Dzhungli (The Jungle) (2012) Movie Script

All relationships are
terminated in the same way.
First, you look into her eyes,
and the whole world
around you disappears.
In an unhealthy, romantic delirium.
Wearing your best suit,
You come in with a stupid smile
and you sign yourself a death sentence.
And it is from that moment Your
whole life starts to fall down hill.
My name is Sergei Guin.
- Yeah?
- Seryozha, are you on your way?
I am already at the show.
In just a few minutes, I'll
be at the eighth pavilion,
and Vovka and I will get the
first contract of our lives.
Come on, hurry up, I'm
waiting at the Eighth pavilion.
And after three years... Eighth?
I'll be the head architect.
I seem to have lost it.
How are you? You need to look
in front of you, young man.
- You almost killed her.
- Dad, I'm fine, let's go. Come on, let's go.
Girl, weren't we married?
In a past life.
It seems that your roof has collapsed.
- All the best.
- I told you to put on make up.
We're getting ready for the Olympic
team, not for a beauty contest.
Our whole life is a beauty contest,
and you never know,
when you'll meet him.
Mom, how many times have I said,
that family life is not for me?
Hello, Hello, Hello,
Seryozha, Hello. Are you there?
I thought, you got disconnected.
You only have 15 minutes
left, maximum. Can you hear me?
This is our chance, there will
not be any other, it's fate.
Vovka, ok, go ahead, I'll catch up.
Attention, please participants,
prepare to take your places.
Only one will make it to the olympics.
Either Sokolova or Kairina.
Now they are even, both have 47 points.
And here is her chance. If she scores
an eight, we are in the Olympic team.
Well, she will
definitely score an eight.
She has to.
My name is Marina Sokolova.
Within a few seconds,
I will score 10 points.
I will be the winner of
the state championship.
And three years later, I'll
be going to the Olympics,
and win the gold medal.
There are people around. Do not shoot!
Call a doctor!
Attention, emergency medical team,
help is needed immediately on the field.
Dear audience, please stay calm.
Time out.
It's you?
An interesting way to meet. Couldn't
you come up with a better way?
For a second I saw a scenario.
I come home, hungry
not eaten all day,
so we could eat together.
We celebrate our anniversary.
Three years together.
Delirious. It's certainly shock.
Urgent, we need a doctor... oh, there.
Our children see me,
"Daddy, daddy!"
And I just stand there,
never getting tired,
of looking at you.
What children?
Our children Aljenka and Vanja.
They are beautiful like you,
And smart like me.
Stay calm, Ljuba, do not
worry, it wasn't your fault.
Calm down. We'll find out
what he was doing here.
Poor girl, now Sokolova
is going to get the gold.
Marina! Marina, where are you going?
- What will happen to him?
- Do not worry, lady.
His life is not in danger. He will
recover in time for the wedding, come on.
That's it. Let's go.
What wedding?
What wedding?
Remember, how he escaped from the
hospital, so he could propose to you?
- Yes, Mom, I remember, that's his style.
- Seryozha has not changed.
I can imagine what he prepared
for the evening for you.
Candles, jazz, Romance!
I am so happy for you.
Well, did he like your cake?
- Yes, very much so.
- You see, you did not waste half a day getting ready.
You're right.
Three years. Fought three
years to get this project.
Yakut did not like the meeting
room for the presentation.
Is that right?
Under the circumstances, he came
up with the best possible solution.
With a panoramic window. But the
client said it was very ordinary.
- There are laws for architecture...
- Question, for you. What is architecture?
To create a pleasant
atmosphere for everyone.
- Everyone?
- Everyone in general.
No, my friends. Not for
"Everyone in general" but,
for certain people... clients.
And if the client does not like,
the atmosphere?
this, this is not architecture,
and you, you're not architects.
If you lose this project, you
will be designing public toilets,
with panoramic windows.
That's all. I'm going home.
Did you bring her gift?
Marina, I forgot, did
the door open towards you?
Marina, you know I
wanted to come home early.
I miss you.
But if we get the project,
I will become the head architect.
Let's celebrate our
anniversary tomorrow.
All right?
Call your parents, we'll
have dinner together.
- Marina!
- O.k.!
He comes home in the morning.
He says he has a lot to do.
Chin down!
I wanted to search his
phone but he has a password.
So what?
- What?
- He has changed.
He never misses a call.
He even takes the phone to the bathroom!
Ira. Ira, calm down, everything is fine.
