Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F (2015) Movie Script

--Hey. pouty-pants!
--Pouty-pants! Pouty-pants!
What is it?
Planet 448, sir.
The native uprising has gotten worse,
and the situation is becoming untenable.
Increase the number of soldiers.
The trouble is, with all
the fighting on other worlds,
we can only send a few more soldiers.
Damn. Disengage. Disengage!
This is Sorbet. Tell me,
have you found the planet
with the remaining surviving Namekians yet?
I am terribly sorry, Sorbet-sama.
We are using a large number of spy cameras,
but as before, we have
been unable to locate them.
Tch! Then there's no other
choice but to go to earth.
Earth? But that's dangerous, isn't it?
The woman who is said to be
able to search for Dragon Balls
is in league with that Super Saiyan!
If we can't find the Namekians,
we have no choice but to go to earth.
Besides, according to the
data the spy cameras scouted out,
the woman isn't the only one
who can find the Dragon Balls.
I know the data showed that there was one other.
Tagoma! The two of us are going to earth!
Yes, sir. But only the two of us are going?
The earth Saiyans seem to have the ability
to detect substantial battle
powers without using a Scouter.
If we go in larger numbers,
there is a risk of us being noticed.
I see. Understood.
Sorbet-sama, you're going personally?
Of course.
Freeza-sama is coming back to life!
Sorbet-sama, I've found them! There they are!
They already have a number of them gathered.
All right, hurry!
We have to catch them before
they find them all, no matter what!
Yes, sir!
Well? The last one is here, right?
Y-Yes, it should be directly below us,
but this is trouble.
The sea floor here, of all places,
is considerably deep.
Tagoma, dive in and retrieve it.
Yes, sir.
Excuse us just a moment...
Mai, it's because you couldn't find
them quickly with the Dragon Radar
that those crazy aliens are going
to snatch them from us, you know!
Pilaf-sama, you should turn them down flat!
At this point, you take your gun,
and Shou, you use your katana, and...
Pow-pow-pow-pow! Take care of them!
Huh? Pilaf-sama, aren't you going to fight?
I'm supposed to be the brains here,
but what choice is there?
Let's do it!
Just because I'm small,
you shouldn't take me too lightly.
--We're not taking you lightly!
--We're terribly sorry for this!
I'm sorry we're getting back a little late.
Pan-chan, sorry we're so late.
Uncle Piccolo sure is nice,
even for someone green, huh?
Hmph! Hmm?
Huh? What's the matter?
I'm sensing an unpleasant Ki in that direction.
Eh? Ah, now that you mention it...
What could it be?
I don't know.
Ah, there, there. I'm sorry.
We're late, aren't we?
Okay, get started.
Y-You're not going to kill us or
anything once we're done, right?
Don't worry. It's possible that
we may still have a use for you later.
What, you doubt me?
No, not at all.
I-I have a boyfriend named Trunks!
Get started already!
C-Come forth, Shen Long! And grant me my wish!
It just got dark. It couldn't be...
Shen Long? But where?
Now, speak thy wish.
I shall grant thee any wish.
G-Go ahead.
Sorbet-sama, quickly!
A-All right.
Okay, here goes.
Bring Freeza-sama back to life!
Wh-What's the matter?
You will grant any wish, right?
Of course, it is possible.
However, that being's body
was cut to pieces long ago,
and cannot be regenerated.
There is little point in
bringing his soul back like this.
I-Is that right?
That would be bad, huh?
Sorbet-sama, even dismembered,
with the latest regeneration
machine our forces now use,
it may be possible to restore him.
Oh yeah! You're right. Okay!
Hey! It doesn't matter if he's in pieces.
Bring him back to life now!
You certainly are bossy.
B-Bring Freeza-sama back to life... please.
What's the use? Very well.
Now then, speak thy next wish.
What? Next wish? You can grant two?
Yes. When earth's Kami changed,
I was also renewed.
Two... Two, huh?
Maybe I should bring
Papa Freeza-sama back, as well.
I want 1,000,000 zeni!
Thy wish has been granted.
And now, farewell.
Wh-Why that little punk!
we must hurry. The Saiyans may be coming.
Okay, let me go! I know we have
a cryopreservation device packed!
Go and get it at once!
Yes, sir!
This is Freeza-sama we're talking about.
With his life force and our technology,
we can definitely bring him back!
Um, excuse me...
You forgot something.
Here you go.
Good job. I will be back here again shortly.
