Drishtikone (2018) Movie Script

Ma'am, would like milk in your tea?
Without milk. No sugar.
Do you want the AC cooler?
Did you go to the court?
Yes, Ma'am.
Show it to me.
There's more.
Yes... swipe to the next one.
It's so crowded. Can't
make out properly.
I got one clear shot.
Check the next one...
Where did you get Jiyon Mitra's contact?
A friend recommended him.
If you could kindly get
me an appointment...
Fine. Come to the court tomorrow.
No... it's better if it's
at the chamber.
His chamber is at his house.
The chamber's at his place?
No problem. I'll come there.
Tomorrow at 7:00 pm?
- Yes. Thank you.
Dada(brother), I'm getting
a different lawyer for Palash's case.
They've been our family
lawyers for years.
They're doing nothing, Dada.
Nothing at all.
I keep calling them.
They are not doing anything.
Let's just try out someone else?
Who's gone will never come back.
Try if you will...
- Hello.
He's busy in an
important meeting.
He asked me to take the
briefing from you.
And if you have any documents,
we'll go through it.
You're Srimati Sen, right?
I'm Rumki.
Were you offered tea?
Tell me.
My husband...
Palash Sen.
Two years ago, he passed away in a
car accident while returning from Bolpur.
His elder brother, Pritam Sen
was with him in that car.
But he survived.
the lower part of his
body is paralysed.
The driver escaped.
Was there a collision
with another car?
The car lost control...
and it fell into the stream.
According to the police report.
Look at her, she's put
these things on my hair!
Driving me crazy...
Why did you do this?-
- She wanted to have Nachos...
- Take her to the Mayo stores.
I want Nachos!
Yes... she will take you with her.
Come with me. I'll buy you!
Sorry to disturb you.
Hello, I am Jiyon Mitra.
Give her a basic brief.
I'll take it from there.
Please carry on.
It's Momo's birthday party tomorrow! She's
going bonkers with the decorations!
Nice name.
That's her nickname.
Otherwise her name is Wrishita.
Yes, continue...
You were saying,
according to the police report...?
The car fell into the stream.
How is his brother doing?
Out of danger.
But the lower part of his
body isn't working properly.
No other complications.
Only cure; regular
physiotherapy at home.
Any news of the driver?-
- No, Madam.
He's surely absconding.
Maybe to Bihar, Nepal,
Dubai... or Bangladesh.
He'd probably fallen asleep.
It's become so common these days...
Please look for him.
It seems...
you're making the entire
case on speculations.
I want to know the fact.
Why do you think this
is not an accident?
He was planning a huge
eye bank in Bolpur.
Right from the time when
it was being planned...
calls from unknown numbers...
And threats...
- Yay! I have a new pack
of Nachos now!
You must share.
Please take?
Thank you!-
- Welcome!
It's you birthday tomorrow?-
- Yes!
There's a party in the
evening. Will you come?
Promise me?
Promise, sweetie!
Take her in.
Share it with your brother
and everyone else!
I want Mr. Mitra to take up the case.
I believe this is a sabotage.
Let's meet face to face?
Why talk on telephone?
I am telling you, do not ever
call me so late in the night!
What's your problem?
Excuse me?!
This is my project! Are you
teaching me how to run it?
No way! Don't try to dictate me!
What is it?
You should inform the cops...
What's the point? They are done
for today. They won't disturb tonight.
Who are these people?
Who are they?-
- What else...
How do you do something
noble without making enemies?
The section I'm opening
up at Bolpur...
Obviously, they have
a problem with it.
Rubbish! It's such a noble cause!
People's eyes will be cured...
But I won't give up.
I will do it.
This is my vision.
You know what my
father used to say...
"It's normal for people to attain the
right to vision, it's a birthright.
But farsight is an...
achievement. Do you
get it, Srimati?
Achievement. Do you
get it, Srimati?
I do.
Your eyes are capable of
seeing everything but me.
I know why.
Oh please...-
- Forget it.
- Leave it.
What is it?
I keep telling you, let's
adopt but you won't listen.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Momo!
Happy birthday to you!
May God bless you
May God bless you
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you!
Can you get me a tissue?-
- Sure, Sir.
Hand me a tissue please...
Come. Let's distribute
the cake now.
Please come.
I'm not an uninvited guest.
Momo invited me.-
- Please come inside.
Oh no! Oh god!
It's all over the cake now!
Look, it's all over it...
The confetti won't
leave you it seems!
You could say so.
Such a beautiful house...
It's built in the British era.
By my forefathers.
Barrister Jagabandhu Mitra.
It's so difficult to maintain
such a property today.
I was going through your papers
today. Particularly your brief.
Your assistant has taken
the notes in detail...
What... what is it?
She... over there...
She is my wife.
Rumki, not Rumni.
Oh no!
Come here.
One minute... I'll be back!
I'm so sorry!
It's okay. It's alright.
What a pleasant surprise!
Abhik... please bring Momo here.
Let's go!
Offer her something!
Have some cake?-
- Let me give her the present first?
After that.
Here you are, Momo!
Happy birthday, Momo!
Listen... this is a Home Block Set.
Thank you!
I used to love playing
with this as a kid.
You know... you can make
a very nice house out of this!
A two-storeyed house?
Anything you want...
See? Auntie kept her
promise. She came!
Because you must always
keep your promises.
Okay, go play with
your friends now!
Take her.-
- Okay, Sir.
You must have some cake now.
Please sit.
You be here.
I'll be back.
Hey! What's going on here...
But I don't know your name yet.
Srimati Sen.
Your name?
'Srimati' is a title used for
married women. What after that...
That's my name.
Srimati... Srimati Sen.
Oh... Srimati is a name as well?
Yes, mine is.
Moonmoon Sen's real
name is Srimati too.
She too is Srimati Sen.
is it incorrect to use a 'Srimati'
before a widows's name?
In that case, it's just
Srimati Sen.
My sorrows, like a turtle
My sorrows, like a turtle
With the tiny steps
Fails to trudge along
My sorrows, like a turtle
They can never walk past me
My tragedies, like pomegranate seeds
Nothing seeps through
its dense red
We are childless.
Due to my problem.
And my...
Palash's elder brother...
The lower part of his
body is... paralysed.
He's doing better with
the physiotherapy.
Change this bit.
And his nurse, Uma...
She stays with us all
the time. That's all.
The other brother
died at a young age too.
Since then,
Mr. Palash took up the
responsibility of the hospital.
'Drishti' meant everything to Palash.
You could rather say,
our marriage itself
was the extra-marital.
He always prioritised on Drishti.
He would always say,
'Give light to those in the dark
And wisdom to the unwise'
What a coincidence!
In 2005...
I got a viral infection
in both my eyes.
Both the corneas
gradually got damaged.
Oh my God!
And then?
My life went through a
sudden change.
Only darkness.
An eternal night.
It seemed it would never end.
A continous night of
ten or eleven years.
As if it would never end.
Rumki, alone...
took up the job of
running the house.
She too is a lawyer.
She handled both, home
and the court, all alone.
I was locked up at home then.
They tried to get me
counselling sessions.
But my depression
coundn't be cured.
I wouldn't even step out to
the balcony. What's the point?
In 2007...
In my left eye...
Netralay tried to
do a cornea implant.
That didn't work.
But Momo's naive
mewl filled the house...
