Dylan's New Nightmare (2023) Movie Script

(Ominous Music)
(Deep Breathing)
(Ominous Laughter)
(Faint Rock Song)
Hey, back off, Crowley! (Jesus!) I'm here to put you to rest for good. (What the fuck, man?)
God, who even writes this shit now?
Certainly not Adam. He's just cashing checks at this point.
Thanks for coming in, Frankie. We'll be in touch.
Uh, it's, uh, Franklin, actually.
Yeah, whatever.
Dylan Porter, you're up next.
Hey. My name's Dylan Porter; I am repped by the Risher Agency... Um...hold on! I gotta go.
Yeah, go ahead.
Hello, um, my name's Dylan Porter; I'm repped by the Risher Agency, and I'm reading for Michael.
Dylan Porter.
Dylan Porter...?
Dylan Porter...
How--how do I know that name? Do I know you, Dylan?
I don't think so...?
(Scoffs) No, come on...tell me--tell me how.
I...I couldn't tell you.
Oh, wait...Porter...
Are you related to Chase Porter?
Yeah. That was my dad.
Oh man!
Your dad and I worked back together on Chainsaw 3! Well you were just, like, a little dude back then! Haha. I love it!
Oh, that's...that's wild.
Um...I--I don't remember any of that, unfortunately.
Yeah, I'm...sorry, you know?
He...he really was...(deep breath)...one of the good ones.
Unfortunate, what happened to him.
Yeah...yeah, thanks.
That's right, you're Heather Langenkamp's kid, too, aren't you?
Yeah, um...yeah, I'd really rather not talk about all that if--if that's okay?
Oh, yeah. Sorry. Um...well, um...
Let's get on with the scene. And when you're ready, uh, just...just give Justin the nod.
(Ominous Laughter)
Interior - Run Down Shed - Honey Island Swamp - Night
All three survivors--Andrew, Rose and Michael--are all regrouping after Victor Crowley's last attack.
We can't keep this up.
Do you both hear me? We can't keep doing this!
We run, we hide...Crowley finds us...Crowley kills someone.
I mean...that's the sick joke of this whole situation.
We're trapped in a swamp full of hiding places, but there is nowhere to hide...
...not from him.
Not even walls keep him out!
So, what's your point?
My point, Rose, is if we can't hide...
...why are we still trying?
We can't just wait around for that freak like you two did.
That's what got my sister killed.
I can tell you one thing for sure...
...if she were here with us now...
...she'd agree with me.
He was pushed into a jet engine and he still came back.
He's cursed to come back every day like new, remember?
Yeah, well if there's a curse...there's a way to break it!
Otherwise...he kills, he dies...he just keeps coming back. More people die.
Good people...
(Stage Light Clicks Loudly)
Well, I'm not gonna let that happen.
Even if I have to do this by myself. I'm killing that murderer...for good.
Was that okay?
I can try something different if you want me to--
Oh, I think we've all seen...
(voice changes) ...enough!
(Hysterical Laughter)
(Slash Sounds)
Jesus Christ!
Awww, Dylan...
...look what's become of you!
(Soft Chuckle)
That voice...
...I know that voice.
(Snaps and Crackles)
Y-You're dead.
We killed you!
We killed you once and for a--
Once and for a time, maybe...
...but never once and for all!
Face it, Dylan...
...you may be all grown up...
...but you're still MY little bitch!
It's a fucking dream...you're not real, and I need to wake up!
(Freddy Laughs)
W-Wake up! Wake up! Wake--wake up! Wake--Wake the fuck up!
Wake uuuup!
(Freddy Laughs)
Wake up!
Hey, Dylaaan...
(Freddy Laughs from Above)
(Dylan Whimpers)
Little piggy...
...we never got to play our favorite game...
...skin the cat! (Laughs Hysterically)
...no, no, no, no, no.
(Ominous Music)
Dylan? (muffled)
(Pen Clicks)
Sorry, Doc...what was that?
