Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2008) Movie Script

Looking sweet mama
Give us a piece of that man
Hey there
Come on sweet heart
Don't be shy
Actually I'm of the clock
Check the street
Woman crying
Shut up
I'll do anything
Please let me go
No please no
Before i change my mind
I changed my mind
Oh god
Oh god
Police siren sounds outside
Doors close
Home early sir
Something came up
I'll be happy to pick up dinner | I was just on my way out to get those books you ordered
They can wait
Under the weather again sir
Mrs pool
This work im doing
You know how inportant it is to me
Don't wish to be disturbed of course
I'll see to it you have complete privacy
In the labratory as usual
Machine sound
Beep beep
Bragging about our no 1 nurologist
I know I know I'm sorry
Then your on show for the | residents orientation
I'll make it up to you
I'll except all your invetations to your | boring dinner parties for an entire year
Its this outside research project | your working on isnt it
How's it coming
I'm not sure
What ever it is you know i encourage it | its good for the hospital
Well I also need you to fullfill your | duties here
Ah ah
Mrs Goldstein asking for you again | she refuses to be examined by anyone else
DR Jekyll
Oh tell Mrs Goldstein I'll be there | as soon as I can
Well look at you | Look like you haven't slept in a week
How you been
Oh well just some coffee please black | and some asprin if you have it
Glad you called Gabe
Well the truth ive been worried about you
What you up too
Just been caught up in a pet project
Whats her name
How is the gallery these days
A headache
It should be its the opening tonight
The opening
Yeah you got the invitation didnt you
No no i must have threw it out
You sure
Emily's memory
Yeah its her last series of work
She would want you there
Well I I wouldn't miss it for the world
A young women found stabbed last night
Now police have yet to release any details
But many fear it is the latest in a series of brutal murders | that have gripped the city
We have a reporter on the scene now | We go live to his location
Been out there two months
What kind of monster would do this
I'll be right back
Emily called that Lonley Woman
Toward the end
When she woke up you were always there
Always there to take care of her
Well shes still here
Feel her every where
I ought to go
Oh no no stay here
I'll get you a drink
Enjoy yourself
Hi you enjoying the show
I've got a friend I would like you to meet
I've locked the exterior door
When should i... not untill morning
Even if i beg
Of course
I understand
No !!
Groaning in pain
Yelling smashing of glass
Girl screams
Chocking sounds
Kid pranks
Henry where were you last night
What are you doing right now
Well im just on my way to see an artist whats going on
I'm in trouble I I am I need your help
Well its a legal matter its complicated
Don't you have your own lawyer
She'd ask to many questions
im having trouble following you Henry
All your contacts you seem to know everyone | I was hoping you would refer me to another lawyer
Or one who discreate who I can trust | Who can get things done quickly
How worried should I be
Please do this for me
Actually i do know someone
Dont worry about the appeal or filing custody
we'll figure that out later | I'll call you tomorrow
Ah sorry about the way I am
You must be ? DR Jekyll ... Claire
Nice to meet you
Come in
I'd like to tell you its not always like this but
I appreciate you meeting with me on such short notice
Gabe's such a great guy
I'm a little suprised
As you can see your not my usual clientel please sit
Thats the least of my worries
You made it sound urgent... it is
Well then how can i help you Doctor
That ... that girl they found strangled two days ago
This belonged to her
How did you
Well apparently i took it as a souveneer
I'm sorry I
after I................ the others too
I'm the one who's responsible
That's not funny
I want to plead guilty I want to wave trial | I want to be sentenced as quickly as possible
Hold on wait a minute
Your a dear friend of Gabe's right
You are a respected physision and your telling me
Can you help me or not
Look im not the best person for this
Someone who has more experiance who specialises | criminal defence that's who you should be talking too
No no no
Gabe he told me to come here he would not | have sent me here if you if you were not the right person
Look even if I believed you
You just can't do it um
It just isnt done this way
For one thing
Most people who confess to such horendus crimes didnt do it
Look six people are dead
And im telling you im the one who did it
What can be gained by discussing options except to | try and find some technicality to try and get me off
Look obvously i dont have expertease in this area but there | could be midigating cercomstances
I'm not looking for a deal
This could mean the difference between a life sentence | and the death penalty
This was a mistake
Look i can give you the name of someone backed up by an excelent | firm with clout and resorces to handle something like this
Thank you for your time
No no
Women screams
What are you crazy
This will help you to sleep mr manion
I'll be back to check on you in a little while
You remember me
I know im unforgetable
Don't take it personaly
You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time
