Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire (2017) Movie Script

It's a girl.
Another one?
It's a boy.
They're bewitched.
Those children are marked.
It's been a hard night.
The end is near.
We have waited too
long to choose King Gareth's successor.
No one can convince the
King to stop searching for his son.
And to give up hope that
Walter might be reconciled
to take his place
as rightful heir.
Walter is not coming back,
Brother Osmund.
If His Majesty dies today,
the land has no crown,
and no dragon to defend it.
Unless, of course,
you have evidence
to suggest Drago might survive?
I'm afraid not.
The Queen passed
when her dragon died.
A shared heart will
always mean shared pain.
And a shared death.
Brother Osmund,
I can count on your support?
Councilor, shouldn't Drago choose
a successor if the King cannot?
Drago had his chance.
We need a strong leader
on the throne,
and I am the best candidate.
Perhaps, you're right.
Drago, lam honored by your...
I did have my chance.
We shared many adventures.
Built a castle into the sky.
Lived by the Old Code and raised
a new generation of dragons.
Truly, he was exceptional.
Through this unction,
may the Lord pardon thee for
whatever sins thou hast committed.
Through this unction,
may the Lord pardon thee for
whatever sins thou hast committed.
May blessings be upon thee
both in the hereafter.
Of the King, it is certain.
But in the matter of his son, I can't
help but think that I let him down.
His Majesty never
spoke a word against you.
Yet, I consider the rift in his
family my greatest failure.
When I die,
I will not be surprised
if the great dragons
in the stars
turn my spirit away
from a place among them.
And what about the crown?
Speak now,
before it is too late.
I am still bonded.
With whom?
I can't tell.
It's different than before...
Forgive me for leaving you, but
I must find out who it is.
Let's go for a walk.
Peter, how's your sister?
Come on.
Which way?
You're welcome.
They always forget, you
need four to take me down.
Our hero!
Come here, boy, have a look!
My hero, Edric!
Blackmoor's barricaded
himself in the barn.
You are charged with
murder and banditry
within the Shire
of Earl Robert Cole.
I am, as you know,
his sheriff...
More like his arse-boy!
Okay. What are you doing?
I'm gonna burn him out.
Where's the fun in that?
Get him, Edric!
Get him, Edric!
Just doing my duty.
Just doing my duty.
For you.
Oh, really? No, I can't.
Thank you.
You're too kind.
Thank you so much.
You're too kind.
I couldn't do it without you.
Couldn't do it.
No way.
No way, no how.
My Lord.
Thank you.
Couldn't do it without you.
Well done, Edric.
Profits will be up with that lot
finally dangling from a noose.
What's wrong, Edric?
Excuse me.
Feel like you're being watched?
It feels like I'm being judged.
Stay behind me, My Lord.
Wait, I mean you no harm.
Dragons do nothing but harm!
Edric the Mighty, is it?
I'll admit you've got
the strength of two men.
It's three.
And a flair for showing off.
Stand and fight,
so I can end whatever sorcery
you're using to see inside my soul.
Maybe I'll just roast you!
You see?
A dragon's first impulse
is violence.
Just as my father taught me, you were
born to kill, not to take care of us.
Your father
is teaching you lies.
And now you speak ill
of the dead?
When I'm done with you,
you will be begging Edric,
son of Walter, for mercy.
Your father was Walter?
You knew him.
Your father was the only beloved son
of King Gareth and Queen Rhonu.
Come on. Higher.
But Walter had no interest in
following the path of knighthood.
Though his father loved Walter,
running a kingdom and helping
me raise seven dragons
took more time from the boy
than he appreciated.
Naturally, Walter took to his
mother's Celtic independence.
Let's do a throw together.
When tragedy killed the
dragon with whom she was bonded,
Walter was devastated.
The King was away, I was
going to bring him back,
but before I could, your
father had made up his mind.
Get back!
You say you're here
to bring peace,
but dragons have done
nothing but take from me.
