Dry Rot (1956) Movie Script

Sister father Phil sent me to Boston to
further build zippity-doo-dah
come on ladies and gentlemen coming out
of every bunch of money be montral
Stephen Murray coming up up let me.
Thomas down we treat your ivory treat
you fair if the old falls down we'll say
a prayer she falls for our sauce for
less forceful ass
I know six Jay Paul and Phil told him
I'm Bob since the father Phil thought
about Marvin yes I think what face do
not six to one lady who teach about it.
Epson like a dose of souls like sick I
have six bumps each way in the bolt
spread the caner eight swipe down at
seven part six thank you lady
don't find it it's in the 330 boys the
three talk over then no I can't write my
license the part of the bump our sixth
affordable but to bumper six that Bobby
that's a new one I got an itch Eileen.
Foley Oh
whipping good show I think it's ten to
one isn't it true you delicious queen.
Tiye yes sir
ten pounds to win towards falling
fully 100 banner tank boats fully
7-month odd thank you very much two guns
going out in front on his own same order
still the same two guns out in front
good it comes me ammonia ice alright
come on you're moving up frost good
still there that's a boy ammonia haha no
here comes George falling in buddy first
volley he's caught pneumonia how much we
gotta play out all run good quid how
much we got 18 pounds 10 and 61 / give
us a sandwich filler I'll put the bread
on it quick come on it comes the walrus
I was expecting you sir yes don't funny
that's what I said
110 pounds straight from the minute I'm
touched by you my name thanks often it's
a pleasure sir didn't I did see you
again I am not watching flesh don't
bother operations come now 1 value 1 V 1.
V 1 V 1 view but.
Oh this one stands a chance right wait -
third time out what that one does what
do you know about all this turn it up oh
yeah enough my dog's is killing me now
that's one meeting we got to scrub all
their list yeah when's the next one over
the sticks Sheldon
oh yeah it's old insanity we ought to
clean up there now Fred jobs gonna win
that no cardinal now that it touch it
and burn am I given favorite will his
handicap he's got nothing to carry here
you pinch me carrot right Kelly you
pitched it we can't let me carrot what
are you talking about me carrot what
about your character you pinched it
you're a liar
are you calling me a liar yes stand up
and say it
you're a liar oh that's about you - will
hey alpha man yeah come here this legs
are dead spit on the French horse.
Cardinal so what well we keep that.
Cardinal put this one in its place it's
better loose what's the good of that we
bet Cardinal it'll lose but that we get
better on set wait look we can my
thousands like this hold on a minute he
might belong to somebody
I bet you were top of the class at
Sunday school when - here come on you
leave that base alone is this your horse
hey that'd be sweet lavender you want to
sell it sure where you can buy on Fred
got me money
no laughs got me Ronnie yeah.
Al's got any money nah
have you got any money Oh
so how much you want for the horse I
want to
well that one ten pounds to eight four
six five done
whereby ten poems oh I'm very very sorry
how much you got there well I got four
five one two three four five five and
five makes it hey you won't need these
will you silly boy fresh
Weren't even my oars
Hey the first thing we gotta do is the
part of posh hotel near the course a
white and the crooks and the red left
you mean we got to put on a better side
yeah I'll be respectable to accountant
oh my god oh you can be my bad
what's that sign is a Batman I mean
french secretary yeah.
Aria you be careful of your etiquette
etiquette when I drop certainly we look
are you lighter come on
this joint will do it for a quick one
now it'll be sweet enough if you pour it
out it'll be sleeping in the night box
mr. Shaw I'm very good
turn it up will you hey listen there's
an old country pub near Salem rice
course the bull and cow that's it we fix
up our headquarters there in that fresh
you look off a sweet lavender oh and
I'll be a Batman that's it what about a
secretary where you gonna find a
secretary - secretary somewhere now -
Ariana I got one of my own choose one of
these entries how are you it's all fine
you look a bit down in the dumps
girlfriend left you know my money has
though lost it
yep thieves of course probably old.
