hippos are sick.
- We need to go now.
- Our guide.
[Yolcaut] Sick? Tochtli, hang up.
- Bye.
- [Yolcaut] Hang up. We have to go.
[somber music playing]
[John] Hippos are there,
but... it's better not to go in.
[Yolcaut] Why?
[John] They're sick.
They could be contagious.
- [Yolcaut] What the fuck is he saying?
- [Chichilkuali] Apparently, they're sick.
- [Yolcaut] How does he know?
- [Chichilkuali] We wanna see them, John.
It is not safe.
- Open the door.
- [Chichilkuali] Show us, please, John.
- You stay here, son.
- [Tochtli] I wanna see them.
- [Yolcaut] Let me get in there first.
- No!
Stop being stubborn!
Maybe it's dangerous, mijo.
People in gangs don't hide the truth!
Better yet,
they tell each other everything, eh?
[quirky brass music playing]
[Yolcaut] Are you sure?
[Tochtli] Hello.
[John] Keep your distance.
Don't go near them.
Don't get close, mijo.
Who's Louis XVI,
and who's Marie Antoinette of Austria?
- [Chichilkuali] Who's who, Johnson?
- [John] It doesn't matter anymore.
- These animals, they are ruined.
- [Yolcaut] What happened?
- [John] Anthrax.
- [Yolcaut] What?
[John] It is a highly infectious disease.
It kills many animals.
[Yolcaut] Then bring 'em back.
Tell them to fix 'em.
[John] I already did. The only thing
they could say is to put them to sleep.
- They pooped, Dad. We have to clean them.
- [Chichilkuali] It's the only way, boss.
[sighs] No, don't touch 'em, Tochtli.
- [shouts] I said don't touch them!
- They need help, Dad!
Hey! Yeah, mijo. Now, it's too late.
- There's nothing we can do.
- Why?
They're suffering in these conditions!
It-- It's horrible for the animals!
I don't want 'em suffering.
[hippo groans]
[Yolcaut] Tochtli,
there's nothing we can do.
- Why not?
- Because that's not how things work!
Yolcaut always makes it.
- Mijo...
- Yolcaut always makes it!
I promise I'll get you other ones.
- Huh?
- I don't want other ones!
I want Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette
of Austria. My friends.
You're relentless, boy.
You don't even know them.
- I do know them! You have to help 'em!
- They're suffering, can't you see?
- Make them stop suffering.
- They're suffering, Tochtli.
- Gimme the gun.
- No. No!
- It's better to help them die quickly.
- No.
They'll arrive dead to Mexico.
Putrid and rotten. Understand?
I'm gonna travel in here
and take care of them.
[Yolcaut] Get out.
Get out!
[emphatically] Get out!
You too.
Come on, leave.
Repeat what you just said.
- Repeat what you just said.
- What did I say?
You're going to travel
and take care of them.
- Yes.
- Really?
- Yes!
- Look at them. Look at them! Hmm?
Look at them, Tochtli.
Not my fault, understand?
I'll buy you new ones.
Yolcaut always makes it.
Stop lying!
Everything you say is a lie!
- Get out, Junior.
- No, I'll stay with you.
- Tochtli, son, get out!
- Whoever leaves is a pansy, huh?
If you say so.
- [music fades out]
- [high-pitched tone]
[hippo breathing weakly]
[poignant music playing]
[music ends]
[anchor 1]
...started the flattening of line 51--
[anchor 2] He scores with the face.
He could've used the right foot...
- Sordid.
- ...awarded enough time.
[Woody Woodpecker laughs]
[narrator] It includes
both colonial palaces...
- Pathetic.
- ...exquisite wood carvings--
[upbeat music playing on TV]
[narrator] ...a form of art
that showed bravery
and indifference to pain.
Bushido not only sanctioned
double dealing and treachery,
Bushido extolled absolute loyalty
to one's superior
and reckless bravery in battle.
[mystical music playing]
[radio playing indistinctly]
- That hat is beautiful, mijo.
- Thanks.
What are you cooking?
Tripe stew, fish on the grill,
and delicious quesadillas.
In Japan, they also eat raw fish.
Yes, but they also eat other stuff,
don't they, Tochtli?
My name is Usagi.
- I don't know what that means.
