Du shen 2 (1994) Movie Script

My Master has been long waiting for you
please go in
Ko Chun
Brother Wu
Do you have an airsick?
You are still so smart
Let me introduce, she is my wife, Yau
This is the God of Gun whom
I've always mentioned, Lung Wu
Brother Wu
We haven't seen for 4 years
you've gained much weight
Thanks for the nutrious diet
My wife always makes me nutrious food
When my baby is born
I think I will be a fatty
Don't you think so, honey?
Hubby, if you become a fat guy
I will dump you
Are you treating me that cruel?
I'll let you go
Brother Wu, do you know what
I have learnt in France for 4 years?
It's really not bad
Where is the baby?
He's not yet born
When the baby is born
I can make a better drawing
Don't you agree, honey?
Brother Wu, come on
I'll show you something
Please, sir
Drop it please
Honey, remember to watch the soup
He always takes my advantage
when you are not around
Dagger and Sing become famous now
I am so happy to know that
Devil of Gamblers Chan Kam Sing
is released from prison
I know, he is allied
with a Taiwanese Chau Siu-Chee
In these months, he's kept calling me
I didn't take a glance
Chau Siu-Chee is a nasty guy
you've to be careful
Well, he just wants to push me
to play a game with him
I've got an information
that he's come to Europe
Do you want?
He may not come to me
He will
Mr. Chau, God of Gamblers
is living in the farm ahead
We'll be there very soon
Is he God of Gamblers?
Yes, but he's never taken any photo
I gambled once with him
in the gambling ship 4 years ago
I will never forget his face
Mr. Pill
about Mr. Chu's Save World Kids Fund
Should we hand it to God of Gamblers?
This is the last will of Mr. Chu
He thought that
Mr. Ko is the most proper person
I've cooperated with Mr. Chu for ages
He didn't trust me at all
He wanted me to hand
16 billion US dollars to others
Mr. Chu wanted the world's best gambler
to handle the fund
Ko Chun is the best gambler in the world
I am the best
Ko Chun dares not complete with me
Mr. Chau
you're definitely the second best
I've heard that Ko married a girl
who looks like his ex-girlfriend
What a lover
They are alike
I think you've got a wrong place
There is no God of Gamblers here
Mrs. Ko
Let me explain
Mrs. Ko
we come to bring Mr. Ko a good news
Mr. Chu from Taiwan
becomes rich because of gambling
Later, he went straight
he left a large amount of money
after his death
He established a Save
the World Kids Fund of US$16 billions
And he wanted Mr. Ko to manage the fund
I've told you, there is no Mr. Ko here
No God of Gamblers too
God of Gamblers? I
Chau Siu-chee won't believe in him
Why did he put on an air?
Mr. Chau
Shut up
He hasn't gambled with me
So he can't claim himself the best
This fund should be managed by me
If you want to quarrel
please go outside
Or I will call the police
Behave yourself, Mr. Chau
Brother Chau, I support you
Ko Chun hasn't gambled with you
He can't claim himself the best
You should manage the fund
And you?
Sure, sure! Whatever you say Mr. Chau
Just please don't shoot me, OK?
I will call police
Leave now, or I'll shoot
What's wrong?
There is something wrong at home
Brother Wu
Chun, save me
What'd happened?
They've killed my husband
Stay here, don't go up I know
Don't you think I am nobody
Get down, get down
Master, be careful
Up there
How many did you kill?
Me too
Still one left
Brother Five, call the doctor for me
Yau No, we can't make it
Yau, who did it?
Chan Kam Sing led Chau Siu-chee here
They asked doctor to do the operation
and took our son out
I'll avenge you and our son
Chun, you have to promise me two things
If not, I won't leave with ease
Alright, go ahead
You can't admit yourself to be
God of Gamblers within one year
I won't allow you gamble
with others for one year
You've lived into seclusion for 4 years
Why do you go back
to the troubled world?
Chun, no one is the forever winner
If you lose, you will lose your life
And you'll never know who's the best
Chun, promise me
Mr. Ko chun, have you seen your son?
He is on the desk
let me introduce myself
I am Chau-Siu-chee of
Taiwan Tung Wu Group
I have found you
since last year for a challenge
But you never give me face
Come to Taiwan and gamble with me
I bet with my life
Or, you will regret
I said there is another one left
Yao, in this world
no one can compete with me
Except Cheung Po Shing of Peking
He changed my cards once
One year later I will come for revenge
11 months are over
In these months
Chau kept on asking me
to gamble with him
But I promised my wife
I won't gamble with others for one year
and I won't admit myself
to be God of Gamblers
So I went for a tour
so as to lessen my hatred
I have been to the Silk Road
And I have been to Tai Lak
and Ngor Mei Mountain
But the hatred
in my heart hasn't decreased
There are still 15 days left
At that time
I don't know what I should do
What? What are you doing here?
Why didn't you stop him?
What are you doing?
Why did you take photo of me
I pictured the view only
Stop lying, take out the film
Sister, did he bully you?
None of your business
Take it back or I won't let you go
Hoi Tong, what's the matter?
Dad, he took my picture
Please be reasonable
You silly girl, he gives you face
so he took your picture
Pal, since we would like
to take a family picture
Please take one for us
Thank you
Dad, Siu Tung just gave you a call
He said Chau Siu-chee
was recruiting fellows
to struggle for our territory
and he also seized
half of our territory in Tainam
Damn it
I've predicted that
the guy would betray me
He got US$16 billions
Damn it, he isn't giving me face at all
Should we go back?
Go back? If we go back
that means we are scared
You go back first
and get some buddies to kill him
I will be right back
Be careful
Damn it
Let's take a picture
Cheers, come on
One, two, three
Pal... come and take a picture with us
Sorry, I've never taken any photo
He is weird
Thank you...
