Drone (2017) Movie Script

What time did you get
in last night?
You were snoring.
I don't snore.
You do when you're stressed.
He goes back to school today.
They'll catch who did it.
He could have been killed.
Probably some stoned kids
being stupid with daddy's gun.
Looks good to me.
It's tragic.
I don't know when that happened.
Oh well.
Don't worry.
I'll talk to him today.
I wish he'd talk to me.
He's been so quiet.
Teenagers don't talk
to their parents.
They have a code of silence.
He'll be fine.
Last call
for flight 306...
Hey bud, you awake
in there?
Funny, dad.
Hey, uh... so, is gramps
gonna have a open casket?
Closed casket.
Why don't we just roast him?
Oh, that's lovely.
It's called cremation.
And no, he's going to be buried
next to your grandmother.
I think that gramps would
like to have a viking funeral.
I mean, he loved that stuff.
Like, you just, like,
put him on his boat and...
And light it on fire and,
you know,
send it out into the ocean.
Hey, there's an idea.
That's one way to get rid of
your boat.
Hey, drive him to school today?
I was planning on it.
Love you.
Love you too.
You working late?
I hope not.
You need to start thinking
about that eulogy.
I know, I will.
I'm ready when you are.
Oh, shit.
Dad, it- it doesn't matter,
Dad, come on.
I have an idea.
What if I kept the boat?
Yeah, why not?
You live in the boat and I use
your bedroom as
my second office.
- Fine with me.
I'm joking.
Come on, we're gonna be late.
You ok?
See you later.
Hey, uh...
Anytime you wanna talk,
we're here for you.
Ok, bud?
Yeah, I know.
Thanks, dad.
See ya later-
sir, let's see
some identification.
Badger, tower one.
We have confirmation target
has left the nest.
Roger that, tower one.
We're ten clicks away.
Badger, target has picked up
the package.
Wait a sec.
Tower one, badger,
we lost the link.
Badger. Tower one, abort?
Negative, tower one.
Third time this month.
Every time I'm back...
Re-acquiring a link.
It's gonna be tight.
Tower one, badger,
we're back up.
traveling north towards
the main straightaway.
Speed, altitude,
heading all good.
Target locked and we are
on the straightaway.
Tower one, badger,
are we clear to fire?
tower one, Roger that.
You are clear to fire.
Take the shot.
Three, two, one.
Impact in ten seconds.
Holding target.
Five, four, three, two...
Tower one, badger,
partial hit on target.
Confirming kill.
Wait, I think- I think
i see movement.
Wow, would you look at that.
That's one tough dune coon.
Tower one, badger,
kill is not confirmed.
Repeat, kill is not confirmed.
Permission to fire
second hellfire. Over.
Affirmative, badger.
Still locked.
Three, two, one.
Are you gonna be allowed out
of the house this weekend?
I'm busy with the funeral.
Oh, Christ.
I'm sorry, I forgot.
It's ok.
Have you ever written
a eulogy?
Yeah, actually I have.
For my uncle stu's funeral.
It did not go well.
Why, what happened?
I don't- just- ok.
He was kind of a miserable guy
and, you know, he took it out
on his wife and his kids
and everybody,
including me, so I said fuck it,
I just got up there
and told it like it was.
It was fucking hilarious.
Were you born an asshole,
Quite possibly, yeah.
Look, you're gonna be fine.
Your dad was a stand up guy.
Yeah, but how do you condense
a man's entire life
into five minutes? Huh?
There's probably an app
for that, right?
You, like, download a template,
put in his name
and then boom, it writes it
for you?
Might even give the speech
for you, huh?
Great, thanks.
I don't know, ask Ellen.
Women are good at
this kind of shit.
She's doing too much already.
Well, don't ask a guy.
You know?
We- we bury that shit for,
like, 20 years
and then deal with it
in therapy later.
- Guess what.
- What?
We're opening a new office,
right on Campbell street.
Yeah, right next to the college.
Think about how good our
lunch dates would be then.
Yeah, I think our...
Our lunch dates are working
pretty good right now.
I've been thinking.
How about a weekend away?
It can be a work thing. Right?
Like a conference or a workshop.
Whatever you want.
I don't know.
What do you mean,
you don't know?
I don't know.
Either we have something
or we don't.