Let me tell you how it's going to feel
First there will be a wave of panic
When i turn off the machine measuring your vital signs
Then when i cut the i.v. supply your blood pressure will drop you | might even feel a metalic taste in your mouth
Are you suprised i know all this
Which brings us to the vetilator now when i disable it you
Well its hard to describe so why dont i just show you
Door bell sounds
I'm here to see Dr Jekyll
I'm afraid he's not in
Do you happen to know where he is | he's not at work
If you would like to leave your name I'll be | happy to give him a message
Let him know i was here
It concerns a matter he came to see me | about yesterday
Tell him i think i can help
Thank you
Come in
Please wait here
What are you doing
He said to go away
You'll have to leave
Well do it your way
I'll still have to know what happened
Hm you would'nt believe me
A Harvard educated physician who saves lives by day and | takes them by night
How much more dificult to believe can it be
May i
May i ask you a personal question
I'd prefer to talk about you
If you were forced to choose | would you call yourself good or evil
Good I guess
Yet youve had evil thoughts and | occcasionaly acted on them
Haven't we all
Well you see its something ive always been facinated with | ever since i can remember that how
On an intrinsic level it seems we have two distinc selfs | within us one good one bad each
Struggling for control
And as a doctor I
I wonder could it be the key to understanding the very | nature of health and illness
well for years it was just a private theory one | I kept to myself
Then a year ago something amazing happened | it changed all that as if
It were meant to be
When i was in the amazon deep in the rain forest
Treating remote tribes
I came across a sharmon who worshiped a rare flower
He believes it caused the sole to seperate
Allowing the dark self to escape allowing the light self to heal
Like nothing ever seen before
Later i took a blood sample from the sharmon | and tested it
Even his genetic makeup had changed
I had to find the flower
I'd finally succeeded in isolating its psycotropic properties
A catolist to trigger the effect
The question was what
For months it was all i could think about
A blinding obsession
The more i searched for the answer
The more out of reach it seemed
Then just as i was about to quit
Singing " i'll hold your hand while they drag the river"
" I'll cuddle you and me unto town "
" I'll keep my hands on your trigger finger "
"I'll take you down where the train tracks go
"Let's whale away the hours let's whale the evil night together"
" We'll drink a toast in your torture chamber "
" And you'll go down on a bed of nails "
Edward ........Hyde
That's what he call's him self
Even has a name
At first only taking the serum would make him emerge and | I could control him and the experiment
Then he became more violent stronger and began | appearing at will
How often
Every week or two in the begining
Always at night
And then
With increasing frequency the more i tried to suppress him | which triggered his erge to kill
I see
You dont believe me
Do you think im making this up
If I'm going to be your lawyer then it doesnt matter | what I personaly believe
I'll prepare a statment of facts
Then we'll arrange for to turn yourself in
I'll have you committed for 24 hours
A psychiatric ward
I'm afraid something might happen again
Yes its awful about mr lanion
I have no idea if and when he'll be back
You said he had a heart attack
About a week ago
Thats him right there
Here it is
2/12 Battery St Apartment 4f
It says it was leased to Edward Hyde and | paid for by Henry Jekyll
Why is that
Sorry im just a temp
I don't suppose you have an extra key
Gosh I dont know if i can
No its okay im henry jekyll's atorney
Well i guess its okay
I think they keep the keys in the back
How can you send him to me
Why whats he done
You say you know him so well how well
I've known him many years he treated my wifes tumor
What about mental illness
Any history i mean
As far as i know no
Drug abuse
Abnormal behaviour of any kind
Henry is the most peaceful person I know
Well then he's covering up for someone
Ever heard of a person named Edward Hyde
Never mind
Your busy I've taken enough of your time
But you are going to help him arnt you
I don't know
I'm not sure I want to get involved
Do you miss me
I mean what a way to treat a dear friend
First locks on the door
And the looney bin
Can't be
So ungrateful
To be given the freedom to experience the darkest thrills of the | human soul without anyone suspecting
Your not real
Oh well you see your wrong
Your lucky I still need you around or youd have been | gone a long time ago
What do you want
Stop being a baby
Suck it up
You realize that only by execpting me can you finally except yourself
I'm not you
I'm a good man
That's why your here
Your all in my head
Testing myself
Just think of all the good times we had
You remember our first kill that moment of surrender it was | so sweet
I can take control
You cant even tell that lawyer girl friend of yours what | what you think you want to do to her because you can't
Stop it
Make me
No more
You okay
Noise outside
Still come up empty
D.N.A doesn't match anything in our data banks
Deformed like the others.. maybe cuts the skin off | his finger tips
