Dusty Ermine (1936) Movie Script

It's heaven. It's Wormwood Scrubs.
Same thing.
Two pillow cases.
And two of the Irish linen sheets.
And, Goldie, you'd better get him
a hot water bottle.
Oh, yes, mum. It'll be a real dip for him
after what he's been used to.
You've laid a fire in his room, Goldie?
Yes, mum.
That's good, that's good.
And Goldie, this time do remember to screw
the top security on the hot water bottle.
Oh, yes, mum.
Hello, mum.
Hello, dear. Where have you been?
I hope you haven't been extravagant.
Darling, even a K.C. can afford muffins.
Uncle Jim's favorite food, don't you remember?
No, no, I can't possibly receive you here today.
No, my brother's coming home
after a long stay in...
How much are the roses?
Six pence each coming up.
Lovely day, isn't it?
Not so nice as it was yesterday.
That's where you're wrong.
It's a much nicer day that yesterday
and nicer than the day before.
In fact, it's the nicest day in four years.
Hey, you gave me half a crown.
What is it now?
They won't bring him back in a Black Maria,
will they?
Well, Emily!
What would the neighbors say?
Don't worry, mother.
The police are very thoughtful.
They're sure to deliver him in a plain van.
Oh, do you think so, dear?
There he is.
It isn't he at all. It's Gilbert.
In a taxi.
Taxi? I'd take a bus.
I'd walk.
I'd stay at home.
Hello, everybody.
Gilbert, darling, where have you been?
I've been ringing up to your studio and getting no answer.
I've been quite worried, dear.
What do you mean by disappearing like this
without a word?
Hello, darling.
I, er... I've been hard at work.
Painting isn't work.
Now let me tell you...
Will you lend me five bob, father?
What for?
The taxi, I've only got a pound.
Better change it.
As a matter of fact I haven't got a pound.
I'm broke.
Broke? Why you had a year's allowance
only three months ago.
Yes, I know. But it's very expensive in Paris.
Paris? What were you doing in Paris?
Improving my technique.
How's the Follies Bergre?
Not very folly, but still very bare.
How dare you joke about your expenses!
I'm not...
Now, dear, dear, please!
It's all very well to say that, but...
I'm sure you are both hungry,
come along...
What about my five bob?
Oh, well, there.
There's four and six.
Come along, darling.
Excuse me, officer, but can you tell me
what bus will take me to Kensington?
27, 14 or 59, sir.
And they all go to Kensington, do they?
Yes, sir.
If I like, I can get on to one.
If I don't like, I don't have to, eh?
I beg your pardon?
If I like, I can go to... Richmond.
Or Edmond, or China.
If you like, you can go to...
Thank you, sergeant. Thank you a thousand times.
If you hope to make a living by selling those things
it's fortune that brought you back.
Look Here, we may as well get one thing straight.
I'm not going into your office.
I'd sooner starve, I'd sooner go to jail.
Gilbert, darling, I wish
you'd keep off that subject.
And your uncle Jim's coming home today, too.
Not too late, my dear. I'm here.
Uncle Jim, darling, how lovely to see you.
Are you really tired, Jim?
Not when I see you, Emily.
Well, Jim, I hope you've had a pleasant er...
Oh, Jim, dear, I...
Yes, I'm out. Like the leprechauns.
You've grown.
What did you expect?
After all, you've been away...
Yes, four years.
Less six months for good conduct.
Dear, you must be starving.
Now come along. What will you start with?
I've been having quite regular meals.
Nonsense, I know what the food's like in those places.
Hm, how?
Oh, just skilly and okra and things...
Oh, Goldie!
Darling, was it very awful?
Are you thinking of taking up
the forgery business?
If it still tastes the same.
Thanks, darling.
Well, here's to the Kent family.
With my apologies.
What a lot, for heaven's sake.
Look at them.
One Lord Chief Justice, three landed judges,
and a handful of eminent K.C.s.
Ah, great-uncle Joseph.
I should hate to live with that face in the dark.
Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.
Well, you'll be able to forget all that now.
Well now, what's this?
Yours, Gilbert?
Yes, yes, they are.
What do you think of them?
Very good. But remember.
I deserted the law for Art.
And the law took its revenge.
Gilbert is coming to my chambers.
Gilbert's doing nothing of the sort.
Now, don't argue, Gilbert...
My dears, please, please, boys, boys.
Jim, dear, we've got your old room ready for you.
Will that do?
As long as it's got no number on it.
Just the same.
Come and see it.
I'd love to.
Ah, same old place, eh?
You don't think we'd change it, do you?
You know that's a pretty good picture
if I may say so myself.
You never did care about your own work,
did you, Uncle Jim?
Shut up!
Do you remember when you were a kid?
How you used to come up here
and watch me draw for hours on end?
And I used to get covered in ink.
And what your mother said to me.
My old friends.
You know, you got me into a lot of trouble.
Why think about it anymore?
It's all over now.
But I like to.
I enjoyed making those notes.
After all, you know, forgery is an art.
With no public for bad work either.
If an artist paints a bad picture,
he gets into the academy.
But try and get away with a bad forgery
and you get into Dartmore.
