Dusk (2015) Movie Script

[line ringing]
Hey, this is Anne.
Leave a message.
Hey, it's me.
Going to be a bit late
getting to the cabin.
I got a little turned
around, and I'm
going to need to
backtrack a bit.
Stupid, I know, but--
[lost-signal beeps]
[twig snaps]
[radio channels tuning]
[click, radio stops]
[phone rings]
John, please listen to me.
You're in terrible danger.
[horror music]
Stay away.
I had the strangest dream.
I was driving to the cabin.
Somehow I got lost.
And then I--
Hello, John.
I have your wife.
If you want to see her
again, do exactly as I say.
[party chatter]
[music playing]
Have you seen Sam?
Sam Rigsby, the guy
throwing this-- never mind.
John, holy shit, you made it.
Nice costume.
Let me guess--
electrical engineer?
Mammogram machine.
Not bad, huh?
I'm offering free exams!
Fuck you, Rigsby!
To takers yet, though.
Maybe I should have
been a gynecologist.
Oh, shit!
Nice crowd, Sam.
Who the hell are
all these people?
No shit, right?
Haven't seen you all week.
Surprised your dick of a boss
let you have the night off.
How's the-- watcha-call-it?
The install.
Yeah, the install.
How's that going?
It's a disaster.
Hey, Rigsby!
Someone puked in here, man!
Oh, shit.
All right.
Work tonight can suck it!
You got it?
All right.
Don't go far, all right?
I got somebody I
want you to meet.
Oh no, Sam.
Here you go.
Sorry about that.
Yeah, this'll be fun.
[door opens and closes]
You supposed to be a
salesman or something?
Uh, electrical engineer.
Oh, that's terrifying.
I would have
dressed up if I knew
I was going to be the only
idiot without a costume.
I'm messing with you.
I know.
I'm Anne.
I know.
Sam actually already
told me all about you.
Uh, stories about
you guys growing up.
Oh, jeez.
Don't believe half of them.
How do you know Sam?
I work at the Oak Tavern.
Sam's a regular there.
So he gets a couple beers
and then the stories
come pouring out.
Everyone loves it.
Yeah, I'm sure.
How full of shit is Sam really?
Well, you see with Sam,
everything's 20% truth
and 80% exaggerated bullshit.
That's a lot of bullshit.
The math doesn't lie.
Well, Sam did stay that
you're a great guy.
So hopefully that's
part of the 20%.
[door opens]
I see you two met already.
Howdy, cowgirl.
Free breast exam?
I'll be gentle, I swear.
This asshole's not talking
about the amazing world
of engineering, is he?
You holler if he starts talking
about schematics and shit.
Schematics and shit?
You're such a dick.
Don't you have, like, an
exam to tend to or something?
Good idea.
[anne chuckles]
Hey, want to get out
of here, go for a walk?
Hold it, you two.
It's picture time.
Hello, John.
I have your wife.
Do not call the police.
If you do, you'll never
see your wife again.
In your closet, there's a
safe with your savings in it.
Take that money and
put it in a bag.
I took your pistol,
the shotgun too.
I know you better than
you know yourself, John.
I will always be one
step ahead of you.
And if you're listening
to this, then you really
are in the dark.
A dancer?
A dancer?
Like the ballet?
I was in New York for a bit.
But that was a while ago.
What happened?
Just family stuff.
I had to come back here, help
out my parents, you know.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
No, it's fine.
I actually-- I don't regret it.
I'm really-- really happy
where I am right now.
You don't believe in making
a plan, sticking to it?
You don't like surprises, huh?
I guess I like knowing
what's around the bend.
You think that's stupid.
I don't think it's stupid.
Yeah, your look said it all.
Enlighten me.
Um, OK.
I guess-- I guess
the way I see it,
when I wake up in
the morning, there's
what I want to do that day.
And there's what
life has in store.
And the two hardly
ever seem to match up.
I guess the one thing
you can really count on
is that, uh, you can't
count on anything.
For certain, that is.
