E-mail (2024) Movie Script

Get back.
- Bye.
- Bye, darling.
Yes, it's Nisha's birthday tomorrow.
Let's all have a blast tomorrow.
My name is Jenny.
We didn't study together.
We came to Chennai
from different places to work.
We've never treated each
other differently.
There she goes!
Did you see your guy?
I just missed him.
You wave him goodbye every day.
I don't know when he'll
wave goodbye to you!
Forget about me. You have a financier
waiting for you downstairs.
First, go and have a look at him.
- What? A financier?
- Yeah!
Who could it be?
Damn it.
This idiot!
- What do you want?
- I've copied a new movie.
- What movie is it?
- Iruttu arayil murattu kuthu.
- Do you want to watch it?
- This idiot!
Wait. I'll be back.
- There she is.
- Damn it.
Okay, I'm late for work.
If I don't get there on time,
that idiot will throw a fit!
- Bye!
- Bye.
Could you please pull over?
Okay, ma'am.
I was so engrossed with the game
I missed my destination.
Here. Thanks.
Lord Nithyananda,
I want to become
famous overnight.
I want to settle down in life
after selling off all the land.
I seek your blessings.
- Will you?
- He just landed me in trouble!
Hello. Welcome.
We want to buy land in Kailasa.
I can help you.
We're here just for that.
- How many grounds do you need?
- We need one ground.
One ground?
It'll cost you ten lakh rupees,
and the advance payment is one lakh rupees.
One lakh?
Sir. Can you show us a sample?
Wait. Priya?
Tell me, sir. What is it?
Serve juice to these
two gentlemen.
Do you prefer something
hot or something cold?
I'm happy with whatever
you bring us.
I'll be back.
Did she ask you anything?
Bro, if this Kailasa
is this much fun,
imagine how the real
Kailasa must be.
It would be nice and cold.
Hey! Get out.
Tell me why you're here.
We're double okay with this.
Please get our visa ready soon.
What? Visa?
Yes. Don't we have to
go to Kailasa?
Kailasa is right here.
Why do you need a visa to go there?
What? Kailasa's right here?
Don't we need to take
a flight, sir?
Which Kailasa are you
guys talking about?
Which Kailasa are you
talking about?
I'm talking about Kailasa,
the land I own near Tambaram.
Sir, so you weren't talking
about the other Kailasa?
Here. Take your money
and your passports.
At this rate, you'll complain to the police
that I'm the agent for that Kailasa!
Get out.
Sir, I have a small request.
What request would that be?
That woman who
just came here.
If you could call her in,
we could have a good look at her.
You're going to get it from me!
Get lost now.
Get lost.
Leave the juice here.
Get lost.
Is he in already? Sir.
Good morning, sir.
You're late. Good morning
is the last thing I want to hear.
You haven't managed to sell
a single plot in six months!
Go and do your job.
Go on.
She won't even let me enjoy
some juice in peace.
We're hosting Nisha's
birthday party this evening.
- Oh.
- Try to be early.
Okay. I'll be there.
What happened?
It's nothing, Abi. Let's go.
Eat up, everyone. Don't hold back.
But don't hog all the food, though.
Look at that.
It's your treat, right?
I'm going to gorge on the food.
Tastes good, doesn't it?
- Anything else, ma'am?
- Enough, thank you.
- Okay, ma'am.
- Abi, hand it over to me.
It's too spicy.
What's wrong?
I forgot my purse
at home, Abi.
What are you saying?
We didn't carry ours
because you said you'd pay.
Damn it!
Okay. No problem.
Why are you upset over this?
What's the total on the bill?
It's 3,300.
- Helan.
- Yes.
What's the name of the guy who's
always trying to woo you?
Oh! That guy, Vishnu.
- Yeah. Vishnu.
- Could you call that joker now?
One minute.
Hey, Vishnu.
Someone's calling you.
Wow! It's Pappy!
Should I?
Why are you staring at my face?
Answer the phone.
He just rejected my call!
Vishnu, your sister is short of
2000 rupees for her fees.
If you have any money, give it.
No way, Mom!
I can't even afford diesel
for the ambulance.
Why would you think
I have 2,000 rupees?
I'll ask Dad to return
it when he's back.
- Please?
- Oh, get going.
Damn it.
- Hello?
- He answered the call.
- Hello?
- Tell me, Helan.
This isn't Helan, but
her friend, Abi.
Yes, tell me.
What's up?
Could you do us a small favor?
Why would you even ask that?
Tell me what it is.
How can I help you?
Today is Helan's birthday.
We came to the hotel to celebrate.
She realized she left her
wallet at home just now.
Could you send 4,000 by Gpay?
No problem. Just send me the number.
I'll send it immediately.
Send it to this number.
Helan will pay you back tomorrow.
It's okay, she doesn't have to.
Consider it my gift to
Helan on her birthday.
Thank you, Vishnu.
I've sent it.
Mom! I was just
Mom? God, save me!
Why are all of you glaring at me?
When have guys ever handed over
their hard- earned money at home?
They don't enjoy it, nor do they
hand it over to their family.
But when girls like us call them
for shopping or the pub,
they'd be more than happy
to spend for them.
It's up to us to use this
to our advantage when we need to.
This isn't bad advice for women.
Just information.
Wait. I need to use the washroom.
You are really smart!
- Are you blind?
- Sorry, ma'am!
- Stop, Abi.
- Don't do it, Abi.
- You idiot! Who do you think we are?
- Come on, Abi. Let's go.
- Let's go, Abi. Forget it.
- Let me go.
- Let it go.
- Men like him should be shot!
Sir. The minister is here.
What's the matter, ma'am?
Why have you come all the way?
Please have a seat.
- Tea or coffee, ma'am?
- It's alright, Varadha.
It's nothing, Varadha.
