Dushman Devta (1991) Movie Script

"I came..."
"Your and mine trumpet will play."
"Stay two days less
but don't stay in fear."
"The happiness is on every step."
"Why to drink tears?"
"Your and mine trumpet will play."
"Stay two days less
but don't stay in fear."
"The happiness is on every step."
"Why to drink tears?"
"Take the entire shop
of mine, if you want."
"Your smile is sufficient for me."
"Take the entire shop
of mine, if you want."
"Your smile is sufficient for me."
"Why to take money, when
we have become friends?"
"You also lost your heart,
and I also lost my heart."
"Your and mine trumpet will play."
"Stay two days less
but don't stay in fear."
"The happiness is on every step."
"Why to drink tears?"
"No King is there,
no queen is there."
"This is the tale of
your and my heart."
"No King is there,
no queen is there."
"This is the tale of
your and my heart."
"Because of you life is pleasant."
"If a man thinks, he can
convert stone into water."
"Your and mine trumpet will play."
"Stay two days less
but don't stay in fear."
"The happiness is on every step."
"Why to drink tears?"
"Your and mine trumpet will play."
"Stay two days less
but don't stay in fear."
"The happiness is on every step."
"Why to drink tears?"
"I came..."
"I came..."
Dacoits have come.
Run away.
Our horse's tapping has
declared of taking grains.
Come on, take it out quickly.
No, I will not let
you take these grains.
We will not tolerate this injustice.
So you want justice, right?
Take this justice of mine.
Take away all the grains.
Take it away quickly.
Laxmi's father, Laxmi's
father, Laxmi's father.
What happened?
- What happened?
See Gauri, dacoits have
again spread dead bodies.
Get up and burn them there
in the cremation ground.
Everyone's bangles will break.
I am a woman, my wrists
are not that powerful.
But you are men.
There are no men in this village.
All are cowards.
Raja sir has come.
Raja sir has come.
- Raja sir has come.
See Raja sir, dacoits have
killed Kanhaiya and Gangu.
They have taken all the grains.
You are the master,
it is because of you...
...that everyone is alive here.
Come on quickly,
take out the stretcher.
Greetings, Raja sir.
You got time to come to the village.
Raja sir, I went to Madhavpur.
It's a matter of shame inspector,
that the dacoits...
...come here very easily, kill
people, loot their valuables...
...and escape very easily.
Come on! Come on.
After that, after
everything gets over...
...then you get time
to come over here.
Raja sir, just listen to me.
No, I want to ask
whether the police has some...
...duty towards
these villagers or not.
There is a problem Raja sir.
Problem, Problem.
The thing is that the police
station is far away from here.
Come, come.
Also the villagers don't
fight with the dacoits...
...if they do that,
we can get some time.
What is happening?
The inspector is also correct.
Why don't you
fight with the dacoits?
Why don't you face them?
After every dacoity
I give you some help.
But what will happen with that.
After all, this will
last up till when?
You people should guard yourself.
- Understand.
Do remember this.
Hey! Distribute the blankets.
Bhaiya, again the dacoits
had come to the village.
They had killed Gangu and Kanhaiya.
What do I have to do with it?
Whether any one lives or dies?
What are you saying, son?
Aren't these villagers our own?
They might me yours.
But where were they at the
time of my mother's death?
Where were they at the
time of your ailment?
Had not if Raja sir helped us then...
...just imagine what
would have happened to us?
I would have left this
village which is full of cowards...
...long back, but it
is Raja-Sir's work...
...that has stopped me.
But what is the use of such a work...
...for which you have to be out
of the village all the time.
This is because this
village is near the border...
...and Raja sir wants
that there should...
...be no wrong deeds in that area.
Don't scare, I have
not tried to kill you...
...I have just made you unconscious.
Hey 420.
- Who's there?
You seem to be 840.
You, my to-be groom.
What do you mean?
So what if you have not
come wearing a flowery veil?
You have come on the horse.
You will bring the
wedding procession tomorrow.
And will take me home.
Hey your...
Don't worry, dude. After our
marriage we'll have a lot of goats.
And a lot of kids.
Kids would be ours, and
goats will be of villagers.
Hey you goat-thief. Don't you
get ashamed of stealing goats?
Goats are coming but, shame
comes or not is not a matter.
Hey! Tell me whether
you'll marry me or not?
No, no, no, marriage
and that too with you.
Get away.
Hey Ganga, no, no Ganga,
not with my horse.
Ganga, Ganga.
Hey, what have you done to my horse?
Right now I have just
made your horse fall down.
If you continue to talk like
that, I'll make you fall too.
You have made me wait unnecessarily.
How will I be able
to reach Raja Sir?
Suraj, our area is
near the border, so you...
...will have to keep a proper watch.
If you find any unknown
person, throw him out.
If again someone starts
selling the illegal weapons...
...like that master,
then will be of no use.
Raja sir, you don't worry.
This cannot happen in the
village when I am there. - Good.
This bag contains some
very important goods...
...they have to reach Meenaganj...
...before evening at any cost.
Hey! Villagers, listen, bear
has taken away Leela with him.
What happened, Kamli?
- Villagers, listen.
What happened? - Bear has
taken away Leela with him.
Bear has taken away,
Bear has taken away.
Bear has come.
Are you all right?
I think all this act is
of that saint Raja sir.
Since the time your father is lost...
...you put all the blame on Raja sir.
I am not saying
anything to you, Pundit-ji.
You'll understand
when you'll bear that.
Gauri, where are
you going in a hurry?
You sit here and grind medicines.
Do you know what has
happened in the village?
Whatever happens in the village?
I grind these herbs
and make a medicine...
...for making people unconscious.
A bear came in the village.
A bear came?
Then definitely he must have
taken away a girl with him.
Since my houses is
not near this village...
...I don't know what's
happening in the village.
How will you come to know?
Dacoits and bears have
made the life miserable.
Don't know, what is written in
the destiny of this village?
It seems that no body
can save this village.
There he's running.
He got saved.
Chase him.
Have you seen a man here?
Why don't you say anything?
He is an absconding criminal.
Why are you asking him?
He is deaf and dumb.
Check his cart.
See, if he's not
hiding in the straws.
Check his luggage too.
Sir, there is nothing in it.
There is nothing in this too.
Ok, let him go.
Now come out, there
is no danger here.
Hey old man! What acting you did?
Do you used to do
act in a drama earlier?
No, son, I never lie, that's why
I did this act of deaf and dumb.
I have been to so many places.
Nobody helps anyone
without any reason.
There must be some reason.
Yes son, nobody helps
without any interest.
Tell you one thing.
I am a bankrupt; you
won't get anything from me.
Thank you, greetings.
Who are you people?
Give a strong tea.
Getup, baba, who
were these scoundrels?
How ruthlessly they have beaten you.
Don't know, son,
might be some enemies.
Hey, arrange that bed.
