Downward Twin (2018) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
[footsteps approaching]
Oh, look at this.
No two sprouts
can get the nutrients they need
growing so close together.
You see,
when you have two plants...
- [woman screaming]
- [car honking]
- [thudding]
- [woman grunting]
[woman screaming]
- [banging]
- [woman whimpering]
[woman grunting]
[engine revving]
Hey! Hey, now!
[dramatic music]
[breathing deeply]
[both] Om...
Hi, I'm Leeann Hart.
And I'm Celeste Hart.
[both] And together,
we're One Hart.
You may recognize
my sister and I
from our successful
Encino location.
We're spreading our mission of
oneness and movement even wider
with this brand-new,
state-of-the-art studio
here in Santa Monica.
Offering all kinds of yoga
at all levels.
Bikram, ashtanga,
restorative and vinyasa flow.
Set to the latest tunes
to keep you movin' and groovin'.
If you fall, we'll be right here
to catch you.
Wait, wait, wait.
You wanna lose that, right?
- [Leanne] The scar?
- [sighs]
Yeah, let's axe the handstand.
[Celeste] Are we sure
about the music?
Is it maybe
a little too aggressive?
[Leeann] It's what sells,
nobody likes
that hokey traditionalist shit.
It's not hokey, it's spiritual.
It's not our brand.
Let's focus, okay?
This is important.
All right.
- [clears throat]
- [music plays on monitor]
[Leanne on TV] Our grand opening
is July 5th,
the award-winning teachings
of my sister, Celeste.
All day, we'll be offering
free classes,
consultations, refreshments
and discounts.
Are we forgetting
to mention something?
[both] July 5th is our birthday.
We'd love to celebrate it
with you. So come on down.
We can't wait
to add a little oomph.
And a little Om.
[both] To your home.
I feel like...
Can we re-order the clips?
Start with
the grand opening announcement
and then add the details.
We don't wanna bury the lead.
- [sighs]
- What are you doing? Kasch!
We have been at this nit-picking
for ten hours now.
And that's not including
the last two weeks.
It's all of which
you still haven't paid me for.
No, no, no.
This needs to be locked today.
Then pay me!
It's been two weeks.
- My wife just had a baby.
- [keyboard keys clacking]
- I am done.
- [Leanne] Kasch, please.
[Leeann] Our projected income
at this new location?
Through the roof.
- We're talking Santa Monica.
- [cell phone ringing]
[Kasch] You can't front me
[Leeann] We're all in right now.
[Kasch] Is that supposed
to make me feel better?
- Hello?
- My wife's gonna kill me.
[Leeann] Look,
I don't have anything yet
for anybody,
but I won't screw you.
[voice fades] I promise.
[indistinct chatter]
I want that in writing.
What's wrong?
Mom's dead.
[instrumental music]
[waves crashing]
[birds chirping]
Oh, my God. Look.
[Celeste] Is that me or you?
Me. Remember?
You hated giving speeches.
- We killed it.
- [sighs]
[Leeann] Mom was the only one
who could tell us apart.
Not even I can.
[Leeann] Kennedy High never knew
what hit 'em.
You and Jack.
He was obsessed with you.
Bet he still lives
around the block at his mom's.
Men always liked you better.
I recall breaking up with plenty
of guys for you in college.
Yeah, but they were all losers.
- Hungry?
- Yeah. Is there any pizza left?
We are not eating more pizza.
I'm gonna have
to roll you back to LA.
I'll cut up some pineapple.
Do you remember the night
I fell down the stairs?
To this day, it's...
I couldn't sleep.
I got up to see if mom was awake
like always.
And then I was in the hospital.
I was supposed to go to camp,
It was gonna be the first time
away from home on my own.
I was so excited.
Where were you?
[Leanne sobbing]
What happened?
I will never lose you, right?
[Celeste] "To my executives,
to my sole beneficiaries.
[Leanne sobbing]
To my beautiful daughters.
The only thing
that makes this a shred easier
is knowing
you've got each other,
that you'll protect each other.
So please use this
to find happiness,
to invest in yourselves,
to fund your dreams
and know that I'm always
a part of it.
Follow your heart's path.
"I'll be there waiting."
Holy shi...
[Leeann] We're gonna make
One Hart even better
than we ever imagined.
Mom was always calling it
her grandchild.
She's right.
It's our baby.
I'm so proud of it.