This time with Freeza-sama, and my soldiers.
Nice going, Shou.
As long as you were asking,
you could have made it a huge fortune,
like a hundred million zeni.
I was just thinking that with that much money,
we could eat very well for a while.
I get it! All right, let's go
get some Mongolian barbecue!
--With pudding! With pudding, too!
--Yay! Good food! Good food!
It's gone. I wonder what that was.
I have a bad feeling about this.
W-Welcome home, Freeza-sama.
Hmm? Who are you?
I-I am Sorbet. I was on your
staff before, in the 3rd Stellar Region.
Ah, you do look a little familiar.
Presently, I am leading our
forces in your place, Freeza-sama.
You are?
Apparently, I really have come back to life.
Yes, sir, using the Dragon Balls
and our new regenerative machine.
Dragon Balls? Ah, those mysterious
orbs the Namekians possess?
We could not find the Namekians,
so Tagoma and I went to earth,
and used the Balls that are there.
I am Tagoma. I assisted
in your revival, Freeza-sama.
I am Sisami, sir.
They are outstanding warriors,
rivaling even the now late
Zarbon-sama and Dodoria-sama.
Hmm. Well done, men.
Incidentally, it took a great deal
of time for you to revive me, yes?
I-I am terribly sorry.
Between the Dragon Balls
and the regenerative machine,
there were many preparations
that needed to be made.
The suffering was quite terrible,
there in earth's Hell.
We are glad that you are back.
Hmph. I will wager that things
did not go well without me being here,
which is why you decided
to revive me, is it not?
N-No, sir, not at all. However,
while time may have passed,
that has allowed us to develop
our new regenerative machine,
permitting you to return
completely to your previous form.
And Papa?
We thought that we would
revive you alone, Freeza-sama,
and your father the next time around.
Hmph. You do not have to revive Papa.
He is always so high-and-mighty
about everything, after all.
Huh? Y-Yes, sir. As you wish.
Sure enough, it appears
that my skills are a bit rusty.
It may require some time
before I am able to take my revenge.
R-Revenge, sir?
But of course. I will not
be content until I eliminate
the two Super Saiyans
who put me through all of this.
Forgive me for saying so, sir,
but I think it wisest to ignore them,
and instead, work as before to...
Sh-Shields! Raise the shields!
The Freeza force appears to have grown
quite fainthearted during
my absence, has it not?
Do you intend to allow the
universe's finest, the Freeza force,
to work while cowering to a handful of Saiyans?
B-But the Saiyan named Son Goku...
w-went on to become even...
What? Are you telling me
he became even stronger?
Y-Yes, sir. As difficult
as it is for me to say so...
I expected as much. I just have
to become even stronger than he is.
He even defeated Majin Boo.
We have no data after that, though.
Majin Boo? Papa said that under no circumstances
was I to take action against
Beers the Destroyer or Majin Boo.
That Majin?
Y-Yes, sir.
That is better than I imagined.
Still, does that not make this interesting?
I-interesting, sir?
I was born naturally gifted, after all.
I have never done any kind of training before,
nor was there ever any need for it.
Y-Yes, sir.
I wonder what will happen...
once I go through training,
to draw out all of my latent abilities.
A-Are you saying you will become even stronger?
Of course. By my prediction, let me see...
if I train earnestly for four months,
I should be able to reach
a battle power of 1,300,000.
I already told you,
I'm a super-elite galactic patrolman!
Hurry up and go get Bulma for me!
Like I said, you cannot see
her without an appointment!
You fool! I've come a long way
to tell her the earth is in danger!
Oh, if it isn't Zako-kun.
It's not "Zako," it's "Jaco."
[Zako: "small fry" or "guppy"]
Long time no see. What do you say?
Do you want me to show
you my adorable goldfish?
Oh, their eyes are big, like an Erukan's.
Those are popeyed goldfish.
What do you think? Cute, huh?
Oh, no! Call Bulma for me!
Ah, you're right. It's Jaco!
Long time no see, isn't it?
What brings you here?
I heard from your sister, Tights,
that you were friends with the man
who defeated Freeza. Is that true?
Huh? Yeah. There are two people
who have defeated Freeza.
One of them is my son Trunks;
the other is my friend Son-kun.
Your son?
By son, I mean my son who came
from the future in a time machine.
Right now, he's still a little boy.
From the future? That's pretty flagrant of you.
Time control is a serious
crime under galactic law!