That's pretty
insightful, kinda bleak.
It's kind of beautiful
in its own way.
Where'd you learn that?
My mom.
She, uh-- she passed away.
Gotta live life
while you can, right?
Fair enough.
What about you, though?
I'm, like, talking about myself.
What about your folks?
Uh, my dad passed
away a while ago.
Mom lives a few hours up north.
I see her from time to time.
That's it, really.
Yeah, I don't know.
I guess his death just didn't
have the same kind of effect
on me.
Fair enough.
No, it was really fun for me.
I just like being around
people and-- yeah, I mean,
I'm-- heh-heh.
I have no [inaudible].
Oh yeah.
Yeah, we did.
We had some crazy
times there, for sure.
Oh, jeez.
You're the guy my mom wanted
me to date in high school.
[dramatic music]
[loud scream]
Focus, John.
If you want to see
your wife again,
you need to stay focused.
Remember that.
Once you've collected
the money, you
will call a man named David.
His number is on the
back of this player.
Do not call anyone
else, just David.
Tell him to take
you to the cabin
that you and Anne own,
near Lake Taynoka.
[anne laughs]
Lean back and just--
[anne laughs]
You're done this before.
I sure have.
I'm gonna go out on
a limb here and say
it doesn't look like we're gonna
be catching any monster trout.
You'd be surprised.
My dad caught a 2-foot
catfish right there.
Are you serious?
[john chuckles]
We can go for a hike
instead if you want.
No, I like it here.
It's peaceful.
Yeah, it is.
You know, my dad, he
actually built the cabin.
Cut the logs for
it and everything.
That's impressive.
I think your dad and my dad
would have gotten along really
Yeah, probably.
He has his own way of doing
things, John, you know?
Yeah, he certainly does.
Will you relax?
He's hard on every guy I've
ever introduced him to.
He's just overprotective.
He's a dad, you know?
I actually thought he
went kind of easy on you.
You call that easy?
You got to be kidding me.
You two will hit it off
better next time, I'm sure.
Yeah, well, maybe next
time he won't act like he
wants to put his boot up my ass.
When did I meet you, John.
About two months ago, sir.
Two months?
Hardly enough time to get to
know a man, wouldn't you say?
Mr. Schultz, if I
could just take a--
Charlie, check the
oil on that thing.
Truth be told, I don't much
recall what you and I even
talked about last
time you visited.
Well, sir, we've met a few
times in between, if you recall.
Here, hold this.
Come on.
Give it here, Charlie.
Two months.
Two months and here
you are asking me
to give away my only daughter.
Yes, sir.
Charlie, take that
in the garage.
I'll take a look at it later on.
Tell me something, John.
What kind of man are you?
Come inside.
Five years ago,
my wife-- God rest
her soul-- got sick, real sick.
Anne told me.
I'm sorry.
Anne put her dancing,
her dreams, on hold
so she could come home and
help take care of her mom--
and me, for that matter.
She wanted to be here because
that's the way we raised her.
Well, after the worst year of
my life, Sara finally passed.
She was a good woman.
Had a good heart.
And she died young.
Only God knows.
You don't plan for
these kinds of things.
My point is, John,
life isn't fair.
One day you think you've got
all the time in the world.
Then you blink and
death comes knocking.
Life doesn't give a
damn what you want.
My question is, when
the going gets tough--
and it will-- how do I know
you're not just going to up
and walk out on my little girl?
Mr. Schultz, I love Anne.
I'd die for her.
Once you've collected
the money, you
will call a man named David.
Be careful with David.
He is unstable, violent.
Do not push him.
Most importantly, David does
not know I have your wife.
I told him to take
you to the cabin.
That's all he knows.
He does what I tell him.
Remember how much you
love your life, John.
Remember how much
she means to you.
Remember this, and you
will see her again.
You have until midnight
tonight to get me my money.
Now get moving.
Shit, man.
Jesus, that didn't take long.
Yeah, six months.
Did you-- did you
buy a ring and all?
