Downtown (1990) Movie Script

On your 211. we've had a second call...
...from a juvenile at the address.
This is an armed robbery in progress.
Repeat. The 211 is in progress.
Please copy.
ALEX: Four-Ida-One, we copy.
We're already rolling.
The juvenile reports shots fired.
Repeat. Shots fired on your 211.
Up ahead. Up ahead. The kid.
Yeah, I see him. Hold on.
EPHRAIM: Give me my money back!
You swiped it, now give it back!
You pussy! You called the cops?
EPHRAIM: You pissed in my lemonade!
- Now you can taste something!
Give me my money, you jerk!
SKIP: Eat me!
- About the only thing you haven't eaten.
What? I'm trying to make a point here.
A little respect for the law
is not gonna kill you.
Nine thousand cops in this city,
I get the Eagle Scout.
Got any more bright ideas?
- Shut up!
- You shut up!
Oh, what do we have here?
I didn't see turn signals.
You see signals?
Three times in a month. Damn it.
That's a nice car, lady. Where's the fire?
Let me be candid, okay?
I'm really starting to get sick of this shit.
...can't we, like,
work something out here?
Let's be cops.
See, guys, I grew up
maybe a mile down the road from you.
I was in the Kool-Aid business.
I mean, we're practically brothers.
That reminds me of a funny story.
You gonna study this Sunday?
Sunday was designed
for baseball and beer, Lori.
- I never cracked a book on a weekend.
- That comes as quite a shock, Mick.
I got three tickets behind the dugout.
I been waiting all day.
- Want your girl to be smarter than you?
- Yeah.
This is "The Case of the Nervous
Widow." I copied it in the library.
- Do handicapped people drive Ferraris?
- Shut up. This is cool.
Okay. "Mr. Freebush's wife finds him
one morning slumped over his desk.
- Detective Stone is called..."
- So he's dead, right?
Right. So, "He arrives at the mansion.
He finds nine suspects on the grounds.
The gardener offers him
a piece of chocolate while he's asking..."
That's your man.
It's a hot day.
I mean, if he'd been outside gardening,
the chocolate would have melted. Please.
- You suck.
- Isn't she a great contestant, folks?
- Want your lovely parting gifts?
- Hands off. I just Simonized it.
Be home at 7, okay?
It's Tuna Helper night.
And she can cook too.
MICKEY: 9126-6A.
ALEX: Person dumping rubbish.
- 5150-B.
- Indecent exposure.
- That's a personal favorite of mine.
- You sleep with this thing?
You're too smart for this.
You should've done law school.
- Where you going?
- To take a piss.
On this tree. Want to bust me?
ALEX: Come on, Mick. I just sent
my 10 bucks to the Sierra Club.
I'm whipping out my hooter, Alex.
There's your 5150-B.
Four-Ida-One is available at Bryant Park.
Okay, now I'm pissing on the bark.
It's a definite code 4136, right, Kearney?
WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: Stolen bicycle.
See the assistant principal.
The streets of hell.
Four-Ida-One is back in service.
Come on, write me up!
Lip it up, Tonto.
Someone lifted a Schwinn.
Okay if he uses it when you're done?
Afternoon. Just saw you turning in
behind me.
Yes, sir.
May I see your license
and registration, please?
Why? Some kind of problem?
- May I see your license and registration?
- I asked for what reason, officer.
You ran two stop signs.
I had you clocked
at double the speed limit.
I followed you for a mile and a half
up Gulph Road.
Look, Officer...
...Kearney. I'm Jerome Sweet.
You've got the wrong car.
No stop signs.
No harm, no foul. Deal?
I will arrest you, sir. I mean that.
- Jerry, what is going on?
- Nothing, honey. No problem.
I thought the officer and I
understood each other.
How can I help you, officer?
License and registration, please.
Christ, Jerry.
Bring them in when he's finished.
WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: Montgomery
Avenue and Eagle Road. Illegal dumping.
GLASS: I've known Jerome Sweet
for 30 years, boy.
His father was my partner
in Germantown.
Do you know who he is, Kearney?
His whole family, career cops.
He owns three shipping warehouses,
investment firms, a chunk of the 76ers.
He gives a quarter-million a year
to the PBA.
We want to be real sure
you know who you fucked with.
Yes, sir.
I intercepted Mr. Sweet's vehicle
after a Code Three pursuit.
He ran two stop signs on Gulph Road.
He was clocked at 65 for over a mile, sir.
Where the hell was your partner
during all this?
Urinating on a tree, sir.
According to Mr. Sweet's attorney,
he was never on Gulph Road.
He told us you started tailing him
on the parkway...
...and you followed him
to his front door.
You then proceeded to abuse him
verbally without provocation.
Then put a rock through his car window.
- That's a total lie!
PARRAL: There were witnesses.
His wife and a business associate
both signed affidavits.
Sir, the manual states any officer
accused of improper conduct...
...has a right to present
his case in court...
Court? Kid, you're goddamn
lucky to still have a job!
- I was stating my right...
- Shut up!
Court? Jesus Christ.
Get his ass out of my district.
- Now!
- Copy of the complaint.
Also, notification of transfer.
You have the option of suspension
without pay till the IA hearing...
