Due Justice (2023) Movie Script

(debris rumbling)
(screen whooshing)
(slow tempo guitar music)
(slow tempo gentle guitar music)
(car engine roaring)
(tires screeching)
(clutch clicks)
(ominous music)
(clutch clicks)
(tires screeching)
(clutch clicks)
(tires screeching)
(car horn honking)
(clutch clicks)
(Keko singing gently)
(Keko singing gently)
(Rishi speaks in Hindi)
- [Rishi] Somebody
fucked up my tire.
(group laughing)
- Rishi, it's no problem.
You still got the
trailer at home, right?
- Yes, boss.
- Okay.
Pete, take my SUV,
go get his trailer, come
back and pick him up.
- Why me?
How is this my fault?
- Why?
Why are you always
arguing with me?
Take my SUV, go back
and get the trailer,
come back, and pick him up.
- Not cool, Ellis.
- What'd you say?
It's not cool.
You're right, Tommy.
Rishi, you come with us.
Tommy's gonna wait for Pete.
- Wait, what?
- To give you a little time
to think about thinking twice
before you open up your
fucking mouth again.
Now, after you drop him off,
I want you to take
my SUV to my house,
park it in the
driveway, lock the door,
put the keys in the mailbox,
and don't you fucking
drive like an animal.
I don't want you
waking up my neighbors.
You got it?
- Got it.
- You got it?
- Got it.
- Let's go.
- Hey.
Watch your fucking mouth.
- [Ellis] Let's go.
- Keys, please.
- You put a scratch in it
and I'll shave your fucking
head in your sleep, you hear me?
- Junior.
- I'm serious.
- [Keko] Come on.
(Tommy sighs)
(car engine roaring)
(clutch clicks)
Go little blue
one, fly, fly, flow
Go little blue one, fly, fly
Go like the wind
I said come on
Go for the fool
of a description
(knife thuds)
(suspenseful music)
- Fuck!
(knife clangs)
(blade whooshing)
(Tommy groaning)
Whoa. (groaning)
What are you doing?
Who, hey, hey.
- [Man] Shut up.
- Okay.
- [Man] Now you went to
a house in Queen Anne.
You killed a man and a woman.
There was a girl.
(Tommy grunting)
Where is she?
- I don't know.
I just send messages.
- [Man] Good.
That's exactly what
I need you to do.
- I can memorize it.
- [Man] No need.
I'll just use your hand.
(blade whooshing)
(blade slices)
(Tommy screaming)
(brooding music)
- [Interviewer] What about
these bizarre child abductions
all over the metro area?
- [Martin] Well, ever
since this president
weakened our military,
we sent a signal to the world
that they can do
whatever they want
and we're just gonna
sit down and take it.
- [Interviewer] Wait,
wait, wait, wait.
How do you connect the president
to this wave of abductions?
- [Martin] If we show weakness,
bad hombres will always
use it against us.
Now they want our children.
- [Interviewer] What
about you, Roger?
What do you think?
- [Roger] I have to
disagree with Martin.
This is not about geopolitics.
This is something
darker than that.
- [Interviewer] Like what?
- [Roger] I believe we
have an alien problem.
- You know what?
When we get there, you go.
I'll skip the freak Show.
- What?
- I'm not wasting my
time talking to tweakers.
- I guess I'll do
my fucking job then.
(brooding music)
(car horn honking)
(ominous music)
(cat howling)
(cat howling)
(fist pounding)
(door clicking)
- Hey.
- [Santiago] Hey.
- What?
- I'm Detective Santiago.
I'm here to speak
to Wendy Osborne
about a missing two year boy.
- Oh, oh, yeah.
You find him?
- Okay, Wendy,
let me enlighten you
about how life works
outside your crank filled hut.
When you call the police,
the police officer
responds to the call.
Then he or she takes
an initial report.
Then the detective, that's me,
conducts a full investigation
in order to solve
the issue at hand.
And unfortunately,
that includes asking
a lot of stupid questions
to a lot of dopey people.
Can you understand that?
- I got it.
- [Santiago] Okay.
You said that your
son was missing
when you got back from the
grocery store, is that correct?
- Yeah.
(bell dings)
- [Santiago] And aside from.
- Put it in here.
Yeah, just, just
put it anywhere.
(brooding music)
Are we done?
- I, I, I'm, I'm confused.
When you reported
your son missing-
- It was her.
(door clicks)
She did.
She called the fuzz.
That one, she's
always up in my shit.
I told her it was none
of her goddamn business.
- You people are animals.
- [Wendy] Oh, you're an animal.
- Where's that sweet baby?
You probably pawned
him for some smack.
She belongs in jail.
- No, you should get arrested!
- No, no, no!
- And put in hospice.
You and your dried up cunt
can go dry up in jail.
- [Neighbor] They're
gonna drag you out.
- Oh, you think you're
better than everybody.
- [Santiago] I think that,
I think I fucking hate people.
It is what it is, I guess.
But what it is, is
definitely shit.
- So it's gonna be a win.
It's gonna be an easy slash
and Jim and Carol are
gonna be really happy.
- You did a great job today.
- It was a team effort.
Ah, it's Sue, do you
mind if I take this?
- No, not at all.
Hey, do you want me to
order you something?
- Coffee, please.
- Okay, say hi to the family.
- I will, I will.
Hey babe.
- [Susan] Where are you?
- I'm just out to
lunch with the boss.
Everything okay?
- [Susan] You forgot
it was early out today.
- [Max] Shit, I, I
completely forgot.
Is she mad at me?
- Everything's good here.
Do you wanna talk to her?
She might be willing
to forgive you.
- [Max] Yes, of course.
- Hi Daddy.
- I'm so sorry, I forgot
to pick you up today.
- That's okay, Daddy.
- [Max] Were you scared?
- Nah, I knew you forgot.
