Down with the King (2021) Movie Script

Fuck, man.
Goddamn it!
We've had days where we've done
six of these in one day.
Six of them.
Just me and Matt before...
When he was around more.
Oh, man.
Sometimes people ask me, you
know, "Can I buy half a pig?"
"Can I get some of that?"
So I raise an extra one for a
family member or a close friend.
And, uh, we make a few bucks.
Now, the absolute
most important thing ever...
is the bile sac.
The bile sac?
If you were to break that...
It's such...
It's like yellow, ugly shit
that will taint the meat
and make it not edible.
So you...
It's really critical,
so I don't know
if you feel like it,
but if you don't mind
holding this.
Got you.
Got it?
Yeah, I got it.
We're good.
MAN: I got it. I got my
green shot right there.
J-rod, motherfucker!
What's up, brother?
How you doing, baby?
It's been a while.
Yeah, man.
Good to see you.
What's up? Merc.
How's it going?
It's good to meet you.
Good to meet you!
BOB: You won't believe what he
helped me with. It was fucked up.
It's right there. Try it.
They're serving up the other
ones, the green ones.
No pork on my fork,
but have at it.
To la finca.
La finca, the farm.
La finca.
La finca!
I didn't know that one.
So here's the deal.
I just went into the bathroom...
I swear to God, bro.
I swear this to God.
I go in the bathroom...
to go to the bathroom.
I feel this thing on me...
Number one or number two?
Number one.
I'm feeling this thing on me,
and I'm getting really nervous,
and I'm, like, okay,
it's pretty big.
For real.
Bob, look.
Dude! It was...
I had a bloated tick
on my something!
A what?
A tick!
It was buried in me
on my something.
MERCURY: What's this...? Time-out.
What the fuck is a "some-tine"?
MAN: A something.
His freaking "something."
MERCURY: Your dick?
MAN: Yeah, man.
You had a tick on your dick?
On my dick! I did.
How did you not know this?
I didn't know because they're
pretty cool at what they do.
They're quiet.
They don't go:
Did you, would you, could you?
I'm, like, oh, my God.
Oh, yeah, Bob.
So far, so good. We good, man.
Goddamn, Bob.
Goddamn, man.
You high, man?
Yeah. Yeah.
Hi, this is, uh,
Mercury Maxwell.
I'm staying down at the house.
I just wanted to let you know
that we had a tree
fall down today.
And, uh...
it's in the backyard,
but give me a call when you can.
What up? What up?
It's your boy, Money Merc.
Live from the middle
of the fucking woods...
working on this new album
right quick, man.
Don't know where the fuck
I'm at,
at an undisclosed location,
but let me show y'all, though.
Hold on. Let me see...
Out here, baby.
Out here.
What you know about that?
Nah, I ain't no country boy,
but it's cool out here though.
I'm fucking with it.
Like I said,
I'm just getting
some new vibes for the album.
You know, new shit going down.
Don't even trip.
"When can I come to Brazil?"
Shit, anytime.
Y'all got that ass in Brazil.
You already know, shit.
"I'm a 14-year-old rapper
with sick beats and hard rhymes.
Shout me out, Lil' Stank."
Lil' Stank, that's your name,
my nigga?
Do you shit on yourself?
Do you wear diapers, mofo?
What the fuck is a Lil' Stank?
I'm fucking with it though.
Keep grinding though.
Go check out Lil' Stank.
"You soft as hell.
Just telling you how it is."
You bitch-ass nigga.
Where the fuck you from, man?
Ohio or some shit like that?
Monkey-ass nigga, man.
Motherfuckers always coming in
here, talking shit,
but it's crazy 'cause when y'all
see a motherfucker
on the street,
it'd be all smiles.
But it's all good though.
"Lil' AK-47 son'd you
in the new video."
Fuck AK-47, man!
How the fuck AK-47 son'd me
and I'm the father of this shit?
Man can't "son" me.
Nigga's a bitch. Fuck blood.
It's all good, man.
I ain't got to respond
to bitch-ass niggas like that.
Like I said, album on the way,
we flaming that fuck-boy
on every track.
It's going down.
I ain't worried about shit.
You already know
how Blood Money Merc do
when I get in that mode, so...
It is what it is. Anyway, man.
Album on the way, man.
I'm checking out. Peace.
MICHAELE: Okay, fine. I
got it. I'm going on break.
Hey, yo! Excuse me. Shit.
Can you help me?
I got a leak in the kitchen
of this house I'm renting,
and, uh...
I need a P-trap,
and I don't know
if I need "1 1/4" or "1 1/2".
Okay, I think...
It's for the kitchen, so...
It could be either.
I think it just depends
on the sink. Oh, shit.
I should have brought
the pipe in here.
You can get both and return
whatever you don't use.
Yeah, I guess I got to do that.
My husband's a logger.
He uses these.
You a logger?
Eh, not quite.
You look familiar.
Were you in the movies?
[SIGHS] Nah. Actually...
I make music. I'm a rapper.
Oh, really?
Can I ask you a question?
What's that?
What's the difference
between hip-hop and rap?
Uh, like rap is like the music,
the sub-genre of it,
and hip-hop is like
the whole culture, I guess.
So hip-hop is more
like the young kids do
and rap is for seasoned?
Um, I mean, I don't really think
it has an age bracket on it.
Think everybody
kind of loves it, you know?
Jill, could you switch with Sue?
Like, just change spots.
All right.
That is significantly better.
Everyone smile.
Okay, good.
Three, two, one.
Unh. Seven more colors of this
When it goes off
Unh. Seven new colors of this
But it goes off
Unh. Eighty-two Rolls
When it blows off
You didn't kill that pig.
I did.
The nigga asked me to help him
slaughter the pig and I did it.
What the fuck? It wasn't shit.
I thought it was gonna be
a big deal, but it wasn't.
It actually was easy.
All right.
Well, whatever it takes.
As long as you're not isolating.