...or reporting at 0900
to the Diamond Street District today.
Isn't that downtown?
Way downtown.
Kearney, will you listen?
You remember academy?
We used to pray, Kearney, "Beirut,
Angola, anywhere but downtown."
Talk to Billy. He's been there.
Luke, Dugan, anybody!
If I take the suspension,
it's like they're right.
- Think I had a choice?
- It's no choice.
Ever been to Diamond Street?
The Terminator wouldn't go there!
I'll send you a post card, Mick.
Hey, don't beat up Lori's car.
She loves this car.
- You're the best.
- Be sharp, pal. Don't get hurt.
Be careful!
KID 1: Hurry up, man. Hurry up!
KID 2: All right.
Hello? Anybody here?
Is this a fire drill or what?
Lucy, I'm home!
- Do it!
- Do what?
Morning. Did I come at a bad time?
Two guys hit up an armored car
down on Pier 14, and we nailed them.
Now their friends think
they can bust them out of here.
Jesus Christ!
I'm a cop! I'm a cop! Look, look. Cop.
There's my badge. Badge, okay?
Nobody's getting out of here, man!
Be smart! Be smart, now!
What? It ain't loaded?
I take them out every night.
Studies show that most accidental
discharges occur...
I'll tell you later.
How many rounds they got?
Kick back, tittysucker! We got all day.
You wanna bet?
Motherfucking pigs!
You-all ain't locking me up!
- Help!
- Don't shoot! Hold your fire!
Help! Shit, help!
I'll do him! I'll blow him away!
- Hold your fire!
- One move, you hear?
What the fuck is this?
Get up! I wanna see some hands...
...or I'll do him!
- That's it!
I said, get up,
or I'll do his ass right now!
Up? Get up! Shit! Get up!
The guns! Drop the fucking guns!
Do what he says!
Yeah, put them down!
You-all think you-all can
keep my ass in here?
Jesus, help me.
Don't do him, man! Don't!
You lose, we lose!
I lose? Piss-ass motherfuckers.
This white boy's gonna lose!
This white boy is gone!
Go on. Go on, they ain't keeping
nobody in here.
Move! Move!
Damn, man. What's your name?
Sergeant Curren.
Drop them!
Hurry up! Get those guys in the corner!
What's yours?
Come out, come out, wherever you are!
- Face that wall! Face it!
COP 1: Turn around!
You're a cop?
When I had the gun on you,
I made sure the safety was on.
You had nothing to worry about.
- Oh, that's good to know.
COP 2: Don't move!
COP 1:
Come on. Right here.
What you got here, friend?
As if I didn't know. Look at this asshole.
Nodding on my desk.
Push him out of here. Get out of here.
Getting my stuff all... Messing it up...
Good morning. I didn't really
get a chance to say that before.
I was thinking about what you did.
That really took some guts.
Of course, you also violated
about a dozen conduct codes.
I just think it's kind of risky
to jeopardize another officer like that.
Especially when it's me.
Great, we got a dialogue going here.
I'm sorry, did I say something wrong?
Did you...?
Hey, man, don't take it personal.
He's kind of a loner.
COLEMAN: You took his what?!
What do you mean you took his kit?
Look at him.
He's as high as a fucking kite!
Asshole shooting up outside the door.
Might as well sell him the shit ourselves.
Excuse me. Morning.
I think I'm supposed to report to you.
A fuck-up.
Another goddamn four-star,
class-A fuck-up.
Fuck-ups. Every backwoods, candyass...
...shit-for-brains fuck-up in the city,
I get them!
Not Winfield! Not South Philly!
Not Germantown! Me!
Curren! We got those bubble-fucks
with the Uzis chained in booking.
I want you to run them
down to the roundhouse.
And take his sorry ass with you.
Is there some kind of trick to this?
I gotta be honest, I haven't spent
much time in places like this.
Where'd you grow up, Alaska?
Must be nice. Good public schools.
I guess. I don't know.
I went to Bard Country Day.
Country Day? That means it's private
or something, right?
Any minority students?
Well, we had one my freshman year.
So you're not a stranger
to the black experience.
- You stay in the car, Country Day.
ALEX: What's going on?
Stay in the car.
Oh, jeez. What happened?
The kids follow the mailman...
...and wait for old people
to pick up their Social Security checks.
Well, let me read him his rights.
Screw his rights. She lives in 2C.
Go see if her husband is home.
- 2C... Right. Excuse me.
- You're a punk, you know that?
No answer, Curren.
Morning. Anybody in there?
Police! Come on, open up!
Police! Freeze! Put your hands up!
Police! Police! Do it!
Up against the wall.
Hands up. You're under arrest.
Now, everybody just stay calm, okay?
I'm a police officer.
Now, go on about your business.
How are you? Everything's fine.
Excuse me.
There's nothing to see here.
You got that right.
Get out of the car.
That yours?
Next time, I should park
closer to a police station.
Jesus Christ, they took everything.
Junkies. Fence will go $200, $300
for the seats alone.
It's a foreign product.
For $200, wouldn't matter
if you parked in the squad room.
I just put a new transmission in it.
No kidding? Good luck with it.
You walk into the Tet offensive...