- Well, it means "rabbit of the moon."
Ooh! Hey, mijo.
Here. Come. Promise it's good!
- Usagi doesn't eat menudo or quesadillas.
- What does he eat, then?!
- Just raw fish.
- Oh, mother of God.
- Can you prepare some raw fish for me?
- No, because you won't eat it!
I am going to eat it.
I swear on Miyamoto Musashi.
- On who?
- The most macho of the samurai.
[sighs] Very well, okay.
One aguachile coming up for Tochtli.
- Usagi!
- Oh, sorry! For Usagi.
[Yolcaut] This tripe stew
is fuckin' delicious.
- [Itzpapalotl] My mom's recipe.
- [Yolcaut] Oh really? And how's Yolotl?
- [Itzpapalotl] She's old.
- [Yolcaut] Tell her I said hi.
- [Itzpapalotl] Want more?
- [Yolcaut] No, I'm full. It was amazing.
- [Itzpapalotl chuckles] Okay, boss.
- Hey, you. How's the aguachile?
["Nieves de Enero"
by Chalino Snchez playing]
I'm talking to you, mijo.
Hey! I'm talking to you, mijo.
- [Itzpapalotl] He's Usagi now.
- Huh?
His name is Usagi. I think it's Japanese.
It means "rabbit of the moon."
- [Yolcaut] Usagi?
- Yeah.
He's a samurai.
Mm, really? With that robe,
he looks more like a pansy than a samurai.
[Azcatl chuckles]
Please pass me the water.
- Yes.
- No.
I'm closer to the water, mijo.
Why don't you ask me?
[phone ringing]
- [ringing stops]
- [Chichilkuali] The gov.
- [Yolcaut] What does he want?
- Us to turn on the news.
Hey, where you going? There's a TV here.
We're family, eh?
[Yolcaut scoffs]
[male anchor] ...not closed.
After a raid, an army unit
discovered dozens of human remains
scattered in an open area
known as Eagle's Hill,
located near the highway
that connects to Culiacn, Sinaloa...
Are human remains better than corpses?
Well, yeah! Because nobody can find out
who they were before being corpses.
Turn up the volume, Usagi.
...arrived at the scene, riding in vehicles...
No, I asked Usagi.
Give him the remote, shithead.
...reports have been received,
apparently filed by residents
and workers of the neighboring properties
- alarmed by the presence of smoke...
- Turn up the volume, Usagi.
...coming from the burning of tires.
I'm talking to you!
So far, up to ten black plastic bags
with human remains...
- I'm talking to you, Usagi.
- ...have been found.
- The state attorney general...
- I'm talking to you!
...who arrived later,
expressed his deep concern...
You have something to tell me?
Tell me! Don't be a pansy, Usagi!
Speak, for fuck's sake!
Enough of your bullshit! [sighs]
So far, there's no suspects
or information...
I didn't know I had raised a spoiled brat!
D'you think this behavior
will get you something? Huh? Huh?
[Chichilkuali] Boss.
The bodies were half buried,
almost on the surface,
as if the perpetrators of this atrocity
wanted them to be found easily.
[poignant music playing]
There were four dismembered bodies found.
Three men and one woman.
However, from what could be seen...
Power off.
...police believe...
Fucking shit!
[Tochtli vomiting]
[door opens]
[clock ticking]
[ticking slows down]
[ticking speeds up]
[big cats snarling]
[large projectile descending]
[Mazatzin] The gringos!
The fucking asshole gringos, Usagi.
[Tochtli] Nefarious.
According to the gringos,
the atomic bomb was for annihilating
many lives quickly, without suffering.
- Like the guillotine?
- No, no, no, no, Usagi. No.
The atomic bomb
is much crueler than the guillotine.
Not only because it is a method
of mass destruction but also of torture.
We don't have atomic bombs here.
But we have other stuff.
- Here in Mexico?
- No, here in this house.
[tuts softly] Such as?
Well... truths.
What kind of truths?
The ones that are not good to see.
[rumbling on TV]
[Mazatzin] Hey.
I'm sorry about the hippopotamus.
Sometimes animals get sick
because they don't wanna be trapped.
- Yolcaut is a traitor.
- No, come on.
[Mazatzin sighs softly]
I brought you a present.
