Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022) Movie Script

Do you all remember the Red Ribbon Army?
Under the leadership of Commander Red, this evil army plotted world domination
but was wiped out by a single boy by the name of Son Goku.
At the time, the brilliant scientist Dr. Gero, who was developing special weapons called 'androids', managed to survive.
Meanwhile, Commander Red's orphaned son Magenta carried on his father's will.
Using the enormous funds from his front company Red Pharmaceuticals, he quietly awaited the army's revival.
Time passed.
Dr. Gero carried on developing his androids in secret
and even converted himself into an android.
Yet he was once again defeated by Goku and his allies
and finally killed by his own creation, Android #17.
Soon afterwards, Goku and co. faced off against Cell, the ultimate living weapon
and finally managed to defeat him after a difficult struggle.
While Magenta nearly gave up on the Red Ribbon Army's revival after these numerous setbacks
he was fortunate enough to discover
Dr. Gero's even more brilliant grandson, Dr. Hedo.
Thanks to Hedo's genius, Magenta's burning desire for revenge blazed forth once more.
So this is Dr. Gero's grandson?
Dr. Hedo, age 24.
Is he a professor, or a medical doctor?
He holds both qualifications. Observe.
"Carmine Presents"
Did you make this?
His father was the younger son of Dr. Gero's late wife.
When Hedo was in elementary school, he lost both of his parents in an accident.
While Hedo was still a child, he used his inheritance to live on his own.
He was brilliant enough to obtain his doctorate at the age of 14.
However, his eccentric personality prevented him from fitting in at any laboratories
so it seems he used his scant remaining inheritance to continue his research on his own.
That suits our purposes. Let's headhunt him right away.
Bring me some tea!
Right away.
Please wait three months.
For the tea?
No, for Dr. Hedo. He is currently serving time in prison.
Pardon me.
He's in prison? What for?
Well It seems he stole three corpses from a morgue and turned them into simplistic androids
then earned money by having them work at a convenience store.
I can't tell if he's a genius or an idiot. Either way...
It looks like he shares Dr. Gero's talent for android technology.
A-Anyway, we need his skills in order to revive the Red Ribbon Army!
Are you Dr. Hedo? I've been waiting for you.
How rude of me. Allow me to introduce mys
You're the president of Red Pharmaceuticals, right?
How do you know who I am?
I've looked into you.
Looked into me?
You there in the driver's seat.
You watched me when I was out in the prison exercise yard, didn't you?
I thought it was fishy, so I had you followed.
Hachi-Maru, come here!
He's my cyborg agent. I made him by modifying a bee.
He followed you into the president's office at Red Pharmaceuticals and watched you report on me.
How astonishing.
Still, I bet you don't know the reason we've been investigating you.
I can guess.
Your conversation was a bit hard to make out
but I managed to hear you say 'Red Ribbon Army'.
Well At any rate, let us give you a lift.
We know all your favorite foods.
Scoot over a bit.
Fasten your seatbelt.
How were things in prison?
Did the other inmates pick on you?
Some of them did, at first.
But they all died mysteriously!
I I see.
It's a shame what happened to your grandfather, Dr. Gero.
Frankly, I don't care.
I was still a kid at the time. I'm not sure how he died.
And I never even met him.
Still, by a remarkable coincidence
your enthusiasm for android research is as great as your grandfather.
Research on making the ultimate android, yeah?
Marvelous! That's exactly what I'm after.
It was a major setback to lose such a genius.
After my father Red died, I financed his research.
I get the picture.
Now that the genius Dr. Gero is gone
you want to replace him with the super genius Dr. Hedo.
Exactly. Well, how about it? Will you lend me a hand?
You can have all the research funds and equipment you want.
I'll pay you 300 million per android!
HmmI'm not so sure.
Why not?
While it's not public knowledge, Red Pharmaceuticals is a front for the Red Ribbon Army. That's where all its money comes from, right?
When I was a kid, my parents hated grandfather for being influenced by the Red Ribbon Army.
Wow, I never expected you to know so much.
And besides, I'm a big fan of strong, cool superheroes.
If the Red Ribbon Army is still after world domination like in the old days
that makes them the natural enemy of superheroes, right?
You're an interesting man.
While it may seem like world domination
my true goal is to purge the world of dangerous or rebellious individuals
in order to establish an honest society and a peaceful world.
In a certain sense, I'm on the side of justice.
In other words, you want to use force to create your ideal world?
Well, I don't care about having authority.
I'm only interested in research.
If you're feeling reluctant, then how about I pay you one billion per android?
Seems like an offer I can't refuse.
Guess I've got no choice then.
Indeed, this is in your best interest.
For the record, I'm not agreeing simply because you held me at gunpoint.
I've injected my skin with a special drug that makes it impervious to shocks.
And besides
Hachi-Maru's poison stinger is deadly!
Even for an android, as long as some part of them remains human, I doubt they could survive a single sting.
