Dying in Plain Sight (2024) Movie Script

Not the type to go 'round
playing favorites
But every time you're gone
you know I crave ya
Oh yeah
When I'm with I'm like
Bada boom bada bling
I don't got no shame
I'll shout it out
I'm obsessed
I'm thinking yes
I like you more and more
and more the more I get
I'm obsessed
I'm obsessed
I'm obsessed
I'm kinda
[Morgan] "Hope is the thing
with feathers
that perches in the soul
and sings the tune
without the words
and never stops at all."
"And sweetest
in the Gale is heard
and sore must be the storm
that could abash
the little Bird
that kept so many warm."
[Morgan chuckles]
[Ms. Norris] That was lovely
So, who can tell me why
even though Dickinson uses
an unconventional structure
this poem still qualifies
as a ballad meter?
[bell rings]
Dude, you gotta try these.
They're seriously delicious.
And get my mom's Spidey
sense tingling?
-[cellphone chimes]
-No, thank you.
Dude, you gotta relax. Okay?
Sasha will comment when she
comments. Just be patient.
You've known me since
I was five years old.
Have I ever once been patient?
You could just DM her the link.
Oh. And while I'm at it,
should I also tell her
I think she's a goddess
and I want to have her babies?
If you think it will make her
comment faster, yeah.
Whoa. We already have
like 5,000 views.
-People are like, loving it.
-What are they saying?
-You know, the usge.
"You slay," "bestie goals."
-Ugh. You're blocked.
-[Emmy clears throat]
-Just tell me.
"Fatty needs to lay off
the French fries."
I mean, yeah, he's not wrong.
Hey, you are awesome
and I will literally,
fight anyone who says otherwise.
Actually, I'm gonna
need you to say it.
I'm awesome.
Sorry, I couldn't
quite hear you.
I'm awesome.
One more time
for the people in the back.
I'm awesome! Is that okay?
-Yes, thanks.
-Yeah? Okay.
-[Gage] Hey.
So, we were just, uh,
you know, being dumb.
Uh, I can't meet tonight.
-I have stuff I'm gonna do.
Do you wanna reschedule
for tomorrow before school?
-I'm not a morning person.
-Okay, yeah, me either.
But you've cancelled our last
three tutoring sessions,
and I'm starting
to feel little bad
for taking your mom's money.
It's my dad's money
and he's an asshole,
so consider
your conscious clear.
[horn honks]
-I gotta go.
-Okay, okay, um...
You can just like text me
or whatever and, uh,
and we can schedule a time.
-Ugh. What?
-Oh, nothing.
Just wondering
how long you're gonna
let that man live
rent-free in your mind?
It's not like that.
I'm his tutor.
[Emmy chuckles]
[Morgan chuckles]
How long's your doctor's
appointment gonna take?
Uh, it's just a physical,
so not long.
Uh, but I have my meeting after.
I just don't get why your mom
makes you go to these stupid
It was actually my idea.
That's the only way
I could get her to
not count every calorie
that goes into my mouth.
As long I stay under 25 points,
she'll leave me alone.
Relatively speaking.
Okay, uh, I'll call you
when I get home.
Well, that's what I said. Okay.
-[car door shuts]
Okay, Jen, gotta let you go.
Okay, I'll call you later. Bye.
Oh, my God.
Such a crazy day at work.
-How are you? You ready to go?
-Just waitin' on you.
Smart aleck.
[Morgan chuckles]
-How was school?
-Got a lot of homework tonight?
Any chance
of a multi-syllabic response?
Actually, something kinda cool
did happen today.
Ms. Norris wants me to submit
one of my poems
to the district Lit Journal.
Hey, that's amazing.
What do you get if you win?
Keep your pants on.
There's a lot of competition,
like a lot.
My poem probably
won't get picked.
What have told you
about manifesting?
If you can believe it...
[both] you can be it.
[Dr. Shoemacher] Well...
Everything appears to be
in good working order.
That being said, you need to
lose some weight, young lady.
You're too young to make
your heart work so hard.
I really have been trying.
I swear,
just nothing seems to work.
Well, weight-loss isn't rocket
science. It's simple math.
You have to burn more calories
than you consume.
I was reading about his new shot
that can curb appetite.
Is that something
that we should be considering?
[Dr. Shoemacher] I know the drug
you're talking about.
Frankly, we're not there...
yet. No, all Morgan needs to get
a handle on her weight
is a little self-control.
Next time I see you
I want that BMI down to 25.
So what do you think about
what Dr. Shoemacher had to say?
It's basically
what he always says.
[imitating Shoemacher] Eat less,
lose weight.
It's not like I'm not trying.
-What? I am.
-I know. It's just...
Maybe we need
to try a little harder.
Dad forgot his wallet, so we're
gonna swing by his work.
Can you run in and give it
to him, please?
Oh, and tell him to grab some
almond milk on his way back.
Yeah, aren't we gonna
be late for my meeting?
Not if you hurry.
[cellphone chiming]
[car door opens]
What on earth is taking so long?
[inhales] I...
Why do you have dad's phone?
What's wrong?
Do you know
who this person is?
Hey. Rhonda didn't tell me
you were here.
-What's wrong?
-Morgan, go wait in the car.
-But, mom, I--
-Morgan, now.
[Nick] Look, I can explain.
It's not what it looks like.
Don't be such a cliche, Nick.
It's always what it looks like.
[Nick] I swear, nothing
happened. It was just talk.
Why would I believe
anything you say?
Because it's the truth.
Oh, yeah, truth-teller,
tell me this...
was this the first time?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
I want you out, today.
Everything's gonna
be okay, honey. I promise.
Don't worry about a thing, okay?
[car engine revs]
I gained a pound.
There's a million reasons
for that.
Time of day. Water retention.
Maybe you're getting
your period.
The important thing is,
don't get discouraged.
Do you think she's pretty?
Like prettier than my mom?
You can't really compare
the two.
Like, your mom's hot
for like, a mom,
but this chick's like...
I don't, I don't understand
how this happened?
I-I thought my parents
were happy. But then...
