Duvvada Jagannadham (2017) Movie Script

What message to the civilized society?
Smoking and drug abuse,
Healthy harm to the health!
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Mother Annapurna, bless.
Come on all ... carefully.
Do not forget anything?
All I have given is the right way.
Have you given water to everyone?
Annapurna Catering ... Pure Vegatorian!
(Card delivery)
It was 20,000.
Here is 5,000 ... all this is sir?
Forget about the phone
I gave it be happy.
It's not sir ... spending-expenses all have increased.
At least 10,000 days.
Enough? Need more?
In this way despite the dwarf being too small,
Bali won the victory against Chakravarti.
Grandfather ... if God is one,
Why so many forms? Why so much name?
You do not understand me? How much is God,
That is not the main. What to do, you have to look into it.
To catch up good work
All the people are the form of God!
Our good deeds should be visible,
We are not (people behind good deeds).
Every day with younger brother
Come on, walk! Forehead!
What? Will you go into the class? Share!
Your younger brother?
Papa forgot to take the pen!
Dost, are they our college students?
How do I know? I only see.
We're fresh (new ones), sir.
What? Are you fresh
Our good deeds should be visible,
We are not (people behind good deeds).
What's up? Can you feel ashamed?
Come on! Do a kiss!
They did wrong. Why do you kill him?
What is wrong, we have to bow down!
I respected you in the society!
Even after being born in the place of hydrotherapy (space), what is your anger?
This is not rudimentary, protect you from today!
When it's on the neck, do not touch anyone!
I mean, can open the hand-father?
Open this rudimentary with your hand,
That will be equal to my death.
In this address of Vaijagera it will be given.
Well, father.
Be careful. I do not lose
Closed case file, open again!
Very bad ...
I will not leave you anyway!
That's why I will catch up first!
Can you make a pistol with a department pistol?
Look at it ... brand new!
Setting this way, here's the pressure Boommum!
Do you tray once
this! What are you doing here? Share!
this! Who are you Get down the pistol! What do you want
Money? Take this! Get down the pistol!
Where are you from? Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand ....
Bijayara ... sakikinayakaranapura agaham, sir
Brahmin society! What is your name
this! Who else
Sir, this is the main accused in college-girl rape case!
Keep it, I see. you go.
What's the name
I'm asking you! What's the name
this! I'm asking the name. What are you looking at?
Why Marley? I'm asking you!
Why Marley?
He made an incompetent mistake, sir.
So, kill me?
Sita kidnapped Raban. For this, we set fire to the face of Ravana every year.
If it is with our sister, why not burn them?
That's why we are not? Arrested
I used to present it in court.
How long did it take to complete this, sir?
3 months, 6 months or 1 year! So what?
Until then how did you sleep, sir?
I could not have been.
Dialog is very straightforward! Do not be straightforward!
Look at this! All of them have committed such a crime! I own
I've typed in my hand. So what Everyone will kill !?
If you want to kill then sir!
If we defend religion,
Religion will protect us, sir.
I am impressed! The words are breath!
The police like me?
No, sir!
Why ?!
If you like the market like this?
My grandfather says"The good things we've done are good things
Should be visible, not a person to work. "
Pareshu Osman, yesterday's saliva, nursing brother today! One after another
One terrorist killed! There is no information to the police?
Is the new gangster coming in town?
Say, sir! Why silence? please answer!
Yeah! A new gangster has arrived in the city!
Who is that sir? Whoa! Say it!
His whole information, we did not get it yet!
Just got the name.
What sir? What is his name?
Oh! Supply in 1 hour!
Why are all standing like this?
Jagannadam without cooking curry is not possible!
Jagannadhama actually will be made of polao!
Waiting for the Jagannadham!
Without Jagannadham my work is not possible!
Jagannadham is the face of all! Okay
I do not see any work!
Where is Jagannadham?
I do not know where I went.
Stylish Star Allu Arjun
As Duvvada Jagannadham
This ... this ... this!
All of the pillar rays! Stop it!
Brahmastra learns to come and play,
What message to the civilized society?
Gaanapati sir did not come yet.
Enough! Do not ring in the hour
Do not we stop the temple?
What is it, yesterday?
A verse has started.
Oops! No verse? Give me rewards
You need to know why?
So late, civilized society
What message you want to give?
I used to come before! Swaraparampam (place)
Forgetting one thing, it's late to come.
Yes, Dad! I'm coming now
Do not feel like a good moment. Suddenly, suddenly
Work-civilized society will be civilized for how long!
Yes, Dad!
Are you? Why so late
All for you! Did you tell the cat in the morning?
What did you say?
I said Stay now, go later.
And what did you say?
What did you say
To give these messages to everyone.
Not to follow themselves.
What did not follow?
Tire pandure is!
Market clock was twelve o'clock!
Hing? And what did you say?
Their Intercaste Marriage (separate tribe),
This has forbidden them.
Now we see a different group marriage! No longer us
What role is it? People of all the tribes are becoming one at a time!
But, without hing, polo civilized
What message do we give to society?
Hello, who's saying?
Hello, Madam. Sir?
My rule is in our house. Tell you
Great! You said, do not give hing.
Apart from Hing, polao is the tasteless!
We do the same way that we cook the Brahmin food.
If you do not like it, exclude polao. Give up the girl. what you say?
How so easily? We are "Kamma" (tribe), they are Brahmin
Not everyone agreed on their separate marriage.
Are you kamma? Did not you say? Do not worry!
People do not know the siege! This is not the case!
See without any problem
All done. Be bold.
But, my daughter does not have these filling.
Oh! All have explained! Many of these things
Have experience. No pressure ness
I'm going to pooja the evening. Sharma, what's the end?
All the work seems to be done in one hand. Nobody is working!
That guy, you're gonna do? Or the day to work?
Jere! What are you What is lazy
This is the work of Kakara mind win
If you can get reward!
[Cats on the journey are evilBrahmins say. Polao, the two-word sounds are not exactly the same. That scene was not well enough. ]
[Brahman's regional language has been implemented in the movie. A few exceptions to the normal Telugu! Forgive mistakes in sub-construction ]
What's up? Do not catch that
There was silent. Tell me
When will you come to Hyderabad?