Pal, do you come from Hong Kong?
You look like a Taiwanese
Are Taiwanese easily be recognized?
Boss, the ship is ready
No problem? Is the ship well equipped?
Say Karaoke, Bay?
I know a new friend today, so great!
Go to get some money and buy us
some food and some good wine too
I prefer some expensive ones
Take the money and go OK
Be quick! I want to drink with my friend
Thank you, boss
Pal, be careful with your money here
It doesn't matter
I've brought many buddies
I've been in the troubled world for ages
I scare nothing
But, you'd be careful OK
I get my bag first
Hurry up
This Hoi seems
to have an influential backing
He is the head of Tung Wu Group
Isn't Brother Chau
who recruited you last month
a fellow under him?
He hated this old man very much
If he doesn't worry about gossip
he would have killed this old guy
His watch is very expensive
with so many diamonds Is it?
I think he's over US$100,000 with him
If there is any accident
happened in this ship
Brother Chao will be very happy
That is right
Why do you stare at me?
Broken heart?
How old are you?
Do you know what's broken heart?
I am not an ordinary boy
I've broken with girls for three times
Being brushed off?
For I am too young
My previous lovers are all over 20
You love eating fats
I am so tired
Pal, come and dance
No, I don't know dancing
Come on, don't be shy
No, please leave me alone
Well, drink something then OK
Be frank, when you go to Tainam
you've to visit me
Tung Wu Group from Tainam
Hoi On is a well-known person
Tung Wu Group?
Have you heard this before? No
Are you kidding?
Haven't you heard of it before?
Pal, although we know each other
just now, I like you very much
From the first sight
I can tell you are not simple
Is there anything worrying you?
Am I right?
Your son is so smart
he can tell from the first sight
He is my youngest son, I love him most
He is talented
He will take over my post in future
I think it's better
to let him go straight
I do think so, but men are selfish
I do think so
I hope that you can let him study more
My daughter is capable too
I want her to take over my post
But there is an aggressive man
in my group
I am afraid he won't accept her
Someone sneaked into the ship
Be careful
It's you
Damn it
Take all the valuable things away
then burn the ship
Don't leave any evidence Yes
Dad... please don't die
Brother Hoi
Son, don't cry easily
My pal... Brother Hoi
I beg you, I beg you one thing
Speak up
Take the kid back to Tainam Dad
to his sister Hoi Tong
Don't worry, I'll take him back
Thank you, my pal
Dad Brother Hoi
Brother Hoi
Come on, let's go
Hands off, hands off
The ship is going to explode
My dad isn't dead, I've to save him
Come back
Your dad is dead
He hasn't died
Anyway, I have to take you away, come on
Hey, why do you call so early?
Someone set fire on the ship?
What a big trouble!
Kidding? Your dad gave you so much money
None of your business
You know
it's not easy for your dad to earn money
I don't know
I promised your dad
to bring you back to Tainam
I will fix it myself
Don't you hate me so much?
Since you didn't save my dad
Who is your comrade?
Take the thieves back
We are not thieves, we are victims
Our ship was robbed
You can say whatever you want
You've got so much money
it must be booty
Go back now
Take them away Yes
What a dog
Are you crazy? Why did you hit the kid?
Are you human?
I am not human
You are going to be executed, go
I want to make a call
to complain against you
Don't you think this is your home?
Can you make call easily?
Kneel down
What's the matter?
Are you torturing criminals again?
The American blamed us
of insulting human rights
because you did it
Help him up and let him sit
What are you doing?
Haven't you eaten yet?
Get up
I come from Hong Kong, I want a lawyer
Who is the kid?
What's the relationship of you two?
We are friends
I am not your friend
It is kidnap, maybe
Shut up
Set him free
You shouldn't help
those Hong Kong people
Damn you
Why did you scold Bo again?
Brother-in-law always gives me hard time
Set him free
I want to piss
Honey, it's not wise to hold the piss
it'll cause bladder cancer
Have some soup first
Honey, drink it while it's still hot
Let me help you to massage
Are you hungry?
I won't talk to those people with low IQ
Why are you two come together?
We are the only survivors
of the burning ship
His family was being prosecuted
You two are the only left?
Who do you think you are?
Jackie Chan or Jet Li?
The man behind must be the one
who rents the ship
There are so many ships for rental
You can make all kinds of predictions
Before his dad's death
he asked me to take him back to Taiwan
You look like his dad
I am sure it must be you
and your son who killed them
It must be the story, hubby, right?
Why do you stare at me like that?
Do you want to beat me?
You bitch, you are right
I totally respect human rights
If you didn't kill, we won't frame you
If you are the murderer
I will break your legs and arms
If it isn't truth
I won't even give face to my wife
Hello, mayor, yes, speaking
Reporters from Hong Kong
have been arrived?
I will come to your office right now
Sure, I will be right there
Give some ointment to my wife
And cook some noodles for them yes
Does it hurt? None of your business
I am thinking of taking you away
Save it, just think for your own escape
They are the only survivors
of the tragedy
Right, we've found them at last
We are HK reporters
I want to interview you
about the tragedy
What's the matter? No interview
We are HK reporters
Beat them
Don't beat us
Damn it, lock them up
Sister, get up, sister
Sister, are you alright?
That bastard beat me
Sister, it's me, look, it's me
Help her for a rest Yes
Get those bastards Yes
Beat the bastard to death
Behave yourself
You bastard, you made me
being scolded by brother-in-law
I will give you a good lesson
Bring me the keys
Hurry up, someone is coming
Open it for me You open it yourself
Don't go
Don't go
Don't go
Get lost, don't pretend to know driving
Loose the hand brake
Gear two
You are smart
I've many Ferraries, you nuts
But have you driven any?
