Drift (2013) Movie Script

Let's go, muscles.
- Hey! Where do you think you're going?! Huh?
- Ah!
- Go! Go!
- Open this door, woman! So help me God!
Open the bloody door!
Go, mom!
There'll be no green bottles
standing on the wall
10 blue bottles
standing on the wall...
Ah, look at that.
Oi, Jimmy!
Come back here.
Goofy, get back here!
Can you go get
your brother, please?
No way, kiddo.
I've got a job interview in Albany
and it's still a day's drive away.
Albany's gonna suck.
And it's not going
to have waves like that.
You could find a job here easy.
Andrew, I'm not going
to ask you again.
Come on, it's a sign.
We'll fit right in.
I promise.
- Big boy, let's go! Hit him!
- Say it again, I dare you!
I'm all ears, mate. Got
anything else you want to add?
Come on, Lincoln!
Nah, I didn't think so.
Go on then,
piss off back to Sydney
Boys, break it up!
You lads break it up!
Get off of him!
Nothin' but trouble, you lot.
I'll be back in an hour.
Don't even think
about going anywhere.
We'll talk about this then.
Feel like a quick wave?
Deep down in Louisiana
close to new Orleans
way back up in the woods
among the evergreens
there stood a log cabin
made of earth and wood
where lived
a country boy...
Hey there.
I'm Gus.
Jimmy Kelly.
How's it goin', fellas?
It's a bit nippy, eh?
Be warmer back on land, mate.
Go, Johnny, go go...
Guess I'll see you
when I see you.
Oi, wait your turn!
Johnny b. Goode...
He used to carry his guitar
in a gunny sack
go sit beneath
the tree...
Oh, the engineers would
see him sitting in the shade
strumming with the rhythm
that the drivers made
people passing by,
they would stop and say
"oh my, that little
country boy could play..."
Hello, Mr. fix-it.
Oh, just basic patching,
Caravans and canoes and stuff.
The nearest ding-fixer's
in perth,
so I do most of
the locals' boards as well.
It's unreal.
Sweet. All right,
let's take a look at ya.
The nose section's
pretty stuffed.
I can try and bog her up, but I'm not
too sure how good she'll turn out.
Why don't we just chop it off?
He did.
Yeah, genius.
That's dick brewer.
Bloke's a legend.
Probably has dozens of boards.
- So?
- So we've only got the one.
What if we stuff it up? I'm already
in a enough shit with mom.
Couldn't make it any worse.
Sorta makes sense.
Less surface area, less drag.
Your board, but.
Pointing it the right way?
Ya little mullet.
No, Jim, no no no no,
not that one. Jim!
And for the first time
in the history of the comp',...
...we've scored ourselves
a sponsor!
Which means finally
someone else gets the privilege...
...of putting on the keg.
And that someone is
Mr. ocean king himself,
Gordon king!
- Over to you, gordo.
- All right.
Thanks, Ron.
Look, ocean king
are stoked to be here,...
...supporting surfing at a grassroots
level in Western Australia.
By now you've all
seen candy wandering around.
Where are you, darlin'?
Now come on, come over here.
Right? Ha ha ha!
Look at that, eh?
If you're nice to her,
she might even give you...
...a free stick
of ocean king surfboard wax.
I'll give her a stick!
Yeah, right on, mate.
Back in your box.
I can tell we all want to have a
beer, so let's get on with it.
Okay, the winner
of the 1972 ocean king...
...seacliffe amateur surf comp'...
...on what I am told
is his trademark red rocket,...
...it's Jimmy Kelly!
Come up here, son!
You got it!
Ah, shit!
- Oh!
- Whoo!
- Yeah!
- Speech! Speech!
- Let's get pissed!
- Yeah!
Ah, slow down a bit, mate.
Anyone'd think
you got somewhere else to go.
Yeah, wind's going
off-shore, Percy.
Be clean as a whistle
out there right now.
I knock this one off, I'll get
half an hour in the water...
...before the sharks
come out and eat me.
Rather you than me, mate.
Come on, Percy!
Chop chop!
You old bag of bones!
You're not done yet, mate.
Hang in there, Andy.
You won't have to carry
the old bugger for much longer.
He's been carrying me
long enough, Stan.
He probably deserves a bit of a
breather by now, don't you reckon?
Aw, you're a soft touch. Plenty of time
for that when he's not on the clock.
- Right, Percy?
- Oh, right as rain, Stan.
About bloody time.
You were supposed to be here
this morning!
You blokes don't mind working
back to unload it, do you?
Hey, Jimmy!
Hey, ladies.
- How you doin'?
- Nice car.
Ah, thanks.
Nice bike.
- Hey, you.
Goofy, you smelly
old bastard, mate.
Jesus, I thought my day sucked.
I'm just finishing up.
How'd he go?
I thought we were going
to fix mom's car?
Oh, shit, I totally forgot.
- I'm meeting the boys for a drink.
- Which boys?
I don't know, just the usual.
How was your day?
You're really not going
to ask how it went.
How what went?
- Mom told you, didn't she?
- She couldn't help herself, mate.
- Ahh! Jimmy Kelly!
- Whooo!
How good is that, mate?
Now you make it to the nationals, I'm
going to ask Stan for the day off.
- How's that?
- Yeah, right.
I'll believe that
when I see it.
I'll fix the car on the weekend.
I promise.
Fuckin' hell.
Whoa, thought it
was a nightmare
lo, it's all so true
they told me,
"don't go walkin' slow
the devil's on the loose"
better run
through the jungle
better run through
the jungle
better run
through the jungle
whoa, don't look back
to see...
You boys know the fine for
pilfering another man's crayfish?
It's 10 bucks...
Per cray.
How many you got?
That's 20 bucks
right there, mate.
we're really sorry, mate.
Yeah, well, you will be
if the owner ever catches you.
I can't believe you get
away with living like this.
Who's gonna stop me?
I don't know.
Movin' around all the time...
...taking surf photographs,...
...not knowing where you're gonna
be one day to the next?
Doesn't seem like a job, right?
It's not.
It's not a job.
Look, I surf
and I get to document it.
If some idiot wants
to put diesel in my bus...
