Dynamite (2015) Movie Script

- Bye.
- Bye, Shruti.
Hey old man,
send some snacks and cold drinks.
I don't know who this crazy man is.
Must be a son of a politician.
What happened? The skirt tore.
I know a tailor nearby.
- Let me go, brother. - If you take my
name then he will stitch it for free.
- Leave me.
- Get lost.
Did you see Vani,
all are cowards here.
There is no one who would save her.
What is it? Did you get scared?
Now you will be scared.
I think he heard what your heart felt.
A cobbler sits near the temple
and he will stitch your wound.
Take my name and he
will stitch it for free.
Hey, you repeated my words to me.
A hero speaks the dialogue
and not the villain.
Just wait here and
I will not spare you.
Leave your plan and
even I shall not spare you.
Go and get whoever you want to bring.
Come on.
- Hey, what was this?
- All this continues friends..
- Go and get something to eat.
- I shall get it.
Hey hero, nice job.
Thank you.
I am Anamika. What is your name?
Shivaji. Friends call me Shiv.
934934111. What is yours?
This is from my side.
You take the entry and
send me to get thrashed.
Look, if you want to become hero..
..then you will have to do little
practice of taking entry and fighting.
Otherwise anyone would take
you to corner and thrash you.
You can fight if he comes back.
- You mean he will be back again.
- Yes, he will surely come.
It will take him one hour to get
the stitches so let's go till then.
- If he comes then you sit
on him and he will die. - Let's go.
Hey wait. I had told
you that he would surly come.
Please give me the way to go.
We will not give
you the way but death.
You are gone. Finish.
The matter has worsened.
The chain will remove the skin.
The hammer will break the head.
The knife will cut through.
Axe, this will tear open.
So you have made all
arrangements to kill me.
Listen to me carefully.
If I saved the first
attack that you made..
..then no one will be
able to save you from me.
Let's go.
He does not seem to be ordinary.
There is something definitely in him.
- Go and hit him.
- I do not agree to his challenge.
Will you all fight or just waste time?
Come on.
Hey, no fight took place.
There was no fight and still you won.
You are great.
Famous actress Neha Sharma died by..
..getting burnt in fire
that broke in her house.
Many popular film stars
reached the prayer meeting.
Neha Sharma is no more
so for whom should I exercise.
Stop paying attention to useless
things and concentrate on exercise.
Stupid fellow.
I don't know where Anamika
would be at this time.
If you are so concerned then
why don't you call and ask her.
People remain in
touch without touching.
Hello. How are you?
How was the last night?
Can we catch up today?
Boys do so many things
to remain connected with girls.
And you cannot do this much.
Oh God, looking at your face
does not seem that you are so smart.
You keep giving advice
without anyone asking for it.
Call center..
Hey, you bumper..foul smell..
You did a great job last night.
Hey, a message has come from Anamika.
Great. Now the hearts
have got connected..
..so you too connect with the girl.
It was just my responsibility.
Hey, what nonsense are
you writing in the reply.
What are you doing?
- Give the phone to me.
- Hey, give me my phone.
Hey fatty, give my phone back to me.
- Your fingers will break the phone.
- Give me the phone..
Hey, she will feel that
I am desperate to meet her.
So what is the problem?
Hey wait. Did you send?
Hey, if there is no positive
reply for this message..
..then I shall get you both married.
Hey, she agreed to meet.
Didn't I say that she
is really interested in you?
Just meet up.
- Hey, listen..
- What is it?
To which restaurant shall I take her?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- I am fine. Thank you.
For last two days I
am waiting for your arrival.
How rude? Am I late?
Good things are not easily gettable.
- Please.
- Thanks.
So, is this your first date?
No. 31st and yours.
Actually this is my first date.
Actually even I lied.
You said 31st so I got scared.
I thought as how I could say zero.
Actually this is my first date.
Oh, so you are my types.
Which type?
Formal, sensitive and boring types.
You are very shy types
and show just your goodness..
..in front of others
and hide your bad qualities.
Oh Wow! In just two
minutes you recognized me.
So why this drama? Let's go.
Hey wait.
I do not like loitering around.
Keep sitting here.
I thought you are
traveler type like me.
Let's order otherwise
we will get late.
I thought they have just come to talk.
- One red wine.
- Okay.
- Make that two please.
- Look, you hid your quality.
You do not seem to be wine
types but look to be vodka types.
- Go for it.
- Thanks.
- Give me vodka please.
- Okay sir.
Tattoos, muscles..you
seem to do a lot of work out.
Oh, you noticed it.
You removed the jacket
so that I could notice.
- I am caught.
- What work do you do?
I am into digital marketing.
Self employed.
And what do you do?
According to record
I am already in Goa.
But will reach there tomorrow.
Bill please.
Hey come on, what is this?
Why should I waste time with
a girl who is going to Goa tomorrow?
I unnecessarily got trapped.
Hey, we had come only for dinner
and not for doing life time planning.
Look, you have come here to pass time
and I have come here to invest time.
- Bill please.
- Come on, I am not going to Goa.
- I was just joking.
- Oh, I still have a chance.
- Cheers..
- Cheers..
What does beauty mean to you?
For a middle class man like
me anyone whom I get is beautiful.
Honesty, fitness and hygiene.
If your wife becomes fat after
marriage then will you leave her?
Is this a question to ask?
Is it wrong to expect
the girl to remain..
..same all her life
as I first saw her?
How is this possible?
Okay, just imagine that
tomorrow we get married.
After two years because
of excess drinking..
..if my stomach becomes big
then will you be okay with that.
Once marriage takes place
then you have to adjust.
Bill please.
I have kept the bill
for last half an hour..
..and the restaurant
closed one hour back.
Shall I drop you somewhere?
- No, I will take a taxi.
- I will drop you.
- What if I drop you?
- But how?
What if we walk together?
- Will you come along?
- Okay.
- You go home and I will come.
- Okay madam.
- Come, let's go.
- Okay.
We really had a nice time today.
- Campaign of clean India.
- Social responsibility.
The weather is too good.
Slight music,
beautiful girl by the side..
..will really make
the weather pleasant.
- Do you play drums as well?
- Not at all.
Sometimes in college I used
to play with plates in canteen.
Okay Anamika,
so I will take cab from here.
Wait at home till the cab comes.
Why did I invite him?
What if his intentions are wrong?
Actually my parents are at
home so I hope it is okay with you.
So what? I will greet them and leave.
His intentions seem to be good.
- Madam..
