Downstairs (1932) Movie Script

I therefore pronounce you
man and wife.
Congratulations, Albert.
And you too, Anna.
You're a lucky couple,
thanks to the baron.
It isn't every master
who gives his servants
a beautiful wedding.
Nonsense, nonsense.
Albert's been in this family
all his life,
and his father before him.
He's part of it.
I don't know
what Baroness would do
without our little Anna
I hope you'll be very happy,
my dear.
If Albert makes
half good as a husband
as he is a butler,
you'll have no cause
for complaint.
A little gift from the baroness
and myself.
You know a good pipe
is a woman's only rival.
Thank you so much,
thank you.
And the crest.
The von Burgen crest for me?
Why not? I'm sure it means
as much to you
as to anyone in my family.
It does, sir.
And when I have a son,
I hope--
Well, all in good time, sir.
- Congratulations, Albert.
- And you too, Anna.
Well, uh...
Well, uh--
I arranged
to have refreshments
served for the guests, sir.
And the servants,
do they...?
They are having a little supper
I see, I see.
Trust you to arrange things,
Thank you, sir.
Just starting the new grapes
into the press,
and we wondered
if the bride would tread them
for us.
New wine
and a fruitful bride.
Are you Karl Schneider?
You wait in the kitchen.
Wait in the kitchen?
There is a mistake,
Your Excellency.
You're the new chauffeur.
Well, that's what they told me
to tell you.
Hey! Pay the 5 shillings
you owe me.
Alright. Catch, grandpa.
Which way do I go?
In there.
Where's everybody?
Out to the wedding.
There, out at the wedding.
You're just visiting,
aren't you?
Yes. We came
just for the weekend.
I'm with the countess.
We're from Paris.
Of course, I could see
you're from Paris.
It's written all over you.
I feel so uncomfortable
These provincials are so--
Oh, I know.
Just a lot of servants.
Give them enough wine
and food,
and they're satisfied.
We're different.
You're so right.
Of course,
I'm only a chauffeur,
but I travel around
and see the world,
try to educate myself,
see people.
Uh, say, do you,
uh, have to stay
with the countess
every night?
Oh, yes. I always have to be
in the same room with her.
Never a night off?
Now, Albert,
we must kiss the bride.
It's alright,
I'm the new chauffeur.
Anna, you were bashful.
Alright, come on.
Let's do this.
Hello, child.
Unusual wedding.
Guests and servants
all mixed up.
Have you known
von Burgen long?
No, not long.
I met him
through the Rothchilds.
Are you
in the banking business?
No, automobile.
May I have a sandwich?
Oh, pardon me.
How do you do?
Oh, I see
you know each other.
Thank you.
I've had that pleasure.
I'll leave you
with the Countess.
I hope to see you again.
Thank you.
What are you doing here?
I'm the new chauffeur.
But you can't work here.
But I have the most excellent
of references.
I have even one from madame
that she wrote, I dictated.
You're shameless.
I thought I had given madame
complete satisfaction.
You can't work here,
you can't.
The baroness
is a friend of mine.
If you don't go,
I'll tell her--
Here comes the baroness now.
I'll tell her myself.
Karl Schneider,
the new chauffeur.
At your service, madame.
from the employment agency.
And before I'm engaged,
the Countess de Marnac
would like you to know--
Only, my dear Eloise,
that he was my chauffeur
last winter.
He's a very excellent
Madame is too kind.
Things are rather confused
You better report
to the servants' quarters.
Are you the cook?
What do I look like?
Well, I-- I haven't seen
Your Royal Highness before.
Huh? And who are you?
The new chauffeur.
I'd like my dinner.
Your dinner?
I'd like a little caviar first,
then some onion soup.
And salad, of course,
crab preferred.
And then, a nice rare slice
of roast beef.
And perhaps Your Excellency
would like to have it
served in your room?
No, I'm not fussy.
I'll have it here.
You chauffeurs are all alike.
Good for nothing loafers!
Oh, Karl.
I'm sorry I didn't have
a chance to talk with you.
Oh, I understand. That's fine.
Uh, thanks, thanks.
Um, all fixed up, huh?
Oh, yes.
Got a place to sleep?
Well, goodnight then.
And I don't have to wish you
a good night.
I must carry my bride
over the threshold.
Oh, Albert, it's lovely.
We practically have
two rooms.
Oh, Anna.
Now, close your eyes.
Come here.
Don't look. Don't look.
A radio!
Oh, Albert,
you're so good to me.
No, no, no.
No, it isn't nonsense.
It's true.
When I first came here,
I was nothing
but a scared
little kitchen maid.
All I could say was,
"Yes, sir" and "No, sir."
And then you taught me
how to be a parlor maid.
And then lady's maid
to the baroness.
And now,
you've married me.
Oh, Albert,
I'm so grateful.
You forget
about being grateful.
Just be happy, that's all.
Always happy.
No, not that one.
Play your jack.
Francoise, you're drunk!
So am I.
Oh, Albert.
All the other maids
are jealous of me.