I wanted to discuss
an important matter.
That's why I came to meet you.
Tell me, ma'am.
He was with me all these years
and has betrayed me.
I called you because
you are trustworthy.
So, here's the hard disk.
It's safer with you than
it is with me.
Don't worry, ma'am.
I'll keep it safe.
I came here to tell you just that.
Okay, ma'am.
The hard disk with the minister
is now with Varadha.
If we were to get our hands on it
We can rake in crores!
Don't miss this opportunity
like you did last time.
Auto? Auto?
- Can you take me to Gandhi Road?
- Sure, ma'am.
- It'll cost you 100 rupees.
- Okay.
God, I hope I sell at least
one flat today.
Sir, I'm calling from
Kailasam Real Estate.
You said you wanted to visit the site.
Are you coming today, sir?
I'm busy now.
I'll be there next week.
Okay, sir.
Sir, I'm calling from Kailasam Real Estate.
Are you coming to visit the site, sir?
Don't you have anything better to do?
You're constantly nagging me!
As if I don't have
enough problems.
Hang up, lady!
- Hello. Good morning, sir
- Good morning. Who's this?
It's me, Kailasam.
Hope you're fine.
You? I'd be better off
if you stopped calling.
Stop calling me!
You think you're my
only customer?
I'm going for the next one.
- Hello?
- Hello. Yes, tell me.
I'm calling from Kailasam Real Estate.
We've started selling
land near the airport.
You said the same thing last week
and took me there.
I started driving in the morning
and reached only by the evening!
That was near Trichy
airport, wasn't it?
I might just start cursing you!
I live in Chennai.
I'm in a good mood now.
Hang up now!
Hello. Good morning, sir.
Yes, tell me.
I'm calling from
Kailasam Real Estate.
- Why should I care?
- We offer land on your budget.
- On my budget?
- Yes, sir!
My budget is 10,000.
Do you have the land?
Ten thousand?
It's possible, sir.
Half a kilometer from the railway station
and five kilometers from the airport.
You'll be surrounded by shopping malls.
Everything is conveniently located, sir.
- Is it? Where's this place?
- In T. Nagar.
- Where in T. Nagar?
- Kannamapettai crematorium.
- What? The crematorium?
- Yeah!
Yeah, what did you
expect for that money?
A home in Switzerland?
Get lost! Hang up!
Don't tell me to
hang up my phone.
That's how I'll talk.
- You think 10,000 is a budget?
- I'll kidnap that girl in your office.
You'll kidnap her?
I'll kidnap your wife!
Hang up, you idiot.
Stop me wasting my time!
If I come
there, you'll get it.
I wonder what I woke up
to in the morning!
- What is it?
- Look over there.
Wait. I'm coming.
What happened?
You said people wanted to visit the site.
When are they coming?
I'm trying to reach them every day.
They promise to visit
but don't turn up, sir.
You have an excuse like
this every day.
Go, now. I'm wasting money
on you every month.
- Excuse me?
- Yeah.
I had asked you if there were
any job openings, any luck?
I'm sorry, it completely skipped my mind.
Share your resume with me.
I'll try my best.
- Your number, please?
- Yeah. Take it down, 88528- 822- 36.
- Okay. And your good name.
- I'm Vimal.
Where's my rent? Don't you know
you're supposed to pay rent on time?
Have you ever
paid rent on time?
Sir. Please, sir.
- Please give us more time.
- This is my fate!
- Hurry up, though.
- Oh, no.
This is all her fault.
Damn it.
Abi. Abi?
Didn't you hear the
landlord go off on us?
We're facing the music
because of what you did.
How could you sleep so peacefully?
Why are you disturbing
me while I'm asleep?
Enough. Don't act
like you're sleeping.
Can't you hear us talk?
We get it if it's just a month.
But if you keep doing this,
how can we put up with it?
We are screaming our heads off,
but you're so engrossed in that game!
Hey! Do we look like fools to you?
Hey, what's your problem?
Money, right?
How much do we owe him?
Make a note of it.
I'll pay it once I get the money.
There she goes again.
Hey, Abi. Eat something
before you leave.
Let me go.
Why are you shouting at her
right in the morning?
If she had the money,
she would've paid up. Wouldn't she?
She's struggling with
that job of hers.
How could you?
Don't you think she
was in the wrong here?
She skipped breakfast in anger.
- What is it?
- My customer wants to talk to you.
Why does he want to talk to me?
No, sir
I mean, he wants to talk
to you in person.
God! Why is the phone so hot?
- Hello, sir.
- Hello.
She told me about your company.
I'm looking to book ten flats
in Kailash Nagar.
Ten flats?
Sure, sir.
Tell me more.
I'll take a look at the place
and get it registered in three days.
Okay, sir.
You're most welcome.
Hold this phone.
I'm on cloud nine.
Come and sit here.
- Come, come. Sit down.
- Thank you, sir.
Yes, sir?
Get us two glasses
of juice, Abi.
Why are you looking at her? Go!
If he can afford ten flats,
what does he do?
- He deals with bigshots, sir.
- And what is that?
What timing she has!
Give it.
Here you go.
- Go on, drink it.
- Thank you, sir.
She joined after you,
and she's sold ten flats.
And you are one
useless saleswoman!
Are you going to hit me?
You need to be
reincarnated to hit me.
My goodness!
This job puts food on your table.
Remember that.
Is there any job vacancy?
Give me your resume.
I'll call if there's a vacancy.
We are already overstaffed.
Please try somewhere else.
There is a vacancy
But not here.
Can you come to the guest house?
- Hello.
- Hello?
- Vimal.
- Yeah.
- It's me, Abi.
- Tell me.
I had asked you for a job. Any update?
I've forwarded your resume.
I'll let you know when
I get an update. Okay?
Okay, Vimal.
We get it if it's just a month.