- [Max] What are you doing?
- I'm drawing.
Are you coming to my
cheerleading practice?
- Honey, I wish I could.
I just have to work really late
and get this done
before the weekend.
- You're always working.
- How about when I
come home tonight,
I will read you a book,
not mommy, but daddy?
- Okay, bye daddy.
- Okay, bye honey.
I love you.
- [Susan] That's
all you get, daddy.
- Rough crowd.
(group chattering)
- Hey Rishi, I hear
you eat dick like a-
- Yo, what's up?
This is Jerry.
Ellis said to say hi.
- [Jerry] It's nice
to meet you guys.
- Ellis sent you?
- Yeah.
- Have a seat.
Hey, Rishi, you can
eat that shrimp?
- Nah.
- You don't like shrimp?
- I don't eat Croatians.
- What did you say?
- I said I don't eat Croatians.
- Hey, Rishi, I'll take
all your Croatians.
- You mean crustacean
you fucking moron?
- I don't eat sea cockroaches.
- Why did you order shrimp if
you're not going to eat it?
- The menu said prawn.
I thought prawn was like
chicken or something.
- Shrimp is good.
- Could taste like a big
titties mom's asshole.
but I'm not eating
the motherfucker.
- [Roxy] Are you
gonna eat the shrimp?
- Did you meet everyone?
- Yeah.
Best I could.
- Now why don't we cut
right to the chase?
What can you bring
to this party?
- Professionalism.
Got my sources and I know
how to handle things.
The way I look at
it, my job is to,
is to help you sleep at night.
- I don't know, boss, but
something about this guy stinks.
- Big John brought him.
- Hey, Big John.
Do I stink?
- Don't smell bad to me.
- You know, I would never
ever let a green horn
take on a job like this.
- I'm just looking for a
little bit of stability,
and I'm hoping that
if I do my job right,
you're happy with it,
then maybe one day
you'll put in a good word
for me at the firm.
- Listen, kid, everybody
thinks this trade is, is easy,
but it's not.
It's just like every
other big corporation,
you got people under you,
you got people above you.
But at the end of the day,
you still gotta
pay all your bills.
You gotta pay your, your
mortgage, your property taxes.
- Well, if you're
passing out advice,
I'd take it anytime, man.
Just wanna work.
(traffic humming)
- Hey, look, I, I
should probably go in
and finish this lunch,
but I will try and be
home as soon as possible
and I'll read our little
nugget of book, okay?
- Okay.
- All right, I love you.
- [Susan] I love you too.
- Bye, honey.
(group chattering)
- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, everything's great.
Find anything you like.
- Steak salad.
I'm celebrating.
- It's really good
here, trust me.
All right, what do I want?
(Jerry laughing)
Hey, give me one second.
I'll be right back.
(Jerry laughs)
- And just before
it was executed
by the great state of Texas,
my Uncle Davey said, kid,
"I got some advice for you."
"Your home is your temple."
"Never, ever bring your
business home with you,
otherwise, you'll
always be working."
"Keep your professional
life separate
from your personal life."
- [Max] Jerry.
What are you doing here?
Haven't heard from
you in months.
Hey, hey.
- Hey, what's up?
Listen, this is not a
good time for me, man.
- What's going on?
- Can you not see I'm
talking business, man?
I'll holler at you
when I can, all right?
- What's your deal?
- Well, what's my deal, man?
You need to get outta here, man.
I'll call you when
I can, all right?
You're doing this
to me way too much.
What are you deaf?
I said get outta here, dude.
- Okay.
- [Jerry] Yeah, okay.
(ominous music)
- Everything okay?
- That guy there is
a, he's my lawyer.
Got me a plea deal
and got out of
Walla Walla early.
Guess the guy thinks we're
friends now or something.
Keeps, keeps asking me
for referrals and shit.
Fucking lawyers,
blood sucking pricks.
- Okay, kids, we're
finished here.
I gotta get home.
I got a new table
being delivered.
I wanna make sure those assholes
don't shatter the
glass this time.
- What are you drinking?
- Coffee.
- Hey, hun, do you
have a business card?
- Yeah.
- My brother's
down in Walla Walla
and he's PD officer
is fucking useless
and I hear you're
a big shot fixer,
so I may need some
of your services.
- But we don't do criminal law.
- I was talking to him.
- Um, no criminal law, really?
- No, we're real
estate attorneys.
- Ah.
- Just real estate.
- Such a bummer.
Can I keep your card anyways?
- Yeah, go ahead.
Do whatever you want with it.
- See ya.
- Who was that?
- I have no idea.
That was just weird, right?
You know what?
She was sitting at that table
where my brother was at.
- Your brother?
- He's not there anymore.
(traffic humming)
- How was your weekend?
- Boring.
- You think
everything is boring.
- Isn't it?
- Yeah, what's you cats do?
- Nothing.
- Come on, I haven't seen
you guys for three days.
- We watched that
movie last night.
- Yeah, but you
wouldn't like it, Dad.
It had a happy ending.
- Can I go to Japan?
- You fucking with me.
- Listen, I, I got
it all figured out.
Tickets, trains, where to stay.
I got money.
I, I saved it from working
at the farmer's
market on weekends.
I just need help with
the plane ticket,
but I could pay for the
most of the trip myself.
- I'll talk to grandma.
Maybe she could pay for it.
- Wait, I wanna go to Japan too.
- No, no, no, you're
you're not going with me.
- Why not?
- Because you're annoying.
- How come always
gets what he wants?
- God, you're such
a whiny little shit.
- And you're a dick.
- Hey, hey, hey.
All right.
Quit your bitching.
(phone ringing)
- Jerry, what the
hell was that, huh?
Jerry, you there?
Hey man.
(ominous music)
Jerry, can you hear me?
(siren wailing)
(suspenseful music)
He'll call back.