You're distinguished-looking
with your handsome sideburns.
Well, you better mind
your P's and Q's, young lady
or you'll lose
your handsome husband.
Ooh, you don't frighten me
a bit.
You're just a gruff
old bear.
But a sweet one.
Please say
you'll always love me.
Always, darling.
No, no, come on, stop it.
Anna, you're tickling me.
Albert, not tonight.
Oh, buzz, buzz, buzz.
They can't look
at a bell button
without pushing it.
Isn't Francoise
looking after things tonight?
Yes, dear, but something
must have happened.
Oh, alright, alright.
But don't worry, darling.
My father was a butler
and he had nine children
between buzzers.
But I don't wanna go to bed.
Get downstairs, blockhead!
Oh, I don't want...
That will be all, Francoise,
for tonight.
I'm sorry, sir.
I will stay
and serve the guests.
Cognac or crme de menthe?
Oh, cognac. Good man, Albert.
My mother used to keep
her wedding wreath
in a glass case like that
Forgive me for watching you.
It kind of made me homesick.
Does she live far away?
I lost her
when I was a little boy.
Oh, how sad.
She used to do that too.
Always keeping the glass
bright and shiny.
Once when I was a little boy,
I was playing
and knocked it over
and broke it.
I cried,
and my mother cried.
Then I started saving
my pennies
to buy her a new one.
But I was so little
and it took so long
that when I saved up enough
it was too late.
You mean she...?
I bought her
a funeral wreath instead.
Oh, you poor child.
I didn't mean to tell
my troubles to a stranger,
especially tonight
when you should be so happy.
Oh, you mustn't feel
that we're strangers.
You're gonna
right at home here.
I've been happier here
than I've ever been
in my whole life.
Here, let me fix it.
One little kiss
and I'll say good night.
That's the name of the piece
they're playing.
Goodnight, Baron.
That's Albert.
You'd better go now.
Yes, sir.
Now, Anna, I'm going to be
very angry with you
and give you
a good scolding.
How many times have I told you
not to call me sir?
Oh, Albert.
For a moment I really thought
you were angry at me.
Oh, darling.
I wouldn't frighten you
for the whole world.
Hold me tight, Albert.
Don't ever let anything
happen to you, me
and our home.
Ah, rats at the cheese.
Just a small mouse, Sophie.
Be careful, Sophie.
You might fall
and break your
You've got flour
on your what-you-may-call-it.
Get it off, will you?
Thank you.
I beg pardon,
would madame mind
taking the wheel
for a moment?
My ring caught in your hair.
Oh, yes.
Sorry, madame.
Oh, it's a lady's ring.
It was a lady's ring.
How long were you
with the countess?
Nearly two years, madame.
The countess said
you are very discreet, Karl.
Madame can trust me
to remember everything
and to forget everything.
Drive me
to number 18 Louise Strasse.
Yes, madame.
Oh, I thank you very much.
The key to your pocketbook,
My coat, madame.
Oh, no, no. You'll be cold.
I am always warm, madame.
My feet are wet.
Lift them, madame.
Thank you, Karl.
Send Anna up to me
right away, please.
Yes, madame.
The car broke down.
Yes, madame.
Say, what kind of an accident
did you have?
Whatever kind his nibs
will believe.
His nibs?
The boss, the baron.
Now, you can't be disrespectful
and remain here, Karl.
I haven't been disrespectful
to you, have I?
The very foundation of our
policy is respect of upstairs.
Now, look, if I respect you
and your wife
because you behave--
Now, Karl,
let me make myself
clear to you.
I've known this kind of a thing
since I was 7 years old.
We didn't have any accident.
We pulled up in a
little street, Baroness got--
The baroness said
you had an accident.
Well, you want me
to respect her for that?
If we criticize,
I mean, downstairs,
we are no longer servants.
We have broken our code.
You know, as servants,
we don't produce a living.
It's done for us.
As long as we are able,
we serve them
as well as we can.
But if we are old or sick,
we are taken care of.
And if they go wrong,
we just close our eyes to it,
You don't have to listen
unless you want to stay here.
When they go wrong,
what right do we have
to say whether they're right
or wrong?
If a servant is out of order,
yes, I understand that.
Life downstairs
is very simple.
But up there,
the rules are different.
And I have no contact
but service.
And no feeling
but deep loyalty and affection.
I get you. Friend, Albert,
I wish to report
that the Baroness had trouble
with her carburetor.
It delayed her a little bit.
Well, that's right.
Say, I hope you'll
accommodate yourself to us.
You know I like you,
and my wife likes you too.
I like your wife.
I like you too.
You know, Albert,
I wish we could get together
and have a good
serious conversation.
Because I'll respect
the baroness if you want me to.
I'll even respect
the baron's bum kidney
if it'll make you happy.
You're just
what we've needed here, Karl.
Someone to drink
and laugh with.
To tell you the truth,
it's a little dull here
Oh, Albert.
Now, darling,
I just mean it isn't the way
it used to be, in the old days.