But you didn't need to pass them.
Unfortunately I did.
I was particularly hard up
just about that that time.
Hard up seems to be a part
of an artist's education.
Let me try.
The great thing is to keep the line unbroken.
Never hesitate.
Like that.
How's that?
I'm afraid you've no future.
Pity. I'm very ambitious.
Excuse me, sir.
There's someone to see you.
Not a copper, I hope.
Oh, no, sir. A lady.
That makes all the difference. Show her in.
Uncle Jim, I thought you'd reformed.
Come on, Gilbert.
Now be careful.
Don't let freedom go to your head.
It all depends.
I'm not giving any promises.
Oh, dear...
I promise.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon. Come in, won't you?
Thank you very much. I do hope
you'll forgive this intrusion, Mr. Kent.
But I was so anxious to see you at once.
Not at all. Sit down.
Thank you very much.
You know, my friends and myself have been...
have been patiently awaiting
the day of your release.
Excuse, me, but do you represent one of the
Prisoner's Aid Society?
Well, in a way, yes.
And then in a way, no, as one might say.
My friends and I have thought so much about you.
And we were anxious to help you at once.
That's very kind of you, but I'm staying
with my brother just for the moment
and I really don't need any assistance.
You don't quite get my meaning, I see.
My friends are great admirers of your work.
My work?
You're such an artist.
And we feel that such lovely work
cannot be lost to the world.
Are you referring by any chance
to my skill with the pen?
What a beautiful thing, my skill with the pen.
And am I to understand that you wish me
to take up forgery again?
Oh, heavens...
Surely there's no need for unpleasant names...
among artists.
My friends have a splendid organization
with headquarters in the Alps.
I see.
Very convenient for getting money across
the international borders, eh?
Oh, how quick you are.
Lately the sales forces had a big drive
to capture the English market.
So you've come to me?
I'm flattered.
You'll enjoy being among people
who appreciate your art.
Then you'll have to distribute it, too.
Have you ever been to the Alps?
Have you ever been to prison?
Yes, Mr. Jim?
Now I must say goodbye.
Why, surely.
I should say au revoir.
Mind, we shall keep an eye on you.
You won't forget, will you?
Amazing woman.
That's the second forged fiver that's been turned
into our Department this month, Forsythe.
It's a good bit of work, sir.
Any suspects?
Jim Kent was let out just a month ago.
I've got the dossier here. And there's the note
that convicted him originally.
What do you make of it?
Same clean line.
No hesitation.
Not many men could have done it, sir.
What would you say, Forsythe,
if I were to put you in charge of this case?
Thank you, sir.
Your first job will be to get a specimen of this money
without arousing suspicion.
Yes, sir.
This may be a big thing for you, my boy.
We want quick results
and we will help you to get them.
You know, I always suspected you had genius.
They're detectives, all right.
And that short one is my old friend Helmsley.
I don't like his face.
Goldie, come here.
Now Goldie, I want you to remove a piece of evidence
which might cause the police
to make an unfortunate mistake.
Yes, sir.
You don't believe I'm really innocent,
do you, Goldie?
Well, sir, in any case I hope
you get away with it.
And as I can hardly expect the police
to be more trusting...
I want you to take away a few things
and a magnifying glass that I...
Why, I thought I had left them out here.
What is it, sir?
They're gone.
Put these in the compartment, sir?
Yes, please.
I really don't see why Linda should have
to go to the Alps, too.
Nor do I.
Why shouldn't I go? I haven't had a holiday for ages.
Besides, dear Linda will be able to look after Gilbert
and see that he doesn't work too hard
at his drawings, his paintings.
What is it you're going
to the Alps for exactly, dear?
I thought I had explained.
Yes, dear, but it was all so sudden.
Mother, dear. I have been engaged by
the Alpine Hotel Association
to go over there to paint murals.
Goodbye, darling. Goodbye.
Goodbye, darling.
Goodbye. Have a nice time.
Oh, dear, excuse me,
it was entirely my fault.
Oh, so you're seeing off your dear nephew, too.
Such a promising boy.
I told you we'd keep an eye on you.
Gangways up. One side, please.
Pass right along, please.
British subjects this way.
Pass right along, please.
British subjects this way.
Pass right along, please.
No, wait a minute.
Stop him. Hold him off the boat.
No, wait a minute.
Let him go through.
I say, my name's Kent.
Oh, yes, very nice.
I understand my nephew and niece
are staying at your sports hotel.
Oh, yes, I take the luggage yesterday.
Miss Kent and Mr. Kent very nice.
I'm glad they've been behaving themselves.
Where are they now?
I think they go up the mountain on the funicular.
What for?
There is a possibility of lunch there.
Very nice, very clean...
Very cheap.
Oh, yes. Then they go down on skis.
Whoosh... like that. Very nice.
Sounds terrible to me.
Take me to the funicular.
Oh, yes.
Jim, darling. What on earth
made you suddenly come out here?
Am I a pleasant surprise or a terrible nuisance?
A marvelous surprise.
Where's Gilbert.
He'll be joining us in a minute.
Oh, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Forsythe.
How do you do?
Been here long?
