Dziewczyna z szafy (2013) Movie Script

Documentary and Feature
Film Production Company presents:
A film co-produced with CANAL+
and co-financed by the
Polish Film Institute
(in her screen debut)
Film set
production manager
written and directed by
What are you doing here?
Get in the front.
Seat belts.
220-42, 220-00
domestic disturbance.
Square 12-2, whoever is
in the area - respond, thanks.
My whole life with morons.
I said over and over: Check just
one thing, is the door locked,
- bottom lock, is it locked...
- Chill out already...
I said it so many times
that a deaf man would get it.
- He probably went up on the roof.
- On the roof, how?
He knows he can only go
up to the roof with me.
So he probably went into
the city to direct traffic.
Don't you make fun of him.
- Don't you treat me like an idiot.
- I'm not treating you like an idiot,
all I'm saying is that
you could think sometimes.
This is a collection, you know?
Watch it.
It's gay crap, not a collection!!
Come on, grow up, will you?
Look who's talking.
Do your homework?
Hi. What's up?
Let's go. Inside. Now!
So, how far did he wander?
Watch him more closely.
Don't call me anymore.
You better check if
his Windows copy is legal.
She's just a friend.
Don't bother. I got a Mac Book.
In a minute!
- Thanks.
- Later.
PB 112, PB 112 report to Base.
No way, you're grounded.
Stop it, or you will get a flat head.
Fine! We'll go in an hour.
To practice.
Zinedine Zidane, once already...
showed his prowess at this World Cup.
34 years.
His last game
on the national team.
Although they do say
he has the strength of youth...
"Although they say he has the strength of youth...
He positioned the ball..."
He positioned the ball...
"Zidane - Buffon... Aaaaa!
Is it in the goal or not?!"
Is it in the goal or not?!
It's a goal!
"Aah the ball hit the crossbar
and bounced off the ground..."
And now Zizou lands in
the arms of his friends...
- Good morning Mrs. Kwiatkowska
- I said the nutcase would
blow us up one day, right.
Thank God I still
have a good nose.
Went out for a smoke,
ready to light up and smelled gas.
Right away I knew
the slut is up to something.
I gotta say, you got some
nose there... right...
Little joke.
Could you babysit Tommy?
Say, for about three hours?
- Say, for about fifty?
- Forty
Fine. But only for the sake
of your parents' memory.
You're a good person
Mrs. Kwiatkowska.
I know.
Only, could you
not let him watch TV?
I know, I know, TV makes Tommy wild.
"You insolent, stupid whore!
What do you know about Gestapo?!
Or what the camps were?
What the bunker was, the post?
Getting the hose
in freezing weather?
Death in the gas chamber?!"
Well yeah I'm tellin' you,
because of the little bitch
I gotta smoke indoors again...
Right! And how do I know
she won't go apeshit again?
Yeah, exactly.
No. Don't you start now.
I would have all those
government cunts executed.
No, thank you.
How about lunch? I'm on break.
What, is there
a smorgasbord around here?
I can't. I take care of my brother
and can't leave him alone for long.
OK, no problem.
You really want to have dinner?
Because if...
It would be really nice
if you could come over
To our place, like today.
I'm making kick ass shrimp.
For dinner.
...You know, home, see...
Wash the windshield, huh?
It was dirty,
dirty little windshield.
There. Clean windshield,
so you owe me a fiver!
Hello... Dumb-ass!
Good day Sir.
She's awesome bro,
let me tell you.
Fantastic girl.
You know I don't fall for
just any chick.
"Jeans! Come to stall 42.
Jeans! All colors.
Marbled, indestructible, indelible.
They should get you
one of those guard booths
like in front of Israeli embassies
around the world.
- Later...
- Jeans!
You know, she's more like those entrepreneurial
types, resourceful, independent.
Not a pansy, more "dominante".
More... wasabi not... cranberry.
So it would be best
if you just...
Do not say anything.
No stupid comments.
You'll eat dinner,
And go to your room.
- More?
- Please.
It's excellent.
He spoke to you.
He's a bit quiet, huh?
He's a total introvert, you know.
And shy too.
Been his style since birth.
Turtleneck and corduroy jacket.
That turtleneck and jacket
was a metaphor.
Beautiful photo.
Daddy left us that. Not that Daddy
took it but Daddy bought it.
Because Daddy was crazy
about flying things.
Like these flying catastrophes.
Like Leonardo da Vinci but hetero.
- Was he a pilot?
- No, sadly. Fear of heights.
Right, Tom, Thomas.
I see you're done.
It was good, right, so.
