E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Movie Script

I think I see him!
This way!
You got an arrow right in your chest.
Don't worry. I got resurrection.
I'm already one of the undead.
I can still throw death spells.
Just trying to help you out, man.
How about throwing a spell over the pizza man?
Where's our pizza, man?
I'm ready as of now to play.
I'm ready to play now, you guys.
We're in the middle, Elliott.
You can't join in the middle.
I got him!
What am I asking for?
It's not for us, it's for his mother.
Ask Steve. He's game master.
He has absolute power.
Steve, can I play now?
Go wait for the pizza first.
Then I'm in?
You're in.
Figure out your strategy.
You're playing after Greg.
Plenty of sausage and pepperonis.
Everything but the little fishies.
Harvey, is that you, boy?
Over here, you guys.
Stop it.
All's you get is those 40-year-olds.
How do you win this game?
It's like life. You don't win at life.
Money helps.
Mom! There's something out--
Where's the pizza?
There's something out there!
In the toolshed.
It threw the ball at me.
Nobody go out there.
Stop. Now, you guys stay right here.
You stay here, Mom. We'll check it out.
And put those knives back!
It's okay, Elliott.
Let's go get the flashlight.
Hold it. Wait a minute.
Creeps. Creepy.
What exactly did you see?
In there.
It's scary.
There's nothing in here.
The gate's open.
Look at these.
Coyote's come back again, Mom.
Okay, party's over.
Everybody, back inside now.
Get out. Hurry up.
Quick. Hurry up.
Tyler, give me that knife.
Great. Nice one, Elliott.
It was an accident.
Who said you guys could order a pizza?
In the house.
You geek, man.
Mom, it was real.
Douche bag.
No douche-bag talk in my house.
Elliott, you're crazy.
What are you going as for Halloween?
-I'm not going to stupid Halloween.
-Go as a goblin.
Shut up.
It's not that we don't believe you, honey.
Well, it was real. I swear.
What are you going as, Gert?
I'm going as a cowgirl.
So what else is new?
-Maybe it was an iguana.
-It was no iguana.
Maybe a....
You know how they say
there are alligators in the sewers?
Alligators in the sewers.
All we're trying to say is,
maybe you imagined it.
I couldn't have.
-Maybe it was a pervert or a deformed kid.
-A deformed kid.
Maybe an elf or a leprechaun.
It was nothing like that, penis breath!
Sit down.
Dad would believe me.
Maybe you ought to call your father
and tell him about it.
I can't. He's in Mexico with Sally.
Where's Mexico?
Excuse me.
I'm going to kill you.
If you see it again, whatever it is,
don't touch it.
Just call me.
We'll have somebody take it away.
Like the dogcatcher?
They'll give it a lobotomy...
...or do experiments on it or something.
Your turn to do the dishes.
-I set and cleared.
-I did.
I did breakfast.
I did breakfast.
What's the matter, Mom?
He hates Mexico.
Damn it! Why don't you grow up?
Think how other people feel for a change.
Okay, you're hot.
I'll be back.
Mary, can I back the car out?
Not one foot past the driveway.
You were outside last night
waiting for that thing, weren't you?
Are you going to live if I go to work?
No TV.
Come on.
Mommy, look what Michael did.
This and--
I see them, Gert,
and when I catch him, I'll catch him.
Come on. Don't be afraid.
It's all right. Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Do you talk?
You know, talk?
Me, human.
Coke. See, we drink it.
It's a drink.
You know, food?
These are toys. Little men.
This is Greedo.
And then this is Hammerhead.
You see, this is Walrus Man.
And then this is Snaggletooth.
And this is Lando Calrissian.
And this is Boba Fett.
Look. They can even have wars.
And look. Fish.
The fish eat the fish food...
...and the shark eats the fish...
...but nobody eats a shark.
See, this is Pez. Candy.
You see, you eat it.
You put the candy in here...
...and when you lift the head,
the candy comes out and you can eat it.
You want some?
This is a peanut.
You eat it.
But you can't eat this one because this is fake.
