Drishya (2014) Movie Script

The police have taken
Rajendranna again!
Is it?
Rajendranna has been
taken by the police again!
Is it?
Rajendranna has been called
in by the police again!
Kushalamma! Our Rajendra
has been taken again!
Our cable guy Rajendra has been
taken away by the police again
Is it?
Rajendra has been called
by the police again?
Rajendranna has been called into
the police station again!
Our son-in-law has been
called in by the police again...
Called in again?
Where are you headed?
I am going to see what can be done
It is a new police station
and police are also new
Let us see what happens
David, your boss has been called
by the police again apparently
How far is Moornadu?
Sir, it is the next stop
Are you new here?
Whom are you here to see?
Now on, all the residents
there will be seeing me
- You are?
- Police
Sir, this is Moornadu
You can get down here
Driver, please wait for 2 minutes
Our Chimmanna's coffee
sacks are yet to arrive
Hello, please come
What would you like to have?
Coffee or tea?
I don't need anything
Where is the police station here?
Are you a policeman?
Yes, I am the new policeman here
Oh, please come I will
show you the way
Do you see that building?
That's the new police station
It was inaugurated yesterday
Home Minister, Superintendent of police
all the big names were here
Do you see the building
next to the peepal tree?
That is the old police station
It was a rented space
Now they have their own building
By the way,
where is your family?
My parents are in my native
I meant your wife and kids
lam a bachelor
Married cops, single cops,
all cops come to my hotel for food
How would you like that?
I can come here
Ah I have one more customer now
All the new cops who come to the station,
first demand to see Rajendra
ls the Inspector there?
He is yet to arrive
What is the matter?
I am Prabhakar,
newly transferred to this station
Where were you posted before this?
Baramagiri in Chitradurga
Please be seated inside
Hello! Moornadu police station
The SI is out on rounds
He will be back in one hour
Isn't that Rajendra Ponnappa?
Yes, it is him
He looks like an
innocent person...
And innocent?
Those who know the truth
are shell-shocked
Those who don't know are tormented
So what is happening to his case?
- It's you!
- Superb chase, right?
We needed some
shots of the hero there
But the director did not think about it
Hey come on
Let us go
Hey are you the cable owner?
I am just the guy
that connects and collects
That man there is the owner
Hey that film 'Devaru kotta thangi'
(God's gift, my sister)...
It is a sentimental one
But you cut out a large chunk
and inserted comedy scenes!
Sir, the movie was big hit on our cable
But it flopped in my theatre
What am I going to do?
Hey that is not all
Do you know who I am?
Are you someone famous?
Should I know you?
Errl am a pimp
I had curried a favour with the director
He gave me a small pimp's role in that film
And you cut that out
Don't you worry, I will add that role...
...to the Hindi film 'Dirty Picture'
Stop this chopping and pasting business...
...otherwise you are in big trouble
Be careful
Let us go
Brother, if you can
take a flop movie, edit it...
...and make it a hit
on the cable network
Why don't you direct a movie?
Hey Negro! Do you know who is
the director and editor in real life?
It is theatre operators
Forget that direction idea
Where is the collection amount?
Bro, everyone has given
the due amount...
...except that idiot, police constable
Suryaprakash didn't give me
Okay, leave it
Only our mouths will get the pain
That's why I was quiet too
but he was cursing your dad
And you listened to him quietly?
Would I? I didn't
I told him that even 'you' too
don't know who your dad was
Then only he kept his face pity
What does it matter
if he curse you, an orphan
That silenced him
What do you think?
Hmmm take a tea-break now
I will show you the climax,
when I come back
Bopaiah, please give me a ginger-coffee
Hey Raghu come here
Yes, sir
Keep this inside and
bring a ginger-coffee
Have all our police friends come and gone?
Yes, pretty much everybody did,
except our tiger
These folks are waiting for him
Who are these people?
Farmers...they had borrowed
money forfarming
There was a drought,
they couldn't repay the loans
Now that Suryaprakash has
taken away their grandson
He has links with the finance company
You could have gone
to the Inspector directly
But he threatened
to kill their grandson
He has now asked them
to come here to negotiate a deal
You could have gone to the court
The court will ask for witnesses
I cannot even tell
if my grandson was taken...
...by the police or the finance company
What can I do?
'If this sounds foolish,
please pardon me'
'Go ahead, speak'
'Filing a habeas corpus,
it might work, I think'
'Dad, everybody knows about
sir's interest in this case'
'Nobody knows where Basheer is right now'
There is a way out of this
You go file a habeas corpus
Didn't you understand?
You see, if any person
goes missing or is kidnapped...
...or if the police are
hesitating to file a case
you just go file a habeas corpus
The court will order them
to find the missing person
Actually, you don't even
have to go to the court
I have a lawyer friend, Devadas
I will call him and tell him
about your problem
He will call Suryaprakash
and threaten him...
...that if he doesn't handover the boy,
he will file a Habeas Corpus
That will scare him and your boy
will be back home, now you go home
Don't you worry
I'll take care of Suryaprakash
Don't go out this way,
Suryaprakash will be there
Go from the back door
Hello brother
Please come here
Aha, you are the first person to call
a beggar a brother
Are you done with your collection?
Yes, I am done
lam going home on my lunch break
So you go home for lunch?
Home food is always safe
Good for health
- I need a favor from you
- Tell me
Come here
Are you saying I will be
allowed eat inside?
I will ensure that, do come
Bopaiah, can he have food here?
People eat here
without paying, why not him?
Oh he will pay
Will he accept a credit card?
Only credit, no card
- 0k, give me a menu card
- Menu card?
Do this when he comes, not now
Alright, I forget this is a rural hotel
I am from the city
0k, no problem
Please make a masala dose with olive oil
and chutney with rotten coconut
I will be waiting
Bopaiah, what do you
think of the fellow?
Let him come,
this fellow will take care
I have only one wish,
to eat the masala dose
Suryaprakash is coming
- Did anyone come looking for me?
- Nobody was here
They didn't?
They were supposed to be here
What do you have on the menu today?
Idli, dose and vade
- It is same boring menu everyday
- Here's your coffee
I don't have paying customers
How can I update the menu?
Am I the only one who asks for credit?
Doesn't he do it too?
I pay up promptly
at the end of every week
Oh no, who let him in?
He shouldn't be sitting
Dear sir, I pay for my meals
I Pay mo
I have heard about your paying capacity
The whole hotel is
rotting because of you
Hey, if you speak one more word,
I will kick you hard
You put your foot down
I have a foot too
I may not have shoes to wear,
but I make an honest living
Even your shoes are government sponsored
and you strut around so much!
Once you turn 58, they
will take away your uniform...
...and throw you
on to the street
Look at me, nobody will
take it away from me
I ask people for money very politely
But you swear at the public, call names
You should be ashamed of your life
You don't even pay
someone who feeds you
We either pay or ask for it
We never grab from someone else
Instead of living on someone else's
charity, you might as well die
Such people should be
incarcerated like stray dogs
Brother, here is 100 rupees,
it includes your tips
If there is still money left,
throw half a cup of tea at him from me
lfl see you again in this area,
I will shoot you
I will see what you will do
- Howmuch do I owe you?
- 4500
You can take it
out of the commission
What commission?
There is a government
order for a new building...
...for the police station
A people friendly police station
It will come up right there
All the laborers working on
the site will come here for food
I will make sure
they come here
This pending payment
will be my commission
If you look at it, you should
be paying me more
Hey bring it on
There are no other
hotels around here
They will come here anyway
Oh ifl order them not to come,
there will be no business
If he needs business,
my needs have to be taken care of
That is my commission
One sugarless tea
So the new police station
work is starting tomorrow?
Yes, good business for Bopaiah
Leave alone new business,
he has to pay commission
Who is asking?
Well, there are good and bad
people in the same system
What is this people friendly police station?
The premises is supposed to
make people feel secure
But that is not happening
Some end up asking for bribes
instead of protecting
The men have to earn and
the women get to spend
Seeth a?
Where are these people?
Mom, dad is taking the keys
Mom, he is locking the door
- Come girls
- Dad...