- Hide.
What is the matter Ram Krishna?
Driver has given the car keys.
Why are you so scared?
What will he think
if he sees me with..
..a stranger boy in
the middle of the night?
But your parents are there at home.
No, they are not there.
Then why did you say so to me.
I was checking if you
had any bad intentions.
I feel not mine but
your intentions are bad.
- Hello, Meru cabs..
- Yes sir, tell me.
I want a pick up
from Kothakoda junction.
- It will reach in half an hour, sir.
- Okay.
Make yourself at home.
Wow! Nice home.
Thank you.
Hey, do you need another drink?
- Sure.
- Okay.
- Will you have something to eat?
- No, thank you.
Hey, take it.
That's enough. Thank you.
Nice. Where are your parents?
When I was four my mother passed away.
Oh, I am sorry to hear that.
In Gangadham my father
is a landlord and money lender.
This apartment is near to the college
so father bought this flat for me.
He believes in responsible freedom.
Hey, what happened?
I remembered father.
When I asked for money
from father for bus pass..
..for going to college
then he bought me a bike.
And he repaid its value by working
hard day and night for four years.
What does your father do?
He is a taxi driver.
Then why didn't you call him?
He would have thrashed
me seeing me drunk.
By the way I think
you are rich and too dumb.
Hey, since long I am seeing
that you are becoming harsh.
Tell me one thing.
Is it intelligence to
get a stranger to your home..
..in the middle of
the night on first date?
You passed in the date
so that is why I called you here.
I will tell you how?
Point number one.
Whenever a boy goes to
a restaurant with a girl..
..then he opens the door for her.
And 30% failed in this.
Point number 2.
It is okay to stare at a girl
but some do not just stop watching.
And 40% fail in this.
But your behavior was
quite different from others.
Point number 3 some boys just
keep talking and do not listen to you.
There should be a conversation.
It should be free flow.
You passed all the tests
so that is why you are here.
Thank you, thank you..
Actually the real people who
deserve this award are my father..
maternal grandfather, mother..
You stop your thank you
speech and I will get the album.
- You know what?
- What?
I want to confess something.
For the first time in
life I am feeling so safe.
- That means I am no more a stranger.
- No.
Can I use the bathroom, please?
Do you want me to play some music?
- Yes, sure.
- Okay.
Shiva, you are so lucky.
In first date the girl is ready.
What a chance it is?
Now there should not be any problem.
I will clearly tell
her that you are my life.
Look brother, listen to me carefully.
Do not kiss at all.
Do whatever you wish
to peacefully. Focus..
Bad odor..
I will impress her with mouth wash.
Hey, who are you and
what are you doing here?
Sir, I had called the police.
A girl has been
kidnapped from her home.
I reached here following them.
I do not know where
they took them from here.
Swami, just check in
which zone does this area com?
Hello, hello control room..
Swami calling from Garcharauli.
Who is that girl? Is she your wife?
- No sir.
- Sister..
- No sir.
- Lover.
No, sir.
Call girl.
- Hey, talk with respect.
- Then answer my question.
She was not a call girl, sir.
- Tell me her name.
- Anamika, sir.
Not her name but your name.
What do you do?
Digital marketing. I am self employed.
And father?
What has he to do with it?
Ask the details of the girl.
I am worried as to
where they took the girl.
Tell me what your father does.
He is a taxi driver.
Has the marriage taken place?
Mine or my father's?
Intelligent fellow.
Swami, check him.
- What is the name of the girl?
- Anamika, sir.
Full name.
Don't you know?
Didn't you ask her
or you don't remember?
Anamika Dasari.
Where is the house?
Kothakoda junction.
Tell me the address.
Sir, I do not know the address.
I can show you the apartment.
Will you keep
questioning till morning?
- Won't you take action?
- Shut up. I will thrash you.
Will you teach me how to take action?
After drinking you are
doing drama on the road.
Drugs, alcohol,
rape is everyday's matter.
The long beard and tattoo
has troubled us a lot.
Come on tell me the number.
The number you have
dialed is switched off.
The number is switched off, sir.
Tell me your number.
Will you recognize the kidnappers?
Yes, I will recognize them.
Swami, go and check in the apartment.
It often happens like this
after 10 on duty. Don't feel bad.
Take left from ahead, sir.
Do you remember the car number?
It is a black color car.
AP-03 AF 1234
Gharchirauli control
room..hello, hello..
Hello, Gharchirauli control room.
Gharchirauli, SI Swami here.
Black color Skoda AP-03 AF 1234.
Seize the car wherever you see it.
Female kidnap suspect. Over.
Do you both stay together?
We are just friends, sir.
Sir, the apartment
is here on the right.
What happened, sir?
Does a girl by name
Anamika Dasari stay here?
On the third floor.
Yes sir, 301
- Ram Krishna, one hour ago..
- Keep quiet..
That girl has been kidnapped
and we have the report.
She came to the flat four days ago.
She is in Goa.
You just gave her the car keys..
..and said that driver has given it.
Why will I speak lies? Who is he sir?
Haven't you seen him here before?
He did not get a
chance to see me, sir.
Tell me whether you
came here with her or not.
I had come here and
hid before he came.
Who are you?
I opened the gate last at 11'oclock..
..and after that I have opened now.
Since then the gate was closed.
Do you have the number of her driver?
So many drivers come here.
How can I remember
number of so many drivers?
- What is your name?
- Ram Krishna, sir.
- Since when are you here?
- I am here since last six years.
Sir, there is CCTV camera there..
..so it would have recording
of my arrival and kidnapping.
If you check the footage
you will find it.
Where is the CCTV footage?
- In the office, sir.
- Open it.
Sir, the secretary of the
society is sleeping right now.
I cannot show without his permission.
This is police enquiry. Open it.
What time did you come here?
Maybe around 12 or 12:15
It was 12:45 when she kidnapped.
Please watch that footage as well.
Sir, someone has tampered the video.
The footage has been changed.
Sir, when he will be thrashed in the
lock up then he will speak the truth.
Sir, I am here since last 6 years.
You can ask about
my honesty to anyone.
Sir, he is creating
scene after drinking.
You seem to be a part
of this kidnapping as well.
Hey, stop it.
He is speaking lies sir.
I came here with that girl.
Otherwise how would I know
about her flat, lift and his name?
Check her flat and you
will come to know the reality.
Are the keys with you?
For cleaning purpose it is
there but without her permission..
Hey, open the door.
Someone has set right
everything here, sir.
