Dying of the Light (2014) Movie Script

- No, your name.
- Please tell me your name.
My name is Charles Ruchowski.
Say the name, Mr... Mr. Lake!
Tell me, Mr. Lake.
Tell me, what is his name?
What is the name of the spy?
What is the name of the double?
My name is Charles Ruchowski...
- Okay.
- ...a representative for spirit systems.
- One more time.
- A representative...
Well, you tell me...
just tell me, Mr. Lake...
- Charles Ruchowski.
- ...what I
need to know!
This... this doesn't end.
No, no, no. It ends...
when you die!
Every year at this time,
it is my pleasure...
an honor, really... to introduce
former deputy station chief, Beirut,
chief of station Kabul,
holder of the Donovan award,
the distinguished intelligence medal
and the only living recipient
of the intelligence star,
Evan Lake. Evan.
What the hell are you doing here?
Haven't you heard?
The C.I.A. fell from the Berlin
wall and all the president's men
can't put it back together again!
It's broke!
Not reliable. Not trustworthy.
Can't stand up to the white house.
Backstabbers. Watching porn,
tapping phones.
Best and brightest quit or retired.
What in the name of Jesus Christ nailed
to the cross are you doing here?
Because you heard the call.
That's why.
Your future spread out before
you like a cruise-ship buffet.
You were teaching in a
classroom, working in a kitchen,
training in a gym and
you heard the call.
For some it was adventure.
For some, mystique.
For all, it was 9/11
and you heard the call,
and it was the call of duty
and love of country. Why?
Because you have values!
- Thanks again, Ev. We appreciate it.
- Think they believed a word of it?
- I did.
- You were always an easy touch.
I won't be here next year.
On my way out.
What? You're a pup. What are you, 40?
- Got an offer from the private sector.
- You'll miss it.
Maybe I'll come back next year
just to hear your speech.
It ends...
when you die!
If you were a reasonable man,
you and I could talk about America.
You would drink something, you would...
you would... you would be set free.
But no, no, no. You want to...
You want to die... He wants
to die, like, what? Crusader!
No. No, Mr. Lake. No,
it's better that you don't die.
- Charles Ruchowski.
- No, you don't die. No, no, no, no, no.
Today, you suffer.
I was talking to someone
down at the farm.
They said you gave a real
barn burner this morning.
What's on your mind?
When I started riding a desk,
it was supposed to be temporary.
- That was six years ago.
- You've made your country very proud.
I've gone through all the proper channels,
I've submitted the paperwork,
but I can't seem to reach anyone.
And I am sorry to bother you with this.
How long have you been
in government service?
Marines six years. Agency 30.
S.I.S. three. 36 years,
last three years at medium pay.
That's... That's 110,000 a year.
Hell, I'd retire for that much.
I doubt that, sir.
I have skills better
deployed in the field.
Ev, you have been
an inspiration to me.
I'm not afraid to admit it.
I'll look into it, see what I can do.
Come in.
- Milt.
- Wanna grab lunch?
Not today.
- How'd it go?
- Not so good.
Director said he's going
to see what he can do.
- You all right?
- Gotta tamper down, get it under control.
Hey, put that dictionary on my hand.
It's that book over there,
the orange one. It's a dictionary.
I know what a dictionary is.
Thank you.
There are two kinds of
people in this world,
men of action and everyone else.
I'll see you.
- Yes?
- Milton?
- Yes.
- This is Bob Deacon at NSA.
A while back you put in a watch
for certain chemical compounds.
- This was three years ago.
- You still interested in that?
- I am.
- Good, something's come up.
Where can I find you? I'm coming over.
A couple of weeks ago that flash drive
came into the possession of the Romanians.
It was water-damaged...
the guy jumped off a bridge.
S.R.I. had no luck, so they
asked us to take a crack at it.
On it we found porn, Islamic sermons,
angry birds and medical reports.
That's where you come in. We ran
"decitabine" and your request came up.
Who was Abdi Abdikarim?
Kenyan national. We had some old passport
records. Other than that, nothing.
S.R.I. made inquiries...
but the Kenyans weren't
all that much help.
Can I have a copy of
the full document?
- There's over 50 pages.
- That's all right.
I'll take it electronically.
You know that the only thing standing between
me and reassignment is your approval.
Mr. Lake, what do you wish
to do when you return?
- There is unfinished business.
- That's what I wish you would talk about.
Muhammad Banir is alive. They say
he's dead... everybody says...