It did the trick!
happiness had walked
into our house!
My little Momo... I spent time playing,
putting her to sleep, singing to her...
Rumki would...
force me to go to the court!
But Rumki never gave up.
She continued to look for
a suitable eye for me.
Finally, 'Netralay' saved me.
Dr. Sundaram...
He did the operation.
I refused in the beginning.
But Rumki said, "If the
operation is a success,
then you can see Momo!"
I got my right eye back.
And I saw Momo!
Oh I cried! And cried!
'Give light to those in the dark'
It's you who should be talking
in my chamber. But look at me.
So sorry!
Your story is very inspiring.
Who would understand the
significance of vision more than you?
It's important that this case is fought.
I need your help.
I'll try my best.
Goodluck to both of us.
I have come from
Advocate Jiyon Mitra's office.
Please shut the door.-
- Sure.
Yes, I've reached.-
- She'll be here.
Someone came with the card.
Err... Sir, I think she's coming.
Just wait for a bit.
Please hold on.
Sir wants to talk you.
Yes, Srimati here.
I've sent Abhik to your house.
Yes, he's here.
You see, I was just about to leave.
Okay, no problem.
If you could arrange it then he can
speak to Mr. Pritam and take the notes.
If it is a problem...
Then I will...
send him tomorrow.
No, it's okay.
In fact I was just about
to call you.
I need a small favor.
Sure, tell me.
We are making a small
awareness film...
on behalf of our Drishti Eye
Foundation. Regarding eye donation.
Director, Rajat Gupta is directing it.
That's nice.
If we could get a four or
five minute byte from you...
I mean, like a small interview...
that would be great!
About how eye donation has helped
you, how it gave you a new life, etc.
Please don't refuse.
I didn't refuse.
Oh good.
When can I send him to you?
A senior lawyer passed away
today, so the court is closed.
If you want you can...
send him around 3 pm.
Thank you.
Why are you still
standing? Please sit.
Yes, Ma'am.
Baba, what does the
word, 'Kachhim' mean?
A turtle.
And 'Jijibisha'?
Jijibisha? Nice.
Ask your mother.
What's the word?
- Yes.
Can't you tell him the meaning?
I never said I can't. I am busy.
You tell him.
But he asked you.
Let's do a toss!
Won't that be fun, son?
Whoever loses has to answer.
Come on, get a coin.
Do you know the meaning?
Neither do I.
One minute.
He is Abhik.-
- Hello.
Mr. Jiyon's assistant.
Please sit.
Mr. Jiyon sent him.
He wants to take down
some notes from you.
- Try to help him out.
Abhik, Dada isn't doing too
well mentally and physically.
If he can't manage today, you
have to speak to him later.
Sorry about it.
It's absolutely fine.-
- Uma, get some tea.
Dada, I've to go, I'm getting late.
Have a safe journey.
Yes, Dada.
Thanks, Anindya!
You saved my face.
Talk to you later.
Ru... Jijibisha means,
the urge to live. Get it?
Why do they teach all this?-
- Why? We read the same books.
Do we even use such words?-
- That's true but...
- Baba, Dada broke the piggy bank.
Still the coins won't come out.
Did he now? Let me see!
Ru... come here fast!
You can cut the fruits later. Momo's
house is broken. We've to rebuild it!
Wait, let me see.
How did it break?
Let me try...-
- Oh! You put it so much time...
Here's the coin!
We'll toss that later.
Let's build this one now.
Let's see.
Put that here.-
- The pieces are here.
Let's try to rebuild this then?
You remember how Rick used to...
make houses on the beach.
You remember?-
- And then?
You would make a house
and the waves would ruin it.
And then how much he would cry!
I want to go to Puri.
I want to go to Puri!
I too want to go!
Seriously, we must go! We've not
been anywhere in a long time.
We can visit the temple too.-
- Right.
When will the court open?-
- After the Diwali festival.
Can't we go after the Laxmi Puja?
Fine. I will try.
The yellow one.-
- As usual, you know!
He will keep delaying!
We never end up going.
Oh we'll surely go!-
- Fake promises!
Thank you.
He didn't sleep well at night.
Wake up.
Let him be. I will wait.
So where were we?
Please don't fall asleep.-
- No.
You two brothers and...
- The discussion at Bolpur farmhouse.
So... he said we will
leave at 4:30 in the morning.
I suggested we leave
after breakfast.
But he would never listen.
He said he had an
important meeting in Kolkata.
He would never tell
me anything clearly.
So it was... five or five
thirty in the morning...
It was dark.
We got into the car...
We started off and...
Wake up.
Ah! Yes...
So the car toppled and
fell into the stream...
When I gained consciousness...
The human race is so selfish...
The first thing I thought
of was whether I was alive!
I did not think about anyone else!
My own brother...
Palash... his hand was here!
I tried to wake him up.
Many times.
He did not move!
He did not respond at all!
Finish smoking. Then we will shoot.
No. Thank you.
So you understand
what I said? Okay?
Check the sound meanwhile.
So you're the wicketkeeper?
Oh, there's this funny land!
So full of niceness!
It's sunshine all night and...
That's such a pretty
house you've made!
Don't touch it! It will break!
Oh! I am so sorry! Sorry!
Pomegranate. You must finish it.
They've come to take that interview.
Upstairs at the balcony.
Come with me.
Mr. Mitra told me a lot about you.
About his eye infection...
Your struggle.
I heard it all.
I must say, you are
a very brave woman.
You aren't any less brave.
The way you are fighting
against such a huge crisis...
Fighting back is the
best option I have.
We're going to Puri,
after the Durga Puja.
Is that so?! What fun!
We keep planning but
we never go.
A little to the right?-
- A bit more?
Correct it. Yes.
Okay. Good.
Now look.
Right. Okay.
Can you please go outside?
I'm feeling nervous.
I'll mess it up.
Nothing will happen.
Just go ahead.
Tell your own story.
Can we roll, Sir?
Roll sound.
- Rolling.
And... action!
After death...
we burn off our eyes.
Everyday, lacs of eyes...
are being burnt down to ashes.
our eyes can bring back
someone else's vision.
These two...
eyes of mine...
They got...
lost to an infection. And then...
it was weird how my life...
kept moving on after that.
I don't really know...
Someone's eyes...
even after...
his death...
Cut it!
Oh my God!
What happened!
Let me check! Let me see!
Move your hand. I've to...
Oh no...
What rubbish! Go get some ice!
Could you give me
some ice in a bowl?
Why, what happened?-
- Rick was playing outside.
The ball hit his forehead.
But the ball bounced
off the pillar.
They never listen to me!
I'll take it.
I'll keep it.-
- Yes...
It's okay...-
- Are you okay?
Did it hit your eye?
Above his right eye. See.
The ball suddenly bounced
off that pillar and hit him.
Do you have a hanky?-
- Yes...
Please get it.-
- Yes.
It'll be okay.
Put the camera aside.-
- Okay.
Here's the hanky...-
- Just let it be for a bit...
It will be alright.
The ball hit me suddenly!-
- Rick!
If I get a lump on the
head how will you shoot?
That won't happen.
The ice pack will take care of it.
Thank you.
Let's finish the shoot then?
I'm good.-
- Okay, Sir.
It's okay.
Put the camera in position.
Of course.
Sorry, your hanky is spoilt.-
- It'll dry up.
