Dragon Ball Z Special 2: The History of Trunks (1993) Movie Script

Break through the shining clouds,
and fly away (fly away)
As a panorama spreads
itself throughout my being!
The earth, having been kicked
in the face, gets angry (angry)!
And makes one of
its volcanoes explode!
If, within the thawed polar ice,
There is a dinosaur, then I want
to train him to balance atop a ball.
No matter what may happen,
I feel as though nothing can bother me,
However hard your chest pounds,
the Genki Dama will roar!
The emptier your head is, the more
room there is to pack with dreams,
With a cheerful face and an Ultra-Z,
today is ai-yai-yai-yai-yai...
Hurry! Hurry!
Goku is...
K- Kakarrot!
Goku has died.
Everyone seals up the sorrow
in their hearts their own way,
and peace continues for a short time.
And then, a half-year later...
A devilish pair appears
on an island in the south.
The warriors step forward. However...
Piccolo dies.
As does Vegeta,
and Kuririn.
The world is plunged
into the depths of terror...
...as a result of these
two Artificial Humans.
This is the story of another future.
Defiance in the Face of Despair!!
The Remaining Superwarriors- Gohan and Trunks
And now, thirteen years later...
The Artificial Humans!
The Artificial Humans are attacking!
Somebody help!
l'll give you all ten seconds.
See if you can get away in that time.
l don't think it's very likely, though.
Devils! They're devils!
The Artificial Humans have
appeared in Peppertown.
This is hell!
lt's as if hell had arrived on earth.
Now that the military has been destroyed,
is there no one who
can stand against them?
They're pretty far away, we'll be okay here.
But we don't know how long it might
be before they head this way, do we?
The Artificial Humans continue to
attack mercilessly and indiscriminately!
lt's only a matter of time
before Peppertown lies in ruins!
lf the Artificial Humans are not
defeated, there can be no future!
At this point, it's up to me to...
Muten Roshi-sama, you mustn't!
He's right!
Piccolo, Vegeta, and even
Yamucha were taken out by them!
lf only Goku...
lf only Goku had lived...
Please, all l ask you is to spare my life!
Take as many clothes as you want!
Oh? You have such stylish clothes.
l'm quite pleased.
They're letting me live!
What, you did him in?
This is no good, No. 17!
Didn't l tell you to at
least leave the clothes?
Oops. l forgot.
The terror in Peppertown continues!
What could this cruel,
cold-blooded pair be thinking?
Run away! Run away!
lf you dawdle around, you'll get run over!
Peppertown is experiencing
the absolute worst of all terrors!
The Artificial Humans are running mad!
Those miserable Artificial Humans!
They won't get away with this!
l don't know what it is they're thinking,
killing their creator Doctor Gero,
and all those innocent
people, one after another!
They're just a pair of monsters
who take pleasure in killing.
Can't anything be done about them?
Mom, would you go on home without me?
Trunks, what are you thinking of doing?
You're not thinking...
Hey! That was awful!
Hey, now! lf you aren't lucky,
you're headed for hell!
No. 17! How long are
you going to play around!?
Let's hurry up and wreck this city!
Let's go, No. 17.
l'm too late.
Gohan-san! Why are the
Artificial Humans doing this!?
l can't take this!
l can't just let the Artificial
Humans keep having their way!
l want to become stronger!
l want to get stronger and beat them!
Gohan-san, please!
Will you train me even harder?
l can't just sit here doing nothing!
l have my Dad's blood, the warrior-race
Saiyan blood running through me!
You remind me a lot
of when l was younger.
No matter how hard my
mother tried to stop me,
l felt like, l had to train, l had to train...
Trunks, those guys are incredibly strong!
Right! l'll do my best!
Way to go, Trunks!
lt's Mom, Gohan-san!
Please don't say
anything about this, okay?
Oh, good, Trunks,
you made it back okay.
l was worried you may
have gone to Peppertown.
Uh, ahem.
Ah, Gohan-kun, you're here too.
This is perfect.
You're probably hungry, aren't you?
l brought plenty of groceries
home, so you're eating with us.
And hey, you two, l don't want
you playing anything dangerous!
Thanks to those Artificial Humans,
l've been able to get less and
less of what l've wanted to lately.
l'll just have to cover for what's
missing with my cooking skills.
Well, go ahead and eat.
l humbly accept.
Seconds, please.
Amazing, so alike.
What's that?
Wearing that Gi,
and eating the way you were,
you seem just like your
father Son-kun. lt's amazing.
l made this Gi because l wanted
to be strong, like Father was.
