Dry Rain (2008) Movie Script

Just let me talk to her!
Hold on!
Would you hold on
one second!
Then tell her it's okay!
I'm okay Mom!
I can't hear you, Tracy.
Just say what you said again,
repeat that.
Well you do owe me.
Well I had a life with you,
you owe me for that.
[Dad: SIGHS]
You're saying what?
[Dad:] Joey, come on,
get out of the road.
[Joey:] Virga,
that's what it's called.
When the rain
doesn't reach the ground.
[Dad:] Aww
that's just dry rain.
It's depressing as hell.
[Joey:] So,
what did Mom say?
Well how would I know.
Couldn't hear a thing
with all your hollering.
Might have been a wrong number
for all I could tell.
[Joey:] So,
what did she say?
[Dad:] There something
you didn't tell me,
something wrong
with your ears?
You can't hear so good
because your brain got so big?
I hear everything.
[Dad:] Oh yeah?
[Joey:] Yeah.
[Dad:] What do you say,
let's get something to eat.
What do you think
they eat around here?
People eat grass?
If theyre hungry enough.
We're rich.
[Dad:] Hey,
put that away.
Emm... do you take
American money here?
This is America too.
[Waitress:] Sure.
Straight across.
[Dad:] But...
but the exchange of...
[Dad:] He's... emm...
he's had a big day.
We'll take a burger.
And the boy?
[Dad:] Emm...
we'll split it.
Take it easy.
Mom might have
misunderstood all this.
[Joey:] Mom might have
warrants out for us.
[Dad:] Well that's why
we gotta play it cool.
And you gotta stop acting
like such a nut case.
[Joey:] Now,
you were saying what?
Fucking Mynah bird.
I'm going to make
a call after lunch.
[Dad: SIGHS]
Try to find a
phone booth that wasn't
personally installed
by Thomas Edison.
[Joey:] Alexander Graham Bell.
[Dad:] Huh?
Alexander Graham Bell.
He invented the telephone.
Anything else?
Water is free.
[Joey:] How much are you
trying to get for me?
[Dad:] I told you,
it's not like that, Joey.
[Joey:] Dad,
you come to Montana,
wait for me
outside school,
we cross into Canada,
you call Mom
three times,
you never call Mom.
Eat your burger.
I like cheese.
He'd like cheese on his.
On just the half...
He's on vacation.
Anything else?
[Dad: SIGHS]
This is like gangsters,
Mom would kill me for this.
Just take it easy
before the Mounties
surround us.
Could happen.
[Dad: SIGHS]
I'm gonna make a call.
About the money?
We should rob a bank.
[Dad:] You like
living in that house,
up there
in the big sky?
The place is so big,
you'd think
you need a map
to find the front door.
You cased the house?
[Dad:] I didn't case it,
I just...
I watched you.
Saw you go to school.
You tailed me?
[Dad:] So you like
living in that mansion?
Like it up there?
Tracy is a...
you know,
your new err...
He treat you all right?
He's okay.
Not as bad as you think.
[Dad:] What makes
you think I think it's bad?
You hate lawyers.
[Joey: SIGHS]
We're in Canada Dad
and making ransom calls.
[Dad:] Now God damn it,
there, Joey.
I told you
I didn't kidnap you.
That's not how it is.
I mean, you're my kid!
We're supposed to do
stuff like this, it's good for you.
[Joey:] You didn't
even get visitation Dad.
[Dad:] Only lawyers
worry about that crap.
Lawyers and cops.
Same difference.
[Dad: SIGHS]
Do you ever
play with tar
when the sun
bubbles it up.
What kind of bubbles?
Tar, you know!
You push on it
until an air bubble
gets trapped
underneath it and then
blows up
like a miniature volcano.
Maybe not.
Let's keep moving.
[Joey:] You suppose
Mounties really
wear those
goofy red uniforms?
I got no idea.
A hundred thousand at least.
Well I'm worth it,
[Dad:] You're not kidnapped.
Then take me home.
[Dad:] We're on vacation,
all right?
Vacation my ass!
You wanna know what
the FBI thinks of that story?
Hey, Trace.
[Mom:] You're talking
to them right now!
Every call
is being recorded.
What in the world
are you doing in Canada?
[Dad:] I just want
what's coming to me Tracy.
[Mom:] Coming to you,
for what? Child support?
[Dad:] Well,
vacations aren't cheap.
[Mom:] Oh, you're broke,
aren't you?
Look, Tracy!
We ain't got enough
money to get home.
You didn't call cops,
did you? I mean...
[Mom:] Just bring him back.
Think of him, would you?
[Joey:] We're having fun Mom,
I am!
He's enjoying himself.
[Mom:] For God's sake,
[Dad:] I mean he is, he really is!