Let's begin then.
Yes, Sir.-
- Sound!
And... action!
Abhik came to my place today as well.
Yes, I told him.
Told him not to pressurize Mr. Pritam.
Let him speak when he's
in the mood.
He gets emotional.
His brother, after all.
His brother after
all. Bond of blood.
I spoke to the owner
of the travel agency.
They are quite cooperative.
The toll bill, the booking
slip, they'll send everything.
Seems like a good man.
Oh yes, thank you.
- What about the driver?
No idea yet.
He never returned.-
- It'll be two years tomorrow.
One minute...
Last year, the staff of Drishti arranged
a commemoration ceremony.
There's one tomorrow as well.
Since you are involved
with us now...
If you could make it tomorrow...
Even if for 5 minutes...
I'd be really glad.
It's not an invitation really.
What time?
Say around 12 or 12:30 in the noon.
Please try to come.
I have work at the
court tomorrow. I'll try.
This is the only day
Dada comes to Drishti.
If he came everyday and worked, he'd
feel better, I've told him many times.
But he won't step out.
If you have to make a case,
file it against that travel agecy in Bolpur.
It's because of their callousness that...
such a tragedy befell us.
Palash is gone.
Just think about me!
My brother!
Do you think this is life?
You call this living?
I detest this!
You... better go today.
We will talk later.
Am I disturbing you?
That you are. Definitely.
But what are you to do?
This is your job.
I understand.
Uma, serve the food.
Yes, okay.
You see, I don't like
talking about it.
It keeps coming back to me.
What's for lunch today?
- Okay.
Will you have lunch with me?-
- No, thank you. I've already eaten.
Have something?
No, I'm drinking tea.
Who do you think is a 'loved one'?
Someone we love.
Surely that's one meaning.
But it means something
else as well.
A loved one is actually...
someone who is an intricate part
of mundane little pieces of memories.
That too has Palash's
memories attached.
As kids, all the three
brothers, we would sit to eat.
I, the second one and the
youngest. Palash was the youngest.
I had a big built. So Maa would
give me an entire egg.
But they got half an egg each.
And that bugger would
sit beside me singing...
"Hey fatso! You got an entire egg!"
"You promised, but you
didn't share!"
Our father taught him that.
Take off your glasses.
Is it still hurting?
Why do you put the
drops in the left eye?
That's your eye too.
Won't it feel left out if the
other one gets all the attention?
Love you.
- Love you too.
I will come with you
when you go to the court.
Drop me at my mother's place.
- Yes.
I've to leave early
tomorrow. Busy day.
- Jalan's case.
God knows when they'll call.-
- So, reach the court and send me the car.
I must visit Maa tomorrow.
She called today. She isn't well.
Her voice didn't sound well.
Why don't you bring her here?
I'm wondering the same.
Maya Mashi is getting old too. How
long can she continue like this?
Do one thing, Ru... Abhik
will come tomorrow morning.
I will take a cab with him.
You take Ratan. Send the
car to the court later.
I'll pick you up on the way back.
Sure about that?
His dream was to serve people.
Now it is our duty to make
those dreams come true.
Today is his second death anniversary.
So we have decided today,
on behalf of the Drishti foundation,
that we shall celebrate this day
as our 'Oath Taking day' every year.
Please sit.
Thank you.
So this is...
your office?
Earlier, it was Palash's.
I can't manage the courage to...
sit on this chair today.
I'm really glad you came.
Where are you two?-
- We are at Drishti Eye Foundation.
Palash Sen's death anniversary.
Sir was invited.
Can you give him the phone?
I stepped out for a bit, Madam.
Should I go inside and call you?
No, that's not required.
How are you coming
back from there...
to the court?
Taking a cab or will they drop you?
No... I'll book a cab from the app.
Listen, I'll send the car.
Tell Sir I won't need the car.
Okay, thank you. Thank you, Ma'am.
Thank you!
Mr. Mitra...
What is the difference between
a detective and a lawyer?
I don't know about the detectives.
But the lawyer makes a case by fitting
it into cascades of printed law books,
on the basis of evidence and intuition,
then he asks for a judgement.
And our case?
Does it fit in?
It does. But then...
between the post-mortem report
and the timing of the accident,
there is a disparity that
does not fit in.
why didn't anyone notice
this disparity back then?
People often die in
highway accidents.
Most of the time,
the victim's family will
file a case.
Over time,
there's always a newer case that
come up and overlaps the previous.
It's been two years.
You've come to me now.
Two years are enough
to change a city's face.
This is just a legal case.
Give me a little more time.
Come in.
It's important. The hearing for Jalan's
case is after the break. At 2:30 pm.
I think we should get going.
Okay. Call a cab then.
- Why call a cab?
My car will drop you.
My car is with my wife today.
No, Sir. One minute.
Ratan-da is waiting outside.
Ma'am has sent the car.
Fine then. Bye.
After you.
Are both the kids asleep?-
- Yes.
You never told me you were
invited to Drishti today.
You were the Chief
Guest. Why go like this?
You should've taken the car.
Not much of a Chief Guest.
They called me. I had
time. So I went.
New client.
A death anniversary is a sensitive thing.
That's fine. But...
what would you have done on
the way back? Waited on a cab?
That's what I was about to do.
Srimati did offer a drop.
Would that be respectful?
You could've called me?
Go through the Drishti Foundation
papers and give me a feedback.
Erm... I did read them.-
- And Abhik's notes...
I mean Mr. Pritam's testimony...
No, haven't read those.
Give it to me, I'll read.
Srimati speaking.
Yes. Hold on.
I need to talk to you.
Could we talk now?
Tell me.
could I have half an
hour? From you.
But what is it?
You see...
I need to talk about
Drishti Eye Foundation.
It's a Saturday. I have an
off. If you could make time...
I won't take much time.
5 in the evening?
Thank you.
- Goodnight.
Srimati Sen.
You better...
tell your lawyer.
I am done saying
whatever I had to.
I can't go on repeating the same
narration like a broken record, Srimati.
I am a dead man. Let me be by
myself, in peace, please.
I will tell him.
It's my earnest request to you
on Palash's death anniversary,
please don't disturb me!
You must remember this.
Palash is not just a colleague
or an acquaintance.
He is my brother.
It hurts me when I say
those things about him!
I don't like it.
Sorry, Dada.
Thank you.
Make sure you keep the lids
open. Or else they get sweaty.
And switch on the fan.
She got so much food!-
- Sit.
Why bring so much food?
All the food will be
over in no time.
You said you wanted to
talk about Drishti (Vision).
I see that it's becoming more
about taste than vision.
You're right!
As in... how much can we eat?
There are kids at home.
They will finish it all off.
And the kids don't want anything
if they get to eat Chinese.
Specially, Chilli Chicken and Fried Rice.
Oh come on. Don't
blame the kids alone.
It's the Bengalis. When a Bengali
goes to a Chinese restaurant,
they surely scrutinize
the menu but ultimately,
they order...-
- Chilli Chicken and Fried Rice.
You must eat here today.
No... not today. Some other time.
Please eat. Or I'll have to eat that
food for days. She won't cook.
Isn't Momo home?
She's gone out to play.
She'll be back.
So, tell me.
You called.
I am here for Drishti.
I have a request.
For eye donation. Because it's you; I
myself came instead of sending someone.
