Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2018) Movie Script

Son of a bitch Watch where you're going!
Great King Cold-sama has arrived.
So it would seem.
It has been a long time, King Vegeta.
Great King Cold, my humble greetings.
Allow me to introduce you; this is my son, Freeza.
Oh... an honor to meet you, Freeza-sama.
The pleasure is all mine.
This may seem a bit sudden, but...
I've decided to retire.
From now on, Freeza here will take command of the army.
In other words, the Cold Army shall become the Freeza Army.
Nothing will change.
The Saiyans shall do as Freeza commands.
I suppose the one small difference
is that Freeza is even more cruel than I.
I have high hopes for you Saiyans.
To commemorate my inauguration
I've brought a new battle item for you all.
It's a brand-new invention called a 'scouter'.
It's like the 'scout-scopes' you've used for reconnaissance
but compact and designed to be worn
and they can be used for communication too.
Like the old scout-scopes
they can measure the battle power
and distance of your opponent.
It seems that several Saiyans are aiming weapons this way.
The Saiyan hiding over there has a battle power of...
2000. Not bad at all.
See, that's how it works.
Aren't they convenient?
For now, I'll give you 500 or so as a gift.
Let me know if you need more.
Well then.
Look how big he's grown!
My son, you are my pride and joy!
You are truly gifted!
That monster Freeza won't be the one to rule the universe...
It shall be you!
I can't wait to see you grow up!
Who is this?
What is he doing inside a special capsule?
This is Broly, the son of Colonel Paragus.
What is the meaning of this?
This incubation chamber is supposed to be for the future Saiyan elite!
Yes, well...
They say Broly has extraordinary potential.
You mean he's as gifted as my son?!
Y-Yes sir...
The researchers said his data is higher than even the prince.
That is impossible!
The prince's data is the highest ever!
Give me that!
My apologies.
Obviously it must be a malfunction.
I'll bring a new meter at once.
I've got one here.
I've measured him again, but his data is only half what it was before.
Although he has registered some extraordinarily high numbers in the past...
I suppose the meter was simply malfunctioning.
But even eliminating those outliers, Broly's potential is quite substantial.
With training, he can grow into a magnificent warrior
and become a major asset for our army.
He could even become a legendary Super Saiyan!
Let go of me!
Pardon my intrusion...
But I heard that my son Broly was to be sent in a pod off to a frontier planet.
But that is a job for a low-level warrior.
If he can grow strong enough to subdue that planet
perhaps it will make him into an even more powerful warrior.
Conquering planets and selling them for a high price...
That is the role of the Saiyan warrior race.
His target is the dwarf planet Vampa...
A harsh world devoid of civilization.
I doubt it shall fetch a high price.
Your son's potential is high...too high.
One might even call him a mutant.
If he becomes mentally unbalanced as he grows up
he may pose a threat to my army, or even to the universe itself.
Be grateful that I have spared his life
and that I am merely exiling him to another world.
But that's... that's... You're...
You're simply trying to get rid of Broly because he has greater potential than the prince!
Hold your tongue, or I will have you put to death.
In any case, it is already too late. His pod has just launched.
Out of my way!
What the?
Hold on!
The ship isn't cleared for takeoff!
Your ship isn't cleared. Return at once.
--Take her back down!
I can't do that. I've got to save my son!
King Vegeta took pride in the brilliant potential of the prince...
So he hated that my son Broly was even more gifted.
It seems his pod is heading for some sort of frontier planet.
A dwarf planet called 'Vampa', orbiting Star No. 94.
Why? There shouldn't be any populated planets out there.
The king wasn't interested in conquering the planet.
He just wanted to kill my son Broly!
S-Surely not...
Don't worry...
Once I rescue Broly, we shall settle down on some other world.
You can return to Planet Vegeta after you drop us off.
You're not going back yourself?
Obviously not.
We would just be killed if we did.
I shall raise Broly into the ultimate warrior
and get my revenge on King Vegeta!
[PotatoHead Subs]
So that's the dwarf planet Vampa?
The calculations show that his pod should have arrived about two days ago.
Stay alive, Broly! I'll come rescue you soon!
It should be around here.
This place where the light is shining looks calm. Let's land there.
