Dylda (2019) Movie Script

Katya, get me the soap.
Has she been frozen long?
I don't pay much attention to it.
You're back?
Give me a minute.
What are you doing here?
- I'm dropping off laundry.
- Dropping off laundry?
Run up to 6th ward,
Nikolay Ivanovich wants you.
Two... three... four.
Keep it up at the back.
So... I set out early.
Move your arms wider.
And it was snowing hard.
- Stepan, can you feel anything here?
- Nope... nothing.
So, anyway,
I set out early.
It was snowing hard,
- which hid my tracks.
- Snow? You said rain.
You're getting mixed up.
He always says snow.
Wasn't rain or snow.
It was in the desert, at night.
You're so childish.
Nikolay Ivanovich,
you asked for me?
One moment, Iya.
I was just telling them how
- Vice Admiral...
- Kholostyakov.
Yes, ma'am.
He said to me: "Stepan,
He said, "He's killed 3 of our men
and a captain."
I went out to the bridge.
It was snowing hard,
which hid my tracks.
- Anything here?
- Nope, I can't feel it.
Was that a bit rough?
No, just fine.
You've let me down,
my heroic sniper.
I know, sorry.
You'll be back on your feet,
and you'll outrun us all.
I'll be good as new
for our wedding, won't I?
- Soon, you won't even notice me.
- Enough.
Get some rest, Stepan.
Let's go.
There's no fixing Stepan.
Has his next of kin information
come in yet?
- Not yet.
- Send a new request, then.
Soon this will all be over.
And I'll go treat simple hernias
at a sanatorium.
By the sea.
I called you for a reason.
Here's the thing.
We lost...
We... lost one of our men.
Take his food ration.
Tell the kitchen staff I OK'd it.
Thank you.
For you and your little man.
You sprouted up, but he...
has some growing to do.
Pashka, shut your eyes.
What is it?
- I took him for a walk, a short one.
- Mommy, food.
It's lucky he's so frail,
or I'd have gone numb out there.
He's eaten, slept well.
I'm getting
so many orders these days.
Taking up trousers.
Letting down trousers.
I'm sick of measuring.
They raise their legs,
sit down, spread their legs.
I tell them: "Mister, in real life,
when do you move like that?
If you want it done well,
stand still as a mannequin."
The things we have to do.
- Let's go.
- I'm a dressmaker, after all.
Dresses for special occasions.
For today and last week.
Will this do for a shirt?
- For Pashka?
- Like I said, lots of orders.
Don't have a spare minute.
Don't smoke in here.
Take your boy with you tomorrow.
- I can't watch him. I'm busy.
- Mommy, let's have food.
Yes, time for food.
Iya Sergeevna, do you need help?
It's not here.
Where's my pot?
Did someone take it again?
Goodness, who'd want it?
Ah, thank you.
We'll eat soon.
- Iya Sergeevna.
- Yes?
Do you know
what the name "Iya" means?
- Gimme it.
- It's Greek for a violet.
A violet, Iya Sergeevna.
And you're like a violet -
a delicate flower.
Come here.
Hurry up!
Let me through.
Can you hurry up?
Come on, OK?
Don't step on my foot.
Mommy, look back there.
Oh, down we go. Yeah?
- Who is that?
- A man.
A lady.
Oh, come on, fellas.
I'm getting dizzy.
Pashka, Pashka, look.
You know what he is?
- Do you know?
- What is he?
With big teeth.
Pashka, Pashka.
He's a wolf.
A wolf.
- Too easy, that's not fair.
- Recognize me?
Pashka, what is he?
What is he? Guess!
Can you guess, Pashka?
He's a pig, a pig.
What is he?
- What is he?
- Guess!
- A bird.
- Attaboy, you got it.
A bird.
Don't be shy.
What will you do?
- Come on.
- It can be any animal.
Which do you know?
- Pashka, a dog, be a dog.
- Yes.
- That's right, a dog.
- Yes, Pashka, be a dog.
- Come on.
- Well?
- Never seen a dog?
- What does a dog do?
Where would he have seen a dog?
They've all been eaten.
Easy now.
Settle down, settle down.
Settle down.
Right, Pashka.