Why, you wouldn't think it
to look at him now
but the Baron was a wild one
when he was younger.
He was in the Life Guards then.
And every weekend, he'd fill
the house with officers,
and all of them
brought their girls.
Well, it got so bad
the emperor finally stopped it.
But while it lasted,
it was a gay, wild time.
Plenty of tips,
I'll bet, huh?
Well, once an archduke
was up here.
He got himself so drunk,
he started out
to meet the emperor
with his uniform on
from the waist up
and nothing but his sword
and his underdrawers below.
I had to chase all the way
to town with his pants.
And he gave me
a hundred kronen for it.
Yes, sir.
You young fellows don't know
what it was like
before the war.
Oh, Karl,
too many cigarettes.
You should try a good smoke
like this.
You know, I worked
for an American once in Paris.
Now, here you are.
What's a lot of money
if you don't know
how to have a good time?
Why, I remember the baron
had here once
the whole imperial ballet.
All 30 of them.
Well, sir,
well, I'll tell you about that
some other time.
Albert, I think that's mean.
Now, now, Anna,
you're just married.
New wives, they want to have
everything at once.
Ah, their nibs
are at it again.
No, Karl,
you just stay here.
Have more coffee with Anna.
I'll be back.
Don't forget,
we've still got to have
that serious talk.
Oh, you bet.
Hurry back, Albert.
You know, sometimes I wish
I had a place like this
of my own.
Maybe you will someday.
No, not me.
Something in my blood
that just makes me
move on and move on.
Some wild crazy strain.
I know.
I used to dream about
all the places I'd like to see.
Paris, London, America.
Haven't you ever been away
from here?
Not very far.
Oh, what fun it would be
showing you some of the places
I've seen.
You'd love Paris.
Maybe someday the baroness
will take me to Paris with her.
And Monte Carlo.
There's a place up on the hill
where you can have dinner
on moonlight nights, see all the
way to Corsica.
Gee, it's beautiful.
I don't see
why you wanna settle down.
If I were a man,
I'd just wanna keep
on traveling and traveling.
it has its good points.
Sometimes I find
I have to leave a place
when I don't want to.
Something happens
and my bags are packed
and I'm on my way.
Oh, it's getting cold,
isn't it?
Well, let's go inside.
It's been great being here,
talking to you tonight.
It makes me realize
what I've missed.
Albert always asks
new servants to come here
and have coffee with him.
Well, I'm grateful anyway.
You're so friendly
and interested.
I feel toward you
as if you were my sister.
You don't mind me
feeling that way, do you?
Aw, thanks.
You do that again and I'll--
You'll do what?
I'll tell my husband.
I'll tell him myself.
Hello, Albert.
I wanted to tell you--
He just wanted to tell you
if there weren't
any more orders,
he wanted to go to bed
Go to bed? Oh, nonsense.
What do you think
I brought this beer for?
If you don't mind
I'll just take this and finish
it in my own room. Thanks.
Ah, what's the matter?
Just that...
Well, I don't want him here.
Why? Karl is a fine fellow.
I know but--
Oh no, darling.
You are just tired, that's all.
Now go to bed
while I finish my beer.
Well, you have a nerve.
and sitting in my room
without so much
as an if you please
or by your leave or...
You smell of onions. Phew.
But last night--
Well, what about last night?
Uh, I thought that--
You thought-- Listen.
What do you think I am,
a train that runs on schedule?
Last night was last night.
I only wanted to bring you
some dessert.
Food, food, food.
You ever think
of anything else?
You're like
a walking icebox.
Don't insult me please
by treating me like a prize hog
you're fattening for market.
Ah, Sophie.
There are finer things in life
than merely eating or drinking.
Finer things than the pleasures
of the moment or the hour.
Sophie, do you know
what I said to myself
the first time I saw you?
I said,
there is a woman with a soul.
But, Sophie,
you disappoint me.
Aw, there, there, Sophie.
Now, now.
I spoke too sharply.
But that's because
I'm very high strung.
It's the mixed blood
in my veins.
Why, Sophie,
if I were to tell you
of my ancestry.
My father was...
Then you wouldn't
believe me if I told you.
Oh, yes, I would.
Anyone would know
that you were a gentleman.
A gentleman?
My dear Sophie, my father
was a Spanish grandee.
And my mother,
how she suffered.
Trying to hide her proud
but guilty secret.
Having none of the sacred
memories of marriage
that other women have.
No wedding ring,
no wedding wreath.
Only a son
who couldn't bear
his father's name.
Sophie, you oughtn't keep
your money in your stocking.
But it's safe there.
Now, I know, but it spoils
the shape of your leg.
Aw, gee,
please take it, Anna.
I bought it just for you
that day I drove the Baroness
to town.
No, Karl. I don't want it.
In spite of how hard
I try to please you,
everything I do is wrong.
Haven't I apologized
for kissing you that night?
Haven't I behaved myself
ever since?
Nearly ever since.
Aw, isn't everyone pleased
with me?
Even Albert.