Yeah, gonna have to ask Roger
for a raise after buying it.
And her old man?
Mr. Bucket-o-Sunshine himself?
What did he say?
Technically speaking, he
hasn't given me permission yet.
But we talked.
Oh, you talked?
He talked.
I listened.
Are you-- you sure about this?
Anne makes me--
Yeah, I'm sure.
Johnny boy, congrats.
Thanks, Sam.
I wouldn't have met Anne
if it wasn't for you.
So it seems fitting you
should be my best man, right?
Shit, yeah.
Yeah, you got it, brother.
Come here, man.
Come here.
Hey, everybody.
This son of a bitch
is getting married.
Drinks are on him!
[john coughs]
[music playing]
You have until midnight
tonight to get me my money.
Now get moving.
[muffled screaming]
[blade whirring]
Do not call the police.
If you do, you'll never
see your wife again.
I will always be one
step ahead of you.
You will call a man named David.
Tell him to take you to the
cabin that you and Anne own.
Be careful with David.
He is unstable, violent.
Do not push him.
You can't do this, John.
You can't.
You're gonna get her killed.
You realize that, right?
[line rings]
911, what is your emergency?
Hello, can you hear me?
Is anyone there?
[faint chatter]
Big day, right?
The pastor says we're going
to start in about 20 or so.
Got it.
[mr. schultz clears throat]
I got to go wrangle up the guys.
See you in a bit?
Hey, Sam.
That obvious?
You'll do fine.
I'm sorry your father
couldn't be here.
Thank you.
Talk to Anne?
Everything OK?
I'm glad she decided to wear
her mom's wedding dress.
But looking at her
standing there,
she looks so much like her mom.
For a second, I thought
I was looking at--
I'm sure she looks gorgeous.
Yes, she does.
[knock on door]
Looks like we're getting ready.
John, after today, Anne's going
to be your responsibility.
I don't know what
I would have done
if she hadn't have been there.
Now, promise me you'll
make her happy, that you'll
keep her safe no matter what.
You have my word.
So does this mean you're
giving me your permission, sir?
Yeah, now let's get in
there before Sam beds
one of the bridesmaids.
Probably too late for that.
[bell tolls]
Are you there?
If anyone can hear me, I'm se--
[line ringing]
[telephone ringing]
[phone clicks]
[water dripping]
[door opens]
[frantic footsteps]
He knew everything.
He knew about the safe,
the cabin, my gun.
He must have broken
during the night.
But what I can't understand
is how he got Anne out of here
without a struggle, without
making a sound to wake me up.
What are you talking about?
He must have drugged me.
Chloroform maybe.
I don't remember a damn
thing from last night.
I don't remember going to bed.
Anne and I were talking.
We were--
[rain pouring]
We were talking about--
About something.
God damn it, what was it?
Hold on just a second.
Why wasn't anything
knocked over or broken?
I mean, Anne would not
have just let this guy
take her without a fight.
[anne gasps, chloroform pouring]
He must have drugged her too.
You think she's still alive?
What the hell is
the matter with you?
I'm sorry.
I'm confused with what
you're telling me.
We should go upstairs.
I need to call somebody.
Get some help.
He said no police.
Shouldn't even be
talking to you.
It's a risk.
I can't do this alone.
Bastard's probably
watching us right now.
[door opens]
It's him-- David.
I made the call
before you got here.
Oh, whatever you're
thinking about doing,
I can't let you do it.
This isn't safe.
Look, god damn it, Anne
is out there, probably
tied up with this son of a
bitch doing God knows what.
Now, we don't have a
lot of time here so we
need you to back me up on this.
[fridge opens, bottles clink]
He's making himself
right at home, isn't he?
Wait here.
Let me talk to him.
No, wait.
You're not supposed to be here.
I need to explain.
I'll work it out.
Stay here.
[ascending footsteps]
[door opens and closes]
[muffled conversation]
[muffled yelling]
[loud muffled yelling]
[phone ringing]
I will.
Thanks, Roger.
I'm glad it's working out.