- killed in the explosion.
- There was a body.
So what? I didn't see any head.
I didn't see Banir's head.
If you wish to return
to work at the C.I.A...
- If I wish to return?
- ...I would strongly suggest
that you put the matter of
Muhammad Banir behind you.
All the indications
pointed that direction,
but it wasn't until the pet scan was
complete that we could be sure.
No more memory tests?
Just the opposite. Mental exercises
are shown to be effective...
All right, what is it?
Eight years and I'm dead?
Mr. Ruchowski,
this is not Alzheimer's.
For many years, frontotemporal dementia
and Alzheimer's were confused,
but frontotemporal dementia
is a separate disease.
It's better?
F.T.D. is much more aggressive.
Much more? How much more?
- Did anyone come with you today?
- No.
Family is very important
in a situation like this.
I don't have any brothers or sisters.
No children. My work is my family.
This frontal... F.T.D., is there
anything I should be on the lookout for?
You will be subject to overreactions
or inappropriate reactions,
blank spells. Perhaps you've
noticed this already.
Mood swings,
unreliable sensory perception.
"Unreliable sensory perception."
That's what it's called.
There are support groups,
social services here in Philadelphia...
in fact, wherever you go.
I've spoken with Dr. Gross,
Nathan Gross, in the special care wing.
Now after we're finished, you'll pay
him a visit. He's expecting you.
There's no reason to be alone in this.
- So what is prescribed?
- Usually serotonin inhibitors...
Zoloft, Paxil... or antidepressants.
But those are drugs for crazy people,
manic-depressives. That's not me.
Okay, let's get that clear.
That's not who I am.
Look, these medications address
the behavioral symptoms.
- Not the disease?
- That's correct.
Hey. Have you seen Lake?
- He hasn't been here all day.
- Do you know where he is? Did he call in?
I'm busy, sir. Sorry.
Evan, where are you? I've been
trying to reach you. I left messages.
I've been busy.
- Something's come up.
- What?
I don't wanna talk about
it over an open line.
Where are you? I'll come meet you.
- Evan, where are you?
- Diamond Tuesdays.
You're at Ruby Tuesdays?
Yes, I'm at Ruby Tuesdays.
That's what I just said.
Okay, which one?
The one in...
- Ev.
- Yeah?
- Excuse me.
- Yeah?
Get this man something to eat, please,
- and a cup of coffee.
- You got it.
Can I clear that for you?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
That wasn't very sociable.
What's going on?
- Nothing.
- Do you want to talk about it?
What is so goddamn important?
This "something" that has come up.
There's been a possible hit on Banir.
Over the last year,
five requests for deferiprone
- which is not too unusual...
- No, it doesn't affect the anemia.
- It's just the iron deficiency.
- Right, but the same source...
the man requesting it was Kenyan,
but the doctor is in Bucharest University
Hospital, a research hospital.
Decitabine and Azacitidine, which are
only used for clinical trials...
- Mediterranean anemia.
- Thalassemia,
which is hereditary, which we
know Muhammad Banir carries,
even though he has
been dead for 20 years.
You know his father died of it.
And Abdikarim, the man procuring the drug,
was a suspect in a Nigerian fraud ring.
Rather than give himself up,
he jumps off a bridge.
Medical info was on a flash drive.
- He ain't no Kenyan.
- He was 100% healthy.
- He had no need for the medication.
- What else?
- Nothing.
- I knew he didn't die.
This means his condition has
moved to an advanced stage.
Now he can lay low,
he can become invisible,
but sooner or later the
disease will flush him out.
Banir's got it.
It's come out. It's in his blood.
- Sorry to impose on our relationship.
- What is it?
I've come across intelligence which leads
me to believe Muhammad Banir is alive.
Give us the room, gentlemen.
Go on.
Banir was believed killed during my
extraction. The evidence was circumstantial.
Intelligence intercepts led the
agency to conclude Banir was dead.
He disappeared from our radar.
The C.I.A. closed the books on him.
Not a word about him has been
heard for 22 years... until now.
Banir has a hereditary
blood disease... thalassemia.
If not apparent during childhood,
it can lay dormant until midlife or later.
There have been recent
intercepts of requests
for medicine used primarily during
clinical trials for this anemia.
These requests have a Kenyan source.
- And what's the source of these intercepts?
- The source is confidential.
Lake, I am the director
of the fucking agency.
Nothing is confidential.
Who's the source?