Of course we do, Ted,
but a weekend away
is a whole...
Wake up next to me, Ellen.
Spend an entire day with me.
I thought we agreed no pressure.
I mean... that was sort
of the deal.
Yeah, that was the deal.
That was also three months ago.
Hey, Ted!
You were very clear.
Come on, please.
Ted, come on.
Please, don't be mad.
Promise me you'll think
about it.
I'll think about it.
I promise.
State department
spokesperson Daniel winters
said this in last night's
emergency press conference:
"Due to the latest release
of hacked NSA cables,
substantial damage
has been done.
We believe that these government
personnel have been put
at potential risk
because their names have
been compromised
in this release.
We will find those responsible
and they will be dealt
with accordingly."
In international news,
the us launched air strikes
against an Isis stronghold...
Oh, oh...
Don't hit the slide, guys.
Oh, here we go.
Remember my rule,
no hitting the bench.
Let's go!
I got it, I got it.
There you go.
Alright yeah-
throw strong.
Come on, son.
Yeah, alright.
Let's do this.
I haven't seen you around
here before.
I'm... I'm visiting.
Visiting, huh?
So, you waiting for someone,
You're meeting them here?
No, I'm just enjoying
the sunshine.
It's a lovely day.
Hey, come on,
remember what I said?
Catch it with your hand.
Geez. I tell ya.
It's a park for kids, mister.
I like it here.
I like to watch
the children playing
with their mothers and fathers.
News flash, buddy.
In this country
we don't like strangers
watching our kids.
Especially strangers like you.
So why don't you get lost?
Why don't you go to a mosque and
read that little book of yours?
I meant no offense.
Well, I'm offended. Ok?
So beat it.
Sorry if I ruined your day.
Any time now.
"Confirm visual, I repeat,
confirm visual.
You ok?
I thought you were gonna
be here earlier.
Yeah, traffic was a bitch.
You uh... can have
the dresser.
How's the eulogy coming?
Harder than I thought.
You want me to write it?
No, I said I would and I will.
He dropped bombs on Hitler.
Yet he died barely able
to hold a crayon.
I'm not ending up in
a place like this.
There's no guarantees in life,
big brother.
Hey, if I end up talking
to the walls, you shoot me.
I mean it.
Hey, did you see this?
Charlie gave it to me.
He was saying how Shane would
visit a couple times a week.
You raised a good kid.
I'm surprised he found the time.
You didn't know he visited pops?
Sure, I knew.
I just didn't think he visited
that often.
You sure didn't.
Neither did you.
Well, I guess we both dropped
the ball there.
Listen, I know we don't talk
a lot,
but I just want you to know that
I'm here for you.
And I'm here for you.
That's what dad
would have wanted.
Come on, give your
little brother a hug.
Come on.
Come here.
What are we gonna do
with all this stuff?
I'll take care of it.
You sure?
Yeah, I'm sure.
- Hey.
Hey, dad.
How was school?
It was ok.
Any updates?
What game are you playing?
Um, bullet catcher iv.
I uh, I saw your uncle today-
dad, uh, do you mind?
I'm online here
with a couple players.
I... nothing.
Can I help you?
I said, can I help you?
I was, uh, I was passing by
and I saw the sign.
Oh yeah?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to intrude.
Are you really interested?
I am interested.
I... I put an ad online,
must have been a month ago.
To be honest, I forgot the sign
was still there.
Yes, I uh, I read
the ad actually.
Want a closer look?
"Amazing grace".
Are you a sailor that keeps
the name of the boat?
Amazing grace is a perfect name.
If I buy this I will
re-paint it.
May I ask why you're selling it?
When my father couldn't
manage it on his own anymore
he gave it to me.
He's a generous man.
He was.
He passed away recently.
The cabin is in good shape.
There's beautiful mahogany
wood down below.
She's much faster
than you would expect.
So uh, one day you just decided
to jump into the deep end?
The deep end?
Yeah, looking at buying a boat
like this, you know?
Out of- out of the blue?
It was a boat from the blue,
Well, uh, just so you know
I'm asking 16-
Yes, $16,000.
Are you firm on that price?
What do you have in mind?
Perhaps we can sit down
and discuss a price
that works for both of us?
Yeah, why not?
I'm Neil wiston, by the way.