Don't lock us in
Please open the door
We are inside
Aah, that is how this works
You cannot play me
I have passed 4th standard
and so obviously smarter...
...than someone who has
failed 10th standard
Food is ready in the kitchen
Children's books are open
Obviously I can tell
that you are all in here
Yes, all you are interested in cinema
You forget that the three
girls will be alone at home
Are you responsible about us?
Three girls?
You are a woman, dear
Your first look gave us Sindhu
The second one gave us Shreya
Now the look you are
giving me...come on
Have you prepared
hot water for my bath?
Everything is ready, go on
Come then, let us bathe together
Where is Shreya?
She is still in front
of the mirror, Mom
Shreya, enough with
the makeup, come here
Coming, Mom
Come, my dear Miss India
Was it raining near
your office last night?
No! Was it raining here?
No! But I tried your
landline so many times...
We couldn't get through
Even if it rains a little
that phone dies
Dad, you should buy a mobile phone
What is the use?
There is no network anywhere
As if you would buy if there was
Yeah as if he would
I have seen a mobile to buy
That must be second hand too
You said it!
- I had called last night
Won't you ask why?
I am not interested
All you are interested in is movies!
You don't care about wife or kids
Of course I care
Tell me why you had called
Tell me why you had called?
We have to go to Mysore on Saturday
We have some shopping to do
Shopping? Again?
We did that just 6 months ago
All those clothes are torn
- Already?
- Yes
I wanted to buy good clothes
But you bought us cheap
clothes on discount
Yes dad, you did that
- Did I?
-Yes, you did
Not just shopping
Treat us to biryani and a movie
- Mom, ice cream too
-Yes all of it
So is that the grand plan?
You men work outside
through the day
you wouldn't understand...
...how we women feel
about staying at home
Have you even looked
at the women around?
Dear, it is the man's duty to earn...
...while the woman takes
care of the home
Don't I take care
of you like a queen?
I was like that
Vishnuvardhan's character...
...from the movie
'Jeevana Chakra', an orphan
I worked as paper boy,
milk delivery man,
dabbled in real estate
I saved up little by little
then bought this 4-acre land, built this
house, and set up my cable company
Your good life, is because of all that
Do you know how it all happened?
All thanks to the song from the movie...
Bangarada Manushya
Do not sit quiet because
the going gets tough
Oh movies again! Please stop this
I am tired of this madness
Whatever you say,
we are still going shopping
Alright, we'll go shopping!
Why do these women need
so many saris to do housework?
Why are you digging a hole?
For organic farming
For earthworm farming
Why do you have to dig?
Get some coolies to do it
Coolies are expensive
I can finish it in 2 hours
Also this manure is good for health
Not for us, for these plants
These multinationals first give
us the seeds and manure
They even decide the price
at which we can sell
Why should we enslave
ourselves to all this?
Despite being an illiterate,
how do you know all this?
You don't need education to learn
You learn by seeing others,
learn by experience
Don't give me those lines
Even I have seen the movie
'maataad maataad mallige'
You are being penny
wise pound foolish
Those pennies bought
this land, remember
Do you know what this looked like?
Like Annavru's character
from Bangarada Manushya...
Isn't this the same story you told
us at the dining table?
At least that movie ran
in the theaters forjust 2 years
Our story has been
going on for 20 years!
You should stop praising yourself
lam not praising myself
It is a proud story of an orphan
who did well for himself
You failed your 10th standard,
you don't get to make fun of me
All my money is spent on your shopping
You talk as if we
shop 4 times a week!
Forget it, we won't
buy clothes ever
I will walk around
without any clothes on
Hey why are you getting
excited about it?
I was just imagining you...
What is it?
...without clothes on your body
Oh you are shameless
Why am I even talking to you?
Do whatever you want
Hard work will fetch us bread
We don't need bread,
gruel is enough
Here is the computer section
That is a 9 inch wall, sir
Toilet will be here
What are you watching?
They are building
the new police station
That man there
in the tie is the engineer
If you hadn't skipped school,
you could have been one too
At least I got to class 10
You didn't even get to that
Hey what are you whispering?
Despite his education,
he still works in the sun
I feel bad for him
Alrig ht just bring
the collection to the office
Oh Mr Hemanth, please do come
One tea for me please
Raghu, get a special tea
How long will the building
work take to complete?
It will take another
six months at least
It is a government job,
if we get funds...
...we might finish faster
Rajendra one minute
He is the contractor,
working on the new police station
No, I am the sub-contractor
He is the cable operator here
That building there, he owns it
Office on top
He provides entertainment for all of us
It is someone else's sweat and blood
I just bring it to people's homes
But entertainment
needs a creative mind
Brother, your wife has called,
Are you going home or staying back?
I will be staying back
So you don't go home?
How can I go?
If there are any complaints,
I want to be there
Good for my business
Cannot depend on others
He isn't telling you the whole truth
The men in the village demand
for a different kind of film at night
How can we speak
ill of our own village?
I spoke the truth
The men want more, that is all
You have spoiled him too
Answer the phone
It must be some complaint
Don't speak ill
It could be my wife too
- Wife is also a complainant, right?
-Just answer the phone
Yes, the film you requested
will start at 9pm
Who was it?
That old man Sadashiva,
requesting for an adult film
Wasn't he paralysed 3 months ago?
His right side condition is better
than his left side condition
There, answer that call
Hello, who is it?
-It is me Lakshmamma
-Yes, tell me aunty
Are you going to play the movie?
We are playing the uncles' request today
ls it about gods?
No, about parents
Parents are gods too right?
I wouldn't know you will have
to tell me tomorrow
Who was it?
That was Lakshmi aunty
She wants a god's film
Aunties want god's film,
uncles want adult film
Put the movie on
before another call comes
(Hindi song)
Who is it?
I have a headache
lam going home
Take care of the office
Thankfully he didn't
figure out anything
I have seen and heard
things I shouldn't have
Oh no
He knows
Brother, is that scene over?
Would you please
concentrate on your work?
Brother, don't ride
the cycle home, take an auto
Which scene did you watch?
Bedroom or bathroom?
How did you know?
A cat will only come for the milk
I am ready for the pooja
Are you ready to
receive the blessings?
Tonight is the night
for our coming together
Even at this age, look at the desire!
Who said I was old?
lam still young
May I ask you something?
Don't mistake me
Ask anything my dear
Let us sell that old jeep
and buy a new Maruti
You cunning women know
when to ask for things
Don't think we men cannot
control our desires
No shame
0k, we shall buy a Maruti car
But small one request
But can we buy it second hand?
No, we should get a new one
They have left the light on
They have no sense!
Dad usually you come in the mornings...
...but you came home in last night, why?
Hey, be quiet
When Mom called
you last night, you said...
...you will not be coming home
What changed?
Oh we were discussing
about buying a new car
Yes, we are buying
a new Maruti car
- Which showroom?
- Seetha showroom
Dad, shall we buy an Audi?
What is that?
It is a car, very stylish one
ls it cheaper than Maruti?
It costs about 50-60 lakes
That is expensive!
ls it made of gold?
We just need a vehicle to go around
Maruti is good enough for us
When are we buying it?
Please finish the breakfast first
Some for me too
Aren't you bathing?
No mood
And I am tired
So much for digging!
I have no energy after last night
Watch it
Kids are around
I mean, I am tired
after cycling last night
Mom what about my nature club camp?
I said no to that already
Dad, the camp is next month
on 2nd in Shrungeri
There will be 100 students
from different schools
I have been selected from
my school to participate
What is the point of going there?
You might as well stay
back and study at home
Look at her, Dad
Books can only teach you so much
Real education comes from
traveling and meeting people
How would a fool like you know?
There is so much to learn
Stop it
Ah since you are the smarter man, pay
up the 1800-rupee fee and send her
1800 rupees is it?
Is it really useful?
Don't go back on your words, Dad
- Alright you can go
- Thank you
You need to be careful
in front of the children
Sindhu is older
She understands
She is still too young
I didn't know anything at her age
Else you would have 6 kids by now
Oh sol am a late-bloomer?
