Dropa (2019) Movie Script

- How did I not see that?
- Hey, I'm not here to protect
your drink.
While you were gone, this guy
drank it.
- Gimme another.
- I'm sorry, mister, I
thought it was free drink.
- Nothing's free anymore.
- I will pay.
I have no money.
- Forget it.
- But I would like to buy you
- I'll buy you one.
What are you having?
- Tequila.
- We get a shot of Titanium
Thank you, mister uh--
- Monroe.
- Monroe.
Would you
like to see my friends?
- No time, gotta meet someone.
- I will make fast.
- How long you had those guys?
- This one is not guy.
This one is girl.
His girl.
Usually, Putin waits
until Gorbachev is eating.
And then when his back is
he has his way with Ana.
Maybe you can see when you have
more time.
Would you like to kiss Ana?
- No thanks.
- Make sure you take your
friends with you
when you leave.
- Da, Yelena.
I like you, Mr.
One more before you go.
- Think I need to take a leak.
- Think I'll take it outside.
- Citizens
throughout the Western Territory
gathered today to remember
the loss of human lives
resulting from the virus.
Thought that you said bye to me.
- Speaking
in Chinese.
Next train arriving at Midtown
Station in four minutes.
- 4112 standby.
Good evening, Harry.
You have six priority messages
from Chief Inspector Carter.
- Call Carter.
- Harrison?
- Yeah.
- Where have you been?
- Off the grid.
Call it a vacation.
- Next time you go on
do me a favor and let me know.
- Not my job to anymore.
- Monroe was hit.
- How bad?
- He didn't make it.
Taft wants to meet.
- When?
- I'll forward
you the location and time.
- Monroe's data scan came
with traces of Dropa DNA.
- So what brought it
- Oh what the hell
are you asking me for?
I mean survival instincts I
They're damn flesh pods, Harry.
Who the hell knows why
they do what they do?
- You got a tracker on
this Dropa?
- Not yet.
- So what do you need
from me?
- Well, Monroe had this on him.
It's a cell number, untraceable.
So I want you to go back to the
Dry Dock.
Bartender may know something.
Poke around, ask some questions,
It's what you're good at.
That's your gift.
- So I'm your tracker?
I'm not even sure I
have that gift anymore.
- If that thing can find
Monroe, it can sure as hell
find any one of us and you
better pray
it's working alone otherwise we
are all
in for a world of hurt.
Now, there is one more thing.
I want you to go see Dr. Glenka
at the Leeland Institute.
- A psych test.
- Yeah.
Well I gotta know if
my dog can still hunt.
You're no good to me otherwise.
- Let us move past
the war.
We are going to need to
start the sequence again
if you don't focus.
Please concentrate.
- Give me a second.
- Your childhood
- Yeah.
- Was this a good
- It was a day.
- How are you
feeling in that moment?
- Safe, maybe.
- Come on,
stay with the machine.
You were born into a military
family, no?
- You already know this.
- Why are
you going back to her?
- I'm tired of this.
We are almost done.
- We're done.
- Solid nerves.
- No rust?
- Not exactly.
- Your motivation rate is lower
than in your previous tests.
- Well, it has been
eight years
since my last test.
So what does that mean?
- Your mind kept wandering
and that bothers me.
- Uh huh.
- Considering the nature of your
it could be....
- What?
- Unhealthy.
Today is your birthday.
You haven't put in to leave?
- Nope.
- You're going to be over the
age limit.
- Look, I could
make an infinite list
of complaints about living in
this city,
on this planet too but I'd
still much rather be here
than up there.
- Are you so sure about that?
- Why didn't you go?
- My husband was too weak for
the trip.
He's a virus survivor.
- But if you could?
- The Moon Colony, no.
My job is down here.
Mr. Harrison, when this is done,
whatever it is,
my advice is for you to leave
the city.
- I need employment profile
for bartenders at the Dry Dock
Employer ID registration, 198643
- One owner, ten
Three are bartenders,
no illegals reported.