Gigi's I know didn't do so well huh no
bookmakers did though yeah that's what
you think I mean of course I did I order
now I'm by myself yeah hmm what's your
name John Bambi added a mr. Danny
my name's Alfred top this is mr. flash.
Harry and this is mr. Fredricksen any
place to meet you don't mention it
it so happens I'm looking for a
we'll be interested but you don't see
why not
welcome to my organization oh wait a
minute now I don't know much about
bookmaker you don't have to what do you
got to do is to have my head for
fiddling figures you got yourself a
secretary good
you English no Canadian know what he
comes from Canadia oh now look mister
damn be you meet us on Tuesday at the
bullying cow yourself in huh can I wait
this no but I'll find it
bullying cow Oh bad when fooling
Doris Henry.
Area yes very hearty
why should you have to cope what we pay
a maid for Beth isn't very well she had
one of her turns in the night
what a game she seems to spend her
entire life revolving very much in the
paper death might as well be yesterday
is it is yesterday's what Beth didn't
what today's out oh yeah she's washing
up I told you she was washing up I
always seem to catch her in midair yes
are you done done done what with the
truth no well are we up I can't wait
here all day good no any post this
I didn't see nothing oh I was hoping
we'd have some people here joining race
week we've been here for six weeks and
nobody's been near the place oh I know
you wait till the summer then we get
honeymoons I like a nice anima don't you
experience one oh I had lots I had three
in June 2 in July and two more in the
autumn two more what in the Ottoman
honeymoons dear Beth was telling us
about her honeymoons if she married no
Tara she means the couples who spend
them here oh we don't get named sabi
things like one you had one yourself
once I did only of course I remember
that was different
I loved your plate there I haven't
finished get prop returned I add in the
night I come over all green you'd better
take it
tar and shivery that's how my poor old
granny went out all green and shivery
she was you want Jody for lunch no I do
if she doesn't leave I we can't turn
alive she's no way to go I can think of
some way don't get Elizabeth to stop
cool car oh yes of course one never mind
yeah have you had your breakfast
yes daddy hours ago while you were still
snoring I never snore do I darkness oh I
slipped we shall have no crockery lift
Henry if you must chop do it quietly yes
yeah bit yes we act I would appreciate
some shoelaces in my pocket it's
addressed to the proprietor really it
might have been involved daddy there's a
letter for you that came yesterday I
gave him shoelaces yes sir I would like
three rooms for a suite my secretary mr.
Danby will arrive on Tuesday to see to
the arrangements yours faithfully Alfred
top three rooms but are we going to put
them there
I wonder if you can help me ah how do
the guests usually sleep here oh not bad
no no no what I mean is where do they
you see we've got very important person
coming here next Tuesday now which room
should he have all the Masters I'm
dashed if he does I bought this house
because I like living in comfortable
surroundings Henry we happen to be
running in her - I don't care what we're
honey if anyone dares to try to tend me
out of my room because I did yes
straight out and he stays at that room
constitutes my castle and I am king of
that castle and I will not tolerate any
dirty Rascals no I will not sit down Oh
morning do I know you know the names
dandy mind Wagstaff Colonel Wagstaff how
do you do
why beg your pardon how you do oh
darling this is my wife
essentially that's my wife this is mr.