...and buy me a plane ticket,
sweet, but it's not a job.
Just don't tell anyone.
- Hey.
- Where'd you come from?
I was surfing that little
left-hander off the point.
What's that called again?
- Um, lefties.
- Of course.
So let me guess. What,
Southern California, right?
Hawaii, west coast of oahu.
So what happened? You get sick
of warm water and perfect waves?
- Something like that.
- Huh.
How long you and your
boyfriend in town for?
J.B.'S not my boyfriend.
He's my dad's friend.
Uh, dad wasn't too stoked
with the boys...
I was hanging out with
on the island,...
...so he asked j.B. If I could
tag along for a few months.
Figured it might
straighten me out.
What, he actually thought hanging with j.B.
Might straighten you out?
- Should have seen the other boys.
- Which other boys?
Jimmy Kelly.
Hey, I'm lani.
- Yes, you are.
- Oh.
Look, I don't know how long
you guys are around for,...
...but if you ever want to check
out some of the local breaks,
I'd be happy
to show youse around.
- Sounds good. Thanks.
- And once you've done the tourist trap,
I'll show you a few spots
even he doesn't know about.
Is that right, superstar?
Yeah, well,
I'd take you too, mate,...
...but it's a bit heavy
for beginners.
Oh, turn it up, mate.
There you go-- it does work.
Okay, uh, there you go.
Thanks, man.
- These all yours?
- Yeah.
Where haven't you surfed?
It's a real fast left-hander.
Sucks real dry,
bowls you real big.
Yeah, only a handful
have ever surfed there.
Yeah, some American cat--
he found it.
Don't know how,
'cause it's right there...
...in the jungles of Indonesia.
Filled with scorpions,
tigers, monkeys,...
...other crazy shit.
Wow, sounds like a total
mission just to get there.
Yeah, well, the best ones
usually are, mate.
That's the trip
right there, man.
If God surfed,
that would be his home break.
That is exactly
what she was wearing, man.
Yeah, from the sounds of her,
I'm surprised you even noticed.
Nice one, Gus.
"With sculptured
arms for paddling,...
...velcro neck and snap
fasteners for the cold,...
...it's just for surfers."
That's just for millionaire
surfers, more like it.
Who's got 60 bucks
lying around?
We'll be dead and buried by the
time it makes it down here.
Who cares?
- Hey, mom?
- I'm not here.
Got a sec?
Check it out!
It's rubberman!
Jeez, aren't you embarrassed?
Why should I be?
He was talking
to your board, mate.
Hey, boys.
Great swell, boys.
You're not going in?
Yeah, it's bloody cold, eh?
- Yeah.
- Freezing, isn't it? Brrr!
Fair go.
Turn that thing off,
put your feet up, mom.
Nearly done.
"Mark 2."
What do you think?
I might struggle
to squeeze into it.
Mick Harris saw Jimmy's one and
asked if we'd make one for his son.
Well, tell him to make
his own wetsuit.
Said he'd pay $15.
- 15 bucks.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Sew, woman!
You in there, jimbo?
Jimmy, let's fix this car.
What the hell?
Haven't seen Jimmy,
have you, Ron?
Yeah, he was here
a couple hours ago.
Said he was headed home.
Everything all right?
Yeah, sweet as.
Ah, Jesus! Get back here!
What are you doing?!
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Andy.
- Give me a hand, quick!
- Fuck!
Thanks, man.
You stay away
from my fuckin' brother.
Open this bloody door!
Here! Police!
You got to take it all back,...
...leave it outside the cop shop
with a little note...
...saying who it belonged to.
Yeah, right.
Do it or don't bother
coming back.
Percy started working for my
father straight out of school,...
- ...and that was 1920...?
- Two.
'22. Since then, well, he's become
part of the fabric of the place.
So in honor of 50 years
of hard work and dedication,
I'd like to present him with a
small token of our appreciation.
- Well done, Perce.
- All right!
Speech! Give
us a speech, Perce.
- Good on ya.
- Yay! Love you, mate.
Well, that's it, gentlemen.
Back to work. Thank you.
Mrs. Kelly, you look
absolutely fantastic.
I wish my mom dressed like you.
Oh, thanks. You
want some more salad?
Good size flatty.
I'm surprised you had time to go
fishing, considering your busy schedule.
Had to go into town,
drop a bunch of stuff off.
Caught 'em after that.
- Howdy, Gus.
- Yeah, hi, Andy.
- How you goin'?
- Yeah, good.
- What's the occasion?
- Mr. O'Reilly offered me a promotion, didn't he?
Hey, nice one, mate.
- That's unreal.
- Yeah.
More bucks, more hours--
the whole nine yards.
Aw, that's fantastic, love.
When do you start?
Well, I don't.
I told him to shove it.
It's all right.
I've got another plan.
Is it legal?
Yup. It's been staring us
in the face the whole time--
...the whole bloody time.
Rockin' and rollin',
you're still doing it now
15 years today
and you remember how
you're gonna hear it now
blastin' out your radio...
Look at this, will you?
- It's a well-oiled machine.
- Hardly.
Any luck?
Not yet.
Look on the bright side--
...at least we won't have to
buy surf gear ever again.
- How you goin', Greg?
- All right.
- What do you reckon?
- Bit short, aren't they?
That's the idea. That's what
they're doing back east.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, she's a 6'8"-- perfect for a bloke your size.
- How much?
- Aw, 35.
Call it an even 50
with the wetsuit.
Look, mate, you don't like it,
I'll give you your money back,
no questions asked.
And you can keep the wettie.
- You're cocky, aren't you?
- I've ridden it.
All right, you're on.
Good man.
I'll give you a hand.
Looks like we
just beat the rush.
- How are ya?
- Hey, how are ya?
- He's a natural.
- Pleasure doing business.
- Thanks.
- See ya.
See ya.
- See you later, boys.
- See ya, Jim.
Man, you can talk.
Lookin' good, Gus!
- - Be right out.
Oh, hey.
How's it going?
You settling in okay?
You know,
just getting my bearings.
What, all two streets?
- You in the market for a new stick?
- Maybe.
I really just came to see Jimmy's
set-up, see what all the hype's about.
Jimmy's set-up?
