Dragon Force: Rise of Ultraman (2019) Movie Script

friends, your parents
there is no great ability
there is
there is
there is
there is
friends, your parents
there is no great ability
answer the question, is there a present
my father's strength is very big
my mom has that leg
fast, fast running
especially when the year-end discount at the mall
my mother has strength
heal the great
healing power
like chicken soup to friends
my dad has a lot
high technology tools
specifically eliminate bad people
the evil one
but you know it's not our country
prohibit possession of personal weapons
you're not afraid of being arrested
my father and mother usually
is an ordinary person
but every world has a danger
they will turn out to be superhuman
his foot trod on
over seven color clouds
to save the world
you're sure it's superhuman
not a magic ape
this one
visit NFS31. XYZ
lately we have
make a survey visit
survey of 1000 small children
aged 6 years to 8 years
Among those above 80% feel
parents themselves have super abilities
actually this is not surprising either
because there are still many
little child who believes
Santa Claus is really where it is
and Ultraman is also a hero
super who saved the earth
the next is
weather forecast report
visit NFS31. XYZ
you almost opened your identity
we really are
our identity as a family
supermen cannot be published
you must know
this news can
causing public panic
take it easy
with their intelligence
will not believe with
said a child
especially the little ones
it looks stupid and innocent
today you do
what superhuman deeds
I'm preventing success today
volcanic eruption in Hawaii
save plane passengers
777 who will fall
all adjust height
sea level around Maldives
to prevent global warming
which caused this country
submerged with sea water
How about you
today I'm a grouper group
saute five-color shrimp and enter the soup
and enter three bowls
Cantonese-style bacon rice
today role playing
- the role is complete
supermen is also the time to eat
Let's eat
very fragrant
night is still playing ultraman
eradicate monsters
today it's finished playing
night doing a good job
in this world there really are monsters
Of course
if it's not ultraman kill what
really there is Ultraman
if not who killed the monster
do I have super abilities
Of course
as long as you're obedient
there will definitely be super powers
if I'm a good kid, what
my eyes can move the glass
if so I try for a while
I'm the best
I'm the best kid
I'm the most obedient child
already moving
already moving
already, sleep
already Night
it turns out that I really have super powers
I still want to try again
it's past 9 30
super power will disappear
I want to try my super strength
no matter who you are
must give up immediately
immediately give up
or we say it
a weapon to paralyze you
city of Speed can be attacked
unknown weapon
get into preparation
first war
we need the world security bureau
for emergency assistance
LeLe, be careful
run away quickly
Le Le
the spar turns out to have
the ability to destroy the earth
stop it
Yi Te, Spar is not you who can control
he will trigger nature
devil in your body
makes you crazy and
can't escape
quickly throw him away
or will not have time
on the basis of you Ultraman
lose your super power
still want to prevent me
Mo Yan, I need your help
no one can confront me
there will be no
Yi the world security bureau that you made
today you want too
destroy yourself
the spar will lose control
hurry and release him
if not, will not have time again
no one can handle me
there will be no
Mo Yan, you must endure
over there
- fast
- quickly get on the car
daddy, why do we have to run away
why don't you intervene
to intervene
aren't you supermen Jack Ma
no one can handle me
there will be no
come on
dad, where are we now?
go to one safe place
This monster is too dangerous
father, it turns out the world
This is really a monster
there is also ultraman
it's just that the monster is good
he's an ultraman friend
who is the evil one
daddy, you think ultraman and monster
can defeat the evil one no
don't ask Lele again
fast hug tightly
Watch Out
mom, why aren't you
turned into superhuman
in this world that super woman
great isn't Miss Dong
in this world there are no supermen
Your father and mother are not super humans either
hug me tight, Le Le
no, there are super humans
there must be super humans
Huan Ying
don't stand up
Le Le
there are super humans
super humans will definitely be
come save us
You can do it
Le Le
do not move
hold tight
Le Le
Le Le
do not stretch the handle
hold tight
Le Le
Daddy, it's not a superhuman
quickly save mom
Le Le has a tight grip
you're fast saving mom
quickly save mom
Let me go
- Mo Yan
- not
begging you to go save my mother
he is over there
he is there
not superhuman
quickly save him
fly away
I see you how to fly
I already understand
Mo Yan
please you go save my mother
you go save my mother
tight hug boy
Le Le
you're back
no one can face me
there is no
why don't you go save my mother
aren't you superhuman
Mo Yan
you have to survive
he's dead
Mo Yan
I arrived late
the person who approaches me
in front, all must die
all must die
Your mind has been controlled by the spar
quickly throw him away
if not, it will be too late
you have no superpowers
still want to face me
things that have been promised
I will finish
how is it done right?