This is money. You see?
We put the money in the peanut.
You see? Bank.
And then...
...this is a car.
This is what we get around in.
See? A car.
Wait a second.
No. You don't eat them.
Are you hungry?
I'm hungry.
I'll be right here.
Okay? I'll be right here.
Come on, Harvey.
He'll like this.
Are you okay?
Too much excitement?
Want a Coke?
But you're so fat.
I wonder how tall you are.
I'm 4'6'', you must be around...
This is where the water comes from. See?
This is hot and this is cold.
Now, it all comes from a big water tower.
It goes through pipes and sometimes...
...dead bugs come through the pipes
and land in the bath.
It's real sick. Anyway, look.
Are you thirsty?
I'll get it.
Hi. Yeah, I'm fine.
Sure. Yeah, I still got a fever.
Yeah. No, get back.
I'm fine, Mom. Yeah.
No. Mom, I have to get in bed now.
Okay. Goodbye.
Mom, I'm sick.
Mom, I don't need to go to the doctor!
Mom, I only had a fever of 99 today.
Okay, and a half.
Okay, Mom. Okay, 'bye.
I've got to throw up. Mom, please.
I'm gonna throw up on the phone
if you don't let me go.
'Bye. Mom, I've got to throw up now.
You could drown in stuff like this.
Is this your idea of a good time?
''There are so many people to see
''So many people you can check upon
and add to your collection
''But they keep you hanging on
''Nothing but health shit
''Add to your collection
but they keep you hanging on''
Mike, come in.
How you feeling, faker?
I'm feeling fine.
I got something really important--
Tyler said he got 69,000 on Asteroids yesterday...
-...but he pulled the plug.
-Look, remember the goblin?
You're so lame, Elliott.
Come on, Michael. He came back.
He came back?
He came back?
My God!
One thing.
I have absolute power.
Say it.
-Say it!
-What have you got? Is it the coyote?
No. Look....
Okay. Now, swear it.
The most excellent promise you can make.
Swear as my only brother on our lives.
Don't get so heavy. I swear.
Okay. Stand over there.
You'd better take off
your shoulder pads.
You might scare him.
And close your eyes.
Don't push it, Elliott.
I'm not coming out there
until your eyes are closed.
Okay. They're closed.
Mom is going to kill you.
Okay. Swear it one more time.
-I have absolute power.
-You have absolute power.
Elliott! Look what I made for you!
Kids, I'm home!
In the closet, fast.
Anybody up there, kids?
Anybody home?
Hi, honey, how are you feel--
What happened in here?
You mean my room.
This is no room.
This is an accident.
I was reorganizing.
I can see that.
Put those shelves back on the wall.
Get the toys off the floor.
Make your bed since you are not using it.
You're feeling better, I see.
Will you guys watch Gertie for me
while I take a shower?
'Bye, Mom.
I'm keeping him.
What is it?
He won't hurt you, Gertie.
He won't hurt you, Gertie.
We're not going to hurt you.
Is he a boy or a girl?
He's a boy.
Was he wearing any clothes?
But, look, you can't tell.
Not even Mom.
Why not?
Because grownups can't see him.
Only little kids can see him.
Give me a break.
Well, do you know what's going
to happen if you do tell?
Do it, Mike. We have to.
No, please!
I'll do anything, please!
Help me! No, please!
Give it!
Do you promise?
What are you doing, Gert?
I'm going to play in Elliott's room.
Okay. Don't let him torture you.
I won't, Mary.
Come on, come on. Hurry up.
Don't be pushy, pushy.
A plant for you.
Maybe he's some animal
that wasn't supposed to live.
Like those rabbits we saw that time.
Don't be lame.
Green, orange....
Could be a monkey or an orangutan.
A bald monkey?
Is he a pig? He sure eats like one.
You could make faces.
And make them mean and happy...
...and make them get sharp teeth.
We are here.
We're here.
Use this.
You could make all sorts of things.
Okay. We're here.
We are here.
Where are you from?
I don't like his feet.