The only reason I'm agreeing
is because I love the idea of having a big budget to build the best androids in history!
Just so we're clear, I have no interest in President Magenta's ambitions.
Got that?
Fine, fine!
So, who's the biggest enemy you have in mind?
It's the group who defeated Cell.
What, you mean Mister Satan?
No, not quite.
He's affiliated with them, but according to our investigation
they are a fearsome secret society whose true leader is Bulma of Capsule Corporation.
Capsule Corporation? The richest company in the world?
I've never heard a single nasty rumor about them.
There's no doubt it.
Numerous witnesses have seen flying humanoids coming in and out of Capsule Corporation HQ.
Our investigation shows that these are most likely aliens.
That's right. Think about it!
Do you really think they could have created their revolutionary Capsule system or spaceships without the help of alien technology?
These aliens are planning to use Capsule Corporation to take over the Earth!
That's an unbelievable story.
I figured you'd say that.
But look at this. It was taken several years ago.
Did you ever imagine such beings existed?
They're aliens! Aliens have battled each other right here on Earth.
Most likely to decide who had the right to claim Earth as their territory.
It seems that this is when Bulma's organization was first established.
But in that case, why don't Bulma and her minions just take over the Earth by force?
Obviously they want to use Earthlings as a labor force.
Once they've made Earth into a paradise for themselves
they'll exterminate us Earthlings and summon their alien friends.
Cell was your grandfather's masterpiece.
He sent forth Cell to fight back against Capsule Corporation and their plot to hoard the world's wealth for themselves
with the help of their secret alien organization.
But sadly, he died in the attempt.
Even Androids #17 and #18 betrayed their creator and joined the enemy.
They sound like pretty tough foes.
Indeed. Their organization even includes the fearsome Majin Buu and the great demon king Piccolo.
Is the famous Dr. Bulma an alien as well?
Most likely.
Sounds like what we need is some heroes.
Exactly right.
Can you create androids strong enough to defeat them?
What a dumb question.
I've got a new goal now:
to build the most powerful androids in the universe!
Cool, right?
Alright! The return of the Red Ribbon Army is at hand!
Are you OK?
No problem!
Alright, that's enough for today.
You're doing well.
I'd almost say you've got a better knack for this than GohanI mean, than your father.
Then teach me how to fire ki blasts from my hands.
Like Goten-kun and Trunks-kun do.
I've already told you: things like that only come once you've perfected the basics.
Why, you can't even fly yet!
It's so hard!
Of course it's hard.
But give it a try.
Don't strain yourself. Focus on your desire!
If you do that, your ki will obey you.
It's no use!
There's no hurry.
You're still only three years old. You've got plenty of time.
Besides, you have Saiyan blood.
It will be simple once you get the hang of it.
Hey, Piccolo-san.
What is it?
Is it true that Papa could be stronger than Grandpa if he wanted?
Grandpa? You mean Goku?
Yeah, it's true. Though these days I'm not so sure.
I've never even seen Papa fight.
He hasn't needed to.
But he will, if the time comes.
Let's head back. You're going to be late.
OK, I'll come back once kindergarten is over!
What is it, Videl?
Oh, Piccolo-san! Good morning!
Say, are you free this afternoon?
The afternoon? Well, I'm always busy training, but what do you want?
The martial arts class I teach has a tournament today
so I can't pick Pan up from kindergarten.
If you don't mind, could you go pick her up for me?
What about Gohan?
He's busy writing the next research report he'll be presenting.
He hasn't left his room in days.
That idiot! Not again.
Piccolo-san, please.
Thanks! You're a huge help!
Pick her up at 3, OK? I'll bring you back something tasty.
I've told you, I only drink water!
Oh, that's right.
In that case, I'll buy you another cute stuffed animal!
W-Why always stuffed animals?...
Sorry, looks like we need you to go pick up Pan again.
Give me a break! What do you think you're doing?!
I'm writing a report on insects
A little while ago, an amazing type of ant was discovered on a southern island.
When in danger, this ant gives off a faint glow and transforms.
Doesn't it remind you of a Super Saiyan?
I wasn't asking about that!
I was asking if your research is really more important than going to pick up your kid?!
N-No But then, we've got you around to help out, right Piccolo?
And how about doing a little training every now and then?!
You never know when another crisis will come.
Gee, you really think something like that might happen again?
Still, even if it does, there's always Dad and Vegeta
I still haven't lost my edge!
S-So heavy!
Well? Bring back any memories?
It It'll be hard to work like this.
Don't whine. I'll go get Pan.
Sheesh, she's your own kid!
I really am sorry! We'll buy another stuffed animal for you!
No! When did I ever say I liked those things?!
Piccolo-san's sure in a bad mood.
You're interfering with my training.
You must be the great demon king Piccolo.
Sorry, I'm just Piccolo now.
What's that supposed to mean?
Long story. And who are you, in that cheesy old hero outfit?