still think yourself a superhuman
Huan Ying
do not be sad
then it is you
even though you were a superhuman
you too are superhuman
last one on earth
I still have a successor
goodbye forever
my soul will always be with the earth
it's not safe here
must leave here immediately
my son hasn't returned yet
my son
Le Le
you're not dead huh
when this hologram is activated
this means I've sacrificed myself
even though my body is dead
but spirit and
my light will be forever
you can see me
this means before me
died, I have chosen you
to be my successor
only you can
makes me born again
how about reincarnation
leave it up
leave it up
leave it up
you think I'm hurt
and can't kill you
leave it up
looking dead
very clear
I'm not the arrow
You can only oppress little children
don't spend time
with people like this
Chi Yan
exterminate the bandits
oppress this little child
are you dragon forces?
do you know us
it looks like we are very famous huh
I see the news
you are world criminals
small children see what news
why don't you go run out
you're afraid to die
Who said that
great usually
always appears last
I come
actually who you are
why do you understand our attacks
Chi Yan
My kungfu was taught me
captain Yi you're the mastermind behind it
why did you betray GSB
whether for the sake of spar
Maybe yes, maybe no
where is Ultraman now
Shen Lan
you have arrived late
Ultraman just now
die under my sword
after all
shattered in pieces
die without the remains
revenge for Ultraman
on your basis
you guys are the one who taught me
where might win from me
Mei Qi
the speed of attacking you is too slow
You say slow, it's slow
Yi Te, you've been caught
give up
not so easy
She is mine
Le Le
you want to beat him
you can make my mother live again
You can pose like this
this must be possible
in school we are all like this
who wants to go to summer camp
but do you know what this pose means
this means point
hands and express opinions
this is my favorite movement
right this is pointing hands and talking
just talk like this
you have to be able to do it
know and do it
know and do
understand it
then you can have super powers
it can also make me born again
but the process of understanding
this is very dangerous
even the danger of death
you're ready
monsters come
here hug
You are
Let me go
I'm not your mother
you are wrong
I'm not your mother
she is your mother
your mother is a great warrior
you must be proud of him
my mother is the same
quickly vomit
quickly my mother spit out
you don't run
Zhengyi Nunchaku
sparkling weapon
Lie Tian Ji
powerful hammer
Sui Yan Ji
super smart weapon
system unification
ultimate Fit Cannon
my feeling tell
he hasn't died
Xiao Long
quickly give me the rubik
Rubik is the only hope
can make my mother come back to life
if you eliminate it
Where is she
there is no
the last hope
also no more
my mother is no longer helped
I can't save you anymore
This rubik should be waterproof
is there a guarantee
how are you kid?
as long as you are willing to help me
can definitely learn to activate my method
Come on, kiss first
why is ultraman like this
how are my friends
let's shake hands
when you see me now
that means I'm dead
provided you are willing to come with me
learn well save the earth
know and do,
plus hard work
you have super powers
study with you, for sure
wonder if you don't become stupid
the wise man's method was activated
this may be
teachings are not theories
virtue is not empty talk
everything applies strength
starting from knowing and doing
bad, bad
ultraman is crazy
all because of you, you
make ultraman crazy
i hate you
You are a greedy dragon
I forgive you
come here
mother hug
man made smart rubik
Stop it
it doesn't seem to be earth technology
little sister, this is an animal
your pet
very funny
Xiao Long, don't be afraid
they are good people
here, bro, bro
I'm this M galaxy teaching cube
can switch to various teaching modes
what's the difference with schizophylla
the hypnosis method is activated
I never
really left you
the rays still illuminate every corner
occupy everyone's heart
if you open your eyes and look around
then you can find positive energy
even though I turned into a cosmic star
will also be with you
please believe in yourself
and also beg you to trust me
I will be back
little brother
the evil one though
while we have expelled
he will definitely come back again
there is a spar in his hand
we can't win from him
is a stage power
beginning of earth formation
5 billion years for the explosion cycle
explosions formed the earth
this time the explosion scared him
will destroy the earth
spars are so great
he can save my mother no
little brother
we need your help
so you need to talk honestly
I always say honestly
before ultraman died
say what ever
things that have been promised, arrive
dead will complete
then what
I remember
there is still one thing
What is that
he said I was his successor
seems curious
ultraman resurrection truth
we can only find him to help
you mean
you want to help Prof. Jie
there is a place of defense
very tight earth
it looks like there will be a fierce war
little brother
this fierce war counts
the words that I taught you
you've memorized it
Of course
later you go there
love the police look at this photo
- this easy
- yes
well, look at me
what's up, kid
are you misguided?