One minute!
Yes, Dad ...? Force!
Where's our next cooking?
Hyderabad ray
23 days will go. Marriage on 26th.
Come on 23 June!
Who is he?
Come on. I will say all.
Prepare his wreath program.
Have you agreed to mourn?
Sraddha is only for dead people, not on wedding ceremony.
Asking such a strange question what will the civil society answer?
The words will not work. I'll meet you.
Give me a warning.
No warnings, I will kill!
Who are you talking about killing?
What's wrong with hearing? Not kill,
I'll cook. I will cook.
Where to see?
Tilloo Marshhet ... construction business
The drug business is being hidden behind the drug business.
Nine-drag with the help of agents
Targeting the boys!
Drugs, girls' bad video blackmail
They are losing money from their parents!
3 police officers took action.
They killed 3 people.
00:17:09,130 - 00:17:12,030
Before killing every agent weakening the gang.
10 agents will die, 15 more will be made.
Directly kill him!
What does he mean? Tallow marshate!
Yes, yes, I'm coming in place.
What did you say? 4th Floor?
This, how much is it Floor?
4th number.
Floor is right. But, he said
5 people talk about Here are 4 people.
Yes, yes. Another one came and the one.
What is gold Went to the toilet? Boy here boy!
What's the name?
Here, what is Tallu Marshhet?
I'm tilo marshate! This is the 4th floor, we are 5.
Candidate Confirm! Call me later
You're not the architect?
this! Valgaaganera give yourself identity!
Let's give this identity ... brother!
What? what is it? You say that? :P
It will take a look .. stay on the buildup
It will take ... There will be a lot of utility.
Vessel and bonescall is present ...
Interesting and Entertaining CharactersDJ!
Now start the entertainment!
Hey, who is a DJ?
I'm not playing DJ band,
DJ I play your band!
I saw it for the first time! In front of me
Such gapeap, talk like this!
Only once a person like me
Look at Then died!
If you live like a king,
How do I survive, annihilate you?
Say it once, annihilate him!
Baby kidney! Elderly
The nose? So you
Sit quietly!
The thing is to stop (Apelly)!
Everything will be closed!
Hey! What is the "Apaliya" again?
Your head!
this! What did you come for I got it! However,
Ask the leg well. Then the next thing.
Hey, what is the "raid" (ask) again?
Hey this is one of our problems in India!
So many states and so many languages!
She did not understand my words!
However, body language can understand!
Because, my Body Language Universal!
"Apelly" (to stop) that means it!
Do not you understand? Do not you understand? Now understand!
Leave it! Leave brother!
"Apelly" (to stop) that means it!
There is no need to get water in this regard. Tax payment
When is the last date? 30 September, sir.
I did not study much like you.
I have read up to this. My dad .. ambitious
Be nice, wherever you are.
According to him, there is no relation between education and job.
good morning. Shot ready, sir.
Where's the flower pants, sir?
Some people get kick in flower pants,
I got kick in half pants.
What you say I get kick in it.
AdvertisingDwarf Construction!
For all classes of people
Looking at this guy's action,
Hero Alam songs are good!
Do not see! Who said to see?
Sir, sir. My intention is not to do it.
If someone buys it, will buy "Nike Construction"
Not for my acting or your direction.
I'm not actually models. However, many roll models!
What is he saying?
You're better off.
Idiot will be buried! I'm keeping you in this job!
Not to mention good and bad. I just want to profit.
When the profit comes, everyone will see that.
Not owned. Look at "Knife Construction".
Got it, sir.
At last I found the "Agro Diamonds" chairman.
Calling for 3 days. Do not raise!
Sir doing wrong. Making a big mistake.
What's wrong? We're doing business.
Not business Fraud! We will give land to the people
Taking money But, we have so much land!
Took money from thousands of people. Many of the police
Complains to When is it? Thinking!
There will be nothing like that. Leave these thoughts!
If something like that, first of all you will say your name!
What's up? Do you fear?
Do not fear sir! If that's the case ...
Taking Tk 5 lakh in the month, 5pm
Can not take pressure in minutes? Idiot!
All will ask alms to me, challenge me
Must die! Survive ... that's all about the hospital.
The traffic jams of Hyderabad
The situation is bad at all!
This is Shastri, today I will have fun!
Very much!
Do not marry in Hyderabad! Pants-shirt later
I told you to come. Who is listening!
For Annapurna Catering's own custom policy
Everyone has a good reputation, remember it all.
After this kind of performance Maithil, you
Your husband DDLJ's entry like Shahrukh-Kajal
I do not have such a shine!
What !?
Before marriage we see each other
Can not! Zodiac sign problems!
What is the amount of money! What is the cycle or what!
I do not understand anything!
What? Only you saw the photo, okay?
Actually, I could not even see the photo.
Without a test drive, we do not have the car! More,
How to get married without seeing the pot !?
Hey Shastri, the lady called me Ray!
Test drive will! I'm excited too!
What the hell Test drive before marriage-
What message are you wanting to civil society? Walk!
This offer is bad at all!
Listen to this aunt, listen to it.
What is Shastri?
The horoscope insults before marriage
Viganshara Shastri girl going to see!
Viganshara, not me vigas.
Vig is not your head!
You see? The name has been omitted before marriage,
After marriage, we will also drop! I said before!
Hey you stop!
Do not worry This Jagannadham, if you do not cook, there is no problem.
But, you can not meet your friend like a friend.
Leave me on this matter!
Hold him with me.
Anyway before the marriage with the bride
Can not meet! It's finally final!
Maithil asked me to meet in 1 hour! Just 1 hour
Leave it for Then you'll keep on saying!
No need! To know about the bride,
I'm going to know, I'm telling you.
Will you go to me instead?
You did not even see the photo! What is the problem?
It will be informed about it,
Zodiac provisions will also be protected.
Did not say that
this! Listen, so listen! Silence!
What's up? Swimming said to come to the pool, there is no one here!
Who will sit next to the swimming pool?