Geez, you could at least call it 'retro'.
And unfortunately for you, my identity
Is still a secret!
That mark I remember it from back when I was a god.
Doesn't it belong to the Red Ribbon Army?
Ah man, I blew it!
By the waywhat do you mean 'back when you were a god'?
Ha! You should've done your homework. Why should I tell you?
Such a tightwad!
The Red Ribbon Army was wiped out ages ago.
Doctor Gero hung on for a bit longer, but all his plans failed in the end.
And that includes Cell.
I just came today for some friendly sparring...
but it looks like I can't leave it at that anymore.
I can't sense your ki.
You must be a robot or an android.
Who built you?
So you even know that?
I should've figured. Still, I won't reveal my secrets.
Don't tell me you actually plan on fighting me?
Bingo! And now I'll have to kill you too.
Don't blame me, orders are orders.
Well, let's get this over with!
Where did those letters come from?!
I'm a bit disappointed!
I thought you'd be a lot better than this!
It's over!
Oh? Blown to bits, huh?
I wanted to see his corpse's face.
Guess I'll have to follow him.
What's that building?
Oh, Gamma-san!
Looks like you've been working hard!
Welcome back!
He disappeared?!
Over there?
Oh Gamma-san, welcome back!
Glad to be back!
Great job, Gamma #2!
I watched it all through your eyes.
Thank you very much, Dr. Hedo!
Still, I might've gone overboard for a mere test.
What? Another one?
Oh, it's nothing!
No, you made the right decision.
Still, you probably could've struck a pose during your intro and big finish.
I can't believe the enemy realized his true identity.
Hey, you're the one who wanted them to have the Red Ribbon mark.
Did you locate his corpse?
No, he was blown to bits, so there was no need.
You're too lax.
There's no way he could've survived that. You were watching, right?
Look here.
It's so faint.
If that is Piccolo, then it's possible the enemy organization has learned of our existence.
Don't worry! Even if they have, there's no way they could ever find our secret base!
And if they did, we could just beat their entire organization in one go! You're too strict, #1!
Well you're too easy-going!
"Carmine Presents"
While they appear to be merely the enemy's mid-level bosses, these Son Goku and Vegeta fellows seem like quite formidable foes.
And they also have the fearsome Majin Buu. What's more, we still haven't seen the true power of that miserable Mister Satan.
Don't sweat it. We've now proven through live combat just how incredible my masterpieces the Gammas are.
Not enough flair.
Darn it. How 'bout this?
Demon King Piccolo was a pushover, right Gamma?
Sure was! A big disappointment.
I'd expect no less from the grandson of the ingenious Dr. Gero.
I'm more like a super genius!
Well, 'super genius', if you've let Piccolo get away
we'll have to rush our plans forward.
Don't worry!
Now that I've proven the Gammas' power
I can use their data to make as many copies of them as we need in no time flat.
Once we get rid of Bulma and the power of her evil secret society
then the armies and police who serve as their minions will offer no resistance.
We'll be able to take control of this rotten world in a flash!
More importantly, Dr. Hedo: when will Cell Max be complete?
Cell Max?!
Don't worry, with the Gammas here, there's no need for Cell Max.
I asked you: when?
Geez, this guy Alright. He'll probably take a bit longer.
I thought you said he was nearly complete?
Cell Max himself is already finished, but it will take more time to complete his mind control program.
How long do you expect me to wait?!
If you'll pardon me for saying so Commander Magenta
you were the one who told me to create 'unimaginable power', even if it takes a while.
It seems like you don't much care for Cell Max.
Well, he certainly doesn't look like a superhero.
And besides, I don't like how he's based off Dr. Gero's data.
Cell's strength is well-established. I'm sure you saw the news reports at the time.
However, his data was too complex for us to recreate him on our own.
I figured that you would be able to bring him back even stronger than before.
Of course, there's nothing to it. I just think it's a waste of time.
If you didn't focus so much on the Gammas rather than on Cell Max
surely he would be finished by now?
An android like Cell is grown by gradually creating special cells
so obviously this requires a long wait.
If anything, you should thank me for effectively using this wait time to develop the Gammas.
Enough already! I don't care, just activate Cell Max!
Don't rush it, Commander Magenta.
He's a far greater monster than the original Cell ever was.
B-But he'd be the perfect means of showing off the power of the Red Ribbon!
Still, if we unleashed him on the world in his current state, it would be a disaster!
Why's that?
He'd be uncontrollable. Do you really want to destroy the world you were planning to rule?
Even without Cell Max, the Gammas will take care of any dangerous foes.
You can just wait until later to activate Cell Max and show off your power to the world.
I hope I can trust you.
Of course you can.
T-This is bad
Who is it? Oh wow, I never expected a call from you.
Bulma, is Vegeta there?
No, as usual he's off on Lord Beerus' planet.
It's probably been three weeks since I last saw him.
Is Goku there too?
