Dubrovskiy (2014) Movie Script

TV INDIE Film Production presents
an Avangard-Media production
Danila Kozlovsky
Klavdia Korshunova
Yury Tsurilo
Igor Gordin
Alexandr Mezentsev
Dmitry Podnozov
Concept by Konstantin Chernozatonsky
Written by Konstantin Chernozatonsky
and Mikhail Brashinsky
Directed by Alexandr Va rtanov
and Kirill Mikhanovsky
Directors of Photography
Vsevolod Kaptur and Anastasy Mikhailov
Production Designer Anna Polyakova
Music by Alexey Aigui
Sound by Alexandr Turkunov
and Maria Ushenina
Edited by Ivan Gaev
Dmitry Naumov and Maxim Smirnov
Casting by Tatiana Komarova
and Daria Korobova
Executive Producers Roza Rafikova
and Elena Stepanischeva
Associate Producer Konstantin Panfilov
Creative Producer Yulia Shaginurova
Produced by Yevgeny Gindilis
Good! job!
Good job, you hit it!
- What do you want?
- I watch over the guns.
- You don't care about the wine?
- I got a whole shipment of it.
I didn't like the taste.
I couldn't let it go to waste!
What were you saying about Volodya
yesterday -you two had a fight?
- We didn't.
- He has his father's temper.
He should meet my Masha.
You and I could be family.
- He is a smart guy, isn't he?
- Seems like that.
When did I see him last?
About 12 years ago, right?
Right. He is too busy now.
He knows Masha though.
- They used to play together.
- When was that?
He was in school already.
And she was still in diapers.
He should come visit,
now that he's all grown up.
To chat and have some quality time.
It'd be like a vacation.
The air is so fresh here.
Let me show off my new stables.
- Kirill Petrovich!
- What is it'!
- The kebabs are almost ready.
- Don't overdo them.
- Sure thing.
- 'Sure thing. '
That's what you said last time.
Go do you job.
Here are my new stalls.
We need to get the new
alarm system installed.
Then we'll put
the entire herd in there.
My 'beasts' are all foreign-made.
They're not used to our frosts.
- Hey, you!
- Yes, sir?
The engineer says
we should install two cameras.
And I think we need three
to kill any blind spots.
The engineer is good,
Kirill Petrovich.
- I also think...
- You think? Wait a moment.
Andrey, you go look at the stables.
And we'll chat a little.
- Well?
- We'll install a camera here too.
Hey guys. '-
How is it going, soldier?
Are you the doctor?
Come with me. Semyon is over there.
I am not a doctor.
What's wrong with Semyon?
Three days ago
we moved some cement packs.
And he strained something.
Started pissing blood.
- We told our officer but he...
- What?
How many of you are here?
Who's your officer?
I am here.
There are two more guys in the sauna.
The officer comes once a week
to bring some food.
Can you give me 50 rubles?
Thank you.
- Take this too.
- Thank you.
Are you impressed, Andrey?
- You used soldiers to build it?
- Not really. Just Ukrainians.
Soldiers are no good nowadays.
They can't build a shithole.
- One of them is sick.
- Who?
The soldier who moved cement packs.
He's got his commanding officer.
Let him take care of soldiers.
Let's go and have a drink.
The kebabs are almost ready.
It's inhuman. The officer doesn't
give a shit about the soldiers.
Call the doctor.
They are human beings!
Not these 'beasts' of yours.
Even a retired colonel will be
better, not just some soldier.
We'll make sure of that, right?
Look at me.
I am a retired colonel.
Are you talking about me?
Will you work as a part-time digger
for me, Andrey?
I pay on time.
Like they did back in the USSR.
Who let you open your pie hole?
Who do you think you are?
I'll be back in a sec.
- Elena Victorovna? Hello.
- Good evening, Vladimir Andreyevich.
- Vladimir. Just Vladimir.
- Vladimir. Thank you.
Thank you for finding time
to meet with me.
What you are asking me to do
is unprofessional.
It is against the best interests
of my client.
10 minutes, okay? 10 minutes.
- Yes?
- Andrey Gavrilovich.
Let it go and come over.
- All I have, Kirill...
- Come, we'll hunt, go to the sauna...
Listen to me. I am talking.
All I have is my pride,
my age and my arthritis.
I am not going to tolerate
this kind of rudeness.
- From you or your toadies.
- Andrey.
- He can come and apologize properly.
- Bu! he is my man.
He was trying to joke.
He said something stupid.
And you took offense.
Stop behaving like a kid.
Will you say anything?
If you don't send him over,
don't call me any more.
Who does he think he is?
Don't touch me!
We checked all the machines.
The wear and tear is minimal.
We're ready for the spring.
We'll need a new loan.
Why? We still have a year
on the loan backed by Troekurov.
- Why?
- We should close it now.
- We quarreled. Get it?
- I see.
We'll get a new loan.
Are we checking this?
- We'll figure it out.
- We'll manage somehow.
- We must. Are they nuts?
- What is it'!
Who are you?
- We're builders.
- Who?!
- Builders.
- What are you building?
Do you know
who this forest belongs to?
Bastard! You're lying!
You know it's mine.
Troekurov's forest is over there.
And this is mine.
Why does the angel have one wing
bigger than the other?
- Boss, it's a perspective view.
- What?!
Good morning, Kirill Petrovich.
Hey there. Want some coffee?
Sorry, we already had our breakfast.
That's fine. I came for a minute.
I have to go to work.
Just wanted to drop off these flowers
for Maria Kirillovna.
You know...
She is such a beautiful young lady.
Who else can I buy flowers for?
- Watch it! Be careful...
- No, Kirill Petrovich, it's just...