That's great to hear.
I'll finish up the draft
tonight and see you first thing.
Heh, that's right.
We'll give the boys at
McGregor a run for their money.
I'll see you in the morning.
[muffled yelling]
Let me take care of this.
[door opens]
[approaching footsteps]
You ready?
He's coming with us.
I don't care.
I just want to get this done.
I got to piss.
What's in the bag?
What for?
In case.
It's a little after 6:00.
We've got until midnight.
We're going to be cutting
this close, aren't we?
I know you're only
doing as you're told.
But I want you to know that
if anything happens to her--
[swallows hard]
I'll kill you.
Jesus Christ, he was serious.
You really don't know, do you?
I'm taking you to the cabin.
This better not go
bad, do you hear me?
[knock on door]
Police department.
Open the door please.
Oh, shit.
What the hell?
You called the cops?
I hung up before I
told him anything.
Police department.
Jesus Christ.
Let me handle this.
Someone from this
residence called 911?
I'm afraid so.
Is everything all right?
What's this?
Just stay put.
Don't do anything.
[faint speech]
May I speak with him?
[radio dispatch]
Sir, everything all right?
You all have a safe evening.
Thank you.
Well, that was interesting.
What did you say to him?
Don't matter.
Let's go.
[starter buzzing]
Come on.
You son of a bitch.
[engine stalling]
Come on, you fucking
piece of shit!
[phone ringing]
That's great to hear.
I'll finish up the draft
tonight and see you first thing.
Heh, that's wrong.
We'll give the boys at
McGregor a run for their money.
See you in the morning.
Hey, when did you get in?
Just now.
Another all-nighter?
It's going through, my design.
It was just approved
by the board.
Passed their test with flying
colors, is what Roger said.
Oh, that's-- that's great.
15 revisions and not a peep.
And then all of a sudden this.
They must've been doing
the tests off-site.
I gotta tell you, I was
worried for a bit there.
[no speech]
What's wrong?
Annie, what is it?
[engine revving]
[door opens]
[anne whimpering]
[anne sobbing]
[anne screaming]
[no speech]
You OK?
This is him.
This is-- this is the
guy that took Anne.
I've seen him before.
Somehow-- somehow
I know this man.
Take it easy.
This doesn't make any sense.
This plan.
Why didn't he just
wake me up last night,
stick a gun in my face,
and make me open the safe?
Why all this?
Plus, we've both seen
David's face, right?
We know his name.
As soon as we get to the
cabin, we're as good as dead.
God, I just hope Anne is still--
When was the last time that
you talked to-- to Anne?
Last night.
Last night?
Yes, last night.
Can you remember what
you were talking about?
No, but something was wrong.
I told you, I don't
remember a damn thing, OK?
What are you getting at?
You think she had
something to do with this?
What then?
I don't know.
It sounded important, but
you can't what it was?
Think hard.
What do you remember?
It was raining.
I remember that.
Roger-- he was going to have
me pull another all-nighter.
Anne was upset.
Then-- then-- and
then that's it, OK?
That's all I remember.
Who's Roger?
[car halts]
Come here.
What are you doing?
[voices fade to silence]
[lamp crackling]
What the hell is going on here?
[rapid ticking]
Stay away.
Stay away.
Who are you?
They are not who you think.
Holy shit!
What the hell are you doing?
I was, uh-- there was-- she--
Are you OK?
The RV shut down
and I was-- I was--
Sit down.
Are we supposed to take
4 or 212 through Kenton?
4 or 212?
Uh, 12.
I don't know.
I don't remember.
4 it is, I guess.
Are you OK?
I saw her.
A woman.
A woman?
She told me to go back.
She told me to--
Forget it.
I must have zoned out
there for a minute.
What time is it?
It's, um, quarter till 9:00.
No, it was just 7:30
just a second ago.
Is that clock broken?
Or maybe your watch is.
My watch is fine.
It's 8:45.
What happened to the last hour?
You've been here the whole time.
We've been talking.
Shit, you are freaking me out.
