Du shen (1989) Movie Script

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Banker win!
This guy keeps on winning!
Wait a minute. Zoom in on his ring!
Yes! It's him!
What kind of picture is it?
He never take pictures!
Mr. Ko, I am the manager here
We welcome you here
But the directors have just decided
to cut your stake from U.S. $50,000
to U.S. $1,000
Who's this guy?
God of Gamblers!
We came to Tokyo on Jan.3
Ko's rival is Mr. Wang
He's the second best punter
Ko said if he won
I could have a holiday in Hong Kong
And visit my friends
I hope this time is real
Chun, it's all ready now
Quiet, it is a break even today
if each wins once
Tell him if I win only once
I will lose it all
Ko said consider him loss
if he wins onIy once
First game is Mah-jong
Fourteen pieces each to win the game
See who has got the highest point
Fourteen pieces each
And the highest total value
like four 90,000 is 360,000
Mr. Wang 790,000!
Mr. Ko 800,000!
Mr. Ko wins the first game
Second game is the dice
Sir, I want Miss Chi to replace me
The lowest score wins
6 points for Miss Chi
Mr. Ko, you were so vain
This pot is too light
Can I have a heavy one?
Sorry, I tried too hard
Only five dices
You are really god
5:6 you win again!
Mr. Ko deserves this U.S. $500,000
He is well known
And I knew that I would lose
But just didn't believe
that he's so good
Why did you gamble with me then?
Well, it's just an excuse
I like to spend U.S. $1M
To ask Mr. Ko to do me a favour!
Tell me!
The Singapore King Chan Kam Shing!
The one wanted by many countries
Any only free in international waters
My father was representing
our club 3 years ago
To try to win a den
The other club had Chan
To gamble with my dad
Chan cheated to win
And my dad killed himself
I have been practising
in the passed 3 years
I have to meet Chan in two months time
To have the last game with him
I don't have the confidence
I might need to use weapons
You can solve it yourself
But my boss told me last month
The two clubs had been friends again
I can't shoot Chan anymore!
I can't win by gambling
You want me to gamble with him?
Chun, think it over!
Chan is cunning
If he knows what you do
You are in trouble
Well, so!
If Mr. Ko doesn't agree
I am so ashamed of myself
Your death is not my concern
But wait till
I have a game with Chan
You agree!
I won't forget about you
Just buy me a nice box of chocolate
when the game is over
Mr. Dragon!
This is Mr. Ko Chun!
Mr. Dragon!
Mr. Dragon doesn't gamble
But he can solve any problem
But gamble
Was a soldier?
He was an officer!
He will be your bodyguard!
I don't think it's necessary
Call me at this number
Fix the air-conditioner
Or I take the light bus
No good to have the air-con
I have to collect the money
Look at him
And the one across, boss will win
See the first one
He's 8 and we are 10
Shut up!
Three sides
More, more
8 as well
Banker wins!
It's an even
It's the rule here
It's my place
I am the rule
I mean what I say
Shut up!
Stop eating chocolate
What should I eat
Help me to finish it
Go with Janet to Croc's villa
I have a game with him tonight
Yes! Boss Chun!
You gamble again!
Just have a look!
So romantic!
Is that enough!
I have to study the races
Go to look for a job
Don't be a punter save more money
for marriage
Do you know?
Gamble has its way
I may get rich
I am an elite
I can't live down there
I will live up there
I will be rich
I will buy them all
And they will live down there
What about me?
You will have a big one
Let's live down there
Let's go!
This is private road
What are you doing here?
None of your business!
It's your road?
A rough road
What do you want to do?
To beat you puffier
Let me go!... Don't...
Don't stop me!
Don't let me see you again!
You are puffier!
You son of the bitch!
Don't forget about him
He leans on the railing all the time
Make it loose!
It's dark night tonight!
And if he falls in the trap
Leans on the railing
He will fall
Shit in there!
Piss there too?
Right, he gets your shit and piss
What a man you are boss
Let's go!