Is there anyone
I haven't been nice to?
Yes, Sophie.
You've made her think
you cared.
Sophie? But--
I do care about her.
Why, I feel toward Sophie
as if she were my mother.
Your mother.
Why, how else could I feel?
Why, Anna,
you don't think...
Do you?
Aw, poor Sophie.
Here she's worked so hard
for all these years,
slaving and sweating
over a hot stove.
Now she's old
and unattractive,
what's she got?
A lot of money.
And what's that?
I'm sorry I spoke about it.
We all make mistakes.
Look, it goes on this way,
Anna, the baroness
wants to see you right away.
We are going on a fishing trip
Alright, Albert.
And you, Karl,
you go and get the baron's
fishing rods from the storeroom
and take them upstairs.
What shall I do with these,
Those? You can have them
if you like it.
Those water stains
never came out.
Oh, thank you, madame.
Where did you get that clip?
It's mine.
Of course, it's mine.
I just bought it.
What are you doing with it?
Well, why don't you answer?
Did you steal it?
No, madame.
It couldn't be yours.
Oh, don't be absurd.
Of course it's mine.
Don't I know my own jewelry?
To think
that a girl like you,
brought up
in our own household,
could be a common thief.
Pardon me, madame.
I couldn't help hearing.
Couldn't help hearing what?
Your calling Anna a thief.
What should I call her?
A duchess?
Oh, no, madame.
But the clip Anna was wearing
is not yours.
I gave it to her.
A wedding present.
You gave it to her?
I picked it up
in a little place
on the Louise Strasse.
Louise Strasse?
Madame has probably
never heard of the street.
It hasn't a very good name.
I can even give madame
the address
if she cares for it.
I am not interested.
As madame wishes.
But I can assure you, madame,
the clip is not yours.
I was mistaken.
It's not mine.
I'm sorry, Anna.
Oh, please, madame--
You may go now.
I don't know
how to thank you.
Taking my part right in front
of the baroness' face.
Aw, it's nothing.
I wouldn't see anyone
falsely accused,
even if it would cost me
my job.
I think you're just wonderful.
Nothing at all.
I'd do it for anyone.
Well, my dear,
this time tomorrow night,
we shall be on the boat.
Headed for deep water
and big fish.
Oh, I hate the idea
of smelling fish
over the weekend.
Tut, tut, my dear.
A lot of worse things
you can smell over the weekend
than fish. Hic.
That reminds me,
I mustn't forget
the new pills for my liver.
My dyspeptic tablets
and some medicine
in case I get seasick. Hick.
Nicky, are you ever
going to stop imagining
there is something wrong
with you?
You are perfectly healthy.
Ah, that always tops hiccups.
We'd better call off
this fishing trip.
But why?
Because you're expecting
to get sick.
Who said I was sick?
I never felt better in my life.
I'm only thinking
of your happiness.
I'm a very lucky man,
especially in this day
of intriguing scandal
to have a wife like you.
Yesterday, I heard
that old Von Reppet's wife
has a lover.
What do you expect?
He's 80, she's 23.
And he has asthma.
Well, they do a lot of things
for asthma these days.
I'm very much afraid,
We have a little scandal
in our own house.
Here, in this house?
Impossible. Hick.
it greatly concerns Albert.
But he just got married.
Surely he's not dissatisfied
Not Albert but his wife.
And Karl, the new chauffeur.
He gave her
a piece of jewelry.
You mean to tell me
that Karl and Anna are...?
He's a hefty young fellow.
And Anna's a very pretty girl.
Sweetheart, you look
just like you did
the night we were married.
remember what the doctor said.
You're right.
I must be careful.
Oh, Albert.
Yes, madame.
as the baron won't need you
on this fishing trip,
it might be a good idea
for you to...
to put the house in order.
Yes, madame.
Some of the servants
are new.
Let me see.
Hans, Leisel...
And Karl.
You might want to make
some changes.
Use your own judgment.
Thank you, madame.
Anything else, madame?
That's all.
Goodnight, Albert.
What's the matter
with everything?
Half my equipment
isn't here.
No, no, no.
I knew it wasn't here.
Where've you been?
I was calling you.
I'm sorry, sir.
Didn't I tell you to be sure
and bring my trolling rod?
It's in your state room,
why didn't somebody tell me?
what are we waiting for?
Can't stay here all day.
Alright, sir.
I've put out your things,
My woolen socks?
and your flannel drawers.
Good man, Albert.
I'll be going ashore then,
What? What?
Going ashore? What for?
But I understood
you wouldn't need me, sir.
The baroness said--
Of course, you're coming.
Eloise, what's all this
about Albert not coming?
I didn't think
you'd need him.
There's so much to be done
at home.
Not need him? Do you realize
that we'll be practically
roughing it for three days?
How do you think I can rough it
without Albert?
What's the matter?
Karl and Anna.
What? What?
Oh, nothing.
Very well, then.
Alright, captain, clear away.
Goodbye, Albert.
There is something
I want to say to you.
What's the matter, Albert?