Nothing yet on that area we searched
I think we got some thing
An earing was found matching one the last victim was wearing
In a alley behind a apartment building on battery
Anyone talk to the tennants
This could be a coinsodence but a lady on the forth floor said | she saw a women running from an appartment last night looking scared
Do we have an appartment number
Getting a search warrant as we speak
Phone ringing
Answering machine
I um .. I need a favour
What happened to you henry you look terrible
What's this
If anything should happen to me i want you too open it | but only then every thing you need to do is inside
What kind of trouble are you in
I need to make sure that it doesnt fall into the wrong hands
No questions no questions
I have no idea what is going on with you... please
Just... promise me
Promise me that you will do this for me
Oh what happened
Mr Hyde was here again last night
After you .. left I left him alone as you instructed
Well he's unwell
We shouldnt prevoke him
The police called
The police
They had some questions about the appartment you rent for your cousin
And what did you tell them
Its strange that too people from the same family can be so different
I'm sorry
Police freeze hold it right there
Henry Jekyll
We have a warrent for your arrest
Put that down
If you had stayed there like you promised
Wasn't like i had a choice
Oh and what am i supposed to believe it was this | other person who escaped not you
Hyde I told you his name is Hyde
And Hyde knows I'm helping you thats why he attacked me last night
What.. after I found his place i saw all the things he took from you
So who is he
Why are you protecting him
Claire your in danger
Why do you keep pretending with me
Before it was random now he's doing everything he can to stay alive
I can't help you this way
I can feel him.. I can feel him.. did you hear me
As long as im alive even prison wont be enought to stop him
I need the antidote
The one ive been working on i finally figured it out just | before the police arrested me
By antidote you mean
Its in my lab in a siringe you have to help me get it its my | only hope
Is it just me your trying to convince or do you have | some other plan i dont know about
You still don't believe me
Its getting harder harder
Changing into another person was not a medaphore
How can you possibly know what its like | to feel someone else inside of you
He discusts me he defiles me
Lets start over okay
Why dont we pretent you just walked into my office
Plead guilty you will be tried and sentenced | as quikly as possible
I'm going to honor your request
Anything else
Then I'll see you at the plea hearing tomorrow
What are we looking for
Right here
This is where Hyde attacked me
Oh my god Claire
If we could only find him
This is enough
Get of this case
I'm not getting of the case
Look i know i refered him to you
What ever this is if anything happens to you
Wait a minute
Maybe were being watched
Security is tight surounding the trial as you can see behind me it is ab.....
The overall feeling here today is one of relief ...
While many people here remain shocked at such a distinguished doctor | And respected member of the community could have | committed such hanus crimes
All rise
Please be seated
Mr Mendez
Your honor
Is the defence ready
Yes your honor
Very well
Regarding the defendants plea
Your honor if i may id like to move for a continuance
On what grounds
New evidence which might have a bearing on my clients plea
What are you doing
Objection your honor any thing relivent to this case should have been | handed over to us prior to this hearing
I found out about it last night
And im supposed to believe that
Well regarding this new evidence coucilor you'll share it with | the district attorney imediantly
And be prepared to enter a plea first thing in the morning
Court is ajurned untill then
To plead guilty thats all i wont
Well thats it
It's a guy in a hood so what
What if he's actualy the one who killed all these people
For god sake wheaton your clients signed a full confesion
We found blood from three diferent victims in his house
To say nothing of the d.n.a. evidence linking him to | every one of the crime scenes come on
Well there is someone else involved and his name is Edward Hyde
There is no Edward Hyde and you know it
Look I know you suckered me into this delay but you are going to | have to do better than this hail mary you pulled of some grainy | skid row security camera
Given the bazar elements of the case i think we both know | I can make an insanity defence stick
Hm...what do you want
To bring this guy in
If it turns out to be nothing my client will plead guilty accross the board
No conditions
You have my word
His name is walter swain the crack head
Not exactly what you call relyable
But he recognised hyde from the security camera
Sort of possibly maybe thats the best we could get out of him
All right cut him loose
What you cant hold him
On what charge
Well at least let me ask him a few questions
I think we have pursed this avenue sufficently
You remember the deal
Now if you will excuse me i have a plea hearing to reschedule
Excuse me excuse me
What now
You people have harassed me enough already
I'm not the police
I'm an Attorney
Well what ever your selling im not interested
It's about Edward Hyde
So you do know him