$1M more
It's only two pair
No reason not to risk
O.K. $1M
I have a better chance, $2M
Hay, stop before it gets worse
Croc. Stop before it's too late
Goodnight, everybody!
Croc, you have a good friend tonight
We'll play through the night
He's very sleepy
Yee, wake the driver up!
Croc, you are not really going?
Yes, let's play tomorrow night
Let him go, he can't afford
What? I can't afford?
This is Nam?
As you wish
Or shut up!
As we are in a good mood tonight
I'll stay
Am I weIcome?
You must be tired after the work
Take a rest!
Do you mind to draw the cards
I can't!
That's why I want you to do it
No one objects!
Do the cards!
Ace to call
Gee, at least $1000!
Well $5M
Don't be tricky!
Ace or try another game
What? No one plays?
It's only A and 2,thank you!
These two are yours, they are mine
Keep them
This one is for the next game
Do the cards, Miss!
See Ace to call
Follow you, $1M
I put $1M and I will put
$3M more
So Nam, you want to play?
And this one?
Do the cards, please!
Your turn
It's only a Q, $3000!
So lucky!
Pair Q to call
So lucky every game
I put $2M
And more also as what you have
Nam, don't be tricky
I have no choice
But to follow
Beauty, draw the card!
How come 10 dropped out
Well, I can still stay
Some people may scare
Nam, I know you always play safe
And you can afford
Three Q's
check the result
No loss tonight
Chun, Let's play another day
You left win $10,000,000 last time
And I got $9M back
Don't push too much
Goodnight every body
Nam, what to do?
Call Scarface
Stop his car, get the Cheque back
Keep your Cheque
Yee, follow the road down there
It wouldn't be so easy
Be careful!
Give me the phone
Let's go!
Are you alright, Scarface?
I couldn't stop them
I told you to stop their car
I couldn't stop the car
They caught the train
Don't kill me
Where are you from?
We are all Vietnamese, why did it?
He's from North Vietnam!
You fix it, I go first!
Go ahead!
Go on! Go on!
Still a head's length
Just a little bit!
Just a little bit...
Great, loose again!
You are useless!
Did you piss on the grave?
Did you say sorry?
Shit! How come?
Why? Why?
Pal, don't hit me on the head
Shut up!
I am helping, damn!
Go to say sorry!
My friend, you are handsome!
What did you say?
You don't understand Hindi?
I was born in Hong Kong
Go away before I bite you
Pal, go back to India
Come back!
Give me the incense stick
You Singn, shit!
Pal, he's not Singn!
Have a look!
Hay, wait!
Pal, he's bleeding a lot
Send him to the hospital
Are you insane? We set up the trap
We'll be in big trouble
sending him there
I didn't set the trap
How's he?
He's bleeding a lot
Send him to the hospital, quick!
We both set the trap
Back off!
Hold him up, I knock on the door
Nanny, open up!
I am having a shower, wait!
I can't make it
Don't, give up!
I am fading out
Pal, so much money
Give them to me
WiII it do, Nanny?
Of course, experience teIIs me so
It wiII heIp
HaIf of the ash for externaI use
The other haIf internaI
Let me mix it in the kitchen
We are rich
Half half for us
Don't steal the money
None of her business!
See what's inside No I.D. card
A lot of people are without I.D. cards
How can we inform his relatives?
Put it in the paper
Leave the money alone
Pal, what to do with him?
Let him stay here for the night
Just once!
Let me make a mark on your chest
No. I want to wear low-cuts
Never! Or I will burn the shop
Have one
Nanny is in trouble
You bastard, be smart
You must be insane
Stop beating him Stop fooling me
He looks like insane
What are your name? Where are you live?
What is your history?
Tell me! Tell me!
Damn it! Tell me!
Tell me who you are
Or I'll beat you up
He's really insane
He's not, he's fooling us
Beat him up and he will talk
Don't beat him
Go to hell! Stop beating him!
Knife, don't beat him!