Beth, Ted's been calling
every 20 minutes, I don't
know what to do.
A weekend away?
We're talking serious risk.
I know, but I think I'll lose
him if I don't go.
And that doesn't set off
warning bells?
Ok, I got it.
You don't think I should go.
Honey, listen to me.
Right now you and Ted
have a thing.
If you go away with him,
it's not a thing anymore.
It's a different thing.
Don't go down that road
unless you're absolutely sure.
Are you there?
Ellen, are you ok?
Come here!
Get back here!
You get back here!
You little fuckers!
Oh my god.
Thank you.
I wasn't sure if uh, alcohol
was allowed.
Haram, right.
And it's been a long time
since I was in a mosque.
Oh, so you're not a-
you're not a practicing-
uh, not a practicing one, no.
This must be your son.
That's him. That's Shane.
How old?
16. Smart kid.
Takes after his dad.
May I ask what you do
for a living?
I'm in it.
Um, computers.
Jesus Christ, my laptop!
I hope this wasn't my doing.
No, no.
I'm uh, trying to write
my father's eulogy.
It's driving me crazy.
Were you and your father close?
Yeah, I like to think so.
I need a good opening.
Once I get that, then
the rest will follow.
Maybe you should start
with a childhood memory.
Speak to who
your father was,
not what he accomplished
in his life.
Oh, I got plenty of
sailing stories.
My brother Dave and I spent
every weekend on the boat
when we were kids.
There. You've got your opening.
May I make another suggestion?
In my humble opinion,
allow the story of your father
to have true meaning.
True meaning?
I was taught the dead live on
in three ways.
Through their good deeds,
through the charity other
people give in their name
and, most important,
through the knowledge they
leave behind in this world
that benefits others.
Wow, that's beautiful.
Thank you.
I hope I was helpful.
Yeah, you were.
My wife, I uh, I gotta give her
a hand.
Do you mind?
Of course.
What happened?
- I know.
You ok?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You should have called me.
I'm fine, really.
I'm imir shah.
Um, you must be Shane.
Um... my dad around, or...?
Yes, um, he's outside.
Greeting your mother.
I'm here to talk about
buying the boat.
That was my granddad's boat.
I know.
You sure you wanna buy it?
You don't think I should?
Well, I don't know, I mean,
it's just an old boat.
Hope it doesn't have termites.
Ellen, Mr. shah.
Mr. shah, I hear you're
interested in the boat.
I am. Please, call me imir.
It's nice to meet you, imir.
I'm just gonna put these down
and grab a drink.
Would you like something?
-No, thank you.
He already has a beer.
I also have real masala
chai tea, if you'd rather.
That sounds lovely,
thank you, Ellen.
Great. Sure.
Do you need a hand?
No, I'm fine. Thank you.
You really do have
a beautiful home.
Thank you.
Yeah, we're uh,
we're working on it.
You're coming home from work,
is that right?
She teaches at the uh,
community college.
What do you teach?
I teach, um, comparative
You're an anthropology teacher.
Ethnology, actually.
You must have read Levi Strauss.
You know his work?
I was under the impression
his ideas were central
to ethnological methodology.
Well, in structuralism, yeah.
A bit out of fashion these days.
Why, are you an-
Unfortunately, no.
I'm a computer engineer.
My father threatened
to pull me out of Oxford
if I switched disciplines.
God, I'd love to study
at Oxford.
It's not nearly as glamorous
as the brochures and films
make it seem.
We should probably get back
to the business at hand.
Um, I'll take it.
That boat.
I accept your price.
Are you serious?
What was the price?
Great. Great.
I uh, don't want to change
your mind,
but I thought we were
gonna negotiate.
Well, you seem like
honest people.
I'm sure what you're asking
is a fair market price.
Thank you.
That's nice.
That's nice, yeah.
Thank you.
I hope you enjoy it.
This tea would not be
out of place
at a cafe in Karachi, Ellen.
It tastes like home.
That's sweet of you.
I'm glad you're enjoying it.
Imir's been helping me write
dad's eulogy.
I'm surprised he mentioned it
to you.
Hey, I was surprised, too.
What can I say?
Imir enlightened me.
What was it you said?
Start with a childhood memory?
Something that speaks
to who dad was,
not what he accomplished
in life.
There's my opening.
A sailing story.