He disappeared without a trace.
We searched,
but we never found him.
Your father was heir to the throne.
You are next in line.
He never spoke
about his childhood.
We lived so deep in the forest.
Maybe he thought that if
we were near the castle
that I'd find out the truth?
Whoa. Hello.
Whoa. Sorry.
Nice to meet you. Welcome.
Hello. These doors?
The royal courtyard.
And the famed castle murals.
Are we to
simply believe that he is the heir?
Look, I don't blame you
for being cautious.
And damn me if I'll ever
trust a dragon,
but somehow I feel
what he says is true.
It's the bond.
If he feels it,
Drago feels it,
it must be true.
First, my capable Sheriff.
Now, My Liege.
I'm... One moment.
Your Majesty?
Everyone will understand
if this is too much for you.
I knew it. I knew I was meant to
do more than simply hide away.
To use my strength
for a greater cause.
I'm King?
I'm King.
I'm King!
Your grandfather surveyed
the kingdom from the air.
Let me give you a ride,
it's faster.
We can use the time to better
understand the bond between us.
I'll take my chances
on the ground, thanks.
Good Lord.
Here you go.
Some bread for you.
My Liege, some documents
need your attention.
If you'd be so kind.
I'm really very strong. Have
you heard of my strength?
I once destroyed a house.
I sneezed on it, and it just fell apart.
Oh. Oh.
An angry ram.
I can't read.
But you can sign.
Yes, I can.
But like a full-grown bull.
But he's been around with you
guys for a long time, hasn't he?
These papers require
your immediate attention.
I want it to be strong
but sensitive.
Regal yet relatable.
Don't be subtle.
Well, listen, if you
need anything else...
Come on.
Do you realize you granted
the Earl an enormous gift of land?
Yeah, we're friends.
Friends help each other.
Something dragons might learn instead
of second-guessing all the time.
Perhaps your bond
skipped a generation,
passing over his father
and ending up in him.
And your Draconic Blood has
given him this great strength.
Yes, but how can you
explain the fact
that he's an arrogant snout?
He's young.
But we do not share a full bond.
He cannot feel my pain.
You never felt him
all these years?
Not until King Gareth passed.
Yes. That bond was primary.
Like... Like a bell,
loud and clear.
You couldn't sense
this other connection until
the bell went silent.
Hello, hello.
Sorry about the mess.
On, a bath?
Baths are for children.
A man's smell is his soul.
Well, off you go.
"A man's smell is his soul"?
Come on,
you can do better than that.
How's the water?
A little privacy, please?
Since you've been avoiding me,
I thought I'd make you
a captive audience.
Yeah, well, I've been busy, haven't I?
Doing king stuff.
Edric, you don't trust me.
You got that from your father
as surely as the scales on
your back came from me.
As our bond grows, it will be harder
and harder to hide things from me.
I'm not hiding anything.
I swear.
You yellow-eyed...
I can feel your heart, but we
do not share pain of the flesh.
Half of our bond is missing.
I want to know why.
I had a twin sister.
Get off.
As hard as my childhood was...
Stay in the cart.
Mehgan had it worse.
Keep your hood up. Walk
where other people don't walk.
Talk to no one.
That's her!
Her brother's evil twin!
Get out, get out.
Are you going to
let her walk amongst us?
Get out.
She's cursed!
What were you thinking?
Father lectured us
repeatedly about
how a dragon had
poisoned our mother,
eventually killing her and causing
these scales to grow on our bodies.
Those damn scales.
How many times have I told you?
Mehgan, keep your hood up.
We always used to stay up
late and watch the stars together.
Do you see it there?
There's the dragon star.
The head.
He lies in stone.
The scales.
Show us that sorcery.
Do it again, girl. Do it!
What did he mean, "Do it again"?
Do what again?
Whereas my strength
grew with time,
Mehgan discovered her talent
quite suddenly.
Earl Robert noticed me.