He deserves it
Don't be afraid!
Tell me your name?
Come on, tell us!
Stop beating him!
Did you hear me?
He deserves it
All mighty god!
I remember a show
Similar situation
The guy got pushed down and hit the head
Look like us now
Well, loss memory!
Come on, be real
Big Mouth should loss his memory
No, Knife
Loss memory can be partial
Well, you know it?
I studied nursing for one year
If not because of you
I am a nurse now
Good, I'll have his money
No, you can't
I put them in a bag
And put it in the pocket
Don't let people take it
Tell me where you live?
Let me tell your family
Where is my chocolate?
This one?
He's like a kid
He's from the mental hospital
Call him insane!
No, so ugly!
Then what?
As you like!
Try harder!
He should not be doing this
You shout at me?
You don't like me doing this?
It's hard work for you
Then shout up!
I am sorry!
Let's eat
My god! No more rice?
No, Chocolate has them all
Chocolate has them all
This one is mine
No, mine
No more rice
What about me?
He's got a big stomach
Send him away!
He's having a lot of our food
Get some money from him first
Finish it, don't waste!
Watching TV?
Here's a Cheque
$20,000 to cash your money
You get more!
So many zeroes on the Cheque
Of course!
You have the Cheque, I have the cash
Give them to me
Give me first!
Give me the money
Come on!
Why should I?
Jane asked me not to give you money
Give them to me
Stop, Jane protects me
Don't, pal!
You bastard!
I didn't take the money
No, you lie to me
Believe me, I haven't
You have got the money?
I have only one hundred
One hundred! See!
Stop lying, come back, quick!
Tell me you won't beat me!
Don't be foolish!
He can drive fast
Big Mouth will kill him
It's alright, he has enough practise
Tell me how to say it
Three more sticks
No, $300,000 more
Say, $300,000 more
Yes, good!
What's going on?
I tell you once more
When you see the race on TV
Say you forgot to bet on the tips
Bet on the tips
And then take a Cheque out
Ask Crawl to bet on No.7 of Race 3
No. 7 Race 3 Win
And I say Banks are closed on Saturday
And then what do you say?
I don't know!
You say The jockey said sure win
Big Mouth, something nice for you
Cash my Cheque and 10% commission
And then play cards with him
I am not sure if I can remember
You can, of course!
Don't be so cruel to him
Big Mouth won't beat him
I only want his stake money
The timing to call the cops is important
And he can be saved
Don't worry, it's O.K
Be quick...
Brother Big!
How dare you are here?
Boss, come here!
My cousin from the States
None of my business!
He has a lot of money
He wants to get a wife from China
Better let me steal money from him
And we share the money
30/70,and the old debt too
You decide, come!
Boss Big, my cousin!
What's your name?
He is a funny man
Tell me what you like to play
I like cards
Boss Big, can I have this sweet?
No problem
Keep the change
Must be that expensive one
No card games, let's go!
Of course we have card games
This is the last game
Last game
$1000 each, O.K.?
How come no TV here?
Not working
Not working
What should we do without the TV?
What's the TV to do with card games?
Tell them you wanna watch TV
Horse racing!
I forgot to bet on my tips
I put the bet for you if you have money
The jockey said sure win
He told me to bet on
Which one?
$10,000 each way, No.7 Race 3
He said sure win
You gave me the Cheque
Banks are close on Saturday afternoon
What can we do?
Damn it!
What if we cash 90% of the Cheque
No hassle, let me settle it for you
No, you just give him cash
Shut up! None of your business!
Each way No. 7 Race 3
I have the phone, no problem
Hello, 1237689, code 45699
$20,000 each way, Race 3, No.7
Big Mouth, I wanna piss
Someone go with him
Not necessary!
Then finish this game first
You wanna double
I go along!
Let me see!
Let me have a look
I am playing the card game
Calm down the two of you
Both the same!
Me too, and $300,000 more
Are you mad?
None of your business!
You said so
No problem, draw the card!
My God!