I was asking how you hurt yourself?
Oh...yeah, um...
I think it was a cabinet...it was stuck, I just...
...gave myself a shiner.
Mm...I see.
Dylan, what's really bothering you?
I had a nightmare last night.
Mm...tell me about it.
It was another audition dream.
Well, plenty of working actors have those.
It's hardly anything to worry or be embarrassed about.
Two people died this time.
(Pen Clicks)
What do you mean two people died...how?
So the--the two people next to the casting director...committed suicide.
Um, one shot himself and the other slit her own throat.
(Pen Clicks)
Why do you think they did that?
It was a dream.
I don't know...why does anything happen in a dream?
Dreams can mean a multitude of different things...
...almost all of which can be applied as some kind of lesson to the person who psychologically created them in the first place.
I don't know if there was a lesson in this one, Doc.
Am I supposed to wear a splash guard to my next audition?
(More Pen Clicks)
Using humor to cope with scary situations is an old-school tactic, Dylan...
...but not one proven to be very effective.
Maybe that's why I'm an actor, not a comedian.
(Pen Clicks Echo)
Did the subject of your parents come up?
The casting director recognized me from when I was a kid.
He was...he was asking about my dad.
And your mother?
Did he ask about her, too?
Yeah...yeah, her, too.
Have you checked in on her lately?
Your mother.
The answer's always the same.
She's not well enough to come to the phone.
Same old looney bin, different day.
Why try, you know?
It just...hurts.
You know, maybe your casting director brought her up because you're feeling guilty about not checking in.
Trust me, Dylan, I understand your hesitation to check in on her.
Especially when there doesn't ever seem to be any positive progress.
But that same hesitation can feed your subconscious guilt like a sleeping giant.
That guilt can slowly build up over time and, eventually--in most cases--come exploding out at the most inopportune moment.
The very act of checking in on her to see how she's doing can act as sort of a pressure-release valve for your guilt.
That way, even though you may continue to get the answer you're not looking for, at least you tried.
Yeah, that...
...maybe that's true.
(More Pen Clicks)
What about the casting director?
What do you mean?
Well, you said the other two people died...
...but what happened to the casting director? Did they kill themselves also?
(Freddy Laughs)
He, uh...laughed at me.
That's it?
Are you sure?
If so, this is the place to discuss it.
Dylan, are you sure there was nobody else in your dream?
I said no. He, uh...
He laughed at me and, uh...
...I left. You know?
Dylan, we've been working professionally together for a number of years.
Having learned your history over that time, I...
...I can't imagine what you went through when your mother started getting confused.
It had a lot to do with her horror films, from what I understood from her doctor.
When we started this journey, you mentioned that you had been exposed to those films at a young age as well.
I just want to make sure that you having these dreams is not symptomatic of a resurgence of your childhood trauma.
Well...they're not.
(Pen Clicks Loudly)
Are you getting your rest?
It's been manageable, Doc.
I think I have it under control.
All right, well I'm going to have to trust you on that, Dylan.
But, please, promise me that if anything changes--if your life starts to be affected, you'll call me...(Doctor's Audio Fades)
(Pen Clicks)
(Pen Clicks Get Louder...)
(...and Louder...)
(...and Louder)
(Freddy Laughs)
No, I'm...I--I think I'm okay.
(Watch Alarm Goes Off)
Unfortunately, our time is up.
We're going to have to pick this up next session.
But let me suggest in the future, that you don't wait until the end to bring up something that could have tremendous implications for your mental health.
No, that--that's fair. Uh...
...you got it. Nightmares first next time.
("Running from this Dream Warrior" Mashup Song Plays)
(Can Opens)
(Dylan Dials the Phone)
(Phone Rings)
(A Woman Answers the Phone)
Good afternoon, Burbank Psychiatric Hospital. How may I direct your call?