His Sheriff was getting old,
and he needed an apprentice.
I couldn't wait to get home and
tell Father the good news.
Meg, what happened?
He said we had to
move away because of me!
Meg, get in there,
you can save him!
It's too late! I got mad
at him and the flames,
I couldn't control them.
It was an accident.
I'm sorry!
Oh. Meg...
The villagers wasted no time.
The witch-girl
killed her father!
Burned him alive!
She must hang!
I begged the Earl for
money to get her to safety
where she could
make a new start.
But in exchange, I had to stay.
I always felt like she was by
my side, even when she wasn't.
And now I don't.
She's probably dead.
I'm sorry, Edric.
You couldn't feel pain
through my hands,
so you had to feel it
through my heart, eh?
That was not my intention.
Play music!
I don't live in the past.
You can't kill me.
Odin himself gave me his blessing of fire.
Verily, you did promise, sir,
that my humble cast of players
could live in your stable
in exchange for performance.
My Lord,
their plays make no sense.
I wrote
the play myself, all right?
It's on the theme of vanity.
I play Mr. Vanity, who finds
himself, one night...
Wandering through a
forest in search of the witch,
the Witch of the Mountains.
And the Witch of the
Mountains gives him a potion
in exchange for
some coins and...
My Lord, don't listen to this.
My Lord, ships have
landed on the coast.
My Lord, they are fierce warriors,
and they march this way.
Yes! Excellent!
Bring my armor.
And prepare the knights?
The knights, them.
Prepare them.
It's a good play.
It's rubbish.
They're approaching fast,
just beyond the treeline now.
I suggest you stand firm
with your soldiers
and allow me to talk with them.
Talk? Just stand back
and look scary, dragon.
My Lord, use Drago now,
before it is too late.
I am King Edric.
I challenge your leader
to personal combat!
- Shields up!
- Shields!
Have we got the side of a barn?
Maybe they can hit that!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
No, wait!
My sister.
Hello, Brother.
Shall we talk?
Shall I address you as...
Let's keep it simple.
And you are the wise Drago.
I expected you to have
the same opinion
of dragons as your brother does.
Come on.
My mind-reading
is a little rusty.
You might have to
use your words.
All these years
I've wondered where you were,
but leading an army of Vikings
never crossed my mind.
Well, I've always been the
unpredictable one, haven%I?
And yes, for the longest time
I did have the same opinion
of dragons as my brother.
But then,
I heard about a new king,
with the "strength of three men"
and your name,
who had inherited
the throne by birthright.
And all our connections
fell into place.
See, we're family.
All three of us.
How could I curse my own blood?
Though you got
the better end of the deal.
My talent is mostly
useful for barbecues.
Yes, well,
you almost barbecued my men.
You can fan the flames?
Grow them hotter?
I can control the flames,
but I can't create them.
How do you do it?
The Heartfire.
Source of our breath,
and the life-giving force
that a dragon can share
with someone of our choosing.
Its fire sustains us.
Perhaps I could teach you
how to develop your talent.
In time.
But that's assuming
you've come in peace.
Have you come in peace, Mehgan?
That depends, Edric.
On what?
Do you remember
how Father used to
tell me off for
playing tricks on you?
"One minute older doesn't
make you one minute smarter."
I'm sorry, my mind-reading's
a little rusty.
I am firstborn.
I should be Queen.
Uh, that's not...
Not what?
I'm King.
That can't be undone.
Step down.
You can't sit on my throne.
Because I'm a woman?
You don't need to say it.
Do you think that if I had
your strength and you my fire,
they would have cheered for me
and shunned you
when we were younger?
I think not, little brother.
Hold my sex
against me, or my scales,
but if "birth" is "right,"
then I am Queen.
You want to fight, let's fight.
Drago's fire trumps yours,
and I'll toss your Vikings back
into the sea all by myself.
I suggest we sleep on it.
I can feel you're not sleeping.