Sir, my jacket was kept here.
Ram Krishna, close it.
Don't sleep on duty.
Anyone can come to do
enquiry from police station.
Okay sir.
Look, this is the father of that girl.
Ranganath Dasari.
Channel 24 CEO.
Hello, is this Ranganath Dasari?
Yes, speaking.
Sir, I am SI Swami
speaking of Gharchaurali.
- Tell me.
- Sir, there is some emergency.
There has been theft
in your daughter's apartment.
Theft? In her flat?
Not in her flat but
the in the next door flat.
That is why I have to ask
some questions to your daughter.
But where is she now?
Please don't disturb her.
Anyways she is in Goa right now.
If you want to ask anything
else then come to office tomorrow.
Sorry for disturbing you.
- Sir..
- What happened there, Swami?
Sir, everything was fine in the flat.
We came to know that the
girl is in Goa for last four days.
Shivaji was arguing that
the security was speaking lies.
As it is many cases are pending.
Call the girl tomorrow morning.
If there is no answer
then he is speaking the truth.
And if the answer
comes then he is drunk.
Okay, I am going.
Don't waste time Swami.
Now you go home.
Just remember tomorrow it
is your daughter's career counseling.
Okay sir goodnight.
I will do one thing.
I will drop you to your house.
Just think as to what happened
there in the meanwhile.
At this moment you
are not in your senses.
In this situation you
will never believe me.
Drop me home.
- Here, to the left.
- Okay.
Listen, as an elder
I am suggesting you..
..to drink in limits so
that you do lose your senses.
Drink four glasses of water and sleep.
Everything will be clear till morning.
She came to the flat four days ago.
She is in Goa.
He gave the car keys and
said that driver has given.
Someone has tampered the video, sir.
He is unnecessarily creating
a scene after drinking.
Sir, someone has set
right everything here.
My jacket was kept here sir.
- What is your name?
- Ram Krishna..
Ram Krishna, sir.
- Ram Krishna..
- Ram Krishna, sir.
Hello. What did you say?
- What happened?
- He is somewhere close by.
Look, he is hiding there. Hey, wait.
So, you will complain to the police.
You will tell my
identity to the police.
Hey, put the silencer and kill him.
Her father says that
his daughter is in Goa.
If you call up the daughter
then you come to know..
..from the operator
that she is in this city.
You are lucky that you are saved.
Dasari, will you
show everything in news?
Your daughter is with me.
If I tell my boys then do you
know what kind of movie will be made?
Then show her movie on your channel.
I will do whatever you say.
Leave my daughter.
- Please.
- How many copies do you have?
I just have one copy.
In the memory card.
We shoot rave parties of
celebrities with a secret camera.
But we had no hope.
No one else except I and senior
journalist Rajesh know about it.
So many things keep
happening in the country.
If the police are not
worried then why are you?
If you have such videos
then earn money through it.
By showing it in breaking
news will you win noble prize.
Where is the memory card?
It is kept safely in chief
editor Rajesh's locker in the office.
Call him and tell that a person by
the name Jagga will collect from him.
- Hello..
- Rajesh, where are you?
I am on my way back from Delhi.
- Anything urgent. - I urgently want
that 21GB memory card.
That card. What happened sir.
Any problem.
There is no problem.
Till when will you reach?
I will reach by 4:30
or 5 in the morning.
Then reach the studio directly.
Jagga will come and
collect from there.
- Are you sure, sir?
- Do as I say Rajesh.
Keep a watch on him
till we get the memory card.
Where is Raghu? Does he
need so much time to shoot once?
I'll do one thing. I will go and see.
I think this is some
high level matter.
You do not go to the police.
No one knows who all
are involved in this case.
Save yourself from
these hooligans somehow.
Leave this city for few days.
Otherwise they will surely kill you.
Hello control room.
SI Swami has met
with an accident here.
On road number 36 near Padampur tekdi.
Send the ambulance quickly.
Look at me, sir.
Don't close your eyes but talk to me.
Sir, sir..
Look, I am feeling dizzy.
I think because of excessive bleeding.
You throw your sim
card from your cell phone.
Otherwise they will trace you.
- You are their target.
- Sir.
Do you love her?
I don't know, sir.
Then why are you taking so much risk?
She was kidnapped in front
of me and I could not do anything.
If I do not save her
then I will not be at peace.
It is my duty to save her.
Father says that it is our
duty to help a person in trouble.
Sir, sir..
Instead of messing up with
those hooligans and kidnappers..
..it is better you
stay away from them.
They can kill you
with knife or shoot you.
You will not be able
to escape from them.
You will not be able to catch them.
You will have to become
strong and have patience.
Otherwise they will not spare you.
Remember what I have said.
All the best.
Sir, look at me.
Open your eyes sir and look at me.
My daughter does not have a mother.
I am afraid that after my
death how she will live her life.
Call up my daughter once.
Sir..tell me the number..
Sir, sir..
- He hasn't come yet.
- He must be on his way, boss.
Okay. Is he the one?
Yes, he is the one.
- Are you Jagga? Come with me.
- Yes I am Jagga.
You go inside.
There seems to be no network.
Boss, tea.
Not reachable.
- Take this, boss.
- Yes.
Aren't you able to
get through Kabir's number?
The phone is switched off.
I don't know where he is.
This was also his work.
The card is with us. Where will he go?
He will call us when he has money.
Go and give money for
tea and sit in the car.
Yes, Kabir.
The memory card is with me.
And witness.
We have killed Shivaji
and Ranganathan.
After reaching the lodge
we will kill the girl as well.
I will come at 10 to
the lodge and take the card.
And the money..
In just a minute 25lakhs
will be transferred to your account.
And the balance once
I get the card. Okay.
Okay, brother.
He is going to transfer
25lakhs in the account..
..and remaining after
he gets the card.
Boss, where do we need
to give the delivery?
Why are you worried?
We will withdraw 25lakhs
from the bank first..
..and he will come to
the lodge to take the card.
Take this.
You remain here till I get the money.
Boss, I will also com along with you.
Do you think I will
run away with money?
That is not the case, brother.
That car is parked in no parking area.
Look whom does it belong to.
Today I will get my daily
expenses from this fellow.
Sir, there is gun in
the dashboard of that car.
- What? There is a gun?
- Yes sir.
- Is there anyone in the car?
- No, sir.
- What do you want?
- Give me a cup of tea.
Look sir.
This is traffic police SI Rao.
Film nagar. Jubille hills.
Please respond.