You monkey.
Off you go.
Go on.
What are you doing?
Give me that.
- No.
- Come on.
- No.
- Give it to me.
You little monkey, Pashka.
It's mine.
- Mine, mine.
- Mine.
- Mine, mine.
- Mine.
Mama, stop.
So, it'll be better
if you hide your hips. Hello.
Beanpole, open up.
What's wrong?
Is it locked?
- She must be at work.
- I heard the door close.
I didn't hear it.
- She probably froze up.
- Maybe she's sick?
- What is it?
- We should open the door.
It's latched shut.
- We need to lift the latch.
- Beanpole.
- What's going on?
- The power's been turned off again.
My quiet one.
Frozen again.
I'm so happy to see you.
Me too.
So... where's Pashka?
Out for a walk
with the neighbour?
Well, alright.
Do you have a candle?
for you,
and one for me.
For both of us.
Our favorite.
For Pashka.
The chief of staff...
The chief of staff said...
to bring a bicycle.
But why would I need it?
Better to bring toys.
I'm here...
to see my son, after all.
Does he...
look like me?
Does he look like his mommy?
Or is he skinny, like his daddy?
Like you.
Has he grown or is he still tiny?
He's normal.
I'm sorry I couldn't always write.
But I did send food.
You got it, right?
You didn't go hungry?
Pashka doesn't call you Mommy,
does he?
I shouldn't have
sent Pashka with you.
I should have come myself.
I'm his mother, after all.
And I'm a fool:
"I'll get revenge..."
I got revenge.
By the way.
I met your admirer in the kitchen.
What an lively old fellow.
His eyes wander
all over the place.
He says
his body's getting old, but he's...
young at heart.
He says...
"Iya's like
a blossoming violet to my soul."
Let's go get Pashka.
Say something.
He's dead, isn't he?
In his sleep.
So he just fell asleep?
You can...
blame me with this.
Get ready to go.
That one's gorgeous.
Probably wouldn't
go for it, though.
I can tell these things.
Besides, she's alone.
If she didn't have that beret,
you could try, but like that...
Oh, an army girl.
They give it up in return for food.
Undo your pants, she'll do the rest.
No date needed.
Catch up with them.
So, the one in uniform is yours.
I'll take the tall one.
I hope she's bathed.
Good evening, ladies.
Why are you out late alone?
Want to go for a ride?
Or we could drop you off
wherever you're going.
Come on, ladies.
Park over there.
- It's closed?
- Yes.
Now you show up.
Kind of nervous.
That's OK.
You gotta start some time.
It'll work out.
Are we still invited?
What's your name?
It's a beautiful name.
you want to go for a walk?
There's an amazing view
not far from here.
She'll go.
Go on.
I'm Sasha.
Want some?
Let me do it.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
She broke my arm.
We caught a lively pair.
What's that from?
Are you alright?
We shouldn't have gone with them.
I had to.
I want a human inside me.
You know?
I want a child.
To hold onto.
They're beautiful.
Are they alive?
No, ma'am.
Marital status?
My husband died.
No children yet.
You weren't taken prisoner.
No relatives in occupied territory.
Well, legally I can't refuse you.
But as you have
no medical training,
I can only offer
a position as an attendant.
When can I start?
You can start in a few days.
And about Iya...
how do you know Iya?
We fought together.
Fellow anti-aircraft gunners.
Beanpole was invalided out
with post-concussion syndrome.
I stayed and...
went on to Berlin.
And you know her boy died?
If you could...
show her sympathy, comfort her.
You can't imagine what it's like
to bury your child.
God has spared me that.
Excuse me.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Do you know where this is?
Let's see...
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Well, have they arrived?
Not yet.
You cleaned the wards?
Yes, all clean.
Everyone got a shave, too.
Excuse me!
I'm here to see Stepan.
- Belov.
- Who are you?
His wife.
It's so good they found you.
Your hero is alive.
Sir, we need help.
Someone jumped in front of a tram.
Show her through, Iya.
A German.
I've been discharged.
Thanks so much!
- You're leaving us.
- Yes, finally.
wake up.
Look who's here to see you.
Dear Tanya.
We got a notification
of your death.