If the source were to become known,
- the source would be in danger.
- What do you propose?
I would like to set up a task force,
establish Banir's whereabouts,
extract him, and have him return
to the United States for trial.
You'd like to set up a task force?
- I meant the agency, sir.
- Why don't we just let the man die?
That is assuming that your
confidential source is correct,
and assuming that it
does in fact indicate
the presence of a man that no
one's heard of in 22 years.
Because it is not the policy of this agency,
nor is it the policy of this government,
to allow the man who's responsible
for at least 17 kidnappings,
a dozen executions and the
bombing of a tourist bus...
some of whom were children, by the way...
to go free simply because he's sick.
Mary, sent in Sanjar.
Come in.
This is Dr. Sanjar. He's with
the office of medical services.
Please, Evan, sit.
Dr. Sanjar was speaking
at Upenn Hospital...
a conference on
service-related diseases.
Did you really think you
could travel 150 miles,
make three visits to a neurological
clinic under a false identity,
give blood, leave fingerprints and
not have us find out about it?
Dr. Clayborne forwarded
your medical records.
You don't have to worry about payment
or privacy or quality of care.
The C.I.A. Takes care of its own.
The O.M.S. has a
state-of-the-art facility.
In addition to which, we coordinate our
efforts with A.F.R.H. Here in Washington.
And we'd like to make this
as easy as possible for you.
We've been speaking to the D.D.O.
We'll have a retirement dinner.
The press... everyone'll come, heck,
even the president will be there.
Banir. What about Banir?
Muhammad Banir is dead, Lake.
Has been for 22 years.
We interviewed your
departmental associates.
We are concerned about these
mood swings you've been suffering,
the unpredictability of behavior.
Banir, damn it.
There is a concern that you could
become a liability to the agency.
- Fuck you.
- Calm down.
I'm a liability? You fucked this up just
like you fucked up everything else.
Fucked up Iran-contra, fucked up Ames,
fucked up 9/11, fucked up W.M.D.,
Afghanistan, Iraq, Benghazi.
Not you yourself of course, no.
No, you're just the latest
in a long line of fuck-ups
who turned this agency into a cesspool
of politics and special interests
on behalf of the weapons makers
and the surveillance industry,
who get richer while we get weaker!
- Mr. Lake.
- I could...
I've forgotten more about this
agency than you'll ever know.
Who put you up to this? Whose got
their hand in your pocket now?
I've seen a million people like you.
A million people.
You've got your head
so far up Obama's ass,
you can't see anything except
his shit anymore. Shame on you.
Shame on you.
- Agent Lake?
- Yes.
The director's asked us to
collect your security badge.
Please stand, sir.
Sir, we've been instructed to
escort you out of the facility.
Place the items you would like to take
here on the desk for inspection, sir.
- You want to check my aftershave?
- There's no need to be snippy, sir.
You want my life? You want my files?
Here, take them!
Would you like awards? Here.
Here's a couple of them for you.
This is what they give to assholes like me
who give their lives for their country!
Core values!
Get someone else to give your
goddamn lecture! I resign!
I have your stuff. I... I hope you
don't mind. I didn't want to leave it there.
Can I come in?
Yeah, come in.
You... you want something to drink?
What are you having?
- Sake.
- Sounds good.
I screwed up pretty bad today?
No going back.
So much for the retirement party.
They're not gonna do
nothing about Banir.
They treated me like I
was some sort of crackpot.
- Kanpai.
- Kanpai.
Have a seat.
That's the other reason I came.
N.S.A. forwarded a copy
of Abdi's flash drive.
The prescribing physician is
Dr. Iulian Cornel, medical research.
That's why none of the
indicators went off.
- How long has this been happening?
- Two years.
- Banir...
- Well...
...possible Banir uses
Abdikarim as a middleman.
Their communications,
any information about possible Banir...
Goes into the river...
or so he thinks.
And Abdi pays Dr. Cornel.
Ignorant... ignorant doctor in this?
Well, except for one thing.
Dr. Cornel has a Kenyan wife.
- How much does he charge?
- 10k euro every month.
- And doesn't report it.
- Nope.
Now we're on the same page. The doctor's
protecting himself. You got the files?
- You know what?
- What?
This is cool.
Print 'em out. I don't like
to read off a monitor.
All right.
No answer?
Aasim. Aasim. Aasim.
You have a visa?
- Speak English?
- Yeah.
I need you to go... go to Bucharest.