I'm so proud of us.
All those moments
in boxes downstairs.
We're unstoppable. [Chuckles]
We have so much
to look forward to.
[Leeann] We'll always be
[instrumental music]
[breathing heavily]
[instrumental music]
[switch clicks]
[intense music]
[instrumental music]
[birds chirping]
[indistinct chatter]
[man] ...your breath
in through the nose.
Out through the mouth.
Remember our mantra.
Om gan ganapataye namaha.
In through the nose.
[inhales sharply]
[exhales sharply]
Om gan ganapataye namaha.
[all] Om...
Let's start in child's pose.
We began today
with our mantra...
Om gan ganapati namaha,
a tribute to Ganesha.
Master of wisdom.
Calling upon Ganesha
removes obstacles
from our success
and opens us fully
to the spirit.
As a fruit tree
bends towards the sun,
we must move towards the things
that help us grow.
Cannot reach oneness
without self-actualization.
Cannot be part of a collective
without being
an individual first.
We join in breath in pranayama
only when it is within us.
Reach for yourselves.
Reach for the light.
See it.
be it.
Asato ma
jyotir gamaye.
- Namaste.
- Namaste.
Good job, guys.
There is one spot left
at the actualization retreat.
It's our last hurrah.
So tell your friends.
We leave in two days.
[Leeann] Whatever it takes,
rip up the pipes,
go into overtime.
It needs to look perfect.
I don't care what it costs.
Great. Thank you.
Where have you been?
I just went for a long run.
Come look at this.
I got the promo shot back
from the editor.
Isn't it amazing?
About a full page
of ad and press release
in the LA Times.
I need you to yoga it up.
And I can't speak granola
the way you can.
We can afford a full-page ad
in the LA Times?
I put the checks in our account
this morning.
We're rolling, baby.
- Both checks?
- Mm-hmm.
Let's make some magic.
Om gan ganapataye namaha.
[instrumental music]
[inhales sharply]
[music continues]
[water running]
[dramatic music]
[birds chirping]
[man] Bring yourself down.
Now pull your chest up
and open it to the heavens.
- Hey!
- [Jack chuckles]
Thank God.
I was afraid you were Leeann.
You never know. [Chuckles]
So you're, uh... here.
Just for another day.
Then back to LA.
Right. [Exhales] Right, uh...
I saw the, the obit
in the paper.
I'm really sorry.
She was, she was the best.
Hey, uh, I-I don't wanna...
I know you have a lot going on
and this probably
isn't the time, but I'd love to,
I don't know, grab a cup
of coffee or something
before you go,
if you have a sec.
Yeah. We could do
something like that.
- Cool.
- I could come by a little later.
That'd be so awesome. Yeah.
Uh, I'm still up
at my mom's place.
Of course. [Chuckling]
Great. I'll stop by.
Yeah, cool. I'll see you then.
[birds chirping]
[door opens]
[Leeann] I think we should go
for a drive before we head out.
What's wrong with you?
Did you tell him you weren't me?
Did you tell him
you have a twin?
You don't have permission
to be me anymore.
Don't flatter yourself.
I don't wanna be you.
I wanna be us,
which means no secrets.
What are you afraid of?
I'll give you a bad impression?
He just assumed I was you.
Maybe if you weren't
sneaking off,
pretending like I didn't exist.
I can go back down there
and clear it up if it means
so much to you.
What kind of person
promotes loneliness?
People need each other.
They need help, community.
That guy, he just wants people
to need him.
[scoffs] Donation box, yeah.
It will just cost you
your blind worship.
He's confusing yoga
for a trick, Celeste.
It's a business. He's dangerous.
Very Jim Jones.
No wonder it's shutting down.
People aren't idiots.
You are not an idiot. Are you?
I am willing to bet,
he's more interested
in wetting your panties
than real enlightenment.
Is that what you're after?
It has been a while.
[sighs] You don't get it.
Let's just go for a drive, okay?
- Check out the haunts...
- I don't wanna go for a drive.
I don't wanna remember,
I don't even know
what memories are mine.
I know that we were helping each
other out, but where's the line?
If I'm ever gonna do something
- What are you talking about?
- I can't...
One Hart is meaningful.
You're this...
It's not right! I don't feel it!
And having something to myself
for once,
even just for a couple of hours,
it felt right.
And you took that!
I wanted one thing, Leeann!