Is that right?
C'mon, mate.
I am head shaper.
Well, you're the only shaper,
I get him to put the bins out,
sweep up, that kind of thing.
- Keeps him off the streets.
- Don't worry about him.
- Reckons he taught me everything I know.
- I did, mate.
Just not everything I know.
Big difference.
Uh, we're going
to check out the canyons later.
Think it'll handle
the big stuff?
Why don't you borrow it
and find out?
Oh, no, I couldn't do that.
- Wouldn't feel comfortable.
- Why not?
You know your way
around a wave.
Go for it.
You're not going to steal it.
Promise you'll pick it up
whenever you need to?
Scout's honor.
I'll even swing by
and pick it up personally.
- Ha.
- Okay.
Well, I'll let you know
how it goes then.
- Okay.
- Later.
See ya.
"Scout's honor"?
No wonder you're single.
You're kidding me, aren't you? She
couldn't take her eyes off me.
Yeah, she was trying
to work out...
...if you were my brother
or my dad.
Go play, jimbo.
Drinks all around!
Dream on, fellas.
- Maybe next time.
- Aww!
So what do you reckon?
Sensible thing would be to put
it back in the mortgage, right?
I don't know.
I guess.
Then next month
we're back to square one.
But if we bought,
say, a planer,...
...made some templates,
- a sander--
- electric sander?
-- Electric sander,
a ton of resin--
- some fiberglass.
- What do you reckon?
Eh? Why not, mate?
Oh, ho ho!
There's a rare sight.
The Kelly gang out on the town.
- Ha. Hi, Jim.
- Miller.
Buy you a beer?
Naw, just leaving, actually.
Oh, fuckin' turn it up.
Ron, another beer
for Andrew here.
What's big brother letting
you drink these days, hmm?
- Whatever I want.
- Oh, whatever he wants.
Thanks, Ron.
Aw, come on, hang around.
We're short a few sheilas.
You're the one
wearing the tassels.
Like 'em, do you?
Made 'em for myself in prison.
Well, the cut really suits you.
It's very slimming.
Is that right?
Why don't I take it off
and give you a closer look?
Calm down now, Miller. Take it
outside if you want to muck around.
It's okay, Ron.
Leave 'em to their
little shindig.
Round of shandies for the boys.
Let's go, Jim.
Andrew, how much are
we talking about exactly?
I don't know.
Five grand, kick it off.
5,000... dollars?
Yeah, just for starters.
Son, you're dreaming.
I'm not going to lend $500
on a whim, let alone $5,000.
And given the state
of your mom's mortgage,
I don't think now's the right time to
be getting further into debt, do you?
You just can't drift
through life...
...like it owes you
a living, Andrew.
It doesn't.
My advice?
Head over to the mill...
...and ask Stan O'Reilly
for your old job back.
At least it's real.
You're the only
supplier in the state,...
...so I'm hardly going
to screw you over, am I?
You'll have your money
by the end of the month.
Bob, I guarantee it, okay?
I just need a few blanks on tick
to get me into the game, mate.
I don't know.
How's 20 sound?
All right.
Great, see you then.
20 blanks on credit?
I must have sounded like I actually
knew what I was talking about.
All those years of bullshitting
might finally be paying off.
Come check this out.
What in Christ's name is this?
It's a knee-board
for Gus.
- Um, j.B.'S idea.
- You serious?
It's an early
Christmas present.
You can't leave him
on the beach all day.
The little bastard
would steal all my gear.
We made something for you too.
it's all about her
it's all about her
I love her love,
she's been so kind to me
she's opened up
my eyes...
The whispers
and the summer wine
may have made me realize
whoo oooo
it's not about her
ooo ooo ooo ooo
it's all about her.
How's the new board, huh?
Rips, yeah?
Oh, man, it's responsive.
I can feel it
in my bum ankle already.
Almost ate it
a couple of times out there.
It'd do you good to get out of
control every now and then.
Hey, did you see that?
Did you see that?
Man, this thing
is unbelievable.
Man, honestly, it's the
best present ever. It is.
- Yeah.
- You're making it look too easy!
I think it's less about me
and more about the board.
I'll have to make the next one
even more radical then, huh?
- Steady on, tiger.
- Huh?
That's awesome for surfers
that can rip.
Don't forget about the rest
of the world too.
- Bugger the rest of the world.
- No, you think about it.
There's a whole bunch
of people out there...
...waiting to surf better
because of our gear.
We play our cards right, we could be
shaping a much bigger future here.
Shaping a much bigger future?
Yeah, it's a TV ad.
You cannot beat the man
by becoming the man. Yeah?
No, I'm just thinking
big picture.
What's wrong with that?
All right, guys, good sesh.
Catch you later.
I'm just shaping surfboards, brother.
That's all I'm doing.
Ha! Gussy!
Don't think I don't know
what I'm talking about
I'm leaving you, baby,
without a doubt
I don't need you no more
don't need you, baby...
Got room for one more?
I brought tofu scrambles.
Love is all the same
I don't need you no more
don't need you, baby
you're biting off more
than you can chew
baby, I ain't ever
coming home to you
I don't need you
no more...
Don't need you, baby
look so sweet,
look so fine...
Take your time, sweetheart!
Doesn't even look like me.
Whoo! Yeah!
So much more
than just you, kid.
So you know everybody
that there is to know
puttin' on your charm
like a little show
I don't need you no more
don't need you, baby...
- Whoo!
- Jimmy! That's you, brother!
- Ho ho ho!
- I don't need you no more
don't need you, baby
I don't want you,
don't need you, baby
Don't need you, baby
goin' on too long
don't need you, baby
Don't need you, baby
I don't want you, baby
don't need you, baby
movin' on,
don't need you, baby.
See, that is the trip
right there.
Probably surfs solo most days.
He's not battling for waves.
He's not proving himself
against anyone.
That's it right there--
You reckon?
I'd get bored.
How does he even know
how good he is?
Who cares?
Seriously, who cares?
I reckon the last thing
on his mind is competing.
You know, hey, we're pounding up
and down the coast selling shit.
He's out there.
He's living the dream.
What are we doing?
You can't buy
what he's got, yeah?
