Dusk for a Hitman (2023) Movie Script

It's 3:10 PM.
Time for the news on CKLR.
Although this story is based on
the life of Donald Lavoie,
other characters, places,
and events are fictional.
Denis de Belleval today made public...
Pierre McSween said that Claude Dubois's
criminal organization
reigns over a vast territory
which includes Old Montreal
and the west of the city.
The group is mainly active in the import
and distribution of drugs,
protection rackets, and loan-sharking.
Their ruthless methods...
Quebec's Minister of Energy
and Resources, Yves Brub,
believes the government
will likely have to increase...
At the tavern on the night of the crime,
gunshots rang out around 10 PM
in the alley behind the place.
The victim suffered
a minor gunshot wound to the shoulder
before the assailant fled.
FALL 1979
You like this music?
I don't mind it.
You OK?
Are you panicking?
It's too late to turn back now.
What gun do you have?
In the glove box...
What are you doing?
It's not a toy.
What the hell...
It's like you never held one.
What about your piece?
It does the job.
Oh yeah?
Your girl tell you that?
"It's not the size that matters."
You can hold it.
Just... don't point it in my face, OK?
A fucking nice gun.
I know what your problem is.
You had the wrong gun
to take care of Ti-Cul Fontaine.
There were too many people in the bar.
OK, OK, don't get angry.
I'm messing with you.
I know you're not a coward.
You're lucky
Dubois gave you another chance.
That rat Fontaine
will get what he deserves.
Damn right.
Now that you have me to help,
you'll see...
It's easy to kill a man.
He's there.
Fuck, man!
On the shitter!
Here, go get the car.
Like this, push him in the back.
That's right.
Did you get what I asked?
- You've met Serge?
- No.
He'll work with us.
What are they doing here?
Not much.
Didn't you want to dig by yourself?
Come on...
Two, that's one hell of a job.
Go get the shovel from the shed.
- How did it go?
- Well.
He got his panties in a bunch.
Is he the guy who played ball
with Spnard's head?
Yes. He's short, but he's tough.
But he lacks experience.
And sometimes he's arrogant.
Certainly more than this asshole.
Can't shoot for shit.
Look at him now.
The kid needs to be trained.
To learn how we do things.
Take him into the woods to dig.
We'll see what you think.
Do we have to dig that deep?
They're not that big.
You want animals to scatter
their bones all over?
Keep digging.
Should we cut them
into a few pieces?
It'd take up less space.
It's a joke.
with these two,
how many did you get?
Why do you want to know?
No reason... I'm just curious.
About what?
You want a list?
No. It's OK, partner,
it was just a question.
We're not partners yet.
Asking questions
makes me suspicious.
- Think I'm a stool?
- If I did, you'd go in the hole.
Speaking of holes, when you have
a job to do, you shut your mouth.
One hell of a chicken!
It's heading for the grill.
It's gonna taste great.
- Sure you can't stay?
- No, I can't.
It's my daughter's birthday.
Oh, in that case...
Get her something nice for me.
Talking about money...
I'm starting to run out of funds.
OK, follow me.
What about the kid?
He'll do the run
with me for a while.
- We'll see.
- OK.
Keep him on a short leash.
And watch who he hangs out with.
You'll remember?
Christ! That's quite a load!
There are others,
but this is the biggest.
No one else who knows.
I know I can trust you.
Like a brother.
But if anything happens,
I get arrested, kidnapped...
- No one will kidnap you.
- You never know.
I have enemies
who know my worth.
You can trust me.
This should fill your pockets.
Well... finally.
- Where is she?
- What do you think?
So go wake her up!
She'll play with it tomorrow.
Where were you?
At work.
Will you give me one?
How was the party?
Better if you'd been there.
I'm here now.
Who's calling this late?
It's your brother.
Heard from the old man?
Dad can't help me, he's broke.
Oh yeah?
Never heard that before.
When did you last see him?
I don't know.
I fought with him.
Don't you remember?
