Dying for a Good Grade (2021) Movie Script

Please just, just let me go.
Shut up!
I never meant to get involved.
I'll keep it quiet, I promise.
I just, I want to go home.
Too late for that now.
Your SAT score from your
first test is above-average,
so you have plenty
of decent options.
I don't want just decent though.
I really want to go to the
college I've already picked out
and I was thinking
Pine State for film school.
I have a friend going
and it's where we
both really want to go.
Your score might not
be competitive enough
for the bigger schools
like Pine State.
Your math is weak.
It's never really
been my strong suit.
Well, there are some smaller
places here in Portland
that have great film programs.
That's just not
really my plan though.
My best friend Katie
and I have been planning
to go to Pine together
for, for years,
like since elementary school.
Well, maybe if you
study really hard
before the next test,
you'll get your score up.
That would really help.
Hey, doll.
Thought you fell off the
face of the earth last night.
Sorry, I feel asleep face deep
in a practice test.
Had a nightmare
about trigonometry.
Well, if that's not a sign
you're stressing too much.
Hey, speaking of which,
you on for a party on Friday?
I'm getting birthday cake vodka.
Uh, I have my retake for
the SAT on Saturday morning,
so no, I am not
going out on Friday.
You're smart, you'll be fine.
Have you even checked
the averages for admissions?
Must have done okay,
because I heard I got in.
Oh my God, Katie,
you got into Pine?
I know! It's pretty cool.
It was some early
decision or something.
My mom knows
someone in admissions.
I wish my mom was famous.
If I don't bring my score up,
the closest thing
I'll come to joining
you at college
is working at the
campus Starbucks.
Wait a minute, that's genius.
If you work there, think of
all the free coffee I'd get.
You suck.
Hey, it's going to be okay.
Don't be bummed out.
Thing is we are going to college
and the party on Friday.
It's a no to the party.
Come on! I heard Nathan's
going, like for sure.
How'd you hear that?
I may have invited him.
Let's grab coffee
after theater class.
That way you can use it
as an exploratory thing
into your future career.
Hey, you're not funny,
but yes to the coffee
'cause I need the caffeine.
Whoa there.
Don't want to injure yourself
before you even
finish the season.
Thanks, Nathan.
I, uh, guess this was too
much of a workout for me.
How's it going?
Uh, okay, considering.
I don't know how you do it.
I get so bored doing homework,
let alone studying for the SAT.
So, uh, Katie told me you're
going to the party on Friday.
She told you me you were going.
You know I knew she
was up to something.
It doesn't sound
like you want to go.
No, no, I do, I guess.
It's just if she gets wild, I
know I'll either be stuck there
or looking at a crazy Uber bill.
And I know I want to bail early
to be ready for the
SAT Saturday morning.
Well, it would
be great if you go.
And we can share an Uber
if you decide to bail.
Yeah, that's sounds like a deal.
You will have a
great career here.
Perfect, thanks.
Katie, that's not your coffee.
Ugh, who does that?
Laura got whole milk.
You can't just take
somebody's coffee.
Do you hear that?
It's the sound of someone
who doesn't give a shh.
Oh, hey...
Come on, I want you
to meet someone.
Hey, guys.
Dev, Si, this is my
best friend, Anni.
Nice to meet you,
Katie's best friend, Anni.
That's a nice car.
It was his 16th
birthday present.
Wow. I, uh, got a backpack.
Dev and Si go to Eastwood.
Football scholarships.
Really? Football?
What, you don't believe me?
Oh no, I do, totally.
It's just I guess I always
thought football players
were like these huge guys.
Yeah, no, I'll prove it.
- Oh no, that's okay.
- No, no-
- You don't have to.
- No, look.
That's me in high school
before I got into college,
but see, I'm a football player.
That's impressive.
Put it away, Si.
What, I can't defend my honor
to this lovely young woman?
You're 18, right?
Yes, she is.
Well, it was lovely
to meet you two.
- I gotta go.
- What? We can hang out.
No, I gotta study.
If you stay, he can
give you a ride.
I'll just get my mom
to come pick me up.
Algebra isn't that complicated
when you break it down.
It's just been so long
since I've actually
taken an algebra class.
Well, look, excuse me, may I?
Uh, see this is kind
of a trick question,
but remember, the absolute
values can't be negative
because they
represent the distance
from zero on a number line.
Are you a senior?
You're not hitting
on me, are you?
Oh no, not at all.
I'm sorry, did it seem that way?
No, no, it's just, I've just
had a very strange day today.
Some football player
from Eastwood University
was hitting on me, so I just...
Really? That's not cool.
Yeah, yeah, and he just
could not pick up on the fact
that I was not interested
in his fancy scholarship.
He didn't even seem like
a football player, really.
I don't know how some guys
get scholarships like that.
So do you just
really love math then?
I guess you could say that.
I work for a charity
coaching students
with the transition to college.
I give advice on practice tests,
admission essays,
and schools that would
be right for them.
Help them get the most money
possible in scholarships.
Let me give you my card.
I'm Reilly.
If you feel I can help you,
don't hesitate to reach out.
Honestly, I feel like I
need all the help I can get.
I'm just a call away.
Oh Mom, I met a guy today,
some sort of tutor,
he helps seniors with everything
they need for college.
A charity called
Educating Youth.
Do you think I could use him?
We'll have to see
how much he charges.
I'm saving all I can to
help you when you're at college.
