Dry Day (2023) Movie Script

He's going to end corruption.
Gannu is here to rule.
He's going to end corruption.
Gannu is here to rule.
He's going to end corruption.
Gannu is here to rule.
He's going to end corruption.
Calm down.
Please calm down!
Please calm down!
This is not just you speaking up.
It is the entire nation revolting...
against its pathetic plight.
But the time has changed now,
because the ultimate solution
to all problems is now in our hands.
And this solution, under my leadership
will be provided for free to everyone.
All the tyrants better watch out.
Gannu the great has arrived!
In the rough waters of politics
Gannu drops a bomb
In the rough waters of politics
Gannu drops a bomb
Everyone will receive free whiskey
Moonshine and rum
Bloody hell.
Oh God!
Please save me today.
I swear to never drink again.
You mixed up your drinks last night.
After whiskey you even
gulped the watchman's rum.
Oh God!
Please save me today.
I swear I'll never mix my drinks again.
Boss, your wife visited this morning.
- Wake up, Prakash!
- What?
Boss has asked us to come home with him.
Hurry up.
Damn you.
Bro, wake up!
Sister-in-law had
come here this morning.
We have to go home.
- Sister-in-law... this early?
- Yup.
Phansi, get up.
We have to go before
boss gets pissed.
Do you need a freaking invite?
Get up already!
- Wake up, Maddi!
- What happened?
Boss wants us to go home with him.
He isn't going to go alone.
I am not coming, man.
Let him know.
Alright, then.
For all those who don't come,
every day will be
a dry day going forward.
Hurry up.
Pick up the pace.
- We are screwed.
- Let's go.
Get in. Get in. Quick.
- Hurry up. Move it.
- Start the jeep quickly.
Move it.
- Start it, will you?
- Hang on.
What happened?
What is it now?
It's out of gas.
Run or we are screwed.
Come on. Maddi.
Hurry up.
-The surprise visit of the wife
-Wait for me.
Failed all the plans
Gannu's life is now a total mess
A total mess
A total mess
The bar is now open.
Come on.
Have some shame.
Have some shame already.
This is freaking insane.
But it makes
- no difference to you, does it?
- I'm in a meeting.
This is not a home, it's a madhouse.
Thought I had to fix just one person,
but this whole damn
family is a lost cause.
What a great show!
The dreams shattered in night
Now the reality stares in the face
Run along my friend
-It's time for some damage control
-Hey, don't talk about my family.
As if you are some royalty?
Nah, you're the royalty here,
That's why your husband is
living here like a prince.
Worthless royals!
Stop ranting, sister-in-law.
We're not leeching off you.
But you definitely are!
How much money have you borrowed
from my husband?
- I know all about it.
- Now tell me.
I'll give you answer when I return.
She thinks she is a star.
Look at her clothes.
- Hear her speak.
- What, sister-in-law?
Is the tea ready?
Taking a while to make tea.
Yeah, just put this kettle
on sister-in-law's face,
she's spitting fire.
Dad tried to talk some sense into me.
Being a teacher's daughter, you
want to marry a good-for-nothing thug?
And he's a drunkard to boot.
Gannu's cute.
And if a teacher's daughter can't
straighten up a thug
then what's the point
of your education?
Speed up.
We have another five kilometers to go.
Hurry up.
Are you freaking blind?
Are you freaking blind?
Sir, Gannu just passed by.
- Hurry.
- Gannu!
Wait, mister.
Wait for me.
Gannu, listen up!
Stop, you idiot!
In the beginning, I used to be quiet
out of respect and shyness.
But now I am embarrassed publicly.
Mind your manners, sister-in-law.
Why don't you speak up now?
Are you scared of this witch?
Freaking great!
Learn some manners from your mom.
Calling her
daughter-in-law a witch.
Well, what do you call
a witch if not a witch?
We are almost at the bar,
should we pick some booze?
No, we'll be late.
We saved a couple of
minutes by taking this ride.
We'll make up for the time.
You have a point.
Let's grab a quick drink.
Shut this shop.
You should rot in hell.
Wait for five minutes
- Wait. Where are you going?
- Stop, will you?
You got any other genius ideas?
You saved your five minutes?
What should I get, boss?
Some beer.
Too early for the hard stuff.
- I'll get an hangover.
- Give me a dozen of chilled beers.
They are at it again.
Have some shame.
You have kids.
- Don't you?
- Yes.
So what...
Jeez! Janki always
spoils the mood in here.
Non-alcoholics should be banned here.
Your father-in-law is here.
Deal with him now.
- Gannu!
- Greetings!
Yeah, whatever.
- Greetings.
- Just stop it.
I asked you to do one thing for me.
The school staff hasn't received
salaries for six months.
I am on it.
Daau ji's coming tomorrow,
to Naroutpura.
I've got a meeting with him.
I'll let him know.
I got this. Don't worry.
Get up!
When will you be at peace?
When I'll set myself ablaze?
Quit it, Janki.
Let him sober up first.
I'll talk to him.
Like hell you'll talk to him!
You're an alcoholic yourself!
Hey, Janki,
talk to Gannu with some respect.
Buzz off.
She doesn't respect her own man,
how will she respect us?
Give him more whacks.
- He won't change that easily.
- Whack him!
My matter is urgent, son,
Or we'll have to shut down the school.
That's enough.
When Daau ji gets down
at Naroutpura Station,
we will do this welcome drill
that I taught you all night.
Got it? You understand?
- Good, go.
- Hold on.
So, were you teaching them last night?
Yes. Ask them.
Show me what you taught them.
- Show it to her.
- You show me!
Aunt is pregnant.
Which one? This one? That one?
This one.
Nirmala, that's great news!
Great news isn't that I am pregnant.
Great news is that even
your mom is pregnant.
The doctor said she's two months along.
She doesn't even care about
her age or what people will think.
How will it look when
the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law
both pop out babies together?
What's it to you?
Kids, you get going.
You pop yours
and I will pop mine.
To heck with you!
You don't need to act too smart!
We need throw a big party now!
You make the guest list,
I'll do the food menu.
Thank you, Nimmo.
I've been wanting this for years.
Listen to me very carefully.
This is not happening.
Cool down, Nimmo!
Don't try to act cool.
Fix an appointment with the doctor.
I don't want this baby.
That's it!
Don't say that, Nimmo.
It's been four years
since we got married,
and we didn't have a baby
because of your stubbornness.
I don't understand what's your
problem with having a child.
I don't have a problem having a kid,
- I have a problem with you.
- With me?
You want a baby?
You don't even have a solid job!
Think before you talk.
I'm your husband.
Only for now.
If you want to stay married,
you need to use a condom from now on.
Don't say such dirty stuff.
Using a condom isn't dirty,
but drinking all day and night is.
Roaming around being a thug is dirty.
Good-for-nothing people
have no right to have a kid.
Hey, I'm not good-for-nothing.
I'm Daau ji's right-hand man.
And what's so great about that?
You're still his petty goon.
What did he make you?
No, not a collector.
A Corporator.
He's making me one this year.
We are talking about it.
If I had to lie, then wouldn't I say
he's making me a Collector instead.
I'm surprised
she believed that boss
is going to be a Corporator.
Women are gullible.
It's common sense that he will
never be a Corporator.
Or he could be.
Who knows?
What do you mean he could be?
He will be.
Gannu will meet with Daau ji.
You have to be firm this time, and say...
"Daau ji, make me a Corporator."