He got his ass beaten!
He was embarrassed...
You broke his dentures!
"You fucking asshole,
you broke my rake!"
That fucking rake...
- You don't talk to him?
- Nothing to say to the bastard.
Will you ever forgive him?
You're kidding right?
A man who put his kids
in an orphanage...
- Is he worth forgiving?
- He's still dad.
- Family...
- You don't choose family.
- You don't choose your brother, either.
- What?
- I don't let you down.
- You didn't visit me in prison.
Come on, Christ!
Six months is nothing.
How's your business?
You're in the boss's good books.
I'm broke, Donald.
- Send the old man to the hospice.
- I need cash now.
- Take me into your crew!
- Don't start with that again.
That's all I'll ask of you!
It's not a life for you.
Take it.
Find an apartment.
Then we'll see.
- I calmed down in prison.
- Yeah?
I don't fight anymore.
I'm focused!
Trust me, I've changed.
OK. I'll try you on a job.
- I want you to keep cool.
- Fuck, yeah.
I promise. Promise!
Fuck, yeah! Yeah!
Christ's sake, not you again!
Didn't change your mind?
You really think you're the first one
to try it? It's my bar.
I'm the boss, OK?
No one else.
Don't get mad.
- I just want to talk.
- I have nothing to say to you.
Shove your racketeering cap
in your ass.
Your brother's going awry.
What the fuck are you doing?
Get out!
Get out.
We'll come back
in case you change your mind.
Is he OK?
- It won't work.
- Why not?
You're too much trouble.
No discipline, too unstable.
- You taught me to hit, to defend myself!
- That wasn't the time.
I told you to scare him, not kill him!
Use your brain!
What next?
Look, find a job.
- Don't call me for a while.
- Seriously?!
Dubois and his gang
are your real family!
- You're no better than Dad.
- Hey!
- I don't need you.
- Take it.
Fuck you!
It's all there.
Isn't that Frankie?
Go, go, go.
What the fuck do you want from me?
Get off me!
You want me to let you go?
- Where's your pal Pelletier hiding?
- I don't know!
Haven't seen him since Christmas.
He seemed happy to see you.
I have Pelletier's address.
- Really?
- Yup.
Perfect. Let's give him
a housewarming party.
Wait for me here.
Damn it...
The piles are not big this week.
The tavern at Guy's is missing.
I'm getting tired of him.
Go see him now
and collect the cash.
No problem.
Hey, Donald.
Whose is this?
It's yours.
Alright, finally some good news.
Speaking of good news...
We ran into Frankie.
Well, well...
Did you chat with him?
We made him talk.
He told us
where to find Pelletier.
What do we do with him?
Try to get the cash back...
But cash or no cash,
I don't want to see his face anymore.
He talks to cops
like Ti-Cul Fontaine.
We'll do that.
- Donald...
- Yeah?
Take care of him
and let him rot on his floor.
Make an example of him.
What time is it?
We have to go.
This'll wake you up.
Are you OK?
Better now.
Don't move.
Stop freaking out.
What happens with the cash?
Do you have it?
Not on me.
Who then?
Give me some time.
It's too damn late!
Where's the cash?
Stop yelling.
It doesn't help.
Where's the cash?
In the freezer.
In the freezer...
For the rest, give me a week.
24 hours!
It's fucking jammed!
Snap out of it!
Are you OK?
Who the hell was she?
What are you doing?
- Throw that away.
- OK.
Why the fuck don't you run away?
What the hell? Fuck!
- What are you doing?
- Let me talk, shut up!
Shut the fuck up.
Sir, are you aware
you're on Port of Montreal property?
He doesn't feel well.
He wanted some fresh air.
Have you had an accident?
We fought our way out of a club.
- He got walloped.
- Yeah...
But... we're OK,
we were just leaving.
Are you intoxicated?
I won't lie,
we had a little drink but...
I'm perfectly OK to drive.
Your driver's license, please.
My license, yes...
All you had to do was leave...