See, another pair
All your money there
How much?
There's less than $200,000
I go along!
Are you mad?
Shut up!
Card please!
The phone is not working
It's out of order for a few days
Tiger Nine!
What are you shouting for?
You have no money
Let you see the whole lot
Nine, three, two pairs
A, J, two pair, so what?
Three 3's!
Three 3's for me
Three 3's!
We will get rich
You bastard, trap me
Brother, be serious
You have all the advantage
When can you pay us the debt of 0.5M
Don't gamble with Hong Kong money
We use Taiwan money
Right, $150,000 Taiwan
O.K. $150,000!
I give you the Cheque
Still owe you $130,000!
Deduct the interest of $40,000
still owe you $80,000!
We draw random and count the points
What? I draw first!
A Heart A
What is it?
Have a look!
So lucky, a littIe bit bigger!
A Spade 2
Give me the money
Go to hell!
Spade 2 is the biggest!
Don't touch my head
You are mad!
He's bad to me
Who told you to draw?
We lost more than $100,000!
Are you mad?
Stop pushing!
It hurts my neck!
How could it become 3
Master said so!
The phone is broken
And not one close by
Forget it, let's go!
Stop! Hay!
We didn't win, why can't we go?
Get lost!
You win on the horse race
No. 7 race 3 wins
Each way is $92,000!
I will take $32,000 for service charge
This $60,000 is yours!
Give me back!
I am rich!
I am very fair
I know!
Let's have equal share
Try it again!
How to do it?
Try again!
Show me!
Open up!
How come?
I win again!
I am scare!
It's O.K
We are rich
What rich?
We've found a gamble talent
We will be rich
We take him to raid the gamble dens
My God!
Give me sometime
I know, tomorrow
Not sure, he's busy!
Where's your boss?
He's looking for a new location
Stop that!
My parents want to meet Knife tomorrow
We can't hide
Boss doesn't have the pager
Chocolate, can you do me a favour?
I can't
Say no!
Do you remember what you are saying?
Of course!
Stop eating!
What do you do?
I do...
When do we get married?
I am still working on my career
Wait till I have succeeded
Do you have enough?
I have enough
I give you Crawl's pager
What if it beeps?
My brother pages me
I come on New Year's day!
Be good!
I will! Where's the chocolate?
I'll buy ten boxes for your
Mum, Dad!
Uncle, Auntie!
He likes to play
Quite nice!
Knife, where do you work?
Roast pork bun!
Roast pork buns are nice here!
Where do you work?
What do you do?
No, clean the shit
Cleaning business, not bad!
Am I clever?
Kids nowadays
Not willing to do such job
Let's be frankly
You and Jane know for such a long time
We are very open
Still the relatives have to know
No problem!
That's no problem!
I can handle
It's better like this
At least no trouble
When will you get married?
But still have to wait
Till I get promoted then we will marry
You get promoted as a cleaner?
Dad, take it easy!
I can't control myself
Do you want buns?
My boss pages me
I have to go first
Return the call, come!
I wanna...
Return the call!
I bless you on New Year's day
I'll remember
What did you say?
He's Uncle?
What Uncle?
Knife, they are my parents
Who are you?
Her boy-friend!
And him?
When he's not here
Then I am her boy-friend!
What a mess?
Listen to me, Mum!
One is a cleaner
And the other is triad and threatened me
There will be a third one
To chop me up!
Let's go!
Rice rolls!
Let's drink!
We don't want
Rice rolls!
But I want
What are you doing?
Why we go to borrow money?
We had spent out all the money
how to bet?
Don't worry. We can sure win later
I stay here
I have ice-cream with Chocolate!
We go first!
Come on!
Sure Rich Company
Your credit is bad
It's different now
I am different nowadays
If I am not sure
I won't borrow money from you
Will I believe you and lend you $80,000!
Damn it!
How can I trust you?
This is classified
Well keep your secret
Brother Shing, trust me
Look at my gear
I have reason to borrow from you
You mean sure win
Not really!