Hey, have you seen
who was there in the car?
No I did not see.
You can go in the bank and check.
Maybe you will come to know there.
If they both are caught then how
will I be able to reach to Anamika.
This is the car, sir.
I am doubtful there would
be a license to the gun.
Check everyone and
tell the bank security.
Note down the number of the car.
For how long is it standing here?
For last 10 minutes sir.
- Kartik..
- Sir..
Immediately inform the bank manager.
- Okay sir.
- No one should be able to escape.
Okay sir.
Giri, check everyone who
is coming out from the bank.
If you doubt anyone then
take him into custody. Okay.
Okay sir.
Hey, my veil..
Hands up.
Everybody down.
No one will move.
- Hey, put this money in
the bag. Quick. - Okay, okay..
Come on.
Hurry up.
- Drop the gun.
- You drop the gun.
Don't shoot.
Open, open..
Hurry up and sit in the car.
Come on.
Drive the car.
Come on, hurry up.
I am inspector Shinde
speaking from Film nagar.
There has been theft in Andhra Bank..
..and the thief has
escaped in grey Innova.
AP-07 BK 0077
Stop the car. Stop the car.
- Who was he?
- I don't know, brother.
We will have to change
the car before the police arrive.
- Hey.
- Hey, come out..
Hey, my car.
Hello, What happened there, bro?
Suddenly two criminals
came and stole the car, bro.
I am extremely sorry, bro.
- Bro..
- Buy a new bike.
My bike..hey you..
Greetings, brother.
What are you doing my dear?
Why is the fan switched off?
Switch it on.
Switch it on.
Greetings brother.
- Is this the time to play cards?
- We just sat after finishing work.
Throw the queen and the game is over.
- Look, I won.
- What..
- Hey, where were you yesterday?
- Leave me.
You should at least given me a call.
I will just come in 10 minutes.
- Because of you I denied so
many customers. - Get inside. Come on.
- Brother..
- What is it?
There is an urgent
call from our old area.
- I will talk later.
- Police has done raid there.
What is the problem?
Give it to me.
Anamika, Anamika..get up.
Let's go.
What are you talking?
You are getting money on time.
Then why did you do this raid?
Did you ask me?
Give the phone to SI.
- Don't shout. We have
to leave from here.. - Okay..
- Can't you see?
- Sorry..
- You made my loss..
- I'm very sorry.
Hey, catch him..
Sit in the car.
He escaped, brother.
Hey, next time if there is a raid then
talk directly to the commissioner.
Okay brother.
Memory card?
Hey, where has the girl gone?
Brother, Shiva is still alive..
..and escaped with the girl.
What? Shiva? But we had killed him.
I do not know how he escaped, brother.
You do not do any work properly.
Brother Kabir has come.
Memory card.
Where is the memory card?
Shiva escaped with the
memory card and the girl.
He escaped.
We had given money to party fund..
..so that we need not
run for license again.
We developed the infrastructure
having faith on you.
I have come here to talk
about increasing 4G business.
Think over it once again.
Your popularity is
increasing in the party and..
..tomorrow you can be prime
ministerial candidate of the party.
If this work is not done now..
..then later it would be
difficult for you to do this work.
And then opposition
would be after your life.
What will happen
if anything goes wrong?
Then we will also
have to run to foreign.
If not you then who will
give security to us in business.
Gentlemen, excuse me. I will be back.
- Tell me.
- Memory card is lost.
A man named Shiva ran away
with the card as well as girl.
I am sorry sir.
No explanations.
In next three hours
I will reach Hyderabad.
In the meanwhile find
the card at any cost.
No proof should be left behind.
Kill that boy as well as that girl.
Till I could do
anything he was shot at.
I did not think that after getting
the information they would kill him.
His body is in police custody.
But at this moment
it is risky to go there.
Their men would be present there.
He gave me independence,
freedom whenever he could.
He taught me how to
live alone in this life.
First I used to think
that h is ignoring me.
But now when father is
not alive then how will I live.
Look Anamika, someone's support
and loneliness is in our mind.
People are never separated from heart.
Relationships do not get
over if someone is not there.
Their memories always remain with us.
My mother is always with me.
She died three years ago.
Do you know Anamika she was not just
my mother but my good friend as well.
She fought against suffering
and learnt and then taught me as well.
When she was at the death bed..
..she assured me that she
would be present in my dreams.
That is why I shouldn't be sad.
It is not important to
cry to show love to her, Anamika.
But to fulfill their wishes..
..would be our true love towards them.
He never hurt anyone.
I will all of them who have done this.
Shiva, I really want
to kill that man who did this.
There is only one
way to reach that person.
This memory card.
This is our weapon
as well as our support.
This is asking for password.
But your father did
not tell any password.
Usually he wrote his passwords
and bank details in a diary.
Where will we get that diary?
In office of Channel 24
CEO Dasari and senior journalist..
..Rajesh have been mercilessly killed.
We will keep you updated
about police enquiry.
Why is there so much police here?
Senior journalist Rajesh
has also been killed today morning.
- What? Oh my God..
- Which side is your dad's cabin?
- I will go.
- People will recognize you.
No one knows me.
Where is dad's cabin?
On the first floor. After leaving 2-3
sections his cabin is in the corner.
As soon as you reach the
lobby you will see staircase.
Then you go up.
On that floor on the left side you
will find a corridor of staff room.
Once you cross staff
room and after turning left..
..you will be able to see board rooms.
Cross that area and then turn left.
In that room you will see
a painting of Gautama Buddha.
That is my father's cabin.
You will see a locker in book shelf.
Its password is 01234
Hey, who are you and
what are you doing here?
So you are a staff member.
Yes sir.
But we had asked everyone to stay out.
I had come to take the camera sir.
Today there is interview
of Sunny Leone.
Are you mad? Your journalist
and CEO have been murdered..
..and you want to take
interview of Sunny Leone.
Get lost from here.
Okay sir.
Black day.
But this password is
written next to memory card.
Maybe Rajesh would have changed
the password before giving it.
Okay try my birth date.
This is also wrong.
Okay, there is a website to open this.
It is a hacker site.
If we upload this video on that site
then it will be unlocked in 30 minutes.
But for that we need high
speed internet connection.
Where will we get that?
May I help you?
I want a suite with internet access.
Business or pleasure.
- Business..
- Pleasure..
- Pleasure.
- Business.
Business with pleasure.
Are you married?
- No.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- No.
- Will you keep quiet?
- We are trapped now.