One thing that was mine and you
couldn't even let me have that
and now it's gone and the studio
is closing... [gasps]
I embraced yoga for you.
Do you think this is what
I saw my life turning into?
No, but I took an interest.
I turned your passion
into a success
because that is what we do.
We're a team.
All of the times
I've been there for you,
in high school, college,
after you fell...
And what, now you're mad?
You're mad
that I'm there for you,
that I support you?
I just think
that we need some time apart.
For both of us.
No. [Scoffs]
Our mom just died and we're
about to open a second business
and you want time apart?
We're a partnership.
You can't just leave.
We designed it that way. We.
You teach, I run the business.
That's how it works.
Don't pretend
you didn't have a say in this.
Where would you even go?
I mean, really.
Listen to yourself.
This guy really got to you.
You've known him
for five minutes, Celeste.
You've known me since the womb.
Who really knows
what's good for you?
Come here.
- It's a hard time, I get it.
- [Celeste sniffles]
Everything feels dug up.
But this is grief talking.
We need each other.
We protect each other
just like mom said.
I love you.
I won't do it again. I promise.
I'm sorry.
[crickets chirping]
[door opens]
[door shuts]
[dramatic music]
[whispering] I'm so sorry.
Mom's asleep.
[Jack] Where are we going?
[Jack breathing heavily]
[moaning, panting]
- [Jack] Ah, Celeste.
- [Leanne] Mm, say it again.
[Jack] Celeste.
[Leanne panting]
[Jack moaning]
[Jack] Celeste...
[Jack panting]
[instrumental music]
[man on phone] 911.
What's your emergency?
[Leeann] My sister's missing.
[man] Okay.
And you last saw her when?
[Leeann] Six hours ago.
[man] Six hours? [Leeann] Yeah.
[man] That's
not a very long time, ma'am.
[Leeann] Huh, no, no. She
doesn't just go off like this.
Our flight's in the morning.
We have a huge event in two days
we put everything into.
I tried to call her 80 times.
[man] Okay. Uh, what's her age?
[Leeann] Mine. Thirty two.
[man] Does she have any history
of mental illness?
- [Leanne] No.
- Any drinking or drug problem?
[Leeann] No.
[man] Uh, abusive relationship?
[Leeann] No. [man] Okay.
Can you think of any reason
why she'd leave?
You know, most of the time,
people come back home.
That's where you should be.
[Sergio] A dyad takes
two people together
in search for understanding.
Receptive and inactive.
Like this labyrinth, we must
first find our way inward
before we can find our way
back out.
When asked questions,
we are forced
to look inside for answers.
Sounds easy, right?
Well, this exercise only works
if you let your mind wander.
True practitioners
of the dyad method
can answer
the simplest of questions
for 20 minutes, even longer.
Now, I'm not gonna hold you
up to that, but I do ask
that you give yourself
to your partner.
Don't take the easy way.
There is no such thing
as small talk here.
Now grab a partner.
Let's break the ice.
[indistinct chatter]
[woman 1] God.
Um, is this your first time?
[woman 2] Yeah, this is my...
[woman 1] Yeah.
[indistinct chatter]
[Sergio] First question.
Who are you? Hm.
[sighs] Who are you?
He knows I hate this.
I'm Rita.
I have been through
a lot of life with me.
Um, a lot of fear and anger.
You know,
I've tried to find myself
in a lot of places.
Uh, none of them the right ones.
And that comes from, you know,
me not knowing my truth.
I needed to go
into a different direction
or I knew that I would die
'cause I didn't wanna be a
consequence of avoiding myself.
And that's what I was doing.
I was avoiding myself
and avoiding me.
So I'm here... again. [Chuckles]
[sighs] And I am telling myself
that, uh, I need to be
a better listener
and... avoid, um...
acting out of fear.
So that's who I am. [Chuckles]
And I just want to be happy.
Who are you?
You can start with your name.
Um, yeah, I am Celeste.
[inhales sharply]
[Rita] There's no judgements.
I, I don't know
why this is so, um...
I'm sorry. I think I need to go
get some, some water.
[instrumental music]
Om gan ganapataye namaha.
Morning. [Chuckles]
Nice mantra.
You ever come up with your own?
No. [Chuckles]
No, I've got nothing
on the ancient powers.
Your intentions
are just as good.
What's that?
For breakfast?
When I was a kid,
my dad used to slip them to me
before school.