Especially if he's not selling.
Where'd you learn
to do all this?
Raising sons.
They went through clothes
like you wouldn't believe.
Just, you know, made sense
to make all our own stuff.
At least they're both boys.
Probably just
hand stuff down, right?
Yeah, I wish.
Those two,
they're like chalk and cheese...
...when it comes
to their taste in things.
- Really?
- Yeah.
When they're not, look out.
It can get ugly.
Didn't expect you guys
back so soon.
- Manage to sell anything?
- Ta-dah!
Where did it all go?
Inside barrels all the way
from here to esperance.
They saw the film, went nuts.
It was like a feeding frenzy.
- It's unreal, man.
- Yeah, it is.
What's this?
Aw, it's a little something
for getting us off the ground.
Plenty more
where that came from.
What time is it?
A little after 3:00.
I should go.
You could always
just stay here.
Nice try, Andrew Kelly.
Good luck tomorrow.
As you can see,...
...sales projections, comparisons
with overseas competitors,...
...ideas for new products
down the line.
The challenge here, Andrew, is that
you're asking for a business loan.
But what you're talking about
is a leisure activity.
Either way, we just sold out
our entire inventory.
Out of the back of your kombi.
You said to start thinking
like a businessman.
That's what you said.
That's what I'm doing.
We lend to farmers
because they grow crops.
People need to eat.
Where exactly is your market?
Are you kidding me? 95% of
aussies live on the coast.
Our gear makes living
on the coast better.
I would have thought our market
was pretty bloody obvious.
- Andrew--
- that's just here.
Now we can reach people all
over the world, Mr. grumley.
- Look, Andrew, I hear what you're saying.
- How?
I'm sorry, James?
How can you hear
what he's saying...
...when you've got your head
shoved so far up your own ass?
I thought that went well.
I was doing you a favor.
You gotta be a farmer or a logger
to score a loan in this town.
You gotta get a haircut.
They're never going
to give us a red cent...
...because we're on the
outside looking in.
You know what?
I'm cool with that.
J.B.'S right, man.
You can't buy what we've got,...
...especially if
we're not selling.
I've been wanting
to bust this out...
...since I got back
from Indonesia.
And on the eighth day,
God created this java lava.
Stickiest hash
this side of Lebanon.
Are you serious?
You brought hash back
from indo on a plane?
Sure did, officer.
It was too far to paddle.
Who's got a light?
Oh, it is on.
And it was in that moment, man,...
...that I realized
the past is behind you.
And in front of you
where that wave stretches
all the way out,
that's the future, man.
Righteous, huh?
I've got no idea
what I'm looking at.
Oh, it's all bullshit, really.
Basically it means we're never
going to make ends meet...
...working out of a backyard shed.
To really make it work,...
...we need what they call
the economies of scale.
You like that?
Read it in the paper.
It's just a fancy way of saying, the more
boards we make, the cheaper they are.
So we either expand or we fold.
There's no in between.
I don't suppose you got a rich
Uncle you can sponge off?
I don't even
have a poor one, mate.
All right, enough business.
I'm getting a drink.
- You want one, Percy?
- Oh, thanks, love.
Hello. What do we got
here, sweetheart?
Take a good look, boys. Might be
the closest you get for a while.
I don't know.
Keep talking like that
and I might take a closer look
before the night's through.
What do you say?
Sweetheart, I wouldn't
fuck you with his dick.
Come here, you skank!
Andy, watch out!
Get off, you animal!
- Ahh! Fuck!
- Jimmy, watch out!
Stop it!
- Come on, mate! Come on, surfer boy!
- Stop it!
Come on, wax head!
- Hey! Hey!
- Stop it!
You know, I think that's
just about enough of that.
It's got two barrels
for a reason, brother.
Small town, Andy.
Let's go, boys!
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Have a good night, wax heads!
- I'm good, man.
- That's right, everybody.
My pocket don't drive...
My mother treats me slow
my statue's got
a concrete heart...
Lani, what the hell
are you doing?
Are you--
are you kidding me?
I had that totally
under control.
How was I supposed to know?
I had a life
before I came here, Andy.
- I told you that.
- Okay.
I've dealt with that type
of dickhead all my life.
- All right.
- I don't need you or anyone else...
- ...trying to look out for me, all right?
- All right.
- Look at your face.
- Take it easy.
- Big tough guy, coming to my rescue.
- Ow!
- I get it.
- Bunch of cavemen.
I'll still have to thank him
next time I see him.
- Yeah, for what?
- Ow.
Hey, look what I found.
- Hey.
- What's all this?
Check it out.
My cousin's from torquay.
And he reckons it lets him
see right inside the wave.
It's radical, huh?
You want first go?
Maybe later.
It's all the more for us, mate.
You can have first go.
Okay, cool.
Hey, gussy,
don't worry about him.
delightful rain
and the whirling wind
blows it's song
around the bay
and the whirling wind
knows my name.
It's a place, you idiot.
It's where I grew up.
I can see why you left.
Looks awful.
It does okay.
You miss it?
Not right this second.
- - Lani?
Quick surf before breaky?
Uh, yeah yeah.
I'll be right out.
- Good.
Absolutely not, mate.
Your payout's meant to support
you in your retirement,...
...not invest in
the fucking surf business.
It's not for you to say.
I mean, all that stuff about economies
and scales and what have you.
Who knows?
You might be on to something.
Percy, the bank took one look and
laughed us out to the street, mate.
I think they know a little more
about smart investing than you do.
I've been around the block.
I know a good thing
when I see it.
I've even found
the perfect place.
Crafty old bugger.
Oh, great, fellas.
Just put it here.
Oh, hey.
Hold on, hold on.
Mass production, here we come.
Oh, relax, comrade. It's a sewing
machine, not a conveyor belt.
Check it out!
- Know how to work it?
- No idea.
Mr. grumley?
Great day, eh?
Uh, yes, lovely.
Thanks, Andrew.
Hey, thanks for suggesting
the name.
It works perfect, eh?
Hey, grumley!
You ning nong!
Looking good, Jim!
Aw, Jim, that's beautiful.
- Hey, get a photo, will you, love?
- Ah.
Come on, let's have a photo.