Two minute break. Get some rest.
That's it. It turns out that
I... I am no longer his rabbit,
but a deer with long horns.
But it's just a phone.
Phone... it's like an open faucet.
Oozes out, slowly, drop by drop,
paving the way, with text, with
calls. Betrayal enters the house.
Now, dad will read a poem.
He spent the whole night,
writing a poem. Start!
Here it is, "Three years
together" And the rest of us hope.
From home to job, job to
home. And where is resting?
During the three years
neither here, nor there,
instead excursions into nature
which only your 3D TV serves.
Oh, Mom, Dad, thank you.
- A call from work, he will be done right away.
- Good.
- Listen to our advise...
- Yes, hello!
Listen good.
I can not drop everything and get there.
- It gives the effect of presence.
- Sit down now.
I'm busy. Let's talk tomorrow.
Dad, do you want more meat?
Can you at least not
talk on the phone now?
Do you realize, it's serious?,
It has to do with work.
You promised.
- Excuse me.
- Dad, continue.
Thank you.
Here's an advise from us...
Yes, it's me, I will be done
right away. Just a second.
"Imagine the full
effect of it's presence."
We will be back when he's done.
Mom. Daddy, why are you?
Better he finishes his call!
My daughter... Ljuba, we're leaving!
- It's very important not to argue.
- Okay, Mom.
It gets worse, I know it.
Seryozha, we need to talk.
- Quiet, quiet.
I told you.
Yes, of course.
A brand new conference room.
We have several great solutions.
Exactly in a week, Vadim Vadimoviu.
All the best.
Marina, look, her coat
is the same as yours,
and the suitcase.
Marina, where are you going?
Are we going to your parents?
Marina, shall I call them?
Call your job.
Marina, what's gotten into you?
Buddy, either pay the
fare or get off the bus.
Sorry, I'll...
- Marina exit.
- Come on, we can't continue because of you.
- Marina, what are you doing, huh?
- Be quick.
I will have to work in the morning
and I can't get enough rest.
Well, excuse me, but I
also work and not rest.
Young man, all of us work
a lot and get little rest.
- You are stopping us from going home
- He is right
- Yes, he's a hooligan. Let's go, we're losing time.
- Is this going to take long?
Marina, do you realize
that I'm doing this for us?
- Sounds familiar.
- He's right, who do we all work for?
For us?
You're back home early
for us, is that so?
Aljenom and Vanja greet you at the door.
running around, screaming.
And you're looking at me, not
able to look at something else.
But you did not show up, Seryozha.
You stayed at the job.
- Well, if you like...
- Driver, well, can we go?
Quiet! What kind of people are you?
Let's hear them.
If you want, we'll leave
everything tomorrow,
and go to the islands?
There will be no job,
no calls, nothing there.
I promise you.
Just you and me.
Do you hear me?
Girl, you're going to the island or not?
It's already been 10
minutes waiting here.
Seryozha, I bought the
tickets, departs at 6:00 AM
- 6:00 am?
- at six, why?
I can not at 6 AM.
I'll be sleeping.
- I love you.
- I love you.
The sea, the sun!
The Island!
What island?
But in a week we have a presentation.
Yakut will come.
Your conference room project with
panoramic windows is not ready yet.
I'll be gone just a week.
I'll be back in time.
Just for a week?
- Well, yes.
- Sunday in the exotic islands?
Some folks are lucky.
Well, congratulations.
A vacation is important.
- Thank you.
- I'll give your project to another department.
Wait, why another department?
What do you mean "why another department?"
Work needs to get done.
And you can go on vacation,
vacation is very important.
And it's not important who
the head architect will be.
Why, is it not important?
I... worked three years for this.
Mojito with a double gin.
- This is my project.
- Your wife riding on a water banana or jet ski.
It's my project!
Sergei, I'm impressed
with your desire to work.
Thank you.
- After the wedding, the daughter calls her mother.
- Mom, I had an argument with my husband.
- Well, it happens in every family.
- I understand, but what do I with the corpse?
Were you here? Hello.
Today, the office was like a nut house.
Like most of the time.
Seryozha, we're not going.
There's no one to fill my place.
He said, only if I resign.
So, we are not leaving?
Seryozha, please forgive me.
You gave up on the project,
when it means so much to you.
Believe me, you are much
more important for me.
Of course.
Andrej Ivania? I thought
about your suggestion.
I quit, my family is more important.