I need you to find this... doctor.
I need you to get the medication?
Shave your beard and get...
European ways.
Better idea.
Get this Cornel to come here.
What if... if he give me problems?
If he does not want to come?
Tell him the family of his wife
will not be spared. Yeah,
that's good. That's good.
Here he is.
"Dr. Iulian Cornel,
grant to develop novel therapeutic
agents b-thalassemia.
Sponsored Cooley's anemia foundation."
Bingo. Muhammad Banir,
you think you can hide?
Nobody can hide from the reaper.
Can we get in?
- Into what?
- Into the correspondence
between Banir and the doctor.
Cornel hasn't heard from Abdi...
so now he's wondering...
"Where's my payment?"
- It... it's possible, but...
- But what?
If this med is for Banir,
why hasn't anyone heard
from him in 20 years?
I can explain.
Banir thought I had an asset
in his group, a double.
That's what he was trying to get me to
give up. There was no fucking asset.
I couldn't give it up even if I
wanted, but that was the deal.
After my extraction, I had my doubts,
so I sent some intelligence hinting
that Banir himself was the double,
a cable that would be intercepted
at the highest levels.
If he was still alive, I wanted
him off the playing field.
I drove him into the ground.
Everybody figured he was dead.
- I had my doubts.
- Why?
Because he's a true believer.
Guys like that don't just die.
You gotta... you gotta rip out
their hearts with your bare hands.
You've been giving this a lot
of thought, haven't you?
- Just once a day.
- Every day.
All day long.
Don't answer it.
Shit. Just stay there.
Dr. Sanjar, I'm real busy right now.
I don't have the time.
Evan, I don't want to leave it the way
it was left today. It was not right.
- It's all right.
- No, it's not.
I'm not going to let you push this aside.
We want to help you.
Come to my office, we'll sit down,
have a talk, prepare for the future.
It doesn't have to be tomorrow.
Whenever you like.
- Agreed?
- Yeah. Agreed.
- I'll see you then.
- I'll see you then.
- You gonna tell me what that was about?
- It's nothing. Let's get drunk.
This goes back to when I
found you at Ruby Tuesdays,
- Doesn't it?
- Can't a man have any privacy?
All right, look,
I'm risking my job here,
but you've got another program running,
something you won't tell me about.
You gotta be straight.
You owe me that much.
It's not so bad now... little things,
things that I can hide...
but that's a train that
only runs one way.
Everything up here?
Rotting. Bit by bit, it slips away.
- You've known this...
- I suspected.
About a year ago, something
in my head just... fell.
By the time you start showing symptoms,
the atrophy's done its damage,
brain mass has decreased.
Three years, my guess. That's about it.
You know, I wanna know something.
Were they asking about me?
Not to me directly, but yeah.
You're angry?
Not at them. Well, actually,
maybe at them, but this whole damn thing.
Why me? Why the fuck me?
- I didn't do anything wrong!
- Ev, you still have time left.
Make the most of it.
Why waste it looking for someone
who may not even exist?
He does exist.
There is a window here.
It won't be open long,
and then it will close and Banir
will have gotten away with it.
And I am gonna do something
worth remembering
with what's left of my time.
Could you please step out?
Mr. Lake, we're going back to the station.
Please get in the patrol car.
I will drive you there.
Place your keys under the seat.
What have I done?
State law requires physicians
to report all conditions
that might cause a loss of consciousness,
Mr. Lake. Your name is on this list.
Now if this is an error,
it will be corrected at the station.
Look, I work for the United
States government, just like you.
Another officer will bring your car.
If there's someone you'd like to pick you up,
you can call them from the station.
If you have a cellphone, you can call now.
What made him jump, the Kenyan?
All right, he's a conduit
for pharmaceuticals.
He's been protecting the location
of someone presumed dead.
He's been accused of this
Nigerian drug fraud scam.
What makes him jump?
It had to be something else.
Something he knew.
- Something he was afraid he'd give up.
- Yeah, something scary.
The money came in.
10,000 Euros, Abdi's account.
And no one to pick it up. Shit,
I gotta hurry. The clock's running.
You're going to Romania?
How? Have you thought about
how you're gonna do it?
Go to Bucharest, collect the money,
track down the bad guy, charter a jet,
set her down at Andrew's air
force base. No, not in detail.
- I'm coming with you.
- No, you're not.
- Let me come with you.
- I'm not helpless.
- I know, but do you have multiple I.D.?