But I mean it
Don't be proud!
Good, I like to help youths
Kwong, $72,000 for him
Why $72,000?
Are you new?
No need interest!
It's alright!
Ask Nanny to prepare dinner
I go to get my pay
You are always like this
The chocoIate is all gone
Wait till the game is over
I want chocolate
Crawl, you go to buy some
And then join me at the den
Buy my favorite
Of course!
Excuse me!
I go first!
Why are you so sad?
I want chocolate
Won't be long, have some games first
Don't upset me!
The retarded King of gamblers!
The Retarded King of Gamblers!
You decide!
Not a bad game
Make a good bet
I want chocolate
I want chocolate
Shut up!
Follow his bet!
Looking for boss?
Come in!
What about this game?
The chocolate is here!
What about this game?
Banker or not?
Not the same chocolate!
Didn't you get his favourite?
It's all gone
It's a good game
Put down the bet first
I want my favorite
Fine, but put the bet first
Hands clear!
8, banker wins!
We have lost more that 100,000
Go to get it!
Get another one
It's alright!
Wait till Crawl comes back
I want to piss
Stay here!
So many smokes?
The banker gave me!
Thanks, what's goods?
I have bet them all
Good! Where's the money?
Over there!
He's lost all the money
Want a smoke
What did I tell you?
I told you to stay
I did it purposely
Go to hell!
Where do you want to go?
Come with me!
Wait for me here! Where are you going?
Have a piss!
So much!
Shut up! Wait here!
Be quick!
You bastard!
You drop them all on the floor
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Go away!
Shut up!
Or I smack you!
Where did you go?
To buy Micky Mouse!
I told you to stay
I'll smack you!
Come over!
Stay here!
I don't want to look for you
You shouldn't piss
I was scared!
I promise you
That I won't leave you alone!
I know you won't!
It hurts!
It's Micky Mouse!
You look so cute!
You are cute!
Take it easy, Doc
I think he's lost part of the memory
Loss memory?
His head had been beaten heavily
And the veins blocked
So he has lost part of the memory
He's like a youth mentally
Can he recover?
Hard to say 100%
But if I fix the veins
He'll be a lot better
You want it
Are you relatives?
He's my cousin!
The operation is expensive
It will cost $200,000
Where do we get the money?
We sell everything
Even the piece of land at the back
What about Shing's debts?
We pay later
But if they come to ask
We'll move to Kowloon
Friend of mine has a bungalow
Let's go!
The rooms are the same
A round bed
Such a big one
Stop playing
Have a rest
I go to get some food and beer
Sorry to trouble you
That's alright!
I am going!
Great! Set him up properly
Knife, the chocolate is the wrong one
It's a balloon
Why shouId I be quite?
It's the rule, men should keep quiet
Or the chop it off
Chop it off?
And so bad to be without it
Put it away!
What's matter?
Don't talk too loud!
Not a room check
Only women are allowed to yell
Or they'll cut it off!
You are mad!
Me mad, I'll cut yours
Help! Help!
Don't mess around, it's my only...
It's out again
Sorry, what's happening?
What is he yelling for?
That's nothing to do with you
You told me no yelling
Have some chocolate!
Two pieces!
Come on!
Say sorry!
Come on!
Cut you off!
Damn you!
Your turn!
I have to go to the toilet
Be back soon
Damn it!
Fuck it!
Go to hell!
Brother Shing, pissing?
Fight back!
Yes boss?
Chase after him!
Stay there, pal!
Don't play!
You can't get away!
Jump if you wanna get away!
Damn you!
Go to hell!
I tell you not to come up!
You can't get away!
Go to hell!
Put him dead
Throw him
You go to catch him!
Jump over!
You fool!
Damn you!
Catch him!
Come on!
Jump over!
Down there!
Catch him!
Jump over!
Over there!
I'll fix you up when I catch you
Damn you!
You bastard!
Come on!
You bastard!
Surround him!
Over there!
Go over!
I am here!
You can't get away!