- It would've looked shady.
- We look shady as it is.
Use your head, damn it.
We have blood on us.
I'll get you later...
What is this? A fine?
- You can't drive here, sir.
- I didn't know, I'm sorry.
We're so damn lucky.
Speak for yourself.
Fuck! No way
I'm going back to prison!
First calm down.
- Savard says there are witnesses.
- Who the fuck is Savard?
One of our lawyers.
He says you got a fine
in the harbor.
They can't arrest us for a damn fine.
A policeman caught you
covered in blood,
5 minutes after a kid saw you
leave Pelletier's.
It's called circumstantial evidence
and when it adds up...
We'll give Savard time to sort it out.
Meanwhile, you have to disappear.
Disappear? Where?
What do you mean?
I won't go back in there,
I'll work it out.
Neither do I, damn it!
This will keep you going.
I'll need a little more than that.
Will you shut your mouth?
I'd need twice as much.
Couldn't stand hearing him.
He would never have shut up.
Fucking crybaby.
Well, say something!
- I need to disappear.
- I thought so.
- And me?
- You two don't move for a while.
- Where will you go?
- To Jean-Guy's.
- Thrse's husband?
- His cabin.
- In the woods?
- Yes!
Nobody will find me there.
Who is this guy?
Why do you want to know?
They say
she was stabbed 20 times.
You read these rags?
Just to find out
what's going on with you.
Fucking lies...
And stop asking questions.
- What if you get arrested?
- Stop asking questions. It'll be OK.
Says who? Claude?
It's not the first time.
Claude has the best lawyers.
What if Dubois lets you down?
Shut your mouth!
Shut up.
Thank you.
It took a warrant to get you to call me,
you little creep.
What have you done now
to get the police on your ass?
I put too much faith in an idiot.
Gotta choose who you do
your dirty deeds with.
Fuck, yes.
Do you intend to stay here long?
No, not too long, I hope.
I need them to forget
about me for a while.
I take it as a vacation.
Good for you.
Look how beautiful it is.
Nobody's gonna catch you here.
Take my word for it.
Don't tell anyone about this.
- Keep it to yourself.
- Hey, you don't have to tell me.
I have no contact with Dubois.
Dubois isn't chasing me.
It's the police.
You know, Donald...
My brother and I have
some good stuff coming up.
Why don't you come
settle down here?
What do you want me to do here?
No, it's fine in the city.
I have cash...
And people respect me.
I owe Claude everything.
He's a good partner,
lets me do my business.
Donald, wake up.
Are you out of your mind?
Could I bring her next time?
No, don't start that now.
That would be asking for it.
How long will it last?
What do you want me to do?
Turn myself in?
We'd see you more often in prison.
My daughter won't visit
her father in a cage.
No way.
I started looking for a job.
What for?
To pay the bills.
- And the kid?
- The neighbor will take care of her.
- No need to work.
- I need money.
- I gave you money.
- It's not enough.
I spend my days on the phone
because of unpaid bills.
Do you want me to rob a bank?
You wouldn't dare.
Hand me your gun, you'll see.
Your brother called.
What did he want?
To know where you are.
He says he's onto something big.
My brother onto something big?
Yeah, right.
Why don't you give him a break?
Because he always gets into trouble.
He's fucked up.
No more than us.
I come from a crooked family,
I know what it's like.
Your brother is pitiful.
You should talk to him.
You never know,
he might really be onto something big.
What is it this time?
A deal with a guy
who has a stock of pills to sell.
Carl just needs cash to buy it.
Claude doesn't want to see me in town.
He says it's not safe.
Not safe for you or for him?
I think he's bullshitting you.
How much does my brother need?
You'll have to ask him.
Carl can't make a deal without getting
into trouble. I should do it.
If it's serious...
we could make enough cash
to travel south, us and the little one.
You're not careful.
I come for news,
you don't give me any.
It's summer...
So it's quiet.
I spent a month in the woods.
What are your lawyers doing?
They do their best, damn it.