Won't detain you any longer, hm?
Here are your em&em's...
Time to say goodbye bro.
Thank you.
You love him a lot, don't you?
I do love him.
Wanna see my balls... eggs?
Surprise eggs?
This is a collection.
Father brought us the
first ones from West Germany.
Tom lost his. Most of them.
Do you think it's... gay?
I think it's sweet.
"The Nile hippopotamus is a rare
sight among the village buildings.
We see him here among
a swarm of lemon butterflies.
He is not the best companion.
However, due to the lack
of more attractive options,
both sides must be
satisfied with the arrangement."
So... is my duty... check, find out,
if everything is OK.
I hope that now...
everything is OK?
What happened to your eagle?
Will you go have
a beer with me someday?
- Someday...
- Seriously?
Hi, Tom.
So, what's up?
May I?
You have a cool brother.
You insolent, stupid whore!
What do you know about Gestapo?
- Do you know what the Camps were?!
- Tom!
Relax Anna, take it easy.
Anna! Relax, please.
He didn't mean it.
He gets that way when he watches TV.
He gets wild afterward, see.
Normally, he's normal.
I promise,
he didn't mean to do that.
Sit down.
Come on, come on! Go get him!
Go! Fucking hit it!
It's yours, Go, go, go!
Happy New Year!
Kiss her! Hey, you!
Kiss her! Now!
And you redhead, smile.
Redhead, redhead!
Miracle in my bed!
I'd like...
...some... milk, bread...
...about half a pound of cheese...
And two beers: Okocimsky or Warecky.
Which ones then?
Yeah, right, it's easiest
to fly in the clouds.
Don't give a shit about anything.
And assault my new friend.
My nice new friend.
Pretty, too, pleasant to the touch.
If they cancel this order.
I promise you,
I will throw you off this roof.
Finally, I would have peace.
Plan a normal life
after I get out of prison.
But no, here I am, in this hole,
like some moron.
I will never find a girl
if you keep assaulting them.
Right. Sorry I smacked you
upside your head. But admit it...
It was your own fault.
Right... you're lucky...
So go fly, fly!
I'll go on my own. On my own.
I buy my own, what!
- From my taxes!
- I doubt it.
Magda, wait!
Open this up!
You relax in here.
So maybe we could have
that beer tomorrow?
At the pub at six, OK?
220-42... 220-00...
Good afternoon Mrs. Kwiatkowska.
Afternoon, Mr. Jack, afternoon.
Mr. Jack?
- Yeah?
- And how is your little brother?
Is he healed now?
- Really good diss Mrs. Kwiatkowska.
- Well, thank you!
Real funny, huh...
Yeah, hi...
No, it's not a problem.
I know, I know. She wrote me.
Today? Now?
I mean, got a small issue, but...
No, I'll try to.
For sure.
I'll call when... Not a problem.
When I know, when I do, I'll call
Right, bye, then!
Bro, you can't imagine who
just called me, yo.
You know my marital status so...
You can chill out at
Kwiatkowska's for a while, right?
Glad you agree!
Afternoon Mrs. Kwiatkowska,
I wanted...
Actually to borrow some...
a cup of sugar.
But then I remembered that
I don't take sugar, right?
Side pass, come on! Get back!
Stop it...
220-42, 220-00...
Square 12-2,
Domestic disturbance...
Good afternoon Mrs. Kwiatkowska.
Afternoon, Mr. Jack, afternoon.
Mr. Jack?
And how is your little brother?
Is he healed now?
Hi. Recognize me?
I live across from you, the hall.
So I have this thing...
I have a huge favor.
If you could help me
I'd really appreciate it.
Could you babysit my brother?
I mean could he stay with you
for like two hours?
Cause I have to go downtown
right now and...
I gotta go by myself, you know,
can't take him with...
Just this one time, right?
Just this one time.
Just this one t...
Come in here. Go. Come in. Come in.
Relax, no need to worry about him.
He amuses himself well, you know?
He'll just sit, chill and watch
the ceiling for a while.
Just don't let him watch TV
He gets wild afterward, right?
Ah, can you give me your number
I will ping you? So you have mine?
Right. You got something...
I could write it down, huh?
So you could call me just in case,
In case he wants to kill you, right?
Little joke.
Tom! You'll be good, right?
Later, then. I'll be back quick.
Can I make you some tea?
Right, then I'll make you some.
I'd like the page to closely
reflect my personality.
The girls said you are great
and you perform miracles.
I wanted to... you...
some of the things I've done.
Give it a rest. They told me
everything already.