We caused terrific excitement early this morning
by suddenly arriving on a private plane.
Now don't try and make out he came only to see you.
Oh, shut up.
I only had the pleasure of meeting Miss Kent
for the first time this morning.
Don't tell anybody. He picked me up
on the nasty slopes.
Don't you get me into trouble with your uncle
the first time I meet him.
How did you know he was my uncle?
You told me, don't you remember?
Did I?
Miss Kent?
Excuse me, telephone, madam.
Thank you.
Will you excuse me a minute?
How about some lunch, Mr. Kent?
No, thanks, I had some.
Uh... just give me a cup of coffee,
will you?
Oh, but you must leave work for a little while.
Jim's here.
All on one bill, that's right?
Yes, that's right.
I'm awfully sorry.
I forgot to bring any money with me.
Oh, my dear boy, let me.
Do you take an English five-pound note?
Please, don't fear, I'll pay you back.
Trying to spend all your money already?
He's been paying for everything this morning.
It's my wallet I forgot.
I had some loose change on me.
Oh, I see.
Gilbert's painting improper pictures
in the hotel's new cocktail bar.
He said he can't tear himself away.
Are they as improper as all that?
Worse. He won't let anyone to see them.
Are you ready?
Are you sure you wouldn't rather cut the skiing out
and go down with your uncle in the funicular?
Oh, I wouldn't dream of it. I want to see him start.
Come on.
You go ahead, then. I want some cigarettes.
I'll get your change.
Fraulein, that English note the gentleman gave you.
Yes, sir?
I found some francs for the bill,
so would you mind letting me have it back?
Just a minute, sir. I'll get it.
You seem to be very interested
in that young man.
Oh, shut up.
Do you mind taking this back
to the hotel for me?
Of course I'm not interested in him.
I'm glad to hear it.
Kann ich Ihnen helfenm frulein?
Bitte schn.
Why do you say that?
I've got something rather disturbing
to tell you.
Do you know why he's really here?
No, why?
He's trying to steal Gilbert's job.
He seems such a nice, honest young man,
too, doesn't he?
But how did you find out?
The manager told me down below.
Do you think Gilbert's signed any contract yet?
I don't know.
If only we could warn him
we might get something signed.
But are you sure?
I can hardly believe it.
I can hardly believe it myself.
Now, if you can delay this Mr. Forsythe for a bit,
then I can warn Gilbert...
Hello, I got your change.
Are you ready?
Yes, quite.
Come on, then.
We'll be down at the bottom in time
to meet your funicular.
All right, I'll see you there.
You just leave it to me.
Too fast again?
A bit.
Well, try and keep it up.
Look, we're way ahead of the funicular.
So we are.
Right, you rest here and I'll try
to get a fire going.
You're so good to me.
I stumbled against the skis.
What the...
I'm so sorry.
Now we'll be several hours behind the funicular,
won't we?
Or days.
What do you mean?
Have you ever tried walking in that?
We can easily be back in time for dinner.
Yes, tomorrow.
Don't be absurd.
My dear girl... it would take hours to walk.
we'd never get back before dark.
I don't believe you.
Right, go on then.
You try.
All right, goodbye.
Do you care for me to send you anything?
Well, your uncle might like a farewell message.
I'll try to sing you one on the way down.
You'll have plenty of time.
Try the breast stroke. It's less tiring.
Yes, but I must see my nephew.
Monsieur, he's busy in there.
The cocktail bar must be finished by tomorrow.
Please do not disturb him.
Excuse me.
Entschuldigen Sie, mein lieben Herr, aber es ist zu...
That's all right.
Eintritt verboten.
I know, but my nephew's in there doing the paintings...
Mr. Kent.
Monsieur, je vous rpte, c'est ferm.
Do you speak English?
Je ne comprend pas, monsieur.
Je regrette beaucoup.
C'est pas possible...
Sprechen sie Deutsch?
Natrlich spreche ich Deutsch.
Ich habe das gesagt. Ich spreche Deutsch...
That's not the way we learned it at school.
Me go in there to see nephew, comprends?
Non, monsieur, c'est impossible.
Il est dfendu par le patron.
Ah, le votre patron!
That's just the man I want to see.
Now you wait here while I go see him inside.
Hello, Jim.
I say, I'm very glad to see you.
But look, you'll get me sacked
barging in here like this, you know?
The manager doesn't like people looking
at these designs.
Well, I don't blame him.
What are you doing here anyway?
I'm beginning to wonder myself.
Look here, couldn't you knock off a half an hour?
Oh, no.
Why not?
See this wall?
Yes. What is it?
Well, it's got to be the spirit of alcohol
by dinnertime.
All right, if you must you must.
Sorry, but this cow has to have
a boyfriend over here.
I'll see you later.
Alcohol permitted.
Hurry, I'm starving.
Your hammering will make that milk so condensed
we shan't be able to bite it.
I could do it better myself.
The job's yours.
Well, at least you can boil another kettle.
If there's anything we've got plenty of it's snow.
You should know.
If you hadn't been so clumsy
we'd have had some hot tea by now.
If you hadn't been such clumsy idiot
we shouldn't be here at all.
I see you've opened it.