But I wrote to you.
We were evacuated.
Everything burned down.
And the kids?
Vanya died.
Lena and Olya are with me.
I didn't tell the kids
that you're alive.
Well, at least you haven't
messed the place up yet.
- They're here.
- They've arrived?
We're doing repairs here.
Difficult to get materials,
of course.
But we try to make our patients
as comfortable as we can.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Through here.
Here are our soldiers.
- Hello, comrades.
- Hello.
- How is your health?
- We'll live.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- How are you feeling?
- Good, I'm recovering. Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Any health issues?
- No, I'm getting better, thanks.
- It will be alright.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
None of that.
We should be applauding you.
Excuse me.
- Oh.
- Iya, come here.
Take him away.
- What's wrong with him?
- Torn stitches.
Don't worry, we'll patch him up.
Excuse me.
- Why were you clapping?
- They promised us gifts.
Can you tell me where... the ward is?
My dear comrades...
it is hard to find the words
to express our gratitude...
for your...
heroic actions...
for your selflessness.
We are so very grateful.
Beyond the hospital gates,
a peaceful life awaits.
Important, difficult tasks await,
like rebuilding our economy...
finding a job, living daily life,
recovering, resting.
The whole country will do
what it can for our soldiers.
Particularly those who are alone.
We are so grateful
for your unparalleled heroism.
Allow us to offer you...
put it on the table.
Allow us to offer you
these humble gifts.
Give one to each of them
and say "Thank you", got it?
Got it?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Get well.
- Thanks.
Oh... Beanpole.
How did you get... this?
I thought your condition was...
a complication from your wound,
but it's much simpler.
Happens to every second ex-soldier.
You fought and survived.
And now...
We'll feed you up,
raise your hemoglobin levels.
If you're lucky,
you'll get some vitamins.
Maybe I'm pregnant.
Don't you know
the result of your operation?
Which one?
There's nothing left
inside you to make life.
You know that.
What if it's a miracle?
It's not.
You've got the hang of it.
We're here to see you, Doctor.
- Can we come in?
- Of course.
You should wrap him up warm,
take him out in the fresh air.
Soon you'll be going home.
It'll be easier then.
I don't want to go home.
We can't keep you
in hospital forever.
I know.
So what, then?
Will he get over this?
Discharge me for good, then.
This conversation is over.
Leave my office.
I'm not a person any more.
And her...
say she drags me back with her.
What will we do?
What will it bring them?
Why make them suffer over me?
If you don't want to be a burden,
we'll find a care home.
I definitely won't go there.
- Oh yes, you will.
- Just you try it.
Are you kidding me?
He's tired.
He won't recover.
I am tired, Doc, really.
I don't want
to be like this anywhere.
It's over.
I'm done fighting.
Just help us.
Help him yourself.
Smother him.
Put a pillow over his face
and press on it.
He'll go quickly.
What do you need me for?
He doesn't want to suffer.
He's already suffered so much.
Don't you understand?
I have two daughters.
I should be their father.
Not the reverse.
Why don't we
adopt a parentless child?
- An orphan.
- I need an entire child.
There are ones with arms and legs.
- And some aren't retarded.
- Beanpole...
Will you have a baby for me?
By myself?
But it has to be...
fathered by someone.
It will heal me.
I won't do it.
Where's my Pashka?
I completely understand.
but I'm afraid.
You didn't keep my child alive.
Now you'll give me a new one.
Such a handsome young man was he
The girls, they chased him in throngs
Oh, accordion, play on, play on
To hell with the girls
When the drink is strong
Well, love.
You never could sing,
and you still can't.
You're a dope.
Come closer.
I'm sorry about the war.
Sit down.
This is for Stepan.
He needs help.
I don't want to...
help any more.
How is he different
from the others?
Don't you care about him?
I do.
He asked me for it.
This is the last time.
Is this really what you want?
Do it so I run along nice and quick.
- Are you cold?
- A bit.
What's that?
Come here.
When did your last period end?
The day they gave out oats.
Here, write.
Don't ruin the paper.
Write: "I...
Iya Tsvylyova
wish to inform
the authorities of repeated..."
Here she is.
He's been ringing for you.
What do you want?