(ominous music)
(computer ringing)
- Hi.
- [Max] Hey.
- I thought you
would be home soon.
- I know, I know, I'm sorry.
Is she asleep?
- Yeah, she's
sleeping after a bath.
She was just out like a light.
- I think I'm gonna have to
pull another all nighter.
This presentation I gotta
do it at 9:00 AM tomorrow
and it's just.
- (scoffs) Again.
- Hey, you didn't tell Ari
about our trip, did you?
- [Susan] No, of course not.
- Good, good.
(tense ominous music)
(Max groans)
- Was that a brain zap?
- [Max] Mm-hmm.
- [Susan] Are you gonna be okay?
(Max groans)
- Oh, man.
- But you have your
pills on you, right?
- [Max] (sighs) No.
I, I didn't think I was
gonna stay here this long.
- Max.
- I know, I know,
I know, I know.
I promise I'll take them as
soon as I get home tomorrow.
- [Susan] And when will that be?
- Before noon.
And then it's straight family
quality time, I promise.
- Okay, bye baby.
- [Max] Love you.
See you soon.
(doorbell buzzing)
(button clicks)
- Yeah.
- [Jerry] Hey, it's Jerry.
Can I, can I come in?
- Yeah, Jerry, come up.
I'm buzzing you in.
(buzzer buzzes)
- [Ari] Mommy.
- What are you
doing up right now?
You're supposed to be
sleeping, aren't you sleepy?
- Uh-uh.
- Okay, Jerry, come up.
Your Uncle Jerry's stopping by.
You can say hi then
back to bed, okay?
(ominous music)
(Jerry whimpering)
- I'm so sorry.
I am.
- Oh my God, Jerry.
(footsteps tapping)
(suspenseful music)
(brooding music)
- Even if the PUD had expired,
the regular zoning
laws and fire codes
would not allow the complex
to be built next to the mall.
And from what I've been hearing,
there's a lot of talk
about putting in a
dog park next to us.
So as far as I'm concerned,
Jean, I'm in a meeting.
- Max Kelly, Detective Santiago.
Can I have a word with you?
- Oh, Jean, one minute please.
What's this about?
- Outside.
(dramatic music)
- [Susan] You forgot
it was early out today.
Do you wanna talk to her?
She might be willing
to forgive you.
- [Ari] Hi, daddy.
Nah, I knew you forgot.
I'm drawing.
Are you coming to my
cheerleading practice?
You're always working.
Okay, bye daddy.
(group chattering)
- Thank you, Kristy.
Thank you.
Corner's preliminary.
- It's about time.
- Victim one, Dr. Susan Kelly.
Multiple stab wounds.
Second victim was FBI
agent Gerald Kelly.
This guy's brother,
multiple stab wounds,
couple of missing fingers,
other fingers had paper clips
inserted under their nails.
- [Vasquez] This looks
pretty black and white to me.
Daddy comes home early,
finds mommy with the
brother going at it.
It's a crime of passion.
- What we have is
a dead FBI agent.
The feds are gonna take
this over in a heartbeat.
So we've gotta get
outta their way
and focus on finding that child
while we still have
any jurisdiction left.
- This guy's clean.
Someone murdered his family
so why don't we
cut him some slack
and uh, think about it, it
could be one of us in there.
- [Vasquez] How can you
be so sure it wasn't him?
- Because I'm a very
good judge of character.
(Daniels scoffs)
- Let's just say good judgment's
not the first thing
that pops into my head
when I see your pretty face.
- Oh, you wanna go there?
- No.
- I want you to go in
there and talk to this man.
- This guy and I
sat for 12 years
in the same black and white.
We had a coffee together,
had lunch together.
Look at him now, the
big fucking boss.
(Daniels sighs)
- Takes a few decades
to get to know him.
(brooding music)
- You and your
brother got arrested
drifting cars in
the parking lot.
The abandoned steam plant.
Joined the Navy.
What happened to you?
Dishonorable discharge.
- It's complicated.
- It always is, isn't it?
Your brother, Agent Kelly
called you at 9:00 PM,
what he'd want?
- I don't know, all right.
He called me, I
couldn't hear anything.
Thought he'd call me
back, but he never did.
- And when you saw
him at the restaurant,
did you recognize
anybody was with him?
- No.
I didn't recognize
anyone with him.
Have you found my daughter yet?
- We're knocking on every door.
We're also searching
all over Discovery Park
an Lincoln Park.
We have to plan for
any possible scenario.
Look, I got two kids of my own,
so it could be me
in your situation.
Trust me when I
tell you that I'm,
I care and I'm
gonna do everything
I can to find your daughter.
- What are they like?
- Who?
- Your, your kids?
- (sighs) I don't know.
Typical teenagers, I guess.
Don't get to see them much.
Probably my fault.
Having trouble with the Mrs.
But when we're together, it's
all, all good quality time.
- Should have been all quantity.
- [Santiago] What?
- Any time you spend with
your child is quality time.
What would you do
if you were me?
- [Santiago] How do you mean?
- If you found out
someone murdered,
murdered your whole
family, what would you do?
- Oh, uh, buddy, I'm,
I'm the wrong guy to ask.
- What would you do?
- Well
I'm a simple man
and so I probably would
put them on a chair.
- Oh, shit.
- And then I would wack them
with one of them nail bats.
You know, the ones
with the nails
and the barbed wire all over.
Then I would swing
until my arms fell off.
I can't even think
about that shit
without getting my
fucking blood boiling.
But fucking monsters
don't get a second chance
because they will do it again.
(door clicks)
(door bangs)
- [Daniels] Detective Santiago,
may I have a word with
you outside please.
Mr. Kelly, I'm so
sorry about that.
That is not a reflection on
this department in any way.
- [Max] Look, I can't
sit here anymore.
- Well, you can't go home.
Your house is a crime
scene right now.