...some drug-crazed mother of six
beats the shit out of you... get stripped naked...
- Lori, will you just listen to me?
You should have seen this place.
They're cops. Real ones.
I mean, they're smart.
If they're so goddamn smart,
why aren't they working out here?
Because nothing happens out here.
Look, I'm fine. Really.
I can learn a lot from these guys.
I think I can be that good.
Where'd you get that shirt?
It was in their lost and found.
It's quite lovely.
I especially like how someone wrote
"fuck whitey" on the sleeve.
Four-Ida-One. Copy.
Okay. Okay. Okay. Wait, wait.
McGee. We should be coming to McGee.
Take a right at the burned-out shop,
we'll get to Diamond Street.
A right at the smoking rubble.
Call for air support to get me
back to the parkway.
ALEX: Give me a break, Mick.
I just needed a lift.
If the car gets damaged,
they'll kill me.
Shut up.
- You shut up.
- You shut up.
MICKEY: No, you shut up.
- You shut up.
MICKEY: You shut up.
- You shut up first.
No, you shut up more.
- Thanks, pal.
- Take it easy.
I'll cover you to the corner.
Hey, what do we got here?
Four-Ida-One. Request plate check.
Biospheres, Mr. Valentine.
Self-contained environments designed
to support life on other planets.
The Soviets have theirs.
Ours is still on the drawing board.
Why? Because no one
has put any pressure on Washington.
Yeah, let me get right on that.
We're thinking about moving further out
tonight. Chester, Penn Valley, maybe.
Oh, I'm not comfortable with that.
There's plenty of material
within the city limits.
Biospheres, Mr. Valentine.
The wave of the future.
Crazy-ass son of a bitch.
Freeze! On the ground, my man!
Step back! Don't turn around!
On your knees!
Get your face in the ground!
Let me see your hands!
You too, chief! Out!
One hand at a time. I wanna see them!
Let's go. Move! Over there.
Get on your knees. Turn around!
Put your face in the ground!
Let me see your hands!
Get down!
We just standing around.
You gonna job us for standing around?
I ran the plate already, asshole,
right as I saw your car pull in.
What's with the van?
Making a drop...
...or just doing
some comparison shopping?
You in the Aerostar, out!
Real slow, homeboy.
Please, don't, officer. Don't shoot!
My wife, they took her!
Oh, sweet Jesus.
Thank God you were here, officer!
You must... You must help me!
- Take it easy.
WHITE: What have you done?
- Take it easy.
WHITE: What have you done with her?
You fucking crazy?
- What's the matter with you?
MAN: Get the fuck off me!
WHITE: Officer, please, we can find her!
MICKEY: We will, okay?
WHITE: We must! Please!
MICKEY: Get in the car!
We can. I know where to go.
"I need a ride, Mick." Jesus.
Four-Ida-One. Request backup.
- Shit, where am I?
WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: Say location.
Four-Ida-One. I'm in an alley here.
- There's no street signs.
WOMAN: Four-Ida-One. Do you copy?
Sir, do you have any idea
where we are...?
Four-Ida-One. I can't help...
Dig this, man. Merry fucking Christmas.
Come on, man. Move!
Get out, man. Go, go!
- Go, man! Go!
MAN: Hey!
Hey! Hey!
You son of a bitch! Hey!
A cop.
Oh, you're a bright one, aren't you?
Yes, you are...
...nothing short of brilliant.
They would have talked.
The minute he arrested them.
I mean, that is why we hired them.
But it was too soon.
You know that.
I am well aware that your father
was a policeman.
My father died peacefully
in his sleep, Mr. White...
...of old age!
I'll explain it someday... the concept of death
by natural causes seems foreign to you.
Now, we really must move.
Alex, what's wrong?
Oh, damn it.
Why didn't we go to the game
with him on Sunday?
I would have gone, you know.
I would have sat there with a lap
full of books and papers.
Can you picture dumb old Mick sitting
there alone next to two empty seats?
I'm scared, Kearney.
I was never really scared before.
Sails at 6 sharp, bro. Have a nice cruise.
It was a pleasure
working with you, Gary.
Hey. You dropped a pig on me.
You know how much heat's
gonna come down around here?
I've enjoyed working with you,
Mr. Valentine.
You'd better hope they don't
come after me. You'd better pray!
Crazy-ass son of a bitch.
Hi. You can change a 20, right?
Witness made the suspects.
Couple of black kids in a Benz sedan.
Make sure the guys get this.
I want every plainclothes out in the field
till we get these clowns.
- Got that?
- I wanna be a part of this.
Get the fuck away from me.
Part of what?
The case. Working on the case.
- Oh, so now you a damn detective.
- The guy was my friend.
Is that my fucking fault?
Sit down over here. Now.
You going nowhere. Lucky you weren't
skinned alive the other day.
You're helping these guys out right here.
That's a fucking order.
DENNIS: This one is auto-theft
convictions since '85.
That one's assault with intents
from the same year.
Collate the names, A to I, both stacks,
then cross-check those for matches.
Find guys who steal expensive cars
and shoot people.
Don't you have a computer
for this stuff?
Yeah. Upstairs on the sun deck.
How will I get up to the sun deck?