A token of affection for your family.
Watch it.
- Let's talk since you're here.
- Kirill Petrovich!
- Relax. What is it?
- Sorry. Can I talk to you?
- Can it wait'!
- No, sir. It's urgent.
Go to the poolroom.
Ask someone to show you the way.
What is this?
- They are our builders.
- I know who they are.
They were cutting trees
for a bathhouse.
You said we can't cut your trees.
So we went to the forest
in Kistenevka.
- And'!
- And they got caught.
Andrey Gavrilovich caught them
and flogged them like schoolchildren.
Tell us what he said.
He said: 'I will flog
your master next time. '
'I will drop his pants and flog
his hare ass. ' That's what he said.
- (an you play?
- Not really. Is everything okay?
What an insolent bastard.
- Who are you talking about?
- Dubrovsky, of course.
Pity about the flowers
for Maria Kirillovna...
You'll buy more.
I'll show you...
Maybe we should
punish him?
- What do you mean?
- There are ways.
- Like what?
- An audit. It's easy.
The Kistenevka village is
on the Volga River. By the water.
- So what'!
- They have some business there.
They don't just live there -
they have a farm.
They plough and sow
and grow something there.
They have cows and stuff.
By the river.
I'm sure there are
regulations they violate.
We can audit them.
Then do it.
They started measuring there.
Then they came there.
I asked them why they do that.
They kept silent
and kept measuring.
- Do you have news?
- It's all set. It's up to you now.
You give the go-ahead
and the case will be in court.
You've really got it covered!
It's not me. It's all in the law.
No, it must be static,
a bad connection.
Yes, of course.
As we agreed.
You think about it
and give me your go-ahead.
Yes, it's a deal.
Best regards to Maria Kirillovna...
All right.
Monetary remuneration.
The first letter is 'p',
the third one is 'y'.
No, we need 7 letters.
Then it's 'payment'.
Crosswords are composed by idiots.
The court examined the case
of Nature Protection Agency
against property owners
in the village of Kistenevka.
Having considered
the petitions of the parties
and the results of an inspection
confirming the use of the land lot
with the cadastral number
to sufficiently degrade
the productive capacity of soil
and the ecology of the area
in the name of the Russian Federation
the court ruled:
based on the above and Clause 2
of Article 45 and Article 50
of the Land Code
of the Russian Federation
and Clauses 1,2 and 3 of Article 239
of the Civil Code
the land lot with the cadastral
number 69476502830011
shall be returned
to the local authorities.
- We will fight and appeal this.
- The buildings shall be demolished.
You can appeal the court judgment
within 10 days.
There are many shareholders,
it's medieval chaos.
There's no preemptive right,
so in the end...
- Volodya?
- I am with you.
The takeover scheme has been
tested many times.
Most importantly, it's legal.
Just recently we took over a company...
They fought us for 3 months. In the end
it was all legitimate and painless.
- I'm sure we can sign this...
- Excuse me.
- ... In the nearest future.
- Hello?
Volodya? It's Ni kolay.
- Yes?
- It's Nikolay from Kistenevka.
Hello, Nikolay.
I'm calling about your father...
The thing is that...
As for your question -we have
a lot of experience in such cases.
Cases much more complicated than yours.
Volodya, where are you going?
Should we not let him in?
Come on, don't.
Let him in.
See, he brought presents.
Well, old dog, you had it coming.
I brought you some fruit.
And something else.
You lie down. And relax.
Both of us are to blame.
But you really are something.
What is it?
- What are you saying?
- You are a fool.
You are a fool yourself,
Andrey Gavrilovich.
You were born a fool,
you lived like a fool,
and you'll...
Hey. Andrey?
God have mercy!
Go in there. You are needed.
What are you waiting for?
Get the hell out of here.
- I don't understand...
- Yes, you do!
He doesn't need our village at all.
All the farming equipment...
He is a city boy.
He will sell it all.
I would do the same.
And I would buy a new car.
And what about the loan?
All the equipment was bought with it.
Troekurov co-signed the loan.
- Son of a bitch.
- Even so, a loan is a serious thing.
What does he care?
This is all his dad's business.
I would...
I would like you to know
this is not the end.
I reviewed the papers from the court.
There were many violations.
The ruling is unlawful.
All that is happening is unlawful.
We will fight.
Borya, did you fill the glasses?
Let's commemorate.
May he rest in peace.
Uncle Kolya.
There are soldiers coming.
- Stop!
- Stay here!
Screwed up, didn't you?
I told you to detour
but you just kept on going.
I hope we won't have
to spend the night here.
- Who is the boss here?
- I am.
- Who are you?
- Dubrovsky.
I have an order to evict people
and demolish the buildings.
- Why do you need the SWAT team?
- And who are you?
- Kuznetsov. A retired major.
- Calm down.
- Why the SWAT?
- I have orders.
Tell us your name, captain.
Show us your ID.
- Get out of here!
- Wait, Nikolay.
Captain, we are saying good bye
to a nice person.
He fought in Afghanistan.
You should understand.
- Andrey Gavrilovich Du brovsky.
- I have my orders!
Come on, it's a funeral, a wake.
People are at the table -
you want to kick them out now?
Your machines won't go anywhere.
You can do it tomorrow.
Spend the night.
This is wrong.
Take your guys and come with us.
You have orders.
Who knew it would be like this?
You can spend the night in the barn.
And tomorrow you'll do your thing.
Okay. Kivinov, Rozanov!
Fill up glasses for the guys
and give them some food.
- Well? Everything is OK?
- Everything is OK.
Let's drink.
Do you like it?
It's beet salad.
So we'll start breaking it down
tomorrow morning?
That's the order.
Pour me some.
