Dust of War (2013) Movie Script

For centuries humans looked at the stars...
viewed the heavens for signs of life...
and wondered if we were only .
But one day the stars
fell from the sky, fiery swords...
and aliens attacked the earth and
brought humanity to its knees.
Not conquered territories fell into the hands of tyrants.
General Chizum,
a ruthless warlord, seized power.
When the rumor doing the rounds
found that there was a child...
was a secret that even she was not supposed to know so powerful.
The Free Legion vowed to protect her...
in the belief that it was a harbinger of peace.
But the child, now a young woman...
fell into the hands of the evil General.
To save... the girl, and humanity
get two bounty hunters commissioned to free her.
And so begins my story.
Soldier, get up.
There was chaos in our midst.
People killed each other.
General Chizum want you to eat
that there is the enemy.
Not suitable.
Come on, open mouth. Open the door.
You trying to eat my doctor?
The safety catch is off.
You disappoint me.
Put him in the cage.
Easy, easy.
We will keep you shortly.
And how is my little
I'll find out your secret.
The Legion will send someone,
and then you will die.
Welcome to the party.
She is beautiful, but a bitch.
- Fuck you.
What took you so long?
- I chose the hard way.
What is going on?
An inner voice, baby.
- Do not call me.
O God.
- Holy shit, that hurts.
Another minute.
I got him.
What is going on?
- No time.
You stay.
- This is a free country.
He's coming.
- You remain. This is not an adoption agency.
Torn Dixie, he goes along.
He is a deserter.
He collapses once...
Do you smell of shit from me.
- Great guy.
What can I do for you?
I am looking for a girl.
I have many girls.
All types and sizes.
This girl.
Select only.
Your species dies out.
You're very stupid or very smart.
I do work with it.
You know it's the key.
I do not know what you're looking for.
I can crush your throat.
I gotta look in my dictionary.
Where are we going?
- You do not need to know, runaway.
You'll think of wimpy nicknames.
A man are few.
Bit over, huh?
He has his reasons.
Just like you and me.
He knows nothing about me.
He knows you talk too much.
I'm disappointed.
- We'll get them back, sir.
Call my boys.
The men are ready.
Can you shoot?
Can I have a gun?
I do not want to shoot.
-. I did not want
Sorry, matter of trust.
Are you the Free Legion?
- Not exactly.
We are hired, darling.
- Do not call me.
How much are they paying you?
Not enough to be bitten.
True or not, Abel?
The Harbinger? From what?
- It's a secret.
Abel, we deliver the package
off and do not ask questions.
Miss, if you come with us, we even give you
I hope you're worth it.
- I hope
Stay close to me.
We go through my land.
My Country? Is that really necessary?
You do not need to know.
No traces. They have to go somewhere else on the
side have climbed.
Do not move a fin, Gelman.
Oops, that was wrong.
Remove the tracker.
That rope is exaggerated.
Watch out for mines.
If red mist we have nothing to you.
Taste it to someone, Dark Horse?
We go on foot. They went over the hills to my country.
How far?
- Maybe half a day or more.
Grab your shit. We start walking.
What do you think?
- About a hundred miles.
Straight south,
we arrive at the venue.
I had forgotten how beautiful it is here.
- Yeah, until your leg is torn off.
Ladies first.
- Watch your step.
When this is over, I am looking for a good
mattress, a bottle of booze...
and a nice fucking game.
I stepped on something.
A pressure mine.
Probably a dud.
A dud?
Dark Horse, you've seen a
No one is perfect.
He's right.
Give him a piece of rock and take
his pack. It will be dark soon.
- No.
Give me your bag.
- Do not leave me, guys.
Take you shitting me?
Is it alive?
- Does the water?
Maybe it's a trap.
It's dead.
Yolk can not find them.
Good. And the water?
Abel, we have a little problem here
Do not come closer.
It was fun.
A pressure mine. An ordinary 12, I think.