I don't know anything about those laws.
W-Well, never mind. Let me meet
this friend of yours right away.
I have to tell him something.
That could be difficult.
Right now, he's with Beers-sama,
together with my husband.
You're in the Galactic Patrol,
and you don't know? Beers the Destroyer.
Beers the Destroyer?
That's quite impossible! Beers is just a myth.
If that's what you think, then fine.
This is no time for you to be so happy-go-lucky.
Freeza has come back to life,
and he is heading toward
earth with 1,000 soldiers!
Huh? Freeza? You mean,
the same Freeza that put me through
all that trouble on Planet Namek?
Although, I don't know exactly who he is...
This is him.
That's Freeza?
He couldn't have come
back to life. Seriously?
With 1,000 soldiers?!
I'm just letting you know,
I'm getting out of here.
That's because I'm still young,
and I don't want to die.
Now, if you'll excuse me...
You should tell me something
that important first! Hold on!
Hey, wait up!
Did they say Freeza?
Whis-san, this is a strawberry sundae!
If you want it, contact me at once!
Otherwise, it will melt!
What are you doing, at a time like this?
I sure hope he contacts me soon.
Say, Jaco, when is Freeza coming?
Hmm... I'd say in another hour.
You dummy! That's in no time at all, isn't it?!
I have to hurry and let the others know!
Hey! Let's get going!
We did it! We'll be millionaires now!
We sure did it, Boss!
Whoa! Y-You idiot! Stop squirming!
They're coming after us! Yikes, better floor it!
Damn, this guy's persistent!
How do you like this?!
You dumb-ass!
That was dangerous, you know!
"That was dangerous, you know"?
No, you're the ones who are dangerous, you know!
Come on, guys, no more
committing robberies. Aah!
W-We're sorry! We won't do
it again! Please forgive us!
Huh? It's Bulma-san.
Yes, this is Kuririn. This is a bad time,
Bulma-san. I'm on duty.
Eh? Freeza?! But that's impossible.
Right... Right... Understood.
I'll get ready at once!
I'll handle contacting
Muten Roshi-sama. Okay, goodbye.
Freeza... has come back to life?
I'm coming, too. My battle power
is much higher than all of yours.
No. 18, you stay here and keep Marron safe.
And more importantly, I need a favor.
Can you take care of my head?
You say Son Goku and Vegeta are
both at Beers' place, and not here?
Yeah, we're waiting to hear back from them.
I sure hope they get here soon.
But luckily, Gohan is around,
so that's encouraging.
All right, I'm off!
Pretty cool.
We will arrive at earth shortly, Freeza-sama.
Incidentally, I understand that Son Goku
is the only Saiyan who
defeated me that you can find.
Yes, sir. We started looking right
after you passed on, Freeza-sama,
but no matter where we looked,
we could not find the other one.
Perhaps he went to some
other world, or maybe he is deceased.
We believe that the only Saiyans
on earth are Son Goku and Vegeta,
as well as Son Goku's son.
Well, that will do.
But Freeza-sama, once you
have successfully taken revenge,
he can be brought back
to life with the Dragon Balls.
Hmph. If I destroy earth while I am at it,
then the Dragon Balls, as well
as that Hell, will cease to exist.
I-I see.
Incidentally, do you remember
the emergency plan, just in case?
O-Of course, sir.
Very good.
Oh, the flowers...
What are you daydreaming about?!
Damn it! Mock us, will you?!
Kakarrot, what the hell
have you been aiming for?!
Vegeta, you can't say that.
My, my...
Kakarrot, you keep out of this!
I'll take him alone this time!
Eh? Vegeta!
C-Can't move...!
I've finally caught you! Wh-What?!
Okay, stop, stop!
This will not do. You are
still utterly lacking in speed.
Look, I even signed your tops.
Huh? When did you...?
You two are still thinking
with your heads in order to move.
That tendency is especially
strong with you, Vegeta-san.
Doing so puts a limit on your speed.
It takes time for your brain and your senses
to travel along your nerves
and go throughout your bodies.
That's definitely true for you, Vegeta.
Shut up! Are you sure you're not just a moron?!
You just have to have each area of
your body think and move on its own,
but that is very difficult.
Not even Beers-sama has completely mastered it.
If you can overcome it, you will
also be able to avoid any danger.
Now, let me take the time
to take you meticulously through this training.
In exchange for something delicious, that is.
Are you saying you can do that?
Of course.