No, thank you. It's not my birthday.
I know, but... it's the birth of Usagi.
You also give gifts when someone is born.
If you wanna be a real samurai...
you have to read this book.
It's a dictionary but for samurais.
- This book will help you when you grow up.
- How is it going to help?
Just read it.
- What's this?
- It's a dedication.
Well, sometimes gifts have a dedication
to make them more personal.
You're very important to me, Usagi.
I wanted you to know that.
See you tomorrow?
[poignant music playing]
You study, okay?
[door shuts quietly]
In an area of a little more
than three square miles,
there was very severe damage.
YOLCAUT ALWAYS MAKES I[whistles softly]
[cymbal crashes]
[Azcatl] It's easy to fight
with imaginary enemies, right, Usagi?
Why don't you help me?
Let's rip out these weeds. Huh?
I can't. I'm chopping heads.
The only head
that's gonna get chopped is yours. Uh!
Pay attention, you bonehead!
[woman] You have a lot of space,
and I like the colors very much.
I think this place is very cozy.
I really love the house. It's really big.
I love the decoration. [chuckles]
She's Cuazalotl, mijo.
We lived together
in the other house when you were younger.
She'll stay with us
for a couple of days, eh?
They told me your name is now Usagi.
What a pretty name.
[Yolcaut] Careful with that.
You don't wanna hurt anyone.
[clock ticking]
I brought a gift for you.
I got it in Acapulco.
[Yolcaut] What do you say?
Please, mijo.
For how long are you going to punish me?
- [Cuazalotl] It's okay. It doesn't matter.
- No, no. It does matter. Huh?
If she gives you a gift,
you say "thank you."
If you're ignoring me, fine.
But... I don't understand, son.
If Alotl gives you a gift...
- Thank you, Alotl.
- ...then you have to--
You're welcome.
[Alotl chuckles]
- [Yolcaut] Bonehead.
- [Alotl chuckles]
- Shwoo, shwoo!
- Oh, shit! You too?
[both laughing]
[Yolcaut] Why didn't you tell me anything?
- 'Cause I didn't wanna talk to you before.
- No. Do you know something?
- [Chichilkuali] No.
- [Miztli] No, boss.
[Yolcaut] Fucking Mazatzin.
Did he tell anyone?
- Maybe something happened to Yelitza.
- To who?
To Mazatzin's wife. She's sick.
Listen, check what's going on. Go.
[Alotl] Mmm.
- Fuckin' delicious.
- Told ya. [clicks tongue]
Say thanks to Itzpapalotl.
You have to win her over.
- Unless you want to starve to death.
- [Itzpapalotl] Come on!
- [Alotl] Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- You always eat so little or what?
- Always when I'm not hungry.
- [Miztli] You got more peppers?
- Get up and get 'em yourself!
- Come on, let's go to bed.
- [Alotl] Oh, behave yourself. [chuckles]
[Yolcaut] Yeah, right.
- Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am, Usagi.
- Hey, Miztli! Hm!
- Now what?
- [Alotl chuckles]
- Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am.
- Come on!
[cockerel crowing]
- [Yolcaut yells] No! Fuckin' motherfucker!
- [banging, glass breaking]
[Yolcaut] Pendejo! [grunting]
- [banging continues]
- [Yolcaut] Fuckin' shit writer!
Mother... fucker!
Fuck you, motherfucker! [grunts]
[Itzpapalotl] Tochtli! Come, mijo!
- [Yolcaut] Tochtli.
- Hey. Wait, wait.
- [Itzpapalotl] Come here.
- [Alotl] Calm down. Easy. Let it go.
Look at me. Look at me, look at me.
Take it easy. Hold me.
Hold me tight.
[softly] Listen. Listen to me.
Everything is gonna be fine.
[Chichilkuali] We found Mazatzin.
- [Tochtli] What does it say?
- [Chichilkuali] Everything.
- The truths that aren't good to see?
- [Chichilkuali] Mm-hmm.
- [Tochtli] He wrote about Yolcaut?
- Yeah.
He wrote about all of us.
Everyone except you.
There's no Tochtli in the rabbit hole.
- And Usagi?
- Him neither.
[dark brass music playing]
[Tochtli] Why?
Uh, probably... he wanted to protect you.
- From what?