- Hmm.
- [chuckles] What?
A yogi who eats candy
for breakfast.
Where's this scar from?
I fell down the stairs
when I was 12.
Fractured my spine.
Yoga, it's what
helped me recover.
[Sergio] From a car accident...
when I was 16.
Lost my parents, uh...
I used to look at it
like it was a sad reminder.
I was ashamed.
But as I grew,
I became proud of it.
That darkness
is something that...
I rose from.
And I think that there's
sort of a beauty in, uh,
that distinction.
What are you gonna do
when this is done?
[laughs] Jesus. You're already
thinking of the end?
- [chuckles]
- We haven't even started.
I meant the studio.
When do you have to be out?
End of the month. Soon.
I've been there eight years.
There used to be enough
to run month to month.
But people, they just want
their exercise now.
Why don't you charge people?
You know, you know,
create memberships,
and social media campaign.
Nah, I'm not trying
to make money.
My purpose is to share it,
not profit.
That just complicates it.
It's admirable.
Scary, but admirable.
Love is risk.
Everything comes from loss.
But it shouldn't stop you
from doing what is true.
Loss is learning.
And there's your mantra.
[instrumental music]
I. La-la la la la
la la-la la la la
I. I. Lala la la la lala la
I. I. La-la la la
la lala la la
I. I. Lala la la la
I. I. La-la la la la la-la
I. I. Lala la la la
I. I. La-la la
la la lala la la...
[line ringing]
[Leanne on phone] Celeste,
this is insane.
You don't know
what you're doing.
Don't ruin this.
I. I. La-la la...
[line ringing]
[Leeann] Hey, again.
Sorry, I...
I'm worried.
Just tell me you're okay.
Tell me you'll be here tomorrow.
You'll be here tomorrow, right?
Just tell me. [Sighs]
Call me, please.
I. I. La-la la la la
I. I. La-la la la la la-la
I. I. Lala la la la...
My heart is on the floor,
Think about
what you're doing to us,
to everything
we've made together.
I need you.
I can't do this without you.
I. I. La-la la la la la-la
I. I. La-la la la
I. I. La-la la la la la-la
I. I. La-la la la la...
I need to know
you're gonna be here tomorrow.
I. I. La-la la la la
I. I. La-la la la...
[fireworks exploding]
I. I. La-la la la
I. I. La-la la la la la-la
I. I. La-la la la
[man] Happy Independence Day!
[crowd cheering]
[fireworks exploding]
[instrumental music]
[breathing heavily]
[eerie music]
[dramatic music]
[knocking on door]
Hello, insomniac.
- Is that...
- You caught me.
You know, I may have
given up drinking,
but I'll never forsake
the 2 a.m. pancake.
Come on in.
[Rita] This is your first
Sergio retreat?
- Yours?
- My fifth.
It's a process. [Chuckles]
How long have you been studying
with him?
I've studied with Sergio
for years.
And I've travelled
all over the world
and he opens up shop
in little Monterey... [chuckles]
Right where I went to rehab
six years ago.
I mean, I wish I could help him.
And I don't know
what the world's gonna do
without Sergio.
I don't know
how I'm gonna do without him.
- Oh, my God.
- They're good?
- They taste just like my mom's.
- Thanks.
She used to make stacks of them
for my birthday.
It's my birthday tomorrow.
Oh, happy birthday.
She just passed away, my mom.
- I'm sorry.
- Mm.
I thought
coming here was gonna be
this amazing, freeing thing.
Well, do you have
any other family?
- You?
- Yeah, I, I have kids.
Unfortunately for them.
You know, after a hundred times
of them cleaning up my puke
and puttin' me to bed,
they don't wanna talk to me
- I'm sorry.
- You didn't do anything.
Look, uh, you know...
I've seen a lot of you
come through.
And no amount of music festivals
are gonna make you
find yourself.
You know, this is work,
real work.
And it's-it's never too late.
I mean, look at me,
I'm a walking example.
But if you want the best life,
don't wait to be shown
who you are.
Don't assume
that falling in love
and having kids
is gonna make you whole,
because you'll never be
the best mom or the best lover
if you're not
your best self first.
Nobody deserves the burden
of completing you.
So invest in yourself.
Don't wait.
And don't hurt people.
Promise me.
- I promise.
- Good.
[instrumental music]
I can't believe
you're doing this to us.