He'll make you one.
Why wouldn't he?
You're the reason Daau ji has
so much support in all of Jagodhar.
Right, Prakash?
- Absolutely!
- Yep.
Give it to me.
Madhyanchal Express is arriving
at platform number two.
It will halt here for just two minutes.
Passengers are requested
to take their seats
as soon as possible. Thank you.
Bless you!
Dubey ji! Great to see you!
How long will the train be here?
It'll be here as long as you wish.
That's what's great
about our country.
You can't expect such respect
anywhere else in the world.
Let's have my favorite snack
at the local stall.
Sure thing, sir.
This way.
Come along.
- Greetings, Dauji.
- How are you?
Karim Khan.
- How are you? You're doing good?
- I am good.
Give me a puff pastry.
Where is Gannu?
Daau ji! Greetings!
I'm Satyendra Prasad Trivedi,
fondly called Satto.
I'll really appreciate it
if you call me Satto.
Daau ji, he's your rival's son.
You sidelined his father in the party.
But the son wants to
join you and make moves.
- What do you want from me, Satto?
- Yes.
He wants to be the Corporator,
with your blessings!
It's my small dream, Daau ji.
Please fulfill it.
Satto, this isn't a small dream.
It's a big one.
There is only one liquor shop
and one ward in Jagodhar.
- True.
- And whoever wins this ward
will reach, where I am today.
Right to the top.
That's exactly what I want.
Here comes my favorite!
What held you up?
What's Satto doing here?
I've to stay focused.
Don't distract me.
- Corporator.
- Corporator.
Bless you! God bless you!
All well, I hope?
Things aren't going well, Daau ji.
What's wrong?
It's been years and he
still hasn't gotten a promotion.
It'll happen eventually.
When Daau ji?
I've been married for four years
and my wife won't have a baby.
Because she says a good-for-nothing
man shouldn't be a father.
Well, all wives believe their
husbands are good-for-nothing.
What's the big deal?
The issue is that
his wife is pregnant now.
Is that true?
That's great news, Gannu.
I have told her you are making me
the Corporator this year.
I had to say that.
Otherwise she would
have aborted the baby.
How can she do that
when I am here?
Fine... you'll become the
Corporator of Jagodhar this year.
Gannu Kumar, Corporator.
That'll be Daau ji's reward to you.
- Thank you so much.
- That's great news!
All mighty has arrived!
That's great news!
All mighty has arrived!
That's great news!
All mighty has arrived!
That's great news!
All mighty has arrived!
Your glance has created a chaos
In my heart
The entire neighborhood
Joined in for our celebration
It's time to celebrate
Let's celebrate
Your glance has created a chaos
In my heart
The entire neighborhood
Joined in for our celebration
My dull life has come to life
The girl has worked her magic
I came to you and hugged you
And it felt heaven
When you hit the stick hard on my back
I started seeing stars in the day
I am insanely in love with you
Your personality has rubbed off on me
It's time to celebrate
Let's celebrate
It's time to celebrate
Let's celebrate
It's time to celebrate
Let's celebrate
It's time to celebrate
Let's celebrate
Let's celebrate
Let's celebrate
We are crazy for each other
Our love story is famous
I'll keep you in my arms forever
My eyes keep teasing you
Love is in the air
Intoxicating the vibe
You're smart girl with a naive face
I came to you and hugged you
And it felt like I was in heaven
When you hit the stick hard on my back
When you hit the stick hard on my back
I started seeing stars in the day
I am insanely in love with you
Your personality has rubbed off on me
-Let's celebrate
-It's time to celebrate
-Let's celebrate
-It's time to celebrate
-Let's celebrate
-It's time to celebrate
-Let's celebrate
-It's time to celebrate
Get me some booze.
Where are you guys headed?
Nowhere, just needed some fresh air.
Go ahead, have your boy's day out.
But promise you won't drink.
It's a promise.
Don't worry about it.
Come on.
What's the hold-up?
There's a procession
blocking the road, boss.
What can I do?
Satto's procession has blocked the road.
Should I just bang their rear?
Stop the music!
Raise your hands...
And welcome the God of our city!
Bring some sweets.
Big bro is here.
Arrange a chair for him.
Will you clear the road, or not?
Of course, I will.
Seeing you here, I am scared to death.
You're so full of yourself.
Listen up!
Our procession isn't going anywhere.
We will dance here all day!
Music! Start the dance.
Dance everyone!
Now how do we resolve this?
How are you going to go?
There's only one way.
Eat this, bow down and leave.
What are you staring at?
Eat or it'll go stale.
- Greetings.
- Greetings, Daau ji.
It got pretty wild
in Jagodhar during Holi.
Supporters of Naroutpura
MP Daau Omveer Singh got into a brawl.
Satyendra Prasad Trivedi
was seriously hurt in the fight.
I heard you had to come
all the way from Delhi.
This incident could seriously damage
Prachand Bal Party's image in the public.
Let's go.
Daau ji,
I think you should go in alone.
Where do you think you are going?
Stay put.
You're responsible for this mess.
What makes you think
we will forget about this?
He's my son.
How will I let this go?
Don't butt in, father.
Let me do the talking.
I'm calling the Chief Minister right now.
Daddy, wait a minute.
You don't have any patience.
He is going to create a ruckus
in the state capital.
The Chief Minister
will ask for clarification.
The Chief Minister will ask you.
Who is this two-bit
boozer Gannu for you?
Tell me.
What's wrong with me?
I am also like your son.
Calm down, son.
I might keep quiet...
but who will handle the
1,500 village councils and my dad?
How far along is Nirmala?
It's the second month.
She'll be in her third month next Tuesday.
Think about it.
What will your child think of you?
That his father was
a petty drunkard thug.
No! I won't let that happen.
That's why I want to get into politics.
Do you think politics
is just a thug's life?
There's a lot more to it than that.
Politics is all about image.
If you have a good image,
you're a hero.
If you have a bad image,
you're a zero.
I'll learn once I become
the Corporator.
You won't be the Corporator.
I am making Satto the Corporator.
Daau ji, you told me...
What did I tell you?
Did I tell you to crack Satto's skull?
It's because of me that the party
didn't expel you.
I told them no he is like my son.
Now, if you behave yourself
like a cultured man,
you might get another chance...
in five years.
Five years?
I'll be in big trouble
if Nirmala finds out.
politics and family are
two different things, son.
Politics is universal.
Family is personal.
Yours is a personal matter.
Daau ji, but...
Nirmala is right.
You guys spoiled me.
Why does she say that about us?
Can't you keep your trap shut?
Gannu... you say what you were saying.
What's left to say?
Nirmala's going to
abort the baby.
And it's the right thing to do.
Whose child would it be?
A child of a good-for-nothing goon?
And it's because of you guys!
You asshole.
- Why did you let me drink?
- Sorry, boss...
Why did you got me drunk on Holi?
Drink some vodka.
Do something, Maddi.
He won't stop the rant.
Distract him.
Turn on the TV.
Nimmo keeps telling me
to stop drinking!
- Go.
- But I am a fool. I should've listened!
I'm the one to blame, Nimmo.
I'm a fool!
These little bastards make me drink.
I had already cut down on booze.
- Forgive me, please.
- Let me see.
I am going to lose my child.
How does one become a bigwig?
Explain it to me.
With the help of his people.
With the help of his team.
I've got morons on my team.
What does that make me?
It makes me no different.