Do I take the...?
You were kidding, weren't you?
You don't have a sun deck.
You don't have
a fucking computer either.
Minnie, I need my check.
I need my check.
Small world, huh?
And friendly too.
I hear they got great food here.
You want to hang out, wait for a table?
You don't wanna eat here, Country Day.
You kidding? I love this kind of food.
Hell, I grew up on it.
Why don't you give me...?
Give me the special.
Oh, excuse me.
That's a great shirt, Dennis. It really is.
Smells good.
Dennis! Dennis! Wait up. Wait up!
A lot of guys used to talk to me
about this place in the academy.
They were afraid of shooting
an instructor and having to work here.
I kept saying, "How bad could it be?"
How's it going?
Damn, this is good.
You know, I always try
to make the best of things.
I mean, a situation like this
can be a real learning experience...
...if somebody'll show you the ropes.
You know what I mean?
You know what I mean?
It's been really nice
talking to you, Dennis.
Really... Jesus.
- You wanna learn something?
- Yeah. Yeah, I do.
You're eating hog guts.
Hog guts?
From the looks of it, she may have put
some brain and pig testicles in there too.
You know Minnie.
COP: Give your name, please.
MAN: Hey, leave her alone, man!
Leave her alone!
God, don't puke.
Hodo! Hodo, come here!
Get out! Everybody out! Move!
He's on dust! He's on dust!
Get out of here! Move!
Everybody, out! Get out of here!
You, get out of here!
Put your guns down.
Bring them down.
Real slow.
Real slow.
Tell us what you need, man. Anything.
I was with Jesus.
I'm taking the children
to the Promised Land.
I'm Saint Matthew.
- I have the vision.
DENNIS: Oh, yeah.
And nobody here is against you, man.
We're with you.
Everything's fine.
He calls his children now.
- Is this fucking room jinxed?
- Take it easy, now.
Let's talk about Jesus.
Easy, man. Talk to me.
Rejoice. The kingdom of heaven
is at hand.
Take it easy. Talk to me. Let's talk.
I am the way! The light.
I am the truth, Matthew!
I saw Jesus.
Jesus told me to take the children.
No, no, Matthew.
Jesus told you to bless the children.
No! No, I don't believe you.
Prove it! Prove you're God!
I'll prove nothing!
Release my child before I erupt...
...with fury!
You have no fury, imposter!
I have the vision!
Fuck you.
Oh, holy shit.
Forgive me.
Cuff his ass. Get him out of here!
Forgive me, please. Forgive me.
Somebody wanna take God out back
and hose him off?
You know, it's amazing
if you think about it.
Six hours,
and you're still the same shade.
I talked to admissions at Penn today.
They still have your paperwork from '87.
You just decide to check on a whim
or what?
I don't know. I guess I thought
you'd get this out of your system.
You wouldn't have to take
your law boards over...
Get what out of my system?
Sorry. Forget it.
Dinner's almost ready.
We're having squid.
Cute, Lor.
Amy's asleep already.
Come on up and kiss the boys.
- I gotta quit doing that.
- Mm-hm.
Must have been a hell of a day.
I saw the newspaper.
How come you didn't tell me?
I guess I forgot.
You forgot.
It's no big deal, Christine.
Two kids ripped off a Mercedes,
and this guy tried to bust it up.
You forgot.
I didn't know the guy...
...but he didn't sound so bright.
No, it didn't sound like it.
The article said he was out there alone.
Can we not get into this, okay?
- Okay.
- Come on upstairs.
Auto-theft convictions with assaults.
Forty-five names.
I came in early.
- Feel like some company?
- I work alone, Kearney.
I got a friend at the Bryn Mawr station,
ran all those names through the computer.
Four are dead. 35 are doing time.
I got last known addresses
on the other six.
You really do want to die
down here, don't you?
I wanna be a cop, Dennis.
ALEX: Okay, first guy is Bruce Tucker,
and his last known address is...
Shut up. I know where to find him.
Oh, forgive me, then.
If this doesn't work,
I got a couple other things to try.
- Come again?
- I'm just saying I got some other ideas.
You got nerve,
that's what you got. Shit.
You're not supposed to be out here.
Where's your uniform?
Stolen out of my car.
They left one shoe under my seat.
I could go back
and put it on if you want.
You're not smart enough
to keep the seat warm.
What, are you gonna have a stroke
if you're nice to somebody?
Yo, baby. I got that fire.
Better come get it.
Better get it while I got it.
When it's gone, it's gone.
You look good.
Yo, homey, I'll get you high.
Come on, Dennis, look at this!
Forget about him. Just stay in the car.
Please stop telling me to do that.
He's pushing dope right in front of us.
Don't do this!
Dennis, stop the car!
Dennis! Dennis, I'm hanging out!
What are you doing?
Shit! Dennis!
Guess who!
Come on out, Brucie.
You can't run, you're too damn fat!
You should haul your jumbo butt
into a gym.
Get the fuck off me, man!
ALEX: Stop! Police!
- Get off!
ALEX: Freeze!
- Get off me!
I got him.
BRUCE: Now, wait a minute, Dennis.
I'm nickel and dime, man. You know that.
I part out a car every now and then!