But it's gonna have
a life lesson.
Something dad taught me.
Ok. I got an idea.
Why don't you stay for supper?
Honey, I'm sure-
we can talk some more.
I'm sure he's got other plans.
As it happens, I don't.
I would love to share a meal
with you.
Great. Great.
We'll celebrate
the sale of the boat.
I'll fire up the Barbie.
What do you want? Steak?
Um, actually I don't eat meat.
What else do we have?
Salmon? Do you like salmon?
I do, yes. Thank you.
-I'll have salmon, too.
And if you're doing a steak,
do one for Shane.
Surf and turf it is.
Pearly whites.
A lot of money in braces.
Hey, mom.
Oh, hey honey. This is Mr. shah.
He's buying our boat.
Yeah, yeah.
We met earlier.
Hey, what time's dinner?
It'll be ready in about
a half hour.
Cool. I'm just gonna go out
for a bit, so...
That's Shane.
He doesn't seem very happy,
does he?
Oh, I don't know.
I think-
he has a face my teenaged
daughter would sometimes make.
Right, well...
Teenagers, right?
I mean, his grandfather
just died,
so that's probably part of it.
Oh, of course. I'm sorry.
No, it's...
Do you mind if I use
the loo to wash my hands?
Oh, god, yeah sure, but the
one down here doesn't work,
of course. You'll have to go
It's just down the hall.
Thank you.
What's this?
David gave it to me.
Did you know Shane was visiting
dad twice a week?
He didn't say anything.
I'll see you in Valhalla,
Where's Shane?
I don't know.
He said he wanted to go out
for a little bit.
I'm gonna put a tracking device
on that kid.
Can't you track him
with GPS?
I hear a lot of American parents
are doing this.
Yeah, I was actually joking.
But yeah, I do know
some parents
have this new tracking app.
Paranoid parents,
which we're not.
Don't give him any ideas,
So where... where exactly
are you from, imir?
Mmm. The city of lights.
How long have you been
in the states?
I just arrived.
I'm starting a new contract.
Oh yeah? What do you do?
Systems integration.
I'm a programmer.
Listen, I uh, I don't wanna
change the subject,
but maybe we could discuss how
you plan to pay for the boat.
I- I can... arrange a bank
transfer tomorrow
if that's alright.
I don't see why not.
Yeah. Perfect.
Hey, bud. Glad you could
make it.
Sorry, dad.
Hey, actually is it ok if I just
eat in my room?
No, that's rude. Sit down.
Growing boys eat like
their limbs are empty, hmm?
What's the American term
for it? Chow down?
It's a... military expression.
For eating.
It's work.
Excuse me.
Bad timing?
My steak's getting cold.
What do you want?
Play nice.
I'm doing you a favour, here.
Security briefing at 07:00
tomorrow, ok?
Attendance is mandatory.
Why? What's up?
It's the leak.
Head office is flipping the fuck
out over the gun sight videos.
Some Geneva convention bullshit
about non-military
combat missions.
How does that affect
the program?
Because if the press finds out
we're contractors
they're gonna shut us down.
It wouldn't be the worst thing
in the world.
Just... I'll see you tomorrow,
Sorry about that.
Was that Gary?
What'd he want?
One of the servers is down
so I'm in early tomorrow.
What a shock.
Honestly, if we made time
and a half for all the hours
he works overtime
we'd be rich.
It's 9-5 one day, it's graveyard
shift the next.
It's completely crazy.
Can I be excused now?
You may.
How about I get us some dessert?
Some cheesecake, huh?
I've never had American
I hear it doesn't even taste
like cheese.
Hey, Shane.
Go help your mom
with the dishes.
Are we saving this for anything?
We're gonna toast the sale
of the boat.
Perhaps we should include
your grandfather in the toast.
Yeah, I like that idea.
You have a big heart, imir.
If it wasn't for dad,
we wouldn't be standing here,
would we?
I suppose not.
Pop grove. 2012.
That was a good year.
First and last time I won
my fantasy six football pool.
In 2012 I had been working
abroad for two years.
I hadn't seen my family
in all that time.
That's tough.
It was.
We would video chat
but it wasn't the same.
I missed this. Family meals.
Nine hacks of classified files,
four attacks on NSA firewalls.
We should have picked him up
at the Seattle airport.