Nobody is making me
a politician anymore.
Politics is all about image.
A good image means, you're a hero.
A bad image means, you're a zero.
I did so much for you guys.
I did so much.
And you ruined my image.
What's up with you, man?
Take a seat.
What's done is done.
Where is my glass?
It broke.
It's bad for your liver.
- You idiots!
- Switch it on now.
Long live Dayalji!
Listen to what they're saying on TV.
Some bigwig's funeral.
It's not a funeral.
It's a fair.
It's not a fair.
Seems like a cricket match.
I don't see a pitch.
It's not a cricket match for sure.
Just be quiet for five minutes!
Let me listen to this important news.
Gannu, make sure nobody
disturbs for five minutes.
Here I'm in trouble and
all you care about is the TV?
I'll smash this TV!
What are you doing Gannu?
Boss, don't!
Boss, don't! Don't do it!
You don't have the TV in your hands.
It's your chance
to become a Corporator.
Prove it.
- Or else I'll...
- Boss! Boss!
Check out the news.
Respectable and honorable
Dayalji Maharaj...
That's our Daau ji.
What is he doing on TV?
Boosting his image.
By supporting Dayalji.
He's in the state government.
And now he is
preparing for the central government.
I don't see a point.
How does supporting Dayalji
help Daau ji's image?
Because of the hunger strike,
Dayalji is in limelight these days.
He has got millions
of followers.
By supporting Dayalji,
- where is Daau ji appearing?
- On TV!
- Where's the country watching him?
- On TV!
That's how you build an image.
He's a savior for the poor.
He hasn't eaten or
drank anything for a week.
Gannu, once you come on TV,
you will build your image.
Maddi is the brain of our team.
He saved your TV today.
But Maddi still messed up.
Why didn't he think of this before?
All is lost now.
Nothing's lost!
The hunger strike is
still on in Delhi.
And Delhi's not far.
Let's go.
All tyrants better watch out.
Gannu the great has arrived!
Let's go to Delhi.
We will build an image.
Now we will go to Delhi
Now we will build our image
Now we will go to Delhi
Now we will build our image
He doesn't get any alcohol.
He our designated driver.
- Don't yell into my ears, man.
- Gannu!
Listen up everyone.
As your team leader,
all I've got to say is that
you guys better behave
yourselves over there.
Don't forget,
we're going there to build our image.
I've written you a speech.
Just get up on that stage and read it.
Keep this safe with you.
It's out of gas.
How will we go to Delhi?
How will we build the image?
Image is the name of the game, bro
Image wins it all, you know
If you manage to build an image
Then you've aced the game, bro
What's up?
Where are you all headed?
To Delhi.
On foot?
Bloody drunkards.
They will pass out half-way.
Hey... hey...
How will we go to Delhi?
How will we build the image?
How will we go to Delhi?
Good that my jeep ran out of gas.
Going to Delhi in this police jeep,
will get us a grand welcome.
You are absolutely right.
We'll make our presence felt in Delhi.
You guys better behave
yourselves over there.
No worries.
All will be done peacefully.
Do not worry.
The most important thing is the speech.
Which I wrote for Gannu.
The speech will stun everyone.
Stun everyone.
The speech will stun everyone.
Where are we going?
Do you know the address?
Stop, Jagat.
Ask him.
Stop. Stop it.
Are we in Delhi?
Listen, mister.
Where's that social worker
Dayalji's fair at?
They are holding it on the ground.
Just go straight, you'll find it.
- Go straight?
- Yeah, just go straight.
Then you have to come with us.
But we are going to a wedding.
- Hop in, let's roll!
- Let's go!
Get in band-master!
Now we'll rock the show
We'll go straight to the top
Now we'll rock the show
We'll go straight to the top
The nose has all the glory
Now where to band-master?
This place looks familiar.
Everything looks the same in big cities.
But if the nose gets chopped somewhere
It will be a chaos
We are not reaching anywhere,
let's chop off his nose.
Dayalji, finally we are here!
- We are here. Finally.
- Hey, stop.
Where are you taking the vehicle?
Go back.
- Hello.
- You just can't barge in here.
Hello. We've a meeting with Dayalji.
You cannot just go anywhere
without permission.
- I said go back.
- Hello.
We are VIP.
To heck with you!
I will show you what I can do!
It's pointless.
What now?
We'll have to show them,
our fierce form.
Attention! Attention! Attention!
Today's breaking news.
Let's see what's happening.
The popular leader
of the Prachand Bal party,
Shree Om Veer Singh
Daau ji's right-hand man.
Don't fight please.
Don't fight. Behave.
Support him and repeat after me.
"All the tyrants better watch out."
"Gannu the great has arrived!"
Stay absolutely alert.
Some goons have entered
from gate number two.
- What?
- Yeah, sir.
They even thrashed me.
Hurry up and check.
Stop! Stop, you all!
Don't you get it.
- I'm here to do some good.
- They are creating a scene.
Go and stop them!
Don't worry, I have your back.
Just begin your speech.
The cameras are recording.
Which speech?
Didn't I give you in the jeep?
You're on TV now.
Okay, but I gave it to Prakash to keep.
Where did Prakash go?
You will be in the front row.
And all three will be...
Hey, Chainta!
- Do you get it?
- Yes, we do!
Hey, Kunne!
Where the hell is he roaming
without the sash?
Tie him one.
Hey Chainta, where has Prakash gone?
Oh, deep in my heart
I do believe
We shall overcome some day
Everyone be quiet!
Zip it!
Why don't you understand
you cant go on the stage?
We'll keep you happy, old man.
Just tell me how much would
you charge to let our boys up there.
You are trying to bribe me?
It's either a bribe or beating.
- What?
- I'll turn you black and blue, man!
Quiet down! Talk to me, sir.
I am their leader.
So, what do you have to say?
We shall live in peace
We shall live in peace some day
Oh, deep in my heart
I do believe
Kunne is calling.
Hold on.
There is no coverage.
We shall overcome some day
Zip it, assholes!
Who has overcome just
by singing songs?
- Kunne?
- Prakash, where are you? I can't hear you.
I'm on the stage.
Right next to Dayalji?
Where are you all?
They aren't allowing us on stage.
How dare they stop you?
They don't own us!
They don't own us!
They don't own our country.
They don't own us!
They don't own our country.
They don't own us!
- They don't own our country.
- That's good.
Dayalji, What's good?
It's part of the play.
Just enjoy.
It's just a play
I think I got this under control.
Just ask boss...
Should I kidnap Dayalji?
Dayalji is right next to me.
Should I kidnap him?
- We are just here to pay him a visit.
- Boss...
Prakash is on the phone.
He is asking if he
can kidnap Dayalji.
Kidnap? Call the police!
- Call the police!
- Chill, old man.
- Call the police!
- Calm down. It's not what you think.
Why have you stopped?
Keep playing!
Dayalji, I'm tasked with your kidnapping.
You are acting really good!
You'll be comfortable.
You can sit in the
front seat of the jeep.
Within two hours
we will be in Jagodhar.
How sweet.
Let's go. Let's not waste time.
- We need to leave.
- What are you doing?
Come on, let's go.
Shut up!
- What?
- Let's go, old man.
- Come on.
- Stop him!
- Boss...
- That was not my intention.
The cops are here.
Breaking news!
Prachand party supporters riot
at Dayalji's protest...
Sir, my wife went to
her maternal place for two days.
It's been two months.
She hasn't returned.