big beam no sir danby danby that's right
this is mr. dam he was arriving on
Tuesday that's right yeah but today is
Tuesday yesterday is coming next Tuesday
you are coming next Tuesday aren't you
why somebody having a birthday
no no but mr. Table isn't arriving yet
today is he oh I hope he is he's on his
Straight over the rabbit down
She's sweet able to take me into town
like this but they'll just have to buy
some new crop real with some eating off
the table club it's a pleasure but you
better get something this time that
bounces as long as you have that best
working for you she'd soon find
something else to break
You've got 10,000 bags worth of rice
sauce there no Carteret fresh IP also
that report back to me in the bullet cap
where should I hide it anywhere anywhere
Come on there Fred
let's get it started give it a crank the
elastics broken ever look under the
bonnet oh all right
no there's not much here
was it have we room for a jockey on
Friday hold on a moment now to find out
door is yes dear would you care for a
jockey on Friday what dear have we room
for a jockey on Friday oh I should think
so they're quite small don't be silly
dear do I do it but I know not not you
yes yes little bit quite alright okay
goodbye come on boy
Brava city just the place a bit drafty
but if we keep the doors closed would be
all right
No answer go will ring the bell I have
it don't work I'll push the punishing
door I can't stand the old guy alright
how do you do how do you do my name is
Tom oh really
mr. Alfred tap and this is mr. Fredrick
ships armies Belize yes you're a right
case and I am expecting my secretary oh
well mr. dandy ah that's the gazer
that's the line it up has he arrived yet
well actually he's out at the moment do
come in oh thank you quite a smashing
helps you've got here well let's take
the old homes of England trainee
distinguish you been to France
no the river area I always wanted to go
to France do you speak French do you not
a word do you know fluently
well if you'll excuse me I must finish
getting your rooms ready do ring if you
want anything
oh thank you wait what do you mean
what's the good of me going to all that
expense for the secretary and I might be
carve you gonna put your great big foot
in it we've got to be inconspicuous um
well I don't know what I want to be your
valid too Valley is the word Valley as
in Wales Wales Rhondda Valley Honda.
Valley I remember someone is without
don't you you fool
hello mister tub yeah is he hey at the
top of the yeah yeah yes over there huh
thank you very much happy meal China how
I was you referring to the master I
here's mr. Todd was a mr. Flesh area to
see oh thank you hello flesh how are you
nice to see you you know my valet don't
you mr. Fredrick beeps yes I thought you
would oh yes this is of course the lady
fat staff and this is mr. flesh Harold
I'll get the maid to take your cases off
mr Turner oh there's no honey anytime
will suffice
well you will excuse me Oh suddenly if
you've got to go
we have sweet lavender in a cellar in a
cellar you breathe a simmer down
listen there's an old ruin out there
it's got a cellar and it makes a lovely
stable well why didn't you tell me so
before well you didn't give me up the
maid will be down with your things in a
moment well goodbye
toodle-pip halfrek goodbye my man bye
mr. Flash sir just as how you've been
what are you only offer cram but I hope
it'll suffice.
I'm thirsty I could do with a drink
wonder where the bar is over there it's
not open yet what didn't either
what are you talking about and the bat
it don't work doesn't work well give it
a kick Oh what have you done you hurt
yourself in a minute here good we look
short I let's have a butcher's must be
there's not yet no wonder if the owners
know about it
you keep quiet about this bread I'm
gonna use some diplomacy you watch me
not oh hi you see we have another look
here just to make sure it is that not
sure not someone having a lock with us
we mean well there might be a bloke with
his eyes miss without just knowing he
may have thought there was no one here
and open the panel just does I happen to
keep that notch then see no see yeah it
covers up bad they're gonna state that
where are you standing in an owl he may
be watching us now
how are we gonna kick that knotch
without him knowing and working it like
he did before take you by surprise we'll
sneak up on him now just that casually
like and don't let on
How do you do how do you do how do you
do let it go how do you do I'm very well
thank you oh good may I inquire what
you're doing yes we are guests here my
name is Alfred Tahoe I'm Colonel
wangster I didn't like it
this is mr. Frederick Phipps I'm very
pleased to meet you I'm mr. Tubbs
Cardiff Rhonda Rhonda Valley High Valley
I hope you'll excuse my appearance I've
been digging in the garden I'm looking
for my wife
how long's she been dead can I have your
name please
Fred Phipps what's yours.
Henry what are you doing mr. Tubb I'll
show you to your room I like to go where
my guests are being placed you know that
they may be quite comfortable mind you
keep the center there's a spot of dry
rot coming up the side not you that
would work it's a charming room I'm sure
you like it it has Wedgwood and.