This is either the start
of something cool,...
...or the beginning of the end.
- Oh, for God's sake, get in the photo.
- Go go go go!
All right, before you go, I think
this is a good opportunity for me...
...to give the rousing speech
you're all expecting.
- Here we go.
- None of you will be surprised to hear...
...that I don't know the first
thing about running a business.
I thought they were generous letting
you finish secondary school.
Thank you, mom. Smile for
the camera, over here.
Still, I reckon we've got
to have some rules.
- Right, Jim?
- What are we, girl guides?
When there's surf, we surf...
...and when it's flat, we work.
And guess what?
They want to get my
they want to get my
gold on the ceiling
I ain't blind
it's just a matter of time
before you steal it
it's all right
ain't no guard
in my house...
Hey, uh...
Everything all right
with Jimmy?
- Yeah, why?
- I don't know.
He's just acting
a little weird.
Aw, he's fine.
You, on the other hand--
I'm gonna need you to work back
late tonight, miss kealoha.
Of course.
Anything pressing, Mr. Kelly?
I'm sure I could
think of something.
Hey, mom, are you back here?
Tony hemsley, you should
be ashamed of yourself.
- You all right?
- Yeah yeah yeah, I'm fine.
- You sure?
- Yeah yeah yeah. What is this about?
No idea.
I think you do, son. The whole
town knows what you lot are into.
What I'm into?
This is bullshit.
You got nothing better to do
than hassle innocent people?
- Andrew?
- I didn't know surfing was a crime just yet.
It's not about the surfing,
young cock.
- Andrew!
- Mom!
A little bird told me about the
other business you're into.
What other business?
Come on, mate.
I've had an eye on your hippie mates
ever since they moved to town.
And now that you lot
are all so cozy,
I'm gonna keep an eye
on you lot too.
Got it?
So now I've got cops asking questions
about drugs in my factory.
- Huh?
- Just breathe easy.
Center your chi.
Eh, fuck your chi.
They got nothing on me.
They got nothing on you.
- They know about the drugs.
- They don't know shit.
Small-town cops.
Just be cool...
...and they'll get bored
and go away.
And what if they don't? You get to pack
your bags up, you sail on out of here.
We live here.
- So?
- So.
So you threaten that,
you threaten me, man.
You got that?
In through your nose...
...and out through
your mouth.
- - I don't do credit, man.
Never have.
Mate, it's for Tina, but.
She's cool, right?
- Tina?
- Yeah.
Why ain't she here begging
me for a taste, huh?
Stick to the weed, man.
Hey, mate,
I get paid next week.
There's got to be something
we can do.
And you know, Andy, he doesn't
have to know anything about it.
Oi, come on.
We don't open
till 10:00, tom.
You're not scaring any customers
away until then, mate.
How long you reckon
they can keep this up for?
Longer than us.
- Gus turned up yet?
- No.
Maybe he's got a bet
going with the cops--
...see who can put us
out of business first.
You gotta be kidding me.
How the hell am I supposed
to compete with that?
You know, sunny's won the
smirnoff two years running.
I can't get a pro
to pick up the phone,
let alone wear our gear.
Well, if you ask me, I think
it looks kind of stupid.
- Yeah, right.
- I'm serious.
They're trying to get a surfer
to look like a model.
I don't know why they don't just
shoot him doing what he's good at.
Thanks for coming.
Yeah, well,
you should thank lani.
Sure you're up for this?
You know, we can wait
for it to drop off if you want.
And why would we want
to do that?
It's perfect.
Check out the big balls
on Andy, huh?
About time you grew some.
All aboard!
You know they call it
the morgue for a reason, right?
Well, if you're not up for it,
Jim, just say so.
I won't tell anyone you turned
down the chance to surf a Mountain.
Aw, fuck it.
Come on.
- What happened?
- It's impossible.
Way too much water
moving under me.
You know,
the north shore boys reckon...
...the hardest part
isn't riding them,...
...it's catching them.
Go go go go!
Go go go go go!
- Haaa! Whoo!
- Whoo-hoo!
Yeah, boy!
- Did you see the size of that last one?
- Yeah.
- Hoo!
- He wasn't riding giants in the ocean king ad.
- I'll tell you that much, mate.
- That was another level, man.
- One last one while we're here.
- Nah, it's getting hairy.
- We got your shot.
- Come on, man up, will ya?
You got your publicity.
Let's go, huh?
Righto, keep your shirt on.
Close enough, man.
Come on!
You're gonna flood it!
- Let's go, let's go!
- Come on!
We got too much weight.
Don't you lose that!
- No worries, boys.
- Careful next time.
- Thanks, fellas.
- See ya.
- Sorry for the hassle!
- Yeah.
Oi! J.B.!
- You coming in or what?
- No.
- Can't do much
till Gus shows up.
No point shaping any more
boards without a glasser.
It's just a mock-up.
The ad agency's
still tweaking it.
So a real pro event?
The top surfers
from all around the world here...
...in this tiny town,
with huge waves.
It's a big chance for ocean king
to step onto the big stage.
We've already booked sunny townsend
as the face of everything.
Sounds like
a great opportunity.
Which I want to extend to you.
See, I know how hard it is
setting up your own business.
I also know there'll be
a whole lot of hoopla...
...going on around here
during the contest.
So I want to
make you an offer--
I want to give you guys
first crack...
...at stocking
ocean king gear here,...
...in your shop, on credit.
Gee, thanks, Gordon.
Um, probably not right
for us just now.
K- Mart want in.
I'm stalling them, but I
can't hold them off forever.
Yeah, well, you've got to do
what you've got to do.
You-- you are kidding me,
aren't you?
Ocean king and drift--
could be the perfect fit.
Just not right now, Gordon.
Lots of work to do, mate.
Well, if you change your mind,
you know where to find me.
Just don't leave it too long.
Can I help you?
How you goin', mate?
Looking for a Gus doran.
Does he work here?
That's debatable.
I got a delivery for him.
30 blanks.
- Wanna sign this for me?
- Do I have a choice?
30 blanks?
Thank you, Gus.
Sorry, man.
He's killing me.
Finally emerges.
Thought I'd lost you
there for a while.