The sun rises around 7 am.
You can start at 7 sharp.
Let's do it at 7.
We'll start with Borya's house.
It's the best starting point.
- I don't know.
- Borya!
We'll start with your house!
What's wrong with your hand?
- You stuck it in the wrong place?
- I punched someone too much.
Someone who talked too much.
- Did the person stop talking?
- A longtime ago.
I was halfway across.
And then I got a leg cramp.
I started yelling.
And your dad was right there.
I didn't have anything with me.
And I...
I was thinking how...
Come here.
- What is it?
- Sit with your father.
Stay there then.
What happened? Why are you like this?
Did you have a fight with Andrey?
Do you want me to help you
make up?
- I can call him.
- That's it. Go away.
Don't piss me off.
- Are you alive?
- Not sure.
Here we go.
Here you go.
They'll demolish it
tomorrow morning anyway.
I'd rather start at night.
Volodya,will you help me?
I just feel bad about the equipment.
Your dad took a loan to buy it.
- What equipment?
- It's in the barn.
- And who co-signed the loan?
- The Boss.
- Troekurov?
- Yes.
Let's do it. Little by little.
Here we go.
We are free, Volodya.
Go to the club, where the wake was.
See if the SWAT is still there.
I've got something else
to take care of here. You go.
So that's how it's gonna be...
There are people in there!
There are people in there!
There are people in there!
This is war!
Can't you feel it? We have
to go live in the woods and fight.
- The woods, really? Come on!
- Not with us? You're with them then!
- It's not really their fault.
- They would have done it!
Today they took our houses away.
Tomorrow they will
slaughter us like cattle.
They made us shed blood.
If you understand this
and if you are brave enough
go home and take what matters most.
We'll meet back here in 30 minutes.
- Bastards.
- We'll investigate. For now...
Major, sir!
Why are you yelling?
- I found this.
- What did you find and where?
- Over there.
- Give it to me.
No need to investigate, Major.
Take it as an evidence.
The families of the killed will
receive 100000 rubles each.
I will talk to the governor.
What is this?
They heard already...
Get them the hell out of here.
Grinko, Simonov, come here!
Investigate first, Major.
Then we'll see if we need TV coverage.
- Get them out of here, fast!
- There're serious losses here...
I'm not coming.
I can'! explain right now.
I just won't come.
Oleg, there is...
There's a war going on here, Oleg.
I quit for good.
Yes, for good.
I must do it, you see.
I must help these people.
They lost everything -
their land, their houses and money.
It makes perfect sense.
You won't understand it.
Don't call me. I'll lose the phone.
I don'! want them to trace it. Bye.
Why should you've brought the SWAT?
I wanted to do things right.
To sit down, drink, talk it over.
Who could know it would end this way?
- Take it over there. By the mirror.
- Light the fire.
Did you know there were people inside?
Does it change anything?
Your father was killed.
Killed by the state.
They taught us: if there is an enemy,
you must destroy him.
Yegorovna was like a mother to you.
She lives in the woods now...
Did I know or not...
- You knew it.
- If it makes it easier for you.
Vasiliy Tyorkin.
Take your guess.
Come on, come on.
Here you go.
Listen now!
Look, son, ifs getting dark.
Someone should go to the village.
To see what's up.
- People have families there.
- I should go?
Of course, who else can do that?
- And what about mom?
- She'll stay here.
What will she say?
What will she say? She'll understand.
You're our best scout.
Go,this is your combat mission.
Hello, Maria Kirillovna.
- Why are you lying there?
- I threw my hack out.
Oh no. Are you doing anything for it?
- It's no big deal.
- Here, take some food.
- Thank you.
- Aren't you cold lying there?
You might get worse.
I'm fine.
- How's Semyon?
- He's fine.
He's gelling better already.
Good they got him there in time.
Thanks to your father.
It's Andrey Du brovsky you will thank.
Yes, God rest his soul...
What did you say?
The first bulldozer arrived
at 3-30 in the morning.
The locals knew
that they lost their battle.
3 days ago they were warned
their property is to be destroyed.
About 50 families live in the village.
Permanently, in winter and in summer.
Most of them have no other housing.
This house belongs to another person.
The owner has the papers.
There was no court hearing about her.
And no court rulings.
But they are demolishing it now.
The locals used whatever was left
of this house to make a fire.
While marshals listed valuables,
the police calmed down the neighbors.
There are about 30 more houses
to be demolished.
But the locals still refuse
to abandon them.
They locked all the doors.
Mikhail Chebonenko and others,
reporting for NTV.
- Father.
- Did you see that?
- Why didn't you tell me about Andrey?
- What?
Why did you hide the truth
about Andrey?
I hid what?
- Did you go to his funeral?
- I did.
- Did you go to his funeral?!
- Don't you yell at me!
Who are you talking to?!
Don't you dare yell at your father!
Petya. Here you go.
- What's going on there?
- It's all very bad.
There is a lot of SWAT there.
Half of the village is gone.
There are bulldozers all around.
They say the bulldozers
arrived at night.
They started to demolish the houses.
With the people inside.
No one gave them a warning.
Mom. We've got no place to live now.
Our house was demolished too.
- What other houses are gone?
- Yours is gone. And yours.
Half of the village is gone.
t's a disaster.
We need weapons.
- It is 8 am Moscow time.
- Look.
Look out the window.
Can you see Dolin?
Dolin is an idiot.
And we are friends, aren't we?
Volodya, stop it.
What are we going to do?
Kistenevka is gone.
We didn't have time
to appeal the decision.
Hold my big stick, will ya?!
I am not sure what we should do.
Kuznetsov likes playing war too much.
That's not good.
- Why are you waving your stick at me?