Just try to relax.
[anne sobbing and screaming]
You don't look too good.
I should have told that cop the
truth back at the house when
I had the chance.
Just try to get some rest, OK?
[cards shuffling]
How can you be so
calm about all this?
I'm here to help.
Do you remember?
Why would he involve David?
Why would David let us
see his face unless he
was going to kill us anyway?
No, this feels wrong.
We need help.
Go talk to him.
About what?
Keep him occupied.
Tell him one of
your stupid jokes.
I don't know any stupid
jokes off the top my head.
Then make something up, OK?
What's he doing?
All right, I got one for you.
So three girls walk into a--
[faint speech]
[loud feedback]
--for a drink.
If you can hear
me, please answer.
My name is John Whitmore.
I have an emergency.
Hello, John.
I thought I told you not
to involve the authorities.
You're forgetting
I'm in control here.
Do you think I want
to do this, John?
I'm not a monster.
But I am a desperate man.
Don't push me.
Remember Anne.
I'm sorry.
Just give me my money and
you'll see your wife again.
I believe you.
Please don't hurt her.
Put Anne on.
I want to know that she's OK.
Don't let David
see you on the CB.
Did you hear me?
I-- I want to talk to my wife.
There's no telling
what he might do.
You get it?
He really doesn't know, does he?
About Anne, what you're doing?
David is my son.
I'm sorry, David.
I know this is a difficult time.
Could there be a mistake?
I mean, those tests are
wrong all the time, right?
We're sure.
[deep sigh]
So, uh, now what?
There are several support
groups you should look into.
And another thing.
I hate to bring this
up, but it's something
that needs to be discussed.
The financial toll of long-term
care can be substantial.
There are
government-assistance programs
that you should look into.
They might be able to help.
Thanks, Doc.
Again, I'm sorry.
[indistinct pa]
Hey, Dad.
You ready?
[deep sigh]
Let's go.
That was a while back, you know?
Doctor said he's, uh--
he's on a downward slope.
Whatever the fuck that means.
It's really starting to take its
toll on him though, you know?
He's getting worse and
worse every goddamn day.
I'm sorry, hon.
This is one of the last
times I remember him really
being with it.
He took my brother Bobby
and I hunting last winter.
Bobby though, he couldn't--
he couldn't hit the side
of the barn with a
shotgun 5 feet away.
And your mom?
She still around?
Hey, getting old's a bitch, huh?
Amen to that.
With any luck, my ass will be in
the ground by the time I'm 50.
It's on the house.
To life, while we're young
To dying quick deaths.
You can't even die these days
without someone cleaning you
Hey, sweet ass.
I get a shot?
Maybe if my poor old
daddy were dying too, huh?
That's all I've been
hearing from this guy
for the last hour.
Why don't you tell your dad
to die already and spare us
the boredom?
[glass shatters]
[breathing heavily]
[radio transmission]
David will do anything for me.
How can you drag your
own son into this?
Stick to the plan, John.
Don't try to contact anyone.
And remember, I know your next
move before you even think it.
Anne told me
something last night,
and I need to know what it was.
What was it, Anne?
What did you tell me that
was so damn important?
Oh no.
What's wrong?
Annie, what is it?
You're gonna be a father.
You're pregnant?
I'm gonna be a father.
I-- I just thought
you'd be upset.
How could I be upset?
The timing.
I mean, we didn't plan for
this-- not now, at least.
You know, I just know--
This kind of changes
things, you know?
It's like you said,
we can't always
see what's around the bend.
But it's OK.
It's good.
It is?
It is.
I love you so much.
I love you.
You know, I have
this crazy feeling
that's it's gonna be a boy.
[both chuckle]
A boy.
What would we name him?
Well, we could name
him after your dad.
I'm gonna be a father.
Something wrong?
He's your father, yes?
Going through my things?
This man, he's your father?
He's making you do this, yes?
But you don't want
to, even though you
don't know what he's done.
Stop saying things like that.
For God's sake,
just call this off.
Don't let him do
something he'll regret.