When did she go?
- It's been two months.
- The date I meant.
Daau ji...
You brought shame on me.
Don't ever show your face to me.
You are dead to me.
- Let's go.
- Daau ji...
Since he has become a council member
He is the ruler
Now he doesn't have time for family
Now he doesn't have time for family
-He spends all his time at his court
He spends all his time at his court
Ma, let's go home.
Hold on. Sit.
Henna's looking good, I must say.
I'm just saying this.
I mean no harm or foul,
but this is your big day too.
Isn't Janki paying all
her attention to Nirmala?
Don't try to stir the pot.
She's always ready to snap.
- Janki.
- Yeah?
Charge Ma double today.
My daughter-in-law is stingy.
Hey, Janki.
You're getting four times
the usual fee today.
After all my Gannu is
becoming the corporator.
I don't want anything.
I don't.
Whatever you pay, just put it in my
daughter's school account.
I saved every penny to
pay her school fees,
but Chedilal swiped it for alcohol.
Now my daughter will be expelled.
That won't happen.
They won't expel her.
I'll talk to my Dad.
She'll get a full-year's waiver.
She'll study for
free for the whole year.
Don't worry.
God bless you!
You have God's blessings, Nirmala.
That's why Gannu's
turned over a new leaf.
One day, Gannu will become a big-wig.
Look at the way your big-wig staring
at you secretly.
I am screwed.
Why were you staring at me secretly?
Secretly? When?
I was trying to find something.
Did you find it?
I probably left it somewhere else.
What's happened?
Did the baby kick?
My sari got stuck in my slipper.
The henna would've
been ruined if it smudged.
You're so naive!
Babies don't kick in
the third month, silly.
It's my first.
How would I know when
the babies do anything?
What's the matter?
Why are you avoiding me?
I'm just giving you some space.
Now that you are pregnant.
- You need some alone time.
- Listen...
Is everything alright with you?
Yeah, everything's fine.
Why do you look so tense then?
I'm not tensed!
Just occupied with my
plans for the Corporatorship.
You focus on our baby's plan.
I am happy.
Now put the bangle in Nirmala's hand,
as the sign of the baby's bright future.
Nirmala and Gannu,
your baby will be born
in an auspicious period.
He'll be Lord Vishnu's reincarnation.
Not a boy.
I want a girl.
That's right.
A girl.
Goddess Laxmi's reincarnation.
Increase the donation and
we can have a naming ceremony as well.
No need for that.
My sister-in-law has already
chosen the baby girl's name.
- Really?
- Yeah.
What is it?
Ms. Junior Corporator.
Praise the Lord!
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Take these sweets inside
and offer it to them.
Accept these sweets for your to-be-born.
Today is indeed a very auspicious day.
We are celebrating my
sister-in-law's pregnancy,
and my brother got out of
jail just in time for the ceremony.
Yes you heard it.
Right out of jail.
Didn't you watch the TV?
The rerun of how the Delhi Police
treated Gannu is on TV.
It's a smash hit.
Everyone should watch it.
Last night, Gannu was drunk and
-got rowdy at Dayalji's
- hunger strike.
- Not a word!
Delhi Police locked him up.
It was a sad sight, man.
He went to revolt
but the cops beat him down.
with this bad news,
I also bring a good news.
Daau ji has officially announced,
that I will run
for Corporatorship this year.
Gannu must have told this to you, right?
So, I want you and Gannu
to vote for me in this election.
And I want you all to vote for me.
Glory to Satto!
Raise your hands...
And welcome the God of our city!
Raise you hands...
And welcome the God of our city!
Raise you hands...
And welcome the God of our city!
Raise you hands...
And welcome the God of our city!
Love is a fragile thread
Handle it with care
Once broken it can never mend
Love will be lost forever
I am sorry.
The doctor has given me an
appointment for the next week.
I am a sinner,
but I won't bring a child
to this hell to cover up my sin.
As the grindstone turns
No tears are shed
Between the grindstones
No one survives
I'm heading out, Mom.
It'll be fine.
Everything will be fine!
Don't talk crap.
Let's go, man.
Take us to the Town Square.
Hey, bro, have a snack before you leave.
You won't get anything
like this in Delhi.
Hold up.
You want us to have this?
Do I look foolish, you dumbass?
Don't yap at me about Delhi!
Right! Or we're shipping
all your stuff to Delhi!
Where are you going?
Have you forgotten us in a day, constable?
Daau ji has barred you
from entering the office.
Don't touch it.
You'll make the car dirty.
You can always lick it clean, bro.
You already messed up
your life with booze,
- Are you mad?
- and now you want to ruin
your children's life too?
- Who leaves home like this, Phoolmati?
- I am so done with this.
I beg you. Don't leave!
I don't want to live
in this hell anymore!
Go to Gannu.
Drink to death and die.
Brother-in-law, is it true you
spent a night in prison?
That's fake news.
Please don't go.
I'm begging you, please.
Everything has gone south.
Every loser is laughing at us.
We lost the office too.
The worst is that boss can't run
for the Corporatorship anymore.
Shut up.
Who'll dare to?
To dis my plan
to become a Corporator?
My child's life is at stake, man!
No one can stop me.
I'll run as an independent candidate...
and win!
Do you get it?
But, Gannu,
we got no backing without Daau ji.
Daau ji can... shove it!
I will build my own image.
I don't need him.
But how?
What is Daau ji doing?
He is taking pictures with
Dayalji to build his image?
I'll become as powerful as Dayalji.
Once I get people on my side,
nothing can stop me.
We'll have to play it smart.
Go and make the announcement.
We're having a hunger strike
in Jagodhar too.
Jagodhar's own hunger strike.
Gannu the great's hunger strike!
Attention! Attention! Attention!
No one can stop this storm now!
This is the storm
of Gannu's hunger strike.
Voluntary fasting.
Fast until death!
Check out this catalog.
This is the romantic tent.
Romantic tent.
This is the pirate tent.
This one's really good.
Finalize it, Boss.
What's good about it?
Are we doing a hunger
strike or a robbery?
Now let's get to the point.
What would it cost?
Everything is free for you.
The tent itself is free, but
we have to pay 20,000 to have it set up.
They're sending ten boys to set it up,
which we have to pay 10,000 for.
The fragrant foundation is free, but
we have to pay 5,000 for the perfume.
The carpet for the stage is free, but
we have to pay 2,000 to haul it here,
and another 2,000 to send it back.
And we have to shell out
5,000 for gas for the tempo.
Plus, 50,000 for wrapping everything
up after the hunger strike,
and another 25,000
as a tip for everyone.
So, what's the total?
7,39,350 rupees.
Where will we get that kind of money?
The pirate tent is a great idea.
People will come and pay us ransom.
Sorry boss, it was just a suggestion.
Here's my suggestion for you.
Ghanshayam, listen up.
Sorry, too busy.
Just let me know when
I should expect...
Expect what?
Money, you owe me. What else?
Where will the money come from?
That you should have thought
while borrowing.
Everyone is so
unprofessional in this house.
If I am right,
then join me.
What do we do now?
I won't say,
my butt is already killing me.
Spill it out boy.
You have a smart plan,
but why should I risk
investing in you, dude?
Daau ji has made it clear,
Satto's going to be the Corporator.
That jackass cornered
Daau ji and made a deal.
He threatened Daau ji
with the opposition.
Daau ji was trapped so he agreed.