You'd be better off
staying here with us.
- Am I free to go?
- [Daniels] Yes,
of course you are.
Where are you going?
(ominous music)
(birds chirping)
(group chattering)
(Max crying)
(ominous music)
(Max crying)
(suspenseful music)
- Don't make a fucking sound.
(Max grunts)
(elbow thuds)
(elbow thuds)
(Big John groans)
(Max grunts)
(body thuds)
- Who the fuck are you?
- I'm Jerry's friend.
- What are you doing here?
- Had no place to go.
- What's in the bag?
- [Big John] Take it.
- What the fuck you
doing with an M68?
- I just carrying them
with me for good luck.
You know, as in I never know
when I'm gonna need good luck.
Kind of like a
condom in my pocket.
Oh, Jerry told me to give you-
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Jerry said, "If
anything happened to him
give 'em only to you."
Jerry had a bad feeling
when Ellis suddenly
changed the plans.
- What, what plan?
Look man, I don't understand
what you're talking about.
- What the fuck you
don't understand?
We all in this shit
because of you bitch.
- What are you talking about?
- You blew his fucking cover.
He was working his
way into the crew.
Everything was going fine
till your dumb ass showed up.
(ominous music)
- It's been about
over a half hour.
Should I bring him in?
- The firm traffics human
organs, hearts, livers, kidneys.
They dice up little kids
and sell 'em like parts
for like a fucking
Toyota truck, man.
We used to sell guns
for the cartels,
but the cut up kids for money,
that shit ain't Christian yo.
(knuckles tapping)
- [Vasquez] Mr. Kelly.
It's Detective Vasquez.
- Fuck!
- She's a cop.
She can help us.
Look, I'm looking for
my daughter, all right?
So you're gonna tell her
everything you just told me.
- We can't, man.
We can't.
- [Max] Why?
- Because she's one of them.
(knuckles tapping)
- [Vasquez] Mr. Kelly, you're
not supposed to be here.
- You best leave, man.
I'll take care of her.
(suspenseful music)
(door clicks)
(footsteps tapping)
- No fucking way.
What the fuck happened?
- Basically, guy beat
the shit outta me.
Ran out through the fire escape.
- Everyone's looking for you.
- I know.
I came looking for the
cash to bring it to Ellis.
- Oh really?
(gun banging)
(Big John groans)
(Big John gurgling)
(ominous music)
Where is the money?
- (chuckles) Get you on
the other side, bitch.
(suspenseful music)
(grenade thuds)
- Oh fuck!
(explosion booming)
(car alarm wailing)
- Oh, shit.
(suspenseful music)
(brooding music)
(melancholic music)
(brooding music)
(seagulls squawking)
(suspenseful music)
(keys clicking)
(high pitched tone)
(Max groaning)
(body thuds)
(Max groans)
(birds chirping)
(group chattering)
(door clicks)
(body thuds)
(Santiago grunts)
- What is this?
- That is $50,000 in cash.
We found that in Detective
Vasquez's apartment last night.
That and a pound of blow.
She was your partner.
(Santiago sighs)
- Feel free to check my
apartment and you find anything,
you know, give half to Hanna
because I'm fucking
behind on rent.
- Didn't I tell you
the Max Kelly case
was with the Feds now?
- You certainly made a point
to mention something equivalent
to that statement.
- [Daniels] Max Kelly's
military records, roadside bomb.
Only survivor, head
trauma, and PTSD.
He spent a couple of years
in Massachusetts recovering
so who knows?
- So that's it?
- They closed the case
as a murder suicide.
- Don't make any sense.
- Focus on finding
those kids, would you?
- Right.
Okie dokie.
- Santi, if I find out
you're dirty, I swear to God,
I'll put a fucking
bullet in your head.
- Sounds fair.
(door thuds)
(Santiago groans)
(traffic humming)
(birds chirping)
(group chattering)
- (sighs) When's
he gonna get here?
- Let me just wrap this up
and I will be right with you.
- I'm here to meet with Mr.
Tank, not his secretary.
- I understand it's unusual
to go by different pronouns,
but I prefer the mister as it
seems to be less disruptive
for official business.
- You're Mr. Tank.
- It's a man's world.
The fact that you assumed
I wasn't a person worthy
of power proves my point.
- And why meet here?
- I believe it is better to
meet in a friendly environment
where you and I can feel
safe and comfortable
to speak openly.
Don't you agree?
- And who's he?
- That is Kevin, my assistant.
May I offer you a latte?
Come on, blend in.
Do you like milk in your coffee?
Do you like it sweet?
- I'm fine.
- Can you please get him
a half-caf vanilla latte
with six pumps of vanilla
and whipped cream on top?
Make sure you use the app
so I can redeem my points.
You receive a very fair
fee for your services,
and over time you
have been considered
to be a valuable
asset to the firm.
May I ask how it is
that you ended up
with an FBI agent
infiltrating your team?
- He came from a
very reliable source.
- And where's this
reliable source now?
- That's been taken care of.
- [Mr. Tank] And the FBI agent?
- That's been
taken care of also.
- And the currency?
- I'm working on that.
- Based on what has
transgressed here,
I'm left with two
possible conclusions.
One is that your judgment
is no longer reliable,
which in our business
is not a good virtue
or two, that you
were somehow involved
in an elaborate piece of fiction
in order to bamboozle the
firm for your last demotion.
I know, I know, it's a
ridiculous speculation.
And what you have done for
the firm over the years
has been taken into account
and it has gotten you
a one time courtesy.
I trust you will
rectify the situation.
Neither you, the firm,
myself, nor Kevin here,
wish this issue to go
in any other direction.
I understand you used to run
weapons to the Mexican cartels.
- Yes.
(brooding music)
I'm very good at what I do.
- And yet here I am.
And there you are.
Now go do your
job, you old cunt.