Still no sign of Gus.
It's almost two weeks now.
I'm starting to get worried.
You know, when I was his age,
I used to disappear for months.
He'll be fine.
Yeah, nice seeing
you too, j.B.
Drift surf gear.
Andy, I found Gus.
He's, uh--
he's real messed up.
All skin and bone.
- You still there?
- Yeah.
He's not good, mate.
I don't know what to do.
I'll bring him straight over,
all right?
Take him to the hospital, Jim.
Don't bring him here.
He'll get worse
before he gets better.
Staring at him won't help.
Feeling any better?
I'm good as gold, mate.
Do you want anything?
Yeah yeah.
Could you take me
back with you?
- Gus--
- Please?
I don't think I can handle
it out here on my own.
Yeah, we've been
through all that.
Just stay here, yeah?
Enjoy the zen.
- Oh, come off it, man.
- What, man?
Oh, I could just have
a home-cooked meal,...
...you know, a proper
lie-down, I'll come good.
Hey, of course you will, man.
Do it down here,
away from all the other shit.
Yeah, well, I'm fine, mate.
Yeah, you're the perfect picture
of health, man.
Hey, listen.
Hey hey hey hey.
Tough it out here
for the weekend.
I'll come back,
we'll go for a wave.
All right?
Yeah, cool, James.
Saw the light on, thought somebody
might be knocking off the joint.
Yeah, good luck to him.
There's nothing to steal.
Might have missed your calling.
Well, necessity's the mother of
invention, and all that shit.
Is he all right?
He's down the coast.
He'll be fine.
You know, it wouldn't kill you
to ask for help, yeah?
Morning, Mrs. Kelly.
Good morning, tom.
How are you?
- Mmm, bit nippy.
- God, it's bloody cold, isn't it?
What the hell?
Do you want to come in
and warm up for a bit?
No, that's really not allowed.
Well, just come inside
for a cuppa...
...and then
you can get back to it.
I'm on a stakeout here.
Oh, for God's sake, tom,
it's a cup of tea.
It's hardly hash cookies.
You still want to know why the
cops trashed our place, did you?
- Calm down, mate.
- Calm down?!
There's several kilos
of heroin here.
There's a cop
parked out the front.
Wonder where he got
the idea from, huh?
Surfers have been moving their
stuff in boards for years.
I didn't invent it.
We should have been clearer
with the fuckin' rules!
It's not my responsibility,
you fucker!
Whoa, hang on,
hang on, hang on.
Someone's definitely
gonna miss this.
Listen, we've got
to help him right now,...
...not throw him under a bus.
He's one of us.
He's a junkie, Jimmy! He's using
our factory to import heroin!
Have you got that
in your head yet?
Fuck, man, he's family!
Grow up, Jim!
He's put our family at risk.
He's put you and me, mom,
everyone at risk,...
...everything we've ever
worked for at risk!
Yeah, you're doing a pretty fuckin'
good job of that all by yourself.
- Ah!
- Hey!
You're a real chip
off the old block, aren't you?
Andy, you there?
Jim, you all right?
- Jim?
- Yeah, he's fine.
Just the planer caught an edge,
whacked him on the nose there.
Just the whole vibe's
just changed right now.
- The vibe.
- Peace, brother.
Hey, I just brought tom in
for a cup of tea.
- It's freezing out there.
- One step ahead of you, mom.
G'day, tom.
Milk, sugar?
Been looking for you.
Haven't got all day.
Yeah, well, you know,
maybe it hasn't come in yet.
I spoke to the supplier.
It's been delivered.
Stop wasting my fuckin' time.
Relax, mate.
I'm just saying that
you hope--
I just hope it hasn't been
shaped and sold already--
...maybe I'm not
making myself clear.
That gear belongs
to some very heavy people.
Right? There's not much
they won't do to get it back.
Which puts me in an awkward
position, do you understand?
Oh, I underst--
Do you understand?!
- Well?
- Okay, yeah. Fair enough.
Fair enough, yeah.
I get it.
I'm sorry, man.
I took your stuff.
Excuse me?
I took your stuff
and I went through it all.
The lot?
What, two kilos
in a week, you blew?
I'm so sorry.
Don't you fuckin' lie to me!
Oh! I took it all,
you dickhead!
Do I look like
a fuckin' idiot to you? Hey?!
Tomorrow you're going to come
bring me my gear.
Because if you don't,
I'm gonna come back here...
...and I won't be as forgiving
next time, do you understand?
How's the nose?
It's still there.
Well, I guess
that's something, right?
How did we end up here?
Welcome to the real world.
Screw the real world.
I'm gonna get out of here.
I'm gonna grab Gus and leave,...
...go up the coast,
somewhere hard to find.
Just leave.
What do you reckon?
Can I get you
a cup of tea, Kat?
I'm fine. Just a little
bit wobbly today.
Hey, it'll be all right.
- I promise.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry.
This is really stupid.
I'm not usually like this.
I'm fine.
Cup of tea would be lovely.
All right.
Thanks, sweetie.
Jeez, that's a bugger,
isn't it?
Hello, Andrew.
How you holdin' up?
Me, I'm fine.
Terrible business, Gus.
Ah, he was a good kid.
I liked him.
Bet you he'd be pissed off to know
that he's left you in the shit, eh?
I don't know what
you're talking about, mate.
Come on, don't waste my time, mate.
It was him who came to me,...
...offering to get my product
delivered to your factory.
That's news to me.
Oh, well, that's just
a minor detail.
What's a major fuckin' detail
is it never got to me.
So now it's real simple--
...you either give me my gear
or you give me my money.
What do you reckon?
What about you go and get
fucked, we call it even?
Fair enough.
You know,
in some fucked-up countries,...
...they'll chop a bloke's hand off for
stealing another bloke's gear.
That's a silly place to park.
I wouldn't do that if I was
you, you fuckin' hippie.
Take a long time
to forgive that.
I guess we'll cross that
bridge when we come to it.
Let him go.
Don't make me
ask your mom, Andy.
You have to go to the police.
And say what?
That I'm in a feud...
...with the local bikie gang
over a drug debt?
Which is not yours.
It was delivered to my factory.