- [Chichilkuali] We don't know.
[music intensifies]
[music intensifies]
[music fades out]
- [Yolcaut] I'm gonna fuckin' kill him.
- [Paula scoffs] No.
- No, I would not suggest that.
- [Yolcaut] Why?
There's only one thing you can do.
And you know it.
- What thing?
- Disappear.
At least for a while.
- A while?!
- Mmm.
A few years
until whatever's going on out there...
- You know--
- No.
- What do you mean "no"?
- No, no. He's a pinche writer, Paula.
- He's not the only one, Yolcaut.
- What?
When was the last time
you talked to the gov?
- Hmm?
- I'm going to find him.
- Who?
- Mazatzin.
- [video game music playing on TV]
- Well, that's stupid.
Listen, anything that's news today
dies down quickly,
and eventually, it vanishes.
Con una chingada!
I'm not disappearing. Okay?
I don't understand, then.
- What?
- What am I doing here?
- I need to be sure you remember.
- Remember what?
Our talk.
- [scoffs] We've had many talks, Yolcaut.
- The only one that matters.
[poignant music playing]
Course, I remember.
Let's have some tequilas.
[softly] And who's that?
[Tochtli] The samurai's brother.
- [Yolcaut] Is the brother also a samurai?
- [Tochtli] He isn't.
The one with the katana is the samurai.
- [Yolcaut] That one?
- [Tochtli] Yes.
And that one, the one without a sword,
it's the brother.
The one who's not a samurai.
It's not so complicated, amor.
What about that one?
That's the samurai's father. You know?
- Who's also a samurai?
- [Tochtli] Yes.
[Yolcaut] Hmm.
Why are they fighting if they're family?
Really? Are you gonna keep talking
through the whole movie or what?
They're fighting for honor.
Because honor is the only important thing
for a samurai.
[poignant music playing]
[Alotl] Where are you going?
The movie's not over.
Dad? [louder] Dad?
You know what?
Some day, you're gonna have to
do that with me.
Do what?
Okay. I'll see you in bed.
[door shuts]
[music fades out]
[man in distance] One, one.
Two, yes. Yes. Testing, testing.
[melodic knocking, door opens]
- [Yolcaut] Which word did you learn today?
- Turn up the volume.
I can't hear shit.
Two. Test, two.
Two! Two, two, testing. Three, three!
- We're all set.
- The party started already, mijo.
- Bring the tuba!
- I'll be right there.
Testing, test-- Yes.
Mijo, today...
Today, I want you to be Tochtli.
- How's it going, people?
- But why?
- Because that's your name.
- Okay. Two, yes.
But my name is Usagi.
- I want you over there. Wait up.
- Come.
Hey! There's a delay!
[sighs] No, your name is Tochtli.
Like your grandpa.
And you're not Japanese. You're Mexican.
- Do you understand this?
- Yes.
- Please bring another mic.
- [man laughing outside]
Okay, hmm? Please go change.
[somber brass music playing outside]
There goes the she-wolf of evil
As those who saw her say
My donkeys have already died
So she can't hurt me
There goes the wolf of evil
Say those who saw her
My donkeys have already died
So she can't hurt me
I told you girl and I told you so
If it wasn't for the she-wolf here
We would be together until dawn
I think that yes, yes, yes
I feel like no, I feel like no
Your husband doesn't love you
Like I do
[vocalist] Hell is number one!
And keep going with the joyful boy.
Long live Sorianita, brother!
[mariachi shrieking]
- [man 1] Hey.
- [man 2] Hey.
- [man 3] Hey, pass me the green one.
- [man 1] Uh!
- [man 2 laughs]
- [man 3] I don't believe you.
- Come on, man.
- [Chichilkuali] Another one?
- [man 2] Huh?
- [Chichilkuali chuckles] C'mon--
- [Tochtli] How many can you eat?
- [Chichilkuali] Sh, sh, sh!
Like my dad used to say. Us that are
real men, we don't... we don't... talk much.
- Ah!
- [Chichilkuali] Don't be shy, boss.
And... I don't know, I don't like
to be the center of attention, but...
but today, I wanna say something.
You, my brothers, you have been, um,
an essential part of this family.
Including our new friends
from the band Soyotitas.