where's your mama bring you there
I really want to find but before looking
there are several suspects
ask me to do this
are them
because, don't let me
do then I do
First, I want to be friends with you
see if you are a bad person
work for bad people
the police will definitely scold me
after I make sure
they are good people
- for the sake of saving people
- save people
is him
I see this old man looks good
so I asked how to save
they say leave it
the police saved it already
I ask, if it's the police
not willing to how
they say
kitchen knife as a gift
given to the police can already
wrong line form, gagali
sensor is successful
you guys are playing games again
is this game beating bad people
I also want
bad people
Hurry up, how are you?
can know some of these people
I want to find someone
why they want to come here
save prof Jay
I want to find someone
the chair
maybe you don't recognize my work
information I want
no one can cover it
your name is Catfish, you're in elementary school
1 in elementary school Lanhu
your father is an artist in the playground
42 years old
Ultraman often for lakoni
make kids happy
now in the shelter tent
panicked looking for you and your mama
I heard
you still have one thing
about ultraman
I heard
it is after ultraman
die energy condensation cube box
who has he can
make ultraman come back to life
how do you know
so the thing is in you
run away quickly
don't let them catch you
catch prayer
active protection system
active electrical testing
catch him
always acting up
- let's go
- well
split him
I want the cube in his stomach
no problem
do not
their brackets
I want to slow down slowly
questioning about ultraman
you really are a bad person
you're not a cop
I also never
say I'm a good person
why I never met you
I am the head
new nurse, Xiaotiantian
want to add wechat
we lie
little boy, not good
this can make an effect
bad in young children
Chiyan, don't avoid it
here is a GSB prison
not hell
Catfish inside is no danger
but the GSB prison is
the most stringent prison in the world
there are 24 thousand CCTVs that are
sharp is patrolling
This 2D CCTV can be changed to 3D
arguably, all the events at
prison, for the center, everything went through
for good sake
with this prison system
GSB is still deploying 800
special soldier to supervise
if anyone gets caught
break through, still in the first time
decide all signals to the outside
and can be easy for
change prison position
This prison is the chairman of Yite
and Prof. Jay together designed it
absolutely nothing can be penetrated
this is despicable
own prison design
already locked himself up
as the main scientist from GSB
Jay's prof is maligned
we must save him
Chiyan, in your opinion
Teluoyi Muma
in ancient Greek legend
the Greek coalition surrounded the teluoyi
and the duration of the attack is not translucent
after that pretend to retreat
leave a big wooden horse
teluoyi guards don't know
and wooden horses are transported
enter as a gift
at night
the soldier in the wooden horse came out
Teluoyi, collapse
this time who is
our teluoyi wooden horse
let me go
- You guys are bad
- GSB will not miss information
so a small child will be taken
to GSB to check
and I am a silent sensor
keep it on the body of the catfish
the existence of prof Jay made us a sensor device
Xiaoxing, you can do something
the tiger goes into a collection of goats
I have entered
break through the main door
it's your turn Shenlan
there are those who enter
at 10 o'clock 2 o'clock you have 2 enemies
I have succeeded
- You entered
- walk according to plan
What happen
I have successfully entered 3 B
3 minutes to arrive
Chiyan, how are you there?
Chiyan, under you there are 3 enemies
must be in a second
finish needing my help
to the control center meet
our control system has been conceded
teluoyi horse poisons are not clear
want to go to jail
muster all strength
must stop them
great people usually
appears at the end
I do not believe
who helped me in 4B
calm down, please stand up, don't move
it is impossible not to move
no motion can die
- calm down, tengkurup
- Are you sure
oh my God
quickly to the control center
actually the main function
I turned the attention of the enemy
there are those who enter
- Don't move
- I know you have a problem
Xiaolong, get up quickly
calm down, just take drugs
later wake up, walk fast
no, mama said, no
as long as you go with strangers
way, we have a task
close all entrances to the control room
report, all doors are headed
to the control room closed
now, mosquitoes just can't enter
confront them with the dragon force
- swordsman
- Let's say, prof Jay where
hello, your order arrived
take it to the door
don't move
Who are you?