- Pull over.
Dolin, are you blind?
I saw everything.
What are you looking at?
- I could not lie down on the road.
- You should have.
Why are you standing here? Idiot!
Look, Kuznetsov is okay.
I know him well.
Stop him. Hey!
Yes, he was shell-shocked.
But it's getting better.
- It really is.
- Stop!
Take them out.
- Get out of the car!
- Did you get enough bribes today?
- Hands behind your back.
- Were you the one who yelled?
Let's go.
- Your license and registration.
- Just a minute.
Your license and registration.
Right now!
- Peter, take his gun.
- Easy, guys.
- Go, go, go.
- What are you doing, guys?
Don't do that.
My kids need their father.
Move away from the road.
I'm okay, I'm okay.
Our trophy.
A bold attack on a Highway Patrol
outpost happened today.
4 unknown attackers beat the policemen
and stole their weapons.
Lately the area has become
the focus of an anti-police epidemic.
That's okay. We'll sort it out.
I guarantee the scheme is legal.
The land belongs to the region, right?
That's right. What about the governor?
I can deal with my own uncle.
I'll make a deal with him.
You buy a big field
right behind the Kistenevka village.
For crops or something like that.
We just need to find investors
for a gated community.
I will help investors withdraw
the land from agricultural reserves.
The land is no good now -
the Kistenevka people ruined it.
The investor builds the community.
Following all the rules.
Then the Kistenevka lot
will be recultivated.
And a yacht club
can be legally built there.
Officially it'll be a temp structure.
No harm to the nature reserve.
That's it. Very smart.
- And simple.
- How much is smartness nowadays?
Come down to earth.
I cannot go below 12%,
Kirill Petrovich.
Or you'll have to talk
to the governor yourself.
Well, OK.
None of that Old
or New Kistenevka stuff.
I'll come up
with the name myself. Go on.
This field is cleared out.
There's plenty of room to build.
We'll put in a total of 31 cottages.
Maybe more if we need to.
There'll be two artificial ponds.
We'll put the marina here.
For 10-12 yachts. And it's temporary.
It can be dismantled in 3 hours.
- Good job. I'm pleased!
- What else do we have?
The lunch with the governor will be
at 2:00 on the 26th.
When does the new finance director
get here?
He's flying in tomorrow
and driving straight here.
Here's all the information about him.
In 1979 his parents emigrated.
He was just 1 year old.
He graduated from Harvard with honors.
He was the youngest vice president
of Lehman Brothers ever.
- Lemon what?
- It's a bank, Kirill Petrovich!
- Is the financial plan finished?
- It'll be ready tomorrow.
- Tomorrow I'm meeting with the finan...
- Investors.
Right, the investors. That's right.
I have to go back to the city.
It's my daughter's birthday.
Only a couple of hours of work left.
It'll be done tomorrow.
You have a birthday.
And will I tell them tomorrow?
- Kirill Petrovich...
- Should I tell them jokes?
Looks like he lost traction.
- He sure looks lost.
- Should we help'!
- Are you stuck?
- I lost traction at the turn.
I was in a hurry
to my daughter's birthday party.
- You should be more careful!
- I tried. Where are you going?
Start the engine. We'll push back.
Come on! Here it goes.
- Thanks a lot, guys.
- You'll make it now.
- I'd be stuck here without you.
- No problem. Go on.
Hello? Yes, Kirill Petrovich.
I'm on my way.
Okay, now. Cell phone, laptop, clothes.
Give everything here.
My boss is a thief and a murderer.
And he will be punished.
Here, you use your thumb.
You push to the side like this.
Take out the magazine.
Now watch.
You hold it like this.
And slide it. Just don't drop it.
I keep wondering
what we're going to do.
We can hit a couple more stores.
- Jack some cars. And then what?
- You can wipe it now.
We haven't gotten our own yet.
How do you measure what's yours?
In rubles?
We're just getting warmed up.
And then we'll take Moscow.
Well, maybe not Moscow.
But we have to get Troekurov.
He owes us big time.
- Should we burn him down?
- Burning him's not enough.
We should bankrupt him.
Really ruin him, drain him dry.
No need to burn anyone.
We can do better. I have an idea.
- Shit, Kolya!
- Quiet.
- What are you doing?
- I missed you.
- I missed you.
- Stop it, okay?
I'm coming! Stop it, Kolya.
Hello. Tea, coffee?
Hello. I'll have a cappuccino, please.
- No cappuccino. Just instant.
- Instant's fine.
Could you tell me
how to get to Pokrovka?
About 3 miles. Over the bridge,
take a right, then the second left.
Could you show me on a map?
- Right here.
- Thanks.
- Deforge?
- That's right.
- Vladimir Troekurov?
- Yes.
Nice to meet you.
- Ready to go?
- They don't do coffee to go here.
- Let's stay here a bit?
- But people are waiting for me.
What's the big hurry?
- How's Jenny?
- What Jenny?
- You know her?
- She's amazing! Fantastic!
How's your eye?
Is it better?
Or is it like the right one?
- Who are you?
- I am a friend.
My friend?
There's no way I ca n wash it away now.
- What's wrong with your nose?
- He broke away.
We had to chase him
and slit his throat.
You can't do it like this, pal.
The boy couldn't stab him
in the heart.
He was screaming
as we rolled him up in asphalt.
I said we should use a noose.
That would have been easy.
All right, anyway.
I'll let it go.
I just feel my blood pressure rising.
I need your documents and your car.
And your job, of course.
Here, in Pokrovka.
Troekurov is a despot.
He'll fire you after a week
and he'll rip you off.
You take the money
and hitchhike to Moscow.
Go to the U.S. embassy
and tell them you lost your passport.