Oh, why don't you do something?
What do you suggest?
What's so funny?
If I'd known what sort of man you were,
I'd have left those skis alone.
Do you mean to say you threw
our skis away deliberately?
What if I did?
Except you must be very disappointed.
Well, I don't happen to be romantic,
that's all.
You don't think I kept you here
because you were you, do you?
Didn't you?
Look at that.
You can't even make a fire properly.
Well, there's probably something in this chimney.
Yes, a couple of loose bricks up here.
Darned funny idea of people about a building.
There's a lot of space here.
What's the difference? You can't eat it.
That will be all right now.
What's so funny?
You're not dining tonight, Mr. Kent?
Look here. Couldn't we send out a search party?
There is no need to worry yet.
Fr dir, meine Frau.
I must see my nephew.
Please, no. It is necessary he finishes his work
for the opening.
If he hear Miss Kent is not back he is upset.
But supposing there's been an accident?
Something small, perhaps, a broken ski.
There are many huts.
Miss Kent will be quite comfortable.
What's that for?
That is where I hope to sleep.
Oh, but that's not fair.
We really ought to toss for the bed.
Yes, I think we ought.
Heads! Bad luck.
What is it?
Shut up.
Such chivalry isn't dead.
Chivalry my eye. I picked the warmest place.
You're not half as hardboiled
as you'd like me to believe, are you?
Good night.
I think you're just an old sentimentalist at heart.
Good night!
Just trying to pretend.
Good night.
Good night.
The utter sunshine which is stretching
across Southern Europe
will probably not reach the British Isles.
How fortunate for Jim out of all
this horrid weather.
What a treat for him. The peace, the repose.
Just to lie back in the sun and relax.
Five on the six.
Oh, yes, of course, dear...
He's very absent-minded, though.
I wonder if Linda also had a chaperone.
Your turn for the bed.
You heard me. Go on.
No, no...
Stand up! We're going fifty/fifty.
Oh, all right, if you insist.
You've killed him.
He asked for it.
Go on, get rid of him.
Thanks for the buggy ride, boys.
That was a rotten way to greet an old pal.
What do you mean sneaking in here?
Your representative in London offered me a job
and here I am.
Nice little outfit you've got here.
You're a fine nephew, trying to do an old man
out of a job.
You've made a plate already.
Very creditable.
I couldn't have done better myself.
He found the "r" and the "a" a little difficult.
What pen did you use?
A number 3.
Lovely pen, isn't it?
I designed it myself.
Fine line you have, Gilbert.
Most artistic.
You slipped up a bit there, though.
It's all right, boys. I can fix this in a minute.
Thank you.
But we don't need you or your help.
Then you don't want him either.
Do you think I'm going to let you chuck me out of here
while this young whippersnapper stays
and does more work?
The work is finished.
Then we're both going.
Yes, you're both going, all right.
The question is where.
Before you shampoo me with that
I warn you there's a dick outside
from Scotland Yard.
Now let's work out something that won't give
your hotel any unpleasant publicity
when that detective comes down in the morning.
Oh, waiter, you're just in time.
No, it's for somebody.
Will you have tea or coffee?
Don't tell me love is the most important thing in life.
Food is.
Don't you waste time talking.
Has Mr. Jim Kent come down this morning yet?
Mister who?
Don't speak with your mouth full.
Don't speak at all.
Mister Kent.
Mr. Kent? He's gone.
I regret very much that monsieur is obliged
to leave us so soon.
Monsieur is satisfied?
Oh, quite. The first hotel I ever
visited with every convenience.
Monsieur is too kind.
Would you mind? Thank you.
Oh, I almost forgot.
For the staff.
Monsieur is too generous.
You're certain?
Certain, sir.
Thank you very much.
It's absurd!
Yes, isn't it?
Made a fool of by a girl.
We kept up all night on the mountain
when the man I came here to arrest...
Are we going into that again?
Listen, I came here to get Jim...
and you're not going to stop me.
You're flying back to London with me today.
I'm doing nothing of the sort.
Oh yes you are.
I'm going to hold you as an accessory after the fact.
You're going to hold me?
Who do you think you are?
I have every reason to suppose that I'm
Detective Inspector Forsythe from Scotland Yard.
Look here, Uncle Jim...
Well, I don't want to seem ungracious, but...
I do wish you'd kept out of all this.
I expect you do.
I know what you're going to say.
Why must I ruin my life,
why can't I earn an honest living...
I hope I'll never say anything quite as dull as that.
I'm sorry.
But, you see, you don't understand
how I feel about it all.
It's a sort of adventure.
The thrill of...
Finding you can actually make one.
You suddenly realize there's nothing in the world
you can't buy.
Unlimited power.
It's knowing you're fooling everyone.
Yes, but you must learn to make your "rr" better.
When you make an "r" you mustn't...
Here am I giving you a lesson in crime
instead of a lecture on it.
Well, why not?
At least it would save me from having to stifle
in father's office.
You can stifle in worse places than an office.
I'm not afraid of prison.
Neither was I.
Until I'd been there.
Is this the French border?
Does it matter?
Rien declarer, messieurs, mesdames?