Yes, sir.
Sit Baba, slowly, slowly, very good.
Give me a glass of hot milk.
And listen if there is ghee,
put two spoons of ghee in it.
Yes, I am bringing it.
Take this, sir.
Baba, drink some milk.
It will give you some energy.
So Baba, how are you feeling?
Are you feeling better?
Yes, God bless you, son.
This God never blesses anyone.
You saved me from
those policemen and...
...I saved you from these civilians,
the account is equal.
It is ridiculous, you
were so many people...
...and still you could not
catch a single prisoner.
You don't know that Shiva.
His presence outside the
jail can be dangerous.
So, can we shoot him?
No, don't shoot him.
I remember, once I went to the
jail to surrender a prisoner.
I was talking to the Jailer,
all of a sudden a chaos happened.
Get back, get aside,
get aside, get aside.
A dangerous prisoner tried
to escape from the jail...
...by making jailor's
son as a scapegoat.
Then Shiva came and
saved that child...
...by putting his life at stake.
He made that prisoner
surrender to the police...
...by beating him very badly.
It is then I saw that he
still has humanity in him.
Very good.
That's why I want that he
should not commit any crime.
Keep all the wine shops and
brothels under a proper watch.
Yes, sir.
Hey, sit straight.
Fifty, seventy five.
Here comes my Champa.
Hey, have you
absconded from the jail.
Champa, I got the dream that
you have spread your hands and...
...are singing a song...
"Come I am waiting
for you this side."
And I also broke the walls
and came to you running.
Hi, my red Angel.
Where is my red Angel?
This is your red Angel.
With soda or with water.
No not with soda, not with water...
...I will have it with my Rani.
Champa, I don't know how
you make this red wine?
Now where else you can get it.
Now, will you keep
on sleeping like that?
Get up.
- Let me sleep.
Get up.
Let me sleep.
Ok then sleep.
God knows if I go now,
when will I return?
Come foreigner.
Oh! He has gone.
He comes like the wind
and passes like the wind.
But, there is something.
Hey I told you
previously also that...
...Garjan Singh not only
says but also does things...
...and keeps your weapons.
Garjan people call me
scoundrel by breed...
...wolf by brain, and rhino by face.
And you have come to show
this rhino, these sheep.
And listen to one more thing,
I am not a butcher.
My task is to spread
fear among people, collect...
...weapons and not
these sheep, understand.
Gainda Singh, just like me
you don't have any competitor...
...for your braveness,
courage and cunningness.
But have a poor eye sight.
You are also lost.
Nowadays the border is under
a proper watch of the police.
So we have to find new
ways of transporting weapons.
This is what you wanted, right?
Wow, you proved me wrong.
Is there anyone?
Yes sir.
Take the price of your weapons.
No, no, the task of price and al
I is of the elder brother.
Give this money to
the elder brother.
I enjoyed that.
Kumbhkaran is speaking the...
...language of Laxman.
Great, it's a miracle.
People praise this miracle.
In this era also, for becoming
successful, by putting Ram's...
...face on Ravan's body, I have
got all the powers in my wrist.
On this occasion, take
this from your own Gainda.
This is it.
Chhote, what has
happened with that master?
Those four men.
- Yes.
All four of you were told
to kill Teacher as soon as...
...he comes out of the jail.
But you came here
without killing him.
Which day is it today?
- Very good.
W for Wednesday and s for Scorpio.
It's good that today is
not Saturday, otherwise...
...I would have thought of snakes.
Today snake's luck
is not in favour...
...but Scorpio's luck
is in favour, because...
...today is Wednesday, Wednesday.
Raja sir, please forgive us.
For God sake, forgive us.
Our children will
become orphan, Raja sir.
Our family will get
shattered, Raja sir.
So, will the
Scorpio's family be saved?
Scorpio's family
will also get shattered.
No sir, no, no, sir.
Hey move ahead, move ahead.
No, sir.
Bhaiya, I didn't understand.
For that ordinary master, why
did you kill 4 men of your's?
He is not an ordinary man,
he is a sweet poison.
I think he knows very much about us.
If villagers come
to know about that...
...then who will
consider me as their God.
What will they think about me?
Those who bow in front of
me, will raise their heads.
And we are not among
those who can bow down.
We were a King, we are a King,
and we will be a King.
Come Raja sir, this Basantmal...
...was waiting for you.
Come on move towards the village.
Yes, yes, come.
Everyone get ready, move quickly.
Raja sir has come,
Raja sir has come.
Raja sir has come,
Raja sir has come.
Yes, yes.
Listen villagers, your
village is going to face trouble.
Drought is coming, drought.
Drought, what drought?
Master is coming to
your village, master.
Yes, Master Dinanath,
I inspector Basantmal...
...have come to inform
you that if you see him...
...in the village,
immediately inform me.
Yes, yes, we will inform you.
Brothers, I have
always given you all the...
...necessary goods, but if
someone tries to help him out...
...Raja-sir will never forgive him.
One, who shelters a criminal,
is a criminal.
If he comes to the village,
then with the arms and...
...ammunition, entire
village can be destroyed.
Yes, if Master stays here then th
e village will get burnt...
...and my Chowki is so far that
till the time I reach here...
...it will be converted into ashes.
I have completed my duty.
Come, Raja sir.
- Come.
Greetings, do
remember what I have said.
What happened, master?
Got tired or what?
Son, you had asked me, why I save
d you from the police?
And I had said that
nobody does anything for...
...anyone without any reason.
This is that reason.
This grave.
Yes, this is my son's grave.
One day I came out of the house...
...by hearing some whispering.
What is this son?
Where do you roam at such
late hours in the night?
What is this, bhai?
Tell me son, Arjun.
Father, I think, somebody
is plotting for something...
...in this village.
There comes some
unusual sounds from the...
...ruins of the temple
and then they get stopped.
We both are searching for that.
These kind of people
are very dangerous.
If they get to know about you,
they'll never forgive you.
You don't get involved in it.
Leave it.
One night when my
son didn't come home...
...I went out in search of him.
What happened?
Open the rope and get him down.
What has happened?
He is dead, Teacher.
My wife became
insane with that shock.
Dinanath, if you will
not control yourself...
...then who will control bhabhi.
Teacher, Teacher.
As soon as I got the news,
I went relentless.
It's sad that death
has mercilessly taken...
...away your son from you.
It's really sad.
Not death Raja sir, some people...
...have taken away my child.
But I will take the revenge
of my child's death from them.
Before I could do anything,
police seized some...
...illegal weapons from my house.
I tried to convince them,
but nobody listened to me.
And I got the
imprisonment of two years.
And when I saw you,
I saw my son in you.
This is the reason
for saving you, son.
Hey old man, what happened?
Why are you playing the drums?
Police will come.
I cannot walk son,
that's why I am informing...
...the villagers that I have come.
I am very tired,
son. Now you play it.
Take it, son.