No, here!
Let's go find him at once. Follow me!
Me too?
That's right. I wouldn't want you taking off while I'm out searching.
I wouldn't do that, trust me.
You can never trust a Saiyan.
Apparently there's an updated version of those scout-scopes, too.
I heard that the new commander 'Freeza' brought them.
I'm aware.
That Freeza is really something.
That is no concern of mine.
What could that be?
What the?
What was that?!
You've got to be kidding me! I'm not even a fighter!
Looks like it's always stormy at night.
It's hot now though.
Is that a moon over there?
It's nearly full.
Don't look at it too long or you'll become a Great Ape.
I've never gone Great Ape before.
We lose control of ourselves when we become Great Ape.
It should be reserved for when there is no other option.
What the?!
Is the ground soft? This doesn't look like grass.
They seem to be drinking something from out of the ground.
What the?!
That's no field! It's a giant beast!
The monsters survive by sucking the beast's blood
and the beast survives by eating the monsters.
This planet sure is creepy.
Oh, it's the pod! The pod's over there!
He's not here. Where could he have gone?
Maybe he got eaten...
Over there!
Aw man... are you sure he's here?
You attacked the monster and ate its leg.
That's my boy!
So that's Broly?
Battle power...920.
Hey, he's stronger than me!
Even an able-bodied boy with a battle power of 920 wouldn't be able to defeat these monsters.
See, his suit's a little baggy...
I bet he looked at the full moon and became a Great Ape.
Let's get off this planet quick.
It sure got banged up.
Oh no!
What's the matter?
The main floater's cracked!
It can't be! Can you fix it?
No way. We'll need a new floater...
Are you saying we're stuck here?!
We can't radio for help out here.
We've got enough food rations and water to last ten days.
Do you really think anyone is going to find us in only ten days?
Ugh, I knew we shouldn't have forced a landing here!
This will save on rations.
We'll be arriving on Planet Vegeta soon.
It sure has been a long time!
What's going on, anyway?
Why this order for all Saiyans to hurry back to Planet Vegeta?
I hear that bastard Freeza commanded it.
Take off that scouter or he might hear you.
Look, everyone's swarming back.
Look over there!
Freeza's ship!
There should still be plenty of time.
Why is he already hanging around here?
Odd, isn't it?
He could just radio us if he had something to say rather than having us come back.
And if he had some new weapon to give us...
we don't need to all hurry back.
There must be something more to this.
That's a little paranoid, don't you think?
Conquering planets is the livelihood of the Saiyan warrior race.
It was Freeza's father Cold who forced us to do this in his service.
That was a long time ago.
Do you think things are going well now?
Well, there's not a single Saiyan who likes Freeza...
And Freeza feels the same way about the Saiyans.
But Freeza's army has grown.
They can probably get by without us pesky Saiyans.
You mean he's going to wipe us out?!
Maybe so.
You're too much, Bardock-san.
Yo, Bardock! Back alive and well, I see!
Yeah. Do you know the reason for this congregation order?
Beats me. Maybe they've found a big planet...
They might need all of us to conquer it!
Yeah, it's gotta be something like that!
Now that you mention it...
I hear Freeza and his cronies were asking around about the Super Saiyan.
The Super Saiyan...
You mean that legend?
That's it!
Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God...
I've investigated them, but they seem to be merely legends.
Naturally, but I cannot tolerate even the smallest cause for concern.
So then, shall we call off the attack?
Surely you jest!
I've gone to all this trouble to gather them all together.
Is this not the perfect opportunity to annihilate them and their entire planet?
Welcome back, Bardock-san!
Yo! I'm home, Gine!
Huh? Bardock!
The town is really bustling.
Yeah, everyone has come home.
Where is Raditz?
He's already a combatant!
He's off with Prince Vegeta on another planet.
They haven't come back yet.
Prince Vegeta, huh?
A tough guy to be partnered with.
What about Kakarot?
Is he still in the incubation capsule?
Yeah, but it should be about time for him to come out soon.
Wanna see?
So small.
Looks like he's a late bloomer.
But he looks just like you!
Especially that distinctive hair!
Let's steal a pod tonight.
Then we'll send him off to some planet.
Eh?! You're joking!
No, I'm serious.
Why would we do that now?
He still hasn't even learned to talk!
With Kakarot's potential
he'll probably be sent off somewhere anyway.