What's wrong?
French Customs. Nothing to declare?
Customs always make me feel like this.
You haven't got anything, have you?
No, of course not.
You know, you're not made for this sort of life.
Pardon, messieurs, vous n'avez rien declarer?
What is this?
Just a gramophone.
Ahh! Good evening, everybody.
Henry Hors speaking.
Pardon, messieurs.
Je ne derrange pas?
Not at all.
Ah, you speak English.
I speak English.
How lucky.
Oh, you have a gramophone, too.
Oh, yes.
Mais vous avez un billet de troisime classe.
Qu'est-ce que j'ai faire, alors?
Le troisime est tout au bout du train.
Il n'y a plus de place au troisime.
Mais ici c'est un compartiment de deuxime classe.
Je vous ai dit qu'il n'y a de place au troisime.
Alors il faut payer le complment.
Jamais de la vie!
Que voulez-vous que je fasse?
Aller au diable.
Je ne permis personne de m'insulter.
What is it all about?
Travelling second class on a third class ticket.
Oh, I thought they liked each other.
Je vais parler la compagnie...
au prsident de la compagnie.
a c'est vraiment impossible, voyons.
C'est tout fait incivilis.
On peut pas voyager.
Look, mommie, he took the wrong gramophone!
The dirty old crook.
Did he, Gilbert?
No, no, that's mine all right.
No, it ain't, I know it ain't!
Now, Johnny, don't disturb the gentleman.
Thank you, madam.
Here's my card.
Take it to the pilot and tell him I want to use his radio
for an official message to Scotland Yard.
Very good, sir.
Why are you crying?
I'm not.
Laughing you're not.
I do wish it shouldn't have happened,
I guess.
I know you're really not mixed up
with those people.
And Jim?
It's horrible.
You gained my confidence just to spy on us.
That's not true.
I went out with you because...
Because you are damned attractive.
Oh, don't go on with that.
You pretended to be a friend.
Just to make use of me.
I do wish you'd believe. I am really your friend.
Then prove it.
Of course I will. What do you want me to do?
Forget about sending that message.
Leave him alone.
He's been through so much.
How can I?
If he's innocent, why did he run away?
Then do it just because I ask you to.
Excuse me, sir.
The pilot says would you go forward.
All right.
Linda, I never thought I should have
to talk to you like a...
well, like a hero.
My dear...
won't you please try to realize this is simply
a question of duty?
All right, run along and do your duty.
When you're finished I hope I never see you again.
Hello, Roger.
GYAGB calling.
Police message. Urgent.
Jim Kent returning Calais -Dover.
Notify Scotland Yard.
Detain Kent at Dover.
Is this correct?
All right. I'll take this gangway,
you take the other one.
Well, there's my old friend Inspector Helmsley.
I wonder whom he's after.
Two more plainclothesmen just over there.
How do you know?
I've seen plainclothesmen before.
I didn't expect this.
Why, what's wrong?
That gramophone. It's full of counterfeit notes.
That Frenchman on the train...
You fool, why did you...
I was forced into it.
What am I going to do?
Look cheerful.
I said look cheerful.
Look here. We leave the gramophone on board.
Nobody knows it belongs to you.
Come on.
Hello, Helmsley, how are you?
Expecting friends?
Well, you can put it like that if you like.
I say, do me a favor, there's a good fellow.
What's that?
Just see me through the customs, will you?
That's what I'm here for.
Oh, nothing.
Here's something you forgot to look at.
What's that?
My vaccination marks.
Well, it looks like someone's made a mistake.
Never mind, Inspector.
We're all liable to make mistakes sometimes.
Are you quite finished with those?
Pink Whales.
Look who's coming on the train.
That inspector.
You must learn to keep your mind
on things that matter.
Hmm, Chelsea won again.
Oh, here they are, mum, look!
I've been looking for you everywhere.
I saw you leave it on the boat.
What a bright little boy.
It's such an easy thing to do
to leave things on a boat, isn't it?
Well, I knew you wouldn't want to lose it,
so I said to myself...
Thanks very much. Goodbye.
Linda and Forsythe.
They're getting on the train.
Go into the corridor and keep them out of here
for a few minutes.
Is your uncle along?
I have to see him do you mind?
Why, is anything the matter?
He's a detective.
I'm glad to see you've found your family,
Mr. Kent.
Here he is, sir.
Why, if it isn't my old friend Inspector Helmsley.
How that man does love me.
It's your own fault.
It's quite a family party.
What's this?
Oh, just a gramophone.
I'm sorry I haven't got any records.
You didn't have this come in through the customs?
Is that true?
Surely you wouldn't doubt the word
of a police inspector.
Why, it is a gramophone.
Take it apart.
By the way, how are you? I'm glad
you got back safely from that skiing expedition.
Was it kind to run away and leave me
in a mess with a policeman?
He's been chasing me all over Europe.
Chasing you? I like that.
Evidently, otherwise he wouldn't have done it.
There's nothing there, sir.
Do you hear that, Gilbert?
That man gets to the bottom of everything.
I'm sorry, but I'll have to search the compartment.
Yes, of course.
Excuse me.
Sit down, Gilbert.