I want to make sure
you're feeling right,
feeling ready
to get back into writing.
'Cause you've been up there
three weeks now.
I'll give you another month,
Ain't no motherfucking
timeline, nigga.
How are you going to tell me
you're gonna give me a month?
Y'all can't rush this shit, man.
Y'all keep always trying to turn
a motherfucker creativity
on and off like a light switch.
It don't work like that.
You know what I'm saying?
I'm tired... I hear you.
I'm tired of this rap shit
What if I don't
turn the album in?
No, no.
What if I don't even
turn the album in?
They gonna sue me?
The label's a bitch, right?
But it's a bitch we both got
to deal with on some level.
Let me handle them.
Don't be even thinking
about that.
I just want your truth.
Whatever magic happens
up in that place
with you being sort of away
from all that's been
stressing you out,
that's what I want
to hear about.
I just don't want you sinking
into the mental space
you were in
before I sent you up there,
you know what I mean?
The whole point
of being up there
is to get out of that head.
I know.
I'm surprised. You just...
You know, when you were little,
I had to drag you outdoors.
What am I going to do
in the projects of Chicago,
go outside and get shot?
This is a little different.
Yeah, it's definitely different.
Just good to get
some fresh air, you know?
Kind of hit mute on
everything. Mm-hm.
Nobody out here,
not a nigga in sight.
Only thing you got to worry
about out here is them bears.
What bears?
Bears all around.
What, here?
You said you wanted
to go on a hike.
But you didn't say nothing
about no bears!
Nah, don't hold me.
If a bear get on you, hey...
Hey, Mama, I love you,
but if a bear jump out,
it's every man for themselves.
I know you got my back.
there are no bears out here.
If they come out, just ball up
in the fetal position.
Then they won't... They might
not do nothing to you.
That's what I heard.
Bob tell you that?
All right, so is it hot?
I'mma put some of these onions
in if it's hot.
I don't like onions.
But you need them,
so let's run with it.
Since when don't you
like onions?
It ain't my thing.
I don't like the texture.
You've eaten onions.
You don't even know
when the onions are in there.
I don't like the texture
of onion. Back up.
Back it on up!
Back up. All right.
I'm just gonna put
half the onions in here.
Okay. Just 'cause I
don't wanna hear it.
It's your world.
It's your world, shawty.
[LAUGHING] Yes. It's my world.
It's your world.
He's a bitch! He's a bitch-made bitch.
If that album says anything
about fucking drugs,
hos, bitches, and fucking
selling crack, fuck that,
because you're out
in the fucking woods!
There's no fucking way
that you're fucking real!
Come to the fucking hood.
Come on, Mama. What's up?
If you're a fan of his,
comment down below. Whatever.
Where you on your way to?
I'mma stop back down at Aunty's
and, uh, pick my stuff up,
then I'm gonna head on
back to my house.
Good old Evans ton.
Who could've thought?
Ain't got a lot of our kind
out there, that's for sure.
I love my house,
and I love the new people
I'm getting to...
That's good. That's good.
Everybody need a change
of scenery from time to time.
How many Black farmers you know?
How many Black people you know
producing and,
you know,
cultivating their own food?
There ain't a lot.
You know?
Look at you.
Just a thought, you know?
Big Bob, what up, playboy?
BOB: Merc!
I don't know, man.
I'm beat.
[SIGHS] What's going on?
How you doing, man?
Good. I'm chilling.
Good to see you.
I don't know, man,
just having a tough morning.
Got so many animals,
it's driving me nuts.
I got cows,
three of them had babies.
I got to have three more.
They'll go any minute.
I got 16 turkeys.
I got 35 broiler chickens
I got to hang up on Monday.
I got laying hens...
and some doves.
And then I got to find some way
to go up the road
and cut 25 trees on the ground
to make some money.
That sound like a lot shit, man.
Need some help?
You don't have to help me.
You helped me last week.
I know, man, but, you know,
I'mma be here for a minute,
I figured I might as well, you
know, come give you a hand.
My grandfather used
to have farmland.
I'd be lying to you if I said
I wasn't interested in it.
So, you know, me helping you
is like helping me.
What you say?
The fuck?
[GROANS] You got to help
me get this in these buckets.
Or this bucket, anyway.
Man, what is this shit?
Pig food, man.
Pig food?
I know,
it's too good for them, huh?
You got bagels, French toast,
Ring Dings. You kidding me?
Honey buns.
Fucking pancakes, dude. Yeah.
That's crazy.
Throwing away all this
good shit, man.
I know, but at least
it's outdated.
And nobody gets to use it
'cause they can't sell it.
As soon as it's one day old,
they say, no,
you got to get rid of it.
I've been lucky
for almost a year now,
getting this from them, and
they're going out of business.
Yeah, it sucks.
Tastes good though, right?
Tastes all right to me.
All right, motherfuckers!
Let's get it. Let's get it.
Oink, oink, oink, oink.
Oink, motherfucker.
Come on, oink, motherfucker.
Come on. Let's get this shit.
There we go, yeah!
Come on. Fuck with me.
Fuck with me. Oink, oink.
BOB: Sounds like the
turkeys are liking you too.
Bacon, motherfucker.
I want some turkey bacon next!
They're liking it.
You got to give me new shoes.
This shit getting my shit
all fucked up.
See what we got.
Fuck with me you put
A thousand feet up in the dirt
A thousand rounds
A thousand grams
I got a thousand percs
Fresh out the pen
Ain't need no deal
'Cause I was serving work
Sign my record contract
In blood Blood Money Merc
Used to keep a brick
In the truck
Like I ain't give a fuck
Got some head
A little top
I sent some bitches up
Dropped the nine piece
In the Rex
I fucked the kitchen up
Did a double date
With two bitches
Don't post no pictures up
Sort of like Goldie
How I mack a ho
I'm dressing up Cinderella
She was a rat before
These studio
Gangster-ass niggas
Ain't serve a pack before
Bitch, I made
My first couple million
Off of the crack and blow
Off of the crack flow
The crack flow
Serving that dope
Like I ain't rap before
Like I ain't never
Left the trap before
Sort of like Goldie
How I mack a ho
Dressing up Cinderella
She was a rat before
Goldie, how I mack a ho
Goldie, how I mack a ho
Made my first couple million
Off of the crack and blow
Sort of like Goldie
How I mack a ho
Selling a pack before
Serve a pack before
K-Boss, K-Boss.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, baby. Come on.