We might as well send him somewhere a bit more agreeable.
But it's still too early!
We might not have much time.
Not much time?
He's afraid that a legendary Super Saiyan might appear.
A Super Saiyan?
That's just a fairy tale!
Yeah, but he's worried about it all the same.
And now he's plotting something.
I smell death in the air.
I still can't believe any of that.
Don't worry.
We'll go rescue him if it turns out wrong.
Why don't all three of us run away together?
No, their scouters would find us right away.
Why do you have to go to these lengths?
It's not like a Saiyan man to worry about his child.
I suppose that after endless battles
I have the fickle urge to save something now.
Especially if it's my low-level warrior son.
I've programmed it for a distant planet called 'Earth'.
The race there has a low technological and combat level.
Even you should be able to survive there.
Besides, it's not worth much, so the Freeza Army probably won't attack it.
Bardock is just being paranoid, so we'll come get you right away!
Stay alive, no matter what!
See you later!
Without the Saiyans, our fighting force will be cut in half.
We'll manage somehow.
They may act loyal now, but we don't know when they might turn on us.
They're a warrior race, after all.
One must nip problems in the bud.
How invigorating!
What's the matter?
I've received a message from Freeza's army.
They say Planet Vegeta has collided with a meteorite... and...
And... it's been wiped out!
You mean the Saiyans are now virtually all gone?!
Why didn't we know that meteorite was coming?!
Lucky for us, isn't it?
We ignored Freeza's order to return home.
Guess I'll never be King Vegeta now.
Vegeta, you had a younger brother, right?
Yeah, wonder whatever happened to him?
Oh well, who cares?
Raditz, what about your younger brother?
He was sized up as a low-level warrior
so he's in an incubation capsule back home.
Oh, actually Mom messaged me that they'd sent him out into space in a pod.
Well, whatever.
How delicious!
Ohh, food, cake...this summer house really is the best!
Isn't it great?
I've been building this summer home 1600km south of West City for the last few years.
Nobody lives here, so it's alright for them to cut loose.
I don't want them wrecking West City, after all.
Pipe down!
Don't be so noisy when you fight!
By the way, Goku-san...
Why are you seeking even greater strength?
Are you trying to be the next God of Destruction?
What was that? I can't let that pass...
No way! I don't wanna be like that!
Well excuse me for being 'like that'.
There was that tournament between all the universes earlier...
That's what showed me there are still crazy strong guys out in the other universes.
It's got me all fired up!
So you've already set your sights on the other universes?
You're as nave as ever.
Well then Vegeta-san, why do you seek greater strength?
Because of Freeza!
Because he's back now all thanks to this fool's meddling!
Whaddaya mean? Universe 7 might've been wiped out if it hadn't been for him!
Wait, really?
Yeah, he really saved our bacon.
You moron! He was just saving his own skin!
You saw Freeza when he came to Earth before, right?
He was able to power up that much in such a short time.
So you think he's gonna get even stronger and come back to beat us?
No doubt about it.
Really? Even though we brought him back to life?
Imbecile! Do you really think he'll be grateful for that?
How many times are you gonna call me stupid?
As many times as I want! Dumbass!
It's Trunks.
What's up?
It looks like someone broke into your lab.
Huh? What did they take?
Check out the footage.
Let's see...
It was the Dragon Balls you gathered, plus your Dragon Radar.
Didn't I say you needed better security?
By the way Mom...
We caught the culprits on camera...
They're wearing the same kind of clothes as Papa.
Thank you, Trunks.
So the culprits were from Freeza's army.
He probably sent guys with weak battle powers so it'd be hard for us to sense them.
Freeza sure is obsessed with getting the Dragon Balls.
I wonder what he'd wish for?
It can't be anything that goes beyond Shenlong's power
so wishing to be the strongest in the universe won't work.
Isn't it obvious? He wants to be immortal.
But what's the point of being immortal if he loses?
That way he'd always have the chance to surpass us sooner or later!
I had six Dragon Balls.
They're probably going after the final one now.
Where is it?
On the Ice Continent.
It's cold there, so I saved that one for last.
The Ice Continent?
Will you guys come too?
I'm taking a nap.
My, doesn't this sound interesting?
Will there be anything tasty there?
I highly doubt it.
Then I'll pass.