Of course.
You had a device for contacting Whis, right?
Tell them to come back at once.
Is something wrong?
Yeah, I can't explain now, but it looks like something awful might happen.
OK, got it. I'll try to get ahold of them.
I'll have to manage on my own for now.
Oh yeah! There might be some Senzu.
Wait wait wait!
You were gonna go berserk again!
How many times I gotta tell ya to hold it in?
I'm sorry I didn't mean to
Hey, cut it out! If you sit still so long, you're gonna get rusty!
The world is full of guys like Jiren, and Broly here
and loads of other amazin' folks!
Shut up and don't interfere. This is training too.
You fibber! No way is that a form of trainin'!
You just don't get it.
What's to get?
Jiren was so overwhelmingly strong. And yet, his power really wasn't so different from our own.
But he used his power with total efficiency. Didn't you notice?
Even in the midst of battle, his body and spirit were both fully relaxed until the moment he struck.
Such an attack from nowhere can't be predicted by the enemy, and packs a tremendous punch.
What's more, it allows one to conserve stamina.
Maybe so...
Jiren probably achieved it by instinct.
So since I can't manage it myself, I'm starting out with mental training.
Ding ding ding! Outstanding!
Truly outstanding, Vegeta-san! I'm impressed you've realized that.
You're absolutely correct! It's not training to simply beef up your body like an idiot!
Although it did take you quite a while to catch on.
It seems this still hasn't fully clicked for Goku.
I know! Why don't the three of you test it out in a sparring match?
Broly too?! You've got to be kidding!
He's a bit better than he used to be, but he still goes wild at times.
If he really cuts loose, this tiny planet will be toast!
I suppose that's true.
In that case, Goku-san and Vegeta-san can show Broly-san what a properly restrained sparring match looks like.
Got it.
How long have I been napping?
Good morning. Let's see
In terms of Earth time, I suppose it's been four months.
What? Man, I woke up earlier than I thought. It's so noisy! And I smell something tasty!
Who is that?
This is Broly.
Broly?! What's he doing here?!
There's no way Freeza could find him here, right?
So we brought him along to be safe.
Don't just bring anyone you want over here!
This isn't a hotel!
There you are. Say hello.
Uh Um Sorry to intrude.
You too, huh? And who are you, exactly?!
M-My name is Lemo. I'm a former member of Freeza's army
So that's what smelled so good. Bring it over.
Y-Yes sir
Hey, not bad! What did you do back when you were in Freeza's army?
I did odd jobs, and occasionally cooking.
OK, you can stay.
Man, it's so far
Hey, looks like you're doing well!
You guys are here too, huh?
This place hardly has anything valuable. What a letdown!
C-Cheelai! Zip it!
U-Um I-I'll go do some cleaning
And who is this now?
M-My name is Cheelai! Um Are you
I mean, would you sir happen to be Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction?
That's right.
T-The one they say is the most fearsome in the entire universe?...
You sure are cute
You can stay here as long as you like!
Wha What the?
I never expected Lord Beerus' tastes to be so traditional.
Alright then! Never mind all that, you two begin your match!
The last man standing is the winner.
Transformations and projectiles like the Kamehameha are forbidden. Is that alright?
Let's eat first. I'm starvin'!
Well, that's a Saiyan for you.
Where's my communicator? My communicator! Ow!
Where the heck did I put it?
There's no more left of the delicious Earth food that Vegeta-san brought us
so I've had Lemo prepare us a meal.
Hopefully it tastes alright.
Marvelous! How did you make this? It's just like magic, Lemo-san!
I put in some spices
Hey, what's different about it?
No clue.
I like it! Lemo-san, you can be in charge of cooking from now on! Whis, you're fired!
Oh dear, I'm so sad!
I'm not done yet!
Don't get carried away, Kakarot!
Don't underestimate me!
Vegeta's movements are slightly different from before.
I suppose it's the result of his training.
This looks like it'll take a while.
How about some dessert?
Such as?
We still have plenty of the ice cream that Vegeta-san brought.
In that case, I'll go get it!
Then I'll help you.
Ice cream ice cream ah, here it is. Hey, Lemo!
Y Yes sir?
You can do the dishes later. Come eat ice cream with us.
Much obliged.
Aha! Here it is!
Broly! Eat with us!
You're so kind, Lord Beerus. I wonder who you did that for
Shut up and eat!
Whis-san! Whis-san!
Come on! Why won't you pick up?!
I see, I had no idea that was going on.
Oh I'm so sorry.
I only have these two beans at the moment.
Two, huh? Fine. Thank you.
Lord God, please be careful.
I'm no longer a god.
Oh right.
Bulma! Well, did you get a hold of them?
Well, no. They won't pick up at all!
But I'll keep on trying a bit longer.
I see. Thank you, please do.
She can't get in touch with them?
Guess not. It will be tough doing this without Goku or Vegeta.