They're only feet, you little twerp.
He's trying to tell us something.
What's he doing?
What's happening?
Oh, no.
Elliott, what is it?
I don't know. Something scary.
Got a pulse?
No, boss.
Hold it. We got it right here.
Follow him.
You think it's this house?
Did you explain school to him?
How do you explain it
to higher intelligence?
Maybe he's not so smart.
Maybe he's a worker bee...
...who pushes buttons.
He's smart.
I hope we don't wake up on Mars...
...surrounded by millions of little squashy guys.
Hi, Elliott.
-Elliott, where's your goblin?
-Shut up.
Did he come back?
Did he?
Yeah, he came back.
But he's not a goblin. He's a spaceman.
As in extraterrestrial.
Where's he from? Uranus? Get it? Your anus?
-He doesn't get it.
-Get it? Your anus?
-He doesn't get it.
-You're so immature.
And you're a sine supremus.
-Zero charisma.
-Sine supremus.
Zero charisma.
Shut up, Greg!
Sine supremus.
Zero charisma!
You wimp.
Let's go.
Come on. Get in the car. We'll be late.
Okay, boys and girls...
...today we will be doing
the actual frog dissection...
...for which we've been preparing.
And you will find...
...many similarities.
As you get into the dissection...
...you will discover that the anatomy....
The scalpel is very sharp.
Use discretion when you are cutting.
There will be very little blood.
There may be a few body fluids.
As we get started with the dissection...
...remember that the things
you are writing down....
Some of the things that you should
look for during the dissection...
...is to locate the heart
and notice that it is still beating.
I'm going to once more emphasize
the similarities...
...of those things which we see....
Similarities with human anatomy.
First of all, here's the heart.
The intestines will be going
through their peristaltic action.
That's incorrect.
The correct spelling of nuisance...
...is N-U-I-S-A-N-C-E.
They're pulling us up.
Class, these are the cotton balls
with the chloroform.
As soon as I get them all in,
put the lid on right away.
That's it.
That will start them going to sleep.
They won't feel anything. They won't be hurt.
It'll take a little while.
If you don't want to watch them,
you don't have to.
Say hi.
Can you talk?
Can you say hi?
Uncle Ralph!
It's Uncle Ralph, long distance from California!
I'll talk fast. This call must be expensive.
No. If I call anytime on Saturday
without an operator...
...it's five minutes for 85 cents plus tax.
If I talk less, I pay less.
Let me talk to that little fella.
Lou, it's Uncle Ralph.
Hello, Uncle Ralph.
Save him.
Run for your life! Back to the river!
Back to the forest!
Run! I want to save you!
Let's get out of here!
Get out!
I got to let him go!
You've got to save him!
Let me handle this!
Let me handle this! I can handle this.
Let me get this.
I'm afraid Betsy Sue
isn't going to run tomorrow.
No. Is it anything serious?
Harvey, I'm home. Come here, boy.
Here he is.
Here's who?
The man from the moon,
but I think you've killed him already.
As soon as I unload the stuff, okay?
I want you to meet somebody.
This stuff has gone up so much in one week.
I want you to meet somebody.
When I finish putting this stuff away, okay?
Stupid rag. I knew it wouldn't come out.
What's with this?
Yeah, this is she.
''Basket. Bandit. Ball.
You sure you have the right Elliott?
...with a baseball and bat.
You said ''B.''
You said ''B.''
I'll be right down. Thank you.
Gertie, I have to go pick up Elliott.
-Will you be a good girl--
-Mommy, he can talk.
Of course he can. I'll be back. Stay there.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...little Grover here will demonstrate...
...by chinning himself two times.
Two times?
Two times.
Can I start?
Go ahead.
Okay. Here we go.
You want to call somebody?
I am not paying for frogs.
Be good. Be good.
Stay here. Stay.
Don't tell anybody.
Be good. Be good.
I taught him how to talk. He can talk now.
Look what he brought up here all by himself.
What's he need this stuff for?
E.T. Can you say that?
Can you say E.T.?