What's this?
It's almost New Year,
I thought you might like these.
Thank you.
Oh, and...
if you decide to come by again,
bring more fruit.
Got it?
And matches.
And salt.
- Got that?
- Got it.
Happy New Year.
To a new, peaceful life.
To victory.
- Cheers.
- Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year!
- Happy New Year!
Is your family doing well?
- Thank you, I got a letter...
- What a nice celebration.
- And the war is over.
- Say hello from me.
Everything will work out.
Oh, try this delicious herring.
The herring is wonderful.
Could I have some more?
How about some dancing?
Good idea!
What dancers you are.
Can you get past?
Go on.
Will you dance?
Why is Iya so gloomy?
I don't know.
You and I...
are so similar,
almost like we're related.
Do you think so?
I also lost a child.
Pashka was my son.
A child born on the front.
His father was killed,
I stayed to get revenge.
I sent Pashka with Iya when her
freezing fits got her invalided out.
But it doesn't matter.
I'll have a new child soon.
But you know that...
- you can't.
- Beanpole will have it for me.
She owes me.
Guess who'll father it.
Well, I certainly
don't owe you anything.
That's what you think.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yes.
For you from Beanpole,
it's a gift.
She made it herself.
Full of mistakes?
No, no.
The facts are correct.
But Iya...
Iya was involved, too.
I could drag her down with me.
You could.
You don't care?
- Alright, then.
- Don't go.
Don't go.
Stay, or I won't do it.
Hey, Masha!
Let me take that.
Thank you...
I can take it from here.
You still won't let me in?
You troublemaker!
Stand still.
Think you can kick me out?
I'm not going anywhere.
Clean up your mess.
Go get a rag.
The green one from the kitchen.
You're a week late.
- Sorry to be so happy.
- Why did you let him in?
I don't know.
Just because.
My name... is Olga Grishina.
And since
Nikolay Ivanovich,
the head of this unit,
is still on sick leave,
he is to be replaced.
now, I...
am the head of the unit.
We are moving...
towards a peaceful life.
We will work hard.
We will work... honestly.
As our great leader teaches us.
The best way...
to prove yourself
to me
is to work hard.
Any questions?
Well, then, get to work.
- Can you check again?
- You're not the only one, dear.
- You aren't pregnant.
- But I was.
It was just a late period.
- And I vomited.
- What?
I vomited.
How many times
did you have intercourse?
How many penetrations?
Women try for months, years, even.
It's hard to have a child now.
You thought once was enough?
Your husband's age?
I don't know.
Fifty, maybe.
Tell him it has to be daily,
every single day.
Let him sweat.
And don't jump up right away.
Lie still, to help fertilization.
You understand?
Alright, then.
What are you doing?
What's wrong?
Spread it out, so it doesn't drip.
I know that.
You don't know anything.
Now the whole place
stinks of paint.
Where did she find him?
Always visiting.
Where's my salt?
Jesus, where is it?
Always moving stuff,
like they're the only ones here...
I made this for you.
The edges are a bit uneven.
But I can fix that,
if your heart so desires.
Move in with me.
There won't be space
in that room for three of you.
I didn't know you'd gone to bed.
What is it?
Will you try this on?
Now, move your hand.
So, then...
There we are.
Stay still.
There, that's good.
Take it off.
Come on.
Take it off.
Can I...
twirl in it?
Can I twirl?
Go on, then.
Just make it quick.
Take it.
Don't you like the porridge?
- I'm... just not hungry.
- Needs salt?
- He doesn't like your porridge.
- More for you, then.
I'm just not hungry.
I won't finish his food for him.
Stop coming here.
I'll decide that.
Stop coming here.
We won't live off
you and your food.
I'll do it.
Why do you keep attacking him?
Why does he keep coming here?
- Coming back like a dog.
- Iya.
- I'll thrash him again.
- He feeds you and the baby.
It's your baby.
I could survive without it.
Were you arguing?
Let's go out somewhere tomorrow.
Just us two.
I want...
I want you to meet my parents.
Will you come?
Will you?
I wasn't expecting visitors.
Excuse me.
Come in.
Won't you come in?
Do you want tea?
Now then, what is all this?