Chippendale it it's all the big quite a
crowd of you chipping down refers to the
furniture what does Wedgwood refer to
where is mr. Tubb I'm going to sleep
this way mr. tuck hello they got do I
say most artistical.
Phipps my man may I be permitted to
inquire where I am going to sleep in
there Henry
Have you tried new QT it's instant white
Holy Smoke
do you think somebody's died
welcome to my staff thank you sir
I didn't know you were married married
oh I'm not his wife oh you devil you
this is my home I live here that sir is
my daughter
pardon make leg off how do you do this
is my valet mr. Fredrick Phipps I'm very
pleased to meet you come along with.
Denby now show you to your room right
I'll see you later
don't drop it now heavy
excuse me mr. Tubb certainly mr. Damn
bear right just ring the bell doesn't
work give it a kick there we did I mean
what would happen if we did nothing very
much I imagine except perhaps you might
make a hole in the wall
You got a torch torch before I've lost
sweet lavender you've lost it yes but
you can lose all sledge so dark I can't
find it well never money can't get out
Now look we gotta make certain that this
horse can't possibly win you're giving
one of these pills look twice a day what
for keep him dopey and what about me you
don't be enough as it is I'm not gonna
have some grub well we can feed you
through the panel I know what you'd have
any bother only about the other ends
with Arroyo don't you dare you've got a
stayer with sweet lavender day and night
me sleep with a nose yes funny I'll have
in my mind about your nightmares -
goodness like keep him quiet hold on me
keeping with OGG
poor old flashy must be starving down
over that horse taking all my grub to
feed him since last Tuesday ever now the
tapioca pudding and stewed prunes do you
good I only have that because you can't
stuff it in your pocket
will you stop grumbling how do you
expect to get ten thousand pounds
without a bit of hardship you've on jam
on it I might give it a bit of a taste
you drunk all this don't know if the
panel will you while I get some more
coffee one two three one two three one
two three you had to go to the bowl
after all I can dimes to Fred can you
Don't like it Fred
do you I like you know diamond yeah
are you walking out with anyone no I
well could I take you out like when
tonight we're pictures what's all who
came from outer space further made my
heart flutter hey how do you see hey
who's in it we can't remember what's it
he can't remember save me yeah I said
there wasn't walking out it's all right
Fred I don't know leave us hey Fred
darling oh hey uh pay up
don't forget tonight we need no I want
oh I still have some rare fun pictures
oh well bye for now bye Oh
why don't you shave in the morning.
Quezon alder I there's no doubt about it
your fatal demand fatal what's that oh
good morning mr. Danby morning Beth
shall I tell you something
yes I found a mom we're here what have
you done with him
well nothing yet I wait until tonight
good morning good morning miss wax that
how are you liking your new job well it
might help a little if I knew something
about bookmaking don't you not a thing
Opie's lammeter still in I've been here
for three days now mr. Tubbs still
hasn't fired me it's amazing Danby was
to tell the morning I got a couple of
letters for you to post this wax they're
they're urgent
would you like a stroll no thanks I've
plenty to do here
no walk down a leafy Lane in a lovely
morning like this is a real tonic with
you with me and the birds and the bees
I know another time perhaps damn be are
you still here
yeah well you didn't order be put the
stamps on this time operation panel
where's my girl I'm starving here it is
hurry up sweet lavender fine good
still pent up yeah yeah good if he leans
on something I know he's alright who
lovely bangers where's the cosmetics
cosmetics magnate in will yes
what take it easy I'm a Libra in there.