You have been helped by it.
Through eye donation.
So, I thought,
if Boudi could...
I mean,
if she would donate her
eyes, that would be great.
Only if Mr. Mitra is okay with it...
No. Why would he mind.
What will I have to do?
Eye donation after death.
Just a formality for now. A form...
You will have to sign it.
That's all.
There is no hurry.
You can take your time.
You're carrying the form, right?
Give it to me.
I came late intentionally.
Thought he'll be sleeping.
He is still sleeping.
He is not well.-
- Okay.
Sit. I'll tell him when's he's up.-
- Sure.
- No, I will wait.
Abhik, where are you right now?
At Mr. Pritam's house. He's sleeping.
I'm waiting in the living room.
You should come back.
He doesn't want to talk anymore.
If need be, we'll figure out
later. Come back for now.
Anybody there?
Surprise dinner!
Did you say thank you?
Thank you!
What will I say?
Say "Thank you".
What is 'thank you'?
Call me, Auntie...-
- Auntie!
Why, 'Auntie'?
You are Bengali, say, 'Mashi'.
Thank you, Mashi.-
- Here.
You're always welcome, sweetheart.
Is it your birthday tomorrow?
But today's treat is for my Momo!
Momo is always special, right?
Want more?
Won't you two eat?
There's time.
Let his fetivities be done.
Our festival holidays
start from the 15th!
Really! What fun!
And then we will go to Puri.
They have a sea beach there.
You get a sea beach
there? That is huge!
Baba said.
Will you come along?
How will I go alone
if you don't take me along?
Don't talk while eating.
You'll choke on the food!
I will be back.
Whatever you saw...
no one but you and me need
to know about it. Not even...
This has jumbled up everything
I was thinking suddenly.
I can't quite fathom Mr. Pritam and
that woman's access in the house.
It's not safe for Srimati.
Though, until they know that we already
know about their relationship,
I don't know...
I used to feel bad for the man a lot.
Don't go to that house
unless I tell you to.
There's danger lurking in the
Sen House. We must be alert.
What must we do now, Sir?
As in?
As in, your glass is
empty. You need a refill.
Have dinner with us tonight.
Your reward.
Thank you, Sir.
We're planning it
just after the Pujas.
Just 2 or 3 days.
Have you ever visited the
Jagannath Temple there?
We visited a few years after marriage.
I never went back.
But Palash used to go.
Many people believe
visiting Puri isn't that easy.
It calls you. And then you have to go.
Think it will call you this time?
Let's see.
Baba, Mashi is coming with us.
Where to?-
- Puri.
Mashi, promise me that
you will go?
Let Mashi check first,
if she is free at that time...
It's better to go there by train. Board
at night. Have dinner. Sleep.
By dawn you're at Puri.
We too will go by train.
Are you free?
Your daughter...
I will eat you up! Just you wait!
I am always free for you!
Then promise me that you will come?
Promise! Now eat.
Maa says, you should
always keep your promise.
You will get a scolding now!
You're not eating properly!
Come on, eat!
Scattering it everywhere!
Come on, eat properly!
She talks so much!
What did you pray for?
People pray for what
they don't have.
And what's that?
A little monkey!
Want some capsicum?-
- No.
Here, the sweets.
Have dinner and sleep.
I'll clear up.
Have some sweets, please.
No... I can't, I am full.
Please have one. It's very nice.
This one is less sweet.
Okay. I'll try one.
There's something
I need to tell you.
That's why I stayed back so late.
Maybe you are thinking...
that I am imposing myself,
interrupting your family life.
And if you are thinking so...
you aren't quite wrong.
No one is thinking anything.
You don't need to think so much too.
What did you want to say?
I really like all of you.
I mean...
everyone in the family.
So, that's what it was?
Of course it is. Very important.
we have hardly spent
time, it may seem,
I'm overdoing it.
But I need you.
As in...
this 'happy family'
envoironment that you have...
What you don't have...
is what you crave, right?
I don't know why...
I feel like seeing her.
Just come over
whenever you feel like.
Instead of a lawyer, think of
me as a family friend, if you can.
Just call when you
want and come over.
But I feel hesitant.
I have bought...
new clothes for the kids.
But I wondered what
you will think.
So I didn't get it.
No one will think anything.
Get those tomorrow.
Thank you!
What is it?
Who are these for?
Kids' clothes.
Why do you need to know?
Keep it where it was.
It's been in Ma'am
room since yesterday.
Why are you getting
curious? Go.
Just keep it.
Yes, he came today.
I didn't see him.
Like I said, I didn't see him
today and I never will. Okay?
Yes, tell me.
She's home. I've to go. Bye.
Go to the room.-
- Hurry!
Has Dada slept?
Dinner and medicines, both done.
You have dinner. I've eaten.
Keep this in my room.
What is this!
It's so late. Why haven't you slept?
I stayed up to speak to you.
Tell me.-
- You did not listen to me, Srimati.
Why did that chap come to disturb
me even though I refused?
If he comes again
I will not let him in.
And if you feel insulted
by that, I can't help it!
That chap is quite weird!
I told him Dada is sleeping,
I'd call him when he is awake.
Asked him to sit.
He did sit. But when I went back
to ask him for tea, he wasn't there.
He was gone.
He should've informed!
Sleep. Don't be late.
Why are you standing here? Go!
Jiyon here.
Have you reached?
Thank you.-
- Most welcome.
From today, lock your
door when you sleep.
It's a must.
No questions now.
We will talk tomorrow.
You never realised in
the last 2 years.
Though you stay in the same house.
Did you see for yourself?
Who told you Dada can walk?
As long as Bengalis live, the sidekick
will always be called, 'Topshey'.
Abhik saw it?
Not only this.
I don't know how serious it is,
but there is a physical relationship
between Mr. Pritam and Uma.
Whether it is physical or emotional...
no idea.
Your hands are trembling.
Relax. Everything will be fine.
I'll handle it.
That's why I asked you to
lock your door last night.
But if they had to harm
me, by now...
- It's not about that, we'll
figure that out later.
Does Uma have any ID proof?
PAN card.
Uma Ghosh.
Hometown: Imambazar.
She's from Shonarpur.
That's what you know.
There's no address on the PAN card.
She was suspended form
the Police force in 2011.
After that she worked at a guest
house in Bolpur. As a caretaker.
Then she dawned the green and white
sari, to become a nurse in your house.
She never harmed anyone.
Who sent Uma?
That's still in the dark.
I haved lived in this
darkness for many years.
So, I can see much better
than you all, in the dark.
Why Uma?
just a... watchdog.
Your personal conversations
since Palash died,
your moves, legal activities...
Someone wants to keep
a close track of everything!
She's been serving him
for such a long time.
It's natural for a
relationship to grow.
there is no line between professional
relationships and personal life.
And even if there's any,
it's temporary.
It gets washed away
over time very easily.
And my concern...
is regarding you.
Go, tell at home that
you are withdrawing this case.
Jiyon Mitra is a bad
lawyer. He is no good.
Then Pritam and his
partners can relax a bit.
And then relax.
I will handle the rest.
And the next step?
Going to Puri.
Won't you go?
You are coming to Puri with us.