Oh my god! What are these Do not meet before marriage,
And how will this happen?
However, after two days the marriage is going on.
When the movie, then should be shown!
Such teaser will show the climax, what will happen!
After such a small costume,
What message to the civilized society?
There is no problem. The pot is well.
Not Tempting
I came here to talk directly, straight away
Do not see! Before knowing, I would never come!
Only you know about me.
Sit down ... let's talk.
I'll ask a question.
I will answer the civil society as happy. Tell me!
Can you cook?
what you say? What Can Cook !?
Can you? Not a problem, I can do it well.
Can you? How to cook polo, say.
All right. But, how are you?
Without hing, we will go to hell.
Really? Yes, absolutely!
Next question, what about children?
Come on! After marriage the child will certainly come!
I mean, if it takes 2-3 years to wait ...
For gifts given by God,
Why will I wait so much?
And, I have not seen socks even today!
No! No! Not possible!
What socks! If needed,
I will wear shoes!
She is totally ineligible! I have to go and tell him!
Do not give good message to civilized society!
Actually, I am the pot.
Actually, I'm the bride.
Give time to Miss! Will back!
I know why I'm thinking!
Get rid of thoughts! do!
Say, Jan.
Can you meet once?
Is that a smile like Salman Khan?
It's all for you.
Not only on the bare-salman khan,
Looks like Babe!
[Fullshe Babu Telugu Spuf Comedy Hero]
Shastri, Vigneshwar Shastri You have heard the name!
That's why you have chosen!
What is the matter What are these In the middle of the night, empty clothes
Surrounding-what will the civil society answer?
I refused to show the appearance,
Meanwhile, all showed me!
This is this! After two days, getting married. What is the problem
However, who is to order this Shastri?
Think of me to say, Uncle-Auntie
All say-marriage cancellation! Be careful!
This pooja, like the cold head
Yes, manage them. Please
It is not Shastri. You are in the place of Vigneshwar, think of it.
Yes, I have. So what
I think I'm in the place of Maithyl,
Yes, there. So what
Do not you like me
I'm not good to see?
What do you want to do? Super!
That day during the swimming pool
What is it? Are you okay to marry me?
Or are you okay?
Our wedding tomorrow.
this! Then, the first night will be black.
If there's another 1 minute here,
Fever will come in my body.
Mythil ....
Maithil! Come on from here. Come!
You hear it Everything after marriage.
Until then everything is cut!
Where are his weaknesses!
I'll do a good deal tomorrow.
When there is such a cough, why sit beside the oven?
Can not stay at the girl's house as before?
You can stay at the girl's house,
As before Where's the problem?
By doing the market and grandson's and grandchildren in school
Did not take time to bring or take?
I used to do all this before. Now the technology has not increased!
Being sold online Home delivery.
The grandchildren are taking the school bus.
Where is my work?
Hey Jagannadham, if these technologies are all in the gap
If the discovery is made for removal, then why is GAP increasing?
Problems are not these technologies, Kaka.
Problems are among the people to use it.
Excuse me! Made a coffee? Who?
Who made the coffee? Hello, made coffee?
I did not say Shastri! What is the relationship
Nowadays? Everything is trivial-neglected!
Made a coffee?
Looking for a long time! You started a brawl!
Yes, I made this coffee. To make it
If there was an Oscar, it could be coffee!
Yes! It's not coffee! Nectar!
What's up? Why do you look like this?
What's up? What are these Kicks up
Do you want to give message to civilized society?
Kohli kills six, what do you do? Clap Dai!
Evergreen dance? City Marie!
Made coffee good in our city,
This is how kisasiyetiyate tell!
Who made the man? Who made the footage?
It's me! I am
Then, you have to tell the excitement!
Ore, we'll be back before the night. However,
You could not get up to anything!
This, I went to Ray.
leaving behind so much work, where are you going?
Did not come to Hyderabad? Maybe you can meet the girl.
What do you see? Go, go
This uncle, forgot the bag! Currently
Your memory loss has decreased, I see.
And, you ... cylindrical writing?
Will be the oven!
Not crying, Mao does not feed the child!
But, you ...
I can understand everything by looking at your eyes.
There is no need to speak in the face.
I have a girl If he was a boy, how would he be?
I do not know. But, it is very difficult to be like you.
I mean? Am i not your son You are near me
More than parents. I grew up in your hands.
Gelam Ray.
Yes, carefully.
They got married.
What is our marriage?
You talk about this kind of open,
I'm red in shame!
He will get shame, Shastri At the end of reading at the best fashion college, Masters
To Italy or Paris to go to think these girls pooja.
Such a girl gets married to you, the rest of the life
Spend with Brahmins How did Shastri think?
Shastri ... Actually, you are the groom-bride
To keep away, I've just passed time.
I also took a break. If you enjoy Account is equal.
So, keep your flowers to you.
Shastri has adapted the flowers in the ears.
Stand up!
Listen, if you do not like it I do not like it. It happens
By leaving the key what message are you wanting to civil society?
You can not say good things, do not say bad.
Filling 10 people's stomach is not a crime.
You give me your words
Broke my heart!
I'm Wonderful! I still do not know yet.
I will show you my memory!
In our fire of unfinished love,
You're gonna get fired Remember!
Finally a word Lover Girlfriend
What did a writer say about the relationship, know?
Lover-love relationship should be the gas stove
And like fire, not like fire and water.
English does not know much. If Grammar is wrong, forgive me.
If Grammar is right, congratulate you.
Very happy Two things
I could not see it I thought.
1. Shastri will love, 2. Shastri will apologize,
These two things were seen for you.
Happy life today! Thanks a lot
Yours Thanks a lot!
Committed suicide.
What caused suicide!
Remembrance ...
Hey Jagannadham, one said that the land at low prices. So,
I deposited all my income in the "Agro Diamonds" company.
Let's go to the next installment ...
I gave all the hardships here.
I'm finished! I was destroyed!
I used to dream about survival, but for the sake of survival
I could not find any reason now.
For whom did you do this?
You are only old, you do not understand.
Everyone is saying like that,
I am ashamed of myself.
Death is right for me.