Anti-Personnel Mine.
Can you defuse it?
- In theory.
And in practice?
- He can go off.
Bullshit. Why should we trust him?
I need it as a stone.
But tenfold.
Can I do anything?
- Talk to him.
How old are you?
Do you have children? Sorry.
Yes, I have a daughter.
I have not seen her for a long time.
What's her name?
Any luck with this?
- Thank you, Abel.
Back off, guys.
No, quite a distance.
Let me back.
- Shut up, old man.
We swap you for the stone.
He probably explode anyway.
If I 'go' say,
til you calm your heel.
It worked.
It was probably a dud.
- That's good, right?
You've earned it.
Dust on the horizon.
I do not see them.
It's there.
You sure it's them?
- Maybe.
How far?
- Quite far.
Abel, let's stop.
It is behind this hill.
Well then, it's time to eat.
Give me the knife.
You're it.
They say you're dead.
Who's hungry?
What is he talking about?
He led an army against the invaders.
Do you remember that they landed?
- Yes, it seemed that the sky was falling.
All countries forced to work together.
Abel led an army to
to their front door.
These people fought,
when others did not.
And failed.
- What do you know?
He has something which makes people follow him.
Believe me, if there is fighting,
wants you on his side.
He has endured more than
a man twice his age.
So show a little understanding.
Rooster him. Let's begin.
I prefer my rattlesnake
in cajun style...
but let me not be choosers.
You killed my tracker.
A twist in the tale.
Tie them up.
Very disappointing. He began to be.
Just a little more communicative
God almighty.
It is a beautiful sword.
Come on.
You know her secret.
You two know each other.
I am now back.
Old Man fishy friends.
Stay a while, you will notice that I do not let
If I had known you provide sexual services...
I had my nice underpants
A 7.5 on the concussion scale.
Is that all you got?
Come on.
Look at me.
I'm going to hurt you.
Kiss my...
Are they tamed?
- I'm working on it.
God almighty.
You can share in their misery or you can talk.
I'll talk. He is Abel
girl say a word...
I am a deserter.
I am nobody.
You are a source of information.
The boss will not like it.
- Mind your own business.
Talk to me, Abel. Say something.
I can not hear you.
Hey, dick. Why not someone
packet of your own age?
You guys are a bunch of bitches.
- Make sure he keeps his mouth.
Do it, little dick.
Keep an eye on him.
The bitch bit me.
Fight me, or he dies.
Success. It makes you wonder
like a little bitch.
Show that he is right.
A stone, a bastard.
You linkmiegel.
I had to.
Sometimes a man can not do otherwise.
- Come here.
No hard feelings?
- No, no hard feelings.
You had to.
You broke my nose bag.
- I wanted to hit, but...
I had to.
We need to get Ellie.
I fear that we are somewhat
are in the minority.
I have an idea.
- That's nice.
Why are you doing this?
You possess a great power.
Tell me what it is,
or I'll kill your friends off.
Let them go.
Life is complicated.
But I'm so close.
- So close.
Stay with the girl.
- And stay away from her.
Do not move.
Come on.
Riding. Come on.
This takes too much time.
- Now we have done it.
He will not stop.
- Why not?
Tom, what they pay us again too?
Duty, honor. That kind of bullshit. Appendices...
We are quite the hit rate.
Let's blow.
What a fucking mess.
Honey, you go on out.
I'll catch up.
No, we leave no one behind.
Ellie, you're not going to cry?
Jebediah, it is awake.
That's Torn Dixie, little Wyatt.
A real hero.
Go Crispus warn.
- Go see for yourself.
Should I tell your mother that you're cursed?
Damn. Well then.
You look tricked out.
It is the best we have.
How are you, Tommy?
Like hell has broken me farting.
Thank you.
How long has it been, Crispus?
Since Pittsburgh?
Yes, and you should see us now.
As if time has stood still.
What more lobes and pounds.
I fuckin 'hurts when I pee.