Then you can look after Bra!
Have fun!
Now hold on just a second
The Ice Continent is pretty cold.
We'd better change into arctic clothes on the way over.
Hey Bulma, why are you gathering the Dragon Balls?
Hush now!
Tell us!
I'm going to make myself younger.
By about five years or so.
You're gathering the Dragon Balls for that?! That's dumb!
Don't you start! You Saiyans wouldn't understand!
Why five years though?
Why not more?
It'd be weird for me to get younger all at once, right?
People would get suspicious.
'Ohhhhh, Bulma-san! You look younger all of a sudden!'
'Don't tell me you've... had plastic surgery?'
That sort of thing.
Oh, so you're using the Dragon Balls all the time!
It seems Vegeta's wife has a Dragon Radar and six of the Dragon Balls in her possession.
And we took them!
Now they are heading for the final ball.
Excellent news!
Then shall we take off for Earth?
No, we shall wait until all seven balls are gathered.
It is dangerous to land on Earth.
Even without scouters, they can sense high battle powers.
Have you written down how to get one's wish granted?
Yes sir, I've made no mistakes.
Um, by the way...
What is it, Kikono?
Well... I was just curious...
Exactly what are you going to use the Dragon Balls to wish for, Freeza-sama?
Is it immortality like before?
Certainly not.
In Earth's Hell, I learned what it's like to be paralyzed.
Even if one is immortal, it is unbearable to be unable to move.
Then perhaps you could wish to not sustain any damage?
The game wouldn't be interesting like that.
Then what is it?
You'll never guess.
Could it be... that you want to be taller?
Beriblu, how could you say something like that?!
After all, Freeza-sama has killed countless soldiers for calling him short.
Right as always, Beriblu.
She's right?
Will you promise not to tell anyone?
Of course!
I want to be.... five centimeters taller.
But then... you'd be quite tall if you stayed in your second form.
No! I want to be taller in my final form!
But... why only five centimeters?
If I got big all of a sudden...
It would be weird, wouldn't it?!
I want it to seem like I'm still growing!
I... see.
I told you, there's nobody around here!
It's hard enough finding anyone above a battle power of 1000.
Them's the breaks.
Our orders are to find even a single warrior to help rebuild the army.
Didn't we used to have plenty of soldiers?
Rumor has it that Freeza-sama killed them all for putting up a poor fight.
Cheelye, why did you join Freeza's army?
I got caught stealing a Galactic Patrol ship.
I figured they'd never catch me if I was part of the Freeza Army.
Maybe so.
You've been in the Freeza Army for ages, right Lemo-san?
Have you ever met Freeza-sama?
I'm not a combatant.
I've only ever seen him once, back at the space station.
I hear he's real short.
Never say that again!
If you want to live, that is.
Okay, I get it.
He's killed people simply for having bad breath.
Still, Freeza must be pretty desperate if he's down to using geezers and women.
What's that?
A distress signal!
And a pretty old-fashioned Freeza Army signal, too.
It's coming from that planet over there.
If we rescue them, maybe we'll get a special bonus!
Alright, let's go!
Nobody's here.
What gives?
Let's check with our scouters.
Are you from the Freeza Army?
Is that a tail?
Don't tell me... you're a Saiyan?
A Saiyan?
Yes, my name is Paragus.
I'm a Saiyan in the Freeza Army.
So that distress signal...
Yes, I sent it. My spaceship broke down.
I've been waiting for so very long.
Now I've finally been rescued!
Battle power 4200! Holy cow!
Are you on your own?
No, there's one mor
This is my son, Broly.
No way!
What's wrong?
H-His battle power... the scouter can't measure it!
Impossible! There's no way that
Come with us! Freeza-sama will be thrilled!
Um...what was your name again?
You want some of this, Broly? It's tasty!
Hey, take the wrapper off first!
Take it.
How is it? Tasty, right?
Hey, how about a thanks?
Say thank you.
Thank you... very much.
Don't be so formal.
'Thanks' is fine.
Excuse me, Freeza-sama.
Are you really Saiyans?
He doesn't seem to have a tail.
Yes, it is a Saiyan characteristic that we transform into Great Apes
and lose control of ourselves, so for this reason I removed his tail.
And has he ever lost control of himself since then?
Yes, but only rarely.
So it does happen occasionally, then?
Not to worry! In such cases, with this remote control
I can shock Broly through the device around his neck.
It produces a powerful enough current to restrain him.
I see.
What is your name?
He is called Broly.
I see he hides an even greater battle power.
I swear that we shall serve you well, Freeza-sama.
