Dwelling (2016) Movie Script

[water dripping]
What did you see inside?
I don't know for certain...
But I'll never forget it.
So it wasn't your sister?
I don't know...
It's all up to you now.
It's all up to you now.
It's all up to you now.
It's all up to you now.
It's all up to you now...
It's all up to you now!
They only found one body, Ellie.
Your mother's.
The report states that your mother
was locked inside the bathroom.
And that your mother tried
to shield herself in
the bathtub from the fire.
A fire that they determined
was caused by arson.
At that age, Dr. Thorn,
your world could be
shattered so easily.
You hear everything.
What society tells you,
what authorities tell you...
What you tell yourself.
It takes years to learn
how to listen.
Even then, you don't hear
from the ones you need.
Ellie, why didn't you tell the
authorities at the time what you saw?
They already knew that
River heard voices.
And for me to say that
I saw things?
With the way
they looked at her.
I didn't want them
to look at me the same way.
How often do you think
of your mother?
Each passing second.
It can't end for her
in this place.
Well, that's for
River to decide.
I don't believe she has
a choice anymore.
Her condition has
come and gone in the past.
She's lived outside
this place.
She can do it again.
But ever since she's had Izzy,
it's been different.
She's safe here.
Not forever,
but for now, Ellie.
You take care of the child,
I'll take care of River.
Faith, Ellie.
You found a place?
We have an
appointment today.
Gavin and Izzy
are waiting.
So what's so special
about this place?
It's Amara.
And you're gonna bring
my daughter there?!
She's found a control, River.
To Izzy they're just friends.
They all want to be friends!
Why are you still
doing this?
I need to find out
what happened to mom.
This house can let me
speak to her one last time.
When can I see her?
[voices whispering]
[grows louder]
[girl] And one of you
has picked it up
And put it
in your pocket.
Not you. Not you.
Not you.
Not you. Not you.
- But you!
- [laughing]
- Sorry I'm late.
- All is forgiven.
- Nice to meet you, Gavin.
- Nice to meet you.
And you must be Isabelle?
Izzy. It fits me better.
Nice to meet you, Izzy.
She's quite the little pistol,
isn't she, Ellie?
- Well, she's my sister's kid, that's for sure.
- [laughing]
Any first impressions
of the place?
The grounds are beautiful.
How about you, Izzy?
I like the tree.
Good! Starting positive
is always good.
I checked with every contact I
know, and no one will touch it.
In fact, the last owners
only lived here four days.
Mainly kept it
for the horses.
- Uncle Gavin?
- What is it, peanut?
What about my friends?
They can wait out here.
It's their turn to play, anyway.
But they might get lonely. And
I won't be able to watch them
to make sure they're safe.
[sigh] All right...
Mind if we stay out and play?
I don't think Izzy's up to it.
You'll be fine.
Go buy the house.
All right. Go play.
In the years before
its slumber,
Amara was home to
a dozen families.
With the lot of them moving in
and out in the latter end.
Over that time,
the furnishings were gathered
by what was left by them.
Which is why many of the styles
don't match.
So, you said Izzy is your
- That's correct.
- Hm.
I don't mean to pry, but what
happened to her parents?
My sister's institutionalized.
Lord knows where the father is.
Well, what do you think?
I thought I saw two more
windows above the garage?
The attic.
Which should be...
That's odd.
Well, try this one.
Would you mind?
Why would anyone want to
keep us from getting in?
Better question...
Who would want
to keep us out?
May I ask something?
Against my instructions?
Why buy this house?
Because this house
has a gap in the vale.
I don't follow...
You're not from around here,
are you, Marcy?
Well, no.
You're standing in
a local legend.
She's a haunted house.
What if Amara isn't...?
Don't worry...
I have it on good authority.
- Who?
- My niece.
Since we arrived, she hasn't
laid an eye on her.
Can I help?!
Sure, peanut.
You can take the small ones and bring
them to the porch for Aunt Ellie.
Just be careful, oka?
Careful, you don't want
to break anything.
[box slamming]
[glass crashing]
Spend all your inheritance on a new
home and you're already breaking shit?
I didn't break them.
She all right out there?
Take a breather.
The hard part is over.
We got the house.
I have something
to show you.
It's an armoire.
They must have moved it
in here.
Who's they?
the previous owners?
I thought you said nobody's
lived here since the sixties?
Yeah, that's what I thought...
What's that?
It's a mirror.
It's beautiful.
Who would paint over this?
Do you have your box cutter?