Without compensation?
I do not need any compensation.
Was I not brave?
Tomorrow Marina and I are flying.
- I do not understand?
- Seryozha!
That's it, that's it?
I'll be back in a
week, take over for me?
Are you sick?
You... You realize what will
happen if V.V. finds out...
He will give the project
to the retards team.
Play it like I'm there.
Throw a jacket on my chair.
Leave open my e-mail box.
You realize, if we do not go
on vacation, she'll leave me.
Dear passengers, we will be
landing in Titileo island airport.
- Please fasten your safety belts.
- Please. Thank you.
And it is the custom of the savages.
Women ate their husbands in
front of the entire tribe.
Women ate their husbands, Of
course, it now has changed.
Did you hear, the tribes ate people?
- humane laws rule now.
- When was that?
How? Are you in Moscow?
Yes, we are always
ready, Plato Ivanoviu.
Designers of the project?
Here they are. Oh, today.
Be at the meeting room at 16:00, together
with Guin along with all the documents.
We will sign the deal today.
What do you mean, Plato Ivanoviu.
No panoramic windows.
The boys came up with a completely
new solution, they shall be delighted.
- Hello.
- We already reserved a room.
Room No. 12, luggage is in the room.
The key, tags.
Finally. Just you and me.
And no calls.
- What happened?
- Yakut arrived.
- How?
- That's right, they arrived.
the presentation begins soon.
- Will you be long?
- Well, about 10 minutes.
We have one hour, come on,
connect with me on the internet.
Excuse me.
- Plato Ivanoviu.
- Nice to meet you, Vadim Vadimi.
I'm glad.
And where is Sergei?
Here is Sergei.
Dear colleagues,
I suggest, that we see the
fruits of our work together.
Sergei Ilyich, aren't you
going to be here in person?
Colleagues, I'm at your mercy,
but I'll be right here.
Where is "here"?
It is... in Moscow.
In our laboratory,
with my dear partners.
Britain's 'Room Service'
Sergei, of course you are, excuse
me but, if you're in Moscow,
what is that behind your window?
You are absolutely right.
Our suggestion for a meeting room...
meeting room...
With unique 3D windows.
With a view of your choice.
You can see the snowy Alps.
or tropical jungles.
The full effect of presence.
- What is it?
- Nanotechnology.
I know what is nano, and what is not.
Who's idea is this?
Well, that's very
impressive, Vadim Vadimiu.
Your colleagues think extraordinarily.
Yes, they are my best.
Bravo. I also thought of
it, back in the year 78.
3D view.
- Yeah?
- Original idea.
We will be happy to
answer all questions...
And now let's continue on to
the presentation. Vladimir.
I am ready. Were you in a meeting?
- No, I was watching the weather forecast.
- Well, how is the weather?
Sunny, warm, just like the way we want.
Are we going out?
- Sure, let's go.
- Why did you wear a tie?
After all, it is our first
vacation in three years.
- Is that your shirt?
- Soon the whole world will wear it.
Look, how beautiful.
- Well, shall we?
- Yeah, let's go.
Whoa, isn't it fantastic, ah?
Come on jump, my beautiful rose.
- Awesome!
- What a boat!
What a view! A storm is coming.
I know how to drive the
boat, everything will be fine.
There, they said on the radio, that
there is going to be a powerful storm.
And, yes, you're right.
We forgot the music.
Shoot, I never drove
a one like this before.
We'll sink, this is suicide!
Then drive along the coast.
Do not go far away, the storm
is coming from the south.
- Do not go away, keep circling around and close by.
- What is he saying?
He says go that way, it is
interesting there. Thank you!
Give it gas!
Yakuts have questions,
go on the internet now!
In which direction are we going?
We're going to miss lunch.
Are you sure we should be there?
Sunny and warm ha?
You're the one who wanted adventure.
Seryozha, how are we
going to find our way back?
I do not know.
What do you mean you don't know?
Just kidding. There, to that island.
And why that island?
It'll be a surprise.
Yeah? isn't it dangerous there?
Of course not.
It is a very popular place.
It is called the Valentines island.
And where is your surprise?
- This is the surprise.
- Yes?
- It is so cool here.
- You can just imagine...
can't connect.
The two of us will land on this
deserted island after we get shipwrecked.
In the middle of the tropics.
What are we going to do?
- What do you suggest?
- Start a beacon.
- What beacon?
- Didn't you want adventure?