I heard my mom
tell her friend Jenn that...
that they haven't been in sync
for a long time.
Like-like, what does that mean?
-They're not having sex.
My parents see it all the time
with their patients.
Couples stop having sex,
and then one or both partners
end up looking elsewhere
for affirmation.
So, you think my dad's having
a midlife crisis or something?
Do you wanna hear some
good news?
-We're up to 8,000 views.
[inhales sharply] Eight
thousand and one.
I have to go, but...
call me if you need
anything, okay?
-This sucks. But I love you.
-Love you too.
-How was your meeting?
-[Morgan] I gained a pound.
But it-but it's probably just
because I'm getting my period.
Do you need me to buy tampons?
No, no, I've got some.
Where's dad gonna stay?
That's not my problem.
Maybe it's not
what you think. Maybe--
Morgan, I'm not gonna
discuss this with you.
It's between me and your dad.
Can I be excused?
-You didn't eat very much.
-Isn't that the point?
Wow. It smells great in here.
You didn't actually think that a
bunch of grocery store flowers
was gonna fix this, did you?
Well, that and the milk.
Morgan sweetie,
why don't you go upstairs
and get started on your
Go on. Your mom and I
just need to talk.
It's okay.
[footsteps receding]
I packed up your stuff.
It's by the door.
-Can't we talk about this?
-What's there to say?
You've obviously been
looking for a way out.
And now you've got one.
-You should go.
-No, I want to talk.
I don't care what you want!
[Nick] That's the whole
problem, isn't it?
You never give a shit
what I want.
Oh, I have great news for you.
Now you have the freedom
to go find someone who does!
[door slams shut]
How is that even possible?
Makes sense.
Do you feel tired all the time?
Is your hair limp?
Are your nails brittle?
Do you feel bloated
after you eat?
My program addresses
all of this and more.
I guarantee that in 30 days
you will look and feel your
best or your money back.
Remember, the only thing
holding you back
from the life you want...
is you.
[metal clanking]
[cellphone chimes]
[birds chirping]
[Amber] So, to recap...
[inhales] Ugh.
-Oh, God! [chuckles]
You scared me.
Don't sneak up on me like that.
-How did you sleep?
-Okay, I-I guess.
What are you doing?
I'm getting rid of
all the road blocks
standing in the way of us
becoming our best selves.
Amber says that we need
real food for real health
to achieve real happiness.
Uh, who's Amber?
She's gonna change our lives.
Uh, where's my yogurt?
It's in the garbage
where it belongs.
Did you know that dairy is one
of the leading causes
of LDL cholesterol?
[imitates explosion] I had
no idea.
Okay, yeah,
but it has zero points.
So does an apple.
And that won't clog
your arteries.
Today we're going to continue
our discussion of sonnets
by taking a look at meter,
or rhythm of the line.
So, here up on the board we have
Shakespeare's "Sonnet 18."
Who wants to break it down
for us?
Morgan, you want to
give it a shot?
Wide load, coming through.
Give her some room, people.
-[Ms. Norris] Mac!
-Say it again, asshole.
-I dare you.
-Bite me.
Knock it off, man.
That's enough.
One more word out of you
and I will see you in detention.
Are you looking for a particular
word or will any word do?
-Out. Now.
You're dead, [].
[students exclaim]
For the record,
I never liked him.
Come on, let me
treat you to lunch.
So, how're you doing?
Honestly, pretty great.
Do I wish that Nick would trip
and falls on something sharp?
Possibly. But...
this feels like the first day
of the rest of my life.
Oh, I can't believe
you're being so Zen.
I know.
Totally off brand, right?
-[cellphone rings]
-How's Morgan doing?
She's good, she's, um...
She's... Oh, actually,
that's the school calling.
-Can I...
-Yeah, go ahead. I'll be here.
[Morgan] I don't know
what came over me.
But in my defense,
I was provoked.
That may be,
but resorting to violence
is not acceptable.
But using homophobic slurs
is totally cool?
You know that's not
what I'm saying.
Mac will face his own set
of consequences.
But right now,
we're talking about you.
In light of the circumstances,
and the fact you didn't
actually make physical contact,
I'm recommending a warning.
But if anything
like this happens again,
it will be a suspension.
[Kim] What on earth
were you thinking?
-He started it.
-That is no excuse.
You don't hit people.
You know I didn't
actually hit him, right?
That's not the point
and you know it.
So what? Am I grounded?
No. But nothing like this
can ever happen again.
Do you understand?
I need you to say it.
I understand.
[indistinct chatter]
[sighs] Okay.
We need... sprouts.
It's good for our gut.
Oh, those look nice, organic.
Yes, please.
Ah, oh, I forgot the beets.
Hello, hi. I forgot the beets.
Can you go run and get them?
Can you just forget
that you forgot?
Beets are a super food.
Don't you want to feel super?
Not if I have to eat beets.
-Thank you.
Very kind of you.
Thank you so much.
Where is the... Excuse me?
Hi, where is the amaranth?
-Sir? Hello? No? Great. Oh.
-It's in aisle seven.
They like to hide
the healthy stuff.
-Really make us work for it.
-Oh, thank you so much.
I just started
this clean eating program,
and I have to say
it's a little bit overwhelming.
Oh, but stick with it.
It gets better, I promise.
Thank you.
This is my daughter Morgan.
-She's doing the program too.
-Oh, no, sweetie.
Artificial sugars
are so dangerous.
They can cause
all sorts of issues.
Insomnia, depression, anxiety,
the list goes on and on.
-Really? I had no idea.
Okay, sweetie,
go put that back.
-What am I supposed to drink?
-Ooh. Try probiotic soda.
It's so good for your gut.
-Probiotic soda. Amazing.
Don't look at me like that.
Go put it back.
[Morgan groans]
Teens, she'll thank you
some day.
Doubtful, but I appreciate
you saying so.
-Keep trying, it's so worth it.
-Thank you.
So, do you workout?
[Kim] She is so right.
The relationship between diet
and exercise is symbiotic.
Not the correct use
of the word.