But if you keep doing this,
how can we put up with it?
This job puts food on your table.
Remember that.
- Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday to Abi!
- Happy birthday to Abi!
- Happy birthday to you!
- Gift for you!
Thank you, Mummy.
Here, drink this.
Mom, please.
Drink now.
Gopi, come here.
Yes, ma'am.
- Take her, Gopi.
- Come, let's go.
- Bye, Mummy.
- Bye!
Come here, Kayal.
- Where are you, Abi?
- Mummy, Mummy!
- Where are you?
- Try to catch me and Kayal.
- Abi, come here.
- I'm right here.
This way, Mummy.
Abi, stop. Don't run.
Abi, stop!
Where are you?
Try to catch us.
I'll find you now.
- Ma'am?
- What happened?
What happened, Mummy?
- What happened to you?
- Get up, ma'am.
- Get up, ma'am.
- You were fine till now.
Sir Give me that document.
Take care of Abi
just as you'd take care of Kayal.
Okay, ma'am.
I'll take care of her.
Abi is your responsibility now.
Promise you'll take good care of Abi.
I promise, I will.
Get up, Mummy. Please!
Get up, Mummy!
Shanthi has nominated Abi for
her policy worth one crore.
One crore?!
- You are her guardian, right?
- Yes, sir.
Sign here.
- Are you their family advocate?
- Yes.
Please sign here.
Give them the cheque.
What are you looking at?
Polish it properly.
You eat this, dear.
Let Dad come, and we'll have ice cream.
Don't stare at her with those eyes!
Come on, let's go.
What happened, dear?
Why are you crying?
Hey, give that back to her.
I won't. This is my mom's gift.
- Shut up and give it!
- Oh, God!
God knows why I have
to deal with her.
Take this.
You continue playing.
Don't cry, dear.
Come to me.
We need to get rid of her
to live in peace.
Did they leave you here?
Don't cry. It's alright.
God is with us.
Let's pray to God.
Come, let's go.
Madam. Madam?
Time's up.
I need to close the gate.
Why are you so late?
Abi, eat something.
I'm not hungry.
How long will it take
to reach the site?
Another 45 minutes.
If there's heavy traffic,
it'll take an hour.
Did you hear him?
We have only 45 minutes.
- Get it done soon.
- Yes.
What are you talking about?
The flat, sir. I'm asking him
to get the registration done soon.
It'll be a little slow initially
but will pick up speed.
I'll take care of everything.
He'll take care, it seems.
Take it easy.
Hey, stop that car.
Stop, stop.
Oh, my God! It's the police.
Run, run!
Why is he running away?
- Oh. Hello, madam.
- Who ran away now?
- It's her, madam.
- Her?!
- How dare you?
- Stop it, madam. She's my staff.
- Who are you?
- I'm the owner.
What did you slap me again?
You own this?
- What's wrong with this?
- Aren't you ashamed?
Why should I?
My business is flourishing.
Oh, really?
Come. Take a look at your business.
Why, madam?
I have nothing to do with this.
- I know nothing.
- This is what everyone says.
Constable, arrest them.
- What?!
- Not you, madam. I called her.
I should have known this
when she didn't mention his business.
Get in. We'll take care of you.
What game is this?
Welcome to Die Game!
Become a millionaire
by playing this game.
Would you like to play this game?
Register here.
You are eligible to play this game.
If the person you choose dies,
you get one lakh rupees.
Thank you!
Hey, someone's at the door.
Go, please.
- Yes?
- Courier for Ms. Abi.
Abi You've got a courier.
For me?!
Who could it be from?
- I'm Abi.
- This is for you.
Sign here, please.
Thank you, madam.
Are you alright, Abi?
How come you're dancing today?
Where did you get so much money from?
You got this in courier?
Abi, who sent you so much money?
That's a game.
You wouldn't understand.
I'll explain when the time comes.
Take this.
That's my rent.
Here's the 4000 I owe you.
You've given me 1000 extra.
That's my tip.
Have a tea.
- Tip?
- Stop this, Abi. It's very suspicious.
Yes, Abi.
Oh, please.
We'll take care of that later.
I'm going shopping.
Anybody wants to join?
Hey, Abi
- Okay, bye!
- Abi
- Bye, bye!
- Abi
What is going on?
Dear God! Everything
should go well today.
Oh! Wow!
Hey, hi!
- Hi!
- Anything special today?
- Nope.
- I mean
You look very pretty today,
unlike the other days.
And that's a genuine compliment.
- Thanks!
- Yeah.
Well See you then.
- Bye!
- Bye!
Oh, my gosh!
What's happened to her today?
God! Bring us together!
Sorry! Sorry!
Turn around.
Let me see.
Thank you!
I've been waiting so long,
and he hasn't come yet.
Not a problem.
- One kilogram apple.
- Okay, madam.
- Enough, right?
- This should do.
Hundred rupees, madam.
Thank you, madam.
Hey, Abi.
- We might get into trouble.
- Oh, my!
Listen to me.
- Here's your balance.
- Thank you.
I'll deal with you now.
- How come you've come here?
- I came to buy fish.
Ya, ya. I saw you fish things.
I saw you buy and also
steal three apples.
It's not wrong to cheat cheaters.
Come on.
But from those who struggle?
Don't you think it's unfair?
- Look into your cover first.
- Mine?!
Why does she say that?
Not a problem.
I have eyes everywhere.
No one can cheat me.
I'm not that dumb.
We'll deal with it.
Damn it! That guy
- What is this?
- I gave you proper ripe ones, sir.
Open it and see.
I wonder why I came
to you! I don't want these.
Sir, they are good apples.
Give me my money back.
Give it back.
Here, sir.
- This is your punishment.
- Pay for that, sir.
She treated you right.
He's following you.
Sorry. I got stuck with work yesterday.