I even signed for it.
Okay, then call Gordon king.
His offer is pretty
reasonable considering--
...considering what?
I do that,
then I become Gordon king.
You're nothing like him. He
never surfed a day in his life.
It doesn't matter, lani!
We're not selling out.
That's the point.
Tell her, j.B.
Tell her.
She's right.
Sometimes you got
to exploit the system, yeah,
or the system's going
to exploit you.
It's darwinian, man.
We adapt, we survive...
...and we move on.
What the fuck are you talking about,
after all we've been through?
Having come this far?
Is everything clear?
Any questions, Kat,
feel free to drop me a line.
Then sign it and return it
as soon as you can.
Hello, Andrew.
You're making a very wise
decision, Mrs. Kelly.
You really thought
I'd agree to that, did you?
It's not up to you. The house
is in your mother's name.
I think you'll find
it's a very fair price.
What, the exact same amount
we paid for it 12 years ago?
- The market's been very flat.
- Andy!
- You thieving prick!
- Andrew, enough!
Safe travels.
Andrew, this way
we get to pack up...
...and start again somewhere new.
- We're not going anywhere, mom.
- I know about Miller.
Lani told me.
I know about the whole thing.
We fought for years to say
that we live here. All right?
And you're telling me that we're going to
run away with our tail between our legs?
Without so much as a fight?
A real fighter knows when to stand
his ground and when to walk away.
I thought you'd
worked that out by now.
It'll sort out the bank,
it's gonna take care of Miller.
Your ankle won't handle it.
Think about it.
These are pro surfers
from all over the world.
- You'll be lucky if you even qualify.
- It's $5,000, lani.
Which you have zero chance
of winning.
You think I'm gonna roll over for these
pricks, you've got another think coming.
This is real.
Miller is not going away.
- Exactly!
- Would you stop?
You can't fix this on your own.
You can't.
Not this time.
If Jimmy were here,
it might be a different story.
Yeah, but Jimmy's
not here, is he?
You know the trouble with
being the last man standing?
You got no one
to share it with.
Come on, come over here.
Have a good surf, man.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Is this the place to register
for the qualifying events?
Yeah yeah.
What's your name?
Andrew Kelly.
Uh, nah,
I've got a James Kelly.
Yeah, that's my brother.
I just want to compete
in the open qualifiers.
It's a pro event, so qualifying
heats are invite only.
- Sorry.
- Price of popularity, I'm afraid.
Hey, what do you think?
Too big?
She reckons you're not holding an
open qualifying round, Gordon.
I'm afraid not.
Seems everyone from sunny down...
...wants a crack at the five gs.
We are drowning in interest.
So what difference
would one more make then?
You scared an unknown
might scoop the pool?
You know what?
It breaks my heart
to see a grown man beg.
Hey, I can't help you
out there, though.
Good luck.
Day one of the
ocean king qualifying round,...
...with some heavy waves
out the back,...
...connecting right through
to the inside bank here.
Let's have a look.
Big set coming through here.
Turning and paddling hard is the
seacliffe local, Andrew Kelly.
Oh, it's a very low take-off--
no, he's made the drum!
He's crashed right down
through the lip!
Oh, this is tremendous stuff.
He's looking for the pocket.
Oh, ho ho ho!
Heavy wipe-out there
from Andrew Kelly!
Gee whiz, that's not
going to impress the judges.
I reckon he's already
trailing on the scoreboard.
Looks to be a little
out of his depth
in this building
six-to-eight-foot swell.
There's only seconds
to go now, folks.
Last chance for
one lucky surfer to step up...
...and score enough points to make
it through to the main event.
Oh, ho!
Top stuff!
Coming from behind to snag
the big wave of the set,...
...let's take a look.
Ha ha, he's done it!
Picking up enough points
on that last ride...
...to scrape through
to tomorrow's competition round.
He's got to be stoked
with that result.
But with the best surfers
from all over the planet,...
...including world 1
sunny townsend,...
...all lining up for a crack at
the 5,000 bucks first prize,...
...well, things just got a lot
tougher for the local lad.
Thought you said this
place was hard to find.
Not hard enough, obviously.
It's like the moon up here.
You must really love
your own company.
What's not to love?
Andy's going to surf the pro,...
...bad ankle and all.
- You serious?
- Mm-hmm.
Figures he stands a shot
at winning the five grand.
You know, try and get
Miller off his back.
Good luck to him.
Yeah, he'll need it.
Seen the forecast?
Big swell due to arrive
at seacliffe tomorrow.
Not sure Andy knows
what's about to hit him.
Here we are, folks,
the day we've been waiting for,...
...day one of the main event.
Get ready to watch
the very best surfers...
...from all over the world,
from Hawaii to Peru...
...to the U.S. of a., all going head
to head with Australia's best.
Surfers crossing here.
- Asshole.
Hey, come on, mate.
Haven't got all day.
Believe it or not, for once
the weather bureau's got it right.
The swell's come up overnight,...
...and now it looks like the
sea gods are either smiling...
...or they're really pissed off,
depending on your persuasion today.
So anyway, buckle up,
ladies and gentlemen.
I've got a feeling
things could get real bumpy.
Didn't know they
had a seniors' comp'.
Real announcers and everything.
How long have I
been away for again?
So here we go--
draw for the first heat today...
...is Harris, cay, Harvey
and Kelly.
- - You qualified? Fair dinkum?
All competitors in heat one,
please make your way...
- ...to the marshalling area now.
- Gotta go.
I've been surfing perfect
six-footers for the past six weeks.
You look like
you've been surfing a desk.
Entries are closed.
They're not gonna let you.
I've already spoken to them.
They'll let him surf, but only if
someone else drops out last minute.
Look, you dragged us here
from day one,...
...kicking and screaming.
Let someone else
carry the load for a while.
I've got this, brother.
Trust me.
Oh, hold onto your hats, folks.
It's the real deal
out there today.
There you have one
of those new kook cords...
...the lads are using to hold onto
their boards after a wipe-out.
Can't see 'em catching on,
though, if you ask me.
I move like a cat,
charge like a ram
sting like a bee
babe, I wanna be
your man...
Up riding again in yellow...