- [overlapping chat]
- Band "Soyotitas."
- [Azcatl] Bravo!
- A... true family isn't just
only the one we're given at birth.
It's also the one you choose.
The one that forms around you.
You're our brothers and sisters.
- [Miztli] Yeah.
- Agreed.
Hm? I want tonight to be for us!
It's our party.
I want you all
to go to sleep really fuckin' drunk!
Itzpapalotl, you too, ma'am.
- Yeah, you too!
- Me?
- Okay?
- [Itzpapalotl] Okay. Salud!
And go to sleep knowing that
we love you very much.
- We love you very much.
- And, uh...
- [Chichilkuali] We love you as well, boy.
- Yeah. And uh...
- [Miztli] We love you, Tochtli!
- ...we will always thank you for...
You're gonna make me cry, man.
I wish you a happy new year, everybody!
- Happy new year!
- Happy new year!
- [Tochtli whoops]
- Best is yet to come, man.
Eat fast because
you gotta keep playing, cabron!
[men chuckling]
It's time, mijo.
Time for what?
- [Yolcaut] Lemme see your hands.
- [Tochtli] Take a good look.
[Yolcaut chuckles] Bonehead.
Hmm. [sighs] Ay, ay, ay.
Come close.
Grab it.
No, no, with this hand, mijo.
Here. And hold it tight. This one kicks.
- And who do I shoot?
- To the sky, Tochtli.
- Only the sky?
- Only the sky, son.
- Do you like it?
- Yes.
Whoever wants to be my friend
Must have three things
A good saddle, a good horse
And good legs to run
Welcome to the fearful
And courageous one
Where is his fearful wife?
Fixing her dress, fixing her hairstyle
The daughters of the fearful
And courageous one
And the cord of the kid
Yeah! Fuck.
[Alotl] Not that one. [sighs] Look.
Every year, we're gonna write here
what we don't want in our lives,
and we're gonna burn it today.
- All right? Do you have something?
- [Tochtli] Yes.
- [Alotl] Put it there.
- [Tochtli] Done.
And... when should we burn them?
[Alotl] Now it's gone.
[Azcatl] All right!
I have the pozole! Whoo!
- About time.
- Let it burn, come on.
It'll never come back.
Just write it down.
This will burn it all up.
- [Yolcaut] What the hell are you doing?
- He's burning bad luck away.
- They brought the pozole, didn't you hear?
- D'you wanna help me serve it?
- Yeah, come on.
- Let's go.
[drunkenly] I could've made the pozole.
- Cheers, boss.
- [Yolcaut] Cheers!
- Are you drunk?
- No way.
- [chuckles] Well, just a little bit.
- [Yolcaut laughing heartily]
[Alotl] Gimme some of those bowls
and the spoon.
[upbeat music playing outside]
- [dramatic music]
- [both scream]
- It's the gov!
- Go get your dad! Come on, Tochtli, run!
- Okay, yes, yes!
- Quick! Run!
[Yolcaut drunkenly] The day that I die
I'm not going to take anything with me
I've got to give into indulgence
Life will soon be over
In... this world
Only the memory remains
Once dead, I'm going to take...
...with me...
Dad! Dad.
What is it, son?
- The gov!
- What?
- The gov!
- What the hell does he want?
- He's here!
- What?
[volley of gunfire]
[Yolcaut] Tochtli!
- Tochtli!
- [big cats snarling]
- Have you seen Tochtli?
- No.
Free the animals, come on! Quickly!
["El Son de los Aguacates"
by Banda El Recodo playing]
[gunfire continues]
[Yolcaut] Tochtli!
Tochtli. Come! Come on, come!
- Where?
- Let's go.
[music intensifies]
[Miztli] Die, motherfucker!
Come on, assholes!
[mortar whistling]
- [Yolcaut] Get down! Get down!
- [Chichilkuali] Cover me!
[Yolcaut] This way. This way, this way.
Tochtli! Run! Run, mijo!
Dad! Yolcaut!
Assholes, motherfuckers! Argh!
Argh! Argggh!
Go inside, kid! Go inside!
Inside, mijo! Go inside!
[Tochtli] Itzpapalotl! Come!
You'll see now, motherfuckers!
Take this, you fuckin' idiots!