And now I can feel
you're faking it.
How am I supposed to sleep
when you're talking?
She got under your skin.
There's Dragonheart
in both of you.
Passionate, yes,
but for those who are worthy
it can do wondrous things.
I couldn't help
your father, Edric,
but if you and your sister
can put aside...
Maybe you should
stick to raising dragons.
Humans haven't quite worked
out for you, have they?
Good night, Your Majesty.
We're under attack!
My King, look out!
You ready for a man's death?
My breath...
The fire, it's gone!
Men, behind me!
Hurts, doesn't it?
Odin's flame.
Meg, stop.
You're coming with me.
Back! Stand there!
So, just to be clear,
she just walked right up
to you and took your fire?
Just like that?
That was easy.
Get over there!
I mean, do you even count
as a dragon anymore?
You're more like a worm.
Like a leggy worm...
Well, that shut you up.
Seems his strength
nearly matches yours.
Pray quickly.
My Lord,
what are we going to do?
Just don't make yourself a target.
I'll think of something.
Why is she doing this?
She's your sister.
Oh, come on!
Kind of you to stick around.
I only agreed to ensure your
brother's life was spared.
You will never truly possess the
Heartfire, you know that, don't you?
If not possessing something
feels this good,
may fortune rob me blind.
Follow me.
Come on, keep up.
my beautiful Fire Queen.
Leaving him alive is allowing a
fox to run free among your hens.
Then it's a good thing I
know a few wolves, isn't it?
I believe your King
wishes to address you.
I hereby abdicate the throne...
That's going to
have to be much louder.
I hereby abdicate the throne...
And acknowledge the birthright
of my elder sister, Mehgan...
Queen Mehgan.
Queen Mehgan.
Long may she reign.
He bears the mark!
So, you see,
we're not so different.
Do you solemnly swear to justly
govern the people of Lundenwic?
I solemnly swear.
the Norsemen are more
like you than it seems.
They will work
in the fields alongside you,
and together we will
grow strong and prosper.
For my first decree as Queen,
I banish you, Edric, from
this town and all its shires.
No, no!
Make sure
the King never returns.
The royal bedchamber,
Your Majesty.
Clear everything out.
Are you in pain?
No, m'lady.
Crying means pain.
Or joy. Which is it?
My fianc...
Joy, then.
Outwith it!
He's just... We are to be
married in a fortnight. But he's...
Yes. And old,
and a little hairy.
He says I'm useless, but
I'll do for making children.
And you did not choose him?
No, it was
Very well.
It is now un-arranged.
By order of the Queen.
Don't you see your rightful King is here?
Bring food, quickly!
Yes, My Lord.
- Sit, My Lord.
- Right away.
You're not safe until you're
away from the shires.
If they find you...
I know this land
better than they do.
And besides, there are over a hundred
homes here that will give me shelter.
The Vikings are many.
And your sister now wields
tremendous power.
Let me worry about her.
Do you still have the weapons
in the granary?
I always have a backup.
You two,
you go to the villagers,
you get extra men, and you
bring them back here.
Go, now.
To loyal friends.
There's enough to arm 50 men,
and more in the stores
in the east field.
We need horses. And we need
more armor for the men.
Move and we shoot.
I'm sorry, Edric.
You're strong. But arrows are faster.
Are the holdings and titles
I gave you worth nothing?
To an earl who harbors
a fugitive?
You should have kept running.
Not in my nature.
Even an animal
learns eventually.
Property ownership, dowries,
village council votes,
I want to see all the law books
where one's sex is specified.
That's nearly all of them.
Great. Well,
we'd better bring a lunch.
Your fire's lit early.
I have much to do.
Now, I've negotiated
for the tenants
west of the river to relocate.
That's over 1,000 hectares
of the most fertile land
for your men
and their families to farm.
Yeah, it's good, black earth.
But my countrymen are
laughing at this idea
that everyone is to be
treated exactly the same.