He said it was a charity though,
and he already gave me
some good advice.
Well that's great honey,
but I can help you, too.
You've never even
asked me for help.
I know you can help me,
but he is a professional.
How'd your meeting with
the school counselor go?
It was okay.
Meaning my SAT score
is above average,
but my math sucks.
It needs to be higher
if I want to go to Pine,
which means I need
to well on the retake.
Okay, I have an idea.
Why don't we do a
practice test together?
I'm rusty, but I may
still have it in me.
Yeah, sure.
Well, that's great.
No, I can do the audition,
it's just not the ideal role.
Thanks, Ben.
Appreciate you setting it up.
Hi, sweetie.
I thought you had an audition
or something.
I do, it's tomorrow,
so fingers crossed.
You'll nail it.
Someone asked me to play
a grandmother the other day.
Yeah, I don't do grandmothers.
- Not yet.
- Ha, ha, very funny.
If you weren't an only child,
I'd kick you out.
How was your day?
How was school?
Ah, same old.
Hey Mom, did you
check out that list
of apartments I sent you?
They're close to campus
and would be perfect
for me and Anni.
Uh-huh, I'll look.
I'm really excited you
two get to live together,
and I'm really glad I can help.
Yeah, uh, Anni just
has to get in now.
She's had trouble with her SA and Pine State can be tricky,
so I just wish it
was easier for her.
I bet a lot of your friends
are stressed out.
Yeah, I mean I wouldn't
even want to go to college
if Anni couldn't
be there with me.
Uh-huh, and I bet
Anni really appreciates
what a good friend you are.
I just, I don't understand
why I keep getting
these questions wrong.
It's okay, sweetie.
Look, let's just take a break.
Sometimes that's
all that's needed.
And your dad will
be here shortly.
I just get so frustrated
and it just makes
everything worse.
I suck, I suck.
Look, I know it's not
much of a consolation,
but this happens to everyone.
All your friends
go through this.
It's stupid.
I know it feels
that way right now.
Listen, you're going to do this.
You're going to get
into the college you want.
You're going to get
the grades you want,
and you're going to go exactly
where you and Katie
planned to go.
And no matter what,
I'm proud of you.
Hey, and I know your dad is too.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Okay, that's him, I got to go.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Have a good time with Dad.
- Bye.
- Bye.
You're sure you're cool
hanging in a place like this?
Yeah, it kind of
reminds me of a place
I worked at in high school.
Plus it's where all
the cool people hang out.
You're not calling
yourself cool, are you?
Should I?
I mean I am a pretty cool guy.
No, you're a dad.
That's a good thing.
Yeah, it's a great thing.
How you been?
I'm good.
School is good.
My friends are amazing.
Mom is kind of stressing me out.
Yeah, I remember the pressure.
It's all the unknowns
of what's coming up
just makes it hard.
Yeah, it's all the uh,
the what are you going to do
with the rest of your life
kind of stuff.
Yeah, I get it.
The next decision's a big one.
But hey, you're a Kerr,
you're going to be fine.
I mean, look at me.
Crazy successful lawyer,
living the dream,
and to think it all started
in a coffee shop.
Maybe not the crazy part.
Whatever it takes, honey,
I'm here to support you.
Thanks, Dad.
I, I do appreciate that.
Ugh, parking in this
neighborhood sucks.
I'm glad you picked me up.
I needed a break from studying.
Yeah, it's time to have
some fun for a change.
So where are we going?
Dev and Si have
this really cool loft
in the Pearl District.
Katie, I hope you're not
expecting me to hook up with Si.
Uh, he liked you.
So? I thought you were trying
to set me up with Nathan.
Uh, who said you
couldn't talk to other guys?
Or date two guys at once?
Come on, this is what
best friends are for.
Dictating my dating life?
Oh, no, wait, wait,
ruining my dating life.
His place is just a block up.
Come on man, get off of me!
What are you talking about, man?
I didn't do anything.
I didn't say anything.
You guys gotta go. Now!
I, I didn't do anything!
What's going on?
I didn't say anything!
- I didn't say anything!
- Go!
I didn't say anything!
- Go!
- Who is it?
I didn't do anything.
Get off me!
Okay, what was that all about?
I don't think it was a big deal.
It's probably just
guys being idiots.
It looked like a little
more than that, Katie.
Look, it's better that
we just don't say anything.
You know?
They could lose
their scholarships
if they get in trouble.
I never should have
come out with you.
Don't say that!
Okay. Yes, but as long as
you know what I'm trying to do.
This is a big client,
and we are going to deliver
the interface they want.
Uh, I gotta go.
I will update you later.
Ugh, another tight deadline
and a lot weighing on it.
How was last night?
You went straight to bed.
Uh, yeah, I was tired.
You want some breakfast?
Uh, I don't have time,
Katie is picking me up.
How is she?
Oh, well you know Katie.
Always seems to find the drama.
Yeah, she is
a bit of a drama queen.
She got into college.
Yeah, early admission.
Okay, well, good for her.
So will you.
Yeah, I gotta go.
Okay, have a great day.
Have you heard from
Dev or Si at all?
No, I'm sure they're both fine.
I know what will
cheer you up though.
I got you into college.
No more SAT stuff
to worry about.
What are you talking about?
But you're thrilled.
I guess, but I don't
really believe you.
Well, it's true.
How do you think Dev and Si
got into college, and me?
You applied, aced the SAT?
I don't know.
Not a chance.