Master, oh master, see
your villagers have come.
Where are they?
No son, don't kill it.
Killing of animals is a curse.
This is not a curse,
this is my breakfast.
No son, if you cannot
give life, you don't have...
...the right to take it.
What right? What life?
I am feeling hungry.
No, son, no.
No son, don't kill it.
Killing of animals is a curse.
It is good to kill such a wolf.
If you also do the
same thing, then...
...what will be the
difference between you and him?
He went.
Who was he? Why did he shoot you?
Why don't you say anything?
He is a strange man, he
went by helping people.
I have shot that master.
You shot that master?
Very good.
But brother, there is a
powerful man with him.
I went from there otherwise that...
...horn might have pinched me.
For that call Suraj, Suraj.
Why? Am I not there to kill him?
No Suraj is tamed, tamed.
When will he be of a use then?
Now we'll see how
powerful is that man?
Oh villagers, oh villagers.
Where are you going? You get inside.
No body is visible in this village.
Where are all of them gone?
See this, master is being killed.
Somebody shot him.
So, you have come
along with your father.
I knew that you will
take your father with you.
Definitely come.
I know you must have tried.
The distance between the village...
...and the city is a lot.
You take him inside, come, come.
Come on son, come.
Come, come, let him
sleep here, he must be tired.
Let him take rest.
Master has fallen asleep forever.
Go and get fresh.
I have saved a bread,
both of you share it.
Strange people are here.
She is calling me son, son.
Something is fishy here.
So master's murderer.
Hey, mind your language.
I haven't killed anyone.
Nobody accepts the crime,
you always have to force.
Don't mess with me unnecessarily.
There is a poisonous
tree in this village.
Only that can give the
proof of your innocence.
Catch him.
Take the wretch with us.
What is this?
After so many days
Teacher has returned...
...and you people
have crowded this place.
Come on, get lost from here.
Why are you looking at my face?
Teacher is no more.
What did you say?
What rubbish are you saying?
Where is my son? Where is
my son? Where is my son?
Brothers, Masterni-ji's
mental status is not ok.
I think we'll have
to do the cremation...
...ceremony of Teacher.
What is this? He is still alive.
His eyes are still open.
On this tree, dacoits hang people.
They cannot stay alive
for more than two hours.
But he got saved.
Get him down quickly.
- Get him down quickly.
Yes this is master's
blood whom he has killed.
Had he been master's murderer...
...why would he have
brought Master back home.
Master and his son used
to supply arms to dacoits.
After the death of his son,
master was in need of...
...a person, who can supply
the weapons to the dacoits.
That's why he
brought him from the city.
But when he told him
about his business...
...he got greedy for earning money.
And thus he killed, Teacher.
What rubbish? I
haven't killed anyone.
He is guilty, he has killed Teacher.
But only said, if he got
saved from this poisonous tree...
...he is innocent.
And he got saved, brother.
That means he is not guilty.
Yes, yes, he is not guilty.
Ok, this tree has given you life.
But do remember, if you try to
supply arms in this village...
...then I'll shoot you.
Because till the time I am
alive, I will not allow...
...any wrong person
to enter this village.
Come on, get aside.
Open him quickly and
take him to the temple.
Yes, yes, open him.
Someone bring water.
I'll bring water right now.
Oh! This knife.
Who has thrown this knife?
This is a miracle.
Villagers, I think he
is not a common man.
I think he is a saint or God.
Come let's touch his feet.
Oh God, my wine bottle broke down.
The bastard has finished
off the bottle of liquor too.
You are a saint, you are God.
Ok Shiva, hide for some days in...
...the village of these disciples.
These will also save
you from the police.
What? Blood came
out of Shiva's idol?
Yes, brother.
Garjan, I think he
is not a common man.
He seems to be a big quack to me.
Sister, why the entire
village calls him God?
You don't know?
Lord Shiva took on Himself,
the knife thrown for him...
...and gave him life.
And also there was no rain in
the village for a long time.
It started raining as soon
as he came into the village.
Everyone considers him
to be a God, understood?
Sit, I'll come.
Where is the lamp kept?
I did a blunder master,
that I came...
...along with you in this village.
He has gone and has made
an arrangement for my death.
Great God, you are
sitting in a nice position.
There is nothing in my stomach.
Do you have some arrangement?
Devta-ji, I have brought
bread for you from my house.
Bring it fast, I am very hungry.
Oh God, you know my language too.
Then you must also be knowing that...
...my cast is very low.
Will you accept the eatables
from the person of low cast?
Give it, low cast. Here
I am dying due to hunger.
Devta-ji, you don't have
any caste discrimination...
...not at all?
Listen, I am not God.
What are you saying?
On that poisonous tree nobody can...
...stay alive for
more than two hours.
But neither Scorpio bit
you, nor snake bit you.
Listen I have had so much
of poison from the people.
If snake bits me, he'll die, and...
...if Scorpio did so,
he also would die.
Remember this that, in my body...
...there is more
poison than that of blood.
Yes Devta-ji, I have
heard in the stories that...
...lord Shiva had taken the
entire poison in this world.
Neither any poison had harmed him...
...nor any poison can harm you.
You are a miraculous person.
By eating bread of my house,
you have made me Shabri...
...who had fed Lord Ram with fruits.
I am not Lord Ram.
You want to know who I am?
I am a dangerous
absconding criminal, and to get...
...my work done, I can do anything.
Hey! Listen, Devta,
you have pranced with me.
You are telling a lie, right?
You do not believe me.
Now you got it, who I am?
Oh what did I think
and what has happened?
Whatever it is? But
he is not a bad man.
He is not a bad man.
But someone does something
like this in the first meeting?
He could have done a lot by
pretending to be like God.
I have mistaken something.
If he was a fraud, why he would...
...have told you
about his identity then?
But he is an absconding criminal.
But Raja sir is much
worse than this criminal.
And you can fight with Raja sir...
...with the help of this criminal.
You have a point.
Now I have got it.
That means I shall
keep him like God.
Take these snaps of Shiva and
give them to all police stations.
And tell them strictly to
start searching for him.
Yes, sir.
You can go now.
- Yes, sir.
Oh my God. How come he's
here instead of the sheep?
What shall I do now?
He is a policeman.
I shall escape from here.
These are the snaps of Devta-ji.
I came here because I
thought I'll stay here peacefully.
A saint in the
village of blind disciples.
Whoever meets me, calls
me Devta-ji, Devta-ji.
- Yes.
You have a long life, I
was thinking about you only.
You are a miraculous person.
Miraculous person, listen
you don't know who I am?
We know, we know.
Those who are near God,
talk like this.
I have come from the other village.
You seem to be quite relaxed.
Please put your
hands on my child's head.
He won't get sweets if I
place my hand on his head.
He will be, what he is?
Devta, since two days the
fever has not yet subsided.
Give this twice a day to
the child, his mother...