- How many female bartenders?
- Two.
- Process.
- Based
on the crime scene report
we are looking for Helen Adamov,
age 28, Soviet immigrant.
Address 1307 Baton Street.
Employed nine months and four
- I need her education
and employment history,
her cell records for the last 48
and RFID log.
- Interesting.
- What?
- Classified
clearance level A12 required.
No additional data available.
Attempting to access.
- Hold up, bro.
Yeah, you're good.
- I'm looking for the bartender
who worked last night.
- Yelena?
- Helen Adamov.
- What?
- Helen, Yelena.
- Where is she?
- Is she in some kind of
In dressing room four.
- I'd like to have a word with
- That's more than a word,
- I'm looking for someone.
He knows a friend of mine.
- Go on.
- He was here last night.
Big Russian guy.
- Hmm, I know a lot of big
Russian guys.
- Well, how many were here last
- None that I remember.
I think it's time for you to go.
Unless you can think of
another reason to stick around.
Hmm, pretty.
Goodbye, mister--
- Harrison.
- Your name's Helen Adamov.
Born to Russian immigrant
parents Yuri and Kira Kosov.
Both killed in a train
wreck outside Boston.
Your father's sister,
Dasha Adamov, raised you.
She was Assistant to the
of Socialist American Affairs.
At age fifteen you were enrolled
in the Military Intelligence
and excelled academically.
Eight years later, you were part
of the Moon Colony's Project
Horizon Two.
Then, nine months ago,
you became a bartender
in a dive in the East Sector.
Should I keep going?
- If you know me the way you
then you know it's best to leave
me alone.
- October 7th, you left the city
for two weeks, just disappeared.
There's no record of your
transport pass
or RFID being scanned anywhere.
How is that possible?
You know what happened here
last night so one more time,
where is this man?
I need to find him.
- Who are you?
- I'm the guy that's gonna
find the Dropa flesh bag
that killed my friend.
- The Dropas are dead
just like your friend.
- It's a simple question.
- Things aren't
always what they seem.
I need to find him.
Who are you?
- I'm
the guy
that's gonna find the Dropa
flesh bag
that killed my friend.
The Dropas are dead
just like your friend.
It's a simple question.
Things aren't always
what they seem.
Did your research happen to
mention that I've had four years
of combat training?
- Eleven years of real combat.
I've killed for a lot less
- This is bigger than us, Mr.
Your friend was
a part of The Legion
and my guess is, you were too.
Murders stack up down here
and no one investigates
unless it was someone that
How could any of you expect to
walk away
from what you did?
- Their cocoons carried the
virus spores
that nearly wiped us out.
The only thing that stopped
them was The Legion.
- Mr. Harrison, do you know what
it's like
to lose everything, your
home, the people you love?
- I don't care about your moral
Where is it?
- I don't know.
- This is not a negotiation.
If you can't help me,
I have other options.
You don't.
- He has a room at the Grand
Hotel in the Lower Quarter.
- I know the place.
- Room 832, name's Mikhail,
no last name, just Mikhail.
- Why did you go there?
- He asked me to contact Mr.
to leave him a message.
- What message?
- A note with a number.
I left it at his apartment.
- What did the note say?
- There's a traitor in The
- A traitor?
- That's it I swear.
My father fought for the Dropa's
when they came here.
Then The Party killed him for
My mother too.
He would tell me that
people were so afraid
that the world was going to end
that they were actually
hoping that it would.
You know, it's easier to
give up, to live in fear.
That's what those in control
want you
to feel, powerless,
But the Dropas came here
and they made us realize
that there's more out
there in the universe.
They gave us hope.
What do you believe in?
- If the hotel doesn't
check out I'm coming back.
And trust me, you don't
want me to come back.
- You won't be back.
Mikhail just may find you
first if he hasn't already.
- That would
make my job easier.
- Was it easy before?
- Welcome home,
Daily status, one missed VidFon
eleven unread email
Fusion energy bill, 19 days past
- Enough already,
Can I just have a few minutes?