Cat cow, down dog, plank.
Even though I stepped through.
Lower, lift.
Cat cow, down dog, plank.
Even though I stepped through.
Lower, lift.
Hello. Welcome to One Hart 2.0.
Thank you for being here today.
I'm Leeann, and I hope
you are ready to move.
Is Celeste not teaching today?
Celeste couldn't be here today,
So let's go ahead and start.
Um, on our hands and knees
for a few cats and cows, okay?
[exhales sharply]
Exhale, face to the sky,
pop that booty.
Inhale, round the back,
face down.
Do this at your own rhythm.
Five breaths.
[music playing on stereo]
All right.
On your next inhale,
push back to down dog.
Shift your weight around.
Let's get some life
in those hips,
those calves.
Now push forward to plank.
Lower halfway and lift.
Lower, lift. Lower, lift.
Lower, lift.
[Kasch] Leeann! Leeann Hart!
Let's take child's pose.
Your check bounced.
All our checks bounced.
- Shh!
- Don't tell me to shush.
You strung us along for weeks.
We need to be paid now!
There must be some kind
of mistake. I am so sorry.
I will sort it out
as soon as I can.
I'm in the middle
of a yoga class.
Yoga class, a yoga class
is more important
than the fact that my wife and I
can barely feed our kids?
All right, I am done.
I am ready to lawyer up.
This woman is a fraud.
This whole place is a fraud!
Please. Please.
I understand you're upset.
I need to look into it.
Those checks should've been
fine. Just give me an hour.
- Let me finish...
- You don't have an hour.
We want our money now.
No more benefit of the doubt.
We're not leaving without it.
I'll give you what I have, okay?
What about those
free private sessions, huh?
What happened to those?
- And where's Celeste?
- Celeste isn't here.
She's not here!
[music playing on stereo]
[whispers] She's not here.
[Sergio] The medulla oblongata.
The Mouth of God
where we bring energy
into our bodies
to heal and to direct our will,
our awareness.
[static crackling]
[kettle whistling]
Everything okay?
My mom left this note
when she died
about how I need to invest.
She left me this gift
and I didn't really
think about it literally,
but... something about this
feels right.
And so I think
I need to give into it,
to that instinct, for once.
Even though I know
this is crazy,
and I've only known you
for a few days,
it doesn't matter because
I can't let you close down.
This should be enough
to get started again.
[Sergio chuckles]
Celeste, uh, I can't take this.
You have to hire me, though.
It's not completely selfless.
Hah! Hire you?
I, uh, I think
I'm working for you now.
Well, how about co-owners?
I want you to show me.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[eerie music]
I'm sorry, did I...
No, it's... No, I'm sorry, I...
- I don't know, it's...
- It's okay.
I just keep seeing her.
My twin sister, Leeann.
You met her once.
She's the reason I'm here.
She's a part of you.
Yeah, I'm trying to fix that.
Does she know?
- Know what?
- That you're here?
No. She would've tried
to stop me.
Held it over me.
It's happened before.
I got past it, though.
I got away, so...
Celeste, this process,
it doesn't work
if you hide from yourself.
All parts of you.
Even the darkest ones.
They are you.
And if you don't confront them,
they'll haunt you.
They'll become you. They'll
become whatever they need to be.
There's no running.
You can't, you can't get past
something by going around it.
So don't waste your time here.
It's like your mother said.
I think you know how.
[thunder rumbling]
[Leanne sobbing]
[thunder rumbling]
[breathing heavily]
[cell phone ringing]
Celeste? Come back.
I'm calling to say
that I'm not coming back.
Is he with you right now?
He's telling you to say this.
Isn't he?
No one is telling me
to say anything anymore.
[Celeste] You just can't believe
I'd make my own decisions
for once, but here I am.
This is a courtesy call.
It's not a conversation.
Okay, okay, I know, I know
you can make your own decisions,
but people don't just change
their lives, Celeste.
There are consequences.
I deserve to be
more than a consequence here.
We have a life together.
I'm losing it, please.
[Celeste] You need this
just as much as I do.
It's you who decides
if this is going to crush you
or inspire you.
We can't be our best selves
together. Not right now.
What if I can't be my best self
without you?
[thunder rumbling]
Uh, you said
I wouldn't lose you, Celeste.
You promised.
[sobbing] I need my mom.
I need my sister.
How does that make me wrong?