"Listen to this story my girl"
"Beautiful is the everyday happiness"
"Joys and sorrows of bonds"
"Even the cool breeze
is waiting to listen to me"
"Even the rainbow is eager"
"Our story isn't big,
but the emotions are"
"It was born within us"
"And love keeps it going"
"Listen to this story my girl"
"Beautiful is the everyday happiness"
"Joys and sorrows of bonds"
"We lead a blameless life"
"We don't even know what sin is"
"As the sun and the moon are witness
to the child-like innocence"
"and the peace that
pervades our home"
"We walk the path showed by the divine"
"There are no thorns in this rose bud"
"We don't change like the seasons"
"Ours is a simple, love filled story"
"Listen to this story my girl"
"Beautiful is the everyday happiness"
"Joys and sorrows of bonds"
"River Cauvery dances happily"
"The koel sings merrily"
"The parrots keep rhythm"
"Look our bond is a special one"
"Even the birds talk
about our golden life"
"This is the cause for butterflies envy"
"There is laughter and joy in our story"
How are you dear?
I am fine
What about you?
We are too fine
How are you grandpa?
Come inside
Mom, I got this for you
I have one already
But this is the latest model
It has been a year
since I made shavige
Why are you all laughing?
Nothing uncle
We just laughed for a joke
Well, she didn't buy it for you guys
No, I did
She didn't
We already have 3 at home
She bought a new one again
I admonished her for that
So she said this is for you
We don't have one like this at all
You make shavige once a year
Why do you need 4 of these then?
It is same story in every household
Truth be told, we have 3 milk cookers
One whistles when done
One doesn't
One is used only
when guests are here
This is how they show
their intelligence
You are right Uncle
That is not true
Then what?
So n-in-law, look here
Do you see this cement patch here?
There used to be a crack there
I asked the contractor to seal it up
He said he will do it
after the rainy season
I went estate
But when I got back later,
it was sealed
I asked the contractor how come
He said, 'because madam told me'
Please be quiet
Grandpa, what did grandma say?
She said there is already
a crack in the house
we don't need another
That is correct
Oh how are you?
Hey Sekar
It has been a long time
We come often,
but you are busy
Even we don't get to see him
He is a big man with
the ruling party now
- What is this?
-A notice
This is to notify that survey
number 71/A, 72, 72/A...
...is under litigation
Hence no quarrying will be
undertaken at the said site
There is a quarry in a nearby
village called Chattahalli
Ever since the
quarrying started...
...the drinking water there
has been contaminated
This is about that
Actually, MLA himself
approved the quarry
Now MLA and the quarry owner,
have fought over the commission
So they filed case against the quarry
Now what will the owner do?
Oh he can start a fish farm
We have no objection
Fish farm in a quarry?
How is possible?
The pond there can be used for fishing
Even fish also swim
Shekar, you are fit
to enter politics now
Thank you
This is for the children,
they love this variety
Why uncle is this?
We have the same in our farm too
There is something
I need to talk to you
Please do tell
You never asked for
dowry from me
I couldn't afford it back then
I was the one who asked for
your daughter's hand
Because of you,
I now have a family
I have you for parents
and even a brother
I have always considered
you my eldest son
I want to give you
something while I still can
I have 1.5 acres of rubber
farm by the river
I cannot take care of it
Shekar is anyway busy in politics
So I want to give that to you
Now why would you do that?
This is not my decision alone
Shekar and my wife both want this
But there is no need
Rajendra, I know about your
dream to own a theatre
I know you are working hard for that
Why go to the banks for loan?
Sell the rubber farm
and use the money
So Seetha told you all
about my plans, I see
Nothing wrong in that
You always win us over
with your generosity
Now is our chance
Why are you sitting here?
You shouldn't have told your parents
about my theatre plans
Why do you think this is for us?
This is good for our children's future
We need the money for their marriage
I don't need your dad's money
Why do you think like that?
Our future will be brig ht
like the moonlight
Once you are the theatre owner...
...you can appoint a manager
for the cable company
But why waste money
on the manager's salary?
Oh you will never
stop being a miser
I won't
Hey you, wait here
This my office,
who are you to stop me?
You might be the owner
but your assistant has
brought the cable to streets
I am the owner,
I should show the movies
How can you do it?
I got 1000 for the film
and 500 extra for the sound
Today's collection is extraordinary
There is a market for such
occasional screening
Who paid you to show the film?
That fellow at the center eh?
Why is he not blinking?
Why does a dead body
need entertainment?
Does he have no kin?
I am the son, right here
He passed away today at 4pm
My brother will arrive from
Dubai tomorrow 4 pm
The relatives are already
tired of mourning
So I thought of entertaining them
They need energy to mourn tomorrow
Besides, this was my Dad's last wish too
That's why in this cinema
Oh the ways in which
the movies bring you money
Can I ask you for something?
You just emptied my wallet!
What more do you want?
What is this?
Read it yourself
Yoga retreat centre
March 1st
8:30 am to 6 pm
Venue: Sri Prakashchandra
gurujiAshram, Nanjangud
I want to the go retreat,
can you please take me?
I cannot come for this
You can take the kids and go
Where to, dad?
Your Mom needs exercise
So she is going to a
yoga retreat centre
Dad, what is today's strike about?
Your dad can't read newspaper
How would he know?
It is about fuel price hike
Mom see dad knowledge
You don't need to
be literate to know that
Dad, just because
the fuel price has gone up...
...don't drop
the new car plans
Oh he will surely buy
How are you so sure of that?
Well, how does the fuel price matter?
The car is never going
to leave the garage
What happened
to the nature camp?
It was lovely
Mornings we had talks
on conservation
Evenings we had camp fire
What is a camp fire?
Your dad wouldn't know
Do you know?
You collect wood, light fire,
sit around it and sing songs
What did you do?
I sang
- English?
- No, Kannada
There were a few
who sang English songs
They were all from Bangalore
All rich kids
One was the son of a builder
Another was the son of an IG
He kept clicking pictures
of the girls at the camp
- Did he click yours too?
Did you pose for him?
No, but he still clicked
You should have said no
He wouldn't listen
Finally a girl complained
and then he backed off
Such pictures have
caused many a suicides!
This is just like getting your picture
taken at the studios
You don't know anything
Pictures take on mobile
can make the girls look nude
You cannot do that
on a mobile phone
You need a computer
to morph images
Look Dad, Mom always
wants to have the last word
How will an idiot
like you know anything?
Of course you are
the smart one here
Oh the whole place need plastering
It has been pending for a while now
I haven't been able to rent it out
This is just one day's job
Please get it done
Today we are working on the ceiling
of the new police station
Monday we will do the flooring
I will get to this after that
That will be great
I will leave now
Let us have tea first
Hey you contractor
How much do I owe you?
Let me return that money
Just because you
complain to the inspector
I will not be scared
Don't be swayed by others
Inspector gets 50 percent
of my commission
I will throw you out of here
We know about
Inspector Ravishankar
He doesn't take bribes like you
I was talking to him
Why are you itching?
Yes, there are too
many mosquitoes off late
Let me buy you a mosquito coil
Of course you would
You are not paying
What did you say?
Let go...let go
Calm down
Hey Rajendra!
I will have
my chance to get you
I'll show you then
He came like a tiger,
but left like a cat
You didn't have to take my side
That too he is a police man
Why should I be scared?
I have never committed a mistake
Never will
I don't need
to be afraid of anyone
Watch out!
There is a car coming
The driver will watch out for me
Don't be so confident
lam going ahead
lam too hungry to wait
Hi Sindhu
Do you remember me?
Tarun, right?
I am lucky you
haven't forgotten me
How come you are here?
I came to see you
So you live around here?
Yes, that is my house
Oh nice
Mom, I am hungry
Give me something to eat
Just a minute
Did you buy the vegetables?
Yes Sister is bringing them
There is upma
Help yourselves
Hey Shreya
Where is your sister?
I thought she was right behind you
Why she not come till now?
We walked together
till Lakshman uncle's house
Then I ran home
Where did she go?