I'm gonna signing us up for the
gym first thing tomorrow.
It's low carb, high protein.
-Is that a food group?
-Just eat it.
-Do you not like the beets?
I mean, yes. I hate beets.
They're disgusting, but...
I can't help wondering if
all these changes are
really about dad.
Well, they're not,
not about dad.
But they're more about us.
Do you even care what I think?
Of course I do,
but it's very complicated.
He made a mistake.
You make them all the time.
-Exhibit A, that sweater.
-Hey. Watch the attitude.
-Can I just eat in my room?
[cellphone ringing]
-Hey, dad.
-Hey, babe, what's shakin'?
Uh, not much. Just...
about to start my homework.
Ah. what are ya working on?
Uh, geometry...
Oh, and I have to start
my piece for the Lit Journal.
[Nick] Uh... What's that?
It's this, uh...
district writing competition.
Honey... [chuckles]
That's, that's amazing.
Yeah, but I-I probably
won't get picked.
Hey, always remember
the power of positive thinking.
Yeah, mom always says that.
-How is mom?
-She's good.
Great, if you ask her.
Are you guys getting divorced?
Nothing's been decided yet.
Why? Did your mom say
we were getting divorced?
-I have to go.
Okay. I'll call you tomorrow.
-[Nick] I love you.
-Me too.
-[Nick] Bye.
[Kim] What do you want, Nick?
I never said that,
so we are getting divorced?
[Kim scoffs] You did this.
Not me.
If you don't like the situation
you have no one to blame
but yourself.
Okay, when he says,
"If dreams die,"
that's an example of what?
I don't know.
It's when you give traits
that only a person can have
to a non-person.
I said I don't know.
Are you dense?
-It's personification.
-I'm sorry.
-I didn't mean to be a dick.
-It's okay. You can't help it.
My mom told me about your dad.
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna tell anybody.
How's your mom doing?
Obsessed with living
her best life
so he'll regret
what he did and then...
want her back,
and then she can tell him no.
When my dad cheated,
my mom was the same way.
Silver lining is...
they're gonna be too focused
on themselves
to pay attention to
what you're doing.
Something to look
forward to, I guess.
Did you do something
to your hair?
-I don't think so.
-Looks different.
I mean, you look good.
[horn honks]
That's my ride.
-See you around.
Boo! [laughs]
You took like ten years off
of my life.
Small price to pay
for bringing me so much joy.
Oh. Haven't you heard?
Gluten's the devil.
Says who?
My mom and her
new best friend Amber.
Who knew Kim was
such an almond mom?
Did I tell you she signed us
up for the gym?
I thought Kim didn't run unless
something was chasing her.
-Oh. That was B.A.
-Before Amber. [chuckles]
Oh, where were you at lunch?
I waited for you.
Oh, I was, uh...
I was working on
my Lit piece journal
with Ms. Norris.
I feel like it would be
so weird to eat lunch
in front of your teacher.
Like, did she eat with you?
What did she eat?
I-I don't, I don't know,
a sandwich I think.
That's like so sad.
Imagine being 50 and still
having to eat PB and J's?
-Totally. [giggles]
[Ms. Norris] Okay. Today, we're
gonna be doing peer reviews
of the poems you wrote
last night.
So, everyone, exchange papers
with someone
in a row beside you.
This may come as a surprise,
but I did not
do the assignment.
I-it's okay. I've got...
I've got extras.
-Seriously? Cool.
Try not to go easy on yourself.
-We gotta sell it.
Trust me. No one's harder
on me than me.
[Gage chuckles]
What does "anathema" mean?
It's, it's like a person
who's been cast out or shunned
by mainstream society.
Oh, I can relate.
Yeah, me too.
[bell rings]
Please turn in your poems
as you leave.
Gage, can I see you
for a minute?
Here we go.
Can I see your homework, please?
Hm. This is really
excellent work.
Well, you inspire me
to do better.
If only that were true.
When you came in,
your hands were empty.
You have no folder,
no notebook.
So, I have to wonder
where did this come from?
I-I gave it to him.
What I meant is, he left it
at my house last night,
when I was tutoring him.
It's the truth. I swear.
Well, I've never known
you to lie.
You're a lucky, young man,
Mr. Hill.
Thank you.
[Emmy] I can't believe
you covered for that criminal.
Do you know how much trouble
you would have gotten into
if you'd gotten caught?
Like, so much.
That was kinda the fun part.
What's next, cutting class
and getting high?
[Emmy] I have dance class
till 7:00
if you wanna come over
after that?
Uh, sure.
[Emmy] Ugh.
My cramps are killing me.
Here, since we're synced,
you probably
need one of these too.
Oh, yeah. Thanks.
-Morgan, are you ready?
Okay, so there are
only three things
you have to think about, speed,
incline and time.
Easy enough, right?
-[Erika chuckles]
Looking good.
So, what do you think?
Can we take it up a notch?
Let's do it!
[machine beeping]
How does that feel?
-That's what I like to hear.
-What about you, Morgan?
How're you doing?
-[Kim] Whoo!
-You got this girl.
-[Morgan panting]
-Keep it going.
[Erika] Crushin' it, Kim.
[Kim] Really just goin' there.
[Erika] Yeah.
You're totally right.
[Nick] Okay, wait.
So, tell me again
how this sixteena thing works?
Ses-tina. It's six,
six line stanzas,
and then a three-line envoi.
Right, and an envoi is?
Seriously, you don't
have to do this.
I know I don't have to.
I want to.
Morgan, honey, you look tired.
You know that's just
a polite way to say
someone looks like crap.
-No, that's not what I meant.
Oh. I didn't realize
you were still on the phone.
-Hey, Nick.
My class starts in 30 minutes,
so if you want me
to drive you to Emmy's
we have to go now.
-I-I'll just take my bike.
What class are you taking?
Not that it's any
of your business,
but I've been taking
a Transcendental Meditation
Well, we'll see
how long that lasts.
What's that supposed to mean?
Oh, I don't know.
How's the knitting group going?
Or the book club?
Or the redecorating?
Mom, just go to your class.