They'll give you a new one
and you hop on the first plane.
Back to America. That's it.
Defroge, from America?
No, Mark Deforge.
- Bonny.
- What?
- "I say he is bonny".
- Bonny, I know. It was just for fun.
Or you could say "funny. " That would
he more modern linguistically.
- How do you know the song?
- An Irish song. Perfect for a pub.
- You can hardly sing it in a pub.
- You really can.
Depending on who I'm with
and how much I've had.
Drinking doesn't make me
feel like singing.
Really? What does it do to you?
It makes me get kind of serious.
Sometimes I even cry.
- I'm sharing too much.
- That's very Russian of you.
You're Russian too, aren't you?
Well, it's true...
I was born here,
in the Soviet Union.
- Do you miss your home?
- What home?
Is that how you're going to work?
Like a bird? Come on, bottoms up.
That's what I like to see.
Real Russian style.
Can anyone else do that?
Mark, my boy, you've been
all around the world.
Can anyone do that like we do?
Kirill Petrovich, people drink
everywhere I've been.
And drink a lot.
Not vodka, of course.
That's what I mean.
Since my friend died,
I don't have anyone to drink with.
He was my neighbor.
We were in Afghanistan together.
Let's drink one to him.
Believe me, he was a good guy.
Here we go.
Your parents sure raised you right.
Why's your name Deforge?
It's fine.
It used to be Dvorzhetsky.
When we got our papers,
we changed it.
Deforge makes things easier.
- Thank you.
- We settled in Canada.
So you merged, huh?
Assimilated, Kirill Petrovich.
Where do you live now?
My home is wherever I am.
Like the poet says.
Sounds a bit pretentious, doesn't it?
Maybe, but it happens.
My home is wherever I am.
Right now your home is here.
The main thing we have to do is
a financial plan for investors.
They are waiting for it.
Let's finish that and saddle up.
I'll show you Kistenevka.
Good morning!
Good morning!
Why are you up so early?
- It isn't early.
- You can't sleep?
I was reading.
Now you've got someone
to talk books with.
She went to school in England.
Has nobody to talk to here.
She never leaves the house.
Should I go so you can talk about me?
She's planning to go abroad again.
To learn about art.
Well, I'll be in the garage.
Good grief.
We don't choose our parents.
I said something wrong.
Do you read a lot?
The weather's nice, isn't it?
Yeah, I read. Not much. Just some.
I don't read much.
- Maybe you don't need to.
- Do you think it won't help?
You know,there's an old saying
that goes like this:
"There are only two kinds
of interesting people. "
Yea h, yeah. "The kind that knows
everything about life
and the kind that knows nothing. "
I'm somewhere in the middle.
- Same here.
- Same.
And you were talking about books.
' 599 you!
' 599 you!
I can't imagine it will happen,
Kirill Petrovich, when I see this.
If you don't want your percentage,
that's fine with me.
- Mr. Ganin, 10% for consulting.
- What? We agreed to 12%.
I thought you didn't believe in us!
- Same with the governor. For 50 years.
- Not for the lifetime?
Calm down already.
He'll get his money.
Then he'll get his percentage.
For a lifetime.
- How old is he now?
- 57.
57? Definitely for life.
We'll have a restaurant outside.
- And we'll plant palm trees around.
- All we need is an ocean.
What's here to talk about?
We'll do everything.
We'll do everything!
We should be braver in life!
Kirill Petrovich.
How did you come
about your idea for Kistenevka?
Actually it was my idea.
- Your idea?
- Yes.
The land is good, and the river.
It's a nice location.
- As the saying goes, nature abhors...
- A vacuum.
The river floods as it should,
and there's hunting and fishing here.
The beauty is the main thing.
We should commercialize the beauty.
We turn it into income so others
can enjoy it, too. That's the idea.
I have all kinds of ideas,
projects, thoughts.
Not long ago I was driving
down the road.
This rabbit ran out in front of me.
I barely managed to brake in time.
So I'm driving on.
Another rabbit runs out
in front of me.
And I had to hi! the brakes again.
I keep driving and...
You shouldn't laugh.
- I really drove on and...
- It was a hamster.
No, it was another rabbit.
And it hit me.
Why not raise rabbits
on an industrial scale?
You know, fur coats have deep pockets!
We could raise them for fur coats,
wraps, muffs. Beautiful stuff.
What an animal you've become!
- You don't even hunt.
- I'm talking about something else.
Kirill Petrovich,
it's about raising them, see?
- Beauty demands it.
- Beauty demands sacrifice.
I see it's dangerous
to be in your way.
In general, do you like
my ideas, Maria Kirillovna?
The ones about rodents or the ones
about evicting people?
From Kistenevka?
- Masha!
- What?
Doesn't anyone else care
that we have a war here?
Am I the only one
who watches the news?
Do all the others only care
about local natural beauty?
You have a wonderful sense of humor.
That's not humor.
It's London liberalism.
Peter Olegovich, when you have kids
don't let them study abroad.
- I like your idea.
- You do'!
- About the rabbits.
- Really?
- Fantastic.
- Thank you.
That's some idea.
Well, it's absurd.
We came out here to fight.
I get the impression
we're on a picnic.
- Like we're here to barbecue.
- Kolya!
- What?
- Don't start that.
Let's have some badminton.
Where's the birdie? Let's play.
- Hello.
- Hey there! Idiot.
Helping us get rid of things
of questionable value'!
Good morning.
I left a folder in here. Last night.
Dad's in Moscow until Saturday.
You can break whatever you want.
I'm so clumsy.
Forget it.
It's cheap Chinese stuff.
I cut myself.
Let me throw it out.