Have these gone through the customs?
That's right, relax. We may as well
get everything out of the shell if we can.
Excuse me, please.
Well, it looks like we're ruining
a real pleasant journey.
We're just about finished.
One trunk unattended, sir.
Well, not really.
I guess Mr. Forsythe will
be good enough to leave us now.
Of course, yes. All right, Helmsley.
Linda, I do wish...
We don't want to hurry you.
I only hope this will be the end...
My dear fellow, we quite understand.
All right, Forsythe, you win.
You're under arrest.
If you knew how I loathe myself...
Sit down.
I should have told them everything
when they arrested you.
I'm not going to let you go through with this.
I'm going to confess.
For heaven's sake, pull yourself together
or we'll land in jail.
Well, one of us has got to.
And really, I've got quite the old school feeling
for the place.
When I think it was all my fault.
If it hadn't been for me you'd never
have done this.
I'm an old man now.
I know, and I've got my life ahead of me.
So you have to go to prison
while I redeem the family honor.
Well, it would certainly do with a bit of redeeming.
I have let the family down.
It's up to you now.
Your lawyer's waiting.
I won't be long.
Anyway, I don't know why we're going
so emotional about it.
You know, I'm not going to let them
send me to prison.
What do you mean?
My dear chap, they can't prove anything.
You ought to hear the defense we've worked out.
My lawyer's an amazing chap.
Do you mean that?
Of course, now don't worry.
I'll be home in a week.
You go and tell your mother to keep my bed aired.
Shall I send your lawyer in?
Oh, my lawyer.
I don't know.
What's the use?
Mr. Kent!
How's the old man taking it?
Can we give you a lift?
No, you can't. I've finished with you for good.
Oh, nonsense.
Oh, dear, Mr. Kent.
Surely you wouldn't turn down old friends.
Specially old friends who know so much about you.
One, two, three, four, five...
six, seven. Thirty-seven.
Thank you.
Dear Gracious Goodness!
I know I brought it with me.
What can I have done with it?
Maybe it's in this pocket.
Could you?
It's no use shoving, my good man.
It should be down here, you know.
Oh, I know.
There it is.
What did I tell you?
Would you be so kind as to change this for me?
Would you please?
Certainly, madam.
Oh... one moment, madam.
Well, really.
Do they expect to keep us waiting
here all day long?
Excuse me, madam.
Will you be kind enough to step along
to the manager's office for one moment, please?
Yes, of course.
Uh... back this way, please.
Oh, certainly, I shall be delighted to see the manager.
I'm sorry, madam. I really must ask you
to come to the manager's office.
Yes, yes, I'm coming in a minute.
But you really must allow me to go
where I'm going and fetch what I want.
You'll pardon me, madam. I believe you're wanted.
Oh, yes, but unfortunately I'm in a hurry.
Pardon, madam, you must realize...
My words don't penetrate!
Hello. Get me Scotland Yard.
Can you give a description?
Middle-aged, quiet, innocent-looking.
Hello, Superintendent.
Put the Flying Squad on to them at once.
Let me go! Let me go!
Will you take your hands off me.
Will you take your hands off me!
What is the meaning of this, officer?
If you'll sit down, I'll tell you.
Mind you, I shall write to the Times about this.
Things have come to a great impasse
when a law abiding subject
is seized by a big bully in a police uniform.
That's quite enough of that. I want to ask you
some questions about this bank note.
Mind you, I shall report this incident to the Commissioner.
I uh...
If you know what's good for you, my man,
you will release me immediately.
Now, look here, Miss Butterbill, Doctor Evangeline Syms,
or whatever you happen to be calling yourself
at present...
I've got a photograph here that will probably interest you.
Yes, it's a startling resemblance isn't it?
Law abiding British subject n. 718, native of Holloway.
Well, officer...
if as you say the bank note you're holding
is really forged
naturally I, ever e law-abiding British subject,
would wish to do all in my power
to bring the culprits to justice.
Of course my motives are purely unselfish...
but I take it the police would show
some reasonable appreciation of my service?
Well, of course I can't promise anything.
That's up to the judge
I think if you're wise, you'll talk.
This organization is a very clever one.
So I've been told.
Each individual is allowed to know only the one person
with whom he has to deal.
There's a gentleman... oh, he seemed every inch
a gentleman, believe me...
who every Wednesday night used to hand me
a packet of bank notes.
Naturally it never entered my head
that they were forged ones.
All right.
Now, where did you make this exchange?
At a tobacconist ate the Elephant and Castle.
Not that I smoke myself.
This is the last one I buy.
What's the matter with them?
Darling, you know I wouldn't do a thing like that.
Smoke it yourself.
Tell you what I'll do. Give you another box.
Al right then, ducky, if you don't trust me,
bring your mother along in the car.
Send police car with two men...
Right, no risk, remember.
Just follow the men.
Hm-hm, bye-bye, darling.
Bye, darling.
I've got it, sir.
The man gave the woman fresh counterfeit money
coming from their headquarters.
And she gave him back the real money that she collected
from planting the previous consignment.
Now what?
This is our chance.
We're going to trace these exchanges, link by link
until the chain leads us right back to their headquarters.