We paid some guy to
take the SAT for us.
Well, my mom paid.
You cheated?
My God, don't put it that way.
Uh, you said yourself
how competitive it is.
And unless you're
a straight A student
who spends all your time
studying, you're screwed.
And who has time for that?
No, Katie, this isn't funny.
Cheating isn't for me.
You, you said
you got early admission.
Well, not really.
I call it easy admission.
No, no, whatever you did,
undo it please.
Come on!
Imagine how much fun it'll be
when we're roommates
throwing amazing parties.
Okay, that's not a
very nice thank you.
It's too late anyway, I
already paid the down payment.
My mom will kill me,
and then you.
Anni, you work so hard,
and deserve to get
in more than anyone.
So, this is just
using the system
the way that
everybody else does.
Would you rather be a barista
that goes to community college?
Friends don't help
friends cheat, Katie.
That's not the way this works.
Are you still pissed at me?
Yeah, I am.
It was a huge favor.
That I didn't ask for.
Okay, fine.
If you're going to be like that,
I'm going to text Nathan,
tell him you can't come
to the party on Friday
'cause you're preggers.
Katie, what you did is wrong!
For me, for you, for anyone.
I don't want to be
the kind of person
who cheats their way
into college.
It's not cheating.
It's just buying a
get into college card.
That's cheating.
I did it because I love you,
and I just want to hang out at
college like we always planned.
So it was totally selfish,
but I know it's what you want.
I just made it a
whole lot easier.
You're unreal.
I know.
No, I mean you just
carry on as if whatever.
It's a special skill I have.
You got time to chat?
Hi, uh, sure.
I could use a break.
So I had a really great
time chatting with Anni.
You know, since the separation
I've been worried about
how it all will affect her.
I really want to be
a great dad, you know.
You are a great dad
and I appreciate
you making an effort
to be a part of her life.
She does seem a
bit stressed out.
Yeah, I think it's the
weight of taking the SA and her senior year.
You remember what it was like.
I'm going to do everything
I can to help her.
I just need her to be a
little more disciplined,
and learn how to stay focused
when things get tough.
She is a teenager.
Well, that's what I'm afraid of.
Could you just back me up
and encourage her
to get her SAT scores up?
I don't want to be
the only bad cop.
You got it.
Hey, you want to
go grab a coffee?
I have to get back to it.
It's really nice seeing you.
You too.
We'll talk later.
Hey, I was texting you.
Yeah sorry, I've just
been busy with some stuff.
No problem.
Are we still on for the party?
Yeah, I was thinking
I wouldn't have time,
but uh, it'll be good for me.
As long as you're still going?
Long as you're still going.
You know how I told you
Katie got early admission?
Mmm-hmm. It's impressive.
Be nice to have it all done.
For sure, but you will too.
I mean, if Katie can do it,
so can you.
She's not the most organized,
Except when it comes to parties.
Interesting segue.
Ah, uh-uh, I already asked you,
and you said I could go.
Mom, have you ever heard of,
I don't know,
people like taking advantage
to get into college?
Like going around the system?
For sure.
I mean those rumors
have always been around.
Anni, you know that anything
other than the normal,
albeit tougher route
to college is wrong, right?
No, of course,
and I agree, totally.
Uh, I gotta go get ready anyway.
I promised Katie.
Anni, um, make good
choices, you know.
Just be sensible.
Of course.
I'm good, thanks but-
No, you're not.
You've only had one.
- Okay.
- Where's Nathan?
Uh, he's on his way.
Come on, Anni, you're playing
with the big kids now.
We got zero stress about
college, so live it up.
- Whoo!
- Yay!
You don't look like
you're having any fun.
Anni, right?
Uh, yeah.
What are you doing here?
Oh, some of the students I
coached last year invited me.
We got to be pretty close.
You seem very out
of your comfort zone.
Is it that obvious?
Who do you know here?
My guess is her.
Yeah, that's my
friend from school.
I know. She ever mention me?
No, should she?
It seems like she'll
fit in well at Pine State.
You will too, you'll see.
All the film students
have your sense of humor.
Hey man, can
I help you with something?
I'm glad you're here.
I'm glad you decided to
take a break from studying.
So, does being at
a party like this
make you want to go
to college even more?
It depends on a lot of things.
Come on lovebirds, you
can do better than that.
Anni owes me a big favor.
What did she do?
She owes me big time.
Just kidding.
I, uh, I'm glad I'm sharing
an Uber home with you.
What the heck do you
think you're doing, Katie?
Jumping in the pool
in your clothes.
- This isn't some high school-
- What?
Party, you can't be
doing this anymore.
See, this is the way it works...
You need to start listening,
'cause your friends are coming
- and if you told them anything-
- Babe!
Are you okay?
Si is missing.
Was it something
from the other night?
What else have you told her?
We saw Si that night,
you were there.
And who have you told?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
- Bull.
- Back off.
Get out of my face!
Somehow they knew Si was
bragging about his scholarship.
It's not like he was
exactly keeping it a secret.
But it seems like ever since
you've entered the picture,
we've had problems.
I don't know what
you're talking about,
and I don't want any trouble.
It's a little late for that.
Get her hand off her!
This is none of
your business, okay!
We're going.
You okay?
I think some of Katie's friends
might have cheated on the SATs.
You're kidding. Did Katie?
Nathan, you can't say anything.
I'm, I'm not entirely
sure how they did it.
Don't get caught
up in all that, Anni.