Gannu, in politics,
the person who traps
you is the smart one,
and the one who gets
trapped is a jackass.
Okay, I'll give you
that he got him this time.
But what's the guarantee that
Satto won't trap you in the future?
This is beyond my
understanding Balwant.
Why the heck are you investing
in Gannu's hunger strike?
when you have two horses in the race,
it's wise to bet on both.
Now wait and watch.
I have aligned seven planets
in a single line.
Nobody can stop Gannu
from becoming a Corporator now!
Put vermilion on Gannu's forehead
and complete the ritual.
This is the first time
I am doing something right.
At least, wish me good luck.
Give me one last chance.
I won't fail this time,
I promise.
please listen to me.
I'm doing all this for our child.
You just take care of her.
The hunger strike begins
on the 27th at the town ground.
Gannu is igniting a fire
in people to gain victory.
It's okay, bro.
Let him start the fire.
I'll just roast him in it.
A legend like Gannu
only comes around once in a blue moon.
And now this legend,
is out to do something extraordinary.
Hunger strike.
Just wait and watch.
This outstanding move will cause a stir
because it's not just a move,
it's a freaking tremor.
An earthquake which
will shake entire Jagodhar.
Is this my event or his?
Tell him to call me up.
I'm telling you, it's going
to cause pandemonium everywhere.
- I am...
- Get to the point, sir.
I am...
Calm down. I'll get to the point.
Come here, Gannu.
Greater than the greatest,
Gannu the great!
The biggest secret of the century
is about to be revealed right now.
Now, Gannu will tell us,
why he's on this hunger strike.
Tell them, son.
What else could I have done?
Who goes on
a hunger strike without a cause?
You don't know crap and
want to revolt like Che Guevara.
No cause, no hunger strike.
It was a simple plan.
You made it complicated.
- Yes, exactly.
- He's right!
You are right.
Stop yelling!
I'll make an announcement
that Gannu's taking a vow of silence.
He will tell the cause
of the hunger strike in the morning.
I hope till tomorrow
you will figure out a cause.
How will we keep the crowd until then?
Tomorrow you will get to know
the cause behind the hunger strike!
But stay put
as the world famous Chunni bai is here.
Just ten minutes.
Ten minutes.
Father-in-law's plan has worked.
- Now no one will leave until morning.
- That's right!
Yeah, his plan worked.
Gannu, since we have the time...
we should come up with a strong cause.
Let's not rush it.
We have the entire night.
- Three of us...
- Dad, Mom's leaving.
I'm in deep trouble, man.
I have to go.
Or I'll lose my family.
Yeah, go on.
You take care.
Try and come back quickly.
There's a lot you need to take care of.
Let's go, kiddo.
So any ideas?
What's the cause of this hunger strike?
I don't have any ideas.
Let's just watch the dance for now.
Are you coming?
Nah, you go ahead, enjoy it.
I am only interested in music.
Come, let's go home.
It's just a booze party
in the name of hunger strike.
With that look!
Whom are going to ruin?
You have our hearts
Now do you want our lives too
I am a little infamous
I am the beautiful evening
Take me where you want
I am yours today
I am exquisite
I am poet's dream
Handle me
I am the euphoria
You will die
Do not try to touch
Behold me from a distance
Do not try to touch me
Everyone here is a lover
Do not try to touch me
I swear I will come running for you
I'll come to your house
With the proposal
I'll get the wedding dress for you
I'll be your groom
And I'll make you my bride
Come to me
Do not make me yearn
I have come all dolled up for you
Everyone wants a piece of me
I have the gift of beauty
Give me that charming look
Do not try to touch
Let me tell you something
Just behold me...
Behold me from a distance
Do not try touch me
Even the married act as singles here
Do not try touch me
Behold her from a distance
Do not try to touch her
Even the married act as singles here
Do not try to touch her
- This is your fault!
- What have I done now?
I am born with a freaking bad luck.
Every time I try to do something good,
it always goes wrong!
I seriously can't go
on today without a drink.
Get me my drink.
Get me some booze!
Boss, we ran out of alcohol.
What? How did we run out?
Boss, the bar is locked.
The bar's locked?
This is ridiculous!
It must be somewhere. Just see...
At least a beer. Give me a sip!
At least a drop.
- Boss...
- Yeah?
Maddi just called.
He's not coming back.
His wife made him swear on their kids.
He has told not to contact him anymore.
"Beware the ides of March!"
Shakespeare wrote it
for such situations.
What does that even mean?
I have no clue.
Balwant, we are out of stock,
and you locked up the bar.
Not cool, man. We need
liquor all the time.
Why are you getting so edgy?
Just wait until morning.
Balwant, I respect you.
Don't talk like a wimp.
How dare you call me a wimp,
you dickhead!
Don't talk to me like that. Got it?
I'm already irritated.
If something bad happens,
I'm not taking responsibility.
Stay in your freaking lane.
You petty good-for-nothing.
If you don't stop talking,
I'll put an end to your nonsense.
Screw you, Balwant!
Get lost.
All men become stupid
when they reach their end?
And this idiot is no different.
Rob the entire bar.
Wake up, Boss.
I'll be the Corporator!
Wake up, Boss.
We are doomed, Boss.
Get up.
Do something,
or the hunger strike will be over.
What can we do?
Make him drink some more.
That is the only remedy for a hangover.
- Prakash, please, will you...
- I'm thinking...
Move it.
It's morning, guys!
It's morning, guys!
Time to head to the bar.
Wake up already!
Show us your dance moves, babe!
Someone call Chunni, man!
Call who? Call who?
Let's go.
Come on, boss.
All good-for-nothings in one place.
This isn't a bar!
What are you doing here?
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
- Wait up!
- I can walk by myself.
What are you doing here?
My child's life is at stake.
- Isn't it?
- Cover him.
Stay put.
Stay where you are.
The biggest secret
is about to be revealed.
My child's life is at stake.
This kind of thing only
happens once in a century.
All the tyrants better watch out.
Snap out of it, boss
Come on, boss.
- Wake up, Boss!
- Gannu the great has arrived!
Wake up, boss! It's time to talk.
It's time to talk.
All hail Gannu!
Alcohol is awful.
Stop drinking!
Stop drinking!
Stop drinking!
- Stop drinking!
- What is this?
What is he saying?
Come here.
What did you say, Gannu?
He said nothing!
He is not in his senses.
Repeat what you just said!
Alcohol destroys you.
It wrecks your liver.
Quit drinking.
That's what I said.
This is right.
What is right in it?
What is he saying?
This is bullshit.
- He is absolutely right.
- No way!
Gannu's right!
He's absolutely right!
This town is getting ruined
because of the drunkards.
Make him quit first!
Ban the alcohol!
Ban the alcohol!
Ban the alcohol!
- Look at this.
- This is an armageddon.
Boss, is drunk and hungover.
We will manage everything.
Shut down the bar!
Shut down the bar!
Shut down the...
What the heck
do you think you're doing?
What is this ruckus?
Nobody will buy alcohol from his bar.
Ban alcohol.
He will do it?
He's going to put a stop to drinking?
He's a freaking drunkard himself.
Ask him.
How he was begging
last night to give him some booze?
And when I didn't provide,
he broke into the bar.
Tell them... didn't you rob by bar?
Next time I will not just
break in but wreck your freaking bar.
You think your daddy
owns the town, yeah?
That's right.
It's my pop's property and I am its king.
And this is my kingdom.
