Drug Lord The Legend of Shorty (2014) Movie Script

It is said that 20 men were sent there
to build the tunnel.
He came from Agua Prieta,
in Sonora in northern Mexico
Here was created a legend
Just south of the border with Arizona,
where all the gringos live
They enjoy the goods
we send there in our carriages
There, south of the border,
where we dig our tunnels
popularly known tunnel
for "Cocaine Alley"
The best architects
were involved in the construction
The man behind the construction
was a certain Chapo Guzmn
Sadly for workers
he paid never charged anyone salary
Sadly for workers
he paid never charged anyone salary
I believe that Chapo Guzmn
is the world's most dangerous criminal.
Joaqun Guzmn Loera,
also known as Chapo Guzmn-
trying to keep away the
most persistent police hunt ever.
Chapo Guzmn has built up
a powerful empire.
So far as his drug reaches,
that far extends his power.
Joaqun Guzmn,
known as El Chapo, or Shorty-
being chased by the police
in Mexico and the US
since he escaped from prison in 2001.
Even so, he has managed to build
the biggest drug empire ever.
With the British filmmaker
Angus MacQueen-
I have filmed the drug trade
for over ten years.
I have witnessed the terrible
violence that had taken over my continent.
We have ifrgasatt
everything we have been told about droghandeln-
so we decided
to do the impossible.
We would find El Chapo Guzmn,
the world's most wanted man.
We started in Chicago, where El Chapos
Sinaloakartell has its headquarters.
He has been appointed
as public enemy number one.
The same epithet Al Capone got
for more than 80 years ago.
This man has most of the
Americans never heard of.
We use the same name
as at Al Capone on the 1930s.
It's the second time
this has been necessary.
So vicious and powerful
is this man.
Just in Chicago has over 90 percent
of marijuana, cocaine, heroinet-
methamphetamine and other synthetic
drugs being sold out on gatorna-
come here from Sinaolakartellen.
El Chapo controls the cartel
as a terrorist group.
His many distributors in Chicago
works as individual cells.
We found a family that imported
drugs from Mexico for several decades.
Just like on the movie
he came in a private aircraft.
Turn right when you can, soon.
It's all about family.
We are still cowboys
who takes care of our own.
In principle, all dedicated to the same man.
Most do it.
How he manages
to build up so much power?
Ask him. I do not know.
He's smart, a smart little bastard.
I do not know how he manages to,
but he does it well.
I take care of the logistics,
I plan and find solutions.
I'll get the keys, handles
supplies... I'll take care of everything.
It'll go simply to receive
drug deliveries every day.
It is not we who set the prices,
they do.
That depends on how much people buy,
it could be several tons.
The prices vary,
but they put down there.
It's like working
for any business.
It's the same thing.
One employee
to perform its task.
It asks no questions,
it takes is a handshake.
You never know who you work for.
He may not even exist,
he might be just a myth.
You have not been able to find him?
Not even the world
ablest officers find him.
If you search on Google
you can find him easily
At the top on the list,
the enemy number one
For singletons, a man of rural family
His mother's name was Consuelo Loera,
and father Emilio
His first wife Alejandrina
gave him three sons - some say five
Then he found three - or was
the five - with Griselda Lpez Prez
His third wife, Miss Sinaloa yourself,
she called Emma Coronel
They recently got
a beautiful pair of twins
at a hospital in Los Angeles
I have to go through this.
Take it easy.
They're everywhere,
but he's sprlst missing
He pays millions
to keep the underworld
They have offered a reward
- but too a penalty
He instills fear and loyalty,
a real businessman since young years
Coke in your nose, the strainer in your arm
He is the people's friend, he eludes law
prosecutor and fans agree,
and no contrast
Chapo Guzmn is a true legend of
the world's junkies at their feet
Now it's clear enough,
you got into everything.
This, too...
I started to unravel in Sinaloakartellen
and had no idea what I was getting into.
The tentacles
extending throughout the world.
It has hubs
in Chicago and close to Montreal, Canada.
Containers shipped
to Hong Kong and then Australia-
and provides the market where
200000 kilos of cocaine.
One kilogram can cost 18000
in Los Angeles.
Once in Australia
profit margin is absolutely huge.
The power structure is changing,
but Chapo Guzmn is left as leader.
Lebanon talks with Belize,
which in turn talks to the cartel.