But, it takes courage to die!
While walking on the railway line Railway
Instead of words, I hear more of my heartbeat.
I stood bravely.
I do not have any kind of situation like me. That's what we pray. I could not say before, I thought later.
If you do not know the mistake, it is wrong.
If you make mistakes, it is fraud!
If it is done with hundreds of people, it is a great sir!
There is no need for such a great person in this world.
His name is Stephen Publishing. Cricket was involved in the game.
Suddenly the Chairman of "Agro Diamonds" for 1 year!
Find the weaknesses of different people,
Encourages to pay.
The middle class is repeatedly deceived! Live well
They do this in hope. They do not understand these traps.
Where's now?
Delhi. Preparing to go to the Supreme Court.
His name is Surdshan. CEO of Agro Diamonds
Later the CBI arrested.
Taking the goats, we got the tiger.
That's our attitude sir.
She is not a goat! To be built
Like a nail!
Tomorrow he will be witness to the court.
He said the truth in the court, giving him 9000 crore taka
Take it. That's why, I'm Sourthey plan to kill him.
Then .....
We'll stop!
Handsome to kill?
Do you want to die before going to court?
do! Call me By phone
The ball to stop the ball!
DJ, there is no need to be so excited.
It is necessary to save sight of his death.
This, set the gun there!
If there is a shot out, the head pierces on its head
Want to be! Bullet there, here!
Fire from here, here
Its a headache.
Stop it! Stop! What !?
Stop talking to you, stop!
DJ, stop ... stop DJ!
His survival is important!
Chaited 9000 crores rupees twitch
have to give! He can not be killed!
I survived for the money spent!
Now you have to give them!
The CEO of Agro Diamond is all true
Say, say the court accepted.
Get all the money back again
People are dreaming
Who is DJ? Who is DJ?
Its Just an Inquiry? Speak again in English! So you
My 9000 million!
Do something! Do something
Sir, while you were at the Home Minister,
There was a big scam. How are you feeling
I'm proud! Sir!
I'm proud to catch the culprits.
I'm not saying,
Believing in the work.
Once you get out, the king.
That's it. Agro Diamonds.
Tell me, king, how much do you have?
9 billion! You are in tough positions like iron.
If more iron is added, the position will become more difficult.
Bapar! Now I buy MLA
I can be CM! I'm excited !!
After being CM, my
Did you disconnect the relationship?
Do you cheat after work?
That's right!
For this reason, give your son's marriage to your daughter.
This is his detail. She is not like me. Lovely Boy!
Excellent, beai sahib! Me
You will see all the businesses of your own.
I do not need to! My boy is enough
More important than that ...
Need information about him How much information is needed to say-
I can write his biography, so much
DJ ... A Book by the Royal Knife!
'Sam'? Do you like him 'ps', mother?
Ramp Walk to Fashion Show
The only young businessman.
His walk, his style! Oh my god!
There are also indoor fans in our college.
Here's the details, call
Meet both of them in some place.
Hi, pooja. Oh! Do you have my number
Yes, as if I have you. Dad sent.
So, when did you come to India?
Why am I? You come here!
If you need to come back in the morning and return in the evening,
Do not be sad to shop here, hope.
So, how did you do today?
Time went very fast today!
I do not know what your time was wasted,
But if you are sorry!
definitely no! People think about the future,
Not enjoying the present.
I do not like it.
I'll say "OK" to my father.
I think so.
But, my choice is not enough.
My mom will also have a choice.
When will meet aunty?
It's never possible!
Because, the mother died 20 years ago.
But, I talk to her every day.
Yes, mother. That's right. sorry! She is my dear wife I mean,
Our family member! That's why. sorry!
Yes, mother. I am saying.
Mom made you wish.
You too You also wish your mother.
Do it Do it Do wish
Mom liked you very much!
Shopping is not it? In hand
Bacteria can not stay? Bacteria
Bacteria before eating
It's important to remove! Like mom
Put your hands ... wash well
Wash very well.
It is very strong yarn. The pot is tied to the bride.
I've got one out of there.
Never open it! It will be better if you keep it.
You are good Be good
No problem, Mom. Not new?
Slowly adapt to all.
sorry pooja, talking to mom was delayed.
Sorry, I can not go to drop you.
You already have a lot
Have spent time
My driver is waiting outside.
I'm Wonderful! Show me my memories
You will burn a lot!
I Love Brands Somebody's Choice and Character
About the idea of seeing the favorite brands.
No! All companies will say, our brand is good
Nobody will say, our brand only uses good people.
That's why, something with the brand
Should not be verified.
You can see many places, but mine
You will not be able to see the ball rolling on the square.
What's up? What are these Then,
Awesome! Chewing gum! Why do you speak upside down?
I got to know, mad!
Some people are far away from them.
Some people are far from how far.
How is Shastri now?
I was away while near,
I am close to the time away.
He's crazy like him? Or did you like crazy?
You stop!
What is the pot, mother? Have a business, father.
That means money is good. What business
Catering! Meaning, cooking and roaming?
Dad! In your words, I met upbringing,
Now in my words you will meet Shastri.
But, what should I say to my friend?
Every boy gives birth, he is crazy
Born it's say
Yes, the king. I am a King of Confusion!
No need to be Confuse. Everything
Lovers and lovers are not happy.
Even if your daughter loves a cook,
Marriage will do only to my son.
As I said,
Tell him.
These are said to drink sandal!
King has given this card to meet him!
Constructive trouble, scams
The trouble, again its trouble!
Write "Murderer" on Aadhaar Card as our profession
have to give. There is no work without killing.
OK. I will see this matter.
What did you do about the DJ?
Do not worry, King! All in the department
That's it. We'll catch him.
OK. What is the name of the cook?
Shastri. Jagannadham Shastri
How? where are you? The church.
What is his name? Suri Babu
He needs a job.
I'll do everything for you. Say sir!
I did a Mistake with you once. Again how?
Mistake once again, sir. If you go wrong, do whatever you want.
Okay, okay? But, now the direct
Do nothing, follow the direction.
Writer ... Annapurna Catering
What is the trick? Good news in 2 hours.