...and you also take it,
the child will be all right.
You are great, you are great.
Now, it's time for me to rest.
You people also take rest, go.
Oh God.
Come beautiful lady, I'll
definitely solve your problem.
I know everything about you.
You are not only famous here,
but also among policemen.
You know everything about me?
So, go and tell everyone that I
am a sinner, I am a fraud.
No sir, I don't want
to be a part of the sin.
I just came here to tell you
that not only these villagers...
...but police is also
having so much of faith in you...
...that they carry your
photographs in their pockets.
My snaps in the pocket of policemen?
Yes, but those are with me now.
Where are they? Show me, show me.
Oh this! This was taken by
that Inspector of Belapur station.
I was passing from there,
he asked me for my snap...
...and I gave it to him.
Then give me blessings too.
What trouble you have, dear?
Suraj doesn't look at me.
Doesn't look at you.
Raise that plate.
Take this banana, eat it and see...
...he will not only look at
you but also feed you fruits.
Thank you sir, thank you.
Go dear, go quickly.
I am a missing child
of these policemen.
I think Devta's blessing
will get into effect now.
Hey, you thief of sheep.
You again came in my way.
After all, what do you want?
I want to own all
the sheep and goats.
So, you will not stop this business.
No, you hold my hand,
I'll leave everything.
I swear of my business of theft.
Then leave it.
First hold my hand. - Ok, I
have held your hand, come on.
- Bloody goat thief. - Come on.
"In my love-house,
in my love house."
"Don't know, how
and who has robbed?"
"Door was closed,
windows were closed."
"Don't know how the lock
of the heart got opened?"
"Oh dear, oh dear, just listen."
"In my love-house,
in my love house."
"Don't know, how
and who has robbed?"
"If I report this in
the police station."
"What name shall I
mention over there?"
"If his name comes on my lips,
I start blushing with shame."
"If I report this in
the police station."
"What name shall I
mention over there?"
"If his name comes on my lips,
I start blushing with shame."
"Oh dear, oh dear, just listen."
"In my love-house,
in my love-house."
"Don't know, how
and who has robbed?"
"There must be someone, who
can take my message to him."
"Either he returns me everything."
"Or else he should
take me with him."
"There must be someone, who
can take my message to him."
"Either he returns me everything."
"Or else he should
take me with him."
"Oh dear, oh dear, just listen."
"In my love-house, in my love
- house."
"Don't know, how
and who has robbed?"
"Door was closed,
windows were closed."
"Don't know how the lock
of the heart got opened?"
"Oh dear, oh dear, just listen."
Who's there?
If you'll sit here
like that, you'll die.
I died. - You died, then
how come you are here?
I don't know.
- You don't know.
Yes, I'll tell you, I
have regained my senses...
...after half an hour.
I have come from the
city police station.
You have come from the
city police station.
Then how are you sitting over here.
Will you get up or not?
- Yes I will.
Then getup.
You stand straight,
breathe, I'll bring water for you.
Oh God, if I don't
get this photograph.
I'll have to lose my job. From
where shall I get the snaps?
Snap. - Take this water. -
Take these snaps and sign here.
A man has come to the village,
villagers consider him as God.
They say that Lord
Shiva has saved him...
...by giving him their blood,
you have to investigate that.
This is not a big deal
for inspector Basharmal.
That fool will never come to know...
...that I am an inspector.
Thank you.
My name is...
Hey, you pushed me.
Sorry, Inspector.
You know who I am?
You pushed me, inspector Basharmal.
What is there in your hands?
Bullets. - You keep
bullets despite being a kid.
Show me that.
You call balls as bullets.
Get lost, you scared
Inspector Basharmal.
Hey! Is there any
God in this village?
Where is he right now?
He is in the old temple.
In the old temple.
Now that fraud will
come to know about it.
First I'll teach him
a lesson, and then...
...inspector Basharmal will marry.
That inspector is
going to Devta-ji's place.
Hey! It's not that
easy to run away from me.
You are following me
by changing getups.
You recognized me.
- You cannot do anything to me.
I can tell you by
smelling my bottle...
...that you are
currently in Madrasi getup...
...even if you come in
Punjabi getup, I'll recognize you.
I have realized, you are great.
- He is a donkey.
He is also fool and
those are also fools.
Those, who?
Those who are chasing me.
You are getting married.
You know this also.
And you are following me like a dog.
This should not happen
that stars get changed...
...and you remain lonely
for the rest of your life.
I am ready to do as you say, sir.
Just tell me the remedy.
- I'll tell you the remedy.
I'll have to tell the remedy also.
Fool, bring some water.
- Yes, see that.
Now you will say that this
is also being placed by me.
You are showing me
miracles one after the other.
I will show you more, you rattle!
Take this, take this, Lord.
Drink this child
and after this you...
...will not have to go to any sage.
Even the inspector says that man...
...is a God. He is very intellectual.
Wait! Don't take this to the temple.
Then where do we keep this stuff?
He is sitting in the
temple like the snake.
Then let us kill the snake.
- No!
I have a doubt that
the central government...
...has information
about our business here.
He is not a common man.
Seems like he is an
agent of the C.B.I.
The government is using
him as a bait to trap us.
And that is why he is trying to
win the trust of the villagers.
So that he can
reach us through them.
Only one thing can
be done about that.
We have to make the
villagers distrust him.
Ok, right now you take all our
goods to our den in the city. Go.
Now I will see how that stranger...
...remains in the village as a God.
Go! Everybody go inside their ho
use! Go or we will kill you!
No one will go to the God!
Whoever will go will be killed.
Very good that you have killed them!
Very good that you have killed them!
Very good that you have killed them!
They are dead?
Raju. Are you alright? Are
you alright? - I am all right.
Gauri, if this God had not come on...
...time then your brother
would have been killed.
Thank you very much.
Greetings, greetings.
Greetings God, greetings.
I have heard a lot about you
that is why I have come here.
You are the one who the Gods...
...have saved by
giving their own blood.
And why wouldn't they give.
Some one who
protects the villagers...
...even the devils
will be happy with him.
Nowadays you cannot
trust any sage or saints.
They just keep fooling people.
But you, you look very different,
very different.
This is the real fact of God's gift.
Villagers, this sage is not a
fake, he is not at all fake.
Wow! Today Raja Sahab is very happy.
Since this God has come to this...
...village land, it has
been completely transformed.
A dacoit, someone
who looted the world.
And a God, who saved the world.
Where are you going? Listen to me.
Raja Sahab, let him go let him go.
Sometimes he comes
sometimes he goes away.
He is a mad sage, a mad sage.
That I can see.
whatever losses you have...
...suffered come and
collect compensation...
...for it from my palace.
You are compensating
every ones losses.
Compensate my loss also.
Where is my son? Where is my son?
I have caught you after a long time.
Give me back my son.
Give me back my son.
Get away from me!
Give me back my son.