My father is a sick man.
He needs a lot of care
and looking after.
And that type of thing
costs money, lots of it.
It's the only reason why
we agreed to do this.
[distant sirens]
You should call your
brother to pick you up
if you're going to be drinking.
It's not safe.
You shouldn't be driving either.
How'd you get here?
I'm not completely
incapable, David.
Not yet anyway.
Carla called, said you
were in a fight at the bar.
It's no big deal.
He started it.
This is not your burden, son.
I have some money.
It ain't enough,
and you know it.
David, when a man's
facing the end,
he wants to leave on
his own terms, his way.
Do you understand?
I have a plan.
It's a way out.
I'll have to keep
some things from you.
And for that, I'm sorry.
What's this?
There's something you
don't know, David.
He has my wife.
She's pregnant, OK?
That's not even--
Look, I wasn't supposed to
say anything, but I have to.
It's not only her
life in his hands.
It's our child's.
Do you understand?
I didn't want any of this.
Then please call it off.
I can't.
No one can.
Fuck this.
I need some air.
He's your father.
He'll listen to you.
Call it off, David.
How did he know about the safe?
The cabin?
How does he know
so much about me?
About our life?
Only someone close to
me could know all this.
A friend.
Close friend.
[radio channels tuning]
Who are you?
Do not trust them, John.
What do you want?
To stop you.
I don't understand.
Look closer, John.
Closer at what?
[faint shriek]
Something wrong?
What's wrong?
You look ridiculous in that tie.
Hey, it's your tie, asshole.
We need to get you a real hobby.
Gotta say, never saw you
getting in the financial game.
Yeah, well.
Got tired of watching everybody
else get their shit together.
Cut me some slack, huh?
Retirement plans,
stocks, mutual funds.
Does any of this stuff
make any sense to you?
Well, yeah.
Kind of.
Heh, no.
I'm learning.
How much we talking?
Well, how much you got saved?
About $50,000 or so.
Shit, man, not bad.
In a savings account or--
No, I keep it in a
safe in our bedroom.
I don't trust those
clowns at the bank.
I got $80,000 stashed
in my mattress.
I'm serious.
I hope you keep that thing
locked up at all times.
Uh, well, have a look at
those papers and let me know.
I gotta run.
You OK?
How could you?
All this time,
I've been wondering
how he knew every detail of my
life-- about Anne, the money.
Only someone really close
to me could have known.
Practically a brother.
Hold on.
I can explain.
Explain what?
How you led them to me,
told them about the safe?
Who are they?
All right, enough.
Whatever you think you
know, you're wrong.
I told David to play
along back at the house.
We have to.
Stay here.
We fucking promised him!
Promise is bullshit!
We don't have a choice.
You need to listen to me please.
Listen to what?
That you've been siding
with David the whole time?
No, just wait.
Our wedding all those years.
She's my wife, Sam!
I'm your friend!
How could you do this her?
You wanted to know what she
had to tell me last night?
Well, I remember now.
She's pregnant!
No, that's impossible.
Who are these people?
How do you know them?
Who is David?
He's my brother.
Bullshit, Sam.
You don't have a brother.
He is!
I've known you since high
school, you lying prick.
You're trying to tell him you've
had a brother this whole time?
Was it you?
How did you get her
out of the house?
Is she still alive, Sam?
Stop calling me Sam!
My name is not Sam.
You have no idea
what's going, do you?
Just tell me the truth!
I can't!
I promised you I wouldn't.
What the hell are
you talking about?
I swore to you.
What the hell is going on?
He's out of control.
Who in the hell are you?
You, outside now.
We have to go back.
This whole thing was a bad idea.
No, no, no, he'll kill her.
Stay put!
[muffled arguing]
Come in.
It's getting late, John.
I hope you're close.
I know about Sam.
He and David, they're-- they're
trying to call this thing off.
Change of plans, John.
You need to lose David.
There's no telling what he
might do when he gets here
and find out about your
wife, about everything.
You need to come alone.