This is dangerous.
I'll, I'll speak
to Ms. Kent tomorrow,
she might be able
to help us with this.
I don't want any part of it.
I just, I want
to get out of here.
Yeah, I'll call an Uber.
Okay, I'll meet
you outside then.
I just, I gotta grab my bag.
Don't go. Come on!
No, Katie, I gotta go,
Nathan's waiting for me outside.
Come on, just one
more shot with me.
I gotta go.
Have you seen Nathan?
This is so not like him.
Come on, we're going home.
You're wasted, you
can stay at my house.
I know.
Let's go.
Uh, good morning.
Hey, Mom.
Hi, Jennifer.
What are you guys doing?
Uh, what does it look like?
Isn't the SAT this morning?
Uh, yeah, we were
just about to head out.
Doesn't it start at nine?
Anni, what's going on?
There'll be more tests.
What, when did you decide this?
You can't just change your mind.
Mom, can you just let this go?
I'll figure it out.
You and I just had
a really good talk.
I thought we were
on the same page.
You were even going
to a study group.
Please, stop
bugging me about this.
It'll be fine.
I'm an adult, I can make
these decisions for myself.
Did something happen last night?
This is very unlike Anni.
Just a mellow party.
I haven't heard from Nathan,
and he's not in school today.
He's probably skipping class
and working or something.
Yeah maybe, I guess.
I just, I have been texting him
and he hasn't responded.
Hmm, maybe he's playing
a bit hard to get.
Wants to make sure
you're serious.
Have you talked to Dev?
No, why?
He seems to think
I've done something.
I can't believe I let you
get me into this mess.
Hold on, I'm helping you.
As in I'm doing you a favor.
That I didn't ask for!
Don't panic.
That Si guy is missing, Katie.
This is all so screwed up.
Anni, you are totally
freaking out for no reason.
Dev hasn't said anything.
Why can't we just
go to the police?
Tell them what we saw.
Do you realize how
stupid that sounds?
How are you going to explain
all this to the cops?
What I'm doing for you,
what we're doing for here
isn't something you want
to go around sharing.
I know it's kind of screwed up
that people are
getting into college
and faking their SAT scores,
but it works.
And it's working for us.
You and me together
at college, right?
How much did you pay?
But my mom will pay
250 once you're in.
For now, just a
down payment of 50.
It's kind of a deal.
And for that, you'll ace
your SAT and the essays
and get a full scholarship.
It's guaranteed.
And like that, your stresses
and worries are gone.
Who takes the SAT for me?
You'll meet him.
All you need to do
is go see a doctor
and get a dispensation.
I don't really have a
choice right now, do I?
You've already paid for it.
Your mom will kill me
if I don't do it.
Just be careful what
you say to your mom.
She's asking way
too many questions.
I still don't think
this is a good idea.
The money is spent,
it's happening.
You're going to meet the guy.
It'll be all good, okay?
Are you coming with me?
No, not for this.
It's part of the process.
- You'll be fine.
- Follow me.
Get in the back.
Uh, I'm, I'm Anni.
You don't want to know
my name, understand?
And don't say anything,
just listen.
The less we all know,
the better.
Don't freak out about this,
you look like a wreck.
This is not a big deal.
I do this all the time, okay?
So, this is how this goes down.
You get your doctor
to write you a note
saying you can't take
the SAT in a big room
full of stupid little students,
'cause it freaks you out.
Then I'm going to
take the SAT for you.
Make sense?
Just nod.
We submit your SA as if you took it,
it's that simple, understood?
We don't talk again.
We don't exchange texts.
We don't wave on the street.
- You just have to get-
- My doctor to sign on.
I understand.
Have a nice life.
Now get out.
This is a nice surprise.
Anni, what's up?
Honey, I'm a lawyer, I got
a sixth sense for trouble.
You okay?
Yeah, no, I'm, I'm good.
It's just, I've got a friend...
and they're,
they're in a bit of a bind.
What kind of a bind?
I don't think I can say,
but she, they, they might
be in over their heads.
Is it you?
No. No, I'm good.
Like I said I just don't
know what they should do.
Well, that's uh,
kind of cryptic.
But if someone's broken the law,
they might want
to talk to a lawyer
and go to the police.
Does that help?
Yeah, I guess.
Anni, you know you can
always talk to me, right?
I'm here for you.
Thanks, Dad.
All good?
Yeah, stop worrying.
You can go.
I won't be late.
Wait, Mom.
Quick question.
- Don't be judgy.
- I'm not judgy.
You're totally judgy,
sometimes in a good way.
There's a good way to be judgy?
My, my plan is to go to college,
but I have to get
in first, right?
It's ultra competitive,
and I don't stand a
chance if I bomb my SAT.
Katie told me about a way
that makes you more competitive.
Gives people like me a shot.
Anni, we talked about
this the other night,
it's out of the question.
And even if I wanted to,
it takes money, a lot of money.
But that's beside the point,
it's against the law.
Imagine what your
father would think
if we even suggested
something like this.
It just sounds like a
lot people are doing it.
Yeah, but you're not.
If Katie and her mom
are involved in this,
that's their business.
Is it clear?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Have a good night.
I'll see you later.
You what? Why?
I just, I wanted to
see how she'd react.
I didn't tell her
what you did for me.
Okay, how did you
think she'd react?
I told you not to say
anything to anyone.
This was our secret.
I just, I still don't
think this is a good idea.
What else did you tell her?