- Harry, I
have something else to say.
- What?
- Happy Birthday.
If I said I needed
Your love, yeah
Well, I've
Not said enough
Not said enough
If I said
I needed your love
- Happy Birthday, baby.
Well, I've
Not said enough
Not said enough
I went crazy
For awhile
- Make a wish.
Called you crazy for awhile
Said some things I never meant
Would take them back if I knew
Would lead to you and I again
- I make it
every day.
If I said
I needed your--
- Estimated time of death?
- Sometime between 10 and 12.
- DNA sweep?
- Clean.
- Clean?
- Nothing, only established
We're scanning the staff and
patrons again
to make sure we didn't overlook
- Professional.
- Does this
remind you of something?
- Inspector Carter.
trolley whirring
- You wanna tell me what
happened last night?
The woman you questioned
last night is dead.
Her eye sockets were crushed in.
I've seen a few Dropas you
finished off look the same way.
- She was breathing when I left.
- Can you explain this?
- She must have removed it
when I was questioning her.
- And?
- She was trying to
manipulate the situation.
She was very, persuasive.
- I've got eyewitnesses
that put you at the Dry Dock
at the same time as the murder.
- What are you implying?
- Implying?
Nothing, except that I
just covered your ass.
Taft can't end up with a trail
of bodies
leading back to this Dropa.
- Yeah, that wouldn't
look good, now would it?
- We're on our own out here.
It's about survival now, ours!
We let these Dropas walk away.
Now they're back to finish us.
- Can you blame 'em?
- I've done some pretty
bad things, Harrison,
things that I can't take back.
- You did them to protect the
like all of us.
- That's The Party's line.
We did it because we had no
other choice.
You do what you're ordered to do
and don't ask questions.
- You chose the lesser of two
Just learn to live with it.
I did.
- You're no saint in all of
- I know.
- Warning, two
of plasma ammunition loaded.
Restricted use due to potential
thermal burns to civilians.
Coming, I'm coming.
What do you want?
Come on, Jin, play nice.
- I'm play nice up your fucking
You wrecked my place pretty bad
last time.
- It was a long time ago.
- Come on, get out!
right to barge in huh?
Just like that?
You have no respect for
other people's property.
- You're my eyes down here, Jin.
You always have been.
The Legion needs your help.
- The Legion no more.
Those days are gone.
Uh, I don't owe Legion
for nothing, no more.
- Well, consider it a favor
- No, your kind of favor,
bad news, bad news.
- I'm looking for the tenant in
room 832.
- Don't know nothing.
What number?
- 832.
- Ah, nobody lives there.
- Catch your breath.
I just need a minute of your
- No, no minute for you.
- Make time.
- Ah, now I remember.
A big man, a big man, name
What do you want with him?
- It's personal.
Gimme the key.
- Huh, personal, everything's
personal with you,
means big trouble.
- The key Jin.
- Are you gonna bust
up my place again, huh?
Listen, he's a good tenant,
model tenant.
Always pays the rent.
- Your model tenant is a Dropa.
- What?
- And I'm taking him out of
here with or without the key.
You understand?
- I believe you have something
that does not belong to you.
- Come and get it.
known fact can become a
well known fact and part of
our job, Harry, is to make sure
that don't happen.
Now, how in the hell are we
gonna do that
if you start trying to blow away
in front of a damn audience
in the Lower Quarter?
- Got something for ya.
Found that in the Russian's
room at the Grand Hotel.
- Now, why in the hell are you
showing me
half a damn cockroach?
This is cybernetic.
That's pretty advanced
technology for a Dropa.
Kinda like them bug bots we
used to use back in the day.
- Yeah, I thought it might
be a surveillance tool
or a weapon but it's not.
Took me a moment to figure it
- Figure what out?
- It's a decoy,
an elaborate decoy, but decoy
- I'm not following this.
- The Dropas have a
different magnetic makeup
than anything else on this
The magnetic field around
them throws the compass cells
in roaches crazy.