That's what l thought at the time,
but l haven't had much luck.
Maybe, but sometimes
l hear stories about you.
You're facing off against
the Artificial Humans all by yourself.
That's pretty cool.
But Trunks is starting to
look up to those stories.
l don't know what to do with
him wanting to imitate you.
Can you make him listen to reason?
An impressive Ki.
He's every bit the son of Vegeta.
Help me!
What's wrong? ls that all you've got?
what kind of person was my dad?
He died soon after l was born,
and l never knew him.
Mom doesn't talk about him much, either.
He was a hard man to please,
but he was very strong,
and proud of who he was.
Really. Mom says the same thing.
l'm back!
Welcome home. How'd it go?
l heard another city got destroyed.
They say half the world's
people've been killed now.
Everyone's livin' in terror.
Oh yeah, an' l heard
some stories about Gohan.
About Gohan!? How's Gohan-chan doin'!?
Sounds as though he's partnerin' up with
Trunks an' fightin' the Artificial Humans.
l reckon he's still tryin' to
avenge everyone else's deaths.
lf it weren't for them, he would've
been a great scientist by now.
Gohan, come home! l don't
care about no Artificial Humans.
Just come home soon.
Get angry! You must become more angry!
Anger will make you a Super Saiyan!
It's quite possible he might become
an even greater warrior than I am!
He could even win
against the Artificial Humans!
l bet this is the only amusement
park still doing business these days.
Our city still has a military presence,
so the Artificial Humans won't attack us.
Hey there, no cutting in,
keep your place in line.
Stay in line? You must be joking.
No you don't, go back to your pla-
l hate this guy.
Hello? ls this the military? Hello?
Hello? Hello? Hello?
We should have come here sooner!
This stuff is too good to
be used by regular humans!
Over there, Trunks!
No. 17, hurry, hurry!
What, you guys again?
And we were in such a good mood, too.
No. 17, take care of them quickly.
All right.
Trunks, stay back!
He's winning! Gohan-san is winning!
Don't interfere, No. 18!
Don't cry sour grapes.
You almost had it there.
Let's take care of these
guys so we can play!
Lousy brat!
You aren't getting away!
Hmph. Well, we can't play here any more.
We still have to finish them off.
Surely they're already dead.
And if they are alive,
we'll see them again.
Let's go home.
All right then.
T- this is the last Senzu.
T- Trunks, you... take it.
You're... our last hope.
What happened, Trunks!?
Gohan-san was protecting me, and he...
Hurry and lay him down on the bed!
We'll have to call a doctor!
lt's all right. He's no
longer in any mortal danger.
Your mom knew all
about what you were doing.
About how you and
Gohan-kun were fighting together.
l'm sorry, mom.
lf only Son-kun were alive...
Pretty soon, the time
machine will be finished.
Once it's done, you'll
be able to get inside it,
and it will take you back in time
to when Son-kun was still alive...
Damn you, Artificial Humans!
Get angry! You've got to get angrier!
Damn! While we're here doing this,
who knows what they're up to?
Why can't l become a Super Saiyan?
Just a little farther, Trunks.
lt was awfully hard for me, too.
Becoming a Super Saiyan
is a matter of anger.
l thought about how
Piccolo-san and Kuririn-san,
and everyone else were
killed by the Artificial Humans.
And as l dwelt on that, it finally happened,
and l became a Super Saiyan.
You've got Vegeta-san's
blood flowing through you.
You'll be a Super Saiyan
before long that's for sure!
The Metroplex!
Damned Artificial Humans!
They've finally come to this city!
This time you've had it!
Gohan-san, are you in any shape for this?
Trunks, you stay here, you hear me?
No way! lf you're going,
Gohan-san, then l'm going too!
l'm a lot stronger than before!
Don't take the Artificial
Humans' power so lightly!
l won't be a burden any longer!
l want to fight alongside you, Gohan-san!
Okay, you got it.
--Trunks, let's go!
Trunks, you're our last hope.
If you were to die, there won't be
any warriors left to defend the earth.
You're the last warrior,
and a few years from now,
you'll have the ability to
defeat the Artificial Humans.
Give it up, No. 17.
There are hardly any humans left here.
Let's go somewhere else.
Chances are there's a place to the north
of there where the humans are hiding.
Don't be in such a hurry!
Let's be more thorough.
lf we don't carefully
exterminate everyone,
then where's the
fun of it all for us?
We could just as well
blow it all up at once.
Okay then, let's play
some kind of game.