Oh perhaps he works a door from the
inside let's have a look
yes what's all this food for Oh that'll
be for mr. Toby says he feeds the birds
take it away I got quite enough trouble
catering for everyone without bothering
about our dumb friends in the garden
where's the colonel in the garden
where's me breakfast who you've added
it's gone okay no nutrition too bad
let me get back in there before someone
comes know if it's safe if it's safe
look if you're three knocks oh what a
good answer we'll give you one big knock
let's try and see if you can hear it
okay what maneet my son is going on here
just test him for dry rot I beg your
pardon mr. Phipps is an expert on rot Oh
oh yes that is right and knowing about
young spot on stairs I was wondering if
you had any more like how can you tell
just by tapping see just by tapping see
and then if you get the sort of a lower
sound you know what you've got what
right do let's see Henry
I'm a Louis lettuce mr. Tubb I'm sorry
hey I'm alright
I've never felt better oh good hey what
day is it today
fraidy idea Friday I seem to associate
seven with Friday
I can't think who it is oh well I take
out the vegetables you see what over a
billion dollar company unless Pauline
yet I'll be appalling yet Buchan
education is power
look I've never seen that Gator used to
like here secret well and you make well
yeah he's French
this is no tail I'll try Monsieur wait
set hotel you see hotel casino then well.
I guess we all agree on that point for
the last time will somebody tell me who
he is who you know granted your name
back turned on they see then what would
not they say I'm one of the puke on show
get the false well we'll just call you
short hours he's going on three years if
we're not a good is only this is the
wife of the manager.
Vado FanDuel manager from do menagerie
wait Oh madam madam
uncle click in person who wants your
hobby sound here come away from my wife
be patient history I'm sure he's nearly
madam who's that belly Caprice yours
come in mighty noodle done what do you
like the salt and vinegar if somebody
doesn't tell me who he is I took a stark
staring me
pardon Monsieur but rinna yarmulke night.
Saffy oh yeah you decided a lot of time
if you decide that before mr. Monkey oh
no I don't think that's right mr. Tug
man pardon Monsieur fat from me Berlin
yeah Galvez pelini AG Henry it's that
man Friday men Friday
no no dear the man who was coming here
on Friday that was a jockey hey wait a
baby's riding favorite tomorrow's a.
French horse you're not riding continum.
Kathleen and well you know say sir
you notice in Australia to make out he
never haha he's past the post oh no he
hasn't cuz we're gonna switch the case
after room number 5 this way Mick seaman
hey he's French oh this way mr. French
mr. Dan big would you warn him about the
dry rot oh yes wait I miss your pretty
guard hey hey don't rush me dry rot dry.
SEC SEC I'm not finished
anyone know French for rot combust
coming and it's your money guard like
compost compost ah c'est c'est
compassion are these French Oh.
Do you sleep
Man the dry rot time for our flesh must
be starving he's done yet by the sausage
and that was 14 years ago
He's never there when you want it this
morning is popping in and out I got
hey is it graphics a five-time we've
been doing with it growing it how can I
possibly catch them if you keep on the
show team there isn't a sign of when you
must have dreamt it all no I did not
well now we wrap up with the camp on
Chennai yes yeah you better get the
cards I've just well what's up are you
oh no yeah boy I always sleep in this
position but don't just stand there do
something functional yeah yeah when I
say you pull thank you yes
we'd better film the police in the
morning darling don't disturb them now
good night mr. Dandy good night colonel
well the panics over oh you frightened
me I'm sorry can I help no thanks I can
manage sure I can Oh quite sure thank
you I'm worried about sweet lavender I
still breathe in Annie whoa what do you
mean well anyway I mean give him
something to flip him up look this
friend George Carlin will arrive
tomorrow he's gonna look fit enough to
switch well you don't look like a wonder
rose to me what Abby said he's got it
otherwise a jockeys gonna be suspicious
jockey I forgotten about his jury I
don't think he could carry one of them
would it stop aggravating me well I'm
still hungry I could eat a horse
hey Dad shut up will ya now look Fred
you look up yours I'll take you upstairs
find some grub all right he don't kick
he just bites hey our son pitch old
you go first
what's the difference I didn't know it's
always milk first well that's about as
clear to me as cricket hey Sonny put
them on some come on about the light
song Gris glad your father hurt a
burglar why well we hadn't we wouldn't
be down here together now I'm not sure
we ought to be can I carry that upstairs
for it oh no it's all right what time is
how about 9:00 why well that gives us
six and a half hours to say goodnight
goodnight mr. Danby good night miss Wang
Oh mr. tubbs left sat down here Oh why's
yes mr. Hamby may I call you Susan