- All right, all right,
professor, please plain English.
- They spin around, get lost.
350 million years of
navigating gone haywire.
Monroe knew this.
He tracked with bugs.
- Okay, so why cybernetic?
- Somehow this Dropa figured
this out
and knew Monroe's methods.
He found a way to throw
him off long enough
to let his guard down.
- So, this Dropa is hunting us?
- Monroe anyway.
And maybe all of us.
There's one other thing.
The Adamov girl said something
odd to me last night.
She said the Russian had
a message for Monroe.
- Yeah?
- Said there was a
traitor among The Legion.
Any idea what it's talking
- Look, why don't you go home,
get some rest, take some
Hell, take a whole lotta
This Dropa knows we're onto it.
- Give up that easily?
You've become... soft in your
- What are you doing here?
It's been five years, Madison.
- I came back because someone
killed a member of our team.
Judging by the looks
of you, I'm glad I did.
What happened?
- Retribution.
- You look terrible.
- I thought you might have left.
- Someone's
gotta keep an eye on you.
- I'm fine.
- What's the next
- Heading out to
the country in the morning.
- What's out there?
- Hopefully answers.
Wanna come along?
You could stay the night.
No strings.
- There never were with you.
- So tell me what you've been
up to the last five years.
- I'm gonna go.
- Look, I...
I just wanna talk.
I could really use that right
- You better dry off first.
- Eva?
I wonder where she could be?
Oh, I must have spent too
long at the shipyards.
My beautiful little
girl must have grown up
and moved away.
What am I going to do?
If only she had come to say
I miss her so much.
You are hiding the whole time.
I knew it.
- So what happened?
- Well, after The Party
disbanded The Legion, what else
was there?
You know we were nothing more
than an embarrassing secret
that just needed to go away.
Taft, Carter, Monroe
I was out, moving on and you
were a wreck.
Guess if I was living in
your skin at the same time
I'd be the same way.
Arthur took off to the colony.
It was his time and he wanted
to leave everything behind.
- So what happened to Jackson
out there?
- I guess she just
couldn't handle it anymore.
I don't know.
She was on cleanup with me.
It was either us or them
with the Dropa Resistance.
We understood that but the
that was different.
A few months later
Monroe brought in Jackson
to head up the final sweep
of the containment camps.
The Party wanted it
finished fast and clean.
They poisoned the Dropa water
supply with a DDT derivative.
It only killed the children.
Two months later
I found her dead in a motel room
outside of Waco, gun still in
her mouth.
- Jackson may have been the only
one of us
with a conscience.
- Yeah.
And look where that got her.
Still not over her?
Out of all of us you had
the most reason to hate 'em
after what she did.
- That's enough.
- She betrayed you.
- I said that's enough.
Kate's in the past.
- Do you really wanna
know what I've been doing
for the past five years?
Trying to find reasons to stay
I never lost faith in you,
- Faith is for the weak.
- Thank you,
- Monroe.
- Monroe.
- Come back to me.
- Over seven million
hits on the CityCam network.
I thought you said it was
- We cut the
feed as quick as we could.
I told you not to get Harrison
He's dangerous.
- There's no one better for this
- Maybe, but he changed
since the accident.
I'm not sure where his
loyalties lie anymore.
- Listen, Harry moves
He'll find this Dropa.
- He's unpredictable.
- You're not alone.
Death is not the end.
Death is just another road,
the road in life.
And your soul is the guide.
This is not over, Monroe.
- Arthur?
- Want some?
- What made you come back?
- It's quieter here, less
distractions, you know.
- I don't know about that
You wanted outta here pretty bad
after your time in The Legion.
- That's what I thought, too.
But it's worse up there.
You know they're considering
complete isolationism.
No, the Colony's no place
for someone like me.
- Seems kinda isolated here.
- It's simpler.
- Yeah, I can see that.
- So, I take it this isn't a
social visit.
- No.
- Good.
Let's keep it that way.
Business then?
- Dropa hunt.
- Who dragged you into
- Taft.