This is an unexpected bounty.
Beriblu, pay those two who found them the reward money.
A-All this?!
Thank you very much!
I'm told that you've only just now escaped from a long exile on a deserted world.
Are you aware that Planet Vegeta has been destroyed in the intervening years?
Yes, they informed me on the way here.
However, that is of no concern to me.
And yet...
You still want revenge, do you not?
Paragus-san. Are you aware that King Vegeta's son, Vegeta IV, is still alive?
W-What?! King Vegeta's son?
That bastard, Vegeta!
I shall help you gain your revenge.
Beriblu, once these two have showered, please give them new battle gear.
Looks like I won't have to do any fighting myself this time.
This is certainly getting interesting.
You clean up good!
Over here!
Broly, where's your battle armor?
It's hard to move with that on.
It's not once you put it on.
Well, suit yourself.
But you should ditch that pelt around your waist. It's dirty and smelly.
No way!
O-Okay then. It must mean a lot to you.
This is my
Broly, we came to eat, not talk.
What's wrong with a little talking?
Stay out of this.
Well, whatever.
Hey, you're the new recruit right?
It can't be too fun hanging out with these guys.
For this current operation, I'm the only full-on combatant on board.
Come with me.
Let go! No means no.
I'll buy you a drink, so
Stop, Broly.
What's wrong? Gotta problem?
In that case...
Damn it! Damn!
Are you alright?
Why you...
You've gone too far! How could you do something like that?!
If I hadn't stopped him, he might have killed that man.
Is this the way you've been raising him?
You may be the one who rescued me, but it seems we don't see eye to eye.
From now on, keep away from my son.
Paragus-san. Freeza-sama wishes to see you.
Freeza-sama? Yes, I shall be there at once. Broly!
Only your presence is required.
I-Is that so?
Broly, I'll be right back. Hold on.
That guy might be even worse than my late old man.
You stole it?
Here's what I do with crap like this!
Broly, thanks for earlier!
What, would you like a drink of water?
Give me that.
There you go.
What is this?
Huh? Just plain old water.
Haven't you had water before?
This is Bah's ear.
Oh, you mean that fur pelt?
I was friends with Bah.
Bah was a big, big beast. Even bigger than this ship.
He went 'bah bah', so I named him that.
Bah was very fierce.
Every day I trained by dodging his attacks
and we became friends.
Best friends.
So he was your first friend?
But Father got angry, since being friends with Bah wasn't training.
And so...
Father shot off Bah's ear with a gun.
Bah was mad. He was never my friend again.
So I keep his ear with me.
You're pretty chatty now, Broly.
I have never heard anything so pure before.
You really are innocent.
Could it be that... you don't actually like to fight?
Your fighting potential was high
so your father forced you to train.
I bet your dad just sees you as a weapon.
Just a way of getting revenge.
Probably so.
Your old man's the worst.
You don't need to listen to him.
It's wrong to say bad things about Father.
Should be around here.
Dummy, get me outta here quick!
There it is!
We're going to this planet called 'Earth'.
Vegeta is there, along with another Saiyan.
I want you to show them Broly's power.
Broly has been gifted with great power since birth.
You shall see how I gain my revenge after all these years.
However... while you may do whatever you wish with Vegeta...
please allow me to finish off the other Saiyan, Son Goku.
Son Goku... I have dreamed of killing him for years!
Freeza-sama, all seven Dragon Balls have been assembled!
Oh, that's marvelous!
Over there! It's Freeza's army!
Tch. So they've found the last one.
That ship's bad news, right?
Could it be the Saiyans that Kikono-sama told us about?
Boy, it sure is cold!
Whis-san, I'm impressed it doesn't bother you.
It's even colder out in space, after all.
Oh no, the scouter numbers are off the chart!
It's the Saiyans! Run!
Hey you! Give back those Dragon Balls you took!
Whadda we do?
Obviously we'd better hand them over.
Otherwise this guy'll kill us.
B-b-b-b-but Freeza-sama will kill us if we do that!
Well, looks like Freeza's here.
What the?
Freeza's not alone. There's someone else...
Someone amazing!
Aren't those two Saiyans?
It's Vegeta!
No doubt about it.
He looks just like the king!
What've you come here for, Freeza?
Surely you know already? To get my wish granted with the Dragon Balls.
What are those ball things?
Beats me. We should ask someone.
Hey, go get those Dragon Balls back!
This isn't the time for that.
I suppose you could say this is the custom of a warrior race.