Nobody's going to buy booze
from his bar from now on.
Neither me nor my daddy.
Stop drinking.
No one's going to drink.
You scoundrel!
You are going to try and stop me, huh?
You are going to go after me?
You won't be able to
sell any liquor from today.
Get lost.
Starting today, the bar opens at 10.
And you'll get a heavy discount of 75%.
Come on, guys.
Long live Balwant.
Nobody's going to his bar to drink.
Starting today,
nobody's drinking at Balwant's bar.
That's my order.
The dark days are over and how!
Let's put a stop to the drinking now!
The dark days are over and how!
Let's put a stop to the drinking now!
The dark days are over and how!
Screw you, Balwant.
Your bar's shutting down today.
The end.
You think you can shut my bar?
Beat the tar out of this scumbag!
He's had it coming!
Let's put a stop to the drinking now!
The dark days are over and how!
Let's put a stop to the drinking now!
The dark days are over and how!
You'll get booze at
a heavy discount of 75%.
Just 25 for the one that cost 100 bucks!
Gannu is going to put
an end to our misery.
The dark days are over and how!
Let's put a stop to the drinking now!
The night was black
And full of fright
With no ray of hope
In my sight
The earth stood barren
And thorny
A heart full of pain
Eyes dry and mourning
But now as the morning
Sun begins to glow
And heavens above
Start to overflow
My heart now hopeful
After a bleak night
For you are my hope
My guiding light
My heart now hopeful
After a bleak night
For you are my hope
My guiding light
I am so screwed.
- Maddi!
- Maddi!
Where have you been?
Gannu is in deep trouble.
Come quickly.
The women have kidnapped Gannu.
They have turned him into a saint.
They have cut his booze off.
He's miserable.
Come and handle the situation.
Try to understand.
I have little ones to think about.
Are you having fun?
I'm your wife.
I know you like the back of my hand.
You've lost control of
this circus.
And it won't stop here.
Because your frivolous lie
has turned out to be their truth.
You asked me for one last chance.
Well, this is it.
Be the man of your word.
All the best.
Gannu is done for.
The entire city has turned against him.
But... the women are on his side.
What can women do?
Men run this world.
Not the women.
Give a couple of sips to boss,
or else he will die.
No, I don't want to drink.
I have to be a man of my word.
Please understand, boss.
How will you be a man if you are dead?
That's logical.
Bring me some. Go.
I will bring it anyhow.
The dark days are over and how!
Don't worry.
Prakash will arrange the booze.
It already feels better.
Dhamaka News is at ground Zero.
Where Gannu is on a hunger strike.
Come with me.
What nonsense is this?
It's the media.
Ashwini ji, bring the camera here.
- Hello, Gannu.
- Hello.
I am Gajender Singh, from Dhamaka News.
We want to convey your message
to the world, through our channel.
- Go ahead.
- Yup.
- What are doing?
- I am just adjusting the mic.
That thing records the video.
This is for sound.
We don't want any sound.
Just take a picture.
Names will be lost. Faces can change.
But, voice is eternal.
What's a picture without a voice?
I see.
Go ahead.
Gannu, what's your take on alcohol?
Saint Gannu said alcohol
leads straight to damnation.
A huge societal threat.
There is only one way
to void this damnation.
Alcohol ban.
But why?
Let's hear what people
have to say about it.
What do you think about
Gannu's hunger strike?
First purchase something.
Then I'll tell you.
- I don't care.
- Sir, listen to me!
- You'll be on TV.
- I don't care.
All the ladies are
at that bloody hunger strike.
Now I am forced to eat
the food made by these idiots.
And you want my opinion?
See this. This!
- This is my opinion.
- Sir, don't attack the media!
Drunkard men don't
care about their children.
We, women, do.
Being a man...
how will you understand
the plight of women?
My children don't have food to eat.
While my husband is
getting wasted at the bar all day.
All are bloody punks...
The bar...
Burn that place down.
They'll burn it down?
Just like that?
It's a bar run by the government.
- Government property.
- Hey...
Is this a joke?
When I am talking...
you better listen to me.
It is a government property.
And it's a punishable offense
to mess with it!
Got it?
The group of 40 to 50 women
pushing for alcohol ban may be small.
But like a gentle wind
that triggers a blaze,
they too can be the catalyst
for a larger change.
Gannu has pulled a
rabbit out of his hat.
And you funded
his magic trick, Balwant. Why?
Gannu was but your favorite.
He was your favorite.
I thought this will make him popular.
So that the higher-ups
will ask you to give him
a chance instead of Satto.
But now that dirtbag struck me.
He didn't strike you.
He struck me.
Exactly, you are the boss.
I'm just a pawn.
What puzzles me,
is that the pawn isn't just thinking,
but also making moves on its own?
I messed up, boss.
Forgive me.
I'll make it right, I promise.
Gannu has dug his own grave.
I just need to bury him.
We have to do it delicately.
Sure thing.
And you won't do it.
I'll give my life, Daau ji.
Sorry, I'll take his life.
Greetings, brother.
You all must be wondering...
what I'm doing here.
It's true that
I have been against Gannu.
But I have never
been against the truth.
And the truth is,
alcohol is ruining our town.
I drink too
and it is hard to quit.
But now I will quit for real.
With Gannu's help.
Keep fighting the good fight, brother.
We are with you.
We are with you.
If anyone can save Jagodhar,
it's Brother Gannu. Only him.
You can beat me up if you want,
but don't stop me from
joining you.
I beg you.
I've decided
Gannu should be the Corporator
and not me.
That's why I'm
withdrawing my nomination.
And I swear to support
Gannu unconditionally,
no matter what.
In this fight to ban alcohol
accept my little sacrifice.
Keep fighting the good fight, brother.
We're with you.
Keep fighting the good fight, brother.
We're with you.
Each drink is for peace
Sorrow has a bad name for no reason
Just have a drink my friend
This world is nothing less than heaven
Who could've imagined?
We'll be sipping tea at sundown.
We shouldn't have messed with Balwant.
Looked for alcohol everywhere
but can't even find
it on the black market.
And you won't.
Balwant has sworn that
he will distribute it for free
to the entire town.
But will make sure
that you don't get a single drop.
Help me open it.
I have told Balwant
he's no better than my brothers.
They won't fall short
of booze when I'm around.
Take it.
Don't be shy, take it.
Come on, guys.
Only through tough times...
Are you not feeling well?
No, I'm good.
What were you saying
about tough times?
He is right.
- Let's go over to Gannu.
- Come on, let's go.
- Get up.
- Come on.
- Hello, let's go.
- Let's go.
- Come along.
- Yes, let's go.
we've got a problem.
Everyone has seen Gajender Singh's news.
All eyes are on us now.
So, what's the issue?
This strike started with 50 women,
but still only 50 women are involved.
Our numbers aren't increasing.
When this hunger strike started,
it caused a stir.
Now we're just sitting
here doing nothing.
While Jagodhar keeps going as it was.
Nobody cares.
If this goes on,
the hunger strike will just die out.
How could it just die like that?
How could we let that happen?
Gannu, we will go door-to-door
and gather women.
So the plan is,
we'll start a foot
march tomorrow morning.
And Gannu, you'll lead us.
No, Satto.
He's not well.
Janki, what do you think?
Will this plan work?
Of course, it will.
Plan has to succeed.
We will win. It's my belief.
And I believe in your belief.
End of story.
That's it then,
tomorrow morning we'll
start our foot march.