all right John good night isn't nitrous
Alfred what is it sweet conscious
unconscious you believe their immediate
that's 10,000 pancha customer look Carla
knock on window my snare we got Nicholas
switch it with I'll tell you what what
we can Knobble it but that's illegal
I can't think without me at Tom but you
mixie we tasted yeah
yeah I'm gonna worry about carnival
we got he's joking here do you mean keep
all in a key until after the race and
put another jockey on ah but oh that's
matter ooh as long as he's not known on
the course and can't ride well enough to
win that lets me out yeah I'm too every
now do we know that's not dawn not too
every in can't ride not too well
Come at once the buntao but be attacked
Be dead go get a broom or a poker or
it's where the colonel how should I know
have you got anything honest yeah go get
yourself something I get some more tea
should I tea your lives are in danger
and you talk about tea then how about a
whiskey good idea
barricade the door again you know my
When one attached to the door maybe it's
the police will you get down boy
and keep me color about time - what's
the matter with all these people are
they dead
certainly not I phoned for the police I
am the police sergeant fire recording
don't be absurd the grass I won't be
glad I was a colonel in the Army and I
was a brigadier in the 80s sit down sit
now look here mister miss sir I give up
I give up
I've had enough right through my
battements blew me brains out what are
you doing getting ready to go to bed and
I'm assisted him I'm his Welsh dresser
you see quartz
what were you doing in the garden I saw
him at 3 o'clock in the morning early
seeds I quiet what were you doing
waiting why weren't you in bed well I
don't wait in bed sure be quiet
I look tell be excused why look I'm
cycling wait
this is my house will you kindly get up
no interfering with the law I shall
arrest you
this is an outrage I shall report you to
wag your finger at me I've got a gun
remember I don't care you've got an
arsenal it's my gun get me that women
aren't safe with lunatics like you
I didn't sleep very well they look
wonderful mistake daddy's trans girl
ticket that's all right
Susan hey stop don't about you last
night did you
uh-huh I asked you a question and before
you had a chance to answer it I woke up
now wasn't that stupid
depends you might have got the wrong
answer I think I'll find out now are you
listening yes John well we're back in my
dream and I say to you Susan and you say
to me yes John that's right then I say
Susan can I kiss you and you say well
yes John
when you've quite finished scrambling my
eggs I should like my breakfast any
letters for me yes they're all for you
there on the tray Thank You London being
a mess come on come on get this down
you'll feel a lot better go on go on
force yourself come on come on oh that's
hey you be open about didn't know one
careful careful that's the carbonyl oh
he looks a winner all right I'm
delighted to wear it but he's just too
but you're dead on time we've got your
right Sinclair so as you're told
yes you will you're in this
mr. tub who is that
oh the piano shooter the piano tuner
yes you are the piano Chino aren't you
no yes yes but what's he doing here he
was sent for sinful that for step four
but who by yeah who would you sent
probably a for to buy
hey I'm not saying that again dad Jemma
wait stop sent for you Colonel Wagstaff
yeah I'm afraid the strain has been too
much for the colonel you see we have no
piano all of us a better look what they
said is rotten luck well I'm sorry but
he must go back
yeah well quit on a bus there aren't any
buses that's caught all right he gave my
tricycle BBB deep deep deep deep deep
good morning Henry
good morning my dear Henry we've been
here for six weeks haven't we yes do you
ever remember seeing a piano piano
because if you have I wish you'd show me
where it is
do you feel all right it's perfectly Oh
now about this piano yes Maria where is
it where is it
have you seen it no fix it okay kept is
in the saloon bar there wouldn't be room
right there well we we could shift the
furniture out of it now the point I'm
trying to make is that we have no piano
do you want one no thank you
oh so how can we have it tuned
you see it is rather a problem well it
would be for a piano tuner quick so
there's not much point in its coming
here it is there no not really
well that's a relief now why don't you
go lie down and stop worried
no no yes it's all over now yes yeah
it's a long way to come for nothing on a
tricycle to Sorenson boutique open it
breakage can only paint open yet Medea
well you're like a crow shows up where
c4c be what do you know you're a bra
take a show no pity no pity surf food
hey take a ship where I can Erie don't
go to these parts well well Caicos
I think we don't no no no simmer down
you're much too excitable here have a
drink of carnet de menthe the unified
you could give me a fuckin phone offer
me vote asking me if you wanted it as
bad as that boy didn't show mercy
beaucoup Monsieur Fatima well you might
have said thank you
it's a cumbia cumbia cumbia.