Come on, baby. Yeah.
Yes, put them all on the list.
If you want, you know,
m-message them at 6 p.m.
Yeah, 6 p.m. I will make
a public statement regarding...
Yeah. All right.
I got to go. Bye. Yo!
You shitting me, dude,
with this?
What is this shit, bro? No.
What you doing at my house?
The fuck you doing here?
What the fuck is this?
What is this tweet?
You don't do this on your own.
You got high last night?
Fucked up?
Do it on my own?
What the fuck you talking about?
You consult with me.
That's why I'm calling you.
Consult? I don't have
to consult shit.
Who the fuck you think
you talking to?
You see my name on your phone,
you don't answer...
Who the fuck you talking to?
Who the fuck you talking to?
Fuck yourself.
What? Fuck, what?
Fuck you, man.
Fuck you, man.
Fuck, what?
Fuck you, motherfucker.
Fuck what? Come on!
Let's go! I'm right here!
I'll smoke
your motherfucking ass.
Watch who the fuck
you talking to.
I ain't afraid of you.
You can put your hands on me,
do whatever you want.
I'm not gonna leave.
I'm here for you, bro!
I hate to say it.
I hate to see it.
You're going to lose everything.
I'm here for your houses.
You live on credit, like the
rest of these motherfuckers do.
I'm here for your car.
I'm here for your mom's house.
We worked so fucking hard
to get that house!
Now, I'm not supposed
to bring this up but, yo,
you got child support
payments, bro.
Where's your shit? I'm saying,
send me a dummy track.
Send me something stupid,
just so I can satiate them,
just so they'll calm down.
They're breathing down my neck.
Then I wake up, and fucking,
yo, "I'm quitting,
I'm never fucking coming back,"
whatever this fucking...
I got the press calling me
and I can't even talk to you?
I can't even get you
on the phone to say:
"What is this about?
How do I explain this?"
You're lucky I didn't put out
a statement on your behalf
without consulting you.
Take your time. But deliver.
You got to focus.
You have a goal here.
That's why we're up here.
I know you're not up here
for the weather, bro.
Whatever, you made a friend.
Good, I'm glad
you made a friend.
But that's a distraction
right now.
If you ain't Money Merc,
who are you?
I'm hungry as fuck.
I'm going inside.
I'm gonna get myself a sandwich.
And we got to sit down
and fucking talk
about this shit, dude.
He's a big boy.
Thank you.
He can do whatever he wants.
LORI: Oh, no, thank you.
How old are you, Bob, 86?
Come on, man.
Don't push it, bro.
I'm turning 71 next week.
Yeah, you want to look like
this when you're 71?
You ain't gonna look like this.
You're right.
You'll be an old,
fat motherfucker.
Leave him alone, Bob.
No, let me just say something
right here.
When I turn 98,
I hope I look just like you.
All right?
You look good.
You ever see anything like this?
What are you showing us?
You know what I'm saying?
Sexy Bob. This is Bob.
He can't help himself.
Cheers to Bob.
It's for the sake of the party.
I don't want to be a spoiled...
To Bob.
Bob, my darling.
The night was mighty dark
And you could hardly see
For the moon
Refused to shine
A couple sitting
Underneath the willow tree
For love, they pined
Little maid
Was kind of afraid of darkness
So she said, I guess I'll go
Boy began to sigh
Looked up at the sky
Told the moon
His little tale of woe
Whoa, shine on
Shine on, harvest moon
Up in the sky
I ain't had no loving since
January, February, June
Or July
Snow time ain't no time
To stay outdoors and spoon
So shine on
Shine on, harvest moon
For me and my gal
Told you, man! Told you!
What do you think about that?
Thank you for listening.
Man, what do you think?
That was pretty solid, right?
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Hell, yeah, that was solid.
Your voice is angelic to say
the least, you know what I mean?
It ain't the type of music
I do, gangster rap.
But, you know,
you got your own lane.
It's cool.
There it is.
That's good.
What'd you think
about your mom's songs?
Are you kidding?
You're gorgeous.
Thank you for asking.
That's very nice.
But I'm never lost
Wandering but I'm never lost
Wandering but I'm never lost
Where I'm from
You have to push a pack
Just to be the boss, nigga
Where I'm from
They have to push it back
Just to be the boss
Money Merc
Never taking a fucking loss
These pussy niggas off
These pussy niggas off
But I'm never lost
Nigga, where I'm from
They have to push a pack
To be the boss
Bitch nigga
Pussy nigga
AK, pussy nigga
Bitch nigga
Pussy nigga
Wish to fuck a nigga would
Fuck nigga
Wish that he could
Money Merc, bitch
That sandwich good as hell
from the gas station.
What the fuck?
Okay, I got behind them.
I'm heading them towards you.
Just stay wide!
MERCURY: I thought
this fence was electric.
Goddamn it.
K-Boss, come on, come on.
Give him some room!
Baby bull, baby bull, baby bull!
Come on, come on!
Come on, come on.
Let's go, let's go!
Let's go, let's go! Come on.
K-Boss, K-Boss.
Yeah, man!
I do this shit. I do this shit.
BOB: You can do it!
What comes to mind right now?
Immortal Technique.
Revolutionary, Vol 2.