Why did you do that?
Do you know how hard
all of this has been on her?
You're right. I-I'm sorry.
[cellphone chimes]
-I gotta go.
-[Nick] Oh, okay.
I'll talk to you tomorrow?
I love you, sweetie.
Yeah, me-me too. Bye.
I feel your energy
I feel your energy
I feel your energy
I feel your energy
I feel your energy
-Nice scarf.
[exhales] What are you
doing here?
I was riding by and I realized
I hadn't really thanked you
for what you did.
Seriously, it's not a...
It's not a big deal.
Maybe not to you, but to me,
it was pretty dope.
So, what are you up to tonight?
Nothing. I was just...
talking to my dad.
He makes me
FaceTime him everyday.
I swear I talk to him more now
than when he lived
down the hall.
That checks out.
Anyways, I'm meeting up
with some people, so...
I better get going.
Unless you wouldn't
wanna come too, would you?
[Gage grunts]
They used to print books here
or something.
It's only a matter of time
until some developer
turns it into luxury lofts.
[cellphone chimes]
[upbeat music on speaker]
-You coming?
-Uh, yeah.
[indistinct chatter]
What the hell is she doing here?
Relax, man. Don't be a dick.
[Mac] I can be a dick
if I wanna be.
That's the bitch
that went after me.
No, she wouldn't have
went after you
if you weren't such a dick.
Dude. He's right.
[sighs] Sit wherever you like.
So, Morgan...
to what do we owe the dishonor
of your presence?
Ignore him.
I'm Aimee.
I think we have gym together.
You hang out with that girl
who's always talking
about how many views
her videos get.
-What's her name?
Yeah, that's her.
Girlfriend needs to take it
down, like, ten notches.
She's like so cringe.
She's just really passionate
about dance.
We need more fuel.
I think I saw a pile of pallets
in the hallway.
Do you wanna get off
your lazy ass and help?
-Not really.
-Dude. Get up.
Are you sure?
It's really good stuff.
Is it true it makes you hungry?
Totally. I always get the most
massive munchies when I smoke.
How do you stay so skinny?
After I pig out,
I just get rid of it.
You mean you like,
you throw up?
It's so not a big deal.
Everyone does it. It just that
nobody talks about it.
Think of it as all of the fun
with none of the consequences.
[Aimee sighs]
[indistinct chatter]
Look at this.
"How happy is the little Stone
who rambles in the road alone
and doesn't care about careers
and Exi-Exigen..."
Exigencies. It means
an urgent need or demand.
-Have you read this?
-No, but I recognize the poem.
Emily Dickinson is one of my
favorite poets.
You have a favorite poet? Lame.
Don't use that word.
Morgan wrote a poem.
It's getting published.
Seriously? That's so cool.
It's not for sure.
Ms. Norris just wants me
to submit something.
Still. It's kinda cool
just to be asked, right?
-Must mean you're really good.
-She is.
[Morgan coughs]
[all laugh]
-Oh, my God. No.
-[all laugh]
So when she says that
the rock is happy,
that's personification?
Exactly. [chuckles]
I-I had fun tonight.
Thanks for inviting me.
-Aimee's really cool.
-Yeah. She is.
Mac's basically the worst.
[Gage chuckles] Yes, he is.
[both laugh]
How'd you know
about the Lit Journal?
I think my mom mentioned
something to me about it.
It's cool.
You're cool.
No, I'm not.
You're smart.
You're nice.
You're not afraid to
give me shit.
Which is pretty cool to me.
[chuckles] Um...
I'm this way.
I'm this way.
You know I like you, right?
You do?
Yeah, I...
I do.
I guess, I-I guess I gotta go.
Yeah, I-I guess I'll
see you tomorrow at school.
Wake up wake up wake up
Wake wake up
Candy you look like candy
And I want you on my tongue
right now
Crazy I'm getting crazy
'Cause I really want know
If you're gonna
give me some
Wake up lets
You heard what I said
I can't help it
I just felt this
Wake up yes
So pretty I'm bad
I can't help it
Wake up wake up
I just like this
[breathes heavily]
-Mind if I sit down?
-No. Go ahead.
I just wanted to check in,
see how things were coming.
Anything you want me to
have a look at?
Okay, I'm just dying to know
what you've been writing.
I'm still working on it.
I-I'm thinking
instead of a sestina,
I might do something
a little bit more free flowing.
Maybe using slant rhyme.
I-I'm not sure entirely.
Oh, well, I'm sure whatever
you write will be fantastic,
I'm just curious why you
abandoned your initial idea.
It's just a lot more work than
I thought it was going to be.
Never known you to shy away
from a challenge.
I've just had a lot
going on right now.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, no, just the usual stuff.
You know, am I gonna
get asked to prom?
Should I get bangs?
Are we past
the point of no return
in terms of a complete
environmental collapse?
[chuckles] I hear you.
Well, speaking as someone
who's been there,
never cut your hair
under duress.
But seriously though,
if you need help
either with your entry
or otherwise, I'm here.
Oh, my God.
We've gone viral.
What are you talking about?
Sasha shower our video
to her friend
who showed it to another friend,
who showed it to her mentor
who just happens to be
the creative director
of Alvin freaking Ailey.
-Stop it!
-I know, right? [squeals]
They want me to apply to their
young choreographer's intensive.
What does that mean?
I have to fill out
an application saying,
you know,
why they should pick me
and send them a video of me
teaching someone a dance
I choreographed.
-And I'm guessing I'm someone?
Come on. We can brainstorm
ideas over lunch.
I can't. I decided to take
AP Chem
so I had to switch to D lunch.
-What? Since when?
How come you didn't
telling me first?
I didn't realize I had to run
every single decision
I make past you.
Hey. Cool hang the other night.
-Now you're hanging with him?
Wait, is that why
you couldn't come over?
No. I told you. I had to go to
my mom's meditation class.
Gage, just, you know, stopped by
to thank me
for the English thing.
How come he called it a hang?
Why are you making
such a big deal about this?
It's just weird that
you didn't tell me, that's all.