My sorrows, like a turtle
My sorrows, like a turtle
With the tiny steps
Fails to trudge along
My sorrows, like a turtle
They can never walk past me
My tragedies, like pomegranate seeds
Nothing seeps through
its dense red
The rain comes in
drenching the city
Poetries are lost to
the urban bustle
The priceless love
kept aside in a glass jar
A sudden thud
It shatters to pieces
You and I face each other
Celebrating the song of silence
Right! Right!
Your perfume smells very nice.
Like it? Try it...
Here. Try it.
Yes, I can't hear you.
It's very nice.
Can you... can you hear me?
Will you leave that phone?-
- One minute.
You're on holiday!
Constantly stuck to your phone!
- Busy man!
What a busy man!
Okay, okay. Right, right.
All of those were incoming calls.
Why don't you give
me some of the cases?
It'll lessen your pressure.
You don't go to the
court at all now?
Since Momo was born.
there was a gap after his eye
got cured.
But now I feel the kids
have grown up. Maybe...
I will rejoin.
Very good idea.-
- Please, Sir.
Please give me some cases.-
- All the cases are yours. Choose.
Give me her case then.
Srimati's case... I have it studied.
Though, only if you are confident.
I mean,
if you do not mind...-
Who is talking about work now?
I've switched off my phone.
Okay, fine.
Won't you get into the water?
Yes, let's go.
I won't go. You guys go ahead.
Please come.
Why not!-
- No, you all go!
No facebook uploads, okay?
- So you really won't come?
You see... I've been feeling
feverish from the train journey.
The AC vent... It was very
close to my bunk. Hence.
Please come.-
- Don't worry about me.
Enjoy yourself.
The days sail away like moments
I trudge along, bearing
the weight of memories
One scratch
And the dreams die off
Promises of eternity
Lost to the sea
You and I face each other
Celebrating the song of silence
My sorrows, like a turtle
They can never walk past me
This time, when she returns,
tell Didi everything.
We'll take it as it comes.
I will tell her.
I need some more time.
I will tell everything.
How much more time?
I'm living the life of a nurse.
Trust me, she will be
happy to know you are cured.
Only she will be happy.
No one else.
I don't know why...
Even after knowing everything...
why do you keep saying
the same thing like a fool!?
Of course I am a fool.
I wouldn't keep quenching your
desires in return of fake promises.
That's not true.-
- Because I don't have any respect.
I am just a nurse.
If you don't tell her, I will
come out with the truth now.
What is it that you're scared of?
You are a good man.-
- I am scared of being jailed.
They'll lock me up if I
say the truth!
I'm locked up in the house now.
That's a far better choice for me.
And what is my fault here?
If you can't give me the respect,
don't come near me.
I got involved in this
due to you.
If we die, we die together.
Why must I die alone?
Why are you saying...-
- Ah!
Don't you dare touch me.
Bloody coward!
Give this to me.-
- The shows are there.
Bring them along.
Don't get lost.
Take them there.-
- Okay, Sir.
This is for the left leg.
What did you ask for...
from Lord Jagannath?
Come on, tell me?
I prayed for your well being.
We had implanted Sir's
left eye's cornea on a woman.
It didn't work finally.
We did our best. But in spite
of that, nothing worked.
And Dr. Dasgupta did
that operation himself.
And the right eye?
Palash's right eye.
That was transfered to
Netralay Foundation.
We don't have any other
information on this.
Find out. ASAP.
Oh, sorry.
The next one, right?-
- No, the one after that.
Come, I have something
important to tell you.
What is it?
No... thank you.
Yes, tell me.-
- I came to you with the case.
Boudi...- - Rumki won't go to
the court leaving the kids!
Why are you worrying?
Is it like, Boudi does
not like... my presence?
Did she say something?
I was just wondering. Tell me,
am I overdoing it?
But what can I do? I can't...
help myself.
You just...
pulled me into your room. If
she sees me walk out from here,
what will Rumki think?
You shouldn't have done this.
Fine. I will...
I will... I will go talk to her
in that room for sometime.
I will keep her there.
You come in after sometime.
Playing hide and seek
at this age...
Not bad.
What other surprises do
you have for me?
Will you still ask me if you are...
overdoing it?
What is this...
Why are you doing this, Sri?
You think this is correct?
Not at all.
Very sorry.
2015, 14th July.
Dr. Sundaram implanted the
cornea in the patient's eye.
Successful grafting?-
- Yes, Ma'am! Very much!
Due to a viral infection,
the patient's corneas very damaged.
The patient's details?-
- One minute, Madam.
It was quite tough for
Mr. Biraj to find out.
Here it is. Mr. Jiyon Mitra.
18/4B, Jodhpur Park.
I did not bring you here on a holiday.
In my absence,
it wouldn't be safe for you
to be in Kolkata alone.
Can you stay with me
all my life like this?
At least, until...
the case is resolved.
And what happens to me after that?
How will I...
meet you again?
The way friends meet. Like that.
Your wife won't allow.
No wife would.
Had I been in her place,
neither would I.
But... I will have to
meet you, Jiyon.
Don't get involved with me, Srimati.
All you will get is pain.
Why don't you understand?
I have a family.
So what.
Look. If I have given you any...
wrong indications,
I am really sorry.
whatever I did...
did it out of concern.
And what?
Only out of concern?
Will you be happy if I
tell you I love you?
The fate of our realtionship...
Do you see now?
Our fate hold nothing
but darkness.
Only darkness.
Let there be darkness.
Leave me.
Friendship, love, these aren't
mutual fund investments.
They don't on their own over time.
So you can't use it at your convenience.
It doesn't listen to anyone's orders.
Otherwise how on earth would a
peaceful, family man like me find you?
You sit here.
Hey! What are you doing!
Oh, it's you, Boudi.
Tell me.-
- Sorry.
I was in the loo.
And the power cut happened.
They gave us candles in
the room. No matchboxes.
Same here.
Doesn't he have any?-
- He is not in the room.
- I see.
The next room is Abhik's.
He sneaks out to smoke sometimes.
Yes. Right.
Thank you.-
- I'll just freshen up and come.
Sorry again.
Goodness! I was so scared!
Sit. I will be back.
Thank God!
When did you come?
I came walking in the dark.
Old habit, you see.
Listen, I brought something...
Your favourite thing.
Tell me what it is!
Before that, give me a hug!
A conch shell.
You love these, don't you?
Mom, does it play?
Let me see...
Play it?
If I am disturbing you,
it's better you let me know
Maybe I am not needed anymore
Why hold on to this corner?
If I am disturbing you,
it's better you let me know
Maybe I am not needed anymore
Why hold on to this corner?
You could really tell me
I would never write to you again
I too have heartbreaks and tears
I too have my complains
I too have my complains
Even that handful of flowers
Even the earrings I had taken off
Sweetheart, just nod your head
Just tell me, I'll leave
it all behind
Even that handful of flowers
Even the earrings I had taken off
Sweetheart, just nod your head
Just tell me, I'll leave
it all behind
If I am disturbing you...
Have you heard of Mr. Rajiv Routh?
Who is that?
Deputy Commissioner of Police.
Coincidentally, he
is my school friend.
What exactly did you tell Mr. Pritam
when you went out of town?
That nothing's working out.
I'm going out of town for 2 days.
Will come back and
close the case.
This is exactly why I
wanted to take you to Puri.
Meanwhile, Routh put police posting
outside your house, in uniform.
Even in Puri, there was
security for you, in civil dress.