Come on, let's go.
Keep moving.
Gannu, you know the real
reason behind this foot march.
Janki wants a better life
for her kids.
My friends want alcohol.
And what does Satto want?
Now it's not about what anyone wants.
It's about what I want.
A wise man once said,
a journey of thousand miles,
begins with a single step.
Another wise man Gannu
has taken that first step.
The foot march has begun.
For awakening the masses.
Bloody traitor.
What's on your mind?
I'm thinking
how I supported Gannu
when he was in the wrong,
and now when he's doing the right thing,
I've abandoned him.
That's what I have been asking.
When you have it all figured out,
then what are you waiting for?
Won't you forgive me?
Khusrow was right.
In the sea of love,
the tide flows in the opposite way.
One who dares, drowns.
One who drowns, makes it across.
Come on!
If this fam-jam is over,
let's move.
We're running late.
Don't stop.
Keep moving.
Come, Maddi!
Keep moving.
Go on.
What's going on?
Satto has joined us.
So making Gannu walk
barefoot was his idea?
Which one is out of stock?
- Gannu.
- Gannu!
- What happened?
- The stone...
Where is Nimo?
Get back everyone.
- Get back.
- Get back.
Get back everyone.
- Please help him out.
- Get back.
What's wrong?
Good Lord.
Looks like Saint Gannu
is dehydrated.
Get on your feet Saint
and quench your thirst.
Come on, take it.
It's just for you.
Get it.
The war trumpet has been blown.
Thus begins the great war.
I'm good.
What about you?
Hope you are taking care.
I am absolutely fine and
our baby is healthy as well.
Can I say something?
I no longer regret that
you didn't use a condom.
Now our child can
proudly call you father.
Hang on.
Take it.
The world was a carnival
A dazzling display only
But I was lonely
The world was a carnival
A dazzling display only
But I was lonely
Then from the throngs
You called out clear
Don't fear, my dear
I'm right here
The dawn has broken
A brand new day
He skies have cleared
My heart's at play
What a buzzkill!
Get some sleep, I'll sit with him.
Okay, Maddi.
You guys should talk.
What's up?
You tell me.
What does it seem like?
Did you also quit drinking like me?
I'm not weak like others.
Everyone went for a drink
as soon as the sunset.
Satto giving free
booze at the tea stall.
They asked me before going.
Every drunkard has a same story.
You quit drinking in the morning,
you get sloshed at night.
You want some water?
I knew that
booze can make your life short,
but never knew
quitting it would make it even shorter.
You're buying drinks for everyone,
what about me?
Come on, sit down.
Pack me two bottles,
I'll drink at home.
The night is long,
but stay awake!
Maddi, come here.
Maddi is not here.
It's me, Satto.
And I am not alone.
They all are here.
Your life is in danger.
Where are you wandering?
Zoom in!
Came to take a leak.
Go ahead.
Am I supposed to take
a leak in front of everyone?
No worries, ladies!
Go on, you all.
I'll help him take a leak.
Go on.
- Go ahead.
- Gannu is safe for now.
As you can see.
Gannu hadn't disappeared.
It was only nature's call.
But this story can take
a twist anywhere.
Stay tuned to Dhamaka news
for the latest updates.
That's a wrap, Ashwini ji.
It was a nice move.
When Maddi insisted
on packing the bottles,
I knew, it was you.
Can't stay away from alcohol,
can you?
I was betrayed by my kin,
not strangers.
My boat sank close to the shore,
where there was no water.
Only this.
And neat.
Drink it up,
nobody's watching.
If I drink,
the hunger strike will end here.
If you don't drink,
then you'll be dead by morning.
This is called checkmate.
Game over.
Okay, if it's over,
then give it.
Give me.
Satto, why are you
forcing me to drink?
Maddi! Throw some light.
Why are you forcing me?
- What nonsense!
- He is making me drink.
It's a trap.
Balwant has sent him
to break Gannu's fast.
They're lying! You scumbags!
They are lying.
Bloody liars.
Idiot. What did you think?
Only you can play politics.
Catch him, he's a traitor!
Beat the crap out of him!
Stop, you scumbag!
Beat him!
Let me in
Come out, you bastard.
Open the door, please!
How are you feeling?
When my turn came to buy the booze
they shut the bar.
Come here.
It's your turn now.
The hunger strike
has taken a dramatic turn.
The women have stormed
the local alcohol shop.
As you can see,
this is about to become one
of biggest incident of this century.
Beat him! Beat him!
Beat him.
I'm on your side.
I am on your side.
Demolish this bar.
Destroy it!
Gannu's hunger strike took
a dramatic turn last night.
The women have stormed
the local alcohol shop.
After this incident,
women in large numbers,
have joined Gannu.
Now an NGO has also joined hands
in Gannu's cause.
A petition has been filed
in session court to ban alcohol.
Gannu has taken a lead in this movement.
As you know,
Gannu will run as an independent
candidate for Corporator.
He might win.
Then, go on to become
a member of parliament,
and change Jagodhar's
political scene.
A significant threat
to both Daau ji and the power?
How will the government
counter Gannu?
All the tyrants better watch out.
Gannu the great has arrived!
All the tyrants better watch out.
Gannu the great has arrived!
Long live mighty Gannu!
All the tyrants better watch out.
Gannu the great has arrived!
All the tyrants better watch out.
Gannu the great has arrived!
All the tyrants better watch out.
Gannu the great has arrived!
Long live mighty Gannu!
Long live mighty Gannu!
All the tyrants better watch out.
Gannu the great has arrived!
I'll be right back.
What is the police doing here?
Here, I've filled out your election form.
Just sign here.
we have a warrant for your arrest.
Come with us.
Big news coming in!
Gannu has been arrested.
Rumors are rife,
MP Daau ji can be behind this.
People are angry because their messiah
has been declared a criminal.
Where are you taking Gannu?
Let him go!
Our strike will be ruined now!
Let Gannu go!
Let him go.
They will kill Gannu.
- Let him go!
- Gannu!
Let him go.
Just don't be a spectator.
Do something.
They are all vultures!
Janki, don't do it.
The night was black
And full of fright
With no ray of hope
In my sight
The earth stood barren
And thorny
A heart full of pain
Eyes dry and mourning
There is no other choice.
End this hunger strike.
How can we just end it?
Janki tried to kill herself.
What would she have done otherwise?
Her drunkard husband
would steal the money
meant for her children's food
to buy booze.
She helplessly watched her children
suffer every single day.
And this town is full
of women like Janki.
Your hunger strike gives them hope
that their children can live.
How can they let it end?
I started this hunger
strike for my child.
I just wanted my child
to be proud of me
and call me a great man.
That's it.
A great man is someone
who believes in himself.
But when people put their faith in him,
he doesn't remain a man.
He becomes a God.
And God has no right
to betray anyone's faith.
Janki will die when her faith does.
This boy is like family to me.
He's done a lot for me.
Election booth capturing,
land annexing and even kidnappings.
Why did you disrespect him?
Balwant, you did that, right?
- Yes.
- I know.
I know everything.
I know.
I know what's on your mind.
The man you looked
up to as a father figure
backed that sketchy Satto.
Even though you are about
to have your first child.
You just wanted to
succeed for your child.
So that your child
doesn't grow up knowing
that you were a small
time good-for-nothing thug,
but a great man.
I know everything.
You did the right thing.
It was my mistake.
Whose mistake was it?