- I have old passport...
Old passport won't cut a deal
like this, not in today's security.
We'll need at least
three sets, all vetted.
- How long for the I.D's?
- Two days, three.
- What if I say no?
- No what?
No, you can't come.
Well then, Mr. secret agent man,
I might have to drop a dime on you.
You know, I half believe you would.
It's programmed to the
number I was given.
Only call if it's an emergency.
You have cash?
So this will be your car.
- Do you have...
- Don't tell me anything. I know nothing.
Do you have a gun?
In the trunk.
Have you clarified your plan?
There's a woman meeting
us in Bucharest.
Oh. You are full of surprises.
Michelle Zubarain, used to be
a journalist, mid-east danger junkie.
Might even have been an agent.
She works out of Prague now.
- She an old flame?
- Just someone I used to know.
- And?
- Just, you know, one step at a time.
Seeing what'll happen next.
Professor Dr. Iulian Cornel.
Nothing particularly
stands out about him.
Keeps a low profile, community service,
sits on a couple of boards.
What about his wife?
Angena? They met
through an aid program.
- Where?
- Mombasa.
- Sir.
- What?
- This is a nonsmoking section.
- Let me just check something.
Yup, I am in Romania.
Are you out of your fucking mind?
- This whole country is a smoking section.
- Evan.
- Okay. Okay.
- Sir, there is a smoking area upstairs.
I'm putting it out!
Thank you for bringing
that to our attention.
I know. I'm sorry, Michelle.
I'm sorry about that. It's the jetlag.
It's got me...
it's got me turned around.
It's all right.
What's the best way to
approach Dr. Cornel?
In his office during business hours,
closed door, with colleagues nearby.
I've prepared an official cover.
You'll be my American colleagues.
How did you and Michelle meet?
If I'm not being too forward.
No, it's not too forward. It just...
wasn't particularly glamorous.
How did you and Evan meet?
That's more interesting.
I was a...
non-official covert op in Cairo.
And I lost an asset...
the son of a cabinet minister.
My fuck-up. Ugly political situation.
The agency just stepped back.
Then Evan Lake showed up.
Two days later, I was on a
plane back to Washington.
They just needed to be reminded
we take care of our own.
- I was a believer then.
- You still have it, don't you?
- What?
- You know what I'm talking about.
Show him, Evan.
Yeah, I caught a bullet
when I was extracted.
He offered once to have
that bullet put in a ring...
If I'd agree to wear it on my finger.
I bet you didn't know
he was such a romantic.
I've gotta get back to the room.
This flight really took it out of me.
I'll see you later.
Did you have to say that?
- Did I embarrass you?
- You couldn't embarrass me.
Everybody set?
That's him in the glasses.
- Dr. Cornel?
- Da.
- M-my office, please.
- Da.
Decitabine is not a prohibited drug,
- So I don't see why...
- Dr. Cornel, I'm here as a liaison.
This request has come
through official channels.
It originates from Washington, D.C.
- English, please.
- We have an interest in this person,
Abdi Abdikarim.
What kind of a name is that anyway?
He said he was Kenyan.
- What's your connection to him?
- I only met him once at a coffee shop.
- The rest was through the mails.
- When was that?
- Two years ago.
- You've been prescribing a rare, potent drug
to somebody you met once in
a coffee shop two years ago?
He had medical records. He was representing
someone else, but the name had been redacted.
You have no knowledge of
who's actually using this drug?
None whatsoever, but I did nothing wrong.
I did everything by the book.
20,000 Euros every two months.
Does that sound about right?
And why should that
be a security concern?
Cornish... Cornish...
Cornel. Dr. Julian Cornel,
let us decide what is or
isn't a security concern.
Arrest him.
- Dr. Cornel, could you please stand up.
- What?
Turn around.
No, no, no, I can't be arrested.
I cannot be arrested.
- You don't understand.
- Tell it to your lawyer.
He came into my home last night.
My wife was terrified.
- Who?
- He didn't give his name.
He said Abdi was dead. He was an Arab.
He wanted the decitabine and
wanted me to go to the patient.
- Where?
- Didn't say.
Why are you still here?
You asked for more money, didn't you?
- How much?
- 30,000.
You're a successful doctor.
You're going somewhere you don't know
to treat someone you don't know for a lousy
30,000 Euros. What am I missing here?
It's my wife.
She's from Kenya.
They said they'll kill her
family if I didn't come.
The Arab man who told you this,
is he planning on traveling with you?