Judging by my battle, those Gamma androids seem on par with them.
That's certainly bad news
What about Son Gohan?
Didn't you once say he could be stronger than anyone else on Earth if he put his mind to it?
The way he is now, I can't rely on him.
I see
Dr. Hedo might have data on #17 and #18's weaknesses.
And Majin Buu is currently hibernating.
Which means
I can't believe it I'll have to handle this by myself.
I know!
Do you understand the situation?
Yes! I've been watching from up above!
Things are looking grim. Is there anything I can do?
I've heard that back on Planet Namek
Kuririn and Gohan had their potential drawn out by the Great Elder.
Yes, I saw it.
Do the same to me.
Who, me?
That's right.
You're the same type of Namekian as the Great Elder.
You should be able to.
Unfortunately, one can only use that ability after a certain age.
I know! Why don't we use the dragon balls?
The dragon balls?
We could wish for the Red Ribbon Army to be wiped out!
But I can see your pride would never allow that.
In that case, why don't we have Shenlong draw out your potential just like the Great Elder?
Could Shenlong do that?
Probably, if I upgrade him.
Yeah, remember how the number of wishes granted was raised from one to three?
Just like that. Please wait here.
Alright, Shenlong should be upgraded now.
Even as a former god, I didn't know this was possible.
It's because you came to Earth so long ago.
Still, we'll need time to gather the dragon balls.
I think Bulma should have all seven right now.
For the last few years, Bulma and her staff have gathered the balls
and made insignificant wishes in order to keep them from being used for evil.
Surely she doesn't need to actually make wishes just for that?
But remember how they were stolen by Freeza's army not too long ago?
After granting a wish, the dragon balls scattered again.
I see. Well, it's lucky for us at any rate.
Yes, yes, I hear you.
Have you managed to contact them yet?
Not yet I'm afraid.
Bulma, do you have the dragon balls by any chance?
The dragon balls? Why yes, I have all seven.
Alright! Sorry, I know you worked hard to collect them, but could you let me use them instead?
Please! After all, you were just going to use them for something insignificant anyway, right?
There's nothing insignificant about it!
Oh well, if it's for your sake Piccolo, then I guess it's OK.
Thanks, I'll be there right away!
Wait for me out in the garden.
Come forth Shenlong, and grant my wish!
Speak your wish! I shall grant yo Oh! Lord Piccolo?!
Shenlong! Can you fully draw out my potential, just as the late Great Elder of Namek could?
Yes, of course. Is that your first wish?
That's right. Please do that.
Th-This feeling M-My power has risen this much?!
I've included a small bonus as well.
Now then, please state your other two wishes.
I've got all I want.
What, really?! That's all?!
Then, may I use the other two wishes?
Of course. Feel free.
In that case How about I make my butt a little tighter? Just like a young babe.
A simple wish. There, it is granted.
Then for the third Maybe I should have him remove my crow's feet again.
H-Hang on a second.
What's the matter?
Isn't there anything else you'd rather wish for?
What's wrong with that?!
Fine, how about I make my eyelashes 2mm longer?
It is granted.
Well then, Lord Piccolo, I bid you farewell.
Are your wishes always like that?
Is that so wrong?
N-No. Do what you want.
Oh no!
We should've just wished for him to bring Goku and Vegeta here!
Ah! Thanks to your stupid butt lift
What?! You didn't think of it either!
I'll go infiltrate their HQ again.
How about picking Son Goku or Vegeta for the next target?
We should eliminate all boss-class enemies before they have a chance to formulate a counterattack.
Our spies say they are unable to locate them at the moment.
Where'd you go?
I had a stomachache and went to the toilet.
Are you OK? You look a little green.
In that case, what about the traitors #17 and #18
or that wretched Mister Satan?
I-I'm fine.
If you can't hold it in, tell me right away.
Then how about Son Goku's son, Son Gohan?
While he now poses as a biologist
according to our spy cameras he is really a terrifying being who defeated Cell while still a child.
And judging by the way in which Piccolo frequently visited his hideout
it's even possible that Gohan is their secret boss.
He could prove dangerous if we don't eliminate him now.
Alright. But I don't want the world at large to learn of our army's existence until Cell Max is complete
so we must avoid causing an uproar in the city.
It might prove difficult. He hardly ever leaves his lair.
Hm. Perhaps we should have him fight here?
Son Gohan's supposed to have a daughter who attends kindergarten.
We can kidnap her to lure Gohan here alone.
It also might be fun to watch the Gammas fight in person.
I see, that could also raise our troop morale.
Even if they're our enemies, I can't endorse kidnapping a child.
Nobody asked your opinion, scientist. Hey!
Sir, yes sir!
Send two men out to kidnap Son Gohan's daughter and bring her back here.
#15, can you go?
Leave it to me.
In that case, please let me go too!
Who do you think you are?! Don't talk out of turn!
I-I happen to live near Son Gohan's house, and I've seen his daughter before.