- You just can't
say no to that sumbitch.
- It could've
been any of us in that bar
couple of nights ago.
- But it wasn't.
- Yeah, maybe so,
but that doesn't change things.
- Your loyalty's gonna
put you in a body bag.
- This Dropa is not like the
They're usually runners not
- We knew this was gonna come
back on us.
We should've finished 'em
off when we had the chance.
- There were other
options for dealing with them
but The Party chose the easiest
way out.
- There's a lot
you still don't know.
- Maybe it's time you told me.
- Let's go out back.
- Why did it come after you?
We really did it, didn't we
We took it all back from
those greedy bastards.
Everybody thought we were heroes
- Back in 2004 we found a stone
washed ashore near Rockport
along with several cocoons.
The discs told the story of
the Dropas in hieroglyphics.
And then there was this one.
You see any pattern in all that?
- Not really.
- There are recognizable forms.
- Recognizable?
- Symbolic.
Very stylized.
This first one, the oval, is a
And this?
- I suppose it's... first
phase Dropa metamorphosis?
- Yes.
And next a human form.
And then this.
- What's that?
- It's what your hunting.
- Who else knew?
- Other than the need-to-know
personnel in The Party
only Taft, Carter, and me.
I suspect Monroe would've
found out sometime later.
It was tight-lipped.
You have no idea how
much worldwide hysteria
it would've caused.
Even more than the virus.
- What do you mean even
more than the virus?
- It was all a cover Harry.
The virus was spread
through the atmosphere
in small, controlled amounts,
in geographically specific
The same pattern as the Dropa
The virus was nothing
more than a mutated strain
of a viral hemorrhagic fever.
There was nothing alien about
We manufactured the bug to
just enough fear to--
- Just enough fear?
I knew people who died from that
- We all did.
Calculated risk unfortunately.
If one of those things got out--
- It would've killed
over 20 million people
like the virus?
That's controllable, measurable?
Who decides who lives and who
- The Dropas were a potential
We just had to disguise the
reason why
and use it to create
unity, unity in The Party.
- We committed genocide.
- No.
Genocide is for humans.
I preferred... extinction.
It was them or us.
Now, I don't know about
you but I prefer to be
on the us side of the equation.
- I was referring to humans.
- We're just pawns.
It's always been that way.
You've been around long
enough to know that.
- It's time things changed.
- It's not so easy when
the prey fights back,
is it old man?
- How's that for easy?
- What are you doing?
- Why did you come back?
Or maybe you didn't.
- Wakey, wakey.
- Oh no.
- Oh yes.
- Well, this is embarrassing.
- Where's Arthur?
- It's still me, Harry.
It's just a synth body, an
We're bio-linked.
I wasn't safe down there.
I'm better off in the Colony,
least for the time being.
I hope you understand.
- I don't know what to believe.
- You still don't realize what
we were dealing with here.
The longer it's out there, the
less chance
you'll be able to stop it.
- How am I supposed to kill
that constantly evolves?
- Taft picked you for a reason.
You understand the Dropas.
- If that's an off-handed
reference to Kate
then leave her out of this.
- Oh, I didn't mean it like
No one blames you.
She fooled all of us.
I've never seen a Dropa
with such complete
human genetic synthesis.
Kate was unique.
She had a great ass too.
- Don't mention her
- A little levity is needed
here, don't you think?
Helps us keep a level head.
Besides, this thing is
much bigger than you or me.
- The girl I questioned about
said the exact same thing.
- Sure she did.
- What are you
telling me?
- Yelena
The Party had me work an
angle on her for six months.
She didn't know what her
real role was anyway.
She just kept on fighting the
good fight.
- She was a part of all this?
- Wakey, wakey.
- And you set up Monroe.
- A miscalculation.
- Miscalculation?
- The Dropa was the target.
Just didn't go as planned.
Didn't know what we were dealing
with until it was too late.
Shame too.
I always liked Monroe.
- Yeah, I can tell you're
all broken up about it.
- More than you know.