They can't make
the arrest warrant disappear.
It's not my fault
you screwed up.
What are you saying?
Are you dropping me?
I didn't say that, damn it.
Don't come out of hiding.
It would be really bad
if you got arrested.
- You understand?
- Yeah.
Anyway, I won't stay long.
I need cash to make a deal.
What kind of deal?
Pills for sale.
You'll get your cash
plus a quote in a few weeks.
Claude... I'll take Francine
and my kid down south.
That's a good idea.
I need to do one more deal,
you won't see me again.
How much do you need?
You didn't come empty-handed?
Get a beer from the fridge.
Bad news.
Dad has cancer.
- The bad news?
- He's going to die.
That's cancer.
It's like you don't have a heart.
Tell me about the deal.
Got the cash?
Damn, check out the cash!
Tell me about the deal.
My guy says
he's got bags for sale.
- OK, who do we sell it to?
- My contacts.
- Your contacts?
- Yes, we'll sell it on the street.
You're never serious
about business.
- You don't trust me?
- I won't go on the street.
Get down!
Hands on your head!
I hear you're not a talker.
You can beat me,
I won't say a word.
Your lawyer's coming.
Nice family portrait.
I asked the homicide guys
to put this here.
Roger Burns, Gang Task Force.
I wanted to talk
to you for a while.
I'm just a police officer.
It's not often
I get to meet a star.
I heard you score pretty high.
I'm interested in your boss.
His business is complicated.
If you help me untangle this,
maybe I can help you too.
Double murder.
The Crown is prepared to press charges.
You won't get out.
2 times 25 years, without remission.
If you talk to me,
you might see
your daughter grow up.
Dubois' business
won't last forever.
It's already leaking everywhere.
Talk, talk...
You know what I mean.
Another cigarette.
You know
what your boss is capable of.
When his boat sinks,
there'll be innocent victims.
You should think of getting out
before it's too late.
Everything alright?
- Know that asshole?
- I know 'em all.
Did he piss you off?
You don't have to answer him.
I'm not stressed.
Did they make you a deal?
They're trying it out.
What did you say?
I said, no deal.
Pass the message to Claude.
OK, the message will get through.
Anyway, you won't be here for long.
They only have the paperboy,
just circumstantial evidence.
And the kid can't even formally
identify anyone.
A huge waste of time.
You talk to Claude?
- Why ask me?
- To know what he thinks of my arrest.
It doesn't keep him awake
at night.
What's the next step?
We wait for the prosecutors
to wake up
and realize
they don't have a case.
I'm working on that.
They're dragging their feet
to piss us off, but...
you'll be out of here before the fall.
FALL 1980
Give me a hug.
Not too hard.
Did you miss me?
I missed you too.
I'll go see your mom.
Keep playing.
I'm glad to see you.
Me too.
Carl called.
- Why are you here?
- For dinner.
I hope you don't mind.
- Want a beer?
- It's OK.
- You got beaten up?
- It's nothing.
- Not mad at me?
- What do you think?
They were listening in.
You couldn't have known.
He has something to say.
It's OK.
You don't need to apologize.
Dad's dead.
I missed that.
- It saddened me...
- Wake the fuck up!
He's the worst thing
that ever happened to us.
What'll you do with the house?
I live there now.
I grow stuff.
Like what?
Bad memories?
I'll go play with the kid.
You're late.
Yeah. It's a lot further east
than I thought.
I'm expanding my territory.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
- What are we doing here?
- I wanted to show you something.
Hey, I'm glad to see you.
Business has been
slowing down lately...
You'll come back,
it'll go back to normal.
Perfect. That's what I wanted to hear.
I need to work.
Shame for the cash
I lent you, though...
The fucking police
seized everything.
6000 dollars wasted
because of your fucking brother.
It's not really his fault.
I should've known
the police were on his ass.
Speaking of police...
I heard you made
a new friend in Parthenais...
I was in solitary.
Isn't there a Gang Task Force guy
with a crush on you?