That's why I couldn't come.
If work is so important,
go on and continue.
Why waste time now?
I'm so sorry, Abi!
Hey, Abi. Hold on.
Why don't you talk to her?
I need to talk to her.
Please, get in the car. Will you?
- Why don't you listen to what he says?
- Yeah, please. Come.
- Go.
- Come. Thanks!
- Thank you, friend!
- You're welcome!
- Bye! Have fun!
- Thanks!
So, Abi
I mean
I've been alone all my life.
But now I wish to lead
my life with you.
What say? I didn't
talk about you
It was a general statement.
"Little, little, tiny Cinderella"
"You're the gentle, gentle, gentle breeze"
"With your wide, wide, wide-eyed gaze"
"Your short, short,
Short words are kohl-lined grace"
"Little, little, tiny Cinderella"
"You're the gentle, gentle, gentle breeze"
"Living a life so vast,
You command me with your grasp"
"Little, little, tiny Cinderella"
"You're the gentle, gentle, gentle breeze"
"With your wide, wide, wide-eyed gaze"
"Your short, short,
Short words are kohl-lined grace"
"Who is she?
She's my sparrow who holds my hand"
"Will she shoot an arrow?
In my heart, you carve a hollow"
"Will she continue to see,
Atop my love so steep"
"Like a marvel on the earth,
My love Dracula"
"Little, little"
"Gentle, gentle"
"Wide, wide"
"Your short, short,
Short words are kohl-lined grace"
"Little, little, tiny Cinderella"
"You're the gentle, gentle,
gentle breeze"
"With your wide, wide, wide-eyed gaze"
"Your short, short,
Short words are kohl-lined grace"
"I'll give myself, my heart so true,
You're the one who reaped it, it's you"
"Unyielding desires,
I'll pour them like rain, so dire"
"Even if I fall, on the ground, in your eyes,
I'll live forever, under your skies"
"Like honey in a flower,
I'll melt in you, with all my power"
"Like a single feather,
I'll caress you, now and forever"
"With a wing,
I'll continue in your sky"
"In your world,
I'll place the universe, oh so high"
"Without breaking, within you,
I'll sew myself, so nigh"
"Little, little"
"Gentle, gentle"
"Wide, wide"
"Your short, short,
Short words are kohl-lined grace"
"Little, little, tiny Cinderella"
"You're the gentle, gentle, gentle breeze"
"With your wide, wide, wide-eyed gaze"
"Your short, short,
Short words are kohl-lined grace"
"Little, little, tiny Cinderella"
"You're the gentle,
gentle, gentle breeze"
"With your wide, wide, wide-eyed gaze"
"Your short, short,
Short words are kohl-lined grace"
"Little, little, tiny Cinderella"
"You're the gentle, gentle, gentle breeze"
"Living a life so vast,
You command me with your grasp"
What's that glow?
Baby, you look very happy today.
What's up?
You light up my world
like nobody else.
You mean everything to me.
Really? Muah.
I shouldn't be late to the conference.
Wish me good luck.
Thank you, Your Highness!
I love you!
- You want me to stay back? I can.
- Go now.
The conference is not that important.
One kiss Hey, wait.
I just asked for a kiss.
Damn it.
I lost 10 lakhs!
Damn it!
Why is the door open?
Where is she?
What happened?
Why are you dull?
When did you come, Vimal?
Are you seriously asking me that?
What had you so engrossed
that you didn't see me come in?
Sorry, Vimal. I got lost
in my thoughts.
You were so happy this morning, Abi.
But why are you dull now?
What happened?
Nothing, forget it.
Shall we go out somewhere tomorrow?
Give me a minute.
I've got to take this.
- Hello, Vimal.
- Yes, sir.
Sorry, Vimal. Your loan
has been rejected.
They said you weren't
eligible for a loan.
Can you please try?
Please get that loan for me, sir.
Try to understand my situation, sir.
I'm totally dependent on you.
Sorry, Vimal. Please try
some other bank.
My dream
What happened, Vimal?
Abi, it's
I had applied for a home loan.
They saw my CIBIL score,
and canceled the loan.
I'm clueless about what to do next.
Vimal, I'll tell you something.
But please don't mistake me.
What is it, Abi?
Shall I start working?
An extra income would
help buy a house.
Come to me, love.
Your words are good
enough, Abi.
I don't know how your life
was before this.
But from now on
I want you to be really happy.
That's what I wish for.
[Indistinct chatter]
Hey, hey! Stop it!
One minute.
Gosh, Abi!
Save me from these people.
They've been thrashing
me since morning.
Why are you beating him up?
What else do we do with this fraud?
He sells unclaimed lands with fake deeds.
So? You'll beat him to death?
It's five against one!
How's it fair?
No, Abi.
Some of them have gone for lunch.
They'll come back and continue.
Do you know who he is?
Leave me, you morons.
Do you know who I am?
I'm the owner of
Kailasam Real Estate.
How dare you lay hands on me!
Do you know how influential I am?
Do you know the power I hold?
Oh, really?
- Let's show them my power.
- Hey, give me two thousand.
Give it to me. Come on.
Give it to me.
Have this.
Have something to eat and
then thrash him.
Thank you so much, madam.
Hey, go buy alcohol and
chicken biryani for us all.
Son, you look so innocent.
Can you get me some, too?
What about extras?
- I'll punch you.
- Hey, shred him to pieces.
Mr. Kailasam!
Call me if you're alive.
I'm not going to miss it this time!
If you wait this time
you'll lose ten lakhs.
Abi, go in search of him.
Madam, courier for you.
Sign here.
Thank you, madam.
Take the hard disk from him
and hand it over to us.
If this is not done
we will send this photo to the
police station and the media.
Oh, no!
Let's see who this guy is.
Are you alright?
Get up.