But Whis-san, you're stepping in doo-doo.
Shoes do not think for themselves, after all.
By the way, Vegeta-san...
You being a gifted fighter notwithstanding,
you always seem to lag one
step behind Goku-san, don't you?
Tch! Th-Thanks for spelling it out.
Do you know why that is?
How should I know?!
Your nerves are always wound too tightly.
When you do that,
you cannot operate at full capacity.
It is important to get enough
rest when it's time to relax.
The way Goku-san does.
Ha-ha, he's right, Vegeta.
But, on the other hand...
Yeow! What did you do that for?!
...being too relaxed is also a problem.
Also, your overconfidence
in yourself is another problem.
No matter how strong you are,
if you let your mind wander,
your body becomes something fragile.
You show many occasions
when you are too sure of yourself,
and let your guard down.
Hm-hmm, he's right.
Ow-w-w... Th-That ain't fair!
What is this? You're too noisy.
I can't sleep, you know!
Y-Yikes! If we had taken that head-on,
nothing would be left of us!
He's always like this when he's sleepy.
When he destroyed those two suns over there,
it was awful how dark things became.
How did you put the suns back?
Can you make stars?
No, in cases like this, I perform a do-over.
I back time up just a little bit,
and before he can do something dumb,
I give him a quick bop on the head.
Who the hell are you, exactly?
How shall I put this? The life form named Whis?
Still, I do have my hands full with Beers-sama.
He's always like this, after all.
It's true. He never listens to me.
--Hey, how come you guys are here?
--Really? Beers-sama can be a pain, huh?
E-Eep! H-Hey, Beers-sama.
We're having Whis-san train us.
I can tell that just by looking.
I mean, how did you get here?
We contacted Whis-san,
and had him bring us here.
We ain't able to sense your Ki,
so that's the only thing we can do.
Whis brought you?
Hmph, I'll just bet that you bribed
him with something yummy, huh?
Well, yeah.
Why do you want to get stronger so badly?
You wouldn't be gunning for
the job of Destroyer, would you?
It ain't that. I just wanna
get stronger, that's all.
And I don't want to be left in
the dust by this bastard, that's all.
You two really don't get along well, do you?
If you two worked together,
you seem like you would be able
to go toe-to-toe against Beers-sama.
Nobody asked you what you think, Whis.
Hmph, I'd rather die than team up with him.
I ain't got any problem
with playing nice with him,
but when I fight, I want to do it alone.
My, my...
Hmph... So, what is it?
The treat you brought with you.
Ah, this time, it is something called pizza.
Oh... What an interesting name.
Don't tell me you ate it all, did you?
Beers-sama, we saved enough for you.
Well then, I think I'll have some.
But you interrupted my sleep.
If it's not delicious, I'm going
to destroy you, understand?
Well then, I will go warm it up
for you, so it tastes better.
Wait a minute. Whis, you just
said "this time," didn't you?
I get the feeling that this isn't
the first time you've come here.
What is that?!
They're here!
Somewhere near Metro North!
Make a little room, there.
That is just my way of saying hello.
Th-That bastard! Now he's done it!
I left Chaozu and Yamucha behind.
The danger seems too much for them.
Per Bulma-san's orders, Trunks-kun
and Goten haven't been told, either.
They would do something rash.
Sorry we're late.
We stopped by Karin-sama's
tower for some senzu beans.
Kuririn-san! Seeing your head
like that sure takes me back!
Yeah, I know. I'm all geared up!
But never mind me,
Gohan, what's with your getup?
Y-Yeah... It happened so suddenly,
I couldn't find my gi.
Gohan, have you been keeping
your martial arts training up?
I-I'm sorry, no. But I can still
turn Super Saiyan. Probably.
Is Son Goku not here yet?
H-He'll be here soon. Just wait!
Oh, it is you. I am sure I remember killing you.
It would seem you have come
back to life with the Dragon Balls, too.
The Dragon Balls?
Th-Then sure enough, earlier...
B-By any chance, is that guy
riding in that round thing Freeza?
You have a surprisingly
good talent for drawing, huh?
Bulma-san! Why would you come out here?!
I had no luck at all contacting
Son-kun and Vegeta,
so I had no choice but to come.
Okay, you come on down, too,
and fight alongside them.
No way. I said I was only going to drop you off.
What gives? You're a proud,
super-elite galactic patrolman, right?
A-All right. Okay, I'll be in
charge of the rest of the enemy army.
Who's that guy?