Have you decided?
About whether to get married or no.
Your fight shows that you are married.
Give me age proof sir
so that I can give room.
Shivaji, age 25
Cash or credit.
First tell me the rate.
5,000/- for a single person and 10,000/
-for those who fight among themselves.
Because you never know
what they would break.
And loot the boy who
comes with his girlfriend.
Think as you want.
There is nothing of that sort so give
the room without asking any questions.
Okay. Tell me how much do you want?
Sometimes you feel
hot in AC lift also.
It depends on the customers.
Laundry, madam.
Actually sir,
this is our most expensive..
I think I will have
to put do not disturb board.
Here, I have brought some clothes.
Thank you.
What is this?
Button camera.
Wireless with 3G transmission.
One click and after that
going to button camera site..
..and inserting serial
number..look at this.
Whatever is recorded in
camera can be seen online as well.
This is cool.
It will take half an hour.
I will just be back.
You put your life
in danger because of me.
If I do not take risk
then how shall I take revenge?
This is not for you but for me.
I have to save my love.
You wait.
What are you doing here?
I came here for office meeting. I
saw you coming upstairs so I came up.
What are you doing here?
- Hi.
- Hi.
What is there in this?
I am unlocking a very important video.
Kabir and his men kidnapped Anamika.
They killed her father
and a senior journalist.
And they did all that for this video.
A great personality is behind this.
- We need to crack this.
- Have you gone mad?
Will they spare you after watching it?
I do not know about them
but I will not spare them.
They will track you
by your cell number.
They will even find you in this hotel.
I did not tell you
that someone is after me.
How did you come to know?
That means you had given my number.
Leave all this and give me this video.
- Get back. What are you doing?
- Listen to me.
You went at night but those people
came to the house in the morning.
Hey, where is Shiva?
Tell us where Shiva is?
Wait. Sit down.
So you really do
not know where Shiva is.
I called him up many times at
night but h did not pick up the phone.
Who are you all?
What do you want from me?
Your friend has an important video.
I want that at all cost.
Take this 1crore as advance.
Get that memory card.
If you get it then
I shall give more money.
If you cannot bring
then I will kill you.
You sold yourself. Aren't you ashamed?
From poor people to politicians
do scams worth millions.
If they are not ashamed
then why should I be ashamed?
Even you will get that money.
I am taking this memory card.
- Should I leave this girl for money?
- Which girl?
As if you have not seen a girl before.
If you have money with you then
you will get such a girl every hour.
Now give this memory card to me.
Agree to me. We will not be able
to earn so much money all our life.
Hey, catch hold of both of them.
Where is the memory card?
Remove the memory card.
Where is the memory card?
Tell me. Won't you tell me or not?
Take this. Go..
Hey, kill him.
Take out the memory card.
Sir, before Kabir
could reach the hotel..
..they tried to upload
the video on a hacker site.
It is not known whether
it has been uploaded or not.
Shiva and Anamika both have
escaped with memory card from our men.
Kabir is not answering.
I do not know what has happened, sir.
We will have to be alert
till we get the memory card.
So block all social network sites,
email, whats app, youtube access
Till this problem is solved
internet should be completely stopped.
Okay sir.
Hello. Sir wants network
to be totally stopped.
Okay, wait for a minute.
- What?
- Sir, he is on the speaker.
Sir, only one server links Hyderabad.
It is difficult to stop internet.
But if by using your password
some complications can be..
..created in satellite then
I will reboot the main server.
It will take 45 minutes to reboot it.
Other than government internet
no other network will work.
- But..
- Go on..
Home broadband, mobile
data connections will b stopped..
..online transactions,
stock exchange and everything..
It would cause huge loss, sir.
Do you know the loss incurred
if electricity goes for an hour?
The entire city will not be destroyed
if internet is topped for 45 minutes.
Do as I say. My access code is EQEPA53
Yes sir.
- Rakesh..
- Sir..
You know very well what will
happen if this video become viral.
This problem will not be solved without
taking help of police department.
Call up Arun Raj.
What happened of that Rabdi case?
We have sent the team
to Vijaywada for investigation.
We will surely get some
information by evening.
Tell me, sir.
Arun, we have lost the memory card.
They both have escaped
with the memory card.
What is the order for me?
You just have 45 minutes
of time to catch them.
File a report that Anamika killed
her father and eloped with Shivaji.
Shoot them at sight wherever
they are seen in Hyderabad.
Tell the department that
the matter is of national security.
You will get any
permission that you want.
Yes sir.
- I am reaching.
- Okay sir.
Let's go to police headquarter.
Okay, everyone listen carefully.
This is matter of national security.
Shivaji Shankar and Anamika Dasari
are lovers as well as murderers.
The one who has been killed is
Ranganathan Dasari, father of the girl.
He is a big shot. CEO of channel 24
The one who had gone
to save Ranganathan..
..was sub inspector Swaminathan.
Double murder on the run.
Ranganathan Dasari was
media's national figure..
..so that is why the
case has been sent to centre.
It is high commands order
to catch them at any cost.
Public has seen them last in Madhopur
with gun walking openly on the roads.
I need that area covered.
Keep a watch on friends and
co workers of the boy and the girl.
I want their phone list,
debit card, credit card..
..bank statements, phone bills,
friends list and everything else.
I need everything.
What are they going to do?
We have to think before them
as to what they are going to do.
Seeing the police arrangements
it seems they are in search of us.
If they can search
us from cell phone..
..then they can find us
from debit as well as credit card.
Before they catch us we have
to find out who is behind this.
How much time will it
take to activate data card?
Madam, I am trying.
There is no internet.
Please wait for some time.
Even my data card is not working.
There is no signal here.
Neither of 3G or 4G.
Sir, router is rebooting. I
think there is some problem in server.
I think the network has been stopped.
There is definitely something wrong.
I think police is also with them.
Listen to me carefully.
Now we just have one way out.
This diary has phone
numbers of top journalists.
Tell them we are going to
give breaking news in Manjira Mall.
Then take them along
and give this memory card..
..only in the hands of governor.
Take it and be careful.
- But password..
- We shall find the password later.
- First save this card.
- Okay.
Only this will save us
from people who are following us.
But how will this happen.
I shall call, people will gather,
police is everywhere.
Cameras are installed. If there is some
confusion then we both will be caught.
I will divert the police.
You don't worry.
Call from that PCO. Be safe.
If I do not reach by 4 then hand
over this memory card to governor.
- Shiv..
- Please do as I say.