Sheet says you shot a guy
in Cherry Hill, Brucie.
Self-defense, man!
Judge said so. DA said so.
I wouldn't do no cop.
Talk to me, Brucie.
Tell me something I don't know.
- What?
- Can I talk to you?
- What?
- I'll just take a second.
- Dennis.
- What do you want?
If you're gonna question the suspect,
you should read him his rights first.
Section 10-12. An officer is required...
What the hell are you talking about?
- Let the man have his say, Dennis.
- Shut up!
- Look, I ain't even collared his ass yet.
- Well, that's another thing.
If we haven't charged
the gentleman with anything...
...we really don't have the right
to interrogate him.
- At least not without his attorney present.
- Thank you, officer.
You know, it's damn refreshing to see
that kind of professionalism these days.
Don't you understand anything?
I'm trying to get what he knows
and trade it off for the bust.
What bust?
You blow off his civil rights, the charges
won't stick, you have no bust.
Get over there!
You open your mouth again...
...I'm gonna tear both your lips off.
You got that?
He called me a gentleman.
You talk to me, asshole. Right now.
No way, Curren.
What about my attorney?
- I got your attorney right here.
- He's good.
That is one of the worst violations
of department ethics I...
That's up there too.
You give me something I can use,
and I'll just tag you with receiving.
You'll be out in time for dinner.
Man I'm parting for...
...he's talking about a street gang
called The Falcons.
They been doing two or three cars
a night. Big time, Dennis.
They're working out of some warehouse
at the docks.
- I swear to God!
- So!
Lose some weight, fool.
I'm working on it!
- You gonna write me a parking ticket?
- Oh, that's really funny.
- Get in the back.
- What about the suspect?
He's riding the front with me. Get in.
You wanna follow the book,
go back to that pansy-ass suburb.
It's your book too! I was just
trying to do my job in there, okay?
Like I was trying to do
with the guy pushing coke.
He was a decoy.
Working the street
with a bag of baking soda... case some simple cop
like you came along.
At least it worked on somebody.
- I ain't never ridden up front before.
- Shut up.
You guys look happy there.
And this is the wedding.
- These are the kids.
- Who's this?
- That's Amy and Robert...
- Amy. Robert.
...and Adam.
- Nice. Good-looking family, Dennis.
I cashed your check.
Toys "R" Us is open till 7.
I told you I'd take them down there
this weekend.
Christine, I wish you wouldn't
come down here.
It can't wait, Dennis. It's his birthday.
He wants the gift to be from you,
and I won't lie to him.
She's got a good point, Dennis.
The party's at 7,
and Mama's coming in from Camden.
When Alex mentioned
he was working with you...
...I asked him if he'd come.
He said that he has time
to buy a present.
ALEX: Right there?
- Yes.
ALEX: On those potatoes?
A little on the meat?
ROBERT: No, thanks.
ALEX: No? Got it anyway, didn't you?
- This is really good.
ALEX: Yeah.
CHRISTINE: Thank you.
GLORIA: She's a great cook.
Did you get a roll, Alex?
- Here you go, baby.
AMY: They gave Robert a surprise party.
That true, Robert? Were you surprised?
- Waiting for me to cut up yours?
ROBERT: They just said, "Surprise!"
I was embarrassed, though.
I'm not hungry.
Me too. I'm not hungry too.
- Eat your food, Adam.
- Uh-uh.
- Adam, eat your food.
- Uh-uh.
Relax, Dennis. He'll eat.
How long have you been
on the force, Alex?
A little over a year. Hang on a second.
Adam, don't you know what this is?
This is the starship Enterprise.
We're in deep space, low on fuel,
oxygen is running out.
We're struggling to make it
to Beta Colony 6.
You are Beta Colony 6, Adam.
Save it, Kearney.
The warp drive is out.
We're on impulse power.
Bones. Bones!
We're running out of oxygen.
Damn it, Jim.
I'm a doctor, not a magician.
Captain! Captain!
I don't think we're gonna make it!
I've giving her all she's got!
I don't think it's gonna make it!
Would you just put the damn fork down?
If he wants to eat, he'll eat.
AMY: Maybe he should try that
with Daddy now.
ROBERT: Are you kidding?
AMY: Yes.
Christine, I ain't gotta take this.
This is my house.
Who else you got coming over here,
the Osmond Brothers?
AMY: Do the spaceship again!
- Dennis.
I got him a race set.
I'll put it together later.
It's nice. It's nice. He'll like it.
If you're going down to shoot pool,
I'd lose the hat.
He's a pain in the ass.
Why? Because he's a cop,
and he's trying to be your friend?
You can't stand that, can you?
I'm tired of it, Dennis.
I'll pack the kids off to Camden.
I swear to God I will.
So you worry about losing
another beer buddy?
So what?
I have to worry about losing a husband...
...and I cope.
I deal with it.
It's been too long.
Let it go.
I gotta go.
Open it up.
- You like music, don't you, Robert?
- Yeah.
All right.
- Say "cheese."
- Cheese!
- Beach Boys?
- What, you never listen to this stuff?
Is it like LL Cool J?
No, this is from the pre-LL Cool J period,
but it's still incredibly cool.