Beats me. Bulma-san
has a lot of strange friends.
Hmph, I thought he might be a Super Saiyan,
but that symbol is for the Galactic Patrol.
Hey, you!
You really don't give up, do you?
How did you come back to life?!
Y-You idiot! You could at
least speak to him more politely!
Oh, seeing as how you know who I am,
might you have also been there on Planet Namek?
Where is your friend, Son Goku-san?
What? You're just now coming
here to take your revenge?
A lot has happened, and things
have been delayed considerably.
You'll be a pushover for
Son-kun the way he is now!
Shouldn't you leave now,
while you still have a chance?
Bulma, don't provoke him!
And here I have come all this way.
I suppose if all of his friends were killed,
it would be quite upsetting to him.
Gohan-kun, knowing you,
you can take him right out, can't you?
All of his soldiers, probably.
But Bulma-san, while you might
not realize this, Freeza is bad news.
He is so much more greatly
powered-up than he was before,
it would be fair to say
he's a whole different person.
I'm sorry, but...
Huh? O-Oh, no...
I-I'm sorry! Son-kun is off far away right now.
Wait just a little longer. Please?
I have waited quite a long time
for this moment to come already.
Very well. I shall wait another ten seconds.
T-Ten seconds?!
What? What a stinge!
Well then, let us begin.
Soldiers! Let them have it!
Here they come!
Hmph! Okay, let's go!
Everyone take... let's see...
About 170 of them is your quota!
Hang in there until Goku and Vegeta arrive!
The odds are against us
like this! Everyone, scatter!
They may be Freeza's force, but
they're still a hodgepodge bunch. Okay!
This may be too much for me.
Ka... me... ha... me...
Can't you go easy on an old man?! Hal!
Here's a present!
What did you do, you bastard?!
You can have one, too.
Whoo, that feels lighter.
Say your prayers!
These guys don't let up!
Thanks, Gohan. You saved me.
Not at all. Are you okay?
Kuririn-san, please get a little rest.
I'll be right back.
Let him have it!
I don't know who you are,
but you're pretty good!
What about you? Who are you guys?
I'm an earthling.
What? You're too strong to be one,
and your face looks too funny.
Cram it!
H-How can this be? Th-These guys...
This is not surprising at all.
If he wanted to, Son Goku's son over there
could put them all away in a single instant.
He is intentionally fighting
so as not to kill anyone.
He is too kind, much like his father.
You see, as heinous as I am,
Son Goku did not try to kill even me.
What a man of fine character he is.
It makes me feel positively nauseous!
Freeza-sama, Sorbet-sama,
I will head out as well.
Mm-hmm, you do that.
Let me handle this one.
Did that get him?
Piccolo-san, please leave him to me!
Th-This can't be! Not Sisami, too!
You have only seen video images of them,
so you do not comprehend
the true terror of a Super Saiyan.
I did not think the son
could transform, however.
I don't need one.
Finally, he's stepping forward, is he?
My, my. Not that I was unaware of this,
but the quality of the Freeza
force has fallen considerably.
Th-They're more formidable...
than we expected...
No matter.
However, your lying about all over
like this is unpleasant to look at.
Watch out! Get back!
Wh-What a monster.
Y-You're all pretty incredible, all right.
The biggest threat of all still remains, though.
The terror of Freeza is legendary,
even among the Galactic Patrol.
Word is that he's ridiculously strong.
Yeah, I know that!
And what are you doing over here?
The crucial part is just
getting started, you know!
Don't be absurd. I've put in
more than my share of action.
You think I'm going to fight
against the evil emperor Freeza?
Count me out this time for sure!
What do you think? Can the five
of us manage anything against him?
No, not a chance.
He's a monster on an entirely
different level than we are.
Then you think so, too. That's a real shame.
You do not seem to be coming at me, do you?
This is dull, so what do you say I pass
the time by killing you, one at a time?
You are Son Goku's child, yes?
You certainly have grown up big.
Even with you being a Super Saiyan,
it appears that you are no match
for what I have now become.
Hey, Gohan! Th-This is bad!
His heart has stopped!
He can't eat a senzu!
My, this is a surprise. It seems
that you possess a wonder drug.
Still, how much time are you
going to be able to buy with it?
How many senzu do we have left?
Just one.
Yes, what is it?
What was this called again?
This gooey, stretchy stuff?
Let's see... Yes, what was it called?
Yes, cheese. It's a little pungent,
but has a wonderful flavor.