Middle class family! Cut the hands and feet,
Where to get medical expenses? Kill it straight away!
Not the temple? Nothing here,
Sirenly earning him outside.
Who is Jagannadham here?
He's sitting there, he's
It's been a long time. Come with the prasad this time.
Okay, Shastri.
I'll get it. Brahmin, how much time is there?
There is more than 15 minutes to offer. Not enough?
What did you say Bring the prasad at all
What? Prasad will become cooked.
Sharma, once you open the juice.
Why ray?
Shastri, Prasad within 15 minutes
Get it but Do not forget
Sir, he is running, sir.
this! Can not be mistaken in any way! After all,
Marabi, come on! Can not live!
Whenever I call, your voice is heard confident.
Now you're scared, who's scared? Call him
I do not want to raise the word. Who are you, stephan how
Sugins, do not want to know anything about the problem.
He's a bull! My underwear works.
But now he is the most wanted person in this state.
So, if you leave him you too
I will leave If not ...
Who told me not to sugar? DJ!
Finding Shastri, Dije was caught by the hand!
I made a mistake by leaving it once,
Now there is no mistake!
If you return the money, stay alive!
If you want to escape, you will die!
this! You kill me?
Jokes were very laughing!
Many of these jokes were heard. I'm not anonymous,
That can kill you! I'm tsunami!
Do you know about me? Listen to the voice, that's it
Your fate! I want to see you all your life!
If you hear your voice, your age is 55-60!
You do not know more, the 8th grade!
When you hear your Telugu, you can say,
There were many Telugu texts in childhood.
Benami Hoss or tsunami, you yourself
There is more to do. The guy has done it.
Your screams say that all your money
Ray Idiot earning illegal money!
Whatever you are, wherever you are, do whatever,
I can not be saved from my hand.
The day I see you, that day; Remember
I will kill the day I see it!
Can be seen! You do not see me
I see you can be seen!
are you mad? You see me and i
I see you ... I'm dead, you're dead.
OK. These threats I have seen in the movie also.
I wait .....
Oops, silly! I do not wait!
I am waiting ...!
I do not wate
I am feeling .....
Active Group:Allu Arjun Fans Group (Bangladesh):
It is being heard, chairman of Agro Diamonds
Stephen Prakash is now in Telugu state!
New Twist in Agro Diamonds Case!
CID investigation begins!
Although the CEO is in the hands of the police,
Stephen Express still missing!
Unless Steffen publishes,
This is the case.
Stephen Express Kidnapake fast!
All right, sir. It does not have to be said.
If not, he, I, you
Everyone will be in trouble!
Why do you say that, sir? It is nothing
Do not let it be! Ok sir
There was a CM on the phone. Anyway
Stephen will have to catch up!
CM Sir is abroad. There are so many nights here!
Do you suspect me? Do not have a phone abroad?
Roaming around midnight and calling me
Keep your logic with you! Do not see me
My name may be blossom (flower)
But, I do not bloom!
Your dialed number is out of the network,
Please try again later.
The girl is not there? No.
Get saved! Can be eaten in peace.
Madam phone sir!
Tell me, I'm not at home. All right, sir.
Madam, I'm your father's secretary. We are
Now Chennai. Sir busy in the important meeting. I'll call you later.
Good! Parise is good to tell lies!
Learned from you, sir.
What's up? Calling again!
In Chennai's Tamil language ... the phone is busy.
Mom, are you in the house?
I was kidding with you
You know that you do a good drama all of them know.
But, I did not forget Shastri!
I'm going to sidetrack
I will fix my marriage itself.
Breaking News! The minister's daughter, the house of Pushpak
They ran away to marry a cook.
What happened next?
After the break, let me know.
I'm going, bye.
This is pooja! Listen to me
Hey, curry me in my bag.
But sir, stones ...
Even when buying rice, there are stones. Let's throw that
That's small, it's big. This is what! Curd us
No one against the DJ has ever done the case! On the other hand
The case of the killers of different cases has solved the case!
Are there slotted cases?
There, sir.
5 year monk police station case,
Then Sekindabad, Mahakali station.
Five stations like this
The case has been solved.
King, no of these 5 stations
Can you say the common formula?
You do not, sir. He is lying!
Ask to remove clothes from the mouth. Gone out
Wow! Actually, you were the best man,
I will catch the DJ, Stephen Express both!
this! 9,000 crores stolen
No one will go out on the street!
There is someone behind you
Who is he?
Yes, Dad. Who? Jagannadham?
Yes, Dad. I am
Did you go to the cemetery house?
Where are you
If you go to Hyderabad, do not forget that 10 days ago!
We did not marry or say!
What do you say! Can not be heard
These things! Close the face!
All right, the house of the cemetery!
Let's bring Kathani, is it? So it will be.
Tomorrow is coming. Do not disturb the call till then
Sir, 360 degrees from third degree in your department
Apply as much as you can, find out the truth.
What's true? What about
You do not understand? Now implies!
I see him.
You are Shastri.
What I hear, I will tell the truth!
If I say no, I'll die. Tell me my family will kill me.
Kill me!
I will not say
Annapurna catering here
Pure Vegatorian? The front lane
What are these sitting in the car? Will fall!
I've fallen on you already!
See selphita, brother!
Kathu, you take everyone together.
You brother! There is no time! You are inside!
Paris, America does not turn out, in hype
Do you want to give message to civilized society?
After that Tell me, who is that girl?
Why are you so close to being Selfi with you?
Have read Have you noticed
The envy of the girls did not go away.
He is a gantana ganapati
Shastri's only daughter.
As soon as he was there our parents
Our marriage was fixed.
And, I know it yesterday.
They will say and you agree?
What to do How long
How to make a single cell?
Supporters at the age of old, and at this age the partner,
Without this life is hell!
Iron Man, brother ...
Come on, Kathu ...
It is not Shastri. I am back to my misunderstanding. In fact,
I realized this love away from you.
This is your back!
You say, pooja.
All my thoughts
Now just surround you!
Now you understand? Yes.
Did you think our love is normal? Excellent at lunchtime.