I mean, we tell each other
Okay, I'm sorry, okay?
I-I forgot.
I have to get to class.
[keypad clicking]
What're you working on?
Just something for school.
You want to read it to me?
It's not ready.
It's okay. I don't mind.
Maybe I do.
Where's your dad taking you
for dinner tonight?
I think that di-diner
we used to go to.
Oh, he would pick a place
with zero healthy
eating options.
Can you just lay off him
for like one minute?
I just don't want
to see you get derailed
when all of your hard work
is starting to pay off. [scoffs]
[Nick] Before I forget...
I got you this.
[Morgan chuckles]
If you want something else
or, you know,
already have it, like,
you can totally exchange it.
No, no, it's great. Thanks.
Is there something wrong
with your food?
You used to love this place.
No, I'm just really
not that hungry.
-Morgan, honey, you gotta eat.
-I had a big lunch.
-I missed your call yesterday.
-I had homework.
Look, I know you've got
a lot going on,
but it's important
that we talk every day.
Yeah, no, if you say so, yeah.
Do you want a fry?
What part of "I'm not hungry"
are you not getting?
-What's going on with you?
doesn't sound like nothing.
Well, you better get
your ears checked then.
Yeah, I'm-I'm not,
I'm not hungry.
Can you please
just take me home?
Yeah, yeah, of course.
[Kim] So with cleansing...
[Erika] Mm-hmm. Yeah.
I guess my biggest
question is...
-Do the greens-- Oh!
-[Jenn] Hello!
Who's ready for some wine
and whine? Hey.
Erika, allow me to introduce
Jenn, my dearest friend
and technically boss.
-Oh, nice to meet you.
Here, let me get you some wine.
Now, it's organic
so it's so much better
for your liver.
Oh, no, no, thanks,
I'll just drink this.
Yeah, I-I like to make my liver
earn its keep.
[both chuckle]
Okay, good.
Okay. Then I guess I'll just
see you tomorrow?
I love you.
Me too.
[car engine rumbling]
[Kim] You said it yourself,
you've never seen me so focused.
I mean, what's holding you back?
Don't you want to be
your best self?
-[door opens]
-Oh... Oh, thank God.
Morgan, we're in here.
Oh, my darling girl.
Save me from these
cuckoo nutbags, will you?
-Sweetie, come sit here.
-I-I've got homework.
Oh, no, you're not, you're not.
-Good luck.
-Thank you.
[instrumental music on stereo]
Is it me or does she seem off?
Nick probably stuffed her
full of crap
and now she's in a food coma.
I'll go check on her.
Well, looks like
it's just the two of us.
Here's here's.
[knocking on door]
Morgan, honey?
Can I come in?
Haven't you ever heard
of knocking?
I did knock.
You just didn't hear me.
So you just let yourself in?
Sorry, the last time
I checked this was my house,
which means I can go
into any room, anytime I want.
Ugh! I don't know
how you function
with your room like this.
I like it this way.
What's that smell? [sniffs]
It smells like wet towels.
Where's that coming from?
-Stop! Stop!
-Whoa. Okay.
What has gotten into you?
I just don't want you
going through my stuff, okay?
I promise I'll clean
everything up tomorrow.
Okay, okay.
-How was dinner?
What'd did you
and you're dad talk about?
Mom, I'm tired. Can we just save
the interrogation for tomorrow?
Why are you so tired? It's 8:30.
Mom, I'm just tired.
Teenagers need like,
what, ten hours a night.
Fine. You're tired.
I'll let you get some rest.
-I love you.
-Thank you.
[door shuts]
[cellphone chimes]
[cellphone chimes]
[indistinct chatter]
[Jenn clears throat]
I'm just going to my
friend Emmy's.
She only lives
a few blocks away.
Then why are you sneaking out?
Because technically,
I'm grounded
for mouthing off about mom's...
I mean, our new eating plan.
I get it.
Please. After dinner with my dad
and everything else, I just...
I really need to talk to Emmy.
It's-it's been really tough.
Go on.
But just don't stay out
too late.
I promise. Thank you.
Hey, look who's here.
I was just telling them about
my dad's latest attempt
to make up for his lack
of presence with presents.
My dad just did the same thing.
Like a book is going to make up
for the fact that he was
screwing around on my mom.
Did you have any trouble
sneaking out?
Nah. My mom and her wino friends
are completely oblivious.
There's something
I want to show you.
Yeah I got bad blood
What's wrong? I thought
this is what you wanted.
I do. You just,
you caught me by surprise.
And, uh, this is my first time.
For what?
For this.
One of these should help
you relax.
I'm not sure
that's on my meal plan.
[Gage] Zero calories, I promise.
'Cause I got bad blood
Wait, wait.
What's wrong?
You okay?
You're not ready.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Here. Come on.
I'll just, let's take you home.
It's okay.
[door opens]
[phone chimes]
[Morgan retching]
[car horn honks]
Did you not hear me honking?
Sorry. I was looking
for my journal.
Did you find it? Because I have
an appointment this afternoon,
we're not gonna be
able to run home.
What kind of appointment?
You're dad and I
are meeting with a mediator.
Is that like
a marriage counselor?
It's someone who is going
to help us with our divorce.
He made one mistake
and he said he was sorry.
I know that this
is really hard right now,
but once this is all over,
we can do anything we want.
We can, we can take a trip,
we can move, we can--
Now, we're gonna move?
Were you even going to ask me?
That's not what I meant.
I'm just...
I'm ready for what's next.
Are you okay?
Are you feeling all right?
You look pale.
Have you been
taking your vitamins?
[Kim] Maybe you just need
some sun.
Have I told you
how proud I am of you?
You've fought so hard
and you've been so disciplined.
At this rate, we'll be sharing
clothes in no time.
[bell rings]
[indistinct chatter]
What's that?
Just looking for some ideas
for my audition tape.
How, how's it going?
It'd be going a lot better
if you had helped me
like you said you would.
I know. It's just, I've had
a ton of things going on lately.
But I can-I can help tonight.
-For real this time?
It's due this week, so I don't
have time to screw around.