Beers-sama, don't go
interrupting our training over that.
What? You take that kind of
smart-aleck tone with a Destroyer?
Look, don't forget that the reason
the earth that you guys are from
was not destroyed by me is
because of its delicious foods!
A-All right. Sorry.
Hey, Whis, take a look.
A message from earth
arrived for you a good while ago.
Oh, you're right. I have a missed call.
I wonder if this might be another
scrumptious message from Bulma-san.
Sure enough. Oh, a strawberry sundae?
It does look both gorgeous and delicious.
I am quite intrigued.
Let me just check in with her...
Hurry it up, Whis!
Hello? This strawberry sundae item of yours
wouldn't happen to be a
form of sweets, would it?
Ah! Whis-san?
Hey, you! You took your time
getting back to me, didn't you?!
Vegeta and Son-kun are there, right?
Tell them to come back right now!
That evil scumbag Freeza has come back to life,
and right now, the earth is in a real mess!
What do you mean!
That's impossible! How can Freeza be...?!
All right! We'll have
Whis-san bring us back right now!
It will take about 35 minutes.
We can't wait that long!
Son-kun, you can use Instantaneous
Movement, right? Don't be a dummy!
Ah! But it's so far away,
I ain't sure I can sense any Ki on earth.
Freeza's Ki is a huge one,
so I'll bet you can latch on to it!
Hey! Son-kun is going to use
his Instantaneous Movement,
so all of you raise your
powers to their maximum!
Huh? O-Okay!
Wh-What is this?
It would seem that they
are calling out... to him.
I've got him! Hey, Vegeta!
Wh-What? You want me to hold your hand?!
Hurry up! Bulma could be getting killed!
She's got a smart mouth, after all.
Okay, off we go!
Are we in time?
Well, it was close, there.
Your timing is always
like this, for Pete's sake.
He-he, sorry, sorry.
You are finally here.
I have been waiting quite a while.
I am surprised to see that
Vegeta-san is with you, as well.
Still, the time for my vengeance
against you is finally at hand.
It really does look like it's Freeza.
How did that happen?
They used the Dragon Balls.
About six months ago, wasn't it?
Earth's Hell truly was a hell.
Not only were my powers taken from me,
I was strung up like a bagworm moth,
and placed in a field of flowers,
in a clearing in the woods
where angels and fairies lived.
At times, I had to watch cute stuffed animals
dance around, and hold parades.
Do you have any idea how
much anguish that caused me?
That ain't on me. You're the one
who came to earth on your own,
and got yourself killed by Trunks, ain't you?
You see,
just having you still be alive
ensures that I do not sleep well.
So you see, after coming back to life,
I have been training, to make
sure I was not beaten by you again.
Such efforts were a first for me.
Me, of all people!
Sure, your level may have risen even higher.
But don't you think I've gotten stronger, too?
Quite frankly, last time,
I was caught off-guard.
This time, I will start
right off in my final form!
Just what kind of training did you do?
Th-This is not good.
Hey, everyone, get back even farther!
You ain't no pushover, that's for sure.
If you weren't rotten to the core,
you would have made a good rival.
What a waste.
More of your usual utterances
that irritate me so, I see.
Oh, are you not going to turn Super Saiyan?
Right now, I don't even have to resort to that.
Ho, you do seem sure of yourself.
You might say.
Hmph, well then, how about
I begin exacting my revenge?
How is that possible?
Goku hasn't taken a single blow,
even against a monster like that!
It's like I'm having a nightmare.
Who ever thought there
would be an earthling like that?
He is originally a Saiyan, though.
Saiyan? What is a Saiyan,
a warrior race that's supposed
to be extinct, doing on earth?
My husband over there is also a Saiyan.
Huh? H-How can that be?
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
I'm the one who oversees earth.
I don't need the trouble.
Take this!
You done already?
That's enough, damn it!
We decided we would take turns fighting!
It's still too soon!
Wh-What are those two doing?!
I see. He must still have
some sense of loyalty remaining.
You stay out of this, Vegeta.
I am here to defeat Son Goku-san.
There, you see? Let me go a
little longer, and then we'll switch.
Hmph. Damn.
This is unexpected. I know
quite a bit of time has passed,
but I did not imagine that you
would have improved this much.
Didn't I tell you so?
Then I am glad that I trained.
I knew it. You've still
got something hidden, huh?
Well deduced. But then, so do you, right?