Mother, did you get hurt?
Go mother, go to your house.
No! Tell him to return to me my son.
Raju. - Yes. - Take
Mother home. - Come Mother.
This mad woman always
fights with Raja Sahab.
Mother is not mad, he is
trying to make all of you mad.
Shut up Gauri, you dare
speak against Raja Sahab.
He provides us with food to eat.
He wipes our tears, he
compensates all our losses.
Just wait and see, one day he will...
...make you all lose everything.
And all of you will not be
able to control your tears.
All of you think that he is God.
But Gauri knows that he
is not God, he is a devil.
She keeps saying anything.
Go, go, go.
Yes, yes I am going. There is no...
...use trying to
explain to you anything.
Gauri is going on her work.
What is this Partner?
- You are...
...the supply
minister for the public.
But you have stopped
all of my supplies.
I am going don't be sad. Ok.
Where are you going? - I am
leaving this village and going.
What happened to you suddenly?
Is this a village? You neither
get liquor nor anything else.
Only, the whole day
everyone God, God.
Do I look like a God to you?
So you want liquor?
- Yes, do you have it? - Yes.
Then give me.
Look into my eyes, your
brain will get intoxicated.
I had stopped here
temporarily after seeing these eyes.
Your eyes do not have the
intoxication that I want.
"Bublaboo, Bublaboo."
"You are very dear to me."
"Bublaboo, Bublaboo."
"You are very dear to me."
"When I saw you I lost my heart."
"I fell in love with you."
"Bublaboo, Bublaboo."
"You are very dear to me."
"Bublaboo, Bublaboo."
"You are very dear to me."
"I am a bird who flies in the sky."
"Why should I stay in a cage?"
"From this branch to that branch."
"I will keep flying day and night."
"Once if someone comes in my yard."
"He never goes back."
"Once it takes over the
heart then it never gets less."
"Such is the
intoxication of my eyes."
"I will you drink
from my eyes such that."
"I will make your heart mad."
"Bulaboo boo, boo, boo"
"Bublaboo, Bublaboo."
"You are very dear to me."
"Bublaboo, Bublaboo."
"You are very dear to me."
"I am guest of just one night."
"No one knows where
I will go tomorrow."
"Once I am gone then you will...
...keep searching for
me all your life."
"If you will live for
one night in my arms."
"Then where will you go."
"No matter where you
will go I assure you that."
"You will come back to me."
"Where will you go
after making me suffer?"
"You will come back to me."
"Bublaboo boo, boo, boo"
"Bublaboo, Bublaboo."
"You are very dear to me."
"When I saw you I lost my heart."
"I fell in love with you."
"Bublaboo, Bublaboo."
"You are very dear to me."
For two sheep by the
rate of five hundred.
Give me one thousand rupees.
Where do you get so many sheep from?
Here are your thousand rupees.
That is not for you to know.
Boss, I have two more sheep...
...for the supply of goods.
Forget about the sheep, tell
me who this beautiful girl is?
She lives in this village.
- In this village.
I never saw her before.
Where does she live?
Even I don't know where she lives.
But she comes at the lake
everyday to take a bath.
At the lake.
- Yes.
Look, I have only one sari when...
...that dries up only
then I will come out.
Otherwise how will I go out?
My clothes have dried up.
Your clothes must also
have dried up. Come let's go.
Please wait for some more time.
My clothes have not dried up.
Then why did you come late?
- Come, come let's go.
Go, go I am not afraid.
Oh, My sari?
You want clothes, don't you?
Here are your clothes with me.
How did you come here?
I am your lover. Quickly
come out of the water.
Otherwise the water will catch fire.
Will you give me
back my clothes or not!
Your clothes are here the same way...
...if you will also come here
then it will be much more fun.
First of all you come to the
lake which is meant for women.
Then you also steal their clothes.
Don't you feel ashamed?
- I feel a lot of shame.
But it goes away after seeing you.
You just wait, I will show you.
Come out quickly or
I will come inside.
- What is it!
Why are you mistreating like
this with the girls of the village!
Then should I mistreat the
old women of the village.
Go from here! Get out!
Look here Gurjan, I am
telling you go from here.
You have snatched the
prey from the lion's mouth.
I will make you pay dearly for it.
That you will
remember it all your life.
I will end your story today.
I am a poisonous thorn.
What will I do?
I will tear you apart.
If you will ever look
at that girl again...
...then I will make you blind.
What is this happening
between the two of you?
Brother... - I know that a girl
has come between both of you.
Which both of you like.
But Raja Sahab does not like
fights between his own men.
Raja Sahab, you don't know
your bother tried to rape her.
Yes I did.
- You will break his hand.
I will break your hand. My
hands will break automatically.
I don't care about all this!
I let you go on the lake.
But now I will kill you.
We only kill our enemies, Chhote.
And our enemy is the new sage...
...that has come in our village.
Hello Shiva. I Shiva you Shiva.
I you business partner. I
you Paplu Tichlu and Nichlu.
Both of us spin the fate of people.
You drink bhaang. I drink liquor.
Will you have one peg? No.
Shiva, you help I, I help you.
The railway station
is 15 miles from here.
If I see you here after 15 seconds.
Then I will kill you.
This is your ticket
for leaving the village.
This is injustice. The
railway station is 15 miles away.
I should go from
here within 15 minutes.
Is your donkey an aeroplane?
If I miss the train then?
Then I have one more ticket.
Of that world. If you
will not listen to me.
Then I will book that
ticket for you also.
Will you hang me on that tree again?
No! This time I will use all
the 6 bullets of this revolver.
And fire them on your chest
just like the nail of death.
Two will do the job, brother.
Why will you waste the
remaining four on me?
Save them for some one else.
I am going from here.
How will you bear my weight?
Partner, I am going.
Tell me! What is your problem if
I stay in this village! Tell me!
Leave him, leave him son,
leave him. - Who are you?
I am his father.
- Father.
Then ask your son what is his
problem if I stay in this village.
Dacoits! Dacoits have come!
Dacoits have come.
The dacoits have taken away Suraj.
Very wrong has happened.
- I know.
Get up. - Suraj is one
of the men of the dacoits.
No, no how can this be?
- Don't say no, say yes old man.
I feel ashamed that I
thought of Suraj as my right hand.
But he turned out to
be a snake in disguise.
Your son is a dacoit.
- That is why he attacked Swami-ji.
No, no how can Suraj be a dacoit.
Who is what in this
world can any one say that.
Yes, who is what
no one can say that.
But the heart can understand.
Yes, yes but this is
this old man's fault.
If you want to hit some
one then hit this old man.
Don't hit my father,
don't hit him. No!
Why are you hitting him?
- Move aside, move aside.
What is his fault? - He is
Suraj's father, this is his fault.
The one who gives
birth is not at fault.
Go and hit Suraj if you want.
What a thing swami-ji has said.
If you want to hit
someone then hit the son.