All ingr the same criminal networks.
This is from a crackdown in Mexico
City then $ 200 million were found.
It woke people up.
$ 200 million?
Yes, enormously.
In an apartment in Mexico City,
the walls, closets...
Unimaginable sums
in US dollars.
Everything was profit at chemicals
to methamphetamine production.
It acts
like any other undertaking helst-
with the president, managers,
Finance Department...
These companies serve tskilliga
million for the Chapo Guzmn behalf.
You do not end up in Forbes Magazine
without being a skilled entrepreneur.
We decided to follow the money
back to Mexico and El Chapo.
We set off against grnsen-
to find the one
who we know have met him.
Is the line secure?
-Yes, It is.
I pick up the driver
at 17 in the morning.
The first time we met El Flaco
was four years ago.
He violates the smugglers golden
rule not to use the goods himself.
In 20 years, he has driven the drug to the US
during the one
they call El senors patronage.
It's El Senor who set the prices.
Some want to set their own prices. They
say that El Senor can drag ate forest.
They think it's their goods.
But what happens to them?
First, they warned.
They are encouraged to take it easy
and keep to El senors prices.
Second time they become of the goods.
The third time, they are killed.
El Flaco work
on the violent bakgatorna-
just some kilometers
from the border with California.
I have witnessed some
of the thousands of murders that take place here-
in the battle for the world's
most lucrative smuggling routes.
An American police officer said he was
waiting to Tijuana tumbles together-
El Chapos tunnels under the city.
El Flaco trust us-
and tells the cartel
we're looking for El Chapo.
We become locked in a garage
with a car and a lot of methamphetamine.
A half kilogram of methamphetamine.
It's clean.
There should be treated one more time
to crystallize.
We'll bet it firmly
to hide the smell.
We take a bag to the
It is worth about 5500 dollars.
A half-kilo.
Holy shit...
$ 5.500. it can feed many.
Now junkies take it.
We're receiving seven packets
with three half-kilo packages.
There you go, this will be the last.
And then lead plate,
which protects against x.
It blocks the gamma ray, too.
This car I have been lucky with,
I've had it for six years now.
There have been
a lot of laps over the limit.
It gets around 300 kg a year.
Now we run over.
There are many ways across the border
submarines in the water, aircraft in the sky
But no catapults or godstg
'm going up against the tunnels deep in the mire
Smuggle in the car - in jalapeokonserver
Smuggle in the air - the whole 30 tons!
Smuggle at sea -
the submarine under the water
Or in underground tunnels -
the genius Guzmn
As you can see, the tunnel is lit and
it shows that there is good ventilation.
The fresh air supply is good.
Smuggle in the car - in jalapeokonserver
Smuggle in the air - the whole 30 tons!
Smuggle at sea -
the submarine under the water
Or in underground tunnels
- that genius Guzmn
We have somebody at each vergng.
With money
can buy anyone.
Jesus was the only one who was not
for sale, but him crucified.
The government protects him,
he has so much money.
If the reward is at five million,
so he offers the double.
It is better to be loyal
than being a traitor.
He has eyes everywhere.
El Senor is omniscient - that God.
He sees everything and knows everything.
El Chapo may not even exist.
If somebody said he died in Sinaloa for
for six months then I'd believe it.
He puts no money
on to boast and on appear.
Not at all.
In Mexico raises El Chapos name
fear and admiration.
Let by those who met him
dare say anything even about his past.
The only one who had him in handcuffs
dared invite us.
El Chapo became known for allmnheten-
in connection with the spectacular
the murder of the archbishop.
Were it not for that, he would
have been a criminal, among others.
The Cardinal Posadas was murdered
at the Guadalajara airport, 1993.
It is said that he knew of
the government's involvement in the cartel.
El Chapo was at the airport,
but denies that he killed him.
Before that felt
hardly anybody to him.
He ran out of there after
the shooting, that was all.
A reward at 15 million pesos
or five million dollar
go to the person who can provide
information leading to gripande-
by Joaqun Guzmn Loera,
also called "El Chapo".
He disappeared in Mexico City.
He showed up in Puebla,
but then he disappeared again.
He went up in the mountains of Chiapas,
probably in Tuxtla Gutirrez-
then he disappeared again,
and appeared in Tapachula.