You should see him!
That's all I want!
Me too.
[Mom:] Bring him back
and this is over, Stil.
Just another one
of your great ideas.
But I swear to God, if you ever
pull a stunt like this...
[Dad:] All right now,
hold on there, Trace!
I had a life.
This is
eye for an eye time.
[Dad:] Come on kid!
We're hitting the bricks.
Is he tracing the calls?
Are they closing in?
When aren't they?
Vacation, Joey!
They don't trace calls
for a vacation.
Yeah yeah I know.
You just
don't understand this.
Then tell me.
[Dad:] I don't
understand it either.
It's nice up here.
Smells good.
It's the conifers.
Pine, spruce,
fir, hemlock,
[Dad:] Smells like
one of those car deodorizers.
How'd you like that...
living in a place,
that smells like
a giant Christmas tree
hanging off your dash.
Where do you live now, dad?
[Dad:] Aww...
near where we used to live.
In the desert?
On the edge.
Never smells like this.
Nothing like this.
[Dad:] Do you
ever miss Arizona?
Mom calls it Bedrock.
Like in the Flintstones.
[Dad:] Great! Our whole lifes
turned into a cartoon.
[Dad: SIGHS]
Are you ten yet?
[Dad:] So,
what do you think?
What do you mean?
[Dad:] Well,
I mean I... emm...
driving all over Canada
with a freaking genius
and I'm trying to figure out
everything on my own.
[Joey:] I'm not smart
about everything.
Sure, you are.
That school you go to,
that's a
genius factory
if I ever saw one.
[Dad:] Man,
your mom and me.
We had some knock down
drag outs about that.
You know I just wanted you
to be a normal kid.
And she was like
accelerated this
and accelerated that.
I remember...
that was the first day
that you'd come back
from those special classes
that you was taking.
I don't think you was
but six at the time.
And you s... [LAUGHS]
you told us you quit.
You know
you just up and quit.
And you said,
it's supposed to be
accelerated not excessive.
I just about busted a gut,
but your Mom...
she turned you
right around and
she marched you
back the next day.
It wasn't that bad.
Yeah, well?
You're definitely
the brains of this operation here.
So what do you think?
[Joey:] Mom won't give you
any money for me?
Nah Joey
I need the money.
I'm busted flat.
But that's not
why I got you.
I did that to show her,
you know,
what she done to me.
[Joey:] Did you even try
to keep me?
Get visitation?
Not at the time.
I couldn't.
I wanted to.
I had a life with you.
You owe me for that.
Oh, don't... don't.
[Dad:] Want to go
to Arizona with me?
We'd starve, Dad.
We could eat grass.
There is no grass in Arizona.
Golf courses.
They'd never let us on.
I don't suppose.
Not to eat
grass anyhow.
Do you want me
to take you back
to your
mom's house?
It's where I live now.
I'll make Mom
give you some money.
[Dad:] Stay in that car,
Joey. I mean it!
What'd she say?
What'd you say?
What'd you guys decide?
What are we doing Dad?
(Border Crossing
500 meters)
[Dad:] I didn't kidnap
you really, Joey.
I just wanted to show her.
Just to show her?
That's not what I meant.
I'm not going with you,
I can't
cross the border here.
[Joey:] It's a vacation,
They don't alert borders
for a vacation.
Yeah, well,
maybe your Mom
[Joey:] Yeah,
maybe she did.
[Dad: SIGHS]
[Dad:] Your mom's
on her way.
She's gonna pick
you up here.
She ought
to be here soon.
[Joey:] Is she bringing
the money?
No, I don't think so.
I'll send you some.
Do you
have an address?
[Dad:] I'll write you.
I'll let you know.
[Joey:] Dad,
you never write.
I will now!
For the money?
So I, you know,
you can...
tell me
you know about that rain,
that vertigo.
Dry rain, dad.
Vertigo is something
totally different.
[Dad:] Maybe your Mom
will let you come down
to visit me in Arizona.
Yeah, I don't suppose...
have to wait too long,
said she's on her way.
[Joey:] Did she really
call the cops on us?
[Dad:] I don't know,
she said she did.
She might have.
you'd better go then,
before the Mounties get here.
[Dad:] Hey look look look,
look at this here.
[Dad:] You know
you can work out
whole pieces
like a rope.
What for?
[Dad:] Well,
I don't know.
Chase people with it,
I guess.
Who'd I chase?
Well, your friends.
[Joey:] Mom would kill me
for playing in the street.
Come back
for another vacation, dad!
You bet.
Hey Joey,
why don't you come down
to Arizona with me now?
Maybe we could work
something out with...
[Joey:] I really want to play
with the tar
before you
come back, Dad!
I'll know how.
You bet.
that's what it's called,
The End
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