You need to try.
[inhales sharply] And the money?
I only took my share
from the account.
My share. You've spent yours.
[sighs] We can start over.
I-I'll listen to you, okay?
Just enjoy your little vacation
or whatever.
Just put the money back
and I'll take care of it
until you get back.
It's gone.
- What?
- I gave it to Sergio.
We're gonna start
our own studio, a real studio.
A place that understands yoga
and what it can do for people.
You gave that dirty hippie
our money?
Are you insane?
Goodbye, Leeann.
You just gave your life away.
- Your dreams.
- Your dreams, Leeann.
They were yours, not mine.
[Leeann] You don't know
what you're doing.
You don't know
what you're doing!
Please, God! Celeste...
[cell phone beeps]
[breathing heavily] My God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
[breathing heavily]
What if I need you for once?
Who does that
to someone they love?
[voice breaking] This isn't us.
[mirror shattering]
We protect each other.
[thunder rumbling]
[Sergio] Start off in warrior,
bring it down...
[Sergio] To find the self
is truly to lose the self.
The search for self-validation
only leads one down a path
of narrow mindedness,
of missed opportunity.
To be above the self,
unreliant on expectations
of what that self deserves
is to be free from the burden
of holding
the world accountable
for your faults.
To free the world
from the projections
you rely on it for,
you need to see the darkness
in you and others, too,
whether to feel less alone
with it or deny it completely.
Loss is learning.
Loss is learning.
I used to be able to do that.
[Sergio] Yeah? What happened?
After my injury,
it was just like a switch.
You know, that feeling of
falling. Now I need a spotter.
[Sergio sighs]
You can't think about that.
- How?
- By believing in balance.
Directing your energy,
trusting gravity, yourself.
Is that all? [Chuckles]
It's great if there is someone,
but there won't always be.
- Hm.
- You have to be enough.
- Survival.
- So romantic.
You could still give yourself
to someone.
It's about foundation.
It's about roots.
Your words... [sighs]
they're too good.
Well, maybe I should write
a book.
- Yes, you should.
- [chuckles] Really?
What would you call it?
- Hm...
- [gasps] Oh, my God.
I've got it.
Open Hart Sergio-ry.
- Yes!
- [chuckling]
- Your hair is so soft.
- Hm.
How have I not done this before?
What do you use?
My mom was a hairdresser.
And she used to make me
wash her hair every morning
in the sink.
She taught me
how to take care of it.
She used to say
that a good mind
was the seed to great hair.
- My dad hated that.
- Why?
He was bald.
- So it's a tribute to her.
- Hm.
My mom once wrote
that tributes
are the most useful way
to deal with grief.
Um, keeping someone
that you love alive
through the way
that you live your life.
And not just sadness,
since sadness isn't productive.
I feel that about this,
you know,
sometimes a tribute to her,
what I'm doing here.
She was the only one
who could ever tell us apart.
Hm, I feel like
I'm getting there, too.
And I'm seeing things
through her eyes,
what makes me me, I guess.
[chuckles] It sounds ridiculous.
And she was alone a lot,
but never lonely.
She didn't have to be afraid
to sleep with her own mind.
I can see her in you.
You didn't even know her.
I do now.
We have so much
to look forward to.
[Leeann] So much
to look forward to.
[Celeste] How do you know,
you know, how do you know
when you've found that balance
when you can be with someone
not because you need them?
[Rita] Well, that's when
the mindfulness comes in.
Knowing yourself well enough
to catch yourself
before the pitfalls happen.
Knowing yourself
well enough first.
Yeah, but if you don't know
how do you know what you need?
How do you not keep repeating
the same things
over and over again?
Well, the fact that
you're asking those questions,
it's progress.
- Excuse me.
- I'll catch you later.
Ms. Hart, your room key.
What's this for?
The replacement key
you had asked me for.
Oh, I didn't ask for a key.
About half an hour ago.
I spoke to you myself.
Is everything okay, ma'am?
Please don't give
anyone else the key from now on.
Not even me. Okay?
[eerie music]
We have a drive and a hike
ahead of us.
But I promise you,
it'll be worth it.
[owl hooting]
We began this retreat
with a dyad exercise.
Two partners asking questions...
Now we bring that practice
to the self.
And we find the answer within.
Answers the ayahuasca demands.
Don't fight them.
Approach them.
Receive them.
Understand them.
