Duel of Fists (1971) Movie Script

Fan Ke...
What do you want?
I'm looking for Engineer Mr. Fan,
it's urgent
He can't hear you, you'll have to go up
Fan Ke
Go back down, it's dangerous
The master has asked for you
I cannot come now
He says you'll have to, no matter what
It's urgent
Please cover for me, I'll be right back
What's going on?
I've just had my training today
I don't think it'd be about that
Someone from Thailand is visiting Master
He asked for you after talking to the man
Here you are
Chen, what do you think?
You called me back for a demonstration?!
Come here, and greet Uncle Chen
Uncle Chen, hello
I've known Uncle Chen for 20 years,
since when,
I went to Thailand for boxing matches
I'll go to Thailand with him
day after tomorrow
Got some business to take care of
Please take some days off at work
You'll have to be in charge here
I can't do that, dad
I'm an engineer
There're plenty of engineers in this world
But only a few
have martial arts training like you
Just let the
other engineers back you up
In that case...
You've a heart condition,
you shouldn't travel
Don't worry about me
Come, let's catch up
Stop it, I've work to do
I know
presently it's not right to take time off
But my father is very stubborn
And he's got a heart condition
He insists on it.
I tried speaking to him last night
You should know that...
When the project
reaches its crucial stage,
You'll have to be here
I understand
Excuse me
Mr. Fan, you've a call
What now? I'm at work
I mean, he was alright this morning!
Fine, I'll be right over
My father's had a heart attack
He's in the hospital now
I've got to rush there
Mai, please cover for me
The foremen know about the project
Fan Ke
Where's my father?
You are the patient's son?
Miss, can we go inside?
I'm afraid not
Doctor, how is he?
Let him speak, don't disobey
There's a picture in the drawer
This one? I've seen it
However you might not know him
He's your elder brother
My brother?
don't let the patient get emotional
Twenty three years ago
When I used to promote martial arts
I lived in Thailand for about six months
And I became involved with a Thai girl
Then I came home
Your mother was still alive
I didn't bring
the Thai girl along with me
Sometime later she gave birth to him
After the child was born...
Uncle Chen has been looking out for her
But later she refused his help
And Chen lost contact with her
Once she brought the child's picture...
and found Uncle Chen
She requested him to pass it to me
We've never heard from her since then
Uncle Chen doesn't even know his name
He's just heard that...
This kid is now a professional boxer
I was planning to look him up in Thailand
Don't worry, dad. I'll locate him
I know you will.
There're many boxers in Thailand
Look at this photograph
There's a tattoo on his left arm
Son, you must find him... you must!
I will, father
Don't worry, I will go right away
I will find my brother
Mr. Fan, the patient...
One, Two, Three, Four, Five
Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
Wenlie will definitely win
Look at him! Of course he will
That's right
Mr. Xu
Another win
From fighting in the back alleys
To now in the ring
You've built up your reputation
And the bets on you are getting bigger
I'm a boxer, not a gambler
Here, this is your share
I've never been so rich
Not before, now you've money
Similar to your career path
You've become an acclaimed boxer
From fighting in the back alleys
This is your pay.
I'll be your manager hereafter
I have someone doing that already
Is that so?
Look at him now
Do you think he can continue?
Stop it
You think it over
We're very flexible about the pay
I'll give you a day to think about it
And don't forget
the match a few days later
The one with Cannon
Come in
Mr. Qiangren, Wenlie won't listen
In his next match...
Get Cannon to punch him to death
Yes, about Miller, he's also...
Take care of Miller first
Yulan, why didn't you ask me...
whether I won or lost today?
It doesn't matter
To me, you are always the champion
But I have to especially win...
the match with Cannon on the day after
You are going up against Cannon?
Wenlie, listen to me, cancel the match
Cannon is the Thai boxing champion
Couple of boxers have been beaten...
to death by him in the ring earlier
Don't worry,
I know about Cannon's skills...
more than you do
Do you mean that you WILL win?
You tell me
I must win, I've got to!
Bets have already been placed
The odds are fifteen to one
Most'll bet on me losing, but I've to win
Wenlie, you always emphasize that...
You're a boxer, not a gambler
I've no choice.
The other day I took Mom for check-up
She has to be operated on soon
I'll need to come up with the money
Yulan, I have no other way...
except winning this match with Cannon
You just got here, rest a while
No, I have to go right now
You've given me
addresses of a few boxing clubs
What am I waiting for?
Alright, I'll go with you
I can manage on my own
There're lots of Chinese in Bangkok
I can ask my way around
Just lend me your car
Be careful, and don't get in any fights
Uncle Chen, I'm an engineer not a boxer
Today is the Songkran festival
Try not to get splashed at
you don't seem to be from around here?
I'm from Hong Kong
Chinese love to watch Thai Boxing
Look, the boxers are all so smart
My picture used to be on the wall once
It was there for everyone to admire
Sir, so you are a boxer!
Yes, I was
But since after my last fight...
I stayed in the hospital
for three months
And then I've turned into an alcoholic
Please buy me a drink, Mister
Don't drink too much,
it's not good for you
Young man, what you're saying...
is too late to an old drunk like me
Sir, just a moment please
What's this boxer's name?