...is the last-minute
substitution, Jimmy Kelly.
Come on, Jim!
Well, it's plain to see
you were meant for me,
I'm your boy,
your 20th century toy...
Oh, how about that, folks?!
Ferocious final ride
from young Kelly.
- Good stuff!
- Ah!
- Go, Jimmy!
- That's my boy.
Scorecards are in. You're
not going to believe this.
Winning his way through
to the big final round...
...is the local lad, Jimmy Kelly!
- Let's give it up for Jim.
It's a shame he's not going
to stick around for the contest.
He's like a hermit crab--
wears his house on his back,
pulls his head in
when he feels bad vibes.
Hmm, fair enough.
Would it be okay
if I threw out a blanket apology...
...for all the stupid shit
I've said recently?
Thanks for coming back.
You still don't get it, do you?
God, you're such a dumbass.
You and Jimmy--
...you're like yin and Yang.
One pretty much sucks
without the other.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Well, take it however you want.
- I'll take it as a compliment then.
- Fine, do it.
This any use to you?
You fixed it.
He'd have liked that.
- Aww!
- Jim, when you're out there today--
I already know what you're
gonna say, and I agree.
"Play it safe, make sure
I get into the final,...
...no points for second."
All right?
I was going to say
the exact opposite.
You're a natural.
J.B. Was right.
Go for it, man.
Get into it.
It's the whole point, right?
Oh, jeez, it's not for
the faint-hearted out there today.
The brunt of the big-storm
swell has arrived.
Mother nature has really turned
it on for the final, folks.
A minute to go...
...and it looks like it's
come down to a two-man tussle...
...between Hawaii's
sunny townsend...
...and Jimmy Kelly.
Now Kelly's only
a few points behind,...
...but really looks to be
outclassed by the Hawaiian,...
...who seems to be in a league
of his own out there today.
Come on, Jimmy!
Come on, Jimmy.
Get inside him, mate.
Get inside him!
Sunny's all over him.
Oh, this is clinical.
We are watching a master class...
...on competition surfing
right now.
Oh, that's unbelievable!
Sunny's hit the lip
really hard then, people,...
...then floated
right across the wave.
That's ground-breaking
stuff there...
...from the big-wave
specialist from Maui.
Ha ha! Hey?
How good's this bloke?
Let's see-- with
60 seconds left on the clock,...
...and trailing the Hawaiian
on the scoreboard,...
...it looks like the local lad's
left his run...
...just a bit too late, folks.
Smile, will ya?!
Get out of here, you lunatic!
It's too big.
You'll get smashed.
Not today, my man.
Not today.
Here we go--
out the back.
Hold the phone, people.
This thing is not over yet.
Go, jimbo.
Go, son!
Come on!
- What do you think you're doing?
- That's my brother out there.
He's over there!
You okay, you mad bastard?
I blew it, man.
I'm so sorry.
How about this kid?!
Ocean king, folks!
Ocean king
on an ocean king board.
Get off the road, everyone.
Get off the road.
Okay, come on,
get off the road.
I know, right?
Make sure you come back to us.
Oh, wait, wait,
don't forget your wax.
Thanks so much.
Where have you been?
I've been trying...
- ...to call you all morning.
- Yeah, we disconnected the phone.
- Good stuff, mate.
- What is going on here?
Wait, you guys
haven't seen it yet?
Seen what?
Front page.
Oh, Jimmy.
- - It's been crazy all day.
- - Drift surf gear.
Oh, finally, man. The line's been
busy for, like, the last hour.
Yeah, it's sort of crazy
down here at the moment.
I imagine.
T.J. Adleman from
the surf hut in venice.
I'm looking at your photo
right now.
It's a hell of a move, you know
what I'm saying? Hell of a move.
I already had some guys in here this
morning asking after the boards.
Hoping I'm not too late
to place an order.
- No, you're right.
- Great, man, great.
Why don't we start with,
I don't know, say, 15?
That's great, man. 15 a month and
then we can take it from there, cool?
Let me just put you on
to my sales department.
Uh, lani kealoha.
I brought the house contract
for you.
That's terrific, Andrew.
Yep yep, we'll have
some more in next week.
See you then.
Looks like a bomb went off.
Amazing what
a little publicity will do.
- Yeah.
- Sure you don't want to stick around?
And become part of the surfing
industrial machine?
I don't think so.
Hey, give us a hand.
Looks like you guys
are off the hook then.
Well, not completely.
There's still Miller.
Oh, right, you didn't hear, no.
See, apparently someone
tipped off the cops.
And they raided
his joint last night...
...and found a sizeable stash
underneath the bed.
You serious?
What, heroin?
No, it was high-grade hash
from Indonesia.
I didn't know he was
into that kind of stuff.
It's all karma, brother.
Give 'em.
So I hear they offered you
a spot on the pro tour.
Yeah, I'm still
not sure about it.
Man, what are you
talking about?
Go for it.
Just bust 'em wide open.
Be gone!
Where you going now?
Maybe north.
Maybe, I don't know.
That's the whole trip
right there, isn't it, man?
See you when I see you.
And in the morning
I'll be waiting
for your never-ending wave
for our passage to arise
but how can I explain?
you came home
for the endless summer
on the white
saw a different color
in the street
got a secret to repeat
in my mind
you're the ephemeral kind
now to ever be touched by
the feasting tendrils
of the night
now left to ponder
your devotions
now left imagining a time
you came home
for the endless summer
watch me go
paint a famous warrior
of the light
you were
the strongest follower
in my mind
you are an endless summer
an endless summer
in my mind
an endless summer
in my mind
an endless summer
in my mind
yeah, I get low
and black witches
hold my hand
yeah, I get low
feel no one understands
now mistakes
make mantelpieces bend
now black cinders
black cinder till the end
you came home
for the endless summer
watch me go
paint a different color
of my life
you were the deepest lover
stay with me
here in the endless summer
an endless summer
in my mind
an endless summer
in my mind
an endless summer
in my mind.
Oh, it's all about her
it's all about her
I love her love,
she's been so kind to me
she's opened up my eyes
the whispers
and the summer wine
may have made me realize
it's not about her
whoo ooo ooo
it's all about her.