's Why I always like
liked you, Tommy.
My house is your house.
Tonight we keep a low profile.
We take rest.
And tonight...
's go get drunk.
Where is Tom?
He's awake.
Who are these people?
- Friends.
I do not like it here.
It's too quiet.
Yes, my own concoction.
It does not really bite you.
Do you know that you stink
like the plague?
You're damn good for each other,
Crispus. I'm impressed.
Yes, they are good people.
This life to me, like Tommy.
I do not know.
I miss the sidewalks a bit.
I miss the concrete in general.
The day is red, and the fish is dead.
And the dust finally
lying on a bed of nettles.
Thank you, thank you.
Jebediah, you can predict our future
First, the visions,
not the future.
And you can not get enough of?
It never changes.
That's okay.
You, come here. Give me your hands.
Oh dear, you get
later six children.
Jebediah, now I do.
You will later be a brave soldier...
and maybe even a few men dead.
Jebediah, now they are.
Come on, I will not bite you.
It is very dark inside.
There is love.
But then it dies.
The mortality?
I'll give it another try.
Who wants music?
Are you okay?
I'm just a harbinger,
that's all.
I'm sorry.
Crispus, this is a bad idea.
These are the best ideas usually.
There he goes. Oh, boy.
Let's talk.
It requires a lot of confidence to do what you do.
To believe in her.
Not that what you do?
You're hungry.
And the others?
- Jebediah will take care of them.
I remember you.
Say goodbye to your friend.
Take him.
Damn, little dick.
- Mr. Dixie, Chizum master comes.
Come on.
Where is the rest of my shipment?
Run away into the night.
They even robbed my pillow.
Plunder this gang.
- With pleasure.
A tea party?
We're just playing.
The lot is safe.
Okay, who wants to have tea?
We had a deal.
- It was hardly a deal.
Do you like the show business, Crispus?
Last week we performed at Carnegie Hall.
And for Madison Square.
Imagine, we have a hit.
General, the lot is safe.
On your knees.
I have half of the bargain
Yes, and I will.
I will not kill anyone.
You killed him.
We'll find her.
Cute children.
Rest in peace, old friend.
Now what?
Now we finish the villains.
We need a means of transport.
Like a rock star.
Do not be gentle.
- No.
You have infinitely more guts than I do.
Excuse me, executioner. Can you bring us a bottle of rose?
As dry as possible please.
We settle rose.
Row harder.
- Shut up. You drive or I drive?
What the hell?
I drive.
- You must be harder.
I'm harder.
We have to jump.
Klamp, on the hood.
- You have to jump.
Then jump, wimp.
Care of it.
Get us out of here.
- Lying.
Damn, I'm touched.
This sucks, baby.
Ellie. Ellie.
It's just a splinter.
This is a perfect opportunity.
This is for you a good day to die
Where are you going, Abel?
This is an interesting twist.
I'll kill you, bitch.
Are we hitting them with guns?
Hey, asshole.
You are nothing.
Time to make her.
You look awful, Tom Dixie.
I'm right in the prime of my life
Maybe it's a dud.
I'll be back as well.
It's okay.
My brother, it was worth it.
You'll see.
You need a mirror.
I'm sorry Tom.
I'm sorry.
This is the Apocalypse.
But the world did not.
She keeps moving and continue.
People die, others live.
And I walk somewhere in between.
Six months later
Nice catch. Do not you think Worms?
I want to suck the marrow from your bones.
How did you do that?
You're not easy to find.
Looks like you're pretty
become entangled.
I'm sorry Tom.
He was a brave man.
The Free Legion needs your help.
I've had enough of the Legion.
And Ellie, do you want to know her secret?
You'll love it.
Abel, Ellie here.
I've let you down,
but listen.
The aliens are not what we thought.
You must Panzer confidence.
Not for me, but do it for Torn.
I will explain everything.
She's the fucking queen.
So, are you ready?