He was arrested near a hotel,
which we were informed.
From there I picked him
at the time he stepped off 727 employees
so moved he did not flinch.
EL Chapo Guzman
born April 4, 1957 in La Tuna, Sinaloa
20 years in prison
El Chapo was shown to the press.
This is the only film
that you know are on him.
He showed no emotion.
Could not read him,
he revealed nothing.
Why did you have?
-I Did not.
Why did you leave Guadalajara
and gave you of Chiapas?
Why did you choose Chiapas?
I was in Guatemala.
did you get to Chiapas?
You were in Guadalajara, too.
While he was in jail
killed many of his rivaler-
so he had a clear path to the top,
although he sat behind bars.
What is it in his personality
that makes him so powerful?
No betrayed him
while he sat inside.
Instead, he built
an empire.
Ten years later he was drug trafficking
greatest leaders ever.
Here we have his testimony.
He has written over
on every single page.
El Chapo Guzman.
For over 14 years, I have a lawyer
brought the Church talan-
in the question about the murder
at the Cardinal Jess Posadas.
Year 2000 we went there
to interrogate him.
The hearing did not take place
in the usual interrogation room.
We were referred to
a private office with VIP service.
We had got the time
at 10 o'clock on the morning...
... but could not start
until at 23rd
El Chapo explained quietly
and sober for us:
"I've had
conjugal visit today."
"After that, I had
to put me in ngbastun" -
"to unwind."
"After that I took
a short nap" -
"to be able
to receive you properly."
Then I realized that it
who decided at that stllet-
was El Chapo Guzman.
He was head of the prison.
I was worried.
I was afraid that my frgor-
'd El Chapo
to regard me as their enemy.
Are we crazy trying to find him?
You seek you into the wolf's den.
They do not know if you are only nyfikna-
or if you
come from some authority.
You can be spies
from other cartels.
that it can cost your life.
Three journalists I worked employees
are some of the 60 who were killed here
last rtiondet.
Anabel Hernndez
'm not going anywhere without a bodyguard.
Good morning, I am looking for Lia Limon.
My name is Anabel Hernndez.
Anabel Hernndez, I am a journalist.
From what organization?
-I Freelancing. I am a writer.
Anabel has accused the authorities of
to have helped El Chapo to power.
Alltifrn prison liable to
Mexico's last four presidents.
The government's response was a death sentence.
They promised that they would kill me.
I've learned
to live with it for two years now-
that one day it will happen.
I live that doomed.
Mexico is one big swamp
of korruption-
and from there the Chapo Guzmn risen.
He was so mighty
on the Puente Grande fngelset-
that he took there all his family
for Christmas.
He had done for security prison
to a hotel.
They were there a whole week.
The government is so korrumperad-
that security prison,
which is only meant for men...
Puente Grande
is no women's prison.
Although it took the man into
three female prisoners.
Two guerrillas
and a young woman named Zulema.
The only thing she did was
to rob an armored car.
Later, asked this Zulema up
on an interview with a news- papers
where she described everything
in a pink shimmer.
She had met Chapo Guzmn,
who had fallen in love with her.
He had written love letters
and everything was so romantic.
After a while, it had
not just been about six longer-
but then shared the bed
as a happily married couple.
Zulema revealed what El Chapo
had written in his letters to her.
Honey... I dreamed about you last night.
It was so real
when I woke up...
... it felt so beautiful inside.
But at the same time I was sad
because it was only a dream.
I understand why she repressed
how things really were at the prison.
The truth was that when Chapo
had tired on her,
so he let her go around
his companions at the prison.
This girl was severely
emotionally traumatized.
Deputy Director wherein said
that she seemed to have gone mad.
She started to put himself in his cell...
... pull down her panties
and parting her legs.
She showed womb
of all who passed by.
She had become El Chapos dustbin.
According to the doctors and the Commission
Human rttigheter-
she was forced to have an abortion
with only one nurse on the scene.
It happened twice at the prison.
One time she almost bled to death.
So passport romantic El Chapo
Give me the stand.
Have you found it?
What's it say?
"No one can die as long as it's being
alive in someone else's heart."
"You will always
be in my heart."
It seems to be well looked after.
There's got to pay.
Who pays?
What happened to her?
-She Found in his luggage on a car.
She was tortured.
-To Punish El Chapo.