I will be there. I promise.
Okay, so check this out.
Okay. I wanna do this.
But like, obviously,
put my signature spin on it.
That's so sick.
-Wait, I have another one.
-All right.
Yo, Morgan.
Come take a look at this.
-What's the...
-I know.
[Morgan] No.
Three more pounds.
That's 15 for the month.
Let's give Morgan
a round of applause.
-Keep up the good work.
[woman 1] All right, guys,
how's everyone doing?
I'd like to hear from
some of you, but we
never have to share
if you don't want to.
We have one more speaker
for the day.
She's going to share
her experience
in this program with us.
Let's bring up Ricky
to the front.
[woman 2] When you look at me,
I'm sure you don't think
she's gotten eating disorder,
but there I was.
Restricting food, binging,
purging, taking laxatives.
I was cold all the time,
I had bad breath, I had B.O.
My hair was falling out.
I-I didn't get my period.
I was exhausted all the time.
I literally had every single
physical symptom of anorexia,
except I wasn't thin.
My God, if I looked like her,
I would have a real kill myself.
[upbeat music on earphones]
Oh, look at you go!
Wow. 6.2! That's impressive.
Your mom's only at 6.7.
I'm going to have to tell her
she's got some competition
nipping at her heels.
Keep up the good work, kiddo.
[machine beeping]
-I'm fine, really.
-Oh, no, here. Have some water.
It's not, it's not necessary.
Honestly, a little water
never hurt anyone.
Morgan? Oh, my God!
What happened?
The girl at the desk said
that you collapsed?
I think she overdid it
on the treadmill.
I'm fine.
I just want to go home.
Okay, and we will
once you see a doctor.
Why do you make
everything into a thing?
-You fainted! It's a thing!
-Yeah, your mom's right.
-Better safe than sorry.
-Okay, let's go. You okay?
I'm sorry. Okay.
-You dizzy?
[Kim] Okay, let's go.
I'm sure it was just a fluke.
Morgan, let Dr. Shoemacher
do his job.
Did you hit your head
when you fell?
-No. Yes, I'm sure.
-Are you sure?
I can't seem to find anything
out of the ordinary.
Shouldn't you run some tests or
something just to be extra safe?
No, I don't think
that's a necessary.
But she fainted.
I've been doing this
a long time. I promise you,
it's nothing to
get worked up about.
I told you.
But I am going to reiterate,
lose the weight
and this kind of thing
won't be an issue.
-She's lost 12 pounds.
That's a good start. But you
still got a long way to go.
[bell rings]
[indistinct chatter]
Emmy, Emmy?
Do you have any idea
where Morgan is?
Well, if you see her,
can you please tell her
I need to speak with her?
And when you just threw your bag
at him, I swear, I'd die.
-Uh, where's the bathroom?
-Uh, down the hall.
-Are you guys redecorating?
Yeah, my mom is the queen
at starting something,
getting distracted
and then never finishing it.
[Mac] Hey, it's, uh,
cool, right?
Sure. Yeah. Mi casa, su casa.
-You guys are totally adorable.
-Yeah, we were.
Doesn't look like a pedophile.
-Shut up! Don't worry.
We know that no one was
underage, just young.
-You wanna show me your room?
-Sure. [chuckles]
It's a lot messier
than I thought.
[rock music on stereo]
[knock on door]
[Mac] Yo, we're gonna bounce.
Catch you later.
C-can I ask you something?
What did-what did you tell them
about my dad?
It's not a big deal.
Shared some of the stuff
my dad's done.
Yeah, bu-but you said
you wouldn't tell anybody.
Is this gonna be like a thing?
Because if it is, I can just go.
No, I don't, I don't...
-I don't want that.
I don't want that either.
You're still tensed.
I can feel it,
and it's killing the vibe.
Do you have anything
that can help me
be more relaxed,
like what you had before?
Look at you. Bad girl.
-What is it?
-It's the same as before.
It's just crushed up. So that
way, you feel it faster.
How's that?
Good. I'm definitely
more relaxed.
That's what I like to hear.
Why are you covering up?
You're beautiful.
-[door closes]
-[Kim] Morgan, honey!
-[Kim] Are you home?
I'll come right down!
Gage, wake up. Wake up.
-What? What?
-My mom's home.
Uh, go out the side door
and, um, I'll make sure
my mom stays in the kitchen.
Hey, mom, what you doing?
What does it look like
I'm doing?
Let me, let me help you.
How was your day?
Uh, good, uneventful.
Sure there's nothing else
you want to tell me?
Look, sweetie.
I know how hard it is
for you not to be
able to eat and drink
whatever you want,
like your friends,
but trust me.
These sacrifices, they're going
to be worth it in the end.
You're totally right.
I slipped.
It-it won't happen again.
[keypad clacking]
[camera clicks]
[cellphone chimes]
[bell rings]
[indistinct chatter]
Morgan, can I speak with you?
[Morgan] I-I have a test in my
next class and I can't be late.
We'll only take a minute.
Take a seat.
I wanted to talk to you
about your submission
for the Lit Journal.
Not gonna lie.
I was very disappointed.
There's no passion, no feeling.
It was just words.
Just because you don't like it
it doesn't mean
the judges won't.
Morgan, I ran it through
reverse AI.
I know you didn't write it.
Fine. Don't submit it.
Can I go now?
There's also the matter
of your spending
your lunch periods
in the bathroom.
I've been using it
as a study hall.
You want to tell me
anything about this?
-I had a big breakfast.
We both know that's not true.
And we both know
it's not just today.
My daughter went
through something
very similar a few years ago.
Have you heard of
atypical anorexia?
[chuckles] You think
I'm anorexic?
Look at me. You have to be
skinny to the anorexic.
Not with atypical.
It has the same symptoms
and consequences
as traditional anorexia,
but without
the extreme weight loss.
-Oh, wow. That sucks.
No, I-I'm sorry, but do you,
do you have any proof?
That's what I thought. So if
there isn't anything else...
-I'm late for class.
-Morgan. Mor... Just please.