Mom, the vegetables
are on sister's bed
Look here
Give me mom
Sindhu, are you inside?
Come out
lam freshening up, just a moment
Can you not answer
when I call out?
She must be listening
to the Walkman, Mom
Oh she forgets world
when listening to that
Come, have coffee
0k Mom
I was so worried!
Don't worry
Nobody else has seen it
I will even delete it right now
But you have to listen to me
I have something
important to discuss
I will come to your
backyard at midnight
Meet me there
I will not come
Why are you crying Sindhu?
I am not here to make you cry
If that was the case,
I would have shared this
with the world, but I won't do that
Because I love you too much to do that
Please come and see me at midnight
No I will not
If you don't, this will go public
Your family will be embarrassed
We could sort this out ourselves
But if you tell your
parents about this,
I will surely put this up
on the internet
You will come, I know
You didn't even have coffee
Have some milk now
No Mom
I have a headache
I feel feverish
I told you not to use
the walkman so much
Shall I get you some medicine?
No, I will just lie down
At least have some dinner
Do you know how late it is?
It is raining so much
lam sure some cable
will snap somewhere
Do you always have to speak ill?
I have some work, may
I go home early today?
Careful, no one can
see you in this dark
Thanks bro
Don't go after some
girl with the umbrella
Tarun, please let me go
You haven't understood
the seriousness of it all
You are in big trouble
Please don't cause me any harm
I had no such intentions
But you failed me
You are going to pay for it
Listen, we are poor folks
We live for our honor
Please think of her as
one among your family
Don't spoil her life please
I am not responsible for that
You are
See this
Today, you have seen it
Tomorrow the whole world will
If that happens,
we will have to kill ourselves
Oh then I will
delete this right now
But your daughter
has to come with me
Else, I will telecast
worldwide this video
No, I will not let that happen
Please let my daughter go
lam begging you
We live for honor
Please let her go
I will let her go
Then why don't you
come with me?
You or her?
If you agree,
the video will be deleted
Else, it will be
telecast worldwide
Who walked in with dirty feet?
Are they playing me again?
What happened dear?
Tell me
What happened?
What happened?
Tell me
What happened?
Tell me
What happened?
'We live for honor
Please let her go'
'I will let her go'
'Then why don't you
come with me?'
'You or her?'
'If you agree
the video will be deleted'
'Else, it will be
telecast worldwide'
He isn't breathing
What happened?
Iam trying to call Dad
Line is dead
What shall we do till dawn?
Come with me
Bring the shovel
Go...take it
Sindhu, what are you thinking?
Shovel in the mud
'It is Ponnappa's story henceforth'
What do we do now?
I don't know
lam still shivering
I didn't get this scared
even when we buried him
I don't know where I got
the courage from
Did we make a mistake?
No, what you did was right
If we had gone to the police,
we wouldn't worry so much
He was the son of an IG
They would have destroyed
our entire family
What then would be
our daughter's future?
I cannot take
this tension any more
Don't worry so much
We haven't harmed any one
I will not let anyone
harm my family
Dad, I found this in that room
What is this?
I think it is his car key
Must be close by
We must find it now
It is a yellow colored car
Was there anything else there?
I didn't check properly
Where had he fallen?
You said he was
hit on the head...
...l don't see any blood
It must have been
an internal injury
We need to clean this all up
Bring me a cover
There! SIM card
Don't touch it!
The phone must be traced
...all details can be obtained
Where did the 2nd phone
get deactivated?
Don't go out till I get back
Don't invite any
neighbours home
It should look like
there is no one at home
Where are you going?
I need to find
that car and move it
Please come back soon
We cannot bear your absence
I will be back by nightfall
Bring me my bag
Why are you crying?
Tell me your worries
I am scared
I will go to jail, Dad!
You won't go to jail
As long as I am alive,
I will not let that happen
This is a father's promise
Sir, this is all I have
Please take it
That won't be enough
If you had come yesterday to
the station it would have been only 300
You made me come here
so it is 600 now
This is for passport verification
If you want to go
to Singapore, pay up
Alright, sir
How much is yours?
200, sir
Here, keep this 100
How do I survive if I
pay you that much?
Oh no, it is him!
This guy is your dad?
Then you pay extra 1000
Why sir?
He is a rank student
He wanted to study in Singapore
So, I am sending him
Where can I get
1000 rupees from?
If you don't pay,
I will tear up this form
No sir, you are still upset
about that incident at the tea shop
I just acted according
to Rajendra's script
Who is that?
Isn't that Rajendra Ponnappa?
Could be
Where is his house?
Do you see
the coffee plantation?
He owns it all
Yes, Chandrashekar speaking
No changes in plan
We start the board
meeting at 12 exactly
Where is Tarun?
His phone is always switched off
He switches it off because
you call him so often
I have often told you
not to disturb him
Give him some freedom
Or else he will rebel
Too much freedom
is the problem
There's a limit to everything!
Tarun has crossed all limits!
We provided him with everything
and spoiled him
He has a car, laptop,
internet and credit cards
Why does a student
need all these things?
Do you know he
spent 50,000 last month?
He bought clothes and shoes
He even showed me the bills
He is misusing your love and trust
You don't understand it!
I saw the bills too
6 pants, 6 shins and 2 pair of
shoes mentioned in the bill
It doesn't match with
what is in his room
That is a fake bill
Then where is
the rest of the money?
He is certainly misusing it
You checked his room again?
That is why he left home
You are not respecting his privacy
That is why the two of you
do not get along
Where is the question of privacy
between parents and children?
Only if you have something
to hide do you need privacy
You wouldn't understand that
It's my damn fate!
No sir, I am headed
to Delhi this evening
Just two days meeting
Thank you, sir
I need a fully charged
second hand mobile
The new ones are better sir
No, I need only
a second hand one
Take this
This one has great
battery backup
How much is it?
Rs 800:'-
Put the SIM card in
for me, please
Take it
Could you also help me
reduce the volume?
'The subscriber you are calling
is not answering'
'I want to go to Prakash Chandra
Guruji's yoga retreat'
Hey, move your vehicle
There is a quarry near a village
called Chattahalli, 26 km from here
There a huge, deep pond
in the middle of the quarry
Why so late?
I assumed you won't
make it today
Where is the collection?
In the drawer?
lam off for 2 days,
so take care of the work here
Where are you off to?
I am off to the yoga
retreat center at Nanjang ud
My wife has been
wanting to go there
Any problem, brother?
No, why do you ask?
You are acting strange
lam just fine
But if I find out that
you goofed up...
...while I was away,
then you are in trouble
That sounds more like you
See you
Seet ha
Mom, it is dad
What happened?
We were very scared
without you
Please don't leave us, Dad
I will not go anywhere
I'll be right here
What did you do with the car?
I have taken care of it
Don't worry
What did you do with the car?
I need a bath first,
get me a towel
Aren't you scared?
About what?
Who is he?
Nobody by that name was here
Nor did we see this guy
From now onwards
that will be our story
We shouldn't look
scared or worried
That is what will give us away
I realized this when my
office boy asked ifl was fine
If a simpleton can understand
something has changed, anyone can
So does he suspect
something is amiss?
He did, for a while
But when I spoke to him as usual,
he forgot about it
So we should all behave
normally from now onwards
What happened to the car, Dad?
You are better off
not knowing some things
Don't worry about
what you do not know
We leave town tomorrow morning
If someone asks, tell them we are
going to the yoga retreat
A break will ease off the mind
But the retreat was yesterday
Off to a trip
with the whole family?
Do you own this bus?
Yes, we bought it second hand
Four tickets to Nanjangud
How can I take
money from you?
So you are visiting
your in-laws there?
No we are going
for the yoga retreat
Oh good
May God be with you
Get tickets please
"Tell me, oh God"
"Is this fair?"
"Please open your eyes"
"...to our sad plight"
"We come to you
when in pain"
"But if you are the source..."
"...whom do we complain to?"
"Tell me, oh God"
"You kill the vermin
that attack a tree"
"You don't let
a snake amidst birds"
"Tigers do not hunt their own"
"But humans prey
on other humans here"
"lfthe string frays,
won't the garland break?"