I assume so.
You think Cornel will contact
us when they call him?
Yeah, he'll call. We've got him
scared now. We're his only chance.
Is there really a Natalie
Negrescu at S.R.I.?
He's not gonna contact
the Romanian authorities.
Get this Cornel.
He... he is a crook.
30,000. Who does he think he is?
I wouldn't trust him if he wasn't.
He only wants 15,000 now, so...
He has to come.
Can we get that much money?
I will write the details.
You... you go send it
from the Internet cafe.
It will take at least...
at least a day, but first
we'll ask for more time.
You tell him... no. No, I...
I don't have time.
Fuck. 24.
Are you...
You warm enough?
I asked you to tell me
if you were going out.
I got anxious, kept walking.
But the thing was I...
I-I... I couldn't remember
the name of the hotel.
You left your wallet.
It's just three blocks over.
You get some sleep.
You'll be fine.
It happens towards the end of the day.
Sundowning it's called.
Nobody knows why.
You get anxious, confused.
I had to get out, go somewhere.
You take your medication?
Do you feel better?
Yeah. Yeah, I just slipped.
Lost track. I'm... I'm all right.
Dr. Cornel called.
The money will arrive tomorrow.
They said to be ready to travel in a
few days, had to get him a Kenyan visa.
- Banir's Arab friend?
- Yeah.
Do you remember...
what he looked like?
- Who?
- Banir.
Of course. I can see him now.
Back then when you were...
a captive, Banir wanted a name, right?
Why didn't you give him a name?
It didn't matter which name, any name.
It just... pissed him off more,
hurt the man's pride.
If you'd have given him a name,
he probably would've said, "good"...
and let you go.
I didn't want to be the man who
gave up a name under questioning.
Come on, hotel's this way. Let's go.
It's gonna start snowing.
I know where the damn hotel is.
Stop trying to put a bib on me, okay?
It's a quarter past.
Okay, he's got the money.
Shit, he's seen us.
- The airplane ticket and the money.
- Okay.
- And the passport.
- Just give me a second.
You are out of this.
You dodged a bullet.
Nothing's gonna happen
to you or your people.
Now you can go.
Any word from Aasim?
The doctor will arrive on Wednesday.
- After that... nothing?
- Not yet.
No, no. No, no.
Just a few more moments.
What was his phone number again?
Where is that?
- Mombasa.
- The asshole of East Africa.
That's exactly where someone
like Banir would end up.
That's where Cornel
will meet with Banir.
- When?
- Tuesday.
We gotta make Banir think this...
- What was his name?
- Aasim.
...is still alive.
Well, all the messages
are texts, so we can text.
Yeah, Michelle?
Yeah, me too.
Look, Milt needs a Kenyan visa.
As soon as possible.
And there's another thing.
After the base is down, just tone
it down a little with a cotton ball.
Are you taking this down?
All right, this whole process should
take about two hours for the first time
and will last the better
part of a shooting day.
Serban works on motion pictures
when he isn't helping us out.
So if you feel insecure or need
a little bit of an ego boost,
Serban is the man for you.
The world is not a pretty
place without makeup.
The eye color is pretty different.
No. No, I don't want contacts.
Fortunately, our man wears glasses,
so I've added a little tint to these.
Dr. Iulian Cornel.
I was able to expedite
your Kenyan visa.
Serban. What exactly did you see?
I didn't see anything.
Thank you.
Your visa. You might want to
keep it to yourself for a day.
Give Evan another day to
think about what he's doing.
He's been thinking
about it for 20 years.
Evan has retired. It's his life,
his choice, but you...
no matter how this turns out,
it will end badly for you.
Your career will be over.
All my life, I wanted to
be in the foreign service.
It was killing me,
being strapped to a desk.
- You should tell him.
- I tried.
He's made his choice.
What's his name? What is the name?
You want to...
Michelle had to run.
She was able to get
my visa. I have it.
I was watching TV. Something about
a body on university campus.
Let's pack up, go to a
hotel near the airport,
stay in the room until
the flight leaves.
Just before the flight,
text Banir from Aasim's phone,
Aasim says he's been
detained by security.
What about Michelle?
Are you gonna tell Michelle?
What did she ask?
Did she say anything about me?
- No.
- Don't tell her how the story ends.
Flight 418 now boarding at gate seven.
Flight 418 now boarding at gate seven.
I am Dr. Cornel.
- Dr. Cornel.