The man on our left, inside...
did you see him in Puri?
Oh my God!
Apart from the milkman, newspaper
man and the cable guy,
there was another man
who had visited your house.
He left in half an hour.
Don't worry.
The Police has tracked him down.
Name: Partha Dasgupta.
Hometown: Siliguri.
must have heard about
human organ trafficking?
This is their business.
When are you...
coming back from Drishti tomorrow?
I and... Routh...
We'll come to your house at
9 pm tomorrow. No one must know.
Even... Mr. Pritam
should not have a clue.
- Sure.
Ganga-da, make three cups of tea.-
- Sir isn't back yet.
Make two cups.-
- Alright.
He isn't back yet?-
- No.
Where has he gone?-
- He said he had a meeting.
A new client?
No, Ma'am. An old one.
What happens after
the case is solved?
What will happen...
The guilty will be punished.
But I am not guilty, Jiyon.
I too will be punished.
Once the case is sorted...
I won't have...
I won't have any excuses
to visit your house anymore.
What are you doing?
What's wrong?
Don't leave me!
How long have you
been working with us?
Six years... Ma'am.
Why do you need to call me 'Ma'am'?
You know...
If we took you only for a junior
then we wouldn't have...
We went to Puri together,
that wouldn't happen.
You see, it is a habit
from the court. That's why.
Call me Didi (elder sister).
And you can call him 'Sir'.
He'll be happy.
Okay! Okay, I can't mess
around with that.
Did you get it?
I completely forgot. I am so sorry!
What is it?
I bought a puzzle for him.
I keep forgetting to bring it.
Tomorrow, for sure! Okay?-
- Fine!
Don't you have homework?-
- Yes.
Finish it fast, have
dinner and go to sleep.
- Yes.
Get it tomorrow!-
- Surely!
I must put the puzzle
in the bag.
I keep forgetting.
What about my puzzle?
How do I solve that one, Abhik?
It's better I tell you directly.
Are you...
noticing any...
drastic change in your Sir?
No... as in...
Please help me!
Help this family!
It's not like I have...
concluded on this suddenly.
I have realised it over various incidents.
Don't feel uncomfortable.
The embarrassment is mine,
because I am having to make
this conversation with you.
Mrs. Srimati Sen, what
do you think of her?
Do you think this is
nothing but baseless suspicion?
My aunt called.
Shubho is getting married in
December. Wants to come invite us.
Oh really?
That boy is still a kid!
How old is he?
How time passes!
Nothing stops.
Go outside.
We need to talk.
I've been wanting to ask
you something.
But I'm not being able to.
In fact, I'm failing out of hesitation.
Time is passing away.
And continously.
How are you doing?
Not good.
You respect me as a brother.
So I must say this.
You are making a mistake, Srimati.
What mistake?
Will the rest of your
life go on like this?
Look at yourself in the mirror.
You have your entire life
before you.
Palash is no more.
He is nowhere around
Drishti at all!
Don't ruin yourself like this.
You were not home for 3 days.
This man had come.
To meet you. When he
understood who I am, he said,
they want to takeover Drishti.
Asked us to decide on a price.
I said, I'll ask you when
you're back and let him know.
Look, I am not
interested in Drishti anymore.
You must free yourself too.
Start your life afresh.
Live a new life.
What are you thinking?
Dr. Sundaram called
from the Netralay today.
What did he say?
He was asking if you...
He asked if Mr. Mitra is interested
in getting the other eye grafted.
They are getting...
regular eye donations.
That's why.
No. Not again.
Why not? It will just take
a month. Why not try?
No. chuck it.
There's a lot of work pressure.
You can see that I'm
returning home late everyday.
I will handle the court work.
Why do you worry?
Won't the clients understand
a medical emergency?
Leave it.
You are out of touch now.
Managing things at
home will get messy.
God has given me vision.
That is good enough.
Let that eye...
help someone else's vision.
That person will be able to see again.
Also, you've become
really busy now.
Instead of meeting the clients
at the court or at home,
you're meeting them at cafes.
What do you mean?
I am out of touch from
the court and law.
I'm losing touch with you
in your life.
Wait wait wait...
Tell me clearly what you mean.
It's so nasty that I can't
tell you clearly.
Are you talking about Srimati?
Do you have other options too?
Hey, wait.
There's no secrecy here.
Yes, I did go to the cafe.
Needed to meet her at some place.
I went there. We spoke for
10 minutes, had coffee and left.
What's nasty about this?
Rs 1836... for two cups of coffee.
What cafe was this?
You are...
checking my pockets, are you?-
- I keep getting your bank notifications.
Because of your eye.
No... you're taking this to a
different level altogether, Rumki.
Not me.
Why me? You can ask Abhik too.
The gossip's doing rounds
at the court.
I just don't want this to
continue. Period.
No lawyer takes his client to
Puri for a trip! Sorry to say that!
Without even knowing
the entire thing...
And listen, Srimati came to Puri
because Momo requested her.
Why are you pulling
the kid into this?
You listen to everything Momo says?
Srimati is in...
Why am I even trying?!
Because you are bound
to explain to me, Jiyon!
I've been tolerating
this for a long time!
If you can't handle her...
just leave the case.
I don't want her to stay
in your life.
Now you are speaking
like a typical housewife.
I really am the typical housewife!
Everything but my husband
and my kids, is bogus to me!
And whatever it is that I've to
do to handle them, protect them,
I will do it all, like
a typical housewife!
You get it?
What's wrong, Maa?
I know what's wrong.
Baba won't let you go
to the court, right?
I've grown up now.
I'll pick Momo up from
the bus stand everyday.
Thank you, son.-
- You will go to the court.
Yes, Sir.
What exactly do they say about
me and Srimati in the court?
As in?
Rumki wanted me to ask you.
Come clean.
What do they say?
Sir, can we please talk about
this tomorrow, when we meet?
Say it now!
And if there have been rumours,
why not tell me? Why tell Rumki?
Answer me.
And listen, since you have taken
up the duty of telling on me,
tell those people who
are talking in the court, that...
Srimati Sen is not just a client to me.
How shameful!
You weren't the type to gossip with my
junior about me, in my absence.
You're checking my bank details.
What's wrong with you!?
What's going on, Rumki?
Like you said...
A typical housewife!
Do you love her?
Millions of words I say
That fly away like a bird
They never even touch you
We cross the same
paths time and again
But you never notice
Millions of words I say
That fly away like a bird
They never even touch you
We cross the same
paths time and again
But you never notice
So I'm no one to you, is it?
Like a book written
in a unknown language
I too feel like touching
you sometimes
But do I stand a chance?
Do I even stand a chance?
Even that handful of flowers
Even the earrings I had taken off
Sweetheart, just nod your head
Just tell me, I'll leave
it all behind
If I am disturbing you...
No one should come to
my room now.
Tell me.
I and Jiyon had a love marriage.
From the Law college.
I used to be pretty.
You're very pretty, even today.
Very graceful.
Then why does he need you?
I have no idea.
He would be...
able to answer this better.
But he isn't being able to.
And that is why I have
come to you. As a friend.
Please help me.
What help do you want?
Move away.
Forget me.
Think about the kids.
Just for their sake, go away. Please.
So, tell me.
How do I move away?
What do you think?
If I take the case away,
will he nullify contact with me?
Are you sure?