"God is the bond
that protects us"
What are you looking at?
We are trying to forget
But it is hard
We should forget everything
They can prove the incident
with just one bit of proof
That is what
I am worried about
lam trying hard
to protect you all
Please trust me
and listen to me
'Tell me, oh God"
"Is this fair?"
Connect me to the cyber cell
"Happy are they..."
"...who wish ill on others
Indeed it is a dark age"
"Good souls are
being tormented"
"Where do they go?"
"Please give them the strength
to face all their troubles"
"Make them strong
to face anyone"
"There is turmoil here"
"Where do we find peace?"
"Dear god, save us,
hold our hands"
We traced Tarun's
mobile number...
"travelling via Shimoga,
Hubli, Kolhapur, Pune...
...and finally to
Mumbai's Y P Nagar
That is an industrial area
The mobile was switched off there
He did say he has friends
in Goa and Mumbai
He might be on
a holiday with them
"Tell me, oh God"
"Is this fair?"
"We come to you
when in pain"
"But if you are the source..."
"...whom do we complain to?"
"Tell me, oh God"
It appears the car has
been submerged for days
Yes, madam, two or three weeks
Who found it?
Some local boys swimming found it
They informed us
Excuse me, did you
search in the water?
We did sir
We found nothing
Nothing you need to worry about
Mr Sridhar Munhy, wrap it up
before the media finds out
Sure, madam
Madam, on March 1st at
7:18 pm, the last recorded...
...call to Tarun's phone
was from 9448072505
It originated from
Moornadu near Madikeri
The phone was switched
off at midnight
Then it got switched on
at 10:10 on 2nd
The mobile was finally
switched off in Mum bai
So our investigations must center around
Moornadu station and the quarry
We must find out
who Tarun spoke to last
Okay, mad am
Yes, send him in
From the account number
you mentioned...
...money was last withdrawn on
the 1st at the Moornadu ATM
How much?
20,000 rupees
Rs 20,000?
Why would he need that much?
The mobile with which the call
on 1st March was made...
...and the mobile that received
the call on 2nd are different
Two different IMEI numbers
Probably, he withdrew money
to buy a new mobile
Not a chance
He just bought a mobile
two-three months ago!
Roopa, I think
our son is in trouble
Hey, what is this?
Panchayat tax!
I can see that
Why haven't you paid the tax?
I told you to pay it
three weeks ago
I don't think it
was three weeks ago
Oh really?
Did I not tell you to pay
the day afterl came from the retreat?
His name is
Tarun Chandrashekar
...the son of our IG,
Roopa Chandrashekar
He's missing
He was in our police station limits
on 1st March, telephone records
This is his car number
KA-01, CA-7209
A Maruti Zen found in the
lake of Chattahalli quarry
Hey Ranga!
How is the child?
He's better, sir
They're discharging
him tomorrow
Right, fork out 100 rupees
- Sir...no money
- Hey! Out with it
Sir, please...sir
Where did this
20 come from?
- I have only that much, sir
- Hey, get lost
He swindles everything
Half a pack of cigarettes
Sir, tea?
Mo, get going
We've got a super case
All of us running behind it
What case?
What can I say?
Ayellow Maruti Zen has been
found in the neighboring quarry
Which quarry?
The one in Chattahalli
Why are the Moornadu
police investigating?
There's no case
The IG office wants
information on the car
The IG can order us
just like that
But it is us who have
to do the actual work
What is the matter?
What is this new habit?
I felt like paying you today
Don't be stubborn
You already have
a grudge against him
Look, God is the reason
behind all adversity
Sir, I saw him drive the car!
When I spoke of the car now,
he was shocked
Sir, he has something
to do with this case
Look, if he is guilty,
he will surely turn and look at us
What do you
have to say now?
What is the connection between
Rajendra Ponnappa and the lG's son?
Sir, it's like creating
a connection between...
...the holy thread
and the loincloth thread
This is due to the grudge that
Suryaprakash bears against Rajendra
Or Suryaprakash may have
mistaken someone else for Rajendra
Sir, Rajendra Ponnappa
is a good man
I too know that
But Suryaprakash is
strongly convinced
Come in
Sir, on Sunday,
March 2nd, at 7:30 am...
...l was at Lingaraju's house
for passport verification
That's the day I saw Rajendra
Look at my diary entry, sir
Shreya and Sindhu
This Saturday, March 1st
where were we?
At the Yoga Dhyana Center
at Nanjangud
When did we return?
Next day, Sunday
- What time?
- In the evening
- Where was the retreat?
-At Nanjangud
- Where in Nanjangud?
- Prakash Ch-
At the ashram of
Prakash Chandra Guruji
Where was the retreat
in the ashram?
In the main hall
What is all this?
Will the police come?
But I cannot say when
The later they com e,
the better for us
You don't have to
fear anything
They too are clueless
about that boy
They have no
witness or evidence
To get witnesses,
they can do anything
To make us talk,
they'll play games frighten us
They may even hit me
and your mother
If they can't find
anything, they'll leave
That's why we must stay united
Our statements
must not change
Dad...Dad, will they
beat you badly?
Why do you fear it?
Don't we beat you
when you make a mistake?
Think of this as the same thing
I am scared, Daddy!
Don't fear anything
Go sleep well
Good Night
Will they believe
what you say?
Many people would have
seen you on that day
Then how will we
make them believe?
Seetha, our family has suffered something
that should have never happened
We only have two ways out
One, we accept our crime,
or two, we face the problem
This crime was not
done on purpose
So my conscience doesn't
accept us surrendering
Let's face the problem
I don't know
if we will win or lose
But I will never let you
or the children go to jail
I cannot confirm
that it was Rajend ra
Hey, did you not say
to me you saw him?
You asked me if it was Rajendra
...and I said possibly
Did I say I was certain
it was Rajendra?
Sir, this guy and Rajendra
are partners
Ask that guy if you want
What do you say?
No sir, I didn't observe him properly
I don't think it was Rajendranna
Can you at least tell me
if this was the car?
The color is the same, but I
doubt it's the same car
What do you have to say?
Sir, I didn't note the number
the color is the same
Sir, there are many cars
like this in our village
Our auditor's car is yellow
The bank manager's car
is also yellow
Why, even our family
doctor's car too-
Enough, stop it!
I thought you decided
it was him by seeing that car
- We will decide that
- Do so
Srinivas, any fax?
Yes sir, from the lG's office
Last month, the lG's son had gone
to a Nature Club camp
There were two girls from our
General Thimmaiah public school
One of them
was Rajendra's daughter
Her name is Sindhu
Sir, didn't I tell you earlier?
Look now
Sir, why waste thought on this?
We'll treat Rajendra
to some police-style thrashing
The truth will
then come out
This information
must not be leaked
- Madam
- Yes?
Sindhu...you are needed
by the principal
0k ma'am
'There is only one way
for the police to find out...'
'...our fear'
That's why you must
behave casually and normally
The police have no clue
about what happened here
They will come to us with
fabricated situations and lies
Don't ever say
you don't know Tarun
But don't accept that
you saw him in our village
- May I come in, ma'am?
-Yes, come in
Yes, n1auan1?
Sindhu, this is Inspector Ravishankar
He wants to ask you something
Are you Rajendra Ponnappa's daughter?
Yes, sir
Do you know him?
This is...Tarun
How do you know Tarun?
I saw him in the state-level
nature camp last month
Do you know anything
more about him?
I know he is the lG's son
Did he tell you that himself?
No sir, his companions
were speaking of it, sol know
Does your acquaintance
with him end there or...?
We had only seen each other
I know him just like I knew
the others in the camp
You say you don't know him well
Yet you remember
his name clearly!
Tarun was very famous in the camp
There were several
issues concerning him
What issues?
He used to photograph
everyone in the camp
He clicked the picture of some lawyer's
daughter and it became a big issue
Did you see Tarun here
after the cam p?
No, sir
Why sir?
ls there a problem?
I was told you saw him
Who? Tarun?
No sir
It's all lies
U! Tam come to y our
house on March 1st'?