It's not my call.
Rover, this is canary.
We have a match
in your vicinity.
Hey, stop here.
The house belongs to
a private contractor.
He works for us.
Are you kidding me?
A toast to new friends.
To fair weather sailing
on the water and off.
Fair weather sailing?
Hey, don't interrupt.
I'm just getting started.
He is not famous for his toasts.
-Yeah, no kidding.
Watch out.
To everyone's health.
Including financially.
And lastly, to my father.
For as long as I can remember
he loved the sea.
And he loved that boat.
Imir, we're passing on a piece
of wiston family history to you,
and I know we've only just met
but I think my dad
would approve.
Because you're a good man.
Thank you. I am honoured.
Cheers, everyone.
Why don't you give me
your plate.
So imir, it must be so hard
to be away from home, huh?
When do you get to see
your family again?
The last time I shared
a family meal,
my daughter was about your age.
She was having some trouble
in school.
See, before we moved to Karachi
she had never been
in a co-ed school.
She had never been
around boys her own age.
And the other girls knew this,
and they would tease
her and shame her.
-My god.
I tried to talk to her
but nothing I said made
any difference.
I felt like I was helpless.
Like I had failed as a father.
I think- I think all parents
feel that from time to time.
Yeah. Perhaps.
A few days later they went
to miranshah
to visit with some relatives.
I couldn't go, I had to stay
in the city for work.
Miranshah is in waziristan,
On the Afghan border
where the Taliban are?
Among other things.
But yes, the Pakistani Taliban.
So there's two different types
of Taliban?
It's complicated.
It is complicated, isn't it?
Yeah. Yeah, it is.
We want the world to be
black and white.
Good guys, bad guys.
So often in the real world
that's not the case.
You see, uh, waziristan
is a tribal area.
Very conservative,
very religious.
They treat their women
like cattle.
I'm sorry, have you been there?
Can't say that I have, no.
But I was in New York
a week after 9/11.
Seemed pretty
black and white to me.
Dad, can I have another
glass of wine please?
-I don't think it's a good idea.
No, it's a celebration, Ellen.
Come on.
My wife is very well-respected
in my family and my community
and we built a very happy
life together.
Yeah, of course.
Of course.
What's her name?
It's beautiful.
She was.
There's no beauty in death.
I'm so sorry.
Wherever she is,
she's with nazarene.
They died together.
Oh my god.
What happened?
It's uh- I don't think
we should-
no, it's alright.
Um, they were struck
by a missile.
That's... awful.
It was awful.
So, I mean... who fired-
who fired the missile?
A drone aircraft
belonging to the CIA.
That's horrible.
Were they just...
Just in the wrong place
at the wrong time?
Yeah, must have been.
They weren't the only ones.
I ask you, what is
the right place?
The men they are attempting
to kill
are constantly surrounded
by civilians.
So, I mean, did the CIA,
did they think that
the civilians were Isis?
I don't care what
they thought.
Only what they did.
Well, whatever...
Whatever it was
they were trying to do,
the- the us government does
not fire indiscriminately.
Well, perhaps the CIA
has a different definition
of "indiscriminate".
Well, yeah,
I mean... mistakes happen.
But i- I think it's easy to um,
you know,
take things out of context.
I mean, sometimes we don't know
the bigger picture.
Perhaps the bigger picture
is that,
in the border regions,
civilians have been living under
the threat of these bomb strikes
for a decade.
Children are afraid to go
to school.
Public gatherings of any kind
are avoided,
all because America thinks
it's above the law.
I- I don't understand.
Why is the us firing missiles
into civilian territory?
I mean, that doesn't seem-
very good question, Shane.
Maybe Neil has the answer.
No, you know-
listen- hey, everyone,
i don't think we should-
let's just not get into
this right now, please.
No, hey, it's just discussion.
Ok, but I think it's enough. I
think it's enough.
Look. I can't- I can't even
imagine how you feel,
and we are all so sorry
for your loss.
We are. Of course.
Of course we are.
Thank you, Ellen.
And I'm sorry, this is-
it's not a topic of conversation
for your dinner table.
I've been wholly inappropriate.
Today's just not a good day
for me.
It's the anniversary
of their deaths.
Ellen, why- why don't you go
make some coffee?
Yeah. Ok.