Let's both go all-out.
Nothing more up our sleeves.
All right, then. You first.
Are you sure? It will take
all the wind out of your sails.
All right, let me show you!
They're coming back down!
What are they planning to do?
How about that?
So you end up turning Super Saiyan again?
But this is a little different.
It's a bit complicated and hard to explain,
but this is a Super Saiyan level
with the power of Super Saiyan God.
Thank goodness.
This could have proven dangerous for me.
I was right to challenge myself
to evolve even further, just in case.
Stop building it up and show me, already.
Wh-What them?
I settled on gold-colored,
to make it easy for you to understand.
Perhaps it was too on the nose.
If you will forgive the tacky naming,
shall we call this "Golden Freeza"?
But then, you appear to realize
that my color is not the
only thing that has changed.
Yeah. I'm excited for this,
but I didn't expect you to come this far,
so my heart's pounding a bit, too.
This could prove to be quite
the complicated battle, yes?
You could say that.
Hey, Vegeta! You about ready to trade yet?
D-Don't start getting smarmy on me!
You're the one that Freeza is after!
Well, let me give this a shot.
B-Beers-sama! Whis-san!
Bulma-san, we are here
for that strawberry sundae.
You do have it with you, do you not?
Huh? Oh, yeah. I did bring it with me.
And it tastes good, right?
We came a long way, just for this.
If it isn't, I'll destroy you.
Now is not the time for that!
A-All right! It might have
melted a little bit, though.
I must have put too much power into that one.
Okay, here you go.
Whoa! That looks tasty, doesn't it?
Well then...
Oh! This uses the ice cream
that we had before as its base, right?
These look like the brains from
the giant frogs on Planet Manu.
Oh! This is a fruit? These are lush
and invigorating, and tasty, Whis!
I have already had one.
I must say, while this is simple,
it is still a delicious dessert.
By the way, Freeza has upped
his game quite a bit, huh?
Goku-san is having trouble with him, isn't he?
Oh, Bulma-san! This white stuff is
different from the ice cream, isn't it?
Y-Yeah, that is fresh whipped cream.
I see Vegeta isn't fighting
alongside him, all right.
If he did, they could beat him.
Those two will definitely never
pair up. Their pride is too great.
What fools.
I am with you!
I hate to admit it, but I'm
a little bit on the ropes here...
So it would seem.
You really are an awesome son-of-a-gun.
It took me a long time
to get to where I am, too.
Playing on my mercy will do you no good.
I commend you for putting up a good fight,
but you are, after all, just a Saiyan.
This time, I will smash you into little pieces!
What's this, Freeza? No honorific on my name?
B-Beers-sama! Wh-What are you doing here?
Can't you see for yourself?
I'm here to eat this!
A-Are you planning to interfere with my revenge?
Ha! None of that matters to me!
Do as you please.
But do it someplace a little farther away.
You'll get dust all over my delicious dessert.
Then you will not get involved, right?
I told you to do as you please.
I am a Destroyer. I take neither side.
Hold on! You're not going to help?
A fight is a fight.
What are you talking about?!
Everyone's going to get killed!
Buzz off! It's all right. As long
as there's something tasty to eat,
I'll make sure that you, at least,
are spared. Stay close to me.
Hey, is that really Beers the Destroyer?
That's right.
Do you think I could get
a picture of him with me?
You can always ask him yourself.
Don't blame me if you get destroyed, though.
Okay, never mind.
Well, shall we continue with my revenge?
You still wanna go?
You'd better leave now on a
high note, while you're still winning.
After you've come all
the way back to life, and all.
Do you really think I would leave,
when victory is right in front of me?
Kakarrot, you can trade out now if you want.
Aw, no fair! You must have
spotted Freeza's weakness, too, right?
What a ridiculous thing to say.
After fighting me just now,
you ought to know better.
What weakness are you talking about?
It ain't here just yet.
You were so obsessed with taking revenge
that you came here immediately
after achieving that
"Golden Freeza" state, didn't you?
So what about it?
You're consuming your power at an alarming rate.
You should have waited until you
were accustomed to it before coming.
Hmph, is that it? Then I shall hurry up
and kill you right away!
Take this!
It looks like the tables are
starting to turn, just like they said.
Just a moment, please.
That strawberry was my strawberry.
You liar! How many have you eaten?!
Three of them.
Well, I've had two.
No, you have eaten four of them.
There were a total of eight strawberries.