It'll hurt a bit.
What happened, Abi?
I don't know, Nisha.
- Someone tried to murder me.
- Murder you?!
A thief somehow broke in.
Why would he try to kill you?
I don't know, Vimal.
You really don't know?
We've told you a million times
that the game will only
get you in trouble.
- You never listened to us.
- What?
A game?
What's happening here?
Tell me the truth.
Vimal, I
I thought it was just a game.
I started playing it for fun.
One day, I received a mail that
the person I chose didn't die.
But when I checked the newspaper
Didn't I get a mail that he didn't die?
What's happening here?
That's when I understood its seriousness.
Who's doing all this?
Why would they target me?
This kept nagging me.
So, I went in search of the address
linked to the mail.
I was carrying a knife for my safety.
But they used that knife
and pinned the murder on me.
They're blackmailing me.
Let's let's go to the police.
If we go to the police,
they'll blame everything on her.
It's all because of that damned phone.
- I'll just--
- Don't. Give that to me.
Vimal, have this phone with you.
Looks like some fake ID.
He just sent photos in
the earlier mails.
In the following mails, he has been
adding their addresses.
This is all planned.
We have to find this guy.
Sorry, Vimal.
My situation made me do it.
Are you mad?
You thought you could
do anything for money?
Hey, shut your mouth.
That's not important.
Abi, go to bed.
Let's talk in the morning.
Come, let's go.
Come on.
Don't stress yourself, Abi.
Sit down.
Take care of everything.
Who are you?
Where are you hiding?
Are you still thinking about that?
Don't be tense.
We'll sort it out.
Give me your phone.
Come on, give me your phone.
I'll take care.
Don't worry. Stay confident.
I'll see you in the evening.
Excuse me, madam.
I got a call from this hospital.
- What happened to my husband?
- His name?
Madam, your husband's things.
Check if anything's missing.
- He's in room number 106.
- Thank you.
Abi, careful.
Don't worry, dear. It's nothing.
It's just a minor injury.
Hey, look at you crying like a baby.
I put you in this situation.
Then do you expect me to be silent
when you are in trouble?
Is that what you want?
Try to understand me, Vimal.
Those men are ruthless.
What if something happened to you?
Don't worry.
Nothing will happen to me.
Stop crying, dear.
Your eyes glitter when
you smile, you know?
Stop being a baby.
It's really nothing. My bike skidded,
and it was just a light hit.
- Madam, don't disturb him.
- Wait outside for some time.
Don't keep thinking about this.
I'm fine.
Your husband better stop
his detective job, now.
Or else, you'll see him
in the mortuary next time.
Who is this?
You still don't know?
What happened, Doctor?
It's nothing serious.
There's nothing to be scared of.
It's just a minor injury.
He needs to rest for one week.
He'll be alright.
- Thank you, Jenny.
- It's okay.
Thank you.
Abi, don't take me wrong
for saying this.
Go on.
Abi, if you still stay here,
they'll keep coming for you.
Go somewhere else and live happily.
It's safer for both of you.
She's right.
Even I was thinking about it.
Bye, Abi.
- Bye.
- Careful, okay?
- Bye, Vimal.
- Bye!
Madam, courier for Abi.
How did they find this address?
Madam, sign here, please.
Sign here, please.
Thank you.
Abi, have some coffee.
What's wrong, Abi?
- Why do you seem dull?
- Abi! When did you come?
Hey, Helan.
Have a look at this.
Such a beautiful picture, right?
Where did you click
these pictures, Abi?
What's wrong, Abi?
Is there a problem?
That mail problem
hasn't gone away.
- What?
- What are you saying?
Someone secretly followed us
and took these photos while we were out.
Why are you being followed?
I have no idea.
But, they've been threatening me
to complete an assignment.
What sort of an assignment?
I must steal the hard disk from him
and hand it over to them.
And if I don't, they're
threatening to kill Vimal.
Does Vimal know about this?
He doesn't.
But why?
You know why, Nisha.
When Vimal started digging
deeper into this,
someone stalked him
and tried to kill him.
I understand, but will you
continue to hide it from him?
No, I won't!
I don't want him to be
in trouble again.
So, I have no other option
but to do this assignment.
If not, his life will be in danger.
You have a point too.
Let's not bring Vimal into this.
Let's deal with this ourselves.
I know it's a little risky.
But we're ready to do this for you.
I'm in.
Count us in too.
No, girls.
There's a link between the murder
and the person who sends these emails.
If we figure that somehow,
we will know the reason
behind the murder.
Let's catch him first.
We then use him as bait
to lure the big fish.
When we inquired about this guy
we learned he studied abroad and has been
in India only for the past few months.
These are the four
places he frequents.
Abi, shall we kidnap him
at the tennis court?
That's in a club frequented by VIPs.
The security will be tight.
So that's a hard no.
What about the coffee shop?
It's a public place where the risk is high!
Where else do we get him?
Of all the places he frequents,
we'll get him it at the pub.
Why? Won't they have CCTV?
- Won't it be crowded?
- I know.
But the people visiting
will be hungover.
Around midnight, to be precise.
That's when we will kidnap him.
"Let's get it"
"I'm the velvet baby"
"Will you be my chocolate boy?"
"Stop the chat, darling
Let's get to the main act"
"I'm the velvet baby"
"Will you be my chocolate boy?"
"Stop the chat, darling
Let's get to the main act"
"Am I the melting ice in
your cold beer?"
"Let's mix together
Creating a cocktail premiere"
"Boy, let's go on a date"
"What are we still waiting for?"
"Let's chat, my dear
Let me be your girl"
"Will a kiss do?"
"Or do you want more?"