Would you like some
more tea?
Um, actually coffee
sounds good.
Ok. Give me a hand?
Oh my god.
That was... are you ok?
Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.
He's obviously distraught
and dad's obviously had
too much to drink.
It's a bad combo.
Mom, I mean really, we're just
talking, it's not a big deal.
No, you know what?
We're done talking.
Ok? We're gonna serve this
coffee and call it a night.
Now get me the cream.
So what happened
to the CIA guy?
Nothing ever happens
to them.
He simply continued on
with their work.
I gotta take this.
So, the military,
they just allow that?
Talk to me.
Alright, I checked the logs.
We flew a sortie into miranshah.
One year ago today.
What was the target?
Some al-quaeda bomb-maker
in the middle of town.
Hellfire strike outside
his house, right?
You see, Shane, some drone
pilots aren't even soldiers.
They don't come within 1,000
kilometers of the battlefield.
They work in their
secure cubicles,
essentially playing
a video game.
The only difference
is in this video game
the victims are real.
Do you remember
any collateral damage?
Possibly, but we didn't have
boots on the ground
so if there was a body count
we couldn't verify it.
They come home to their families
after a long day of murder
and put their children to bed.
It's so easy to divorce
what they do
from real life consequences.
I didn't know that.
Some coffee?
Thank you.
Cream and sugar?
No, it's fine like this.
Could this information
have come out in the leak?
Wait, is that what
you're worried about?
Ellen finding out?
No, not her.
Ok, then who?
Just answer the question,
will ya?
I don't know, maybe,
but it's a stretch.
Why? What- what's this about?
I'll call you in the morning.
Listen, we should probably
go over the spec on the boat
and the registration.
Can I see you in my office
for a minute?
I don't know what kind of game
you think you're playing
but I want you out of
my house right now!
Will you threaten with
physical violence if I refuse?
Trust me, you do not want
to go there.
I must admit, you're not
what I expected, Neil wiston.
I'm calling the police.
You won't do that.
Oh yeah? Why not?
Because of what I've got
in my briefcase
sitting in your kitchen.
And this detonator.
Do you know how much
high explosive
is in a hellfire missile, Neil?
Almost 20 pounds.
I googled it.
Ah, damnit.
Oh, shit.
It's rover.
Code red. I repeat: Code red.
Target has a possible
explosive device.
In a few minutes it'll be
exactly one year
from the moment of
my family's death.
What do you want?
In time.
Give me your phone.
Give it.
Look, your family is dead.
I know, and I'm sorry.
I really am.
But I don't know what the hell
you think that has to do with-
you know exactly
what this has to do with you.
I told you!
I write code for a living!
Stop lying!
Your government data breach,
It opened up a back door
to your drone program.
To your flight logs
and ultimately to where
we're standing right now.
So from now on you will tell
the truth to me and to them.
Yeah, ok.
[Phone buzzes)
Mom? You gonna get that?
Oh, good.
Everything all settled then?
Do they ever show you pictures
of the innocents you kill, Neil?
I've got your things.
Are you a dutiful wife, Ellen?
Sorry? What?
Do you respect your husband?
My relationship with my husband
is none of your business.
Now is the time to be honest.
Is there something you want
to tell your husband?
Your wife is seeing another man.
What- why are you saying this?
Because it's the truth.
Neil... why are you doing this?
Why are you doing this?
What is this, you sick fuck!
I learned this from you.
I put you under
the same surveillance
you put my country under
with your satellites
and your drones.
So normalize.
Or shall I tell your wife
and your son who you really are?
I don't work for lyker surveys
what are you talking about?
Actually, there is
no lyker surveys.
Not really, uh...
What do you mean?
It's just a cover.
A cover?
Are- are you an undercover cop?
A criminal? What?
No, I'm not a criminal.
That's a matter of opinion.
I uh... I'm a- I'm a contractor
for the CIA.
The CIA?
As in the central intelligence
Look, I couldn't tell you
the truth
because what I do is classified.
I'm your fucking wife!
Then we're all lying!
Tell me the truth!
Dad, what do you do?
I told you, I fly uav's. Drones.
I'm- what would be classified
about aerial mapping?
Please tell me it's just maps.
I've been part of a test program
for contracted covert missions.
Oh my god.