El Chapos rivals in the Zeta Cartel
believed their romans-
and kidnapped Zulema
shortly after her release.
Her body was found desecrated
in the trunk on a car.
She had been raped and got Z
as the Zeta engraved on the body.
Joaqun Guzmn left his cell
and went to the garbage room.
There were expecting a garbage truck at him.
This is the way we think
Chapo took from the cell in block three.
The official version is
that the cleaners had rkat Pass
and pitied poor Chapo
and helped him to escape.
On 19 January 2001
It was then that
El Chapo Guzmn slipped away
The prison guards slept plain and simple
None saw the cart with laundry
In Sinaloa, the engine warm
The King slipped away teams lnga arm
The version
has been repeated so many gnger-
that people believe in it now.
But I guarantee you
that somebody from myndigheterna-
Maybe somebody skerhetsansvarig-
held up the gate and said:
"You could give you by now, my lord."
Last time he was seen was at a gas station
Not far from his hemnation
He is free
The King of chips and blinding white salt
've checked out from his lyxanstalt
A million or two is the price of freedom
It'll keep his fill
if it fattens his pig
On 19 January 2001
That was when
as El Chapo Guzmn slipped away
In ten years he held to Culiacan,
a city as legendary as he
A dangerous seas,
and he is the biggest fish
Everything's on the menu
if you stand on the counter
In Culiacan are
El Chapos Sinaloakartell-
which provides the whole world with drugs.
You do not know
who work for VEM
who killed whom or why.
During the years here, we have learned
not to trust anybody.
Just like many other journalists
we are offered the official rundturen-
to show that the government is taking the hunt
at Chapo and his cartel seriously.
Cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin
opium paste, marijuana seeds...
This is an assault rifle
for nrstrider-
with armor-piercing additive.
We have this car here
because it's bulletproof.
Here, there is room for arms,
money and dope.
This button let out
trgas, to protect all here.
Here, sit nozzle
where the gas comes out.
Mexican government is doing everything
to find and imprison him.
Chapo Guzmn's on the run.
He tries to avoid the biggest
and most persistent pursuit...
... ever.
The hunt for him is unparalleled.
It could end in three ways
of Chapo Guzmn.
Either fngas in, and fngslas-
or I'll kill him
while he tries to get exemptions
or I'll he be on his guard
the rest of his life.
We will never give up.
With luck, he will
sit in jail the rest of his life.
The truth is that it is El Chapo
and Sinaloakartellen that control in the standard
with the help of money and fear.
Here are governors accused
to the eaten lunch with El Chapo.
Politicians and police officers
that really works for him.
It even said
that he used to go out to dinner.
El Chapo lived in Culiacan
before he was arrested 1993.
It took a lot of persuasion
to get the driver to drive there.
The house stands abandoned,
there is no one who dares to buy it.
It took some time before we found somebody
who knew him well.
Adolfo Salazar is something so rare
as a retired kartellboss-
and he is therefore willing
to be interviewed.
All my close friends are dead.
Did they die of natural causes?
No, hardly.
They murdered them all.
My boys...
24 years...
... and 31 years. No; 32.
Nothing scares us anymore.
People have become accustomed to death.
If one son becomes mrdad-
can send the other one
of working for the killers.
People have become completely callous.
He called Chapo, but so terrible
cards he's actually not.
A friend invited me to
to a wedding in Nogales.
It's the only time
I have eaten with him.
Then he asked
if I wanted to work for him.
I was responsible for
loading on flygplanen-
and fly them across the mountains.
I can very well in the mountains here.
I do not think
that so many people get to meet him.
There are only two or three people per village
who have direct contact with him.
They may be engaged in
some kind of business...
So spread the money out.
It's the same in the cities.
Adolfo said he did not have any idea
where El Chapo is now-
but was sure he could
say we are looking for him.
While we waited, we wanted to visit
the mausoleum El Chapo byggt-
ate his son Edgar, but nobody
wanted to drive to get us there without permission.
Edgar murdered at a parking lot
of a rival cartel in 2008.
When we got a warrant
was the first sign PL
that El Chapo knew
that we sought him.
Without permission
we would not get to visit the city.
We would not be able
to approach kyrkogrden-
without being stopped
by the armed guards.
But now they know that we come?
-That They said anyway.
Guard told us that we were
the first outsider who dropped out.