- Xiaotiantian
really dare to break a forbidden place
here is the source of energy from the prison
must use focus
they are in dragon force
quickly disconnect the electricity
disconnect electricity
I use scissors
That small scissors arrived
the night was not finished
then use an electric saw
do not use dangerous methods
this is more than 800 volts
- He said that pork isn't just one minute
- if you turn off a small dino
Xiaolong don't be greedy,
it can't be eaten
why is Prof Jay missing
- Come on, face the dragon force
- Chase
- Xiaolong, get burned
- put it out, just look
visit NFS31. XYZ
bottom o'clock
here here
this way can certainly be put out
don't go back to you
run away
bad, help arrived
back off
dragon force, catch
you boss I will be happy
how to put it out here
do not go
here is so modern it should be possible
- Don't press, just me
- Not true, you don't understand
you stop it
why isn't this response
There must be an eye for sure
quickly find them
a failed plan let's look for catfish
- This system is really rubbish
- What's rubbish, you can't use it
never mind
they are here
bad, siege warriors
here we must hide
you don't die Xiaolong
don't you want me to be your mama
I promise, keep your promise for life
don't die Xiaolong
a lot of saliva
let's go in
report, control room
found no trace of the enemy
you pig heads, no
find it, just eat pork
it's bad
- You fart again
- You, I accused again
surely you were this afternoon
fart in the blanket
how do you know
I panic will fart
this place
do not know
we like going into the basement
- why are you here
- Chiyan
- Finally find you guys
- Xiaoxue was arrested at GSB prison
that day I was arrested together
prof Jay, it's already in parentheses
do you know where prof Jay is now
- not clear
- Who is this
why is the coffin put here
Xiaoxue, who is he
is my mom
your mama
here do not allow outsiders to enter
should not
they go let's go out
how to get out
try raba there is on off no
it's pitch black here
nothing looks
I feel like something hairy
it's my legs
the button must have been changed by someone
it turns out you have changed prison
GSB is your secret base
You grabbed the spar for what purpose
for the sake of earth control
you talk
to save my mother
this is actually why
my mother died in an accident
my father was very sad on one occasion
he knew something from ultraman
the power of this spar can destroy the earth
can also restore people's lives
back to life
so, he has a brave plan
want to take advantage of spar energy
let mother come back to life
my dad used him
at GSB as leader
quietly form secret headquarters
basement for ultraman
the purpose of utilizing energy from
ultraman to get spar
and when it is utilized
ultraman spar control
and lose strength
grab the spar from it
ultraman said, the power of spars
not humans can now control
he will be in your body
change you getting lazy
cruel and useless
let him go, here's one
your only way out
too much
you know most
not father, let them go
deal with my plan all must die
spar won't be able to turn on your wife
can, you can
You lost the identity of the spar
be aware, hurry up
they want to grab the spar
I must finish them
You asked me to lose first
people who love you
and losing people
you love the most
which is more painful
I'm telling you now
the answer is the same as losing
- Xiaoxue
- father
father realize
mom won't live anymore you give up
you are now in control
the spar quickly removes him
- hurry up
- No, your mother wants to live
live him soon
you slowly slowly live
just don't mind me
you're this little one again
everyone has a period
then what you want to forget
what passes cannot be changed
but the future might work
why are you ultraman
why do you always ruin my plan
who promised, died
I must do it too
same done
how dare I play it
wife, no
he lost control
let's run away with me
- impossible
- Xiaoling, where are you?
Xiaolong, we want to go
what you eat is this big
You grow from eating energy
I want you to die for my wife, all
wait, where are Lele and Xiaolong
it's bad
with me break out
together break out
Xiaolong broke up
finally coming out in this is scary
unfortunately it can't help prof Jay
hey this aunt, take care of someone's attitude
That bad is not her fault
prof Jay
after I analyzed Yite
already fully controlled spar
must remove the armor
he just saved him
How could it be
except beat him
want to beat Yite
strengthen self training
and fully upgraded
our weapons
this is the energy of ultraman
I am the one who can turn him on
sports started
prof Jay
you sure, this little boy
is an ultraman successor
I want to make equipment for
activate the strength in Lele's body
and turn on the ultraman in the cube
I think we can borrow Xiaolong's body
to upgrade the strength of the dragon force
then look at the equipment
who we are is better
Shenlan, think about what
a month has passed
Yite's wound, it should be cured
indeed he can come here anytime
I know you're lying to me
I checked on Baidu, diet
does not make people have strength
- can't
- can
does not seem
i hate you no
want to see you again
not happy
you chose my person wrong
there is no super power
so need to learn
how to study, me
no maggie speed
and there is no power from Tiequan
even my Xiaoxing is almost
can't beat him
especially Shenlan and Chiyan
I think it's time
I give up
I went home looking for my father
automatic active mode
You don't want to beat Yite
you don't want to protect the earth anymore
then you don't want to