(ominous music)
(door clicks)
(suspenseful music)
(door bangs)
(high pitched tone)
(Max groaning)
(Max groaning)
(Max groaning)
(suspenseful music)
(Max groaning)
(dramatic music)
(birds chirping)
(seagulls squawking)
(fast tempo suspenseful music)
(tool whirring)
(tool whirring)
(Max grunting)
(knives thudding)
(birds chirping)
(traffic humming)
- Hey dad, when are
you gonna move back in?
- [Santiago] I don't know, son.
- [Ray] Well, I'm just saying
you better think of something.
- Why?
- I think mom's got
a new boyfriend.
- Jesus, Ray.
Shut up.
- Kenny something.
She was telling
grandma on the phone.
- Mom just said, "He was
nice to her from work."
I guess he likes her
and gave her flowers.
- See, Dad, how come you
never bring mom flowers?
- Why do you always
like to stir the pot?
(birds chirping)
(car horn honking)
(car doors clicking)
(car doors banging)
- Love you, love you.
- Hi.
Be right there.
Thanks for bringing them up.
The ER was a combat zone today.
- Yeah, yeah, no problem.
- Do you know when I'll be
able to pay that hospital bill
from Ray's thing?
It's been a high 120 days and
it could go to collections.
- I'm sorry, I, I
get paid on Thursday.
Can waiting until them?
- I think so.
- How are you?
- [Hanna] I'm fine.
- Hey, I wanted to
ask you if I could,
if we could sit down one day
and talk about this whole thing.
- What thing?
We got several things.
- I mean, this whole
separation thing.
- (scoffs) If you
have time for a chat,
have a chat with
our kids, would you?
Because I can move on, but
these kids, they need a father.
They didn't need all this drama
you put them through so you
could fucking find yourself.
They put on a good face,
but you're gonna
break their hearts.
And I can't afford
to get new ones.
- What?
- I gotta go.
(fast tempo upbeat music)
(group chattering)
(Ellis grunts)
- Mr. Ofstein, thank
you for meeting with me.
How's young Michael?
- Fine.
Thank God.
- [Ellis] Yeah,
that's good to hear.
- It was my understanding that
our business had concluded.
- Yes, we seem to have
one small problem.
The man that you
delivered the money to,
he was an FBI agent.
- The money was
delivered to the person
that you sent to collect.
- This is true.
But unfortunately for the both
of us, he was an FBI agent.
- Are we all compromised?
- No, no problem at all.
I took care of everything,
but unfortunately
the money is missing.
So I'm gonna have to ask
you to make another deposit.
- [Mr. Ofstein] How much?
- The full amount.
- What happens on your
end is your problem.
- No, I'm sure young Michael
is worth any amount
of money to you.
- Are you threatening me?
- [Ellis] No.
No, not at all.
- With all due, respect.
- Respect?
Now there's a fine word.
Where would young
Michael be without me?
I'll tell you where he'd be.
He'd be dead and in the ground.
And you stand here and
you thank God for that.
How about thanking me?
- Unbelievable.
- [Ellis] What's that?
- Your boss, Mr. Tank, she
said you might try this.
How about we give her a call?
Don't contact me ever again.
- You motherfucker.
Rich prick.
Fucking shit!
Goddamn rich motherfucker!
(door bangs)
(upbeat music)
Fuck, goddammit!
Son of a bitch!
No fucking respect!
(Ellis yelling)
- I'm gonna go check on
the boss, later boys.
(Ellis yelling)
(door banging)
(man groaning)
(door banging)
(man groaning)
(man groaning)
(Ellis grunting)
(door banging)
- What a motherfucker!
(traffic humming)
(car horn honking)
(Keko singing gently)
(Keko singing gently)
(Rishi speaking in
foreign language)
(suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
(group chattering)
- Captain!
- [Daniels] Yeah.
- Check this out.
- Yeah.
- So I was going through
all the kidnappings
in the past eight months,
and this just jumped out at me.
Take a look at
all the addresses.
- Okay, it's all
over the city, so?
- Yeah, but they are
all shit neighborhoods.
I noticed most of the
reports were filed by people
with priors, tweakers,
people on SSI,
welfare, foster parents.
Then I took the medical
records for all children
on the organ wait list
all over the state.
And guess what?
5% of them dropped
from the list.
Dead you say?
Far from it.
Healthy as shit.
But all kids are from
either wealthy people
or people who recently
acquired a large debt
or cashed out their retirement
funds or sold stock.
- And you got warrants for
all these reports, right?
- Listen to me.
I think a lot of these
fucking shitty parents
are selling their
babies for parts.
- Organ trafficking.
- Yaba doodles, big bear,
body snatchers of
the third kind.
- That's why nobody's
asked for a ransom.
Nice work.
No point in going on
You don't know what
you can do with it now
Let it go
(doorbell rings)
Let it go
Now that it
- It'll be fine.
- Define fine.
He might not even be home.
- What the?
What are you doing?
Get, get in here.
Jesus hurry.
Come on, get!
(birds chirping)
(door bangs)
Never, ever, ever
come to my house.
- Sorry, boss.
- Take a chill pill, bro.
- What did you say?
Did he just tell me to
take a chill pill, bro?
- Tommy is gone.
When I got back there, the
joint was full of cops.
They blocked off the
streets and everything.
When I got back to your
car, this was on the seat.
- [Roxy] Let me see this.
- Jesus Christ, it's
8:30 in the morning.
Give me your weed, idiot.
Come on.
Gimme that.
- What are we gonna do, man?
- [Ellis] Get your
feet off there.
- Jesus, it's just a table.
- It is not just a table.
This is an original 1964
one of a kind $10,000
Danish coffee table.
- I thought you got it at Ikea.
(Ellis laughs)
- Okay, don't anybody move.
And please don't touch anything.
- [Keko] You're a
disrespectful asshole.