It's on now, motherfucker
Lock and load
I'm at the point of no return
I can never come back
Life without parole
Upstate shackled and trapped
Living in a hole
Looking at the world
Through a crack
Fuck that I'd rather
shoot it out and get clapped
The government's
Trying to murder me
[CHUCKLING] Auschwitz
gas chamber Full of Zyklon B
And I don't know where
The fuck I'm at right now
Damn, that's some deep shit,
You got some flow, man.
I see you rocking
that shit a little bit.
I tell you what, man.
Help me out.
Man, you gotta loosen up.
Quit being so goddamn tense.
Yeah, man.
What's the secret?
You rapping that old,
tense-ass, tight-ass shit, man.
You preaching.
What's the secret?
Nobody wants to hear all that
shit all the time, Bob.
What's the fucking secret?
That's cool, but just jam.
Jam with it. Keep it smooth.
You know what I'm saying?
Jam with it. Clap.
Clap. Clap.
Clap. Clap.
Clap. Clap.
I'm feeling a little loose.
Be smooth with it.
Be smooth with it
Be smooth with it
Be smooth with it
Be smooth with it
Be smooth with it
Bring your bitch to the farm
And the bitch get naked
When you fuck with Big Bob
Nigga, shit get hectic
When you fuck with Big Bob
Man, the bitch get naked
When you fuck with Big Bob
Man, your bitch
Better check it
Wreck it
Check yourself
Big Bob
Never wreck yourself
Yeah, I said, check yourself
Big Bob on the farm
Never wreck yourself
Don't be booting a ho
I say don't make me
Put this boot in a ho
Me and Bob
We be tootin' the blow
Me and Bob
We be tootin' the blow
On the farm with them thangs
And the cow
Got them thangs, yeah
Real smooth with it
Getting real smooth with it
Jam, Bob, go ahead.
Revolutionary Vol 2.
Forget you, with this
revolutionary shit, man.
Life is good, man.
Life is good.
Not like that.
Fucking revolutionary, man.
What's one plus one?
Oh, um...
That's two, and you know
what 10 plus 10 is?
What's ten plus ten? You that
far ahead? What's ten plus ten?
What? All right,
I got a hard one for you.
What's 200 plus 100?
We did not learn that yet.
What's two plus one?
That is three!
Okay. So 200 plus 100 is what?
We... I already told you,
we didn't learn that yet.
All right.
Well, learn it. It's 300.
Hi, how are you?
I'm all right.
What are you looking for?
Uh, snow shovels.
We don't have them stocked yet.
Oh, yeah?
It must not be cold yet.
Something else
I can help you with?
Oh, I'm just gonna
browse around.
What's up?
What are you looking at,
you Larry-David-looking
You're fucked up, man.
Oh, you at work today, huh?
Yeah. Middle of the
week, just at work, huh?
What's going on? How you been?
Good. How are you?
I'm good. I'm just chilling.
I'm about to take a break.
You wanna go?
How you spell your name?
It look like, Michelle-a...
Why do they call you Michael?
I love talking about how to
spell my name and say my name.
Nobody ever asks me,
so thank you.
Your parents
must have wanted a boy.
They must have.
I feel like they were
disappointed in many ways.
Mm. How you liking country life?
It's cool.
I've been learning a lot
on the farm with Bob.
Yeah. My granddad
used to have a farm.
Like down south in Mississippi,
or something, but...
Got you.
My family never, like,
took me to meet him,
or anything like that,
so I don't really know
too much about him.
Now you're exploring
your farming roots.
Something like that.
I guess you could say that.
I can't wait to get out
of this fucking town.
Yeah, and go where?
You really need that,
uh, snow shovel?
That, uh-uh...?
Maybe when the snow hit,
I'll come back and get it.
Okay. You were coming to...
...window-shop today?
Should I get your number?
You think I just give
my number out like that?
Oh, okay.
Who do you think I am?
So next time you come
to look at snow shovels,
maybe we can talk about
if you wanna hang out then.
Got you.
Nice to see you.
Play some other shit.
Play some other shit.
Wait, hold up.
Play some other shit.
Play another one. Play
another one. All right.
This shit's dope.
This is some regal shit.
No, fuck that.
One more. Play another one.
All right.
Come on, Leon. What's up, man?
I got you. I got you.
Here we go.
Gotta feel it.
This guy's it. Come on.
Plus, we don't...
We don't have to clear this.
There's no samples.
That shit too happy. Nah, man.
Go back to the first one.
All right.
Fuck that shit.
Gang, gang
Keep doing it, bitch
Keep blowing it, bitch
The heroin drop in the pot
Got a one
Put a two in it, bitch
You know I'm the shit
I'm true in the shit
If I hit a bitch nigga
Smack dead in the face
You'll be suing this bitch
Like what, yeah
Ride by
And I throw a gang sign
Slide by in the 8-5
Never let a bitch nigga
Take mine
Never let a bitch nigga
Take mine
Stay high, ride by in the 8-5
Throw a gang sign, nigga
I'm chilling, man.
Yo, that was dope,
but we should...
Let's try and do some...
'Cause that shit sounds
like your last record. Hm?
I'm just saying that...
What you're rapping about.
My last record?
When was your last?
That beat is good. It's okay,
but really, I'm making the beat.
I'm doing what I'm doing to...
I mean...
I'm enhancing you.
[SCOFFS] My last record.
When was your last shit?
It's only...
I mean...
That's where
we're going with it?
I'm just saying, like,
let's do something
that's a little different.
Nigga, you're just
like all these...
We could just...
We could, I mean...
All y'all motherfuckin'
white boys in the industry
always trying to make
a nigga change his style.
I mean...
The fuck going on, man?
That's dope too, but...
Why you want me to change
my motherfucking style, nigga?
The shit that got me here
got me here.
I'm saying, we just go,
like, a little left.
Maybe we need to go a little
different on the beats.
Well, you know...
Like you said, man,
niggas trying to make hits.
Yeah, but, I mean, hits...
You know, hits ain't coming
from the same...
We can't follow the same
formula and then it's a hit.