Let them laugh.
Just remember that when we
set sail, I needed an army.
And that now,
lam one.
Good morning, ladies.
Good morning.
I've decided it's time
you learn a lesson.
The Norse-women have a tradition
of arming themselves.
They do not ask for respect,
they take it.
Let's begin.
I strike, you block.
Let man nor woman
talk to you like that.
Life is cruel.
You must be prepared
to be crueler.
You make good slave in my home.
No, no, no, I made
a deal with your Queen.
She's not our Queen.
Here you go, Drago.
My Lady.
By your grace, My Queen.
Good day.
Lost your appetite?
I feel cold
without the Heartfire.
I'm not myself.
I'm feeling more myself
than ever.
It's like the first time
I touched fire without burning.
I finally had an advantage.
But it wasn't enough, was it?
You were already unpopular. The
fire has made you more so.
What would you know?
You couldn't even sense our
bond until we both shed blood.
Nothing about the bond
seems the same with twins.
And I know only what
your brother told me.
What he doesn't
know could fill the sea.
What did he tell you?
That being separated has put
a distance between you.
Being separated
had little to do with it.
But you don't have to hide.
It's different.
Why? They're not scared of me.
Because he could
hide his scales,
he became part of
the life of the town.
While I spent more
and more time by myself.
Learning to bend
the flame to my will.
Meg, what happened?
The witch-girl killed her father!
She must hang!
The current is too strong!
It's taking us out to sea!
The storm set me
adrift for days.
Hmm. She will fetch
a good price.
Excuse me, My Queen.
I was just leaving.
Queen Mehgan, when you
were born, you inherited a gift,
a Dragonheart's power
to bond with another.
But this power comes from
giving up a part of yourself.
When you only take something,
you build a wall between yourself
and those who care about you.
If I want a child's lesson,
I'll go to the priest.
All clear.
We're taking water!
Hit it with the plunger!
Buckets, quickly!
Strength of three men.
Uh, um...
Die now.
Come on, come on. Whoa.
Edric! Grab hold!
Come on.
Help him up.
Don't pull him out.
We'll sink!
Looks like Odin's favor
has abandoned you.
I wouldn't expect you to understand
the ways of the gods, Krokr.
First, you allow
the King to leave.
And now, there's a serpent
waiting for us in the dark,
ready to devour us, one by one.
So far, this deal with the
Fire Queen has given us what?
A few farms?
We bring the blood
and swords for what?
To become Englishmen?
If you were leader, you
would understand patience.
You only know patience because
you get to stoke her fires!
What did you say? Huh?
Did I ask you to speak?
This is a tribal matter.
In my castle.
We should have
clipped the dragon's wings.
Drago's a dog without his bark.
Let him run astray.
I've been blind, Leiknarr.
But now I see.
Find all the gold and silver
in the castle, in the town,
and pick the best women.
When do we sail?
When I have taken what
Odin truly sent her to give us.
You see the dragon shape
in the stars?
The eternal resting ground
for dragons who are worthy.
You're worried that
you won't gain a place.
"The wheel
of fortune turns and turns,
"one's raised up
while another one burns."
It's the King!
You're fine.
The scenery comes alive!
It's good, isn't it?
Are you watching?
It's that tainted
blood within your veins.
How do you know it's tainted?
We might be blessed.
You don't know...
What's wrong with me?
Why can't I be
like everybody else?
Anything before sleep, My Queen?
Free at last, Milord, free at last.
Why, thanks.
And if I were King, I
would build you a stage.
The world is my stage, Milord.
And Milord you shall ever be.
Now, if you'll excuse me, that
flautist is criminally pitchy.
Be quiet! You're misbehaving.
I didn't expect that to work.
It's nice to know someone
still thinks I'm King.
We'll find more like him.
Let's face it,
my throne was a hollow one.
People I depended on
betrayed me.
I don't think I've ever made
any real friends except you.