Fuckin' soldiers, dickheads, pansies!
[men screaming]
You can't deal
with this old lady, assholes!
Chinga tu madre! Gimme the gun!
- [Itzpapalotl] Motherfuckers!
- Where's Tochtli?
Cover yourself, goddammit!
Get inside, son!
- [Itzpapalotl yelling] Come on!
- [music ends]
- [gunfire continues]
- [men scream]
[solemn music playing]
- [Yolcaut] Hey! Let's go!
- [Alotl] There you are!
- Hey. Come. Let's run.
- Quickly, son.
- [Alotl] Run.
- Run, boy! No! Duck!
[horse squealing]
[Alotl] Run. Quick. Run. Run!
- [Alotl] To the sombreros room!
- [Yolcaut] Go, go!
[Tochtli] Which way?
- That way!
- [Yolcaut] Run! Run! Run!
Stop there. Let me go through.
Move over. Now.
- Come on. Get down there, Tochtli.
- No!
You go with Alotl. She'll take care
of everything. Listen to me--
- What about you?!
- Go. I'll see you on the other side. Run.
When, Dad?
I have to stay here. Our people
are out there, and I have to help them.
Tochtli... Hey, you're a kid.
None of this is your fault, okay?
- I'm a kid, but I'm no pansy.
- I know you're not a pansy, mijo.
Those people don't know you're here.
They don't know you exist.
- Do you understand?
- No!
Tochtli... I built this palace for you.
Just for you. So you could be free.
But you can't be free here anymore.
- Mijo!
- [Alotl] Let's go!
Don't be afraid.
Remember, Yolcaut always makes it.
Come on.
Dad, come with us!
- I'm coming, mijo.
- Dad!
[Yolcaut] Thank you. [sighs]
[music intensifies]
[music becomes melancholy]
[distant gunfire continues]
[music becomes tense]
- [Tochtli] Where we going?
- To meet some friends!
- Friends of who?
- Hurry, I'll explain later.
Grab this, c'mon.
- [Tochtli] Okay!
- Hold it, hold it!
[engine starts]
Hop on. Get on! Get on!
Hold on tight to me. Very tight!
[music intensifies]
- [Tochtli] Where we going?
- Get down.
Run over there to the staircase.
You have to go first.
It's important that they see you.
Go up, up, up.
[music subsides]
- Run!
- Where to?
Over there. Over there. Run!
- [music fades out]
- [Alotl] Pascual! Pascual!
- Pascual!
- [Pascual] Seora!
- Hi, ma'am, do you need something?
- No, no, thank you.
- Let's go, there's no time. Let's go.
- [Alotl] Run.
[fireworks banging]
[doors shut, engine starts]
[poignant music playing]
[music fades out]
- [gentle applause]
- [woman whooping]
[chuckles] Okay. Now this one is from us.
- What is it?
- Todd.
Todd, don't be so anxious.
- Do you like it?
- [Tochtli] Yes. Thank you.
Maybe we can... build it together.
Here. Open mine next.
- It's a football.
- I know.
Can we go play outside?
[woman] Todd, it's not your birthday.
It's Timmy's.
[sighs softly] This is the last gift.
It's from Paula.
- [Tochtli] Paula Wig?
- Yeah.
[Tochtli] Ooh!
[poignant music playing]
- [Todd] Ha-ha-ha, whoa.
- [man] Nice!
- [woman] Lemme take a picture.
- [Todd] You look nice.
[doorbell rings]
[man] Whoa, whoa, boys!
This another gift for Timmy?!
[deliveryman] It's heavy.
[man] Nice.
- Hey, boys, come on. Watch your step.
- [deliveryman] Yep.
[man] Boys, give the deliverymen
a little space, would you?
Hey, here we come.
Looking good.
Come on back. Come on back. Nice.
Boys, please be careful.
- [Todd] What is it?
- [woman] We don't know yet.
[man] Uh, did we order something else?
Not sure.
[Mexican fanfare]
- [man] Oh my God.
- [woman] Oh my God.
[man] What the hell is that?
Imagine the worst, and you'll be right.
- [man] Was-- Is that real?
- [woman] Don't touch it, Todd.
["El Sinaloense"
by Banda La Recia playing]
[music ends]
[somber classical music playing]
[music stops]