Hey, uh, my name's Dylan Porter. I was calling and hoping to speak with my mother, Heather, if she's available.
Oh! Is she on staff here?
No, she's a...patient.
Oh, I apologize. And you said her name was Heather? Heather...Porter?
Oh, no, um...not Heather Porter. Heather Langenkamp?
Oh, yes. I believe I've spoken to you before.
Let me just see if she's available to come to the phone.
Can you hold?
Yeah. No problem.
(Hold Music Starts)
(Deep Breathing on the Phone)
(Breathing Turns to Laughter)
(Breathing Continues)
What the fuck?
Um, hello? Mister Porter?
Hi, yeah, uh...
...I'm--I'm here.
I'm sorry, but Miss Langenkamp is not feeling up to coming to the phone.
If you want to try back again in a few weeks, we can see if she's feeling up to it then.
Yeah, of course. Uh...can you just...keep me posted if--if any changes?
Of course, Mister Porter. You have a good day now.
Yeah, you too. Thanks.
(Phone Clatters)
(Trash Can Clicks Open)
Fuck you, Freddy.
(Trash Can Clamps Shut)
(Eerie Music)
(Music Gets More Aggressive)
(Ominous Tones)
(Blade SHING!)
(Claw Drags on Hat Brim)
Fuck you, too, kid.
Oh...what do we have we here?
(Freddy Laughs)
You can't catch me.
(Dreamcatcher Smacks Against the Blinds)
(Pen Clicks)
(Button Press)
Testing, Testing...these damn batteries aren't going out on me again, are they?
(Button Press & Rewind)
(Presses Play)
...these damn batteries aren't going out on me again, are they?
(Stops Recorder)
(Hits Record)
Updating the files on Dylan Porter.
Porter seems to be regressing back to the paranoid state of his childhood.
When I tried to dive deeper into the subject, Dylan's guard immediately raised.
I fear Dylan may be making a return to his childhood delusions.
But can they really be taking the same form as before?
That character from his mother's films?
What is really concerning to me is that Dylan is around the same as as his mother when she first hospitalized.
I fear I may be saying the same psychosis in Dylan.
(Stops Recorder)
(Starts Recorder Again)
To think, all these delusions brought on by a cheap horror movie.
(Stops Recorder & Rewinds)
(Hits Play)
Dammit! I knew it!
(Recorder Squeals)
One, two...
...Freddy's coming for you.
(Presses Stop and Drops Recorder)
Three, four...
...I'm inside your door!
(Door Slams)
Who's there?
Five, six...
...gonna get my kicks!
Mister Porter, is that you?
Seven, eight...
...it's already too late!
(Freddy Laughs Hysterically)
(Dr. Silbe Cries Out)
(Bruning Sizzle Sounds)
(Dr. Silbe Screams)
Nine, ten...
(Recorder Smashes)
(Frantic Pen Clicks)
(Ominous Overture)
(Blades SHING!)
Never click again!
(Slicing Sounds)
(Dr. Silbe Screams)
What's up, Doc?
Who are you?
Awww, what's the matter?
Don't you recognize a "cheap horror movie" when you see one?
(Blades SHING!)
How are you real?
That's my little secret.
(Freddy Laughs)
Damn you!
Oh...they've tried.
(Freddy's Blade Touches the Doc's Severed Arm)
(Watch Alarm Goes Off)
(Freddy Laughs)
Time's up, Doc!
(Blades Stab)
(Freddy Laughs)
(Blades Pulled from Wound)
Good talk.
(Freddy Laughs)
(Earthquake Sounds)
(Earthquake Stops)
(Large THUD!)
(Rex Musical Theme)
(Cell Phone Vibrates)
(Answers the Call)
It's Mom.
(Heather Theme Plays)
(Exhale Echoes Into Darkness)
("New NIghtmare" by Tha Wikid One)
("Running from This Dream Warrior" by Nancy and the Nightmares)
("Another Nightmare" by Nancy and the Nightmares)