You could run them over
with a car or something.
That might be fun too...
No. 17, you look hilarious!
l like these clothes.
When they get ragged, it annoys me.
They're not as sturdy as
our bodies, you understand.
l've only got four more sets like this.
But never mind that, Son Gohan.
You really are still alive.
We won't let you go this time.
We're going to fight you
at full power and kill you.
l am not going to die!
Not even if this body is destroyed...
There will be another who will
arise and carry out my last wish...
And he will defeat you Artificial Humans!
l can't feel Gohan-san's Ki!
Gohan-san... Gohan-san...
lt can't be!
Gohan-san! Gohan-san! Gohan-san!
And so, three years later...
l'm home, Mom. l managed to
buy a lot of good groceries today.
Welcome back. Guess what, Trunks.
We've got just about
enough energy charged...
...in the time machine
for a round-trip journey.
This will be enough to let you go
about twenty years into the past.
lt took nearly eight
months to charge it this much;
too bad we can't test it.
l think it will get you there
and back safely, though.
lf only my lab hadn't been destroyed,
l could have made it a lot better.
Mom, with the strength l have now,
l think it's enough to
defeat the Artificial Humans.
l shouldn't need to go to the trouble of
traveling into the past and learning from them.
You're just having wishful thoughts.
Sure, you've become a lot stronger,
but l'm sure you haven't forgotten how
Gohan-kun was killed three years ago.
l don't think there's
that much difference
between how strong he was
then and how strong you are now.
l've trained so much since then!
Quite frankly, l know
this time l can take them!
We interrupt this program for an
update on the Artificial Humans.
They are currently attacking Bridgetown,
an area 900 meters south of Metro West.
Residents in the area
are advised to use caution.
That's really close to here.
N- Now hold on, Trunks.
Don't get any crazy...
l'll be back. l'm going to
show you l can beat them!
Whoa, Trunks! Wait!
Gohan-san, and everyone else,
l will avenge you this day!
You just wait and see
what's coming, Artificial Humans!
Let's head on back.
l'm with you.
Artificial Humans!
You've had it this time!
You killed Gohan-san,
and l will take revenge!
Such a brat. He never learns, does he?
We don't like you guys.
What nerve! Now you've done it!
l did it!
He's certainly become several
times stronger than last time.
But his attacks are all so direct.
l think that will just wear him out.
They're dodging me. My energy is
missing them by a hair's breadth...
lt's no use! They're dodging them!
Where are they!?
Where did they go!?
You seem to be
breathing pretty hard.
Unfortunately for you, our energy
lasts forever, and is inexhaustible.
Looks like you've
completely lost your will to fight.
Let's put an end to this, No. 17.
ls he dead?
Artificial Humans!
Why are you doing this!?
Doctor Gero apparently built us
for the purpose of world domination,
but that doesn't matter to us.
Whenever we see humans,
it angers us. We hate humans.
You can't get away with this!
You can't get away with this!
And now to finish you...
lt will be me who finishes him off.
Trunks! Trunks! You're okay!
Thank goodness. Trunks, you've been
out for the last five days straight.
Forgive me, Mom.
You were right, l'm not nearly
a match for the Artificial Humans.
l'm glad you came back to me alive.
You've got a strong streak
of luck, just like your mom.
As soon as l've recovered,
l'm ready to take the time machine.
That sounds good.
First you'll go twenty years
into the past and give Son-kun...
l mean, Gohan-kun's
father this medicine.
lf only he hadn't died
from that heart disease,
l doubt the terrible state the world
is in would have come about like this.
This father of Gohan-san's,
was he really all that strong?
He certainly was strong as well,
but no matter what
terrible thing happened...
You felt like he would
take care of things for you...
He always had a way of
making you feel like that.
l look forward to meeting Dad.
l'm not sure you'll want
to expect too much.
Here. This is the cure
for the heart disease.
Be sure you give it
right away to Son-kun, okay?
Don't get in over your head.
Right! You be careful too, Mom.
So then,
l'm counting on you!
l'll be back.
And so, Trunks boards the time
machine, bound for today's era.
Waiting for him there
was a whole new battle.
Heads up! Some dangerous guys
are closing in to confront us,
Everyone on our side is,
that's right, acting recklessly,
I don't believe in this history,
so make your decision clear,
Make yourself look your
best for a one-two punch!
The azure wind brings its hope,
And as the legend
begins to run forward,
Be there to inscribe its tale yourself.
The azure wind brings its hope,
And it shines its light
upon the unseen days ahead
You are (you are) our Hope.