Freeza! Who are those two?
These are the latest recruits to my army: Broly and his father...
Yes indeed. As I'm sure you can tell, they're both Saiyans like yourselves.
I've never seen them before.
It seems that when you were still little, Broly-san and Paragus-san
were cruelly exiled by your father, King Vegeta
to an inhospitable planet where they have been trapped ever since.
What does 'inhospitable' mean?
It means a harsh environment.
Got it.
I will never forgive you!
I've come to get my revenge!
Give me a break! I don't care about that crap.
Either way, we're all Saiyans here. Let's fight!
It seems he can't hold himself back any longer.
How about it then? Shall you show me just how powerful he really is?
All right then. Broly, get him!
You're not bad. My body's finally warmed up!
He's fast.
Could it be that... he's learning how to use his power?
It seems Vegeta has trained extensively too.
Oh, he has seen his fair share of battles.
But then, it seems Broly isn't used to this.
Broly-san has never fought against anyone before, has he?
We've conducted battle simulations together...
A battle power like yours would hardly make for good practice.
Don't worry; he'll get the hang of this soon enough.
That's it, Broly!
You're pissing me off!
W-What is that?!
Oh? Can't Broly become a Super Saiyan?
S-Super Saiyan? Impossible!
The legendary...
W-What's with this guy?!
He's learning fast!
This guy's awesome! He's holding his own in his regular form!
I never imagined Vegeta would grow so strong.
Oh? Is that Broly's limit then?
Well, alright then.
Let's head back for today.
Yes sir.
What the?
Oh no! Broly! That's enough for today!
Stop it! Come back!
It's gone! The remote's gone! It can't be!
Broly! I told you to stop!
Are you ignoring me?!
How stupid.
Stop it, Vegeta!
You've gotta be kidding!
Have you ever seen a Saiyan like that before?!
Hey Kakarot, did you bring any senzu?
This is no time to be playing around!
Yikes! If that had hit the ground...!
What is that?
It seems he has become able to wield the power Saiyans gain as Great Apes
while still in his human form, without the Great Ape's slow-moving body.
Is there a problem?
Just that...
he's now out of my control.
Hey, you!
It's about time you fight with me!
Hey, calm down!
We're peacefully living here on Earth.
Though a lot happened along the way.
You're not a bad guy. I can tell.
Cut this out. Don't do what bad guys tell you to do.
Freeza-sama! Is it alright if I go a little further away?
That probably would be for the best.
We shall look after the Dragon Balls for you!
Now we can watch your son's performance without worrying.
I didn't know he was this incredible!
But this isn't the real him.
It's his father's fault!
He forced the gentle Broly to do his bidding
and this is the result.
Guess so.
My heart goes out to him.
At this rate... I'll be killed... by Broly!
It's all over!
My my, guess I don't get a turn this time.
What are you up to?
This ki isn't just Freeza.
Yeah, guess so...
Looks like you're in the middle of a fight.
That's right.
This ki is tremendous.
Even if I went...
I'd probably just get in the way.
Sorry, but please hang back.
If things get nasty, I'll teleport over to you.
This must be quite an opponent for you to say something like that.
King Vegeta was right after all...
Has he really hit his limit this time?
I see.
Shall we give that a try?
Broly-san! Look at this!
Your father has been killed!
Yes! It worked!
Excellent! That's the face I've been waiting for.
What are you messing around for?!
This is no time to get hung up on fighting him one-on-one!
I hate to admit it, but you may be right.
Let's go, Vegeta!
Damn it all!
Gallic Ho!
Just a moment! I am Freeza!
Now Vegeta! Hang on!
W-What the?!
Whatwhat the hell is going on?
Let go!
No time for explanations now.
Piccolo, have you got any senzu?
No, I don't.
Hey, Vegeta.
Do you know about Fusion?
Now that you mention it,
I've heard about it from Trunks.
That's the technique where you merge together by moving around like morons!
Yep, you go Fu... sion!
Give me a break!
No way am I merging with you!
It's just for thirty minutes.
We merged before with the Potara, right?
Well, we don't have any Potara here, so Fusion's the only way we can beat that guy!
Okay, maybe merging is our only choice, but...
this or this or this... No way am I gonna do that!
We gotta do this if we're gonna win!
Otherwise the Earth might get destroyed!
Hn, that's the way the cookie crumbles.
You really don't mind if your sweetheart Bulma dies?
Cut that out! It's embarrassing!
Tch... Fine then, show me how this is done!
Impressive that you've managed to push me this far.