I will retract the case.
You are well aware.
It's not like Jiyon Mitra
is the best lawyer in town.
Then why him?
All questions don't
have simple answers.
Can I say something?
You are...
simplifying it too much.
You're making a mistake.
Trust me, Boudi.
You don't have your husband.
Don't you know how miserable
it becomes without him?
In spite of knowing that,
please don't snatch him
away from me, please!
Does he know you came here?
Don't even dare tell him.
Just move away, dear.
I'll try.
I'll try.
You must always keep your promise!
Need to tell you
something important.
Free to talk?
I am in a board meeting.
Can we talk a bit later?
Oh... I'm sorry.
I'll call you back. It's very urgent.
Okay. Bye.
I'll leave if you want me to.
Thank you.
That won't change
the reality though, Sir.
What's happening is not correct.
I know this is not my look out.
But I have spent years with you.
That's why I can dare to say it.
You look very unfamiliar, Sir.
You've been watching
trash cinema, I believe.
Throwing dialogues at me?
Get going.
Okay, Sir.
Outside Srimati's house.
Sharp, at 9 pm.
And kindly do not tell
your Madam about this.
You've already helped me a lot.
Ever loved someone?
Has anyone ever loved
you like crazy?
No, Sir. Not yet.
Now you know!?
Find someone to love.
Even if it is one-sided, you will
realise what my situation is right now.
You may go now.
See you.
Okay, Sir. See you.
'You look very unfamiliar, Sir!'
Bloody idiot.
I think I should start.
Put it off!-
- I'm so sorry!
Yes, Ma'am, tell me.
Where are you two?
We are... I mean...
We are with Rajiv Routh.
Sir has a meeting with him.
At this hour?
Yes. I've to go now.
Oh, sorry. Am I late?-
- Why didn't you take my call?
Let's go.
I called you six times! Why weren't
you responding? I was worried!
Should've at least replied!
Bring Dada out.
There are lots of cops downstairs.
They've come upstairs too.
They are calling you outside.
What now?
Put the shawl on me.
Did Rumki call you?
Any problem at Drishti?
All my problems are...
regarding Drishti.
Hello, Mr. Pritam.
We haven't met but you
must have heard of me.
I am Advocate Jiyon Mitra.
I see.
Let me introduce you to the others.
My junior, Abhik. He used to
come and disturb you often.
And he is the Deputy
Commissioner of Police, Rajiv Routh.
We need to talk to you today. Mainly,
I and... Mr. Routh.
It's an important conversation.
You are most welcome.
Whatever I had to say,
I've already told Abhik.
I am not well today.
Besides, I am a paralysed person.
I can't be of any help to you.
Mr. Pritam, even a clock that has stopped
shows the correct time twice a day.
If you want, you too can
show us the correct way.
So, it is...
9:05 pm right now.
Srimati, what time does
he sleep usually?
Around 10:30 pm.
Sit down.
Thank you.
Let's get on with it then.
The more time we take, the more
your sleep will be delayed.
Mr. Routh, please?-
- Thank you.
Say, we already know everything.
Just to reconfirm.
Just to verify it.
So my suggestion to you is, the
lesser you complicate it, the better.
See, my brother Palash
passed away in that accident.
And the same accident
did this to me.
In fact, it would've been
better if I had died with him.
Or... maybe you thought it
was better to live on like this.
The equation is quite simple.
With the brother gone,
the ownership is yours.
The only obstruction, Mrs. Sen.
A young, beautiful widow... how
long can her emotions hold her back?
If she get's involved with someone...
Drishti, the property...
everything is yours.
You're always dealing with nasty
cases, so I am sorry to say this...
it has ruined your imagination!
Nothing but poor fiction!
Then what's the fact?
I've already told Abhik everything!
I've nothing more to say!
Oh sure you will speak!
You haven't said anything!
Whatever you've said
so far is poor fiction!
We are not going to leave this
place until we finish this, Mr. Pritam.
Who killed Mr. Palash,
how and where...
Look at my eyes and
speak up! Come on!
Why are you doing this to me?
I really don't know anything!
Why are you putting it on me?
You know me very well, you've seen
me for years. Say something?!
I thought you had the
best heart in the Sen family.
An honest person.
Palash used to say, "If I could
ever become like Dada!"
I heard you never lied!?-
- I still don't!
I never lie.
Unless I am in grave
trouble, I never lie.
Then give us the truth, Mr. Pritam.
bring them inside.-
- Sure, Sir.
Get a glass of water, please.
Look, Mr. Pritam, I understand.
Saying the truth isn't
that easy always.
But I'd give it an honest try.
Give me.
I will help you.
Tell me, do you know them?
Partha Dasgupta, Ronny Gomez.
Mr. Partha had come
to Kolkata recently.
Though Mrs. Sen was...
in Puri that time.
They are saying you have killed
your younger brother, Palash.
At the guest house in Bolpur.
Is this true?
Apart from them,
there were two of them there.
They were having an argument with Palash
in the living room of the guest house.
They were shouting and screaming.
I heard them and went
to that room.
I overheard them from outside.
I heard everything.
What did you hear?
Mr. Partha and him,
they export... human organs,
kidney, heart...
organs such as these.
It's called involuntary organ harvesting.
You're right.
Children dying, children going missing,
the sudden disappearance
of a person...
Or say a sudden multiple
organ failure at the hospital.
Through thousands of secret paths
all of it is accumulated at one place.
Many agents.
Many people all over India
are involved in this. Am I right?
No. Why only India?
It's happening all over the world.
Apart from causes like
organ transplant abroad,
say, in a country like South Africa...
they sell human organs
for religious sacrifices!
Where's all that supply coming from?
Say, someone's relative
dies in a hospital.
Does their family inquire
if his heart, kidney...
Whether these organs
are intact or not?
These guys know very well.
Where the supply comes from.
Eastern India is a huge supply zone.
Trust me, none of us knew.
No one knew.
From eastern India...
he was the main agent!
That's a lie!
That's a lie!-
- Calm down.
Calm down.
It's not a lie!-
- It's a lie!
Just relax!
That's a lie!
You continue.
Mr. Partha and his partners...
these people are the main
suppliers, for North East, Sikkim,
Assam. And Bangladesh.
They used to transfer it to Palash.
The exports were worth
hundreds of crores.
Quite a few nursing homes
are under their control.
And... they are still
continuing it.
I think they had a dispute
regarding money.
And our Drishti Foundation...
It was nothing but an eyewash.
Didn't you...
speak to your brother about this?
That was my life's biggest mistake.
I'm still... paying for my honesty.
Did he understand
you've heard everything?
Both of us were staying
in the same room.
It was nearly dawn,
when he came back to the room.
He was drunk.
So I told him that...
I had heard everything.
Big deal! It's my business!-
- We already have enough!
Will you decide that?!
I told him we were
earning enough from Drishti.
And what you're doing is a sin!
He got very angry when I said that!
He started hitting me!
Then he started choking me...
Leave me!
I couldn't breathe! I didn't know
what to do! I gave him a hard push!
And his head...
It hit the corner of
the bed, with a thud!
He fell on the floor
and trembled for a bit.
His legs...
Shuddered for a bit...
Bhai (brother)!
No blood at all.
His eyes were wide open.
He would not move!
Mr. Pritam...
How did they get to know?