Then we hear a totally different
versions of the murder of Edgar.
The murder was apparently a mistake.
El Chapos guys killed him
by mistake at the shopping center in Culiacan.
It feels like this mausoleum
suggest on feelings of guilt in him.
So he killed his own son?
-His Gang did it.
We were driven out from the grave
of some relatives.
Relatives of Griselda - mother.
While we were filming the last thing we had to
hear that El Chapos ex-wife Griselda-
the boy's mother,
did not want us there.
Then we were told that she sent
armed men and police after us.
We went straight to the airport.
Tell me, what we fled from?
It's probably not the only ones
who understand English here.
We're actually
still in Culiacan.
So we'll continue to be afraid?
-Yes, Absolutely.
Clearly Edgar dead
is an open wound
from El Chapo and his ex-wife.
He felt totally destroyed
and had great sorrow.
El Flaco was with El Chapo
When Edgar was murdered years in 2008.
He came by helicopter.
He said he was channeling
anger of his son.
"That's what I'm focusing on now."
Where is Edgar's cross,
it was here that he was murdered.
It was very hard,
everything became extremely messy.
It was not about
to kill people in hemlighet-
but to behead them
and then take on the blame.
It was about power.
Another cartel was accused
officially mordet-
and Culiacan
turned into a war zone.
Rival cartels had placed
corpse with messages rebuilding
that El Chapo
and the government collaborated.
It took more
a trip to Culiacn-
and secret meetings
with kartellbossar-
before we managed to
take the next step towards El Chapo.
Hello, sweetheart.
The plane stands ready,
we'll just go for a ride.
We were warned
to themselves take us up into the mountains.
So we got to meet El Chino, who
was playing the song on his life for us.
I take off and land as easy as getting
I live life high in the blue
Here I was born, here I go down
I'm the pilot that everything looks
I fill the tank on my Cessna Plane
And fly towards the border another day
Flight Routes are, as you know,
conceived in order not to leave traces
You take me never, a winged Latino
I am the best pilot - El Chino
What happens now?
Do you have passports?
-Yes, I have my passport here.
They were filming for television.
One's from London and one from Lima.
They're going to fly a little.
Do you want to be on television?
I thought so!
Thanks. See you, buddy.
I will indemnify you later.
why he stopped you?
They're on their guard.
They take care of us, as I said before.
Look, the car looks suspicious.
So here it is in Culiacan.
He deserved it.
No one is innocent,
live here always dangerous.
You take me never, a winged Latino
I am the best pilot - El Chino
Neither weapons or the threat of violence
has scared us half as much,
like sitting in the plane with El Chino
without really knowing where we're going.
Do you have fastened you?
To understand who is El Chapo's
gotta trip-
to the "golden triangle".
There will not be in the way that
anywhere, there are cartels of land.
The children who grow up where
do not understand that drugs are prohibited.
Their dads, using them
and grandfathers likas.
The mayor, the police...
Well, it can not be illegal.
For more than 50 years ago was one
of those kids El Chapo Guzman.
Look there, that is where we will land.
Here we are, gentlemen.
That night we slept in the heart
of the Golden Triangle.
Angus was supervised by armed men
who just speaking gringos on television.
Our host was the local Sinaloabossen
who owns the area around it.
Set your questions, we'll get to see
if I answer. There I decide.
El Senor is important
for many people.
Yes, that's right.
Why do you think he admired so?
He admired
for its ability as a leader.
We who live here depend on him.
His home in La Tuna
lies not far from here.
It takes only a few hours there.
We're just minding our data.
We have great respect for our managers.
Can we hear that something is wrong
'll solve it.
There's never any rebellion.
There's no point
to rebel against El Senor.
One or a couple of times
there have craft
somebody does not
have wanted to obey El Senor.
That was the end for them.
If, for example freight products
to border on his own hand
and pay his own business...
If you make it so you become alerted.
Other time will be killed.
He's a good friend.
He treats everyone the same.
Children, the elderly...
Everyone is treated equally,
so it has always been.
To him, everyone is equal.
He treats all of this
as part of his family.
Everyone thinks highly of him.
The children, too. They've known him since
they were kids and he is kind to them.
But he never forgets anything.
He never forgets
if anyone behaved badly towards him.
Lunchtime El Chapos army,
some of Mexico's most hunted men.