You heard that from Gilbert?
We won't make a big deal out of it.
What can you tell me
about Burns?
And the Gang Task Force?
He obviously tried something,
but I didn't bite.
What did he have to offer you?
Just protection?
- Reduced sentence?
- Why do you want to know?
Information, that can be useful.
I don't know him, Burns.
- I'm just curious.
- Look... He wanted to chat.
I told him to piss off.
OK? That's it.
I knew I could count
on your loyalty.
I never doubted you.
- Did you know Reynald is getting married?
- Really?
Come and see.
Who is he?
Our new guy.
Decided to fire him?
Hung out with the wrong crowd,
know what I mean?
I think so.
For all we know,
he was even talking to your friend...
You wanted to get back
on the job?
Enjoy, my friend.
Know what this is?
- Magic mushrooms?
- Exactly.
There's a bum selling this
in front of our club.
Sometimes he even tries it inside.
Damn, he's brave.
- Do I take care of it?
- Yes.
Keep it in the family.
Didn't you know your brother's selling
his shit in our bars?
Fucking troublemaker.
- We agree on that.
- Yes.
We tried to make him understand...
Even with a bloody face,
he came back the next day.
Carl is used to getting his ass kicked.
- Let me talk to him.
- What will you tell him?
He doesn't understand.
He will understand, OK?
Trust me.
Your brother is not
to be trusted, Donald.
He's nothing but a crazy guy.
You got busted 'cause of him.
He couldn't see
he had the police up his ass.
I'll tell you one thing...
Too many people want to sell
their shit in my bars, and I've had it.
Time to make an example...
Let me talk to him, OK?
You don't understand.
Christ, it's...
just mushrooms.
Let me talk to him.
That will give you a chance
to think about this.
Hey, for fuck's sake!
I don't need to be given a chance.
I never regret my decisions.
Don't do this to me.
You're the best person to do the job.
He'll welcome you with open arms.
He won't be suspicious.
He won't see you coming.
You'll be rid of him.
And I'll be rid of him.
- So that's what you're growing!
- Damn, you scared me!
Yeah, nice setup, uh?
It's good stock.
Completely natural dope.
Not chemicals in there.
Mexican shamans use this
for their rituals.
They call it
the flesh of the gods.
Then it grows in manure.
Like money growing in shit!
Should we try it?
Look at this.
"Magic mushrooms are recommended
for the treatment
of depression, anxiety, and suicide."
Suicide isn't treatable - it's deadly.
Not always.
I guess that's what it means.
It's a joke.
What was that again?
About death?
Fear of death,
that's cancer patients.
They give them a remedy
based on mushrooms.
It takes away
their fear of dying.
Magic mushrooms.
Then... "It opens up dimensions
of a greater knowledge
of one's inner being and
of one's relationship to the universe."
Makes it like a philosophical drug.
Is it starting to kick in?
I'm starting to feel it.
It's surprising, you'll see.
How about a walk in the woods?
It's fucking beautiful here.
I'm starting to feel something.
Good stock, eh?
You should tell Dubois to try this.
You see, Dubois...
He doesn't want you
in his bars anymore.
He doesn't want
to see you at all.
Fuck, I'm having a bad trip.
Your mushrooms
don't take away the fear of dying.
You're right to be scared.
When Dubois wants you dead,
your life is not worth much.
Is that what he wants?
Damn, I'm your brother!
You're done messing with me,
little shit!
Listen to me, OK?
You pick up your stuff
and get the hell out of here.
Far, far away.
For a long time.
If not, I'll kill you.
- Do you understand?
- Yes!
Donald, my Donald.
Did you save some for me?
Thank you.
How does it feel
to be a married man?
So far so good.
A long time
since we've heard from you.
Yeah. I was busy.
I think you should go
talk to Claude a bit.
He's waiting for you at the bar.
Well done, my man.
Hey, Donald!
You look like you're having fun.
Fucking beautiful wedding.
Here's to you, my friend!