Keep up your courage,
Captain. What do we do first?
Find drinking water and food.
Are you serious?
Alright, you get some rest,
I'll look for some fruits.
- Guin.
- What?
You're awesomely romantic.
Yes, you don't say,
so romantic.
Come on, find a signal, where is it?
There is no signal!
Well, if civilization
does not come to Guin,
Guin will go to the civilization.
o. k.!
- Hello, Seryozha?
- Vovka!
Vovka, thank God. So, what's up?
Seryozha, seriously, tell me, how will you
use 3D windows in our project, please explain.
- No.
- The 'Room Service' Company does not know either.
Yakut has a whole list of questions.
- That's it.
- Tomorrow at 4:00, be sure to get on the network,
Everything depends on it.
- At 4:00?
- 09:00 your time.
So, I have to be at the
hotel in the morning. Fine.
Turn off the web camera next
time. Yakuts do not need,
to see how you and Marina have fun.
- They saw us together?
When we were kissing?
All right.
The main thing is that Marina does not
know, otherwise she'll make me miserable.
Why are you smiling? she'll get you too.
If she knows that I am here talking
to you, while she's swimming there...
I'm here, I'm...
picking coconuts.
Ah, I see.
Did you pick a lot of them?
Aha. more than enough.
Tomorrow... Tomorrow I can't be late.
Must not stay asleep.
"enter password", I wanted to
call you, but there is a password.
So what?
Where is the boat?
It was here.
Where did it go?
Where could it have drift to?
The phone is lost too.
Well, do not worry. Did you not tell
me that tourists come here everyday.
Someone will come and find us.
Do you have some urgent business?
No, there is no work.
Well, then just rest. We're on
vacation. I'll get the fruits.
You know Seryozha?, it was dangerous
to cheat out here in the past.
Woman ate their husbands.
And husbands, their wife.
- How did they do that?
- Roasted them.
One piece.
Even with the hair curls, baked them.
But that does not concern us, right?
We trust each other.
Let's drink to that!
Not in a hurry?
Everything I need is already here.
On this beautiful island.
Stay down, stay down,
I'll get breakfast ready.
Guin, what's wrong?
How is it? is it tight?
- Untie me.
- Uh-huh. So you could hide the boat again?
- Where are you going?
- To the unemployment agency,
I am now unemployed.
Can't believe you hid the boat!
Why? Marina, why? I do not understand.
Got a second?
Yes, I do.
Seryozha, I don't understand why.
Please stop, before it is too late.
I'll send someone for you, rest for now.
We are on vacation.
See you in the jungle.
Dear, we need to talk.
I have a lot of questions.
And I have only one.
Don't even think of not answering.
Honey, are you there?
Marina, I'm so glad to see you.
You know? you were right.
they eat people.
What are you doing, Marina?
Are you trying to shoot me, or what?
Who is she, Seryozha?
We have to leave right away.
Speak, I'm listening.
I do not have anybody else.
- I was joking.
- Who is she?
Come to your senses!
They are cannibals, they
dry heads like they dry fish!
I can understand. Every woman probably
wants to kill her husband sometimes.
It's simple, there is no need to cheat.
Actually, she's very good.
Kind, caring.
And most importantly,
she loves me.
Yakuts say that, because of your 3D window their
entire energy power source needs to be changed.
Nothing needs to be changed.
Here we connect, here we double.
Here goes the power cable.
- Very simple?
- Listen, you're a genius. Genius.
Vovka. Vovka!
Seryozha, what? I'm so glad
to see you. How are you?
I'm fine. And you, huh?
Me? Me?
Marina has gone crazy.
She wants to kill me.
I'm not surprised.
- Why not?
- Because my friend, I never trusted her.
She was dreaming about
ruining our project.
- What?
- Who are you anyway?
Did you eat berries?
I see.
Listen, I want to start a beacon.
Maybe, they'll see.
- Of course, they will and they
will cook us with the same fire.
- What should we do then?
- Very simple.
Get on the boat and escape.
But it sank.
Well, it sank but we'll raise it.
As long as the engine is running.
Come on, come on, come on! Go, go!
Vovka, thanks for the boat.
I will not leave Marina here.
I'm afraid for her.
Why are you afraid?
She is a master of the
sport. She is to be feared.
She just tried to execute me.
She loves me.
Aha. Are you sure?
Marina, I found the boat.
We can leave...
- With this boat?
- We have to leave, this is your last chance.