What is the status?
Sir, all roads to
Madhopur has been blocked.
There is no chance for them to escape.
Yes, that's okay.
- Call them up and tell me..
- Okay sir.
Sir, Madhopur area has been
blocked and the search is on.
Guys, report.
Credit card has been
used twice last time.
Dinner bill of 9,000/- at Novatel
And today 1600/- for internet
access at Fortune hotel.
He has not used after that.
Then he removed the
sim from his phone.
Blackberry, what's app all offline.
He has 453 friends on facebook.
Out of them 8 are in Madhopur.
We are keeping a watch on them.
He has 143followers on twitter, 43
contacts of skype and 3 email accounts.
The websites that he has often used
are google, wickypedia and MMI.com
Saturday night he drank with
three friends in Hard Rock Pub.
One of them was killed in shoot out.
Rest of the two work in IT park.
His 12 friends live
in Gharcharauli area.
Out of which 7 are college, 3 are
school and 2 are martial art friends.
How many times did he go to toilet?
What sir?
This is about Madhopur.
What is the guarantee
that they will still be there.
No sir. After getting the news within
five minutes we blocked the roads.
They must be within
a range of two kms.
There is no doubt about it.
How many public places
are there in Madhopur area?
Keep tracking their
debit and credit cards.
We have already sent
photos to the hotels, sir.
The moment they book a room or pay a..
..bill in the restaurant
they will be caught.
Now they will not go to the hotel.
Remove hotels from this list.
Yes sir.
They will take advantage
of crowd and try to hide.
It is 1:30 now.
There will be les people in temples.
- In a mosque..
- No sir.
- Remove that from list as well.
- Yes sir.
Parks, playgrounds..they
are open places..
Schools and colleges..remove
them as well.
Theatres, malls..
Check there.
Check the security cameras of
these theatres and malls immediately.
Now let me see till
where can they run.
- I had asked for extra cheese..
- I have given sir.
- If you want more then..
- No, it's okay.
- I'll pay by card.
- Thank you, sir.
- Naresh, give bill on
the fourth table. - Okay.
Sir, he has swiped
debit card in the caf.
- 230/-burger with extra cheese.
- Get him.
Madhopur road number 6, behind caf.
Boy and girl are there.
I repeat.
Madhopur road number 6, behind caf.
Immediately surround them.
Surround them.
- Hey, where is this man?
- He was here, sir.
I don't know where has he gone?
He did not even take his card.
Sir, Shiva is not there in the caf.
He has left his card here and escaped.
Search. They must be there.
Everyone get alert.
Surround the cafe within 1km.
- Can't you see?
- Sorry.
Walking like a hero.
Vijay, Shiva speaking.
There is an important matter.
Sir, his friend has received a call.
Everyone quiet.
Sir a friend named Vijay
has received the call.
Listen to this.
Vijay, Shiva speaking.
There is an important matter.
Yes tell me.
Transfer 20,000/- in my account.
What happened? Any problem?
There is a big problem.
I will tell later.
- Transfer urgently within 5 minutes.
- Okay.
Tell me immediately
where has he called from.
- Why is the delay?
- Note down the details.
Sir, this is BSNL number and is
registered in the name of Kadam Babu.
Track that phone.
He should not escape from there.
No, everything is waste.
Do one thing. Match his voice frequency
with all the calls in this area.
He knows that policies tracking him.
After this Shivaji
will not use this phone.
I want two flight tickets to Mumbai.
Hold on sir.
Name of passengers please.
Immediately tell me
the location of that phone.
Come on fast.
I will book it on phone.
Tell me the number.
9260667771 yes..
- Your booking done.
- Thank you.
Sir this is public phone
from a shop on road number 8
Policies just km
away and is reaching.
Ask the airport security to be alert.
Fax his photo id's.
He should not be able
to catch Mumbai flight.
Arun, they will not go to airport.
Ask the search team
to surround the booth area.
Search each and every transport.
Bike, car..
At any cost he should not
be able to go out of Madhopur.
Sir, money has been withdrawn.
Shiv Shankar debit card.
Andhra Bank ATM.
It is near the station.
Sir someone else has withdrawn
the money with Shivaji's card.
He must be a friend. Search him.
Dos not seem to be a friend.
He can be a facebook friend.
Sir, face is not in shape.
- Show the CCTV camera footage.
- Sir..
Why is he alone at this time?
Why didn't anyone
inform me about the girl?
Where is the girl?
He knows we are watching him.
Sir footage outside Manjira
mall has been recorded.
Look at this.
He seems to be similar one. Zoom in.
Show me the footage
of CCTV camera outside.
- Yes sir.
- Quick.
- Zoom in.
- Sir.
Pay attention.
Team R5 Manjira Mall.
- Go for Arun Raj.
- Yes sir.
R5 Ram Krishna responding.
Why are media vans standing
outside Mnajira Mall?
I will check and tell you.
Sir, 15 OP vans and 30 media reporters
are present outside Manjira Mall.
They have come to know
about some breaking news.
Send the entire police
force to Manjira Mall.
- Sir..
- He is playing with us.
Before media reaches
there I want them dead.
- Got it.
- Okay sir.
Surround Manjira Mall.
All the teams now.
We will come to know
now whether it is a prank..
..call or really there
is some breaking news.
Sir, we have reached the mall.
We have seen Shiva
so we are going behind him.
Get him. Keep a watch on him.
He should not be able to escape.
Anamika, policies coming. Come on.
Sir, I have seen him.
He is on the first floor.
I am running behind him.
I am sorry, Shiva.
Shiva is in pink
T-shirt and blue jeans.
He is going towards back exit.
All teams reach the back exit.
I repeat Shivaji is in
pink T-shirt and blue jeans.
In pink t-shirt and blue jeans.
Sir, we are at the back door.
Your target is Shivaji.
There is lot of rush here.
It is difficult to target Shivaji.
No problem. Keep looking and finding.
Pink t-shirt and blue jeans.
Pink t-shirt and blue jeans.
The target is in front of us, sir.
Shoot him down.
Are you sure, sir?
I said shoot him.
There are many people her.
If someone else is shot at then..
Stupid, shoot him now
This man is not Shivaji, sir.
I repeat, this man is not Shivaji.
I had not thought
that they would shoot.
Luckily, he has been
shot just on his hand.
Police and goons are behind us, Shiv.
Just calm down. Keep walking with me.
Sir media is present here and are
asking us questions one after another.
There is lot of tension.
The media is upset
as public was shot at.