He... He's called a dead man
A dead man?
Yes, he will be one; after today
Why's that?
Have a look at the program
He's fighting with Cannon this afternoon
The Thai Boxing Champion
We haven't had
one quite ruthless in years
He's already beaten
two to death in the ring
He can't kill everyone though!
Well, true...
But this afternoon...
The odds that
Miller gets beaten to death...
are eight to one
Many are betting on Miller's survival
But I know
I know how it works
Miller will die
8 to 1; Qiangren can earn a lot this time
His name's Miller?
What do you want?
I'm looking for Miller
Go away
I'm looking for Miller
Why're you looking for him?
It's something urgent
Please lead me to him
The match is about to begin
You'll see him on the ring
No, the word is he'll get killed today
Hence I must meet him now
Who told you so?
I need to see him
Stop it
Wenlie, this is none of your business
You're beating people up for no reason
Let's go
Did they hurt you?
Oh no
You are...
A boxer. I'd suggest you please leave
You're lucky that I'm around
You might not be so lucky next time
Who are they?
Never mind
Doesn't look like you're in this business
Leave it
Go! Miller...
Beat him
Let Miller fight on
I can't be your accessory in murder
If he's not dead, you will be!
This one's the best, yes!
Beat him
No, brother...
Stop it, brother
He can't fight anymore
One, Two, Three, Four
Stop the fight
Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
What's going on?
Miller's dead
Cannon has killed him
The dead boxer was his brother!
Are you a new boxer?
Then what were you doing in the ring?
If I didn't stop him...
Miller's brother would've been crushed
You're pretty good;
but that isn't Thai boxing
Chinese Boxing
My name is Fan Ke
I'm looking for a boxer.
On his left arm is...
Wenlie, Mr. Qiangren wants to see you
I don't wish to meet him
When he asks for you...
you show up. That's the rule
I'll be an exception then
if you don't want to see that guy...
Are you assisting me?
You're from abroad, is it?
Just arrived yesterday
Bangkok is a scenic city
Just do your sightseeing,
don't get into trouble
I really wish to meet that guy
Hey, watch it!
Sorry, miss
I was chasing that car
Is it urgent?
Fine, I'll take you
Can I drive?
Where's that car?
It's gone! Are you Chinese?
No, but I can speak the language
Quite fluent at it too
You're from abroad?
Just arrived yesterday
You're just in time for Songkran
Oh yes, now that I remember...
You were at the festival yesterday
Would you like me to show you around?
I'd sure like that
Miller's dead, you know?
I know
Go and find xu Qiu to sign a contract
I'll arrange for you to win over Cannon
I could have done it anyway
You would've been killed, like Miller
I'll let it
spread to punters once you step out
Tell them to bet that you'll die
Throw him out
Who are you? This is my car
Kid, Mr. Xu is over there,
he wants to see you
Didn't you hear her?
This is her car
Drive away now
Who were they?
What're they after?
I'm not sure
I had to fight when they're picking on me
Go now
I'm not going
This isn't a show
I do realise
But I can't leave a friend behind
A friend?
Aren't we friends?
Excuse my intrusion
My name is Xu, and your name is?
I have no intention of knowing you
Why should I introduce myself?
Back at the stadium,
you dared to fight him
You've got guts!
You wanted to see Miller before it began
What for?
I thought
he's the person I was looking for
And wasn't he?
I must've got the wrong guy
If it's some boxer you're looking for...
I might be able to help
I know all the boxers in Bangkok
What's his name?
I don't know his name
I only know of a tattoo on his left arm
It's the tattoo
of an anchor and a sparrow
Would you happen to know him?
There're plenty of boxers with tattoos
Why particularly him?
He's my elder brother
If you know who he is, tell me
I don't
Tell me
Don't come any closer
I know you guys are up to no good
But I don't think
you'd dare to kill out of the ring
Only in the ring...
where you set those murders up
I'll show you some colors
What colors? Red or white?
He definitely must know my brother!
You sure are good!
I don't do this for a living
I'm a civil engineer
It's quite late. Let me take you back
I'll show you around tomorrow
See you at the same place
You're wounded, Wenlie!
You were not in a match today
Why are you hurt?
No problem. It's only a nose bleed
I bumped into some hooligans
And a fight ensued
Wash that blood off your face
Gently... and don't wake mom up
Wenlie, people are saying that...
Cannon has killed yet another one
I'd suggest not to fight with Cannon
Walk out of it now
It's not a big deal
I can't
As for your mom's operation fees...
We'll figure something out
We have no other way, it's a lot of money
except that I give in to Qiangren
I'd rather die than accept defeat
I'm really worried about you
Don't worry, I'll be fine
If only I beat Cannon...
Then I won't be competing anymore
But you...
You're here again, mister!
Miller died yesterday
Today Qiangren's staff
are taking death bets
I think, Wenlie...
Sir, would you know...
Which boxer has a tattoo...
of an anchor
and a sparrow on his left arm?
Miller had one
But his was an eagle and the globe
Then I have no idea
What's up?
I still have no idea
where to find my brother!