Naturally, I want
full access to my page.
All the authorization codes,
PIN numbers, PUK codes...
...PUK1, PUK2...
I want to service it on my own.
Should I help you out?
You have beautiful eyes.
Want to kiss me?
"The coronation ceremony of
the Makowska Madonna painting."
584 times...
584 times 621.
Your brother.
And? How was it?
It was alright.
But she is weird, right?
Hope she didn't do anything to you?
Bad... that is?
Sorry bro but I had to go.
My hunch was right on
Veronica is incredible.
A pearly smile, healthy,
light complexion, silky skin...
And hair - a storm of hair.
Girl is like from
a shampoo commercial.
Only one fail...
...she's as dumb as a hammer.
But I won't get into all that...
I won't get into all that...
Because the girl is direct...
She is very direct...
And I am a little in love,
Just a tad, see.
For sure a strong attraction, anyway.
Thomas, I'm telling you, I don't have
time to go on the roof now, right?
I gotta do this page
for Veronica quick.
Could you just once
think of my needs?!
Quit showing off and
do something useful.
Fine, fuck it.
And only 15 minutes
and I go back to work.
I have to work.
I don't work...
We won't have
money for food or bills
I will sell your kidney, promise.
Come on.
Tom, come on.
Thomas, what's with you
Come on.
We can't visit our gorgeous,
young neighbour now
because our neighbor
clearly let us know,
at least let me know
very clearly, that she will
keep you company
only once, get it?
Once. Like seeing a unicorn.
Get it?
Tom. Fuck...
But if she attacks us with an ax,
I'm getting behind you.
What's your name?
Jack, Tom. Magda.
It's like this, really simple.
I'm chilling in the pad.
So like I'm working.
And my beloved brother
is running around bugging me.
Mumbling about Magda this,
Magda that, Magda is nice,
cool, pretty...
She has a nice hallway...
You know, won't shut his hole.
Won't leave me alone.
So, in short, please, Magda
I'm begging you...
Could you, for a few hours a day,
Watch him, like last time,
Sort of like socially, you know?
And what would you want for it?
No prob.
You want it, you got it.
However, in this particular matter
I'm not exactly hip myself, but...
You talk a lot, it's tiring.
I just wanted to say
Don't let him watch TV
And don't give him drugs,
Because he gets wild.
Wanna watch TV?
"The sex life of adult monkeys is not
that different from that of humans."
This time of year, fly larvae are
a real treat for the spruce cross bill
The Alpha male exudes testosterone.
In every group he immediately
attains a position of leadership
Ants live in huge, well-organized
societies, divided into groups with
strictly defined responsibilities.
"Meanwhile a herd of prairie dogs
enjoys relaxing in their burrow."
Bro, let me tell you, There is no
better motivation for a guy...
I see someone is in love.
Veronica called and said I did
an awesome job on the page.
And that she liked that
Chinese red hue
in the muscular flower petals.
Muscular flower petals, right?
And she invited me to her opening.
Said like half the city will be there.
But you know, the artsy crowd.
Said it will the creme.
If it's gonna be the creme,
should we buy new clothes?
Your suit from the 'rents funeral...
It's too tight, right?
Definitely too tight.
I know a doctor.
A friend.
He' gotten a lot of people
out of depression.
- I'm not depressed.
- No?
Then what is it?
The hospital.
I'm researching.
The multi-verse.
Which is?
Parallel worlds.
I don't understand.
Well, according to quantum theory
of Hugh Everett III,
everything might happen,
surely happens
on one of the branches of reality.
This reality resembles a giant
tree of life branching out
at every moment.
A tree branching out to infinity.
So this means that we
who live on this tree,
even policemen...
whether we want to or not,
are also branching out.
Is that clear to you?
I will leave you his number.
today you were first!
I don't understand.
You know, visitors. Our star is popular.
Good day Mrs. Kwiatkowska.
What are you doing here?
Taking a walk.
Get over here.
Turn around and
stick out you butt.
That's a bit much.
Get in the car.
Why do you need this shit?
You know, I burn one sometimes.
When I play Quake.
And Tom, where is he?
At Magda's.
He goes there sometimes.
I think they're buddies.
Cool girl.
I don't know...
Hard to say.
She's so calm... and quiet
Yeah... that's for sure...
I can't...
Next time...'re going to the station.
Thank you, I'm sorry
and I promise I'll be good, Chris.
Sorry, don't have what you wanted
and I don't think I can get it again.
Can I pay you in some other,
legal currency?
Has it ever occurred to you that it's
fun to be with your brother for free,
...because he's cool?