[Gavin] One more step...
Now turn left...
Keep going...
Almost there. Another turn
One more turn.
All right, you can open them.
It's mine?
All yours.
Your aunt gained quite a bit
of bad luck today.
What'd she do?
She has seven years bad luck
for breaking a mirror.
And there's only one way
you can turn your luck around...
I didn't break it.
How's that?
By disposing of it properly.
Here I thought I was stuck with
all that bad luck...
You have to bury all of the
shards of the mirror glass
along with all of the dust
remnants deep into the ground
- at the base of a tree.
- Like my tree?
Oh, that's your tree now?
Yeah, the willow will do.
Can we, Aunt Ellie?
I think it'd be best if
we let Uncle Gavin do it.
Now you're breaking
the rules.
[Gavin] All right, now who...?
Tina, she likes the moon.
All right...
[melody plays]
And the rest?
Kathy can stay with me tonight.
And what about...?
Grendon. He can go
under my bed.
Why Grendon?
He followed mommy home
to protect me.
Protect you from who?
The bogeyman?
Have you ever met
the bogeyman before?
Then how do you know
he's so bad?
Maybe he's just made of boogers
and just wants a hanky?
And if you don't...
he'll tickle you!
Anything in this big new place
bothering you, peanut?
You never had me place him
under your bed before?
Why tonight?
I don't know...
I had an inkling.
I miss my tree.
I promise you
we'll play there tomorrow.
We can even bury
that bad luck.
I thought you said
that's cheating?
Yeah, you're right, I did.
Except when it's okay.
But now it's bedtime. C'mon.
Grendon, remember?
Of course, peanut.
Good nigh.
She's all tucked in.
She had me put Grendon
under her bed.
Did she ever do that
with you?
No. But you know how she gives
them all a mind of their own.
I don't think I've ever seen
this one before.
I look at it every morning.
How do I not know about this?
Because to you it's
just a photograph.
I always adored
my mother's rosary.
There was a charm on it of
the Mother Mary that I loved.
But... all things that are
loved are eventually broken.
Me, my mom, and River
used to walk the park
every Sunday before church.
And the first day that
they planted that tree,
we took the broken charm
from my mother's rosary
and we put it in one of
the cracks in the branches.
So every Sunday when we walked
to the park, it was there.
Then my mom died.
And the Sunday of her funeral
came and...
I ran from River and
I walked to the park alone...
...and it was gone.
No charm.
No tree.
Just me.
I have to find my answer,
I can't stand to see River
in that place any longer.
She's not a monster.
Only in their eyes.
You know she isn't.
They never had any proof.
And you protected River by keeping
what you saw her do a secret.
Only my mother knows what
happened that night.
River's completely
blocked it out.
I know...
The day I gave you this ring,
I made a promise to myself
to help you find your answer.
I found mine
at a younger age.
But it's your turn now.
That being said, we can't
do this forever, Ellie.
At some point you have to stop living
in the darkness and just start living.
I'll find my answer.
That's why we're here.
But how far are you
willing to go?
That's what scares me.
River. Don't come any closer!
Whatever happens tonight,
I want you to remember
what I told you...
[woman whispering]
I can hear you breathing...
River, make her go away...
[woman] I wrote a
letter to my mother...
[tap tap]
[tap tap]
[blade clicks]
Well, when will she
be calling?
It's already taken care of.
I have just the thing.
[Gavin] Yay!
Did you make a wish?
Yes, but I'm not telling.
All right, Izzy, how big
of a piece do you want?
Okay, you're getting
two pieces then.
[kazoo fanfare]
Princess Peanut and her dames
of the royal table!
I, Prince Humperdinck,
have a gift.
Why thank you, my liege.
Oh, and this.
Now you can be
just like Uncle Gavin.
- [laughing] What do you say?
- Thank you, Uncle Gavin.
Now back to the throne to feast and
make a mess of your new dress.
[phone ringing]
Hello? No... yeah,
she's right here.
I'll put her on.
It's Mommy.
Hi, Mom.
Happy birthday, peanut!
When are you coming back?
You know I can't answer that.
Izzy, I... I want you
to think back to
the moment when we had
to say goodbye to each other.
I see us, Mommy.
And what happened next?
You touched my cheek...
What did you hear?
The door close.
But did you see me leave?
I'm always with you, Izzy.
Love is stronger
than anything.
You can open your eyes now.
I wrote a letter
to my mother
On the way
I dropped it
And one of you
has picked it up
And put it in
your pocket...