What does it matter? I am a deity.
l-I'll just take this and...!
Got him!
See? Just like I said. Now take
my advice. Go on and leave, now.
I promise you, I will fight you again.
No, damn it!!
This should not be happening!
That was good work, Sorbet.
Th-Thank you very much!
It really is a good thing that
I had this planned, just in case.
Okay, your naptime is now over.
Oh, dear. Didn't I tell him so?
That was fighting dirty, but still
nicely done by Freeza, wasn't it?
Your leniency really is your weakness.
Being so overly strong, you have
a bad habit of lowering your guard.
As tough as your body may be,
you are still taken down
with a single shot from a ray gun.
How must that feel?
You are the one who is out of luck.
You won the fight, but you have lost the battle!
The moment I have been
dreaming of has finally come!
However, it would not be as fun
if I were to just kill you like this.
Vegeta-san, would you like me to let you do it?
I know that you despise this Saiyan, right?
Go ahead and show your loyalty to me,
like you did so long ago.
I will then spare you, at least.
You keep quiet!
N-Now I've done it...
Whis just barely warned you about this, right?
This is what makes you such an idiot.
I appreciate it, but I can't.
As aggravating as this bastard is,
I need him alive to make me stronger.
I can't afford to kill him.
Then how about this?
I will make you the supreme
commander of the Freeza force.
Then again, right now,
that consists solely of Sorbet,
but we can always increase that later.
What? Supreme commander? You mean that?
Why, of course I do.
Damn, now I'm going to regret this.
I've already made up
my mind to utterly annihilate you.
Wh-What did you say?!
There's no way, after you blew up Planet Vegeta,
that I'd have any loyalty to you, is there?
Oh, Beers-sama, you approved of
the destruction of Planet Vegeta, right?
Shh! Keep that quiet!
Hey, Kuririn! Give Kakarrot
a senzu, or he'll die.
I won't let that happen!
Hey, Goku! Snap to!
You're lucky someone didn't want his.
Thank you, Vegeta! You saved me!
Hmph. In return, I'm taking
the best part for myself.
Yeah, I know. It's your turn.
Th-There is no way that you can beat me!
That's right. You didn't know, did you?
That I can turn into a
legendary Super Saiyan, too?
I'm sure you're well aware of this,
but I'm not as forgiving
as he is. Say your prayers.
Vegeta, that's pretty big talk,
c-coming from you.
Wh-Why, you...! This is impossible...!
You're finished now.
And don't ever come back to life again!
Same to all of you!
Uh-oh. Hey, Whis!
H-How could he do that?!
Th-The earth... The earth...
Vegeta! Trunks! Papa and Mama!
Th-That bastard! He's
taken them all down with him!
Oh, no. Freeza is likely not dead.
He can survive in the vacuum of space.
Hmm, that's smart thinking.
Damn! What a monster!
The Dragon Balls have been obliterated,
so there's no way to undo this.
D-Damn it...
I-I should have settled things right away.
Then, would you like to settle things?
You brought this on yourself
because of your leniency.
Send Freeza back to his flower garden.
Wh-What do you mean?
All right, I will now turn back time.
We must hurry.
Three minutes is my limit, after all.
Huh? Y-You don't mean...
Yes. A do-over.
Wh-Why, you...! This is impossible...!
You're finished now.
And don't ever come back to life again!
Same to all of you!
Freeza 1!
D-Damn it all!!
Whew, we're saved.
Kakarrot! What did you do?!
N-No, Vegeta! I'm sorry,
I'm sorry! I can explain!
I don't care what you can explain!
You said it was my turn!
It's all right, Vegeta!
Son-kun just saved you and the whole earth!
He what? What does she mean? Tell me!
--Father, we were really worried about you!
--Man, we're really glad you were here. Thanks.
Well, well, what a sorry tale.
I mean, a Destroyer, bringing a planet back.
I will get a huge feast
ready for the two of you.
Once we put Metro North back
with the Dragon Balls, that is.
I look forward to it.
That is the reason why I turned back time.
Are you sure you don't want to arrest him?
Time control is a serious crime, right?
I didn't see anything.
What? I'm not going to thank you.
We're even, after all.
It ain't that, Vegeta.
If we had teamed up from
the start, like Whis-san said,
we never would have gotten in such a tight spot.
Do you think we should
pair together once in a while?
Hmph, I'll still never do that.
Terrific! Me, neither!
Heh, for the first time, we agree on something.
Welcome home!