- This is central minister Rishidev.
- Sir.
- Can you hear me?
- Yes sir.
Do as I say.
Yes sir.
Yes sir. Okay sir. Sure sir.
Sir, why did police shoot? Tell us.
- Sir, please we want to know.
- Calm down please.
Wrong calls were made
to you for the breaking news.
We had come here to find
Shivaji Shankar and Anamikla Dasari.
They have murdered someone
for money and have escaped.
The girl's father has been murdered.
He was CEO of channel 24
Mr. Ranganath Dasari.
Shivaji used to supply
drugs to that girl.
We had received such information.
Not only this,
but he killed a sub inspector as well.
They have weapons
and they are dangerous.
To catch them we shot once
and a man has been injured.
Whosoever will give information
about will be given..
..a reward of 5lakhs
from police department.
- That's all for now. Thank you.
- Sir..
Anamika, don't cry. Stop it.
Let's go and surrender to the police.
Then everything will be fine.
Don't even think
of surrendering, please.
Excuse me, is internet working?
Of course with great speed
because I have taken 25,000/- pack.
What happened?
Can I use your laptop for 5 minutes?
My laptop is worth 3,75,000/- so
you will have to pay 5,000/-to use it.
Sir it is matter of life and death for
someone. I just have to see the clip.
What kind of clip?
Sir, I am not at all in that mood.
Please help.
Take it for free.
Let's hope that the video we were
trying to upload has been uploaded.
Let's see.
Divert people's attention
from shootout to Shivaji.
Tell this thing to all units.
Inform all units and no
mistake should be made this time.
- Sir..
- Divert their attention.
- Follow my orders.
- Shall I say something to you?
Let's work on it.
Come with me, sir.
I have almost cracked this case, sir.
This case is going
on the wrong track sir.
All this problem
is because of a video.
My seniors do not listen to me.
They think I am a junior.
They do not let me speak.
That is why I came
directly to tell you sir.
Think something about me, sir.
Sure. Go on.
Look at this. 50 news channels were
called to share the breaking news.
Do you know who made these calls?
The one whom we are searching.
Shivaji and Anamika.
If they had committed murder then..
..why would they call
so many news channels sir?
I have done some deep investigations
to get answer to this.
When they had gone to hotel to stay..
..they had paid extra
250/- to buy internet access.
After one hour of staying
there they uploaded..
..a video on unlocksmith.com
which is a hacker site.
To unlock this video
they had checked in the hotel.
By hacking their mail id,
debit card and credit..
..card I had kept the
video to download sir.
That has been downloaded.
We can see it together sir.
Thank God. Yes.
Video has been uploaded.
Choco, Choco..
- Nice.
- He loves you more than me.
She is actress Neha Sharma.
And he is IB minister Rishidev.
Today it is too late and tomorrow
I have to go for shoot also.
Choco..you had given the [party
yesterday because the shoot is over.
That was a different movie
and this is a different movie.
Don't the director and hero
of that movie flirt with you?
Everyone knows about
our affair in the industry.
After knowing this no one
would dare to misbehave with me.
People should have this fear.
You are so beautiful that
anyone can fall in love with you.
At least today your wife..
My dear why are you
reminding me of that.
- You do not understand.
- What?
For how many days
will we met like this?
We will have to tell her.
I can't do this.
This matter cannot be hidden.
Forget it, sweetheart.
This is the time to make love.
You are so hot, baby.
No, Rishi.
Today you will have to tell her.
So what if you are married but we
love each other and this is not wrong.
When will you divorce your wife?
So many times I have told
you not to start this topic.
I will tell her.
- My dear..
- Rishi, I am pregnant.
Seven months from now
you will become a father.
Doctor has confirmed.
This is the only matter
so why are you worried for this.
We will go and get abortion
done tomorrow. Okay.
What has happened to you?
What's wrong with you?
- What do you think I am?
- What is there to think in this, Neha?
You very well know that I am
married and still you slept with me.
Will every woman who
sleeps with me become my wife?
Neha, I said stop it.
Don't be crazy, Neha.
Neha, what's wrong with you?
What has happened to you?
Bloody, what's wrong with you?
Every time..
Neha, come on get up.
Oh my God..
Sit in the car. I will do something.
Let's go sir.
Neha was pregnant.
I will take care of
postmortem and police.
You go.
Oh God..
Buddy, can I use your pen drive?
Sir, I did not come
to the office today.
I did not see this video, sir.
I did not search anything. Please sir.
Let me go out from here.
No one will see me.
I have applied for US visa, sir.
Promise sir. Spare me.
What happened?
Damn it.
Sorry friend,
I will buy you a new laptop.
I lost 3,75,000/-
Believe me Shiv, let us surrender.
Why are you again and again
thinking of surrendering, Anamika?
Surrender would mean death.
Does look fine to you?
We do not have any proof
that he has killed Neha, Shiva.
We know this but he does not know it.
Even if we say he will not agree.
The fear with which
he has hidden this truth..
..the same fear will now
force him to speak the truth.
Listen to my plan carefully.
Anamika..this is our last fight.
Maybe we never meet again.
- And even if we meet then also..
- I love you Shiva.
I love you too.
- Hello..
- Yes police control room.
Is this the number if information
of Shivaji and Anamika is to be given?
Yes, this is the number.
Tell me what the information is.
I am Shivaji whom you are finding.
I want to talk to chief investigating
officer of this case.
Connect the line to ADG.
Assistant director general
of police Arun Raj here.
Shivaji, now listen to me.
No, now you listen
to me and don't interrupt.
Turn off the speaker
and give the phone to..
..the minister Rishi
who is standing next to you.
Shall we now stop
playing hide and seek?
Why? Are you tired?
I know. This had to happen.
Will you come or shall I come?
There are rules even in
the video games of small children.
Let's play by the rules.
Yup. I love games.
Kachiguda railway station.
Platform number 1, 9pm
Bring the cash and
take the memory card.
At 9:15 I will change
my appearance and reach there.
By the way tell the commissioner
standing next to you..
..that there are 600 contacts
present in my phone at present.
If I see any policeman
on railway station..
..then by just pressing the
finger I will destroy your future.
By the way Amrican Tourister bag,
2crores cash.
Sir, you are a prime
ministerial candidate.
It is a risk. Just think over it once.
If anything wrong happens
then the risk would be his.
Not mine.
Because I am prime
ministerial candidate.
Okay boys, tell me your positions.
- Porter..
- I am in position, sir.