We've tracked him to the coast, sir.
He's just met someone at the border
with a fresh supply of counterfeit notes
and exchanged them for the real money.
Yes, sir. I'll fix up Johnson to get aboard the boat
and see where they go.
Hello? Right, follow the men.
Get me Forsythe.
Hello, Goldie, is Miss Linda in?
I better ask her, sir.
Well... tell her it's important, will you?
Yes, sir.
him, miss.
You know what to tell him.
Oh, I couldn't tell him that, miss.
Why don't you see him? Just once.
He can't help being a detective
No more than I can help resenting what he did,
The man's work is not his fault, miss.
I had a young man once, in the sewage line.
But I didn't turn up me nose at him.
It's no good trying to persuade me, Goldie.
Go and tell him I won't see him.
Then you'll have to close your eyes.
I'm sorry, I'm out.
I'm sorry I missed you.
Will you take a message to yourself?
Goldie, will you show Mr. Forsythe out, please?
Goldie, will you leave Mr. Forsythe where he is, please?
Goldie, did you hear me?
Goldie, are you deaf?
Before you run away I want you to look at this.
That's the signature of the chief cashier
of the bank.
Very poor writing.
Yes, isn't it?
But the point is that man was only appointed cashier
after Jim's arrest.
What does that mean?
This is a forgery.
But it's identical to the ones we found on Jim.
What does that mean?
He can't have made this one.
Therefore he didn't make the others.
Just as I told you from the first
if only you had listened.
Well, I'm going to listen to you now,
I need your help.
What can I do?
Since Jim has refused to put up any defense,
it's obvious he's shielding someone.
Can you think of anybody you used to see here?
Any old crony, any...
But Gilbert might.
You know, I want to see Jim free
just as much as you do.
Why, I like him.
That doesn't sound very police reason.
There's another one, too.
What's that?
What do you think?
Do you want me, Linda?
Oh, hello, Forsythe.
I didn't know you were here.
Mr. Forsythe's got wonderful news.
They say the notes Uncle Jin was arrested for
are still being made.
Why, that's grand. How do you know?
We caught one of their runners
trying to pass them in a bank.
Now we've traced them back step by step
and it's only a matter of time
till we get to the headquarters.
Oh, I see.
Will Uncle Jim be let off now?
If we can find out who he's shielding.
We thought you might have some idea.
I? How would I know?
Can't you remember anyone in particular
whom he used to see when he was here?
No, I can't think of anyone.
Yes, hold on a minute.
It's for you.
Speaking, yes.
Oh, hello, Price, how are you?
They have?
That's fine, yes...
No, don't bring the French police into it.
I'll go myself.
Well, I needn't bother you, Gilbert.
They've placed the notes to Diepp.
Oh, good...
Well, if I can think of anybody, I'll let you know.
I must get off to Diepp as soon as I can.
I've only got two days before Jim's trial comes on.
When do we start?
There's a boat at 2:27.
We missed that.
But of course you like flying, don't you?
What is all this?
As a detective you need an awful lot of explaining,
don't you?
Are you under the impression
that you're coming with me?
Are you under the impression I would let you go alone?
Why not?
Because you make a mess of everything.
What do you think Scotland Yard will say?
If I know anything about Scotland Yard
they'll never even find out.
Did you see that?
He took the wrong case.
The right one you mean.
That's our man. Come on.
So what?
So we follow him.
I see. We'll ride in the back in his skis
and he won't notice us.
No, we couldn't do that.
Why not?
Then he would be sure we were there.
You couldn't stop short.
Excuse me.
Could you possibly arrange to take us
for some ski tours?
Sorry, monsieur, but I'm just leading two
up the mountain.
Well, couldn't we go with you?
Impossible, I fear.
It is a long and difficult route.
We wouldn't mind that.
And the weather, it is going to snow.
It would not be fit for the lady.
You wouldn't get much change out of him.
Well, there's a ski haul over there. I can always haul
a pair of skis and follow in his tracks, can't I?
You're very, very clever.
Never mind, I'll help you.
Oh, no you won't. You're not going.
We'll see about that.
Oh, yes we will.
For once you're going to do as you're told.
It'll be a new experience for you.
The English police.
Oh, Mr. Kent.
They've traced your agent to France.
But this is not France, my friend.
But they're following the line.
They may be here at any moment.
Then we must see to it that they find nothing.
Glad to see you here.
I told you not to come!
You forgot your emergency ration.
Go back!
You're definitely impertinent.
No, look here, my dear, I'm serious.
This fellow may be dangerous.
Why do you suppose I came?
I can't have you taking risks for my sake.
We shall be two to one now.
How do you expect me to deal with a desperate criminal
if I've got a woman to look after?
I'm just dying to see.
You're a nuisance.
Shouldn't we better go on?
Listen! I am going on alone.
So am I. Come on, let's go on alone together.
You know, some day some man will take you in hand.
Poor devil!
Out this way with everything.
I've got the sleighs waiting.
There's far more material this time.
We've got to finish.
We won't be safe until every scrap of evidence
has been destroyed.
Of course.
Stop a bit.
What's the matter, is this too fast for you?