You can destroy everything here,
if you ask me.
Look at this portrait, for example.
Currency Exchange
Cash Collection
Look, it's him. The forester's son.
Is he already back from the army?
Doesn't matter now.
Let's go.
Move it!
OK, let's see.
Let's see if I can serve.
- Do serve then.
- Wait a moment.
- What is going on'!
- Let me serve now.
- Put the ball back in the basket!
- Can you hit a volley?
Let's try to really play the ball.
- Come on.
- I wanna try.
All right. Let me think.
- I serve.
- Do it.
- Come closer. I will try.
- Don't teach me.
And play-
Oh shit!
Let me serve
and you will play back to me.
Try to play from under the skirt.
One, two, three.
You get the penalty.
Good! job!
Now we're playing!
It's Troekurovs Open!
Did you see how cool it was?
You played with your hand!
- You played with your hand!
- That was the hand of God!
No one saw that.
Masha, you've got a basket
full of balls to your right.
- This is golf. We're playing tennis.
- It's croquet.
If I get it right we don't want
to play any more tennis today.
Why did you come back from London?
- It's a nice city full of life.
- It is.
Maybe I'll go back there.
I finished my studies there.
I should have started
looking for a job.
Or I could take a break and think
about my future. I chose the latter.
I came back here and have been
thinking ever since.
- But you don't want to live here.
- No, I don't.
But it's so important what you do.
You need to love what you do.
I have got a hobby.
I don't know.
Do you love what you do?
You don't want to discuss
anything serious, do you?
Let's not do that then.
A shootout started.
Only one of them was shooting.
They fell down flat.
He ran away really fast.
He hopped into a dark green VAZ
and they fled.
So where's that Deforge of yours?
Why do you call him "mine?"
- Aren't you two caning?
- Come on, Dad, that's nonsense!
How long are we going
to wait for him?
Good grief, he's a grown man.
He's free and independent.
It isn't his job to have dinner
with us. Maybe he's busy.
Partying? Celebrating those murders?
The enemy must be destroyed.
Who are your enemies?
Armored truck drivers?
Whose money were they guarding?
Volodya, we're sorry.
It just happened like that.
But we've got the money.
It's all for the guys,
for the families.
All right, I got it.
I am out of here.
White collars. You can't do anything.
Nothing ever got done in Russia
without blood.
Damn it.
Hey Mark!
Kirill Petrovich, is something wrong?
- Where have you been?
- I was tired so I went to sleep.
Sit down.
Why didn't you come to dinner?
- Masha and I were waiting for you.
- I just...
- Are you mad at us?
- No, just tired.
That happens.
What's with the sweater?
- What?
- Why are you wearing a sweater?
It's cold.
Here's a present to you.
Here's to your new friend!
- Are you giving that to me?
- I am.
Let's drink.
Rifles are like people.
They have their own souls
and personalities.
If you listen to it,
it will never let you down.
It will tell you everything
you need to know.
And now let's drink to business.
To our business!
The investors will get here tomorrow.
We'll give them a little presentation.
Ganin will be here.
He'll take the money to the governor.
And the...
- I forgot the word.
- Contract.
The contract.
Is it ready?
I wanted to do it next week.
Next week the governor is leaving
for the Riviera.
We need to finish this thing up
so he can sign it.
We have to keep an eye on Ganin.
He's clever.
Can't turn your back on him.
You can'! trust anybody. Never.
All together! Bottoms up!
May I have your attention
for a moment?
Today is a special day
for me and for all of us.
This is no secret
that our region has never seen
such a large-scale investment project.
We can talk a lot about the reasons.
But we won't go into the consequences,
right, Mister Prosecutor?
What would I like to say?
I'm confident this project
will be the first of many.
The first star, the first robin.
The first in a wave of development
in our blessed region.
Thank you.
Despite some problems
with the criminal situation our...
No? All right.
So here's to investments! Hurrah!
- You have a crime problem?
- Nothing serious. Poachers.
They're just kids.
Right, Semyon Borisovich?
That's right, Kirill Petrovich.
The crime solving rate is rising.
Mr. Troekurov's partners have
nothing to worry about.
The cottages will have
a powerful security system.
And constant contact
with law enforcement.
He's got a reputation.
Who in their right minds
would dare go against him?
That's right! It's dangerous to mess
with me. You let sleeping dogs lie.
What do you think you're doing,
you bastard?
I don't understand, Kirill Petrovich.
Who asked you to start yapping
about crime?
I'm sorry, Kirill Petrovich.
It was a mistake.
I was just nervous.
This is big money.
Yes, that's serious money.
I'm so tired.
Can I spend the night here?
- With this case, at night... I can't go.
- Alexey!
- Yes, Kirill Petrovich!
- Make up a bed for him.
And help him in there.
He won't make it by himself.
Yes, sir. Marina!
Easy, easy.
Sure thing.
Where are you putting your feet?
Give me your case.
Good Lord! As you wish.
God forbid.
Damn, what a party!
Who are you?
Who are you? I don't know you.
My father was
Andrey Gavrilovich Du brovsky.
My name's Lilia.
I'm Peter Ganin's sister.
I think it's time for you to leave.
Are you joking?
Ganin and your dad cooked up a lawsuit
against my father and Kistenevka.
They took the village
and kicked all the people out.
And my father died.
That's it.
But I don't want revenge.
I just want to help the people.
Help them however I can.
And then I'll go.
I want to live my own life.
And be with you.
I need you.
That's it.
Let's just go away.
Masha, I have to leave tonight.
Please don't go.
I have to.
I'll be back in two days.
Meet me at the Hollow.
- You know it?
- Yes.
Wait for me there in the afternoon.
Everything will be fine.