You know? You already had hits.
It's the same shit.
The shit I've been doing
been putting them plaques
on the wall.
All right. The cars in the
motherfucking driveway.
The houses on the lot.
You got me fucked up, Leon.
I'm out.
Show your way out, dawg.
You got some weed?
I got weed.
Get the fuck out.
Get the fuck out.
I don't feel like rapping
right now, dawg.
I just need some space
from that shit.
I don't know, maybe when...
I don't know. I don't know.
Just right now, I'm...
I ain't in it.
It ain't in me, you know?
If you do the fucking...
The shit will come back.
This shit comes and goes.
You've gotta give it some time.
That's the thing, Leon.
I ain't got a lot of time
in this shit.
It's like once a nigga
go over 30,
they start looking at you
like a dinosaur,
you know what I mean?
It's definitely a young nigga's
game right now.
I mean...
You can change that.
But I don't know.
That doesn't seem true
all the time.
As long as you
keep making good music,
you could go forever.
Yeah, I feel you.
Shit, man, aside from that, man,
this shit dangerous as fuck too.
What fucking other job in music
do you gotta worry
about getting shot?
If I was a motherfucking
country singer,
you think niggas would wanna
take my jewelry, nigga?
Fucking rap, man.
I got into this rap shit
to get...
away from the streets.
It seem like
this shit's just bringing me...
ten times closer to it.
So that tweet,
that shit was real, then?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Look at that.
I didn't think this old guy
had it in him still.
I didn't think I
could hit it that far.
Tiger Woods, nigga, what?
Get the fuck out of here, bro.
That was fucking amazing!
Where'd that come from?
Tiger Woods, nigga.
DARLENE: I'm walking,
I'm walking, I'm strolling.
Look at this.
All right, I see you.
Wait, wait. Wait for it.
Look at this.
Look at this. What's that?
I can peek through my kitchen
through a triangle.
A triangle. All right, wait.
Triangle, okay.
I don't get it, but keep going.
All right. And then
you have a circle.
A circle.
Look at this.
This is a former
architect's house.
Are you giving me
a geometry lesson?
What's going on
with this house, man?
It's nice, right?
Oh, okay.
I have to show you this.
What's this?
A-a drawer.
No, this is a credenza.
A cadenza?
A credenza.
Cade... What?
That's right. It's a credenza.
When a nigga can't pronounce it,
it costs too much.
All right, go ahead. Proceed.
I love this house.
I actually used to play here
when I was a little kid.
True enough.
That didn't sound too right.
You played here doing what?
You know, playing doctor
with the young boys.
Oh, okay.
Thank you.
All right.
Playing doctor, all right.
Playing house.
Thanks for having me.
It's all good.
I wonder if there's something
out there that could fuck me up,
like a wolf or a grizzly bear
or some shit like that.
Yeah, there is, actually.
There's bears
and coyotes and snakes.
I ain't fucking with that.
Fisher cats.
Fisher cats.
What the fuck is a fisher cat?
Ooh. I'm so sorry to be
the one to tell you this,
but there are these wild cats.
They're big, and they're very
ugly, and they're very mean.
And they kill other adorable
house cats by fisting them,
pulling out their intestines
and eating them.
They fist them? What?
Yeah, okay.
Let me just give you an example.
Like fist in the ass?
Here's a cat,
and here's this other cat.
Kk-kk, argh!
The guts. Think about that.
You're welcome.
I don't like cats.
Heh, me neither.
I know you ain't talking shit
about my statue.
Oh, this is a Mercury special?
Yeah, that's my lucky statue.
This is Mercury.
This the god, Mercury.
You never read nothin'
about him in books?
Oh, no. I don't read.
Oh, you don't read?
Well, this nigga was that nigga
when it came
to the Greek niggas, you know?
So my mama named me after
that nigga, so...
You know.
That's nice.
I got the little trap phone,
and you know what I'm saying?
Flip phone.
Trap phone.
Trap phone.
Trap phone.
Trap phone.
Yeah, we trap it
off of that phone. Get it?
I got you.
So we can make our moves,
our plays, you dig? Oh, yeah.
Okay. I got you.
I got the tape,
you know what I mean?
Nigga was delivering a message,
you know what I'm saying?
You feel me?
I feel you.
So, what college you say
you was thinking about going to?
I really want
this one in Louisiana.
Um, there's one in Alabama,
Lord help me.
I know.
I'm gonna go be a hillbilly.
And then something in Florida.
You're already a hillbilly.
You gonna be
an even bigger hillbilly?
Thanks. Don't judge a book
by its cover.
Yeah, so, I mean, we'll see.
Maybe I'll get in.
Maybe I fucking won't.
Maybe I'll save that...
Fifty thousand dollars' worth
of debt every year,
or whatever the fuck it is.
Did you go to college?
Fuck college. I can rap.
The fuck I need to go
to college for?
Yeah, for real,
'cause you're lucky.
You're one of the lucky ones.
You got talent.
You love what you do?
Yeah, it's cool.
It got its ups and downs
and shit,
but, yeah, I like it.
I like the money.
I bet.
What if you couldn't do it
what would you do?
Couldn't do what anymore, rap?
You know, yeah,
make music, perform.
Sell crack. Duh.
No, I wanna, like,
help people somehow.
Help people do what?
I don't know,
get their shit together.
You know, some counseling.
I mean, there's so much...
Do you wanna start a rehab
or some shit?
Could do.
I mean, it helped me out,
changed my fucking life, so...
We can work together.
I sell crack,
you rehabilitate them.
Thank you. This is
a million-dollar idea.
What'd you mean,
it helped you out?
You been to rehab before?
For what?
It's kind of the way it goes
around here.
What kind of pills?
Xanax, OxyContin?
Right on the nose, huh?
Um, see you.
See you later. Hopefully soon.
Your shit is breaking up.
You got bad service.
It's 'cause you're
in the middle of nowhere, bro.