[intense music]
[Sergio chanting
in foreign language]
[chanting in foreign language]
[chanting in foreign language]
[intense music]
I'm not running from you
[dramatic music]
How are you feeling?
I found you out on the path,
[Rita chuckles]
It has that effect.
I thought you could use
some of the hard stuff.
Intense, huh?
[exhales sharply]
You know, it's always
something different.
[sighs] I could hear my son...
but I couldn't see him.
So I had to just sit there
and listen to him cry for me
and need me.
I mean, I couldn't get to him.
And I thought
my heart was gonna explode.
And that's the thing about it,
is I haven't gotten over
the shame of it.
I-I'd give up drugs
and drinking a thousand times
before I'd have
to look those kids in the face
after what I've done to them,
after everything
that I put them through.
I'm the one that's keeping me
from them.
But kids need their mom,
no matter what happened.
I'm the one
who needs to earn their trust...
and be there for them.
[scoffs] And what have I
been doing?
I've been punishing myself,
and that's not it at all.
So you know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna call them.
I'm gonna call them today.
[Rita chuckles]
So what did you see?
- See?
- The tea.
What'd you see?
I saw... my twin sister.
We were kids again.
You said that you didn't have
any family.
Her name was Leeann.
It's just me now.
- So you lost Leeann.
- I let her go.
Well, that's not your fault,
It's my fault.
I ruined her.
I ruined everything
she stood for,
even though
she made me who I was,
who we were,
even though we were a team.
I've always been
the more delicate one.
Leeann. She made things happen.
People never liked her
because she's too strong.
She wouldn't submit.
But we'd be nothing without her.
And I tossed her aside
like she was worthless.
Like, nothing we made together
meant anything.
Oh, honey.
I just want what's ours again.
All those moments in boxes.
Oh-oh, come here.
Come here. It's okay. Come here.
It's okay.
[Rita] It's okay.
Hey, you're bleeding. Jesus!
Celeste, what happened to you?
- Well, you're not...
- I'm not what?
- Hey...
- You think I'm the crazy one?
Oh, come on.
I just wanna get you some help.
You can't help me.
You can't know.
Look, come, come here.
Come here.
Oh, we're all just trying
to figure this out.
Oh, God. Ah...
[Leeann] Oh, God. Oh, God.
Okay, okay.
It's fine, it's okay.
[Leanne grunts]
Okay, it's fine.
It's gonna be all right.
Once he's out of the way,
we'll be together again.
What happened?
- She's dead.
- [door opens]
[dramatic music]
Rita was supposed to keep you
another 30 minutes.
Come on.
[gasping, panting]
[birds chirping]
[Sergio] I have something
for you.
What does it mean?
It's, it's your mantra.
Loss is learning.
- Here.
- I'll do it.
Did I do something wrong?
I think it might be best
if I hold on to the money.
Yeah. Sure. Of course.
You're just going
to give it to me?
[laughs] Why wouldn't I?
What if I took it all back?
In the visions...
I saw us.
[Celeste] Hello?
I know you're what
I've been waiting for.
Your goodness, your heart,
your light.
I didn't even know
I was waiting.
[leaves rustling]
[Sergio] And while we're both
on this Earth,
no matter what...
we'll be here.
It's like there's a bridge...
And as far as it needs to be,
a thousand miles, a centimeter,
you're my partner,
wherever we are.
While we're both on this Earth.
We gotta get going.
[chuckles] Come on.
- Why?
- The last-night adventure.
Thank you.
[engine revving]
[intense music]
[music continues]
[flies buzzing]
[music continues]
- [panting]
- [Marina] Oh, Jesus.
I don't know who this is.
- You don't understand.
- Dear God.
- Please, don't hurt me.
- [Celeste] No, no, wait.
[Marina] Hello! I need help.
I need the police right now...
[indistinct chatter]
Yeah, I'm at Quint's Cove.
There's been a murder.
[indistinct chatter]
So I need you
to come right away.
I didn't... I don't know.
I'm at Quint's Cove.
Please come right away.
[Celeste panting]
[woman] Hey! That's my car.
- [Marina] Please, she's crazy!
- [engine starts]
[indistinct chatter]
[engine revving]
[Sergio] Our last night.
A culmination of us getting
closer to our truer selves.
We'll share it
with our most realized friends.
Let's let them guide us
through the dark.
[screaming] Sergio!