Nothing, nothing, I swear.
Did you hear from Nathan?
No, and I'm really, I'm
starting to get worried.
I've texted him, I've called,
I've gone by his house
and I haven't heard anything.
What'd Nathan's parents
say when you went by?
No one was home
both times I went.
Katie, this isn't right.
I'm sure you'll hear from him.
You worry too much.
You don't really worry enough.
Katie, don't kid around!
Sorry, I got a surprise here.
I gotta run. See ya.
You scared the hell out of me.
Si's dead.
The cops found his body.
Wait, did it happen
the other night?
I guess. I don't know.
This is bad, Katie, bad.
Where's your friend Anni?
At home, why?
What else does your
little friend know?
Don't call her that, okay?
She's my best friend
and she's had nothing
to do with any of this.
You were stupid for
saying anything to her.
Screw you, okay.
I'm doing what we've all done,
just helping a friend.
She's a liability!
Just like Si, okay?
Listen. Get her
out of the scheme
and tell her to
keep her mouth shut.
All she knows is
that I paid some money.
She met the guy
taking her SAT today.
- It's cool.
- It's not.
She's telling people about it
like her stupid boyfriend.
They're not like us, Katie.
Wait, did you do
something to Nathan?
Why, what happened to him?
Oh, God.
Okay, look, this is
getting so out of control.
This is bad, Dev.
Like really bad.
They think Anni did blab,
and they definitely
thought Si did
and who knows about
this Nathan guy.
See how they work now?
We're next.
We are so screwed.
Let me in.
What the hell?
I was just checking up on you.
You could have called.
Um, I need
to tell you something.
And it's lousy news, Anni.
That guy you met, Si...
He's dead.
The police found his body.
Yeah, it's brutal.
But it's got nothing to
do with us, understand?
Does it have anything
to do with Nathan?
I doubt it.
Just don't freak out
and think it does.
What have I let you get me into?
That's my mom.
You better keep your mouth shut.
Are you okay?
He, uh, he grabbed me
from behind
and I was face down
before I knew it.
Did he say anything?
Yeah. "You better keep
your mouth shut."
Does that mean anything to you?
Did you see his face?
How about you, Katie?
I didn't really see anything.
We'll have a car in
the neighborhood, okay?
- A few times tonight.
- Yeah.
If you need anything,
please call.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'll see myself out.
Mom, I'm scared.
Oh, it's okay.
They're going to
look out for us now.
What did he want?
I don't know.
We should let dad know.
Dev, what's going on?
Were you just here?
Good morning.
How did you sleep?
Okay, once I fell asleep.
Yeah, me too.
But I saw the police drive by.
We're going to be okay.
Do you want me to give you
a lift to school?
Sure, that sounds nice.
I, uh, I've got
a study group thing
after school today anyway.
What class?
Just SAT again.
I can get Katie
to drive me home.
Did you register
for the next one?
Sorry, I don't mean to be a bug.
It's okay. I did.
I told you I'd handle it.
You need to trust me on this.
I do, I do trust you.
Have you heard anything?
Just trust me,
that's all that matters.
You got me into this and
that Si guy turned up dead
and now Nathan is missing.
Look, it's probably unrelated.
I'm sorry it's freaking
you out, I really am.
I just want to know
what happened to Nathan,
and yeah, Katie, I'm really
starting to freak out.
- I just...
- What?
I'm done.
We got to call somebody and
tell them to not involve me,
cancel the whole thing.
But we can't.
We just need to be quiet
and not do anything rash.
You lied to me.
You told me that this
was going to be easy
and that everyone was doing it.
Listen, I wanted to help you,
and half the things
I'm finding out now,
I never knew about either.
And I'm sorry, I really am.
You just need to be careful
and everything will work out.
Careful about what?
Uh, nothing, this study group
isn't what we
thought it would be.
What's Katie involved in?
Can you stop listening to
my private conversations?
I got you something today.
Don't get too excited.
I logged in to your
College Board account
and I noticed that
you hadn't registered
for the next SAT yet,
so I did it for you.
And uh, isn't the card cute?
It was supposed
to be a bit funny.
It isn't.
You have to stop butting in.
I told you I would do this.
Well, then why didn't
you register for it, Anni?
Stop pestering me.
Anni please, this is important.
Mom, you need to back off
and let me live my own life.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
I know you're under
a lot of pressure,
but please don't
snap at me like that.
You want to talk about
what's bugging you?
I don't think I can,
but I'm fine.
I mean, I'm not doing anything.
But someone is?
You mentioned to me
that Katie's involved
in something to do
with college admissions.
Has she talked to
her mom about it?
I don't know.
You're a good kid.
You don't need to do anything
illegal to get into college.
You'll get in on
your own smarts.
Good morning.
Hi, Detective Gordon.
Is Anni home?
Uh, she is.
Come in.
I'm wondering if you
know Nathan Aldridge?
Uh, yeah. Yeah,
he goes to my school.
What's going on?
He was reported missing
and we know from phone records
you were trying to contact him.
Did something happen to him?
We don't know.
I understand he was at a party
the last night he was seen.
Yeah, I went with
my friend Katie.
So you saw Nathan that night?
Uh, we met up there, yeah.
Was Nathan involved in a fight?
We have a witness at the party
who says he was arguing
with a Dev Anderson.
Know anything about that?
Do you know Dev Anderson?
No, I don't.
Was Nathan involved in
any drugs that you know of?