You don't see me though?
That's you, man.
This New York show
coming up, man.
It's getting more
and more crazy by the day.
There's mad hype on this shit.
Everybody's talking about it
because you tweeted
that shit about retiring.
Now everybody thinks
it's your comeback show.
Um, I just feel so much momentum
going into that show.
I don't know, man.
That's kind of quick. I don't...
I don't know if I'm ready
to jump back on-stage yet. Uh...
You come alive on-stage, bro.
What you're searching for
up there might be on-stage.
I'm just saying,
keep that in mind.
We don't have to talk
about it right now,
but just keep it
in the back of your mind.
What's happening
with the tracks, man?
I'm working on it.
I'm working on it, man.
I got some stuff recorded.
For real?
Yeah. For real, man.
I just want... You know me, man.
I'm a perfectionist, so...
I just gotta get it
all the way tight.
So when are you gonna
send me something?
I was thinking...
I gotta hear something.
I'll send you something
by tomorrow.
Tomorrow, man.
I'm gonna hold you to that.
Nigga lost, bitch, bitch
I ain't never lost
Yeah, wandering
But I'm never lost
Nigga, where I'm from
Had to push a pack
Just to be a boss
'Cause I got VVS's
Up in the cross, unh
Mama wondering
What I'm dipping in
Cocaine, her...
But I'm never lost
but I'm never lost."
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, back to the trap
With a motherfucking pack
These niggas know the lingo
I've been doing numbers
With that white bitch
Stacking chips like bingo
My condo in Miami
Got at least a hundred bricks
Makin' plays like Marino
I took her to the flame
She came with some things
Rick James
She's a freak ho
Yeah, I'm every nigga's
Street goal
AK when I peep
Through the peephole
Money Merc
I'm the real-life Tony Montana
Did my motherfucking thing
With the kilos
I'm every nigga's
Street goal
AK when I peep
Through the peephole
Money Merc
I'm the real-life Tony Montana
I'll erase your amigo, unh
Back in the motherfucking trap
With the pack
Yeah, these niggas
Know the lingo, unh
I've been doing numbers
With the white bitch
Stacking chips like bingo
And... here we are.
All right, yep.
Too cold for this shit, but...
Oh, really?
God, it feels
like a warm summer day to me.
That's some bullshit.
I left my weed. Fuck.
Could've been getting high
right here.
I know you used to get high
right here.
You feel that?
Feel the energy.
Can feel the drugs.
Yeah, not all good times,
but I still love this spot.
Yeah, it's cool.
Let's get in.
The fuck? Oh, hell, nah.
You crazy.
Let's get in. It'll be quick.
Fuck that.
It's not that deep.
Nuh-uh. Nah.
Niggas don't do shit like this.
Oh, come on!
We just...
Live a little.
We just look at the view.
Fuck that. Hell, nah.
You got it.
You got it, shawty.
I'm about to cuddle up
in this motherfucking blanket.
Is it warm?
It's really warm.
For real?
It's this weird thing
in the fall and in the winter.
All of a sudden,
the water gets really hot.
You're bullshitting me.
No, no, no. Come down.
Oh, no, no, no.
Throw your ass in.
The fuck?
Are you okay?
Fuck you, man.
Should have threw your ass
in there.
You ain't scared of...
Cold as fuck.
You want to come in the fucking
water. What the fuck?
This track is quality, dude.
You remember what I've
told you, man, many times:
Quality plus vision
equals sales, man.
I can see...
You gave me a vision.
Just listening to it,
I was, like,
"Yo, I have a vision
for how to market this,
for how to get it
where it's gotta be."
Yeah, man, that ain't shit.
I do that shit
in my motherfucking sleep.
Shit, man, I got a fucking skunk
in the fucking house.
Something smelling?
You got a smell going?
Hello, you there?
I feel like I hear you.
Can you hear me?
Rats. Huh.
Kangaroo rat. What the fuck?
A small-tail shrew, mole.
Ah, skunks, 568.
Also, this kind of shit, cutting
into the meat is no good, NG.
I didn't really cut into
the meat. I'm cutting skin.
Yeah, I know, but see these?
I think that was
on your side, honestly.
I'm gonna grab us a couple of
beers. I'll be back in a bit.
All right.
Mm... Oh, shit!
Got them beers, man.
The one fucking thing.
I was cutting around the spine.
Getting the... You know?
Trying to slice the spine down
and I grabbed the liver,
and this shit just...
I don't know.
The shit started squirting out.
There was one thing,
one thing when we did that pig,
one thing.
So we can't save the fucking...?
I've been cleaning it up, man.
You can't save the meat at all?
You can save a portion of it.
I'm putting the rest of it
in the ground.
That's $2000 worth
of fucking meat!
Two thousand fucking dollars,
I'll buy you
another fucking cow.
I already offered to help you
with the fucking farm.
I don't know
why you don't fuck with me
and let me partner with you.
I don't want no one else's cow.
I don't want your money.
I want my beef.
"I want to be a farmer."
No way, it's like me wanting
to be a fucking rap star.
No way, man!
You pussy-ass, old, white bitch.
You gonna try to talk shit to me
'cause of a fucking cow?
I told you,
I'd get you another one.
Another one? And where
are you getting that cow?
And whose the fuck's is it?
And what food did it eat?
You just don't fucking get it!
Hey, man, you know what?
Fuck you.
You talking all this shit, what
I'd never be, what I can't do.
That's the problem
with this country.
White fuckers like you
always trying to tell a nigga
what he can't do.
Fuck you and this farm, Bob.
I'm out this bitch.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
What the fuck?
Oh, hell, nah!
Somebody just broke
my motherfucking windshield.
Your windshield?
Yeah, man.
Could have been somebody
that saw me with you.
An old boyfriend or one
of these old motherfuckers.
They gonna get smoked,
fucking with my shit.
Could be.
I told you, this town is
for the fucking birds.
People are stupid around here.