I won't bother you, you fat-headed
Take it to the dogs
There is smell of the suspect
Listen, the first team to the East
the second team to the south
the third team to the West
Search every house within 10 miles
Pay special attention to
hotels and restaurants
The kid seems to be very hungry
They will search for food
I've heard you
don't you think I am a deaf?
You didn't answer me
how can I know you've heard?
I've heard
but answering is another matter
It's not a must for me to answer you
Please be reasonable
Forget it, woman always
has the right of being irrational
Losing temper
is the special right of woman
What do you want?
Can you hear me? What do you want?
I heard that
But it is not a must
for me to answer you
Two bowls of noodle
What's special here?
It is just noodle
what do you mean by special?
Two bowls of noodle then
She must have been broken up lately
You are great
you know she's a broken heart
What's wrong? You appeared suddenly
These bowls of noodle are
for my brother and me
Take it first
I hate green onion
Don't you eat that?
No onion now
What do you mean?
Please be gentle
What's wrong with you?
I smell something strange
Take this one
Any room left?
Just forget it
I'd like to have a sound sleep
Are you fooling me like this?
I won't care
Search thoroughly
Go that way
Nothing is found
Damn it
A man and a kid
Their speed can't exceed
10 mph by walking
Search every inch of here
Pay attention to the hotels and inns
It's me
I want to make a long distance call
Let me call for you
Hello... I haven't told you the number
Hello, I am Suen Suen
You want to know my measurement?
If you guess correctly
I will treat you a meal, or a movie
Mister, please answer me
Don't you think you have a good figure?
Please take one
I don't want any
Why not listen to my story
of losing my virgin at 16?
When I was 16...
Stop, you bitch
Although you dislike it
you still have to pay
$1500, 10% service charge
total is $1750
Why don't you go to rob?
I've given you a 20% discount, you know?
I want to make a call to Hong Kong
I've tried two hours but
it's still not connected
Call to Guangzhou then
Add in my account please
Come on, connect the line for me
Do it yourself
Hello, who's calling?
Hello, I am named Ko
Please inform Mr. Lung Wu
Ask him to carry out the mission
which I told him a year ago
Are you Mr. Lung Wu? Yes, I am
Tell him that
I will be in Tainam three days later
Yes Alright, thank you
Where have you been?
I lost the face of my dad
I've lost all the money
which he left to me
Just $100 left
You are so stupid
Bet now... come on, confirm your bet
Confirm your bet, open then
Confirm, see how many cigarettes
are inside the can?
What do you bet? One
One thousand, just one thousand
Nothing is found
All lost, take the money
Damn it, I've heard some noise
why nothing is found?
It must be correct, you are so stupid
The guy put this finger
inside to make some noise
Can you hear it clearly?
How can you take this as truth?
Come on, bet again
I won't bet with you
Let's go quit now
Damn you
The kid who's just left got good temper
Who are you?
My boss said you won him a lot of money
Who is your boss?
Your boss?
I have just praised you of good temper
Now, you asked a magician here
Do you want bluff me?
Do you let others avenge?
Alright, who is going to gamble with me?
Sorry, I don't gamble
He will gamble with you
Pal, what do you want to play?
Black jack
Alright, please sit aside and watch us
You swindler, let me hypnotize you first
It's time to start
Come on
Do you want to play Black Jack
Cut please
Little Pal
your one hundred note is me now
I've got 20 points
Why? Have you seen that?
Are you blind? Pay now
I will pay you, shit
I bet $200 this time
Little pal, you lost again
But I've got 20 points
Haven't you seen that?
Put your hands on your head
Do you want to buy insurance?
Now, no one can change my card
Black Jack
Hey, you...
None of my business, See?
I'm staying far from the table
Kidding, I've got an ace
Haven't you seen anything?
I did have an ace
I can't see that
I pay you to be a guard and
you told me you saw anything?
You pay this game
Come in
Mister, please come in
I am sure you'll win
Have a cigarette, come on
What's wrong with you?
You had a long face early in the morning
And now, you are like a snake
Enjoy yourself, win more
Alright, I will be more
Bet everything
I can't make the decision
Boss, what'll we do?
My dad said, when you are gambling
you've to make good use of chance
Bet all
Boss, the kid seems to be over you
Shut up
Kid, let's get one card each
and see whose is bigger
You first
Kid, you've lost, I have got a big card
You guys are swindlers
What did you say? This is your card
You should admit your failure
I don't think you lost in a fair game
Oh, you play tricks, pay our money back
Shut up...
Shut up...
Police is coming, let's go
Who beat me?
How dare you, do you want to run?
What shall we do, brother?
Forget it
we needn't remember such peanuts
Let's go
Yes, boss
Don't go, I will throw you to death...
You want to cheat my money?
Pay my money back
I've twisted my arm
You guys are robbers
So, you guys are the notorious robbers
of China, right?
You nuts, we are Hongkies
You guys collect protection fee
in China?
Don't put it in that way
We've some conflicts with HK police
So we came here for a vacation
That's fugitive
Are you a swindler?
You are very smart
I am called God of Gamblers
of Cheung Lok Street
What a shame, you shouldn't
tell others such a poor name
Fatty, come here
What? What do you want me to do?
I dare not ask you to do anything
I think, you should tie me up?
You are right
Go to hell
Get the money back
Hold it
Tie the kid up
Show me your hands
What's your name?
Damn it
My sister is called Little Guitar
Her nickname is Pretty Girl
I am a famous lady killer
Tuen Mun sex maniac?
Shit, I am a real smart man
Little trumpet
What's wrong?
You're playing tricks
You dare to fight me back? Again?