Don't make me fall.
Look at that.
The frontier. That's how they do it.
The guards can never see anyone
up here on the mountains.
That fellow we've been following is a professional guide.
Nobody would think of suspecting him.
He picks it up somewhere on this side
and he runs it across it to France.
Must be the altitude.
Making your brain work at last.
Where do you imagine he picks it up?
That's what I'm going to find out. Come on.
I know.
Isn't there anything up there
slightly familiar to you?
The hut!
I thought of it first.
If this hut near the border
is the first point of its chain...
Then we know why Jim came to the Sports Hotel.
Their headquarters.
How the old home has changed.
They got in another tin of milk.
A nice romantic episode I have to remember.
I prefer my romances a little above zero.
And on a full stomach, too.
And a man who doesn't snore.
And a chimney that doesn't smoke.
May I ask what you're doing?
Your job.
What the?
Does anyone call you a credit to the force?
I stopped a railway heist once.
The last bet off.
Do we have to climb?
No, Professor, there's a funicular.
Oh, that's much worse.
It makes me dizzy.
Quite like old times, isn't it?
Don't you ever feel sentimental?
Only after treacle pudding.
I never knew criminals yodeled that way.
That guy comes from the Sports Hotel.
Coming to collect the real money.
Now look, if there's any trouble, you go straight down
the mountain and get hold the local police.
What about you?
I shall probably be causing the trouble.
The bricks!
Get them back quickly so they won't notice anything.
Hold it! Hold it!
Thank you!
Come on!
Have a good morning's sport?
I fail to see why falling and falling
again and again should be called sport.
It's the professor's first time on skis.
I'm so glad to go home to the hotel right now.
That's fine. Could we possibly come with you?
Okay. Of course you can.
Go and get your skis on.
What have you done with your hand?
I strained it as I came up this morning...
Does it hurt?
It's just a ligament strain,
nothing too serious.
Stay where you are!
What are you doing?
It's all right. I'm from the English Police
and this fellow is mixed up with some forgers.
Forgers? English Police?
I'm sorry to drag you into this
but I must ask you to help me.
You take that and tie him up.
Go on, don't be afraid.
Go ahead. I've got him covered.
Not that way, no.
His hands behind his back.
Keep still, you!
Now, while I'm going down to the police
and have the hotel raided,
I'll send back for this man.
Will you stay here and keep an eye on him?
I don't like the idea to be left alone
with a dangerous criminal.
Don't worry. He's quite harmless now.
Oh, for goodness' sake, take the gun!
One moment, please.
Would you be so kind to lift your hands?
Thank you.
So, you are from the English Police.
You needn't be frightened yet.
We're not going to shoot you.
You might have a small accident outside.
Off we go.
All right, never mind the rest.
What about this stuff?
We leave it.
I think there's a lot there in the hideout.
Oh, how?
We have sent four men up to the hut.
I think they'll deal very easily
with the young couple.
What are you going to do with them?
Do? Nothing.
But perhaps there's a little accident.
You know, I shall be very sorry if this happens.
Skiing accidents are such bad publicity
for a sports hotel.
But what can one do?
I can't.
You must.
I can't go on.
Anybody there?
I don't know who owns these.
They'll make a forced trail.
Come on.
What are they doing here?
They're looking for skis.
They're taking our skis.
Quick, duck!
Okay, can you stop the funicular?
Oh, no, we mustn't.
You going to walk out in the air?
Let me down in your rope, will you?
No, no, impossible.
They're coming?
Take off your skis.
No time to explain. Perhaps I don't have to.
Perhaps you don't.
Quick, get Linda out of here.
I'll stop them.
You're not going to stay.
Only one of us has got to stop them.
Stop or I'll shoot.
Quick, to the top.
Two pillow cases and a pair
of the Irish linen sheets.
Yes, mam.
And, Goldie, you'd better get him a hot water bottle.
I will, mam.
And you've lit a fire in his room?
Thank you.
He's late.
Hello, darling.
Jim, dear,
Hello, Jim.
My dear, forgive me for being abrupt.
Would you mind leaving Linda and me
alone together for a moment?
I've one or two rather important things
I want to say to her.
Of course, dear.
Now come along, darling, come along.
Tell me, how do matters stand
between you and Forsythe?
As one only could stand after what's happened.
I haven't seen him again.
He certainly shows no anxiety to see me.
Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say that.
As a matter of fact he gave me a letter for you.
So, I just say you're quite right.
After all, what's the use?
When you've made up your mind...
What are you doing?
Give it to me!
My dear.
Why go and cause you unnecessary pain?
Linda, what can I say?
You said everything, beautifully.
I have?
Your letter.
That's my writing.
Why shouldn't it be?
Because I didn't write it.
Well, really! For once you're human enough
to say something nice
and then you haven't the courage to admit it.
I haven't said anything nice.
And what's more...
I know your type... I know your type.
Passion is on paper!
And don't expect me to come running
the next time you write and ask me to.
Are you going to suggest I asked you
to come here?
Are you going to deny that you wrote this?
Why, it's my writing.
Why, of course it...
Well, I'll say I wrote mine
if you say you wrote yours.