"The town's silent
Let's make some noise"
"A match made perfect
Come get me"
"A match made perfect
Come get me"
Come touch me"
"Music in my car
Everyday I drive"
"I'm gonna be loud because
I like it like that"
"Music is my life
Everyday I rap"
"I spit the facts because
I like it like that"
"Body got the stars
Someone open the sky"
"All you got to do, find it
Because WhatsApp in mind"
"Own style, when you drop
To the clean side"
"Drop like dad glitch it
Now from the hell"
"I'm cool as an ice cream
Let's take a selfie"
"I'm a jeep, ready to roam
Use me for exploring"
"I'm an untouched land, vast and pure,
Get a deed and make me yours"
"I'm a bold-spirited margarita
Take me wherever you go"
"Teach me, boy
Let's make the midnight's tune"
"Don't rush ahead
Let our passion's river flow"
"In the dance of desire
You take the lead!"
"In this game of passion
Submit to me"
"Come on, boy!"
"Come to me!"
"Come on, boy
Come to me!"
"The town's silent
Let's make some noise"
"I'm the velvet baby"
"Will you be my chocolate boy?"
"Stop the chat, darling
Let's get to the main act"
"Am I the melting ice in your cold beer?"
"Let's mix together,
Creating a cocktail premiere"
"Boy, let's go on a date"
"What are we still waiting for?"
"Let's chat, my dear
Let me be your girl"
"Will a kiss do?"
"Or do you want more?"
"The town's silent
Let's make some noise"
"Music in my car
Everyday I drive"
"I'm gonna be loud because
I like it like that"
"Music is my life
Everyday I rap"
"I spit the facts because
I like it like that"
"Body got the stars
Someone open the sky"
"All you got to do, find it
Because WhatsApp in mind"
"Own style, when you drop
To the clean side"
"Drop like dad glitch it
Now from the hell"
"Come on!"
Hurry up!
Hey, splash water on him
and wake him up!
Who are you?!
What do you want from me?
Nothing, sweetheart.
I want the hard disk you possess.
All I want to know is
where you've kept it.
I don't know.
Ask my mom if you
have any doubts.
What? Your mom?
What are you doing, Abi?
I have my reasons.
You won't get it if I explain it now.
Keep an eye on him.
- Okay.
- Let's go, girls.
- Hi, Aunty!
- Who are you all?
We are Pranav's friends.
- Is it?
- We were driving by
and we thought we had
pay Pranav a visit.
- Oh please, come in!
- Okay, Aunty.
Prepare some tea, Selvi.
Is Pranav home, Aunty?
My son hasn't returned home
since last night.
I've been calling him,
but his phone's switched off.
He always does this, dear.
Hey, who are you?
And what do you think you're doing?
We won't do anything to you.
All you've got to do is zip it
till we leave from here.
Check this out though.
Oh, my God!
Please! Don't harm him!
It's simple, Aunty.
If you give us the hard disk
that you possess,
we will send your son
back unharmed.
Hard disk?
I have no idea about that.
Oh, come on, Aunty.
How can you lie to us
knowing we have your son?
Hello, Priya.
It doesn't look like she will
give us the hard disk.
So kill him.
Woah! Please don't do that!
The hard disk is all you want, right?
I'll be back.
Hold that thought till
I tell you, Priya.
Now that you got what you wanted,
when will you release my son?
He will return when we're
done with our work.
Now that we have the hard disk,
everything will be fine
once we hand this over to them.
Abi, look over there!
It's Priya!
- Priya? Priya?
- Priya!
- Priya?
- Priya!
- Priya?
- Priya. Hey, wake up!
- Give her some water!
- Give me that bottle.
Priya, wake up!
- Priya?
- Here, drink some.
Hey, what happened?
Are you okay?
Pranav thrashed me up
and escaped from here!
Oh, shit.
- You're okay, right?
- No, no.
You're alright. You're okay.
We have the hard disk!
He's of no use to us anyway.
I wonder what is in it, though.
What the heck?
What is all this?
Don't you know?
All of this is black money
hoarded up by billionaires.
I was being blackmailed for this.
But their identity is still a mystery.
Call for you, sir.
What do you mean?
Take her inside.
Sir, the Minister is calling you.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Varadha?
I gave you the hard disk
because I trusted you.
If you ever lose sight of that,
you will see the other side of me!
I will give you a day.
If I don't receive it by then,
I will not spare you.
Is that clear?
Check out this CCTV footage
of them entering inside.
How did they know about it?
Nab her and everyone she knows.
- Get going!
- Sure, Boss.
Wait near the Ivy Hotel
tomorrow morning with the hard disk.
Hey, Astrologer.
Can you foretell what the future
would look like for me, Kailasam?
I'm Dhanusha Raasi, and my star is Piles.
Come again? Piles?
Oh, I meant Moolam, the star!
Oh, Goddess!
Ah, your good times will now begin
after the tumultuous downfall you underwent.
Oh, my!
And it will last a long time.
Is it?
All those who left
you will now come back.
All your troubles will be gone,
and you will reach great heights!
You told me my bad time has
ended, but it's here now!
They really did take him
to greater heights!
Can I predict the future?
Yeah, I am waiting at the spot.
Of course, they will come
to get it from me.
Damn it, I was so close!
- Hello?
- Hello, Abi.
- Tell me.
- What's wrong?
- Why do you sound stunned?
- No.
The person I thought I killed
is now lying dead in front of me.
- What the heck?
- Yes, Nisha?
Someone must have
killed him off here.
He snatched the hard disk from me!
He was the one who tried to
murder me the other day.
How are you so sure about it?
By looking at the tattoo on his neck.
Right. Leave that
place immediately!
Alright, you hang up.
I'll deal with it.
Oh, good heavens!
Put me down. Please!
- Here he comes.
- Who is this buffoon?
Answer him, moron!
That girl worked under him.
Which girl?
Remember her?
This girl?
That's Abi.
Isn't she arrogant by nature?