You're really stupid
You guys are really great
You can make a living in this way
Watch my sister
The knife is sharp
Take the money
Special report: About the robbery
of cruise in Chin-Tao Lake
the suspect has run away
he's tall, a bit fat
Now, he's kidnapping a kid as hostage
This man is really dangerous
with violent inclination
If anyone discovers them
inform the police at once
Special report ends
That's me
Block the scene and check each household
We must have to find out
the two suspects, hurry up
Don't kill my sister
Don't kill my sister, don't
Watch me
I am asking you
Do you know Tung Wu Group of Taiwan?
The leader is called Chan Wai Man
isn't it?
I am familiar with him, he is my buddy
Where is Hoi On?
Does he retire?
I saw him once
Do you know him?
He's dead
So poor, who killed him?
I am looking for the murderer too
This is our young master
Don't get upset, young master
Do you know the King of Smuggling
Condor? He is my real buddy
I know him very well
Really? Yes
If you get a ship for us to go to Tainam
You will have 3 millions dollars each
We are righteous men
don't talk about money
But when you reach Tainam
can we get the money?
Sure, cash on delivery
It seems to be fortune
Sister, it's a better way of
making money than here
It's not much time left, let's go now
Bravo We are getting rich
Young master
we are now going back to Tainam
Let me help you
Many police here
Any way out?
Yes, I've got a secret passage
for smuggling business
Any gas?
Isn't this motel?
Yes, I saw him go in
Listen, surround this motel
Don't let a fly come out Yes
Let's go
Hurry up
Those inside, pay attention
you guys should be surrendered
yourselves within one minute
Otherwise, you'll be killed
Come here, it's right here
Open the lock
I will go out and shift their attention
The lock is rusted
What shall we do?
The key is broken
Get something to open it
Young master, let me hold you
Report, there is an explosion happened
The people are all dead
You nuts, how can you know
the suspects are all dead?
Listen, 50 of you
should search carefully on the spot
And the rest
divide into 5 teams to search thoroughly
Hongkie, I know you are still alive
I have to catch you
We have changed your look
don't be scared
Sister, what happen to you?
What's up?
What a big trap
Which bastard put it here?
That's you, you worried
the wild dogs come into the tunnel
Don't be too frank, let's go
How are you?
I can't go, you'd better leave first
Go in and check
Someone is inside
Some noise over there
we go and have a look
Who is it?
Comrade, we've searched already
nobody is down there
Well, let's go and have a look
Luckily there are some
police uniforms here
Are you ok? Sister, bring the magician
& young master to the sugar cane field
I will shift their attention with uncle
Come on, let me carry you
Hurry up
Catch him
Don't move
Pretend to be armed cop?
Arrest him back for detailed trial
What's wrong?
We are from Central Security Department
Central Gov't pays special attention to
Chin-tao Lake incident
So Mr. Cheung is sent here
for investigation
Mr. Cheung, who is Mr. Cheung?
Mr. Cheung Po Sing
From now on, you are under my control
Cheung Po shing?
Mr. Cheung has the ability
to make someone tell the truth
Central needs the truth
Supernatural power?
I won't believe in it
Damn it
Mind your tongue
Tell me
where does the man with the kid go?
Run for your life
If not, I will be arrested as uncle did
Can you make it? Why not take a rest?
Let me see anyone is chasing us
Does it hurt? No
Any pain killers?
I've it
Take it to me
Why is there a picture?
Do you know what picture is it?
No, but it's funny
Why only took photo at his back?
I want some pain killers
I spent a lot of money to buy it
It's God of Gamblers
He never take any pictures, this is
the only one How do you know?
Do you know him? No
My uncle saw him gamble with
Devil of Gamblers in a ship
He told me this story many times
I wish to see God of Gamblers
Maybe you will be disappointed
No, my uncle said he is attractive
Attractive? Yes
Don't tell my brother
or I won't forgive you
Alright, I know what to do
Let's go
many people are coming towards us
Your back looks like God of Gamblers
A gambler got fans, nonsense
Don't insult my idol
Sorry, Miss, where are we heading to?
This way
Turn and face me with your back
Yes, sister
Please lend me your back for support
Up to you
So lucky, nearly couldn't catch you up
We are in fugitive
why do you look so sweet?
Sister What did you say?
They are getting closer
I know, let's go into the village first
let's go come on
Turn back...
What's the matter?
I've dropped my photo
What a nuisance, you can't turn back now
If we turn back, we will meet the police
Well, we will go and take it
Go and wait for me in the pier
Who do you think I am?
I am not a coward?
If you want to go back
let's go together
There is some noise
let's go and check Yes
I think we'd go separately
Go and pick up the picture
and I'll find Condor now
I will follow you
Over there
I will shift their attention
He disappears suddenly
It's not reasonable
The kid is over there
chasing after him, Hurry up
Damn it... this way
No, shit
Ahead, chasing after them
Don't go
Hurry up...
Stop, don't go
I won't scare
Where can you go?
Be careful
Speak up, where are they?
I don't know
Speak up
Don't push me, no
Cut it
Don't come over
Don't come over
I hate people pointing at my head
you know?
Sister, get in the car
What's up?
What's wrong?
Why do you cover your mouth?
I am afraid to be recognized
Listen, don't remember my face
It's useless, I'm Hongkie
you don't have my information
Sister, move
Don't chase after us, got it?
Information soldier Yes
Report to HQs, we failed
Captain is captured as hostage
Ask for support
Report officer, we've caught
one of the suspect of Chin-tao Lake
And the other two captured captain
and went up to junk
Cheung Po Shing?
I know they are in the ship
Where are they going to?
You needn't tell me
I know where they are heading to
They are going to Taiwan
Are you that great?
Since you are thinking
that's why I know
I tell you
one of them is God of Gamblers
God of Gamblers? The one with the kid?