Our house?
No sir
Which date did you say it was?
That is...-
This month on
March 1st...understood?
Sir, we were not
even in town that day
Where had you gone?
To a yoga retreat in Nanjangud
Who all went to the retreat?
Father, mother, me
and my younger sister
When did you return?
The next evening
Was the retreat for two days?
No sir,just one day
We stayed over that night,
watched a movie next day, and returned
Sir, what is the matter?
This boy has been
missing for some days
But we have proof that he was in
our village on March 1st and 2nd
Since they knew each other,
we wondered if they met
No sir, I haven't seen
Tarun after the camp
That's it...thank you
You're welcome, sir
You are Rajendra's wife aren't you?
What brings you home at
this unusual hour, Rajendra?
Some unwanted guests
have come, that's why
Sir, the principal called my wife to
say you visited Sindhu's school
She grew afraid and called me
I called the police station,
and they told me you were coming here
That's why I am here
What's the problem sir?
Nothing...l need to speak to you
Why don't we speak inside?
Have you seen this boy?
What about you?
No sir
Have you seen this car somewhere?
No, sir
Rajendra, can we speak freely?
Tell me, sir
It will help us all
Tarun Chandrashekar,
IG Roopa Chandrashekar's son
He's been missing
for the last 25 days
Your daughter got to know him in
the nature camp last month
We have proof that this
Maruti Zen came here
Last week, this car was found in
the lake in the Chattahalli quarry
We have two reasons
for coming here
One, your daughter knows
Tarun Chandrashekar
Secondly, our Suryaprakash has
seen you drive away in that Zen car
Your friend, that beggar
I went to his house because his son's
passport came up for verification
That day I saw you
drive away that Zen
I made my deductions
I realized Tarun had come here
and that's why the car was here
But we were not
here on March 1st
We had gone to the meditation centre
and was back only on the 2nd
Isn't this more than enough, sir?
What more evidence do you need?
Laughing it away will not
make a lie the truth, Rajendra
Your wife mentions
dates 1st and 2nd...
...even when we have
not talked about it
Why the sarcasm?
Is it because
what he said was not true?
Why should I jeer at the police?
Look at her, she's still scared
She does not know even now
what exactly is happening
All that happened in school
has been told to her by the principal
That is why she blurted out
everything in fear
In their efforts to save
the school reputation...
...they not only confused
themselves but her also
Okay, we'll leave that
for the moment
You have not answered as to
whether you drove the Zen car or not
What is the use of answering?
He already has enmity towards me
The whole town knows it
He will not believe
anything I say
It is not important
who believes what
We have to find the truth
Then I will tell you
He is lying
He must have seen
someone else
Because right from 8 am on 1st of March
till the 2nd, we were at Nanjangud
No, sir
I am very sure it was
definitely him who I saw
Now tell me in detail,
the events that happened...
...from 1st morning
to 2nd evening
We left in a private bus
at 5:30 am
When you returned
it was raining heavily, right?
My wife and kids got wet in the rain
and that's why they fell sick
The children have not
gone to school for 2 days
Since there are bills to prove all this
something is really fishy here
This is the 1st time I'm meeting a person
who preserves even his bus ticket
We live very economically
We don't have money sources
like bribes and commissions
When expenses go up...
...we have to examine our accounts
to see where we can reduce
That's why I collect all bills
How much area
is your property?
4 acres, sir
Come on, get into the jeep
I am so stupid
I blurted out the date
before they asked
Since you showed them the bills
They believe you, don't they?
Those evidences prove we were fools
to believe you and question them
lam saying the truth, sir
Just arrest and deal with him good
and proper at the station, he will talk
Let us inform the IG first
All nonsense!
Sir, do as I say
Let us make him talk
and then inform the IG
Will the police
come here again?
Yes, they will
- What is his name?
- Rajendran Ponnappa
Was it he who drove
the car away?
Are you sure it was
my son's car?
I did not seethe number
But it was the same color
He claims they had
gone out on 1st and 2nd
He is lying
In support of that, he has
shown us, all the bills and tickets
Yes sir
But we don't know for sure
how authentic they are
That will not be
difficult to find out
After all he is an ordinary villager
And that too uneducated
His cleverness will not stand
a chance against our brains
- Ma'am...
- Don't waste time talking
Tomorrow, he has to come here
with his wife and children
Got it?
No need for protocol
I can check it out myself
- Bopaiah
The police have taken our Rajendra
and his family into custody
How did you go to Nanjangud?
We left here in
a private bus at 5:30 am
Why didn't you buy the tickets?
The bus conductor is
a friend of my husband
Even when we insisted, he refused
to take money or give tickets
When did you
reach the retreat center?
8:30...the retreat had begun
before we got there
We reached there by 8:30,
the retreat had begun by then
When did you reach
the retreat center?
Even if we say everything
the same way, it may be a problem
For example, the question of time...
Your mother and I will tell
them the correct time
But you're kids, you can
tell them the wrong time
I don't remember the exact time
But the retreat had started
by the time we reached
At what time did the retreat
start in Nanjangud?
The retreat had started
by the time we reached
But your parents say the retreat
started half an hour after you reached
The police will twist the same question
in many ways to confuse you
But you mustn't get confused
Understand the question
and then answer
No madam, the retreat had
started before we got there
Move away
No one in front of the gates
Don't you understand?
- Let us in
- Hey get lost
What happened, Bopaiah?
They won't let anyone in
They've thrown us all out!
Open the gate!
That is my daughter, son-in-law,
and children inside, let me in
Not without permission
from the higher authorities
Then we had food
Which hotel?
I don't remember the name
0k, do you remember
what you ate?
Your father, mother, sister,
everyone ate biryani?
Yes, they too had biryani
But your sister said
you had fried rice
The police will lie about
what your mother and I say
...they will try to confuse you
Don't believe them, and don't change
your answer no matter what
They must have forgotten
We all had biryani
I remember very clearly
- Mr Ravishankar
-Yes, ma'am
Hello, what? No...no
Who said so?
All lies, it's nothing
lam in a meeting
I'll call you back
It's some TV channel
They have
received rumors...
...that we have arrested
a family about our son
They are asking if we
are interrogating them
Just leave it!
Mr Ravishankar,
what do you think about it?
It's not as easy
as we thought it would be
They're all very tough
They have similar answers
They are also very firm
about their answers
Especially the little girl
She is tremendous
That's it!
The child's statement is so strong
Isn't that unusual?
I too suspect the same
What if they are telling
the truth and you are wrong?
No, no
One thing is true
They know something
about Tarun
But their statement-
It's a cooked up story!
This is their fiction
But it won't sell here
Madam, we know
they are lying
How about a lie detector test?
Who made you a policeman?!
It's not something we can
do when we feel like it
We will need a court order
So, we'll get one
See Chandra, we must prove to
the court that they are lying
But here the evidence
supports their statement
I have an idea to poke
holes in their story
Ask all the characters
of the story to come here
Yes, ma'am
One more thing, If he didn't go
to the retreat on March 1st...
...he must have been in the village
He must have gone to his office
Does he have
any frequent haunts?
Yes, madam
He regularly visits the tea shop
opposite the station
Very good! Get the teashop owner
and his office staff immediately
One more thing, let them feel
we believe their story
You got it?
Sure, ma'am
To tell the truth, I was scared
when I faced the police
But God has
saved us somehow
It's all over
Seet ha
Nothing is over
They'll come again
They'll come again? Why?
Can't you at least tell me
what the problem is?
Shekar, all families
have some secrets
Don't ask me about that
But I need your help
Okay, tell me what to do
I well known Rajendra
from a young age
He is very innocent
Very good man
I didn't ask for his
character certificate
Just answer the questions correctly
On the 1st of March, how many times
did Rajendra come to your shop?
He usually comes twice
Once for tea in the evening
And then for food at night
Sometimes he doesn't
come at night
Hey, just answer the questions
you are asked
How many times did Rajendra
visit your shop on March 1st?
March 1st
he came twice
I am mistaken
Rajendra wasn't in
the village on the 1st
He had gone to some
retreat in Nanjangud
Why didn't you say that before?