Nab her wherever she is!
Yeah, right.
They nabbed me instead
of bringing her to you!
What are you glaring at?
Better nab the right person now!
Bring her and not her mother, okay?
Lock him up till they return with her.
Damn it, I'm never
leaving this place!
Bro, who complained
about my delivery?
That madam over there.
Madam, courier for Abi.
Brothers, please.
I won't do it again.
Brother, please.
I did it for money.
Forgive me, please.
Forgive me, brothers.
I beg you.
Hey, check what's happening.
- Brother, don't
- Hey
- Forgive me.
- We're not here to forgive you.
Come on.
Come here.
This is where he wanted
another package delivered.
Sunil, I'll be back.
Wait for me.
- Careful.
- Okay.
Wow. That was quick.
The door is locked.
What to do now?
This is child's play for me.
Abi, where are you?
I've been trying to call
you for a long time.
I wasn't able to reach you.
I'm in the middle of
something important.
Why did you call me?
Why did I call you?!
I told you about our movie date, right?
I'm waiting for you.
Oh my God!
Sorry, Vimal.
I totally forgot about that.
You wait there for me.
I'll be there.
Abi Please come soon.
The movie will start soon.
It's open now.
- Super!
- Thank you.
- Wait here. I'll be back.
- Okay.
Careful, buddy.
Shall we leave?
Sunil, will you do me a favor?
Just name it.
This is the old
courier guy's address.
Can you go and check
what happened there?
Let's go.
Vimal said he'd wait here.
Where's he?
Where were you all this time?
We called you a million times.
Why didn't you answer us?
I had an important job.
What's so important at this time?
We called because it was urgent.
I silenced my phone.
They learned about your
fake hard disk and kidnapped Vimal.
Those men took Vimal.
How can you be so calm after hearing this?
I'm thinking of a plan.
Abi, it's the same number.
They're calling again.
This is Abi.
Hey, check your WhatsApp.
Do do anything to my husband.
The original hard disk is with me.
I'll tell you the place.
Come and collect it.
Don't try to act smart.
You'll lose your husband.
Sunil, can you come to the
hotel near the highway?
Sure. I'll be there.
Be careful, Abi.
- Yeah, I'll take care.
- Bye.
What's the matter?
Sunil, I gave you the address, right?
Did you get any information?
Looks like he was
a hacker in Mumbai.
He fled from there fearing
he'd be arrested.
This is all I could gather about him.
Okay, Sunil.
Can you do me another favor?
Tell me.
Okay, I'll take care.
Bye, sister.
Boss, we couldn't
find her anywhere.
What's happening, Varadha?
Trying to outsmart me?
I thought you were smart and
gave you the hard disk.
A woman made a fool out
of you and your men.
Look at you sitting like a moron.
I'm not like you, Varadha.
I can hire 100 men like you.
If I don't get back my hard disk
you and your men will--
I may be a woman.
But I have the
strength of 1000 men.
If that hard disk's contents get leaked
consider yourself dead.
Call for you, sir.
She's on the second
main road in a scooter.
She has your hard disk.
I've shared her photo
on WhatsApp.
Who are you?
- Ajay.
- Boss?
Where's the original hard disk?
Hey, where's the original hard disk?
Open your mouth and answer.
I don't know who you are.
I don't know why you
kidnapped my son.
I don't know who asked you
to take the hard disk.
I don't care about these.
I just want the hard disk back.
You better give it back to me.
Tell me the truth.
Or you, your friend,
and your husband
will all die a terrible death.
Where's my phone?
Should I wait for your
dad to untie me?
Untie her.
Why are you still waiting?
Ask your men to follow the route.
You'll get your hard disk.
Follow me.
Let's move.
Stop, stop.
Take right.
This side.
Hey, baby!
Are you sure it's the
actual hard disk?
It has to be.
Because Abi is now
under our custody.
Abi has been in our custody
for a long time.
But the poor girl is ignorant.
She has always been in our hands.
He'll make our life difficult
if he's alive.
So, I asked my boss to kill him.
We can't afford to miss it
like we did last time.
Baby, chill!
Why are you worried?
I have a friend.
He's a hacker in Mumbai.
I'm going to meet him.
He'll do anything for our friendship.
Set up a meeting for
me with him.
Okay, baby?
Okay, baby!
I'll make the arrangements.
Tell me.
What should I do?
We have to nab the hard disk from this guy.
Once we get the cash,
let's split it three ways.
And we shouldn't be directly
involved in this plan.
Give me a day.
You have to date this girl.
Hey, she's my neighbor!
I know that.
How can you get the hard disk using her?
I know everything about her.
She's a video game addict.
Also, she is daring.
A very courageous girl.
If she truly loves someone,
she'll risk everything for them.
That's her personality.
We're going to use a
game to get her into our plan.
So, let's start our
game with her.
Shall we begin?
- Excuse me?
- Yeah.
You wanted Abi's email ID, right?
I got it from her resume.
Let's play a game with her.
Courier for Abi.
From wishing her
thrice a day
Girl fell for me.
Superb, man.
Who are they, man?
They're all dead, buddy.
I'm editing their photos to mail Abi.
We're starting our game
with these pictures.
You should have seen her
face when thought she lost.
She got so stressed.
She would have killed him herself.
Yes! Everything is happening
according to our plan.
Our real game starts now!
Vijay, Abi traced you down
and is now in your house.
Okay. I will take care.
We have to make use of Abi properly.
Only then, can we make our next move.
For your next move,
do as I say.
I'll come to your house
by 9 p.m. to kill Abi.
Act like you're saving her
and beat me up.
Hey, get out of here.
Hey, someone hit me when
I was asking about those photos.
It was me. I told them
to go easy on you.
- That was going easy?
- Abi needs to trust you.
Buddy, she's here.