Yeah from a bar I think
We talked once thats it
Look I need to find him
Do you know where he is
Listen please someone's life is at stake
He said the cops were after him he didnt say why
Said he was going to lay low for a while
You know where he is
Some place safe
Thats all he said anyway ive got to go
If he contacts you
Or if you remember any thing else
Call me
I already told you everything
Just in case
So we have a problem
Don't worry you got your plea
Its your client
Dr Innocent
Just slit his wrists
Phone ringing
Phone ringing
Who is it
Yesterday at the police station you gave me a card
What do you want
Well ah
you get me out of this place and ill get you something on whats his Name
Yeah exactly
I'm listening
Its about his landlord
According to Hyde the dude saw something he wasn't supposed to see
Haha no idea
All he said was he didnt have to do much the guy just keeled over
Like a heart attack
I didnt ask but a
Lets just say i wasnt feeling the love
This landlord
His name wasnt manion was it
Now the hell should i know
Listen to me
I can get you out of what ever mess you got yourself into | but your going to have to help me
We have a deal
Mrs Manion.. Claire I just want to say how sorry I am
Did you know my husband
Not very well
It just seems so sudden
Do you mind me asking just what happened
Complications from a heart attack
I heard he had heart problems
Just wonder was it that off
Do you know it was very odd
I'd never seen him that way he was like a frightened child
What do you mean
Well just before he slipped into the coma
He said the oddest thing
At first i thought he was delirious but
He said he could feel eyes boring into him
Cold , hipnotic
Of a man as he lay there in that alley where they found him
He said he saw a man change into someone else
Right there in front of him
Pure evil
Can we have some privacy
I've requested you be taken off the case
i made a mistake
Please just give me a second chance
Please im begging you i know you were telling me the truth
I don't care anymore and its better that I get the death sentence
Listen to me
If a killer takes a hostage who he forces to come along with him | while committing his crimes that hostage cant be blamed
Who cares
i care
Look hoestly what ever guilt you feel hear | your innocent hyde did it
Its like you said
He's a different body person and soul
Well it to late is the only way i can get rid off him is by dying
And i just want to die
Do you remember me alone and unforgiven
Shut up shut up
Look at you
Why did you do this to me
You wanted me dont take me away from him
I liked you Claire
I liked you
Very much
Are you okay
I'm okay
We have all been waiting for the day when doctor jekyll is expected to enter his plea | Will it be guilty or not guilty
How do you feel
I feel great
Did he come back
No he is am hes gone
Can I trust you
Well I
I've always told you the truth
Your going to have to trust me now
Will the defendant please rise
To each of the six charges of first degree murder
How do you plead
Not guilty your honor
Order in the court
Insanity defence good luck
Who said anything about insanity
So doctor how would you define dissociate identity disorder
It's a condition in where a single individual evidences to | 2 or more distinct personalities
Each with its own patterns of perceving and interacting with the inviroment
Now in your own profesional experiance
Do patients ever pretend to sufer from this condition
Yes usualy within a legal context as part of an insanity defence
What if the problem of diagnosing D.I.D is that there is no way to | objectively prove that the condition exists
No objective way of prooving it exists so if i get this right doctor | then this mr hyde of hume i may add have no records off
He could be a complete and total fabrication of Dr Jekyll
So Mr Swane how many times did you see Mr Hyde
Why we hung out in bars and stuff so you could identify | Mr Hyde if you ever saw him again
Yes sure
Have you ever seen the defendant dr jekyll
Could he be mistaken for mr hyde
Yes its funny yeah
I guess he could
But ah he's nothing like the guy im talking about
When you see his eyes once your never going to forget them
So this mr hyde he exsists yeah hes for real
Were you under the influence Mr Swane when you | supposedly saw this supposed Mr Hyde
Yeah n no ah maybe
Yeah no maybe
Thankyou so much for your cooperation
Very late at night i could hear the voice of this other | person yelling and screaming
It was terrifying
Did you ever meat Mr Hyde
Just an evil person
I could see it in his face I new that he was there to harm Dr Jekyll
And there was nothing i could do
We recoverd D.N.A. left on each victim
At each of the crime scenes on each of the murder weapons
All were found to contain the same genetic markers
All matching the defendent
And what are the odds Mr Fowler that these markers | can belong to someone anyone other than the defendant
Approximately 170 million to one
It's what hes devoted to preserving lives
Not taking them
And you know this because
He did everything in his power to save my wife
She didnt have much hope maybe six months to live
Then he helped her to die with grace and dignity
And it was more than just doctors skills ,compassion she | trusted him right to the end
Henry Jekyll the Henry Jekyll I know
Could never do these horrible things