- That was a good one.
Guys, you gotta
chill the fuck out.
- If you tell me to chill
the fuck out one more time.
- Chill the fuck out.
- [Roxy] All right, find out.
(Rishi speaking in
foreign language)
- Shut the fuck up, Rishi.
(Pete chattering)
- [Roxy] Tell me to chill again.
(Rishi speaking in
foreign language)
- [Pete] Shut the fuck up, man.
- [Roxy] This is all
your fucking fault.
- [Pete] My fault?
Fucking Ellis's fault.
- Get out of the way.
- Boss, I'm gonna open this.
- [Ellis] Go ahead.
- Oh you fucking idiot!
- All right, we got
a situation here.
Obviously the firm's trying
to send us a message.
If we don't find
that money soon,
we're all gonna end up
in a landfill somewhere.
- I'll talk to them.
- You'll talk to who?
- I'll talk to the firm.
Straighten things out.
- Huh?
Gimme that box.
That's a good idea.
- Right, fuck, I told you guys.
Jesus Christ.
Fucking finally, you
gotta trust me more.
- Yeah.
Would you get it
over with, please?
(suspenseful music)
(knife thuds)
(Pete groaning)
(body thuds)
- Big mouth, motherfucker.
Told you to keep
your mouth shut.
- Shut the fuck
up you small cock.
- God, it's a new car,
you'd take it too.
Damn, he's fat.
(birds chirping)
- Thank you for meeting
with us Mr. Ostein.
Just a few questions.
- I don't understand
why I'm here.
What's going on?
- If understand this
right, your son, Michael,
was on a wait list for a kidney,
but then he suddenly
dropped from the list.
- Did your son die, sir?
- No.
No, no, no, he's fine.
- I, I don't understand.
- He got a transplant.
Is that why I'm here?
- Your son was on a
very long waiting list.
You want to tell us where you
end up getting the kidney from?
- We rushed him into China.
Huashan Hospital.
Wasn't easy nor cheap,
but I had the means
and he is my son.
Huashan Hospital is a fantastic
teaching hospital by way.
- Is this you?
(brooding music)
(ominous music)
First I thought
that was your lunch,
but then I read the big labels.
Can you read it?
Yeah, you landed
in China with it.
And I'm sure that wasn't
on the SkyMall catalog.
And I was thinking
if someone sold you
a good kidney in
the black market,
and since a good kidney could
only last for 24 to 36 hours,
you had plenty of time to
hop on your corporate jet
and deliver just in time
to save your kid's life.
- Mr. Ofstein, I
have children too.
I understand you did what you
did to save your child's life.
But unfortunately, another child
had to die to make that happen.
(brooding music)
- Fuck.
I, i had to do it, okay?
That's my son.
- Who contacted you?
- Some dirt bagging named Ellis,
tried to fucking extort
me for more money
after I already paid him.
Said the FBI took my money.
- Would you like an attorney
before you say anything else?
- No, I'm fine.
- Where can we find this Ellis?
(fast tempo rock music)
(car engine roaring)
See headlights
on the highway
Looking down on the road
You and I and
the night scene
Are driving all along
Listening to the music
coming up on the radio
(car engine revving)
Only way to go is
down, down, down
The only way to go is down
Only way to go is
down, down, down
The only way to go is down
- Move the fucking car.
Going down, oh, yeah
Oh, oh, good god
Move the motherfucking car!
What the fuck?
Waiting, I just
can't wait to see
Who been playing and
(car engine roaring)
(tires screeching)
Motherfucker, what the
fuck you think you doing?
You know what?
I'm gonna cut your throat.
- Funny you should say that.
The only way to go is
(knife thuds)
(suspenseful music)
(Keko groaning)
(Keko groaning)
(car door clicks)
(car door clicks)
(woman chattering)
- I don't know.
- [Max] You shouldn't be here.
(woman gasps)
(gun clicks)
(body whooshing)
(Max grunting)
(knife thuds)
(Keko groaning)
- No, no, go, go, go, go.
(ominous music)
(camera snaps)
(insects chirping)
(dog barking)
(door clicks)
- Let me guess you
want a macchiato.
- She wants an update.
- She could have just called me.
(ominous music)
- [Kevin] So what do I tell her?
- How about tell her next
time she wants to meet
just give me a phone call,
we can make an appointment.
We meet somewhere neutral,
like two civilized people.
- [Kevin] How about the money?
- I'm working on that.
But you're not making it easy
hacking up my
people like you did.
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
(ominous music)
You have one week, one.
- Hmm.
(door clicks)
(keys clicking)
(suspenseful music)
(phone buzzing)
This is Ellis.
- [Roxy] Ellis.
Keko's dead.
What the fuck?
The firm got to him.
- No, it's not the firm.
I believe we have
another player.
Question is who.
(dramatic music)
(brooding music)
(phone buzzing)
(suspenseful music)
(car engine roaring)
(tires screeching)
(ominous music)
(door bangs)
- [Max] Where is my daughter?
- Do we have business together?
Holy hoochie coochie
man. (laughs)
Well, this all makes sense now.
- Where's Ari?
- I'm glad you're here because
a few things I wanna explain.
First of all, I
understand your anger
about what happened
to your, your wife,
and your brother, and your kid.
But I gotta tell you,
that was all on your
lying two-faced brother.
You see, I trusted
him with some money
that did not belong to me.
Then after a long conversation
and a detailed manicure
by my assistant,
he became a little
more reasonable.
So I decided not to kill him
if he gave me my money back.
But then he lied to me again
and he went to your house.
So you see, we thought
that was his family.
So all of this is
because of your lying two-faced
piece of shit brother.
- Where's my daughter?
(suspenseful music)
- Oh, she's right behind you.
(club thuds)
(body thuds)
- [Junior] How was that boss?
- [Ellis] That was good, Junior.