Forgive me sir,
I suddenly remembered
Even last week he was
talking about the retreat
What did Rajendra say
about the retreat?
If a man needs to
overcome a situation...
...if he is hasty it is of no use
But if he is patient and thoughtful,
he can overcome any difficulty
When did Rajendra
return from the retreat?
- The next day
-What time?
I don't know
He didn't come
to the office that day
Do you know this man?
Yes sir
Did he recently
travel in your bus?
Four-five days back
Any time before that?
I think the 1st of this month...
Where did they say
they were going?
To some retreat center
in Nanjangud
One double room
Sir, 750 plus tax
This doesn't seem
like a family lodge
Shall we go elsewhere?
Madam, many families stay here
Let me show you the room
ls he a regular customer?
No, sir
How then do you
remember him so well?
Only when I showed them
the room, they decided to stay
When did they occupy the room?
Don't remember sir
Did they say why they
came to Nanjangud?
No, I don't think so
Did you check the ledger entry?
These people maintain two ledgers
One has Rajendra's registration
He checked in at 6:15 pm on the 1st
and checked out next morning
Why two ledgers?
One for people who want bills
the other for those who don't want them
How come you
remember him so well?
Can one forget such
a good customer?
- Are you the owner?
-Yes sir
Why, sir?
The biryani was great
Other than my house,
your hotel serves the best biryani
Thank you very much sir!
Not just the taste,
your hotel is also very clean
It's understandable that
you remember him
But remembering when he came,
and why he came...
That is surprising!
He told me that, sir
How can I as a good businessman
forget a good customer?
Hey. get lost!
Hey you!
How is it possible for these people
to seethe family in Nanjangud...
...when you say
they were at home?
I feel Rajendra is speaking the truth
He is the one who is lying
No madam, I am not lying
I saw Rajendra that day
If that is proved false,
I will resign from my job!
Did you contact the guru
who conducted the retreat?
Yes ma'am, he was in Mumbai
he may be back now
Get him on the phone
From what you are telling me,
they must have come here...
If he can remember my talk
with such detail and clarity...
...they must have come
I have never previously delivered
the yogic message I gave that day
That's why I feel
they must have come
Can any other participant
have told them?
No one else could have spoken
of the retreat in such detail
Thank you, Guruji
Mom, where are
Dad and Shreya?
I too want to run a
theatre in our village
Do so, sir
This is a digital projector
the light intensity will not lessen,
No sound problems,
and no changing carbon
Very less maintenance too
Dad, tickets
My wife
and my elder daughter
Do you know
when they came?
They came on March 2nd
How do you so correctly
remember the date?
Sir, they came to
the projector room itself
They spoke of the previous day's
retreat, hotel stay and all
Hey...Get lost
ls our investigation going
the correct route?
I think so
But we don't have a single
bit of evidence so far
All the evidence supports them
lam not basing my
thinking on evidence
His behavior,
his manner of speech
We can look at these to see
if he is speaking the truth
We are trained for that
The evidence might
support him...
...but he is lying
I can feel it
It may also be a mother's
concern for her missing son
I think...l underestimated him
He is definitely not a
fourth-standard passed half-wit
He's smart!
From the information
collected so far...
...we know Rajendra
has been here 35 years
Provision stores, video library,
real estate this is how he has prospered
Though he has studied only
till class 4, along with Kannada...
...he can speak Tamil, Telugu,
Malayalam, and English
Interestingly, he learned these
languages watching cinema
Yes madam, he's crazy about films
There's nothing he hasn't seen
How can an
ordinary man live like this?
It's an interesting point
to think about
It's an important link
You see hundreds of people a day
Isn't it surprising to remember
one family among those people?
You even know when
and why they traveled
That is something
to think about
You say they finished
the retreat on the 1st...
...and traveled
with you on the 2nd
How are you able to
remember this after 25 days?
I don't know exactly
You just said they were
coming back from the retreat
When I saw them recently,
they reminded me
Three days ago
Hello, uncle
You all here?
Sir, you don't recognize me?
Don't you remember him?
We finished the retreat on the 1st
and returned on the 2nd in his bus
Ah, I remember now
After the retreat on the 1st, we
returned in his bus on the 2nd
Has the movie started?
No sir, how come you are alone?
Didn't bring the family?
How can I get them every time
from Moornad to Nanjangud?
What about the costs?
Last time, there was a retreat
here on March 1st
Sol came with the family
Murali, last time when we went
to the retreat in Nanjangud...
...we didn't pay you
You have to give us
tickets this time
It's been a while since you came
Not at all
After the retreat with
Guruji on the 1st...
...we stayed over at a hotel
and ate your biryani
Have you already forgotten?
He hasn't come to our
lodge since, madam
I told you the other day...
We went to a retreat 20 days ago
on 1st and 2nd March
I told you, remember?
Didn't I tell you to pay the tax
the day after the retreat?
Tell me, when did I
go to the retreat?
March 1st, Saturday
Tell me again when?
March 1st, Saturday
Hello...no, this is not the IG,
SI Ravishankar here
Yes, yes, the IG
called from this phone
Who is it?
Guruji on line
Tell me, Guruji
Yes, we gave all
participants a CD
We also registered their names
Their names aren't in the register
Perhaps they ordered the CD
using a different name
Might possible
But there is no proof that they
were in the village on the 1st and 2nd
We left here in
a private bus at 5:30 am
When we reached
the retreat had begun
But your sister said
you all had fried rice
She must have forgotten
How can I forget
a good customer?
It was the 2nd I think
He came to
the projector room itself
The bus conductor is
my husband's friend
He didn't accept our
money or give tickets
He didn't come
to the office that day
I don't remember
the hotel name
March 1st Saturday
They traveled
in our bus on the 1st
I don't know
when we reached
It's a family lodge
I'll show you your room
When I recently saw them
we returned on the 2nd in his bus
He just recreated that day
Don't you get it?
He just recreated that day
He has recreated the missing days
March 1st and 2nd are the dates
he has recreated to make us believe
What is important in a film?
Some scenes deeply
affect our minds
Their travel on
the 1st and 2nd is a lie
They have really
executed it very well
It is true that they visited
all those places
But it was not
on March 1st and 2nd
It was March 3rd and 4th
That is, two days later
This is why we have not
been able to trap him
Two days later? You mean
Monday and Tuesday?
You are right madam
The children didn't go
to school on those days
When we enquired,
when returning from the retreat...
...they said they were caught
in the rain and fell ill
The kids didn't go to
school for two days
He even showed us
the medical bills
They are all fake bills!
How about the entry in
the lodge's ledger on the 1st?
The cinema tickets on the 2nd?
And the bus tickets
He has shown them all to us
This is an important point, madam
No, here is where
fourth-standard-pass Rajendra...
...has fooled us
He tells us he went to
the retreat on the 1st and 2nd
But they actually went
on the 3rd and 4th
And that too
in his friend's bus
So no tickets
They spent the entire day
of the 3rd in Guruji's ashram
There, he learnt of the retreat and
obtained the CD under a false name
That night he went to the lodge
He cleverly registered as
having checked in on the 1st
On 2nd, Rajendra
drove Tarun's car
He bought a mobile on the way
He inserted Tarun's
SIM into it...
...and threw the phone onto
the back of a National Permit lorry
Without anyone noticing, he pushed
the car into the Chattahalli quarry lake
He then went to a restaurant...
...and secretly retrieved
someone else's bill for four people
He then bought
4 tickets at the theatre
That night, he returned
home on the KSRTC bus
There too, he bought
4 tickets for the ride
Whatever they did
on the 3rd and 4th...
...he made it look like they
did it on 1st and 2nd
This is how he has recreated
1st and 2nd on the 3rd and 4th
And he is mocking at
the entire police department
But we have no
evidence to prove this
We only have this theory with us
Roopa, if what you say
is true, where is Tarun?
Why did he go to them?
Those answers we have to
extract from him only
Stop...what is this sir?
Leave my wife...my kids
Stop, where are you taking them?