- Yes.
- Julian Cornel?
- Yes.
I am Mbui. So glad you could come.
I'll take you to Dr. Wangari's office.
Where is Aasim?
He is coming.
Flight 273 now arriving.
When did Mr. Ali Hariri
have his last transfusion?
Three days ago.
- When is he scheduled for another?
- Three days.
Here at the clinic?
Saeed Ali Hariri is being
treated at his own residence.
- I will see him here.
- Dr. Cornel,
you were given letter
with all explained.
- We wrote this.
- I am just double checking.
Al-Hariri is not able
to leave his residence.
You requested additional
payment in the light of this.
Of course. Let me go through everything
tonight. These are for me, correct?
Then tomorrow I will visit
Mr. Ali Hariri at his residence.
- Will you be coming, doctor?
- Dr. Wangari will not be able to join us.
I'll pick you up at
the hotel, 4:00 p.m.
All right, I'll give you
750 for the Jericho,
- 900 for the glock.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- 1150 for the glock.
- 1150?
- Yeah.
- Okay, just stop.
Here's what we do. 900...
900 for the Jericho...
- No, no, no, no, no.
- ...950 for the glock.
All right? No, that's fair.
No, no, no, no,
it's not fair, it's not fair.
Come, come. Come, come.
Closer, closer, closer.
Aasim is missing.
Abdi is dead. If there is a traitor
among us, I will find him.
Is it you? Is it you?
- 800, 900.
- No.
No? All right, look, this is 2,000 Euros
right here. 2,000 Euros right here, okay?
Don't underestimate me.
I have survived much more than this.
I went shopping at the market.
A Jericho 941...
and a glock.
How much?
2,000 Euros.
You got took.
Well, we've got Euros to spare.
Do you smell something?
The other night when we were in the park
in Bucharest, I touched your jacket.
You were wearing this...
this blue, like canvas jacket,
but when I touched it,
it... it felt just like dog fur.
Isn't it strange when you can't
even trust your own fingers?
And don't ask me how I feel.
I wouldn't think of it.
Crock is... gun.
No way I'll be able to bring
a gun with me tomorrow.
Mbui frisked me today.
He'll frisk me again tomorrow.
Well, how do you plan to do it?
It's been so long, thought about
it so long, I'm not sure.
Maybe I'll just let the
moment guide me.
I've got a syringe and medication.
One's quick and painless,
the other's a strychnine derivative...
excruciating, takes over an hour.
Or maybe I'll just
get up close to him,
slice him and let his
blood wash all over me.
I don't feel comfortable
letting you go in there alone.
- I'll be all right.
- Look, I... I picked this up at the market.
They're wireless crazy over here.
Jumped straight from tom-toms to cellphones.
Just tuck that in somewhere, I'll be able
to hear you and I'll get G.P.S. as well.
I brought a belt blade. I'll be able to
get that through, but that's about it.
- So that's that then?
- Yeah.
Milt... Thanks for coming along.
No problem, old sport.
If I'm not out in an hour,
do whatever you want.
- Did you sleep well?
- All right.
Sometimes the heat is a problem.
Come, doctor.
Open the briefcase.
Dr. Cornel.
Salaam Alaikum.
Salaam Alaikum, Saeed Ali Hariri.
Dr. Cornel, thank you.
Thank you for coming.
Forgive me for not...
Mbui, some tea.
- And those... those dates.
- Mind if I sit?
Oh, please.
Dr. Wangari has provided me
your records, your treatment history.
Last night I was in contact with
several of my colleagues. Thank you.
I noticed you were scheduled three
months ago for a bone marrow transplant,
but I found no record of the procedure.
Was there a problem with the donor?
- It was too dangerous.
- No sibling donor was possible,
no compatible cousins.
It is risky, but an unrelated
donor can be found
based on H.L.B. and D.R.
The university hospital can assist in finding
such a donor. We have a large database.
Should have been done before.
It is more...
dangerous now, but we have no choice.
At present, transplantation is the
only possible curative therapy.
And... It can be done here?
Excuse me, I am not such a young man.
Where is the toilet?
Back and to the left.
- So sorry.
- Oh, please. Please.
There is a problem with the toilet.
It won't flush.
- You pulled the chain?
- I pulled the chain.
There is something stuck... in there.
I have to be honest.
Your condition is far
worse than I imagined.
Your long-term chances
for survival are not good.
Neither are your short-term chances.
In fact, they are quite hopeless.