Quiet, quiet.
What are you doing?
What are you doing? You, accountant?
See the tree outside the window?
There's a sniper sitting in it.
So sit still and don't move.
Smile and wave.
- What's wrong?
- Out of the way!
- Hello. Lieutenant Dolin.
- Someone's chasing me.
Who is chasing you?
What's going on?
- Shut up!
- Come on, we'll take this outside.
Do you know
who you're talking to, soldier?
Are you crazy?
Why did you let him in here?
- How do I know who he is?
- So you check his ID there.
I introduced myself. He ran.
Yelling that someone's chasing him.
I've been robbed.
- Yes.
- What are you talking about?
This is a secure zone.
You can'! let anybody in here.
You know who he is? He'll make a call...
And then we'd be screwed
if we hadn't let him in.
- Come here!
- Here we go.
I need you to be my police escort.
Hurry up!
No, you're coming with me. Follow me.
I'll call the dispatcher. We...
- Don't call anyone. Let's go.
- Dolin, come on. Dolin!
He's gone.
Mr. Governor? Lavrenty Nikolayevich?
Good morning.
This is Dubrovsky.
Vladimir Andreyevich Dubrovsky.
The son of Andrey Du brovsky. The one
you robbed and threw into the street.
I have records of wire transfers
to your foreign hank accounts.
That's clear evidence of your illegal
involvement in a business venture.
I'm talking
about the Kistenevka project.
With the marina, yachts and cottages.
Do you read the papers,
Lavrenty Nikolayevich?
Have a nice day!
It was Dubrovsky.
He called my uncle from my cell phone.
The newspapers and the Internet...
They'll publish a copy
of your contract tomorrow.
How did he get his hands
on those papers, I wonder?
I know the governor is not allowed
to engage in commercial...
We're all in trouble,
Kirill Petrovich.
And you're worse off than anybody.
Here you go.
This is all yours.
There's enough for you all.
To buy homes and to settle down.
Not in Moscow, of course.
But still.
It's time to disband.
We did all we could do.
There's nothing else
for you to do here.
Go back to your families.
Thank you, dude!
I'll wait a few days,
but you should leave right now.
We'll wait with you.
- No, thanks.
- You do what you need to do.
- Then we'll leave together.
- Guys, you don't understand.
So what's going on?
I have to wait for someone.
What, a girl?
- Stay out of his business!
- I was just asking. Is that illegal?
It's something else, guys.
Volodya, don't be stupid.
Okay, we'll go to Nikolino swamp.
That's not far. We'll wait there.
Nobody will find us.
Then we can split up. Let's go!
Don't be stupid, Volodya.
Don't be stupid!
Come on! Everybody up!
Let's go.
- So we're off to Nikolino swamp?
- No, a little further.
Oh God, now he wants to take a look.
He is handsome.
- 8-4, do you copy me?
- We start cleaning up here.
We found their empty hideout.
They left about two hours ago.
Yes, Kirill Petrovich, I understand.
I'll keep in touch.
I don't have any cash now.
None at all.
Okay, then here's what we'll do,
Kirill Petrovich.
For starters, I'll send some auditors.
To Pokrovka. From our office.
Let's see.
Would the 18th work for you?
- I'll have it in a week.
- The price has gone up.
The guy has got those papers.
My uncle's worried. He's going online
every 5 minutes with hands shaking.
- He'll have to go to a resort.
- How much?
- Catch him first.
- I'll catch him. How much?
My uncle's price went up 50%.
Mine went up 25%.
Is that all?
Don't get too carried away with games,
you little shitty bureaucrat.
- I don't always play nice.
- You're bluffing, Kirill Petrovich.
You're all out of aces.
t's time to reshuffle the cards.
Maybe you'll get something new.
Don't talk riddles. What do you want?
Okay, fine.
I'll tell you straight out.
I'm not supposed to get a percentage
of your business.
Because of my official position.
I need to get married.
My wile could get the percentage.
Go ahead and get married.
Nobody': standing in your way.
That's great.
Great, Kirill Petrovich.
Then it's agreed.
Now, don't you dare.
- Don't you dare, foul bastard.
- I'm in love, Kirill Petrovich.
And it would be easy
to assign her the percentage.
She's your only daughter and heir.
You're giving her the inheritance
ahead of time. It's faultless.
Who do you think you are,
you pimple-head?
What's not to like
about the plan, Kirill Petrovich?
I'm not some monster.
I am not an illegal alien
or a guest worker. I work.
I earn money and I have connections.
We're both adults.
Modern adults.
She'll grow to love me, too.
Come on, let's drink, Dad.
To your health.
I'll shoot you, bastard!
Oh my!
You didn't get robbed!
It was me who got robbed!
He stole my money from you!
It was my money!
Now what am I supposed to provide
for my daughter? Listen to you whine?
Look at him!
So you've got it all thought out, huh?
You're twice her age.
Where do you think we live?
Dagestan? Fuck you!
Did you sleep okay?
What's wrong, Dad?
What is it?
You were this tiny little thing.
You fit in my palm, when I brought
you home from the hospital.
And look at you now.
Oh yes.
I heard you talking to Ganin yesterday.
Dad, I'm leaving.
I'm leaving with Dubrovsky.
I love him.
Sit down!
- Are you out of your mind?
- Don't yell at me!
He's an idiot, a bastard, a monster.
I won't give you any money!
What will you live on, you fool?!
You'll starve to death!
- You're hurting me!
- Shut up!
Let me go. Let me go!
- Shut up!
- Let go;
You aren't going anywhere!
Don't take your eyes off
Masha's window, day or night.
She wants to run away, stupid girl.
Got it'! Do your work!
It's me. We need to talk.