It's a small town.
Maybe somebody got pissed off.
That's why I wanna
get the fuck out of here.
Why you like it here?
Why you really
wanna stay around here?
Good place to hide, huh?
Sorry about your car.
Hey, man.
About five more minutes.
All right, man.
All right?
Okay, let me give you this.
Here you go, and...
Oh, uh, wait about 30 minutes
for the cement to,
you know, seal itself,
and then you can take it
for a ride.
I got you.
All right.
Have a good one.
You too.
MERCURY: Come on, blue.
Do it, blue. Do it, blue.
That's okay. Give them one.
you was. It's your serve.
H: Sore losers.
Come on, man.
Wait. Oh... Yeah.
Thought for sure that was it.
Yeah! Oh!
MICHAELE: Thank you!
I'm the MVP!
I had the blocked shots.
And motherfuckers stole points,
There's an abundance of food,
an abundance of alcohol.
There's an abundance of drugs
everywhere you go.
And people go, "It's my choice,
right? I'm free to do that."
Hey, Merc?
What's that motherfucking smell
outside, man?
Smell like
a motherfucking skunk.
What I'mma do about a skunk?
I've been looking for the
motherfucker. I can't find it.
Looking for the motherfucker?
You hear this nigga?
You look for a nigga,
you find him.
You can't find a skunk?
Put up an air freshener
or something.
MERCURY: Give me some
money! Give me some money!
Hey. Hey. Oh, shit.
Damn, man.
Here's what your whole theory
is dependent on,
that the bear can get behind
the bull and eat the bull's ass.
No. Nah, they're gonna eat it,
chew on its back, its hind legs.
No, no, no.
A bear gonna beat a bull.
H: A bull is massive, bro.
They're fucking crazy.
When the bull see the bear,
he ain't gonna fuck with him.
And that's me. Let's go.
You high as fuck.
Fuckin' bull. How the fuck
a nigga think a bull...?
A nigga beat a bull up.
You see a nigga beat
a fucking bear? Never.
I went looking for the remote
and look what the fuck I found.
This nigga still got this shit.
Must got some complex,
walking around
with a white man
with a little dick.
What you doing at night,
this shit? Ee-ee-ee!
Or you be back here...?
Why are you touching my shit?
Because what the fuck is this?
You still carrying on with this?
This is crazy.
How you still got this?
Why the fuck
you touching my shit?
You ain't gotta go like that,
get all shit crazy.
Why you going crazy?
You go in a motherfucker's crib
and just touch their shit.
I just seen it.
I don't believe
you still got this shit.
I really don't believe it.
You don't need to believe it.
Believe it,
I'm in your face, bitch.
Nobody worried about that.
Fuck you.
You going crazy here.
Fuck you, bald-headed bitch.
Get the fuck out.
What are you, hairy?
Come on, bro.
This place making you crazy.
What the fuck you doing here?
You ain't no mountain dude.
What's wrong with you?
PAUL: Hey.
Get out of here.
This driving you crazy.
You shouldn't
have brought that up.
Fuck that shit. Give me my hat.
Fuck you. Fuck you
and that little white man.
MERCURY: Fuck you, nigga.
Who, me or the statue?
You too! The statue and you!
Fuck y'all.
MERCURY: Fuck you, bitch.
My man...
This is great and all, like,
yo, tonight was... Was fun.
Ahem, but...
I'm like...
You tripping.
You had too much to drink.
No, hear me out. Hear me out.
You don't gotta worry about me.
I did...
Hey, I'm not gonna lie, man.
I'm coming out of my face right
now. On the real, though...
You're the star, right?
You're the main attraction.
You're the creative genius,
I give you that respect,
you know what I'm saying?
But, yo,
I'm a facilitator, right?
That's what you pay me to do,
And I'm just trying to say,
bro, like...
We did... We built this.
We did this together.
You can't say
my contributions mean nothing.
Yeah, and you can't tell me
when I had enough.
Calm the fuck down, dawg.
My dude.
Damn, my nigga, get your head
out the clouds for a second.
Ten years from now,
you had enough,
you're gonna come out
with some new manager,
some new career,
on some retro
"Yo, I'm back" shit.
That's what
I'm worried about, bro.
I lose you now,
you quit the game now,
a decade, you need some cash,
you're back out
with some other motherfucker.
I put too much work in, bro.
Man, I'm Money Merc.
I am money, nigga. I'm good.
Let's get the show done, dude.
New York. Come on.
That's that shit.
Why you sound so thirsty, man?
'Cause I am, bro.
I mean, look, man.
You know I got five kids, dude.
Come on.
You know what that is.
New York City.
New York City.
That's when everybody
can come out.
The world can see you.
Let the world know.
New York City?
It's the one gig, bro.
Come out, blast that shit.
Rock that shit.
You know what I'm saying?
New York City?
Make people feel that shit.
New York City?
Yo, New York City.
New York City?
New York City, right?
New York City.
Well, that's exciting.
Bet you're happy
to be back on-stage.
Definitely happy
to get back on-stage.
Can't wait.
I'm gonna get my mojo back.
Give the people what they want.
I just want that feeling back,
you know?
Once I get up there,
I'll feel it again, you know?
You should come with me.
This weekend, New York.
Go to the show, shop,
all of that.
You know what I mean?
You and me
in New York City, huh?
New York City.
That's nice. Um...
I got into grad school.
Oh, yeah?
Oh, shit, congrats.
That's what's up.
I'm going to Louisiana.
Um, ahem.
I got a friend there
who's got a restaurant.
She's gonna hook me up
with a job and an apartment,
and I'm gonna go next week.
You're gonna leave here
to work at a restaurant
in dusty-ass Louisiana?
Yeah, make some money
before I start school.
You'll just be in debt
with grad school.
You said you didn't
wanna do this shit.
And fuck Louisiana.
That shit dirty.
Every time I tour and go
to New Orleans or Baton Rouge,
I hate that shit.