It's because I'm not a doctor.
My name isn't Julian Cornel...
and your name isn't Ali Hariri.
Your name... is Muhammad Banir.
Mr. Ruchowski.
Evan Lake.
- Mbui?
- He'll be all right.
Where is your backup?
Your elite commandos.
Oh. You came alone.
How did you find me?
Through the request for experimental
thalassemia medication, decitabine.
- Your family medical history.
- It was you.
You who sent me into hiding.
Even so for years and years
I live in rooms like this one.
I would have gladly given
both my ears for my freedom.
So my health...
- Is it really hopeless?
- Yes.
You would've died of anemia
just like your father.
He was an intellectual scholar.
I... I've read quite a bit myself.
How are...
How are you going to kill me?
I-I... I don't know.
We have some time.
Perhaps we can have that...
conversation that I wanted
to have that time years a-ago.
You... you only kept giving
me your fake name. Why?
- I was making a point.
- What point?
What is it that you do now?
This company?
Intelligence analyst, yes?
Perhaps you've read
some of my writings?
I didn't know you were still active.
Oh, I-I-I... I contribute.
A number of web sites
not under my name.
Of course, you are
religious man, Mr. Lake?
No, I'm not religious.
I think you are. America, yeah?
You see yourself as
a religion... America.
I've written about this,
the American way of life.
Have you been to Greeley, Colorado?
- You know what I'm talking about?
- Sayyid Qutb...
Who went from Cairo to Colorado
state college in 1948.
He said Greeley was
like paradise on earth.
What Qutb saw was Jahiliyyah?
Decadence, promiscuity, pop music.
"Baby, it's cold outside."
Qutb was repulsed.
The-the... the flirting and
the mixing of men and women,
the disrespect... so no, he left.
Went back to Egypt and
the movement was born.
The Muslim brotherhood.
My father knew him.
No, Nasser... Nasser executed him.
It was too late.
- 45. 38.
- It was too late.
- Mr. Lake, of the prophet...
- 170.
- ...was social justice!
- 38.
Better schools, better jobs, Mr. Lake.
This doesn't just... just end.
Are you still a believer?
Do you still believe?
I don't. My faith, it was...
it was taken from me.
You think I'm playing
games with you, Mr. Lake?
You think we are playing games?!
- My name is Charles Ruchowski...
- While mullahs, ayatollahs, they get rich.
They have their orgies,
imprison their opponents.
- Why? Why?!
- I'm Charles Ruchowski.
My name is Charles Ruchowski.
I'm a representative
for spirit systems.
The only hope
for Islam now is Marx.
Social justice.
We like the fear.
I like the fear. I like the fear.
Our believers, not so many.
No, the truly dangerous people
are the ones who follow orders.
Do you think it made any difference?
What you did! You!
Do you?
Now, what is the name
of the source, Mr. Lake?!
You are sick too.
I see it, your face.
You have a disease of the blood.
My disease is in the brain.
What sort of disease?
I'm forgetting things.
There is a lot to forget.
It's the time for prayer.
Will you... please help me?
No, I won't do that!
So what are you going to do... to do?
I'm going to leave.
- Just like that?
- Just like that.
- Ma'a Salama.
- Ma'a Salama.
What happened?
- Was it worth it?
- Yeah, it was worth it.
You should've heard him scream.
Put the car in gear.
God, I hate this time of day.
It's the worst.
You want to have a drink?
Outside. Let's walk.
Later on... you wanna talk about it?
- What are you gonna do?
- Go home, I guess. So should you.
- What home?
- Oh come on, don't be melodramatic.
You'll retire. You're young,
there's tons of things you could do.
Or don't retire.
They won't put it together...
Bucharest, Mombasa.
They won't want to.
Nah. It was always my dream to...
Salaam Alaikum, asshole.
That boy you shot was my friend.
What the fuck does that mean?
- Come closer. Come on.
- Okay.
What the hell are you doing here?
Haven't you heard?
The C.I.A. fell from the Berlin
wall and all the president's men
can't put it back together again!
It's broke! Not reliable.
Not trustworthy.
Can't stand up to the
white house. Backstabbers.
Watching porn, tapping phones.
Best and brightest quit or retired.
What in the name of Jesus Christ nailed
to the cross are you doing here?
The C.I.A. has taken some hits,
some deserved.
We've been down on the canvas,
but we're on our feet again,
because we've got no choice and
because our country needs us
and because we've got what?