He is God of Gamblers?
I gambled once with him in Beijing
I changed one of his cards
But he quitted that game at once
I really want to gamble with him again
Is he going for an
important gamble competition in Taiwan?
I've told you Condor and I were buddies
Wu Ye Kai Xi fled
to America with my help
I didn't charge him a penny
But I sent him for righteousness
So he signed here
Kidding? How bad is his handwriting
Left handwriting
How about his right hand?
He was holding a knife
which was pointing at my neck
That's why you didn't charge a penny
Don't mention it
Condor's waken
He is named Condor
because he is almost bald
But only I can mention this
Don't talk about his hair
or you'll die terribly
Little Trumpet, why don't you
wake up and have a Taiwan tour?
I am taking some friends there
for hooking
This is Mr. Ko Mr. Ko
He knows Eagle Claws
It's harmful to shake, that's alright
Just have a light shake, that's alright
If you feel painful, you may shout
It's alright
Your friend is great
I tell you
My Eagle Claws are not powerful
but the leg
Do you want a try?
No, thanks
You're wise, otherwise...
You should take much time
to wash your hands
Yuen seems to have a fever
He's hot
Never mind
I've got some pills in the cabin
Take him down
I will take him to have some pills first
Dad, I miss you... Dad
Don't panic, I am with you
Dad, sing me a song
I don't know singing
Go sleep now, be good...
Dad, sing me a song
Thank you so much
Don't mention it
He is our hostage
He is Kok Ching-chung
the head of Police
That's right
Kok Ching-chung
What's wrong?
Oh, thank God, you're mine now
What do you want?
I will take you
to the Intelligent Agency
I couldn't imagine
I've collected information for 18 years
and I could arrest
a high official of our enemies
I make it
What did you say?
I am an Intelligent Agent
I acted as an undercover in China
for 18 years
This is my identity card
My real name is Simon Tart
Senior Intelligent Agent number
So what?
Right, my English name is Simon Tart
I love my hometown so much
Stay calm, I'll hand him to you
You are the Communist
I want you to confess, if not
I'll treat you with Eagle Claws
Are you scared?
Take away your leg
Why do you treat me like this?
In those years, we were buddies
I lent you underpants
Now, you want me to jump into the water
Yes, I appreciated that
you lent me underpants
So I decide...
Return an underpant to you
Don't move, if you are shot
you'll be burnt
Don't move, if you move
I'll kill him at once
I want him only, you don't be nosy
take away your foot
No, although he is not my friend
I can't hand him to you
because of righteousness
It stinks
Don't come over
Eagle Claw
Simon Tart
You can't make it
Aren't you my buddy?
I can't
Where is the Captain?
Don't move
I didn't betray you?
I just want you to go back to Mainland
to explain everything
I won't charge you about the kidnap
Look, our gunboat is coming
Comrades, come here
Rise up... our people...
Kidding? Any Mainland gunboats in the
open sea? China is now in great danger
No, it's the gunboat from Taiwan
Everyone was thundering the last roar
Yeah, it's a gunboat from Taiwan
It's gunboat from Taiwan
It's Taiwan gunboat
Why a Taiwan gunboat?
Stop fighting
let's fix that gunboat first
Someone is singing Mainland song
Plum blossoms are all over the world
It's not Mainland song
it's Plum Blossoms
Great, let's go
Plum Blossom represents our Great China
It's fixed
What's the matter?
The wheel is damaged
how can we reach Taiwan?
Don't panic
there are many junks passing by
we can get there
You are so optimistic, it's an open sea
Thank you
The fishermen are obedient
I told them I was a smuggler
for Democrats
Say Kai-xi, Cai Leng...
they were rescued by me
That's why they treated you so nice
Forget about his bull shit!
He gave them his watch
Kai-xi? Cai Leng?
How dare you fool me?
I did it for us
Hey Are we friends?
You sang awful last night
Do you mean to tease me?
I wanna kill you
I will call my sister to pick me up
Let me go with you
What is this place?
Captain, you've waken
Where is my uniform?
Don't worry
I changed that for you
And it was thrown into the water
Well, about this place...
I can tell you
But promise me, stay calm
Clam down. Listen
here is Taiwan, stay calm
Stay calm, you've made the promise
Catch him, don't let him move
That's great
I wish to visit here
I've to enjoy myself
Are you crazy? You are so excited
We don't have the visa
we are illegal immigrants
If we are caught by the police
we'll be in shit
Don't panic, when the Taiwan cops
meet our Chinese cops
They will flee away
You big mouth, see
You've brought bad luck to us
What's the matter?
Where is he?
He has fled away
What are you doing?
Will you gamble?
Do you have money?
Any ID card?
Sorry, I haven't brought it
I've money
A hundred dollar note
Where can you get Taiwan notes?
I took it from a Taiwanese
who hooked in China
You scared me
You said the Taiwan cops
would flee away when they see you
Bull shit
Will you gamble?
Hurry up
Gamble with sausage?
Sure, I am hungry now
But there are many swindlers
on the streets
Don't worry
Come on, yeah
Right, go on...
Come on... Stop...
Your magnet isn't as big as mine
How can you have such a big magnet?
I took it from the ship
You swindler
Take his sausage
Don't go
Beat him
Stop, what'd happened?
I am the cop of this province
That's great, go on beating
Listened? Ask them to stop
Do you know who I am?
Who are you?
I am the senior intelligent agent
Simon Tart
My number is 173173173
He is the undercover from Mainland China
He's been here for long
He's checked your duty timetable
He told me
you are lazy and you
sneak away an hour each day
No, I don't
Cut the crap, we have no time
Watch over them, I will be back soon
Take all the evidence away
and also the sausage
Take whatever you like
Get up...
Officer, they stole my...