We do not have any chances.
Yes, I may forget our anniversary.
Yes, I come home from work late.
Yes, I do not bring
flowers home every day.
But they are not enough
reasons to kill me for.
Women are dangerous creatures.
They can even kill you.
- And then eat you.
- Then why do we need them, Father?
We need to multiply, you fool.
The main thing is not to be late coming
back from hunting, and always give gifts.
I will never get married.
Vovka, show yourself.
Tell me, where to swim to.
You were right about Marina.
Were going to leave her
here. I no longer have a wife.
someone needs to put a muzzle on you!
- I'm going to leave you!
- Victor Stepaniu?
What 'Viktor Stepaniu'? It is a sport,
I quit! I gave my life and
youth for you, you parasite.
- And you! What did you do?
- Quiet, quiet, stop.
Mirno. Stop!
You know, I too, because of you...
What can you do for her?
Build Taj Mahal?
Bring down a Red Star from the sky?
Or write sonnet poems by Shakespeare?
I can't hear you, speak!
You do not have dignity, or
know how to commit yourself.
I work, like a horse all day long.
For your daughter's sake.
For your sake, only for your sake.
Work. You even forget to think
about her. Don't you understand?
That's why you lost.
Yeah, I lost.
She's hunting me, I'm
hunted like an animal.
Hunted? Yes, she can get a
target from 70 meters away.
- If she wanted to...
- Why me?
Family life is a fight, a
fight. From one fight to another.
Don't fight only for yourself but
for each other. Do you understand?
I asked her to come along,
she burned the boat.
Burned, burned.
You should have expected that from her.
Don't ask her.
What do you mean?
You young people, you do not know
how to communicate with women.
You knock her out, hit her on the head,
But gently, that's it.
And after she's out, you know, you...
- You know?
- You get her in to the boat you fool!
You're her man, you have to protect her.
You are as one, both
of you. You head north.
Well, that was close. Well, come
on, come on, come on, come on.
Marina. Marina, are you hurt?
I am afraid of heights.
Viktore Stepaniu. Viktore Stepaniu.
Untie my legs, while the...
Oh, Marina
I'm so glad everything is okay.
How are you love? Are you okay?
I'm so worried. Relax,
be quiet, don't get up.
Don't make sudden movements.
Lie down a little, calm down.
Then you'll get up and untie me.
Then we'll go back home.
Marina, what's wrong?
By the way, I'm your husband.
I'm just a little up side down.
By the way, you look
great from this angle.
I'm jealous of the ants.
Well, I'm getting to know you Marina.
Where are you going?
Everywhere... Marina.
Where is she? She was just here.
It's like she fell into the earth.
- The spirits of the jungle took her.
- There are ghosts?
She must have hidden
somewhere. Search and find her.
He's not a husband,
he's just called one.
Comes late from fishing and
immediately falls to sleep.
How are we suppose to have children,
right? and not a single gift in three years.
If I run out of patience,
I will cook and eat him.
- My Hippopotamus, you're early.
- Leave me alone.
Woman, have you seen a white woman here?
No, I haven't my Hippopotamus.
God, a white goat.
Small nose, huge eyes.
God, you're so ugly.
Who will ever marry you?
What is this?
We've looked everywhere, she's
not anywhere in the village.
Look into the woods, she
could not have gone far.
There seems to be someone there.
Nowhere to hide.
Here, follow me.
Calm down, it's me. And
now you have to choose,
either we can runaway together
or they will eat us, one by one.
I have to choose.
You have someone else.
Someone else?
Save her,
She loves you for who you are.
- even with your time spent at work.
- I was joking with you, Marina.
You kissed her to infuriate me?
I've heard it all, when you
were hanging from the palm trees.
I am interested in finding
out who that hen is.
- Ah?
- That hen is you, Marina.
Marina, we were kissing.
In the hotel, remember?
It does not matter.
I didn't have an affair.
- stop throwing bowls.
- Have more work, he insists.
Where are you going, to a meeting again?
Marina, enough...
Business travel!
I have to support my family. I'm a man.
You're not a man, you're an architect.
I'm alone at home, alone at visits.
In bed...
Stop the nonsense with the bed, Marina.
Stop it, baby, otherwise
I'll calm you down.
Calm down? What are you going to do?
- Is it easier?
- Who are you raising your hand to?
Are we finished arguing?
Too early to die. You
haven't paid off the mortgage.
Get up Guin.
Does it hurt?