Can we...
Can we make a child again?
I'm empty.
We need to do it again.
Why do you need a baby?
I want...
to be her master.
I have to.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
How about you come with me?
Enjoy your walk?
Is this...
for going to see him?
I won't go,
if you don't want.
It's better
for everyone that way.
Including the little one.
Don't worry.
I'll give you the child.
What do you want?
Give me the dress.
What dress?
The green one.
Just for a day.
Oh, look who's here.
Look who it is.
Hello, Mother.
This is Masha.
Masha, this is my mother, Lyubov.
- Hello.
- Hello.
And what
is your relationship to Alexander?
Masha is my girlfriend.
And she will be my wife.
Get back in the car
and take your bride away.
Come on.
Father, this is... Masha.
My girlfriend.
She will be my wife.
Well, sit down, sit down.
That color really suits you.
Thank you.
I'll do it, thank you.
You can go.
Do eat up.
Don't be shy.
So tell me, are you...
a student?
Or do you have a job?
She works.
At the hospital.
At the hospital?
Have you been there long?
No, only since I was demobilized.
So you fought?
And came from the front, to...
And on the front...
I suppose...
there was no opportunity,
in a combat zone,
to settle your personal life.
have you been married?
We lived together.
Kind of.
Please, take this.
So, you had a relationship.
You were...
an army camp wife,
as they're called.
- So, you...
- Lyubov.
So, you didn't directly
take part in...
active combat.
You played
a supporting role
with the logistics unit?
A supporting role.
That is essential, too, in wartime.
The heroes weren't only
on the front lines.
And then what happened?
returned to his
pre-war family, and you...
returned to Leningrad?
The last one?
I'm sorry?
The last
of my husbands?
I can't remember all of them.
Some were transferred,
some got a new girl.
I tried
to pick good ones,
when it was possible.
Other girls chased after generals,
but not me.
Generals can get any girl,
so it doesn't last.
I wanted the Head Logistics Officer.
Then you'd never go hungry.
Or be killed.
Unprotected women
can't survive there.
I earned my keep.
For two years... that part of my body got me bread,
new boots, and leave.
I came back...
You wouldn't have lasted long.
And why is that?
No one would have wanted you.
You wouldn't have earned
even a crust of bread.
It's a good thing
the war is over.
And so I thought...
I would get married.
Sasha's a good man.
You have enough room.
He loves me.
So, you'll have children.
But I'm infertile.
Had one abortion after another.
A wartime friend
is having a baby for me.
She's already pregnant.
Once it's born,
we'll move in here.
A child should have...
a normal family.
A mother.
A father.
Sasha doesn't mind.
He loves me.
You think we're so different?
You don't know what we went through.
You're a good girl.
And I feel... sorry for you.
I do, really.
And so I'm trying to save you
from him.
This life
is all he's ever known.
You're a plaything,
he'll use you.
And then he'll start
looking around for someone new.
He'll toss you...
into the garbage.
Never mind that.
The main thing is,
he won't even notice.
Shut the door.
Would you just...
look at the pair of you.
Alright, so you met each other.
We'll see
what happens next.
You're ahead of yourself.
What's happened?
Stay calm, please.
Stay calm, comrades.
Stay in your seats.
We'll find out what's happened.
A girl was hit by the tram.
Didn't you hear me, people?
Move along, please.
- Don't crowd!
- What's happened?
- What's happened?
- Some beanpole got run over.
Get a doctor, we need a doctor!
Someone get a doctor.
What do we do?
Help me pull her out.
I'll come round.
Going away, then?
I'm... meaningless inside.
I got blood on the dress.
The dressmaker will kill us.
Maybe we can...
- try to clean it?
- Masha...
- I don't know...
- I'm meaningless.
There's nobody inside me.
You're making it up.
Give me your hand.
I'll stay with you two now.
I don't need anyone, and Sasha...
won't ever come around again.
You'll have the baby.
It'll be a little boy.
We'll raise him, and then...
and then I'll start studying,
and we'll go...
to the cinema and...
he'll grow up smart.
He'll have your eyes...
and my nose.
He'll be tall.
He'll heal us.
Do you feel it?
Do you feel it?