I'm giving Masha away.
It's not "out of a sudden.
It's the latest thing.
He is a man. Who cares?
It's Ganin. Are you happy?
Now listen to me.
Buy a designer dress.
How do I know what size?
You've seen her before.
So pick something out.
The wedding party is the day
after tomorrow. This Saturday!
Maria, let's be reasonable.
You want romance, but my enemies
are trying to destroy me.
We'll lose everything.
And you'll be the first one to suffer.
You marry Ganin, he'll be your rock.
This is our second night on the snow.
People are ready to run away.
We don't even know
what the hell's going on.
Are we wanted?
Are they hunting us or not?
We need to send someone to town.
There are still some pay phones.
- Vasya!
- Volodya.
Vasya, do you remember Lusya
from the Hollow?
I want you to go there.
Remember the way?
Ask if there's anything for me.
Maybe she'll give you something.
Take it and come straight back here.
Can you do it?
Can you do it?
Go on, I'm counting on you.
Hold on. Give me that...
I'll take care of it. I promise.
Do you believe me? Go on now.
And be careful.
Maria Kirillovna, you need to eat.
You're going to the altar tomorrow
and you'll want to look good.
Maria Kirillovna, darling.
Marina. What time is the wedding?
- I think it's at H.
- Where?
A! the Church of the Transfiguration.
Where else?
Now please eat something,
Maria Kirillovna.
Good Lord, my poor girl!
Not a bite?
That's fine. Let her go hungry.
We'll see who's stronger.
- You have to help me. Please.
- What?
- Can you hear me'!
- Yes! What do you want?
- Help me, please. Catch.
- Okay.
I need you to take it to the Cave.
- Do you know where that is?
- Yes.
- Take it to the Hollow right away.
- Now?
Right now. Give it to Lusya.
Tell her it's for Dubrovsky.
- Got it? I'm begging you, Malayev.
- Sure.
Thank you.
Motion detected. The boss's girl gave
something to a soldier.
Copy that. Call in Number 6
and start a tail. Over.
Maria Kirillovna,
Peter Olegovich is here.
He's talking to your father.
They are coming to see you.
He just walked into the Hollow.
Do not follow him. Repeat, let him go.
Watch the Hollow. I'm on my way.
Kirill Petrovich. Bon appetite!
May I speak with you for a moment?
You are welcome.
- There's a price tag on you.
- What'!
There's a price tag on you.
I bought it in a hurry and put it on.
- So you mean you paid for it?
- Well, I certainly didn't steal it.
- Don't you like it?
- It's too big for you.
Come in.
The kid's here.
He's from Kistenevka.
Just a grunge retard in headphones.
Well? What do we do with him?
We've been waiting a whole day
and Vasya isn't back yet.
You know him. He might have forgotten
why you sent him.
We need to get out of here.
We've got to get these guys
out of here. You understand?
Vasya won't find us if we go.
Hey dude.
What do you have?
What you got there?
What is it?
Let's trade!
Does it work?
It's yours. You can go now.
Go, dude.
He's back! Vasya's here!
Vasya, how are you?
Do you have something for me?
Yea h, I kept it safe.
- What is it, Volodya? Problems?
- It's okay.
Vasya, did it go okay?
You can finish dancing later.
Were you tailed?
I'm asking you, were you tailed?
What did you do with the other one?
The one I gave you? Where is it?
- Look at it.
- Where did you get it?
Let's go. Now!
Everyone listen to me.
We'll split into two groups.
I, Volodya, Slukhai
and Yegorovna are in group one.
- The rest are in group two.
- Slukhai.
- Petya, you're with me.
- Stay close to Vasya.
- Don't 'mom' me!
- Move it.
I have to go.
Is everything ready?
Good luck!
Okay boys, what will you have?
Wait. Where's Vasya?
- Vasya!
- Quiet. Hes just lagging behind.
We'll find him fast.
He'll be back.
Hi! I'm a bridesmaid.
- Wait, wait!
- Petya!
- Vasya!
- Get out of here!
Go away alone!
Hold on, son.
Look what happened, son.
What a fool you are.
Well'! Good luck.
Listen, honey, if you don't get
out of this car right now...
- My God, what are you doing?
- If you don't marry him, I'm dead.
- My God, what are you doing?
- They'll put me in prison.
- They'll destroy me.
- What are you doing, Father?
- The governor is on their side.
- What are you doing?
- Baby, please! I'm begging you!
- What are you doing?
Please save me.
It's in your hands.
Please help me, baby.
- What are your names?
- Maria.
- And?
- Peter.
God's servant Peter is joined to God's
servant Maria in holy matrimony.
In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Ghost, amen!
God's servant Maria is joined to God's
servant Peter in holy matrimony. Amen.
(wedding prayers in Old Slavonic)
God's servant Peter is joined to God's
servant Maria in holy matrimony.
In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Ghost, amen!
God's servant Maria is joined to God's
servant Peter in holy matrimony. Amen.
What's wrong with you?
Where is the Church
of the Transfiguration?
Where is it?!
Are you suicidal?
I'll be back in a minute.
He'll leave.
Let me go!
Are you wounded?
Let's go!
I'm staying.
Of course.
You're the bride in white.
You look great.
- I'm staying.
- No.
What do you mean? No.
You remember our plan?
We're leaving together.
Let's go!
I can't.
I need you, Masha.
I need you.
My father needs me now.
This is bullshit. Let's go.
Go without me!
You'll die with him!
- Go away.
- You'll die here!
- You need to go.
- Please.
Let's go. Please.
Please, Masha.
Can you hear me? Let's go.
- I need you.
- I can't.
I can't. And I don't want to!
I don't want to!