Now I'm convinced. But your parents?
I'll explain them. You manage your house
How to manage? You are already
Keeping a big trouble in the house!
Think about me once
Talk to your parents, Shastri.
How are you here? Come to meet Shastri.
Mythil! Another auto coming.
Vigneshwar? Hey Viggs!
Why do different auto
Come on for a divorce.
That's the case! Come.
what you say? Did you come for a divorce?
Already the divorce was decided.
First night said, will be settled in America.
Now, the parents are here.
After marriage a lot of people have many words
He says. I'm also saying. What is Shastri?
Actually, I'm unmarried, right?
There is no such experience.
But, you have to
First night talk?
All this is for Shastri!
What did he do again?
He is also a mediator in marriage.
It's a logic too.
It's going to be over!
(Telugu no-texts)
She just said, Maithil.
He? For a long time, I see you
Can you support or support him?
Marriage means Sacrifice!
Edzast does not have a family.
I've done a lot of cacrifes.
Now tell me to do it.
what you say? Are you screwed up? Lull!
Vignesh has sacrificed his love!
He figure Viggles in the class
Sit beside What love!
How are you? Later there was a relationship. However,
Vig got married! It's called Sacrifice!
I did not tell you about that?
I forgot! He remembered his words.
How to forget? How to figure this
Possible to bhola? I still remember ...
Just why? There was another. How much he gave the signal!
Vig does not respond. It says Double Sacrifice!
There was one in our hype. But, you
He gave the message of Sacrifice to the civilized society.
They're not autocomplete characters like you,
Vehicle Vertical Character What the ball?
Before you got married there?
Hey Jagu, so far the divorce
There was doubt about it.
You convinced it!
I'm ready to go to America. Viggs?
No more! Who will tell parents now?
I said beforehand, after marriage, the boy will be later.
By teaching so much, see what the people are doing now!
It's wrong! I do not want to read!
I have read it now! Did you hear Shastriya?
You stumble! Well, you lived in the village,
How did he study so high level?
Just for her, we left the village! More
Now he says America will leave us!
Kaka, did you come to the city to read your son?
He can not go to America to read his son?
What kind of it is, uncle?
If you do, Sacrifice. If he did, selfishness.
If you did, right. He did, wrong.
Before the wedding, America would say proudly,
After going to marriage, 'leaving' is thinking.
Well, think about yourself
Fear is not America, your bow
If you are a father-in-law,
He will be a brahma.
If you are a parent,
She will also become a girl.
That's why-
Achieving without faith is impossible.
Those who said before mother, now mother says.
Called before, now by email.
Change language, love
Do not change, Kaka.
Love the distance
Can not reduce, aunt.
Even then, if you feel loneliness, mine
Come home What do you call uncle
Jagannadham ... Why do these burdens grow?
What is there to understand?
If a glass rice, a pulse
Increases. What is there to understand?
You are not in our house?
Will be there. Eat a mother made meal
I'm bored! You cook for me aunt?
Of course, Shastri! Tell your friend where you want to!
I will be with you
Made a coffee? Who made the coffee?
Tell me quick Made a coffee?
The banana of coffee, which is why Banak,
I'll marry him!
Do it Who will you marry, I'm
Do not know what to do! The words of the sarcasm!
But, you said you got married right?
I said ....
I mean, you did not get married?
He has luck! My marriage is so
The polao marka face!
This is a polka mca facie for this curd marka face
OK! Whatever you do with me, there is no profit from here.
And once again you will be very excited!
What? Here! now? Shiva! Shiva!
Hi, Dad. I'm happy. To you
I'm sending a gift. Check it out.
Dad, my marriage is okay. Once you
Check WhatsApp How is the son-in-law, know?
This, Rumble Reddy. Sir.
Finding the Royal Dwarf quickly.
Do not forget. Nimu cement.
Devotees of God Hanuman!
Why do you cheat? Slow down
No one at home and in the factory
Use cement, sir?
More about cinematography and cement
Do not compromise about it, Bro.
Make it with cement.
The Mahishmati empire is also built
With our cement cement
The most strong cement
Our Hike Cement
My daughter is going to marry Randhuni!
Sent the cellphone! Look at this
I have to go there now.
Do this 'OK' relationship. I'm coming soon.
What is cam Raja also tune the tune!
I did not understand anything.
I understand everything.
Madame marriage fix with the cook!
I'm ready! Let's go
Meanwhile ...
Why does such a wizard make you?
I'm going to sidetrack, see him. She does not see me.
You see so many things
The minister himself came in relation.
This is our happy news.
That's right. This is Krishna
It's coming in the trail.
I am a minister, I am
So her father. So king?
Whatever you say,
So it will be.
Take, Sir, made from ghee.
Give me my staff!
There is a separate place for them.
Everyone goes to breakfast and eat breakfast.
My staff will eat with me!
They are no different from me.
Close your mouth, call him before.
Present the pot! My staff will see him
One minute!
I'm calling Dad.
What are you doing here, sir?
Everyone is waiting there.
Your parents will not see for the first time?
If you do not go to Josh? Taking the scent.
Already you make room in my heart
Take it There is no need for anything else. Come on ...
Let me go, you
Do not get out of the car anyway.
Oh, your fate was opened! Do not bother!
Why? Home Minister's son-in-law!
This is called your father-in-law, Assembley
Take the catering contract!
Ah! Annapurna catarening in assembly!
Josh Akbar!
What happened to you? Apa!
what happened?
Stop there.
What is this? Force.
Where is Stefan?
Do not quarrel with anyone, I was saying.
I did not do anything to anyone, mother.
Quarrels since childhood
With everyone
I swear by God ...
I do not know Stephen Publishing.
Believe me at least, Jagannadham.
You do not know anything
I know that.
Ore Shastri, market
Quick earnings beside
Stephen expresses you sugar? However,
I do not know ... they do not understand.
If anything happens to my father,
Please see mother, please. Please.
It does not matter ... you will not have anything.
It's the color number, sir! I do not know Steven Publishing.
Who gave you the call? who are you?
10 people can sleep in peace-
That's why we started this game, sir.