Ms. Norris is such a nosy bitch.
It's like, she's trying to be
the savior of the world
or something.
Are you going to geometry?
Uh, no.
I think I'm going to bail.
I-I'll come with you.
No, I've had enough
of this place for a day.
I think there's not
enough room in the car.
I'm sure I can squeeze in.
I think we both know
that you can't.
Dude, what is taking you
so long?
There she is.
You really know your angles,
girl. Is she coming with us?
No, she's not. Let's go.
What do you want?
No, I wa-I was thinking,
you know, maybe
we could do your video
after school.
It was due this morning.
Don't worry, I knew
I couldn't count on you,
so I found somebody else.
You know, it's not my fault.
You know, I've been busy.
Busy, getting high
and ditching school
with your loser friends?
What, are you, are you jealous?
Of what?
Aimee letting you do
her homework for her,
or the fact that
you were stupid enough
to think that
Gage really liked you
when he was looking
for an easy lay?
Yeah, everybody knows.
Oh, and you might want to get
a mint. Your breath is rank.
[indistinct chatter]
[Kim] Morgan? Sweetie?
Can you come here, please?
Okay, I'm here.
What do you want?
Have you been crying?
What's wrong?
It's allergies.
The-the pollen count,
is that like a million today
or something.
Your dad called.
He said that you stood
him up after school.
So, I don't want his
and my problems
to become his
and your problems.
You've basically made it
your full-time job
to make sure anyone
within a 50-mile radius
knows that
he blew up our family.
Or am I just supposed
to ignore that?
-Hey, lose the attitude.
-I-I've got homework.
-Morgan, come back here.
We are not done
talking about this.
[door slams]
[Emmy] Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Good job! [Emmy clapping]
[muffled screaming]
[breathing heavily]
[bell rings]
I saw your video.
Couldn't get anyone better
than your parents to help you?
They've gotten more likes
than you ever did.
[Ms. Norris] Okay, everyone,
let's settle.
Today, we come to the end
of our unit on poetry.
I know, I'll miss it too,
but all good things
must come to an end.
So, yesterday, I asked everyone
to select a poem to read
from one of the eras
that we studied.
Gage, how about you
get us started?
-Do I have to?
-Actually, you do.
[clears throat]
"How happy is the little stone
that rambles in the road alone?"
"It doesn't care about careers
and exigencies never fears."
Who's code of elemental brown--"
Stop it! Stop it!
[students exclaim]
Morgan. Morgan?
Oh, my God.
-[knocking on door]
-Morgan, are you in there?
[Morgan] Go away.
Excuse you, haven't you
ever heard of privacy?
If you want to privacy,
you shouldn't pick the stall
with the broken lock.
I parted your stuff.
You're welcome.
What do you want,
what do you want, a medal?
What's going on with you? I
thought it was just a divorce,
but it's more than that,
isn't it?
What, you think
because your parents
are shrinks, you're one too?
It doesn't take a genius to see
that there's something
-really wrong going on.
-I-I don't need this.
[stuff clattering]
Give it, give it back!
What's in here that you're
so afraid of me seeing?
It's mine,
it's private! Give it...
[Morgan gasping]
Oh, my God.
Morgan, what have you
done to yourself?
[Ms. Norris] There was
an incident today.
Morgan got upset and ran out
of the middle of class.
But I think we're dealing
with a much more serious issue.
I've been watching her
for the past few months,
and there have been significant
changes in her behavior.
What kind of changes?
She's withdrawn.
She's been skipping class,
and there has been a decline
in the quality of her work.
And there's also
the matter of her journal.
Her journal? What about it?
As you'll see,
it indicates that
Morgan has been barely
eating for months.
She's been surviving on just
a few hundred calories per day,
sometimes less.
How could you let this happen?
No. No. I have seen her food
journal. That's not it.
This was also found
in her backpack.
This is the journal
she's been showing you.
That's the real one.
[Kim exhales]
This is all Emmy's fault.
She just pissed on me
because I didn't want to
be in her stupid video.
Okay? There's nothing wrong with
me. Where's she going?
Stop! Stay out of my room!
-[Nick] Hey, Morgan.
-Stop it!
What I do with my body
is none of your business!
I am your mother. Everything
about you is my business.
Morgan, please,
we have to do this.
Is this it? Is this what you
don't want me to find?
What is it?
Do you know how dangerous
these are?
You just want to keep me fat,
so I'll be your little project.
And you know how to think,
how pathetic
and miserable your life is!
-Okay, that's enough.
-Don't go.
Oh! God! Oh!
Oh, my God!
[Kim groans] What?
What is that?
Why... are you doing
this to yourself?
I saw how you looked
at yourself in the mirror.
How you-how you pinched
your thigh with disgust.
And if you feel that way
about yourself,
look at the way that you do,
I can only imagine
how you feel about me!
-Oh, no, sweetheart...
-No, no, no, no, no!
[Morgan screaming]
[Kim] Sweetie.
Morgan, Morgan, Morgan!
-No, no, no!
-Oh, my God.
Morgan. Hey, Morgan.
-Morgan! Where's your phone?
-[Kim] Outside!
Morgan?! Morgan?!
[Dr. Franklin] Well, the tests
indicate we're dealing with
multiple medical issues.
Severe electrolyte imbalance,
low red blood cell count,
acute kidney failure.
[Nick] Oh, Jesus.
[Dr. Franklin] There's also
the lack of menstruation,
the hair loss.
These are all
complications attributed
to Morgan's atypical anorexia.
-So, what do we do now?
-We wait for her to wake up.
-How long will that take?
-We're monitoring her closely.
But there's really
no way of knowing.
Could be hours, could be days.
-Could be--
For now, just be glad
that Morgan is getting
-some much-needed nutrients.
I'll be back in a little
while to check on her.
[Nick] Thank you, Doctor.
How did I not see this?
-Because she didn't want you to.
-How you two holding up?
I'll give you a minute.
Any change?
No. She's still not awake.
Oh, my God. Jenn,
what if she doesn't wake up?
You can't think that way.
I-I don't understand why she
would think that this was okay.