Damn it, are you the undercover?
That's great
we even can't finish all within 2 weeks
Isn't it delicious? No
Try, it's delicious
Is your sister beautiful? Don't cheat me
Wait for me
He said his sister is pretty
can he be trusted?
How can you believe in a kid?
Young master, you are back
Siu Yuen, don't get in
Get in
Be careful
Sister Siu Yuen
What's the matter?
It's from Chau-Siu-chee
he's eavesdropped my phone
Get into the casino first
Miss Hoi
Aren't we going to save?
Let's watch a movie first?
Chau-Siu-chee's underground casino
is under the cinema
Let's go
It's valuable to learn from Capitalism
What happened?
Why have you guys been here?
Where is Chau Siu-chee?
So great, let's go
Miss Hoi Tong, you mean to ruin
Mr. Chau's place, don't you?
Hand us the kid and the girl
What's wrong?
What is the date of today?
Still two days left
Hoi Tong, I don't know
why you are going against me
If you follow me
let's join our territories together
Then the whole Central South of Taiwan
will be under our control
Set my brother free
We've our regulations
Let's play 3 rounds
If you win 2 times
you can do everything
Alright, go ahead
Let's play Black jack
You'll be the banker
16? I want one more
You've already 12
I've the right of rejecting card
I've got 20
Black jack
See, you lost
Go ahead, no matter how
I'll support you
What's up?
I mean you I mean you
Chau Siu-chee, it's your turn
Alright, I want to know what
you have learnt from your dad
The second round, wheel
You first
What's wrong with your nose?
I want 7
I want 12345
12345, You lost
You're despicable...
There is only winner or loser
The third round, I want...
Hold it
I should make the decision now
What did you say?
Don't you understand?
I speak Mandarin because of you
This game should be decided by me
got it?
Stay calm, mind your life
We've broken even, what'll we play?
What kind of gambling is it?
We'll play the basic game
Take one to see who's got the biggest
You first
You've lost
A spade ace is kept inside his sleeve
Choose the smallest card
You first
Wait, I'll open for her
What's wrong? Don't you think
there will be 2 diamonds 2s?
Hoi Tong
you've a skilled gambler beside you
Set them free now
Release them
You look so familiar
I've watched a painting in France
is that you?
What painting did you see?
Are you God of Gamblers?
You are wise, right, I'm God of Gambler
Take me the costume
I'm the student of God of Gamblers
Dagger Chan
Where is God of Gamblers?
Ladies and gentlemen, please clap
God of Gamblers
Are you God of Gamblers?
Until now
I think I should tell the truth
Right, I'm God of Gamblers, Ko Chun
I'm the one who killed your wife and son
How can you be so calm when seeing me?
Did he kill the Wife of Ko Chun?
I've been a gambler for ages
I've quite a number of women
I don't know how many women I have had
You've killed the one which
I would like to brush off
In fact, I've to thank you
Alright, I want to play a game with you
So as to let all representatives of
casino know how great I am
And they won't blame me of
taking the fund
Cut the crap
3 days later
my master will play with you
Call everyone to witness
how you lose
Alright, at midnight, 3 days later
I will be waiting for you right here
You've to bring at least
1 billion US dollars
Go back if you want a piss
Mr. Ko, don't worry about money
Don't mess up here
Lung Wu, kill the one who moves
What'll we do?
Let's go first
Let them go
Watch their moves Yes
Ask Kwun come back from Tai Pei
See whether he is
the real God of Gamblers
Take a few days rest here
You are well protected
Don't worry, I'm here
I would kill them all
In fact, I worry that
Chau Siu-chee would come to find you
I suggest you shouldn't go
you'd better stay here
And stay in my room
So that I can talk to you
and try my best to protect you
Alright, I can explain
our situation and background to you
Let's go now, we'd make best use of time
Help yourself
Master... Come back to look after
the young master, take care
Don't bother me
Master, please don't go too far
Don't worry This way
You know it will drag my brother down?
You asked him to pretend as
God of Gamblers?
He's enjoying it
Give me a cup of Forgetable Water
We come for money
we'll leave after that
Why pretend to be God of Gamblers?
Don't you agree, Captain?
Call me Lung Wu
You went crazy too?
Your brother is falling in love
he won't leave even
you hold a gun before him
How about three days later?
Do you want him gamble?
Let him enjoy three days
why do you get angry?
He is insulting God of Gamblers
No, I've to disclose him
Can you listen to me once?
I am that straight forward
If you want me to listen
unless you're God of Gamblers
What do you want? Let me down
If you babble again
I will beat your ass
How dare you?
I am scared
I dare to do it
Don't come over
or I will shout for help
No one can hear you
Go, leave me alone
You told me to leave
Come here
Tell me, go out or come back?
Come here
What're you doing?
Turn your face and sit in the bed
I suspect that you are
the real God of Gamblers
But that's impossible
I haven't won any prize or game
I wouldn't be that lucky
How many women have you fallen for?
Two but both of them died
Never mind
my women wouldn't have good fate
I think it was me who put them to hell
I think you'll find a better one
I don't want to drag another one down
What's your real name?
Siu Yiu
My mom called me Yiu Yiu
It sounds nice
why don't you name yourself Yiu Yiu
My mom said it wouldn't bring me luck
Don't be so superstitious
You should hold your own luck
Few days later
I'll take 3 million dollars for you
So you will live happily
and go wherever you want
You stay here with your own purpose
You know it, why ask?
I will explain it to you
if there is a chance
Alright, but I've one condition
What's the matter?
Dance with me
Thank you
I fool around alone
I don't want your supervision
I fool around alone
I don't want your supervision
Are you bored, Mr. Ko?
It doesn't matter
I love to see your see-through dress
No, I mean I am waiting to hear
The history of two families
Why not have a drink?