Be good.
I taught him that, too.
You should give him his dignity.
This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen!
He said ''phone''?
He said ''phone''?
Can't you understand English?
He said ''phone.''
You're right. That's E.T.'s home.
...home, phone.
E.T. phone home.
E.T. phone home.
He wants to call somebody.
What's all this shit?
E.T. phone home.
Oh, my God, he's talking now.
E.T. phone home?
E.T. phone home.
And they'll come?
Come on. I promise, Mom.
What book?
Any one you want.
We'll just smile...
...and try to get through the evening.
That's all I want to do.
We can't ask Cathy to trick-or-treat
in the same sheet she wore last year.
Now I wish I would've listened in science.
Think, Michael.
We should just grab anything
he could make a machine out of.
What would make a radar?
How the hell do I know?
You're the genius here.
You have absolute power, remember?
''I found him. He belongs to me.''
You know, Elliott...
-...he doesn't look too good anymore.
-Don't say that! We're fine!
What's all this ''we'' stuff?
You say ''we'' all the time.
Really, I think he's getting sick.
He's fine.
Okay, okay. Forget I mentioned it.
Grab that Fuzzbuster.
Dad's shirt.
Remember when he used to take us
out to the ball games...
...and take us to the movies,
and we had popcorn fights?
We'll do that again, Elliott.
Old Spice.
Sea Breeze.
''Peter says, 'The Redskins were defeated?
'''Wendy and the boys captured by the pirates?
'''I'll rescue her. I'll rescue her.'
''He leaps, first at his dagger...
''...then at his grindstone to sharpen it.
''But Tink rings out a warning cry.
'''Oh, that is just my medicine.'
''She says, 'Poisoned?
'''Who could've poisoned it?'
'''I promised Wendy to take it and I will,
as soon as I have sharpened my dagger.'
''Tinkerbell sees its red color...
''...and remembers the red in the pirate's eye...
''...nobly swallows the draft...
''...as Peter's hand is reaching for it.
'''Why, Tink, you have drunk my medicine.'
''She flutters strangely about the room...
''...answering him with a very faint tinkle.''
''She says she thinks
she could get well again...
''...if children believed in fairies.
''Do you believe? Say quick that you believe.''
I do!
''If you believe, clap your hands.
''Many clap, some don't, a few hiss.
''But Tink is saved. 'Thank you.
'''Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.
'''And now to rescue Wendy.'''
Can you read it to me again?
''Peter says....''
He's putting it together now.
I told you he was smart.
I'm worried, Elliott.
He could blow up the house.
He knows what he's doing.
Listen to how he's breathing.
It's going to work.
What's he feeling now?
He's feeling everything.
You're going as a ghost. You promised.
I'm only pretending I'm going as a cowgirl.
Okay. Now, you know the plans by heart,
don't you?
Meet you at the lookout.
At the lookout. I'm not stupid, you know.
You won't get four blocks
in this neighborhood dressed like that.
I mean it. You are not going as a hippy!
All the guys are!
I'm not stupid, you know.
Wait, Mom. Don't look.
Okay, Mom. You can look now.
That's great.
Stay here.
Stop that! No! Don't!
It's a fake knife. It's a fake.
All right.
You look great!
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
Be back one hour after sundown. No later.
Gertie, come here. Come on.
Trick or treat?
Trick or treat?
Home. Home.
Be back one hour after sunset. No later.
I'll try as fast as I can, Mike.
You got to cover me.
Well, come on. Help me.
We'll be waiting for you, Elliott.
So come back for sure.
It's too bumpy. We'll have to walk from here!
Not so high! Not so high!
Don't crash, please.
I really can't believe you did this.
Your father's going to hear
about this one.
Trick or treat?
Bull's eye.
Good shot.
Where's Elliott?
I'm asking you a question.
Any ways, why would Elliott go to the forest?
Why would he do such a thing?
Get in the car.
Get in the car, now.
E.T., it's working.
It's working!
You did it!
It's working!
E.T., it's working!
We have to go now, E.T.