No, no, he, he's
a really good guy.
Do you think something
happened to him?
Well, we don't know
if it was foul play,
but it's unlikely
that he would run away.
He had a lot going for him.
He does.
I appreciate your time.
If he contacts you, let me know.
Thank you, Detective.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry, sweetie.
I'm sure they'll find him.
(Ghing) I know.
It was very silly.
No, and I heard about it too.
Well, don't you look fabulous?
Let me call you back.
What are the odds of us
meeting like this?
What are the odds?
I think there are some things
we should talk about.
We have an arrangement
and I fully expect you to
uphold your part of the deal.
What arrangement?
Anni Kerr,
we haven't received the
rest of the payment yet.
I look forward to
collecting my money.
What have you been up to?
Nothing, I'm just hanging out.
Katie, what have you done?
Okay, where is this coming from?
I just ran into somebody today
who seems to think I
owe him a lot of money.
So I checked my card,
there's a $50,000 charge on it.
Just do a balance transfer
or whatever.
It's not like you
can't afford it.
Don't tell me what I
can and can't afford!
It was for Anni.
We'd always planned on
going to college together
and it didn't
look great for her,
so I thought we could help.
- Katie!
- I know.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I just thought it was
such a great idea.
If we don't help,
she won't get in
and then she and me won't be
able to go to college together.
Anni is not my responsibility!
Yeah, but you paid
for me to get in.
You're my daughter.
What I did for you
was a one time deal.
You had no right to
involve Anni in this.
You have no idea
what you've done.
Morning. How's it going?
Hey, uh, good.
You haven't seen Katie
anywhere, have you?
No, no, I haven't.
Hey, I got your new SA scores in, congrats.
I knew you could do it.
Are you getting excited
about next year?
Yeah, I guess.
Oh, you'll have a
great time at college.
And you thank me in your
Oscar acceptance speech.
Katie, can you, can you please
call me, text me, whatever?
It doesn't matter.
You seem jumpy.
What do you want?
From you? So much.
But let's start
with the easy stuff.
Did your friend say
anything to the cops?
Of course not.
She wouldn't, I trust her.
So you trust her to
come up with the money?
What do you mean?
Don't play stupid with me.
You know damn well
how this works.
Someone's got to pay up for her,
your mommy's card isn't working.
Seems she had no idea
what you're up to.
I, I don't have the money.
Well, that's too bad,
'cause we want the money now.
I'll, I'll figure something out.
Not good enough.
And for what she's getting,
and the risk I'm now
taking by helping someone
we haven't vetted,
the price has gone up.
No, you can't do that.
I don't think you have a choice.
It's now 300,000 payable
to our little charity.
I wonder how this is
going to go over with Mommy.
Screw you.
Insult me all you want,
it doesn't make this go away.
I just need some more time.
Time has run out.
But maybe you and I can
come to another agreement.
Oh, my God, Katie.
Help! Somebody help me!
Hey, Anni.
Thank you so much
for being there for her.
I'm just so happy
that you found her.
She could have
been there all night.
How's she doing?
I don't know,
there's just so many tests.
You can talk to her.
She'll hear you.
She knows how much you love her,
I think it would help.
Hey, Katie.
You're going to be okay.
It's going to be okay.
She is going to be okay, right?
How is she?
Oh, uh, she's, I don't know.
Her mom says that the doctors
are taking it day by day.
It's just so awful
what happened.
Sweetie, if you
want to stay home,
I'm sure your teachers
will be fine with it.
No, I want to go to school.
I should be there.
Yeah, well, it's
good to keep busy.
Would you like to borrow my car
or do you want me to drive you?
No, I, I want to walk.
- Yeah.
- You sure?
Yeah, I'm going to go see
Katie after school anyway.
I'm sorry to hear about Katie.
I didn't know what to do.
It's okay.
You were there.
Were you involved in
what Katie did?
When I heard that Katie
did well on the SA and got into Pine State, I...
I put two and two together.
I didn't want to get involved.
Be careful, Anni.
I need you to wake up, Katie.
I need you to be here with me.
You keep saying that
we're best friends
and we are best friends forever.
Your hair is a mess.
You would be so upset.
Has there been any progress?
What are you doing here?
I just wanted to check in.
I heard what happened,
such a shock.
- I should go.
- No.
You're Anni, right?
I've heard a lot about you.
Well, you know a
lot about her, too.
She's the one your sweet
daughter's paying us to help.
You owe us $300,000.
I didn't know about any of this.
You can't make me pay for
something I didn't agree to.
I've paid people to do a job
and now I need to be paid.
How dare you.
How dare you do this to us.
I want my money.
You have 24 hours.
I do hope your
daughter recovers.
Oh, God.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
No, she, she did it for me.
I'll, I'll pay him.
No! No, you can't.
This is wrong.
But we don't have
any other options.
Some charity?
This is a front.
Excuse me, Ms. Kent?
Hi, I'm Anni Kerr's mom.
Oh, I love Anni.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm worried Anni's in trouble.
May have gotten involved in
something she shouldn't have.
Do you know what
I'm talking about?
Anni's alluded to some
sort of a college scam,
some deal to get into college.
I, I think her friend
might be involved too.
It should never
have spread to Anni.
Look I, I wish I could've
stopped them both.
So you do know.
Okay, this has gone too far.
There's a man named Reilly,
I've looked into him,
but I can't find
anymore information.
Do you know who he is
or who he works for?