Not you...
Not you...
But you!
Not you...
Not you...
Not you...
Not you...
Not you...
Not you...
Not you...
Not you...
Not you...
[Ellie] Gavin?
- Gavin!
- Hold on, peanut.
What's up, El?
What happened?
That's a nasty looking rash.
Oh, It's been like that
since last night.
Maybe it's something
in the house?
I don't know.
Maybe you should take
that off for a while?
You're probably right.
[camera shutter]
Very funny.
All right, where's
she sleeping?
She doesn't sleep.
Why's that?
Then she can't watch you.
Then maybe we can put her
on guard with Grendon?
Amara doesn't like Grendon.
Amara doesn't like any of them.
My new friend.
Where'd you hear
that name, Izzy?
She told it to me.
Ask her yourself.
Maybe tomorrow...
[tap tap]
[door squeaking]
I don't like that sound.
Where's it coming from, Izzy?
No, the mirror.
[water running]
Izzy, do you know
who did this?
Amara. She's playing.
I told Uncle Gavin
she doesn't sleep.
Izzy, go to Gavin.
[Gavin screaming]
- Gavin! Gavin!
- [gasping]
What... what happened?
I don't know...
Where's peanut?
She's right here.
It's okay, Isabelle,
he's fine.
[Izzy] Don't scare me
like that again.
[Izzy] Why can't I take
your picture?
They can't hear you.
Mom will, though.
[water running]
who are you talking to?
When do I get
to see Mommy today?
[pained groaning]
[Ellie] Uncle Gavin will
be down soon to take you.
Did you do this?
Aah, I see we finally
made it out!
- Nice to see you again, Gavin.
- You, too, Doctor.
Well, hello!
You know, I believe
your mother
mentioned something
about a birthday.
- What do we say?
- Thank you!
You're welcome.
Want me to save it
for later?
I wondered when
I'd see you again?
There's someone here
to see you.
Hi, peanut!
Hi, Mommy.
Let's give them
a moment alone.
How've you been?
You look beautiful, baby!
I hope you don't mind me
asking you about the girl.
River and I
never really spoke much.
No, I meant Isabelle.
Has she ever shown
any distance from you?
Her attention elsewhere,
her eyes looking past you,
anything that would cause
you to be concerned?
See, Izzy is getting close to the age when
River first developed her... condition.
It's her dolls.
This is Amara.
Does Amara get along
with the others?
No... she took them.
Where did she take them?
I don't know.
What about the dolls?
She talks about them
like they're real people.
Amara has a secret
to tell you.
Get away from me!
Get it away from me!
Get it away from me!
Get it away from me!
They're not there, River,
remember? They're not there!
[River] Keep it
away from me!
It's all up to you now.
Keep it away from me!
Keep it away!
Keep it away from m!
They're not there, remember!
They're not there!
Will Mommy be okay?
She'll be fine, peanut.
She's in good hands.
I'm sorry to cut
the visit so short,
but I think it's best
we give her some rest.
Any idea what happened?
Oh, no. No.
Amara spoke to Mommy.
What did your doll tell her?
I can't tell you.
It's a secret.
Izzy, look at me.
What did Amara tell you?
Mommy burned Grandma.
"Objects associated with haunts
are often used as conduits
for the spirit or demon
to interact with the living."
Izzy, has she told you
other things?
Can you tell us?
I can't, or she'll hurt
Uncle Gavin again.
She didn't hurt me.
Amara said, next time she'll
leave more than just a scratch.
How'd you know about that?
I don't want her
to hurt you anymore.
Izzy, what if
I keep Amara here
and get her some help?
That way Gavin will be safe?
"The act of looking into a mirror
or reflection to communicate
with the afterlife is
known as mirror gazing.
Viewing a mirror by candlelight
will show you your reflection
and that of any entities
inhabiting your home.
Needless to say,
once you become aware of them,
they also become aware of you."
Are you okay, Izzy?
You've been quiet.
Look, nobody is gonna
hurt me. Okay?
Then why were you screaming
last night?
I just had a bad dream.
The small dark room?
How did you know about that?
Amara told me.
You gotta stop
listening to her.
What happened next?
Someone reached in for me.
Did they touch you?
- Izzy!
- [tires screeching]
What is it, Uncle Gavin?!
I don't know.
Go play for a bit.
Slow down!
How'd it go?
How's Isabelle?
She seems fine.
After everything today.
What did River do?
Izzy said Amara spoke to her.