It was served meat, beer and cocaine.
Our identities were checked up
on their speed internet.
We know both of you
that El Chapo is very close now.
Why is he called El Chapo?
His parents told him
when he was little.
He called Chapo
because he was short.
Their GLRD over there
and ours here.
We heard they called him Chapo,
so then we did it, too.
He has been kind to me,
he's a good man.
He sits ill on planes
to Culican for treatment.
He did this with my one son.
He was in an accident
and got's care in Culiacan.
He did not want anything for it.
He solves everything.
Moreover, he
never drunk much.
He talked and danced with everyone,
but never chose out a girl.
He danced with one,
then he went on to the next.
Then he said goodbye and left.
We were told that the military
often come here with Helicopter-
and we were afraid
to rka bad.
Then they said they always warned
three hours before.
The soldiers here are calm,
thank goodness.
They come here sometimes,
but they let us continue working.
Then bothering us no more.
They do their checks,
then we'll continue.
The enemy comes here sometimes.
They killed my brother.
So we do not carry weapons for no reason.
Sometimes it feels like
to have to do something to cope.
If they kill my son or my brother
I gotta give back.
He is everywhere.
In Mexico.
-I Throughout Mexico.
They say they are him on the tracks...
... but he has places
to hide on.
It was awesome that he
escaped from security prison.
No one takes themselves out of there,
but he did.
Just like that.
He escaped from those
fucking gringo area that had him.
These men smuggle cocaine
and methamphetamine across the world-
but heroin and marijuana as
cultivated here brings in billions of dollars.
So it all started,
from oranges to greener crops
The family was poor and tired
after the grass trampled Association tribulations
A lot of work, but barely anything SCREW
No wonder that conscience is bent
Unpaid wear, it can probably flinch
to save is to wipe maja
Business is all I can
It is they who have made me man
I dropped out of school
but hardly stupid
I got enough of to sell fruit
and began selling... something that gave fruit
And before I even had time to react
the company was suddenly
so much more
I have never left my Sinaloa
My crops are pastoral
And the whole world gets some
of my products is illegal
In every village, every city
can you buy my powder and leaves
I have 150.000 own agents,
far more than all the presidents
Since 2006, 50.000 dead
will probably be more - it has been necessary
All the leaders are eating out of my hand
and no one can find me in this country
It's the only language they understand
and they give me everything they frmr
I say that Pablo Escobar
that those who do not want the silver...
... get paid in the lead!
It felt strange
to fly over Mountains-
on the hunt for El Chapo
and his men
now that we knew
what was going on down there.
We wondered which of the soldiers and
their command who was working for the cartel.
He is still free.
While we are sitting here talking
he goes free.
He goes where he wants in Mexico.
He's in the cities, in the mountains...
He'll go on vacation...
The police know where he is.
It's clear that they know it.
He's in Mexico.
The police can find him,
they can do what they want.
I can assure you
that Chapo Guzmn-
do not visit restaurants
and enjoying themselves.
Without leaving any details
he lives more like Saddam Hussein.
He's hiding in small hlor
and constantly moving around-
for fear of being found.
It's going until we get him.
-How Do you know?
That I will not answer that.
We know that, but I can
do not say how we know it.
Just when we would make contact again
found the military a phone.
On it were a movie
at El Chapo who interrogated a man.
He was bound
with his pants pulled down.
Where are all from Zacatecas?
-In Los Mochis and Los Limones.
You're lying,
you said that they were in Mazatlan.
They called to him.
-Emiliano And he you killed yesterday.
Where the bastard boss?
No, he received orders from the Colombian.
Where is he?
-I Los Mochis.
Are all those bastards in Los Mochis?
Well, I have to kill that bitch
to scare them.
Here we saw the brutal man
we were looking for.
We were constantly worried
that someone else would get there.
He is one of the world's
most hunted brottslingar-
drug lord Joaqun Guzmn,
also known as El Chapo.
He's been on the run since he
escaped from a high-risk prison 2001-
by hiding the dirty laundry.
Now it is rumored that Guzman may have
been killed in a firefight in Guatemala.
I was worried
and called our contact person.
He laughed
and invited us at lunch.
Not in Culiacan, but in the mountains.
In La Tuna, where Guzmn himself lives.
We do not know anybody
who got to come here.