- TC..
- I am in position, sir.
- Passenger.
- I am in position, sir.
- Is everything fine?
- Yes sir.
Everything is fine. You can enter.
I trust you.
If you remove the muffler then
the video will be on every mobile.
He has gone without giving
the memory card. He is in red muffler.
Red muffler, red muffler.
Has anyone been able to see him?
Sir, I can see him.
Give me order to shoot.
That's him. It is confirmed now.
Come on boys, let's get him.
If you remove the muffler then
I will spread the video everywhere.
It is time for your train to leave.
Move, move..
Come on surrender.
No, no..
Hey. It's me.
Who called the press?
Who called the press?
- Hello?
- Were you able to see the bomb?
You do not have much time.
That bomb will explode in 30 seconds.
If you throw the bag then
I will explode the bomb right away.
Decide yourself whether you
want to die now or after 30 seconds.
You enjoyed a lot troubling me.
Your time starts now.
The bomb has been placed in
this and will explode in 30 seconds.
I cannot understand
as to what is happening?
Everyone get alert.
Stop Cars..
Be alert.
Unit 1 report. Did you stop the train?
Yes sir, we are trying.
Sir, the train has stopped.
Good. Unit 1 search the train and unit
2 surround the station from all sides.
Sir, we searched the entire
train but he was not found anywhere.
Oh no. then where has he gone?
- Search properly..
- Sir..
- Listen..
- Look at this sir.
His phone has been traced.
They are going towards Vijaynagar.
Go straight.
This is the place.
All units, they have stopped
at Vijaynagar junction.
Reach there, quickly.
Vijaynagar junction.
Note it and quickly reach there.
50meters from here.
Come on fast, fast..
- Search..
- Okay sir.
This is showing 50meters
but where is he.
Why does it show 50 meters
even when there is no one nearby.
Shiv, I am asking you once again
as to why you have brought me here.
I will give you whatever you want.
Money, position..tell me.
You will get nothing by keeping quiet.
Where is the memory card?
Why don't you tell me?
Memory card is already broken.
But you will have
to confess everything.
- Oh..
- This is my only demand.
Already this news is being
telecast on all other news channels.
What should we do?
Cancel all the programs of our
channel and do live telecast of this.
Okay sir.
We searched the entire
building but he is not here, sir.
You all know him.
He is Rishi Dev, central IB minister.
But other than that
he is a murderer too.
A dictator who took power
from public and destroyed the public.
A rascal who killed
actress Neha Sharma..
..and then converted
it into gas accident.
What? I..
We can see badminton net.
This looks to be a stadium.
Where is this stadium?
Sir 2kms from here
is an indoor stadium.
Then why is it showing 1metrer.
Call all the units. Immediately.
To get the CCTC footage
of Neha Sharma murder case..
..he killed the CEO of
channel 24 Ranganathan Dasari..
..senior journalist Rajesh..
..and SI Swami in last 24
hours for his political benefit.
As I hadthat memory card he made
Anamika and me declared as murderers.
He got the internet of the city stopped
so that the video does not spread.
He used police like his puppet.
Because of this commotion
that memory card broke.
But now he will accept
his crime in front of everyone..
..or will die in front of everyone.
Speak, speak..
What should I speak?
That what you are saying is right.
Okay fine but first
you answer my question.
What is your aim? Has the
opposition party instigated you?
Or you have the habit of taking drug.
Shiv, you are young and young people
like you are the future of this country.
Is it that you have
link with Pakistan?
Mr. Shiv, my country does
not negotiate with terrorist.
There is no place for
terrorist in my country.
I am ready to die
for my country as well.
Kill me. In fact I
will be thankful to you.
It is my good luck that
I am dying for my country.
My country is dear
to me than my family.
I just love my country, man.
Kill me.
Enough of it. You start your
drama the moment you see the camera.
How many coverings you have? From
morning to night just acting and lies.
You cannot see the progress of others.
You are the one who cheat people.
You have so much property
and still you are greedy.
There is selfishness
in everything that you talk.
There is cheating in every step.
You have even cheated
your wife and children.
There is no place for faith and truth.
You have changed for the people,
of the people..
..by the people to for my property,
for my pleasure and for my position.
People like you are spreading
like cancer in the society.
Forget it.
Stop the drama and come to the point.
I am ready to die but you decide
whether you want to live or die.
Now there will be no countdown.
Now only my bullet
or your mouth will speak.
Now public will decide.
What is happening?
I am a dictator. Yes I am a dictator.
I killed Neha Sharma.
I killed Neha Sharma..
I killed Neha Sharma.
I am saying it in front of police.
Now say what you will do.
I killed Neha Sharma.
I killed Neha Sharma.
This young man will scare me?
Will he teach the future PM?
This is called political power.
And in front of a powerful man like me
a common man like you has no status.
- Arun..
- Sir.
Don't kill him.
Don't kill him but kill the girl.
And then show that video to him.
So that he flutters in her
memory and die wretchedly in the jail.
He should die there.
He should die there.
Take him.
He had come to kill me.
But why did he smile looking at me?
I killed Neha Sharma.
I killed Neha Sharma..
I am saying it in front of police.
Now say what you will do.
Don't kill him.
Don't kill him but kill the girl.
And then show that video to him.
So that he flutters in her
memory and die wretchedly in the jail.
I killed Neha Sharma.
I killed Neha Sharma..
So that he flutters in her
memory and die wretchedly in the jail.
- Sir, home minister is on line.
- I killed Neha Sharma.
- I killed Neha Sharma..
- Arrest him.
Yes sir.
I will inform the security chief.
- This is called political power.
- Yes, tell me.
Sir, there is a phone for you.
Yes, this is security chief Malcolm.
Are you sure sir?
Okay right sir.
Stop the car.
Yes, I am going towards his car.
- Sir..
- Yes..
Button camera with
wireless 3G transmission.
One click and by going to button
camera.com putting serial number..
..whatever will be recorded
in camera will be seen online.
High walls of jail
are not for me but for you.
The one who starts
the war does not win.
The one who ends the war wins.
Enjoy your time in jail.
Sir, sir please tell us how..
Sir.. sir..
Why he did that?
Sir please tell something..
Sir.. sir..
I should be giving these
2crores to government.
But I saw only your
father really working..
..for the government
in the last two days.
Who are you?
From today think of
m as your elder brother.
So where should we go.
To our home.
Where? My home. I will not go.
Okay then let's go to my place.
Your and my house is the same.
Okay, then let's go.