Alright, wait for me Alright
Can you open it? Yes, I can
Mr. Ko What's the matter?
Why not stop drinking it?
It's all wet It's alright
I go to take you a towel thank you
You undressed in a quick speed
It's not quite
Where is your jade ring?
Why don't you wear it?
I dislike its colour
So I just want to trade in
Have some candies
Only kids love candies
We should do what adults should do
You are a bad guy
You know
I am an expert in tattoo
Do you have tattoo? Yes
It's found in a place
which is not easily to be discovered
But I am willing to disclose
such a restricted area for you
Any condition?
Sure, you have to let me see your flower
Well but you must let me see first
Dear audience
I love Big Tits Lin
What a playboy
Where are you going to?
I am going to bath and
let you see my flower
I want to bath too
No, you man won't remember me
once you get that
I won't
Why not take a picture for memory
Alright, we should take a photo
Come on
Watch mine
Why so noisy?
I know you are pretending
to be God of Gamblers
I am God of Gamblers
He always wears the jade ring
He loves chocolate
And he will never take pictures
That's why you are pretending
to be God of Gamblers
Everyone will forget everything once
seeing you dress like this
Tell me, what's your name
Little Trumpet
Real name?
But I can't tell you the other name
Tell me
My sister is called Siu Yiu Yiu
I am not asking your sister's name
My name is Siu Fong Fong
You are not Dagger Chan
he is not God of Gamblers
Who are you?
Miss Hoi, I can't tell you now
Since your dad asked me
to take Hoi Yuen back
I am not your enemy
Why can't you tell me?
Wait here for 48 hours patiently
Two days later
you will see the real God of Gamblers
If you didn't believe it
I can kill you now
Chau Siu-chee is our common enemy
God of Gamblers and
Lung Wu are on the way
OK, I trust you
I'd better keep such dangerous thing
for you
Did he hurt you?
It's just a small question
I am glad to see your return
I've to see whether the one
who saved Hoi's son
is Ko Chun or not
I'll never forget his face
He thought I died in France
He held his wife's corpse
and said only Cheung Po Shing
can win him
I don't believe in Supernatural power
Brother, Tao Kwun who followed you
in Mainland has just arrived
Tao Kwun?
Brother you've come
I came by a smuggling ship
I brought you a friend
You killed Brother Hoi?
I think you will be happy
I can kill him anytime if I want to
I just don't want to be blamed of
killing my own boss
You just wanted to rob
It's not wise to keep you with me
Don't be anxious
It's me who asked him to bring me here
You can never win God of Gamblers
without my help
Who are you?
Cheung Po Shing
You are the treasure of Mainland China
How can you come to Taiwan?
If I want to come, no one can stop me
I come here for God of Gamblers
I know he will avenge you
Let's cooperate
But after winning him
I want $50 millions to South America
I don't want to go back to Mainland
Brother, he is really great
How can I trust you?
I can change his card
Is the one with long hair
the God of Gamblers?
An old man outside wants to see
God of Gamblers
What old man?
He is called Chan Kam Shing
God of Gamblers, long time no see
Can you give me one minute for chat?
You shouldn't be so excited?
Come on
It's me again?
Hurry up
What are you playing?
This house is surrounded by
Chau Siu-chee's fellow
He asked me to come in first
To see whether the God of Gamblers
is real or not
Now, he is watching me with telescope
He said if the God of Gamblers is real
I should go out at once
And they will rush in to kill you
Why do you tell me?
Aren't you his man?
Ko Chun, I am sorry
Ko Chun? Are you God of Gamblers?
I followed Chau Siu-chee for one year
I think I could use his power
for revenge
After killing your wife
I helped Chau to get
the fund of 16 billions
But he is crazy
He kept on asking me to gamble with him
Until I lost everything
He wanted me to gamble my limps with him
Ko Chun
I can't take any revenge
I beg you to defeat him
so as to avenge me
I promise
That old bluffer thinks
I could see nothing
But I put a bug inside his pocket
Don't you know that?
Cut the crap
just rush in and kill all of them
Sister, be careful
Go up and get the guns
Kill the God of Gamlers with long hair
We have no way out
Let's risk our lives
Damn it, don't get closer
I will show you how powerful my sword is
Have you finished?
Hold it! Hold it!
I will leave after fixing it
The gun is inside the drawer
Why do you follow me?
Why are you hiding here?
They are coming after us
Young master Hoi Yuen
Be careful
Have you seen them?
Search again
Don't lean on me
I told you not leaning on me
I heard some noise, let's go in
So what?
Brother Wu
We haven't found out
who's the winner yet, again
Sister, he killed dad
Don't come close, or I will kill him
Release him
Drop the gun, hurry up
Drop the gun
Drop it, drop it
And you, you
Drop it, hurry up
God of Gamblers
you can do nothing to me
You deserve it
Sister, it's alright
You're shot?
Shit! Does it hurt?
Come on, cover it first
Call the car for me
God of Gamblers
take care of my sister please
Take care of my sister
I will call for the car
You acted bravely
Are you God of Gamblers?
God of Gamblers promised his wife
before her death
He won't gamble and admit himself
as God of Gamblers within 1 year
This promise will end by tomorrow
But I can't wait till tomorrow
Can you turn and
let me see your back once?
Please help me once
Last time
Go ahead
If you see the real God of Gamblers
Please give him this photo, tell him
that a girl, in this world
admires him so much
Chau Siu-chee
Be careful of being seen by
God of Gamblers
I've heard that
many people bet on your race
Right, everyone bet on
God of Gamblers to be the winner
I open all the mark six betting center
The rate is one to one
They are all crazy
You must win, right?