Please, this is my daughter!
You would do the same thing
if it was yours.
You need to be
very careful, okay?
If Anni's involved with them
they could be
watching right now.
I've heard that other students,
kids of rich famous parents
are involved, okay?
I would just do
nothing right now.
Hope it all blows over.
No one can stop me
from doing everything
I can for my daughter.
Marshall Callidus.
I've heard rumors that
he runs some charity.
It's called the
Educating Youth Foundation.
It's a total scam, but could
be at the heart of everything.
Just please don't
mention my name, okay?
If he finds out I told you,
I'm as good as dead.
Get away from me!
What are you
doing nosing around?
I'm calling the police.
I would be very
careful if I were you.
Be sad if your daughter met
the same fate as her friend.
He threatened me.
He told me to be careful.
His voice sounded
the same as the man
who attacked me the other night.
Why would someone
be attacking you?
I think Anni's involved
in some sort of scheme
to get into college or her
friend Katie forced her into it.
What do you mean?
Anni's been secretive lately,
But she basically told me
her friend Katie did it,
cheated the system,
and faked her SAT scores.
Probably by bribing someone.
I've heard of celebrity families
doing this sort of thing.
It's unreal that they
think it could be okay.
This could mean real prison time
for everyone involved, right?
Yeah, I guess.
I mean at a minimum they'd
be looking at racketeering,
money laundering,
conspiracy to defraud.
The high school counselor
seemed genuinely terrified.
She mentioned a man
named Marshall Callidus.
He runs a charity
called Educating Youth,
which I'm guessing is a front
for whatever this con is.
Does his name or the
charity's name ring any bells?
I'm going to look into this.
What do you know
about this, Grant?
Just let me take care of this.
I want you to tell me
everything that's going on.
Ah, always good
to see our attorney.
Have you been lying
to me all along?
Calm down.
Did you involve my daughter
in your illegal scheme?
You can't be that naive,
she came in willingly.
With the assistance
of her best friend.
Such lovely young girls.
I am no longer your attorney.
Come on now, we're
your biggest client.
Got a lot of work
coming up for you.
I'm done with you.
You stay away from my daughter.
Don't you dare go near her
and don't you dare
involve her in this, this mess.
I'm afraid it's not that simple.
We have a deal. I suggest
you do what you're told
to keep your daughter
safe and sound.
I'm sorry.
I just can't believe this.
Mom, you have to believe me.
I didn't want to get involved.
Katie set the whole thing up.
She told me she
would pay the money
and that everything
would be easy.
But she never paid it?
I guess she thought her
mom's card would be charged
and, and no one would
notice, I don't know.
But ever since then,
it's just been horrible.
Do you think this
might have something to do
with what happened to Nathan?
I don't know.
I was with Nathan
that night, I was,
but he left just ahead of me
and I haven't heard
from him since.
And you never saw him
get into a fight?
Anni, now is the time to
be really honest with me.
Remember that guy
Reilly I told you about?
Yes, the consultant.
I think he might
have been involved
with the death of
Katie's friend, Si.
Katie and I were
out the other night,
we, we saw something,
and I don't know what,
but, but the next
thing I know this,
this guy just turns up dead.
Why didn't you come to me?
We could have gone
to the police.
I couldn't. I couldn't.
Either I go to jail for getting
involved with this scam,
or they kill me
for talking about it.
Mom, I, what was
I supposed to do?
I'm sorry, really sorry.
I can fix this.
This has gone far enough.
I really want to rip
your head off right now.
I know Katie's been hurt
and I'm sorry for that,
but you need to go to the
police about this college scam.
Don't play dumb,
it's time to come clean.
How did you hear about it?
Friends in the film business.
There's doctors,
lawyers, this is huge.
There's a lot of people
and millions of dollars
at play here.
You knowingly broke the law.
I know, I know, I know.
And I'll fix it.
I only want what's best
for both Katie and Anni.
If you really want
what's best for them,
you'll stop trying
to fix things yourself
and you'll let the
police do their job.
Jennifer, that might
put Anni in more danger.
Stop trying to protect yourself.
You know that the police
will eventually figure this out
and you'll be going to prison.
You want to know
what this is all about?
Come with me.
You need to meet someone.
This is over.
I want my money back, all of it.
The $50,000 my daughter paid
for her friend too.
I'll call you back.
This isn't Saks Fifth Avenue,
you can't just return something
you're not satisfied with.
No need for the introductions,
I know who you are, Ms. Kerr.
Someone's going to have
to pony up the money
for the extra help.
No, no one's paying you a thing.
And we could easily go to
the police, or a reporter,
and then your face and name
would be all over the news
and you'd be finished.
So this is what's happening:
we're done, we're out.
Do you understand?
I don't think you want to see
what I'm really capable of.
And don't you dare point
your finger at me again.
Hey, don't threaten us.
You've taken advantage
of people with money.
You've bribed, lied, cheated
everyone every step of the way.
All of my clients agreed
with what we offered.
There were no surprises.
Do you really
think either of you
would get out of this
without facing jail time?
You're just as guilty.
I go down, you go down.
And you, just another
washed up actress.
Probably make you feel good
to see your name in
the headlines again
for all the wrong reasons.
- I don't care.
- Let's go.
We need to shut this down,
it's gone too far.
Killing the boy wasn't smart.
Shut it down, now.
I want our money out and safe.
The lawyer will help,
but we need to guarantee
he doesn't talk.