(Max grunting)
(Max grunting)
- Fuckers.
I'm gonna kill you.
(metal clicks)
(Max grunts)
(Junior speaking in
foreign language)
(speaking in foreign language)
(flame hissing)
(Max panting)
(suspenseful music)
(Max grunting)
No, no, no.
(Max panting)
(flame sizzling)
(Max groaning)
(Max groaning)
- Junior, boss is
not gonna like this.
(Junior speaks in
foreign language)
- Sooner you tell Ellis
what he needs to know,
better off you'll be.
Or I'll have to carve you
like I did your bitch wife.
(metal rattling)
(speaking in foreign language)
- No, no, no. (panting)
(Max groaning)
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.
- No.
(Max groaning)
- Hey, Junior, goddammit!
What are you doing?
Goddamn you.
What did I tell you
about this kind of shit?
I apologize for
these barbarians.
This is not my style.
Hold on.
(Max groaning)
(Ellis grunting)
Hey, hold on, hold on.
(Max groaning)
I'm so sorry.
You must think I'm a monster.
(Max panting)
(Max groaning)
I'm not a monster.
- Where is she?
- Your daughter's fine.
I have a little
proposal for you,
but first you have
to give me your word
that you're gonna drop
this whole situation
about your wife
and that piece of
shit brother of yours.
What's done is done and
I can't change the past.
I wish I could but I can't.
You see, I know how you feel.
I lost a son at 17, that leaves
a deep hole in your heart.
Great pain.
But unlike me,
you have the opportunity
to become a daddy again.
So you tell me where my money is
and I'll return your
daughter to you.
Junior, make sure
your phone is charged.
- Okay, I'm gonna go.
- Now when all this is done,
our business is concluded.
I need your word on that.
(Max exhales)
Go get Roxy.
We're gonna go
for a little ride.
- Yes, boss.
- You have to trust me because
we're both victims here.
Do I have your word?
(dramatic music)
When we get back,
I'm gonna need you to take
Junior to the Butcher.
He conned me and now
has to pay the price.
Yeah, I'm gonna put a
whole new crew together.
(birds chirping)
(cigarette hissing)
(gun clicks)
- Anyone seen a human chop shop?
What are you a henchman?
Guess what?
I wipe my ass with
fucking henchman.
Looks like they left you
here to watch the shop,
which makes you
disposable, puto.
- Huh?
(suspenseful music)
(ominous music)
(Santiago speaking
in foreign language)
- Keep fucking walking.
What the fuck is this?
(Max groaning)
Max Kelly, you're alive.
- [Junior] Duh.
- Shut the fuck up.
Cut him loose.
Cut him loose!
(Max groaning)
What the fuck happened?
- Just trying to
stop the monsters.
(Santiago speaks in
foreign language)
Fucking back up.
(speaks in foreign language)
You're gonna see
your fucking dad
and your mom in fucking prison.
Enjoy your nights there, dog.
(suspenseful music)
(Santiago grunting)
- Go to sleep, go to sleep.
- No, no.
(Max grunts)
(birds chirping)
(door bangs)
(brooding music)
- Ah, true fire.
- Look at all this shit.
Look through these boxes.
I got the other half.
- Ha, ha, yeah, yeah.
- What the fuck is this?
Yo fucker, I gotta go
show this shit to Ellis.
Keep looking.
(Rishi laughs)
- [Rishi] Hey, come here.
- What's that?
Are you fucking serious?
- Who's the boss now, bitch?
- Oh, pack this shit up.
Oh, fuck.
(Rishi grunting)
(ominous music)
(suspenseful music)
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
(explosion booming)
(building crumbling)
(fire crackling)
- Oh, shit.
(birds chirping)
(Santiago groans)
(slow tempo guitar music)
(car door clicks)
(car door bangs)
(ominous music)
(footsteps tapping)
Well, my friend looks like
we have a little bit
of a situation, huh?
Have to make a
slight adjustment.
(phone buzzing)
This is Ellis.
Yeah, I'll be there.
Well, Junior, well, it looks
like you got a little bit
of your own medicine
now, didn't you?
(suspenseful music)
(birds chirping)
(group chattering)
Can we just get this over with?
(case clicks)
- Hell is that?
(gun banging)
(woman screams)
(gun bangs)
(ominous music)
(door clicks)
(suspenseful music)
(door bangs)
(phone buzzing)
- Captain Daniels.
- [Santiago] The
bastard is not home.
- And what about the black SUV?
- [Santiago] Nope.
- All right, well stay put.
Let me know if anything happens.
Do not go inside until
I get you a warrant.
Do you understand?
Just keep your eyes open, okay?
Just report from the curb
and just let me know if
anything odd happens.
- I'll try my best.
(slow tempo guitar music)
So you want me sit down
in the car all afternoon
and, and wait, right?
- I'm downloading
his credit report
and his credit card
statements to you as we speak.
Check 'em out.
(Santiago choking)
Are you okay?
- Yep.
(Santiago coughs)
- Just let me know if
anything odd happens.
(birds chirping)
(car engine roaring)
(tires screeching)
(door clicks)
(ominous music)
(ashes rustling)
(urn thuds)
(car engine roaring)
(suspenseful music)
(car door clicks)
- Fuck, fuck.
(car engine roaring)
(ominous music)
- Where's my daughter?
- Don't do it, Max!
Don't do it!
- What the fuck
are you doing here?
- Shut the fuck up, fuck face!
- Bullshit!
(gun bangs)
- This is between him and I.
He's not leaving with you.
- Put the gun down!
You don't, don't fucking move!
- [Max] He's not
leaving with you.
(ominous music)
- Motherfucker.
I don't want to shoot you,
but I will fucking kill you.
Think about it, Max.
- No!
- Hey, you want justice, right?
What about the other kids?
What about the other parents?
They want justice too.