To come here without permission
is pure sjlvmordet-
but if you have a warrant
waving to the police until one.
Will you already give you in?
We're gonna go with Cristobal.
Thank you.
-Thanks Himself for the good food.
God be with you.
You too.
Thanks for the visit.
I call him Chapo, my son.
Even as a boy
he had big ambitions.
I believed him.
I remember he had
an awful lot of notes.
He counted them again and again
and put them in great heaps.
Then he said:
"Save these for me, Mom."
It was just colored paper,
but they looked so real.
He put them in great piles and ties on.
"Save these for me, Mom."
I have done.
Ever since he was a kid
has had great ambitions.
He wanted to get something out of life.
He gets blamed for everything.
If anybody get caught,
they say he has been involved.
If anything happens,
blaming all on him.
He is the authorities' scapegoat.
They took very badly up
when he ran away
without alerting them.
It was a crime, he killed
not somebody to come out.
He did not break up some doors
and did no harm.
None of the guards and no one else.
That's why they are upset.
Only one person can be arranged so
we got to eat lunch with wife Guzmn.
Two hours later we were running
up the mountain to "Heaven".
After he had ordered it.
Where are we now?
-PL Terrace.
Here tend to El Senor eat breakfast.
The kitchen is located there.
As you can see it is very simple,
after all.
Despite what?
He's tight.
What happened?
-Nothing, Really. They said...
They just said
he can not talk with us now.
He said yes, but not now.
It feels strange,
because we feel his presence.
They called him on the phone,
so he's gotta be here somewhere.
If he does not we'll go from here?
-No, Then they would say that.
Well, they would not keep on like this.
It is not in their interest,
we'll be back.
It might give them trouble.
So, I do not think.
He's somewhere between
his birthplace and Culiacan.
Yes, this is where he is most.
it's the most obvious.
Yes, and perhaps the safest.
Over the next few months
we were invited here two more times.
Every time resolved El Chapo
that he did not want to be filmed.
The authorities claim
that they've chased him for twelve years.
We found him.
Are you ready?
How did we catch him in 1993?
Why, we succeeded then, but not now?
I have no idea.
For them, perhaps he is more useful
as an ace up his sleeve.
A wild card they can play out.
For he will be well gripped people will
not be satisfied with it.
High-ranking people
will be named.
It can be about 30-40 executives,
bank officers...
Bde guys like active now
and who are retired.
Much will be revealed,
and then collapse the house of cards together.
After lnga nightly conversations with his
closest we got a clear picture amortization
that Mexican and US leadership
have agreements with El Chapo.
As we say in Latin America: ms vale
malo conocido que malo por conocer.
The evil one knows
better than the one you do not know.
It is neither the US or Mexico
authorities he's fleeing.
El Chapo is on the run
away enemy cartels.
The authorities fear he is not,
to those he owns.
If they try to justify it here-
to say that the United States has sheltered
Sinaloakartellen of strategic reasons-
they've created
a real monster.
Thousands of Mexicans die every day.
?? Girls, women, young men, fathers...
Honest and integrity of people die
because of this.
Because no one is willing to
hunt on this criminal.
He was called the Saviour,
a savior for their group
He knew what he did,
he stuck Never
They told him to lay low,
so low that one can
They told him to lay low,
so low that one can
We are all part of a game
We are all part of a game
We are all part of a game
We are all part of a game
Sinaloakartellen, Tijuana Cartel
the family from Michoacan
Gulfkartellen, Zeta cartel
Together we stand united in our struggle
He was trying to pull his gun
and then everything goes ate woods
And now they shoot back...
Lie flat on the floor, baby.
Shall we sing a song?
We sing... Now I know!
Where the raindrops
turned into chocolate
Here, I would like huh '
Do you need chocolate?
Then I would gape and...
Lie flat on the floor!
I said to my son:
"You gotta be able to forgive everything."
God has taught us that whoever does not
forgive myself never frltas.
You have to forgive. God knows everything.
He sees all that is right
and all that is wrong.
Better judges are not.
Do you think he
is going to be arrested?
When they do not
have the benefit of him more.
Is everything as it was
Have hope flown and gone
Nixon declared already -71
and we listened then
The war rages still in the south,
no one cares anyway
One way or differently
the people's ideals on shame
Among the Mexican mountains
people always muddle its way
Translation: Martina Nordkvist