save your mama
I have no super powers
my mom won't be able to live again
no, don't be in a hurry
listen to me
first have to do it
is practicing self and diet
what is this super power
I can't save
my mom don't fool me anymore
not a fool
we are ultraman from planet M
far to earth to fight
not how strong we are
and we don't have full confidence
we need to do
it just goes do
you understand
catch him
catch the little boy
especially the cube in his hand
must take him must
Do not come close
go tell Xiaoxue
and also prof Jay
I decide the back
break through Xiaolong
quickly Xiaolong flew
Xiaolong Xiaolong
many enemies are all robots
catch him catch the little boy
this is my personal seat
their people are already very much
our equipment can't be an opponent
then replace the new one
it's time to try upgrading
the new weapon Xiaoxue made
all attack
catch dragon force
reward 1000 virtual currencies
try to say, reward
how many virtual currencies
can you give me a little
I immediately get it
prof Jay
Jay's prof is not good
bad people come
that, the energy-enhancing tool
the body is finished yet
can't be a little more
just a little longer
Where else
I found, this enlarging tool
this gas discharge is too high
snoring humans is hard to turn on
I try repeatedly it can't
I can do this
because you're not making this style
the truth is there is a relationship
don't believe, you just analyze it quickly
this style, upright, reduce it
stomach inhale deeply
erect body
hands form letters ten
This is useful for strengthening your stomach
can be larger forms
your body's large intestine and rectum
most importantly, both legs
opened to form 60 degrees
can make body gas from
down to the top well
you added snoring
to 300 pressure
and will press the appearance of ultraman
and leave him completely
become big and alive
later you can't beat it
Yite, this counts on you
Maggie, be careful
you are fast driving the dino robot again
with you united then
can fight against my father
but now we don't exist
chance to run away
"revenge is the beginning of debt there is an employer"
which damaged the coffin
your wife is me
I happen to be looking for you
You're wearing my mother unclear whereabouts
I'm wearing your wife
die no place for the grave
not true
this saying is misused
the point is we both break even
you, put down the weapon
I will repent
from now on we love each other
give each other "likes"
you think it's good
You still have what testamentary words
the ultraman is the most you are
fear will come back to life
I study well every time
the day wants progress
people learn i sleep
people sleep, I play games
straighten up
second hand number ten
both feet open
very large
I succeeded
ultraman, finish him habi
what are you doing
QQ mode on
visit NFS31. XYZ
finally falling apart
do not be sad
next is you
don't shout again
now I take you to meet him
you can only oppress little children
you some losers
still dare to go back
people are getting higher and higher
make mistakes
dad, you don't have to spend it
lots of time with small children
what can you spend a little time on
take care of Chiyan
let you see the great spar
it's bad
Yite's body energy
just keep on increasing
it's time to take revenge for my wife
Tyrannosaurus robot
Pterosaurus robot
Athlon robot
robot Stegosaurus
iron fist
Ceratop robot
officially started
I am here
i miss mama
you contacted daddy
he is time to go back to daddy's side
- I can't save mom
- This is not your fault
- nothing can be done
- can
we are a superhuman family
everyone is superhuman
we go to save mom
how about
actually daddy
- There is also no super power
- No, we have super powers
everyone has super powers
why confront me
save the person I love
You don't understand what love is
want to live again
quickly go here it's not safe
- hurry home with me
- I want to help Xiaolong
no one can stop me
nothing will
- Go quickly, it's not safe here, go home with me
- no, I do not want
- hurry home, go home with me
- I want to help Xiaolong
- I want to help Xiaolong
- Catfish
I can't help Xiaolong
mama clearly knew she was not capable
still do not care about life
die to save you
if you still happen something
I will feel very
guilty of your mother
Let's go home
you said mama clear
know he is helpless
also save me
we are ultraman from planet M
far to earth to fight
and we don't have full confidence
we need to do
it just goes do
no one can stop me
there will be no
the result of wanting to stop me
the system will soon be scattered
hurry back
hurry back
do not go there
Catfish, go quickly go
I will not leave
I am his mother
never promise
I want to take care of him for life
the promise
even die
must be done
This is not possible
I have to think about it
energy from ultraman
nothing in the cube
but on Lele's body
This is not possible
even those who have been promised die
must be able to do
which shocked the city
fast who already entered this
the offender was sentenced to 100 years
he was the leader
highest of Shianju
the secret of this spar already
provoke world attention
and one good news
namely yesterday
in the disaster area, one person
survivors finally regained consciousness
he was in a coma for
more than a month at the hospital
when he woke up the first word he was
congratulations for him
get well quickly and get home
the energy of this spar is low
energy inside
already inhaled by people
What do you mean
I suspect
someone has moved it
energy from spars
visit NFS31. XYZ
this is not like a creature on earth