But, for me today
My family is in danger.
Shastri is afraid?
I'm afraid, sir.
When the children are afraid of their childhood, parents get the courage,
When the parents are in fear, I do not understand what to say, sir.
Although everyone has retired from the police job,
This station is right here.
I am like this station, the retirement talk
Not thinking for every minute people survived.
However, one day defeated and retired
I never thought I should take Shastri.
Okay, all the lies ... the last 20 years are false. From here
I started, today I ended up here.
Leave Stephen away. Not important.
Your family is important. is not it?
Excuse me, sir
I'm Sorry!
Will not leave! Leave any
The question does not arise! sorry for that!
Mother, father, sister, you, me-
Whatever happens, do not leave him!
At that time stop Arjuna war
Even though, Krishna did not stop, Sir.
Once that war started,
Do not stop it so easily, sir!
Now we are no longer "solving the meaning of the Buddha" (Brahmmantra / verse)
Do not follow KARINA. "Battle means solution"!
For him thousands of families have gone,
Do not think of my family alone, sir
Marbo sir! Now more
Beat more!
So much so that
All his organs will become obsolete!
Then, say, Shastri.
Whatever you say, I will.
I feel like attacking my family
Not working now I will attack you!
Can not leave him any way.
We will not stop publishing Stephen.
Then they will come! And the real person can be found!
Now when I myself will catch me wait!
Swearing by the name of Satkarnarayanpura Hydroharam
Tell me if you can not kill him
My name is not bhugda Jagannadham,
I'm not the son of the Seed!
Why are you so important than me?
Have you ever gone to the cough? Tell me Did you go
The name of the catinge, with Annapurna, cough
If not, if Shiva is Eg Heart?
Is Shiva also eigo?
Why not? Egarg had to be worse in the heart.
What is the need for such a discussion to go to a holy place?
There is nothing like this either recently. Come on, come on!
This, caring Samples.
That's why.
Who are you all with the stick?
Where is Stefan?
Stephen revealed? I do not know, sir.
It can not be a DJ, Sir.
He thinks his expression is simple!
She has been in the acting field with full preparation.
As many awards are available, I can not fool me.
Grow, grow, grow dough of maize.
And please tell Sir Or me her
Take a closer. My trouble will open him all.
Looks bad on your visit, sir
More deaths can be killed.
Besides, here's the general
The people are too crowded.
Than our own work in our country
Everyone else's attention is greater.
He earns a lot with Hyderabad.
Give me as much as you want. However,
Say your sir's name.
What? What the hell
Your sir's name?
Daughter! Since then! Sir's name! Sir's name!
this! Tell me about the phone. Burn it!
Sir, the DJ does not seem to be sir.
That DJ! Keep flinging, all will come out!
More dead!
Kill it!
You heard right! Kill it
sorry's younger brother. Sir asked me to kill you.
Get killed? Kill me?
I'm not angry at you, younger brother. For these money.
Sir, give me the money, I obey the order.
Tell your last wish.
I'll fill up.
Brother brother In the AC room,
Any such wish?
Once before killing
Say the name of sir.
This is what we say against our profession.
This Suri, make a quick finish!
I can not kill it. Childhood
My grandmother said, do not touch the Brahmins.
This, you kill!
Sir, I will kill for the first time in life!
Good luck to everyone.
Cut the cake!
Wait a minute! What?
Keep a promise. Force!
This rudder died while wearing
Great! Go to hell
Open it off?
There is a chance to go to heaven. I guarantee!
this! Before that cut!
Please tell Sir's name once!
Please tell the name of sir!
Putting your hands together,
Please tell Sir's name once!
Your sir's name ....
Do not say
See how many people died?
Please tell the name of sir.
Brother, say sir.
If you do not kill!
You do not kill the Brahmin
The grandmother said in childhood.
But, to go in front of the tiger
Forgot to ban
Nayudu Construction, Royal Nairu.
Even Marley, younger brother?
When I first heard it, I would have left.
But you wanted to kill me, so you can not go without it.
You're unhappy ...
You are late
Very bad timing!
It was on your forehead ....
There is no work with this.
The gun
Who's behind you?
Sorry ... you're going to die.
What did you know? What
Did you know?
Did you hear the facial expressions?
Do not be fooled! Where and tell! How much are your shares How much is his shares?
What's the share, sir?
What's the share? Do not understand what shares!
It means share! If you do not have a share,
Why did you go to die in the temple?
The temple did not go to Docca,
.............. to kill Jagannadham Shastri
Shastri! Why?
Home with the son of Royal Nayudu
Minster's daughter got married
The minister's daughter loved Shastri.
Believe me, I have no shares.
They control the son of Royal Nairu.
Where now !?
Kill me! But I do not know anything.
To know about the son of Royal Nayudu,
I have to meet pooja now.
From all its businesses
About the information, tell me.
Sadness changes in 2 kinds, pooja.
Someone cheats meakana, and makes someone brave.
I am the second
That's why I'm different.
If I think everything is wrong,
You can get out of here.
Let me explain
Do not need
I thought I did something wrong, mine
Need information about the son of Royal Nayudu.
If someone goes 7 steps ahead,
I agree to continue the rest of the way.
Innocent Brahmin! How can people kill! In my own heart,
Will die! Did not say that? See how many killed!
Not only that, sir. All of the solution to the DZ
A common formula was found by the case.
What is that?
Authors of the case Inspector Purohottam
Manoostom ... that's good in men.
Seventh ancestral group
Hold it tightly, cover and size it -
DJ grammar, grammar will tell all.
After finishing the movie you can give feedback about sub / movie-
A 19,000+ member of the action group "South Indian Movie Freak"
The competition competition in the group is now underway
(July 18 August 5)
To join Enter in the search box:SouthFreak or South Freak
Pooja said. You two
Read the same fashion college, right?
Normally you get married functions
How to design clothing?
General matter sir! First the potters-grandmother's personal
I know about life. Then design accordingly.
But, my design?
Your design is in Hyderabad. You last
I mean, like today
Finish your shopping
Come straight to the point.
This is Sir, my design made me
There may be bacteria in hand, sir.