And I was awful to you, and
yet you came to my rescue.
I like the sound of that.
More than friends.
We're family.
Meg was right
about that at least.
I'll try not to fail you, too.
Whom have you failed?
My sister hates me, Vikings
have overrun the kingdom,
and I've not been
entirely truthful with you.
When I saw the fire, I wasn't
coming home, I was leaving.
Father? You won't believe...
Gather your things.
We leave in the morning.
Someone spotted her.
She was praying to the fire.
Where is she?
I sent her to hide.
They're calling her a witch now.
No, no, no, Father, I can%leave.
Gather your things.
We'll leave tomorrow, and
head into the highlands...
No! You don't understand.
I'm gonna be Sheriff.
You will do as I say.
Don't touch me.
Meg, what happened?
He said we had to move
away because of me.
Meg, get in there,
you can save him!
It's too late!
The flames... I got mad at him,
and I couldn't control them!
It was an accident.
I'm sorry.
I begged the Earl for money,
and I let Mehgan believe
I was going with her
right up until the last moment.
I'm not coming.
Why? What do you mean?
Meg, I have a chance here.
Well, then I'll stay, and we can
explain, and they'll listen to you.
Meg, you killed him.
No, you don't understand!
You have to go!
No! Please.
Snuff out the flame.
Please, no!
There is no pain like that
between those we love...
No pain.
It is the Heartfire.
I think I've been dying without
it, and I didn't even know.
Then we have to get it back.
You must settle things with your sister.
The throne...
She can have the throne.
We have to save you!
Where does one
find this Heartfire?
Can we be of some help?
The Players, they're here!
The Players are here!
What's this foolery?
Why, foolery of the first order.
Come to cure
an evening of boredom
with tales of blood, lust,
maybe even a dragon.
What say you?
Check the cart.
It's just an ordinary stone.
Entertainment tax.
Go on.
Tell me, Hermit, heard you
a tale more lamentable than mine?
Stripped of my crown and
banished by my own cousin?
If the hermit had family, it would
be the worst they could do to him.
Wicked treachery!
Oh, poor Prince.
Here, have my crown.
Bravo! Bravo!
Very good!
And now, an even bloodier tale!
Gather closer, friends.
Come toward the light. For
out there in the darkness...
I hear tales of
witches in the nearby hills,
unclean, cackling crones
who tempt a traveler
with promise of wishes
fulfilled only to ply them
with nightmares.
Oy. I'm off.
Be ready.
Hurry, I grow weaker
with every breath.
I'll get the Heartfire.
Count on it.
I hear a traveler
coming at this very moment.
Whatever will befall him?
Witch of the Mountains!
I was born with
a face so horrid.
Have my coin and give me a potion
that will make me beautiful.
Hey, hey, very good!
What's this?
It is myself but beautiful.
Now he will receive
the attention I crave.
Lo! Another!
Each one more beautiful
than the last.
And now they want to kill me.
I banished you!
How dare you?
What? Save you?
"Thank you" would do.
No, no, no!
Put out the fires!
This is all your fault.
Bring the Queen to me.
This is my fault?
She was gonna kill you!
I was trying to save you!
You ruined everything!
I didn't need your help!
She was gonna kill you!
Oh, great!
Now a load of Vikings.
Please don't point that
so close to me.
Go on then, if you're so strong.
I was trying to...
Tell him to put us down!
Do it, so I can
punch her in the face!
Feels like the first time
we tried wine.
Yeah, just don't
puke on me again.
Where are we?
And where's Drags'?
I must keep my distance.
You feel that?
He's dying without his Heartfire,
stolen by a foolish Queen.
Because a selfish King
wouldn't share his crown.
I must keep my distance,
so I don't kill the both of you!
You were given a gift at birth,
a Dragonheart, and someone
to share it with,
someone who could understand you
and always be by your side.
But instead,
you cut each other down.
Tell me why I shouldn't end
your miserable lives?