Okay, guys, let's expand our horizons...
...and taste some waves.
- Hi, Michele. How are you?
- Hi, Alex.
- Hi, Odessa. Have a good day.
- Morning.
- Morning, Lisa.
- Morning, Alex.
- Hi.
- Hi. How are you?
- Hi, Ada. Take care.
- Hi.
- Hello, Alex.
- Take care, Martha.
Hi, Deborah, have a good day.
- Hi, Tim.
TIM: Hi, Alex.
- Tim, can you just give me a sec?
- Mm-hm.
Come on, you fucking piece of pig shit.
Need a hand with that? Maybe we
can find a rock or a cement frog.
Morning, officer.
No, it's just a very delicate operation.
We don't want to set off
any alarms, do we?
Bet it's fast, huh?
I wouldn't know.
Better get a move on, son.
I understand you're commuting
to work now.
- Be careful.
- Have a nice day.
Sergeant Curren? It's showtime.
- What are you talking about?
- The Falcons got a place.
Luisa told me where. Let's go.
LUISA: Check it out. Curren is partners
with Casper the Friendly Ghost.
Where the fuck are you going?
- With Curren, sir.
- You been working the field?
Well, sir, I was just...
Has this motherfucker
been working the field?
I told you to stay here, boy!
I told you that was a fucking order,
and you turn around and you buck me?
It was the kid's friend, Henry.
So fucking what?
So don't tell me you wouldn't
do the same damn thing if it was you.
Okay, Dennis. You want him? Fine.
But if anything happens to his candy ass,
it's coming right back to you!
It's you and me, man. Let's roll.
Come on over here, Country Day.
Come here for a second.
I gotta thank you. That was really...
- What the hell are you doing?
- I'm violating the conduct code.
Now, look, I just did you
a favor over there.
You do one for me.
Back off.
And you! You stay the hell away
from my case, you got that?
- Your case?
- My case! You got that?
- Morning. A to F?
- Good morning.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
MAN: Hey! You ain't read me my rights!
COP: You got a right to go to jail.
MAN: Get off me!
COP: Get in there.
Hey, Curren! Curren, I'm going with you.
Shit! You never let up, do you?
No, I don't!
Can I have the goddamn key, please?
You set one foot in this car,
and I'll blow it off.
- That's a promise.
- What is your problem?
Luisa was just trying to help out.
I don't need her goddamn help!
My grandmother knows
where to find The Falcons.
- Give me my keys and let me leave.
- Why do you hate me so much?
Why do you like me so much?
Shit, you need a pal that bad?
There's 50 guys in there just like me!
Next you'll be sending me
a box of candy.
- Well, I wouldn't hold my breath on that.
- Look!
You think I like hanging around
some freckled mama's boy?
Don't push it.
Like what?
Don't push like that, Country Day?
Like that?
You still wanna be my buddy?
Still wanna be my pal?
Huh? Still want to be my buddy?
What's the matter?
Is there a rule in your book
about hitting somebody like me too?
I guess not.
You're gonna leave my ass alone, right?
You got that?
Oh, you son of a bitch!
I'm just trying to learn a couple things.
Not from me, boy.
I take care of myself down here.
That's it!
How can you say that
and wear a goddamn badge?
I don't wanna see you get hurt.
You got that?
I don't want to see you get hurt.
Mick was just worried about the car.
Can you believe that?
The whole way down here...
...all he was worried about
was the goddamn car.
It's not your fault, man.
Don't carry it.
You carry it...
...and you're dumber than I thought.
I think you broke my nose.
Good. Maybe it'll stop bleeding so much.
I'm gonna do this.
Here, come on, let me handle it.
What, you gonna say good morning,
read them their rights?
You don't think I've learned anything
down here, do you?
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
ALEX: Anything you say can and will
be used against you in a court of law!
Up against the wall.
What the hell you want me for?
No big thing, Marcus.
I just want to talk, that's all.
- Let's go.
- Go ahead, man. Talk all you want.
You ain't got shit on me!
DENNIS: Look at that.
VALENTINE: What the hell is this shit?
- You drive that car here? Did you?
- I'm asking you a question.
- Fuck you.
- You drive it?
- Fuck you.
I'm asking you a question!
You drive it here?
No problem.
I had it totally under control.
You like killing cops, Marcus?
Like killing cops?
I ain't killed no cop.
These cuffs is too tight!
I'm a cop. Wanna slit my throat too?
Wanna slit my throat too?
Slit my throat.
No, no. Know what?
Let's slice his throat.
- Let's slice your throat.
- What the fuck you doing?
Why don't you talk to me. Talk to me!
Man, a motherfucker set my ass up!
He trying to tag me, man.
You think I'd park that car at my crib?
Who set you up? Keep talking.
I'll throw the switch myself!
Who set you up?
We did some MBs for this guy.
He fixed that cop!
- Who?
- Let's go down to the docks!
He ain't hanging no dead pig on me!
Six-William-15 en route
to Diamond Street with two suspects.
Take it up. Yeah.
DENNIS: Which one is it?
- It's that one, the Maryland Prince.
It's three days out to Brazil,
one stop in Venezuela.
- How many of them did you load?
- I told you, I didn't load nothing.