It took us six months
to set this thing up.
You have no idea how to
make things so covert.
We had to keep quiet.
Even Taft was kept in the
dark about most of it.
- And you played both of us.
- I had no
intention of bringing you in.
That was Taft.
- And Yelena?
- I had to uh... quiet her.
- If the Dropas presented
this much of a threat
why didn't we just finish them
- If it were up to me, I
would've finished
what we started.
But the females didn't pose a
It was the two bull males.
We needed their genetic codes.
That's what the scientists
back East called it.
- Stepwise Evolution?
- Well, something about
additional Dropa amino acids
to the human genetic code.
- Jesus.
- Dropas have incredible
regenerative qualities.
- Where is the other
- Tagged.
He's dormant.
- Dormant?
Was this one dormant?
- Yes.
Until he figured out how
to remove his tracer.
But the other male is not a
- Yet.
- Harry.
What do you remember after the
What about all those months you
at the clinic with Kate?
- Leave Kate out of this.
It's what you're hunting.
- I wish Mommy was still with
- Oh, my solnyshko.
We will be fine.
And I will never let
anything happen to you.
- Where have you been?
- Working a lead.
- Taft's dead.
This thing knows how to find us.
The coroner's report from
Monroe's attack
found small traces of liquid
- Disprosium?
- It's an element that was
used in fusion reactors
prior to balthorium.
Outdated now and rarely used.
The data scan found one regional
where it's stored.
It's a warehouse in the ship
I'm gonna check it out.
- I'll go with you.
- I'm on it.
- Just wait until I get there.
- No time for that.
- You don't know what you're
dealing with.
This could get ugly real fast.
- I know what
I'm dealing with Harrison.
The question is do you?
- Oh.
You okay?
- What's wrong?
- Taft's dead.
I was worried.
C.O.N.T.A.G. tried to locate you
on RFID.
- I know how to handle myself.
I removed the sensor years ago
- It's not safe here.
You need to get outta the city.
I have to find Carter.
She has a lead on this Dropa.
- I'm gonna go with you.
- Not this time.
Things are different.
- No!
You don't need to do this.
Okay, just walk away.
Let Carter deal with it.
- Taft brought me into this for
a reason.
- You have no loyalty to him.
- He's the reason I'm still
- You're alive because you
didn't give up.
- Not giving up didn't save me.
Between Taft and Kate, I owe
- You owe them nothing.
You gave everything to The
and Taft repaid you by what,
putting you back out there?
And Kate?
You need to understand who
really cares about you.
Open your eyes.
What are you so afraid of?
- Nothing.
- Harry, she's
- C.O.N.T.A.G., give me
a report on warehouses
in the ship channel, reference
- One warehouse
export records for disprosium.
Location in Fallout Zone 12.
Potential for rad absorption
levels, 200 to 300 units.
- What kind of man are you?
- The killing kind.
- Come back to me.
- What scares you?
Perhaps, not knowing who you
- You don't know me.
- You were trained for war.
Mankind's gift to the universe.
And you're fighting for what?
But you,
you might be
different now.
- Different?
- Yes.
I am... different.
Would you like to see?
Now, do you see?
The Legion has taken everything
from me.
And now all that is left is this
Just like a human.
- You're not human.
- No.
I am
so much more.
Have you ever lost someone?
Then you know what it's like.
- What, pain?
- No.
Pain is easy
to control, to hide.
Revenge, that is
not so easy.
You are here to kill me
to avenge their deaths.
But part of you does not want to
do it.
Perhaps it is because I am more
like you
and you are more like...
That's it, little man.
Become that which you hunt.
- That's it.
Keep coming.
Come on.
- You cannot run away from who
you are.
- Who's running?
- Told you someone's
gonna keep an eye on you.
- What do you
after the accident?
What about all those months you
at the clinic with Kate?
When this is done,
whatever it is, my advice is
for you to leave the city.
- There's
a traitor in The Legion.
- What
scares you?
Perhaps, not knowing who you
- Open your