Dug's Special Mission (2009) Movie Script

Dug's Special Mission
Hi. My name is Dug.
GAMMA: Aw, Dug.
BETA: What are you doing out here?
You're always getting in the way!.
DUG: Today is my birthday, and
it will be the happiest day of my life.
Master will be most displeased
to hear we lost the bird because of you.
DUG : Oh!
Can I help you catch the bird?
ALPHA: Wait. So.
You are wanting to be helping us?.
ALPHA: We have just picked out
a special mission for you, Dug.
All by yourself,
you will capture the bird.
DUG : Oh, boy!
My pack is giving me a special mission!
Did you know today is my birthday?
I made a wish.
ALPHA: Yes. Very nice.
Your mission is to watch this rock.
DUG : Watch the rock!
Watch the rock! Why?
ALPHA: Uh, it is the bird's favorite rock.
GAMMA: Y eah.
BETA: Sure is.
ALPHA: So just watch over it,
and let us know if it moves.
DUG : I will watch the rock!
I will keep my eyes on you, rock.
Do not try any tricks,
for I am a great watchdog...
I see you, rock!
Alpha, the rock moved!
ALPHA: This is the bird's favorite hole.
Under no circumstances
are you permitted to...
... ever leave this hole.
Do you understand the words
that I am saying to you now?.
DUG : Oh, yes. I will stay i n the hole
and I will capture the bird.
ALPHA: Yes. Definitely.
GAMMA: That ought to do it.
BETA: Yeah.
DUG : I will stay in the hole.
I will stay in the hole.
I will stay in the...
Now I am going down the hole.
It is dark in the hole.
ALPHA: This is our day,
my lieutenants.
Master will have much reward...
DUG: Hey, my pack is in the hole, too!
ALPHA: Now your mission
is to sit on that rock.
DUG : Okay.
GAMMA: No, no, no, no, no!
ALPHA: Dug!. Stand aside!.
ALPHA: Move!.
DUG: Find the bird! Find the bird!
ALPHA: Ow!. I am hurting!.
DUG: Are you okay, Alpha?
ALPHA: I will be getting you, Dug!.
This is Alpha calling to Master.
I am reporting that Dug
has caused us to not capture the bird.
He is a bad dog!.
GAMMA: Hey, Beta. Dug's gonna get it!
BETA: Yeah. Happy birthday, Dug.
DUG: It has been a bad birthday.
That looks like a turtle.
And that looks like a man.
CARL: I see you back there.
DUG: It is a man!
CARL: Go annoy
someone else for a while.
DUG: Hey, are you okay over there?
I can smell you.
Aw! It is a good birthday after all.
I got my wish, a new master.
That one looks like a dog.
DUG: And that was the happiest day
of my life.
RUSSELL: Hey, I like dogs.
CARL: We have your dog!
CARL: Wonder who he belongs to.
Sit, boy. Hey, look, he's trained. Shake.
-DUG: Hi, there.