Because you showed her,
that it was.
I don't mean to sound harsh,
and I love you,
but restricting foods,
counting calories,
protein, fat, carbs,
getting defensive on anyone,
even remotely questions
what you're doing.
Does any of that
sound familiar?
The good news is, we figured it
out before it was too late.
For both of you.
[Aimee] Do you think she tried
to, like, kill herself?
I mean, whatever it is
must be pretty serious
if she's not coming
back to school.
Dude, I bet it's all a cover
just so she could go
to one of those fat farms.
-Hey, Gage, have you...
-Have I what?
Heard anything
about what happened?
Um... no.
Hey, uh, I-I'll catch up
with you guys later.
[indistinct chatter]
-How is she?
-What do you care?
You got what you wanted
from her.
I know I deserve that.
But can we press pause
on you hating me
for a second and can you
just tell me
if she's going to be okay?
I don't know
if she's going to be okay.
She hasn't woken up yet. I'm
going to the hospital right now.
-Do you want to come?
I'll just make things worse.
Hey, Emmy.
I'm really sorry for everything.
Be better next time.
[Kim] How is she?
She's stable, so that's good.
If she's stable,
why isn't she waking up?
Her body's been through
a trauma.
It needs time
to recover and heal.
What happens
when she gets better,
because she's going
to get better.
We can treat her
physical issues here,
but after that,
I'd highly recommend
a residential
treatment program,
followed by a step-down
outpatient program
to address
the mental health factors.
Oh, seems a bit extreme.
This is an extreme situation.
It's a lot to take in.
For now, let's just take things
one step at a time.
[siren wailing in distance]
[monitor beeping rapidly]
What's happening?
[male nurse] Ma'am,
I need you to stay back.
I need to be with my daughter.
-Page Dr. Franklin. Please!
-I need to be with my daughter.
-I need to be with her.
What is happening? [sobbing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Kim sobbing]
-How is she?
-She's stable.
-What happened?
-Her heart went into V-tack.
That's what set off the alarm.
Luckily, we were able to shock
it back into a normal rhythm.
Oh, thank God.
As far as we can tell, there's
been no permanent
damage to her heart,
which is promising.
[indistinct chatter]
[Nick] Hi.
Thank you.
[Nick sighs]
Uh, Mr. and Mrs. Cruz?
She's awake.
You go.
Hey, baby.
How are you feeling?
Mom, I'm so sorry
about everything I said.
I didn't mean any of it.
No, sweetie. You have nothing
to be sorry for.
If anyone should be
apologizing, it's me.
I was so wrapped up
in my own mess
that I didn't see
what you were going through.
I'm okay.
Baby, you're not okay.
Nothing about
any of this is okay.
How long has
this been going on?
Morgan, I need you
to talk to me.
How long?
It started when you put me
on that diet,
when I was ten...
because I hadn't
fit my flower girl dress
at Jenn's wedding.
And-and then
I found the-the laxatives
in the medicine cabinet.
And after that,
it was, I was not eating
certain foods and then
not eating them on Fridays,
and Mondays
and Fridays and then...
and then seeing how long I could
go without eating at all.
I once, I once went a whole week
with only drinking water.
Oh, my God.
But it doesn't matter because
nothing worked out so far.
Well, why didn't you,
why didn't you come to me?
You said if I kept d-doing what
I was doing that we could
share clothes and that was what
you always wanted.
All I ever wanted was for you
to be happy and healthy.
Then why is this the first time
you've said it?
All I hear from you is that
you-you want me to be fit.
[Kim] I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
[both sobbing]
Emmy... she's asking for you.
I'm not exactly sure
what to say.
Me, me either.
I'm sorry I said your
breath was rank.
Sure, it was.
Yeah, but I shouldn't
have said it.
I'm sorry I've been
such a crappy friend lately.
-It's okay.
-No, it isn't.
You're right, it's not.
I'll let you make it up to me.
You could have told me.
I couldn't admit it to myself,
so how could I have
possibly admitted it to you?
How do we know
which one to pick?
I say we go
for the one with a pool.
You're making
the right decision.
Yeah, well, it's the first time
for everything.
Hey. She's going to be okay.
-You promise?
-Have I ever lied to you?
Too soon. [giggles]
[Morgan] But how was I
to know that the only way
to hold on was to loosen my
grip, take control?
So, last day.
How are you feeling
about being
discharged from IOP?
Good, excited, nervous, scared.
All of those are perfectly
normal feelings to be having.
Do you feel ready to step down?
Yeah, I-I think so.
I-I've worked
with a dietitian to come up
with a new eating plan.
A healthy one that actually
involves eating.
I've got you in group
meetings and family therapy.
That all sounds great. What do
you think you've learned
while you've been here that's
going to help you out there?
I guess I've learned.
As long as I can remember,
I always felt like
I was being punished
for a crime I didn't commit.
But no matter how,
how hard I tried
or what I did,
I could never escape
the prison I was trapped in.
[Olivia] The prison being your
body? And how do you feel now?
I feel grateful.
Or at least,
I-I'm learning to be...
that I, I have a body
that didn't give up on me.
Because I'm supposed to be here.
I-I want to be here.
And I'm done listening
to that voice in my head
that says if I was thinner,
things would be better.
Or... that even if I walked,
it was never long enough
or far enough or fast enough.
Not the reason
I didn't get an A in chemistry
was because I ate
a potato chip two weeks ago.
And how do you plan on
silencing that voice?
I'm going to get to know
the real me.
The me who
has so much to offer,
who has so much potential.
The me who is excited
to live her life.
You think
you're ready to do that?
With help.
You lost a little piece
of yourself
I don't get how
But we'll be back together
Even if it takes a little
glue and tape
I'll make sure
that it fits forever
I'll make you stronger
I'll make you stronger
Leave the dark behind
I'll show you how to shine
I'll make you stronger
I'll make you stronger
Breathe life back into you
I'll show you
what is true
I'll make you stronger
I'll make you stronger
Leave the dark behind
I'll show you how to shine
I'll make you stronger
I'll make you stronger