Talk to you later.
Abi kidnapped Pranav and
took the hard disk.
Talk to Vijay and try to
get it back soon.
I'll take care of it, baby.
Tell me, Vimal.
Abi has left with the
hard disk to meet you.
Okay, I'll take care of things.
Vijay has stolen the
hard disk from Abi.
What's our next move?
Once you get the
hard disk, kill Vijay.
What are you saying, baby?
He's my friend!
Money is the most
important thing in this world.
You get rid of anyone
who gets in the way.
Do you understand?
Okay, baby.
I'll I'll call you
once I finish the work.
Hey, Vimal! I snatched
the hard disk from Abi.
I'm sorry, bro.
Please forgive me.
I didn't have another way out.
Damn it.
Hey, baby.
Abi is super smart, I tell you.
Abi used a fake hard disk to trick us!
Fake hard disk?!
I don't care what you do,
I want that hard disk!
I know exactly how to get
the hard disk from her.
I'll look into it.
Hey! Is your
friend super smart?
She's trying to fool me
by giving me a fake hard disk.
Her husband is in my custody now.
Go and tell her to hand over the
original hard disk in exchange for him.
Or you'll find him dead.
She has shared the location
of the original hard disk.
What is the next plan?
Isn't this Abi's ringtone?
This is Abi's phone.
How did it end up here?
I've had a traitor right
next to me all along.
You know who the traitor is.
What do you plan to do about it?
You wanted to know
what I had planned.
Look for yourself.
No. No.
Something's wrong.
There's something wrong.
Hey! Hey!
Let her go.
Listen to me.
Let her go.
Don't do anything to her.
See. I have what you want.
Let her go and take this.
You go.
Baby, take the
hard disk and run!
Money is the most
important thing in this world.
You get rid of anyone
who gets in the way
I want you more than anything
else in this world, Vimal.
I'm sorry, Abi,
for not understanding you.
How's my master plan?
Dad? This is also a fake hard disk.
You thought all this
was your plan?
This is my plan.
She's on the highway in a scooter.
She has your hard disk.
I've shared her photo on WhatsApp.
Why, you!
Hey! Who do you think
you're messing with?
Don't forget that you're in my custody.
Your hard disk is under my custody.
Don't forget it.
Hey. Stop.
I still don't understand her plan.
How much do you want
for the hard disk?
Not bad. It took you a while
to understand me.
Cool, baby.
Sit down. Sit down.
Let's talk about the deal, then.
You need the hard disk.
I need money for the hard disk.
So, if you pay me 20 crores,
you'll get the hard disk.
Hey! Do you know who
you're talking to?
What?! 20 crores for this?
Boss. You can buy it at Ritchie Street
for a much lower price.
Why would you waste a bullet over this?
Boss, give me 2,000 rupees.
I'll get it for you myself.
Hey! You idiot!
Get lost.
You morons! Did you kidnap me without
knowing the value of that hard disk?
Boss, shall I tell them about it?
Yeah. Go ahead.
Tell them.
Do you think that would scare me?
What say, Boss?
If you don't hit him now,
I'll shoot him.
What? What sort of logic is that?
Are you going to hit
him now or not?
You need to be reincarnated
to hit me.
- Why did you hit me?
- If I don't hit you, he'll shoot you.
Is it?
He looks well-built.
You can hit me.
Ouch! Ow! Someone, help me!
I can't take this.
Hey, bring the bag.
Oh, no. Abi!
Open it.
I've given you what you want.
Now, where's the hard disk?
- Baby?
- Huh?
Call this number.
You tortured me all this while
and now call me baby?
I can't do that. I'll give you the phone.
Call them yourself.
Hey. See who it is.
- Who are you?
- There's a courier for Mr. Varadhan.
Thank you, sir.
What are you looking at?
That's the original hard
disk that you wanted.
Can I go now?
I'm someone who fools
the government.
You think you can come here,
steal the hard disk,
negotiate over it,
and leave alive?
You think someone who planned all this
didn't plan their exit from here?
Can't believe your luck, huh?
Your son is on the video call.
See for yourself.
So, can I leave now?
- Why is she calling me?
- We're late. Shall we leave?
What are you looking at, baby?
Take the money and keep it safely.
God, why is he giving
us that stare?
- Baby? Baby.
- Why's she calling me again?
I've ended what you started.
So, what's the next plan?
What did I start?
Why is she spinning something up?
- Tips.
- Tips?
- Enjoy some tea.
- Drag him inside.
There they go! I'm dead this time.
You took women for granted.
The male lion might
be the king of the jungle.
But it's the female that hunts!
- Hey!
- What's the point?
She's left with the money
and leaving you in a fix.
Constable. Who gave him that phone?
Take it from him.
Those men took Vimal.
How can you be so calm
after hearing this?
What's wrong, Abi?
Why are you crying?
Vimal has been cheating on me.
What are you going to do now, Abi?
I'm going to plan
something for them
just like they had something
planned for me.
Keep a continuous watch
on the warehouse.
Whoever comes for the hard disk
has got to be in our custody.
Priya, call the police and the vigilance
department to the place I tell you
exactly ten minutes after Sunil calls you.
If that hard disk is that important
the guy who lost it will come for me.
For this plan to succeed, it would be better
if I went to him instead of him finding me.
Sunil, this is a very
important hard disk.
Give me your phone.
Follow this GPS signal
and wait in your car.
I'll give you a missed call twice.
Walk in and hand
over the hard disk then.
Sunil, hand over this money
to the orphanage I grew up in. Be careful.
- What's our next plan?
- I'll let you know soon.
Breaking news. The raid conducted
by the IT department in Chennai
at the residence of Mr. Varadhan,
led to the seizure of important documents.
This has led to the arrest
of some of the prominent names in India.
Cash worth crores have also
been seized from them.