You bastard!
Come over!
Come over!
Hay! I am here for you
Come, catch me!
See how I'll fix you
Quick, get out!
He'll fall to death
Hit him!
You bastard!
He'll fall to death
What's matter?
Let me come back
Go to hell!
He'll be dead!
Looking for me!
So you are here at last!
Where to go?
You have been around
You are here now
And how can you work here tomorrow!
I care about Knife!
Let's go!
No more chocolate!
38, 962, 963, 896, 296
Ko Chun!
Is that Ko Chun?
Who are you looking for?
Ko Chun!
Don't play with the phone
Hello, Brother Shing please!
Speaking, who's that?
I am Knife's girl-friend!
So you call at last!
Knife is really suffering
Release him!
I pay you half tonight!
No half!
It is $210,000 altogether
He'll lose his hand if no money tomorrow
Brother Shing!
How is it?
He said $210,000!
How can I get $130,000 more!
What about his medical payment?
More than half is gone
And the operation is tomorrow
We have paid the deposit
I don't know
where the rest of the money is
What shall we do?
I don't know!
Only if God of Gamblers saves us
Come in!
Boss, Knife's girlfriend is here!
Brother Shing!
Not bad!
Should join me!
I have $80,000, please let Knife go!
That's not enough for interest!
Please, Brother Shing!
Who the hell do you think you are!
I have to respect you
Not me, God of Gamblers!
God of Gamblers!
Let's be fair!
And be friends!
Is he the real God of GambIers?
Of course not!
Don't fool me!
I am tough
You are really the God of Gamblers?
Yes, I am!
Give me proof!
I am the God of Gamblers!
Mix the cards!
What cards?
Give me 1 to King in sequence
Let me do it!
Stay away!
You show me
Hay, have it!
You gave me a pure Dragon?
That's mine, this is yours
How did you do it?
I don't know
you still owe me 7 chocolates!
Here's $80,000!
Did I say yes?
Let Knife go!
I don't believe!
I am God of Gamblers!
Damn it!
Stay away!
Release Knife!
He's not here!
Not here?
He's here!
Bring him out!
Are you alright?
I am fine!
Brother Knife!
You bastard!
Brother Knife!
Is it fair?
I am bastard!
Is it fair?
You have your knife
Of course I have to say fair
You are smart!
Tell them to go over there!
Crawl over!
Shut up!
Crawl over!
Knife, run, quick!
Stand up!
I need to call the ambulance!
Stand up! Go out!
Be careful!
Be careful!
Be careful of your knife
Let's go!
Please, Brother Knife!
I am bastard!
Call the ambulance
Call the ambulance
Eleven days already, no news about Chun
Call the police tomorrow
I suspect Yee's faith
He's kind of funny lately
What are you doing?
Have a drink
I want to sleep
I just want to accompany you
Get out!
Come on!
Don't you want?
Get out!
Or I will tell Chun
So what?
I am smart too
Chung can be the God of Gamblers
And I am of no importance
Let go of me!
Listen to me!
I'll treat you better than Chun
Say yes to me
I promise you that
You come first
I will take care of you
Have you thought of Chun
I have enough
No one knows about me
Every one knows that
I am just a follower
Why can't I Iove you too?
I have to wait till the day he dies
No wonder you object calling the police
He forces me to do so
He keeps all the money
I'll put him dead
Then I can have you
And his money in the Swiss Bank
You put the tape on
Who will know now
You bitch!
You can never stop me
I want you whether dead or alive
I know that you are Chan's partner
If we eliminate Ko Chun together
I think you are interested
Ko Chun is a fool
To have a pal like you
I am smart
It's not easy to be like me
Ko Chun is lost
Wait till we are sure about that
I put U.S.$2M into your account
If Ko Chun is dead, you'll be happy
And I have erased an enemy
I pay you to do the job
Mr. Chan doesn't have to worry
It is good to everyone
I can send someone to do it
But how to find Ko Chun?