You know what's the matter.
And it's got to stop,
you understand?
Stop? What's got to stop?
Oh, I am a patient man, Karl.
But I've had enough
of your impudence.
Do you hear me?
You are to keep
out of my home.
You are not to speak
to my wife.
Not speak to Anna?
What will she say?
Never mind that.
You leave her alone altogether.
What's going on here?
Why don't you go ashore, Karl?
Albert wishes to speak to me,
Last minute instructions.
Fine time for that.
Come, come. Get ashore.
Yes, sir.
Alright, captain. Clear away.
So long, Albert!
Are you sure Albert said
it was alright?
To stop for dinner? Sure.
Don't you remember
he called me back
just as I was leaving
the boat?
That's what we were talking
I wonder why he stayed.
He said
he wasn't going with them.
Well, he didn't expect to.
That's why
he wanted to be sure
you were gonna have
a good time tonight.
Albert's so thoughtful.
Say, you don't have to tell me
what a great fellow Albert is.
Not after the way
he's treated me.
here's to good old Albert.
Ooh, I feel so good.
So warm inside.
Wonder what makes me feel
so warm inside.
Couldn't be the wine,
could it?
If I thought it was the wine,
I wouldn't drink any more.
Certainly wouldn't.
Oh, you've got his feet
all wet.
Poor Albert.
see his handsome sideburns?
Hey, come on, now.
They do tickle, don't they?
What tickles?
Albert's sideburns.
Aw, poor Albert.
Albert's leaving you.
Eh, an old affair.
- A family too, huh?
- Your husband's left you.
What's the matter with me?
Acting like this.
I don't know
what I'm laughing at.
Excuse me.
Look, I know where you like
to be kissed.
What do you mean?
It's all marked out
by a cute little mole.
Looks like a drop
of chocolate.
Didn't Albert ever tell you
how cute it was?
Albert never looks
at the back of my neck.
Not even to see
if it was clean?
Karl, I'm on fire.
Ah, don't worry a fellow.
I'll have it out
in a second. Oh.
Look. Alright now, see?
Now it's alright.
The fire's all out.
I know, but--
Your room's ready
any time you want it.
What are you talking about?
I didn't order any room.
Oh, yes, sir.
Everything as you said.
The wine and a fire,
and a nice surprise
for the lady.
Anna, please.
But it was for you, sir.
Don't you remember the money?
Oh, money, huh?
That's what you wanted.
But, sir, you--
What's wrong, sir?
The man here made a mistake.
Only, unfortunately,
it concerns this lady
for whom I have only
the deepest respect.
Next time you want money,
try and get it honestly.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
A lot of sympathy
I get from you.
I might have died
right beside you
for all you care.
Does it hurt so much,
It's beginning to throb.
That's bad.
After all the plans I made
for this trip,
to think
this should've happened.
Well, what do you expect
on a fishing trip?
It's a wonder
you haven't run a fish hook
into you before.
Albert, are you sure
that was a new fish hook?
Yes, sir, they were all new.
Anna, please.
Why won't you believe me?
It was a mistake.
I don't believe anything
about you.
I never was so ashamed
in my life.
Letting them think
I was that kind of girl.
Just you wait till Albert--
I don't believe Albert said
you could take me out.
He didn't
You know he didn't.
Anna, please.
You lied about that too.
Be quiet.
You'll have the whole house up.
Then what'll they think?
You lied to me about Albert.
You told me he said I could go,
didn't you?
Now what will I do?
What'll I do if he finds out?
He needn't find out.
You don't have to tell him.
So you did do it.
And now you want me
to lie to him.
I've never lied to Albert
in my whole life,
and now you're trying
to make me do it.
Listen, Anna,
I've got to tell you
the truth.
I've done
everything you said.
I've deceived you
and I've lied to you.
Because I'm so crazy
about you.
I'd have done anything
as long as I could be with you.
Now, I'll go on.
Nothing you can say
will be bad enough.
So you won't even
talk to me.
Well, I deserve that too.
Listen, Anna.
I never had much
of a chance.
I've never had anyone
tell me
the right thing to do.
I've had to fight my way
through life alone.
Bad men and bad women.
I've never been in love
with anyone good,
like you, before.
I didn't know
how to treat you.
Well, it's too late now.
Goodbye, Anna.
I'm going away.
I-- I can't stay here now
after what I've done.
You've made me so ashamed.
I couldn't look you
in the face again.
But-- But your job.
I wouldn't wanna put you
out of that.
Oh, that's alright.
I'll find another one.
And if I don't,
well, there's no one to care.
Don't you worry about me.
I'm not worth it.
before I go, would you-- ?
Could you
kiss me goodbye?
Come on, come on.
Open the door.
Well, why doesn't somebody
do something?
I'll telephone Dr. Stern.
Have someone
get my bed ready.
Yes, sir?
You sure
that fish hook was new?
Quite new, sir.
Hello, Albert.
How did you get back?
We hired a car.
What are you doing here?
I'm just going to wash
the car.