Why are you all
hitting this old man?
Swami-ji, I feel
like touching your feet.
As a matter of fact I
will touch your feet.
Boss, we have made
Suraj unconscious.
Now this weapon of
Raja Sahab is of no use.
And then he also
raised his hand on...
...Raja Sahib's man Gurjan and...
...he might raise
his hand on us also.
Sacrifice him at
the feet of Kali Ma.
Mother accept this sacrifice.
Give me strength.
Suraj, open your eyes Suraj.
Come to your senses Suraj.
Kali Ma, what shall I do know?
How shall I bring
Suraj back to his senses?
The intoxication of the arrow
will last only for some time.
If these people get up then
they will not leave Suraj alive.
What should I do, Kali
Ma? What should I do?
Suraj, get up Suraj.
Come to your senses.
Get up Suraj.
"We have loved each other,
what wrong have we done."
"Who is there here
who has not loved?"
"We have loved each other,
what wrong have we done."
"Who is there here
who has not loved?"
"We have loved each other,
what wrong have we done."
"Who is there here
who has not loved?"
"The whole see but,
why do they hide?"
"What do my eyes say,
you do not understand."
"The whole see but,
why do they hide?"
"What do my eyes say,
you do not understand."
"If you did not love then
what did you do in love?"
"Who is there here
who has not loved?"
"I do not care about the world,
I don't fear anything."
"Now where ever you are
with me I will live there."
"I do not care about the world,
I don't fear anything."
"Now where ever you are
with me I will live there."
"If you are not along with me
there is nothing left in life."
"Who is there here
who has not loved?"
"We have loved each other,
what wrong have we done."
"Who is there here
who has not loved?"
Raja sir, Raja sir
Raja sir, please save me.
Raja sir, what are you doing?
You didn't understand, right?
Today morning the bird was chirping.
I understood it was my lucky day.
There is a snake ahead,
there is a snake behind.
There is scorpion on the left,
there is a scorpion on the right.
And in the center there
is a big black scorpion.
What is the day today?
Yes, we should thank God then.
And the sweetest thing
is in this scorpion sting.
What happened, what happened?
Gauri, the bear took away my sister.
He returned her clothes.
But her body was not found.
I think there is some
mystery behind this?
Bears only drink the
blood of one's body.
They don't eat the corpse. Why
has Seema's body not been found?
Why are you getting so tense?
Even if the body is found,
it won't come to life?
I thought that you
would help me and...
...the village in the
time of difficulty?
Oh! Take this. Don't
bother me. I'll help?
Then, what is the difference betwe
en you and that bear?
You too are just like animals.
Try to be human. They hunt and eat.
And so do you.
Try to be human, try to be human.
If God has given you strength,
then use it to help people.
As it is alcohol is not
found in this village.
And above that, you got
my hallucination down.
Get lost.
- Yes, yes I am leaving.
This is my village, my village,
And if I have to sacrifice my life...
...to save the girls,
I will not step back.
Ok, ok. I will not step back!
Help! Help!
Help! Help!
Kill him! Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him!
Stop! Kill him!
Stop! Don't kill him.
Killed him.
Now how will we come
to know who he was?
How will we come to know,
who used to send him?
But how did you
come to know that he...
...was a man in a bear's disguise?
How would he not
come to know? He is God.
Shiva, if you hadn't come...
...the same tragedy
would happen with me.
My Raju would be
orphan then, helpless then.
You have given me a new life.
I feel like touching your feet.
What? 1 minute. 1 minute.
First you went on
the path of suicide.
Then you went on
to touching my feet.
What if I could not reach on time?
Something tragic
would have happened?
Gauri would have died. What else?
How could you die?
You were meant to live.
So here you are alive.
But why did I save you,
I also don't know.
Till yesterday I used
to live for Raju only.
But now onwards
I'll live for you too.
They killed the bear?
Yes, what if he has
revealed your name?
No, villagers killed him
before he could say something.
Brother, so far you have
taken things too lightly.
Now you'll have to
take a harsh step.
'Shiva, if you hadn't come...
...the same tragedy
would happen with me.'
'My Raju would be
orphan then, helpless then.'
'You have given me a new life.'
'Then what is the difference
between you and that bear? '
'You too are just like animals.'
'They hunt and eat. And so do you.'
'Try to be human, try to be human.'
Yes, Gauri.
I was an animal so far.
Till today my only
aim of living was...
...alcohol, women and robbing.
If I hadn't come to this village
I would've died like an animal.
These innocent villager's
feelings have changed me.
I feel like these
villagers are my family.
Now onwards I'll live
and die only for them.
Yes, Gauri, I also leave
this addiction forever.
Where had you gone?
Where have I not searched for you!
Didn't you yearn for your mother?
I was lost, I had gone far away.
You won't stop loving
me mother, would you?
Have you gone mad?
Does mother's love ever decrease?
I'll always embrace you. I
will not let you go anywhere.
Mom, you also don't go anywhere.
I can't live without you.
I won't go.
I won't ever leave you again.
I have brought this food for
you. Must be hungry, right?
Come with me. Sit.
Help! Help!
I'll just see.
Help! Leave me.
You used to roam like a God.
Now if I don't thrash
you black and blue...
...Then my name is not Raja Singh.
Kill him. Kill the jerk.
Drag him to the village.
Throw him there.
Throw this corpse over here.
What happened? What happened?
What happened?
What happened? What happened?
What happened to my kid?
He is bleeding a lot.
Now only God can save him.
God, I don't ask much from you.
Just recuperate my son.
God, God, you can take my life.
But give my son's life back.
God, I don't ask for a lot.
God, I'll not leave your feet.
I'll not leave your feet.
Recuperate my son,
recuperate my son.
Gauri, Lord has
regained consciousness.
What is going on?
You were unconscious last night.
And your bleeding was not stopping.
These people are over
here since last night?
Yes they were
praying for your recovery.
These people are so innocent.
They don't even know
the outcome of my life.
Who knows when I am shot
down by a police's bullet?
Mad, sister-in-law went
to temple saying that...
...she won't leave God's feet
until you become conscious.
No, no, don't...
Mom, mom, I am well.
Completely well.
If a mother prays for her son,
then how can he not be well?
Mom, mom, look at me.
Mom, mom!
Are you dead, mom?
What happened?
She prayed the whole of last night.
Take my life, but give
my son's life in return.
Are mothers so great?
Do they give their
own life for their son?
I have not seen my real mother.
But I feel that you were my
mother in the previous life.
Yes you were my mother
in my previous life.
Yes you were my mother
in my previous life.
Mom, mom, my mom.
Hey! You eunuch.
If you have a little bit
manly hood left in you.
Then go and bring
Suraj's sister Kamli over here.
Because if she comes here, then...
...Sooraj will come here,
begging for her.
Help me! Help! Me.
Leave me, leave me, you jerk!