Heard from your brother?
His case is settled.
For good?
You'll never hear
about him again, OK?
Tell me...
How did it go?
- You don't trust me anymore?
- I didn't say that.
You asked me just to test me?
No need to justify myself.
Claude, damn it...
He's my brother.
You talk about him
in the present tense.
Where do you think
loyalty starts?
Family, Donald, always family.
That's what I think too.
Who is your family?
Your own family...
Who is it?
Enough. It's not the place,
or the time.
You're right.
Nothing else to say.
Reynald! Don't kill him!
I'm not done with him!
Go the other way.
You, that way!
Go check outside!
Wake up the girl.
We gotta get out of here.
Turn here.
- Hey, are you OK?
- Yeah.
Let's put her to bed.
What happened?
Come on.
Calm down.
Don't be discouraged.
I'm not.
I have plenty of courage.
It's patience I'm running out of.
It's no life for a child.
It's him or me.
Going to war with Dubois,
what'll that get you?
I need money.
I need money to send Francine and the kid
south. Then, I'll take care of Dubois.
Where are you going
to find that money?
If you're looking
to make a money grab...
I may have something for you.
Do you speak English?
I get by.
Do you remember my brother Paul?
We're on something, him and me.
Glad to have you with us.
Our case is settled at once.
We arrive at the banker's
at 7 a.m.
The woman is locked in her room
while the man gets ready for work
as he does every morning.
At 7:30, we leave with him
for the bank.
You, Donald, stay
to watch the lady.
We take the banker to the bank.
He always arrives first
with his keys
just before the employee
who has the vault code.
We have 15 minutes to get the cash
before the others arrive.
When it's done, we call you,
you leave.
Simple as that.
In the hostage-taking in Montreal
that let three masked individuals get
their hands on an estimated $100,000,
no suspect has yet been
questioned by the police,
but the investigation is ongoing.
Investigator Grard Dufresne
of the MUC said:
"We really want to solve this theft
because during the holiday season,
we must stop this type of crime,
because financial institutions
do more business.
But I want to reassure the public..."
What are you doing?
I'll go cut us a real tree.
It'll put us more
in the Christmas mood.
Stay in bed, OK?
Don't move!
Throw your gun down!
When I heard you were here,
I couldn't help but stop by.
As talkative as ever?
I don't talk with my mouth full.
Anyway, I have nothing to say.
Hope I didn't spoil your appetite.
Don't you celebrate Christmas
with your family?
As long as I get there
in time for midnight mass.
My son is an altar boy.
I can't miss it.
You were once an altar boy too.
How do you know that?
It's my job to be well-informed.
I know your parents put you
in an orphanage when you were six.
You got good grades, but you were
always getting beaten by the nuns.
It must have been rough for you.
I've always had a problem with authority.
Priests, nuns...
Damn police like you.
It must build character
to be repeatedly abused.
I think it distorts it.
If I had had your childhood,
I might be in your shoes today.
You didn't choose your parents.
It's not your fault.
Aren't you tired
of living like this?
What do you know about me?
I do know that your gang
has let you down too.
Where did you get that from?
We've had Dubois
on a wiretap for months.
He knew where you
and the two brothers were hiding.
How do you think we found you?
Luckily, we arrived
before he did.
Know how much
they put on your head?
I can play the recordings
if you want.
I'll take care of Dubois
when I get out.
If I were in your shoes,
I'd give up my bail hearing.
You're safer inside.
I can help you.
I can become your friend.
Did you come here
to offer me another deal?
Right now I'm not the enemy in your life.
So if you ever feel like talking,
let me know.
Merry Christmas.
It's time to go for your hearing.
I want to talk to Burns.
You wanted to see me.
What can you do
for my wife and daughter?
Depends what you can do for me.
I'm a dead man on the inside
and on the outside.
- Not necessarily.
- I know what I'm talking about.
If you send me to the pen
for the hostage-taking...
I'll get killed.
Give me something concrete
for my family.