Let me show you the power of Golden Freeza!
Fu... sion... Ha!
What an embarrassing pose!
So that's Fusion! There's no time! Let's try it out!
What's wrong, Vegeta?
I'd rather die...
Fu... sion... Ha!
Now I'm all-powerful!
No, you didn't line up your fingers right! Do it again in thirty minutes!
Fu... sion... Ha!
That's no good at all!
You weren't perfectly symmetrical! Try again in thirty minutes.
Fu... Sion... HAA!
Yes! Now go beat that guy!
What should I call you, anyway?
Umm... with the Potara it was 'Vegetto', right? In that case, then...
Whatever! Just hurry up and go!
No, it probably would be cooler if I had a name. This time I'll be... Um...
What a marvelous battle power!
Who are you?
I am Gogeta...
The fusion of Goku and Vegeta.
You were dead for a long time,
so you wouldn't know.
This is a tremendous power-up that goes beyond merely adding their two powers together.
T-That's dirty!
You're a fine one to talk.
Over here!
Oh my.
Whis-san, leave the rest to me.
My my, so you two can merge together!
Ahh, it must be that Fusion thing!
Come on!
Watch this!
Broly's gonna get killed at this rate!
His father turned him into a fighting machine.
He's not fighting because he wants to.
Broly is really a gentle, pure-hearted Saiyan!
We can't let him die!
I shall grant any wish, but only one.
So, what do I do?
Hurry up and tell me!
Or I'll shoot!
Okay, okay!
You just have to speak your wish!
What, is that all?
Then my wish is...
He might have settled things with that one!
Take Broly back to the planet where we found him!
Your wish has been granted.
Fare thee well.
Get in, Cheelye!
I'll be back.
Looks like they managed something.
Sorry for getting you mixed up in all this.
Don't worry about it. That's the most fun I've ever had since joining the Freeza Army.
Wonder if they'll come after us?
Who knows?
So then, where will you go, Cheelye?
To Broly's planet!
Vampa, huh?
What planet do you want to get off on?
No, I'm sticking with you. I'll be in danger no matter where I go.
So it's probably safer to be close to someone strong like Broly.
Well then, we'd better buy some food and stuff on the way there!
As suspected, those two seem to be with Broly.
Let's leave them alone for the time being.
We'll let them handle getting Broly's emotions under control.
If he can learn how to utilize that extreme power without losing control of himself
he'll be the greatest of soldiers.
Will that really work?
I certainly hope so.
No matter how hard I may work to raise my own battle power
I'm up against two people, Son Goku and Vegeta.
So I want at least one more person in my corner.
You've got to be kidding me... I've gotta eat this?
Ugh, it's bitter, but I guess it beats starving to death.
Eugh... I can't eat this.
Don't be so picky! We'll only last fifty days with the food supplies we bought.
Someone's here.
Hey! Anyone home?
Hm? Hey, who are you guys?
You're... that Saiyan from Earth!
Oh yeah, you're the Freeza soldier who used the Dragon Balls!
Why are you here?
So you two are Broly's friends?
Hey, I asked what you're doing here!
Calm down! It's not like I'm here to fight.
Then what?
I heard this planet sucked, so I brought you lots of stuff.
We don't need that! Go home! You're not fooling us!
I got this from Bulma.
Ah... stand clear.
There's water and food and all kinds of stuff inside!
And these are senzu. I'm giving you two.
Eat them when you think you're gonna die.
They don't work when you're sick, but they'll heal your injuries and fill up your stamina.
What are you plotting?
It's not like that!
I just want you to stay alive and well.
I was pretty sure of my strength, but then Broly here showed up and was way stronger!
He's a Saiyan like me, but he's probably stronger than Beerus-sama!
Beerus is this god I know.
It'd be a darn shame for someone so amazing to die, right?
Anyway, take care for now. Later!
Hey, don't you have a spaceship?
How'd you get here?
I can teleport. I just searched for Broly's ki.
I didn't understand a word of that.
I'm off then!
For the record, we are your enemies.
We may have been fired from Freeza's army, but we haven't become friends with you.
I don't care either way.
I just want to come here every now and then to fight Broly.
He might want me to teach him a few things too.
You seem completely twisted.
Why's that?
Well anyway... thanks for all the stuff!
Okay then, I'll be back!
We might be gone by then.
Don't worry, I'll be able to find you as long as you don't go too far away.
Hey, what's your name?
Son Goku. Or...
"Blizzard" by Daichi Miura
Lyrics: kanzenshuu.com/lyrics/ja-blizzard
Tanshoku no daichi asa de mo kurai