You've seen her before? How odd.
Why do you know Son Gohan's daughter?
Huh? Well, uh, see
T-That girl is also the granddaughter of the famous Mister Satan!
I see now. Still, I'm the one who selects men for the job.
#94, you're still a rookie. Keep quiet and stand on guard.
No, if he already knows that girl, that'll be convenient.
Let him go.
Yes sir, understood.
I see This might be the perfect opportunity to help Gohan awaken!
You sure are quiet. Nervous?
Y-Yes. Um how are we going to kidnap her?
Kindergarten should be ending soon.
Most likely her mother or someone will be coming to pick her up.
While they're on the move, we can seize the chance to kidnap both mother and daughter.
#79 told me about you.
We'll be landing soon, so don't shit your pants.
I'll try not to.
Sorry for being late.
No biggie!
Is that the girl?
Looks like all the other kids are gone.
OK, her mom's not here yet, but let's kidnap her right away.
It's just one little brat. This'll be a cinch.
Do you think your mother will be here soon?
Pan-chan, sorry I'm late!
Your mom asked me to come pick you up for her.
Well, shall we head home? Tell your teacher goodbye.
Oh! What's the matter!
I don't know this man!
Huh? Piccolo-san?
Oh, I'm impressed you knew it was me!
It's easy. I can tell from your ki.
I should've guessed.
Then is that man a friend of yours, Piccolo-san?
Sorry for startling you. This was part of her training.
She's the granddaughter of the wealthy Mister Satan, after all.
Oh, I see! Thank goodness!
You can't park here!
Yeah, guess we'd better get out of here quick.
Whose plane is this?
It belongs to some bad people called the Red Ribbon Army.
Pan, you can ride in back.
What's going on?
I'll tell you once we take off.
For now, just put on these handcuffs.
But you can get out of these at any time, right?
Piece of cake!
Teacher, bye-bye! Oh!
Piccolo, you're a real bad pilot!
This isn't my forte.
So, what's up?
I followed a fearsome android in order to infiltrate an evil organization known as the Red Ribbon Army.
I learned they're planning to eliminate us before we can stop them from taking over the world.
It means that I snuck in by pretending to be one of them, and checked things out.
Oh, so that's why you're dressed like that!
Exactly. Then I found out they were planning to kidnap you so they could lure your dad out and defeat him.
Whoa! That sounds fun!
Don't take them lightly, they mean business.
Pretend that you've really been kidnapped and are scared.
But don't worry, I'll protect you.
But Papa seems real busy. Will he come?
Of course he will!
If this doesn't bring him out, I'll beat him half to death!
I'm scared!
You awake?
D-Did you get her?
Please don't tell anyone.
Don't say how I got beat up by a kid.
No! Let me go! I'm scared!
Papa, I'm scared! Save me!
I've made the recording.
Alright, show that to Son Gohan and bring him here.
Hey hey hey. Those snacks aren't for you. Don't push your luck.
Hey, #94.
Yes sir?
You can go this time too. You seem pretty familiar with the area.
So, this is the place?
That won't work. Come this way.
Man, it's like you live here.
Who are you people?
Are you Son Gohan?
That's right.
What's with that crazy outfit?
What, this?
Doesn't he realize it's me? Why not? Even Pan knew right away.
Come with us if you want to live.
I'm busy right now.
Are you blind?!
Please leave, or I'll call the police.
Get a load of this!
Papa, I'm scared! Save me!
That's the situation. We've got your little girl.
Come with us if you don't want anything unfortunate to happen to her.
Man oh man...
What have you done with Pan?!
D-D-Don't worry! She's still safe!
U-Um Won't you please come along with us sir?
Let's hurry! If anything happens to Pan, you'll pay the price!
G-Got it!
Alright, this is more like it!
He'll be here any moment now!
Over there?
He's here! Papa's here!
He's fast!
You scoundrel!
I'll take you on.
If you want to save your daughter, then try and beat him.
Who are you people?
Y-You've got to be kidding me!
I'm glad he came.
Yeah. But that other guy is strong. Can Papa win?
Not at this rate.
We can only hope that Gohan awakens and fully regains his knack for battle.
Who are you?
A superhero.
You're no robot. Could you be an android?
Guess there's no fooling you.
I see. But why have you done something so cowardly?
The kidnapping wasn't my idea.
I merely carry out my orders, for the sake of justice.
Justice? Orders?
My orders are to wipe out evil secret societies like you and your friends!
W-What the?!
It's no trick! So he's a real alien?!
I've been expecting this transformation.
Dang it!
Alright Papa! Hang in there!
Damn, this is bad.
It looks like he studies his opponent's powers and movements as he fights.
Is this all the power you've got?
If so, then you haven't a prayer.
What was that?!
He's great! Fantastic!
That's my Gamma for you!
When I give the word, shout!
Ow! That hurts!
Stop! What are you doing?!
Unhand that child!