I'll tell you everything about Claude.
Let's not talk bullshit.
I won't promise anything
I can't deliver.
This isn't the United States.
In Quebec, there is
no witness protection program.
But my gang and I are working on this
with the Department of Justice.
If you agree to spill the beans,
we'll find a way to make you
a very good deal.
Trust me.
The budget will be released.
Not just Claude
put a price on my head.
The difference with me
is that you will live.
I waited for you
at the criminal court.
I didn't have to appear.
What's going on?
I don't need your services either.
I got myself a crown attorney.
Christ, Donald, you're not serious?
What did they offer you?
Tell Claude that he missed me...
but I won't miss him.
Donald Lavoie: our Valachi
A ticking time bomb
Yeah, that's right.
You take...
You pass Marieville on 112.
Thank you.
Pass Marieville on 112,
you take the rapid road,
then after about two miles,
you continue, there's a clearing,
he's buried on the side of the road.
Write it down.
Can we take a break?
It's Mnard.
I did it with Reynald.
Clean work,
he never saw it coming.
You'll never find him,
the fish ate him a long time ago.
- Him.
- We checking them all?
I said I'm fucking sick of it!
How fucking stupid...
He's got nothing better to do.
- Nothing better to do!
- Fuck!
You're in for a long haul!
For Christ's sake!
I've told you ten times.
We choose the strongest cases,
you build a case, prepare your testimony.
Think I'll have time to testify?
I'll get shot first!
So all this is
a fucking waste of time!
You're still alive,
you've talked for days!
It didn't kill you.
It even did you good.
You think it did me good?
Listen to me,
you can't go back, OK?
What did Dubois put on my head?
One million.
This proves
he's shitting his pants.
If you do everything we ask,
you'll win, Donald.
And you have a good chance
of surviving outside, as a free man.
I know it's hard to believe,
but it's true.
Alain Pelletier.
Claude ordered this one...
The girlfriend too?
Riddled with bullets
and stab wounds.
- Serge fired.
- We're still looking for him.
He was so bad at it,
I had to finish the job.
To stop her suffering.
Nine stabs,
you didn't want to miss her.
No, I didn't stab her nine times.
Nine stab wounds.
All in the heart.
Let's take a break.
Yes, please.
It's no life.
Hiding all the time.
Being forced
to have police protection.
The girl will never have a normal life.
What's a normal life?
Nobody has a normal life.
If you take her away from me...
I'll have nothing left.
No one will take her
away from you.
She's your daughter,
she always will be.
I know you love her,
but you haven't been there for her much.
You must admit that.
Why am I doing all this then?
Only for you two to leave?
You do it for yourself.
Where will you go?
Far from here, I don't know yet.
Where will you go?
How will I talk to you?
Not right now, OK?
In any case, not for a while.
I can't live like this anymore.
Really, I can't.
You OK with Mom
while Dad's away?
Give me a hug.
Go on.
How will it work?
When will I see my girl?
When will I see her?
Well, you understand...
For her safety,
you shouldn't see her again.
You'd be putting
her life in danger.
Francine couldn't tell you.
That's the price to pay.
You have no choice.
I know...
The guys tell me
that you don't eat...
You don't sleep...
Are you letting yourself die?
Are you letting me down?
Well, OK.
Let's stop being depressed, OK?
Dubois' turn is coming.
That's thanks to you, so wake up!
I'm glad you're in my gang.
In your gang?
We're in this together, OK?
You and me.
How do you like it?
I don't recognize myself.
I think it suits you.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Today, a former hitman
turned informer, Donald Lavoie,
will testify for the Crown
at the murder trial
of his former boss,
Claude Dubois.
Not too nervous?
Don't worry, it will be fine.
Claude Dubois was sentenced
to 25 years in prison.
Donald Lavoie testified
for the Crown in ten trials.
He was sentenced to 8 years in prison
for the kidnapping and hostage-taking
of the banker and his family.
He was freed and now lives
under a new identity.