When I realised Palash wasn't
movng... I called them inside.
They came and checked.
They said Palash is no more.
Since then, I've been
doing as they said.
I was the murderer!
I was trying to save myself!
Do not speak a word!
You have murdered him!
What rubbish!
It was about to be dawn.
They asked me to get into the car.
They put us in the car.
And we left in the dark.
Midway, the driver said
he needs to take a leak.
And I sat there,
holding Palash like this.
It seemed like he was sleeping.
And suddenly a loud
thud from behind!
I don't remember
anything after that.
Get me the inhaler.
When I opened my eyes...
When I got admitted to the hospital...
Mr. Partha and his partners,
they started scaring me.
I was told not to walk around.
I was not to visit Drishti.
I was so scared of the cops!
And I realised,
the wheelchair is
better than the jail.
If you don't believe me...
Check my phone.
They would constantly threaten me.
No. That won't be required.
Once I was cured, there was
no excuse to keep Uma.
But that woman has
done a lot for me.
I have failed to give her
the respect she deserves.
Everyone, all of you...
suspected me.
She was the only one who did not.
I am not a murderer.
It was just an accident.
What the...-
- Oh my God!
It's a luxury apartment, don't
you have an auto-changer?
We never have power-cuts.
That phase is still lit up.
Let me switch on
my phone's torch.
- Where did he go?
Oh no!
I'll go check inside!-
- Yes! Do that fast!
I'll check here...-
- Where is he?
- Did you find anyone?
Mr. Routh, please come fast!
What happened!?
What happened?
Mr. Pritam!-
- Which way?
Upstairs, Sir!
Hello! All unit stay alert! Stay alert!
- No one should leave the premise.
Mr. Pritam...
Don't try to escape!
Surround the building! And
report to me immediately!
I'm there! Nothing will
happen to you! Please!
Mr. Pritam, nothing will
happen to you! I'm there!
Mr. Pritam!
Mr. Pritam! Please stop!
Mr. Routh, upstairs!
Mr. Pritam!
Please stop!-
- Sir!
Please stop!
Mr. Pritam, please stop! Please!
Listen to me, Mr. Pritam!
Mr. Pritam...
Please come out!
I am there with you! No one will
touch you! Please come out!
Please come out!
No one will do anything to you!
- Please come out!
Jiyon, where are you? Jiyon...
- Where did he go?
Mr. Pritam?-
- There he is!
Move! Come on!
Please come out!
Nothing will happen! Just come out!
He's gone.
Oh God!
I'll go downstairs.
Please calm down.
I hate you!
Call home and say I
will be back late.
Are you sure?
He was a good person!
They did not let him live!
All of them, bloody thieves!
Out of sheer terror, and fear...
an honest man's
life came to an end.
We all thought he was guilty.
What you see, isn't always correct.
Oh no!
Go, change.
It's already quite late.
They will worry at home.
Go home.
Sir, actually, Mr. Routh is calling
you to the living room.
Take as much rest as you want.
Nothing's happening before
tomorrow morning anyway.
I'm sending the body for post-mortem.
I'm expecting to get all
the reports by 6 am.
Whatever formalities are left, you
can do that in the burning ground.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Okay, I'm leaving now.
There's police posting outside.
Please see that the neighbours
don't come to disturb her.
No, I've instructed the force.
The woman's been arrested.
She didn't even try to flee.-
- Uma wouldn't have escaped alone.
She fell in love with Mr. Pritam.
Switching off the main switch was...
her last effort to help
Mr. Pritam escape.
And he did escape but...
But he took a different route.
Thanks for all your support.
Don't be formal. I must go now.
I will walk you out, Sir.
Sir, I'll just be back from home.
Say in half an hour.
Don't be late.-
- No, Sir. See you.
Tell me.
Hope you've heard?
How is she now?
You know...
Who is there with her?
No one.
Have you eaten?
- Eat.
I will be late.
Don't lock the door from inside.
Should I come over?
Don't worry.
Are the kids asleep?
Okay, bye.
You can go if you want to.
I will be alright.
They will worry.
I know.
I've informed that I will be late.
Eat something and sleep.
I'll be here.
Abhik has gone home.
He will be back in some time.
Please eat something.
You don't need to look after me.
You can go.
Look at the time.
Why are you doing this to me?
I can't leave you here like this, Srimati.
Go home.
Let me take care of my bit.
And what about my bit?
Who am I?
My advocate.
That's all.
Thank you.
Thank you for successfully
solving Palash Sen's murder case.
Whatever work is left...
can be finished by
some other lawyer.
You don't need to...
get entangled in this
relationship anymore.
But you used to say...
you won't survive a
day without seeing me?
What is all a lie?
Everything is a lie, Jiyon.
Palash cheated me.
You are cheating your wife.
You are cheating your family.
And if I cheat you...
that becomes a huge sin?
I had really loved that person.
So, even after he left...
only to keep his dream alive...
How stupid of me!
Drishti is a lie!
Everything is a lie!
How he cheated me!
It is insulting to trust
someone and be cheated.
But it's not shameful, Sri.
You are free now.
Live a new life...
shed off Palash's memories and...
Just start afresh, Sri!
That's why I am saying...
Just go away, Jiyon.
If you stay...
Palash too shall remain.
What do you mean?
Shamelessly, I kept
running to your house.
I found various excuses
to meet you at the court.
I went away to Puri with
a family I hardly knew.
Palash still lives in that
right eye of yours.
And I knew that...
that eye was seeing me.
But it's a...
criminal's eye!
A criminal's eye!
I just hate you!
I just hate you, Palash!
I hate you!
What a shame!
I don't feel like looking
at you anymore.
So, I am nobody?
So... you never loved me?
All of it was a lie?
Everything you did, you said...
It was all because of this eye?
I never felt shy in front of you.
Because it was that eye
which was seeing me!
How aweful is that!
I'm so sorry!
Please forgive me, Jiyon.
Please forgve me!
While I cheated you...
I myself got gravely cheated too!
All because I loved a bad person!
If you have really loved me...
Then please help me out.
Help to forget Palash!
Never, ever come back to me!
So be it.
I discovered the real
Palash through his own eyes.
Take care...
You can trust me on this.
Palash's eye...
will live the rest its life honestly.
It will never cheat anyone.
Please forgive me, Jiyon!
I'm sorry!
No one ever...
gave me so much respect.
Are you finding yourself
really stupid right now?
Well, I am stupid!
Don't you see?
You don't have to be sorry.
May I deserve...
a last hug?
Sorry, Jiyon!
So sorry...
Promise me...
That we will...
never meet again!
No, we won't!
As the torch shone bright
All proof lost to its smoke
It was to be a cover up
To be lost in flight
As the torch shone bright
All proof lost to its smoke
It was to be a cover up
To be lost in flight
Why forget, that it is dawn now
Why forget, in mere ignorance
Why forget, this is
just a fleeting eclipse
Soon, this game of illusions
Will be gone
Can you give me a cup of tea?
Maybe, some will always know
Maybe, some never will
Amidst the bits of the sky
A dust-laden city escapes
The momentary love has withered
On it's way back from burial
Why forget, her patience of a snail
Why forget, she
whimpers through winters
Why forget, this is
just a fleeting eclipse
Soon, this game of illusions
Will be gone
Maybe some...
Maybe, some will always know
Maybe, some never will