You low-life, worthless prick...
He's like your little brother!
He's family!
You insulted him,
means you insulted me!
You dickhead!
Apologize to him!
Lick his feet and say sorry.
Say you're sorry!
Gannu, don't forgive him, son.
Apologize, you scumbag!
Daau ji no matter what happens,
this hunger strike is not going to stop.
How many charges are on him?
How many?
IPC 426, inciting violence and unrest.
IPC 441, damaging government
liquor stores and property.
IPC 390, stealing.
IPC 153, inciting discriminatory
violence and riots.
Add 306 and 311,
for tricking a destitute woman
into self-immolation.
Janki is in a government hospital.
Everyone knows she tried
to kill herself for you.
If I kill her today
and throw you in jail!
Who in the freaking world
would dare stop me?
You aren't going
to win this, Gannu.
You will rot in
jails all across the country.
Until the elections are done.
Don't forget. Janki will die as well!
Bring it.
Sign this.
It says you're dropping
your petition to ban alcohol.
Sign it!
You are such a good boy.
You deserve a reward.
Look at this.
This is the party President's letter,
that you will be our candidate
for the position of Corporator this year.
Look, son.
Well done.
You have fluttered so much.
You deserve a reward. Right?
I am so proud of you!
The messiah has fallen.
In a dramatic turn of event,
the scenario in Jagodhar has changed.
People are outraged...
Gannu Kumar has taken back his petition...
The question remains. Will the government
take any legal action against Gannu?
Leave this!
Gannu has betrayed us!
- Where is Boss?
- How would I know in this crowd?
Gannu betrayed us all!
Gannu has betrayed us!
Stop it!
Are you all out of your mind?
Gannu would never do such a thing.
Your boy is a traitor.
Don't you dare say that!
It's obvious that a traitor will be born
in a house full of good-for-nothings!
Nobody knows what really happened...
The truth is out there
but it just seems too unreal.
Too many questions
and too much fear of the unknown.
- Nirmala!
- Dad.
Gannu would never
do something like that.
This whole thing is a lie.
- I know, kid.
- Where's Gannu?
Gannu has betrayed us!
Gannu is a traitor.
Gannu is a crook.
Gannu is a crook.
Gannu is a crook.
Gannu is a crook.
Gannu is a crook.
Gannu is a crook.
Gannu is a crook.
Gannu is a crook.
Gannu is a crook.
Gannu is a crook.
Gannu is a crook.
Gannu is a crook.
Gannu is a crook.
All these years,
Janki suffered with me.
She went through so much
but didn't give up
because I never gave her hope.
But you killed her soul
by giving her false hope.
You son of a bitch!
Gannu is a crook.
- Don't hurt him!
- Gannu!
Let him go!
Let him go.
Back off.
Get off.
Do me a favor...
Down with traitor Gannu!
Down with traitor Gannu!
Down with traitor Gannu!
- Calm down. Calm down, everyone.
- Down with traitor Gannu!
- I request you all stay calm.
- Down with traitor Gannu!
I understand your anger.
If I won't then who will?
Gannu is an idiot.
He showed you the wrong path.
Provoked you first,
and then went back on his words.
He's an idiot.
An idiot.
Not a traitor.
Absolutely not a traitor.
And however he is,
whatever he is,
he is still our boy.
Just like you and I.
Gannu too is a son of this soil.
This son is remorseful
and is asking for your forgiveness.
And when a child asks
for forgiveness,
elders should embrace him.
Forgive him.
Pardon him.
Come, Gannu.
- He is a traitor.
- Hey, Chedi.
He is a traitor.
Damn right!
Apologize you crook
I can't apologize.
Mistakes can be forgiven
but what I did is a sin.
I'm a criminal.
I'm responsible for
the chaos in this town.
I'm guilty of misleading
these women to protest.
That poor woman set herself on fire.
She burned herself for my lies.
I am her culprit.
Even God won't be
able to forgive me,
then how would you?
I was desperate
to become a Corporator.
By any means necessary...
or else how would I face my child?
Daau ji is right.
I'm an idiot.
An utter idiot
for not realizing that
Balwant isn't just a man,
but a great man.
He's not just running a bar,
but an institution for public welfare.
Of course he sells alcohol!
That's why the highest tax
from this area goes from Balwant's bar.
What does these taxes do?
They help in digging wells,
building roads,
providing water and electricity.
And Balwant's bar is the
major contributor here.
I've come to believe
he's not selling alcohol
but a potion for development.
What does he mean?
What is he talking about?
This potion should be given out
for free in schools and colleges.
What is he blabbering?
Even I am wondering
what the hell is he blabbering.
There should be counters
where they give it for free.
I realize now,
I committed a huge sin
by starting this hunger strike.
But Daau ji explained me last night,
that my wrong doings should end today
while his great deeds begin.
Daau ji has announced that
until alcohol
is made compulsory in this town,
he won't touch water.
He'll only drink alcohol,
even if it kills him.
Daau ji is screwed!
Are you done?
Did you forget what
I told you last night?
If you don't end this hunger strike,
I'll burn Janki alive in
the government hospital.
And blame you for it.
I've got nothing to lose.
Janki is going to die anyway.
But I'll really miss you.
One more thing.
Nirmala's like a daughter-in-law to me.
If anything happens to her baby,
you'll be responsible for it.
I don't care.
What did you expect?
You know what, Daau ji?
Do whatever the heck you want!
I dare you.
As for Janki, I won't let her die.
You've done what you wanted to do.
Now face the consequences.
Move. Move.
People of Jagodhar!
Is the mic not working?
People of Jagodhar...
listen to me.
I am requesting you.
Please pay attention.
I'm telling you that...
Did you forget what
I told you last night?
If you don't end this hunger strike,
I'll burn Janki alive
in the government hospital.
And blame you for it.
I've got nothing to lose.
Janki is going to die anyway.
But I'll really miss you.
Nirmala's like a daughter-in-law to me.
You were right.
In politics, if you have a good image...
you're a hero.
If you have a bad image, you're a zero.
I learnt it from you.
All the tyrants better watch out.
Gannu the great has arrived!
All the crooks run for your life
Gannu the great has arrived!
Down with the alcohol
Gannu the great has arrived!
Our leader our pride
Gannu the great has arrived!
A new history has
been written in Jagodhar.
Daau ji had to resign
from his post of minister.
He has been blacklisted
from the party.
Satto is back at his favorite hospital.
Save me please.
They will beat me up.
Janki leads a happy life now.
Even Chedilal has
turned over a new leaf.
He quit drinking for good.
But quitting smoking
is going to take some work.
The Chief Minister offered Gannu
a glass of juice to end his strike
and promised to introduce the liquor
ban bill in the Parliament.
The parliament sees ongoing arguments
surrounding the liquor
ban bill on a daily basis,
but a conclusive decision
has not been made.
However, alcohol is no longer
available for sale in Jagodhar,
as the bar was forced to close.
And it wasn't the ban that did it,
but all the illegal booze
being sold there.
Gannu's parents are stoked.
Because they had twins.
Nirmala's dream came true.
She and Gannu had a baby girl.
They named her Ms. Junior Corporator.
It's election season in Jagodhar.
I'm telling you, Gannu's sure to win.
Gannu's a combination
of Abraham Lincoln,
Karl Marx, and Nelson Mandela.
And in the end,
everyone's wishes were granted
as Gannu won the elections.
So this is how the story ended.
Praise the Lord.