I heard that he's in Mongkok
With a villain called Knife
Send someone to look for him
Brother Nam, they are up there
I am Knife, who you are?
My hand
Ko Chun!
You are not Ko Chun!
My hand
Haven't heard from you for so long
Who are you?
I am Dragon, Ko Chun's friend
Who is Ko Chun?
He is!
He is the God of gamblers
I am not involved
Who are they?
Is there a back door here?
One over there to the mall
Give me the gun!
You know how?
I think so!
So you said so
I said how to hold it
Hold it with two hands
Be careful!
I am alright, leave me alone!
Master! Master!
He's alright!
Knife, It's alright!
Let's go!
Where's Ko Chun?
Over there with Knife
Hide away!
Get down!
Master, let me do it!
Master, let's go!
Master, come over!
Master, let me handle it
Where is master?
Don't shoot!
Don't get close
Where have you been?
I don't know you, stay away!
Chun, don't fool me
I am here to save you, let's go back
A lot of guns pointing at us
Chun, are you alright?
I am scare!
I am Yee, remember me?
I am scare, so many guns
Ko Chun, I don't care if you are insane
You are a dead man now
Master, you go first!
Ko Chun!
Pick up the gun
Come out!
Come out...
Be careful!
Ko Chun!
Stand clear, what's matter?
Are you alright, stop!
How many casualty in the mall?
Does it involve Vietnamese?
Is the God of Gamblers involved?
No comment!
Is the God of Gamblers up there?
I am not sure!
How's the guy?
Is he going to recover room?
No comment! No comment!
Sorry, no comment!
Chun, I am Yee!
Do you recognise me?
I am Yee!
So good you are O.K
What's happened?
You don't know?
I only remember
that night after the train
I was walking along a path
And I fell suddenly
And then I can't remember anything
How did I come here?
I have told the police
You were knocked down by a car
Where's Janet?
Where's she?
I am sorry, Chun!
Yee, tell me what had happened?
I was looking for you after the 10th day
And Janet was all alone at Croc's villa
When I went back there
Blood was on the floor
And Janet was gone
How come?
Chun, smack me!
I am useless!
I couldn't protect her
Chun, smack me!
Excuse me!
So many people
They are reporters!
Why no, come!
Help, help!
Chun, where do you want to go?
Let me check out, I have to find Janet!
Calm down!
You can go nowhere?
You bastard!
Stop fighting!
You help my rivals!
Who's he?
You forget about me!
I have kept you for months
What are you talking about?
What I mean?
He's insane!
What's matter?
He's mad! I am insane!
Officer, get him out! Let me go!
Don't trust him!
Don't trust him!
I have to fix it
The police will take care
Make some calls for me
to look for Janet!
Hay, so what cops!
I am a tax payer!
Respect me!
You have never paid tax
Are you kidding!
I am not!
Do you know that?
He said he didn't know me!
And wanna arrest me!
You are crying, boss?
Who said so?
That's because of the sand in my eye
Hay, so?
Don't ask me!
I'll be back!
See who is the loser!
Be careful, boss!
Leave me alone!
I wanna proof he will lose
This one?
Not this one, another one
You'll get too fat, no more chocolate
So nice to see you
I ring you up as soon as
I hear about you
Something important to discuss
You son of the bitch!
Brother Nam, that's a way to make money
What about the U.S.$2M?
I'll pay you
after you have fixed Ko Chun
You have plenty of chance
I don't want him dead
You fool me?
Mr. Chan!
Why do you want Ko Chun alive?
You are smart Mr. Chan
The bet between you and Ko Chun
Is hot stuff to other punters
They bet 3:1 to say Ko Chun will win
No more rubbish!
If I can make him lose
It is a way to make money
How to make me win?
I thought the God of Gamblers is perfect
But, not well experienced
Mr. Chan we have watched tapes of Ko's
Nothing wrong with his games
I have watched his 500 card games
He has some minor habit
He may not know himself!
If Yee didn't tell me his last card
I wouldn't have noticed
What is it?