Santa man was el agua avatar bosu 800
messy man was it which way'd he go.
I give up
we're sittin depth rating you around the
garden get your icing colors are what do
you see me now you don't get behind the
screen and nobody will see it
we'll keep him talking
oh yes oh yes equity virtually all no no
keep him talking
yeah hello hello hello hello come let's
have that time change the subject
hello hello all that out fishing French
phrase books can I help you ma'am.
Internet you can take the day off
yeah well join a pony courses orgy I'm
gonna be very busy now having him but
I'll see a sec yeah cool you know you
got stairs and see nobody comes down huh
what about him he's gonna have a little
sleep we're not taking any risks oh no
no Fred's going to do it real Genesis
good here you come I'm not going to know
us now we'll see to that later.
Oh miss you this gentleman is going to
knock your jammy block up aren't you
not that again
hey we got to get rid of him but ow
clock in one what would a rabbit pump
what's that big creek bed
we much loved within the office right
you keep him talking while I knit round
the back what should I say allowing us
to please him as much as anything coming
down good morning
I hope you back the winner today Thank.
You mr. Tom well house me supporting act
today oh he's fine
haha aren't you mmm see you later
Obama see Pauline yak hey come on now if
you're going to take this Frenchman's
place how did you sell I'm French I know
that you've gotta tell them you don't
understand English right now yeah here's
some useful French phrases what time is
it half past ten dude s-shut up on
reading oh I've got a puncher my
handlebars are crossed my grandmother as
mr. Cherevin that's daft why she's dead
do my pasta Liam has been struck by
lightning oh man it doesn't sure hey
yeah this is what you want I do not
understand speak more slowly please try
that in French do not distant speak more
slowly please what are you talking about
the fridge is on the other side Oh.
Jeanne Jeanne what's he doing there
journey journey come Prince pass poly
plus Lent meant the s'il vous plait yeah
oh very good very good but it don't make
sense it doesn't have to it's French
I'll never learn all that all right I'll
find you something shorter please I do
not understand s'il vous plait as yearn
a complex us journey calm Prince passes
calm friends pass gone little past that
silver plate journey come friends faster
harder there's something wrong somewhere
I know what it is what your hands your
hands like Polytech does go on
chocolatier and shimmer put journey
come friends pass Lulu you look like a
traffic cop I know what it is
get over do it put your arms down by
yourself that's it no just use your
hands silver journey come friends pass
this better try once more the lucky
silver pet journey conference pass look
no hands do you say nothing just now
here's the odds that today
that's it style where's the starting
post over there and they're finishing
for something there I'll have to go back
once do the next thing you do is to get
weighed in
where did I'm riding it not fighting it
and then you bet it's quarter which
quarter there's anyone caught don't be
daft there must be four quarters you got
something there four quarters a nine
quarters that's five quarters use
shutter packets on quarter young after
you they look the way you may have yours
is this you put your lit foot in my.