If I can't be the champion
You can't leave here alive
Don't over estimate yourself
But for defeating God of Gamblers
I will help you
Boss, they have arrived
You've to win
People come from every fields
let me introduce
I like this girl
Mr. Kim from Thailand
Mr. Lam from Singapore
Hello Nice to meet you
Mr. Kwok from Malaysia
Miss Hoi Tung, will Chau Siu-chee cheat?
The cards used are under
high-tech treatment in Germany
It's X-ray proof
The cards are checked by
8 respectable gambling masters
There won't be any marks
Since this casino is equipped with
X-ray machines
When the cards to be sealed
it'll be watched through X-ray
So, no one can change the cards
It's really safe
And, no one should bring with guns
To avoid violent incidents
The cups are plastic made too
What's this? This is made by ivory
It can escape from the metal detector
Today, all visitors from HK
Taiwan, Korea, Japan
and USA shouldn't bring in any guns
Chau Siu-chee, you are a bastard
I am a bastard
who'll give you US$50 million
for your luxurious living
How can you change his card?
Take one you like
Great! Do it in critical moment
What is the critical moment?
When I light up a cigarette
that's the signal
US$50 millions
If you don't keep your promise
I won't let you go
Master, you've to avenge Yiu Yiu
You first
What's up?
Why did he quit?
He wants to use psychological tactics
to weaken his enemy's faith
I know, God of Gamblers knows
Chau's got strong faith
You seem like knowing something else
Why hasn't God of Gamblers
changed to be Super Saya Man?
I saw Dragon Ball comics in Mainland
Aren't you following?
Yes, why not?
You are crazy, but I am not
5 million OK, I follow
So bad, it's gone to the wrong person
20 million OK, I follow
Sorry, it's a bit bigger
I won't let you take the change
90 million, it's my lucky number
Alright, don't cheat
90 million
He follows with a big leap
You've got a spade 2!
But it's not the biggest
Do you want to see my card? Sure
I billion
Alright, I will follow
I billion is added
What? He cheated
It's not possible! He must have an Ace
You've guts
Take a rest
Are you alright? I am fine
I lost all my money
Hoi Tong and I
will get you another 1 billion
Alright, I will win it back
God of Gamblers
judge from your fame, it seems...
you've got hollow reputation
without basis
I worry you would quit
Just $10,000 OK, I follow
Just 2 and 4? You won't have change
Alright! 10 million
I will follow
God of Gamblers, don't be impulsive
I won't care it's a pair of K or
a pair of Q, I will sure win
Have you gone crazy?
That's great! A Crazy God of Gamblers
You'd be happy
There are so many hearts
I've got 2,3,4
And you've got J, Q and K
It's like a drama
Ko Chun, how much do you have?
About 80 millions
I want to see your cards
Show hand
Don't! You can't follow
He possibly has got 5 or A
So he is possibly
having a straight flush
But he's the chance
to have straight flush too
But he should have an ace
If he's got 23456, he'll lose
2 billions?
If I have 2 billions, I'll go home
Go home first, you've got 2 billions
I have 2 billions too?
I mean sperms
OK, I'll show hand
God of Gamblers is not up
to his normal standard
Shit! How bad
both of them are having covered Aces
You have no money, open up
Hold it
Brother Wu, please show them the papers
This is all my wealth
including a commercial building
worth 10 billions
plus 3 houses in Paris, LA and Tokyo
and shares too, it worth 15 billions
I take it as 10 billions
I've to gamble my wealth with you
How can I know whether
they're fake or not?
There are 4 accountants from
an international accountancy
In ten minutes
they could estimate the value
What are you afraid of?
I scare no one
Alright, cover the cards
No one should walk close to the table
No one can touch the cards
on the table too
Turn on the X-ray machine
Nothing can go wrong, I don't want
his covered card be heart A
I am sorry
I've confidence in you
Master, if you win
you've to take me as your disciple
Let's talk after this game
If I lose, ask him to be your master
Are we agree then, gentlemen?
Alright OK! Sure
Ko Chun's paper worths 10 billions
Open it
Show hand
I don't have that much cash
You've stolen US$16 billions
from the Save the World Kid's Fund
If you lose, you have to return the fund
And... I want your eye
Ko Chun, are you so confident?
Alright, let's go ahead
The estimated value is 16 billions
Whoever loses the game
eyes should be paid
God of Gamblers
may become a blind massager
I'm thinking for his future
Ko Chun
You have a chance to win me
If you have a heart Ace
Chau Siu-chee
I thought I was smart
But my card is...
Heart A?
Master, you are great!
Damn it, I may have AIDS
I thought you were Hoi Tong
I can't imagine this heart Ace
could win your eyes for
my wife and Yiu Yiu
What's wrong? Why hasn't it changed?
Don't you think Cheung Po Shing
can change my card?
Cheung Po Shing
He isn't Cheung Po Shing
He is just one of my best friends
He is the most famous magician in China
Uncle Xiao Ping won
in the bridge game with his aid
You cheated me
Not your turn
One year ago, I know you haven't die
I said I was afraid of Cheung Po Shing
in front of my wife's corpse
You can't imagine I would tell lies
in front of a corpse
I set up this trap for one year
So, you won't regret
How about that game?
The first one? I have Ace
I let you win
He acted in front of you
don't you think it's real?
Why did you card move through
in the x-ray machine?
It's simple
Miss Hoi lent me a hair
I used the card to cover the hair
And I moved the hair slightly
a kid also know how to play this game
You are so mean
I won't blame you of not
taking the money for charity purpose
But you've killed my wife
and my son
How can I stand you? You bloody asshole
How did you kill my wife?
I would kill you in that way
to avenge her
Bravo, he won't be a blind massager
Thank you, brother Wu
Don't mention it
What's the matter?
I thought you had no tears
I am afraid you would lose