When he plays the trick
He would touch his jade finger ring
Mr. Chan, leave it to me
Ace, King, Queen & Jack
What can you see now?
Take my glasses
Ace has a dot, K two
Q three and J a line
This chemical
Needs a special pair of glasses
The glass has chemical
And only the States can do it
I have ordered one pair
Lost U.S. $10,000
But it won't work
There will be someone to
inspect the cards
And if they use the same glasses
They will find out
You are right
It is common practice
Mr. Chan
who will do the inspection for you?
Right Ko Chun will ask me to do it
No one says anything
Who will know the trick?
He is not really the god!
Uncle Hing!
I am sorry!
Chun, you are late!
Let's go!
Have a drink!
I only drink with my friends
See you later!
Uncle Hing, I wanna go the toilet
Show him where
What do you want?
I promised not to leave you alone!
I tell you only once
Your cousin wanted to shoot you
Yee, he said you wanted to kill me
Is it right?
I dared not!
I know you want to talk to me
Wait till I've finished the game
Yee, bring him in!
Remember to keep quite!
Mutual inspection of cards!
We can start!
Mr. Chan, so careful!
Is better be careful!
I want to celebrate my 70th next year
7 pair to call!
Good price!
No Heart I could have Fa!
$2M for me too!
How lucky!
It's $2M after the 4th card
The 5th should not less than $5M
Same Fa $5M!
What a tricky one!
I should not be threatened
I put $5M too
You seem to be able to read my cards!
You are not perfect yet
Chun, it's the last box
Ace to call!
No problem!
Pair Ace to call!
I will follow
My turn again?
I have to get back my last loss
I don't think you have so much cash!
I have a Swiss bank draft
It is of U.S. $30M!
We don't trust you
Ask an expert to check it
Mr. Ko, no reason to use your money
It's not just because of you!
Mr. Chan, check this Cheque up
Your name wroth more that U.S. $30M
I believe you! I follow!
I have lucky today!
You are not the only one
Chun, we get everything back
Have a look at the last one
It's a King!
Three Ace Vs three Queen!
What a coincidence!
Don't waste time, $26M!
You are very pushy!
Can't keep calm!
I put $26M too, I have four Queen!
Good lord!
You have four Queen, but
You have lost
Mr. Chan, you are far behind
Your special glasses
Is of two years ago!
The one that I have
Is the latest from Germany!
It costs U.S. $110,000!
I put the two dots on this Ace!
And my habit to touch the jade ring
Is to trap you
To make you fall into my trap
I have to thank you, Yee!
You have helped me to beat him
He thought that he knew everything
You betrayed me?
You bastard!
You son of the bitch!
Don't shoot!
No problem!
Don't move!
Don't move!
You expected the tape to finish
Ko Chun, what do you want?
Everyone saw you kill!
What are you laughing at?
I was self defending
Everyone knew it was a toy gun
You plan has a little loop hole
It is international water
Only the registered nation can arrest me
Is it right, Uncle Hing?
My ship is of Panama!
The Panama President and I are friends
Come look through the window
See if you can see Lantau Island?
Sorry, Uncle Hing
My men forced the captain not to go!
It's alright, no problem!
Ko Chun, you don't make any good
You break the law too!
It's not serious!
But you will serve 30 years!
You can't celebrate your 70th
No celebration for you!
Mr. Ko, thanks for helping me!
That's alright!
It is my concern
As well!
How can I pay you back?
Buy me a nice box of chocolate
I haven't seen you smile
Can you smile once for me?
No, I look ugly if I smile!
God of Gamblers!
He won't remember me!
Calm down!
I am Chocolate!
You recognise me?
Why fooled me three times?
It is my plan!
So you fooled me!
I had tried to tell you
Your I.Q. is low
How can you be my partner?
Why should I be... what did you say?
Les Vegas!
Les Vegas!
Right, 30/70!
No! No!
If you betrayed me again?
I won't!
If you don't recognise me
I'll cut...