We're so late already.
We have to go home now, E.T.
You should give them some time.
You could be happy here.
I could take care of you.
I wouldn't let anybody hurt you.
We could grow up together, E.T.
How was he dressed when last seen?
He was dressed as a...
Is there anything to indicate
that he might have run away?
Any family problems or recent arguments?
My husband and I just separated recently...
...and it hasn't been easy on the children,
My father's in Mexico.
But run away, I....
Where would he have gone?
Oh, Elliott!
Don't ever do this again, Elliott!
Oh, my. You're so hot.
Run up and draw him a bath. Quick, Gert.
Sorry I yelled at you.
Thanks very much for all your trouble.
Is he here?
You've got to find him.
Where is he?
In the forest.
At the bald spot.
You've got to find him.
Mom, would you come with me?
What is it?
Mary, just come with me.
Michael, what?
-Mom, remember the goblin?
-What are you talking about?
Swear the most excellent promise
you can make.
That's terrific.
We're sick.
I think we're dying.
Mom, it's okay.
He's not going to hurt you, Mom.
He won't hurt you.
Michael, get her downstairs.
It's the man from the moon.
The man from the moon!
You don't know him! You don't know him!
We can't leave him alone.
This is my home!
The Collagen Unit,
report to the Blue Level immediately.
Does he sleep?
I don't know.
What's the matter with Elliott?
Have you noticed any sweating?
Has it lost hair?
He never had any hair.
Are the children all right?
Did it build or write anything?
You say it has the ability
to manipulate its own environment?
He's smart.
He communicates through Elliott.
Elliott thinks its thoughts.
No. Elliott feels his feelings.
We've identified
his primary carrier protein.
It's definitely not albumin.
The testing shows no deficits
on FNF and HTS testing.
EEG analysis shows complete coherence
and synchronization of brainwave activity...
...between subjects.
There's no response at 20 per kilo.
Let's move to hypertonic saline.
Cut five per kilo.
You have no right to do this.
You're scaring him.
You're scaring him!
Respiratory rate: 12.
Good air entry
but decreased tidal volume on the boy.
Put him on 025 liters by nasal cannula
and draw blood gas in 20 minutes.
Temperature's dropped
from 20 to 17 degrees.
Get a hypothermia blanket
and some rags.
Leave him alone.
Leave him alone. I can take care of him.
...and set me up for a 2D cardiac echo.
Skin is cool and diaphoretic.
He's not refusing at all.
He needs anatropic support.
PH is down to 7.03.
He's got a metabolic acidosis. It could be sepsis.
We've drawn two sets of blood cultures.
He needs broad spectrum coverage.
I've been to the forest.
He shouldn't talk now.
Well, he has to talk now, Major.
Elliott, that machine...
...what does it do?
The communicator?
Is it still working?
It's doing something.
I really shouldn't tell.
He came to me.
He came to me.
Elliott, he came to me, too.
I've been wishing for this
since I was 10 years old.
I don't want him to die.
What can we do that we're not already doing?
He needs to go home.
He's calling his people...
...and I don't know where they are.
He needs to go home.
Elliott, I don't think
that he was left here intentionally.
But his being here is a miracle, Elliott.
It's a miracle...
...and you did the best that anybody could do.
I'm glad he met you first.
He's got DNA.
He's got DNA.
He doesn't have four nucleotides like
we do. He has six.
I've got de-synchronization
of the two brain wave activities.
The boy's condition is stabilizing.
Blood pressure's back up.
FEMALE He's speaking.
He's talking.
...stay with me.
I'll be right here.
I'll be right here.
The creature's pressure is bottoming out.
His complexes are slow.
FEMALE How's the boy?
He's converting back to normal sinus rhythm.
They're separating.
Boy and creature are separating.
What does that mean?
Boy's coming back. We're losing E.T.
E.T., answer me, please.
Just relax.
Birds chirp]
E.T., don't go!
-No blood pressure.
-He's got no pulse or respiration.
We can't get a pulse or blood pressure.
He's not breathing.