Good morning, Anna.
You're back early, Albert.
Karl said good morning to you,
Oh, good morning, Karl.
Good morning.
What time did you get back
last night?
Oh, I don't know.
It wasn't very late.
What time was it, Anna?
About-- About 9:00,
I think.
Look at that button.
What do you mean
appearing that way?
Sorry. I didn't see it.
I'll have it fixed.
I won't tolerate such slovenly
habits in this house.
I've had enough of it.
You can draw your wages.
Draw my--
You mean I'm sacked?
Just on account
of a loose button?
I am not
going to discuss it.
Has the baroness complained
about me?
Now, that has nothing
to do with it.
I am responsible
for the servants in this house.
Do you understand?
Yes, I understand, Albert.
How was the music
last night?
What do you mean?
There was a concert
from Vienna.
Gypsy music, over the radio.
Oh, I didn't turn it on.
I thought you would have.
There wasn't much else
for you to do.
is that all
you have to tell me?
Yes, Albert.
I'd better go
to the baroness.
You're not going
to the baroness
looking the way you are.
You haven't got your cap
and apron on.
What do you think
the baroness will say to that?
I'm sorry, I--
You go and make yourself
presentable at once.
You know what I expect
on a servant in this house.
You heard what I said.
Albert, I wasn't truthful
out there just now.
And where had you been?
Where did you come from?
From the caf.
He told me you asked him
to take me there.
We drank a lot of wine,
we stayed very late.
You drank a lot of wine
and you allowed him
to make love to you.
I'm sorry, Albert.
More than I can tell you.
Now quit lying about it.
Get yourself dressed.
You have work to do.
Now you just wait a minute.
I don't deserve to have you
and me go all to smash.
I've found out
for the first time in my life,
for the first time,
that there are more than two
kinds of feelings in the world.
Is that my fault?
There's a kind of way
of making love
that drives you
mad and crazy,
so that you don't know
what you're doing.
You gonna throw me out on
the streets
because I never knew this?
Now, you stop
this kind of talk
and stop it right now.
You learn something vile
from a rat
and you forget
that you're my wife,
that I love you,
and you bring him in here.
You good, good man.
I'll stop this kind of talk.
You believe exactly
what you wanna believe,
but you listen.
Whatever's happened,
some of it's your fault.
Some of it.
You think you can make love
in the same frozen way
you do everything else.
You think that's all
I should ever have to wish for.
Well, I tell you plain
and straight right now.
It's nothing of the kind.
I meant no harm.
I don't want anything
but you and my home.
But if you're gonna be
so good and so perfect
and so unforgiving
that I can't have that,
then I thank heaven I've found
there is something else.
that makes you dizzy,
you don't know what's happened
and you don't care.
Now you go ahead
and believe anything you like.
Do you realize
that this is blackmail?
That's just the word
I was trying to remember.
But not really, madame.
Merely a desire
to remain longer in the employ
of so charming a lady.
I'm sorry I've to put
the matter before you this way,
but that's what happens
to servants.
our duties are not pleasant.
You are sure
you won't take money?
Well, not for the present.
All I want is to remain
in your services here
until I make my plans.
Madame will instruct Albert?
I heard you, I heard you.
It seems I can't go away
for one night
without things
going to pieces.
What are you telling that
to me for?
Anyone complained about
not getting enough to eat?
I want it understood
I expect discipline
in this house.
Discipline, eh?
You talk so much
about order in this house.
Why don't you look after
your own home?
What do you mean?
Hmm, you ask that precious Anna
of yours what I mean.
Ask her what's been going on
between her and Karl.
Of course I may be mistaken.
Maybe it wasn't Anna
that I saw coming home
this morning with Karl
at 5:00.
Now, that's enough!
Well, of course,
if you're not interested.
I'm not interested
in anything you've got
to tell me about my wife.
Anna is a good girl
and she's a good wife.
And Karl is through.
I've dismissed him.
He's leaving this house.
Leaving? Karl's leaving?
Yes, I fired him.
Just as I'll fire anyone
that's insolent.
Do you hear me?
Yes, madame.
Karl tells me
that you have dismissed him.
Yes, madame.
I, uh...
I've found Karl
quite satisfactory.
But, madame--
I wish him to remain.
But, uh...
After all,
Karl is my chauffeur.
It is not your place
to discharge him.
But, madame,
always with the servants--
I was responsible--
I don't wish to discuss it.
So you fired him, eh?
Any orders, Albert?
Well, if you think of any,
let me know, will you?
You get back to your work,
There's plenty to do without you
standing around loafing.
Queen Sophie.
One word from you
and they all jump, huh?
What were you doing
sneaking home with Anna
at daylight?
Ah, so you jump too.
Do you think anyone else
Say, listen, Sophie,
what a time I had.
On the way from the boat,
nothing would do
but she had to stop
in some place
and get something to eat
and drink.
We argued
because I didn't think
Albert would like it.
Well, finally I gave in.
You talk about these
nice quiet girls, huh?