W-What the?!
Great! He's finally awakened!
Oh yeah!
This can't be happening!
An evil secret society? Who do you mean?
You people, of course!
Don't be absurd!
You took my child! Clearly you're the bad guys!
It's not like that!
Calm down, Gamma!
#2, go help him out!
Don't butt in!
W-What? You're Demon King Piccolo?
I told you, I'm no demon king. It's just 'Piccolo' now.
Seems you really did survive.
Guess one beating wasn't enough for you to learn your lesson.
I'm not quite the same as last time.
Don't run away again!
Piccolo, why are you here?
I'll explain later! Focus on your fight!
How'd you improve in so short a time? Or were you hiding this power before?
Hmph! I'm not telling!
Still tight-lipped, huh?
But sadly, you're still no match for me!
Don't you ever get tired?
I'm an android, so I can fight at full power until my energy runs out.
How much energy do you have left?
Still 82%!
What?! Seriously?!
Damn, you really are something!
Even with this big of a power-up, I still can't keep up with him!
Well, I am Dr. Hedo's masterpiece after all!
It's a real shame.
A shame? What do you mean?
You're not a bad person. You're just following orders.
So what?!
T-That's what we were made for!
Your orders come from Dr. Hedo. What if he's been misinformed by Magenta?
That's not possible!
You must at least suspect the truth.
Shut up!
I've included a small bonus as well.
Now what?!
Beats me! Shenlong threw in one hell of a bonus!
ItIt can't be!
What are you people doing?! Fire! Shoot him dead!
Damn it!
Yeah We've got one last chance.
T-Those guys!
Hold it! Get back here!
Commander, you run on ahead.
Damn kid!
What's the idea, Gamma?!
I now know
who the bad guys are!
Gohan! That's enough! Stop fighting!
What What happened?
It seems we misunderstood each other.
What are you doing?
Don't tell me...!
That's right! I'm going to activate Cell Max!
Don't be a fool! The Gammas are still fighting!
You're the fool! This was supposed to be an easy win! It's thanks to you that we're in this pinch!
The Gammas are just confused! They can tell their enemies aren't evil!
That wouldn't be a problem if you hadn't given them dumb ideas about being heroes!
I've been looking forward to killing you!
Dr. Hedo?!
Did you forget? My skin's been modified to withstand shocks!
Oh yeah I do remember you saying that.
However, I'm in the same boat!
I'm no genius, but these modifications should be enough to beat you!
Now you really are done for!
Didn't I tell you? As long as some part of you remains human, one poison sting from Hachi-Maru is all it takes!
As a researcher, I couldn't resist your generous funds.
I'll take all the money I want and escape with the Gammas.
Oh... Crap!
What's wrong, #2?
It seems the situation has changed.
I brought along some helping hands!
Well, except for Kuririn!
That hurts! I may not look it, but at the police station I'm known as a superhuman!
Wow, how odd. Even my brother came to fight!
Hang on, Pan-chan's here too!
How old are you now?
Um three!
So those are the new androids?
They're kinda cool.
Don't tell me those two are
It's Trunks-kun and Goten-kun.
They've really gotten big since the last time I saw them.
Saiyans stay small for a long time, then hit a sudden growth spurt.
What's going on? I thought you were fighting with those guys?
Sorta. Say, where did my glasses go? I can't see too well.
Does your eyesight get better when you transform?
By the way Piccolo-san, what happened to you back there?
It was incredible! You turned orange and your ki went through the roof.
Orange? Huh, I couldn't tell.
In short, you might say I've awakened just like you.
You looked super cool, Piccolo-san!
You should give it a name, like with Super Saiyan.
A name? Why bother?
Oh well, I suppose if I did give it a name, it'd be Orange Piccolo.
Orange Piccolo?
What's that?
It's Cell Cell Max is active!
Cell Max?
W-What is that?!
No way! It's a huge Cell!
D-Damn it!
Let's do this!
Let's go too!
You mean all of us?
Gohan! Here's a Senzu!
H-Hang on!
How could you drop it?!
Sorry, I don't have my glasses!
Fine! You'll just have to fight without a Senzu!
R-Right! Bulma, take care of Pan!
Leave it to me!
This looks like fun! Let's go!
Guess we gotta!
Yeah! Go get 'em!
I'll protect Bulma and Pan!
You sure picked a cushy job.
Don't forget us!
Aim for the top of his head! That's his one weakness!
The top of his head?!
The doctor figured something like this might happen, so he gave Cell Max a weakness just in case.
A weakness?
But you must be willing to lay down your life!
Hitting Cell Max's weakness triggers an explosion that wipes out every cell in his body!
You'll die too!
Aim for the head, he says! At this rate, we'll never hit it!
Damn, he's so fast!
Take this!
Got you!
He did it!
It didn't work
N-No fair!
Pan, fly!
Pan, are you ok?!
Thank goodness!
See, good thing I was around!