Leave him alone! You're killing him!
Leave him alone!
Let's move it!
Get the boy out.
Stop it! You're killing him!
You're killing him!
You're killing him! You're killing him!
You're killing him! He came to me!
Any pulses?
He came to me!
Minimal breath sounds.
Calm down. Calm.
Let's try some bretylium.
Can we have some bretylium?
Getting a pulse?
Compressed air. Compressed air's fine.
His pupils are fixed and dilated.
Defibrillate him.
Everybody, stand clear.
We're losing him.
It's still defib.
Okay, let's go.
Let's go. Let's go.
Let's continue CPR, please.
Would you people stand back?
Something's happening.
-They're going to die.
-Shut up, Greg.
Something is definitely happening.
Anybody have any ideas?
EKG's flat.
I'm going to call it.
-I think he's dead.
-No. I don't know.
I'm calling it. What time do you have?
Let's pack him in ice.
Let's leave.
Is he dead, Mama?
I think so, sweetheart.
Can we wish for him to come back?
I wish.
I wish, too.
Come on, Gert.
We'll wait for Elliott in the front room.
Cardiac arrest was terminated
at 1500 hours and 36 minutes.
He received intravenous lidocaine...
...intravenous epinephrine, a lidocaine drip...
...2.7 percent sodium-chloride solution...
...catheters from the ''A'' line.
The intravenous line should be sent for culture.
He was monitored with a...
...EEG and an EKG, he was defibrillated....
They're going to have to take him away now.
They'll just cut him all up.
Would you like
to spend some time alone with him?
Could we all step out for a minute,
Look at what they've done to you.
I'm so sorry.
You must be dead...
...I don't know how to feel.
I can't feel anything anymore.
You've gone someplace else now.
I'll believe in you all my life.
Every day.
...I love you.
E.T. theme music escalates]
Oh, my God.
E.T. phone home.
Phone home.
Phone home.
Does this mean they're coming?
E.T. phone home. E.T. phone home.
Shut up.
-Phone home.
Phone! Phone!
Would you shut up?
Phone home. E.T. phone home.
E.T. phone home.
Phone home.
Phone home.
Elliott wails]
Elliott, why don't you come with me?
It's all right.
Would you like the flowers?
He's alive! He's alive!
He's glowing right here.
Are they gone, Mama?
-Who's gone, honey?
-The boys.
What boys?
I'm supposed to give you
this note when they're gone.
Give it to me now, Gertie.
Oh, my God.
Give me a hand with this.
-Where's your mask?
-Back here.
Well, get it on!
I'm trying!
Who are you?
I'm driving.
Open the door, son.
-There's a guy out here. What do I do?
-What are you waiting for? Let's go!
Let's get out of here!
I've never driven forward before!
Tires screech]
Get the bikes. Meet us at the playground
at the top of the hill.
Let's do it!
Come on, Michael!
We'll all die, and they'll never give me my license.
Where's the playground?
It's near the preschool!
-Where's that?
-I don't know streets.
Mom always drives me.
Son of a bitch.
Dramatic instrumental music escalates]
-Where are you going?
-To the spaceship.
To the spaceship to the moon.
Oh, my God.
Stop the van!
Don't pull them off!
That did it!
Okay. He's a man from outer space...
...and we're taking him to his spaceship.
Well, can't he just beam up?
This is reality, Greg.
Keep her back!
Hold her back!
Where are they?
There's nobody here.
Where are we going?
To the forest!
Police car sirens wail]
Follow me!
Dramatic instrumental music]
We got them at the bottom of the hill.
This is Unit 302.
We've cut the kids off at the bottom of the hill.
Let's split up.
Hang on!
We made it! Oh, shit!
Boys voice their amazement]
E.T. theme music escalates]
Tell me when it's over!
Spaceship engine slows down]
Stop the car, Mama!
They're over therel
They're over there!
I just wanted to say goodbye.
He doesn't know goodbye.
Be good.
You're welcome.
I'll be...
...right here.
E.T. theme music plays]