Sooraj, brother. Sooraj, brother.
Raja's men have
taken away your sister.
Help! Help!
- Come here gorgeous.
Brother is Sooraj (Sun).
And sister is Sunflower.
This flower has
blossomed only for me.
No, don't move here and there.
The snake will bite
you, he is poisonous.
Don't touch me you jerk,
scoundrel, dog!
Yes, I am a dog, jerk, scoundrel!
Because I sting the youth of a girl.
And throw them in the jungle.
Help! Help! Help!
Jerk, leave my sister.
Leave her?
Ok, go.
I never knew that your
reality would be so dirty.
Jerk, I thought of you as an angel.
And obeyed to every word of yours.
But you stabbed my back.
Dog! You didn't
even spare my sister.
Now, I am not going to spare you.
What are you guys
staring at? Tie him.
Tie him well because
he is no more our dog.
Initially he used to
chew on our given bones.
But now he bites
only the bones of truth.
So tie him tightly.
I knew that you
would come to me to die.
Therefore I have made good
arrangements for your death.
Bring her here.
Leave my sister.
Leave my sister. If you touch
her dog, I'll cut your hands.
Leave my sister,
- Brother.
Jerk, leave my sister. Dog.
Leave me, sister.
- Leave him
You are the king of this village.
And your job is to rape
the women of this village?
I have become the blind
faith of this village.
And I won't let you be
harsh on the villagers.
Catch, catch that Lord.
Brother, brother, help me.
That jerk has left.
But now we should also leave.
- Daughter. Are you all right?
You've got the reward of
being faithful to your king?
Now, why are you standing over here?
Go, go lick his shoe.
That guy rapes the
girl of our village.
And pretends to be the Lord.
And you worship him.
If Raju hadn't informed on time...
...then my sister would
not be able to face anyone.
I wouldn't be able to live.
Sooraj, you have been befriending...
...such a wrong person so far.
Yes, Gauri, I was wrong.
But you have helped me selflessly.
And I'll never forget
this favor of yours.
And I have always harmed you.
No, Sooraj, it's the favor of God.
Who has given the
understanding to you...
...to differentiate
between friends and enemies.
Or else today you would
have nothing to do but repent.
Till today I was your enemy.
But now, you are God in my eyes.
And I have heard that only
humans can touch Lord's feet.
So let me touch it and be human.
No, I am not so great,
that I should be the lord.
And people need not touch my
feet, they live in my heart.
From now onwards you are my brother.
I salute the
honesty of the villagers.
You people always give me
the food grains on time.
Not one sack less,
not one sack more.
Few years ago...
...you people gave me
4 to 5 sacks less.
And I burnt 100 homes and
took 200 lives in return.
And since these guys are
afraid of death and fire.
Come on, bring it here.
Yes, sir. It's all yours.
Stop, stop this cart.
Who are you?
These food grains are
the hard work of villagers.
I won't let you take
a single grain of it.
Who are you?
Why? Are you going to wed your
sister to me? After introduction.
Go away, or else I'll
drop you from the horse.
I have taught lesson
to many people like you.
Just as there is a name
written on every food grain.
The same way every bullet of
mine has it's prey's name.
If anyone fired, then I'll
burn this dog on this street.
Say, you dog!
Help! Help! Help! Help!
We will do it ourselves.
Bring, water fast.
This happened because of you.
- Help! - Leave my kid.
We don't need your help.
Why are you all rude to me?
You destroyed our home.
Who told you to stop them?
Hadn't you stopped the thieves,
our house wouldn't burn.
I did that because of you people.
You have put the
village into trouble.
We don't need your help.
We don't need your help.
We don't need your help.
- Yes, leave the village.
Go, leave the village.
Dear, don't feel bad
about what they say.
But this is the
truth of the villagers.
They forget every good
deed but remember the mistake.
It's not their fault.
It's the fault of the
soil from which God made us.
He mixed selfish water with it.
And this is all because of that.
Now what are you guys
starring at my face for?
Go, go, to your home.
In some time your father will come.
Give him all the food grains.
What was his profit in
saving the village food grains?
For whom did he risk his
life to save the food grains?
For himself or for me?
For you people, for these villagers.
Shiva! Shiva! Shiva!
Where is Shiva?
- He left.
He left you, me and the village.
Are you mad! You are
leaving me? I am your brother.
What are you saying? You
will always stay in my heart.
But villagers have
thrown me out of their heart.
Now for what reason
should I stay here for?
There was no reason
for which you saved my...
...sister, changed my life,
saved the villagers food grains.
Nobody does everything for reasons.
Remember, you had once told me?
That when we find the
proof against the king.
We will teach him a lesson.
What? Have you found the proof?
Yes, Shiva.
Dacoit Shamsher Singh's idol!
Yes, Dacoit Shamsher Singh's idol!
Hey Gauri! What kind
of a joke is this?
This is not a joke. This
is a dacoit. A dacoit.
He is the one who takes away the
girls and food grains of the village.
But why have you made his idol?
And why are you showing it to us?
We want you guys to give up
this blind belief from your heart.
What are you saying, I don't get it?
Don't worry, you'll understand
Now you guys understood?
Raja, sir!
- Raja, sir! - Raja, sir!
Yes, Raja, sir.
He is one and the same man.
Sooraj, come here Sooraj.
Raja, sir wanted to
prove him a dacoit.
But today Sooraj
found Raja's identity.
And proved him dacoit instead.
And not just this.
The man who burnt your
house is this Raja sir.
You people have made a
mistake in identifying me also.
I made a mistake. Please forgive me.
And by not revealing
my identity I have...
...also have made a mistake.
I too have made a mistake by not
telling you anything about myself.
See, I am not any astrologer or God.
I am criminal, who ran
from jail and came here.
I am the one who had to get hatred...
...from law and society,
and that is what I have got.
World, called me jerk, scoundrel.
But you villagers...
Somebody loved me like their son.
Some gave me the
respect of the brother.
Some made a good for
nothing man, like me, Lord.
Or else I would have lived
like this and died this way.
Today my life is worth something.
I had a burden on
my heart, which by...
...revealing the truth,
is no more today.
I am your criminal, you
can give me any punishment.
Have you guys heard?
He is a criminal. He
has run away from jail.
Law will punish him
since he has run from jail.
Don't dare to run.
Arrest him.
Come on.
- Go, run. Fast.
Who are you?
Hey! Cahmpakali!
What are you doing here?
Leave these topic,
first hide me somewhere.
Police is after me.
But this is the
Sheriff's house itself.
Sheriff's house?
You, you?
- I am his wife.
Should I get you caught?
See, see, Champakali,
if you do like this.
Then I'll reveal the
affair between us to him.
See, for God sake hide me.
Where did he run away?
Champakali! Where are you?
I am here having a bath.
But why have you left the door open?
Everybody bathes with
doors closed? What's new in it?
So, you also close the door
while you are having bath.