Take them away
Let them go
They haven't done
anything wrong
Leave them
You think you can do
what you please?
What atrocity is this?
No humane feelings
Shekar, I need your help
Tell me what to do
If the police arrest me again,
inform all the TV channels
Suvarna news?
Where is my son?
I don't know, madam
We weren't even
in town that day
What do you think?
You think we are idiots?
We know you fabricated evidence
and yourjourney to do that
Why did my son
come to see you?
What is your relationship with him?
I haven't seen Tarun after
the nature camp madam
There is no use lying
Things will go well
if you tell the truth
Or else, we will ask you
questions in a different way
I really don't know anything
If you confess,
it will only help you
We are telling you the truth
We know nothing
- That day-
- Suryaprakash
Hey, spit it out
I swearl don't know anything!
Where is the boy?
Speak out
Don't hit him
Madam, tell him to stop
Hold on
Don't hurt him
Please leave him
I truly know nothing
No, don't
Let him go
Please let him go
Listen to us
speak UP
Oh lord!
Stop, please don't hit him
They've got Tarun's
friend Alex here
Ask them to stop
Stop it, that's enough!
Come with me
Suryaprakash, stop it
Rajendra, if you know anything
of the boy, tell us
Why all this pain?
Sir, we know nothing
Why don't you
at least tell us?
No one is allowed to enter
No shooting with the camera
If you do so...
Look, how these guys speak
Such high-handedness!
Let them in!
They are from TV channels
Sir, we are just
doing our duty
Do you know this girl?
No, aunty
Alex, we know that you and Tarun
were in the camp together
Tarun has been
missing for 28 days
There is some connection between
her and Tarun's disappearance
That's why if you know
something, tell us
It's for your good only
I swearl don't know, uncle
The day Tarun went missing,
he called you
When we called you,
you said you knew nothing
If you keep denying this...
...we will question you differently
Whenl called him, he didn't
tell me why or where he went
What is the relationship
between this girl and Tarun?
I know you know it very well
Tell me!
Better open your mouth
Sir, he will speak
Ah, yes!
Show it to me!
Loo k!
Dude, send it to me
via Bluetooth
N0 ways!
Hell, please!
No chance
I need this for a purpose
Madam, a crowd has
gathered at the gates
Some media persons
are there too
We have no idea
how they got to know
They want to meet you
I won't see anyone!
I don't care how you do it
Keep them out
- Send them out
- Ma'am...
Look, get extra forces
if you want
Roopa, the situation has worsened
The more we try,
the more we'll look like villains
Yes...it's time to end this
Inspector, get everyone out
March out!
Suryaprakash, stay back!
We know of the video
What did you do to my son?
Speak up!
I swear we know nothing
Suryaprakash, I need the truth
Speak up!
Spit it out!
Where is the boy?
I don't know sir
- Tell me
-I don't know sir
Out with it
Speak out
I don't know anything sir
Please listen to me
Don't hit him!
Sir, leave my wife alone
Let Mom go
How dare you fool us?
Tell me
Where is he?
You dare fabricate evidence?
Where is he?
False evidence is it?!
Don't you dare
touch my daughter
Let him go!
Please stop!
We don't know anything!
Speak up!
Tell us the truth!
You rascal
They will die ifl
beat them anymore
If you want them to live,
speak the truth
If anybody know him
Please tell us
Shreya...where is she?
Hey, stay out!
Get lost!
Did this guy come home?
I don't know uncle
I want to go to my parents
Stop crying!
Dad, shall we confess?
They are torturing her!
They have no com passion
I'm afraid!
I will confess!
It will finally end
ls this why we suffered so much?
None of you will go to jail
I promise
If that happens,
I will be dead
Nothing will happen to her
Don't be afraid
Tell me the truth
Then I'll take you to your parents
Don't anger me
I'll kill you!
Roopa, let's stop this!
We are breaking the law here!
What about our son?
Don't we want to know?
Let us investigate,
but not like this
Let the child go
See how he beat them up
Did we get any clues?
What if they are innocent?
We will have to suffer for this sin
Why won't you tell me?
Tell me!
I will tell you...the truth
Don't hit me anymore
Shreya...where are you taking her?
She will show us
where you buried him
Your game is over!
The whole family will go to jail
NO one can save YOU
Into the jeep
I am Rajend ra's
father-in-law, let me in
No one is allowed to
meet the criminals!
Who is the criminal here?
What wrong have they done?
You'll know soon!
We know!
Suryaprakash is playing
out his grudge
- What is the problem sir?
-We have no idea
For the past few days, the police have
been interrogating my daughter's family
Apparently the lG's son is missing
Look, this is a false case
The whole village knows of
Rajendra and his family
They have troubled no one
Look, that constable Suryaprakash,
he has trapped them in a false case
I was terribly scared
I had to tell them the truth
Did they beat you badly?
Did I make a mistake, Dad?
No my dear
You have done
nothing wrong
Look, that Suryaprakash has
thrashed my daughter mercilessly
For no fault of ours,
he is out to destroy us
Suryaprakash, no
This is the man!
Hey, stop you rascal!
Don't let him go
Tell us what happened, little one!
Speak bravely
Tell these people what they did
No one can do
anything to us now
Police constable Suryaprakash
has been suspended
This is blatant misuse of authority
to serve a personal grudge
Constable Suryaprakash
has been suspended...
...for exercising a personal vendetta
on an innocent family
At the same time, the DGP has suggested
that the IG Roopa go on leave
Good news!
It has been ordered that further
investigations of the case...
...can only proceed
upon a court order
Look, IG Roopa Chand rashekar
has resigned her job
I feel sorry for her
What sin did she commit?
Even if she is a big official,
she's still a mother
I feel we have
been unjust to her
Your goodness is
making you think this way
But look at it another way
To save their son,
they stifled everything...
...and misused their
authority to intimidate us
We have raised a daughter,
what's wrong in protecting her?
No matter to which
family this happened...
...they too would have tried the same
So let's slowly forget all this
When did you
switch the body?
The same day I drove
the car into the lake
Where did you move it?
That is something that
I alone must know
Let it die with me
It's best for all of us
Dad, the police are here again!
Why have you come?
To torture them again?
Why are you here?
We are here to see
Rajendra Ponnappa
Do you have a court order?
She hasn't come here
as an official
We are not here
for revenge either
She is here as a mother
Tarun was born when we were
sure we'd have no children
We have pampered him
and raised him badly
We now know it is our fault
When we thought about it,
we understood...
Whatever happened to him is our
fault, we are responsible
It was our mistake
We raised him poorly
Once we understood this,
we wanted to speak to you
That's why we are here
We have unknowingly troubled you
Please forgive us
We are leaving to settle
with my brother in America
So can we please know
what happened to Tarun?
Every phone ring or calling bell sound
makes us think it's him
The disappointment of not
seeing him has brought us to you
Can we expect him
to come back?
Its okay,
I can understand
You still don't trust us
Forgive us for troubling you
Roopa...let's go
You are big-hearted people
Butl am not like you
lam an ordinary man
My world of love consists of
my wife and children
I only want this small world
I can't think of anything
other than my small world
An uninvited guest
entered our world
He tried to destroy
our happy world
We begged and pleaded with him,
but he didn't listen
In our state of helplessness,
a misfortune occurred
With no other choice...
...we sent him away
to a place of no return
Even if we didn't mean to,
we have crushed your dreams
We wanted to beg you
for forgiveness
We asked your forgiveness
in our hearts
Like everyone else, my family
is most important to me
Anyone who tries to
destroy my world...
...l won't let them be
Please forgive me
My conscience is clear
I'll drop my luggage off
in the quarters, sir
Com e, come
The inspector is here
Sir, this is Rajendra Ponnappa
Yes, I know
I've seen enough of him
in the papers and TV
Sign here
I know you are
proud you fooled us
This will only last
till we find the body
I'll be here for two or
three years at least
I will definitely find the body
No sir, I have never
thought of the police as fools
I believe you are here
to help people like me
I deeply believe that
you and this police station...
...will protect me
Today we are working on
the ceiling in the police station
On Monday, we will cement the floor