The food overrated.
Shit make
my fucking stomach hurt.
Shit. We're just going
to New York for the weekend.
It's pretty simple.
And just latch it,
just like that.
Uh, my favorite is sardines.
Just reach in, put a can
of sardines back there.
Pretty much,
it'll catch anything,
but if this is a skunk...
you got some problems.
And, uh, whatever you do,
you find a skunk in here,
you call me, man.
Call me right away.
I'll come up.
Don't fuck with it. Don't even
think about fucking with it.
I'm gonna shoot
that motherfucker.
You shoot it,
you're gonna wear it
from your boots to your head
for two weeks,
all over your body, you won't
even... You have no idea.
Well, man. Good luck with that.
Yeah, fuck it.
You want me to drive you
or something?
Listen, I got...
I gotta tell you, man.
I'm really sorry
about the other day
when I went nuts and blew up.
I mean, you're not a farmer,
and for me to expect and ask
and react like that
for what you did,
I gotta say, I'm sorry, man.
All right, man. We good.
Let's cut the dick-sucking
contest. I'm good.
Get the fuck out of here.
Get the fuck out of here.
I'll be back. You trap
that motherfucker, you call me.
Don't fucking forget, bro!
Plaques on the wall
I ain't never stop
Selling dope, yeah
Mexicano got the brick
He about to send it
On a boat, yeah
Plaques on the wall
I ain't never stop
Selling dope, yeah
Mexicano got the brick
He about to send it
On a boat, yeah
Plaques on the wall
I ain't never stop
Selling dope, yeah
Mexicano got the brick
He about to send it
On a boat, yeah
Yo, this fucking...
This chick right here,
she knows I'm your manager.
She's on Instagram and shit,
clogging up my DMs.
I'm gonna send her
a cease and desist, for real.
She... She wants me to tell you
that she loves you
and all that shit.
MERCURY: What the fuck?
Tell her "I love you" first.
Y'all ask, this motherfucker
dry as hell.
Fuck that. Yo, if it
don't happen tonight, man...
Yo, we got Europe, man.
You know what I'm saying?
WHITE: We in Europe?
We're going to Europe, dude.
I got Copenhagen,
Amsterdam on lock
for the end of February, bro.
I'm working on Berlin.
You'll be all right
over there, man.
Yo, remember
when we went to, um, Budapest?
Yo, Hungarian bitches?
MERCURY: Hey, hey. Yo, yo, yo.
Slow down with all this Europe
and foreign travel shit.
I'm saying though,
they're paying you your quote.
I know, man, but let's...
I'm excited.
Yo, my nigga.
Let's just focus on tonight.
Let's get through tonight, then
we'll talk that Europe shit.
All right.
It's dope. Dope though.
[SOFTLY] Ain't nothin'
better Than drug money
Ain't nothin' better
Than drug money
PAUL: No, 'cause I...
No, because I have been
in constant communication.
And we're set, man.
He's good for Copenhagen.
We're locked in Copenhagen,
and that's why I'm calling you.
It's to lock in Berlin, dude.
Let's do that.
No, 'cause last time
we did Berlin, shit blew up.
So I want Berlin. And if I can
get Paris, then that's...
Money! Money! Money! Money! Money!
Give it up!
Yeah, fresh out the trap
I keep a pistol
'Cause all of my dollars
Get blood on 'em
I sent a pack, Migo just
Jumped on the freeway
I bet he got drugs on him
Just got the drop
On a motherfucking op
Call the doctor
We just pulled the plug on him
Living like Tony
Put ice in the Rollie
'Cause ain't nothing better
Than drug money
Fresh out the trap
I keep a pistol
'Cause all of my dollars
Get blood on 'em
I sent a pack, Migo just
jumped on the freeway
I bet he got drugs on him
Just got the drop
On the motherfucking op
Call the doctor
We just pulled the plug on him
Living like Tony
Put ice in the Rollie
'Cause ain't nothing better
Than drug money
Let a smoker test
He can take a hit
Shave it off the top
I let him taste a brick
Got the smoker and the dope
He take a hit
I re-rack and press it
I can make this shit
Yeah, that nigga can rap
This some stank a, bitch
When a nigga rap
This some stank a, bitch
Put obituaries
In the paper, bitch
I re-rack and press it
Like a stank a, bitch
Nigga took a shot
And he ain't hit shit
I came through, spun the block
With some big shit
Nigga got a little lit
Now he lit, lit
I turn around
With this big shit
Nigga took a shot at me
And he ain't hit shit
I spin the block
Come around with some big shit
Nigga got jewelry
Now he lit, lit
I left him leaking on the
Street with this drip, drip
Yeah, fresh out the pack
I keep a pistol
'Cause all of my dollars
Get blood on 'em
Fresh out the trap
I keep a pistol
'Cause all of my dollars
Get blood on 'em
I sent the pack
Migo, we just hit the freeway
You bet he got drugs on him
Fresh off a pack
I sent the motherfucking whip
With the plugs on him
Just sent the pack
Migo, we just hit the freeway
I know he got drugs on him
Hitting the rap
With the motherfucker
I told the doctor
We just pulled the plug on him
Living like Tony
Got ice in the Rollie
Ain't nothing better
Than drug money, yeah
Ain't nothin' better
Than drug money
[SOFTLY] Ain't nothing
better Than drug money
Cut, motherfucker!
Money! Money! Money!
He did it!
Oh, boy, cheese!
[SOFTLY] I got your
motherfucking ass, nigga, yeah.
Hell, yeah.
Damn, that motherfucker big.
You liked them sardines,
didn't you?
Not gonna hurt you. Do not turn
your ass toward me and spray.
Chill out.
All right.
Oh, hell, no.
Be cool. Be cool.
Yeah! Got you.
All right, go.
Go on, man. Get the fuck out.
Go home.
All right, let's go.
Come on, you're free to go.
Go home.
Dumb-ass skunk.