A monochrome land, dark even in morning
Haritsumeta taiki narabu hyoukai

Mounds of ice lined up in the taut atmosphere
Migi ni narae sou oshierarete

Taught to do as those around me
Nita you na shiawase kizukeba kokyuu made kouritsuku

And find a similar happinessbefore I know it, even my breath is frozen solid
Koko wa buatsui koori no mannaka

Here amidst the thick ice
Itsu kara ka tozashita kokoro no kara

How long has this shell of a heart been locked up?
Kitai o tsumekomu atsu ga ranhansha

The pressure of cramming in expectations reflects back all over
Kodou ga onore ni toitadasu

And my pulse questions of me
Sobieru kyoudai na kabe koeru no wa dare no tame

For whose sake do you overcome that gigantic, looming wall?
Oh Oh Oh Oh jibun o mezashite
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh, Your aim is to be yourself
Nani o seotte itatte sono te no naka no jinsei

No matter the things you bear, the only one who can determine
Oh Oh Oh Oh kimeru no wa hoka no
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh, The life thats in your hands
Dare de mo nai no sa kimi ni shika nai mirai e

Is no one else but you, heading toward a future thats nowhere but inside you
Semai sekai fusagu futa

A cramped world, a lid that seals
Kareta yume karamu tsuta

Withered dreams, tangled ivy
Fukai kiri sakebu ima

Deep fog, I now scream
Subete fukitobasu like a blizzard
Like A Blizzard
Blowing it all away like a blizzard
Break the ice, break the ice,
break the ice now
Break the ice, break the ice, break the ice now
Break the ice, break the ice,
break the ice now
Break the ice, break the ice, break the ice now
Break the ice, break the ice,
break the ice now
Break the ice, break the ice, break the ice now
Break the ice, break the ice,
break the ice now
Break the ice, break the ice, break the ice now
Sobieru kyoudai na kabe koeru no wa dare no tame

For whose sake do you overcome that gigantic, looming wall?
Oh Oh Oh Oh jibun o mezashite
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh, My aim is to be myself
Arifureta seikai yori hitotsu dake no kotae o

The only person who can choose the one true answer
Oh Oh Oh Oh erabu no wa hoka no
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh Oh, Instead of some mundane idea of 'right'
Dare de mo nai no sa koko ni shika nai mirai e

Is no one else but me, heading toward a future thats nowhere but here
Monogatari wa tsuzuite ku

And the story goes on.