The us air force uses uav's
to target enemy movements.
Just like the military.
We do everything we can to
minimize collateral damage.
No. No!
You do not get to reduce it
to collateral damage!
They are people! With names!
Nazarene. Fatima.
They have names.
Ok, be careful.
Ok Shane, let's go.
Ellen. Ellen!
Come here!
Sit down!
Sit down!
We do what he says, ok?
We do what he says.
Is that a bomb?
Is it?
I'm so sorry that
you're involved in this.
Hey, Shane!
Come here!
Sit down!
Sit down!
Go. Answer it.
You get the door.
It's going to be ok.
What's up with all the shouting?
Oh, parent-kid stuff.
Shane's being a pain in the ass.
What're you doing here?
Well, you hung up on me
so we were never able to finish
our conversation.
Oh. Listen, I uh...
I'm sorry about that.
It's just not a good time, Gary.
I'm sorry. Ok?
Oh, right.
Well, I'm just trying to figure
out what was so important
about that particular mission.
Forget about it.
Forget about it?
Ok. Ok.
Uh... how- how long we been
partners, now?
I don't know. Three years?
Yeah. Three years.
And I know when you're spooked.
And you're spooked, ok?
Look, when you called
about the security briefing
and the leak, i- I got
to thinking,
I just got a little freaked out
but it's all good now.
You got a little freaked out?
Gary, I swear, you're reading
way too much into this.
Am I?
-Yes, you are.
Am I?
Who's that?
Oh, our neighbour.
He saw Shane bust up Ellen's
windshield with a baseball.
Yeah, I saw that.
Yeah, Shane was lying
about it, so...
Acting like a little shit, huh?
Yeah, dumb shit.
You're ok then, huh?
Alright. Well, why don't we have
a little pow wow
before the meeting
in the morning.
Yeah, ok.
Oh, and uh, tell Shane
to fly straight
or I'm gonna kick his ass.
You hear that, Shane?
Yeah, he heard it.
Yeah, you got it.
Have a good night.
You are a painfully good liar,
Are there any other secrets
we should discuss?
Dad, there's something that
i need to tell you.
Shane, you don't have
to do this!
You tell him nothing!
Don't tell him anything!
I was there, dad.
When granddad died.
He squeezed my hand and he
hadn't done that in months.
And then he looked at me
and he knew me.
And then... he stopped.
He stopped breathing.
I could have gotten a nurse.
I didn't feel like that was
what he wanted so I just-
I left him there for them
to find him.
I guess I didn't tell you
because I didn't want you
to feel guilty for not being
You should have been there,
You should have been there.
That's a very good confession,
But the guilty should
never be spared.
Visual ID confirmed.
Have you ever felt real guilt,
When you look at those
people below
and you take their lives,
do you feel anything?
What do you want? Huh?
Do you want a confession?
Me and the guy who just left,
we killed your family.
Not at all.
Come on. You want revenge,
don't you?
You want revenge.
Come on, give me your best
fucking shot.
Take it out on me!
But let them leave.
Who said anything
about revenge?
Well, why else would
you be here?
Haven't you listened to anything
I've said?
I'm listening. I'm listening.
Please tell us
how we can help you.
Tell us.
I've lost everything.
I'll never see my family again.
There's nothing left
for me here.
You're upset, you're not
thinking clearly.
This- no, you don't want this.
I am thinking clearly.
Please, please, please.
I'm thinking of how they were
taken from me.
I'll do anything you want.
But please let them leave.
I miss them so much.
I miss them so much.
Please, imir, let them go.
Just- just let them leave.
I'll do anything you want,
Just let them leave.
Just let them go.
I'm sorry.
Now's the time, Neil.
No target.
No visual on detonator.
Hold positions.
Get off me!
Now you... understand, Neil.
You're not gonna die!
In the wake of
the recent NSA data breach,
private drone contractor
Neil wiston has come forward
with more information
on the CIA test program
that blurs the line between
contractors and the military.
Ironically, as a private
Mr. wiston may be
held responsible
for any civilian casualties
during these previously
autonomous combat missions.
Some folks may call wiston
a patriot
but I have no doubt he is
a traitor to this country
and will be charged
with these crimes.
Serious damage has been done to
programs of national security.
This is the danger of
whistleblowers like Neil wiston.
They make our nation