These are very powerful.
Clean it well!
A little more ... 2 side. Well done!
If I like this design, do not be.
My mom will also have a choice.
I talk to my mother every day.
Tell me. I also talk to my father every day.
My mother died 20 years ago!
Okay. So what My father has died 22 years!
Yes, Dad. sorry! That's right!
I'm designing her wedding dress. A lot of time together
Have to spend To shop around. Not speaking, I was not.
You know He too
Talk to my mother.
Hi saying. What?
My dad is telling you 'hi'.
It's clear now ... okay.
Want to know about your mom? What's the name
Is not there many souls? Speaking of a soul card would be easy.
What is the soul card?
Our 'national identity card'
Like there is their soul card.
Mother is so innocent! These are not understandable.
Who knows how to survive!
How to survive?
Not dead!
I mean, if you want to live there
I have to die here. Is not it?
Go shopping?
There are many times.
where are you? There is no news yet! Tomorrow
that day! 9 billion! Do you understand?
Yes, Mom.
Yes, Dad!
I'm shopping, mother.
I'm shopping, Dad.
I was 7 years old when my mother died,
Then the man used to take care of me.
She said every day, your mother
You died by jam!
Such people should be punished!
Who is punished? Was only mother
That's why, I sent it to Mom.
I too killed my father.
Really, sir. My mother had died in my childhood. More
Dad was like your job!
That's why, seeing a good day, father
He sent me to the mother.
Drama with me?
You fooled me?
If you're angry with your father, with your father
Why do you speak Do not say to your mother.
My mother is angry with me, sir!
Why? I did not kill my father!
Your dad
Why do you speak?
My father is happy, sir! Why?
Did not you send me to the mother?
There is a logic! Matter
That's the case. Okay!
Hello, where? When are you calling from
I'm on Already Airport.
What? Blue Stops!
Okay, stay there.
Where are you going? I too ....
Not required. Stand here
Get it in Hyderabad. Where in Hyderabad?
Madina Cafe, Old City.
DJ in Hyderabad, Bijayaraya diffunda Jagannadham.
That means, 2 SIM cards on 1 phone.
And you tower,
Directly asking
Where is he like to say good
You're looking for him, he's yours
Ray is with the boy
With my son
Do you drop?
No. I have a car too.
Besides, one should also go to a marriage.
Okay, I'll see you in the wedding.
this! Do not worry! GPS on my phone
Have started. DJ will be available right now.
How? Where is now?
I'm coming out of the car, father.
Stop it! Stop it!
Did you see Dies?
Have been the father He is a Cool Guy!
He's cool? She is DJ Ray! I know Dad.
Do you know what you are!
You do not worry
Take rest
Will you rest? OK,
Can be taken. Where is the money?
this is!
Where is the money ?!
Give me the suitcase, sir.
And how many times DJ?
Do not boss me, think friends.
Okay, sir. But, at least I jacket it. Day.
Cash or card?
DJ ... the court ...
What? Did you give court to Dz?
That's the court! 9000 million ray! Ass!
Why do you bitch?
I will tell my mother!
Will you tell me to mother? Yes.
Tell me! He was a madman! Has given birth to another crazy!
Tell me what to say. But, tell me something ...!
Hey father! I will not say anything Afraid to see you!
Will not leave! Do not leave anyone! Want my money!
Take this! Call me Duke. Call me
I see you first time
I will kill the day!
So dare you? Me
Cheat with you!
Sir, please listen to me.
You've heard a lot of ray!
Is this a fraud?
That's the money!
Yes. Get down if you do not believe!
The money ...
Yours My dad said, so I came with it.
Your father? Yes.
Your mother told my father, I knew.
What! His mother told your father,
And your father told you?
Yes, Dad. DJo talks to his father like me.
It is possible that these aunty told the father.
Father! Talking to the mother. Do not understand yet
Thank you, DJ, Uncle.
Uncle?! They're parents, dad!
sorry DJ. My dad is going to be a little confusing.
What? Me !?
I am confused with Idiot! At
Playing with you! Cheating!
What are you saying? If you cheated, why did you bring money?
Right, father. Why did you bring money?
this is! Look at this. For him
To save these policemen.
Who is he, sir?
And, why are you tied here?
Who is he?
Who do you know?
I do not know.
Do not know! Then you kill him?
What has changed the appearance of the words of killing?
Tell me the truth, DJ.
But I'll kill him!
Kill it!
this! this! Kill it ray!
Kill it
Kill it
Yes, Dad!
What! Auntie! How did What are you doing
What happened to the DJ? What a mother!
What is the mother of DJ?
Mom is okay?
this! Your mother died 20 years ago!
DJ fools fool you!
Dad ... these things belong to their families.
How do i say
DJ will say! Tell me
Leave your mother's real killer, why do you have another person
Your father is torturing your mother crying to know that!
Then, who is the real murderer?
Who said the mother? Tell me!
Your father!
Me !?
Do not believe
He's making you crazy!
Honestly, why did you kill mother?
Why will i kill
Your mother is my brother!
If you were so kelja, why do you call all the business names?
Ask one why no one is in the name of your mother 'Pemma'.
That's right, father. Kill me
Why did not you name, dad?
If you say 'Pemma'
Who would buy that thing?
See sir! Till your mom's name
Did not like! People are far away!
Yes, Dad ... your mother's name is yours
Why so dislike, dad?
I love your mother!
If not like, why did you marry?
If there is so much love, so many days without him
How to live comfortably?
Talking about you!
Kill the police faster!
DJ, what do you mean?
Let your parents do the same
Tell me. Your mother is waiting!
Mom, Dad is going.
Dad is going!
Sir ... Anyway, you are your father.
I will see You go
I did not say? The first time you will see,
That day I'll kill you ...
Here's your story
Closing the clock!
SHAKTIJEE Agro Diamond cheated new life
Got it Would not it be nice to see you once?
No, sir. Not required.
Why Shastri?
My grandfather said in my childhood ...
The good things we have to do should be taken into account,
We do not need to come to the notice.
Sir, it's going to be like before
I'll be waiting for your phone.