But why are you
coming here? I am naked.
Ok, ok.
There is a big dacoit roaming
out so be careful, ok. - Ok, ok.
And close the door from inside.
I'll find that guy.
Thank you very much, Champa.
Stop, thanking and leave or else I
'll get into trouble.
Not, from there, go by the window.
I forgot my cap.
I am ruined!
- But what happened?
My youth has been ruined. - But how?
He had come.
Who? Shiva.
Yes, when you had come, he
was sitting behind the tub.
Then why didn't you tell me then?
Because he had placed behind me...
- What?
That big thing...
- What big thing?
That is why I
could not say anything.
Later I came to know
that it was a tooth paste.
But he hasn't harmed you right?
- No.
May something wrong happen to him.
He saw my beautiful wife naked!
And that also without any fear!
He splashed water at
my face three times.
I'll splash water at him six times.
And I'll strip him in
front of this world.
Only then my name is
Pasarmal, Pasarmal.
I saved my skin.
You saw my wife naked?
Splashed water at my face?
Now I'll not spare you.
- He won't spare you.
Shiva, Shiva you must be thinking...
...that Pasarmal will
hand you over to the law.
But he wears the
uniform of the Police...
...but obeys our orders.
Leave her.
- Shut up.
Eat, drink! Enjoy!
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"Anything can happen in a moment."
"Don't get entangled
into this problem."
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"Anything can happen in a moment."
"Don't get entangled
into this problem."
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen?"
"Time has always changed.
Time will always change."
"What is there today
won't be tomorrow!"
"Better change with time".
"Time has always changed.
Time will always change."
"What is there today
won't be there tomorrow."
"Better change with time."
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"Anything can happen in a moment."
"Don't get entangled
into this problem."
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What you see doesn't happen!"
"What happens that you can't see."
"It's all an illusion. Don't get
entangled into these problems".
"What you see doesn't happen!"
"What happens that you can't see."
"It's all illusion. Don't get
entangled into these problems."
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"Anything can happen in a moment."
"Don't get entangled
into this problem."
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"Live everyday as if it's the
last day. Life is a damsel."
"Get lost in the life."
"Live everyday as if it's the
last day. Life is a damsel."
"Get lost in the life."
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"Anything can happen in a moment."
"Don't get entangled
into this problem."
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
"What can happen? What can
happen? What can happen?"
What is Raja's guy
doing as a shepherd?
There is something wrong?
I am here to give you an ultimatum.
If you don't throw Shiva,
and Sooraj out...
...of this village in 2 hours
then I'll burn the village.
Your peaceful village
will turn to a graveyard.
Remember the time
allotted is only 2 hours.
See, this is the first warning.
Scoundrels did their job?
- Shiva.
Come on let's kill that devil.
Before he harms any more
villagers let's kill him.
He is too powerful.
Wait, Shiva, what if
you both are killed?
What will happen to the villagers?
We are not going to
die so soon, Gauri.
The way we care about the villagers.
If they too care about us
then tell them to join us.
We'll see how they stand against us?
If you all are men, then come on.
We all are having family
he is going to kill us.
These... these kinds of people
are going to save this village?
Why do you fear of dieing in
front of those handful jerks?
Death is knocking at your door.
He is going to kill you one by one.
This is the time to unite.
And destroy them with your revenge.
If you have to die then each one...
...must kill at least
10 of those jerks.
So that your kids tomorrow will
work on the fields with pride.
It's better to die like a
dog than to die like this.
But what weapon do we have?
We have a weapon, we have a weapon.
See this, this is the
business of Raja sir.
He smuggles the
arms and ammunitions...
...under the animal skin.
Now I understand why we
were paid 500 rupees...
...for an animal
worth only 100 rupees.
These ammunitions have come...
...on the back of those animals.
Now, we'll use it
against those people.
Take this rifle.
Good, good you came back
from the city, Garjan.
Garjan, the respect I had
earned in this village...
...is lost because
of those two jerks.
Don't worry, brother. I
have planned everything.
Oh! So, you are here.
Bring her to me.
Leave me, leave me.
- Bring her.
Let the others fight,
I'll enjoy with her.
Drop her on my horse.
Stop. Drop the gun or
else I'll shoot her.
Drop the gun or else I'll shoot her.
Great! One with sly eyes.
Sooraj! Go from there.
And that jerk
shouldn't be spared. Go!
Run, run. That guy
killed Gurjan. Run. - Run.
Tell me Raja sir,
why did you call Genda?
Genda Singh, they
killed Gurjun Singh.
Now, we'll kill them.
Just order us.
- I'll mince them.
- Run. - Raju.
I am not hurt, just bruised.
Villagers, I told you before hand.
That I hold nothing against you.
Just give me those two guys.
Or else we'll turn this
village into a graveyard.
Gauri, where are
you hiding? Come out.
Sister I'll also come.
Come out or else I'll shoot.
- Come!
You sit here. - No, take me too. -
You sit here. - No, take me too.
Come Gauri, come Gauri.
Where is your Lord Shiva?
Won't tell? Won't tell?
Villagers, I am telling
you all for the second time.
Hand over those guys to me.
How much ammunition do we have?
We can still fight for half an hour.
Ok, fight them as long as possible.
See that, he is
running away. Follow him.
Come on.
- Come on.
Where has he gone?
He must be somewhere around here.
Find the jerk soon.
Mince the jerk, as soon
as you see him. Kill him.
I am here, you scoundrels.
Why are you guys afraid now?
You think you are the
biggest scoundrel, is it?
I am you father then.
You guys are now caught in my trap.
This is just a trailer. I
have planted bomb on every step.
Mince that jerk!
Kill him!
Kill him! - Kill him! - Kill
him! - Kill him! - Kill him!
Kill him! Kill him. Kill this dog.
I have brought him for you.
Take your revenge.
You guys step aside. Don't
take the law in your hands.
He is a criminal of law
and law only will punish him.
- Yes, sir.
Arrest him.
Shiva, you'll have to come with us.
No, we will not let him go. He
is an inspiration to our village.
No. - No. - No - No. - No.
- No. We won't let him go.
He is an inspiration to
our village. He is a Lord?
I know that he has done a
great job for society and law.
But he is a criminal of the
law and he will have to come.
We don't know any law.
We won't let you take him.
Mad, I understand your feelings.
I'll have to go for know.
Villagers you, have
chained me with your love.
I'll never be able
to break that chain.
After my term in jail is complete.
I'll return to this village.
Come on.
Just a minute, sir.
What happen, dear?
Shiva, nothing will
feel good without you.
Come back soon.
Will I feel great?
I'll fly here as soon as
I am released from jail.
"Bublaa, baa, bubblaboo..."
"I love you immensely".
"I love you immensely".
"I lost my heart as
soon as I saw you".
"I fell in love with you".
"Bublaa, baa, bubblaboo..."
"I love you immensely".