Marina, we have a unique
choice to make it right.
You read my mind.
That's what I was going to suggest.
- Really?
- Really.
Well, then, let it be.
I'll go north to the Yakuts,
they have been calling
me a for a long time.
Problem solved.
Now you can breathe easier.
and I too.
- And you know what is for the better?
- What is better?
We never meet again.
So, not to destroy each other's lives.
That day, at the park we should
have continued like nothing happened.
I would've gone to the Olympics.
I'd long been the head architect.
And also, Vanja, Aljona... just stupidity.
I never wanted children.
From you...
Oh gods, let their souls, find in the
heavens, what they couldn't on Earth.
Oh gods, let them return to the
road where their souls separated.
and let them return
to their true destiny.
We are from Russia...
Oh, white woman, find your true path,
and do not ever turn back.
Give your body to the god of fire.
Oh, white warrior, find your own
true path and do not come to get more.
Give your body to the god of water.
My name is Sergei Guin.
In just a few minutes I'll
be at the eighth pavilion,
and Vovka and I will get the
first contract of our lives.
And in three years, I will
become the head architect.
My name is Marina Sokolova.
Within a few seconds,
I will score 10 points.
I will be the winner of
the state championship.
And three years later, I'll
be going to the Olympics,
and win the gold medal.
Marina, it's me.
cut the rope!
Marina, let's argue some other time.
Yes, well said, I
might have been a fool.
But they are going
to eat us with spoons.
Hey, we have to escape.
It is time.
Gods are craving.
We'll play afterwards.
I need to borrow that.
Stay back! Stay back!
Stand back!
Marina! Marina, cut the rope!
Stand back!
Can you hear me?, I'll keep them busy.
Today I remembered when we first met.
I realized that I can
not live without you.
That everyone must sacrifice something.
You already have...
You already have
sacrificed a lot for me.
Now it's my turn.
Believe me, I will succeed.
You can't even mount a shelf on a wall.
Take him.
- Where are they?
- The ocean ghosts took them.
What ghosts, there they are!
Marina, wasn't I good?
Oh, don't think I forgive you.
First, if you ever
propose a divorce again...
with my bare hands, I will...
- do not interrupt me!
- Marina, I...
I'm not finished.
Secondly, I understand
you have a busy job.
But I am a woman, and I need attention.
And I will watch over you.
- We will discuss everything later, now is the wrong time.
- It is always the wrong time.
Whenever I tried to tell you things
that bother me, every time something...
Marina, how about we get away?
Marina, run!
I have a boat.
hold on!
Seryozha, get up.
get up, get up.
You are so powerless without us.
Okay, hippopotamus, I'm out of patience.
I know what to have for dinner.
How fast it's been,
it's time to go home.
Well, it ended too soon.
Paddle faster, maybe we'll be
make it in time for breakfast.
Of course, we had a nice rest.
- Oh, there they are, hello.
- Oh, Mom, Dad, hello.
- Welcome Seryozha.
- Look at your sun tan, you look great.
Your skin looks incredible.
Is it from cream or mud?
- From mud mostly.
- So, you had a lot of rest.
Marina didn't want to come
back. Dad, take the bag.
- Where are you parked?
- Right by the exit, over there.
Oh, Seryozha, what's
wrong with your hand?
When Marina was being sacrificed, I
pulled the pillar out of the ground...
grabbed her and threw
her down the ravine, and
because she was being burned...
Just kidding. I burned it
in the sauna, the sauna.
Well, Seryozha, you
have such an imagination.
- But I believe him.
- Seryozha!
I just made it. Marina.
Olga Alexeevna. Hello.
Hello Vovka.
- Listen...
- You can't imagine what happened.
- Well, we'll wait for you in the car.
- Good. Yeah, come on.
How is it? Look, you have
not been in a relationship,
while trying to find a
way out of this havoc.
I fell asleep at the table, and
dreamed that you were in a forest.
You were telling me about everything. Some
were nonsense, anyway it does not matter.
What's important was that after I woke
up, I had to erase it all from my memory.
- Right.
- I do not have to remember it, ever.
- I would never be able to.
- That's not all.
V.V. is opening a branch in Yakutia.
Guess who will be head Architect? You.
- Does this mean a victory?
- Yes.
Shall we? Ah? Seryozha.
What about the contract?
We did not get it.
- Serjoa.
- Yes?
I was just wondering, how are
we going to pay for the mortgage?