When they get a few drinks
in them, well--
The only thing that saved me
was the place closing.
Was I glad
to get her home safe. Phew.
You tell it very good.
Almost as good as you tell
the story about the coffee shop
you're going to buy for me
in Vienna with my money.
That's what you want,
my money!
"You shouldn't work so hard,
What you should have is a nice
little business of your own
with a man like me
to help you run it."
My savings.
All I've got to show
for 35 years
of hard work.
Ever since
I was 9 years old.
And you,
all the time carrying on
with that moon-faced hussy
and laughing at me.
Both of you laughing at me!
I might have known
that you didn't love me.
Alright, I don't love you.
Do you like that?
Oh, Karl.
"Oh, Karl."
Listen. Nag, nag, nag.
If there's anything I hate,
it's women nagging at me.
You ought to be pretty grateful
to me.
I've given you a lot of time
and a lot of attention.
And what's it cost you?
Cost me?
Yes, cost you.
With a face like that,
you ought to pay plenty.
Goodbye, grandma.
No, madame, I couldn't.
I couldn't do it.
There's no place
in this household
for Karl and me.
Albert, please.
This house needs you now
more than ever before.
I need you.
I can't discharge him.
He forced me to keep him on.
Forced you?
I don't understand.
Karl is blackmailing me.
Oh, madame.
You should have told me.
Oh, that liar.
That blackmailer!
What kind of story
is he making up about you?
It isn't a story
he's making up.
It's something he knows.
About you, madame?
Oh, it's ridiculous.
Well, the police will deal
with him.
The police?
Oh, no, no, Albert.
We can't do that.
Don't you see?
What he knows about me
is true.
I don't dare to let him go.
We'll have to find another way
to deal with this...
This Karl.
I am sorry, madame.
I was wrong
to think of my pride.
There are other things
to be protected.
You must be careful.
Men like that is dangerous.
I told you, madame.
I've always been responsible
for the servants in this house.
I am still responsible.
And now if you'll excuse me.
About Anna.
She is young.
No match
for a man like Karl.
You must be patient
with her.
Women sometimes do
foolish things
just for lack
of understanding.
Yes. I can see that now.
Come in.
Well, what do you want?
I'm so unhappy.
You haven't spoken to me.
You haven't even looked
at me.
Not since--
Not since you insulted me.
Oh, Karl. I didn't mean it.
I can't stand it
if you don't speak to me.
I don't care what you do!
Hah, that's good.
You don't care what I do.
What have I done?
I-- I meant you and Anna.
So you're up here to start
all that over again, huh?
More suspicions, more insults,
more reproaches.
Please, Karl.
Don't let us quarrel.
I can't get along
without you.
I'll do anything
if you'll only let me
be near you.
For a few days
I was so happy.
can't we do what we said?
Buy the coffee shop?
With your money.
That's what you said before,
threw it in my teeth.
Think I'm gonna give you
another chance to do that?
I'm not a sentimental fool
all the time.
It's our money, Karl.
Here, look.
Here it is, all of it.
You know the saddest part
of it?
Just the day before,
I went all over Vienna
looking for the right kind
of a coffee shop to buy.
Tramping around
in the sun--
Didn't you have a car?
Do you think
I'd use the baron's car
to transact
my own personal business?
And did I find a beauty.
Black marble tabletops,
red plush furniture,
gilt mirrors
Why, it was the most beautiful
coffee shop in Vienna.
We could have made a fortune
out of it.
Here, Karl.
Sophie, you hurt me.
Thinking of money
at a time like this.
Hurry up with those squabs!
Those lobsters are ready.
Better send them upstairs.
Hey, how about that oven?
And, Anna,
tell Otto to get out
three bottles
of Napoleon brandy.
It isn't high enough.
It's 4 inches high.
It is not high enough.
What are you talking? It is!
It isn't high enough
for this house.
I working 20 years
in this house.
will you two frogs shut up?
Forty-four, 46, 48, 50--
Shut up!
Didn't the man tell you
to shut up?
Sixty, sixty-five hundred.
What time does the fast train
leave from Vienna for Paris?
Three bottles
of Napoleon brandy upstairs.
Three bottles,
Napoleon brandy upstairs.
Anna. Anna.
I've been looking all over
for you.
Karl, let me go.
I'm frightened.
Oh, it's alright
to be frightened,
only don't let it sink you.
Look, sweetheart,
I haven't forgotten you.
I was just waiting
till my plans were ready.
There's a train
leaving for Vienna in an hour.
Think of it.
Karl. Karl, please.
I love Albert.
It's late for you
to be thinking about that.
let's cut out this bunk!
You're as crazy about me
as I am about you,
and you know it!
We're going off someplace
where you'll have a chance
to talk to me about it.
You love me. You love me.
No, no, Karl.
All I wanna do is to be
with my husband and my work.
Let me go, please!
Now, listen. You going with me
the way I want you to
or stay here
till they kick you out?
Oh, Karl,
please have a little pity.
Ah, say, I love you.
Oh, listen, Anna.