Guess so! But it would've been better if I'd brought along the plane so we could escape.
Hey Goten, let's fuse! We can use Fusion!
Fusion? Gee, I'm not sure I remember how.
Fu sion Ha!
I I blew it! Damn, guess I'll just have to make do!
Super Saiyan!
Rats! In that case charge!
It's the first time a failed fusion has come in handy!
We'll have to use stronger attacks
Hey, you guys!
Keep your distance and fire on Cell Max all at once!
Anywhere on his body is fine!
What are you planning?
Don't tell me you're
Too late!
Then I should go too!
#1, go save Dr. Hedo.
Check your Life Scope.
The doctor's not dead yet.
You're too lax.
Do it now! Then once I attack, run as far as you can!
What's he going to do?
He's going to charge.
W-What are they doing?
It looks like they're attacking all at once.
I'd better join them!
Kuririn, be careful!
Oh no!
I owe you one.
Here he comes! Get away!
Everyone, close your eyes!
Yay! Spanky spank!
He He did it!
It's not over yet!
How ya like that?!
Piccolo, grow big!
Back in the old days, you grew into a giant, right?
At the Tenkaichi Budokai!
That's right! I'd forgotten!
Piccolo-san, can you beat him now that you're so big?
It's not that simple.
Although I'm bigger, my strength's not much different than before. This is just a bluff.
I know!
Hm? It's hard to find it when I'm this size.
There it is!
It's the Senzu I was planning to eat. You can have it.
You didn't eat it earlier?
Then you should take it.
Just eat it!
I've got a plan.
Gohan, listen up!
If you put your mind to it, you could be the strongest in this world.
Believe in yourself, and cut loose!
Let me see your true power!
And use it to save the world!
I will!
Here goes!
Damn it! You guys, get over here!
I'll knock that bastard to the ground!
Once you see your chance, use a Kamehameha or something.
Charge up all the power you can and then pierce through his head!
All the power you can manage!
Don't hold back! Pack everything into this one attack!
Here he comes.
Stay away!
Concentrate your ki!
The real battle begins now!
Gohan, aren't you ready yet?!
Piccolo's gonna die!
Just a little more
You idiot!
Damn it
If I don't stop him
At this rate, Piccolo-san will
Hold it!
I swear I'll stop him
That all you got?
Now it's my turn!
Simmer down!
Gohan! Fire!
He did it! He really did it!
He's gonna blow! Get away!
Thank goodness we got away in time.
Oh, that monster is gone.
I wonder if everyone's OK.
Looks like they're all safe.
You look good orange.
You're quite a sight yourself. Oh?
We never could have won without their help.
Even Dad or Vegeta might not have been able to beat that Cell monster.
That's why I told you never to let your guard down, even when things seem peaceful.
You were right! I'm sorry.
By the way, just now you fired a
It was supposed to be a Makankosappo.
When did you learn that?
I've been practicing in secret.
It was marvelous.
Is he dead?
I tried to save him, but it was no use.
What did he do back there?
He used up all his remaining energy in one burst.
Thanks to him, Cell's attack power dropped.
He was a superhero.
You people are the real heroes.
Thank you. You saved the world.
#2 is the one you should thank.
It's all my fault.
I'm the one who created Cell Max.
#2 took responsibility for my mistakes.
Weren't you just being used?
No, somehow I could tell what was really going on.
I just wanted their research funds.
Still, I'm amazed you survived.
I've modified my skin to endure small shocks.
You modified your skin?! That's kinda creepy!
How's that any different from getting rid of crow's feet?
That was Trunks talking, wasn't it?!
By the way Goten-kun, could you keep today a secret from Chi-Chi?
If she found out I invited you to this battle, she'd kill me!
You got it!
Your name was Dr. Hedo, wasn't it? What will you do now?
Gamma and I will turn ourselves in to the police.
N-N-No! You've gotta be kidding!
The cops wouldn't know what to do with you!
Why not just pretend this all never happened?
You guys weren't good, but you weren't evil either.
Would you let me and Gamma work at Capsule Corporation?
Huh?! No way! How dare you ask that?!
Say, are you any good with cosmetics?
Come over here.
Like, could you make skin look younger?
Well obviously I know all about biology
and I have a medical license as well
so that should be simple.
I see.
Your amazing abilities are perfect for our company.
Plus you've got an outstanding bodyguard.
And I certainly don't want to let you go off and plot more evil schemes.
What do you say, Piccolo?
I've got no objection.
And it means you won't have to use the dragon balls for that crap anymore. Right?
Shut it! OK, that settles it! You're hired!
Thank you so much!
Hey, thank her too!
Thank you very much!
Tomorrow you'll begin the next step of your training!
I lose!
Oh, right.
Vegeta-san is the winner!
I I did it.
I fi finally beat Kakarot!
I really did it
Good grief! So they finally finished.
How dumb was that?
Right, Broly?
Men are
...such morons!