Where's the doll?
Dr. Thorn kept it.
You shouldn't have let him!
I'm not gonna let something
harmful get that close to Izzy!
We need the doll.
No... you need Izzy!
She's gifted, isn't she?
She can hear them
the same as her mother.
What do you want?
You want us to just leave?
It's wrong, Ellie!
You're using her as bait with no
idea whose attached themselves!
You know I believe in you...
but bringing a child into this?
Into what?!
It's been three days!
It's been sixteen years!
This isn't even about finding an
answer anymore! It's an obsession now!
You said you understood me.
My need to make contact. To
talk to my mother for closure.
Every person has lost a loved one they
wanted to speak to one last time.
To answer the unanswered.
But falling down a rabbit hole
doesn't mean there's something
at the bottom to catch you!
[camera clicking]
I saw the mirror.
I hope it was worth it.
"Psychomanteum: a mirrored
room made to communicate
with the spiritual realm
or undergo transfiguration.
A complete change of form
or appearance
into an eternal
spiritual state.
The room is set up to optimize
psychological effects, such as a trance.
Do not break concentration,
as you may fall victim to
the dweller on the threshold."
[whispering voices]
[whispering grows louder]
[porcelain shattering]
[manic whispering,
growing louder]
[Izzy] Ellie...
Give him the girl.
[tap tap]
[muttering] They're not there, they're
not there, they're not there...
[gasping, strangled breathing]
- Gavin! Gavin...
- [gasping for air]
- He's in there with her.
- Who?
[tap tap]
[tap tap]
[door slams, scraping]
[pounding, rattling]
Uncle Gavin!
[frustrated screaming]
Izzy, are you okay?!
Izzy, are you okay?!
[tap tap]
[tap tap]
Izzy!.. Isabelle!
[frustrated scream]
He's back!
Who's back!
What do you see?!
Izzy, answer me!
I can't see him!
Who do you see, Izzy?!
Where is he?!
It's okay, peanut...
I have you. It's okay...
[crying] He reached for me.
You're safe now.
Where did the sound come
from, Izzy, the mirror?
There's something behind
this wallpaper...
[phone ringing]
[Dr. Thorn] When I found her, she was
drifting in and out of consciousness.
[Elli] What happened?
She found a knife... tried
to jam it her ear drums.
she succeeded.
River has lost
all her hearing.
I'm sorry, Elli.
Where'd she get the knife?
I honestly don't know, dear.
We avoid cutlery to prevent
situations like this.
- What about the doll?
- Broken in pieces.
She's lucky to be alive.
I failed you, Ellie.
Well, at least she's free now.
[door opening]
Dr. Thorn, would you mind
watching after Izzy for a few?
- My pleasure.
- Thank you.
I hope you know what
I'm going to say next.
I'm not stopping.
I'm well aware.
I underestimated you.
Gavin, we're so close.
There is no we anymore.
There's only you.
I'm keeping Izzy with me.
You can't. You can't do that,
I need her!
We've already left
and we're not going back.
Do you really want Izzy to experience
the same childhood as you?
Yeah, I'm not blind, Gavin.
Then clearly you're not looking
at what you've brought upon her.
What's this?
That's what your niece
has been living with.
The rest are from
last night,
The house isn't Amara.
That doll isn't Amara.
This man is Amara.
A man who had slain children
in life, let alone in death.
You gave her that doll
knowing full well
that the presence in that house
would attach themselves to it.
But what bothers me most...
is that I just stood by and watched
you make a deal with the devil.
And I said nothing!
- Let go.
- You first.
I wrote a letter
to my mother
On the way
I dropped it
And one of you
has picked it up
And put it in
your pocket.
Not you...
Not you...
Not you...
Not you...
But... you...
[door unlocking]
Where's the girl?
Where is he?
[gasping, coughing]
It's all up to you now.
It's all up to you now.
It's all up to you now.
[girl] I wrote a
letter to my mother
And on the way
I dropped it.
Not you...
Not you...
Not you...
[laughing] Not you...
But... you...
[mirror shards rattling]
Hey, you.
It's over.
And the house?
We've already left.
It's time to focus
on our family.
It's time to live.
Has she said anything?
No, but she drew something.
"Nam amor est forte cum morte."
What does that mean?
For love is strong as death.
[woman] Wouldn't this
look great on our porch?
[man] Oh, yeah.
- [woman] Isn't it great?
- [man] Doesn't even look like him.
[indistinct dialogue]
[tap tap]