I've got plenty of money
to spend.
We'll spend it like kings.
I'm gonna make you happy.
That's Sophie's money!
Ah, what do you care?
I'm gonna spend it on you.
Spend Sophie's money on me?
No, I won't go with you!
I won't!
Ah, say, listen.
There's not a chance in the
world of me leaving you here.
Not a chance.
How do you know
Albert will want you to stay
once he learns the truth
about us.
He will learn it
because I'll tell him.
Oh, no.
Oh, yes.
And every man, woman
and child around the place.
And if Albert is slob enough
to wanna forgive you,
the rest of them will make life
so tough for you,
you won't be able
to live here.
You rotten beast! Let me go!
So you won't go, huh?
Alright, then,
I'll tell Albert.
I'll tell Albert
and he'll kick you out!
Come here. Give me that!
Give me that money!
Give me that.
I'll see what it is, sir.
Albert, I'm sorry.
A barrel slipped
and knocked over a wine rack.
I tried to catch it--
Albert. Albert.
I'm sorry, sir,
but many bottles of your
best wine have been broken.
I lost my head.
The spilling of the wine isn't
important enough for this!
Yes, sir, I'm-- I'm sorry.
Get to work
and clear up the mess.
And let me hear
no more of it!
Yes, sir.
You people get back to work!
And help clean up
the cellar!
Let's clean this place up.
Well, Karl,
I think I was a bit hasty.
Anna, you go upstairs
and change your clothes.
And, Franz, you and Ernst
can get back to the kitchen.
We'll finish this tomorrow.
No, Karl, don't you go.
You're still nervous.
I'm sorry I lost my temper.
That isn't the way
to handle things.
Better have something to drink,
Here's one
that's not broken.
Not broken, Karl,
but disturbed.
Wine is like that,
easily upset.
Like a woman.
When it's upset,
it takes time
to settle down again.
Time for the dregs
to get down to the bottom
But with a little care,
time and rest,
it will be good again.
But you must take care
of the wine.
And women.
Otto here,
will take care of the wine.
And the women,
well, that's a man's job.
To look after them.
Some glasses, Otto.
I'm sorry it happened,
Oh, I guess it's too late
to cry over spilled wine.
It's done now.
We'll have a drink, huh?
Oh, no,
let's have something special.
I'll get a bottle.
Say, I don't want any wine.
No, I'm not blind.
Just deaf.
Can't hear.
Here we are.
Well, Karl.
Here's to your future.
And no more spilled wine.
Well, Albert,
I've accepted your apology.
I think
I'll be running along now.
Yes, Karl.
Ten minutes
to get your things together
and get out of here!
Take your hands off me!
Now, let's have this done
I would've killed you
if the baron hadn't stopped us.
Oh, so you just saved my life
so you could fire me, huh?
Quit kidding yourself,
If you want to get out of here
in 10 minutes,
you'll have to work fast.
Say, look here,
I'm gonna stay here
just as long as I want to.
And you're gonna like it.
Get out of my sight
while I can keep my hands
off you!
You're gonna keep your hands
off me
because people upstairs
will tell you to.
And you fire me again
and I'll make a joke
out of you again.
The people upstairs
are gonna do
just I'll tell them to.
No, Karl.
You'll never get near
the people upstairs.
You're through.
You'll leave the baroness
out of it!
And Sophie,
you leave her alone!
I've had all I want
out of Sophie.
And my wife!
You're gonna save them all,
aren't you?
Well, now look here.
When that's gone,
I'll tap the baroness,
and she'll pay
until I'm up to my neck in it.
You filthy skunk, you!
So we have no chance
with you.
My wife has no protection
against you.
Come on now!
Get up on your feet and fight,
you yellow rat!
I give you this chance!
But only one of us
is going up those steps.
Oh, no you yellow dog, you!
Albert! Albert, stop!
You're killing him!
Call the Baron!
He's killing him!
Albert! Albert!
You rat, you!
Come on, get up now!
Come on now!
- Hurry! Hurry, please.
- He's killing him!
Albert! Albert!
Stop! Stop it!
I'll attend to this!
I beg your pardon, sir.
But this time,
I'll attend to it.
He has something to tell you,
some rotten thing on his mind.
Come on now! Say it!
Nothing, sir.
Sophie, come out here.
Give this girl the money
that you stole.
Come on!
And my wife!
There is something
about her.
Come on tell it to her!
Say it! Come on!
Nothing. Nothing.
You snake, you!
Get out of here, you!
And he spoiled my meringue.
Good man, Albert.
Thank you, sir.
Just a little
Now, go back to your work,
all of you!
Just as it was before.
Hurry up!
Good man, Albert.
Thank you, sir.
What did he tell you,
Nothing, darling.
Everything's alright
Don't worry.
Yes, sir.
Didn't I tell you
not to call me sir?
Yes, sir.
There's just one more,
Oh, no, Henri. I'll interview
no more chauffeurs today.
Tomorrow afternoon at 3.
Madame's new chauffeur.
I hope.