Well whats the deal they offered
How bad
By reason of insanity in exchange for twenty to life without parol
Or take your chances with the jury
Which i can feel im loosing
And risk a death sentence
What does henry say
Only that he trusts me
So what do i do
what are your instincts tell you
My instincts have been wrong before
Look what ever you decide dont give up on henry
I'd like to call my client to the stand
Dr Jekyll why did confess to crimes you never committed
The experiments that i carry out for my research
Involve injestion of psycotropic substances
They provoke extream reactions
Psycological and physical i had a moment of doubt
I might have been the one responsible for these
Hannes crimes
So am i to understand you had a moment of confusion
Dr Jekyll
Do you know Mr Hyde
I do know Mr Hyde
How would you discribe him
To me Mr Hyde is an enigma
I dont how he found me
Or why he ever came to my home i dont think | I'll realy ever understand
But what i do know is that
When i emerge from this very uncomfortable jurney
I was accused of murders that he seemed to have committed
No further questions
After all the twists and turns this trial has taken | the outcome at this point seems to be quite uncertain
Well have to wait and see wether the defence or the | prosecution has any more tricks up there sleeves
Thankyou Claire
Listen don't thank me yet it uh not over
Oh it doesn't matter im free from him
For what i wanted
What ever happens now can't change that
Cause im not finished yet
Your honor we'd like to recall the states d.n.a. expert mr fowler
Mr Fowler
Isn't it true there are sections of human D.N.A. | that are unique to each individual
There called polymorphic fragments they very | in shape from person to person
So esentualy d.n.a. profiling is the process of seperating | An idividuals unique polymorphic fragments
From those of others
Thats right
You ever heard of one person having two unique | sets of polymorphic fragments
By definition that would be impossible
Why is that
Because the genetic coding of each persons polymorphic | fragments is intirly unique to that person
I'm sorry mr fowler in that case why is henry jekyll | on trial here instead of edard hyde
Objection your honor
Jekyll and Hyde are one in the same person
Well that is false your honor um henry jekyll | and Mr Hyde are two different persons
What makes you say that counciler
Because according to samples taken by the police from Hydes apartment | the D.N.A. of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde are not the same
It's a fact your team missed Mr Fowler
Why was that
Because he was so convinced that Henry Jekyll | and Mr Hyde were the same person
He carelessly failed to compare there d.n.a.
Only one person fits the exact profile of the killer | and that person is Mr Edward Hyde
Its all in your report Mr Fowler
No further questions
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury
You herd the testimonies attesting to dr jekyll's charector
He is the opposit of a killer
He is a healer
And a man of vision and a man of compassion
The truth is simple
Convicting him beyond any reasonable doubt would mean | disregarding any definition of what constitutes a human being
His D.N.A.
The d.n.a. found at the scenes of these | barbaric crimes do not belong to dr jekyll
But to another man
Dr Jekyll cant be held responsible for these herendus acts
The one and only person guilty is Mr Edward Hyde
Ladies and gentlemen
The killer is still out there
And hes ready to strike again
Allmost three hours now well two hours 43 minutes to be exact
Since the jury began its deliberations and given the lateness | of the hour its unlikely a verdict will be decided untill
We are just getting word now that the jury is back and we | will bring you all the details as soon as they are available
Will the defendant please rise
In the matter of the state versus henry jekyll
We the jury find the defendent
Not guilty
Order in the court
How's it feel
To get your life back
Well to now im finaly myself again
I assume you want that envelope back
Yeah when you gave ne incase
Oh right
Oh well you can throw it away
You sure ... better yet burn it forget he even gave it to you
I'm sorry
No its okay realy
No its what you said
What i said
You said he
Forget he gave it to you
Did i
Well i meant me who else would i mean
Hahaha yeah well
Come on you dont think
I had to ask
Guess you have every right after all thats happened
But as my dearest friend in the whole wide world
And ah you look hungry
And its on me
Always always
Hi uh
What a nice surprise
Am I catching you at a bad time
Just another day at the office
Low pay and same hours
I've been meaning to call
I never got a chance to truly thank you
Well im just glad every thing worked out
So what have you been doing with yourself
You back at work
Or no no im not ready yet
Well i feel ashamed to be a free man
Yeah i guess that will take some time
Anyway I should let you go
No listen
I have some where I have to be but
Do you want to grab a cup of coffee
I guarantee you will have a bad time im | extremely boring outside of work
Hahaha well I guess we have something in comen
So i i have to go home afterwords but if you | wanted to meet me there if you dont mind
No no course not
Then I will give you my address
Thank you
Knock at door
I'm coming
Hello Claire