Such drama! You're worse
than those Players.
You can't kill us. We're all bonded.
You'd be killing yourself.
Just you, then.
This bond of three
is unpredictable.
Maybe two can survive
without the other!
Drago, what happened
to "friends"? Mmm?
Being related to you is
dangerous to one's health!
Your rivalry
must end, today. Now!
And since nothing will be settled
until there is a victor,
you will fight to the death.
Winner takes all.
Crown and kingdom.
It's not a fair fight.
- No fire.
- Here you go!
Isn't there?
Has it really come to this?
What are you? Scared?
Do you know what?
I've never said this,
but I really wish
you had been a brother.
Why's that, Eddy?
Because I would have
done this much sooner.
Yeah, that felt good!
And that was
only half-strength.
That was a third.
My shirt!
Don't lose your head, sis!
What if you win, Eddy?
There's no one here
to applaud you.
It's a hollow victory for you.
Me hollow? I'm not the one who
stole the crown.
Grow up.
All I did was banish you.
Just like you did to me.
Or are you trying to forget that,
like the scales on your back?
And what about
your Viking lover?
He forgot you
pretty quickly, didn't he?
Vikings can be moody, yeah.
Excellent judgment, Meg.
If it wasn't for me,
you'd be dead!
Oh, shut up!
What do you want from us?
Take responsibility
for what you've done!
It's his to take!
He broke trust first.
I was saving you, like I always did!
You killed him!
No, I didn't.
I didn't kill him.
No, no, no, Father, I can%leave.
Nonsense, gather your things.
We'll leave tomorrow, we'll
head into the highlands...
I'm going to be Sheriff!
You will do
as I say. Edric?
I killed him.
So you took the blame.
Why did you set
the house on fire?
Because you had
a chance to be someone.
I used to lie awake
wishing that I was the son.
I let that wish burn inside me.
And look at me now.
I've become that evil thing
they always said I was.
I thought I was strong,
but I am not.
No, Meg, no, you were stronger
than I ever could be.
It wasn't your fault.
We were just children.
But I should have known,
I should have known then
and I still don't know,
and now I've lost the Heartfire,
and it's costing you your life.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
The fight for the kingdom
is not over, my friends.
Even now the castle and
its people are in danger.
Without the Heartfire,
I will not have enough
strength to help you.
So, it's time for you,
the Dragonhearted,
to uphold the Code
to defend the helpless.
Undo the wicked.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
The women, where are they?
That's all there is.
You're hiding something.
Odin's gift is mine now.
We will travel home, and all
of Daneland will call me King!
There's a slight problem
with what you just said.
To be king, you have
got to beat the King.
Okay, I'll be clearer for you.
I challenge you to a duel.
Come on, there's a fight!
There's a fight!
Even your legendary strength
can't save you now.
Someone tie
a hand behind my back!
That was very thoughtful of you.
Don't mention it.
I need your help.
Didn't bring the Queen along?
Kissing her ugly face is
like kissing a lizard's ass.
Oh, come on, that's my sister.
And besides,
nobody wants to know
what you get up to with lizards.
Shut up!
Mehgan, Edric, hurry!
Get the Heartfire.
Hold on, Drago.
There she is!
No fire. That's a shame.
Let's go.
Sable, shoot the witch!
Sable, shoot!
Odin, grant me your gift.
I've got you.
I've got you.
I've got you.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
Take it.
No, use the last of the Heartfire
to close Mehgan's wounds.
I won't see you separated again.
But if you die, so will we.
Perhaps not.
Reach out, Edric,
offer the bond of your
Dragonheart to your sister.
If she does the same, then
together you may live on.
I've got to take these out now.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
My strength.
Just one man.
Your face.
It burns.
As Drags saw,
bonding is giving something up
and gaining so much more.
Thank you, Drags.
You're a family again.
Yes, because of you.
That is all I ever wanted.
DRAGO". Rule wisely together
and listen to your hearts.