And now, my friends,
a final lesson.
The key to happiness.
How to make the perfect s'more.
[all laughing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Sergio] Can't forget
the marshmallows. Here.
Oh. And chocolate.
Crackers. Pass it down.
[woman] It's like I'm camping.
[Sergio] Perfect.
Can we go for a walk?
Yeah, of course.
[indistinct chatter]
[birds cawing]
How you do it?
Do what?
How do you make them
believe you?
How did you get her
to believe you?
Celeste, what are you
talking about?
Oh, my God.
Celeste, what happened?
You like it, don't you,
being surrounded
by vulnerable women
who just nod along,
look up to you like some idol?
It's not about
who's looking at me.
I want them
to look at themselves,
to listen to their own voice.
The voice you put in their head.
To recognize
that they have a voice
above all other noise.
[scoffs] That's what I've been
trying to tell Celeste
the whole time...
That you're just noise.
No more bridge.
[whispering] Sergio?
Oh, my God.
What have you done?
Please. What's happening?
Please, Leeann.
Tell me where he is.
Then we can go. Okay?
Then we can go.
[Celeste panting]
Ah, he's still alive.
Leeann, please help me.
He needs help.
I'm gonna save you.
Please, Leeann. This isn't you.
This isn't me?
How would you know?
I'm sorry.
[sniffles] I'm so, so sorry.
[Leeann] This didn't
have to happen.
You didn't have to abandon me
at the most important time
of our lives.
For what?
Someone else to follow?
You thought this was freedom?
All you did here
was find another person
to lead you somewhere.
We can still
get it all back, though.
I know we can figure it out.
We're free now.
You would rather destroy me
than let me be on my own.
You tried to ruin us.
You can have me.
You can be me, okay?
I'll be someone else,
but you need to let me go.
You need to stop.
That's never what I wanted.
All I wanted was to be together,
to know you better than anyone,
to be recognized by you.
I don't give a crap
about anyone.
I want you to see me,
to believe in us.
You're sick.
You're no one without me.
I'm no one without you.
I want you to embrace it
like we did before.
Come. Please.
[man] Police! Freeze!
Everyone step away
from the campfire.
Put your hands in the air.
What? What do you expect
to happen?
They believe
those psycho-twin angle?
Stolen money,
a dead woman in your room,
the other girls watching you
walk off with Sergio,
now covered in his blood.
Maybe if you had acknowledged me
to the world.
But, no.
You tossed me aside
like garbage.
You're right.
You don't exist.
And you did that to yourself.
I'd rather be put away
than spend another second
with you in this life.
Over here! I'm here!
- Here!
- [grunts]
Don't make me hurt you anymore.
Hey, sleepyhead.
We're gonna need to get you
cleaned up before the flight.
[gasps] Oh, my God.
Our names.
We'll have to change them.
New identities
for a new chapter.
You can choose them if you want.
How is that?
I have so many ideas.
I promise. I'm gonna let you
take the lead this time.
We don't have to do hip-hop.
We can run it however you want.
Doesn't even have to be yoga.
We can literally do anything.
[sighs] We have so much
to look forward to.
What do you think you're doing?
Maybe you need to go back
to sleep.
- [grunts]
- [tires screeching]
[dramatic music]
- [groaning]
- [grunts]
[Celeste panting]
Where are you gonna go?
[horn blaring]
You can hurt me all you want.
You know I can take it.
You know I'll find you
wherever you go.
This, this bridge between us...
it's forever.
There is nothing you can do
to break it.
You know we're a team.
It doesn't make sense not to be.
We're unstoppable together.
And I know you know that.
I know you know that.
You're not you without me.
I'm not me without you.
I am you. We are one!
[engine revving]
[instrumental music]
[birds chirping]
[woman] I am so excited that
you're interested in this home.
However, legally,
I do have to disclose something.
This was the home
of the One Hart twins.
And now, since the surviving
sister was acquitted,
well, she's ready to sell.
Some people find
there is bad juju in that.
All I see is a beautiful home
for a new family.
An opportunity to breathe
happy new life into a space.
And this room is perfect
for a nursery
if you still wanna see it.
Yes, all right then.
And the natural light
is spectacular.
[woman] I am so sorry, Ms. Hart.
I didn't realize
you were still here.
No. No, no, it's fine.
Just... taking a last look.
Congrats on the baby.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[music continues]