I told you, plain and simple, right?
Explained ten times.
We are going to a cultural event.
The opening for my potential
girlfriend candidate.
My great girlfriend. My wife.
The future mother of my kids
and your nephews
so you have someone to play
"I see the moon" with.
Come on, we're going
You can visit your friend tomorrow.
Hi, listen.
We were just going out
with Tom, to this opening
of this friend of mine
and we thought... that...
If you're not doing anything...
...maybe you'd come with us, right?
I know, right, I talk too much,
Will you go?
- Please?
- Please?
- Louder.
- Louder.
In my opinion,
you're the most beautiful student.
Thank you, Victor.
Some decent shit around.
Yeah... the ass doesn't suck,
too bad the paintings suck ass.
And get this, it was
half off at the other boutique
No way!
I admire you,
I'd do anything to be in your movie.
Right, you can blow me,
but I can't promise much.
The form needs more work.
You could come to my studio.
Here I am.
Excuse me.
I see.
Sorry, I couldn't... I'm late but...
Who are the freaks you brought?
What freaks?
That's my brother and his friend.
Are you out of your fucking mind?
Want to publicly humiliate me?
Not a big turnout, huh?
Fuck you.
That's my brother.
Jack, your brother... fuck...
- Tom is dying.
- Sure.
Every time we come here for years.
He is passing, dying...
...but somehow he's made it
to 30 and he's alive, yeah?
You said it yourself Doctor
that the tumor has stopped.
That it's a miracle.
That it's fine, right?
You know the situation.
We've used up our luck.
I'm sorry.
What sorry? How are you sorry?
What should I say?
When this is my guy...
My only family?
My only friend?
I only have him, right?
And you are sorry?!
I am sorry!!
I do not accept this!
I do not want to! I protest!
Do your thing, hocus - pocus,
Optimistic version for me now!
- I understand you, but...
- The fuck you understand!
No matter.
Sorry, I got...
No problem. Tom must stay here.
That's right bro...'s exactly like I said.
Dr. Piotrowski says exactly
the same thing as me.
Told you so many times.
Constantly, day and night.
Yeah bro, vitamins.
You have a deficiency.
And you're weakened.
Told you to eat more vitamins.
To use my example?
A kilogram of apples a day.
And no issues.
You do not eat vitamins
and you are weakened.
You are so weakened that
you are weak and pass out.
Luckily, Dr Piotrowski said they
can give you those vitamins by an I.V.
You will stay here a while
and be good as new.
Don't make a scene.
I'll be back in the morning.
Bring you apples from all
the orchards in the world.
Later bro. You coming?
Where have you lost Tom,
Mr. Jack?
Sell him off to "I Got Talent?"
Could you be so kind and check if they
also shut off your hot water just now?
They didn't.
"Mr. Andrew,
what do you think of this movie?
This is a personal question
but I will answer.
Beautiful, beautiful,
you'll be pleased.
Good, beautiful, when the horses go by,
you will look, like that.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,
you'll be pleased"
Good, beautiful.
You'll be pleased.
It's unjust Mr. Jack.
Unjust, what a great loss but,
he was here, you know?
He was, and he said not to be afraid.
And to beware.
Beware Mr. Jack, be careful,
Mrs. Kwiatkowska, fine.
Goodnight, goodnight.
Yeah, hello?
how is he gone?
No, he's not home! How is he gone?
How did he escape?
He is not mouse-size.
This is a normal man, the size of a normal man.
Seen with the unaided eye!
This is professional care?
Fine, I'll be there in a moment.
Thank you very much.
Come, your brother is here.
Time to say goodbye bro.
I know.
I don't want it to hurt.
I know.
We want to try chemo still.
Gotta believe in miracles.
Don't bullshit me bro.
This is so fucked up.
You speak only when
you fucking want to?!
What's up?
What's going on... with you?
You know... you can always call me.
You can always talk with me.
Not like with a policeman
like with a friend, see?
Can I tell you something?
Like to a friend? Not a policeman?
I'm going far away soon.
But I'll write.
Later then.
Good morning Mrs. Kwiatkowska.
Is Tom here?
Oh, fuck... like 30 minutes ago,
his buddies took him out for a beer.
Bro, you have no idea who's here.
Sir, my friend is visiting
from New Zealand.
I'd like to show him the view
from the rooftop.
That's not possible.
I'll pay two thou.
That is sick what you are
trying to tell me.
So go back to your joints now
and never come here again.
I'm here. Relax.
There, there, there, shh.
Tom. There, there, there, shh... there.
We'll be going then.