Don't take that away from them.
Max, this isn't about you.
- Thank you.
Don't even think about
that chocking shit again
or I'll shoot you
in the fucking face.
You turn around.
Hands behind your back.
- Where's my daughter?
- You got a lot of nerve
asking me about your daughter
after you desecrated
my dead son.
Let me think about this.
Was she a kidney donor
or a, or a heart donor?
I get all confused.
Yeah, this organ business,
I never liked it.
I'm, I'm a weapons
and drug person.
This is, you know, but
now that I think about it,
well, part of her
could be in California.
The other part could
be in the East Coast.
I don't know.
And you, you little shit,
you better fucking
watch every word you say
'cause we got eyes
on little Ray Ray.
(chuckles) Yeah.
It was your old partner's idea.
I gotta say I thought
it was pretty good.
'Cause little Ray Ray
will make a good donor.
- The fuck.
What a fucking prick.
What a fucking idiot.
- Oh, come on.
Don't be too hard on yourself.
You know I never lose.
- No, not you.
I'm not talking about
you, you fucking prick.
I'm talking about me.
I'm so fucking stupid.
(Santiago laughs)
(cuffs clicking)
This is a federal case.
I have no jurisdiction.
My bad.
You're on your own, bitch.
(slow tempo suspenseful music)
(fast tempo suspenseful music)
(knife clangs)
(knife whooshing)
(knife whooshing)
(knife whooshing)
(Ellis grunts)
(knife thuds)
(Ellis screams)
(Ellis groaning)
(Ellis groans)
(ominous music)
(Ellis groaning)
- Is that all you got?
(Ellis groaning)
Yeah, fuck.
(Ellis groaning)
(suspenseful music)
(bat tapping)
(Max grunting)
(bat thudding)
(bat thuds)
(Max grunts)
- For Ari.
(Max grunts)
(bat thuds)
(blood splattering)
(flesh squishing)
(Max spits)
(phone ringing)
(phone buzzing)
- Hello.
- [Hanna] Hey, Dave,
how's it going?
- Yeah, thanks for
calling me back.
So you heard my message, right?
- [Hanna] Yes.
- Yeah.
I swear I'll do anything.
If you want me to
quit, I'll quit.
(Hanna chattering)
And I love you.
I need you and those
little fucking pricks.
(Hanna chattering)
That didn't come out right.
I, I, I really?
(Hanna chattering)
- [Hanna] Yes, but
only if you promise.
- Yeah.
Great, great, great.
I will, I'll see you soon.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(Hanna chattering)
Yeah, okay.
- [Daniels] Santiago.
- Yeah.
- [Daniels] Get
your ass in here.
- Oh, damn, I'll
call you back, okay?
(News Anchor chattering)
- Send up a flag and
we will definitely
cut back to you immediately.
Welcome back.
We go live now to Mike Tilliam,
who's there at the scene.
Mike tell us, what's
the new information?
- Here I am with Juan,
who works at the club where
this horrible murder took place.
Juan, tell us what happened.
- I was taking the trash
out and I heard the screams,
you know, and I
came out the back
and I saw this big
guy with a hoodie
on top of this black guy.
When he looked at
me, I saw his face.
He was, how you say in English?
(speaking in Spanish)
(speaking in Spanish)
- Juan says, "That the
assailant was very palido,"
which is Spanish for
someone very pale.
Police will give us an
update in about an hour.
Who is this palido man?
Where is he and why did he
commit this terrible crime
is anyone's guess.
Back to you at the studio.
- Breaking now,
the bodies recovered
at Artie's Coffee Shop
have now been identified
as Renata Turner
who had been missing
since Interpol
raided one of her London
homes three years ago.
And also professional
assassin Andre Jurgen,
who was a member of the
highly trained German GSG 9.
Police say the suspect
drove off in a cargo van.
The story is still
wide and breaking.
Stay with us for the latest.
- Who's fucking with me, Santi?
And who is this palido
they keep talking
about on the news?
- Yeah.
The world is full
of strange things.
- What did you do?
What's with the stupid grin?
- I'm gonna see
Hanna and the boys.
I, I think I'm
gonna move back in.
- You're moving back in?
Okay, well, that's
good for you, man.
I, that's good.
I appreciate that.
That's good.
I'm happy for you.
- Yeah.
Hey, remember when we found
that Xylazine and the opioids
in the baby's crib?
- Sure.
- And you found that gun
in the serial box.
You saved my life that day.
I never thanked you for it.
- Shut the fuck up
and get outta here.
Tell the boys,
Uncle Jeff says hi.
- Come back and see me
sometime. (chuckles)
(group chattering)
- Ah!
- That's right, Ray Ray.
- It's your turn.
Someone's turn.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Ah, yeah.
(bag thuds)
Come on, Sam Sam.
(bag thuds)
- Oh, so close.
- All right, go then.
(phone dings)
- [Hanna] Oh, seriously?
- No, no, somebody
needs an address.
- Oh!
You have to go, we can go one.
- No, no.
You're my priority from now on.
- Really?
Is everything okay?
- Yeah.
Everything's fantabulous.
- [Ray] Ugh!
- Oh, my God.
- Nasty.
- Get a room really?
(Hanna laughs)
- Ah, shut up.
(bags thudding)
Throw it, throw it.
(wings fluttering)
(brooding music)
(knuckles tapping)
(door clicks)
- What?
You called?
I got this.
I got some tar left.
I got some, I got some.
Whoa, hey!
(door bangs)
(Wendy screaming)
(bat thudding)
(suspenseful music)
(ominous music)
(tense ominous music)
(wings fluttering)
(clutch clicks)
(car engine roaring)
(clutch clicks)
(car engine roaring)
(clutch clicks)
(rock music)
(slow tempo rock music)
(suspenseful music)
(brooding music)
(ominous music)
(brooding music)