Andy's buddy I'll give you a back up it
you put the right foot over so you're
ready yes here you go
why didn't you hang on cuz there's now
to hang on to
there's the rain Jenny do can't you use
your imagination no you're the dumbest
person gone river Rick come on yeah use
my practice go get on the go steady
steady well you know it's really quite
comfortable it's just like the back of a
surfer going on both ends I can't
I've got this facebooking this huh I'm
put it away where should I put it
oh don't tempt me son all right you
it's right hello I'm the starter when I
get you in a straight line
I pull the leaders have you got this all
right Leo ready
My only next waking up
Yes right schools all you gotta do is to
get Omni oh this baby's your party neck
now you change here no no no you change
so plant we we us six to fulfill six to
four film follow one jump
all right the other bet I were you
thanks Johnny must back that dear little.
Frenchman he's so sweet
well what a way to pick a horse okay ten
quid on Cardinal to win ten Fowler wink
our little sticky now minority follow-up
sit down 180 right to miss you appalling
Polly yeah knock Oh neck
dare to tell the racecourse there's the
usual big crowd gathered to watch this
small but cynically sympathize he's
gotta the Rice's yeah I wonder if I
could go and join him try he would not
get a surprise if we sat down beside you
wouldn't leave let's say with the horse
I said of course do you mind there's.
Pauline yak a very polished rider
leading jump jockey in France and he's
done very well on Cardinal this season
obviously the favorite a magnificent.
French horse with a great reputation and
in my opinion he should walk the race in
my opinion he better now they're
starting to leave the paddock that's the
cirque and hasty leading the rest of the
field and there goes Cardinal with.
Pauline Jakob he seems almost glued to
the saddle oh I wish he was and now I
hand you over to Raymond Glendenning for
his commentary on the race now they're
all down here at the start and eager to
go indeed it looks to me as if Cardinals
in too much body
a triple brandy nature that's my trouble
in one single he's winning rounded he's
unseated his jockey tango and first
upsetting experience of any freeze rider
but for the large number of hunters
another partners please Feli dragging
his right around get up Fred get up get
up get up
why doesn't somebody up and he can't
seem to hold the horse all to find his
feet at all oh that's a he's up off the
ground now but he still seems a bit of a
dinner perhaps not to be wondered and he
came quite a cropper that he must be
very dazed he's trying to mount the
wrong side
you may go pardon sir I'm frightfully
sorry Oh got another Clause it's all
right he's up again now he's up yeah
he's up now Cardinals moving up in the
line wrestler all well behaved should be
off in a second now we're nearly there
website start with away the starters up
on his platform
and they're off off to a very fast start
they said its new out of the gate blimey
no picture daddy
that's all we want to know it's in the
bag troubled boy what he's doing he's
had plenty of experience of the game.
Oh mr. top row do sit down and have a
cup of tea Todd and your friend oh by
the way this is mr. Harold Henry how do
you do mr. Henry trip sit down no job
sit down yes top you know yourself
conscious where's your other friend mr.
Tom oh you
Yeah sure Harold is very fond of
shooting he has a sweet tooth it was
rather good but yes Harold is full of
tricks his father was a conjurer excuse
me and they're not a very good galavan
escape in Southend with penny pain and
populace still well in the red
Cake oh thank you
after you.
You know they're coming round to the
last Bend and here comes cargo down
yes he started to move up.
Oh a nifty piece of Silverhawks there
mrs. Rex off my husband won it at school
when he was a ball really where was you
at school.
Colonel Hara Oh Samia we are about in
Goggles are clear and I speaking away
from them they won't catch him now
and at the post its Cardinal fire Street
what a magnificent race I'd never see
the burst of finishing speed like that
before and now yes God
hello what's up there god no one pull up
putting I can't stop him he can't stop
him he's running right off the course
Runaway horse right leave it to me
There's nothing I like better than a
nice cup of child in the afternoon I
think of a char it's strong I get small
hot water
Ted there's a peasant again how much
does an alm cost that's no good you
can't see their faces don't believe it
10,000 pounds of Costas why couldn't you
stay at the back yes and fall out before
you come to the end no finish come
through back would you come from hello
oh I call a cops cops looking for a
jockey we'll give them one
You come on party man
People matter Oh neat let's get that
cover before the neighbors Thank You
page and I'll meet you downstairs
Where did not do now she's right on top
of us.