Meidai, I want to watch this match
Thai boxing, it's so violent
I've met this boxer before
And I like him
Fine, I'll come with you then
Why is she crying?
Hey, you can't help anyway
She hopes that
the authorities would cancel the match
She says Wenlie is no match for Cannon
She's probably Wenlie's lover
I need to speak to that girl
Think about it, killing is illegal
But Cannon killed my brother
Yes, I'm sorry about it too
But don't do anything you'll regret
And I won't assist you in murder
I must kill him, I must
Yulan, you've been crying?
Oh no!
What're the swellings on your face?
There you go again
This is common for a boxer
Mom's admitted to hospital this morning
After this match...
She can have the operation tonight
You'll get fined for plucking flowers
When the flower's in your hair...
The police
will only praise when they see you
You're quite a charmer
Thank you
For what?
For not running me down yesterday
We had hardly met
and yet you let me drive
I could've been a bad guy, you know
I knew you were not
Sixth sense, is it?
What's the hurry?
We still have some time before the match
There isn't much time left, I'd like...
Fine, boxing match is next
Draw it
Draw it
It's only normal...
for one to run when frightened
you still have time to change your mind
Forget about Miller, he was a fool
It's your call if you want to be likewise
Didn't know you had a younger brother!
I don't have one
No? He came looking for you
He said that
there's a tattoo of an anchor...
and a sparrow on his brother's left arm
That's you, Wenlie
Where's he?
Who knows?
But after tonight...
He'll die sooner or later
on the streets!
Mom did mention that she's...
asked someone
to take a picture of me to dad
My own younger brother!
Meidai, look
Wenlie's about to come on stage
She should go inside
Why is she staring at his picture?
Perhaps I know the reason
I think no one suffers like her
Miss, are you Wenlie's friend?
What's so exciting about a boxing match?
Why are all these people here?
If it's a fair competition
It's a good sport
Fair? It's not a fair world
Hope Wenlie wins
He can't lose
Cannon, get ready
Wenlie, it's almost time
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six
Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
Fan Ke, he's your brother
He's my brother?
I've got to stop this game
Fan Ke
Wenlie, stop
Wenlie, you're my brother
Stay in your seat
You can't die
They're going to kill him!
Fan Ke
Manager, Wenlie is his brother
Please stop this match
I can't,
and if you don't return to your seat...
we'll have you thrown out
Fan Ke, come on
Let's return to our seats
We'll wait until this match is over
You don't know
Wenlie won't give in to the bad guys
Cannon will kill him
Wenlie, stop, get down
Stop, Wenlie
Fine, stop it, I'll return to my seat
Please don't kick him out
One, Two, Three
He can't fight anymore
We're really gonna kick you out next time
Five, Six, Seven, Eight
One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six
Wenlie, go
Beat him
One, Two, Three, Four, Five
Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
Wenlie, you're my brother!
My name is Fan Ke, I'm your brother
My brother
I've got to tell Yulan about my victory
She must be worried sick
She has been waiting outside
Wenlie has won
We'll go to the hospital, and...
This is my brother
Your brother?
Let's go, I'll tell you all about it
Leave me alone
I've only lost one match
It's no big deal, beat it
Cannon, I'm Misai, Miller's brother
I came here for revenge
He's dead!
Wenlie's killed Cannon
Get someone to go to Wenlie's place
And kill him
No one's around
You take him back
He will return sooner or later
The rest of you wait here
Trash the place, destroy it
How did it go?
The operation went smoothly
It's a success
My mom's a beauty
But she has aged through the hard years
She's tough
and hasn't sought financial help
I know, you're so much like her
Wenlie, you should rest
We will stay here
You leave first,
and come back in the afternoon
I'll show you some pictures of mom...
and dad when they were young
This time around...
You won't leave with them
You'll allow me to help, right?
Wenlie, you killed Cannon
And Qiangren lost money because of you
Only if you
promise to fill in Cannon's place
If not it's up to you!...
Cannon's dead?
What a bluff!
Come with me to see Qiangren
I'll take care of them
You go after Xu
You still dare hit me?
Hey, don't you think mom's pretty?
You trashed my place
What do you have to say?
I'll pay for the damages,
please let me go
I'll get Misai to bring you the money
When we came here...
Misai was here, and we've taken him...
to Mr. Qiangren
Come, we've got to save Misai
Call the police.
Wenlie's gone over to Qiangren's
Qiangren will kill him
I'll inform the police
Misai asked me to kill Cannon with him
Now that Cannon's dead...
He must've killed Cannon in waiting room
I've got to ask him
Where does Qiangren live?
Not far from here
I was the one who killed Cannon
He was your money plant
Let's go...
Be careful, bro. That's Qiangren
I've fought Cannon, I'm not afraid
He's much stronger than Cannon
Did you kill Misai?
And now it's your turn!
This is your doom day
He's a murderer. He killed Misai
Arrest him
Tell mom
I'm going to Hong Kong for a while
When she recovers, I'll come to fetch her
And I'll take you along as well
Meidai, I hope you'll visit Hong Kong
And how do you propose to welcome me?
Gonna run you down with a sports car!
Let's go.