What are you telling me?
He's my son, John.
Don't kill him.
Just find a way
to get rid of him.
Leave him there on
the side of the road.
He can manage.
I know you told
me to come alone.
But what about Sam?
Let me know after you've
gotten rid of David.
Are you listening to me?
What about Sam?
Come to the cabin alone, John.
That is all.
If anyone is here when
you show up-- well,
you know what'll happen.
There's something you
need to know about Anne.
[arguing stops]
Who the hell are you?
Listen, no more talking.
Where's Sam?
I said be quiet.
Were you waiting for us?
Is this part of the plan?
Where is Sam?
Sam Rigsby, your
friend-- he's dead.
Let's go.
[engine roars]
Oh god.
Oh no.
He said be quiet.
Sam's never been
here, all right?
It's just been us.
You know this.
Bobby, enough's enough.
We're going back home.
I'll find someplace to turn
this damn thing around.
Just take it easy.
We don't have time for this.
He'll kill her if I don't
show up with the money.
Don't move!
I said don't move!
Stop the RV.
Jesus, David, you
brought the fucking gun?
I must have forgot about it.
Shut up, both of you!
Stupid asshole.
I said shut up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
God damn it, Bobby,
do something.
Stop the RV now!
[another gunshot]
Stop it, Bobby!
[tires screech]
[engine rattles down]
[wind whistling quietly]
[pained grunting]
[tape rips]
[muffled grunting]
I'll call the police
after I get Anne.
You two should be
OK for a while.
[muffled yelling]
[engine starting]
[anne whimpering]
[anne screaming]
Hang on, Annie.
I'm coming, baby.
Please let me go!
[engine failing]
Come on!
Piece of shit.
[bag rustling]
[pained grunting]
Come in, god damn it.
Are you close?
About half a mile away.
The RV died, and I'm hurt.
But I'll be there.
Leave the money outside
the cabin, then come in.
Better get a move on, John.
Remember, come alone.
I'll be there.
Just don't hurt her, OK?
Did you hear me?
Better get a move on, John.
Remember, come alone.
Look, I crashed into a
goddamn tree, but I'm coming.
Better get a move on, John.
Remember, come alone.
Better get a move on, John.
R-r-remember, come alone.
Better get a move on, John.
Remember, come alone.
Hello, John.
I thought I told you not
to involve the authorities.
You're forgetting
I'm in control here.
Do you think I want
to do this, John?
[recording distorts]
I'm not a monster.
What the hell?
But I am a desperate man.
Don't-don't push me.
Remember Anne.
Just give me my money and
you'll see your wife again.
Don't let David
see you on the CB.
There's no telling
what he'll do.
[device beeps]
[feedback whines]
[recording loops]
I haven't been
talking to anyone.
Did you hear me?
Are you listening to me?
I haven't been
talking to anyone!
What the hell do you want?
What have you done with my wife?
Remember Anne.
Remember Anne.
[recording looping]
All right, asshole.
You want to play games?
[anne screaming]
Hold on, baby.
OK, old friend.
Let's do this.
[pained grunting]
Stay away.
What do you want?
Somehow you're behind
all this, aren't you?
I don't understand.
What are you saying?
You want me to go back?
I can't do that.
Anne is in there.
You need to get out of
my way, you hear me?
Get out of my way!
I'll shoot you, I swear!
[soft grunting]
[both grunting]
Jesus Christ.
All right, you son of a bitch.
[device beeps and whirs]
You need to go faster.
I've got my foot on the--
Where are you?
[gasping softly]
Hello, John.
If the plan has worked,
then you are here alone.
The money is outside, and
you are completely confused.
You're locked in.
Don't bother trying to escape.
Anne is dead, John.
I'm sorry.
But I did not kill her.
She's been dead for
over seven years.
It was cancer that
took her, not me.
She died on March
the 12th of 2005.
She was 62 years old.
And like her, John,
you too have a disease.
But a disease that affects
the mind, not the body.
You are over 67 years old.
You have two grown
sons, David and Bobby.