I just held the cargo door open for him,
and that's it.
But you better catch that guy.
He's crazy.
Lieutenant Valdez of the
Maracaibo police, he's a Phillies fan.
Boat'll dock next Monday, they'll be
there, and those mothers will be on it.
Case is over? Good job, Luisa. Good job.
Alex, what you been doing to him?
Well, if it ain't Dick-fucking-Tracy!
ALEX: Dennis?
DENNIS: It's over.
- That's it.
- That's it?
- What do you mean?
- Man, would you leave me alone?
Some guy's running stolen cars
out of the country.
- That is Fed business, and you know it.
- No, I don't know it.
- What do you guys got?
- No plates, no serial numbers, zippo.
The guy covered his tracks.
ALEX: I don't believe this.
You know, we get this close...
...and then you turn the whole thing over
to a bunch of dickheads from Washington.
- No offense.
- None taken.
Presumably... of them has enough gray matter
to get hold of the authorities down there.
GLASS: I'd be surprised if they haven't.
- I wouldn't.
We're not dealing
with nuclear physicists here, my friend.
There are exceptions.
I like to think my father was a good cop.
We've always agreed on that,
haven't we?
He was a good cop.
I can't believe this.
This is fair?
You plug that shit in
in there, make us listen to it...
...and you're sitting out here.
It's not fair, Alex.
Feds move in, we move out.
- That's what the book says.
- Oh-ho.
Now you're telling me about rules.
I must be drunk.
I can't believe
you dropped the ball like that.
- They'll find him, Kearney.
- Yeah?
What if they don't?
Race me. Come on.
Race me.
Go, go.
Go, go.
First week in the academy...
...I was giving a ride home
to this guy, Bobby...
...and we pass this warehouse,
and there's guys going in and out of it.
So I pull my car over,
and we just sit there...
...watching them carrying out
stereos and shit.
So they got a lookout, and he spots us.
And I say, "Let's get them,"
but Bobby says, "No."
He wants to wait
until they load up the car.
Now, we're in our street clothes,
but the guy, he's coming over...
...and he's bound to make us as cops.
So Bobby says, "Quick, lean back!"
And he pretends to go down on me.
Get out.
I swear to God. Swear to God.
And this guy, he comes over,
and he looks in the car...
...sees Bobby's head going up and down,
up and down, up and down.
He laughs.
They go back and finish,
and then we bust them.
That was my first partner.
He was a big Southern boy.
Big as a damn house.
We'd run a beat, have a few beers,
run a beat, have a few beers.
One night, we're cruising
down City Line...
...and Bobby pulls over
this ugly pink Lincoln.
He says to me, "Stay in the car.
So I'm running the plate,
and this pimp, he pulls a 12-gauge...
...and shoots Bobby in the stomach.
I don't want to move him,
so I get down next to him.
I get right next to him,
because I know he's going.
And I don't want him
to look up to nobody.
I don't want him to look up to nobody.
He says to me,
"Best head you ever got, Curren."
Every day...
...I miss him.
You want to be my second partner?
As long as I get to stay in the car.
Okay, say you stole two-dozen cars.
Would you sell them whole or in parts?
A cop broke your nose. Another cop.
Yeah. You'd sell them in parts.
You could make twice,
three times the money.
- Dennis taught me that.
- Your partner who broke your nose.
Yeah. Yeah, see, we're bonding.
Now, they can make all that money...
...but they don't.
They ship the cars out. Why?
I don't believe this! Look at you!
You love this shit, don't you?
You're hunting down a cop killer!
You're looking for a guy
who kills guys like you!
This isn't one
of your mystery novels, Alex!
I know that, Lor.
Jesus, that's the point.
Don't you get it? This is what I want.
And I'm supposed to be happy for you,
is that it?
You really thought I'd just blow this all
off and go to law school, didn't you?
What was all this for two years, huh?
Were you just humoring me? What?
I can deal with the money
you're making. I'll drive an old car.
I'll put up with your parents
and Laundromats, I can live with all that.
But I can't sit here and wait for them
to bring you home in a bag...
...just like Mick.
You want me to quit?
Just be careful.
This morning... oldest son asked me... buy him a surfboard.
He said that you gave him
this Beach Boys tape...
...and that the Beach Boys said
that surfing is...
...and I quote, "Bitchen."
It is.
You stay away from my children.
Guess what.
Whoever did this wanted to get caught.
Stay close, huh?
DENNIS: What do you mean,
he wanted to get caught?
Why'd he lead us to Valentine so easily?
Why'd he hire street kids?
Anybody knows street kids'll talk.
You said this guy's smart.
Yes, he's smart.
He almost got away with 24 Mercedes.
I think he did get away with it.
He didn't set Valentine up, Dennis.
He set you up.
Now I gotta sit here and let some...
...pasty-face, "let's go surfing now"
white boy call me a chump.
Right lane! Right lane! Get off here!
MAN: Okay, got your Baltimore too.
ALEX: Great.
Don't know why you came out here.
Why not use your station's computer?
I don't know. Why didn't we use
our station's computer?
We had a radio once. Somebody shot it.
You mean you guys
don't have a mainframe...
...or a data terminal?