Keep him focused.
Something he will stop at
nothing to protect, understand?
Katie, I want you to
know how much I love you.
And that we're still,
we're still going to do
everything we planned.
That's kind of sappy.
You're awake!
I just fake it
so I can hear people say
nice things about me.
That's not funny.
How are you feeling?
Major headache.
I'm so glad you're awake.
I'm sorry I got you
involved in this mess.
Katie, look at you.
I know. It was really
stupid what I did.
I know why you did it.
You just wanted to
make our dream come true.
We can still get out of this.
No, Anni, I don't
think that we can.
We're part of what
they're doing.
And Dev said we can't back out.
He warned me about it.
And I don't think they'll
like it if we back out.
They're going to do anything
they can to protect themselves.
That Reilly guy, he seemed-
He isn't who he seems.
And he's not going
to want to go to prison
for what he's been doing.
Be careful, Anni.
Really careful.
Call Mom.
Mom, come on, pick up.
Mom, there's a car following me.
Anni, what's happening?
It's the same black car
I saw before.
Where are you?
Anni, where are you?
I can't see who it is,
I just turned on to Oliver.
What do I do?
Is there anyone around
you can ask for help?
Who are you?
Leave her alone!
Are you okay?
You okay?
An-, Anni?
Grant, Anni disappeared.
Did she say where
she might be going?
No. I'll keep trying her.
Oh Anni, pick up.
Please, please, please no!
Get out of my house.
No, no, please, please, I'm Dev!
I'm a friend of
Anni and Katie's.
What are you doing here?
I need to find Anni.
She might be in trouble.
The people that we
were dealing with,
I've let things go
on for too long
and I'm terrified that they're
going to try and kill me, us.
Look, we can all be
in big trouble here.
Why do they want to hurt Anni?
They think that she's
been telling people
about what they're doing and,
and they're blaming
her for ruining it all,
but it wasn't her.
And now my buddy Si is dead.
And her friend
Nathan is missing.
Yeah, people think that I
had something to do with Nathan
but, but I would never.
Look, what we did to get
into college was wrong,
but I don't want to die.
Anni's not answering her phone,
I can't find her.
Her text messages would show
up on her laptop, right?
Just, just let me go.
Shut up.
I never meant to get involved.
I, I'll keep it quiet,
I promise.
I just, I want to go home.
Too late for that now.
She was texting with Nathan.
So he's alive!
Where is he?
I don't know.
Why would she go to a
warehouse on Burdett?
I know the place.
One of the guys from
the scam works out of there.
- Did you drive?
- What?
Your keys, I need them.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
I want you to call the police,
ask for a Detective Gordon,
you tell her where I'm going.
I didn't say anything.
Please, you know I didn't.
This is out of my hands.
There's so much I could
have done for you.
College of your dreams
But, maybe Daddy can save you.
Where's Anni?
I was expecting you about now.
I asked you where is she?
And to think that I had no idea
who she was at first.
Talk about convenient.
What have you done
with my daughter?
Let me make this
really simple for you.
We've kept your daughter alive
because we need your
help, simple as that.
If you want your daughter to
remain safe, you will cooperate.
Leave her out of this.
Afraid it doesn't
work like that.
You see you are stuck
between a rock and, well, me.
I'm going to the cops.
You may want to see this first.
Where is she?
Seems like you and I have a bit
of a common interest now,
don't we?
You let her go!
Kind of funny, isn't it?
They wanted me to get your
daughter in on the deal,
now I'm using your daughter
to keep you working for us.
Let me be clear, we
will kill your daughter
if you do not do what
we need you to do.
As our lawyer, you will
make sure none of this
is traceable back to me.
You will make sure the funds,
all of them,
appear in the accounts.
When that is done,
and only then,
will I release your daughter.
So no heroics, Dad.
Interesting, says a
lot about a father
who would leave his daughter
tied up somewhere.
If you harm her,
I will kill you.
Help, help, help me!
If only it were that easy.
There's someone you should meet.
We needed him and his phone.
That way you'd do
what you're told.
I'm sorry.
Problem is now you
both know too much.
So nice you could be together.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I'm going to get
you out of here.
I'm here now.
- Let's go.
- Nathan!
Come on, let's go.
- Come on, come on.
- What's going on?
Anni, run.
Nathan, come on.
Don't you move.
I told you to be careful.
Let me go.
Anni, get out.
- Mom.
- Go, go!
Do not move.
What are you going
to do, shoot me?
Nathan, Nathan, come on.
Come on, we got to go.
Go guys, come on,
come on, go, go!
He's inside.
There's a gun in the hallway.
I'm okay, Mom.
You did it though.
I did, and all by myself.
Your senior year was not easy.
No kidding.
Well, your father
and I are very proud
to have such a
fearless daughter.
I'll call him later, let
him know how today went.
I heard the DA's going
easy on him for cooperating.
He turned over his files
and convinced the DA you had
no idea what Katie was up to.
I saw Katie.
She loves her college.
She's doing great.
Says it's tough though.
Her mom will still
likely go to jail
even though she plead guilty.
Well, they did the right thing.
I'm proud of you, Mom.
You had the courage
to stand up to them
and now college is
fairer for everyone,
where people actually
earn their spot, like me.
- Hi, Jennifer.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Okay, well, I can see
I'm not needed here anymore.
You, keep an eye on her.
Are you kidding?
I'm keeping an eye on him.
Have a great first day.
Thanks, Momma.