What would we name him?
We could name him
after your dad.
You were married
to Anne in 1974.
Sam Rigsby was your best man.
You're getting married?
That just happened.
You were diagnosed with
Alzheimer's a while ago.
My father is a sick man.
I know this is a difficult time.
Your name is John
Whitmore, the same as mine.
No, no, no.
I'm John Whitmore, not you!
I'm John Whitmore.
I'm leaving this
message for myself
because I don't
have a lot of time.
Several months ago,
I began waking up
not knowing who I was, imagining
myself as a younger me--
You can't do this, John.
You're gonna get her killed.
You realize that, right?
--forgetting gaps of time.
What happened to the last hour?
The doctor said I was
on a downward slope,
that the disease would
progress quickly.
I began getting people
mixed up, confusing them
with old friends.
God damn it, what was it?
Hold on, just a second.
My name is not Sam.
It's been tough on
David and Bobby--
I didn't want any of this!
--watching their
father's mind go.
Shut up!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I said shut up!
They've had to tell me
about Anne dying more times
than I can bear.
Each time, it got
harder for them.
So I made them promise
not to tell me the truth.
Just tell me the truth!
I can't!
To let me live in
peace, thinking she
might come through the
door at any moment.
I'm sorry.
If you're here
looking for Anne, this
must be coming as a
shock to you-- to me.
For what it's worth, the love
that you and Anne shared--
no disease can take that away.
I remember.
I remember.
I re-- I remember now.
I remember.
It's up here on the right.
Stop, stop, stop!
Go call the cops!
But why?
Why-- why all this?
Why lead me here?
Why would I do this?
This brings me to the
hardest part, old friend.
I wanted to live out
the rest of my days
as long as my mind was intact.
After that, I couldn't
bear the thought
of living my life in the dark.
I wanted to leave
on my terms, my way.
Do you understand?
Added to this, the financial
toll of Alzheimer's, it
was just too much.
So I decided when my mind
went, the rest of me would too.
But therein lay the problem.
How would I know it was time to
end my life if I couldn't even
remember who I was?
So I set a trap for
myself, for you, for us.
Hello, John.
I have your wife.
If you want to see her
again, do exactly as I say.
When I no longer
recognized my own voice--
Somehow I know this man.
--my own trap-- it
would be triggered.
I knew that if I could convince
myself that Anne was here,
that she was in danger,
it might be the one
thing that I could hold onto.
David thinks that he
brought me here to pack up
the cabin to sell it.
What's this?
David, we've got
to sell that cabin.
The money that you
brought is for them.
Their inheritance.
Dad, let us in!
Open the door!
I'm in here.
Dad, open the door!
What the fuck?
Go around back!
Check another window!
Dad, open the door!
I can't.
Dad, let us in.
The door's sealed.
David, are you all right?
Your shoulder.
Are you both all right?
We're fine.
I was confused.
I didn't know.
Dad, listen.
Just stay calm.
We have to get you out of there.
There's-- there's
gas filling the room.
Oh, fuck.
Dad, look around!
Is there another way out?
Look for a window.
[voice fades]
I'm sorry I had to
put you through this.
I've thought about
this long and hard.
And it's what I want.
It's what we want.
To end things on our terms.
I told you that if you made
it here you'd see Anne again.
God willing, we will.
Anne was right.
We can only control so much.
The rest is chaos.
But it's beautiful.
Boys, I'm-- I'm
sorry for all this.
I was confused.
But I'm OK now.
I understand.
What are you talking about?
I want you to know that I--
I love you very much.
Your mother does too.
[david crying]
I love you too, Dad.
Now get away from the cabin.
Do you understand?
We can get you out.
This is how I want
it-- my way, remember?
Take that satchel.
That's for both of you.
David, take your brother
and get away from the cabin!
We gotta leave him.
We can't leave him.
God damn it, we gotta go!
It's getting late, old friend.
It's time for me to sign off.
To our life.
To my life.
[fast beeping]
Hey, you.
[music playing]