Man, we dance in the street
when the damn toilets flush.
- Okay.
ALEX: Jesus, I'm right. I knew it.
- About what?
- We interfaced with other cities. Look.
Boston, May 1985. Newark, June '86.
Baltimore, a month ago.
German sedans. Same MOs.
They busted street gangs every time.
Is that what you brought me
down here for?
Maybe you need some fancy piece of shit
to tell you that people steal nice cars.
I don't. I'm out of here.
Wait. Would you listen to me?
- Dennis, wait up!
- A station with wall-to-wall carpeting?
Where are the criminals around here?
I want to see some criminals.
Sorry. Dennis, come on, would you?
- Shame there's no room for a wine cellar.
- Dennis, listen to me, dipshit!
Trying to start something again?
Whoever did this
shipped the cars out, right?
We bust the guys he hired,
and they grab the cars in South America.
The cars get shipped back
in police custody.
Police custody, Dennis.
So what if they come back
weighing a little more?
Where you going?
Don't you wear uniforms downtown?
- No.
- To the lobby.
I'm gonna rip off some of these plants
for my desk.
Then I'll find a phone.
Thanks a lot. Yeah. I owe you one, man.
All right. Bye.
- What?
- Customs guy downtown.
I asked if they process articles
in police custody.
He said, "Why would we?"
Look at this shit. Look at that.
Four different cities, but all the cars
get shipped back through Philly.
Cops move in, get the cars back.
Bang, it's over.
Check this out.
Hey, watch it!
Hey! You know how to drive or what?
Look out your window
the next time!
- I ought to give him a ticket.
- Jesus, I'm rubbing off on you.
Know why the cars
get shipped back through Philly?
- Uh-uh.
- They contracted the lowest bidder.
Watch it, watch it!
- Let me see.
- Nobody know how to drive around here?
Sweet Imports. "Sweet Imports.
Jerome Sweet. Thank you, Jesus!
The ones from the Baltimore bust
left Venezuela 10 days ago.
I bet that ship ain't even up here yet.
Get the name on that.
- Watch out, watch out!
- Yeah, yeah, I see your ass!
The surgery went very well.
I know you're apprehensive,
but we're doing everything we can.
Thank you.
Can I do anything?
What did you go out there for?
I had an idea.
We were using the computer.
Was it worth the fucking trip?
He likes you, Alex.
You want backups?
Who the fuck do you think you are?
It's happening, sir! The boat docked
this morning. I've got proof.
How can you sit there
when we've got proof?
That's it. You've been a disease
ever since you walked in here!
You bad blood, you got that?
You ain't satisfied to go
get killed by yourself!
You gotta take one of my best cops
with you!
What a complete pussy.
I need help. You don't want
to give me any, fine!
You can kiss my white ass!
You get out of my district now!
You think I'm gonna take that shit
from a beat cop?
You don't talk with him or help him
or even fucking look at him!
He comes back in this district,
shoot him!
Over here.
That's how cars get stolen.
Great. I'm wrong,
and I'm bleeding to death.
Oh, shit.
Tell me what you think of this:
When I was a boy in school,
we used to brag about our fathers...
...and I'd hear
from the sons of bankers...
...doctors, lawyers.
I was the son of a cop.
They may have known wealth,
my friends, but me...
...I knew pride.
I have to make a speech tonight
at the Bellevue Stratford...
...and it's to the Patrolman's
Benevolent Association.
I don't know. Any response?
What do you think?
Um, I find it quite touching.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, I got chills.
I ship things, Alex. That's my business.
This equipment is headed
for the rain forests of Brazil.
Mr. White here is an ecology buff.
He feeds the birds.
He tends his garden.
He despises machines like this.
That's funny,
because I'm the same way.
You know, we have a lot in common,
Mr. White.
The Baltimore police are coming
in the morning to pick up their cars.
I suppose we'll have to apologize
for the one you carved up.
Where's it at, huh? In the gas tanks?
In the wheels? Where is it?
You're missing the whole point, Alex.
These cars are police property.
We have nothing to hide.
You're still a smart cop, son.
First one I've met in quite a while.
No wonder you like the guy so much.
He give you a better dental plan too?
Screw you, punk.
Oh, come on, man! Just shoot me, huh?
Blow my brains out! Give me a break!
Just one goddamn shot! Jesus!
This here's a fucking raid!
Luisa, those two on the ramp!
Stay on those two!
- Seems the captain changed his mind.
- Yeah, no kidding.
Cover that main gangway!
- Captain!
- Inspector!
See, I have this problem with authority.
Good fucking shot, Henry.
Son of a bitch!
Oh, shit.
Kearney, that was my fucking car!
Good evening. How are you? How did
you know about that takeover bid?
What's that?
MAN: Jerry. Jerry.
- Yeah.
MAN: I need to talk to you.
SWEET: Sure.
He's certainly making time.
Oh, shit. Ladies and gentlemen,
get the fuck out of my way!
Halt! Move out of the way!
You! Out! Out! It's my car!
My car!
Son of a bitch.
That's illegal, you know!
Coffee has a nice aroma.
It's a Colombian blend, right?
Yeah. Doughnuts are really fresh too.
May I see your license
and registration, please?